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#george wealsey x reader
adinerinphilly · a day ago
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - Part Twelve
Masterlist, Part One
Part Twelve of Eighteen
Summary: For the last three years, you’ve been working a repetitive Ministry job and wrapped your life around an unhappy relationship. After realizing how empty your life has become, you leave everything behind and stumble across an unlikely job for you - Office Manager for Weaselys’ Wizard Wheezes. There you wish to find something you lost in the war: hope.
Word Count: 1906
A/N: I realize this is a shorter chapter than usual and that I’m a day early, but considering the Bonus Content that's going to be accompanying this tomorrow is over 5,000 words, I think that's okay.
Warnings: 18+, Death, scars, mentions of torture. Minors DNI.
HP Tag List: @bamboozledflamplant @charmingandfantasticfics
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy Taglist: @byelannie @sugasthreedollarkookie @bethanystan @maralisa124 @confusedcrayon @ikkleroniekins @lyricalstreams @slytherclaw1978 @winterishfallinknowledge @prettywhitedoves
Tumblr media
"Y/N," a voice softly whispered in my ear, rousing you from your pillow. George's smiling face came into view, bathed in golden, morning light. He lightly pushed your hair behind your ear and ran his fingers over your cheek to brush them across your lips. "Good morning, beautiful."
"Hey, handsome," you said sleepily. And, oh Merlin, was he handsome. He had propped himself up on his elbow, allowing the light to create shadows on his bare chest.
"I was thinking breakfast in bed," he said. His hand had strayed from your lips and danced across your shoulder.
You grasped his hand, allowing him to cup your face briefly before pulling him in for a kiss. "Mmmh, that sounds nice."
He chuckled, "I'll get to it, then," and tried to pull away, but you wouldn't let him.
"In a minute," you said into his lips. You melted into each other, your hands enjoying the feel of his body. He shook with laughter as you let out a groan.
"I think I should go make breakfast before we get too distracted." He gave you one short, sweet kiss on the forehead and rolled out of bed.
You admired him as he walked out of the room, giggling when he looked back to give you a wink, before contently closing your eyes and snuggling back into the sheets.
But no matter how tightly you wrapped the blankets around you, you weren't able to get warm. The room seemed to grow colder, seeping into your bones like ice.
"George," you called out. Maybe he could make it warmer. "George," you called again, louder, after no response. Maybe he couldn't hear you over the sound of bacon. A shiver ran up your spine as you placed your feet on the floor and wrapped the sheet around you.
You called him again as you made my way through the hall, checking room after room after room just in case he had stopped in one of them. The apartment was much bigger than you remembered. "George?" It was strange that you could hear no sound besides your own voice. He was cooking, right?
The kitchen's doorway was finally in view after what seemed like a maze of rooms. The knot in your stomach untangled when you saw him standing in front of the table. The 'World's Best Boss' mug I'd gotten him sat on the table between two plates of food.
"I was calling you," you said, stepping towards him. His face stopped you. "What's wrong?"
"He wasn't expecting visitors." Alecto Carrow seemed to materialize from nothing as she held her wand pointed at him.
Your hands fumbled looking for your wand before something pressed sharply into your back. "I wouldn't do that."
It was a voice you knew, one that you would never forget. "How are you here?"
Amycus kept his wand on you as he came into view with a disturbingly gleeful smile. "Did really you think you could ever escape me? That I wouldn't purge the world of your disgusting, filthy blood?" His face darkened. "And when I heard that you were destroying yet another Pureblood line, I knew I couldn't wait any longer."
"Okay," your voice shook, "okay. You can do whatever you want to me. I- I won't fight. But please, let him go. He has nothing to do with this."
Alecto cackled. "Doesn't he? Blood Traitor like 'em just as bad as a pathetic little Half-Blood."
"No, no. Just me, please! He'll do better, I swear! Just me!"
Amycus grabbed a fistful of your hair and snapped your head backward. He held his wand at your throat. "You don't get a say. We're going to clean up the world and rid it of rubbish, starting with your little boyfriend. Avada Kedavra!"
The room flashed green and a sickening thud echoed across it. You escaped Amycus's grasp and rushed to George's side. He was in a heap on the ground, unmoving as you called out his name like you had before. His eyes started without seeing as you held his body.
He was gone.
When the room flashed green once more, you closed your eyes to greet the end. At least in death, you'd be with my family again. You waited for something to change, to hear Mum's voice or feel Dad wrap you in a hug. Maybe even hear Sarah calling out your name. But nothing came. When you opened your eyes again, all you saw was the ceiling of your room.
It wasn't real.
It had only been a nightmare. A horrible, twisted nightmare.
George was alive. He was okay.
It wasn't real.
Then why was your face wet, like you'd been crying? Why did it feel as if you were on the verge of vomiting? If it hadn't been real, why did your heart still hurt?
Could Amycus have escaped? If he did, he would want to find out where you lived. And what better way than ask your employer?
It wasn't real.
But what if it was?
Anxiety consumed you. You needed to know he was safe.
Rain poured down as you turned the knob to his apartment to find it locked. Never once had George locked his door in all the time you'd been working together. Your knocking got more frantic the longer you waited. You reached for your wand, ready to blast it off its hinges, when it finally opened.
He was nearly knocked over when you wrapped your arms around him. He was saying something, but you couldn't hear him over your own crying.
"...happening? Y/N, Y/N! Are you okay?" He pushed you back, checking worriedly over you.
"You were dead! I saw him, I saw him kill you!"
He didn't fight as you embraced him once again. His chest rose steadily and, just beneath it, there was the thumping of his heart. Warmth radiated from him as he held on to you. He was alive.
It wasn't real.
"I'm not dead, Y/N," he said softly.
It was only a nightmare. "He was here. I couldn't stop him. He was here and I couldn't stop him."
George was patient as he waited for you to calm down. He reassured you over and over that he was fine, that there was no one there. "Can you tell me what happened?"
"My uncle, he was here. He killed you." It was the best explanation I could give.
"Your uncle?"
"Amycus. Alecto, too. They got out, they said they wouldn't let me ruin another Pureblood line."
He let out a heavy sigh, resting his head on your and pulling me tighter. "No one got out. It was just a bad dream."
It wasn't real.
Despite the heat of George, you shivered. In your panic, you had ignored the rain and gotten drenched. "Let's get you dry, okay?" you nodded, the cold finally setting in. He diligently dried your clothes and began to do the same for your hair. There was an audible intake of breath as you stepped behind you.
The top you wore had a lower back than you would normaly ever wear outside. George had never seen the scars before. He, and most people, probably didn't even know they existed. People knew you had been your uncle's favorite victim, but they thought the only Dark Magic he ever inflicted were the Unforgivable Curses. They didn't know how personal his hate for you was.
"He wanted to make sure I never forgot him," you whispered.
"You don't have to tell me."
"I don't," you turned and looked up at him, "but I want to. Amycus was my dad's younger brother. They weren't close, but they were family. Until Dad met Mum. She was a Half-Blood, daughter of a witch and a muggle. When they got engaged, Dad was disowned for 'bringing shame on the family'. About a year after they got married, my uncle went to talk to Dad, to convince him to leave Mum, but Dad tried to show him he was happy. Amycus was horrified when he found out about the muggle things Dad had been trying and disgusted when he learned Mum was pregnant with me."
"I'd never met anyone on Dad's side, just been told about them and seen them in passing. They acted like we didn't exist. When they showed up at Hogwarts, they mostly ignored me in the beginning, but when I refused to perform the Cruciatus Curse..." Amycus was all too happy to use it on you. "I openly criticized them, their teachings, and made it impossible to ignore me. Every indiscretion became a personal attack for them and they punished accordingly. It didn't take him long to move beyond his typical torture with me. He told me that I was a constant reminder to his family of the embarrassment my father had become, so he would leave me with a constant reminder that I never should have been born."
You turned back around and ran your wand down the back of your camisole. It cut along the trail of the wand, rolling the extra fabric to reveal flesh heavily marred by barely healed welts. George was completely silent as he took in the full extent of the damage Amycus had done.
You could feel his fingers tracing a particularly nasty scar and flinced from the touch.
He apologized quietly, tapping the camisole with his wand to have it stitch back together. He placed his hand on your shoulder, but you couldn't face him. There were only five people who had ever seen your scars, and one of them didn't have any trouble weaponizing the knowledge.
"He would have killed me if he could have gotten away with it. But up until his death, no one knew Dad had been actively helping an Undesirable. If Dean hadn't warned Seamus so Cho could help me escape, he would have done it."
"Why didn't you go with the rest of the DA earlier?"
The image of a little body lying motionless in the Hospital Wing made your gut wrench. "Aiden Lucas. After a few weeks, I couldn't handle it anymore. So I stayed quiet in class for a few days. Without me taking up his time, Amycus found someone else. He was only eleven." You voice cracked. He nearly died.
"It wasn't your fault."
You shook your head but said nothing. George wouldn't understand the guilt.
He pulled you back into him, putting his arms around you. "He's never getting out, Y/N. He'll never be able to hurt you or anyone else again."
You grasped his arm, afraid for a moment that he would disappear and this had been nothing more than the last hallucination before death. "People have escaped before." Even without Dementors, all it would take is one sympathetic or careless Auror.
"I will never let anyone hurt you."
It wasn't your that you were worried about. "Just...just promise me you'll keep locking your doors."
He tried to convince you to stay, but you couldn't. The last time you woke up in his apartment, he ended up dead. Nightmare or not, you couldn't take that chance. As he kissed your forehead before you left, it reminded you that it hadn't started as a nightmare.
No, it had started with you completely and utterly happy in the arms of the man you were completely and utterly in love with.
It wasn't real.
Bonus Content
The Food Run
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Oh baby, baby(s)
Previous parts: You are missed, I love you and them
Summary: As you get closer to the end of your pregnancy, George freaks out over everything. Hermione pays a visit
pairings: George Weasley x fem. reader, Fred Weasley x fem. reader (Past), Hermione Granger x fem. reader (Platonic)
Warning: mild swearing, mentions of sex, (Not sure if there is anymore but let me know if I missed any)
Tumblr media
George was very nervous at this moment. You were 6 & 1/2 months pregnant and George was just a nervous wreck. He didn't realize how terrifying it could possibly be until it was getting closer to time. You've had many doctors appointments and you were getting ready for one at the moment. George was working on baby proofing the entire loft.
"George can you help me?" your voice could be heard from the bathroom. George was working on the table when he heard your voice and he bumped his head on it making him groan. "George? What happened?" you asked and George soon walked into your room holding the back of his head.
"Nothing to serious promise" George said with a smile and you gave him a questioning look. "Yeah I believe that. Could you help me put this damn shirt on? It's almost like it's a size to small" you asked and George nodded. You were going to find out what you were having today and George possibly couldn't wait. He helped you as much as he could.
You looked at the time before cursing yourself. "Shit we're going to be late" you said and started to run into the bathroom. George chuckled and grabbed a few things before meeting you in the living room and heading to the appointment with you. This is the first time the George had been at your appointments. He hadn't been able to go with you to your appointments so Hermione went with you.
However, this one is the most excited he has been for one. Today you were going to find out if you were going to have Henry or (your moms name). You both arrived at St. Mungo's just in time for your appointment. "Hello Mrs. Weasley. Is this the father?" the nurse asked as she came into your room.
"No actually this is the uncle" you stated not really wanting to go into detail with the nurse on what you and George's relationship is. She didn't need to know about the complex relationship you and George have. You could feel George's nerves coming through as he slipped his hand into yours.
The nurse got everything ready to show you what you were having. Both you and George were now sharing the nerves. "Alright Mrs. Weasley. Their heartbeats are normal however its hard to tell at the moment what they are give me a second to see if I can get a better view" the nurse said and you nodded before you caught onto what she said.
"Wait did you say they?" you asked and she nodded. "Yes I did. You are having twins. A boy and a girl it looks like" she said and you felt the nerves turn into joy before quickly turning into terror. George's grin went from ear to ear before he saw your expression. The nurse left for the moment which gave George the prompt he needed.
"What's wrong Love?" he asked and you looked at him. "if you turn my babies into a mini version of you and Fred I will end your life faster than you can say Hi" you said and George laughed. "We weren't all bad. I mean you did fall for both of us somehow so we had to be good at something" George said with a hint of a laugh still in his voice.
"For once, George you are right about something " You said with a grin and George nodded. The nurse came back in soon after but George didn't think anything of what you said until both of you were finally outside of the building.
It was getting closer and closer to your due date and it was also getting closer to Christmas. You were 7 months pregnant and you were really showing. George loves your pregnant belly. He loves when the twin kick even more, especially when it's because of something he did. You find it very irritating when he does that but you also find you can't really be mad at him for long.
Right now George was getting groceries while you sat on the couch reading one of your favorite muggle books. You were about to turn the page when the door to the loft opened. You were expecting to find George there but instead you were greeted with the face of Hermione.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" you asked as you put your book down. "I just wanted to get out of the house. Ron and Harry are being very annoying and I just need a break from them" she said as she flopped onto the couch next to your feet. "Okay mi casa es su casa" you said and Hermione looked at you.
"Spanish?" she asked and you nodded. "Yes. one of the things I have been wanting to learn(If you already know it for this you are just learning)" you said and Hermione nodded. You looked over at Hermione and noticed how tense her shoulders were. "Hermione are you okay?"
"Yes" he said very quickly and you looked at her. "What's the matter?" you asked and Hermione sighed. "I want to go back to school and finish but the boys have no interest in going back with me. Harry is doing well in the Auror program and Ron is loving this stupid shop. I love my education but I don't know if I want to go by myself" she said and you nodded.
"I understand. When the twins were first talking about leaving during our 7th year they asked me if I wanted to go with them. It took me a while to decide. One side of me wanted to go with them and never be separated from the best friends I've ever had. The other side knew how important my education was to me. I'd been trying to convince the twins for years to care about their studies more but that never happened.
"I had decided after I realized that I could still write them and it wouldn't be for to much longer until I got to see them again that I should stay and so I did. Hermione go with what your gut is telling you. Don't stay because you don't want to be alone. But also don't go if you can't bare the idea of leaving them behind" You said and Hermione had tears forming in her eyes.
She brought you into a hug and you rubbed her back as she let out a few small sobs. You could tell that this has been on her mind for quite a while. "Thank you" she whispered and you smiled. "You are welcome" you said and she pulled away. You thought for a moment before you looked at her again.
"Hermione?" you said just above a whisper and she looked at you. "How would you like to be the godmother of these two?" you asked and Hermione nodded before you could ever finish what you were saying. "Yes! Bloody Hell I would love to be!" she exclaimed before bringing you into another hug, this time with tears of happiness pouring out of her eyes.
"Hey" George exclaimed as he came through the loft door with groceries in hand. "What did I miss?" he asked as Hermione pulled away from the hug. "Hermione said she would love to be the godmother" you said and George smiled. "That's wonderful" he said and he pulled out a bunch of supplies.
"George what are you doing?" you asked as you got up and went to inspect what your boyfriend was up too. "I'm baby proofing the loft" George said and your heart swelled. "George that's so sweet. However, you do realize that they aren't due for another almost month and a half" you said and George nodded.
"Yes I know. I just want to be ready" George said before heading off further into the loft to baby proof it. You smiled at him and Hermione came around to where you were standing. "You may have had sex with his brother but George are these babies father. He loves them so much as if he were the one to put them there" Hermione said and your cheeks heated up at the thought of you and George having sex.
Hermione just laughed before she left the loft, waving her goodbyes. George came back moments later and your cheeks were still as red as George's hair. "Are you okay?" George asked and you nodded, finally getting out of your stupor. "Yeah, Mione is just a tease" you said and George gave you a look before you headed into the room you and George were now using to store all of the presents for your family and friends, Fred's old bedroom.
There will definitely be a part four.
Let me know if you would like to be on the taglist.
Taglist: @wattpad-reads
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yogirl-willow · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
POV: Your favorite HP boys wake you up in the morning the only way they know how… with all of them on top of you 😩✊🏼
I call this one The Dogpile of Simps 😂 Features 2 variations. Remus, Sirius, George, Fred, and Charlie/Bill! Made it into Desktop and iPhone wallpapers too. Not too sure if I should make more versions of the OC at the bottom. If ever, what variations would you like to see?
Also just want to point out how I did not expect Bill to look so goddamn sexy he look like he wanna spank 🤧
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cloudybarnes · a month ago
warm baths
Pairing: cedric diggory x reader
Summary: after having an incredibly stressful day, cedric takes it into his own hands to make you feel better
Word Count: 1.1k
Warnings: wayyy too many pet names 
Tumblr media
✰  ✰  ✰
Everything that could go wrong did.
Your alarm never went off in the morning, so you completely missed breakfast, and you were incredibly late to your first class. 
Because you were late, you got 10 points off of your house, which made your other house members angry at you.
You forgot to do your homework for your second class, so you got a scheduled detention during dinner. 
During lunch, you couldn’t find Cedric anywhere, so you ate by yourself which just made you sad. After the day you had up to that point, you really needed his comfort, but he was nowhere to be found. 
When you went to throw out your garbage, Malfoy bumped into you and made you spill all over yourself. His satisfied smirk was still ingrained into your mind. 
Your last few classes were thankfully uneventful, but you sat by yourself since your best friend had been transferred to a different schedule. 
Since you got detention, you weren’t able to go to the great hall and eat dinner, you had to bring it to your professor’s room and eat in silence for an hour.
By the time your detention was over, the day was also concluding. You only had thirty minutes until curfew hit, so you just decided to go to your common room and sleep the day off.
You fought back tears as you walked into your common room, so frustrated with how the day turned out.
“Hi, darling.”
You lifted your eyes from the ground and saw your boyfriend sitting alone on the couch in your common room. 
You sniffled and ran to him. Cedric stood up and easily welcomed you into his arms. Finally wrapped up in your loved one, you let your tears flow freely.
“What happened today, my love?” He softly asked as he ran his hand over your head, pulling you closer into his chest.
