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#magpi art

I’ve gone slightly crazy while blocking this animation for a second time. Don’t break rigs, kids #animation #maya

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gonna try uploading more of my traditional stuff here since i’ve been sketching a lot lately and i’m really really happy with my traditional sketches lately… anyways here’s some oc stuff

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So I got this opportunity to do an art trade w/ @raygirlramblings ! Drew her character Magpie for my part!
This little guy gives me big Rayman 1 vibes for some odd reason and honestly, wholesome 🥺🥺
Like gfdscfg look at this baby!!! Mwah ✨

Hope you like it, though!
It may have taken a while since I went through a period of motivation-loss, but also style experiment, but I’d say I’m pretty proud of this piece 👀

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Inktober # 12 - Nimble  


Colour Ink on brown paper, A4, Typography done in InDesign.


From @bluebellofbakerstreet’s prompt list for Inktober.

This is a gift work for @7-percent and an illustration for her Magpie-Series. The text in the background is an excerpt from Part 1: One For Sorrow, Chapter 2.  

Do not post this on other sites/social media or use in any other way without my written permission.

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