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#house of wind
emcads · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝐁𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐃 𝐋𝐔𝐒𝐓.      /        accepting.      ( tw for blood / violence / murder / death / etc ) 
@norringtxn​​​ said :  our  muses  sharing  a  kiss  that  accidentally  draws  blood.
𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐃𝐍'𝐓 𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐓.   The captain didn’t bother asking him any questions on this occasion,   didn’t bother undressing him or dragging him to bed,  that soft and easy and welcome sort of torture.  It was clear from the slam of the cabin doors and the purpose in her step that Doña Pirata’s watch had been nothing short of HELL.  Feathered hat was tossed aside thoughtlessly,  and skidded across the table as she stalked towards him,  curled over one of her few English books in a richly upholstered chair. She wasted no time boarding his lap,  knelt on her knees and leather boots to either side as she ––– for once ––– gazed down at him in seized victory.  Worn fingertips fell to feel the pulse jump at his neck.  Her eyes landed on his lips:  only a momentary warning before she dove in to steal a TASTE of him. 
Pirate slut.  Common whore.   Whispered insults rang like cannon shot in her ear,  and though they hadn’t come from his lips,  they may as well have,  for all he was subject to the SHARPENED POINT of her frustrations.  She gave a low growl,  and what was meant to be an easy nibble at his lower lip became a much fiercer bite  into tender skin.    For another moment she merely sank further into him,  clearer thoughts gradually blurring in the fire and smoke that was JAMES NORRINGTON,    but something pricked at her,  a taste more METALLIC than sea salt and rum.   The captain drew back,   a thumb rising to her lip to wipe the red wetness away.  Shit.   She ought to have been concerned that she had hurt him,  that he had bled for her when no other torture had broke the skin,  but her pulse quickened in a way that she couldn’t explain,  seeing the BLOOD BEAD  there,  knowing that her kiss had been the villain.   Esmeralda gave a breathless exhale and claimed him again,  MORE PASSIONATE still than before.  Her fingers lowered and dug into his shoulders as though to say :    Mine. 
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sepublic · a day ago
Waiting for a new episode that will probably have sad moments be like:
Tumblr media
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crescent-moon-tea · a day ago
Tumblr media
I've had byleth in the student uniform during my golden deer playthrough and she looks so dang c u t e after the sothis infusion
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princesssehunna · 4 days ago
My Manhwa List (2021) Part 7
I sometimes put those that are considered as webtoons in my list ‘cause technically they’re also manhwas >.> hope everyone’s doing okay and get vaccinated when it’s available to you!
The Demonic Contract
Tumblr media
Yurisina, the daughter of the demon king, has always wanted to become a full-fledged demon by making her first contract with a human. That's when Princess Marianne of the Pedin Kingdom summoned her to take revenge on Queen Orphelius who poisoned her, and asks Yurisina to live in her place...
- art = 5/5 top-tier
- plot = ..../5
- the demon contract thing is interesting but I guess that’s exactly why I was like uhmm ??? the following chaps
- it has potential so I'm sticking around though
- ML is a sword maniac literally lmao
- the MC is cute 
- the comedy feels force sometimes or idk if it’s just me 
- the demon kind is awesome that’s all
- and the 2nd ML (?) steals me from the ML every time he appears like how could someone be that beautiful!! Dibs!
- verdict: I got a mixed emotions about it and I’m tempted to just drop and forget it ever existed but the potential is there and it’s getting interesting with the recent chaps. You be the judge!
Like Wind on a Dry Branch
Tumblr media
As plague and turmoil afflicts the empire, enchanting widow Rieta Tristi finds herself at the mercy of a malicious nobleman and his dying wish to have her buried alive beside his corpse. The plague has taken her husband, slave traders have taken her young child, and now her own life is at risk -- until an unexpected visit from the empire's outcast prince changes everything.
- art = 5/5 gorgeous!!
- plot = 5/5
- basically this story is a blessing
- the dialogue, the monologue, the characters, everything everything is perfect
- a gem
- ML is a feminist no doubt
- I love him and I love the MC and I love them all
- the villain/s is/are top-tier! they’re not dumby and they’re just e.v.i.l that it makes you want to crush them so they’re effective
- the MC’s development is a must watch!