“I just had a really bad day, Ced,” you whimpered, your fists clenching onto his shirt so he wouldn’t let you go. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” He gently encouraged, his hands making their way down to your back to rub calming circles into your skin. 
You shook your head, “just wanna be with you. You weren’t at lunch today and I missed breakfast and dinner, so I didn’t see you at all.”
“I’m sorry, pumpkin, I was in the library studying for my herbology exam.” He apologized, his arms grasping you even tighter. “I should have been there for you, especially when I noticed you weren’t at breakfast.”
“You couldn’t have possibly known,” you mumbled into his chest, your cries significantly less than before. 
Cedric gently pushed you away from him and held onto your shoulders. You gazed up at him with curious eyes. 
“I know just the thing that will make you feel better.” Cedric softly smiled, and trailed his hands down your arms to hold your hand.
He pulled you from the common room up to the girls hall. 
“Ced, what are we doing?” You asked as he pushed open the door to your room. Cedric had been in your room many times before, even though it wasn’t exactly allowed. 
He ignored your question and pulled you into your conjoined bathroom. You sniffled as he flipped the light on and opened up the shower curtain. 
He turned the warm water on and put the plug in the tub to keep the water in.
“We’re taking a bath?” You quietly questioned as you rubbed your tired eyes.
Cedric smirked with a light chuckle, “not tonight, baby. Tonight, you are taking a bubble bath to relieve your stress.”
Your heart swelled as Cedric reached in to feel the temperature. Seeing such a domestic side of him made you all warm and fuzzy.
“I think it feels nice, but you can feel it if you’d like.” He smiled as he grabbed your bubble solution from under the sink. 
“I trust your judgement,” you chuckled. 
Cedric poured in the bubble solution and mixed it around with his hand. 
“Okay, sweetheart, it’s ready for you.” He smiled, making his way out of the room. 
You grabbed onto his wrist, “you’re leaving?”
Cedric smiled and shook his head, “I’m going to grab the book from your bed-side table. I figured I could read it while you relax in the bath.”
Your breath got caught in your throat as you heard the sweet things he was telling you. 
“Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?”
You nodded your head, and a satisfied smile grew on your face. “I’d love that. Thank you, sweetheart.”
You let go of his wrist when he smiled. Cedric left the bathroom to go into your single dorm and closed the door behind him.
With a smile not leaving your face, you stripped off your clothes and sunk into the warm bath. You sighed as you felt your muscles instantly relaxing. 
The bubbles surrounding you were very relaxing just as Cedric said it would be.
“Okay, I grabbed the book,” Cedric smiled as he came back into the room. He sat on the ground on a bath rug right near your head. “You comfy?”
You hummed and leaned out of the water a little to kiss him. Cedric smiled into the kiss, and raised his hand to hold onto your cheek. 
When you pulled back, Cedric placed his forehead on yours and brushed your noses together. “I love you, you know that right?” 
You hummed and softly nodded your head.
“Whenever you have a bad day, I want you to know that I’ll be here for you.”
You leaned back to look into his eyes. They held nothing but sincerity.
You smiled, and dragged your lips to his forehead for a soft kiss. “I love you. I feel so lucky to be your girlfriend.”
Cedric blushed with a shy smile. “I’m the lucky one. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, darling.”
You giggled as you leaned back in the bath, the bubbles coming up to right under your chin. Cedric smiled when he saw you with bubbles surrounding you. 
As he began to read from where you left off, you couldn’t help but think of how fortunate you were to have Cedric as your boyfriend. You couldn’t think of anyone else who would do something this thoughtful just to cheer you up after a rough day. 
Thanks to your boyfriend, your miserable morning was transformed into quite the lovely evening, and you were happier than you could have possibly wished.
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potter-imagines · a year ago
Left Waiting at The Three Broomsticks (Fred Weasley x Read)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a Fred Weasley imagine where he pisses off his gf somehow and so she gives him the silent treatment and only talks to literally everyone (including George) but him so he gets all jealous and pouty lol. Eventually he gets her to start talking to him again and then it’s all fluff etc. Hopefully this wasn’t a confusing request! Thank you!! :)
Warning: Tiny bit of sexual content towards the end, little bit of swearing, kinda angst at the beginning ?? and a lil towards the end ?? I think that's all, a lot of fluff scattered about
Word Count: 9.5k (I am so sorry I got carried away)
Two hours. Y/n had spent two hours waiting for him. Two stupid hours on a Saturday night that she could have spent elsewhere making something productive of her day but no. The last two hours Y/n had been seated in a small booth in the corner of The Three Broomsticks waiting patiently for her boyfriend, Fred Weasley.
The thing that infuriated her the most was that it was his idea in the first place! Originally, the couple had planned a stay-in date in her dorm room for the night before, Friday, but other plans came up. Fred got tangled up in a prank with George that had landed him in detention with Snape for the night. Yes, it annoyed her but what could she do? It wasn’t like Snape would excuse Fred because she tells him they have a date. If anything, Snape would hold him back longer.
When Fred and George were finally dismissed, it was nearly eleven at night and Fred was sprinting down through the dungeons to the common room. Their arrangement was for eight and he was praying to anyone listening above that she was still awake, but not furious at him.
Skipping up the transporting stairs, Fred basically shouted the secret password at the Fat Lady making her narrow her eyes at him. She swung open, not without muttering about how rude he was, and Fred jumped inside. Ten or so students were scattered around the common room, chatting amongst themselves. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat around the couch near the grand fireplace. They sent Fred a wave, which he frantically returned. The golden trio watched in curiosity as Fred darted up the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.
Hermione looked back to the group and asked,
“Wonder what that’s about- he seemed in a hurry.”
“Heard him and George got detention. They put stink-bombs in the Slytherin common room! Heard it stained some of the furniture maroon!” Ron chuckled at his brother’s antics then resumed his debate with Harry over their thoughts on the Quidditch World Cup happening every four years. Harry tried to explain the concept of the Olympics to Ron, but Ron was too focused on how amazing it would be for the World Cup to happen each year. Hermione went back to her studies, blocking out the mindless bickering of the boys.
Above the common room, Fred Weasley was scurrying to his girlfriend’s dorm room. He hoped Angelina and Alicia were out so he could be alone with her. Their time spent together had been oddly less than usual the last few weeks. Fred had no change of heart- actually, he found himself falling more in love with her every day, but their final year at Hogwarts was creeping up from the woods and he was working on a dream career behind the scenes with George that was eating up his time with her. He had shared this idea with her before- but it was just an idea then. Fred and George planned on putting their dreams to action once they finished up the next year. He wanted her to come- George did as well, but he didn’t want to mention it until it was a reality.
Reaching his destination Fred took a second to compose himself. A thin line of sweat was forming near his forehead. This was the first chance he had to take a breather since detention ended. Fixing his dark robes Fred knocked against the door, quiet enough not to startle her but loud enough to hear.
“Y/n… Y/n… love, are you awake? It’s Fred-“
Abruptly, the heavy wooden door cracked open and a weary looking girl poked her head out into the quietness.
“Darling, did I wake you up? I’m so sorry.” Fred stepped forward and wrapped the girl in a tight embrace. Y/n’s head fell against his chest out of instincts. His arms fastened around her waist as he invited himself in the room, slowly walking her back.
“Here, go back to bed, love. You look exhausted.” Fred led the sluggish girl to her familiar bed. Throwing back the covers, he readjusted her pillows so there would be room for him to fit as well. Fred then walked back to Y/n and took her hand softly. Kissing the back of her hand, Fred helped Y/n get into bed then slipped in beside her. His arms snaked around her body without thought. The naturalness of holding her in his arms made Fred feel confident in his dreams of starting a future with her. All the tension in his body collapsed when she leaned into his frame. Fred held her close and kissed the side of her cheek lovingly.
“I’m sorry about detention tonight but I promise I’ll take you out Saturday, alright? We can have a date at Hogsmeade and spend the night together, does that sound nice?”
The sleepy witch gave a tired mumble and nodded her head. She was cuddled under a stack of blankets, wearing Fred’s sweatshirt which made him smile. He’d usually crack a joke at this and tease her but, she was already asleep when he looked back to her. Fred couldn’t help but stare at her for a while. There was never a moment that went by where Fred didn’t think of Y/n as anything other than beautiful but in these moments, she looked ethereal.
Moonlight poured in from the open window and splashed across her s/c cheeks. Her hair was sprawled against the white pillowcase. Fred smiled at the sound of her light snores. Fred wouldn’t leave until he was sure she was deep asleep. It was their thing. She hated going to bed without him there.
“Okay, I love you, Y/n. Get some sleep, angel.” Fred whispered.
He pecked her forehead, then kissed her lips gently. Removing the covers, Fred tucked them back into Y/n so she could keep warm. He closed the open window then tip toed out of the room. Instead of rejoining his friends, Fred decided to head to his room. He felt too guilty for missing out on their plans to go have his own fun. Anyways he did have a Potions paper coming up and if he was going to spend the day with you Saturday, he surely wouldn’t be doing any homework.
So, the plan was confirmed the next morning, Friday. Y/n ran into Fred on her way to breakfast and they discussed where they’d meet and a time. They ate breakfast together, walked to class, then headed in different directions when six rolled around. Fred had a Quidditch match and she had a group project, so they didn’t cross paths for the rest of the night. Even though he refused to admit it, Fred absolutely hated when Y/n missed one of his games. His favorite thing to do was search for her in the stands during each game and it made him sad not to see her smiling face standing out in the crowd. Y/n entered the common room around midnight and went straight for her bed. Gryffindor had lost so there wasn’t a single housemate sitting in the common room. She could only imagine how upset Fred must be, she’d be hearing about it tomorrow. Y/n giggled to herself at the recollection of Fred’s angry rants about his teammates to you in private. She basically crawled to her bed, dreaming about the handsome, goofy, witty twin that had captured her heart.
Which would bring us to Saturday night. Fred and Y/n had made specific plans; they were to meet at The Three Broomsticks at seven then hangout for a while and spend the rest of their night sneaking around the castle with the help of The Marauder’s Map. Fred had practice at six so he was planning on meeting up with the girl at the pub. Y/n expected him to be running late- it wouldn’t be Fred if he didn’t show up a good twenty minutes late.
Only Fred never showed up at seven thirty, not at eight, and by the time nine neared, he was still nowhere in sight. The Three Broomsticks would stay open for a few more hours but the thought of sitting there alone for any longer, jumping at the sound of the door every time it opened, it made Y/n feel less than sane.
Throwing a handful of coins on the table, Y/n thanked her server then exited through the front doors. The walk back to the castle wasn’t long but being with Fred made it a lot more amusing. He’d pick her flowers, give her piggy back rides, play games, race, and hold her hand the whole walk back.
This time, Y/n walked alone hugging the material of her raincoat to her chest. A light drizzle had been pouring on and off for most of the day. Earlier, it was perfectly bearable- hardly noticeable. Although the weather had only worsened as the night grew darker. Hard rain drops crashed against Y/n coat, cascading down her covered arms and bouncing to the wet ground. Her black boots were soaked. She could feel the water rising to her socks, one of her biggest hatreds. Wet socks.
The hood of her jacket only helped so much before the pelting raindrops started to seep to her hair. Typically, Y/n loved the rain. If Fred was here, they’d be dancing right now. But he wasn’t, she had no clue where he was and that was exactly what Y/n was headed to find out.
By the time Y/n made it back to the castle and up to the Gryffindor common room, it was past ten.
Much as Y/n had expected, the common room was lively with energy and conversations. Katie, Alicia, and Angelina were all sitting in a circle with Fred, George, Lee Jordan, Seamus, and Dean. A dark bottle of Dragon Barrel brandy and Daisyroot Draught were being passed amongst them. Y/n watched as Fred leaned into his brother’s side, obviously tipsy and slurring his words while he practically shouted to their friends who were only sitting feet away.
His frame twitched with every small hiccup he let out. The whole group was smiling, they were happy. Y/n wondered to herself if Fred even noticed that she wasn’t there. She wondered if he liked it more when she wasn’t there, they were having fun and although the group was also her friends, no one was interested enough to invite her. Biting on the tender skin of her bottom lip, Y/n bundled her fist to her sides. The anger refused to simmer, only continued to boil. Her dripping clothes weren’t helpful to her sour mood.
It wasn’t the fault of her friends, no, but they were bound to get caught in the crossfires. Fred was the one who left her waiting for hours on end. Her chest was tight- livid yet sad all at once. It was an aggravating feel, unfamiliar. Y/n hated the suffocation entering her drying throat. More than anything she longed to handle situations like these in an aloof fashion. The last thing wanted was to wear her emotions on her sleeve, but she couldn’t help it. Her head screamed ‘just go to bed, ignore him’ but her heart wanted to scream at him and let him know just how bad he had hurt her. Her breathing quickened, each inhale received a choppy exhale.
For the first time, Y/n decided not to join her friends or to even say a word to Fred about how he stood her up. She was sick of it- completely exhausted and drained from his lack of care and presences in their relationship the last few weeks. If he wanted her as bad as he claimed, he’d find a way to show it. And leaving her sitting alone in a noisy pub while he partied and drank with their friends, showed her the exact opposite of his words.
Diverting her leer from the inebriated group and studied the rest of the room, hearing voices near the sitting area. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were all staring at Y/n in mixed judgement. Harry, Ron and Neville looked concerned by the appearance of Y/n. Hermione on the other hand, she was absolutely flabbergasted, Y/n could see the pity written on her face. You had mentioned having a date night with Fred in Hogsmeade to the four the night before. Harry had invited Y/n to hangout with them and visit Hagrid, but she politely declined and informed them about the special night Fred had planned for them.
Harry and Hermione stood up at the same time ready to comfort the teary-eyed girl. They motioned her over but just as she started towards them, Angelina Johnson noticed her friend who had been absent for most of the night. Setting the bottle of brandy down, Angelina wobbled up to her feet and smiled giddily,
“Y/n! Come- come drink with us! I was wondering where you- why… why’re you all wet?”
As the words fell from her mouth, a crowd of eyes planted on Y/n. Her fists clenched, bone white knuckles visible, at her sides. Angelina scurried over to her friend and wrapped her in a tender hug. If the scenario had been different, she’d gladly join in the fun but there wasn’t an ounce in her body that desired a drink.
Y/n’s eyes found their way to the boy she had been longing for all night. Her lips quivered, the anger and sadness reaching it’s overpour. He looked so handsome, so happy, but it meant nothing to her.
Pulling back, Angelina squinted in confusion at Y/n. The lack of embrace given back had thrown her off. The group had been awaiting her arrival, no one was quite sure where she’d gone off to. Angelina scanned Y/n’s reddening face, noticing the emotions bubbling under the surface.
Moving away, the dark-skinned girl turned to her friends. No one else seemed to notice the offset of Y/n’s attitude.
“Angel, where have you been? I missed you!” Fred’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Quickly standing up, he held his hand out to his girlfriend. Y/n shot a dangerous look to his outreach, then up to his face. Usually she’d find his toothy grin and childlike state loveable but for obvious reasons, it made her irate.
Stepping back, Y/n sternly scowled at Fred,
“Missed me? You’re the one who left me waiting all goddamn night, Fred Weasley.”
A part of Y/n felt guilty for forcing her friends to witness their unpleasant exchange. George was now to his feet standing behind Fred, just as lost as the group he had been sitting with. Despite the alcohol running in his veins, George could sense an argument budding by the second.
“Not like any of you really seemed to care where I was.” Y/n kicked herself for this cold statement.
Her friends weren’t at fault- not in the slightest. But everyone was at risk of becoming a victim to her fiery wrath. In actuality, it did hurt her a little that no one had gone searching for her. It had been hours! Tears welled in her eyes as she took in the reactions of the group. George took his arm off Alicia and nudged his twin.
“What- I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout, love. I think you should have a drink and loosen up-“
Y/n couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Scrunching her face, she used every bit of strength to force her salty tears to hide at bay. Although her emotions screamed to be heard and saw right through her façade. Sweeping her hand across her cheek, Y/n caught the stray tears that rolled down her rosy cheeks. Huffing all her emotions out at once, Y/n shook Fred away from her and hurried towards her room.
Fred stood appearing dumbfounded. He could only gawk in perplexity. Blame it on the alcohol, but Fred’s mind was drawing a blank when surveying her words. For most of the night, he was the one thinking she was leaving him waiting. No one else had a clue as to where she’d gone off to, so he assumed she was in the library or wanted some space.
“You’re an idiot, Fred.” Hermione’s sharp voice cut through the thick air. The happiness and drunken laughter was extinct. The girl’s shared an exchange, all confused as to what just happened. The glass bottles didn’t help clear their judgement. Dean and Seamus took small sips from the Daisyroot Draught. The tension was unbearable, it felt wrong for their friends to be a part of it.
George set a hand on Fred’s shoulder, pulling him back slightly. Leaning forward, George whispered to his twin,
“I reckon it’s best if we turn it in for the night.” Fred gave a tug of protest. His intoxicated fought against him though he knew he did something wrong and needed to find Y/n. In spite of his desire to chase after the girl, George couldn’t let him do that. It was obvious Fred had forgotten something and Y/n was more than upset. Sending his brother up to drunkenly apologize to his hurting girlfriend for a reason he can’t even recall, that was a recipe for disaster and would only cause a bigger mess.
“Fred, you’re going to bed. You’re too drunk to talk to Y/n right now, okay? We’re going up the boy’s stairs, not the girls, okay? You two can talk in the morning, maybe you’ll remember where you fucked up tonight by then.”
Suddenly, Fred stop moving and let out a low groan,
“Oh shit… merlin’s sake, I fucked up, George. Oh my god- Hogsmeade… shit! I told her we’d meet at Hogsmeade and I forgot-“Fred whipped around in his discombobulated state. Everything clicked at once. Fred had been so concentrated on Quidditch that once practice had wrapped up, his exhausted body dragged him back to the common room out of muscle memory. It was his typical routine; Quidditch practice, head back to his dorm, shower, change, eat, work on some possible products with George, then hangout with his friends. How could he be so neglectful?
