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#also I’m no longer tagging dr spoilers
cutter-kirby · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
posts that are incomprehensible to anyone not into ut/dr
(Edit: half the notes I get on this post are “wait what’s that one?” so here’s an explanation.
Salt: tumblr user beabigshot had a dream where finding salt particles around cyber world led to spamton joining your party, starting a snowgrave-esque run where you use spamton to kill residents of the city. post here:
Eyeball: tumblr user tammycat had a dream where papyrus was replaced by a giant floating eyeball named prunsel. since prunsel is mostly used in a comedic way [and I love him], I put him in the comedy genre. post here: )
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itsanerdlife · 7 months ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Therapist!Reader
Warning: This Contains Falcon & The Winter Soldier Spoilers so that’s all I’m going to say. If you haven’t watched it, don’t read.
During the blip life was different. Some found it the right way of living life. When Steve Rogers, the real Captain America, went up against Shield and the Government, it changed a lot of lives. Mine being one of them. Now that we’re back to trying to reset things with the return from the Blip. Even I’m starting new. My new task, James, Bucky, Barnes. He’s got secrets, but so do I. He’s not what I was expecting, but I am not what he thinks I am. This task might not be going the way either of us, nor the government planned. But since the Blip, life’s all about adjusting along the way, right?
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Tumblr media
He’d been picked up and brought up, once again. Another warrant for his arrest, why wasn’t he surprised. Standing in the small room with a small window, shielded by a set of bars on it. A smirk forms eyeing the bars.
“Cause that’ll keep me in here.” He mutters, flicking a crumbling piece of cement from the edge on the window.
The door opens and the familiar sound of heels on tile fill the room.
“Mr. Barnes.” A female voice, not the normal one he was used too.
“What did I do now?” He huffs, folding his arms over his chest, staring out the window still.
“You are, James Buchanan Barnes? Also known as,”
“Don’t,” he cuts her off with a heavy sigh. “call me Bucky. Only Steve calls me that, and Sam when he’s being an ass.” He mutters.
“I heard you were stubborn but Dr. Raynor didn’t tell me you were also rude.” There’s the faintest hint of humor to the words. He turns at a slow shift, the woman standing at the steel table bolted to the floor makes him stop. “Hello James.” She smiles, folding her hands in front of her.
“Clearly you’re not Dr. Raynor.” He nods, looking her over again.
She’s dressed like his doc. Black heels, black pants, and a pastel pink button down. The sleeves rolled and glasses tucked into the open collar.
“No, you can call me Y/N.” She nods, a small smile forming.
“What’s with the doc change?”
“Well,” she nods looking him over “when Captain,”
“He’s not Captain America.” He huffs at her.
A smirk forms.
“Strike a nerve, did I?” Her head tips softly.
They watch each other for a moment.
“When Captain,” his mouth opens “Walker told Dr. Raynor you would not be able to follow a schedule, as you would be assisting in helping him.”
“I’m not helping him.”
“The court decided to appoint you a traveling therapist.” She nods.
“The court?” His eyes roll.
“Okay, the government.” She smiles.
Pushing his lips together, he cuts his eyes away, nodding slowly.
“Where you go, I go, James. If you and Sam can’t get along, I’m there to talk. Three in the morning and you finish a mission, I’m there to debrief.” She explains.
“Three in the morning?” His brow lifts looking over at her.
“Nightmares are included in that.” She stares back at him as if she knew. He drops his eyes.
“Don’t have nightmares anymore, doc.” He shrugs, licking his lips.
“Of course not.”
“This is a done deal, huh?” He scraps his glove covered fingers across his jaw.
“I’m just here to help you, James. Make sure you follow the three rules.” She nods.
“Right, what rules are those again?” A smirk on his lips.
“Is this you testing me?” She laughs lightly.
He only lifts a brow in reply.
“Fine. Rule one. Don’t do anything illegal.” She steps around the table.
He watches her.
“Rule two. Don’t hurt anyone.” She takes two more steps.
“Rule three?” He asks when she comes to a stop in front of him.
“You must demonstrate your recovery.”
“The saying?” One side of his mouth twitches.
“I’m no longer The Winter Solider. I’m James Bucky Barnes and you’re part of my efforts to make amends.” She repeats flawlessly. “But you walk the thin line of those rules very well, Bucky.” A smirk forming on her lips.
“It’s a talent.” One corner of his mouth pulling up.
“I’m sure it is.” She nods slowly. “So, do I pass?” She wonders.
“For now.”
They stand in front of one another, watching the other. The door opens, neither cut away quickly. Instead, she smirks.
“Hello Samuel Wilson, The Falcon.” She turns slowly, dragging her eyes away from him, focusing on Sam.
“Do you just know things, or did he tell you I was coming?” Sam looks from her to him.
“I know things.” She shrugs.
Bucky looks from her to Sam. Who is watching him with a wildly curious look, raised brows and that stupid smirk on his lips like always. Bucky rolls his eyes in a way to tell him to shut up.
“Y/N.” She steps forward, Sam hurries forward to shake her hand.
“So what the dude so off the wall, the other doc quit?” Sam chuckles.
“You’re not funny. I’m not off the wall.” Bucky sighs.
“Yes you are.” Sam snorts.
“Actually now that the two of you are working with Captain,”
“He’s not Captain America.” Sam and Bucky huff at the same time.
“Walker.” She smirks, looking between the two of them.
“I’ve been appointed to follow the two of you.” She explains.
“Wait, two of us?” Sam sweats.
“As you’ll be a regular affect on Bucky, you’re included.” She nods.
“Oh she gets to call you Bucky without you ripping her head off?” Sam cuts his eyes to him.
“I didn’t, you’re being dramatic.” He scoffs, shaking his head.
“You did. I am not.” Sam shakes his head.
“I did not.”
“Oh you did.”
“I can see where going to have a lot of work ahead of us.” She’s watching them both with that tipped head, and reading expression on her face.
“With him, yeah.” Sam huffs.
“So you’re telling me, you jumping down my throat over Captain America,”
“He is not,” Sam huffs. Bucky shakes his head.
“Right.” She nods slowly. Picking up her phone off a stack of files on the table, she opens it and starts to text.
“What are you doing?” Sam asks.
“Nothing.” She replies quickly.
“Are you noting?” Bucky steps forward.
“Noting?” Sam looks to him. “Why would she be noting?” Looking back to her.
“Dr. Raynor, mentioned you didn’t like the pen and paper aspect. I’m just making notes in my phone.” She shrugs, locking the phone and slipping it into her back pocket.
“That rude.” Bucky points a gloved finger at her.
“So is cutting off someone before they finish their sentence.” She smirks at him.
“They really appointed you a shadow?” Sam looks to him again. He cuts his glare to Sam.
“Shut up.”
“You’re cyborg brain is that messed up?”
“I’m going to break rule two.” Bucky grumbles.
“Oh this is payback for that time you choke slammed me.” Sam grins.
“I should have killed you.” Bucky mutters.
“Bucky.” She huffs, folding her arms over her chest.
“It was a joke, doc.” He smiles.
She only glares. Sam grins looking between the two of them.
“So you go everywhere with us?” Sam wonders.
“Yes.” She nods, still staring at him.
“Starting when?” Bucky stares back.
Bucky blinks first. Cursing himself.
Sam has a smug grin on his lips.
She gathers up her files, heading to the door.
“Where to first, boys?” A smirk on her lips when she looks back at them.
Bucky and Sam exchange the same raised brow look.
------------------------------------- Everything Peaches 8/8/20 @extisi @mo320 @ml7010​ @gabile18​ @irepeldirt​ @amirra88​ @dumblani​ @tanelle83​ @cutie1365​ @joannie95​ @nunu2888​ @coley0823​ @connie326​ @csigeoblue​ @xeniarocks​ @rileyloves5​ @sexyvixen7​ @genius2050​ @duckestylez​ @abschaffer2​ @tony-stank3​ @bookluver01​ @drayshadow​ @ms-rogers06​ @wandressfox​ @hopesbarnes​ @xoxabs88xox​ @thelostallycat​ @samsebsblog​ @henrietteoaks​ @circusofchaos​ @rosalynshields​ @miraclesoflove​ @queenkrissy11​ @sadyoungadult​ @destiel-artemis​ @shield-agent78​ @royal-sunflower​ @iwillbeinmynest​ @bellamy-barnes​ @sunsetpatterson​ @alexxcorona113​ @geeksareunique​ @crazyblonde124​ @spookygrantaire​ @steel-blue-eyess​ @supernatural508​ @marvelfansworld​ @rainbowkisses31​ @helena--bertinelli​ @mariekoukie6661​ @capsheadquaters​ @bless-my-demons​ @midnightdream83​ @lovemarvelousfics​ @notyourtypicalrose​ @petersunderoos96​ @loving-life-my-way​ @shinycupcakebaker​ @buckystolemyheart​ @abbypalmer14-blog​ @thefridgeismybestie​ @deathofmissjackson​ @daughter-of-thedevil​ @dreamlesswonder86​ @the-romanian-is-bae​ @messofamasterpiece​ @also-fangirlinsweden​ @andycanbeemotional​ @writingaworldofmyown​ @laneygthememequeen​ @death-unbecomes-you​ @daughterofthenight117​ @physically-a-cheesecake​ @cocktails-and-adventures​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @matterdontminduntildone​ @for-the-love-of-the-fandom​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @crazy-little-thing-called-buck​ @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​
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golden-dragon-451 · 3 months ago
Rise of the Titans review: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed
Spoilers ahead, and disclaimer! This is just my personal opinion. If anyone feels differently, that’s valid.
Ok so clearly by the title this review will not be very nice to RotT, and because of that I want to start out with the things I liked (Or in one case, what I was emotionally impacted by.)
1. The animation
Tales of Arcadia has never been a series to skimp on animation quality, and the visuals this movie were truly top-notch.
2. Nari badassery
I’m glad she finally got to do something of her own volition, because in Wizards she really didn’t have that much agency for an immensely powerful god.
3. Toby
He got much more appreciation in this film, and his relationship with Jim was emphasized, which I loved.
4. Toby’s death
Toby’s death was something I did not see coming at all, but I was genuinely close to tears when I was watching it. Killing a protagonist, and the comic relief at that, while treating it completely seriously, hit hard. I’m not sure if it would hit as hard on a rewatch, because I’m sure shock factor played a part in my reaction.
Now, on to the more cynical part of this review.
1. Aja and Krel did nothing
I feel like with a bit of wiggling, you could take Aja and Krel out of the movie and still have it be understandable, and this also extends to characters like Nomura, Eli, and Steve. You could make a case for Barbara being removable as well, but we didn’t get any closure between her and Jim at the end of Wizards, so I think she’s still needed.
A possible way for Krel to play a bigger part is to have Bellroc and/or Skrael to use Krel and Gaylen’s core as a sort of replacement titan for Nari, either after they couldn’t find her or after she died. If anyone wants to use this as a fic idea, feel free to, but make sure to tag me because I want to read it.
2. The Steve thing (you know the one)
It wasn’t necessary. Also, there’s so much creative freedom with Akiridions (because they’re literal aliens), but the people decided to go with 7 kisses = baby? Also, I feel like that number was derived from someone at the writing team rewatching 3below and counting how many times Steve and Aja kiss and then being like “Ok seven is when you get pregnant”
3. Too much death
Nomura and Strickler died within like 5 minutes of each other give or take, and neither of their deaths really hit that hard for me. Also, this movie playing fast and loose with deaths and killing off so many characters should have clued me in to the fact that there’s time travel, because movies that kill a lot of important characters usually find ways to bring them back
4. Time travel
It was just too open ended for me. Also, if the writing team was going to do such a huge thing by killing Toby, they should’ve stuck with it. Go hard or go home.
5. Pacing
The movie barely ever slowed down and allowed us to process what it wanted us to feel, like how Archie and his dad being trapped underground forever was addressed and then quickly brushed off. In my opinion, rise of the Titans would’ve worked better as a longer second season to Wizards (which needed more time as well, but that’s not relevant).
Something to keep in mind
I think as a fandom, we were incredibly hyped for this, and I think that played a role in the movie seeming disappointing.
The movie needed more time to do what it wanted to do and to let us process the events. Characters didn’t play nearly as big a role as they could have, and many little plot threads were left unresolved. The ending was too open and didn’t give enough closure, and the time travel was kind of lazy. Beautiful movie, but it could have been so much better.
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starlit-dreaming · 5 months ago
Lucathy Ideas (10/?)
never thought i’d see the day where i’d be hitting double digits for my lucathy idea posts tbh
this is more of a note to self, but i’d like to go back over my idea posts, clean em up, make it tidier and more coherent, maybe add more content to make it longer. idk when i’ll be doing that. maybe i’ll include a word count at the end of each post to show that i went back to edit all of it?
or maybe i’d pick one of the au ideas that’s really fucking long and flesh it out in a separate post and title it “Lucathy Ideas: Extended Edition” or something 😂
edit: fuck im actually considering it
obligatory warning: its a long post turn back to save yourselves  
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | [10] | 11
accidental sugar daddy acquisition -- Sugar Daddy Lucas AU
• i’m finally talking about my sugar daddy lucas au that i mentioned in post 9 of my lucathy ideas series and im ngl im surprised i never mentioned it before now???
• @lithium-15 and @hwang-lucas because i feel that these two are specifically interested in this au (i have another sugar daddy lucas au thats more nsfwyn, but i think i’ll save the nsfwyn au ideas for a later lucathy ideas post)
• i don’t remember the original prompt word for word, since i saw this otp idea several years ago and i dont really feel like scrolling through my otp idea tag on my inspo side blog (thats like,,, its like. at Least 3-4 years worth of posts i think???)
• tl;dr -- rich dude ends up becoming a broke pal’s anonymous benefactor thats like a gang leader or something. i think the premise of it was that the broke dude was a college student??? and they would eventually get their degree and meet the person that’s provided them financial stability.
• yes, its another rich lucas x broke athy. cause im a slut for that otp dynamic ngl
• idk if i want this to also be a single mom athy au??? and a crime boss lucas au
• actually yknow what fuck it lets say that athy’s a single mom (i’ll think of a different idea for crime boss lucas, though; its implied for this au, but i dont feel like going with that)
• if we wanna make it spicy we could say that lucas and athy had a one night stand and didn’t recognize each other or something. or maybe lucas recognized athy??? regardless, im not sure rn. im kinda leaning towards the fact that they didnt recognize each other
• so yeah. athy is a single parent, probably got pregnant while she was in college and couldnt bring herself to abort because she didnt want to be alone or something (similar to my lawyer athy + ons au -- she realized that she wanted to have a family)
• she’s a waitress at a coffee shop, owned by lily maybe? that stays open pretty late at night. hannah and ces are her coworkers, although they work mornings and afternoons
• helena and cabel are regulars, and lucas is somewhat of a regular who stops by for coffee at night
• im thinking that lucas would be an influential family with some shady dealings on the downlow (maybe? i don’t remember if the prompt had the rich pal be a rich and generous mob boss or something), and that he ends up more or less becoming the family heir to his grandmother’s business
• so he ends up being a regular at the cafe in the evenings and ends up befriending athy (begrudingly)
• she’s comfortable enough with him to talk about her babies (as usual, its gonna be the twins -- ari and eli from my other ideas/wips) and he’s just dumbfounded because he never expected her to be a single mother
• eventually he decides to anonymously help her out
• by buying the appartment property that she lives on
• and getting someone to act as the “landlord” and tell her that someone already paid for her rent, and that it’s something that the landlord is offering to all the single parent tenants (which. lucas decides why the fuck not, it’ll be less hassle for him, plus he’s stupid fucking rich)
• ok now i’m gonna go over the basic timeline that i have in mind:
• i like the idea that lucas and athy end up meeting at the cafe when she’s still pregnant. and that lucas just decides “fuck it i can afford to run a few businesses why tf not” and bought lily’s cafe, allowing lily to still run the business as she likes, and giving the staff higher pay and more benefits (and lily more or less has a positive view of lucas)
• spoilers: he totally bought the business after hearing that athy might need a second job after she gives birth to her babies cause like. babies are fucking expensive
• guess who also paid her hospital bills?
• if you guessed lucas, then you’d be correct
• so her babies are born, she’s got a pretty good pay, so she’s able to pay a babysitter to take care of the babies whenever she works.
• throughout their friendship, lucas will more or less be stuck wondering why the fuck he’s doing so much for athy, and at first it’s simply because he thought it was annoying to see her suffering so much just to try and make ends meet, and eventually its because “oh fuck its because i consider her to be an important friend”
• because even though he is attracted to her, he does consider her to be an important friend and all
• the feelings end up coming in later
• at one point, athy comments that while she wants to continue college and finish up her degree, she finds that saving money for her babies is more important
• and lucas is just “you do realize that im rich with a ton of money that doesnt really get used for much, right”
• and naturally athy’s a very stubborn person who, despite finding the offer to be very beneficial, is Very reluctant to take on his offer
• he more or less tells her that if she feels bad for taking advantage of this offer -- which she shouldnt since he wants to help her -- then his one request would be that she gets at least a degree in business (so that he can just hand the cafe over to her as a gift in the future if she wants it)
• so yeah. she ends up going to college
• in terms of the twin’s age, year 1: lucas provides her financial stability in terms of handling the hospital bills, her rent, and giving her better pay /// year 2: athy gets a babysitter for the twins and goes back to finish up college /// year 3: she gets her degree in business
• like. she’s a high schooler. looking for a summer job maybe??? and lucas is just “i have a friend looking for a babysitter”
• his niece, after being introduced to athy via lucas, is 100% in the conspiracy mindset that lucas and athy are exes or something and that this is lowkey his way of introducing his kids to the family
• and i mean. if we’re going with the idea that lucathy had a ons in this au, then she’s Technically not wrong with that theory?
• anyways, when the babies are finally 3 y/o, i’m thinking that lucas more or less established a place in athy’s life as her benefactor and friend, enough that the twins know that he’s always around
• hell, he’d probably go out of his way to help her buy groceries at one point. maybe a while before she hires his niece as a babysitter???
• i want the babies to cling onto lucas and call him dad when they’re toddlers because they both just see him with black hair and red eyes and go “he looks like ari/eli!!!”
• note to self: ari and eli both have black hair, but ari is the only one with red eyes (could pass off as rose pink like diana’s tbh). its only in wmmap-verse that they both have blonde hair and blue eyes (unless they’re in disguise)
• note: lucas’s niece is 100% going to teach the lucathy kids a bunch of slang. deadass i Will have these twins shouting shit like “YEET” or something
• i think thats all i had in mind for this au???
where the hell would i be without you -- Soulmates AU
• im ngl ive been listening to dodie music again (specifically “Sick of Losing Soulmates” which Hurts)
• i have like. 7 Soulmate AUs. but for now i’m just gonna focus on 1 of the 7 ideas i have, which happens to be the one that im the most interested in
• name of your sworn enemy / name of your soulmate
• for lucas, it’s Aeternithas de Alger Obelia and Athanasia de Alger Obelia. and tbh? he’s pretty pissed off that he has 2 names from the goddamn obelia royal fam tbh
• aeternithas would 100% assume that lucas is his soulmate (he isnt). idk who would be his other name. honestly? who tf knows cause i sure dont
• i considered having the whole soulmarks thing fade by claude’s generation, hence why athy wouldnt have a name on her wrist anymore, but i decided against it
• so lucas would be her soulmate
• the problem is that idk who would be her sworn enemy
• at first, i considered it to be claude for her sworn enemy, which would later change after she almost died (so after lucas saves her, claude’s name ends up disappearing)
• which i decided against cause i mean. he doesn’t Actually hate her from what i could tell. he just hates the fact that diana died and is coping with it by pinning the blame onto athy
• maybe he would be the name on athy’s wrist until she turned 5 y/o, when she actually meets him and causes a divergence from the lp-verse
• like. in the lp novel, claude wasnt her sworn enemy. i’d say it was probably jennette? and that lp athy believed that she had the rare platonic soulmate. or maybe she had ezekiel’s name as her soulmate, but she firmly believed that he was her sworn enemy since he’s jennette’s fiance
• the main reason why athy would have different names, comparing lp with wmmap athy, is because wmmap athy has the knowledge of her previous life
• at least, thats how i justified it lmao
what remains to be seen -- Model AU
• kinda self-explanatory, really
• like c’mon. look at lucas and athy and tell me that they can’t be models in the modern world
• i kinda imagine that athy would be a movie actress and model. normally she ends up playing princess roles, since she ended up gaining a lot of fans after her role as Princess Athanasia in the Lovely Princess movie when she was a teenager, so much that people often refer to her as “princess” or “Athy” (mainly from the people that worked with her on the film)
• she’ll be Lee Ji Hye in this au, but i’m referring to her as Athy to make it less confusing for my normally sleep-deprived squirrel brain
• i will admit that at one point i was tempted to have this as another fake dating au, where lucas and athy have their picture taken together and ends up having a shit ton of shippers
• lucas and athy for sure meet at a photoshoot for the first time
swipe tap swipe tap -- Tinder + Modern AU
• this is basically that imagine your otp post where this girl’s at an airport, her flight was delayed, and she’s swiping through tinder, and there’s a guy that’s behind her who goes “ouch. hard no for that one?” and she turns around and sees the guy she just swiped no on
oh how my knees go weak to be the one -- Canon Compliant
• similarly to the 100 prompt challenge of mine, i’d like to do a prompt challenge but with kisses
• not gonna go too detailed into it, since this will probably end up becoming another nsfwyn idea of mine. cause while im thinking of innocent kisses like butterfly, cheek, or forehead kisses, there’s definitely suggestive prompts here waiting to be written, especially when you look at the list
• also it doesn’t really help that i deadass got the title of this au from The Hush Sound’s “The Boys Are Too Refined”, and in the lyrics, there’s a mention of “oh, how my knees go weak to be the one / she kicks and bucks” plus “and if the timing is right / to sneak off into the night / i’ll let myself be taken just for the thrill”
• i considered using a lyric from their other song molasses, but that song gives off more of a sad vibe while the boys are too refined is more suggestive
• so yeah. suffice to say this is gonna be my nsfwyn project
• i’ll have to compile a list of different types of kisses, but if anyone’s curious on it that i’ll gladly post the list of which kisses i definitely plan on writing (i’m aiming to write 20 different kisses)
working out the differences -- Gym / Workout AU
• based off on a gym/workout prompt list: “I don’t care what your personal trainer says, if you keep doing it like that, you’re going to fuck yourself up, here let me show you how it’s done.“
• one of the au ideas that i don’t feel like writing, but it’s one of the au’s that i like to imagine, especially since it sounds really in character for lucathy
• like deadass lucas just criticizing athy’s personal trainer for being an absolute dumbass, and he’s infuriatingly annoying but he’s also RIGHT and athy absolutely hates him
• but eventually she decides to hire him and it’s 100% not because of how hot he looks in his black workout shirt
a writer and a murderer walk into a bar together... -- Matchmaking AU
• i’ve been, admittedly, looking through my “imagine your otp” tag on my side blog, and one of the otp prompts is about a matchmaking service based on your search history, and the match up ends up being a writer and a serial killer
• if it wasn’t obvious based on my previous au ideas, i’m a huge fan of author athy
• here’s the post in question [click here]
• im not too interested in writing death and all that, even if it’s for a murder comedy??? which is kind of ironic considering that i 100% wrote a murder mystery once when i was still in high school and was about to write a story involving detailed injuries and violence back in my college days, so this is just one of those ideas that’s vaguely in the back of my mind
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | [10] | 11 
this is one of my smaller posts, since i guess i’m mainly thinking about both the sugar daddy lucas + single mom athy au, the nsfwyn-type of au’s, and the whole “going back to flesh out some details for some AUs or have the ideas be ready to get posted on wattpad and ao3” 
ideas i’d like to go over
• have one of my lucathy ideas post be focused on nsfwyn content (and thats my tag for 18+ content for those who would like to block the tag and avoid seeing those types of posts, and i sincerely hope that if i have minors following my blog, that you do Not read it or that you don’t actively let me know that you’re reading it otherwise i’ll feel inclined to actually kickstart my nsfwyn blog again. liking/reblogging posts are fine, i just don’t wanna know anything #let me be ignorant so i don’t feel like i need to be a responsible adult who has to hide that shit)
• my soulmate au for the death timer (although it’s probably gonna end up being pretty short
• hanahaki au (idk if ive mentioned it before; double check the ideas first)
• abo au w/alpha athy and beta lucas (did i ever mention this au too? fuck if i know; might talk about in the nsfwyn-focused idea post)
• au where athy ends up never meeting ezekiel prior to the debutante
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ratonnhhaketon · 6 months ago
Still Breathing
Read on Ao3 | Next Chapter
Summary: Six months after the defeat of Thanos, the world is still in chaos. The threat of the Flag Smashers combined with the new headstrong Captain America means it's time for Valencia Zicari to help save the world one more time. But, in doing so, she also has to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship.
