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#peter parker and morgan stark

Angsty Idea

Based on the movie Room (2015)

When Peter was fifteen, his little sister Morgan was born. They were best friend from the start. However, two years later, a group of bad men broke into their family home and kidnapped Peter and Morgan away from their parents.

The kidnappers had the two kids locked up in a small enclosed space, a tiny room that had the basic necessities.

While Tony and Pepper searched for the children, Peter was left alone to raise Morgan.

Peter spent the next three years raising Morgan as if she was his own. Keeping Morgan happy and safe from the bad men, splitting the minimum of food evenly, and keeping the memories of their parents alive.

Finally, two years later, the bad men are discovered and the two siblings are finally set free.

However, even as Peter and Morgan are reunited with Tony and Pepper. They’re not out of the woods yet.

Morgan must get used to her new surroundings and still looks to Peter as her main provider and only family. Tony and Pepper struggle getting to know their daughter who grew up barely understanding who they are. And Peter tries to recover from the trauma from everything.

It’s going to be a long journey towards recovery, but together, the family will be able to get through it.

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what is this rubbish i’ve made

when Peter calls Morgan for lunch, she came with that glove on, demanding a definition of ‘lunch’ first. that reminded Peter of a memory as a kid, when he’d be foolish enough to jump in front of a robot, and Iron Man- Tony Stark himself- had come and finished it off.

“Maybe I’m passing on a legacy,” he thought, as Morgan held his hand. “The legacy of Tony Stark.”

Tony Stark had saved him more than once before either of them knows.

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Morgan Stark was born into a world—a universe—where people, so many people… died. And she lived in a universe where they came back.

So when her father died, she didn’t cry as much as her family expected her to. They didn’t know why she recovered so easily. They blamed it on her innocence; decided she didn’t fully understand what had happened.

But she understood.

And she waited…

And waited…

And kept on waiting…

And it took her longer than she would admit once she was older to realize…

That her father wasn’t coming back.

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Peter doesn’t really sleep anymore. Sometimes Morgan can’t either. They find solace in each other.

Read on ao3

After everything, Peter found himself spending weekends at the lake house. It was reminiscent of a time when he would spend all of his free moments at the compound, eagerly modifying his suit with Tony, bouncing around ideas or quietly doing his homework while the older man worked on a project of his own, or simply sprawled out eating takeout when Pepper had to work late.

That was five years ago.


He still couldn’t believe it sometimes. All of those seconds, minutes, hours lost. Days and weeks and months and during which, Mr. Stark had built the house by the lake. Had built a family.

And had left it all behind to save the universe.

The grief would come in waves, but it was easier for Peter to deal with in the home that Tony had put so much care into. Surrounded by the people who loved him most.

May would come up to the house with him whenever she was able to get time off. She had looked at Morgan for the first time at the funeral and Peter saw the same expression she wore the day she took him in.

I’m sorry he’d overheard her softly saying to Pepper as she quickly wiped away tears before her daughter could see. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love.

So, they were a ragtag bunch, with Happy and Rhodey dropping by whenever they could, all holding each other together. All keeping the others from completely falling apart.

Tonight though, the sadness was threatening to drown him. Sleep had deserted him ever since he came back, leaving him at the mercy of his thoughts which were sometimes as bad as his nightmares. After staring at the ceiling for hours, Peter ended up venturing down to Tony’s lab. He sat in his chair, merely looking at everything, almost afraid to touch anything lest something shatter.

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Fandom: MCU, Spiderman

Character(s): Peter Parker

Desc.: In which Peter is trusted with a child.

A/N: i’ve never posted any fics on tumblr so i thought i’d give it a shot! this will also be on my ao3 if you fancy sending it some love over there. SORRY if this is indecipherable, it was written in 3 days in amongst a mad panic to finish art coursework



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The five times Tony told Morgan a story and the one time Morgan told a story

“Daddy can you tell me a story?” Morgan asked right after Tony pushed her head into the pillow .

“It’s bedtime, you can have a story another time squirt.” Tony smiled as he ran his fingers through her long-ish hair.

“Pleeeaase!” Morgan dragged out holding her dad’s hand to keep him down beside her bed. “I want to hear a superhero story!”

“A superhero story?” Tony asked looking at Morgan with a questioning look. “How do you know there are superheroes?”

“Google.” Morgan replied ducking her head. Tony just laughed and shook his head.

“Okay, Morgoona. Want to hear a story about one of my favorite superheroes ever?” Tony asked running his hand through her hair. Morgan just nodded eagerly and Tony smiled at her.

