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jonmercer6 months ago
Tumblr media
Booboo Stewart wearing the fxxk off I鈥檓 INLOVE tee for INLOVE PR Agency
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goddessu2 months ago
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anotherlxve29 days ago
It took me so much strength to open up my heart and let you in. And now that I finally did, I notice you pulling away from me. Just when I get attached to you, you don鈥檛 want me anymore. And this is, yet again, another reason for me to never open up my precious heart for some sweet words from a guy. Even when I think this one might be different.
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goddesschannel7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vince Camuto pink & white set.
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please-staywithme5 days ago
Immer wieder w眉rde ich mich f眉r dich entscheiden, denn du bist das Licht und das pure Gl眉ck in meinem Leben.
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excusasbaratasa month ago
Te quedaste en m铆, fue bonito, pas贸, doli贸 y sigui贸. Te agradezco por todos tus momentos y te pido perd贸n por todos mis errores. Superar no es f谩cil, pero creo que a m铆 me cuesta el doble o quiz谩 el triple. Echo de menos aquellos momentos, pero son los que no me dejan mirar hacia el futuro. Aun te pienso, pero espero que para cuando alguien m谩s llegue yo ya est茅 completamente libre.
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watermelonlovershigh4 months ago
Make Up Sex (SMUT+ lots of Angst)
this is pretty long so enjoy & i'd love feed back ;)
Things to help you understand the story better:
(Husband & wife/Have 3 kids/2018 Harry era)
Tumblr media
Today was a horrible day. You woke up with a terrible headache and then your kids wouldn't listen to a fucking word you said. At one point, you actually thought your head might explode. They wouldn't let you dress them. They wouldn't eat what you had cooked for them. You were at your breaking point. To make matters worse, Harry wasn't home today. He was at the studio doing some writing. Normally you don't mind when he's at the studio. You understand that his job requires him to write music and preform shows for thousands of people. But on days like today, you just wished he was home with you, to help you take care of your kids.
You made dinner at your normal time (5 pm) and set the table up nicely thinking Harry would be home to eat with his family. Unfortunately, he had to stay in the studio later than expected, so just like many other days, you and your kids ate alone without Harry being there. He did text you and let you know that he wouldn't make it to dinner but it still aggravated you.
Sometimes you feel as though he puts his career over his family. On the outside it does look like that. Harry isn't home a lot because of touring and then when he isn't touring he's in the studio writing a new album for another tour. But deep down you know he loves his family more. You know from the way he leaves personalized notes for each of your kids every morning before he leaves to go to the studio. Or how he'll facetime your children before bed if he can't be home before their bedtimes. And when he does come home late, he always goes to your kids rooms and kisses their little foreheads before heading to your shared room where he finds you sleeping, cuddled up to his pillow. So you know he loves his family more than any piece of his career but he has a strange way of showing it.
Tonight after you put your kids to bed, with a struggle you may add, you went to your living room with a glass of wine to try and relax after your stressful day. Around 11pm, Harry finally arrived home. He was unaware of how bad your day had been. Harry knows that somedays you have a hard time taking care of the kids by yourself, so that's why he takes the weekends off to actually spend time with his family and help with their needs. But he's unaware you struggle EVERYDAY. He thought if you were ever having too tough of a time, you'd call him. That's what he's told you to do. He'd come home in a flash. But you never want to bother him while he's writing so you never call for help. So really it's your fault that you struggle so much. Harry would help if you if you asked but you have a hard time asking for help. You never want to look weak.
After Harry came through the doors of his house, he walked into the living room where you were. He thought he was going to get to cuddle his wife on the couch and maybe have an ounce of intimacy, beings you guys haven't had sex or even each others touch in over a week. But, no. When he rounded the couch, he was faced with a pissed off women. You looked up at him with the wine glass between your lips and gave him a aggravated expression.
"What's wrong?" Harry immediately asked, knowing you're mad about something but he has absolutely no clue as to what. Most any other day when you have had a stressful or particularly hard time, you still love on your husband. Not hold a grudge for him not being home to help you out. But today was different. You're unsure why, but you're twice as annoyed with him today than other days.
"Just leave me alone." you say with no emotions in your voice.
"No, tell me what's wrong y/n. Did I do something? If I did, please let me know and I'll fix the problem." he speaks back with a calm tone. Harry hates conflict. He hates fighting with you. You rarely fight but when you do, you like to push him away and he hates that. Harry loves to talk out the problems and you're the opposite.
You set the glass of wine on the coffee table and start your rant with an angry tone. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'm upset because you left before we woke up! Then you don't show up for dinner! You came home late at night, again might I add! The kids would not behave! Not listen to a fucking word I said all day! It's like I'm a single mother. Might as well be with how you abandon your family. It's like you don't even love us sometimes. Might as well just go ahead and get a divorce. Might be easier on the both of us. So please get the fuck out of this room and go to the guest room because I don't want to sleep with you tonight!" After you say all those hateful things, Harry wants to say something back, but he doesn't want to continue the fight. So he just walks right out of the living room with hurt in his eyes and makes his way up stairs.