Warnings: Major TFATWS spoilers, Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Slow-Burn, John Walker (just in general)
A/N: HHH, new fic time! TFATWS has been consuming my brain these past few weeks and it was only a matter of time before I made another oc and wrote for Bucky. I’ve had this in the works since the first episode but I’m super excited to finally be ready to start posting! This fic will be relatively short but I do also plan on doing a prequel fic eventually to further flush out my marvel oc, Valencia Zicari. I apologize that this starts off kinda slow, with just two phone calls at the beginning, but it will pick up a lot in the upcoming chapters. In the meantime if you have any questions or comments about the fic or Val’s story, don’t hesitate to send them my way! Hope you enjoy!
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Chapter 1 - Your Number On Speed Dial
Bucky’s eyes shot open, his throat closing and lungs gasping for air. He felt the sweat covering his body, the thin blanket tangled between his legs. The cool metal of his dog tags swung against his chest as he sat up, chest heaving as he sucked in breaths and tried to regain his breathing. He looked around his surroundings, slowly calming down as he noticed he was in his apartment. 
Another goddamn nightmare. 
Realizing he was alone, Bucky instinctively reached up onto the chair next to him for his cellphone. He flipped open the phone, eyes squinting to adjust to the light of the small screen in front of him. He noticed the time, 3:08 am. While he knew that she would more than likely still be up and wouldn’t mind talking, he felt guilty for instinctively reaching out for her this late. Still, he let his hand press accept and after only two rings he heard her familiar voice pick up. 
“Hi Buck,” she said with a smile, exhaustion evident in her voice.
“Hi,” he replied with a hoarse voice, sleep still clinging to his vocal chords. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?” 
“I could ask you the same question,” she said with a small laugh. “But, yeah. Probably. I’ve been working my ass off trying to get in contact with Fury and nothing is working.”
“Not even through the SHIELD lines?”
She sighed, a hand coming up to rub at her temples. “I’ve tried, but he’s ‘on vacation’ and is only taking messages if they’re life or death.” 
“I mean, shouldn’t he be able to make an exception for you? Given, y’know..”
“Unfortunately I lost the ‘you’re my adoptive daughter’ privilege when I decided to grow up and join the Avengers.” Bucky chuckled in response, his nightmare finally starting to fade from the back of his mind. “I’m just.. worried about Wanda. The whole situation still isn’t sitting right with me, especially since any information has been classified and no one at all can access it.”
“Val,” Bucky said quietly, his metal hand coming up to rub against the chain hanging around his neck. “When was the last time you took a break?” 
He heard an audible sigh over the phone and a pause before she spoke up. “Not since half of the world disappeared.” 
“Well, how about this. Thursday, you finally put all of that aside for a few hours and we can grab lunch. I’ll buy.” 
She thought it over for a moment, Bucky’s breath hitching in his throat in the few seconds it took before she spoke up. “Yeah, that sounds nice. We can go to that sushi place you used to take me to.” 
“Sounds perfect, doll. I’ll see you then. Now go get some rest.” 
“You too, old man.” 
Valencia stood in the common room of the compound, a scowl present on her face as she watched the tv. John Walker’s Good Morning America interview was playing at a low volume. She hadn’t even met the man yet and already hated him. Partly because of how he talked about Steve without knowing the first thing about him, and partly because every journalist in the state of New York had been contacting her in an attempt to interview her about the new Captain America. Pulling her eyes away from the screen, she noticed her phone vibrating to announce an incoming call. She answered, a smile tugging at her lips for the first time in the past day. “Hey Bucky.”
“Hi,” he said shortly. She could feel the anger in his voice. “Have you seen the news?”
“Absolutely,” she replied, her scowl returning to her face. “Everyone has been bothering me about it for the past day. I had to tell Pepper that if one more reporter asked to take a statement from me I’d throw someone out of a window.”
“Jeez. Little harsh, don’t ya think?” 
“Probably,” she said with a small laugh. 
“Hey, have you talked to Sam recently?”
“Yeah, I was just talking to him earlier before you called. He was telling me about having to go to Munich today, something about the Flag Smashers? I don’t know, he didn’t really give me a lot of information.” 
“No, that's great. Thanks, doll. See you Thursday.” 
“Alright, Buck. See you then.” 
Any normal person would be astonished by the amount of trouble one person could get into in the span of 18 hours. But, in terms of being an Avenger, it’s just a normal Wednesday. Especially when it’s Sam and Bucky’s fault. But, Valencia still found a way to be freaking out when Pepper rushed into her room, shoving a phone into her face to announce that Bucky had a warrant out for his arrest. And had subsequently ended up in a Baltimore jail. 
In under an hour she had flown down to the city and found the facility Bucky was being held in. She pulled open the door to the jail, eyes quickly scanning the crowd of people before landing on Bucky’s literal partner in crime. 
She made a beeline straight for the dark haired man. “You want to explain to me what’s going on here, Sam Wilson?” Eyes narrowed, lips pulled into a tight line.
Upon seeing her he pushed himself out of his chair. “Val! How ya’ been? You been doing okay?”
“Oh cut the shit, Sam. You better have a good explanation for why I found out that Bucky not only had a warrant out for his arrest, but then ended up in a Baltimore jail leaving me to haul ass down here to figure out what in the hell is happening.” 
“First, I need you to calm down. Promise me you won’t freak out?” 
She glared at him. “Are you-” 
“Val,” he said in a stern tone. 
She let out a huff before nodding. “Alright, fine. I’m calm.”
“He helped me with that mission in Munich I told you about and then wanted to introduce me to someone in Baltimore. And he may have missed his therapy appointment in the process.”
“He missed-!” Val immediately yelled out, voice louder than anticipated, which drew the attention of the people around them. Sam put an arm around her shoulder and led the two of them over towards an unoccupied side of the room. “Sam, are you serious? He’s been doing so well! He put in so much effort to make sure he made the appointments and you let him go with you?”
“First of all, I told him repeatedly that I didn’t want him coming, but you know how stubborn he is.”
She let out a defeated sigh and dropped her hands to her sides. “So what do we do now?” 
“Well lucky for you they’re actually releasing him.” 
Before Val could reply she was cut off by the sound of heels clicking before a familiar voice spoke near them. “Sam. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She reached out to shake his hand. “I’m Dr. Raynor. I’m James’s therapist. It’s good to see you again, Valencia.” 
Val gave her a smile. “Good to see you too, doc.”
“So nice to meet you. You two already know each other?”
“I took Bucky to the first few of his appointments to make sure that he would, y’know, actually go. But that was before..” she waved a hand in the air, “everything.” 
Sam nodded. “Well thank you, Dr. Raynor, for getting him out.”
“Oh, that wasn’t me.” 
From across the room a booming voice spoke up, instantly grabbing their attention. “Christina!” The three of them all turned in unison and were met with none other than the new Captain America himself, taking pictures with a bunch of fans. “It’s great to see you again.” 
“You’ve got to be kidding me. You know him?” Sam spoke up with a frustrated sigh. 
“Yeah, we did some field ops back in the day.” 
“I heard you were working with Bucky, so I thought I’d step in.” Val watched as he approached the group, her arms instinctively crossing over her chest. “Miss Zicari, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve been trying to reach out for a formal introduction for several days now.”
“It’s Agent, actually. And unlike you I’ve had a lot of other pressing matters that required my attention.” 
“Right. Well, anyway. Bucky’s not gonna be following a strict schedule any longer.”
“We haven’t finished our work. Who authorized this?”
“Um,” John used both hands to gesture up towards himself. “He’s too valuable of an asset to have tied up.” 
Val’s attention went from John to the sound of a metal door closing behind her. Her head turned towards the sound and she was met with none other than a familiar set of blue eyes side-eyeing the blonde man in front of her. She felt the corner of her mouth turn up in a half-smile as his head turned and saw hers. Almost instantly the token frown he wore at all times faded and turned into his own partial smile. She walked over to him, her arms finding their way around his neck subconsciously. “Hey, Buck,” she breathed as his arms wove around her middle, pulling their bodies flush together. 
“Hey to you too,” he said with a small laugh. “Pepper finally let you leave the compound?” 
She pulled away to look at him. “Less her letting me leave and more so her immediately getting me a flight and shoving me out the door when she found out you got arrested.”
“Alright lovebirds, break it up.” Dr. Raynor said from behind them. Val’s arms dropped to her side and before she had the chance to correct her, the woman spoke up again. “James, condition of your release, session now.” Bucky let out an audible groan, rolling his eyes slightly, to which Val couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle. “You too, Sam.”
“That’s okay, I’ll be out here with Val.”
“That wasn’t a request.” 
She pulled her phone from the pocket of her leather jacket and noticed an incoming call. “Just go, I’ll be outside. I gotta take this anyway.” Val walked outside of the jailhouse, sliding a thumb across the screen to answer the call in the process. She partially paid attention to what Pepper was telling her as the new Captain America walked past her, obviously checking her out with a side-eye as she leaned against the chipped bricks. Her eyes narrowed at him as he turned to steal another glance her way before turning her eyes away and down the opposite side of the road. 
“Yeah, he’s okay… no, I don’t know the specifics of how it works out with the pardon... I’ll keep you updated, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be back any time soon. I kinda feel like I’ll be joining the idiots on whatever they plan on doing next… Alright, I will. Keep me updated on the whole Westview situation and tell Morgan to stop stealing the snacks from my room. Oh, haha. Take care, Pepper.”  
As she hung up the phone she saw the door next to her swing open with a visibly angry Sam walking out of it. Bucky trudged out a few seconds later, looking angry but more upset than the man in front of him. As the door started to close behind him he saw Val and walked over to her.
“Do you think Steve was wrong about me?” She could tell he was fighting back tears by the way his voice cracked at the end.
Her hands cupped his face. “Bucky, no, absolutely not. Why would you say that?”
He looked away, not able to look her in the eye. After all the nights they spent together, her talking him down from a nightmare, reassuring him and chasing the negative thoughts away, he couldn’t admit that part of him still felt that same way. “It.. doesn’t matter.”
“If it’s making you this upset, then yes it does.” 
He let out a huff as her thumb began to lightly rub against the stubble on his cheek. “Sam shouldn’t have given up the shield.” 
“I know, Buck, I know. But there’s nothing we can do now, so let’s just try to figure out what’s happening with..” she lifted a hand from his face and used it to make vague gestures around them. “Everything right now.” 
The loud siren from a police cruiser halted their conversation, the sound making Val physically jump. She looked towards the source of the sound and scowled. This asshole again. “Gentlemen,” John’s eyes scanned Val’s figure quickly before adding, “and lady. Good to see you again.” Begrudgingly, she followed Sam and Bucky’s lead and walked towards the blonde haired man and his sidekick. “Look, if we divide ourselves we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.” 
Sam crossed his arms over his chest. “So what do you got?”
“Should she be hearing this?” John gestured to Val. 
She scoffed. “I’m on board now, so out with it.” 
“Alright. Well the leader’s name is Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians that have been helping Karli move from place to place. They geotagged a location, then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe. We think that she's taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.”
“Well there’s been hundreds of those put up across the planet since The Blip,” Valencia interjected. “So I guess you’ll have to look real hard.”
“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?” John shot back, annoyance prevalent in his voice.
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?” Bucky spoke up, patience quickly being stretched thin.
“No, we don’t know, Bucky,” Walker’s voice rose dramatically. “It’s only a matter of time before we find out.” 
Bucky cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowing at the man in front of him. “Things are really tense for you, aren’t they Walker?” Val rested a gentle hand against Bucky’s chest, holding him back as a reminder not to do anything irrational- although she definitely wanted him to. 
Sam approached the super soldier, putting a hand in the air to further make him back off. “Take it easy. Look, Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kinds of authorizations you have to get. We're free agents. We're more.. flexible. So it wouldn't make sense for us to work with you.” 
The trio started to walk off before Walker stood up from the cruiser and spoke. “A word of advice, then.” The three of them turned to look at him once again. “Stay the hell out of my way.” 
Knowing that it wasn’t worth it to get a final word in, Sam put a hand on either of their shoulders and pushed them to keep walking away. Once they were a reasonable distance down the street, Val turned to Bucky and noticed he was deep in thought. “What’s on your mind, Buck?” she asked with a hand coming up to rest on his shoulder. 
“Well, I know what we have to do. When Isaiah said “my people”...” he trailed off, still staring ahead. 
“Oh, don’t take that to heart. That’s not what he meant-” Sam tried to correct him before Bucky cut him off. 
“No, he meant HYDRA.” He paused for a moment, feet coming to a stop as he looked between the pair next to him. “HYDRA used to be my people.” 
“Bucky,” Val spoke up cautiously.”
Sam scoffed. “Not a chance.” 
“Walker doesn’t have any leads.” 
“I know where you’re going with this, no.”
“He knows all of HYDRA’s secrets. Don’t you remember Siberia.” 
“Oh, you cannot be serious,” Val said as she dragged a tired hand over her face. 
“So you’re just gonna sit in a room with this guy?” 
Bucky hesitated for a moment, obviously not thinking about his idea that much ahead of time. “Y-yes.” 
Val sighed, shaking her head slightly. “Out of all your ideas, this has got to be the dumbest.” She looked at Sam, who shrugged his shoulders and nodded. “Fine. Let’s go see Zemo.”
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Speak Of The Devil (Malcolm Bright x Winchester!Reader) | Prodigal Son/Supernatural Crossover
[Prodigal Son-Masterlist], [Supernatural-Masterlist]
Summary: What started as a normal case for the NYPD ended in you needing help from your family. Malcolm had never met your brothers & they had no idea you were dating. Things were bound to get complicated, it was inevitable. Still, you had to focus on this case before another person got killed.
Words: 5,557
Warnings: spoilers for 2x02 (doesn’t follow the actual plot obviously), murder, demons, language, confused Malcolm, lil hint at Destiel (barely there, could be missed if you don’t pay attention - sorry, I couldn’t help myself), I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun while writing something
If you like my work & wanna support me: a coffee would be highly appreciated ❤
The NYPD was assigned to solve a “creepy ass case”, as JT so lovingly put it. As Malcolm & you got to the crime scene, you understood what your fellow coworker had warned you about. Ugh, you hated churches with your guts. Well, that was not entirely true. But whenever a murder happened on a holy ground, nothing good ever came out of it. That was what you experienced before you started working for the police. Before that…you also worked for the police somehow? Just, they were not aware of that & you might have done some criminal things. For the greater good, though! Your brothers & you had saved thousands of people. They still did. You just needed to get out of this life & see if there was more for you to achieve. And there was. Not only did you find a great family who was also your team, at the same time you found Malcolm, your boyfriend.
Back to the case. Walking into a crime scene had always been bizarre to you. It showed you how close you still were to murder, even though you promised your brothers to distance yourself from it entirely. Technically, you did. This was different, though. At least you told yourself so. Gil, JT, Dani & Edrisa were already inspecting the scene when you two walked in. Oh no. This could not be good. The image in front of you seemed familiar & if it were not inappropriate to roll your eyes at a dead person, you would do it. Gil briefly explained the situation to you. Apparently the victim had been a member of the church for 30 years. The Lieutenant & Malcolm interrogated Sister Agnes. She was the one who found the body. There was another thing bothering you, so you did not really pay attention to whatever she was saying. Your focus was solely on JT, who had been through way too much to stand here & act as if everything was fine. A slight touch on his shoulder made him turn his head in your direction.
“Hey, you okay?” of course you were concerned about him. He was family, after all.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” he brushed you off as if he did not know what point you were trying to get across.
“Really? Because usually when Malcolm says he’s fine…well, he’s everything but.” a chuckle lightened the mood a little. You had to keep a closer eye on JT for the time being. Just in case.
“Our victim here performed an exorcism.” Malcolm’s statement let your eyes snap back to where he was standing. Edrisa smiled excitedly at him. This woman…She was the sweetest soul. Could be annoying, too. But in a sweet & loving way. Maybe she should turn down her excitement for murder. Who were you kidding? Your boyfriend was probably worse when it came to that. Wanting to have a closer look at the book Malcolm was referring to, you put your gloves on & carefully walked over to him. Trying not to mess up any possible clues left behind by the killer.
“Can I have a look?” you gestured to the small book & Malcolm handed it over to you. Shit. If you remembered correctly, there was a similar one back at the bunker. A look inside the pages confirmed your assumption. No need to freak out right away. There were tons of crazy people out there. Just because of this murder in this church & this book did not mean that there was anything supernatural involved. You just hoped it would stay that way. For everyone’s sake.
Your face fell when Edrisa said that there was a note left behind, written in blood. To the others, it looked like a sign without meaning. It looked familiar to you but you could not quite pinpoint where you remembered it from. Sister Agnes’ words made you stop in your tracks.
“Abaddon.” she breathed out. Sure, why the hell not? Okay, maybe this case was something for your brothers. But wait a damn minute…last time you checked, Abaddon was stabbed with the First Blade. She could not possibly be back, could she?
“Now we know our killer’s name.” Malcolm’s words gained the attention of the entire team. There was no way he had everything figured out already. You knew he was a great profiler but even that would have been too fast for him.
“Oh? Who is it?” Gil asked intrigued.
“You know.” Malcolm paused for a few moments. Probably for dramatic effect but what did you know? “The devil.” you could not help but laugh at his words. Great, now everyone was looking at you weirdly. Oh, he made a joke. Of course he did. Sometimes you forgot that you were not an active part of the hunting life anymore. A few coughs from you stopped the awkward tension in the room. At least a bit.
In no way did you want to defend Lucifer. He had made your life literal hell one too many times. But even he would not go as far & do something as cruel as this. Again, last time you checked, he was dead. But death did not agree with Lucifer. How many times had he died? You probably should not be the one to judge. You were not better by any means.
Excusing yourself to get some fresh air, you grabbed your phone out of your pocket. Hopefully he would pick up. It had been a while since you last talked. The phone rang & rang & slowly you lost hope. Maybe he really was mad at you for being radio silent for so long.
“(Y/N)?” his voice startled you slightly.
“Sam! Uh, hi.” suddenly you turned shy.
“It’s so good to hear from you! How are you?” he was happy that you decided to call after so long.
“I’m good, thanks. Actually, I need to ask you for a favor…” you started.
“What is it? Everything alright?” Sam was growing concerned. Back then, you hated relying on another person, too stubborn to ask for help, because you wanted to do everything on your own.
“There’s a case here in New York…I believe it’s your kind. And I genuinely don’t think I can deal with this on my own.”
“But you’re safe, right?”
“I am, as safe as one can be.” you chuckled. Working for the police & all that. Not that you would tell Sam on the phone. If they were to come by, he would find out sooner or later. “I’ll send you the details, alright? Be here as fast as you can.”
“Okay, no problem. Take care, okay?”
“You too. See you soon.” wow, you were about to see your brothers again. Hopefully everything would be fine & nobody would rip your head off.
“See you, (Y/N).” Sam ended the call & you let out a breath you did not know you were holding.
The phone call should stay a secret for the time being. People breaking out in panic was everything but convenient. Besides, you did not need your team looking at you like you were a lunatic. Malcolm explained possession trance disorder when you joined everyone again. How could one human being know so much about so many unimportant things? Like, this man was a human dictionary. Looking over at Gil, you had to grin by how hard he was trying to make sense of what Malcolm was saying. Gil noticed you staring at him & gave you a look. The one that made you not want to mess with him. Still, you laughed shortly, you could not keep it in any longer. Malcolm gave you a questioning look but you simply shrugged him off by a wave of your hand.
The last interrogation of the day was with the guy who was currently doing the painting job inside the church. Unfortunately, you did not get any more information. Everything he told you, you had already heard from the others. Basically, after interrogating everyone, you were certain that this was not a common case for the NYPD. And you were more than happy that your brothers were on their way to come over. How would you explain any of this to Malcolm? He knew you had two brothers but you had also told him that you were not necessarily talking, only when it came to emergencies. Great, Malcolm would freak out. Even more so than normal, probably.
“Why do we have to visit your father again?” you shot the question at Malcolm as you were walking over the psychiatric yard, looking for Martin. He rolled his eyes at you, exhausted by your constant questioning.
“I’ve explained it a thousand times, (Y/N).”
“Well, I don’t see how any of this is connected to him.” you argued. Whenever Malcolm had the great idea to visit his father, you tagged along. Simply because you knew it was always hard for him & you wanted to support him wherever you could. Right now, though, you were losing your patience. After all, you knew the cause of this case. But your brothers had yet to arrive so you should play along for now.
“Malcolm, my boy. (Y/N)! Always nice to see you.” Martin started, excited to see his son accompanied by you. The first time you visited Martin, he took an immediate liking to you. Probably because he could see that you were good for Malcolm & his son meant the world to him. Still, he was a narcissistic psychopath. Remembering clearly how he had told you that everyone had flaws during your first meeting. Ah, good times.
“I wish I could say the same, Dr. Whitly.” a sarcastic smile plastered on your face. From then on, you let Malcolm do the talking, not really paying attention to what he was saying. Your thoughts were with your brothers, hoping they would get their asses here quickly before you had to endure more of this bullshit. It was frustrating when you knew how to solve this case but there was nobody you could talk to, not about this. Malcolm desperately tried searching for a non-supernatural explanation. Of course he did. And you just stood by, not being helpful at all. Malcolm did notice your quietness but did not comment on it. Not when you were with his father. He would ask you later today, when you were back at home.
Sam sent you a message earlier today, asking for your address to meet up. This meant that they would not take much longer. The knock on the door was confirmation enough. Malcolm walked over, ready to open it & you did not have enough time to warn him. Oh, this was bound to be fun.
“Uh…Hello?” Malcolm, everyone. Great first impression.
“You’re not (Y/N).” you could make out Dean’s voice. Walking up to where Malcolm was standing in the doorway, you looked over his shoulder & smiled at your brothers. They really were here, it had been too long. Softly pushing Malcolm out of the way, you pulled both of them in a long overdue hug. It was only then when you realized how much you had missed them. Malcolm observed the interaction from afar, confusion obviously shown on his face. Right now, you could only focus on the men in front of you, though.