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Little Morgan makes sure Peter gets some sleep. (Read on ao3

Peter stared blankly at his laptop, trying with all of his might to keep his eyes open. He didn’t have classes on Mondays so sometimes he spent weekends up in New York with May or Tony. His aunt was working nights this weekend, so he’d found himself at the compound, eager to make some updates to his suit and spend time with Morgan.

The only problem was the paper that he’d forgotten about.

He’d been up all night working on the damn assignment and now sleep was sweetly calling his name.

“Daddy, Petey’s falling asleep!” Morgan shouted abruptly, snapping Peter out of his daze.

“No, I’m not!” he replied indignantly, narrowing his eyes at the four year old.

Morgan was sprawled out on the floor, holding a tea party for her many, many stuffed animals. In true Stark fashion, she glared right back at him.

“I know honey,” Tony said, making his way from the kitchen as he munched on a ham sandwich. “You need sleep kid. I know you didn’t get any last night.”

Tony plopped down on the couch beside him, no doubt waiting for Peter to argue as he stared at him.

“This paper is due in like five hours,” Peter responded, never one to disappoint.

“Just a nap then. I’ll wake you in an hour. You know you could use it.”

Peter opened his mouth to fight back but before he could say a word, Morgan beat him to it.

“Daddy says your body needs sleep to work right,” Morgan said seriously as she looked at him.

“That’s kinda hypocritical,” Peter mumbled, fully aware that Morgan had absolutely refused to take her afternoon nap that day.

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Morgan and Tony used to watch Enchanted together all the time. They would dance along to the songs and do chores to the song, “Happy Working Song”. After he died, Peter took over dancing for Tony. Pepper has a picture of Morgan with Tony and Morgan with Peter right next to each other. On Morgan’s wedding day, her and her husband weren’t planning on having the “Father/Daughter” dance. But Peter comes in and the DJ begins to play Enchanted and he begins to dance with Morgan. Because he knows that’s what Tony would have wanted.

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Tony: Morgan, time to wake up! It’s time for school!

Morgan: No I don’t like school, so I’m choosing to stay in bed!

Tony: No you’re not missy. Harley it’s, time for school, put on a jacket it’s cold.

Harley: [coming down the stairs] No I don’t like jackets, so I’m choosing to be cold.

Tony: Just put on a jacket now. Peter it’s tim- OH MY GOD, YOU’RE BLEEDING! DID YOU GO ON PATROL LAST NIGHT?!?! WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!

Peter: [stummbling down the stairs with a stab wound] No I don’t like the hospital, so I’m choosing to die.

Tony: Why….why are all my kids like this?

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I can hear the sound of your barely beating heart
Pieces on the ground from the world that fell apart
Just hold on
It won’t be long
I will find you here inside the dark
I will break through
No matter where you are
I will find you
I will find you

sorry for the sad edit

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Platonic love can really save people, and I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about platonic, wholesome, unselfish love. Love that demands nothing in return other than that person’s safety, happiness and well-being. Love for the sake of love. I think this kind of love is wonderful.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Word Count: ~1700 words

Ship: Pepper x Tony Stark, Peter Parker x Reader (platonic until the end), IronFam, Stark!Reader

Warnings:Nothing but fluff!

Summary: The one where you, Peter Parker, Morgan Stark team up to help give your parents the best Valentine’s Day possible- with the help of a few other members of the family.


Originally posted by kittenzvrzpuppiezkittenzwin

You and Peter had a plan. For good this time, promise. Your plans typically ended with one of you, often both, in trouble. It’s not that you went out looking for trouble, but trouble was always looking for you. You and Peter had to bring brownies for a bake sale once, and you decided that you would bake them together. Peter had planned on buying some, but he said yes to your plan. How hard could it be to bake brownies? Turns out, it was very hard for you two to bake brownies. After your second failed batch literally caught on fire, and after being yelled at by your dad, you and Peter cleaned up the kitchen and bought the brownies from a local bakery. 

And when your little sister Morgan got older, she turned the duo into a trio of trouble. You and Peter were very careful when it came to the youngest Stark, but with those puppy eyes, Morgan could get what she wanted from you both. And that’s why Pepper and Tony came home to a backyard full of giant spiderwebs, formed in-between trees like trampolines. Tony swore he grew dozens of gray hairs in seconds at the scene of his youngest daughter jumping on web trampolines. 

However, it was the week of Valentine’s Day, and you and Peter were planning what you could do for your parents. When you came up with the perfect plan, you recruited Morgan, Rhodey, and Happy to help you with the execution. 

