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kindnessoverperfection · 3 months ago
everyone's all for disabled rights & anti-capitalism until your co-worker does the dishes slowly, or gets confused when given directions, or needs to be trained on how to do something that you think is fairly simple, or this or that or whatever lack of ability they have that makes you start to devalue them as a person and call them "useless" for not being a perfect cog in the capitalist machine
like sorry my existing makes your job harder but maybe direct your anger & aggression upwards instead of stamping down vulnerable groups who are just trying to survive and have gone their whole life being abused and screamed at for not being "good enough" or for being Inconvenient or a Burden
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owelight · a year ago
fun fact. it literally doesn’t matter if your trauma “wasn’t THAT bad” compared to other peoples. its still trauma and it will affect you the same way. it doesn’t matter how “bad” it was, its something you went through and are continuing to live with the aftermath of, and, no matter what, everything you feel is completely justified.
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aardvaark · 5 months ago
i see a lot of posts that are like “x is not a scary mental illness!” and thats super true for all of them, like schizophrenia and schizo-spec disorders and DID and OSDD and personality disorders and trauma disorders etc etc!! but i also want to remind you that even if you get scared of your symptoms, you are not a bad person. even if your symptoms can look scary to others, you are not a bad person. even if the horror genre in hollywood likes to use your mental illness as a trope, you are not a bad person. your mental illness doesnt mean that you are a bad person. 
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foggybruise · a year ago
I wasnt loved as a child so now I'm evil and dont go to bed on time
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genderqueerferret · 6 months ago
also yes! i am a bad victim in most people's eyes! i'm hypersexual! i'm always angry! my empathy is super fucked! i deal with homicidal ideation! i made my abusers hurt when they decided to hurt me! i'm never going to forgive and i'm never going to forget and my brain will forever try to protect me from remembering fully so i'll never have a clear narrative! and what happened to me was legitimately evil, like something out of a fucking criminal minds episode! and you know what? that's okay! i don't need to be a good victim in order to be worthy of respect and dignity!
jesus christ please have some respect for victims and survivors! all of us! and not just the ones you cherry pick to be the "good ones"!
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silentagony · 5 months ago
my mom : why don’t you open up to me?
also my mom when i open up to her : so i’m not a good mother? i should just die? after everything i’ve done for you, i am your mother! i raised you and gave you a roof over your head! you should be grateful because i’ve been through worse than you!
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grumpcloud · 5 months ago
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!"
And you should, the short of it.
The long of it?
People, neurotypical and neurodivergent alike, calling out (other) disabled people for using their disability as an excuse in different scenarios.
- These are some examples I've had happen to me, people I know personally, or reliable (or as reliable as you can get online) internet persons. -
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you turn down plans that will be sensory overloading.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you need something explained to you multiple times or in different ways because of auditory or comprehension issues.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you have trouble finding or holding down a solid, well paying job.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you struggle to do things that neurotypical or other people with your disability don't struggle to do.
It's not using our disability as an excuse. It's you seeing, and to a certain extent being "affected" by, a small (or maybe large) portion of how we cope, function, and live with our disability.
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attainablerecovery · a month ago
Tumblr media
[ ID: tweet by @/ChaseTMAnderson reading, “Psychiatry 101: Taking medications for mental illness does not make you weak. Going to therapy does not make you weak. The fact that you are taking control of your life and using the supports you need is strength. You are more than the stigma placed upon mental illness.” ]
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datemate · 12 days ago
i feel violent, i feel mean
i want to hurt you because you hurt me
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hahaimnottraumatised · 12 months ago
thinking about how my trauma started so early it didnt change me it literally shaped me and im so angry
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apparltl0n · 2 months ago
We need money to pay a few bills. I just got a job but my paycheck will be coming in too late. Not to mention the fact that i have rent to pay. Please please please help.
We are 3 disabled trans men, with a bird, in a shitty apartment in bumfuck texas. I lost my job due to chronic pain, and have been looking all month and finally just got accepted at a daycare. My fiancé has been applying but is still unemployed, and my roomate cant work due to also being physically disabled.
I know i have made a lot of donation posts, but i havent gotten many donations and we are really struggling. Due to the few people who donated last time, we were able to buy groceries, meds, and pay off some bills, but we haven't gotten any more support since.
I cannot afford another overdraft fee, And this apartment is the only thing keeping all 3 of us from being homeless. Please. I at least need 50$ to be able to pay for my fingerprints to be taken, so i can go to work.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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