“It’s good to see you guys again.” smiling widely at them. Sam nodded at you & even Dean could not hide the small smile that was forming on his face.
“I’m sorry…Can I help you guys?” Malcolm spoke up, waiting for answers from either you or the strangers that now entered his apartment.
“No, but we’ll help you.” Dean walked over to Malcolm & patted his shoulder.
“Sam, Dean. This is Malcolm. Malcolm. These are my brothers.” you awkwardly introduced them to each other. Malcolm’s mouth hang open & he could not form a coherent sentence.
“Nice to meet you.” Sam held out his hand & it took Malcolm a second to shake it.
“Your brothers?” Malcolm whisper-yelled.
“And what are they doing here?” it was not his intention to sound rude, you knew that. Yet, he seemed rather frustrated because you clearly knew they were coming over but decided against telling your boyfriend.
“Remember when I told you that they had a similar job to ours?” Malcolm nodded at you. “This case we’re working on…that’s one of their kind. We wouldn’t be able to solve it without their help.” you tried explaining.
“We have the best working team out there! Of course we could’ve solved it alone!” but you simply shook your head at him. He would understand sooner or later.
Sam & Dean sat down on the expensive couch, Dean putting his feet on the coffee table. Good thing Malcolm did not care too much about his furniture. Malcolm & you brought drinks from the kitchen & sat across from them. Dean only eyed Malcolm, though. The inevitable was about to happen, you just hoped Malcolm would deliver accordingly.
“Who the hell are you?” he was judging Malcolm & neither Sam’s elbow nudging him nor your dirty look changed the way he looked at him. What could you say? Dean was very protective of you, even after ages of not talking.
“Malcolm Bright, profiler for the NYPD.” that made the brothers’ eyebrows raise. Thank God he did not let slip that he was the son of a serial killer.
“You’re working for the police?” Sam eyed Malcolm, now being confused as to why you would get them involved with the police even though you were aware of what they had been through.
“Well, yeah. I mean, (Y/N) & I met there.” Malcolm reasoned. Great, the cat was out of the bag now.
“Seriously (Y/N)?” Dean looked…disappointed?
“Okay, wait a minute. Let me explain!” Sam & Dean nodded at you to continue. “When I left you guys, I really tried to leave this life behind. I did. But I still wanted to help people. So…one thing came to another & then I was part of the NYPD &-“ you were interrupted by Dean, of course.
“And slept around with this guy?” Dean looked Malcolm over & you rolled your eyes at him. Malcolm looked offended but stayed silent.
“This guy is my boyfriend. And his name is Malcolm.” you defended him. “And I asked you to help me with this case, not with my dating life.” looking at Dean sternly, he nodded at you & apologized. He could get caught up in the heat of the moment but you had more important things to focus on.
Throughout your talk, Malcolm sent you questioning looks every now & then. You brushed him off, telling him you would explain it later. Sam & Dean got the message & tried keeping the talk casual. Clearly, your boyfriend did not know about the supernatural & it would be better if it stayed that way.
“Okay, so tomorrow, we’ll talk to Norman & see what we can find out.” Malcolm concluded after some long confusing hours.
“Sammy & I need some sleep after that long ass drive anyway. We’ll be meeting at his house first thing in the morning. Don’t be late.” when he said that, he stared at Malcolm. Rolling your eyes at his childish antics, you slapped him lightly on the chest.
“Do you wanna stay here for the night?” you asked when they were walking to the front door.
“Um, no. We’re checked in at the motel a few blocks down. Besides…” Dean gestured wildly with his hands. “This entire apartment looks too luxurious for us. How did you get so much money anyway?” Dean asked, again motioning at the expensive looking apartment.
“It’s actually Malcolm’s…I moved in not too long ago.” explaining to both of them. Sam nodded, looking satisfied with your current living situation. Dean, of course, had another thing to comment on.
“Oh wow, (Y/N)…Good catch.” winking at you, you shoved him out of the apartment, shaking your head.
“Good night!” you said before closing the door behind them, letting out a long sigh.
“Your brothers are…nice.” Malcolm started. You winced at his choice of words. In your head, it all worked out way better.
“I’m sorry, Mal…They can be quite protective.”
“No, it’s fine, I get it. They’re, uh, very into this religious thing, huh?”
“Oh, you have noooo idea.” you chuckled.
“Why didn’t you tell me they were coming by?”
“I don’t know…I guess I didn’t want you to think that you’re not good enough for this case.”
“But I need you to trust me when I tell you that Sam & Dean are the ones who should handle this one.”
“I trust you, you know that, (Y/N). But you have to give me permission to say “I told you so.” when we solve this case without their help.” Malcolm held out his hand for you to shake.
“Deal.” you smiled at him. Your brothers & boyfriend might not become best friends but you did not expect them to. All you wanted was to get rid of whatever killed that priest. And you knew that the supernatural feared Sam & Dean. This would be over soon.
“You sure these are the same guys who were at our apartment yesterday?” Malcolm whispered to you when you were approaching two men in suits. Not their usual flannel attire, they were working a job after all.
“Just play along, alright?” Malcolm nodded at you. He promised to trust you on this & you seemed like you knew what you were doing.
“Detectives.” Dean greeted you.
“Shut up.” you threw back almost immediately. Sam & Dean laughed at your comment.
“I missed you, lil sis.” Dean said with a genuine tone, one that made you smile wildly.
“Alright, let’s do this.” Sam knocked on the door, waiting for it to open. They introduced themselves as FBI & showed the woman in the doorway their badges. Shooting Malcolm a look as if to say “Don’t ask.” & he just acted as if he had not seen this. The woman led you upstairs to a room. She warned you to not cross the salt lines. All of you nodded. Well, all but Malcolm. The poor man could not understand a thing. Sometimes you wished you were this innocent when it came to cases like this. If it were not for Malcolm, this would have felt like the good old days when you spent your time solving case after case with your brothers. Yeah, it had been dangerous & exhausting but you still liked being a hunter. Also, the three of you were one hell of a team.
The door opened & you were met with countless geometrical lines made out of salt. Because a simple circle would not do the job or what? Fucking show-off. Careful not to mess with the salt, the four of you stepped inside the dark room. Norman’s back was facing you. While Sam & Dean simply took in the room to check for any indicators of anything supernatural, Malcolm started interrogating Norman. You signaled the boys to let him do his job.
“The salt keeps him out.” suddenly, Norman’s voice was way deeper than when he first started talking. Weird guy. Still, you did not think it was him.
“Who?” Malcolm asked in a calm voice. He was good at this. Even though he almost always got himself killed.
“The demon.” Norman said. What the hell was wrong with him? Malcolm turned around to you & found the three of you rolling your eyes. Really desperate if a person wanted to be a demon.
“He’s clearly mentally ill.” Malcolm stated quietly.
“Oh, really?” you sarcastically shot back. Who would have thought? Malcolm started lifting one of his foot, meaning to cross the line.
“Mal, wait. Don’t.” you warned him but when did Malcolm ever listen? You were not sure how Norman even noticed Malcolm crossing the line, his back was still facing you after all, but all of a sudden things escalated. Apparently, Norman thought Malcolm was a demon. He was everything but, really. He just had some demons to fight but he was not one. Norman was grabbing a lamp, wanting to attack Malcolm with it but you got everything sorted before anything bad could happen. Norman was on his way in the hospital & you were just glad that everyone was fine.
When all of you were outside the house again, Sam & Dean looked annoyed.
“Dude, we wasted time with this madman.” Dean started. “That’s bullshit.”
“Dean, stop.” you cut him off before the situation got too intense. “He was the only suspect we had. We couldn’t have known he was mentally ill.”
“We should check out the church tonight.” Sam suggested.
“Why at night?” Malcolm asked curiously.
“Oh, look how precious he is.” Dean mocked. If he kept acting that way you might as well salt & burn his bones next. Turning to Malcolm, you tried reasoning with him.
“Because we can’t risk people watching us. Not when we’re doing this.” Malcolm understood but he also planned a lot of questions for when you were back home.
“Alright, we’ll meet there later. Dean & I will take care of everything we might need.” Sam said before walking off to Baby.
“I see you took great care of her.” nudging Dean, motioning at the beautiful ’67 Chevy Impala. Another thing you had missed dearly. Countless nights had been spent in the backseat, you associated this car with a lot of happy memories.
“Always.” Dean smiled at you. “Baby misses you, too, you know?”
“I’m sure she does. After all, I had the brains. Of course she misses my smartness.” Dean shook his head at you, rolling his eyes at the same time. Saying goodbye & turning around, Malcolm gave you a look.
“Baby? Her? You sure you were talking about the car?” oh, that was bothering him. Now you understood.
“It’s a long story.” you laughed & gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking past him. He let out a short laugh & smiled at your actions.
“(Y/N)? I think we should talk.” Malcolm started shortly after you entered your shared apartment.
“Oh no…that’s never a good sign.”
“What’s going on here?” you could tell he was serious. Fuck, you hated lying to him. One of the reasons why you had barely mentioned your brothers was to avoid questions you did not want to answer. It was now or never. Telling Malcolm to sit down, you were about to start at the very beginning. There were still a few hours left before you had to be at the church, might as well use it appropriately. Hopefully, Malcolm did not decide to leave you after opening up to him.
“So…you’re telling me that monsters are real, your brothers hunt them down & you used to help them before you left.” you nodded when Malcolm tried processing what you had just told him. “And my girlfriend saved the world more than once.” he concluded.
“Pretty much, yeah.” he was silent for a few seconds. That would be the moment he would ask you to leave.
“My girlfriend is a badass.” Malcolm mumbled & started laughing then. You joined in.
“Really? That’s all you have to say?” you questioned, not really believing that he dealt with it so casually.
“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m freaking out.” he confessed. “You know, makes me think of all the cases we couldn’t solve. Maybe we weren’t successful because of…supernatural beings playing a part. But honestly, it’s just another thing that got added to my plate. Nothing I can’t handle.”
“No, really. I mean it. Besides, now I know that if I ever meet a monster, you’re here to fight it off. Or your brothers. If I were a monster, I’d be scared as shit of them.” Malcolm finished & you laughed, throwing your entire body back on the couch. That actually went quite well? At least something positive.
Churches were creepy in general. But churches at night? That was a whole other level of madness. You met Sam & Dean at the Impala, Dean’s face buried in the trunk, looking for suitable weapons. Malcolm had promised not to question your actions & you were thankful for it. Because you had other things to focus on. Dean handed out weapons which you gladly accepted.
“Mal? You gotta promise me to stay behind.” concerning eyes met his & he knew better than to argue with you. Malcolm gulped but nodded anyway.
“You ready to do this?” Sam asked.
“I am but I think (Y/N)’s a little rusty.” Dean commented.
“Just...let’s get this over with…” rolling your eyes at Dean, you hated to admit that he was most likely right. You had not been on a hunt in a very long time but you knew you could fight when push came to shove.
The four of you entered the church silently, weapons at ready. After walking around for a while, Dean lifted his hand to stop you all. Trying to get a better look at what made him freeze, you were shocked when you saw Jonah, the painter, pacing these holy grounds. Why did you not think of him? It was quite obvious, really. Maybe you were getting rusty.
“Well, he is a demon, no doubts, but he isn’t Abaddon.” Dean spoke, quietly enough as to not get caught. “So if you guys distract this son of a bitch, I can catch him off guard from behind & stab him.”
“No, wait. You can’t kill him, Dean.” you argued. There was still a possibility of a human being somewhere inside.
“What? Why?” Dean turned towards you & tilted his head in confusion. Sighing out, you tried to talk some sense into him.
“Let Sam do an exorcism. We don’t know if Jonah’s still in there.” Dean thought about this for a few seconds but nodded afterwards. Sam grabbed an old lore book with the exorcism inside. He remembered the words by heart but better safe than sorry, right? Your plan was to stay hidden, the church was dark enough to do that without getting caught.
The demon was confused when he heard the first words of the exorcism, already struggling to stay inside Jonah. Good, he was not a strong one. Malcolm stayed close with you. Sam & Dean each took one side of the church, just in case something went wrong. Sam continued with the latin words & the demon was unable to move anymore. He was trapped in one place. That was when all of you made yourself shown to him. Hopefully, Jonah was still alive in there. If not, you had a lot of explaining to do. You already had but another dead person would make everything even more complicated.
“I AM ABADDON!” the demon screamed & you noticed that he barely had enough strength to stay in Jonah’s body anymore. Malcolm stayed in the background, simply observing & letting you do your job.
“I’m sure you wanna be, pal.” Dean got closer to the demon but not too close for it to be dangerous. “But we got rid of her a long time ago.” and it was true. Abaddon’s death was years ago. Why this demon thought to be her? You were not sure. But you also did not care. You just wanted this to be over. Sam finished the ritual & black smoke came out of Jonah’s mouth. After that, he fell to the floor & all of you ran over to him. Malcolm checked for a pulse & nodded when he felt it. Letting out a breath, you were glad that you could save him. Grabbing your phone out of your pocket, you dialed 911 & called Gil right after.
In no time, cars were surrounding the church. Sam, Dean, Malcom & you were standing in a small circle outside. Gil approached you.
“What the hell happened? And who the hell are you guys?” the second question was directed at your brothers who coughed a little, not knowing how to answer. Time to sell a little fake story.
“Gil, these are Sam & Dean, my brothers.” Gil shook both men’s hands.
“Didn’t know you had brothers.” he noted.
“Long story…Anyway, they came to visit & stayed at our apartment. They kinda overheard Malcolm & I talking about the case. Sam, here, has the brains-“
“Hey!” Dean feigned hurt at your words.
“And he pieced everything together. We didn’t wanna waste time & before I even had the chance to call you, we had already caught him.” as soon as you finished, Malcolm joined in to help with your little white lie.
“Jonah was poisoned by the lead in the paint he was using. It can cause dissociative behavior that can be mistaken for possession.” thank God for Malcolm “Human Dictionary” Bright. Gil could not argue with this so he simply went back over to the rest of the team. Nice job.
“Thanks guys.” addressing Sam & Dean.
“So that’s it, huh?” Sam asked, sad that he knew he had to let you go again. Yet, he supported your decision.
“Hey, Malcolm?” Dean looked at him. “I wanna show you something, come on.” Malcolm followed Dean to the black car which left you alone with Sam.
“He’s gonna kill him, isn’t he?” Sam laughed at your words.
“Possibly.” then he turned serious again. “I miss you.” Sam confessed, his jaw clenching.
“I miss you, too, Sammy.” looking up at him, you continued. “And I’m sorry for disappearing off the radar. It’s just…when I left, this entire starting new thing took more time than I thought it would.”
“I get it & I’m not asking you to come back with us. I can see that you like it here. You’ve finally found your happiness & by the way Malcolm looks at you? He’s utterly in love with you, (Y/N). Take care of yourself, okay?”
“I will, I promise. You, too. Call me when you’re starting the next apocalypse.” you joked with him. He then pulled you into a big hug, one that you had missed so much. Sam always gave the best hugs.
“What is it?” Malcolm asked Dean, nervous as to why he wanted to talk to him alone.
“Look, man, (Y/N)’s my little sister & I’d do anything for her. So if you ever hurt her…know that I’ll beat the crap outta you.” Malcolm gulped but found enough courage to answer him.
“I love (Y/N). I’d never to do anything to hurt her. I get why you worry, I do. But she’s safe here. I promise.”
“Hey Dean, go easy on him.” their heads snapped in the direction your voice was coming from. By the smile on your face, he knew you were joking. Sam & you reached the car.
“I’ll miss you.” approaching Dean, you were more than satisfied when he opened his arms for you to pull you into a hug. He pressed a soft kiss on top of your head before releasing you again.
“Malcolm promised me to keep you safe.”
“Did he now?” turning around, eyeing your boyfriend with a smirk.
“Check in with us, okay?” Dean grew serious.
“I will, I promise. You guys take care of yourselves, okay?” both men nodded. “Tell Cas I said hi. How are you two doing anyway?” you stopped briefly to wink at him which made Sam chuckle quietly. “And bring him next time.”
“Alright, goodbye.” Dean said, laughing at you, Sam joining him.
“Bye, guys.” you waved at them when they got into the car.
Leaning into Malcolm’s side, you could feel his arm sneaking around your waist to keep your close. For a few moments, you stood there in silence, watching the Impala slowly disappear out of your view.
“Do I need to be jealous of this Cas guy?” Malcolm asked all of a sudden & you broke out into laughter. His confused face was hilarious.
“Trust me, Mal. If you meet him, you’ll know that there’s no need to be jealous.” tears were threatening to escape your eyes. The simple image of you & Cas together made you laugh out loud.
“I guess I need to trust you on that.”
“Hey, remember what you said when you thought we wouldn’t need help solving this case?” you asked him, changing the topic entirely. His face showed you that he did, in fact, not remember.
“I told you so.” you smirked at him, enjoying how his smile slowly faltered. Rolling his eyes at you, he wanted to say a witty remark. You knew what he was trying to do but before he had the chance, you silenced him with a long, soft kiss. That always managed to do the job. Pulling away after a few seconds, you lovingly stared into his eyes. This moment could have been overly romantic. If it were not for you putting salt into his wound.
“I told you so.” repeating your previous words, you walked away from him, sarcastically smiling as you did so. You were right about this & Malcolm prepared himself to hear the same words over & over from now on.
Published (04/15/2021) by Cathy
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captainkirbypunch · 9 months ago
My love has left tumblr once again.
As many of you may know, the account under the name MDZADR, has left tumblr. They felt unsafe in their fandom, and as such have deleted their tumblr and AO3 account due to the bad memories linked to them.
As a part of their departure, they have asked me to post something in their name, as follows.
If you want more details about how I came to this realization, continue to read. If not, here is your summary:
TL;DR: For the safety and health of this fandom, I wanted to spread the word that Mooping-10 is filled with people who absolutely cannot be trusted, creating a very hazardous environment for the zadr community, and MelodyoftheVoid is connected to all of those people, living a double life amongst those of us that don’t “ship zadr correctly.” She has plenty of friends her inner circle knows nothing about, and nobody on either side knows who she really is. 
Full story below.
I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye. Nobody did anything to me today, but this just wasn’t worth it.
My AO3 and tumblr are both gone. I didn’t say goodbye because I didn’t want to look like an attention seeker.
Here’s the thing. I wasn’t going to name drop, but you guys need to know the truth. I’m instructing my boyfriend (hi y’all) to turn asks off for his own safety after this because this is going to be a nightmare, but... allow me to tell you the full story. I’ll try to break up the text so it’s less difficult to read, but this is important. I’m sorry to air discourse so publicly, but please... I need you to listen to me.
I’ll start from the beginning, without being vague anymore about who “she” is. I request that you please read the whole thing and not skip parts of it. The whole story matters.
I finally returned to the fandom about two months or so ago. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t do well in my thoughts while left alone too long, so I posted saying I would stop messaging people I knew because I didn’t want to bother them. There were only two people I was talking to at the time, but one of them is famous so I didn’t want to message her directly saying that. Doing so would have put her in a position of feeling obligated to say “you’re not bothering me” rather than just simply being able to sigh with relief from no longer being contacted. 
But the first person to contact me was the famous person, and she asked if I was okay, and told me she liked talking to me.
God, I actually cried.
But, that’s just her. Melodyofthevoid is the type of person to talk to people in the fandom, totally unaware of her demigod status. She comments on stories, interacts on posts, messages first... a pillar of kindness, so it seemed.
But let the story continue.
Over time, we were talking more often. 
Mostly sending memes (cause everyone I knew, myself included, aren’t exactly great at holding conversations. No shade. Memes are a love language). I was still in the hero worship stage of our relationship, so my view of her was that that was perfect.
Now, let me bridge a connection with a new story idea I got around December 28th or so, and my thinking she was perfect.
I had recently finished watching Madoka and questioned “If I had magical powers, what would they be?” It then turned into its own story idea, basing creators’ powers around the strengths and weaknesses in creations. I actually realized “oh fuck. My stuff is incoherent. My friends’ works aren’t too different...”
Thus spawned the name “Incoherent” for the project.
What does that have to do with this? Well, here’s the thing that really fucked everything up quickly. 
This was not on purpose, because originally the project (which I had told nobody of yet at the time) was all about improving your works, making platonic friends, dressing our personas in cute outfits, and writing fun magic.
While listening to music and thinking of the story one day, my brain accidentally shipped my persona with hers, and I couldn’t unsee it. And I’m lousy at keeping my own secrets (other’s are different) so she found out on probably day one or two about my weird crush because of an ask meme of all things. 
She didn’t try to put me off any, which was another problem for future things to come, and so I decided that since Incoherent was finally making me feel alive again and feeling the euphoric feelings of love wouldn’t hurt anything (I figured they’d mellow out on their own eventually because that’s how infatuation works) since they helped fuel my inspiration, and then we would just continue from friends to better friends one day and this part of our lives would be over.
Besides, the forbidden is attractive somehow, and makes stories more entertaining. She’s aro/ace, so I had no chance anyway. Someone safe to crush on, in her own way.
This isn’t a story of a love betrayal however. There was no such thing. But it’s important to the story because Incoherent is where my mistakes were made, and hers brought to light.
By this time, I had a handful of people I was talking to, and I created a discord server for the project. Only my boyfriend (hi!) and I were in it at the time. I was not-so-subtly asking my friends what they’d look like if they were a magical person, what their names would be... I thought I would have had to lure Melody in to make her want to join us, but I managed to get her in very easily. Everyone was happy and excited! It was a no obligation, no time limit thing for us to enjoy, a little sandbox to play around in. 
Sure there were plans to make it bigger and I was working on art to the best of my ability, but it was gonna be a fun thing mostly. No pressure on anyone.
And how things started becoming a problem was that the rest of us posted publicly about the project and interacted with each other’s posts relating to the story, but she had started to interact publicly less and less with our things, and everyone noticed it.
It wasn’t because we were greedy and wanted the popular girl to reblog our things. It’s because we had a feeling she was ashamed of being seen publicly with us. The reason we were worried before then and started making that connection was because I mentioned I was going to ask another user if they were interested in joining Incoherent. Melody was the only one that seemed uncomfortable, and I messaged her asking about it. We agreed I wouldn’t invite that person but I knew things were off about it.
That person is like me. How long until Melody didn’t want to talk to me anymore? A few days ago, the other shoe finally dropped. A member of our little group and I were talking and (let’s call them Friend for simplicity. They asked to not be name dropped here) Friend was worried they had made Melody upset by tagging her in a meme picture they drew of her persona, and the two had agreed that Friend remove the tag. This spawned an anxiety-filled conversation where Friend and I expressed our concerns about Melody not interacting with the project, or us.
So since I wanted reassurance that that wasn’t the case, I messaged Melody with my concerns. I told her I had the feeling she was ashamed of being seen in public with us because of her friends, and she didn’t refute me. She simply told me to go get some rest. I messaged back with “I’m right.”
I deleted Discord off my phone for hours and nearly deleted my Tumblr, AO3, and the server after my boyfriend helped pass messages between us. Melody confessed that was the case because her friends expressed discomfort with my works, and she was playing both sides.
Her words, not mine.
Melody told me she would be withdrawing from the Incoherent project because it wasn’t fair to us if her heart wasn’t in it.
