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#thunder science

Thorbruce Frozen au where Thor is Anna even though he’s the older brother and Loki is Elsa even though he’s the younger brother. Bruce is Kristoff. 

Bruce falls in love with Thor’s bubbly personality along their adventure. Thor tries to talk to Loki but he gets scared and accidentally freezes Thor’s heart. Thor saves both himself and his brother when he stops Loki from getting killed, breaking the curse with an act of true love. 

Even though things are great, Loki starts hearing a voice so he and Thor and Bruce go on another adventure where Loki finds out about the source of his ice magic and decides to stay to protect the land while Thor becomes the king. The two brothers become the bridge between the kingdom and the magic lands because “a bridge has two sides and father had two sons.”

Bruce proposes after days of trying to find the right moment, and of course Thor says yes!! 

And everyone lives happily ever after. 

(Thor*ki shippers DNI) 

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13. Detective AU + 70. Locked in a Room 

My otp is thunder science, and I would combine these two AUs by having Thor and Bruce be a detective duo, like Sherlock and John, and when they’re investigating a case they get trapped in a room and they can’t escape so thinking that they’re both going to die they confess their love for eachother. 

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Why are there no fics of Bruce and Thor raising a toddler? Like Bruce being the one who freaks out the first time she scrapes her knee and Thor being calm and rational about it. Thor play sword fighting with her and Bruce getting her a little scientist kit and setting up a little lab for her because she wants to be like daddy. Like think of all the cuteness.

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(A.N: A thorbruce fluff fic? With minimal angst? Who am I anymore. This is based around age of Ultron and the jacket Thor has there, just a small idea I had and wanted to turn into a fic! Fear not, angst lovers, because I promise my next fic will be back to our regularly scheduled whump)

It started with a news station.

Tony had warned him, of course. They all had, in their own ways. They’d all told him about the differences between Asgard and Midgard, taken him through how things worked so he could at least function the rare times he made public appearances outside of battle. Told him what sort of thing he could say to reporters, and the things to steer clear from. And he was generally pretty good at that, or at least he thought he was. He could smile for cameras (it wasn’t that different from posing for royal portraits, really. In fact it was a lot less tedious and a lot less time), he could give brief explanations on battle strategies, and he required no tutoring in the art of waxing lyrical about his fellow avengers. People even found his odd manner of speaking endearing, apparently. It certainly made them smile at least, and if that was the case then he’d be happy to continue doing it. If he was being honest, that particular issue helped him, too- it was so much easier to appear confident and strong when his vocabulary was long and eloquent. People just assumed he was smart and otherworldly, all because he threw in a few ‘thou’s’ and 'art’s’.

He still felt odd, sometimes. Strange, out of place in a way that had never been the case on Asgard. Standing alongside his fellow avengers, the differences between them were glaringly obvious to him. But, people smiled. People liked him.

At least, that’s what he’d thought.

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So, we all love Thorbruce beauty and the beast au, but…

(a.n: so I have no idea what this is but I had his rattling round in my brain and thought I’d try my hand at a bullet fic! A more full length one is coming soon, but for now, here’s some random drabble I had)

