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#irondad fandom

I woke up this morning to see that I had hit a massive milestone in hits on my story. Like, wow! I never thought in a million years that it would get that many hits, let alone in such a short period of time. I wasn’t going to post anything, as I didn’t want to seem like I was bragging, but then I decided that I would, for several reasons:

1. I’m proud of my story. I’m not someone who usually has a whole lot of confidence but I know that. I’m so happy that I took a leap of faith and put my story out there.

2. As a first time Fan fiction writer, I have been overwhelmed with the support, comments and connection I have had with the IronDad fandom. People who have taken their time to comment either on the plot or what they liked about the story. Other writers that I have reached out to when I felt unsure and who came back and helped me, despite my never having talked to them before or been active in the fandom.

3. It has been such a positive experience for me personally to meet new people, and chat about not only writing but life in general, and there are friendships developing from this that I hope will continue once the story is complete.

So thank you to everyone who has been reading! It really has given me a spring in my step every day 😊

Now I’ll shut up and get on with the next chapter… 😆

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Hey all! I’m finally opening up comissions, and here’s everything you need to know!

What I do write: 

I usually write for Irondad, Clintasha, and SteveBucky, but I don’t mind writing other background relationships as well. I will even write for Tomb Raider, if that’s your jam!

  • angst/whump
  • hurt/comfort
  • fluff
  • romance
  • one shots and multichapters 

note: I’m comfortable writing almost every whump prompt imaginable, so if you’re curious, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to talk to you! 

What I don’t write:

  • incest
  • st*rker
  • nsfw/smut

If you’re interested in comissioning something, message me here on tumblr, or through my email ( and I’m sure we can work something out! Prices are rather fluid right now as I’ve never done this before, but you can expect to pay about $5 for 1,500 words. 

Here’s my kofi-account

Here’s my ao3 if you’d like to check out my other writing before making a decision!

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The time is here! These polls will be open from October 12th, 2020 to November 12th, 2020 (unless otherwise extended). If you haven’t heard about this event before, we recommend checking out our page for more info here!

Remember, it’s in the spirit of the awards to nominate other’s works! We’re so excited that you’re participating, and please share this post so that we can have as many people as possible involved <3 

To nominate stories based on tropes, click here.

To nominate other stories/authors, click here.

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Prompt Masterlist

A masterlist full of all the prompts I’ve created! Fandoms include Marvel, Teen Wolf, and Criminal Minds. Feel free to take whatever ya want, as long as you tag me and give credit for the original idea!


