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#John Loy
marlborodean · 9 months ago
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dean winchester + fire—cycle of trauma
1x01 "Pilot" // Shock Value, John Waters // Fire and Ice, Richard Bosman // Aloha From Hell, Richard Kadrey // Burning House, Night, with Fireman and Burning House, Lavender, Lois Dodd // "Cut," Catherine Lacey // 1x07 "Hook Man" and 1x17 "Hell House" // "thoughts of a stray iii," m.a.w. // "Our House is on Fire," Icy and Sot and unknown
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redrobin-detective · a month ago
It was the annual Justice League Halloween party and the costume theme was to dress as your favorite hero coworker. No one was surprised when Clark showed up in a tacky Batman costume, one clearly purchased at the dollar store but his dedication to staying in character dispelled all doubts of his sincerity. Barry wore a green Ringpop and domino mask while Hal chatted up Diana, who herself was wearing an Aquaman inspired dress, in a Flash themed snuggie. Bruce quietly stood off to the side and made sure no one commented on his Robin costume. At least this version has pants.
But though no one said anything, they were all awaiting a special arrival. Dinah had taken some of the younger kids out trick or treating but would be bringing them back to the Watchtower to enjoy a bit of the party before bed. It was Captain Marvel’s third Halloween with the League but Billy Batson’s first. They were all eagerly awaiting which hero the young god would dress as.
“It’s gotta be Supes, kid is practically an expy of him,” Hal told Zatanna emphatically even if he secretly was holding out hope the kid would come dressed as him. 
“Yeah but Bruce’s kid and him are practically attached at the hip and I know for a fact Jason is going as Wonder Woman so they might try to match,” Zee, as Deadman, commented. She herself thought the little magician would pull off her tailcoat and tophat quite well, perhaps saving the fishnets for when he was a bit older.
“It doesn’t matter who he comes as,” Victor defended as he straightened out his white cape and lightning bolt shirt. “He’s gonna look cute either way but I did tell Billy I’d be dressing as him so...”
“Dinah, baby, love of my life,” Ollie whispered into his phone, away from the others. J’onn in his Supergirl suit leaned in closer as he munched on Oreos. “You gotta tell me what the little guy is wearing, the betting pool is off the charts and I’ll let you in on the action if you just-”
“Oliver, you’re already a billionaire,” Dinah sighed affectionately from the other end of the line. “But we’re on our way back now so you’ll find out soon enough but uh,” she paused, “you might wanna prepare yourself. His choice is quite controversial.” 
While the Leaguers bantered and argued and ate way too snacks, they all wondered what teammate their youngest member would come as. What superhero did Billy Batson look up to the most? Who’s costume would he don for All Hallow’s Eve? Everyone not so secretly hoped they would be chosen. 
“Hey everyone, we’re back!” Dinah announced, brushing off her makeshift Zatanna costume. It was similar enough to her own and she hadn’t had time to shop this year. Jason made a beeline for Bruce, his glittering gold tiara and star patterned pants drawing attention as he chatted with his guardian about his haul. It made it easy to overlook Billy’s much subtler costume.
“Oh my god I’m going to kill that man,” Zatanna groaned into her palm as she took in the boy’s clothing. Her hand helped to conceal the small smile threatening to peek through. Billy certainly wore the rumbled shirt and trenchcoat a lot better than John ever did.
“John Constantine? Really?” Hal asked in a screeching voice. “The guys a two bit con artist and like not even a real member of the Justice League! He’s barely third string!”
“Whut can I say?” Billy said with a rakish grin and a horrific British accent. In his right hand, he held a blue lollipop like one would a cigarette. “Imma nasty piece of work.”
“Hey there Bill,” Clark sighed, also disappointed in the kid’s costume choice. The children’s Superman costumes were just too adorable and would have suited Billy much better than the Hellblazer in his opinion. “That’s an, er, interesting choice there, son.”
“Well, ya know how it goes,” Billy continued, slouching to the side and sliding a lazy hand into the trenchcoat pocket while he popped the lollipop back in his mouth. “We all got our demons, some o’ them are just more visible than others.”
“That’s a little too on the nose for my tastes,” Barry said with a grimace, imaging all the bad run-ins he’d had with the magician. “So we all agree that Bill needs his Constantine visiting hours cut short before he picks up any other bad habits.”