“Alright, team.” You grinned as you looked around the room. “Time for phase one.”

Phase one consisted of you, Peter, and Happy going into your mom and dad’s calendars and taking care of business on Monday. Peter checked on some blueprints, making sure everything was accurate. You found your parents’ notes for phone calls to be made Friday, and you made the phone calls to handle business matters while Happy rearranged your parents’ calendars to finish two hours early on Friday- plenty of time to get them ready. Phase two started Tuesday.


“Mr. Stark!” Peter whined as he walked into the living room. Tony looked up from the television, arching a brow at the teenager.

“What’s up, kid?” Peter stood in front of Tony, groaning. 

“I need your help! I have a date on Friday, and we’re supposed to go to this really nice restaurant, so I have to look like I belong there. I have a few nice things, but I want to wear a suit, and I don’t know how to make it look good. I really want to make a good impression.” Tony chuckled as he stood up, resting a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“Come on, I’ll help you pick out something.” Tony walked with Peter to his room, and Peter tapped his fingers against your door once they passed, signaling you. You peeked your head out of the door once you heard Peter’s bedroom door open and shut and you went to the elevator, going up to your dad’s room, meeting Rhodey inside. As Tony went through Peter’s closet, talking to him about how to pull the outfit together, Peter texted you what your dad was saying, and you picked out a suit for your dad to wear. You gave the suit to Rhodey, who took it to his room, before you texted Peter. “Phase two complete. Time to get the secret weapon for phase three.”


“Mommy!” Morgan barreled into her mom’s room on Wednesday, jumping onto the bed. “Mommy, guess what?”

“Hmm, was there a snow fairy outside today?” Pepper teased and Morgan shook her head, giggling.

“That would be awesome. But we’re having a mom and daughter party at school on Friday, at… seven! Can we pretty, pretty, pretty please go? We can wear matching dresses.” Morgan climbed off the bed, walking to Pepper’s closet. “This red one is pretty. And I have a red one, too!”

“FRIDAY, how is my calendar for Friday night?” Your mom asked and FRIDAY responded.

“Your Friday is free after five P.M.” Pepper looked at Morgan and smiled wide. 

“Looks like we’re going to your party.” Morgan cheered and ran to Pepper, hugging her mom tight. 


“So, I heard you and Morgan have a party Friday.” You spoke softly, rubbing your sleeping sister’s back. You were sitting besides your mom in the living room for your weekly girls’ night. Morgan had decided to watch a movie, but she had fallen asleep halfway through. You took the time to talk to your mom, enjoying a rare moment alone. Your dad was with Happy on a business trip and wouldn’t get back until Friday night, just in time for your plan to work. 

“We do.” Your mom smiled, her arm wrapped around your shoulders. “Do you have any plans for Friday?”

“MJ and I were thinking about going to that new bookstore that opened up near her house. Maybe go get some dinner, spy on Peter on his date.” Your mother grinned, playfully swatting your shoulder.

“Do not spy on him! Poor kid is nervous enough without you and MJ there.” You feigned innocence, looking at your mom.

“We wouldn’t scare him.” Your mom rolled her eyes at your grin.

“Y/N…” You raised one of your hands in defense. 

“Okay, okay, I promise, no spying on Peter. We’ll get our intel in other ways.” You lowered your voice and kept a straight face, until you and your mother broke into laughter.


Phase four began Thursday. You, Peter, and Rhodey spent the entire day getting everything ready for tomorrow. You bought some decor for the dinner, got gifts for your family and Peter (and for Happy and Rhodey to thank them for their help), and got everything you needed to cook dinner for your parents- with Rhodey’s supervision and DUM-E standing by with a fire extinguisher. 

Before you knew it, it was Friday evening. Peter and Rhodey were finishing setting up the dining room. You just finished curling Morgan’s hair and you were now putting makeup on your mom. 

“Y/N, you don’t have to put my makeup on, darling.”

“I know, Mom.” You smiled, focusing as you applied her makeup. “You deserve to be pampered, too.” You finished her makeup right as Peter texted you.

‘They’re pulling up! Is Pep ready?’ 

‘Yep! Coming down now’

“Okay, Mom. Let’s go downstairs, we need to get pictures of you and Morgan.” You helped your mom stand up, and Morgan took her hand. You lead the way down to the living area, you and Morgan grinning.

“Hi, Pepper! You look beautiful.” Peter spoke up, Pepper not knowing Peter was here.