George sent his brother a comforting look then grabbed him by the shoulders, helping aid him up the winding staircase. It came as a shock to him that Fred had forgotten about their date. All he spoke about was Y/n, it was a rare occurrence for the couple to
“So that’s where she’s been all night?” George pushed open the door to their room, looking to his twin sternly. Fred had most of his weight piled on George, trying his hardest to remain upright. Lee had decided to stay back, allowing the brothers a chance to talk.
George helped his frantic twin in the dark room, then gave him a light push towards his bed. Fred plopped down, burying his face in the fluffy pillow. Pulling off his jumper, George threw the large maroon comforter over Fred’s tall frame while he wailed,
“I’m a terrible boyfriend. I planned the bloody date too! I left her-“
“How ‘bout you get some rest? You can find her in the morning and apologize to her and… hope for the best. It’ll give you more time to think of a way to make it up to her. You’re just a rambling mess right now.” The alcohol was not wearing George down. He had been on an adrenaline high since his second shot. This was the first moment of the night where he had stepped back. His tiresome hands rubbed against his face as he made his way to his bed and collapsed on it.
Fred was still moaning on, the sound of his drunken voice making it harder for George to fight back the urge to sleep,
“She’s gonna dump my sorry ass-“
“Go to bed, Fred. It’ll be okay.”
George let out a sigh of exhaustion. The twins had been best friends with Y/n since they were just children, new to Hogwarts and unfamiliar with the power of magic. It pained him to see his brother hurt, but it also hurt to see Y/n upset. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Turning his head, George let out a breathy chuckle at the sight of his twin passed out cold. The worry that dripped from his voice was now gone as he eased into his dreamland.
George wanted to scold him, knock him upside the head for skipping out on Y/n again. He cared a lot about her, she was basically a sister, a triplet to him. If Fred was gonna win her back, it wasn’t going to be easy, George knew this. Y/n was stubborn, and the twins had witnessed this first hand for years, it was a trait they loved, when not directed towards either of them.
As George’s head hit the pillow, all he could do was pray to Godrick that the morning would bring good news.
Sunday morning arrived much faster than Y/n had hoped. A bright, loud, light interrupted her sleep as the gears in her head started to turn. Her mind was groggy, the events of last night were foggy. Warm sunlight broke through the glass stained windows. Y/n wiped her eyes and slowly sat up. Her mouth was dry, screaming for a drink of water.
For a minute, she felt calm- happy almost. The room was half empty; Angelina’s bed was bare and Alicia laid in a star-fish position, a snore sounding from her mouth. The image made Y/n laugh.
Standing up, Y/n’s hands flew above her head as she stretched. She cracked her back, a morning ritual for the girl. Just as she reached for the knob of her dresser, a wave of recollection nearly knocked her off her feet.
Fred had stood her up, of course, how could she forget? The irritated skin under her eyes and nose suddenly made sense. Leaning against the wooden cabinet, Y/n huffed. It was times like these she wished she could crawl into bed and stay there for eternity. Nothing would get better though if she didn’t at least try to fix it.
As quick as the thought came, it had evaporated once more. Why did she have to be the one to put forth the effort to fix things? There was no use in fixing their relationship if Fred wasn’t willing to try too. More than try, Y/n thought. It took a piece of her when she came back to the castle just to see him drinking with their friends, not thinking a thought of her. She needed to see that he cared. His words held no value to her anymore, not until he could prove he meant what he said.
Y/n went through her morning routine like a snail, wanting to drag out her time. Eventually, she was fully dressed and ready for the day. She liked to take advantage of the days her school robes weren’t required. The cooling weather led her to a fuzzy black sweater, and light washed jeans. Sliding her delicate wand into her back pocket, Y/n exited the room and took the stairs down to the common room.
Approaching the bottom of the steps, Y/n could hear familiar voices exchanging hush words. She stepped into the room and was surprised to see the lack of students. The only ones present were sat one the long leather couch on the left half of the massive room. All of their gazes fell on Y/n.
Fred, George, Ron, Angelina, Harry and Hermione were all relaxing- well all of them except Fred. He on the other hand was frantic- disheveled. His knee bounced in anticipation. The clock was sneaking
“Oh, uh, hey Y/n!” Ron Weasley moved his hand side to side, waving to Y/n. The temptation to admire the handsome boy at his side leaped into her heart. Using every ounce of strength, Y/n trained her eyes on Ron, not allowing a single peek at Fred.
“Hey, Y/n/n!” The voice of Angelina brought a perk to Y/n’s head.
“Hi.” She greeted the younger Weasley and her close friend back, then headed for the portrait. Before she could make it half the distance, the tall figure of her boyfriend appeared.
“Angel, how did you sleep?” Fred was by her side in an instant. He was desperately trying to read her expression, testing the waters to see her mood. He had hardly slept, he spent most of the night thinking about this exact moment, when he’d have the chance to apologize and make it up to the girl he loved. “Can we please talk? I’m really sorry for last night, honestly, I am so so sorry, darling.”
Y/n stared at him, or rather, through him. It was like she didn’t see the tall wizard in front of her.
“I’m gonna go study, I’ll meet you with you guys later.”
“Y/n, love-“ His warm hand took hold of her of her own, an action she’d typically love. The familiar grasp sent a burst of comfort in her stomach, but she ignored it.
Wiggling out of his grip, the girl shot him a look of displeasure then rushed off. Hermione chased after her, no one else brave enough to step in. Besides, Hermione was one of her closest friends. Watching the younger girl follow after her roommate, Angelina walked after them. Fred stomped like a toddler having a tantrum as the portrait swung open then closed. He knew he had to do something- anything to get her to talk to him again, and that was his plan.
For a Sunday evening, the school library was relatively empty. A majority of the students occupying the tables were studying away for their O.W.L.S. The exams weren’t for another two months but hardly anyone dared to procrastinate until the last week before opening their books. The stress of the exams was enormous, but the students still had other classes to keep in mind.
Y/n Y/n/l and George Weasley were sitting across from on another at a study table. Three hefty textbooks were open as the two discussed their Potions paper. Y/n had been stuck on hers and George had yet to start so they decided to head to the library together and get it done.
Fred was usually right by their side, his hand wrapped around Y/n’s shoulders, but she neglected an invite for him. About an hour after their exchange in the common room, Y/n had apologized to each friend she had snapped on the night prior. They were understanding, clearly seeing where her frustrations had come for. They also felt bad as she was right, no one had even checked to see where she’d gone, and George especially felt terrible for not searching for his friend.
At least three hours had passed since the two Gryffindors started their study session. Y/n was sneaking up on her last two pages while George still had three left. They collaborated every few minutes, then returned to tranquil silence, scribbling away.
Y/n was in the middle of sharing her idea for the last section of her paper when George’s eyes brighten and he interrupted her,
“Fred, how nice of you to join us.”
Turning in her chair, Y/n found her boyfriend standing behind her with a nervous smile. She hated how perfect he looked, even in the poor lighting of the library. He still managed to make her breath hitch in the back of her throat.
“Hi, Y/n. You look beautiful as always.” Fred announced himself softly. George scoffed teasingly, muttering a ‘hello’ to himself to make up for his brother ignoring him. Freds words were genuine though didn’t make much of a difference. Y/n was still hurt and a compliment wasn’t going to mend that. She needed to feel it, to see him truly show that he cared- that she meant something to him. That she was deserving of his time. Sweet comments didn’t not add up to that feeling.
George closed his textbook, then glanced up at his twin,
“Should I leave?”
Before Fred could answer, Y/n slammed her hand on top of George’s Potions book. Wide eyed and frightened, the boy gaped in shock. Even Fred was taken aback by her unexpecting movement. Leering at her friend Y/n replied,
“No. I want you to stay, we were in the middle of a conversation.”
Fred’s heart dropped at her words. It was heartbreaking to have the girl of his dreams now shunning him- brushing him off with ease. It was driving him mad. All he wanted was for her to acknowledge him, give him a little hope that he can earn his way back in her heart. He loved her, every bit of him loved her.
All he wanted was to make it up to her for his mistakes the night before. He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on her face when she saw him sitting with their friends. She was miles exceeded hurt- more devastated at his negligence than hurt alone.
Maybe it was the fear of meeting the reality that losing Y/n was a possibility, but Fred experienced a new sort of emotion when his girlfriend asked for his brother to stay. Yes, they’re friends, all three of them are. Fred had to remind himself of this like a record on repeat. He couldn’t fight the envy off though.
It made his heart twist as she stared at George. Never did he think he’d be jealous of his own twin, but Fred was livid. The seething stream of covetousness overtook his veins. Fred wanted to be the one you ran to for comfort, not his brother. His entire life he had shared everything with George, Y/n was far too meaningful to Fred for her to be shared.
Now it does take two for a turn of events like that to happen. Fred knew, clear as day, that George had no romantic feelings for Y/n and she had none for George. This was true, but for some reason, it didn’t help tame Fred’s envy.
He knew causing a jealous scene would do no good for anyone, so Fred realigned his train of thought and asked,
“Could I steal you from that conversation, please love? I really need to apologize to you.”
Fred allowed his hands to reveal themselves from their previous position hiding behind his back. When he moved them, a full bouquet of colorful flowers and small green plants of different shapes and sizes. The flowers were a display of fuchsia, pink, orange, red, and yellow. They were beautiful, so beautiful, Y/n thought to herself. She couldn’t help the gasp that slipped past her lips.
Fred had gotten her flowers their first-year dating but since the last month or so, she hadn’t received many of his heartwarming gifts. It wasn’t the monocle value of a present but the thought and attention to care that captured Y/n’s heart. Fred had always been the best at creating meaningful gifts on a tight budget. Whether it was flowers he stole from school grounds, or necklaces he made out of stones she found around the Great Lake. He’d make her perfume- proving rather excellent in the Potions department. He also asked Molly to teach him how to knit in order to make Y/n a sweater. This of course delighted Molly over the moon.
George bit on the skin of his knuckles to keep for laughing at his brother. He recognized the flowers, as did Y/n. Fred had picked them from the garden outside the castle- something that had earned him a detention before. George decided not to comment on his observation, Fred was sure to murder him in his sleep if he put his apology in any jeopardy.
Fred extended the bouquet to his flustered girlfriend. He felt a sense of accomplishment while watching her reaction. It was small to most, but for as stubborn as she was, it was big in his eyes. The girl reached forward, accepting the gift with a tiny smile rising to her lips, one she didn’t force down.
For the first time since the night before, Y/n fully saw Fred. She peered directly at him silently. George glanced between the two, stuck between a dual. Without speaking, Fred took some steps forward and pulled the chair next to Y/n out. He slipped into the seat, the couple still staring at each other. Y/n studied his demeanor, he didn’t push her anymore, but he wouldn’t leave her side. Not that she would tell him but, she was happy he joined in. She didn’t want him to leave, she had missed being around him. Tearing herself away, Y/n focused herself back on the other twin.
“As I was saying, George…”
Fred drowned out the words but accepted the fact that Y/n didn’t reject him from sitting down. She also didn’t set the flowers down for the rest of their study session. The remained clutched in her hands, resting in her lap the whole time.
Monday night came in the blink of an eye. Classes had resumed and the castle was bustling in stress. When the end of the year neared, the time spent sitting through lectures was an eternity, while the weekends flew by. Fred had always hated summer break, actually, that’s not entirely true. His dismissive of break budded around the same time his relationship with Y/n became official.
Their first two years, she would spend the holiday back home in London with her family. She loved her family but once she experienced her first holiday at the Burrow, she never wanted to miss another. Her family was a bit distant, not the warm and welcoming pure-bloods like the Weasley’s, but not as cold as the Malfoy’s. Y/n’s family had no issues with her spending breaks at the Burrow, as long as she had Molly and Arthur Weasley’s approval. Molly insisted each time that there was no need for her to even ask to stay. They accepted her with open arms, ecstatic to see Fred had found such a lovely girl.
The end of the school term was coming up and Fred needed to fix things with Y/n before that happened. She planned to spend the break at his family’s home and he feared she’d take her agreement back if things weren’t improved between them. Spending almost two days stuck in the anger of his love was two days too many. Fred was going to fix this and he planned the best idea he could think of, good thing he had their friends happily available to help.
Unbeknownst to Y/n, while she was resting up from her illness Harry, Ron, Lee and George were helping Fred create his masterplan. Hermione helped in her own way by remaining near Y/n’s dorm, sitting in as the lookout. It gave her an excuse to get her school work done so she didn’t protest.
Alicia and Angelina stayed in the room. Once Y/n started to feel better, thanks to Madam Pomfrey, the girl’s altered Hermione who passed the news along to Harry as the chain continued until it reached Fred. At the confirmation, his plan was set into action. Ron was sent to retrieve the girl after Alicia and Angelina convinced her to get some food from the dining hall.
She walked through the common room then down the moving staircase, when her redheaded friend popped up. Ron scared the girl, making her stumble back, her hand placed over her chest.
“Y/n! I’m so glad I ran into you! No one has seen you all day- Angelina said you were feeling ill this morning.” Ron rambled at a fast pace. Y/n, still surprised by his sudden arrival, took a deep inhale, nodding to the boy,
“Yeah, I saw Madam Pomfrey this morning when classes started. I just had a stomach bug and she said I’d have to wait it out but the medicine she gave me seems to be doing the trick.” Y/n gave Ron a kind smile. Ron was two years younger than her but they had always been great friends. Y/n would travel to the Burrow as a guest of the twins during the holiday breaks, so Ron and her had spent a lot of time hanging out together. It was sweet of him to ask how she was doing, but he didn’t seem that her health was the reason for their conversation.
“That’s good to hear. You wouldn’t happen to be heading anywhere, are you?”
“Just to get some food. I’m starving-“ Ron nodded eagerly, cutting his friend off in the process.
“That’s great! I mean, not great, just… well… uh, follow me please!” Scrambling like a mess, Ron clasped his hand over Y/n’s wrist and abruptly dragged her down the stone corridor. She couldn’t find the words to question him and allowed Ron to lead the way. Her curiosity was far too big to ignore his odd request.
Ron carried on for another five minutes then took a sharp turn, heading for the courtyard. Two figures ran off around the side of the castle in the darkness. Y/n swore she recognized the pair as George and Lee. What were they up to? Snapping her head to the younger boy, Y/n waited for him to fill her in on why he had dragged her halfway across the castle to the freezing courtyard.
“Okay! We’re here- I’m just gonna… head out. See ya, Y/n!” Ron rushed his farewell then ran off towards the direction George and Lee had escaped to. What in the world is going on? Left by herself without any explanation, Y/n threw her hand up in annoyance.
Alone in the cold, Y/n wrapped the opening of her fuzzy cardigan against her body, attempting to keep warm. Although warmth entered her vein as a pair of arms snaked around her waist, snatching her backwards into a firm surface. She gasped, thrown off by her attacker and tried to turn in retaliation, but their grasp was far too firm. The familiarity of the hold made her body ease up. As much time as the spent together, she could recognize his touch anywhere. Fred.
His touch released a swarm of butterflies through the girl. She could feel the anger washing away as she leaned her body into his chest, having pined for his arms for two too many days than she was accustomed to.
The tall Gryffindor held her tightly. Moving forward, Fred pressed his lips against the shell of Y/n’s ear. The heat of his breath causing her to shudder as he whispered,
“I’m so happy you came, darling.”
Y/n smirked, looking up at him. The concurrent willfulness of her nature could only carry on for so long until her headstrong demeanor crumbled. A pang of chagrin still grumbled in her stomach but the sight in front of her certainly was a runner in her change of heart.
Soaking in her surroundings, Y/n realized they were just a few hundred feet outside Hargid’s hut. This explained the garden full of massive orange pumpkins. In the middle of the path was a small gazebo decorated in fairy lights and sunflowers. A small table set for two was tucked inside. Small teacup white candles line the path, creating a runway of sorts. Another candle, larger and purple, sat flickering in the breeze in the center of the neat table.
Y/n stood motionless absorbing the creation her boyfriend made- all for her. Speechlessness was not common for Y/n so Fred undoubtably began to second guess if his efforts were good enough. His fears were stomped in a matter of moments when Y/n harshly yanked at the material of his collar and placed a brisk, short kiss to his lips. Fred was startled, losing the opportunity to kiss her back but Y/n didn’t want him to. It gave her a sense of control- they still had issues they needed to work out, but she loved him nonetheless. Besides, avoiding and staying mad at Fred forever? Impossible. In two days, Y/n had to stop herself a million different times from approaching Fred and sharing a laugh with him, or kissing him, or holding his hand and giving him a hug. She didn’t want to fight off the urge anymore- and Fred couldn’t handle the distance spaced between them. Thus, being the motivation for his grand, heartfelt, date.
“I’ll assume that means you like it. I won’t take all the credit- it was my idea, but our friends are the main reason I was able to pull this off. I feel really bad and… I need to do something special for you- I don’t do that enough lately. I forget sometimes to remind you how important you are in my life and how much I love you.” Fred sheepishly smiled, nervously awaiting her reaction.
The small table was set, a new bundle of crimson red roses placed on her seat. To the side of her plate was a small box with a beautifully wrapped ribbon tied to the top. Fred had a special way of showing his love and adoration for his girlfriend, but even this was new to her. Never before had he gone so over the top to prove his feelings to her.
Y/n lifted her hand and intertwined it with Fred’s, smiling up at him,
“It’s gorgeous, Freddie.” The bashful smile made Fred’s heart melt on sight. He had prepared himself for the repetitive rejection she had been sending, so when she whispered those sweet words, his chest tightened, and his pace stopped.
Fred almost fainted in shock at the sound of her voice. He squeezed her light hand and drew it back, forcing her body into his own. Y/n couldn’t help the laugh that fell from her lips. She missed his playful ways. With the foreheads pressed against each other, Fred grinned,
“I’ve missed your voice, love.”
Although his words made her heart take flight, the reality of her hurt was still roaming. Y/n detached herself from his grasp and rested her hand on the black metal table. Her fingertips fumbled with the white cloth, it served as a distraction only for a short period of time. Fred sent her a sorrowful look. Her shift in moods was confusing to him, he only wanted to make things better.