“Agreed,” Hal, Victor and Ollie agreed hastily.
“You wankers will get your knickers in a twist over anything,” Billy said, his blue eyes twinkling with mischief. He was very much aware of the stir he was causing and was enjoying it. He loved the League and respected them all but some days Billy felt like John was the only one who understood the real him, a dirty street rat just doing his best.
Billy reached into the inner pocket of his coat and pulled out a little flask. He fought back a smile as he undid the cap and took a long swig. He could tell them it was just apple juice but where was the fun in that?
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couldbeyouraphrodite · a month ago
Superman: Son of Kal-El #3 Favourite Moments
minor spoilers!
1. Jon Stands With The People
Tumblr media
The police had started to arrest people at a peaceful protest, claiming that it was an illegal gathering.
What does Jon do when he sees that? He stands with them.
More than that, he refuses to accept special treatment because he's Superman's son.
He knows he has privilege, but he refuses to use it to his advantage so that he may stand with the people, his people.
This shows the world that he can be trusted, that he's on their side, that he's still human, despite his Kryptonian heritage.
2. Dad Bails Him Out.
Tumblr media
Despite dear ol' dad helping him out, he still made sure he wasn't only getting out because he's famous. He made sure everyone else who was arrested with him to be released, too.
Jon cares so much about the people. In some ways, he connects more with them than his dad does. He was born and raised on earth, Clark wasn't. This subject was even brought up briefly in the previous issue.
I also like how he's able to casually joke with Clark, "forty-five minutes of hard time" lmao that's cute.
3. Lois Lane Fanboy.
Tumblr media
This is cute.
We hardly ever see people pay as much attention to Lois as they do to Superman.
But this scene puts Lois right in the spotlight. Recognising and acknowledging her for her work and her character.
More often than not, people in the DC community still see Lois Lane as just a journalist who is a love interest to Superman.
They forget that she's an incredible woman and character outside of her relationship with Clark. A woman who aims to inspire, who aims to help however she can, who people look up to.
4. Fanboy-ing Intensifies.
Tumblr media
He's all over the place, meeting his hero for the first time.
"Clark Kent is good, but Lois Lane..."
Now that's a sentence we don't hear very often, I'm happy that we get to see an actual Lois Lane fan.
He recognises every achievement, every award, every good deed she's done, everything she is outside of her love life. It's refreshing to see after decades of praise towards Superman while Lois always stood behind him like a shadow.
We love to see the girlboss -ery.
5. Super Father-Son Moment.
Tumblr media
Clark embraces his son before he has to leave, knowing he might not return.
Clark is believes in his son 100%, he knows that Jon can/will be a better Superman than he is/was.
"People need Superman, and that's you now."
"I'm the Man of Tomorrow, you're for the days after."
Such powerful things to say to your son. Clark keeps emphasising on Jon, a perfect symbolism of him passing on his title as Superman to his son.
He's fully aware that he's not the main character anymore, and he's 100% encouraging his son to be the main character, someone that everyone has their eyes on, someone people will look to for help.
Clark knows this, he isn't sad that he's not in the spotlight alone anymore, he's even ready to step out of the spotlight completely. Letting Jon take the lead and be the Superman.
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lostsoulincssea · 3 months ago
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Lois, do you have any idea what this is all about? Yeah: short version, Morgan Edge is taking over people's bodies and using them to destroy Metropolis. Well, that's incredibly terrifying. Janet, we need to tell people what's going on. Okay, and it's probably best coming from you. There's a mic in my press kit.This is Lois Lane reporting live from Metropolis where Morgan Edge has begun an attack on the city.  It seems Edge has the ability to give people powers and take over their minds...  — Superman and Lois 1x14 “The Eradicator”
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supermanandloisverse · 3 months ago
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Loved the parallels between the pilot episode and season finale!
Editing : supermanloiscentral/ Instagram
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couldbeyouraphrodite · 3 months ago
Superman: Son of Kal-El #2
but i made it funnier.
Tumblr media
Clark: u ok, son?
Jon: *gasp* how did u find out? r u spying on me?
Clark: no, ur mom told me.
Tumblr media
Jon: that's bullshit, dad.
Clark: 🤨
Tumblr media
Clark: *squints at Damian*
Damian: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
also, did bruce leave the trex with clark for safekeeping?
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