  • Possessed - After Hydra fails at brainwashing Bucky, they decide to think outside the box and come up with a new idea; to use new revolutionary technology to bring a two thousand year old psychotic demon that infects Peter on a mission. (Irondad, please PM for more details)
  • Sabotaged - A parody of the Victorious episode “Tori Gets Stuck.” After learning Ned is in the hospital, Peter, seeing as he’s the only one that can give blood, volunteers to do so. However, things get tricky when they’re on a time limit to get to a decathlon competition and Brad also wants to take Peter’s place. (Irondad, Spideychelle, please PM for more details)
  • Chronic - A fluffy hurt/comfort Irondad prompt where Peter suffers from a chronic migraine (due to all of his numerous concussions on patrol) while staying at the tower and Tony helps his spider-son out. (Irondad, maybe a hint of Spideychelle, please PM for more details)
  • Memory Gone, Memory Lost - Takes place mid-FFH. Peter gets amnesia from hitting his head on the giant-ass bell in Far From Home and wakes up in a normal hospital. There, he learns he can’t remember anything since before earning his powers in Civil War, and must figure out how to remaster his powers while still dealing with Brad, Fury, and the danger of the Elementals. (Comedy, mainly focused on Peter/Ned/Michelle friendship, has mentions of Irondad. Please PM for more details)
  • Stained Scarlet - While on a snowboarding trip with the Stark family and his friends, Peter breaks his leg open-fracture style in an accident and seeks comfort from his Irondad and his girlfriend to calm him down and get him through it. (Irondad, Spideychelle. Please PM for more details)
  • Starstruck - a gender-switched role reversal of the classic Disney movie, Starstruck, featuring Spideychelle. (AU with no powers, please PM for more details)
  • The Doctor is in the House - Peter gets minorly sick/injured at the lake house while no one else is around, so Morgan embraces her inner doctor and takes matters into her own hands and takes care of her brother until someone gets back. However, Morgan’s “treatment” mainly consists of watching Peter sleep and giving him juice pops and soup. (Brother-Sister fic, with hints of Irondad at the end. Please PM for more details)
  • Birthday Blues - a parody of the classic Disney short Frozen Fever, where Peter wants to show Michelle how much she means to him for her birthday, but ends up getting sick with the flu the day of instead. (Spideychelle, please PM for more details)
  • Blizzarded In - In which Peter gets majorly sick/hurt and is trapped inside the lake house with Ned, MJ, and Morgan during a blizzard. When Peter starts to deteriorate, though, his friends have to get him help before the worst-case scenario takes place. (Peter/Ned/Michelle friendship, ft. them babysitting Morgan, hints of Tony/Irondad throughout. Please PM for more details)
  • Misery - A psychological thriller that focuses on Peter’s demons and him being locked up in The Raft, while awaiting the trial following Mysterio and his identity reveal to the world. (Post-FFH, Irondad, inspired by Frozen’s broadway song “Monster.” Please PM for more details)
  • The Eye of Envy - Peter gets particularly jealous after seeing Michelle and Brad together one day and ends up accidentally falling down the stairs on his way to class later on. Fortunately, he’s not hurt, but after remembering that Michelle and Brad are lab partners next class, which will give them more time to bond, he fakes a concussion in order to get her to stay with him a little longer. (Spideychelle, ft. Peter’s bad acting skills, pre-FFH but after Endgame. Please PM for more details)
  • Little Orphan Boy - an Annie parody in which Tony is running for mayor and takes Peter in, under the orders of Stane and with permission from Peter’s aunt May, after he saves the boy (or doesn’t and instead brings him to the hospital) from getting hit by a car to further his fanbase and reputation. Along the way, he learns to actually care for the boy, but things go south when Peter goes missing one fateful day after a field trip to Oscorp Industries. (AU, Irondad, please PM for more details)
  • Blackout - Peter faints one day after FFH in decathlon practice, but everyone panics and freaks out now because he’s different and they don’t know how to treat him or what the protocol for it is. (Possible Irondad, Spideychelle, please PM for more details)
  • Phantom - Peter gets his limb(s) crushed after the warehouse battle with Toomes in Homecoming, and ends up having to have it amputated. (Irondad, ft. guilty Tony, please PM for more details)
  • Who Are You (To Me?) - Peter’s parents got into a plane crash when he was three and were reported as presumed dead, since no remains of them or their bodies were ever found. Now, after 12-13 years later, they’re finally found! But Tony doesn’t completely trust them, and won’t until they prove that they love and know Peter as a son, just as much as Tony does. (AU, Irondad, please PM for more details)
  • Honey, I Killed the Kid! - Peter dies on Titan at the hands of Thanos and, because he can’t just leave his body there, Tony brings him home and plans to coordinate with May so they can plan the funeral. However, upon his return, rumours spread and Tony is deemed insane and wrongly arrested for the murder of Peter Parker.
  • How To Befriend Your Enemy - A parody of the first HTTYD film in which Peter wishes to prove to his dad that he’s worthy and strong enough to go on Avenger missions, despite what him and the rest of his team thinks. (AU, Irondad, please PM for more details)
  • Bounty - While on patrol, Peter learns the news that bounty hunters have been sent to kill him. Upon hearing this, Tony tries to keep his son safe, but it all goes awry when Peter escapes from the tower so he can’t endanger anyone else.