Y/n sighed and ran her hand through her h/c locks. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply then asked,
“Why don’t you have time for me anymore, Fred?” The question of the night- or rather month. His date was beautiful, absolutely stunning. As riveting as it was, it couldn’t erase the hurt she had been experiencing.
Fred shook his head frantically, dismissing the accusation. He knew why she would think that way, he understood. It wasn’t true, though. Actions speak louder than words and Fred despised the fact that recently, his feelings for Y/n weren’t lining up with his actions. His words could only do so much. But he also knew soon, things would be different. Missing the Hogsmeade date was his fault, and he paid for it. Two days might seem minute to most, but when you spend essentially everyday attached to someone’s hip, two days of them purposely ignoring you and speaking to every soul expect you, it can feel like a lifetime. He realized a few things in this time.
Fred remembered how fun it was to act as if he was still trying to win her over. Gifts, no matter their cost, always brought a gleam to her face which never failed to make Fred grin. However, it was much more entertaining when she wasn’t upset with him and would throw the flirtatious comments right back at him. He was also reminded of how lucky he was to be with Y/n. While she ignored him, Fred found himself envious of every living being Y/n spoke to, as they were not him. When he started engulfing himself in his plans for the joke shop, his effort in his relationship had decreased and this was something he vowed to never let happen again.
“I’ll always have time for you, darling. And if I don’t, I’ll make some. I truly am sorry about this weekend- you don’t deserve that.”
“It just seems like you’re distracted, like you don’t care anymore.” Y/n batted her reddening eyes, finally throwing her worries to the air.
“No, no, Y/n, not at all. I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, love. I’m a terrible excuse of a boyfriend, I never meant to create this mess. I love you so much.” Fred’s head bowed down. It tore him up to know the way his actions made her feel, the only girl he loved.
“I love you too, Freddie. I really do but I can’t feel alone in this relationship. I let our date Friday slide, even though I was annoyed, but Saturday night? I feel like it broke me. Just knowing you forgot about me-“ Y/n fought back the burning sensation in her eyes as the tears began to brim.
The anxiety blooming inside her was clear to Fred. Suppose that was the downside to dating your best friend, they can always tell when somethings wrong. Before a tear could hit the floor, he whisked her to the iron garden chair, then kneels before her, his hands holding her face as if it was a priceless, dainty piece of china.
“I didn’t forget about you, darling, that’s impossible to do. I’ve been… well I’ve been working on something with George for when we leave school next year. It’s real important to me and I wanted to share it with you but I was scared that it might not happen but… if I have your support and you with us, I know it’ll happen.”
“What’re you rambling on about, Fred?”
“Remember how I told you that George and I wanted to open a joke shop? Well, it’s happening… I think. We’re really close, we just gotta make it through next year then we’re free! We’ll have our own joke shop and get to sell our own products and start our future.”
A silence overtook the atmosphere. Y/n’s lips were stuck open in a small ‘o’ shape, eyes glued to the floor. Was he really going to leave her all alone next year? Would they have to break up? Surely, he wouldn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship.
She was snapped from her own mind when her skin registered the touch of Fred’s lips as they traced her knuckles, kissing each finger as he did. His eyes then peered up to meet her own. She could tell he was serious by the feeling of his stare. Then he continued, making Y/n perk up,
“But none of that can happen without you… Y/n I want you to come with me. Move in with George and I, start a future with me. We want you to be a part of the shop. I want you there. You’re the only girl I want, for the rest of my life.”
Her once open mouth clamped shut in a swift motion. Ever since she met the twins, Y/n wanted a future with Fred. Everyone saw it as a childhood crush, but she always knew it was more. She never stopped loving him- never could. Even when his pranks took a step too far over the line. They always found their way back to each other and would work through it. Fights such as the most recent were rare- but Fred’s admission filled in a lot of empty spaces that had left Y/n sleepless for days. Finally, the crushing weight was lifted from her chest as she choked out a shaky breath.
Leaping forward from the chair, Y/n threw her body into her boyfriend’s body and clamped him in a koloa like hold. Fred chuckled in amusement, falling onto the near ground at her jump.
“Why do you have to be so lovable? I hate it. I should be angry with you, but I just love you too much. Besides, I think you did enough suffering.” She giggled as she pinched his round cheeks in her hands. Fred poked his tongue out at her and grabbed at her sides. Y/n swatted his hands away, giving him a stern glare saying, ‘don’t push it’.
Slowly, she leaned down and brushed her lips against Fred’s, smirking down at him. It was a change in roles. In their more adult situations, Fred was typically the one on top with Y/n pinned below him, but that’s a story for another time.
A small, almost whimper, sound came from Fred. He hated being teased- that was his job. Dragging out the moment, Y/n tugged on the skin of his bottom lip with her teeth, earning a groan of approval from Fred. She grazed over his mouth one last time before dipping her head down to meet his and interlocking their lips, still straddling his waist. Fred’s hips pushed towards her core out of instinct. Not ready to give in quite yet, Y/n lifted her body and shifted forward, entrapping Fred even more so in the heated kiss.
They parted for seconds to sneak a bit of air, then continued their needed make out. It had been a while since they proved their love to each other in this way. For the last month, it had been small kisses here and there when the couple had a chance to see each other. Y/n needed his touch- she needed him. Fred longed to have under him, pleasuring her. He desperately wanted to sink his head between her legs and really show her just how much he loved her.
The coldness of his fingertips hit Y/n’s skin as his fingers dug into the sides of her waist. As much as she longed to keep the exchange going, the last thing either of them needed was a detention.
Y/n plucked herself away, a small pout lining Fred’s lips. His hands remained tied up in her own, lying them on his stomach. The weight of his question seeped in like molasses. Opportunities like this presented themselves once in a lifetime, there was no way Y/n was going to let it slip by.
Rolling off his lap, Y/n plopped down on the ground to the side of Fred. Their heads turned simultaneously towards each other, Fred winking to Y/n.
This is what she wanted. To see him care for her, show his love. His attention. It was the one thing she had been striving for but now that the cat, or rather joke shop, was out of the bag, Fred didn’t feel the need to hide anything from her anymore and keep his work to himself. He was over the moon with excitement to have her join George and himself. It was everything he could hope for.
Coyly averting her peer, Y/n asked,
“Do you really mean it, Fred? You really want me to come with you and George?”
Kindly, Fred swiped his thumb under her chin and raised her head up so their eyes were level.
“I wouldn’t want you anywhere else in the world then with me.” The serenity in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. Y/n propped herself up to her elbows and brought Fred in a bone crushing hug. Heavy chuckles croaked from Fred as she smothered him lovingly. He managed to sneak in a tiny peck to her check and she hugged him. Placing her head on his shoulder, Y/n poked the side of Fred’s cheek, commenting,
“You’re gonna be stuck with me forever, Fred, I love it!”
Throwing his arm around the elated girl, Fred just smirked.
“Duh, that’s kind the whole point of you moving in with me.” He replied in a matter-of-fact tone. The night was growing darker and the steady wind was escalating. In an hour, two if they were lucky, Filch would be surveying the grounds in search of students, mainly Fred and George, out past curfew. It was a sport to him, catching students breaking rules and getting to turn them in. It was part of his job, yes, but Y/n hated that he never took it easy on anything for the Gryffindors like he did the Slytherins. Fred looked at the scenery around them and remarked,
“Y’know, angel, as much as I’d love to spend the rest of the night laying with you in my arms, we can do that in my dorm room tonight… in an actual bed instead of dirt. I mean, we didn’t set up this whole thing for nothing! If I knew laying in the dirt would win you back, you should’ve told me!” His sarcastic words were received with a light slap.
“Smart ass.” Y/n rolled her eyes teasingly and started to sit up. Before she could get to her feet, a pair of hands planted themselves at her waist and lifted her. Fred had his moments, but he was always a gentleman to her. His teasing ways were comforting to Y/n, reminding her that they were good now, in comparison to the recent downfalls.
Fred helped Y/n to her seat, then jogged over to his own. He presented the girl with a cake he made for her. Hermione brought him to the kitchens and taught him how to make one. It took about three hours, he burnt the first, put too many eggs in the second, then forgot to add eggs to the third. Finally, on the fourth attempt, Fred created a passable cake. Hermione had no desire to spend any more time in the kitchen, so she quickly frosted it for him, not wanting him to ruin it this far in, then covered it and locked it in the fridge. Much to Y/n’s surprise, it was one of the best homemade cakes she’d ever had. Her teeth were practically chattering from the intense amount of sugar, but she had to keep in mind it was Fred who baked it.
After eating, Fred and Y/n took their sweet time strolling around the castle. Fred swung his hand back and forth, causing the same effect to Y/n’s. They laughed feverishly as Fred chased Y/n up the moving stairs as they raced to the common room. When they entered the room, they sprinted straight for Fred’s, still in a chase. Hermione, Ron, Harry, George, Angelina, and Lee all watched in amusement as the couple seemed to be reunited.
“Wonder if they’re back together. You guys think the date worked?”
Everyone shared glances at the obliviousness of Ron. There were times when social cues and context clues just didn’t exist to Ron. George scoffed at his little brother and shook his head. The rest of the group roared with laughter as Ron’s face scrunched in irritation.
“Not sure, Ron. Why don’t you go out to our room and ask them?” George smirked mischievously causing Ron to turn white as a ghost in realization. A faint ‘oh’, tumbled out of his lips and his eyes went wide.
Despite their assumption, up in the top room in the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory, Fred Weasley laid snoring in his large mattress, still in his school robes. Squished against his chest by his arms, Y/n was sound asleep, similarly dressed. The two didn’t care what they looked like or who came in, as long as they were together, that’s all that mattered.
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 2 months ago
Can you do fred Weasley x reader x George Weasley smut ? Choking,spitting and using slut or whore if you are okay with that
mixed with this request: WOW anons are getting way too creative with their requests and i’m loving it i loved your mean!dom fred smut and i was wondering could you do another one for him or george? have a nice day! <3
pairing(s): fred weasley x reader x george weasley
warning(s): 18+, dom/sub dynamics, mean dom!fred, dom!george, sub!reader, degradation, oral (male receiving), spitting, no twincest
a/n: requests are still closed for right now. there will be more of fred and george to come so enjoy!
“Look at how fucking wet you are for it. Such a little slut, gagging for my brother’s cock,” your boyfriend, Fred, said from somewhere behind you.
You whimpered as you continued to take down George’s cock, aroused and humiliated all at once.
It was no coincidence you were sucking on your boyfriend’s twin’s cock instead of his own. You had always been attracted to the both of them, and your attraction to George never fully went away once you started dating Fred. And Fred, ever perceptive, figured out your little crush on his brother and went full steam ahead on creating the perfect night in which they could both use you for their pleasure.
It was just what you wanted, but it didn’t stop the blush rising to your cheeks as you knew your boyfriend was standing behind your naked body, watching just how wet you got as you sucked George’s cock.
“Make her choke on it,” Fred instructed his twin as he rounded the bed, so when you looked up you could see both of them staring down at your naked form.
George easily complied, taking your hair in his hand and forcing his cock down your throat. You gagged at the intrusion, but you couldn’t stop the rising moan from vibrating around his cock.
“Freddie’s right, Y/N. You’re just a little whore for us and we’re gonna use you all night long,” George mused easily as he thrusted in and out of your mouth, the noises coming out of you obscene as he grew closer and closer to his climax.
“Silly little slut wants nothing more than for us to use every single one of her holes. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” Fred asked you, his tone as condescending as ever.
You couldn’t answer him with words, but you hoped the desperate look you shot him conveyed just how much you wanted everything they were going to give you tonight. You gave the same look to George, who cursed once before you felt his cock twitch.
He spilled inside of your mouth with a series of grunts and curses, and just as you were about to swallow him down, Fred spoke. “Hold it.”
You gave him a confused look, but did as he said. Fred made quick work on snatching you by the chin and dragging you up so you were closer to his face before prying your lips open with his fingers. A shiver ran down your spine as he spit inside of your mouth, a malicious look in his eye as he patted your cheek harshly and said, “Swallow us both down like the good little slut you are.”
You looked up at the pair of them, tears brimming in your eyes from the abuse your throat had just been through, and you swallowed audibly. You relished the way they both looked at you with predatory glances and based on the look they shared when you opened your mouth you had done just as Fred commanded, you were in for a long night of being their perfect little whore.
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therandomficwriter · 2 months ago
The Weasley Twins Having A Crush On You
A/N: I absolutely love the Weasley twins and I thought this would be so cute! Honestly I didn’t think I had a favorite twin but my friend made me realize I do and it blew my mind lmao. N E ways I hope you guys enjoy this!
Tumblr media
I feel like he started liking you after he saw you one day in the hall
He thought you look so pretty talking admittedly with your friends he decided then and there he liked you
You were a little weary at first thinking his new found attention to you was the beginning of some prank but soon grew out of it after a while
You guys probably clicked instantly and became friends but unknown to you his crush on you became bigger
He is the more outgoing of the two so I feel like he’s more touchy feely with you (with your consent of course!)
He’d probably grab your hand and entwine them together anytime he wants to show you something or lead you somewhere
Honestly I feel like he just likes unconsciously holding your hand and you’re not really complaining
And like I’ve said he loves touching you so expect a lot of hugs and he especially like coming behind you and giving you a back hug and at this point you’re used to it so you just continue on with whatever you’re doing while he has a hold on you
He is the biggest tease so expect a lot of teasing from this guy and a lot of obviously flirting
Sometimes in class he likes to pass you notes with little compliments or pick up lines just to see your reactions
Every single time you get one you try to hide the fact that there’s heat rising to your cheeks and he thinks you look so adorable all flustered
I feel like he likes to pretend you’re a couple so you get some of the experience of what it would be like if you were a couple
You don’t get the full Fred boyfriend experience until you actually become a couple
Honestly he probably confessed to you one day out of the blue because he accidentally blurted it out but he made it seem like he did it on purpose because of how composed he seemed
He was probably shaking inside from how nervous he was lmao
If you’d say yes then he be so happy he’d probably shout it out to all of Hogwarts that you said yes but if you said now he would accept your feeling but he’s still want to be friends cause he doesn’t want to lose you
Overall he’d be super flirty and he’s probably completely in love with you
Tumblr media
I feel like he probably had a crush on you for the longest time
We all know that he’s the more laid back of the two so I feel like you wouldn’t be as weary about his sudden attention towards you
If anything you guys were probably friends for quite a while before he realized he had feelings for you
You probably didn’t notice much of a change because he already acted overly friendly but you might have noticed his flirting upped a bit
He loves calling you cute nicknames just to see you flustered
You like dragging him to the library with you cause he can reach the books on the shelves you can’t reach and every time he helps you he demands a kiss on the cheek
And you just roll your eyes before going on your tippy toes and giving his a small peck on the cheek
He always blanks out for a couple seconds after that happens but then he gets the biggest smile on his face
I feel like he isn’t as big of a touchy person as his brother but whenever you guys are walking together in the halls and it’s a little crowded he likes to put his hand on the small of your back to make sure you don’t get separated
He’d probably fall even more in love with you if you can tell him and his brother apart
Cause if he’s able to walk up to you and you greet him with his name and a bright smile that gives him the biggest ego and mood boost
His favorite thing is when you guys are hanging out outside and he has his head laid in your lap and you have your fingers running through his hair and you’re talking about something you really like
He thinks you look so beautiful talking so passionately about whatever makes you happy and having the sun shine on you makes you look like an angel in his eyes, he just wishes you guys could stay like that forever
He probably confessed one day after much planning because he wanted something special for you cause he just like you so much
Honestly he thinks he might be in love with you
If you say yes he be the happiest person alive but if you reject him I feel like he’d be a little hurt and would need some time but he’d still want you guys to be friends
Overall he’d be super nice and be absolutely head over heels for you
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kiwibirbs-library · 3 months ago
First Sight
a/n: so I saw a girl make a tik tok about this for mha and I wanted to make it for Harry Potter and now here we are. Hehe.
Pairings: Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Oliver, Cedric, Draco x reader (separate)
Warning: cutest cute shit YALL EVA GUNNA SEE
Summary: love at first sight doesn’t happen all the time but… what would happen when it does happen with these boys for you?
Part two (first talk) ~ harry, cedric, oliver, draco
Harry Potter
Tumblr media
Harry was walking into the dinning hall around Christmas time. It was even more empty than normal during breakfast as he sat down and sighed. Ron had gone home this year, as well as Hermonie, and Harry didn’t exactly know how to spend his time.
A sandwich appeared in front of him on a small plate and he smiled, silently thanking the kitchen elves for their attentiveness.
He hummed absentmindedly as he ate, casually looking around at the few people in the great hall. That when he saw you.
You were just walking in, quiet mumbles left your lips as you smiled down as the fluffy white cat on your heels. Harry’s eyes widened as you tapped your legs and it hopped up into your arms.
You were absolutely stunning, a hazy glow shinning around you as you went to go sit down. He felt his breathing stutter as your hums drifted through the air. He gulped at the shiver sent down his spine.
What was this?
Ron Weasley
Tumblr media
Ron was out shopping with his mom. All the boys had spread out, Fred and George going to a quidditch shop while Ginny and Mr. Weasley left for the book store. Molly had left Ron at the front of one of the many ingredients stores to pick up some things.
Ron picked at the edge of his sweater as he leaned against a brick wall. His nose scrunched at the smoke coming from someone’s pipe, a girl laughed loudly in the background.
“Um hi, Im so sorry but could you tell me where the broom shop is? Im a little turned around,” he heard a voice say in front of him. He looked up to find your embarrassed blush covering your cheeks.
Ron breathed in sharply, feeling himself tense up immediately. “I-I um you- broom?” He stumbled with his words. You giggled slightly, only making his brain melt more. He shook his head for a moment. “Sorry sorry um it’s two stores down and to your right,” he gave you a wavy smile and you patted his arm.
