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Apparently one of my sister’s friends is a half-alien by way of her non-existant stepfather. This is according to her younger brother, at around 10PM last Friday night, for those who want context. And we were practicing social distancing, for your information. My sister and his sister went golfing, apparently that’s social distancing.

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~Sexypink~ My work has explored the issue of Police  Brutality for a very long time.  This has included honoring the Police for what they do in society. I am presently halfway through working on embroidery on canvas where I observe the system of that brutality as it relates to children. I shall continue  embroidering these pieces as long as the systems continue. At momentous times such as these, Art that depicts or records this reality, matters more than ever.

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social distancing is fucking with my head. i wouldn’t ever think of online dating and here i am counting days till i am officially old enough to open a tinder account. i’m just so fucking lonely.

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‘Petticoat Dress’ by Multiply

The Petticoat dress is the perfect outfit to maintain strong and safe social activities with fun, style and comfort during the sanitary crisis. 

Alone or with friends and family, the question is no longer about keeping distance between you and others. 

Free your mind, the dress will keep you at bay… Keep your hands clean and the virus will stay away.

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我發現好多朋友因為長期Social Distancing而變得有點「社交障礙」,唔想見人唔想聚會唔想傾計……



文地換衫公仔書:《The Mandycat’s Wardrobe》

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