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#tw cavetown


- manta rays by chloe moriondo
- meteor shower by cavetown
- supercut by lorde
- would you be so kind by dodie
- you by dodie
- save yourself, i’ll hold them back by mcr
- summertime by mcr
- helena by mcr
- crush by tessa violet
- untitled v2 by cavetown
- devil town by cavetown
- waves by chloe moriondo
- the end/dead! by mcr (also my next gifset!)
- planetary (GO!) by mcr
- i want to be with you by chloe moriondo
- cinderblock garden by all time low
- come with me by chxrlotte
- all i wanted by paramore
- do you know what i’m seeing by panic! at the disco
- nine in the afternoon by panic! at the disco
- house of memories by panic! at the disco
- when the day met the night by panic! at the disco
- i’m not okay (i promise) by mcr

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also thinking about the line “i wanna make a colour no one else has seen before // i wanna be so much more” and catra and adora and glimmer and crying

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snail rly is the best catra song there is huh

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*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。

5.  If you were royalty, what would your power be?

i’d love to be like Spinerella tbh, that would be so cool! irl i’d probably get Flower Powers TM, which would still be DOPE, or hopefully something like DT?

17.  Favorite ship?

them,,,, the disaster lesbians,,, the 5k slowburn friends to enemies to lovers,,,,, catradora,,,, (i’m also partial to glimmadora, glitra, and glitradora hbjhgjbhj)

28.  Does Swift Wind deserve rights?

no <3 idk why i just. no

39.  Are there any songs you associate with She Ra? (Characters, setting, ships, etc.)

fuck it imma plug my playlists!

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Okay spotify wrapped feels like a personal attack??? Like yeah I’m gay but not THAT g-



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Oh, of course. I completely forgot about that. I’ll fix it now.

-Mod Rose

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I got the song Lemon Boy by Cavetown.

There once was a bittersweet man and they called him Lemon Boy
He was growing in my garden
And I pulled him out by his hair like a weed
And like weeds do, he only came and grew back again
So I figured this time, I might as well let him be

Lemon Boy and me started to get along together
I helped him plant his seeds
And we’d mow the lawn in bad weather
It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So I got myself a citrus friend

I think you used to find Jade irritating, but she grew on you. Overtime the two of you became good friends.

-Mod Rose

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I had to do a few skips before I got a song that would actually work, but eventually I got Talk To Me by Cavetown.

You don’t have to be a hero to save the world
It doesn’t make you a narcissist to love yourself
It feels like nothing is easy it’ll never be
That’s alright, let it out, talk to me

You don’t have to be a prodigy to be unique
You don’t have to know what to say or what to think
You don’t have to be anybody you can never be
That’s alright, let it out, talk to me

Anxiety tossing turning in your sleep
Even if you run away you still see them in your dreams
It’s so dark tonight, but you’ll survive certainly
It’s alright, come inside, and talk to me

You said you were afraid that you were awful to Dave, but according to this you weren’t at all. You cared for him and loved him very much. You were a wonderful older brother and were always there for him when he needed you. I’m proud of you.

-Mod Rose

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My favorite song.. probably Hayloft by Mother Mother, I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Girl In Red, or This Is Home by Cavetown?

Nonono i- why- where did you find the bodies- no but seriously tho i promise i haven’t

That everyone’ll be happy.. the people that left me, the people still with me, and everyone in the middle (and that includes people i don’t know)

If there’s a god, everyone’s going to heaven, right? Because it wouldn’t be heaven for everyone if some people weren’t there. What if someone goes to hell but that person was really important to someone else and so heaven is ruined for that person? But the person going to hell would’ve ruined someone else’s heaven by being up there? Nothing is truly heaven nor hell, is it?

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Look what I bought to replace my cavetown flag :-)

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Save me from myself I’m listening to Just Add Water by Cavetown and hating myself

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me: likes something and the idea of it is super cool and I genuinely love it

the creator: I’m gonna make everyone hate you for liking it because I’m a r*cist piece of shit


I think that the content should always be separated from the person making it. For example, I like Cavetown’s music. I like AOT as a show. I like Harry Potter. Of course I do not condone those people’s extremely terrible actions and beliefs but if I enjoy something they made I’m gonna enjoy it. I really wish that these people weren’t the way they are especially towards Jewish people because I respect you guys so much and you don’t deserve that at all. If you hate it for a reason that personal, then I totally get it. I have no possible way of knowing what it’s like. But as awful as it sounds, I seriously do not care if you despise me for liking those things. I often will not post about them out of respect for those that are sensitive to it (I mean shit I just learned about AOT’s writer and I am pissed). However I won’t let the social media ruin my interests anymore and will continue liking these things as if I knew nothing about it. Thank u for coming to my ted talk.

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or will we?

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I won’t even lie, I’m screaming inside all the time
It seems like a breeze, it feels like a dream
But I don’t wanna die

She can’t stop hurting herself
And he won’t look in your eyes
Friend, I knew every time you were lying
And he got himself messed up with the wrong guys

Everyone’s got a thing, a thing they don’t like
A thing that makes them double-think
When they’re standing at the railway crossing lights
Gotta stop forgetting the fact
It’s not just me in this goddamn world
My brain is a child, I will love him for that
But don’t lose sight of your baby girl

I don’t wanna wake up sometimes
And I don’t wanna sing
And I don’t care what happens tonight
As long as I feel something

I don’t wanna wake up sometimes
And I don’t wanna sing
And I don’t care what happens tonight
As long as I feel something

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Let’s not forget that Cavetown was violently antisemitic three years ago on twitter and refused to apologise a few months ago when he was called out for it🥰

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