“Hi, Pete- Peter, what are you doing here? I thought you had a date.” Pepper’s brows furrowed, and Peter hummed.

“There may have been a change of plans.” It was Rhodey’s turn to speak. Your mom started to speak as you heard your dad walk in with Happy.

“Happy, why am I still wearing this suit? I wanted to change on the plane, but-” 

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Everyone cheered except for your parents, who both had surprised looks on their faces.

“Rhodey, Peter, what are you doing here?” Tony looked around. “What’s with.. all of this?” Pepper and Tony took in the decorations in the living room.

“We wanted to do something for you for Valentine’s Day. You haven’t had a proper date in the longest time, so we put this together for you.” You smiled.

“What about Morgan’s party at school?” Pepper asked.

“Just an excuse to get you in a dress.” You hummed.

“What about Peter’s date?” Tony asked.

“I’ve got my dates here.” Peter picked up Morgan when she walked over and smiled at you. 

“What did Happy and Rhodey have to do with this?” Pepper questioned, looking at the two men.

“I made sure your dinner was edible. Peter helped me cook, it’s staying warm in the oven now. Happy kept Tony out of the house, and we all made sure your schedule was cleared for tonight.” Rhodey admitted. “I’m pretty proud of the kids, they planned all of this themselves.” Tony’s eyes met yours, eyes full of pride. 

“You three did all of this for us?” You walked to your dad, giving him a hug. 

“Of course, Dad. You and Mom do so much for us, we thought it was about time we do something for you in return.” Tony hugged you tighter, pulling back when Peter walked over with Morgan.

“Do you like it, Mr. Stark?” It was Peter’s turn to get hugged, which he happily returned. 

“It’s perfect, kid. Thank you, all of you.” Tony pressed a kiss to Morgan’s cheek before pulling away. 

“Now, I think you’ve got a lovely dinner ahead of you. Peter, Morgan, and I are going out for dinner, we’ll be back before curfew.” You walked over to Peter, taking his hand. 

“And I’ll be nearby for when the trio’s acts of kindness end and they go back to causing chaos.” You all laughed at Happy’s (probably true) statement and said your goodbyes, your parents now alone in the tower.

“We really have the best kids.” Pepper smiled as she felt Tony’s arms wrap around her waist.

“We do, don’t we?” Pepper leaned into Tony’s touch, eyes closing as Tony pressed a kiss to her head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Pep.” Tony’s voice was soft, hand gently circling her hip.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Tony.” Pepper turned around, pressing a gentle kiss to her husband’s lips. “Now, since we know Rhodey cooked, let’s eat dinner.” Tony laughed and followed Pepper to the kitchen.

When you, Peter, and Morgan got home, you smiled to see your parents asleep on the couch. You walked over to the couch, draped a blanket over your parents, and went to your room with Peter and Morgan. The three of you started watching a movie, you and Morgan both falling asleep shortly after it started. You slept in the middle of the bed, with Morgan tucked into your right side and Peter on your left. Peter smiled when he saw you were asleep and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N.”

Taglist: @daughter-of-stark@agent-barnes40​ 💖 Taglist is open, let me know if you’d like to be added! I absolutely loved writing this, finally giving Pepper and Tony the ending they deserved. I hope you enjoyed this one-shot and feedback is always appreciated! 

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weddings are a crying matter

summary: Happy and Pepper discuss Tony and May during a spideychelle wedding and there’s a lot of crying

word count: 287

rating: G

“So who do you think is going to cry first?” Happy whispered to Pepper.

Pepper, who was currently fixing the bow on Morgan’s head, barely acknowledged him. “Hmm?” 

Happy nodded his towards May and Tony, who were standing beside MJ and Peter as they got married. “Them,” he said. “Tony and May. Who do you think’s going to start crying first? My bet’s on May - she’s known Peter longer.”

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Peter Parker walked into the Lake House and flopped onto the couch exhausted. He had survived his finals though and now he got to spend a whole week with the Starks. He was excited, but right now he was tired. He was just going to close his eyes for a minute. Yeah…Just a minute.

Tony Walked into the house from playing in the yard with Morgan to get her some water. He wasn’t expecting to find a sleeping Spider-Baby on the couch so soon. He must have gotten out of school early.

“Fri? When did Pete get here?” Tony asked quietly,

“About an hour ago.” Friday matched his tone.

“I bet he convinced himself he was only going to close his eyes for a minute.”

“Indeed.” Friday agreed as Tony pulled a blanket over the sleeping teenager.

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