“Thank you so much,” you gave him the brightest smile he’s ever seen before walking off. He couldn’t breath.
Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Fred had been setting up a firework example for him and George during break. He happily snickered as he sat back and patted the floor. He smiled at his work before looking to the door way.
His twin should come out any second now with the kids they were supposed to give this show too. What he didn’t expect was a girl to come out, pause at the fireworks littering the quad, and then proceed to dance around them all.
You hopped from clear spot to clear spot, barely watching where you were going as you avoid the firecrackers, the one thing you missing was the tall ginger smiling at you as you went. Then you ran into something hard.
“You alright?” Fred laughed a bit. The way you looked back up to him made him almost dizzy. Your eyes made him loose focus for a moment as he stared. He felt himself pausing on breath as you gasped lightly, the sounding making him want more of it.
He could get used to more of this feeling.
George Weasley
Tumblr media
George was in the owlry, a letter in the middle of getting tied to the owls leg. the snow outside was light yet everywhere was covered in white. He had almost slipped on the steps on his way up with the ice. He was just about to send the owl off when he heard footsteps on the staircase echoing.
He smiled to himself at the mumbled cursing that went along with it. They must be struggling with the ice too. When he finally began to leave he had the joy of catching said struggling person however.
He looked down to the girl in his arms. You were gripping his sleeves for dear life with how you continued to fail with your footing. Then you looked up. George got light headed with you started giggling at how wierd this situation was.
“I’m so sorry about this. Oh your George right?” You smiled as he finally got you steady brought to stand. He paused. He got mistaken for Fred a lot so it was impressive you knew it was him. And the way you were smiling made him wait even longer. It was as if a gear fell out and he couldn’t figure out how to start again. You waved a hand in front of him and he flinched.
“Ya. That’s me.”
Oliver Wood
Tumblr media
He heard that hufflepuff had gotten themselves a new beater and though he would go check them out. Honestly he didn’t think it would be too impressive, hufflepuff did have a history of some wimpy beaters.
When he got to the pitch though he heard a loud yell and whipping of cloaks. His pace quickened before he knew it. His eyes widened in amazement of the player in the sky. Some students stayed on the ground, casting spells on a few heavy balls to fly at the one on the broom. The player swatted them away as if they were flys, not even batting an eye as one barely missed her shoulder before pounding it into the field.
Oliver stared for longer than he should have as the girl landed. You took off your goggles as you team rushed you, jumping on you and giving you high fives for the effort. Oliver could hear you sweet laughed from where he was, he felt dizzy with how your smile shined. Even you covered in sweat he couldn’t help but think you were absolutely stunning.
He was looking forward to hufflepuffs next game.
Cedric Diggory
Tumblr media
He was laughing with his friends in the court yard as he did every day in break. All of them told him of their day, random teases and insults being thrown in laughs. He smiled along, not able to stop his eyes from wandering through the trees in the area.
There was a boy trying to catch a cat, a girl showing off a spell she learned by floating a few books, another boy whispering to his friends about something. Then his eyes landed on you. You were sitting up in a tree, a small twig like creature dangling and swinging on your finger. You giggled as it squeaked something to you.
Cedric choked on his drink, his group all looking to him in confusing.
“Woah Ced you ok?” The asked with a laugh. He wiped his mouth and nodded, giving them a smile. His eyes darted to you again. Your eyes were closed as you hummed. You didn’t seem to be aware of anything else in the world at that moment. Cedric felt his cheeks beat up and he looked away.
He should go talk to you later, definitely.
Draco Malfoy
Tumblr media
He was warming up for a match against Gryffindor. He was just speeding around the pitch for a bit as people started filing into the stands. It was beginning to get dreadfully boring and dizzy. He quickly flew up, now resting high above the field. He looked around the stands, maybe there was someone out already to entertain him.
Then his eyes locked with yours. You were laying down in the stands, eyes wide when he saw you. You smiled and waved a bit, it looked a bit awkward.
Draco almost fell of his broom, barely saving himself as he steadied. The way your hair was fanned out and how he could tell what color your eyes were from this distance was nuts. He looked down at his hands in disgust. Why the hell was he shaking? He lowered himself to his captain, the captain giving him a confused laugh.
“The hell? Why are you blushing Malfoy?”
What the hell was wrong with him?
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angelblacksmith · 3 months ago
Kissing with George Weasley would include
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: kisses, a lot of kisses, my English (is not my native language, sorry)
Tumblr media
We all know that George Weasley is the best boy
And the kisses with him are also the best
In the morning, he wakes you up with kisses all over your face
"Good morning, Princess"
"Georgie, I want to sleep"
"Oh, how can you sleep when you have such a beautiful guy next to you! "
Very demanding kisses
After such kisses, your lips turn red
He loves to hug you
But you're much shorter than George
That's why he often kisses you on the top of your head
And he puts his arm around your waist
When you have a break in class
George will catch you out of the crowd of students
And now you're kissing in an empty classroom
You're sitting on a desk
And he's standing next to you
And he kisses your lips
And the neck
And cheeks
And the collarbones
Until one of the teachers comes in
This is so embarrassing
But only for you
Most likely, George will just grab your hand and run down the corridor with you
Night kisses
Oh, yeah, baby
He and Fred like to "walk" around Hogwarts at night
And you will go with them
"Well, sweetheart, come with us! It's going to be so much fun! "
He has such cute eyes at this moment
And you will kiss everywhere on this "walk"
While Fred is preparing new joke
"Don't you guys have any desire to help me?"
"Of course not, Fred. You're doing great. "
Sometimes you and he just lie there and kiss all day
"Hey, love, it's been so long since we've kissed . "
"George, the last kiss was five minutes ago! "
"Five minutes ago! We need to fix this!"
This usually happens after a hard school week
And these kisses are so tender
And cute
And sweet
You feel like the happiest girl in the world
I love this boy very much
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blushiinghoney · 4 months ago
"don't give up" | ●.●
summary: you gave up on liking him.
content: angst, gender neutral, house neutral, so neutral i don’t even mention who this is about, character pov, no specific character, part 2 of "giving up".
warnings: nothing but my english.
a/n: i'm not really satisfied with this one since it was done in a rush, but i wanted to post it anyway, but someone asked for a part 2 and that's all it takes for me, and since it's kind of just a draft i'll probably change it so beware! also a pt2 wasn't in my plans so I do apologise for the shortness. anyways, let me know what you think!
m a s t e r l i s t
[do not repost or copy my works to other sites]
part 1 - part 3
Tumblr media
"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like you?"
Why couldn't you understand it? I didn't even know you before that day. To me, you were just another face, another person. I didn't care for you.
You'd follow me around like you didn't have anything better to do. It was annoying, I couldn't even get time for myself without feeling your eyes on me. And then the presents, I never wanted them. Why would you give me presents?
You never meant anything to me. It was funny, really, how you'd get happy when I walked in the room or spoke to you. Even if all I said was hurtful words.
Why does my heart hurt?
Why did I hurt your heart?
Why weren't you begging for my attention? Why is the seat next to me empty now? How could you stop liking me? I never wanted it to be like this, you were a constant in my life, how could I let you go?
All the small talk, all the little notes, all the "you did well today", "I hope you're having a nice day", how could you let me live without it? You turned your back on me, but it's my fault.
I never wanted it to be like this, one day I couldn't stand you and the next I wanted to smile at you while you talked. But I didn't. I let you face my cold eyes and hear harsh words as if your heart wasn't something precious.
And now you're laughing with your friends, making plans for the future. While I sit here waiting for the moment you'll look back at me. You never did, you never looked at me again.
Why does it hurt now?
Why did you give up?
Why didn't I tell you I liked you?
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adinerinphilly · a day ago
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - Part Eleven
Masterlist, Part One
Part Eleven of Eighteen
Summary: For the last three years, you’ve been working a repetitive Ministry job and wrapped your life around an unhappy relationship. After realizing how empty your life has become, you leave everything behind and stumble across an unlikely job for you - Office Manager for Weaselys’ Wizard Wheezes. There you wish to find something you lost in the war: hope.
Word Count: 2454
Warnings: 18+, Pain from old injuries. Minors DNI.
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Tumblr media
The incident at your house wasn't mentioned in the following days. You’d spent far too many nights dreaming of what would have happened if Mrs. Peters hadn't shown up. Would he have kissed you?
Part of you wanted George to bring it up, to confess his love and whisk you off your feet to your happily ever after. But he was silent. That night must have been a fluke, the result of a combination of being alone on Valentine's Day and physical exertion that had your hearts pumping.
He'd also been spending more time with Angelina. Every few days, she'd end up at the shop in Diagon Alley. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. George even invited her along to Hogsemede one of the days we were organizing some of the inventory you’d gotten.
The worst part was that you couldn't even dislike her for it. She was kind, thoughtful, funny, and absolutely beautiful. She had also become a friend to you.
The two of you were walking back from a brief lunch at the Leaky Cauldron one chilly February day when you ran into Cho.
"Y/N!" she called out from further down the street. "Oh, I'm so happy I ran into you! I just talked with George and he was going to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you in person!" She took a deep, excited breath before continuing, "The Ministry isn't going to decrease funding. In fact, so many people were opposed they've decided to help me expand the program. With the extra funding and the donations that we've gotten, we'll be able to do so much more for the families and kids!"
You hugged each other as she told you the great news. "That's incredible!"
She pulled back, not bothering to wipe the tears that had started streaming from her face. "It's all because of you! If you hadn't told George and he hadn't gone on and talked about it on Lee's show, we wouldn't have gotten the public's attention. We'd have had everything cut, we'd barely be scrapping by."
You wanted to tell her that George was really the one she should be thanking, that it had been his idea entirely, but Chi wasn't done. "And to celebrate, we're going to have a gala! It's going to be at Hogwarts the Saturday before Easter, Minerva already approved. Aberforth and Rosmerta are going to help with the food and drinks. And you are going to be our Guest Speaker!"
"Oh, that's exciting!" Angelina said.
You looked at Cho, very much not excited. "I love the idea of a gala, love it being at Hogwarts. But I- I don't think I can speak at it."
"Why?" they asked in unison.
"Because I'm not exactly great at public speaking for one. I struggled to answer questions in class for years because it made me anxious! I can't imagine speaking to an entire crowd of people without being nauseous." You stomach was already growing queasy. "Besides, what would I even talk about?"
Cho was ready to accept this, looking disappointed, but nodding in understanding. Angelina, however, was not.
"It's a good thing you have me, then! I've probably given dozens of speeches in my life, I can help you with that. Plus, there's this wonderful little potion called a Calming Draught that will take away that dreadful feeling."
This caused Cho to look hopeful once more. "But...I don't even know what I would talk about."
Cho moved in closer, lowering her voice so only the three of us could hear it. "You could talk about your family. All of them. Sarah, too."
"I- I don't know."
Angelina put her arm around me in support. She didn't know the entire story, but she must have recognized that it didn't have a happy ending.
"Just think about it. You went through so much, I think your story deserves to be told. Even I still have nightmares about what I saw and it wasn't nearly as bad. You could really give people hope when they see how far you've been able to go." Cho gave a comforting squeeze of your arm.
You forced a smile. "I'll think about it, okay?"
Two days later, you still hadn't made a decision. To be fair, you didn't have much time to think about it since the Hogsmeade location was opening and that required most of your attention.
George had feared that the shop would flop, but that fear was quickly forgotten as it was swarmed with students the entire day. The profits it made from just the first five hours would cover the cost of the lease for a couple of months. Lewis stopped by shortly before closing to congratulate you on the shop and tell you how it had been the talk of the school. You were left with no doubt that the location would do well.
As you were closing up, the bell at the door alerted to someone entering. "We're closed!" George shouted.
"Even for me?" Ron asked as he came into view with Hermione.
"Especially for you! 'Mione can stay, though."
Ron shot him a glare but ignored him as they joined us at the counter. Hermione gave you a warm hug and Ron nodded in greeting. "We're almost done closing up, as soon as we're done we can head up to the apartment. Mrs. Weasley sent me biscuits yesterday," you offered.
"Mum sent you biscuits and not me?" George asked dramatically.
"It was thanks for the tickets."
"And you didn't share?"
"I'm literally trying to share them right now!"
Hermione cut in before George could rebuttal, "We actually just wanted to stop by to say congratulations and then head off."
"Yeah," Ron added, "we also wanted to see if you were coming to the Burrow on Monday, Y/N."
"For what?" Arthur's birthday had been early February, George's wasn't till April, and there weren't any major holidays you could think of that they would be celebrating.
Ron's ears reddened as he mumbled, "My birthday."
"Oh! Of course, I'll be there!"
Ron and Hermione left shortly after, once more congratulating you on the shop opening. As soon as you were sure they were out of sight, you smacked George's arm.
"Ow! What was that for?"
"For not telling me it was Ron's birthday!" you scowled as you levitated a box of overstock to a higher shelf.
"Didn't think it was important, you didn't go to Dad's dinner, why'd you go to Ron’s? Not like you're exactly close."
Were men always oblivious or just the ones you happened to be attracted to? "Doesn't matter 'bout going to the dinner! He and Ginny gave me this job, least I could do is send him a present for his birthday! And I was invited to your dad's dinner, by the way, I just couldn't go because I was helping Marietta with something that night. But I did send him a gift." A muggle origami book and origami paper. He sent back a few folded papers that somewhat resembled swans as a thank you.
"Am I going to have to tell you before every Weasley birthday?"
You paused for a moment. "Yes, actually. In fact, let's put them on my calendar right now because I don't trust you to give me proper notice."
You woke early Monday to horrific pain. Your back was burning, leaving you gasping for air. A fight to untangle yourself from the bed ensued, followed by you barely being able to walk as you tried to get to the washroom. One particularly brutal bolt of pain brought you to your knees. You crawled through tears, pulling yourself up on the counter when you finally got to the washroom. Bottles were knocked out of the way as you blindly felt for the jar.
Your fingers finally enclosed around it and you greedily applied the balm on your lower back. It didn't stop the fire, but it dulled it enough to breathe again. Your arms shakily removed your shirt to allow you to cover your back in the balm, leaving only a faint echo of the pain.
You laid on the bathroom floor, too exhausted to try to climb back to bed, and hoped the nightmares would stay away this time.
Light poured through the small window when you woke up again. There was no more pain as you peeled yourself off the floor, not that you expected there to be. The pain never lasted long. After a shower to wash off the balm, you made sure to put the jar in the bedroom. It was stupid to leave it in the bathroom in the first place. Just because it had been over a year since it had happened, didn't mean it would never happen again and you didn't have Cormac to help you anymore.
The clock told you it was early afternoon. You’d spent half of your day off sleeping on a cold tile floor. It wasn't like you had anything planned, but it felt like wasted time. It left you with little to do to distract myself. You couldn't bring yourself to go back to bed, despite still feeling sluggish. There was always the possibility of him being in your dreams and taking the potion you’d made would leave you out for too long. You needed something or someone to distract you so you didn't slip into your paranoia.
Mrs. Weasley! She probably needed help setting up for Ron's birthday or cooking or baking. Or maybe she wanted to talk about meeting Celestina.
Popping outside the Burrow's garden, you could see Mrs. Weasley sitting outside with Fleur. Victoire was running around while Dominique sat on the ground next to her mum chewing on a toy. Fleur was the first to see you and gave a smile and a graceful wave. It was hard to forget that she had veela heritage, her beauty was incomparable.
As soon as Victoire saw me she let out a shriek and ran straight towards you. "Y/N!" she yelled as she jumped straight into your arms. Despite only meeting you once and a couple of months passing, Victoire talked to you as if you'd been best friends since she was born. She very excitedly told you about her new dress and that she was wearing it for her uncle.
"Y/N! I'm so glad to see you! Vic has been talking about you since Christmas!" Fleur said with a kiss on your cheek. Victoire nodded happily.
Mrs. Weasley pulled you into a hug, telling you she was happy to see you as well. You explained that you had the day off and had come to help set up for Ron's birthday and was told that Arthur was coming home early to help. Fleur was quick to ask if you wanted to watch Victoire while she went to get the cake, and you agreed equally as fast. When she came back, you offered to keep watching her so Fleur could have a break.
Turns out that toddlers have limitless energy. And you do not. The little girl ran circles around you for over two hours and still didn't need to rest. "How about we play princesses?" you offered, hoping it meant you wouldn't have to run, climb, or jump for a few minutes.
"Mmmmm, okay. But I want to be a king!" she said.
You nodded along, "Okay, that I can do." You pulled out your wand and grabbed the closest stick. She squealed in delight as the stick turned into a crown that you placed gently on her head. "Wow! You look incredible with a crown, like you were born for it! Are you sure you're not a king already?"
"No!" she giggled, her blonde curls bouncing around her. You grabbed one of the hanging sheets from the clothesline, hoping Mrs. Weasley wouldn't mind, and transfigured it into a royal cloak for Victoire. She was in heaven.
You didn't get the rest you had hoped for as she decided that you needed to learn how to dance her dance. Not being able to deny the request of the most adorable king you'd ever seen, you followed all of her steps. Right in the middle of you doing a very poor version of her dance, she suddenly let out another squeal.
Maybe it should have been expected that he would arrive at the most embarrassing moment possible. He stood there, red in the face, lips tight from holding in his laugh.
"Hello, princess!" he greeted her.
She crossed her arms and pouted. "I'm a king!"
"Of course you are!" he said. He picked her up, asking what she had been making you do. "Dancing?" he asked. His smirk told you that your dancing had been not so great.
"Can you dance with me, Georgie?" she asked him.
He obliged happily, carrying her through a very over-the-top waltz that left the two of you in tears.
Arthur came along shortly after and Victoire's attention went to her grandpa. He carried her inside, leaving you and George alone. You spent several minutes playfully mocking each other before joining the others. Mrs. Weasley's lips twitched into a very subtle smile when she saw the two of you walk in.
Dinner was a fun time, just like every event with the Weasleys. Dominique sat in your lap and Victoire in George's as you enjoyed the cake, everyone talking to each other. Dominique smiled up at you, showing the two front teeth that had recently come in after you gave her a small bite of cake (with her parents' permission of course).