She didn’t stand up on my behalf when they said things about me. Her friends are the type who talk behind creators’ backs for shipping zadr “incorrectly.” Worse than antis because they actually participate in the “pro-shipping” side of the fandom. I broke that day and messaged her at 3 am.
We finally spoke at 3pm. We both missed each other. I tried to understand more. I wanted it to be more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. It was only one-sided however, and she never opened up further. And I made some mistakes and poor choices of words, and we ended up parting ways permanently right there. 
I nearly deleted everything, but much like a coma patient attached to many machines on a hospital bed, my blog was kept alive a little longer by people sending kind words in droves. I was briefly fuelled by spite, wishing to watch the world burn by making everyone on the "correct" side of the fandom upset by posting the worst, most vile content this fandom has ever seen.
I was also welcomed with open arms by a very kind server with fellow degenerates, all of them screaming and crying and partying when they managed to get me in their server. It was so heartwarming...
But as I spoke to others about my situation, I realized something. A disturbing pattern.
People telling me horror stories about how Mooping-10 was cult-like. How the people running it were antis. I was even told once that they have a secondary server where they go to have their talks and do their work, likely the place where the real bashing is held.
The server itself has rules against such behavior, but I suppose it's different when they do it.
One person (and this is the most unnerving part for me, personally) told me Melody actually set off alarm bells in their head without having even done anything yet, and the most disturbing part of the story was that one of the moderators was afraid and upset because they got Covid, and received basically no moral support at all. Only getting told "spoiler that. Sorry you got Covid".
I was horrified. That server has 100 people in it. How many of them are the same? They act like popular kids in school who picked up an unpopular main character and then bash others, and the main character joined in because they don't want to be left behind by their new "friends".
To put it short, back to my point:
TL;DR: I simply only wanted to spread the word that: Mooping-10 is filled with people who absolutely cannot be trusted, creating a very hazardous environment for the zadr community, and Melodyofthevoid is connected to all of those people, living a double life amongst those of us that don't "ship zadr correctly". She has plenty of friends her inner circle knows nothing about, and nobody on either side knows who she really is.
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mortispoxi · 8 months ago
BBC America’s The Watch Episode Six Review: The Dark in the Dark
Episode Review list: one, two, three, four, five, seven, eight
Hey everyone! As many of you already know, my name is Mortis, and this is my thoughts and review of BBC America’s The Watch episode six: The Dark in the Dark. If you have stumbled upon this series for the first time and would like to read the previous episode reviews, I have linked them accordingly above. And I must always remind any newcomers that I have chosen different names for the show characters because there was so much change done to their original characters, they no longer represent their book counterparts. No changes for this week, so let’s get started.
Oh! A quick heads up to anyone who wants to watch episode six (for whatever reason), be warned that at several points in the episode strobe effects are used without warning so if you are epileptic or just light sensitive please refrain from watching this episode.
(Spoilers ahead for The Dark in the Dark)
Episode Recap:
I have officially lost the plot of this show. In the last few episodes, The Watch has zig zagged around its half-finished storyline so many times that I know longer understand what direction it is trying to go in. It has become so incomprehensible that I struggled to get through episode six without saying, “What?” every five minutes. I will do my best to recap this episode’s story but know that I was very confused by the end of it and honestly do not know what the writers were trying to convey.
The episode begins with Virgin (Urdo von Pew, Head of the Thieves Guild) being incinerated by the dragon while this shitty Instagram-like filter that makes people’s photos look like works of art or oil paintings is overlaid on top of the scene (It really hurt my eyes to look at, I squinted through most of it). Turns out, this was just the video an iconograph had captured and was now being looked at by members of the watch in order to figure out the whereabouts of Virgin. In the previous episode, Lady Vetinari (Lord Havelock Vetinari) basically told them to start a war by arresting anyone who aided Gang Leader Carcer (Carcer Dun) which led the watch to this large pile of ash that presumably was Virgin nearby the iconograph. Supermodel Sybil (Lady Sybil Ramkin) who was watching the playback feed on the iconograph realizes that the imp inside must have been bribed by someone to paint a different scenario to explain away Virgin’s disappearance. Realizing that this is a major exploitable flaw, the watch agrees to take the imp in for questioning…well not exactly question since all we ever see are members of the watch threatening to do bodily harm to all their captives.
Side Note! At no point in the episode is it explained where Virgin is or if he’s already dead. In episode five, he was beaten half to death by GL Carcer, strapped to a device that would essentially turn his brain to soup, and then left out in the desert. It is unclear whether this man is still wandering around in the desert or if he was picked up by the Assassins’ Guild for reasons I will soon get into.  
Supermodel Sybil then turns to Tall Cheery (Cheery Littlebottom) and tells her to explain to Raccoon Vimes (Samuel Vimes) what she knows about the phrase the dark in the dark so that they can find the next artefact.
Speaking of doing bodily harm to people who deserve human decency, it cuts back to the watch house where Paw Patrol Angua (Angua von Uberwald) is enthusiastically assaulting two of the thieves that had helped GL Carcer get the sword. She tells them that they should be afraid of her (which is kind of hard to do when she looks like a small child suffering from rickets) but they continue to refuse to talk. Apparently, the watch is running out of room to put prisoners as they continue to arrest and interrogate the people possibly involved with GL Carcer (which unless they can present circumstantial evidence that the person was there to aid a known criminal, this counts as a false arrest which is illegal). Paw Patrol Angua refuses to give up the cell she occupies when she transforms, reiterating to the audience again that she only sees herself as a monster who will hurt people since she cannot control her powers. On top of insisting the prisoners be treated with basic human decency, Baby Carrot (Carrot Ironfounderson) reminds PP Angua that they also need to keep everyone in separate prison cells to keep them from conspiring with one another. Not liking the fact that her prisoners have human rights, Paw Patrol Angua pulls out a knife and threatens to cut out the prisoner’s tongues if they tried speaking with each other. Realizing that she’s serious about causing them physical harm and disfigurement, the two thieves cave and tell her that GL Carcer got rid of them the moment Wayne the talking sword was in his hands. I’d just like to remind the audience that this goes well beyond police brutality into actual war crime territory because if she went through with it, Paw Patrol Angua would be in violation of Article Three of the Geneva Conventions (taking hostages and threatening torture/mutilation for noncompliance).
Tumblr media
Seeing how they got the answers they wanted, they decide to figure out where to move all the prisoners. Baby Carrot uses this moment when Paw Patrol Angua is distracted by the blueprints of the prison to stare at the tattoo on the back of her neck. Weirded out that he is staring at her, she’s like, “dude what the fuck are you staring at?” and Baby Carrot awkwardly mentions that she can replace her old clan tattoo with a new one that symbolizes the watch. They quickly move on from this subject and start rearranging prisoners like they’re playing musical chairs. Before Baby Carrot leaves, the thief known as Brian informs him that their boss will break them out and that it’s only a matter of time before she shows up. What a stupid fucking thing to say to a police officer. He literally tells the people who are guarding him and his colleagues that there is going to be a prison break soon which puts the watch on high alert. Should’ve kept your big mouth shut Brian, you pea brained troglodyte! An asshole full of knuckles is what you’re gonna get if someone finds out it was you who snitched motherfucker!
Cut forward a bit and Wizard Wonse (Lupine Wonse) is using her pet pigeons to spy on the watch’s activities. But in the meantime, Baby Carrot tells Raccoon Vimes and co that the watch house is about to be attacked. Raccoon Vimes hypothesizes that it could be Bobby Worst (Dr. Cruces) who is coming to free the locked-up thieves. Since the disappearance of Virgin, Bobby Worst seems to be adamant about combining and leading both the Assassins and Thieves Guild in order to make her powerful enough to take on Lady Vetinari. Apparently, the guilds, or at least just the Assassins and Thieves Guilds, want to overthrow Lady Vetinari so that they can take full control of Ankh-Morpork. Not exactly sure why since it’s not entirely explained other than because drama. So, realizing they’re about to have a showdown with some top-level assassins, Raccoon Vimes makes the brilliant decision to send the watch’s best fighters out to retrieve the next artefact while he and Supermodel Sybil stay behind to stand guard.
Tall Cheery takes Baby Carrot and Paw Patrol Angua down to her workshop where she nervously explains that the next artefact is a crown located in her home mine called Tak where she escaped from five years ago. The child goblin called Spike the watch stole-I MEAN-took in is still hanging around doing chores and I only mention them because they become important later in the episode (for the dumbest reason possible, trust me). Tall Cheery tells them that she promised to never go back because the Summoning Dark took her mother from her after she refused to wear a false beard. I’m just going to go ahead and explain that Tall Cheery and the other dwarves of Tak Mine believe that things like gender expression is what lures in the darkness. Being different, more accurately those who refuse to present themselves as male/have facial hair, is the thing that everyone thinks the Summoning Dark takes people away for. Tall Cheery essentially confirms that in the show a gender binary already exists within dwarf society:
“That’s how we keep the dark away. You can’t be yourself down there. You have to be the same. Man, or woman, everyone has to be the same.”
This entire concept is lost on me since it blatantly disregards the struggles Cheery went through in the books to establish a gender binary in dwarf culture only for the show writers to say all dwarves appear male (i.e. having facial hair) because appearing feminine is dangerous since it attracts a supernatural entity that haunts the mines. Anyway, since she knows her way around the Tak Mine, she tags along with them in order to get to the next relic. She puts on her old false beard she keeps in a tin box (call back to episode five) and informs them that they too have to wear facial hair so they can blend in with the other dwarves. Seeing that neither Baby Carrot nor PP Angua have facial hair nor the ability to grow some in two seconds, they turn the jail into a Build-a-Beard workshop by slicing off hair from the prisoner’s to fashion into wearable facial hair.
Meanwhile, back at GL Carcer’s hide away, Wizard Wonse’s spy pigeons she had sent to the watch house return and inform her where the next relic is. Seeing that they don’t have much time to lose, Wizard Wonse smears some magic shit on her and GL Carcer’s face that gives the illusion that they are high ranking dwarves who can be entrusted with the crown. They get to the mines first and steal the crown but continue to hang around the place waiting for the watch to show up so they can attempt stealing the third and final component they need to control the dragon.
They aren’t even two steps over the property line when they are outnumbered and apprehended by the dwarves who popped out of nowhere to grab them (so much for their plan to blend in). Out of the mine comes Tall Cheery’s ex-Spike whom Tall Cheery left behind when escaping the mine. Tall Cheery asks to speak to her father, since she is the only child of the senior mining engineer making it her birthright to become the leader, but ex-Spike calls her a slur in dwarfish and confirms that he is the new chief. Tall Cheery begs for his help which he of course laughs at, but after informing him that they need to be let in by order of Lady Vetinari, ex-Spike gladly allows them down into the mines to retrieve the crown. On their journey downwards, Tall Cheery talks briefly with her ex about how she should’ve gone back for him and wonders why he doesn’t hate her for abandoning him. Well, apparently Tall Cheery isn’t completely over her ex because her clouded judgment missed the obvious warning signs that ex-Spike was leading them directly into a trap. When they get to the temple chamber where the crown is being kept, they find that it’s gone from its pedestal causing some confusion amongst the watch members. Confusion turns to shock when GL Carcer and Wizard Wonse jump out yelling, “Surprise! We got to the crown first!” and all three watchmen are quickly captured.
Meanwhile, back at the watch house, Raccoon Vimes is shoving furniture in front of the entryway to block anyone from coming in or out. Supermodel Sybil wanders up with her tiny pet dragon Goodboy who, she explains, is going to help them burn any intruder that comes in there alive. He is of course terrified of the prospect, so she reassures him by giving him a special dragon whistle that he can blow on if things go south. This triggers another flashback memory (LIKE WE ALREADY HAVEN’T HAD ENOUGH OF THOSE) where he sees his future self wearing the exact same whistle around his neck while together with Supermodel Sybil.
Side Note! You would think that Supermodel Sybil should keep it on her person since she’s going to be the one wielding her tiny dragon like a flamethrower, not Raccoon Vimes. Does she want him to have it so that if Goodboy backfires into her, he can blow the whistle and have the little dragon do the exact same thing to him? Who knows, and at this point, who cares…
Supermodel Sybil and Raccoon Vimes then stand around like a couple of dipshits expectantly waiting for the assassins, who are currently behind them propelling downwards from the ceiling, to just waltz in through the front entrance that they completely blocked up for some UNGODLY REASON. Honestly, I expected nothing less from a captain with extensive brain damage and his companion who is borderline psychotic. Only the finest joins the watch! Anyway, Bobby Worst and her motley crew of psychopaths make themselves known by demanding the keys to the cells. As mentioned before, once she releases the imprisoned thieves, she plans to lead a newly formed super-guild with her newfound allies in order to overpower and overthrow Lady Vetinari.
Tumblr media
Raccoon Vimes tries to one-up her by explaining that he has evidence in the form of the imp who Bobby Worst bribed to edit in Virgin’s death. He really needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut because the little girl Alice from episode three goes over to the iconograph and crushes the head of the imp like a grape. Now they have no evidence of Bobby Worst’s wrongdoing and are being stared down by four highly trained assassins with their only means of escape cut off (good job on that one Raccoon Vimes!). Supermodel Sybil tries to be a hero by raising Goodboy up and telling the dragon to incinerate them. However, Goodboy is like “Hell fucking nah,” and refuses to use its fiery breath. With no more options left, they speed off towards the prison to lock themselves in Tall Cheery’s storage room, where they also happened to have moved Accountant Skimmer (Inigo Skimmer), subsequently trapping themselves once more.
Let’s get back to what’s going on in Tak Mine real quick. Since GL Carcer and Wizard Wonse used cloaking magic on themselves, they managed to convince the dwarves that if they have the crown then the world above will burn but things will be fine below ground. So now, with the second to last relic underarm, they do that thing villains do where they explain just enough of their plan to further the plot but not all of it to give everything away. Wizard Wonse, as it turns out, figured out that Carrot is the third and final component they need so they take him with them. As they waltz off, Paw Patrol Angua and Tall Cheery are chained to pedestals in the ground and have their beards ripped off by ex-Spike who is still salty over Tall Cheery leaving him. Tall Cheery tries to appeal to ex-Spike’s better nature by telling him about how she named a goblin who saved her and her friends after him. Ex-Spike just gives her this look like, “Why the fuck does that even matter?” and skedaddles away.
Here’s the part where things get really weird, not as weird as what happens near the end of the episode but still pretty weird. With their beards gone, the Summoning Dark is alerted to their presence and starts to close in while Tall Cheery freaks out. She tells Paw Patrol Angua about her mother who was also taken by the darkness after she shaved her beard and started to question things. Eventually, the Summoning Dark does show up and absorbs Tall Cheery into itself. As it turns out, this supernatural force isn’t malevolent at all and is instead this like…how to even describe it…this force that’s powered by multiverse theory and gender dysphoria? I’m really unsure about what exactly it is, but it’s definitely NOT the Summoning Dark we see in the books. When Tall Cheery wakes up inside of it, she sees herself in different outfits that are quickly confirmed to be her alternative selves in different timelines across the multiverse. She stumbles across her mother, who is just casually hanging out in there, and they have a heart to heart about how the Summoning Dark is a benevolent ally. This whole time Tall Cheery’s mother has been zooming around the multiverse watching all the branching timelines and alternative universes that APPARENTLY the darkness is privy to access because it’s magic or something. She rejects the notion of returning to Tall Cheery’s timeline by saying something along the lines of, “why would I go back when I have all these worlds to explore?” Tall Cheery’s mother chooses to stay because the Summoning Dark helped her, and now her daughter, become her genuine self.
Side Note! I find it wonderfully fucked up that out of all the people the Summoning Dark has taken, Tall Cheery is the only one to return and tell everyone that it’s not actually evil. By this logic, this means Tall Cheery’s mom saw her child and husband openly grieve her loss and she went “I don’t fucking care, I’m out bitches!” and NEVER MADE CONTACT AGAIN! Her mother DELIBERATELY chose this weird ass supernatural force over her own family because it gave her magic powers to see through time and space! Literally anyone who got taken could’ve gone back at any time, but I guess they all collectively went “NOPE!” and let their community live in fear of an entity that they were now fucking around with.
Point is, the Summoning Dark is now Cheery’s ally (she’s got the mark on her arm and everything) and as a result she has superpowers that can help break them out of Tak Mine.
Side Note! Technically, I guess Tall Cheery’s mom is with her all the time now because she exists within the Summoning Dark that now resides in Tall Cheery. She’s inside her mother if you will.
Further down the mineshaft, Wizard Wonse is talking about how back in the day the artefacts were created to unify the ruling class by creating the ability to control a Noble Dragon. This included the grimoire for the wizards, sword for the assassins, helmet/crown for the dwarves, and a king with octarine in their veins. GL Carcer knows that Baby Carrot is a king’s descendant because he’s seen him be crowned in the future (Swear to god if this series ends by making Ankh-Morpork a monarchy…). Baby Carrot is flabbergasted by the notion that he could be king and attempts to rally with Wayne the talking sword to go against the whole idea. Wayne is in the background going off about how Baby Carrot should fuck Angua before GL Carcer shushes it. No, I will not include further context. Anyway, GL Carcer informs Baby Carrot that even if he’s crowned king, GL Carcer is still going to theoretically be the one in power if he has Baby Carrot’s blood. According to the inscription written on the crown, those who possess blood containing high levels of octarine, the Discworld’s eighth color, are the ones who can take control of the Noble Dragon. So essentially, GL Carcer is planning to use Baby Carrot as his own private blood bank in order to burn Ankh-Morpork to the ground.  
Incoming rant- Since GL Carcer has gone back in time to enact his dastardly plan to destroy the world, wouldn’t he have known what all the artefacts were? I mean, he did say he saw Baby Carrot as king controlling the dragon in the future so I would assume that he happened to also see the sword and crown. So why in the hell is he going off about not knowing about all the relics and needing help from Wizard Wonse? This just seems like a major plot hole the writers glossed over.
With Tall Cheery’s newfound superpowers, she quickly catches up to GL Carcer by teleporting herself and Paw Patrol Angua around to knock out the guards. However, before she can formally arrest GL Carcer, the Observers (the Auditors of Reality) step in by teleporting both GL Carcer and Wizard Wonse away to prevent their capture. I’ll catch up on what happens to them in a bit, but for right now let’s get back into the scene. Tall Cheery wanders up to her ex who is cowering in the dark and tells him that he has no need to fear the Summoning Dark because it helps them be anything they want to be if they allow themselves to embrace it. I don’t know why she thinks it’s so funny that he’s scared because not even a minute ago she was terrified of the Summoning Dark. Now she’s acting all surprised the dwarves who live in this mine all their lives and were taught that this thing is evil are scared? Ugh, anyway, Tall Cheery requests that ex-Spike start a revolution by going back into the mines to spread the word to everyone that it’s ok to be different. Tall Cheery then proves to us yet again that she’s only partly over her ex because she makes out with him for a bit before she remembers that he literally tried to kill her and her friends twice.
Back at the watch house, the assassins are closing in on Raccoon Vimes and Supermodel Sybil. They found keys to unlock the prisoners but for some reason that same key ring can’t open Tall Cheery’s storage room, so they have to find another way in. Inside the storage room, things are already tense because Accountant Skimmer is locked in a room with Supermodel Sybil who still holds a massive grudge against him for murdering her parents twenty years ago. Raccoon Vimes does his best to keep the peace by keeping Supermodel Sybil engaged and distracted. She asks Raccoon Vimes what else he saw in the future which makes him blush so hard both Accountant Skimmer and Supermodel Sybil think something is wrong with him (there is but it’s not related to his skin condition). Supermodel Sybil proceeds to pull out a tin of moisturizer and slather it all over his face because that will help somehow. Anyway, Bobby Worst and her gang are hanging around outside the locked door threatening the watchmen to release Accountant Skimmer into their custody because she wants them alive for some stupid reason. To make the already volatile situation in the storage room go nuclear, Bobby Worst starts talking directly to Supermodel Sybil about how Accountant Skimmer would brag about how easy it was for him to inhume her parents. Agitated, Supermodel Sybil demands the keys from Raccoon Vimes so that she can personally throw Accountant Skimmer to the wolves on the other side of the door. Raccoon Vimes is dead set against this plan, even though she’s damn near ready to murder both of them, stating that they need to keep him safe under their custody since they “hold the line.” This whole thing is just a distraction to give Alice enough time to dig out Accountant Skimmers escape tunnel so she can wiggle into the storage room that is connected to the opposite side of the cell wall. Bobby Worst played Supermodel Sybil’s emotions like a fiddle because as they’re arguing about throwing Accountant Skimmer out, Alice appears out from behind a row of mannequins making everyone piss their pants and unlock the door to get out…into Bobby Worst’s awaiting entourage.  
Bobby Worst gives them one chance to tell her where and what the artefacts are so that she too can control the dragon and make her takeover of the government all the more easier. They of course refuse to tell her anything, but before Bobby Worst can strike, Tall Cheery walks in wearing a flashy red dress and does another MOTHERFUCKING DANCE NUMBER! I absolutely hated this part but all you need to know is that Tall Cheery’s little song and dance sucked off (hehe) Bobby Worst and her gang into another dimension or something by using the Summoning Dark. So, Bobby Worst is just straight up gone now, and I guess since both the Assassin’s and Thieves Guild leaders have disappeared, either the main guilds might completely fall apart, or Lady Vetinari will have new leadership installed.
Cutting ahead a bit, we see Paw Patrol Angua, Tall Cheery, and Baby Carrot sitting around the workshop as Tall Cheery extracts blood from Baby Carrots arm. She is testing to see if what GL Carcer said is true and that his blood does have octarine in it making him the true heir to the throne. Baby Carrot is going on and on about how he believed he was the weakest link of the group and that being confirmed as a king was going to prove his worth somehow. Well as it turns out, he has no octarine in his blood after the test comes back negative. He huffs and puffs about not being special like he thought he was and stomps off to go sulk somewhere. The show then blatantly goes *points at Raccoon Vimes* Who is it that the third artefact alludes to?! *points at Raccoon Vimes* Who could it possibly beeeeeeeee~!? *points at Raccoon Vimes*
Skipping to the end, GL Carcer and Wizard Wonse are once again condemned by the Observers for failing them yet again. They touch on how in every timeline, Raccoon Vimes rises up, stops the dragon, and falls in love with Supermodel Sybil. Apparently, there is no timeline where he doesn’t get together with her which is weird and not how multiverse theory works. Wizard Wonse then makes it abundantly clear that she’s the one who wears the pants in this relationship because she manages to convince the Observers to give the worst version of Raccoon Vimes that exists in all the alternative universes to her so that she can brainwash him into murdering this timeline’s Supermodel Sybil. Which I’m sure is going to be barrels of fun next episode.
Episode Review: 
Tumblr media
I’m always hesitant when I get to this part of the post because I realized over the last several weeks that I’ve been repeating myself about how shoddy the writing is in each episode. But here’s the thing, the reason I say the same things over and over again is because nothing has changed. Each week’s episode neither improves nor declines in quality (ok it definitely had moments of sharp decline I’m not going to deny that, but I’m referring to the actual writing) as the writers continue to experience the exact same short comings every single time. I cannot tell what this show wants to be because it never fully commits to being one thing. It constantly ping pongs between being gritty, to comedic, to melodrama, to romantic, then back again. Sometimes they mix it up a bit and make it an edgy romantic comedy! This show can barely sustain itself on its own writing merits. If you drained away all the Discworld related content to see what the underlying plot is, you’d find a half-finished script with a plotline blander than flour. Being called a Discworld adaption is the life support that is keeping this parasitic show alive. Without Discworld being unfairly attached to it, it would be just another lackluster cop show drowning in the sea of law enforcement related programs currently on television.