  • How about a sleeping beauty au?
  • Where the Statesman is slowly travelling back to earth, Thor is taking his position as king and trying to lead his people, Valkyrie is dealing with being back in Asgard after so long on Sakaar, Loki is finding his family again, and Bruce is coming to terms with the hulk having his own life as well as being stuck in space
  • Over the course of the journey, Thor and Bruce start getting closer. It starts with Bruce helping Thor out in difficult meetings of government, and their friendship is built even more, up to the point where Thor’s hand brushing against Bruce’s as they navigate the stars makes Bruce really start to wonder if that’s all he wants
  • Meanwhile Thor, who’s never had cause to be bashful before, is struggling with these newfound feelings of unworthiness
  • Why would someone as brilliant as Bruce want a relationship with someone like him? What could be possibly offer? Could he even handle the responsibilities on top of being a king?
  • But, as is the law in all thorbruce fics, these two lovesick idiots eventually find solace in eachother, and things are good. For a while.
  • Until Bruce starts seeing cracks in Thor’s normally unbreakable mask of optimism.
  • Until the stress and unresolved trauma starts to take its toll in forms of outbursts of lightning, and moments where everything seems so fragile and close to breaking
  • It’s after a bout of nightmares that Bruce finally resolves to talk this over with Thor, staring down at his thunder god when he finally got back to sleep, brushing tears away from Thor’s good eye.
  • The next day, Thors off on his duties as per the usual, when things start to feel…wrong.
  • He can’t focus on anything, the voices of his people seem so far away yet so unbearably close, and although he’s walked the halls of the Statesman many times he finds himself lost, the long corridors twisting and turning in front of him.
  • His knees buckle from underneath him as his mind finally gives in to his bodies pleas for rest
  • And that’s where they find him; Bruce, Valkyrie, and Loki, following Heimdalls directions to the engine room where Thor is sprawled out on the floor, unconscious.
  • Bruce already knows something’s wrong. Thor never slept still, he was always moving or twitching or mumbling or something, anything except for his terrifying stillness.
  • They get him to the medics, and that’s all they really can do. Valkyrie and Heimdall take turns in taking the wheel of government, and Bruce tries to help out where he can in figuring out just what the hell is wrong.
  • Loki has this awful look of pained familiarity on his face, like he’s seen this all before, and Bruce decides to take him up on it
  • “The Odinsleep.” Loki mutters, staring at his brothers unconscious form huddled on the medical cot, as if realising for the first time just how fragile things where. “it’s called the Odinsleep.”
  • Asgard has to move on. They have to survive. But the journey is just made all that much tougher with the thought of Thor laying somewhere while they moved through the stars.
  • Bruce finds himself counting out constellations, remembering the nights when they’d stay up together watching the universe move by.
  • Eventually, they reach Earth, and Thor still isn’t awake. The Asgardians find shelter, but Thor still isn’t awake. They finally have a place, a home, but Thor still isn’t awake.
  • After a few more weeks, an ultimatum is reached. They need him awake, Asgard needs a leader. And if earth doesn’t have the technology they have to look elsewhere. Heimdall offers to take one of the smaller ships, to find help, to find someone who can breathe life back into their king.
  • Bruce doesn’t know if he’ll see Thor again. The Odinsleep (or, he guessed, Thorsleep?) can apparently last for years.
  • With some prompting from Stark, who’d been trying to set those two up for god knows how long, Bruce wants to say his goodbyes. Just in case.
  • He clambers onto the ship, brushing back some hair from Thor’s forehead, and tells him everything he was too afraid to say. Things Thor has heard before, and things he hasn’t. Bruce Banner was not trusting by nature, but he had to give him something. If he could even hear him.
  • He talks until his voice cracks and he feels tears at his eyes, and finally presses a kiss onto Thor’s forehead in one gesture that seems so painfully final.
  • He’s about to leave, when he hears a voice. Deep, confused, and rough with sleep, Thor’s words take a while to reach his ears.
  • “Bruce?” He makes an attempt to sit up, but is pushed quickly back down by Bruce who is wondering if any of this is actually happening.
  • Thor’s hands find his face, the rough pads of his thumbs, calloused by war making a clumsy attempt to wipe away tears that Bruce can’t seem to stop.
  • “I’m here. It’s alright. I’m here.”
  • The reunions are tearful and plentiful, and it takes all of Bruce’s willpower to remind the hulk not to hug Thor too hard, but he says so with a small smile on his face.
  • One night, weeks after, he and Thor are sitting on the roof of a spaceship, watching the stars pass over earth.
  • Thor turns to him, the subtle movement of shoulders beneath the blankets catching his attention.
  • “Did you mean what you said? When you told me you loved me?”
  • Bruce glances at him, taking a shaking breath, preparing for rejection or something to go wrong.
  • “I did. And I still do. But I understand if you don-”
  • Bruce doesn’t get far into the sentence before he’s wrapped in a crushing hug, and having kisses peppered over his face.
  • The sun rises, and the world seems that much brighter.
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Angsty headcannon time

  • So, Thor doesn’t talk much about what happened on Nivadellir, he and rocket are pretty much the only ones who know about it
  • Of course he doesn’t want his friends to worry, especially after half the universe was lost in the snap, and they don’t ask so he doesn’t tell
  • But one day when Bruce goes in for a hug, Thor can’t help but wince at the slight contact with his still bruised skin
  • And of course that raises red flags for Bruce, the self proclaimed Master Of Hiding Emotions™
  • After hours of pestering him about it, Thor finally tells him what happened, about how he took the full force of a dying star and actually died for a minute or so, and was only saved by Groot’s clever thinking
  • And Bruce wants so badly to help, because Thor has always used physical affection to express his feelings, but the pain he’s feeling has kind of barred him from that
  • Things get better after Bruce finally talks Thor into removing his armour in exchange for a more comfortable hoodie and t shirt
  • Although it’s only after a long and painful process and a lot of blood and tears, but it gets sorted
  • Basically Bruce helping Thor through the healing process and eventually getting to the point where he can finally hug his boyfriend again after weeks of Asgardian healing
  • And you can bet that Bruce is supportive as hell, being so gentle about holding Thor when they’re in bed together so he doesn’t get hurt
  • Just ….Thor being vulnerable in front of Bruce guys
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yet another proposal fic - thorbruce

“babe, don’t be mad.”