"So have you set a date, yet?" Mrs. Weasley asked Audrey.
"Not yet. We're still trying to decide between venues."
Victoire, who had been walking George through the steps of braiding her hair, looked up at her uncle and asked, "When are you getting married?"
He smiled down at her. "When I find someone I want to marry."
She looked thoughtful for a moment. "You should marry Y/N."
You nearly choked on my pumpkin juice while several members of the family suddenly began to talk very loudly to each other. George, looking amused, asked her why.
"Because I like Y/N," she replied simply. She was completely unfazed by the chaos she had caused and continued to eat her cake.
Ginny took her attention, talking about how some of the players for the Harpies had been asking about her. Once everyone else eased back into conversation, George leaned over and asked, "So what kind of ring do you prefer? Diamond or a different precious stone?"
You hoped your laugh didn't sound as forced as it was. "Ruby, of course!"
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Harry Potter headcanons
How they behave in front of you when they have a crush on you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Potter
We know how much of a dork he can be , definitely , he's gonna be so much of a nervous wreck around you . The small sexually awkward situations are gonna come every now and then . He's kinda a chaser , so I'm pretty sure he'll try to show off in front of you . He'll also try to be very reasonable , smart and brave (lol) in front of you . In his adventures , please expect him to check on you every now and then and him trying to avoid you coming with him on his dangerous adventures . He might also behave weirdly protective of you and would be touchy feely with you . He'll also give you gifts very much , shocking you, mind me this guy has no control over wasting his money. He'll show you that he likes you real slow . He'll stutter lol . Staring at you . You'll have to approach him first .
Ronald Weasley
He's literally gonna be the dreamy guy and stare at you from far away in the class. He'll sit with you , talk with you , eat with you , basically he won't leave your side . You'll find him talking a lot good stuff about you . He'll surely be very defensive of you and your image if anyone speaks bad of you in front of him . He's from a family which is full of love and so is his nature. He'll always come up with a cute and warm idea to get you rid of your headache or back pain and stuff . He'll be super duper caring towards you and would definitely (and unknowingly) show that he likes you . This guy is a chaser , if he gets a chance to chase you lol .
Draco Malfoy
Draco is actually the one who'll never show signs of liking you . If and ever he does , it'll be mixed signals. He'd actually be ashamed of liking someone . He'll be very mysterious yet open with you . He'll try his best to open up and tell you everything about his life , his goals , his feelings , but seems like it's tough for him . He'll wait for you to come and pick him up . So, you're the chaser one in this . Once you both are really close and you have his trust , he's going to be one of the most supportive and loving boyfriends . He's also gonna be very loyal to you , and he'll choose you no matter what . He'll spend his money to shower you with gifts and will love you a lot because he knows how it feels not to be loved .
Cedric Diggory
This guy is going to be really sweet with you . He'll often send flowers and bouquets to your dormitory . He'll be very respectful and a great gentleman in treating you like a queen . He's definitely a chaser but wouldn't mind being chased too . Since he's quite popular , he'll definitely not let you think low of yourself such as a popular guy like him chose a girl like you . He'll always reassure you and will be very kind. He'll work hard to get you and once he gets you , it's just you . No one else takes your place . Ever. He'll not hide his feelings from you and will not back down from challenges if you give him any . He'll try his best to get you because you rule his heart , girl .
George Weasely
He'll actually experience a love at first sight thingy with you . He's a bit more a bit more emotional and compassionate than his twin , and so , he'll definitely be romantic and stuff with you . He'll use his twin's pick up lines to get you blush wouldn't try hiding the fact that he's madly in love with you . He'll prank anyone and everyone who troubles you (be it professor) and would share his idea about being an entrepreneur when you both are close. Dating him would feel like dating Fred too . He'll actually be confused between choosing you and Fred , that's what you mean to him . Definitely a switch (he can chase and get you to chase too).
Fred Weasely
This guy is full of flirting. The king of flirting actually . He'll be anything but serious in the beginning . He'll flirt a bit more with you as compared to the amount of flirting he does with others . He'll definitely make you question if he's serious , but dear , he is . When he breaks your heart ample of times by flirting with other girls and will find you crying , he'll tell you how serious he is regarding you . He'll make you feel very special , make you laugh until you cry out of happiness , take you on super cheesy dates and take care of you more than anyone would've . Just like his twin , he'll never hide the fact about liking you . But mind me , even though he'll still flirt with other girls , the only girl he thinks about before sleeping would be you . Only you .
Tumblr media
Jumping to Marauder's
James Potter
We all know he'll make no efforts in hiding the fact that he loves you. Yes , loves you . Love at first sight thing . This charismatic guy will also buy you ample of things before the first date itself . Just like Harry , he's not the one to handle money properly . He'll literally give you so many gifts the whole week . First meeting anniversary , first date anniversary , first kiss anniversary , first eye contact anniversary even , James Potter will be cheesy as hell , he'll show you all these ideas even before you both began dating . He'll try to be the hero in your eyes , make you laugh and make you feel very special . He'll flirt with you but mind me , he's very loyal and serious . No doubts , he's a chaser . He'll always keep an eye on you and shoo away anyone who troubles you . He'll definitely try to be your knight in the shinning armour lol .
Sirius Black
You might have a crush on him , but this guy doesn't even realise it. He'll take his own time in falling for you , but trust me , when he falls for you , he'll fall hard . It's never ending from then . He'll do anything and everything to impress you , his natural charm kicks in . He might be a playboy to others , but he's very serious in your case . He won't ever , or not let anyone else ever take advantage of you or behave as a playboy with you . He'll definitely try to make you jealous . A lot . He'll confess his love for you ample of times , as if it's nothing , but after that , he'll ignore you , he'll not stare at you , not talk to you much , he'll behave as if he doesn't get affected by your feelings towards him . But he'll make you jealous to such an extent that you might shout at him and confess your crush . He is a switch , can be a chaser , can get you to chase him .
Remus Lupin
This guy will not even act on his feelings, until his friends force him to . He'll think you're out of his league and you don't deserve to love a man who has the problem of .. you-know-what. He'll stay away from you , he'll ignore you thinking his feelings will vanish away with time . Was he wrong ? Yes . His feelings grew till the point of love . Now , His grades will go down , he'll be very disturbed , very to completely nervous around you and would try to be as cold as possible towards you , he'll hide and cry if he hurt you. He'll prefer you to chase him , but this one will take time to melt and give in , because he doesn't want you to get stuck with him . He'll hate himself for this , but try to be a bit selfish and ask you out on a date after you've melt him down . Still , after he's melt down and before you've gone to a date , he'll be very insecure and nervous , but won't miss out on making you feel special and loved . He'll be very romantic and sweet . Kind as hell. Might even behave as a gentleman around you . Flirting is compulsory . He'll not hide how serious he is regarding you .
Tumblr media
I'm really sorry , I'm a Peter Pettigrew slaughter . Thank you for reading !
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twin flame // gw x reader
words: 3.8k
series genre: angst, fluff, smut (all in due time)
warnings: jealous george, angry george, charlie x reader kinda, mentioned ronmine, mentioned hinny, mentioned bleur, percy weasley slander, alcohol consumption, spitting kink (sorta if you squint), cringey pet names, mediocre writing at best
a/n: idk how many parts this will be,, maybe 5. but i already have the ending in mine. happy reading loves!
part two | part three | part four
twin flame (n.): an intense soul connection, sometimes called a "mirror soul," thought to be a person's other half. it's based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. one of the main characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that it will be both challenging and healing. this is due to the mirroring nature of a twin flame; they show you your deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows. but they also help you overcome them and vice versa—your twin flame will be equally affected by you.
george weasley. what could you say about george weasley? he is… charismatic. funny, charming, fiery, pretty. everything. george is everything. he’s your best friend, of course, since the two of you were young. your fathers worked at the ministry together, so you and your siblings had playdates with the weasley siblings all the time, whether it be at your house or at the burrow. george is three years your senior, and he’s extremely protective of you. more than your soulmate, george is your twin flame—platonically, of course—that’s all that it would ever be. solely a platonic connection. at least that’s what you thought…
after the war, you and george became even closer. something about both of your lives being put on the line brought the two of you that much closer. after the war, you moved into the apartment above the joke shop with fred and george and began working as the store clerk and attendant. your parents had, unfortunately, died in the war and left just you and your siblings. when you told your older brother that you couldn’t stay in the house filled with memories, he completely understood. fred and george offered you to stay with them, and how could you say no to your favorite twins and your best friends? and besides, fred wouldn’t have let you say no. especially after you saved his life, pushing him out of the way of the falling debris. (fred weasley is alive. no i don’t take criticism.)
the transition was possibly the easiest thing you had ever gone through in your life. living with fred and george was a dream. it was all late night movie dates and cooking dinner together which ended up with the three of you throwing various ingredients at each other and laughing your heads off. this meant that you guys often ended up flooing to the burrow, and eating whatever it was that molly made for dinner that night.
that leads us to another point. molly. she absolutely adores you. she thanked you a million times over for saving fred’s life, it’s not something that she would ever let you forget. she’s like your second mom, and she thinks the world of you. everytime you saw her, she was sure to remind you that you could just give her a call if fred and george ever got out of line and she would be sure to put them back in check. not that you ever needed to, the twins were lovely to be around.
you were finishing up with your last customer of the day as george was locking up the doors and fred was beginning to clean up. just as the last customer walked out, george walked up to you and sat atop the counter in front of you as you were wiping it clean. “oh, please make yourself comfortable,” you remarked sarcastically as you threw away the clorox wipe.
“thanks love, i did,” he smirked. you rolled your eyes with a giggle as you began your count of the money in the register. “so as you know… we’re closing the shop up for christmas,” he began.
“georgie, if you have something to ask then please ask it,” you lightly teased.
“mum wants you to come to the burrow for christmas. i, of course, would also love for you to come. but mum’s threatened me a million times over if i don’t ask. i told her that you had your own family but she absolutely insisted at least ask you. she also told me to tell you that charlie would be there. as well as ron and hermione and harry and ginny and bill and fleur,” george spoke.
“well gosh, if charlie’s going, then i have to be there. after all, he is the hottest weasley brother,” you joked. if you weren’t so oblivious, then you would’ve noticed the look on george’s face after your harmless joke. you would’ve noticed the way his jaw hardened and his nostrils flared. you would’ve saw that way his gaze turned icy and the vein in his neck began to protrude in just the slightest as his face turned the slightest shade of pink. and you absolutely wouldn’t have missed the way that his chuckle wasn’t truly one of humor. you wouldn’t have missed how tense he became and you definitely wouldn’t have missed the ice in his tone when he replied.
“good one, love. are you coming or not?” the words were harsh, but you paid no mind. you didn’t catch it, but fred did. you also didn’t catch the harsh glare that fred sent his twin brother. or the way that he mouthed harsh words at him as he fixed him with an even harsher glare. but of course… you were oblivious. to you, george saw you as nothing more than a very good friend. a younger sister even. after all, you were ginny’s age. but to george…? to george he saw everything.
you were charismatic. funny, charming, fiery, pretty. gorgeous even. you were… ethereal. you were george’s everything and he was your’s. but the two of you didn’t know that. both of you were hiding a huge secret from each other. one that neither of you dared reveal. you didn’t dare tell anyone. your crush on george weasley was a secret that you were absolutely prepared to take to your grave. nobody knew. okay well that’s a lie… harry knew. but that’s only because the bugger was practicing his stupid legilimency and failed to tell you that you were the subject.
your heart fell to your ass when you heard the loud gasp harry let out and you turned to see his wand aimed at you. “you like-“ you practically flew across the gryffindor table and shoved your hand over his mouth before he could reveal your secret. the action had all heads turning to you, causing you to sheepishly smile and offer a wave before pulling away from him, demanding that he follow you. “you like george?!” he whisper shouted once you had finally lead him into an abandoned classroom.
“yes, but harry please don’t say anything, you have to swear it on your parents!” you exclaimed.
“that seems a brash, no?” harry raised a brow.
“swear it, potter! or i’ll hex you into oblivion,” you threatened.
“i swear it! i swear it!” he put his hands up as if in defense. you nodded once before pivoting on your heel. “he likes you too,” he spoke behind you.
“stick your foot in your mouth!” you grumbled, stomping away.
it was three days before christmas, and you fred and george were fully packed. you were sat in george’s room, kneeling on the floor as you packed your last few items and began to zip your bag. there was a soft knock on the door before it opened. “all ready, butterfly?” george asked. that’s another thing about the weasley twin—he had called you butterfly for as long as he could talk. you figured that it was because the two of you would chase butterflies together when you were little. once, a blue monarch landed on your nose, causing you to let out the sweetest giggle. if you ask george, he’d tell you that it was that exact moment that caused him to fall in love with you.
you looked ethereal. the way the blue monarch landed gently on your nose and you just let out the purest giggle. “georgie, look!” you exclaimed quietly so as not to frighten the creature as the giggle fluttered in your chest and tumbled past your lips. it was then that he knew. the sun shone on you so perfectly, like a spotlight almost. like the ball of fire in the sky was made for you and you only. the smile on your face was unmatched as continuous giggles spilled past your lips and your hair cascaded down your back. george fell in love with you that day. and at that moment, he decided that he would stop at absolutely nothing to see you smile like that again. to hear you giggle like that again. in that moment, everything was okay. there was no wizarding war. no death eaters and no voldemort. no dark thoughts and no fear. there was just you and george. and the pretty blue butterfly that made him fall in love.
you looked up at him and shot him a smile before nodding. he offered you a hand and you took it, allowing him to pull you up from the floor. he carried your bag down the stairs for you and the three of you stood in front of the fireplace. “you first, butterfly,” georgie smiled and kissed your head. you stepped into the fireplace and fred handed you the floo powder. you called out your destination before throwing the powder. you stepped out at the burrow and were immediately tackled into a hug.
“y/n/n!” ginny exclaimed, lifting you from the ground and twirling you in the air.
“hi gin,” you wrapped your arms around her neck as a giggle tumbled past your lips. fred stepped out after you, and her reaction was less than thrilled to see him. she simply waved after she set you on the ground, dragging you into the living room as she ignored the younger twin that had now also stepped out of the fireplace.
“great to see you too, baby sister,” george teased lightly.
“don’t care george!” she called. you greeted arthur and molly before kneeling in front of the coffee table in the living room. charlie, hermione, fleur, and harry were each sat on the couches and ginny kneeled next to you. “sooo… tell us everything!” she exclaimed excitedly.
“about what?” you asked with a giggle.
“about george!” she whisper shouted as she slapped your shoulder.
“there’s nothing to tell, gin. he’s my best friend, he has been since we were young,” you explained, trying to force the heat that was creeping up your neck away.
“bullshit, y/n! harry already told me, now spill it all!” she demanded.
“harry!” you pressed.
“she threatened me if i didn’t tell her!” he exclaimed. “and i’m more scared of her than i am of you,” he defended with a nervous gulp.
“well i didn’t tell anyone, y/n. only fleur and hermione,” she waved it off.
“dude!” you slapped her shoulder.
“well we didn’t tell anyone, mon amour,” fleur assured as she sipped her drink.
“i… may have accidentally let it slip to charlie a few minutes ago…” hermione spoke sheepishly.
“you told charlie?! he can’t keep a secret to save his life!” you whined.
“hey, ‘m right here!” charlie defended. “and i didn’t tell anyone but my dragons, and they can’t speak. so i’m doing better than eighty percent of the people here,” he smirked.
you groaned as your entire body heated up in embarrassment. “this is awful. absolutely awful, ‘m gonna die. if he ever finds out i’ll actually die. what am i gonna do?” you whined as your arms came up to cover your face.
“we’re gonna make him jealous, bunny,” you heard charlie’s voice and suddenly the burly, bearded man was straddling you and pinning your arms above your head.
“what are you on about, weasley?” you glared, skeptically.
“well y/n/n, it’s no secret that you’re… well… a huge pussy,” gin began.
“hey!” you exclaimed indignantly.
“she’s not wrong,” charlie defended, causing you to turn your glare to the astronomically muscled man that still had you pinned to the floor with one hand, using zero of his strength. you had tried fighting him off, but you gave up as you had been squirming and struggling for upwards of forty seconds, and the man hadn’t even budged, nor had he broken a sweat. it took zero effort for him to pin your body to the floor as he straddled your waist and kept your arms pinned down with one hand.
“okay so, what’s your diabolical plan, gin?” you asked as you let out a sigh.
“actually, it’s my plan. the same thing i did to ron with viktor, you’re going to do to george with charlie. you’re going to use charlie to make him jealous. the both of you will be here at the burrow for a few days at least, and george will as well. you make that boy suffer. make him want you. force his hand, make him make a move, whether he wants to or not,” hermione explained.
“charlie’s already agreed to help so you can’t say no. we don’t want to hear it,” harry shook his head.
“you told him ‘accidentally?’” you looked at hermione in disbelief as you put the word in air quotes… well as best as you could with your hands pinned above your body.
“no it was absolutely on purpose. we needed his help. bill’s already married, ron’s got mione, no one likes percy, and fred’s his twin so george would be able to manipulate the situation and act like fred and make you spill all the beans,” ginny said.
“i like percy,” you weakley defended the third weasley sibling.
“no you don’t!” harry accused.
“no i really don’t, he gave me four detentions in one week during first year,” you grumbled.
“merlin’s balls, four?!” charlie exclaimed above you. “why so many?”
“i didn’t know how to tie my tie,” you pouted. “and it was a violation of uniform, so instead of being a nice person and teaching me, he served me detention everytime it was untied,” you told them.
“yeah percy’s sort of an asshole,” you all murmured agreements at harry’s statement before molly called you to the kitchen for dinner. charlie stood up before pulling you to stand and you all walked to the table. you sat between charlie and bill, and across from george. you missed the strange look he gave when you didn’t take your usual place beside him as you were too absorbed in your own mind with how the plan was going to go and if everything would go according to plan or not.