I want to now get into the specifics that concerned me when watching The Dark in the Dark. Primarily, I want to talk about how this Cheery centric episode managed to untactfully tackle issues like gender identity. As many already know, Cheery Littlebottom helped many dwarves dealing with gender dysphoria come into themselves when she herself broke dwarf social norms by proudly identifying as female. Overtime, the idea that dwarves can be more than one gender began to spread and eventually Ankh-Morpork became a sort of safe haven where dwarves could exist as whatever gender they identified as without fear of retaliation like they might’ve experienced in their home mountains. The Watch, however, goes in the exact opposite direction by having what seems to be cisgender male and female dwarves all posing as male because they have been led to believe the Summoning Dark targets those who deviate from the norm. Expressing femininity is associated with fear and danger because those who question get swallowed up by the darkness. If the Summoning Dark wasn’t a thing in the mines then I highly doubt problems relating to gender expression, more specifically female gender expression since we don’t see the inverse occur, would not be a problem since the show makes it abundantly clear that there is a gender spectrum in dwarves society. We also don’t know if this is an isolated case or if the Summoning Dark lives in every dwarf mine making people fearful of shaving their beards. Either way, the episode seemingly tries to downplay Cheery’s identity and accomplishments in the books by having this convoluted plot about how a magic darkness that’s powered by gender dysphoria only went after female identifying dwarves for so long that the dwarves of Tak Mine developed societal transphobia out of fear of being consumed. Why the Summoning Dark started doing this in the first place is something only god knows but boy is it stupid. Anyway, at the end of the episode, Tall Cheery starts wearing her beard again. This could either be interpreted as her now identifying as nonbinary or that she considers herself a true dwarf again by embracing her old beard. Depending on whatever it was the writers intended, it still seems very tacky seeing how Cheery in the books is canonically a transgender woman while the show completely avoids labels and just calls her “different.”
Finally, I want to quickly touch on how this show continues to gloss over and even glorify police brutality. In the last several episodes, Paw Patrol Angua has been the one primarily perpetuating the violence against those the watch has arrested and it’s absolutely sickening. PP Angua even has this dialogue with Baby Carrot about how she still needs her designated cell because she’s still herself/a monster. The writers of The Watch are desperately trying to remind us that she doesn’t want to be seen as a monster but immediately turn around and make her character do monstrous things on her own volition to people who cannot defend themselves in that moment. In the books, the reason Angua left her family was because she did not want to become like her brother who harmed/killed indiscriminately because he saw himself as superior. To me at least, it seems the writers have conjoined both Angua and Wolfgang’s personalities and behaviors into the monstrosity that is Paw Patrol Angua in order to justify having her beat down prisoners. Even Baby Carrot isn’t innocent in all of this. Although he tries to say that prisoners should not be treated this way and wants Paw Patrol Angua to stop, partway through the episode PP Angua gets the thieves to talk which prompts Baby Carrot to acknowledge that violence works. The first six minutes of The Dark in the Dark is literally the writers conditioning its audience that police brutality is ok as long as they get the clues they need and stop the bad guy at the end of the day. In no context should police brutality against defenseless people should ever be justified! How do these people still not get this concept in this day and age!?
Now for the fun part of the review called...
Things that happened in The Dark in the Dark that made me scream like a goddamn banshee:
First rule of Thieves Guild school is no snitching motherfucker! 
Can we stop with the fucking dance sequences!?
Angua can’t go two seconds without violating the Geneva Conventions and it shows
Did Cheery seriously name her slave pet goblin after her ex??
The Summoning Dark wants to trans your gender
Honorable Mentions: 
Cheery might’ve inadvertently destroyed an entire mining industry and several trade deals by encouraging a revolution
I’m surprisingly ok with next episode’s subplot to murder Sybil because she’s honestly been a major bitch...
The bar is so low for this show that I actually thought things were starting to improve because the last three episodes put me in physical agony
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darling-i-read-it · a year ago
Hannibal Lecter x reader x Will Graham 
Hannibal Re-Write Series Masterlist
Word Count: 3.6k 
Warnings: spoilers for hannibal, murder, mental health problems, insinuations to smut, murder, dead bodies, manipulation 
Author’s Note: This took so long and it is super long and I am very tired but I really hope you guys enjoy!!!
I used some direct quotes from the script so some things may seem familiar 
Official Episode Summary :Will helps investigate the case of a woman's body found inside of a horse; Alana worries about Will's intentions toward Hannibal; Will and Hannibal rush to protect a witness they believe to be in danger.
I don’t own these characters. They belong to author/director 
Tag List (is always open!) : @llperfectsymmetryll​ @ericacactus​ @vlightning95​
(not my gif) (this was one of those episodes where i’m like WILL IS PRETTY ALL GIFS OF WILL) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Where are you off to?” you asked, looking up at Will. You were amazed at how compused he had been since arriving back from jail. You weren’t going to lie, it was attractive. But also semi worrying. Ever since he had sent someone to kill Hannibal he had been this way. Maybe it was just because he was more sure of himself now. Either way, you liked this Will more than the one who seemed to be breaking at every touch.
“It’s snowing,” you pointed out.
“Ice fishing.” 
“Are you going alone? Should I come?” 
“No, I’m going with Jack.” You scoffed and Will smiled. It was nice to see some things would never change and your distaste for Jack Crawford was one of those things.
“Alright, have fun then. Be safe!” 
“I’m a good fisher Y/N,” Will promised. You shrugged.
“Doesn’t mean I can’t tell you to be safe.”
You sat at Hannibal’s dinner table. It was odd to be back here. Sitting beside Will, across from Jack, near Hannibal. It reminded you of the times before your boyfriend was wrongly put in jail but then again, mostly everything did these days.
Hannibal placed the fish down on the table and you were happy to see the pieces of it and know Will had caught it.
“Truite saumonee au bleau with vegetables and broth, served with hollandaise sauce on the side. Beautiful fish Will,” Hannibal started to dish up each plate and place them in front of everyone. Will gave a strained smile.
“It was my turn to provide the meat,” he quipped and you chuckled a bit at that. Jack gave you a look but you couldn’t care less what he thought.
‘More flavorful and firm than farmed specimens. I find the trout to be a very Nietzsche-an fish. Trials of hsi wild existence find their way into the flavor of the flesh.” Hannibal sat down. “I hope ‘providing the meat’ doesn’t mean you still harbor doubts about what I serve at my table.” 
“No doubts, Dr. Lecter. Only the wounds ew dealt to each other before we got to the truth,” Jack explained. 
“Speak for yourself Jack,” you said, cutting harshly into the fish on your plate. Hannibal had to admit how distinguished you and Will looked beside each other once more. Like all was right in the world. 
“Which is why we need to move past apologies and forgiveness. Chilton has many victims besides the dead,” Hannibal countered. “We will absorb this experience and it will change us. We are all Nietzsche-ian fish in that regard.” 
“Makes us tastier,” Will said and you couldn’t help but smile. Funnier then he had been before. Hannibal and you shared a secret glance. 
“None of our actions were personal,” Jack said.
“I tried to have Hannibal killed. Isn’t personal?” Will inquired. You wanted to tell him that he was on fire tonight but bit your tongue. 
“No because you did not succeed,” you said, pointing a fork at Hannibal. “Clearly.”
“You thought I was a killer,” Hannibal said.
“I don’t blame Miriam Lass for shooting Frederick Chilton. I wanted to kill him myself.” Jack looked away from the three of you. The situation itself was so odd to him. He didn’t understand where you stood with the boys and how the boys stood with themselves. 
“Greatest crime now would be to walk away from what we’ve shared and suffered. In many ways, we need each other. We’re the only ones who will know what this feels like,” Hannibal said simply. Will took a bite of the dish.
“This fish is delicious.” 
You snuck a smile
Jack got up and left before you and Will. You glanced out the window behind where Hannibal usually sat. It was snowing steadily. You heard the door shut, Jack had been gone. You turned back, your hair falling on your back. Will and Hannibal walked inside the dining room.
“It’s snowing,” you whispered. They both smiled but the smile was different. Will smiled at you because he had seen this bit of you. The part excited by the snow. He smiled at a piece of you he knew. Hannibal smiled because he felt like you never showed this piece of you. 
“Looks like it,” Will said. “We should go soon.” You nodded and moved away from the windows.
“Yes we should. It’s getting late.”
“Actually I was hoping to run something by the two of you” Hannibal said. You raised an eyebrow. 
“Yes?” Will asked, back stiffening. 
“If you are pursuing working with Jack perhaps,” Hannibal said which made you narrow your eyes. You hadn’t talked with Will about that yet. “I was hoping to have Y/N come with us.” 
Will looked at Hannibal hard. He tried to figure out this angle. To an untrained eye it was likely because Hannibal wanted to spend time with you. To Will, he wondered if you coming along was to keep both of them in check. Perhaps it was something entirely different.
“I would love to. Especially if Will decides too.” Hannibal nodded.
“Then it’s settled.” 
In the car you looked over at Will as he drove back to your home. The snow was coming harder but you could only tell by the headlights.
“Are you really going to go back to working with Jack?” 
“I don’t know.” You looked out the window, not being able to look at him.
“I just don’t think it’s a good idea.” Will nodded.
“I know you don’t.” He glanced at you. “You’ve always been against it. But I can handle it now. It might even help me.” 
“But if it breaks you…” you trailed off.
“It won’t.” He grabbed your hand and squeezed it. You nodded.
You sat at your desk, fiddling with your pen when the appointment came in. Margot Verger. She was a pretty thing, someone you could probably be friends with. She approached you with a sense of cool confidence.
“Verger?” You nodded. 
“Right on time. He’ll come when he’s ready,” you promised. She nodded and sat at one of the chairs. You watched her for just a moment before she caught you. What an interesting lady.
Alana stood across from you. She had come to Hannibal's office to see you while Margot was in.
“Can I help you Miss. Bloom?” She had a stiff back and you could tell whatever she wanted to talk about was not something you wanted to hear about. You had been distant from her since Will tried to kill Hannibal. 
“I’ve been talking with Hannibal,” she said simply and the way she said it made you wonder what the talking insured. “I want to know how Will is.” She paused and you didn’t answer her, looking up at her from your desk chair. “I want to know if he’ll hurt Hannibal again.” 
You paused a second longer as you studied her. 
“Are you and Hannibal...sleeping together?” you asked, laughing a bit. She looked straight at you. You felt semi betrayed. You couldn’t tell by who. 
“Is he safe?” 
“I don’t know Alana.” Your voice was cold, calculated. “Is he?” 
The door opened and Hannibal stepped out. He raised an eyebrow at the two of you. You hadn’t slept together but you thought there was something there, something unspoken. Something with Will, something different. You must have been wrong. 
“Hello Alana,” Hannibal said. You stood up. 
“I have to go home,” you said simply. Hannibal shook his head.
“I was hoping to speak with you alone. Can you excuse us?” Alana then seemed semi betrayed by the both of you. Served her right. You nodded and grabbed your jacket, showing him that you weren’t going to be staying long. You walked into the office and Hannibal shut the door right in Alana's face. 
You stepped in further and walked to your regular seat on his desk. You leaned against it, following him as he walked in.
“Yes?” you asked, a touch of annoyance in your voice. You knew it was unfounded but you ignored it for the moment.
“Do you know why Will tried to kill me?” Hannibal asked. A tough memory for both of you but you ignored the emotions.
“Because he thinks you're the Ripper,” you stated dumbly. Hannibal walked over to you and leaned against the desk beside you. His hand landed on yours but neither of you addressed it. 
“It wasn’t to avenge Beverly Katz’s death. It was to prevent yours. He was protecting you. The only way he felt he had left in him.” You thought about this a moment. You looked down at the floor and nodded.
“I’m afraid he’s opened a door in himself that won't’ close again,” you muttered and looked over at Hannibal. “And knowing I had a hand in opening it makes my stomach churn.” Hannibal smiled weakly. 
“I don’t believe you were truly the one at fault.” 
You shared a long look and then you got up.
“I hope Alana has fun tonight,” you said slowly. “I know I will,” you told him as you opened the door to the office. 
Despite the fact that you were only able to see Hannibals face for a moment you knew that your comment had hurt him. You were beginning to understand that Hannibal didn’t want to be Alanas. He wanted to be Wills. He wanted to be yours. He wanted to be part of the two of you and telling him, so blatantly, that he wasn’t was a power move. 
You passed Alana and were no longer bitter.
She was being used.
You stood at the stables beside Jack. Will was inside one of the doors, doing his thing. You and Jack were alone outside.
“I’m annoyed that he’s here,” you said. “For the record.” Jack nodded.
“I’m annoyed you’re here. I suppose no one got what they wanted.” You looked over at Jack. How oblivious that man was. 
Will stepped out.
“It’s a coffin birth. Decomposition builds up gasses within and putrefied the body and pushes the dead fetus out of its mother’s corpse. It’s really more of a prolapse than a birth,” he explained.
“Not to whoever did this,” Jack said. 
“Whoever did this knew the horse. Knew she was dying because her foal was born dead. Knew Sarah Craber. He’s familiar with the stables. He knew when he wouldn’t get caught. He works here or maybe used to. He has medical knowledge of animals, but isn’t a veterinarian. He considers himself a healer.” 
“How is he healing?” Jack asked. 
“Sarah Craber was reborn. And a mother and her child are finally on the same side of life. This wasn’t a murder.” Will looked over at the two of you and away from the corpse. “This was grief.” 
“Peter Bernardone?” Jack called. You stepped inside a small place, filled with metal cages containing small wild animals. Will walked closely beside you. The fact that you were there did leave him with a certain level of comfort. He was surprised how that made him feel.
A wild looking man was in the house, scrambling around. He wouldn't focus on you or Jack or Will. Instead he focused on the animals and the things around him. 
“You don't seem curious who we are,” Jack pointed out.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“Agent Jack Crawford. FBI. This is Will and Y/N Graham. We’d like to ask you about someone you might have had contact with when you worked at Blackbriar Stables. Sarah Craber. Her body was found recently in very unusual circumstances,” Jack explained. 
“I heard.” 
“There was a bird in her chest. Did you hear about that?” Will questioned. 
“Is the bird alive?” Peter asked. Will looked taken aback and curious. 
“Yes,” he answered. 
“Who’s taking care of it?” Peter asked. 
“How well did you know Sarah Craber?” Jack asked and you thought that was rather rude. 
“I didn’t know her.” He was so skittish, his mind in so many different places. 
“Would you mind looking at a photograph for me?” Peter shook his head and then turned around, murmuring something to his animals.
“I know who she is, I just didn’t know her.” 
“Just to be sure,” Jack said. He handed Peter the photo. Will watched him closely, as did you. Peter glanced wildly around and when he did look at the picture it was very briefly.
“Peter, you had a head injury when you worked at the stables,” you said gently. Jack looked annoyed that you were speaking. 
“I was kicked by a horse,” Peter explained. 
“It’s an atypical motor response. Peter’s ability to look and touch can only happen as separate events,” you explained a bit. 
“Aggravated by stress, isn’t it?” Will asked. He nodded, surprised the two of you had gotten it so on the nose.
“Are you feeling stressed?” Jack asked. 
“I’m worried about the bird,” Peter explained.
“A woman is dead, Mr. Bernardoen. And you’re worried about a bird,” Jack said bluntly.
“I’m sad for her, I’m sad for the horse. But I can’t help them. I can help the bird.”
Therapy for Will was still hard for you. You didn’t like it. You didn't’ like not knowing what was going on in the room beside you, if Will was being hurt, if Hannibal was being hurt. You were usually told about it after but sometimes things were left out or forgotten.
Will sat on your desk and you looked at him.
“If I wasn’t doing this as an official session then I would let you come in,” he said gently.
‘I don't’ want to invade your privacy like that,” you explained. “I just wish I knew he wasn’t hurting you.”
“Do you think he’s going to hurt me?” he asked. You shook your head.
“I think you might hurt him.”
“Are you worried about that?” Will asked. You shrugged. 
“I don’t know.”
Hannibal opened the door.
After Will talked to Peter some more alone he came up to you. He was stiff, like something was bothering him. 
“I’m getting Alana to talk to the social service man assigned to Peter,” Will stated. You nodded.
“I’m sure that’ll help something.” You paused. “Why?” 
“Because someone wronged that man as much as I was wronged,” Will explained, voice barely audible. “I want to see him held accountable.” You nodded. “I want you there while Alana does it. Hannibal and Jack will be there too but I want you there.” 
You couldn’t tell if he wanted you there to witness it or to be a crutch. Either way you nodded.
“Anything you want.” 
You sat in the back seat, Hannibal driving and Will in the passenger seat. The night was dark as you drove to the stables.
“You look like a man who has suffered an irrevocable loss,” Hannibal pointed out.
“I’m trying to prevent one,” Will explained. 
“Do you think if you save Peter Bernardone, you can save yourself?” Hannibal asked.
“Save myself from who, Dr. Lecter?” Will asked.
“From who you perceive me to be.” 
“I’m afraid I need to be saved from who you perceive me to be. And for the record, I’m not the only one who sees you that way,” Will said. 
“Ah yes. Because you share in his beliefs don’t you Y/N?” Hannibal asked, looking in the rearview mirror at your face.
“Yes I do. Well truthfully I dont’ think Will’s ever been wrong about anything so I have to believe him. It’s my code,” you said simply. 
“Even with all you know me to be?” Hannibal asked. He was referring to the nights you spent together.
“After all Alana Bloom and I know you to be,” you quipped. Hannibal smiled a bit. He deserved that one. 
“Everytime you think about it, it stings, doesn't it? Wondering if I could be right about Will.” He was talking to both of you at this point. “Many troublesome behaviors strike when we are uncertain of ourselves. Peter Bernardone lies in the same darkness that holds you Will.” Will looked straight ahead.
“I’m alone in that darkness,” Will said. 
“You’re not alone, Will. I’m standing beside you. Y/N stands closer,” Hannibal said and you nodded.
“He has you there.”
Will walked beside you and Hannibal into the stables where Peter waited. You were the first to see him as you were the first in the stables piece where he was. You were all silent however until Will spoke.
“ your social worker inside that horse?” Peter nodded. You almost scoffed at the absurdity of the question.
“We are hardwired to see human beings everywhere. Every animal. Every life. We’re all human,” Peter explained but he looked disheveled, bad. 
“Every God is personified,” Hannibal stated simply. 
“He couldn’t see that. He forfeited his humanity. I forfeited mine. I used to have a horrible fear of hurting anything. He helped me get over that. Feels so abnormal.”
“An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior,” you whispered. 
“He deserves to die,” Peter said. 
“But he didn’t deserve to kill him,” Will stated. You felt his heart then. You wondered perhaps if Will could feel your emotions how easily you could feel his. “I want you to come with me, Peter.” 
Peter stood and allowed Will to lead him away. You gave Will and look, a look of worry. Will gave you a look of comfort back. He was in control. He was okay. You stayed with Hannibal.
“Happy I suggested you tag along?” Hannibal questioned. You both walked over to the sheep that were there and started to pet them a bit. 
“Actually, yes. I want to see what Will goes through.”
“Always his savior.” You glanced at Hannibal.
“Is Alana yours?” He chuckled but thought about it for a moment.
“Curiously enough I think you might also be my savior as well. In a way, differently than Will.” You were satisfied with that answer and you had to be because the horse started to move. The stitches ripped open and the social worker you had seen talk to Alana stepped out. 
“Mr. Ingram,” Hannibal said, stepping away from the sheep. Ingrahm stood up. “Might want to crawl back in there, if you know what’s good for you.” You scoffed and nodded. Hannibal stepped aside and Will held up his gun to the man. You wanted to swat it away from him. For a moment you recognized the ease he held while he pointed the gun, the almost attractiveness he held. 
“Officer, I’m the victim here,” Ingram said. He got on his knees and Will pointed the gun at his head.
“I’m not an officer. I’m a friend of Peter’s.” You walked up to Will but didn’t touch him. You and Hannibal shared a look.
“Peter’s confused.” 
You had been raising a hand before Ingram said then. You dropped it just as quickly as you had raised that. You had heard those words spoken to you about Will countless times. All three of you realized that.
“I’m not,” Will said sternly. “Pick up the hammer.”
“Will,” Hannibal said.
“Pick it up.”
“It won't’ feel the same, Will. it won’t feel like killing me,” Hannibal said. 
“It doesn’t have to. I know what it will feel like. It’ll feel good,” Will said. You watched his face. A focus came over him that you barely recognized. 
“You did the best anyone could do for Peter, but don't do this for him. Not for Mr. Ingram’s victims or their many friends and relatives who would love to see him dead. If you’re going to do this Will…” he paused, “You have to do it for yourself.” 
“Please don’t,” Ingram whispered. 
“Shut up,” you muttered. 
“This is not the reckoning you promised yourself, Will.” 
Will was so close to pulling the trigger. You could see his finger shaking. The trigger clicked but it didn’t hit. Hannibal took the gun swiftly from Will’s grasp and put his hand on the back of Will’s head. 
  “With all my knowledge and intrusion, I could never entirely predict you. I can feed the caterpillar, whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches follows its own nature and is beyond me,” Hannibal whispered. He let your boyfriend go and you walked over, grabbing Will’s arms as he stumbled into your embrace. Hannibal watched the two of you, Will still shaking from adrenaline. 
He watched as you brought a hand up and grabbed Hannibal, hugging him too. 
Finally you pulled away from both of them and looked at the social worker.
“What do we do with this guy now?”
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jokertrap-ran · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(未定事件簿) 莫弈 [剧情: 第2章] [Tears of Themis] Mo Yi Private Story Translations (Chapter 2-8)
*Tears of Themis Masterlist / Mo Yi’s Masterlist / Mobile Masterlist *Spoiler free: Translations will remain under cut *Mo Yi’s Private Story tag is #Tears of a Personal Psychiatrist. *Chapter 1 can be viewed here!
Tumblr media
Location: Mo's Mental Health Research Centre
After settling our conflicting opinions on this, Mo Yi told me that he'd had a new idea on how we could look into the PUA group backing Li Yu.
MC: A new idea! You mean, we don't need to contact Wang Chen anymore?
Mo Yi: Contacting him will of course, still be a necessary step; but considering how the other party has already fixed a target on you…
Mo Yi: Hence, it wouldn't be too appropriate to have you be at the core of this investigation. That's why we're going to be splitting up this time.
Mo Yi: On one hand, you contacting Wang Chen will create the illusion that we've already "taken the bait"; thus, making them relax their guard.
Mo Yi: And on the other hand, I will pretend to be an experienced PUA mentor, entering their group to collect more information and evidence.
He explained each and every word to me with utter seriousness. I don't know if I was just imagining things, but his gaze seemed to turn a lot softer when he looked at me...
Tumblr media
MC: ...Will this endanger you?
Mo Yi: Worried for me?
MC: Yes. If it's really as you've deduced earlier, then that means that they've already set their eyes on me.
MC: And if that's the case, then I'm afraid it'll only be a matter of time before they find you while investigating me..
MC: I… I don't wish for you to go through the same experience I did.
Mo Yi: ……
Mo Yi: Don't worry, I'm fine. This bit of danger isn't much at all when compared to the number of things we can get from this in return.
