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#tfatws spoilers
literally losing my mind over this tik tok sebastian shared on instagram
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johnboyega · 5 months ago
how it started:
Tumblr media
how it’s going:
Tumblr media
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shurisneakers · 5 months ago
let's hear it for sam wilson,
the kindest character in the mcu who right from the beginning has been one of the most empathetic voices that people can't help but listen to, who can relate to the struggles of those who are ignored or tossed aside in favour for the big battles and players, whose first option is peace and not violence, who sees someone getting hurt and steps in even though he's been disrespected by that person several times, is genuine and tries to make things right and cares.
he cares.
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johnboyega · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this is a man who was invited to his boyfriend’s family cookout
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crackdkettle · 4 months ago
The one thing about Endgame I can’t get past, the one thing that first WandaVision and moreso The Falcon & the Winter Soldier made brutally, abundantly clear, isn’t even Steve’s super shitty ending, it’s that the Avengers made things infinitely worse by reversing the Blip.
It’d be one thing if they’d made the Blip never take place, or restored everyone one millisecond after they disappeared — things they absolutely could have done, by the way — but they didn’t. They brought them all back five years later. It’s insane. It’s sociopathic.
First of all, a lot of people didn’t disappear that day. They died. People who got hit by suddenly driverless cars, people who went down on pilotless airplanes, people skydiving when the instructor disappeared, people whose doctors crumbled to dust mid-surgery, babies who wasted away in their cribs because their parents got Snapped. None of those people got restored in the Reverse Snap. They just stayed dead.
Second of all, everyone got brought back right where they’d disappeared. Which is fine in theory. Except isn’t it pretty lucky no one was sitting in that chair when Monica got restored? And also that apparently no one had moved that chair in five years? So what if you were on a plane that’s no longer in the air? What if you were on a boat that’s no longer in the middle of the ocean? What if you were skydiving and now there’s no parachute? What if you were on the top floor of a building that’s since been demolished? What if you were in your car in the middle of the freaking freeway? That’s thousands more deaths, conservatively.
But forget about all those dead people for a sec. TFatWS makes it explicit that the world is in complete chaos because of the Reverse Snap. People are displaced, families have been torn apart, people are angry and scared and no one knows what to do. It’s so clear that if the Avengers weren’t going to undo the Snap completely — if they weren’t going to undo it at the moment it happened — then they shouldn’t have undone it at all. That it would have been kinder, better to have let the Snapped stay Snapped. Not just for the sake of the people left, but for the people who disappeared.
Imagine the absolute hell of materializing five years in the future to find someone else living in your house, someone else married to your spouse. To find out your baby died or your mom or your partner. And by the way you have no credit, you have no money, no job history, no possessions, nothing. But good luck trying to rebuild your life and all! Aren't you glad we brought you back? You're welcome!
If the MCU ended with Endgame and no one ever had to think about the ramifications, then fine. Whatever. It’s a happy ending. What a cool final battle!
But it didn’t end there. And as such, it’s not a happy ending. It’s deranged. The Avengers are villains.
And it’s just so weird that no one in-universe seems to acknowledge this. That what the Avengers did was bad. That all this chaos, all this suffering, is entirely their fault.
“Yeah, things suck, but I sure do hope Captain America 1.0 is having fun on the moon! Man, we all miss Iron Man!”
I don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t know how we, as an audience, are supposed to reconcile with that. I don’t know how they think they can make that decision seem heroic when every subsequent movie and show just makes it retroactively worse.
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bucky-nat · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shurisneakers · 6 months ago
reminder that Sam Wilson
is still helping catch bad guys
can speak Arabic???? HELLO??????
is saving people's lives
when he sees things are going south at home, steps in to help
sent bucky texts probably to check in on him
has the time to be fucking hilarious during an intense fight
has a lovely relationship with his nephews
handles disrespect gracefully even though he had every right to punch that fucker in the face
talks to redwing. like doesn't remote control him, he legitimately talks to him
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