- I just love this honestly. It’s a gem.
- Verdict: one of the best reads of my 2021!
The Villainous Princess Wants to Live in a Cookie House  
Tumblr media
I thought I’d been reincarnated as a child from a dirt poor home...
“I’m here to pick up Anastasia, the imperial grandchild, Her Highness!”
...It seems I’ve possessed the body of the princess who, in the ‘original novel’, craved power, only to meet a tragic end.
To demonstrate that I was not interested in power, and to fulfil a dream of being a pâtissier that I could not achieve in my past life, I only baked sweets with the help of a contracted spirit.
You’ll feel better if you eat something delicious, and you won’t have to kill me!
But the harsh and heartless emperor (grandfather), and the Crown Prince (cousin) who will bring me to ruin, as well as the young duke (cousin’s friend) who is the greatest knight in the empire, and even the slave knight (elf) who stabbed me...!
“Your Highness’ lime pie is good.”
...Don’t tell me these people are besotted with me rather than the sweets?
Aisha’s baking & healing fantasy, sweet and lovely like dessert!
- adorkable
- art = 4/5
- plot = 3.5/5
- so very cute!! 
- reincarnation/isekai
- light read (hopefully until the end) for your hearts~
- fam bond!
- S P I R I T S
- verdict, just the right amount of cuteness to my angst filled fam manhwa reads looks at wmmp >.>
I am the Precious Daughter of the Greatest Villain in the Fantasy World
Tumblr media
I thought I was reincarnated as the daughter of a wealthy family, but it turns out I was born as the child of the greatest villain in the fantasy world of martial arts. My father doesn’t care about me, I’m ostracized by the others, and I’ll eventually be murdered as a side antagonist by the male lead, after suffering from my one-sided love.
Even worse, this is a world where the weak are the prey of the strong, conceited antagonists.
So, before it’s late, I need to learn martial arts and escape!
However, there was a fatal flaw in my plan…
Because of my notorious father, there were too many people who sought to end my life.
“Wahhh! Dadda! (Daddy!)”
…Will I ever be able to escape safely?
- art = 4/5
- plot = 3.5/5
- adorkable!
- she’s so cute!
- father-daughter moments are gold!!
- grandpas who will you the world? check
- her power is cool!
- my only errr moments is the pacing >.>
- conclusion, a cute read!
The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Rabbit and the Black Panther
Tumblr media
I was a rabbit shapeshifter who couldn’t even transform into a human by my coming of age ceremony.
My family said that I was just a half and placed me in a basket…
“You’re crying? Go on, cry more.”
I was then picked up by a black panther with a mean personality.
“You’re lacking in stamina. I’ll eat you the day after tomorrow, so keep trying.”
This fierce beast.
Staring at my trembling face, the black panther’s eyes glistened.
“Seems like I just felt thrilled.”
Mom, I think he’s crazy!
To survive a fairly crazy black panther.
“The wild beasts are possessive, no matter what it is.”
….Is it possible?
- art = 5/5 I cry it’s so pretty
- plot = 4.5/5
- they’re so beautiful seriously
- mom in law is the best!
- lmao ML is a sadist and a masochist 
- the pacing is great!
- C O M E D Y
- C U T E N E S S 
- you might be weirded by some scenes tho
- MC’s fam is trash
- everybody adores my lil babie (it’s the mc/fl btw)
- except for the villains
- a good concept!!
- verdict, a new fav!
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awaldosiaday · 6 days ago
i have never once reached across the space between my bed and nightstand to turn on my lamp when i've heard a noise or think i've seen something bc yknow what? i'd rather not know. i'd rather sit in the dark under all my covers and ignore that shit.