Teen Wolf

  • The Aftermath - After Scott’s attempt in Motel California, the gang decides to sleep in the bus, but Stiles and Allison decide to pull an all-nighter to keep an eye on Scott. As a result, they end up talking about him and have a meaningful moment. (Stiles/Allison friendship, please PM for more details)
  • Twistin’ the Night Away - A twist on the first episode where everything is the same, but Scott is too hurt after getting bit by the Alpha, so Stiles calls his dad and Sheriff Stilinski decides to be a responsible adult and takes them to a hospital. (Sciles friendship, minor AU, please PM for more details)
  • I’ll Hate You (Long After You’re Gone) - Instead of going to Melissa, Rafael goes to Stiles and tells him to tell Scott that he needs to put more effort into their relationship, or else he’ll leave again. Stiles, though, is enraged by this, and tells him that Scott has never needed him, never missed him, doesn’t owe him anything, and will be fine if he leaves because he was never around anyway and Stiles has been more of a dad to him than his actual father ever will be anyway. (Sciles friendship, please PM for more details)
  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf - Because he’s still feeling guilty, Scott’s wound doesn’t heal, even after Allison stitches it up in Frayed, so Stiles is forced to tell Coach that there are werewolves in Beacon Hills, and that Scott is one of them, and that they need to get him to a hospital as soon as possible. (AU, Sciles friendship, please PM me for more details)
  • Let Me Be (This is the Most I’ve Felt Free) - After hitting his head, Scott wakes up with amnesia. He doesn’t remember he’s a werewolf, so everything is good for him and Stiles for a while, but Scott must figure out a way to remember again when his leadership is needed. (Sciles friendship, hint of comedy. Takes please in Season 4 and ft. a concerned Derek Hale. Please PM for more details)

Criminal Minds

  • The World is a Rainbow - In which Spencer is still addicted to dilaudid, but it doesn’t have much affect on him and doesn’t do anything besides make him see the world in difference colours. Unfortunately, the team still finds out, anyway. (Comedy treated seriously, please PM for more details)
  • You Don’t Think I Can? (Let Me Show You Who I Am) - Upon taking on a case about murders that may have been committed by a Satanic cult in Costa Rica, the team travels there and Spencer ends up getting bitten by a spider that causes intense memory loss and transforms his entire personality into a brave, badass risk-taker who doesn’t listen or take “no” from anyone. Still able to keep working, he continues the case with the team, but things take a twisted turn when he and Morgan end up kidnapped by the cult and they have to work together to bring them down and get themselves out. (Semi-comedy treated seriously, Moreid friendship. Mid season three, please PM for more details)
  • Searching - In which Spencer is literally dropped off at the BAU as a baby, so Hotch and Rossi decide to take in the kid and co-parent him together! Eventually, Spencer grows up surrounded by the BAU and, when he’s older, decides to go find his real, biological parents. (Hotch/Rossi/Spencer family-friendship. AU, please PM for more details)
  • Hunted - After being targeted with death threats and “accidents” meant to kill him, Hotch forces him into protective custody while he and the team work to figure out who placed a bounty upon the young agent’s head. (Hotch/Spencer father-son relationship, post Season 3, please PM for more details)
  • The Good Neighbour - Spencer’s neighbour goes on vacation and he offers to take care of their cat until they get back. But, due to his unreliable schedule and having to leave at the most unlikely times, he decides to bring the cat with him when he and the team have to take on a case. (Spencer-centric, please PM for more details)

More to be added!

Click here for my masterlist of my written works.

Tagging: @spidey-reids-2003 @fancyxparker @calltothewild @little-loonyluna @the-panwitch @jaybaybay-01 @thespydersargon @snowflakepatterson @goldenavenger02 @londonspidey @lostintranslaation @marvelous-writer @i-only-speak-in-vines @jelly-pies @crimefightingironspider @sketchibilitea @nexparker @big-galaxy-chaos @joyful-soul-collector @merlinfreya27

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For anyone who’s stil curious, or for anyone who hasn’t seen our other posts on this topic, we’d like to explain more in depth how the nominations and award system will work. 

