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#marvel endgame

Peter : *sneaks into house at 2am*

Steve : *turns in a swivel chair* Care to tell me where you were?

Peter : I was with… uh…Bucky!

Bucky : *also turns in a swivel chair* Care to- *keeps spinning* Steve- I can’t stop the chair-

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Chapter 21: Mind Games {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 8~ The Life of an Avenger: Snapped

Summary: The reader navigates the Soul Dimension, reaching in vain for a hope she can’t seem to find.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

Words: 2.3K

Warnings: strong language, idk apathy towards ghosts



Originally posted by kane52630

  Not that there would be a good way to spend any time in the place between life and death, but (Y/N) was really taking the brunt of the Soul Dimension’s rage as she was chased by the collective rolling smoke that gathered in the tumultuous storm clouds behind her. Turning back only once, she caught a glimpse of Vision’s face twisted in the clouds with ghastly pleas to follow, thoroughly pissing her off. Admittedly, she had been in fear…for the first few hours of psychological torture. Fear an understandable response after being chased by literally the worst atrocity she’d ever committed. But, by this point, she just felt like she was being messed with for someone’s sadistic pleasure, a feeling she was accustomed to, and stubborn against. 

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~Part 8~ The Life of an Avenger: Snapped

Summary: Tony and (Y/N) navigate the Soul Dimension.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader, Tony Stark x Pepper Potts

Words: 2K

Warnings: strong language, mentions of death, nightmare fuel maybe



Originally posted by kabrekker

  (Y/N) awoke to a blood-red sunset, orange haze fogging over the vast expanse of the oversaturated sky…if it even was a sky. The place felt infinite, yet compact all at once. A secret cove closed off from the rest of the Universe, vacant for as long as it extended into nowhere and everywhere.

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~Part 8~ The Life of an Avenger: Snapped

Summary: The Infinity Stones have been collected, the Glove fully-functioning. All that’s left is to decide who will make the sacrifice?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

Words: 4K

Warnings: strong language



Originally posted by fyeahmarvel

  With a new resolve to just get this all over with, (Y/N) curled herself in the corner of the Lab while Tony, Bruce, and Rocket finished the Glove. The guilt was a leech on her heart. Before the mission, before Clint came back alone, she thought that she would’ve sacrificed anything to get the other half of the Universe back. She felt sick that now billions of lives paled in comparison to the one that was, more than likely, lost forever. 

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Different Kind Of Date

Sam Wilson x reader


Originally posted by dailyavengers

summary: sam is always planning extravagant dates but reader would sometimes like to go on a much simpler date and she might have something already planned

warnings: only light period talk

A/N: so i been trying to finish this for at least a week if not more :) ngl i’m really proud of this. I also hope that i got sam right it is only my second time writing for him so :) Anyways enjoy! Feedback is always welcome💗

Dating Sam Wilson is as exciting as you would expect it to be. You never dreamed of dating an avenger let alone your favourite one but here you are. A year of being with Sam has made you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt in your whole life.

Two of you are polar opposites from each other,which in your opinion is a good thing as you can’t imagine being with someone like you,not that there’s anything wrong with that, you just preferred it. Sam is loud, outgoing and adventurous and he is so charming,that’s why you liked him in the first place.

On the other hand,you like to keep to yourself most of the time and would rather stay at home and watch a movie then go out.

Sam is the best and you mean the best boyfriend you ever had,nobody had made you feel more wanted than he did. He would always go out of his way for every date you ever been on. Especially on those dates you have after he comes back from a long mission,and no matter how many times you’ve told him that he doesn’t have to do that,but he always replies with an “I know but i want to” and gives you a cheeky smile.

You love him for that but sometimes you only want to have a chill date do something in the comfort of your own home,with only him because usually you go to really crowded places. There’s a problem though you don’t have the heart to tell him no to his plans for dates.

You know he probably wouldn’t mind but he is always so excited and proud of his ideas for dates and you don’t want to do anything to make his smile go away.