#for context i'm watching the conjuring 2#the house we lived in in pa was an old refurbished farmhouse from the late 1800s that sat on the edge of the forest#every floor creaked; it had this tiny ass door in the ground floor closet that lead under the house#there was a unmarked cement crypt in the backyard#this is all setting the tone bc this house was like the perfect setting for a haunting#now i've only ever had two unexplained things ever happen to me and they both happened in that house#the first was when i swear to god above i felt something tug on my foot one night#it wasn't like when you jerk awake or like how you twitch in your sleep#bc i know what that feels like and hand to god it was a tug#the second thing happened when i was home alone#my great dane was just a puppy at the time an we'd been sitting on the couch watching a movie waiting for the rest of my family to come home#now this house also had this very heavy oak front door and it had this heavy duty old turn latch#it waa not a door to be trifled with okay#there was also a newer screen door i. front of it that had a sqeaky hinge so you'd always know when someone'd opened it#anyway we're on the couch when suddenly that turn latch starts jiggling really hard then hard enough that the whole oak door starts shaking#it last probably 40 seconds tops then stopped#i was so scared bc a) we never used the front door b) i hadn't hear the screen door open c) i was alone#and there was no way it was the wind bc that door never moved plus it was not a windy night#i don't believe in the paranormal and i'm sure there're a perfectly reasonable way to those two things#but they were freaky as fuck man#the house never scared me or had bad vibes nor did anything happen outside of those two things so idk man
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la-squadra-esecutie · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
“Why are we budgeting for leather corsets?! <<The Boss already said no!>>”
Finally returning to my Fashion House AU, here is Ghiaccio, a member of the admin staff for La Squadra Collection! He is very vocal about his disagreements with La Squadra decisions, but it comes from a place of care and concern. 💖
I have ideas for the Fashion House AU, and I want to finally actually do something with it. I just need to finish introducing the characters, haha.
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welcome to who is the messiest bitch in pyrithian
each contentant will be rated on 1) their taste for drama 2) their sassy-ness 3) what was their most iconic moment and 4) overall score
the bone carver
for drama solid 5/10. he lives to mess with the ic specifically feyre. i mean I don’t blame him he’s got a lot of time.
sassy 6/10 not blatantly sassy but he does have a lot of attitude.
most iconic moment: showing feyre her literal son before she and rhys were together
overall- i’ll give him 5.7/10
the suriel
drama-def 12/10 he is one messy ass bitch
sass-4/10 I honestly don’t remember if he’s sassy but I think he was more blunt
most iconic moment: obviously telling feyre she and rhys were mates. it was like omg their gonna end up together- HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY’RE MATES
over all 9/10
the house of wind
drama 5/10 pushing nessian together, and we know it loves romance novels so it has to live for the angst and the tea. but the house very much gives me I want my couple with each other and each other only
sass 11/10 the HoW has so much attitude and I love it. not listening to nesta to force her to get better, it has a sense of humor, and taking nestas side over cassian’s
most iconic moment-the house doesn’t have a singular iconic moment but a lot of good little moments
so overall ima say 7/10
azriels shadows
drama 2/10 they just want to go to their mother and that’s it
sass 12/10 these little shits have so much attitude. they literally are like yea I don’t like this bitch so ima piece out. mood. they are definitely the equivalent of a puppy
most iconic moment: most definitely running away from elain and playing with gwyn and in turn making elriels cry. like that was truly iconic of them
overall-6/10 not that messy but do have a lot sass
drama- 8/10 hellion absolutely delights in drama but he doesn’t always initiate it
sass- 10/10 sassy bitch
most iconic moment- coming to the night court on a fucking pegasus and sleeping with mor
drama 6.5/10 he does create a lot but only when it serves him and not just because he can
sass 4/10 he’s witty and manipulative but he doesn’t bring the sass
most iconic moment-working behind berons back to kill him
overall- 4/10 he just doesn’t live for the drama man
drama- 7.5/10 you can’t tell me that he didn’t slightly enjoy being an evil asshole to everyone. bc my mans loves loves loves the drama
sass-5/10 he’s flirty and manipulative but is he sassy? I don’t think so
most iconic moment- steeling feyre from the night court to teach her to read and doing a 180 like oops i’m not evil after all
