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Mothra Figure

I finished 3D printing the wings but forgot the details of veins near the eye spots (I had two models to look at and a bunch of references but I still missed it). Thankfully plastic wood takes care of those little details and I really do like the texture it provides to the model. I’m just waiting on my large tracing paper to come so I can transfer the details from a previously painting wing onto the new ones (you can see the unfinished piece in the background of the back shot).

A few coats of paint and some finishing detail work and I’m pretty much done with the body (thank goodness for an awesome clear coat). I’m really digging the colors of the model and the contrast between the dark brown and the white against the face.

Overall the wings are a little above 2ft wide and still somewhat heavy (this is probably the fourth iteration of wings and at 25% fill (still forgot the veins D;)). I’m going to model and print a dedicated stand for this bad girl since the weight overall means the limbs can not support it.

I’m pretty happy with this prototype :D

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