MC: ...Alright then. Dr. Mo, if you ever require my help during your time going undercover, please don't hesitate to ask me for help.
Mo Yi: Since you've already said that; I do actually, in fact, have a couple of things I need your help with.
MC: What things?
Mo Yi: As proof of my "skills", I'll need you to pretend to be a victim of mine and cooperate with me in creating a chat log.
MC: Naturally, of course! Just tell me whatever you want me to reply, straight up, and I'll just comply with your wishes.
Mo Yi: Okay. Also, this time, when you contact Wang Chen-
Mo Yi: You need to follow exactly what I say, as much as possible, regarding every word you exchange with him.
Tumblr media
MC: That strict…? Do you perhaps have some sort of plan?
Mo Yi: Simply, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. Or, I suppose it's called a "back-sided trap" in more popular terms.
MC: A "back-sided trap"? You want to trap him?
Mo Yi: Yes. He has hurt so many women out there; this is simply a mere “Meeting Gift” from me, to him.
Mo Yi: However, if this wasn’t my last resort, I wouldn’t want you talking to him for another minute longer.
He appeared to have muttered something in a low voice, but he was speaking at such a rapid pace that I couldn’t catch whatever he’d said. Before I could decipher what he’d said, however, he’d already returned to his former calm and grace.
MC: Then, when shall we start?
Mo Yi: Once we’re separated from each other. I will act either tomorrow or the day after, and you will have to start contacting Wang Chen in three days time once that happens.
Mo Yi: This will set things up to seem as if we’ve absolutely nothing to do with each other.
MC: I understand. How should I strike a conversation with him this time then? What do I have to watch out for?
I opened up the notepad app in my phone, eagerly waiting for his "instructions*.
Mo Yi: First, don't be so hasty. Before that...
Tumblr media
He pointed to my phone; his face full of smiles.
Mo Yi: Before that, you'd do well to wipe your phone completely of any and all of those "vermin", to wrap up any loose ends.
Tumblr media
MC: ???
MC: ……
It took me a while for the gears to click in my head that he was in fact, referring to the harassers. Face red with embarrassment, I forked out my phone.
MC: Please, Dr. Mo. I'll be leaving it in your capable hands.
Mo Yi: It is but my pleasure.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Mo Yi fiddled with my phone for a while before returning it back to me.
I no longer received any harassment from unknown accounts after that day, and my long-lost nights of peace returned once more.
I'd once asked him just what did he do to settle all these people once and for all, but he'd simply refused to tell me— "Let me keep a little secret", he'd said.
And as for me, pandering for an answer to no avail, I could only reassure myself that this was probably his "magic" at work.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Tumblr media
Location: Mo Yi's Home Study
When night fell, Mo Yi began recording his work record with a voice recorder, as usual.
Mo Yi: The answer she gave me today was something truly beyond my expectations.
By his hand, was a psychological evaluation chart, with one of the bars on the bar chart, near the end of the page, significantly higher than before.
But this time, he was much more at ease about it.
No, more accurately, he was probably feeling joy. Joy, from the very bottom of his heart.
Tumblr media
Mo Yi: Although she'd already done splendidly enough on the previous case we were involved in;
Mo Yi: People are all multi-faceted…. And just like a mirror under the sun, one will be able to see many different colours depending on the angle.
Mo Yi: But she's different.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Tumblr media
He slowly raised his head, gazing at the blooming roses by the window not too far away, the glass of red wine in his hand exuding bursts of fragrance as he swirled it in his hand.
Mo Yi: Courage, confidence, kindness, calmness, and self-confidence. Those unique qualities I saw in her have emerged, once again.
Mo Yi: Love at first sight? ...Looks like I was just being overly worried about it before.
Mo Yi: Those things that I admire, they're not just a beautiful illusion caused by the Principle of Double Effect, and neither are they something as short-lived as "broad-leaved epiphyllum flowers coming into bloom".
Tumblr media
Mo Yi: She, is one of a kind.
He took a light sip of his wine, the slightly astringent taste of it rolling over the tip of his tongue before melting into his body as it flowed down his oesophagus.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Tumblr media
He stood up, walking towards the windows. His right hand gently stroked the bright red blooms before his eyes, a hint of a smile playing at his expression.
The petals quivered as a crystal-clear drop of water dropped upon his palm. And in the next moment, he clenched his right hand, making the droplet of water disappear into his skin.
Mo Yi: Looks like I'll have to prepare some things; and do them well.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Previous Part: (Chapter 2-7) | Next Part: (Chapter 2-9)
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geekgirl101 · 7 months ago
Holy Shit WandaVision Finale
Spoiler free thoughts first, everything else under the cut because I’m a nice person. All reblogs will be tagged as WandaVision Spoilers, so blacklist now. 
What a finale. It kept me on the edge of my seat, it got a lot of emotions out of me, and I legit teared up a bit, which for me is a big deal. So fuck you Marvel for managing to get some tears out of me. 
Amazing finale. Not all answers are answered. Some might be answered down the line. Suffice to say there’s still a lot of cool things to look forward to. But seriously somebody send me a therapy cat and a blanket. 
Let’s start with everyone’s favorite part: The Things I was right about. 
Fietro turned out to NOT be Peter Maximoff. I had no clue who he was. But him turning out to be Ralph, who’s just an actor, seemingly was interesting. The necklace being the source of power was also an interesting thing. Didin’t see that part coming. But Man. I can’t wait for all te X-men “fans” freaking out over it. 
Wanda getting her costume in the last episode. 
Hayward being a dick. 
Monica getting some kind of Captain Marvel esque ending that hints at her future: I think that’s Talos’s daughter who’s going to take Monica to see Fury. Since we know he’s in space in a few months in Far From Home. 
Darcy showing up at the end for an epic moment. 
The kids disappearing. I didn’t want it to be a thing. But I figured it would somehow still be worked in. And of course I was also right about them not dying. IT’S DISNEY PEOPLE. 
Jimmy Woo being a hero. 
Agatha wanting Wanda’s power. 
Wanda not realizing the full extent of what she did to people. 
Mutants NOT showing up in the MCU
 All the Leaks being full of shit/ or half truths, or just creative guesses. 
At this point I’ve gone back and theorized and retheorized and over theorized I can’t remember what else I was right about.
Vision being an independent construct based off Wanda’s memories. 
Now the rest, general spoiler commentary and predictions. 
 Holy Magical Schenanigans Wanda, this finale really should have been longer. I would have preferred at least a couple of things being tied up. But boy was it amazing. 
Not gonna lie a little bummed we didn’t get a Dr. Strange cameo, but Agatha laying in about Wanda being stronger than the Sorcerer Supereme is interesting. Although her reading the Darkhold at the end worries me. 
At least we know the kids are going to come back up again, because helllooooo Young Avengers. I wonder if they’ll have traveled through time a bit and we will actually see Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd. 
Speaking of the twins. How cute were they and Monica when she jumped in front of bullets for them. ALSO BIlly and Tommy fighting military dudes reminded me of the first issue of ACC a bit, (Likely unintentional) of Tommy taking all the guns from the Sons of the Serpent. 
Agatha will also come back at some point.
Dottie could still be part of the Salem 7. But we know she has an eight year old daughter. 
Also geez, the fact that the town’s people had Wanda’s nightmares and couldn’t see their kids. Damn Wanda. 
The Townspeople. Poor Wanda. Like she legit had no clue what she was doing to people’s heads.
Wanda and Vision’s tragic ending made my tear up, it was so heartbreaking. They were so cute. Its not fair. 
We never learned who Jimmy’s witness was. Maybe it’s Herb actually after he says he doesn’t remember who he is. 
2 House of M references, first when Billy and Tommy break down in the town square we see the puzzle, tetris pieces. AND THE ENDING ENDING credit scene where Wanda’s in the cabin, kind of harkening to the final panels of House of M when Wanda is in Wundagore shopping and there’s something in the back of her head. 
Does Wanda think she’s being watched? Is that why she has the whole chillin, waiting for the kettle thingm while reading the DarkHold? 
Wanda’s outfit was really cool. I hope she goes back to her dark hair. The Cloak was also a nice nodd to the House of M ending. 
Any other thoughts i have will be included in my podcast out tomorrow. Ya’ll. I can’t wait a year for Multiverse of Madness.
I’m Really epic finale. Wish it had been longer, but we got a jam packed finale. 
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susie-dreemurr · 7 months ago
Post people put at the beginning of their blog! Should have done this a long time ago.
(Outdated kinda but too lazy to make another intro post)
•deltarune spoilers = dr spoilers. Prob no longer tagging dr spoilers
•hi check my Catra and Catradora playlists out. Also my amv tag is #amtheamvmaker
•@mada-dame-yo is my pmmm sideblog. @livingdollricky is my shadows house sideblog and @redkingrendog is my 3rd life smp sideblog I made today.
•my yttd 3b spoilers is no longer tagged with 3b spoilers. It goes in the normal #yttd spoilers tag now
I don’t tag squid game spoilers
•My blog has mostly dream smp, 3rd life and yttd/kgs (your turn to die/kimi ga shine) content.. This is where I dump any interests I have that aren’t in a sideblog already honestly.
•If you send someone hate and death threats/wishes and/or purposefully misgender them I hate you n want you far from me
•OUT OF THE DSMP FANDOM (real) (not permanently guaranteed)
•This blog contains spoilers. I usually tag them but sometimes I forget
Tumblr media
Also speaking of dsmp, I’m very c!dream critical + sometimes I have a c!techno/c!phil critical post. I don’t tag c!dream crit bc it’s literally just stating canon facts like 99% of the time so yeah.
(^^^^I’m not into dsmp anymore but keeping those around just in case)
•I used to post AMV’s on an account called Prim Did Everything Wrong (have some amvs here that link back to it) but I’ve moved to an account with the same name as my prev url (amdete)
•I tag trigger warnings (“[thing] tw” or “tw [thing],”) and If you need anything tagged please ask me to. I don’t tag swearing, though.
•Do not want to go near pro ship and anti ship discourse. Shipping adults with children or teenagers makes me very uncomfortable though so if you do that please don’t interact with me. (the exceptions being 16yo x 18yo, 17yo x 18yo and 17yo x 19yo ships btw)
•cops and cop supporters i am fucking your mother fuck you
•Don’t follow me if you irl ship when you don’t have the ppl ur shipping’s permission. Ppl who ship irl ppl but have their permission to you’re on thin fucking ice.
•If you’re LGBTQ+ phobic (examples: homophobes, biphobes, panphobes, demiphobes, transphobes, aphobes, arophobes, etc) get out of my sight.
•Also trump and bolsonaro supporters, leave. Yes writing their names without the inicial uppercase letter was intentional. With that said, don’t talk politics to me.
•feel free to call me out if I did smth wrong/shitty.
That’s it I think?
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vs-redemption · 8 months ago
Crime is Common. Logic is Rare. (Ch.28)
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Holidays (HawksxGN!Reader)
Plot summary: As a quirk geneticist, you never really imagined yourself getting involved in hero work. Of course, you never imagined catching the eye of a pro hero either. What starts as a great career opportunity turns into a relationship built upon mutual secrets and trust.
⚠️This story contains spoilers from the manga.
⚠️Some events and plot points have been altered from the original manga
Tag List: @gayforkeigo @marshmallow-witch @redflannel @toyo-shiro @elsasshole @astronomyturtle @iambashfulperson @omiwashere
Chapter Guide
You had hoped the holidays would provide another much needed break from the stress of your everyday schedule, but going home for Christmas only ended up being a solid two days of downtime for you to sit and worry about everything going on in your life. Whether the Hero Commission really needed your boyfriend around for the weekend or the villains were subtly punishing you for refusing Dabi’s offer, Hawk ended up being far too busy to return to your hometown with you like you’d originally planned. So, you hopped on a train and made the journey home by yourself.
Visiting with your family was something you normally really looked forward to, but this time you found yourself in the awkward situation of dodging questions about your boyfriend that you yourself didn’t know the answers to, and giving vague replies to their inquiries about what you had been up to in the lab with Dr. Garaki. Your entire life and somehow become confidential, and you wondered if being around the people you loved had really been the smartest choice, especially given the threats Dabi had made the day you met him. The more you thought about it, the more your imagination tortured you with worst case scenarios.
Even stopping by your old lab did not provide a break from the interrogations. Instead of finding work to keep your mind off the troubles waiting for you back in Tokyo, you just ended up on the receiving end of a ton of gossip relating directly to the problems you’d been trying to avoid.
“Looks like all the top hero schools are doing an extra round of internships this year,” your boss says conversationally as you try to sort and put away the newest shipment of research journals she’d ordered. “I suppose with all the fuss about the League of Villains, not to mention the nomus, they’re trying to toughen up the next generation of heroes. It makes sense, but I’m a little surprised since UA has even required their first year students to get provisional licenses. Seems a bit much to me.”
“Yeah, I guess, but UA is known for pushing the envelope with the standards held for its students, you know?” you reply with a shrug. It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t exactly the truth either. Hero course students around the country weren’t just training themselves to face more dangerous villains. At the moment, they were being prepped for an outright battle that they had no idea was coming. The general public knew about the League and the nomus, but they had no clue about the Liberation army or the monster quirk guy that the commission was so worried about. Apparently, the current heroes weren’t expected to be enough to handle the magnitude of the threat, so the pressure of securing a victory would fall mostly on the students in the end. It was just another reason for your distaste with the Hero Commission to intensify.
“I noticed Hawks hasn’t been working with any interns this time around though,” Your boss had clearly been keeping a close eye on her favorite hero. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t mind, but you really didn’t want her digging for information that would put her in danger if she got too close to the truth. “Even Endeavor has been patrolling with three students over the holidays.”
“Unfortunately, his plate has been a little full recently,” you hoped she would be satisfied with that answer. Although it was only natural, it made you feel anxious that she was asking so many questions. All the secrets were piling up and now that a plan for ending all this madness was falling into place, there was even more pressure for you to tread carefully with your actions and words. Even if you weren’t being monitored as carefully as Hawks, there was every possibility that the villains were keeping an eye on you too.
“Well, just as long as you two aren’t fighting or anything,” Your boss hums, eyeing you curiously. “I felt a bit concerned when he didn’t come here with you this time.”
“No, we’re both just busy,” you assure her. Fighting wasn’t the right word, but there had been a lot more intense discussions between you and your hero boyfriend recently. The thing with Dabi had, unfortunately, only been the tip of the iceberg. With the issue of giving up information about Hawks to the league basically resolved, now you were both having disagreements about where you’d be during the massive raid that would be taking place in just a couple of months.
Thanks to Hawks, the Commission knew exactly where the League of Villains and their army were hiding out. And thanks to you, they knew exactly where the high-end nomus were being created and kept. The plan was to attack both locations simultaneously before Shigaraki’s procedure could be completed in order to reduce the amount of damage and casualties in the attack. Even with the element of surprise though, it was sure to be a literal warzone. Hawks had been trying to convince you to take a day off from the lab once the date was set, but as usual you had to deny his request, fearing that you could somehow tip them off about the raid just by calling in. For the plan to work, the villains could absolutely not suspect anything.
Of course, it wasn’t like you wanted to be there when all hell broke loose. Actually, the more you thought about, it the more terrified you were. Any number of things could go wrong, and you had no way to defend yourself if you got caught up in the conflict. It scared you even more knowing that Hawks would not be there to protect you. He would most certainly be assigned to the Villain’s location so that he could play his role with them as long as possible. You would have to rely on the team assigned to the hospital to keep you safe. The only thought giving you any sort of comfort was that, as long as the Commission was able to finalize and prepare their plans in time, both Shigaraki and the nomus should remain in their dormant state until all the fighting was already over.
Thankfully, Hawks was an incredible boyfriend and had somehow managed to arrange to be at your apartment when you finally got home after the holiday was over. You honestly could have cried in relief when you opened the door to find him waiting for you with open arms.
“I missed you,” you sigh while tucking yourself into his chest and wrapping your arms around him tightly.
“I missed you too, love.” He smiles while leaning his cheek on the top of your head. “How’s your family? Do they think I’m the worst for not being there with you?”
“Not at all,” you smile and enjoy the warmth of his embrace for a moment longer. “They’re all fine, but my boss had a few things to say about it though.” Hawks lets out a dry laugh.
“Of course she did.” He didn’t seem to want to let go of you either. You weren’t looking forward to the novel he most likely had written for you to read and catch up on everything that had happened in the few days you’d been gone. When you finally step back and look up at his face, there’s a small smirk on his lips.
“What?” You narrow your eyes suspiciously.
“I may have set a little trap,” he glances up and you follow his eyes to see mistletoe hanging above the doorway. Some of the tension finally leaves you as a laugh escapes your mouth.
“Cheesy,” You shake your head at him. “You know I would’ve kissed you anyway.”
“Maybe, but this seemed like a fun idea anyway.” His smile chased away the last of your worries for a moment and you gladly kiss him back when he presses his lips to yours. The way his hands move to grip your sides and hold you closer hinted that he hadn’t enjoyed the time apart any more than you had. The fact that you only got to see each other for minutes at a time when you both were in town didn’t mean much since there was at least some comfort in knowing you were at least together in the same city.
“Mmm, you’re right.” You say breathlessly after he pulls away. “That was a fun idea.”
“But wait, there’s more!” He says in a bad impression of a TV commercial before chuckling at himself. “I also have a Christmas gift for you.”
“I may have gotten something for you too,” you admit. He takes your hand and leads you into the house so you can sit down. You’re surprised to see he’d put up a few decorations and even bought a small little Christmas tree to put by the window. “You know you didn’t have to do all this, bird-kun.”
He smiles almost shyly while taking a wrapped box from under the tree and handing it to you. “Sure,” he shrugs, “but this is our first holiday together and I felt bad I couldn’t spend more time with you. It only took me a few minutes to set it all up with my feathers anyway. I wish I’d had time to do more.”
“This is perfect,” you pull him down to sit next to you, leaning forward to give him another lingering kiss. “How about using those feathers to get the box on the top shelf of the closet?”
“You got it,” He nods as a couple red feathers shoot from his wings towards your bedroom, coming back just a few seconds later carrying the gift you’d hidden away for him. “This the one?”
“Yeah,” you confirm before looking down at the pretty wrapped box in your lap, wondering what was inside. You were so thankful that Hawks hadn’t bombarded you with too many questions about your trip home, or jumped straight to business with updates on the league. It was nice to come home to a normal life situation and have a few sweet moments as a regular couple celebrating Christmas together. Hopefully, after enduring the next few torturous months, you could have this kind of life full time with Hawks.
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Bryce x MC, Ethan x MC
A/N: @tarajoyful wanted Bryce’s perspective in the Too Little Too Late Universe, an amazing idea I had to follow up on.
Word Count: ~1,600
Bryce isn’t as oblivious as Casey seems to think he is. He sees the way Casey looks at Dr. Ramsey. Dr. Ramsey is more subtle, but Bryce is very observant, a helpful trait for a surgeon. And when Dr. Ramsey slips a little, looking at Dr. Casey Valentine with unmasked yearning for a few seconds too long, Bryce catches that too.
He never mentions it to Casey. Partly because he doesn’t even want to bring up Ethan Ramsey whenever he’s lucky enough to have Casey in his arms, focused exclusively on him for once instead of the older, elusive physician.
But he also doesn’t bring it up because they’re not together, not really anyway. Sure, they hook up frequently, they’re good friends, and he’s quickly falling in love with her, but that doesn’t make them official. That doesn’t mean Bryce has any kind of claim over her.
When she and Ethan go to Miami, he wants to text her in the evenings, when the conference events should be over. To test how long it takes her to reply, so he can gauge whether or not she’s with Ethan. But he doesn’t, because he doesn’t really want to know.
He suspects something did happen though, because she’s distant when she gets back. But Bryce doesn’t give up that easy. He can be patient, wait for her to hopefully come to the inevitable conclusion that she and Ethan can’t really be anything. She’s too good of a doctor to throw it all away for an inappropriate relationship with a superior. In the meantime, he tries to focus on his work, on getting back on the surgical team’s good side.
But then Ethan quits, and Casey goes to ask him to speak at her hearing. And after the hearing, when Bryce is pleasantly surprised by Casey approaching him instead of Ethan at the bar, she tells him what happened when she went to Ethan’s as the two young doctors lie naked in her bed.
It’s hard to listen to, now having confirmation of what he’d long suspected. But he keeps his temper in check, helped by the fact that he’s currently the one in her bed, running his fingers up and down her bare back.
“I...I think I just needed to get him out of my system. And now that he’s back at Edenbrook, it won’t happen again. It can’t. He’s made that very clear.” Casey concludes. She’d been blankly staring at nothing, but now she raises her head from his chest to look at him. “Say something Bryce.” She pleads.
Bryce swallows past the lump in his throat. “Why are you telling me this Casey? To let me know that now that you can’t have who you really want, we can keep doing whatever it is we’re doing?” Bryce asks. He didn’t mean to blurt that all out, and she looks hurt.
“No Bryce. You were never my second choice. What I have with you is so important to me. Whenever something good, or bad, happens to me, you’re the first person I want to tell about it. Whenever I see you, I feel my mood brightening. I don’t want secrets between us anymore. I want to start fresh. That’s why I’m telling you.”
He still has his secrets though. Now would probably be a good time to admit he’s from that Lahela family. But he doesn’t. Bryce doesn’t want to scare her off, not when it seems like he might finally have her.
Ethan leaving for the Amazon is great for Bryce. Casey did seem a little sad at first, but Bryce is quick to attempt to cheer her up, to distract her from missing the older physician.
Things between Casey and Bryce are great that summer. But Bryce can’t help but feel a little threatened when Dr. Ramsey returns. And it doesn’t help that Keiki shows up shortly thereafter, exposing his secrets.
But Casey takes it all in stride, another pleasant surprise. Bryce was sure he was going to lose her, but she’s right there, helping Keiki settle in, staying over at his place more, comforting him because basically becoming a father overnight is hard. And although they still haven’t explicitly defined their relationship, it feels serious, exclusive. He trusts in her, and their bond. He’s no longer worried about Ethan Ramsey.
He even befriends the older doctor, becoming gym buddies. Their friendship is a little awkward, with Bryce trying not to talk about Casey because it’s obvious the senior doctor still has feelings for her. But sometimes, things just slip out. Like when he casually mentions he couldn’t make The Boys workout the prior week because he was fixing Casey’s leaky sink. The hurt on Ethan’s face quickly has Bryce kicking himself, silently vowing to be more careful of his words in the future.
Bryce isn’t as surprised as the rest of Edenbrook when Ethan returns to the Amazon, with no stated return date. Bryce knows first hand how much loving Casey Valentine can hurt when it feels unrequited.
But when that love is requited? Indescribable.
Keiki is the one who convinces Bryce to propose. Casey has moved in by that point, and they’re basically a little family. “I’ve never seen such a healthy relationship. Way different than mom and dad. What are you waiting for?” Keiki asks one day over lunch when Casey is out with Sienna. And right then, Bryce realizes he doesn’t want to wait another moment. He immediately goes out, buys a ring, invites Casey out to dinner, and proposes that night.
He almost thinks he must be dreaming when Casey says yes.
“Getting cold feet yet?” Elijah asks as Bryce puts on his suit jacket.
Bryce smiles at his best man. “Not a chance. In fact, my feet are burning to get down that aisle. I really missed Casey last night when she stayed with you guys. I can’t wait to see her.”
“I saw her a little earlier. No spoilers, but dude, you’re totally going to cry when Casey walks down the aisle.” Elijah predicts.