“baby boy?”

thor swivelled his head and pointed his chopsticks at bruce, “that’s not fair.”

“stop being grumpy, it was just one episode and you were in new asgard-”

thor scoffed, “just one episode?! these episodes are 50 minutes! you have 50 minutes more knowledge than me!”

bruce groaned and set his takeout down on the table to turn and face thor.

“it wasn’t even that good of an epi-”

thor’s hands flung to his ears, “no! that’s a spoiler! you’re already spoiling things!”

“jesus christ” bruce whispered, grabbing thor’s arms and pulling them away from his ears.

“hey, i won’t say anything. let’s just watch the episode, yeah?” bruce pleaded, handing thor the remote.

thor took the remote but pulled his arms out of bruce’s grip.

“it’s not the same” he mumbled.

bruce just rolled his eyes and settled down on the other side of the sofa.

after about 20 minutes bruce started to become painfully aware of thor’s presents only a few inches away from him and began to itch for his touch.

he looked over to thor, who kept his eyes trained in the screen and shuffled closer, expecting him to lift his arm like he usually does to allowing bruce to cuddle into his side. his arms stayed crossed.

bruce sighed and moved closer, pressing his shoulder against thor’s.


no response.


still nothing.

bruce’s head dropped to thor’s stiff shoulder, placing a kiss there. he brushed his lips further up and kissed the spot where thor’s shoulder meets his neck. thor shifted slightly and rolled his shoulders. bruce smirked and this time placed a long, open mouthed kiss on thor’s neck.

“okay okay” thor chuckled, poking bruce in the side, “your beard is tickling my neck.”

bruce smiled as he felt thor’s arm curl round his waist, “am i forgiven?”

thor pretended to ponder for a moment, “hmmm, no. i’m just cuddling you because you’re warm, nothing romantic about it.”

“hey!” bruce jabbed thor in the chest, “what do i have to do to make it up to you?”

thor shrugged and shook his head, “i don’t know bruce, you hurt me pretty badly…”

“c'mon i’ll do anything!” bruce flung and leg over thor’s lap and leaned in to kiss him. thor’s arms wrapped around bruce’s middle as he pulled him down to meet his lips.

“well,” he started once they had separated, “you could marry me.”

bruce went stiff.

“w-what?” he whispered, looking at thor in shock.

thor giggled; ableit nervously, and pulled a small velvet box from his pocket.

“you said you’d do anything”, thor said, opening the box to reveal a silver band, with an engraving in old norse that bruce couldn’t quite translate, “it says ‘my star’”

bruce’s wide eyes dropped from thor’s face to the ring, and his eyes began to fill with tears, “oh my god”.

“this isn’t exactly how i planned to do it, i just love you so much and i know in this moment that i want to spend the rest of my life with yo-”

bruce cut thor off by grabbing his face and pulling him into a deep kiss. thor’s arm tightened around bruce’s waist as he felt the tears slip from bruce’s eyes down his cheeks.

bruce pulled away and sniffled, “yes. oh my god yes. yes yes yes.”

thor’s grin stretched wide across his face, “i love you. so so much.” he said, his own eyes becoming damp.

“i love you” bruce replied, holding out his left hand for thor to slip the ring on.

“i have lived thousands of years, bruce. but now i feel like my life is finally beginning.”

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Oh my gosh for the send me a ship thing could you do either Thor x Bruce or Thor x Starlord? (Sorry I don’t know the ships names but I just really love those ships now.) and if you don’t really do marvel then never mind, thanks

Hon’, Marvel is the majority of what I write.


Thor x Bruce (Thunder Science/Gamma Hammer from what I could find? I don’t like either, tbh. <D)

  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Thor
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Both (Guilty pleasure)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Thor
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Bruce (Bruce gets both; Thor doesn’t get jealous)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Thor (He’s still learning; plus his entire family has the “too much” gene)
  • Cries over books: Bruce
  • Is terrible with kids: Bruce (How much some of them like the Hulk worries him; that and he just has n o  i d e a what he’s d o i n g)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Bruce 
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Bruce when he’s sleepy; Thor because he can’t decide which pair he likes better so he wears one of each
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Bruce (rarely but it’s happened; Thor used to, but now wouldn’t want to hurt the other possible Groots after meeting youngun Groot)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Bruce (when he’s extremely tired/not awake yet; Thor tried to have conversations with it before figuring out what it was)


  • Insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: Both (Peter’s not bad but… he’s not exactly good either <D)
  • Likes to watch reality tv: Thor (Peter thinks it’s all nonsense)
  • Refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Peter
  • Is the jealous / protective one: Peter (Again, Thor doesn’t get jealous; you bet your ass Peter does though)
  • Goes all out on the holidays: Both of them but for completely different reasons
  • Cries over books: Peter
  • Is terrible with kids: Thor (Not necessarily bad but definitely not as good as Peter)
  • Drinks too much caffeine: Neither
  • Could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Both
  • Never wears matching socks: Both (Peter has never had a matching pair of socks in his l i f e)
  • Punches a tree when they’re angry: Peter but he has to be really mad to do so (Both don’t want to hurt any other possible Groots and Peter would never hit Groot himself)
  • Gets scared by the toaster: Peter
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136 for the Drabble challenge??

(I’m assuming you wanted thruce for this)

(Also I changed the prompt a teeny tiny bit to better fit the situation, hope that’s not cheating!)

136. “You had a nightmare, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Thor’s throat hurt like hell. His muscles ached just as badly. He’d been treading water for hours, now, or at least it seemed like hours. A storm raged above him. Whether it was his doing or not, he couldn’t tell. All he was focused on was the limp figure about twenty feet away from him. Again, Thor screamed the person’s name.


Loki didn’t reply. His body was limp. He didn’t seem to be awake. How that could be, Thor had no idea, what with the booming crashes of thunder and choppy waves. Thor started towards Loki again, but the more he swam, the further away Loki seemed to get. He’d been caught in this loop for hours, now. Swim with all his might, only for his brother to stay the same length away.


Thor gasped for air and accidentally swallowed a mouthful of bitter seawater. He hacked and coughed, kicking his legs in an attempt to stay above the surface of the raging waves.


Thor frowned and looked around. That wasn’t Loki’s voice. Had he imagined that?


No, there it was again, clearer this time. Yet, no one was in the ocean except for the two brothers. Who was that?


Thor bolted upright, panting heavily. Beads of water ran down his forehead. For a moment, he thought it was the seawater, until he realized it was only sweat. Someone put their hand on his arm and he jerked their head towards them.

“Thor,” Bruce breathed, gently rubbing his arm.

“Bruce,” he muttered, slowly starting to calm down. He was home, in bed, with his boyfriend. No ocean. No storm. And…no Loki.


Thor blinked and turned to Bruce. Had he been talking? For how long? “What?”

“I asked what your nightmare was about,” Bruce said softly. “You were shaking…”

“It was…nothing,” he shook his head. “Just…silly visions of, um, monsters and such.”

Bruce gave him a look. “You’re really not good at lying, y’know.”

“Lying? Who’s lying?” Thor asked, still breathless from the dream. When Bruce kept his unamused expression, he sighed and tossed the sheets off him. He felt like he’d just run a–what did Midgardians call it? A maritime? No, that wasn’t right. Marathon.

“Honey,” Bruce’s warning tone pulled him out of his thoughts. Oh, no. Honey. He used honey on him.

“Yes?” Thor asked, defeated.

“You had a nightmare,” he murmured. “And that’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Now, tell me what it was about so I can fix it.”

Thor squeezed the edge of his pillow and stared blankly at the corner of the bedroom. “…Loki. I saw him. We were in the ocean, and…and he was drowning, I think. I tried to save him. I did. But…”

Bruce wrapped his arms around his waist. “I’m so sorry…”

“It’s okay,” Thor shrugged. “I’m okay. I just…need to breathe.”

Bruce nodded and played with his short tufts of gold hair.

“Y’know,” he said, trying to change the subject, “I really do like the hair.”

“I know you do,” he smiled sadly. “I still like it long.”

“It’ll grow back,” Bruce assured him. “But for now, let me enjoy myself.”

“Okay,” Thor chuckled and let out a long, large yawn. He paused and gnawed on the corner of his lip. “…Bruce?”


“Do you think Loki could still be out there? I mean, in the past, he’s faked his death, multiple times. What if he did it again?”

“I don’t know,” Bruce said softly. “There’s a chance, I suppose.”

Thor nodded slowly. He knew it was unlikely, highly unlikely, but he had to hold onto something, even if that something was a lie.

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I kinda want to write a gamma hammer beauty and the beast au

Where Bruce is the beast/the prince

Betty is Belle

Tony is the inventor, who’s Belle’s cousin

Thor is Gaston

Steve and Bucky are a combined lefou

Pepper is miss Potts

Coulson is cogsworth

Clint is Lumiere

And probably a couple of others that I’m too exhausted to think of. Who’s interested in hearing more?

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