Harry knows you probably don't mean most of what you said. He knows when you get angry you tend to say things that you later regret. But it doesn't mean your words hurt any less. Before going to the guest room, he quietly walks into each of your kids bedrooms and places a soft kiss on their foreheads. With each child he whispers a, "I love you. Don't ever let your mummy tell you any different." When that's complete, he goes into your bathroom to brush his teeth. Then quickly makes his way to the guest bedroom where he'll sleep tonight, much to his disliking.
No matter how stressful his day at the studio was, he always looks forward to the time when he gets home and crawls into bed with you. Makes his anxiety go down and helps him sleep more peaceful knowing you're in his arms. Tonight though, he wont be getting that. He'll be getting a cold bed and an ache in his heart.
While Harry slips into the cold sheets of the guest bed, you make your way to your bedroom to try and fall asleep. Unfortunately, neither of you can. What you didn't know about Harry's day was it was equally as bad as yours. He would have told you all about it if you'd let him speak. He had to skip breakfast because he had to rerecord some vocals. Then he was able to get a small break for lunch but soon was back to rerecording songs because someone made the mistake of deleting the audios. After that, he and his team sat around for hours and tried to come up with some new lyrics, which ended up being a fail. They sat for hours with no luck. Which meant he never got to eat anything for dinner. The reason he came home so late was because he has to have a song written by next week to fill up the last spot on his new album. The ideal number of songs on his albums are 12 and he only has 11. So to say he'd rather have spent the day at home with his family was an understatement. You make it seem like he wants to be at the studio for 12 hours, when in reality, he would much prefer playing with his kids or having alone time with you.
As the minutes pass of you laying in your bed alone, you realize how hurtful you were to your husband. You actually don't even know where those words came from. Maybe they came from built of anger you had in you that just needed to be released. You meant nothing you said. You didn't want a divorce. You love Harry with your whole heart. He is always the sweetest human to you and you go and treat him like trash. You know he loves his family. The thought of him worrying that you think otherwise makes you sick to your stomach.
Speaking of sick to their stomach, Harry was in fact just that. He tried to fall asleep but the churning in his stomach just kept getting worse and worse. He wasn't coming down with the flu and he didn't eat bad sushi for lunch. He was worrying himself sick. Quite literally. Harry hates knowing someone is mad at him. He works extra hard each day to make people happy and treat people with kindness. So knowing you're mad at him, makes his stomach physically hurt. Also the word divorce kept ringing in his head. Did you really want a divorce he questioned. Surely you didn't. How could you. You're the love of his life and he can't live with out you. And the mere thought of his kids thinking he doesn't love them was the final straw. After one more second of replaying the harsh words you said to him, Harry couldn't take it anymore and had to go to the bathroom.
Harry slips out of the guest bed and walks into the guest bathroom, located inside the room. He shakily lifts up the closed lid and harshly dry heaves into the bowl. His hands are shaking as they rest on each side of the seat itself. He has to sit all the way on the cold floor because his legs feel to weak to hold him up anymore. He gags and dry heaves a few more times before the nausea slowly passes and he doesn't feel as though he will actually throw up. But instead of going back to bed, Harry just leans against the bathroom wall in nothing but his underwear, and breaks down crying. He hardly ever cries. Not that he's ashamed of crying, but he's usually a happy guy. Even when his job puts unwanted stress on him. His fans make him happy, but most importantly his family makes him happy. And the knowledge that one of the things that make him most happy is upset with him is too much for him to handle. So with his knees brought up to his chest, he lets silent tears run down his face.
You realize how stupid and selfish you had been and how you need to apologize to Harry. You know for a fact if you don't, you won't be able to sleep tonight with guilt running through you. You get out of bed and quietly make your way down the hall to the guest room. When you enter, Harry isn't on the bed like you thought he'd be. The covers are thrown back like he had tried to get out of the bed in a hurry. For a moment you're wondering where he went, but then you see the bathroom light on from under the door. You also hear sniffles which makes you freeze in regret. Had you actually been mean enough to make Harry cry. He never cries unless it's during a sad movie.
Bracing yourself, you walk to the bathroom door and slowly turn the nob. When you step inside, you instantly get hit with your own tears. You're so mad at yourself. How could you have made your husband cry when he has been nothing but good to you and your kids. Even if he works most of the days. "Harry." you call out in a vulnerable voice.
Harry lifts his head from his hands that were on his upright knees and looks at you. You can see he has red eyes and wet cheeks. You rush over to him and knell down in front of him. "Do you really want to get a divorce y/n." Harry asked through gasped breaths and a sad voice.
"No. I love you so much Harry. I don't know why I even said that. I was just heated in the moment and it just came out. I didn't mean it though." you reply with a lump in your throat.
Harry breaks down again with fresh tears and stutters out, "I can't live with out you. Or the kids. Please don't leave me." Immediately you can hear the vulnerability and desperation in his speech. So you pull Harry's legs down abruptly so that they're flat on the floor, and you maneuver your body to straddle his lap. Then you wrap your arms and legs around his body and hug him tight.