overall-8/10 rhys loves drama and we just need to accept that
drama-6/10 she causes a lot of drama but just doesn’t live for it
sass 10/10 she will fuck you over with her words
most iconic moment- controversial but definitely telling her sister she was going to die out of spite
overall 7/10
honorable mentions
beron, you were too much of a whiny little bitch so you did not get the chance to compete this year
amarantha, you are a rapist and so while I know you live for the drama you are not nor will you ever be welcome to compete. also you are a little dead
tamlin, you create drama because you are stupid
jurian, I simply did not feel like evaluating you
amren, you excédé the age max for those eligible
feyre, when you destroyed the spring court that was truly iconic but one great moment was sadly not enough to get you into the competition
Ianethe, I will give credit where credit is due you could not step away from the drama if your life depended on it, however I simply do not like you and you are also a rapist
the valkyries and gwynriel as a trio and duo would cause a lot of drama but alas this is not a group event
there you have it folks our three messiest bitches
3. rhysand
2. Hellion
and the one true messiest bitch in the acotar universe for the third year in a row
1. The suriel
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araisanata · 10 days ago
Route-Exclusive Changes: VWAMSS
It's a good idea to put Byleth in power, see why in the following points that only happen in Verdant Wind, Azure Moon, and Silver Snow:
Ground-Breaking Crest Discovery ("Fortunes turned when Byleth discovered a document, hidden away on Linhardt's desk, which provided a ground-breaking discovery.") [Byleth & Linhardt's Ending]
Fodlan & Brigid As One ("Thanks to their efforts, in the distant future, the two lands were eventually as one.") [Byleth & Petra's Ending]
Caring of Orphans ("Relief for orphans in the form of food, beds, and even schooling") [Byleth & Ashe's Ending]
Better International Relations ("Fostering relations between the Church of Seiros, Fódlan, and surrounding regions") [Byleth & Sylvain's Ending]
New Era of Peace ("Fódlan entered a new era of peace") [Byleth & Catherine's Ending]
Better Education ("whose policy proposals led, time and again, to better education and opportunities for the less fortunate.") [Byleth's & Yuri's Ending]
Reforms ("civil and diplomatic reforms owe their origins to his advice.") [Byleth & Yuri's Ending]
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araisanata · 10 days ago
Route-Exclusive Changes: Verdant Wind
And this is part number two of my continuous desire to type shit.
This looks at route exclusive shit that happens in the endings. It includes Byleth and Claude, as they are the only two characters that can provide route exclusive endings.
Probably only going to be Claude though, sorry mate.
Verdant Wind
Defeat of TWSITD ("The ambitions of the Fell King Nemesis were crushed, averting what could have been the greatest crisis in the history of Fódlan.") [Ending Narration]
Social Changes ( "The leaders of this new, unified Fódlan began their walk down a seemingly endless path—one towards a world that would cherish differences in race and belief, one where all life would be valued equally." ) [Ending Narration]
Improved Relationships With Almyra ("He worked to improve relations with Fódlan") [Claude's Solo Ending]
New Trade Routes ( "In addition to establishing new trade routes") [Claude's Solo Ending]
Setting Aside Of Old Prejudices ( "Under his guidance, the peoples of Fódlan and Almyra were finally able to set aside age-old prejudices, and over time, the fallacies of old were all but forgotten.") [Claude's Solo Ending]
Imperial Rebels ("Remnants of the Imperial army joined with those who slither in the dark and marched upon the capital city of Derdriu") [Claude & Byleth's Ending]
A School For Everyone ( "Annette took on a role as headmaster, supporting Claude's dream by opening the doors to students from every corner of the world.") [Claude & Annette's Ending]
Improved Relationships With Brigid & Fodlan & Almyra ("As the monarchs of Brigid and Almyra, Petra and Claude fostered friendly diplomatic relations between the two regions and Fódlan.") [Claude & Petra's Ending]
There are no debated changes, nor other VW-Exclusive changes. It's worth noting, however, that there are a fair amount of changes by having Byleth in a position of power, but we'll get there when we get there.
Alteration of Almyra's Values ("The presence of a Fódlan-born queen for two consecutive generations did much to alter Almyran values.") [Claude & Hilda's Ending]
Protection of orphans ("Protect children who have been orphaned by the war") [Claude & Shamir's Ending] [Thank you Nonnie for adding it 💙]
Also the defeat of TWSITD takes a bit more than just what's shown in game but it's in the endings so.
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