“Keiki texted me earlier, and she also says I’m going to cry.” Bryce reports.
An hour later, Bryce practically sobs as Casey walks down the aisle towards him on her father’s arm. He cannot believe how lucky he is that he gets to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful, courageous, intelligent woman.
She smiles when she reaches him, reaching up to wipe away his tears. “You’re gonna make me cry, and then I’ll ruin my makeup.” Casey whispers, and her wavering voice makes him realize how close she is to tears.
He takes her hands into his, squeezing comfortingly. “You shouldn’t be so stunningly beautiful in white if you want me to not cry.” He counters.
“I can’t pee if you’re staring at me Bryce.” Casey complains.
“Oh, sorry.” Bryce turns away, leaning against the bathroom counter as Casey pees on the pregnancy stick. When she’s done, she sets it on the counter and washes her hands.
“And now, we wait.” Casey mutters, staring anxiously at the test.
Bryce wraps his arms around her, drawing her into a gentle kiss. “Why are you so nervous baby? If we’re not pregnant, we’ll just keep trying.” Bryce soothes.
“I’m not nervous that I’m not pregnant. I’m worried that I am.” Casey reveals.
Bryce frowns, pulling away from her a little. “What? But we planned this.” He questions.
“Yeah, but we just started trying and the plan felt abstract until I actually missed my period. A baby is a big change. We have such demanding jobs, and babies change marriages.” Casey counters.
“I think a baby will be an amazing change. I love you Casey. I want a million mini you’s running around here. Plus, we’re going to be amazing parents honey. I know we can juggle our careers and our family. And besides, didn’t you hear Keiki promise to move back up to Boston from New York to be around her niece or nephew once I knocked you up? That’s free babysitting services for life.” Bryce comforts.
Casey chuckles a little, leaning up to kiss her husband. “I love you. You’re going to be the best dad.” She compliments.
“And the hottest, right? Totally a dilf.” Bryce teases.
“If you continue to call yourself a dilf, I definitely won’t be fucking you.” Casey counters.
Bryce laughs, lifting her onto the bathroom counter and stepping between her legs. “Liar. You know you can’t get enough of me.” Bryce kisses down her neck, nipping a little to make her shiver the way he loves. He returns his attention to her full lips, swallowing the little moan she lets out when he pulls her flush against him.
Before they can get too carried away, the timer Bryce set on his phone goes off. They both look down at the test.
“2 lines means pregnant, right?!” Bryce asks, meeting his wife’s gaze excitedly.
Casey nods, smiling brightly at him.
“You’re a baby hog.” Bryce complains as Casey cuddles Naomi.
“It’s not my fault that I have the food. Plus, I’m the one that had to carry her around for ten months, and push her out for five hours.”
“That’s not fair. I biologically can’t compete with that.” Bryce whines.
Casey shrugs. “Poor you. It must be so hard to be a man.”
Bryce laughs, grinning at her. “Next time, I hope we have multiples. Then we can each have a baby.”
“Naomi is only 4 weeks old. You should not even be thinking about next time.” Casey insists.
“Well, not right away honey. But one day, right?” Bryce asks hopefully.
“....maybe. Just because she’s such a good baby.” Casey acquiesces, pressing a kiss to Naomi’s forehead. She wrinkles her nose as she smells Naomi’s soiled diaper. “You can have your daughter now.” Casey offers, passing her over.
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lady-plantagenet · 9 months ago
Unsolicited Book Reviews (n5): Wife to theKingmaker
Tumblr media
Even before I had an account I had a tendency to go to tumblr to see people’s opinions before buying a histfic novel. Certain books are either severely underrepresented where I feel like there needs to be something on them, whereas others that are talked about enough - something more can still be said. So for my quarantine fun, I had decided to start a series where I review every medieval historical fiction novel I read. Hopefully, it will either start interesting discussions or at least be some help for those browsing its tag when considering purchasing it.
TL;DR: Ok swear to god this book was written by two different people. The ending was actually heart-wrenching, but so much had annoyed me throughout that I swore to myself to never again touch this genre for my own health. Twas an odd tale, and tbh the fact that it was odd probably elevated it from the 2 stars (or hell maybe even 1 if it was going to get any more richardian) to 3. Honestly, quite glad I read it in the end. Not the most historically informative, but some of the character arcs were actually quite neat (however extremely farfetched). Spoiler Warning: I’m going to divulge a lot on here because I know no one who follows me is going to read this book.
Plot: Ok, the plot... It was only after I placed my order that I realised this is the Sandra Heath Wilson of ‘Cicely’s King’ fame. I cringed and didn’t know what to do. For all you innocents out there... her Cicely series is a saga wherein Cecily of York pretty much bangs everyone who is male and from the house of york (minus her father and uncle George) and Even Henry VII(!!). She then has this kid by Richard III, calls him Leo and the rest is history(this is what I gleaned from goodreads). Nevertheless it had already shipped and honestly I had it coming; the synopsis does say she has an affair with her brother-in-law John Marquis of Montagu. Whatever, I couldn’t resist buying the only novel about Anne Beauchamp, and since it was published in the 70s/80s I knew it would at least be flamboyant and go all out. It delivered enough for it to have been worth reading.
So the novel follows Anne Beauchamp!(Nan) from when she is a 13 year old girl to 1478 when she finally leaves Beaulieu to go live at Middleham with her (as you guessed it- favourite) daughter Anne and her oh so belovéd son-in-law Richard Duke of Gloucester - You see? Since now finally the Great Other (Mr George) is finally vanquished England has its peace. Of course this is not true, Nan historically left the abbey in 1473 for Middleham and while I wanted a possible explanation from the author (who I would assume is better researched than I) for whether she went to Middleham out of her own volition or simply because the King trusted Gloucester better than Clarence... alas I got none. It was all pinned on the fact that the evil George (who as per usual alternates between omnipotent mastermind to absolute drunken himbo at the turn of a page) would not have her free for as long as she lived (for whatever reason). I really think the real historical explanation was because Edward trusted Gloucester - because after all Warwick Castle was Nan’s patrimony not Middleham. I doubt Nan had a choice in the matter but, the point is, Isabel was alive in 1473 and since there’s zero historical record or suggestion that Nan and Anne had ever seen her again, it would have been nice to have had a depiction of the conflicted feelings or a final meeting written for the three women. I’ll let it slide I guess, after all, one needs to cut some slack when it comes to books written pre-internet age by non-historians. And unlike Sunne in Splendour, this book does not purport to be completely accurate or a representation of the truth.
Christ some sub-plots were truly unexpected. One that made me groan at first was the whole arc between Nan and her niece Eleanor Butler. In this book she’s her ward (not historically true) and little Eleanor is all sweet and innocent and virtuous and, hell, at one point we get more Nan-Eleanor interaction than even between Nan - her own daughters (particularly Isabel who would have been the right age and a better substitute for Eleanor in their dialogue, but alas, who cares about Isabel right?). Eleanor even is the one to accidentally discover that Margaret of Anjou slept with Edmund Beaufort, siring Edward of Lancaster.
Ok. You’re probably thinking, god how trite eugh the Richardians are at it again, right? Yeah ok the Richardians are at it again, but it turns into something really neat at the end. Essentially, as I said, Nan has an affair with John Neville Marquis of Montagu (long story that I will expand on in characterisation) and she and him come upon Edward and Eleanor (overhearing them nothing more). So Edward and Nan then have this mutually assured destruction between them, because Edward divulges that he saw Nan and John years later when Nan confronts him (by this time he is married to Elizabeth Woodville) that she knows about the pre-contract with the intention of telling him off. He tells her that if she dares tell Warwick about the pre-contract he will tell Warwick about John, so she then agrees (also because she promised her niece that she would keep it quiet for the safety of her son by Edward). Years later when they meet again, Edward realised how much is at stake for Nan (especially since it turned out she loved Warwick all along and Edward figured that out), and so, during the period of John’s back-and-forth loyalties (we know he was disgruntled by the loss of the Northumberland Earldom)... Edward returns and tells Nan that if Montagu abandons him he will out her to Richard and cause a massive division between the brothers (militaristically speaking as well) and he knows he can do that because he figures out Nan will not out him because she blubbs about her promise to her niece. This madness then becomes bittersweet when (as history would have it) Montagu does end up fighting for Warwick, nevertheless, Nan is releaved during the whole time because there’s nothing in Warwick’s letters that give any indication that Edward ended up exposing her. Warwick dies in the battlefield, Nan is deeply aggrieved but happy he never found out at least. But then... years later when Edward comes to Beaulieu (1478 as this story would have it) to inform Nan that she may depart for Middleham, he tells her that he in fact did expose her to Warwick... but that Warwick didn’t believe him and laughed in his face because he thought there was no way she could be unfaithful because he knew she loved him. This sounds silly but it got to me a bit when I read it. Of course, we also have Edward saying he regretted his handling of the pre-contract affair because apparently Elizabeth Woodville had since lost interest in him and he’s hurt by how she shows no reaction to him having mistresses and he’s kinda given up, whereas Eleanor would have been more of a lapdog. This was essentially the centrepiece of the plot.
Look, I don’t really read these types of novels as a habit so I don’t know if bizarre plot lines like this are commonplace. Not going to lie though, it threw me and it was pleasantly enjoyable. This is basically what is to be said about the plot... the rest goes into characterisation. Nevertheless, this novel too often fell into the exposition trap (like telling us what is happening politically instead of showing us). While I appreciated the refresher of what happened 1445-1461 and I understand that the target audience of this book aren’t Wars of the Roses experts, I’ve seen it done more smoothly in many other more literary novels (eg Hawley Jarman’s or Lytton-Bulwer’s Last of the Barons). I’ve often said Sunne in Splendour was terribly dry and exposition-heavy, but at least it had historical detail so I could sometimes switch off and treat it as a non-fiction account for battles and character locations. But with this one I a) don’t have faith that the author paid attention to detail; see what I said earlier about the years 1473-1478, so I won’t take this as information and b) know that if she had done this with the years I know more about: 1461-1478, I would have gotten annoyed because of my familiarity with those decades.
Characterisation: Well we have lovelorn saintly Dickon here - always a pet peeve of mine. Look, I don’t have strong opinions about the man but it just innures me how whenever Richardianism rears it’s ugly head the plot suffers massively and it’s always favourite figures of mine that suffer the most. George Duke of Clarence... oh god, what can I say? Wife-beater, alcoholic, is disgusted by his wife when she is ill (you know, unlike the historical Clarence who had resided in the Abbot’s home near the infirmiary for the last months of his wife’s lying-in and after to be close to her and thereafter stuck with her until she passed away and two months after that as well), is stupid yet somehow still devious, is the indirect cause of her death... the list goes on. Welp, at least this Clarence unlike the Sunne in Splendour one has an elegant bearing, sense of fashion and is a great dancer. The Sunne one had NOTHING. It’s also odd that they make his attitude towards Isabel undergo a complete 180 as soon as he realises this marriage will no longer make him king. This makes no sense as the book has them want to marry for love, like YEARS before 1469, so this sudden attitude change makes no sense. Authors really need to be reminded that crown or no crown that marriage would still have made him the greatest magnate in England. There was also a ridiculous handling on the circumstance of his death, and this was the most factually wrong part of the book. Between Ankarette being aged down by 4 decades and the whole shmaz with Stillington, I don’t know where to begin. I bet most of you can guess how it was handled. Isabel is as per usual constantly depressed and without a personality because, well, we can’t have her compared to our shining heroine Anne Neville. 3x more beautiful, 5x more vivacious and 20x more significant than her doormat of a sister who complains all day- that is when she isn’t crying. Gahhh. Of course Anne Neville also cries but it’s for her beloved Dickon who she pines for constantly. Look, I have no qualms with romanticising this pairing, but authors need to keep in mind that Anne was like 13 at most when she became estranged from Gloucester. You. Need. To. Stop. Writing. Her. Like. A. Woman. . I don’t care what anyone says, no matter the time period, you can’t make me visualise a 13 year old that could feel romantic love of that deep a devotion and maturity and not send me laughing across the floor. But want to write a strong childish infatuation coming from a place of deep friendship? Fine by me.
Ok, onto more positive characterisation points: I liked Nan, quite a lot actually (I mean blatant daughter favouritism aside). A lot of authors attempt to write the proud noblewoman and great lady character but few pull it off. This is always how I have seen the real Anne Beauchamp and I’m glad to see it here. For a novel so insensitive towards certain figures, the author wrote Nan with great empathy. She was very intelligent but not in that artificial girlboss way, she loved her daughter(s) but in that medieval mother type of way (so no baby brain here), she may have not gotten along splendidly with all the women around her but there was none of that demeaning cattiness. About that, I want to say I was shocked by what a turn her relationship with Margaret of Anjou took. Since the whole Somerset-bastard child plotline was a thing... Nan was initially revolted and lost all her respect for Lancaster, but when the two women find themselves joined by fate they gain this strange mutual respect for one another. They butt heads a bit initially but Margaret of Anjou rises above it for her son’s sake and eventually strikes up an agreement with Nan on when they are to set sail. Margaret first won’t listen to Nan because she thinks she’s a fool but when she eventually slips by to tell Nan that she had thought about her plan and that maybe she’s right, she doesn’t apologise and Nan doesn’t need her to and it’s this weird telepathic understanding from then on and I certainly did not expect to see something like this in this novel. After the landing in England and news of Warwick’s death reaches the party, Margaret doesn’t gloat but diplomatically relays the news and when Nan says she wants to take sanctuary because she lost all heart and can’t fight on, Edward of Lancaster gently says something like: well if you come with us, you’ll at least get your revenge and that’s at least something (paraphrase). You could just tell this was Edward’s way of offering condolences, the type of way a child like him raised through war and promises of vengeance only could, and it was oddly powerful. Shame it couldn’t have happened as Nan and Margaret and Isabel all travelled at seperate times. The whole theme around Nan was that she wasn’t very partisan but only followed her husband as a magnate and then as a man, which I believe and it was great to see Team Lancaster understood Warwick was a seperate entity from York, and for all intents and purposes they were all in this together. Cool-headedness is much needed in this genre I realise, god how low flies the bar ~
Now onto the characterisation most people are wondering about. What of Warwick? He was the saving grace of the novel. He has the common touch yet he is sophisticated, he is idealistic yet he is shrewd, he is impassioned yet collected, he is dramatic yet subtle, he is ... I can go on and on. What is all the affair plot point about then? It doesn’t diminish the bond between the two main characters; to tell you quite truthfully the relationship the author wrote was bizarre yet still really touching. They used to hate eachother because Nan thought herself above him (after all the Warwick earldom was far more valuable than the Salisbury one- remember it was briefly a dukedom at one point), but then she sees what he made of himself and becomes proud of him and falls in love with him. However, he starts to get carried away with his ambitions, gets all-consumed by the legend of Warwick that he had cultivated and essentially becomes impersonal without wanting to (and realising). Nan feels she has lost him to the people of England (which are apparently all hypnotised by his presence, which ok is a fact grounded in history) and because of her wounded pride she starts seeking comfort in his brother (although, it makes little sense how this would work as I would gather he would also be away, especially at the Scottish boarders). When he refuses to support Warwick over Edward later on, she loses all feelings for Montagu and thinks him a coward, and when Warwick apologises for being amiss she realises that this whole time it was him she loved all along and is racked with guilt. I found this exploration of what it is like being wed to a man of such public standing quite interesting, the idea of losing him not to another woman or such but to his cause (which in this book is a mixture of belief in the french alliance, the common weal and subconsciously his own wounded pride brought on by an extreme adherence to inflexible chivalric values on his part and Edward IV’s actions), I confess, is not something I saw portrayed in this particular manner anywhere else. I mean it’s not like I’ve been searching for this particular motif, but this was a refreshing depiction of a medieval couple and it was a poignantly written relationship which the author had me invested in. The relationship was heartfelt because it was very distinct, Nan and Warwick weren’t just some stand-ins for a cash-grab but some consideration was paid to the real historical figures. The John plotline, sure I would in principle protest against something like this but it seems to have had two plot purposes: To illustrate the strain caused by the aforementioned issue and to kick off the whole Edward-Eleanor Butler-Montagu-Nan arc, which bizarre and unbelievable as it was, kept me on my toes. I’ll let it slide. Also, Edward IV was portrayed as quite a chilling villain in this, beholden of this weird mix of indifference, charm and wickedness.
Prose: This is what made me briefly wonder if this book was written by two different people. It failed to engage me in the first half, the descriptions were trite (except for the natural scenery bits), there was very little variety in sentence structures which gave it the stilted heaviness that thus afflicted The Sunne in Splendour (and most modern literature). There was a lot of redundancies eg the type of stuff like ‘whispered quietly’ or ‘yelled loudly’ and the author’s misunderstanding of certain period fashions drew me out eg references to bodices (not a thing then), calling the henin veil a silk scarf etc. She didn’t pull a Penman: exposit emotions to us, making me feel like I walked into a therapy session, but it was often heavy-handed. It first felt very much like an uninspired debut novel. A bit try-hard and I was wondering if this was the way of the bodice ripper... I wouldn’t know, I never read one before (though I’m unsure if this qualifies as it’s really not graphic and the focus is really not on sex nor is there much of it).
However, out of nowhere, the prose suddenly changed a little before half of the way in; colours, emotions, thoughts and the like started to blend masterfully. The sentence structures started varying to convey the way Nan was feeling. It became very show don’t tell, and it drew me in emotionally a bit (I must confess). Of course, that’s also around the point the plot had sort of started redeeming itself. Nan’s grief at her husband’s passing was particularly well conveyed - how she became a husk of her former self... I could read fifty pages of that. Her realisation that it had been him all along was also well written, and you could feel all the urgency and regret she felt at all the time she had wasted disregarding him as the plot grew nearer to Barnet. The mutual longing was also subtle yet strong, and it really was down to the effective use of sentence structure and waylaying of inspired thematic details. The mingling of past memories with present day in her later years was also very well done and with flow, and the adjectives etc used were no longer becoming distracting as before. My favourite part by far was the very last scene when she rides ahead of her escort to Middleham and she imagines a horse riding beside her caparisoned with the Neville standard; you can really feel how this is the first time that she had felt joy in years and she lets the ghost follow her.
... In Conclusion, this novel gave me very mixed feelings. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much as I did had it not been for the fact that I entered it with a massive pre-formed love for the figures. It’s a bit like my experience with ‘Death Be Pardoner to Me’ (review #2 on this tag), was the book actually good or do I just have an affinity for the protagonist (Clarence in that case)? As such, I don’t think I would reccomend it. Indeed I wrote this spoilerish review because I was sure no one would fly off to Amazon after seeing this post. I can’t say if it’s above commercial historical romance in standard as this is the first time I’ve ever read a book from this genre. I think I’ll take a loongg break from historical fiction (after I finish with Jarman) because the Clarence portrayal was a bit of a nail in the coffin for me and I don’t want to continue upsetting myself for no reason. As I have now truly lost hope in reading a balanced depiction of him and if the literature isn’t absolutely expemplary why bother? Nevertheless, Warwick’s portrayal was a saving grace and made it impossible for me to give it two stars - it wasn’t perfect but still the best I’ve read (minus Last of the Barons Ofc). This is also a bit sad when you think about it, Warwick is also due some fictional justice. Even scholarly if you ask me.
The experience was educational as I learned a valuable lesson in what to avoid and include in my writing, what pitfalls/clichés not to fall into etc. I think I can draw another valuable lesson from this: Dear Histfic authors, if you happen to not be historians, heavily-researched in this time period, objective or literarily talented etc don’t take yourself seriously by publishing some tome of a work but just go nuts like this novel. At least this way you’re not sharing misinformation, inducing people into error and your work still gets to be engaging as opposed to a repetition of the previous amateur historical novelist. Yeah. For all the Sunne in Splendour’s superior quality, I must say I prefer this one better.
Tagging @pythionice who I have recently discovered has also read this book! Welcome fellow fan of Warwick <3
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squishrxnger · 11 months ago
Taking a deeper look into Schlatt's character arc
SMP spoilers ahead, also trigger/content warning for alch/h/l and dr/g abuse.
The first draft accidentally got posted before I was done with it, and I wasn't happy with it anyways, so if you saw me post something along these lines and immediately take it down, no you did not. :)
So, I was sitting there, eating my ice cream, about an hour ago, right?
Yeah, I was sitting there, and I was thinking "man, Schlatt's death was so pathetic and underwhelming, especially for being one of our main villains."
And that's when my brain gears began to grind a little harder than they normally do, and I thought, well... let me put some thought into this.
So I went and I got in the shower and I sat there for at least two hours just brainstorming, got out to grab my phone, and realized I forgot to actually wash my hair. So I had to delay things just a little longer, which gave me extra time to think, and... maybe I should just cut to the chase:
Schlatt's character ended on an odd note. Considering how important he once was, especially. Rarely do we see the big antagonist finally get taken down by a stroke of all things. (It was a stroke, not a heart attack, common misconception.)
So how'd we get there, and why'd we end it on that note rather than something more fitting?
Well. If we're gonna look at things from ground zero, we're also gonna have to start from ground zero. And by ground zero, I'm gonna quickly remind us how Schlatt's entire arc has played out as to give us all a reference point as to how things went from systematic to stroke.
Schlatt was elected as president quite unfairly. He and Quackity combined their votes, earning them victory, and his first charge was to exile Wilbur and Tommy. The second one was probably to give g/ns to children or something, I dunno, sounds like something he'd do
From the beginning, he had no one on his side. We thought Quackity was on his side, and we thought Fundy was on his side, but... they're not THAT naïve. Like I mentioned in my other analysis (which hasn't quite aged well), Quackity has ALWAYS known better, and I think this statement stands for Fundy, as he was recording everything since the beginning of Schlatt's presidency. Niki obviously never stood with Schlatt either. She voiced that loud and clear.
Tubbo, as a spy, was kinda forced to lie and cheat his way through things. But claim to be pregnant at 16 and that another 16 year old is your gynecologist and, um. Yeah, Tubbo, buddy, someone's gonna figure you out quick. It's okay, you tried.
Schlatt, though, played dumb for just long enough to get Tubbo to build his own funeral and start up Techno's anti-hero reputation.
Cue divorce, and, well... that's where things start to go south. With Quackity on Pogtopia's side and Fundy about to say "fuck this" and hop over, Schlatt's running out of allies. And I find it funny how him losing his last "ally" and said ally revealing him to be powerless coincide, which leads into what this arc means to me -
Schlatt, himself, was never anyone's president. No one stood with him, no one wanted to, and he didn't have any support to lean on even as he died. His power came from his lack of shits to give, and from the people around him, regardless of how much they liked him.
'Cuz no one fucking did. No one liked him.
Which leads me into this vague transition - he wasn't stupid. No, no, not one bit. He knew everything he was doing wrong, right down to the substance abuse. No one laughs maniacally and sees themselves as even remotely good or just. So he knew no one fucking liked him.
But it wasn't about the gratitude or the appreciation, it was all just for the fuck of it. But just like what we've seen happen to Wilbur, habits like these leave sanity at one frayed string, and suddenly Schlatt was powerless, and he had done it to himself. I think he knew that, too.
Dream sided with Manberg expecting a coherent individual to work with, but all he got was a drunk husk of a goat man. That's why he gave in. There was no point in fighting with someone who wasn't there.
And he died by his own hand, and by his own near-blind accord. And that's exactly how it should have gone to conclude his story.