“so, y/n, dear how have you been?” molly asked. “we’ve missed you dearly. i’ve caught up with all of my children except for you, what’s it like living with the rowdiest of my boys?” she asked, kindly.
your face heat up again as molly called you one of her children before you began to answer. “it’s awesome. fred and george are sweethearts. i’m the attendant and the clerk at the joke shop and it’s honestly just… a dream. i really love it,” you smiled widely as you talked about life with the twins.
“and uhm… any… special guys?” ginny pressed, gently nudging your shin with her foot under the table.
“ginevra weasley!” molly chastised.
“what, mum?! it’s a genuine question!” ginny defended.
“nothing serious,” you shrugged with a nervous chuckle. “there is a guy that i guess i kinda have a crush on. but i think he sees me as nothing more than a friend,” you shrugged, telling the truth about your crush on george, but turning your gaze to charlie before averting your gaze quickly. you heard a deep chuckle come from charlie on your right before he pat your thigh, causing heat to rush through your entire body once again. this time, you didn’t miss the unmistakable clench in george’s jaw and the way his nostrils flared, signifying that he was positively pissed.
the rest of dinner went by completely uneventfully. it was rather quiet actually, untill it was time to clean up. you, ginny, hermione, and fleur helped molly clean the table and the dishes as the boys all went to the living room. “well,” molly began as the dishes were finished. “percy, your room has been turned to storage, sorry dear. fred and george’s beds have been moved to ron’s room, so there are four beds in there, and your room holds all my knitting. charlie’s room is available, as well as bill’s and ginny’s. you may decide how you all sleep,” molly offered you all a smile before she and arthur bid you all goodnight and went up to his room.
“gin, you can share with hermione and y/n, yeah? perce, you and i can share my room. bill and fleur will take his, and george, fred, ron, and harry can all sleep in ron’s room. sound good?” charlie laid it out. everyone agreed with a small shrug and no arguments. “perfect. now that that’s all out of the way. gin, where do mum and dad keep the firewhiskey?” charlie smirked evilly.
ginny squealed excitedly as she stood and rushed to the kitchen. she came back with two bottles of firewhiskey and bill and charlie got blankets before you all went outside. the guys laid out the blankets by the fire pit as george and fred began to start the fire. “c’mon, bunny,” charlie motioned you over. “come sit with me,” he pat his lap.
heat rushed through your body for the fifth time that night as you stalked over to the man and sat beside him. he pulled you to be sitting in between his legs and your breathing picked up just slightly as a million and four nerves ran all throughout your body. “really need you to relax f’me, bunny,” he whispered into your ear as he brushed your hair off your shoulder, purposefully brushing his fingers across your neck, causing goosebumps to arise on your skin where he had touched. his arms wrapped around your shoulders and he pulled your back to rest against his chest. “s’just me. y’ve known me your whole life,” he reassured you gently.
“just you,” you scoffed. “just you who is literally the hottest weasley brother and possibly the hottest man on the planet. just you who i’ve had a school girl crush on since i was five. just you who is actually sex on legs,” you rolled your eyes. “just you,” you mocked with another scoff as you shook your head.
charlie openly laughed at your small rant, causing you to elbow him in the ribs. “okay, okay, sorry bunny. but really, i need you to relax. georgie won’t be jealous if he sees how tense you are around me,” he reasoned as he began to gently massage your neck and shoulders before moving his hands down to your collarbones and continuing back up, effectively loosening your muscles, causing you to relax more into him.
“alright. lads, ladies, ron…” ginny began. ron furrowed his eyebrows before turning to glare at the insult from his little sister. “truth… or drink?” ginny smirked as she held up the bottle. “everyone drink enough to get you feeling it and then pass it along so we can start and nobody can tell lies,” she laid out the ground rules before she drank the firewhiskey.
you, fleur, ginny, and hermione drank significantly less than the guys as it took more for it to hit them than it did to hit the four of you. you giggled drunkenly from your place underneath charlie’s chin as you began to feel the effects of the firewhiskey. it was unexpected, but you weren’t complaining as charlie’s strong, veiny hand wrapped around your throat and pulled your head back to look up at him. you let out an involuntary whimper as he poured the firewhiskey into your mouth and you quickly swallowed it, causing him to smirk (basically this tiktok). “good girl,” he whispered as he kissed your forehead, making you let out another small noise of satisfaction.
“okay!” george called loudly, interrupting your moment, and making you smirk. everything was going according to plan. “i’ll go first then, freddie,” he called. fred turned to look at him with a raised brow. “what’s going on with you and johnson, then?”
“nothing, you know that, mate. went to the ball as friends in fourth year, we keep in touch but we’re nothing more than friends,” fred shrugged.
“so you wouldn’t mind if i made a move then?” george asked, turning to look at you, tauntingly. your jaw clenched and your nostrils flared as you felt a big, green cloud of jealousy begin to blossom deep within your chest.
“uh… go ahead,” fred shrugged, confusion lacing his tone. “ginny, have you and harry had sex yet?” fred asked.
“blue. y/n, which of my brothers do you want to fuck the most?” ginny totally ignored fred’s question and gave you a chance to fire back at george with your own rage.
“charlie,” you answered quickly, staring back at george just as tauntingly, jaw still clenched, glare hard and icy. george’s jaw clenched harder if that was even possible and you didn’t miss the eye roll. “mione, are you and ron official yet?” you moved on.
“no, not really. we’re exclusive to each other, but he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet,” she answered, doing her best to ignore the tension in the air.
you and george’s eye contact never broke throughout the entire game. your faces never changed. it turned into a competition of who could make the other more jealous. your faces were set in stone. jaw’s clenched. nostrils flared. glares icy. tones cold whenever you answered a question. one thing you knew for sure… this week with the weasleys was gonna be a shit show. it would either end in heartache or a new relationship. who knew?
the week brought upon two options. you came to a fork in the road. option a would pour gasoline onto your twin flame. expanding it untill it exploded and brought upon a future for you and george that was even brighter than your flame. option b would pour water onto your twin flame, completely fizzling it out. destroying the most amazing friendship you’d ever come to be apart of.
you truly hoped it would be option a. with your whole entire being, you prayed to godric, and salazar, and helga, and rowena, and merlin, and every single one of the gods you knew that would listen that it would be option a. but with the way that just tonight alone was going… your hope slowly began to fizzle out.
you fell asleep with that prayer in your mind. you fell asleep hoping the week would fuel your twin flame. you fell asleep with both george and charlie weasley running all through your head. wondering just what was going to come about. the night was long and completely restless. you could do nothing but sit and wait. to see what would result of your twin flame.
one thing you were completely sure of was that you would make george weasley your’s. just like hermione said, you would force his hand. you would make him want you.
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sunset-curve-fantom · a month ago
The Closet- Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
"Seriously, of all things Fred I do not need this right now." you hissed as you fumbled around the dark closet.
His laughter filled the tiny, dark space. You could almost imagine the smirk that crossed his handsome features. You inner annoyance reaching a new high when it came to him.
Merlin, we were locked in a closet and he found it more than amusing.
"Glad to know you find this so funny." You stated, anger dripping from your words.
Continuing to jiggle the door handle, praying that it would open. No spell or trying could get you further away from this situation.
Do we like? Do we want more? Give me your feedback!
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cloudybarnes · 2 months ago
malfoy’s tie
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x gryffindor!reader
Summary: a night with your boyfriend is cut short when you wake up and realize you’re late for class. in the frenzy of the morning, you grab the wrong tie off of the ground and your friends are able to put two and two together
Word Count: 2.7k+
Warnings: none!
Tumblr media
✰  ✰  ✰
The gentle touch of fingers running through your hair woke you up that morning. Taking a tired breath, your eyes slowly fluttered open to be met with the smiling face of your boyfriend. 
Draco was propped up onto his elbow lying next to you. The sunlight gently flooded the dorm room, shining in on the bed you shared the night prior. 
“Good morning, sleepy head.” Draco cooed as he traced his thumb across your cheek. 
You softly smiled, and gently brought yourself up to press a delicate kiss to his lips. “Good morning. Have you been up long?”
He gently shook his head, “no, not really. I just laid here for a few minutes; ‘didn’t really want to wake you.” he lightly mumbled as he got off of his arm and started to cuddle you. 
You sighed and scooted closer into his chest. “Thanks for letting me spend the night last night. It was nice to sleep beside you,” you confessed as you traced lines across his face. 
Draco just smiled, “you’re welcome in my room anytime, even if you are a pesky gryffindor.”
You softly chuckled and teased, “you’re lucky I’m even spending time with such a bad slytherin like yourself.”
Draco chuckled, “you wound me, darling.”
You gently leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek, “‘m just playing, Draco. There isn’t anything bad about you, anyway.” 
He brushed your hair out of your face, and pressed his lips to your forehead. 
“You think I could keep this shirt?” You asked as you motioned to the slightly baggy shirt Draco let you sleep in for the night. It smelled strongly of him, so you wanted to keep it for when you weren’t able to spend the night together. 
“Yeah, darling, you can keep it. Just wear it back to your dorm if you’d like. I’d be happy for everyone to see you in my clothes.” He grinned cheekily. People didn’t really know about the relationship you and Draco had. You were good friends with Hermione, Ron, and Harry, and you knew they would judge you if you ever told them what was going on between the two of you.
You lightly swatted at his shoulder. “Very funny, Malfoy.” Despite actually wanting to, you sat up and stretched your arms over your head. You needed to get back to your dorm before anyone realized you weren’t there. “What time is it anyways?”
Draco sighed and sat up as well. He turned around to check the clock that was behind him. “It’s- oh Godric, it’s past 10.”
Your eyes widened, “Past 10 you say?” Draco just frantically nods his head. You stare at one another before both frantically jumping out of his bed and getting your school clothes on. 
“Merlin, Draco, how could we sleep for so long? Everyone’s going to be wondering why I missed breakfast and why you never showed up as well. And we have class this time together, so we can’t arrive at the same time or everyone will know!”
You hurriedly pulled Draco’s clothes off of yourself, not even bothering to be shy about undressing in front of him, and quickly pulled your shirt up your legs. You pulled over the white button up you wore yesterday and threw on one of Draco’s plain sweaters to try to hide the wrinkles. 
“Are you sure you want to wear my sweater? You aren’t worried someone might notice?” Draco asked as he laced his shoes. 
“Don’t worry, if anyone asks I’ll just say I got it from Ron. Merlin knows he’s got so many clothes he doesn’t even remember owning.”
Draco scoffs, “you could always just say you got it from the lost and found or something. You don’t need to have people think you wear Weasl-bee’s clothes.”
You snorted and shook your head, “It’s Weasley, Draco, and no one would believe me. Why would I have gone to the lost and found and taken a sweater that obviously wasn’t mine?”
You laced your own shoes up before reaching down to the ground and grabbing the tie that laid there. “I’m just going to rush to Professor Snape’s and pray he doesn’t yell at me.” You press a chaste kiss to Draco’s lips. “I’ll see you by the lake tonight. Bring the shirt for me, will you? I mean it when I say I want to keep it.”
Draco nods his head and pats your hair down for you. “There, pretty as ever.” He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “I’ll meet you tonight, and bring the shirt for you, don’t worry. Now hurry and get to class so I can get there without being too late.”
You giggle and give Draco one last kiss before rushing out of his room. On the way to Snape’s class, you fix your tie as best as you can while still watching where you were going. You’d never gone to class from the Slytherin room, so it was a bit more difficult to map your way there. 
Luckily, you made it in only a few minutes, and found your seat in between Ron and Hermione. 
“Bloody hell, Y/n, where have you been?” Ron asked as you sat down beside him. 
“Yeah, we were getting really worried about you. You weren’t in the great hall for breakfast this morning and you missed first class.” Hermione chimed in. “Is everything okay?”
You nodded and smiled at them, “yeah, everything’s okay guys, I promise. I just completely overslept. I guess I was up too late working on our essay that’s due.”
Ron seemed to buy it when he groaned with a roll of his eyes, “tell me about it. Snape is killing me here. I’ve barely written two sentences and I already want to snap my quill in half.”
You relaxed a bit and chuckled, “yeah, I agree. I think it’s comple-”
“What’s that around your neck?” Harry questioned, his gaze solely fixated on your tie. 
You hadn’t thought it looked too bad, though you suppose you were rushing quite a bit. “Well I was running while I fixed it up, but I don’t think it’s-”
Your words died out on your tongue. You had looked down to see what Harry was making a fuss about, when you noticed it wasn’t your tie you had worn out of Draco’s room, it was his you picked up off of the floor and tied around your neck.
Your cheeks flushed as you tried to stammer out a reply as to why a dark green tie laid around your neck, but the sound of Snape’s classroom door opening made you turn your head. 
There he stood in all his glory, Draco. He looked very well put together for the short amount of time the two of you had to get ready, but something was off. He wasn’t wearing a tie. 
“Oh heavens!” Hermione shouted when she put the pieces together.
“I think ‘m gonna be sick,” Ron muttered as he looked between you and Draco. 
Draco caught your eye, and his eyes widened. No doubt he saw the tie around your neck, and could infer what the conversation was between you and your friends. 
“Guys, no,” you stammered out, “it uh, it’s not what it looks like?” You tried to be persuasive, but your statement seemed more like a question. 
“For Godric’s sake, Y/n! You can’t possibly be fooling around with Malfoy!” Harry fumed and he leaned in front of Ron to get closer to you. 
“What do you even see in him, Y/n?” Ron scoffed, “all he does is torment and make fun of us.”
“He’s called me foul names, Y/n/n, why would you be with someone that hurts your friends?” Hermione softly asked. She looked more sad than angry with you; it was like she was deeply hurt by your choice of boy.
Your heart broke when you saw the look on her face. Out of the three of them, Hermione and you were always the closest, so it hurt the most that you had made her feel that way. 
“I really don’t know what to say. It’s just different when I’m with him.” You confessed as you shrunk back into your seat. “Believe me, when Draco first flirted with me I turned him down so fast. He was vile and nothing that I wanted in a guy.” 
Your friends stared at you as you explained, Professor Snape’s lecture fading into the background. You slowly let your eyes fall towards Draco. He watched you with soft eyes. 
“Draco was persistent. Everywhere I went, he was there. Every time I turned, I turned right into him. His rude remarks turned into compliments. His nasty glares shifted to longing gazes.” 
You saw Hermione’s face soften. She quickly glanced at Ron and you knew it was because of her crush on the red-haired boy. 
Ron’s angry expression was beginning to fade when he listened to how differently Draco treated you, but Harry was still angry. 
“Eventually, I gave in. A few months ago I asked him if he was serious about all the things he was saying to me, and he was. He told me how he liked me, and he asked if I wanted to go to Hogsmeade with him. From there, it kind of just grew out of control.” 
Hermione sighed and placed her hand on your arm, “why did you never tell us? It would have been nicer to know from you instead of finding out like this.”
You huffed and hung your head a bit, “I didn’t want you guys to be upset with me. I knew you would never be okay with something like this, so I thought it would be best to keep to myself. And honestly, I wasn’t sure how long it would actually last. I wasn’t sure if he was using me, or playing with me, or anything of the sort. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how real this is: for Draco and myself.” 
The three of them looked between one another. They no longer looked angry, but still very apprehensive. 
Ron sighed, “well, I supposed he hasn’t been bothering us as much lately.”
Hermione gently smiled, “you’re right. Draco hasn’t bothered us nearly as much as he used to.” 
You reciprocated her smile, “yeah, I asked him to be nicer to you three. I told him how important you guys are to me, and he respects that. I can’t promise it’ll stop entirely, but I’m happy with how things have been so far.”
Harry shook his head, “I still don’t like this. I don’t understand how you can just be okay with everything he’s done to us; everything he’s done to you!” 
You scoff, “Harry, obviously I’m not okay with everything he’s done to us; I’ll never be okay with the things he’s said to us. Sometimes I find myself crying for hours on end because of how much has happened to us because of him. At times I wonder if being with him is even the right decision.” 
You look from Harry to the opposite side of the room where Draco sat. There, he smiled with Zabini which made a smile grow on your face. 
“Whenever I feel like that, Draco is always there to tell me how sorry he is about the things he’s done.” You chuckle and look back at your friends. Their facial expressions convey the same shock you felt when he first apologized to you. 
“I know,” you chuckled, “I couldn’t believe it the first time either. I was sobbing to him because I felt so upset by the way things had been, and he actually started to tear up. He apologized about a thousand times that night, and ever since he always made sure I felt loved by him.”
Hermione grabbed your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. You smiled at her as she pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Y/n, though I was very wary of your relationship with Draco, the way you talk about him sounds like a completely different person than the one we know.”
Harry nods his head, “yeah, it’s almost hard to believe that there’s a universe where Malfoy is a good enough person to treat you that kindly.”
You snicker a little and reach past Ron to ruffle Harry’s hair. He just chuckled and swatted your hand away to fix his hair. 
Ron clears his throat, “I’m not giving him a pass at all, so he needs to show us how much he’s changed for you before I believe it.” 
The bell rings, signaling class dismissal. The four of you stand and pack your belongings, you off to the side awkwardly since you left all of your things in your dorm room. 
“Tell you what,” you offer as you guys are about to leave the room, “why don’t I bring him over here and reintroduce you guys, hopefully this will show you something different in him.”
Hermione gives it a good ponder and looks over to the boys to see what they think. Ron and Harry grimace a bit, but end up agreeing to your tries of getting them to work things out. 
“Okay, let me go get him!” You squeal, grasping an arm of each Harry and Ron before darting away to where Draco is hanging back in the class. 
You come up from behind him and grab his hand in yours. Your quick movement startled him a bit, but he relaxed when he noticed it was you.
“Hey, handsome.” 
“Hi, baby, cute tie.” He smirked as he playfully tugged on his tie that wrapped around your neck.
You blushed a little, “thank you. I got it from some guy this morning, I don’t really remember his name though.” You pretended to think about it for a second before Draco scoffed and pulled you closer to him.
