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#self taught artist

2015 vs 2020

The first one was done with my mouse, using a basic painting program… 

I can’t believe my real digital art journey has started just over 3 years ago :o 

There’s no better way to see how much you’ve improved other than redrawing some old art!

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On display as part of “Visionary Voices”
On view at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens until February 23, 2020


Jaither’s work references a range of themes: famous personalities, everyday individuals, varied geographies, eras, and other subjects of interest. These topics flow together and reveal his excitement for discovery and new experiences. Jaither has a passion for breakdancing and often sneaks his performances into his densely rendered pieces. From South Korea pop to B-Boy culture of the 80’s to the depiction of the people of Philadelphia, Jaither’s paintings inspire a curiosity and invite the viewer along on his journey of discovery.  

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