"I am not going anywhere Harry. We need you just as much as you need us. Yes somedays are tough when you're not here, but I understand why you can't be here. You love your job and I love that you have a career that you actually love. Most people don't get to live out their dreams but you do and that's great." you mumble sternly in his neck. Harry replicates your hug by wrapping his arms around your body, holding you as if you could slip away at any moment. You then get the curious thought as to why he was sitting on the bathroom floor in the first place. "Umm, why are you sat on the bathroom floor, if you don't mind me asking."
Harry takes a deep breath, slowly easing the crying and replies in a low, sad voice, "I felt sick. Sick to my stomach. Was worried you didn't love me any more. Or that the kids think I don't love them. I thought I was gonna throw up but couldn't. My stomach has settled now though."
You lift your head from his shoulder and ask, "Can I show you how much I love you and how sorry I am?"
"What ya mean?" Harry questions back having no clue as to what you truly are asking.
"Let me show you." You reach up and cup the sides of his tear stained face and pull his head towards yours. You connect your lips to his and he instantly kisses you back. You both can taste the saltiness of each others tears that puddled on your upper lips. Soon, the kiss intensifies and before you know it, you're fully making-out. Harry keeps ahold of your body as he slowly sinks you both down to where he's laying on the floor on his back and you're laying on top of his. Then you start rutting your crotch against his cock that lays in the confinements of his black boxers. He can't help but moan into your mouth. You break away from the kiss, both out of breath, spit stringing from your mouth to his, and whisper, "Let me make love to you."
It wasn't really a question but Harry nods his head anyways. You sit up all the way and throw your shirt over and off your head. Then you stand up to rip away your pajama shorts and panties, along with Harry's underwear. After that, you sit back down to straddle his hairy thighs so that his now erect penis is in front of you. You reach down and gently tug at his dick making Harrys back arch off the tile flooring. You bend down and let a steam of warm saliva drip from your mouth and coat his shaft. Then you spread the spit around until his entire cock is wet. You even massage his balls for a moment. Next, you prop up on your knees and hover your pussy above his standing penis and slowly sink down when you feel the tip nudge at your entrance.
When you have completely bottomed out and Harry is all the way inside your wet walls, you take a second to compose yourself before you slowly begin to ride his cock. You press your hands flat to his chest to allow you some balance as you grind back and forth on his enlarged veiny cock. But then you look down at Harry. Harry is defiantly enjoying himself but you can see it in his face that he's longing for comfort. Longing for closeness. So with out stopping your hip movements, you lay down on top of his tattooed chest, your boobs pressing against his breast, and you wrap your arms around his neck. You tuck your face into the crook of Harrys neck and lay soft kisses onto the delicate skin. With this new angle, his cock head hits your g-spot every time. Soon following, he places his arms around your back to hold you tight as you ride him. God, this felt amazing you thought to yourself. Well as good as it's going to get for having sex on the bathroom floor.
When you both feel your orgasms approaching, Harry can feel you trying to grind your hips super hard into his pubic bone and he knows what you're trying to do. So he removes his right hand off of your back and slides it between your conjoined bodies to rub lazy circles on your clit. "Ughhh." you let out in a constant moan until you had to breath again. Then your orgasm crashes down on you and your vaginal walls spasm around Harry making him come as well. Harry presses his lips to your shoulder to prevent him from being too loud. After all, your kids are still sleeping and you'd like it to stay that way. His thighs shake under you and your entire body shakes and convulses on top of him. He strokes up and down your back with sweaty palms to calm you down from the intensity of the orgasm. Then you and Harrys climaxes are finished and you both lay lifeless on the cold bathroom floor.
Minutes later you burst into tears, hiding your face in his neck. Surprising Harry and yourself. "Love, what's wrong?" Harry questions worriedly while his soft cock lays limp in your pussy and his hands dance over your back.
"I'm sorry. don't deserve me. I said hateful things and made yo...u cry. I'm an awful person." you cry out, almost hyperventilating.
"Shhh it's alright," he sooths you, "I know you didn't mean what you said. Well deep down I did but in the moment I might have questioned your words. But it's alright. I forgive you. Please don't cry anymore my love. I know you were just stressed from your day so that's understandable. But anytime you need me to come home, I will drop everything and come straight away. Alright?!"
Hearing his sweet words makes you cry harder. "You're so nice to me, even though I was mean to you."
"You wanna know why that is?," he rhetorically asks then goes on to say, "It's because I love you. You could yell or kick dirt in my face and I'd still love you y/n. You're my wife. I married you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We made beautiful babies together that also love you dearly. Don't ever forget how much I love you and our children."
Third Person POV-
After the heart to heart conversation Harry and his wife y/n had after their intimate bathroom sex, they both got up with achy backs and Harry picks up y/n to carry her to bed. Harry was more than happy to know he could sleep in the same bed as his wife tonight because he knew for a fact if he actually had to sleep in the guest room, he wouldn't have got any sleep. They put on some pajamas and crawl under the warm covers. Then they snuggle up close to each other. Before they fell asleep, y/n apologized for the 1000th time and Harry said 'I love you' for the 100th time tonight. Lastly, they fell asleep in each others arms, praying tomorrow will be a brighter day.
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