“So I’m guessing your little friends know about us now?” He huskily asked as he leaned closer to your face. 
You grinned up at him and leaned closer, “yeah, that’s actually why I’m here.” You pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “I want to reintroduce you to them. I want them to see how much you’ve changed over the past few months so maybe they won’t be so against us.”
Draco sighed and ran his hand down your hair. “Does their opinion really matter?” He hesitantly asked. “I don’t think anything I do will get them to accept me being with you.” He sadly added. 
Draco awkwardly kicked the ground and held your hand in between both of his. You placed your free hand on his cheek and lifted his head to look at you. “Dray, please. I think they just need to see how you won’t spit names at them any chance you get anymore. They need to see that you treat me the way you do and not the way they’ve always seen.”
Draco sighed, his eyes starting to water. Before you could acknowledge them, he quickly brought his hand up to wipe the tears away. 
“Hey,” you cooed, as you ran your thumb across his cheek, “why are you crying, sweetheart?” You softly inquired.
He sighed and shook his head, “I just feel so horrible about the things I’ve said and done to you. You mean so much to me, Y/n, and I get disgusted with myself when I think about every mean thing I’ve called you.” 
You stare at your boyfriend with sad eyes, “Dray, just the fact that you feel horrible about the way you’ve treated me proves that you’ve changed. You’re a better person than you were when we first met, and you’re someone I’m proud to tell people that I’m with.”
Draco lightly smiled, and pulled you by the hand into him to kiss you. You let out a soft exhale as you melted into your boyfriend. He pulled one of his hands up to hold against your cheek. You smiled a bit into the kiss, which in turn made him smile as well. He separated from your kiss, but not for long because he started to press fast kisses onto your smiling lips.
“Draco!” You squealed as you playfully pushed him away.
He laughed, “All right, all right, I’m done.” He swiftly pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Come on, let’s go talk to your little friends.” He said with a roll of his eyes and a smirk.
You just giggled and pulled him along, hopeful that your friends would be able to see just how amazing Draco really is.
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 5 months ago
hi, i need to make and urgent request hahah, i came up with this insane idea and if you are not comfortable writing it don’t worry, i totally get it
okay soo... y/n had sex with george and he has a breeding kink and came inside y/n, so after that they stay together and after a while she gets up to get a shower and clean herself but she didn’t notice that fred walked into the shower and wanted to do the deed hahah but he notices the cum inside of her and grabs the shower head and tells her that he’s going to clean her really well and she comes and fred is just overstimulating her until she’s whimpering (all consensual ofc) and after that he fucks her in the shower (: thank youu
pairing(s): george weasley x reader, fred weasley x reader 
warning(s): 18+, breeding kink, overstimulation, slight praise, slight degradation, creative use of a showerhead 
word count: 1.9k 
a/n: completely insane idea but i loved it and it’s now my fantasy of the week. also, reader is in a relationship with both of them so everyone is cool with what’s going on here haha. enjoy!
“Tell me, Y/N. Tell me where my baby girl wants me to cum,” George said lowly in your ear, not even breaking a sweat as he thrust deep inside of you. 
You could barely form words between his strokes, unable to wrap your head around anything other than how good he was making you feel. But you knew exactly what he wanted to hear. 
“Inside me, please. Cum inside me,” you whined out, your back arching further as you spoke. 
You could feel the familiar feeling of arousal pool up inside of you, making you clutch to George’s back just so you didn’t drown in the pleasure. 
“I know you’re close, babygirl. Cum for me so I can fill you up,” George said before attaching his lips to the spot where your jaw met your neck, making you keen at the sensation. 
It didn’t take much longer to do exactly as he asked, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through you as your body tensed and relaxed. George easily fucked you through your orgasm, words of praise falling from his lips as he did so, before chasing his own. 
He fucked you brutally, his cock pushing into your sensitive walls over and over again before he finally came with a groan. At the feeling of his warmth filling you up, you felt a new rush of arousal go through you, but were quickly settled as he brought you into his arms without pulling out yet. 
“You’re going to be the death of me one day, little witch,” George mused fondly, stroking a hand down your back as you both caught your breath. 
“Thought you said the way you wanted to go was between my thighs, so this can only be second best,” you replied cheekily, pressing a kiss to his chest. 
He only chuckled, out of witty comebacks for you at the moment, and gently rearranged your bodies. He finally slipped out of you, along with a trail of his cum that left you squirming. It’s not that you didn’t like it when he, or his twin brother, came inside of you, it just wasn’t the most pleasant feeling afterwards. 
“I think I’ll go take a quick shower,” you told him with a sigh, not wanting to get up but you knew you’d be uncomfortable otherwise. 
“I’ll be here when you get back,” George said with a small smile, placing a kiss on your temple before you got up. 
You wandered into the hallway still naked, knowing it was only you and George home at the moment. And even if Fred finally found his way upstairs from the shop, it wasn’t like he had never seen you naked. 
You got ready for your shower in silence, just enjoying the soreness of your muscles that never quite seemed to go away when you had two more than eager twins willing to go at a moment's notice. You had already managed to shampoo and rinse your hair when you heard the bathroom door open. 
“Come for round two?” You asked cheekily, not even bothering to look at who was on the other side of the curtain, assuming it was George. 
“That would imply there was a round one,” you heard call back, making you pause. 
“Oh, so you finally found your way up the stairs,” you commented, poking your head out of the shower to watch Fred as he stripped off the last of his clothing. 
“Didn’t think you two would start without me,” he said back, but held no real malice in his tone. He climbed into the shower and immediately wrapped you in his arms, not even bothering to rinse himself off first.
“Well you know how Georgie gets when he’s ready to go,” you argued lightly, letting yourself relax into Fred’s muscular form. 
He pulled away with a dark chuckle, just enough away that he could wrap one hand under your chin and force you to look up at him. 
“Correct me if I’m wrong darling, but I don’t think it was George this time. I saw you all day, giving us those innocent eyes as if you were trying to hide how fucking desperate you were for it,” he said lowly, his eyes never leaving yours. “I’m sure you begged him to fuck you in that pretty little voice that gets him every time.”
You felt the blood rush to your cheeks, knowing Fred had seen right through you all day. And that was exactly what you had done. You knew getting George alone was a tried and true way to get exactly what you wanted if you begged prettily enough, something that didn’t always work with Fred. And now you felt as if you were about to atone for your sins in this small shower with Fred wielding your punishment. 
“That’s what I thought,” Fred said with a smirk, noting your silence. “Now let’s get you cleaned up, hm?” He asked innocently enough, but there was something mischievous and calculating behind his eyes that you couldn’t place. 
In one swift move, Fred had your back pressed against his chest and the shower head down from the wall. He backed you both up until he was leaning against the opposite wall and your body was resting against his, his erection pressing into your lower back. 
“Fred, wha-,” you wanted to ask at the abrupt change, but he quickly cut you off. 
“I know how much Georgie loves to cum inside of you. Open those pretty legs for me so I can get you all clean,” he explained gently, but you knew it was a command. One that you couldn’t get out of. One that renewed your arousal from earlier. One that, if it weren’t for the water dripping down your body, he’d know exactly how wet it made you when he spoke to you like that. 
You let out a shaky breath but slowly opened your legs to expose yourself. Almost immediately, he held the shower head so close to your clit that a shiver went down your body and a small gasp escaped your mouth. Without even thinking, your hands came up to clutch his forearms. Without that small reprieve, you were sure your legs would collapse from underneath you. 
“Look at you,” Fred mused, and you could feel the rumble of his words through his chest. “Still so fucking desperate for it that a shower head is gonna get you off.” 
“Fred, please,” you gasped through your moan as he repositioned the stream of water to aim directly at your clit. 
“Please, what?” He asked teasingly, his lips brushing against your ear as he spoke. 
“Please fuck me,” You begged shamelessly, not even bothering to control the volume of your voice even if George could hear you. Not that he would mind listening. Better yet, he’d probably come to watch if you were loud enough. 
“I’ll fuck you when I think you’re clean enough,” he told you, masterfully leaving over what he determined as ‘clean enough’. 
Turns out, ‘clean enough’ was about three orgasms later. 
Fred held you against him with ease, working you through three orgasms with just the shower head and his voice. Praises of ‘good girl’ and ‘you’re gonna feel so good around my cock once you’re all cleaned out’ that left you preening under the attention mixed with heated teases of ‘if you had just waited for me I wouldn’t have to clean my dirty girl out’ and ‘you have such a messy little cunt’ that made you blush. No matter what filth fell from his mouth, you were forced that much closer to the edge every time. 
Once the third orgasm rolled through your body, your nails dug into his arm with aimless pleas on your lips for it all to stop. Keeping you close to his body, Fred removed the shower head from your body and put it back in its rightful spot before spinning you around to hold you close. 
“You did so good for me, darling. So fucking pretty falling apart for me like that,” he said quietly, his hands traveling up and down your sides, doing everything in his power to calm your body down from its shaking. 
When you caught your breath, you couldn’t help but notice his erection still pressed against your body. Slowly, you brought your hand up to wrap it around him, a groan easily ripping through him. 
“Think you still have one more for me, darling? I’d love to fuck you stupid,” he asked carefully, unwilling to push your limits at the moment. 
You didn’t even give him a proper answer, just connected your lips with his and adjusted your bodies so your back was now against the wall. He seemed to take it as a ‘yes’, easily hoisting you up without breaking the heated kiss. 
He pulled away from the kiss to rake his eyes up and down your body, fully exposed to him in the position he held you in. “Fuck, look at you, darling. I’m not going to be gentle. Still think you can take it?” He asked teasingly, referring to your swollen sex that his eyes couldn’t seem to leave. 
“Fred, just fuck me,” you half begged, half demanded as you caught him in another kiss, and to your delight he complied. 
The sounds of your bodies colliding together and the groans and moans spilling from both of your lips were echoing around the bathroom, both of you having no problem being loud despite knowing that George was mere feet away in the bedroom waiting for the both of you.
He hadn’t been lying either - he had no intention to be gentle with you. He fucked you furiously, his large cock splitting you open over and over again as he thrust deeply inside of you. His mouth never left yours, even when the kiss was mostly teeth and tongue. You were so sensitive that you felt your body almost immediately meet the edge of your fifth orgasm of the night, and based on the sounds he was making, he was right behind you. 
“So fucking tight. Cum for me, Y/N,” Fred got out in between his own moans, always the vocal one in the bedroom, or rather the bathroom in this instance.  
Your final orgasm ripped through you, your walls fluttering around his cock and milking the orgasm right out of him. His head remained in the crook of your neck as he worked you both through it, his breath ghosting over your neck as the final shock waves went through your body. 
Without many words shared between the pair of you, you both finished your actual shower - Fred washing your body dutifully and dotingly, being as gentle as he could be. He dried you off with the softest towel you owned and brushed and braided your hair for you before scoping your naked form back up in his arms to return you to the bedroom. 
“Finally,” you heard George’s sleepy voice utter, making you giggle into Fred’s neck.
“I’d say sorry for holding your cuddle buddy hostage, but I’m really not,” Fred quipped back, depositing you gently in the middle of the bed before crawling in after you. 
“Doubt she’s sorry either,” George said, his eyes trailing up and down your naked and spent body. “Heard all her pretty little noises from here.” 
Despite your assumption that he heard you, you still blushed at the knowledge that he in fact did. Blushed as if he hadn’t physically seen his twin fuck you countless times before. 
That was the perfect part of dating both of them. Well, one of many.
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The Set Up (George x Hufflepuff!Reader)
author: sj
warnings: fluff, pining, unedited (when do i ever edit lol)
an: thinking about making a part two to this but.. idk 
“Freddy,” George called, he slowed once he caught up with him. “Who was that you were just talking to?”
“Who? When?” Fred asked, puzzled by his brother’s question.
“Girl about yay high, wearing a hufflepuff uniform, (h/c) hair.” George explained.
“Ohhhh… Y/n. Yeah I have transfiguration with her and she’s my partner. What about her?” Fred responded.
“Oh um nothing. I was just wondering.” George rubbed the back of his neck.
George knew exactly who you were. He noticed you in 3rd year originally. He thought you were the sweetest, most awkward Hufflepuff in their year and was completely endeared by you. Now that you were all older, you matured into a beautiful young woman who was kind. You still had a touch of awkwardness but it wasn’t 15 year old awkwardness anymore.
He has been trying to muster up the nerve to talk to you for almost 3 years now and when he saw you talking to Fred, he was a little crushed. Fred was extremely flirty with any girl he deemed worthy that day, not that it was a necessarily bad thing, he just didn’t want you, the precious angel, to be hurt by his non stop flirting.
He wasn’t like his brother, he couldn’t get a date at the drop of a hat. He stuttered when he liked a girl. He hadn’t gone on several dates with several girls in one weekend. He’s had 2 past girlfriends and they both broke up with him because he ‘just wasn’t how they expected him to be’.
He couldn’t think of a way to approach her and now that she knew Fred, how was ever supposed to impress her by being himself. Fred noticed the cogs turning in George’s head and figured it had to do with his Hufflepuff partner.
“Wait, do you like Y/n?” Fred asked George as they walked into the Great Hall to each dinner. George’s cheeks went rosy.
“What?? No… that’s.. no!” George stuttered out, shocked.
Fred gave George a pointed look.
“Well, if you do, you better get it together quick then cause she’s meeting me at our table at dinner to go over our plan for Transfiguration. And don’t worry, don’t worry, she’s not my type. I won’t steal your girl, she’s too…. Nice.” Fred explained, leading them both to their normal spots at the Gryffindor table.
George rolled his eyes, but internally sighed in relief, knowing his twin wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt his feelings.
Sitting down, they started to fill their plates as you walked over and sheepishly waved at them.
“Y/n! Take a seat! Any where you’d like!” Fred said cheerfully, trying his best to make you comfortable.
You grinned and took the seat next to Lee, right across from George, caddy corner to Fred. You started to fill your plate when Lee spoke up.
“No offense,” Lee started with his mouth full, “but what are you doing here?”
You smiled and explained, “I’m partners with Fred in transfiguration and he said we could talk about the project at dinner. Speaking of, I started looking through it and we’re gonna have to put some serious work in. We won’t be able to get started at dinner, much less get it finished in one day.” You said pointed towards Fred.
George, meanwhile was trying his best not to stare at you. He couldn’t look away from your (e/c) eyes and found you to be even more mesmerizing up close.
“Well, I guess you can come to the common room tonight if you would like?” Fred questioned.
“Sure, that would work!”
“Oh dear goodness, please tell me we aren’t adding a girl into our group.” Lee whined jokingly.
“Honestly, I think you could use a voice of reason and who better than a woman with a brain.” The boys chuckled at your comment.
After about 30 minutes of small talk, you headed to your room to grab your materials and the boys headed back to the Gryffindor common room to wait for you.
The boys at on a couch by a fire place and continued their conversation from dinner about a prank they were planning on doing.
“That’s genius Lee!! Come on, we’ve got to go write it down before we forget the details. That’s perfect!” The two boys sprinted toward their room, leaving George sitting, waiting for you.
He wanted to go with them, but would feel awful if when you came to knock on the door, no one was there to answer it and let you in. Just then, a knock sounded on the door.
George stood quickly, and smoothed out his trousers, suddenly very self conscious and nervous that he would have to actually talk to you.
He pushed open the portrait hole to find you standing on the other side with many heavy text books in hand.
“Oh wow, got quite the load there don’t ya.” George chuckled, letting you in.
You immediately recognized him as George, just by the gentle tone he took with you and the slight blush he seemed to always have on the top of his cheek bones. You instantly flushed when you realized that he was the only one waiting for you.
“Um. Fred and Lee got an idea for a prank so they had to go write it down… in the… in the room.” George tripped over his words.
“Oh okay. I’ll just get settled then.” You looked down and started arranging your books on the table.
George noticed your shy behavior and it almost gave him a little kick in the rear to talk to you.
“So, what do you like to do when you aren’t doing school?” He asked, sitting down beside you on the floor at the coffee table.
“Um, I really like to read. I also love nature, though I tend to kill plants if I own them, but I like walks and sitting by the lake.” You smiled, glancing over at him.
“That’s pretty cool. I like reading but Fred never did and since we do everything together I haven’t really ever had time. Ginny likes to read though, or at least she did when she was younger.” George said, leaning a little closer to you as you set out all your books and parchment.
Your eyes lit up with a sparkle that George wished he could take a picture of and carry with him every where he went. “If you ever want to try to take up reading again, let me know! I’ve got so many books you can borrow and depending on what you’re wanting to read.” You smiled at him.
“I would love that! Yeah! That would be great!” He beamed back at you. He held your stare and suddenly the air in the room got thicker. 
Faintly, two sets of feet came thudding down the stairs from the dorms. You quickly looked away, a faint blush coating your cheeks. George smiled from the blush you carried now and his confidence boosted a little higher. It seemed the more he talked to you, the more okay he was becoming with talking to you. 
As Fred walked back into the room, he noticed your pink cheeks avoiding looking up and he glanced to George who was gazing at you like you hung the moon. Fred shook his head. Little did you and George had been trying to set you two up for the last year and it looked like his little plan was working. 
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𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 | 𝑾𝒆𝒆𝒌 𝑶𝒏𝒆
Tumblr media
I’m participating in Kinktober this year! The list I’ll be following is by @the-purity-pen and it can be found here!
For the month of October I will be posting drabbles each day to fill one (sometimes two) of the three prompt options given!
Week One | Oct 1st. - Oct 9th.
Tumblr media
Day 01 | Remus Lupin (Face-Sitting)
Day 02 | Fred & George Weasley (Threesome)
Day 03 | Regulus Black (Hair-Pulling, Ass Worship)
Day 04 | Tom Riddle (Spanking)
Day 05 | Ginny Weasley Uniforms
Day 06 | Regulus Black (Deep Throating)
Day 07 | Tom Riddle (Roleplay, Stripping/Strip Tease)
Day 08 | Cedric Diggory (Cunnilingus)
Day 09 | Sirius Black (Hate/Angry Sex)
Tumblr media
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