Nominations themselves are rather clear: you send in a story (or multiple!) through one of our two nomination forms, depending on which category you’re nominating for. After that, there will be a second set of forms for you to choose stories from that will decide the top nominees. 

Each trope category will have 4-5 top nominees (or more) depending on how many stories are nominated in each. The other categories will have as many as ten (if not more) top nominees in them. Another important distinction: there will be no places. There’s no 1st place, 2nd place, etc. The order in which people are listed is not indicative of their votes and/or place. 

Please remember to be kind throughout this event, and also remember that this is to spread some joy through the holiday season! (P.s., we will be using the tag “irondad fandom awards” on all of our posts.)

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With only three days until nominations, we figured this was the perfect time to not only announce the nomination categories, but to also answer a concern that might pop up during this event.

First, I’m sure many of you might be worried that the same popular people are going to win all the awards. Not only have we planned for this (which will be explained below), but you need to remember; you guys are the voters! All of you are responsible for who wins or who doesn’t (because there’s no losers here). 

Second, we have tons of categories open to nominations! This means two things; the same ten people can’t win everything, and that we will need lots of participants! We want to make this a fandom wide event, so please make sure to spread the word through reblogs or by telling people you know!

The nomination categories will be posted under the cut!

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This is my very first attempt at writing something. Irondad gives me comfort, so i started with it. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.

happy reading.  

*It’s been seven months after the civil war and the Rogues are coming back to the tower. Tony has tried his best to keep Peter away from what happened in Siberia and thinks he has succeeded. He really hasn’t. Peter knows everything. He’s talked to Rhodey about it.

*It’s Tuesday morning and Peter, Tony and Rhodey are having breakfast in the kitchen. "Boss, the Rogues have entered the tower. They are at the reception and are asking to be sent upstairs", FRIDAY suddenly alerts Tony. He almost drops the coffee cup before giving FRIDAY the permission to let them upstairs.
Peter just looks at Tony and smiles but tenses his shoulders a little defensively.
Rhodey manages to keep a blank face. The elevator dings and the three go out to the living room.
“Stark.”, Captain America greets as he comes out of the elevator. “Captain.”, Tony nods.

*So far so good. 

“Welcome back.” They all turn to look at where Rhodey is standing with Peter. “Thank you, Colonel.”
“Who’s the kid?”, Natasha asks.
“Oh that’s Peter, my intern” Tony says.
Peter sees the slight raise in Steve’s and Natasha’s eyebrows.
“Mr. Stark, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything” he informs Tony.
“Sure, kid.”

*Peter puts on his earphones as he walks back and settles on his chair. He really doesn’t want to hear anything that’s going to go down and get angry. He trusts Rhodey to handle it. However, he starts to worry a little when he hears loud voices.
“I have said this before and I’ll say it again. Take away the suit and what are you Tony?” He hears the Captain say.
There is a sharp intake of breath from Mr. Stark. His answering volume goes on decreasing till he finishes the sentence, “Genius,Billionaire, Philanthropist and a Father”.

*Peter almost falls down the chair. He goes outside. He ignores the Rogues because this is important. Mr. Stark has a child and he didn’t know about it. He thought they were there now, “You are someone’s father, Mr. Stark?” His voice dangerously quivers. Tony rubs his forehead. He forgot about the super hearing,“Yes kid. I think I am.” he sighs. “Who is it? Why haven’t I met your child yet, Mr. Stark?”
Rhodey rolls his eyes, “He literally called you kid, Peter. For someone who can solve MIT level calculus, it shouldn’t be that difficult to connect the dots.” Tony glares at Rhodey, “Don’t make fun of the kid, Platypus.” He looks at Peter and sighs. “Kid, I don’t have a child. Well, not biologically at least. However, according to my Honeybear here, there is a certain mentee that brings out my fatherhood. Hence ‘father’. But you can call me his father figure.”