No one defeated him. No one needed to defeat him. He defeated himself. No one had to fight against him, he just gave in and had a fucking stroke.
Was it funny? Yeah. It was funny as shit. But that's also how he lived. He came in with a loud voice, a weapon and a promise to rule over Manberg, and went out wordless with an empty glass bottle, insulting Quackity's ass from the afterlife like you'd expect. Which is also something I have thought about frequently. Of all words to leave off on, man.
Even in death, he just couldn't take any of it seriously, and that's what's really interesting about him as a character. Frankly, I bet he died for shits and giggles.
In all, I think what we got was good and I wouldn't wanna replace it. I just can't see any other outfome working.
So, that shower kinda changed my whole perspective on that scene, so whenever you wanna think, shower. Age-old tip that still works like a charm, even in this economy.
Thanks for the read. I am still in denial about a lot of things regarding that streaM
edit: forgot tags
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brucegf · 6 months ago
i reread the prolouge for hetler skelter cuz i saw it when it came out and i didnt rly care at the time but not it turns out i am Obssesed after going thru the whole tag ALSO is james muslim cuz his name in the beginning is yaqub and i have yet to see muslim james fics anwys bye <3
well i’m glad you’re interested now at any rate!! i’m sorry if this sounds incoherently worded, i’m so bad at explaining myself:
james’s father was raised by parents who were hindi & from tamil nadu, but james’s father isnt religious himself. james’s mother’s family has been in england much longer than james’s father’s, centuries longer, and her family adopted catholicism upon immigrating to fit in the mixed-magic-and-wizarding area but they aren’t practicing either; they’re both progressive borderline socialists and old magic and i don’t imagine many wizards actively practice religion (considering they swear on Merlin rather than using the name of some god). i don’t talk too much about the intersection of religion and magic in helter skelter because the only main character who thinks about religion even semi-regularly is remus, but i do talk about where culture and magic meet, and that’s where it comes into the light that james’s family is So Unlike Other Wizards because they maintain their culture in a nationalistic sense (i.e. tamil sense) rather than adopting Wizard/Pureblood culture as per a family like the blacks. thus, the info on pottermore that the potter family is ancient, wizarding and pureblood all the way back but not considered sacred 28 “because of their common name” or whatever.
tl;dr james’s family isnt religious but his father’s side maintains hindu culture/tradition and his mother’s side has vague catholic influence in a performative sense (gaudy decorations in the home, meanwhile james’s whole family avoids meat and his mother has been vegetarian her whole life). this comes into play mostly around the time of their deaths (that’s not a spoiler, we know they die before harry’s birth in canon) but culture independent of religion is discussed more often!
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jpegjade · a year ago
Mr. Loverman (Pt. 3)
Alright frens and ferns. we’re gonna go through this shorter chapter. Still like 3 google docs pages but my fics are normally like 4-6 pages. (if you can’t tell, i’m a one-shot writer AND HAVENT WRITTEN A STORY FIC SINCE I WAS LIKE 14. shoutout to the wattpad days.) so this one is shorter bc i need to work but i wanted to put this out. part 4 will be much longer. idk how long im gonna end up making this fic in the end. ((yall gotta keep me encouraged to focus on this thing bc my adhd will in fact leave you all hanging on a cliff hanger and we wont look back lmao)))
i apologize for the shortness. i also apologize for adding the person i hate with a BURNING passion. yall just dont know. anyway, i’m so sorry. and for those who haven’t gotten to 11/12, there are no spoilers. this is like independent of that storyline and kinda after but i’ll explain a little in the next chapter. but i wanted to keep this true to the cm universe. also i didn’t want to create a wholeass character with a tragic backstory to explain why they’re a psychopath when in reality they just suck. that takes too damn long
warnings: none that i can think of. ((i dont even think i swore once. im so fucking proud. oops)) and no, i didnt proof read. so roll with any mistakes.
mr. loverman 1: Bloop
mr. loverman 2: bloop bloop 
“Y/n, have you seen anything or anyone suspicious lately? Anyone you recognized from one place appearing in other spaces?” Prentiss said. 
Everyone was staring at you. You felt the pressure on you to say the right thing but you didn’t know. You didn’t know what to say so you tried honesty. 
“No, not that I’ve noticed. Sorry if that makes things harder.” You sighed. 
You felt like you were letting everyone down because you didn’t notice anyone. Everything in your life was mundane and nothing stood out. You were super aware of your surroundings but you still felt like it wasn’t enough. You spent more time than ever in your apartment, which was hell but necessary with everything going on.
“Here’s the problem.” Emily started. “We have received intel that you’re on a bounty hunter’s hit list. Not only that but they have been watching you for some time now.” 
You were speechless. Who would pay to have you killed? Who did you piss off enough to pay money to have you killed? And what did this bounty hunter look like? This made you incredibly nervous and despite being away for two years, your body just reacted. 
Spencer told himself not to freak out. This didn’t mean anything. You were holding his hand tightly. It was what you used to do every time you got scared. Spencer squeezed your hand a little bit to let you know he was there and then he felt you squeeze back. You didn’t let go of his hand through the rest of the conversation but Spencer was barely paying attention. Garcia eventually ushered the two of you out of the room and back to your temporary bedroom. 
The silence between you and Spencer was incredibly loud. You let go of his hand as soon as you got to the breakroom, apologizing. 
“I shouldn’t have done that.” You said. You figured that he would know what you were talking about. You sat in your corner of the mattress where you previously sat and Spencer sat in the space he occupied before the meeting. 
“No, you were scared. It’s okay.” He said. 
Silence that seemed to last forever happened. You were thinking about him and he was thinking about you. You were both so nervous about what came next but you didn’t know what to say. It took forever to come up with something but Spencer came up with something. 
“I wasn’t lying.” Spencer looked down at his shoes. 
“About?” You said, confused. You leaned your head against the wall. You were getting so tired. 
“Missing you. You have been all that I’ve thought about through these past two years.” He said, finally looking up at you. 
“Spence…” You said, yawning. You closed your eyes for a moment. 
“I haven’t connected to anyone else as naturally as I connected with you.” He said. 
“Well, I guess I can’t say anything different since I haven’t been able to move on.” You said, sleepily. It had been a long day and you were beyond exhausted. When you’re that tired, anything you say is bound to be unfiltered. 
“You were the only one who cared for me, all of me, and didn’t mind everything that came with me. No one gets that. No one cares about me like you do, even now. I couldn’t bear to take the ring off because it would mean losing a piece of you. And I couldn’t do that. I may have broken off the relationship but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. To this day, I…” You barely said before you fell asleep. 
Spencer thought about waking you but you looked so peaceful. He hated when he was left on a cliffhanger, especially like this, but you needed rest. So Spencer gently helped you lay down and covered you with your blanket. He was about to walk outside the door to guard and take a breather but you grabbed his arm and mumbled a very small, “Stay.” 
And that’s what he did. He stayed, holding you while you slept peacefully. He was so comfortable that he eventually nodded off. That was the first time in two years that he didn’t have a nightmare that scared him awake. 
When he woke up, you were nowhere to be found. Frantically searching, he ran all over the floor before noticing it was sunrise. You loved watching the sun rise in the mornings with a cup of coffee and a nice playlist going. 
“Hey, Spence.” You said, looking out the window. You looked rested, not tired like yesterday. 
“Y/n, you scared me. I thought something happened.” He said, looking at you. How did you make a sundress look so pretty? 
“Sorry. I thought about waking you but you were smiling in your sleep, the small, happy smile you do, and I wanted you to sleep. Besides, I had Cat to keep me company.” 
Spencer’s blood ran cold. That wasn’t possible. He was jumping to conclusions and you were sure it was just an intern or someone who…
“Hey Spencie. I’m having a grand time with y/n here. She’s a ball of sunshine.” Cat said, a fake smile fading into a straight face. 
Spencer immediately grabbed for his gun but didn’t find it anywhere on his hip. 
“Looking for this?” Cat took the gun out of her bag and pointed it directly at Spencer. 
Your head could barely comprehend what was happening. You were instructed to put your hands up and walk into the conference room, sitting across from each other. 
“And no touching. That’s no fun.” Cat pointed the gun at Spencer. You noticed that she was fixated on Spencer. You guessed that they somehow knew each other.
You were already in tears. What was happening? Could you make it out of this one alive? 
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darling-i-read-it · 11 months ago
Hannibal Lecter x reader x Will Graham 
Hannibal Re-Write Series Masterlist
Word Count:  1.6k 
Warnings: spoilers for hannibal, murder, dead bodies, cannibalism
Author’s Note: Season 3! I cannot believe that we are already here. I am excited to see how this goes and I hope for the best lmao. This is kind of short because Will is not in it so clearly I couldn’t do any actual sense of the reader. Also, welcome to the season where alongside me posting pretty gifs of Will and Hannibal I also get to do the ones of Gillian Anderson because SHE-
Italics are memories! 
I used some direct quotes from the script so some things may seem familiar 
Official Episode Summary: After making his escape from the FBI, Hannibal travels through Europe with Bedelia Du Maurier and flashbacks reveal details about Hannibal and Bedelia's relationship.
I don’t own these characters. They belong to author/director 
Tag List (is always open!) : @llperfectsymmetryll​ @ericacactus​ @vlightning95​ @sweetgoodangel​
(not my gif) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hannibal Lecter danced with his hand in Bedelia Du Mauriers, across a carefully graceful floor. They waltzed together across the grounds of Florence and he stared down at hre as they moved in perfect unison, always stepping in the correct places. Hannibal’s feet seemed to move on their own as he recited forgotten dances with his steps. Bedelia caught up with him quickly and even gave him a run for his money. 
Hannibal tried to not let his mind wander these days. 
He was away from a life that he was hoping to soon forget. A life in which the things he loved would no longer haunt his dreams and his wishes. Hannibal was a man who moved forward and only forward. He tried not to dwell on the past. 
But he allowed himself this moment and what he imagined to be many more moments forward. 
In a similar way that he imagined you in the place of Alana Bloom, he danced now with you instead of Bedelia Du Maurier. A ghost of his past that refused to leave him. 
Hannibal imagined Will standing off to the side as he allowed Hannibal to dance with you. A haunting image of what could have been. 
The music came to a slow stop.
“Bellissima,” Hannibal said, letting Bedelia go a bit. 
“Grazie,” she replied and with her voice the spell was broken. No longer was your hair in his hand, now it was her carefully placed blonde locks. He let her go. 
Hannibal stepped out of the shower. He ran a towel over his face and looked at himself in the mirror. He stared into his own eyes for a moment as he wrapped the towel around his waist before walking into the main room. 
He noticed the eyes on him now. He looked over at Bedelia who was sitting calmly on the bed. She had a glass of wine in hand and a gun in the other. Hannibal stood naked in the doorway and looked at her.
  “May I get dressed?” Bedeila pursed her lips. 
“You may.” Hannibal let the towel drop to the ground and put on his underwear. “What have you done, Hannibal?” 
Bedelia watched him. She was always a calm woman but inside, she felt like she was blowing up. Confusion and worry went hand in hand like her and Hannibal. Not very well. 
“I’ve taken off my person suit,” Hannibal stated simply. 
“You let them see you.” 
“I let them see enough,” Hannibal said. 
“How does that feel? Being seen?” she questioned. He was reminded of all of their sessions together when he told her things and trusted her. He gave her a small amused smile. 
“You’re not in a position to ask, Dr. Du Maurier. You ended our patient-psychiatrist relationship,” Hannibal pointed out. She nodded. That was true. 
“I lacked the appropriate skills to continue your treatment.” 
“I never found you to be lacking.” 
Bedelia paused. She studied him a moment and asked the question she had been wanting to for a long time. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t leave you with a suitable substitute for therapy.” She took a deep breath. “Are the Grahams still alive?” Hannibal went still. He needed a moment, while he curbed his emotions, not letting her see that the question hit where she intended it to.
“I never liked that saying. You are aware of that,” he whispered. 
“Not officially Grahams, I apologize.” She leaned back a bit. “Are Y/N and Will alive?” 
“They were not a suitable substitute for therapy,” he admitted. 
“What were they?” Hannibal looked over at her and smiled a bit.
“Is this a professional curiosity?” Bedelia let out an exasperated sigh. The tenseness of the air had a simple calmness. 
“Almost entirely.” 
“Do you trust me?” Hannibal asked. 
“Not entirely. Trust is driven by an emotional sense of what to do, and a very conscious sense of what not to do.” She pursed her lips. “Did Will and Y/N trust you?”
“Are you taking into account my beliefs about your intentions?” Hannibal asked, dodging the question entirely. 
“My intentions?” 
“Human motivation can be little more than lucid greed,” Hannibal explained. 
“Greed and blind optimism.” 
“You’re optimistic I won’t kill you Bedelia.” 
Antony Dimmond sat at the head of the table. Hannibal on his left, Bedelia on his right. He was impressed with the dish in front of him. 
“Are you avoiding meats?” Antony asked Bedelia. She took a deep breath and Hannibal and her shared a look. She looked down at the food she was picking at. 
“I’m trying not to eat anything with a central nervous system,” Bedlelia explained, her voice careful and eyes not looking at Antony. 
“Oysters, acorns and Marsala. That’s what ancient Romans would feed animals to improve their flavor.” Bedelia does her best to hide her realization and steadied herself. Hannibal smiled a bit at her realizing it, as she digests. He thought about how it could have been if you were here. 
You would have eaten the meat. 
“My husband has quite a sophisticated palette. He’s particular about how I taste,” Bedelia said quietly. She looked up at Antony and he gave a sly smile. 
“Is it that kind of party?” There was a brief pause as everyone had to imagine that for a moment. 
“It is not that kind of party,” Hannibal said. His mind, once more, floated to you and Will. He stifled his thoughts with a bite of dinner. 
“No, it really isn’t,” Bedelia echoed. 
“In accord with my own taste for the pre-Renaissance I present the case of Pietro della Vifna, whose treachery earned him a place in Dante’s Hell.” 
Hannibal stood in front of a crowd with a projector on behind him. Different pieces of art went behind him, a picture of Lucifer hanging over his head. 
“He was disgraced and blinded for betraying his emperor’s trust.” 
He looked out to the crowd. Bedelia sat out there, among other people that he knew. But when his eyes landed on her it atomically replaced her face with yours. In a similar essence to how you used to sit in on Will’s lectures to make him feel better, he thought about you there. 
You had a small smile on your imaginary face. 
“Dante’s pilgrim finds him in the seventh level of the Inferno, reserved for suicides. Like Judas Iscariot, he died by hanging.” Hannibal walked down the aisle, slowly approaching you. “Judas and Pietro della Vigina are linked in Dante’s Inferno.” 
He placed a hand on your shoulder and you looked up at him. An art slide appeared on the drop cloth. Hannibal moved away from you and down the aisle again. 
Hannibal and Bedelia stood in the home. Antony Dimmond laid between them and Bedelia moved back against the wall, shocked by Hannibal hitting Antony against the wall. 
Hannibal stood over Antony's corpse. 
“Observe or participate,” Hannibal asked. Bedelia takes a moment to process the words that he said and slowly looked up at Hannibal. 
“What?” she asked, shaking. 
“Are you, in this very moment, observing or participating?” Hannibal asked again. 
Hannibal's lips curl ever so slightly as he thought. 
You would have participated. 
Hannibal sat on a train. He looked out the window as he let his mind wander from memories of the past, memories he disregarded when they happened. Emotions to dig in later, bottled for this very moment. 
Gideon sat at Hannibal’s table. 
  “Would you rather I extended you the same kindness as the escargot?” Hannibal questioned as they both sat behind a dish of food.
  “Eating me without my knowledge? I find knowing to be much more powerful than not knowing. Why do you think I’m allowing this?” Gideon asked. Hannibal studied Gideon and appreciated the bite he was chewing. 
“Why do you think I’m allowing this?” Hannibal questioned. 
“Snails aren’t the only creatures who prefer to eat in company,” Gideon said simply. He forked a snail in its shell and popped one into his mouth. “If only that company could be Will and Y/N Graham.” 
Hannibal took a deep breath slowly, not showing any emotion with it. 
“I’m fascinated to know how you will feel when all this...happens to you,” Gideon whispered. 
Hannibal snapped back to himself and looked out the train window solemnly. He wasn’t sure how he was feeling, in a good fight against Gideons words once upon a time.
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jokertrap-ran · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
(未定事件簿) EVENT!「异乡行歌·上篇」 [Tears of Themis] EVENT: Romantic Rail Getaway- Later Half Translations (Mo Yi’s Route)
Day 1: The Old Town of Lange― The Charm of the Hometown of Grapes (兰格老城区: 葡乡的魅力)
*Tears of Themis Masterlist / Mobile Masterlist *Spoiler free: Translations will remain under cut *The tracking tag for ALL Event Stories will go under: #Tears of an Event
Tumblr media
Location: Cultural Salon
Salon Speaker: In lieu of the progress and development of Technology, the fully automated factory assembly line used to produce wine now reached full maturity.
Salon Speaker: People no longer have to worry about the instability of the wine, that would tarnish the quality of the end product, when doing manual brewing.
Salon Speaker: Of course, there are also certain regions that put emphasis on doing it the traditional way and have continued doing so manually.
Salon Speaker: Alas, we cannot afford to leave out Barosco— The famed Country of Wine.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
The speaker’s comedic style of presentation made everyone listen in with apt interest at the “Barosco Wine Culture” talk.
The 2-hour lecture wasn’t lengthy at all. In fact, it actually made people even more interested in the remote Country of Wine.
I was still enamoured by the scent of wine even after the place had emptied out after the talk, unable to snap back to my senses from the trance I had fallen under.
Tumblr media
MC: The Country of wine…? I wonder if even the air will carry the fragrance of wine…?
Mo Yi: Are you interested in Barosco?
MC: Yeah. I happened to see a travel guide for Barosco just the other day!
MC: It mentioned a couple of other popular attractions alongside a Railway Tour about Wine Culture, which I find particularly interesting!
In fact, the main purpose why I’d come down to this talk was to learn more about Barosco.
The small Country famous for its Wine Culture had a pleasant climate and boasted beautiful sceneries that made people yearn to see it with their own eyes.
Mo Yi: It’s always better to witness it with one’s own eyes and hear it with one’s own ears. It’ll be best for you to simply go there and experience it for yourself.
MC: Oh?
It was clearly a simple sentence, no matter how you looked at it; but for some reason or another, it really resonated with my heart.
He’s right. I can definitely experience a different sort of beauty from Stellis City over there in Barosco, right?
Plus, I’ve not been too busy lately, so it’ll be no problem at all to just take a couple days of annual leave and go have fun elsewhere.
Tumblr media
Mo Yi: (Y/n), do you want to go to Barosco with me?
Mo Yi: Maybe we can go experience the newly opened Railway Train Route together?
MC: You want to go too?
I realized something fatal the moment the words left my mouth. Doesn’t this mean that I’ve technically sold my heart to the idea!?
Mo Yi: I’ve been there a couple of times before. And I’m also relatively familiar with Barosco myself.
Mo Yi: Besides, I’ve been on Spring Vacation lately, so I have plenty of time to spare.
Mo Yi: I wish to accompany you on this trip and be your tour guide, if you don’t mind.
His golden eyes were coloured with expectation, making me unable to refuse him.
MC: I want to go with you too.
Tumblr media
Mo Yi: Great. It’s about time you relax a little after having worked so hard for so long.
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆
Thus, that was how we decided to go on a trip together.
Everything all the way from booking to departure went smoothly without a hitch. And soon, we started our journey to the Country of Wine...
☆⋅⋆…⋅─────────── ⋆⋅✾⋅⋆ ───────────⋅…⋆⋅☆  
Tumblr media
Location: Railway Tour's Starting Station
MC: The Travel Brochure’s so detailed! It introduces the name, type, taste and quality of all the wines in here.
MC: Oo? They even have grapevine planting methods written in this thing…!
I passed the time by reading the Travel Brochure that we’d been handed after passing the customs while waiting for the train to arrive at the Station.
I didn’t expect the brochure to contain not only information about the various scenery spots, but also records that detail the many varieties of local speciality wines.
Simply put, it was literally a small wine encyclopaedia.
Tumblr media
Mo Yi: Looks like the locals here are very proud and confident in the wine that’s MC: Yeah. It feels like they’re broadcasting to the world: “Come taste my wine!”.
While we were happily chatting, a member of the staff pushed a trolly past the platform, parking it in a vacant area nearby.
Staff: Dear tourists, come try some fresh handmade wine free of charge!
Staff: Please show your ticket to enjoy this surprise that our Station has specially prepared for you!
Staff: A special reminder that this only applies for adult tourists! Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol!
MC: Looks like we’ve struck the jackpot, Dr. Mo! We have a taste of Barosco wine before we’re even there!
There were many tourists in the Station, but thankfully, there were staff members around to help guide everyone in an orderly fashion.
It didn’t take long before Mo Yi and I both got our share of the goods.
I took a sip in anticipation. The taste of the liquor instantly lingered between my lips and tongue, the complex and rich aroma spreading throughout my palate.
Mo Yi: How’s the taste of Barosco’s handmade wine? Is it anything like you imagined it to be?
Mo Yi swirled his wineglass but didn’t seem interested in taking a drink out of it. Rather, he appeared much more interested in my evaluation of said wine after having just tasted it myself.
MC: It tastes...
Tumblr media
▷Choice: Nicer
MC: I think it tastes nicer than any wine I’ve drunk before.
I tried to remember the wine-tasting terms of description that I’d learned back in the Wine Culture Salon back then.
MC: It tastes refreshing, mellow, and smooth… And what else…? Never mind, I can’t think of any more terms to describe it.
MC: In any case, it’s delicious.
Mo Yi: Looks like the wine here is actually pretty good.
MC: Yeah! I’m thinking of bringing a couple of bottles of their Speciality Wine back to Stellis City!
Mo Yi: The trip hasn’t even started yet. Who knows, you might find other local specialities you want to bring back during the trip itself.
MC: Yup! I’ll have to rely on you to lug the rest of the stuff back if it ever comes down to that!
Perhaps the way I spoke with such confidence had amused him, for his eyes were brightly lit with a smile.
Mo Yi: Of course.
Tumblr media
▷Choice: Not very different
MC: In all honesty… It doesn’t seem all that different from the wines I’ve drunk before...
It was as delicious as it came, but if I were to describe just how good it was, I’m afraid that’s something way out of my field.
I struggled for a while, trying to find a way to best describe it; only to settle for the plain hard truth moments after.
MC: Well, I guess I don’t have what it takes to be a wine connoisseur.
Mo Yi: It’s not your fault.
Mo Yi: It’s just wine that the Station’s providing the tourists here to taste-test. There are really no other outstanding traits to it other than it being easy to drink.
MC: Heh… The staff will definitely get mad if they heard you say that.
Mo Yi: Well, you’re the only one I plan on telling.
Mo Yi: You’ll have to go to a special local winery if you want to taste fine wine… We should be getting to one in a couple of days.
MC: Yeah! That’s just one more thing to anticipate!
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Mo Yi: Alright, it’s about time for us to board.
Mo Yi: I have a feeling that this is going to be one beautiful and extraordinary journey.
MC: Yeah, me too!
With the delicious food, beautiful sceneries to admire, and the company of Dr. Mo added along to the fray, this was turning out to be an extremely exciting trip!
☆⋅⋆…⋅───── ⋆⋅ Romantic Rail Getaway⋅⋆ ────⋅…⋆⋅☆
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