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Vtuber 墨染 火繚 様のキャラクターイラストを担当させていただきました。



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2 portraits of my dnd character Pimpernell for an ongoing campaign with friends. This one is a chaotic and confused underdark cleric and i love him.

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Happy 10yearsofspinjitzu Ninjago

Here is the Art I made for the ninjago zine. Enjoy!!! I’ll post the link for the zine

@speedythecat thanks for letting me participate

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She wants to know if you care to stop for some white rose tea? 🍵 🐉 🌸 . . . #dragon #illustration #tea #digitalart #digitalillustration #digitalpainting #illustrationartists #illustratorsoninstagram #photoshop #characterdesign #characterillustration #lisafrankinspired #pink #pinkdragon #cute #picturebookillustration #childrensbookillustration #art #artistsoninstagram

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A girl, young in appearance, her skin is almost devoid of color, except for an ever constant blush present on her cheeks. Her unkept jet black hair comes and flows over her small shoulders. Her eyes glow a faint red, the color of a field after a bloody battle. her nails sharpened to points, painted black as her hair, and dangling from her neck on an iron chain is a pendant of a long forgotten house crest. With a central figure of a bat.

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獣: Beast

teef phase again 😃 meet rawr-kun😌 have you all watched the new anime’s??? I’m literally overfed😭😭😭 also can someone tell me how to color hair consistently ✨


I’m making a tsukiyama angst mini comic btw. if anyone’s interested.

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Dans l’ordre d’apparition :

Les jeunes filles flottantes


Ghibli Redraws

Fan Art Claire Fraser

Fan Art Geillis Duncan

L’ours au cerisier

Shiba Renard

Le dragon des eaux

Pause avec un tigre

T-shirt Dragon

Bombers Tigre et Dragon

Le réveil


Sirène aux cheveux roses

Sirène aux cheveux bleus

DTIYS @marinelebourch

DTIYS @asyleart

DTIYS @roro_mawouane

DTIYS @amaysancha

DTIYS @amaysancha

DTIYS @pastiche_draws

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Hello everyone,

I have come back with some more Raz! I have joined a discord server by the name of The Mother Lobe which has been probably the best thing that happened all week to me. They are so kind and welcoming! I showed them my previous drawing and it was so well received that here I am now their creation which happens to be Raz in a froggy dress. I have added some touches and.. Drew a froggy hat as well. Here it is- I don’t know what I will draw next but hopefully it comes out as wonderful as this little piece. A step by step is available on my Insta @Razberrythesketchingmerchant

Thank you to Azizla Swiftwind on Patron for making my character look fab. I used the pose on the left and the rest I just added onto it!

Thank you for reading!

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繼續頭套系列,之前在薄仔畫了很久的sketch - 阿瑪比埃(Amabie), 好像是畫下她的樣子再傳開去大家就免疫了

Continue to drawing the headgear series, I sketch a Amabie for a long time. It is said if anyone draw her look and spread it around, everyone will be safe.

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Thus another vtuber son was born …

[Vtuber commission] for Sumio

Debut date: Feb/March

I’m also opening 3 commission slot and 3 waiting list for vtubers!


Character sheet: 50 to 100 usd

Half body vtuber pack : 150 to 200 usd

Full body vtuber pack: 250 usd to 300 usd

Depending on the complexity and detailing the might cost more. (Etc. Expressions, accessories)

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