*Peter is jealous. Oh so jealous, “Who is it? I thought I was your only mentee. I thought you only mentored me.” He all but shouts. Tony laughs. “Seriously kid? You can’t tell? You still don’t understand?” Peter shakes his head. Fists balled and stuffed in the hoodie. Tony’s hoodie. Tony sighs. “I am talking about you, Peter. You are my mentee that Rhodey thinks brings out the father in me. I think I am your father figure.” It finally hits him. Peter smiles. And now  he can’t stop smiling. “Wow. Mr. Stark. Umm. I don’t- Wow. Yeah. Okay. What? This is- erm- okay, Wow.” Peter breathes out. "You have said wow 3 times now, kid. Is it that unbelievable?“ "No. It’s just- I thought it was only me who thought that and I was afraid to say anything about it, but I really do think of you as my Dad, Mr. Stark.” He realizes what he said, “I- I mean father figure. Yeah. I meant father figure. Haha. I don’t know why I said dad. I am so sorry, Mr. Stark. Please don’t tell anyone I called you dad. Oh my god. This is so embarrassing. What is wrong with me.” He fumbles to correct himself.

Steve clears his throat.

Peter resembles a tomato. He had completely forgotten about them. Tony feels bad for the kid. He is still trying to recover from the ‘dad’ thing and goes towards Peter to hug him. “We will talk about this later, Pete. I think you are late for school. Happy will bring you back to the lab after and we will talk about this.” he says in his hair and then kisses his forehead. Peter chokes on a goodbye and all but sprints out of the lab. He can’t keep the grin off of his face.

“Goodbye, Peter”. He hears FRIDAY say as he leaves the elevator.
Peter is happy.

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Happy FFWF!

When I started writing online I wrote Star Wars Rebels fanfiction but I’m currently in the Irondad fandom and it’s been so much fun! The community is so active and friendly, and I’ve made a lot of friends here that I didn’t have before! Also there’s a ton of events that people get involved in (like this one!) that keeps it fun and interesting! :D

There’s not really any other fandom that I want to write for in like, a dedicated way, but I have been tempted to make an Umbrella Academy one shot because I want my boy Fives to get a proper hug damnit! I’m not really sure how to get into that fandom though (what tags they use, how to search for fics under their tags etc.), so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks so much for the ask and I hope you have a great day!


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Omg you are so sweet bdsjsnsbss 🥺 thank you so much!!

I’m so happy that you enjoyed it, it means so much to me when I’m able to reach people through writing, and comments like these are honestly the biggest motivator 💛 I’m super glad that you liked the ending—I usually suck at knowing when to end things haha

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by cold_nights_summer_days for @hold-our-destiny

rating: creator chose not to use archive warnings

relationships: Peter Parker and Tony Stark, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Original Female Characters, Happy Hogan

summary: Written for The Friendly Neighborhood Exchange using the prompt “homeless peter meets tony and they bond.”


Peter panicked and glanced around for a different escape route. A dark alley caught his eye, but before he could veer into it, he felt himself collide with something solid and warm. A person. Both of them went sprawling to the ground. The gritty sidewalk cut into Peter’s palms and knees painfully, and his shoulder didn’t feel too hot either, but he was more concerned about his backpack, which had skidded forwards a few feet.

He scrambled up, ignoring the stinging in his hands. The backpack. He had to get the backpack. That was all he had, everything he owned was in that ratty backpack. Before he could get his hands on it, though, he was stopped by the stranger he’d collided with. Guilt twisted in Peter’s gut; he hadn’t even thought to apologize. Three months on the street and he’d already forgotten everything his parents had taught him.


read on ao3

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