However there’s so much one can take before spilling the truth,it didn’t help that you were feeling guilty from hiding such things from Sam as you hate lying to him. From day one you’ve been honest with each other and you were scared of breaking that trust or make him think that you are hiding some other stuff.

Sam texted you an hour ago that he’ll be home soon and that he planned another exciting date for tomorrow.

Sammy💕: coming home baby girl be there in an hour can’t wait to see you!

Sammy💕: also can’t wait for tomorrow to take you out on a date this one is going to be more fun then the last! Love you see you soon babe❤

You were happy that he is finally coming home and when you heard a knock you rushed to the door ready to jump into his arms.

“Sammy!I missed you so much.” You jumped on him as soon as the door opened (after you made sure it was him),he immediately reacted by wrapping his arms around your waist whispering back the same words.

Sam was a touchy guy and you should have expexted him to grab your ass but you still let out a gasp when you felt him squeeze you bum.

“Really?You come home from a misson after 3 weeks of being away and that’s the first thing you do? You don’t even kiss me fir-” he shuts you up with a kiss another thing you expexted and were used to.

“What can I say you do have a nice ass” he replied and slapped your ass.

“But I can’t compete with the Captain America’s ass though.!"you joked and slapped his ass as he did yours.

"True this is Americas ass no one can compare.” He says as he turns around and shows it off to you resulting into you rolling your eyes at him.

Sam then picked you up and brought you to your shared bedroom and threw you on the bed.

“Missed you a lot baby girl.” You felt him mutter in your ear,not gonna lie it got you excited, well,until he yawned.

“You’re tired babe go to sleep.” He wanted to protest but of course you wouldn’t listen to anything he has to say so he muttered somthing along the lines “you lucky you’re cute.”


You woke up to an empty and an amazing smell-Sam was cooking for sure,surprisingly he was a great cook. That has it’s pros and cons,there’s more pros than cons,actually there is only one con and it’s that you can infinte amount of food that he makes.

“Good morning sleeping beauty” Sam greeted you with a smile as he opened the door of your shared bedroom.

“Mornin’” you replied mirroring his smile.

Sam chuckled when you made grabby hands for him to come and hug you and who was he to say no to your adorable face.

“Come on get up we have a long day ahead of us.”

How are you supposed to tell him now that you don’t want to go out when he already made you breakfast and got ready for your date which will probably last the whole day. So you don’t tell him today you can tell him tomorrow right? Actually you would rather tell him right now as your period decided to show up a week early,great!

Luckly you had put a day pad just in case since you kind of felt like your period would come early and you’re happy you did,one pair of panties is saved!

“Hello,you look beautiful.” Sam gave you a good morning kiss since you didn’t let him kiss you because you hated the taste of morning breath,gross.

“Hey! Smells good in here. Thank you.” He smiled gratefully. Both of you enjoyed these domestic moments when you were both free which is rare,being Captain America is a lot more work than you expexted it to be.

“Thanks,baby. Now eat up.”

You looked at your plate and there was all kinds of stuff there,eggs and beacon, toast,vegetables and there was another plate with pancakes with syrup but that was not all he even made you a fruit salad. Sam didn’t forget your tea(i like tea more than coffee sry) either,and you couldn’t help but blush, even after a year of being with him he still managed to make you blush.

“Sam,babe?You know I can’t eat all of this?” He scoffed and kissed your temple.

“Of course that’s why we are sharing! You didn’t think that I would let you eat all this delicious food all by yourself!” Sam stated as he sat in your lap and took the knife and fork from your hands. You love him but not enough to have him sit on you while you’re on your period.

“Get your fat ass off of me please.” You bit his ear playfully. Sam completely ignored your request and only turned around, so his legs were at either side of your waist. After he made himself comfortable he cupped your cheeks and gave you a kiss.

“Since you asked so nicely” you let out a sigh of relief when he did that,he wasn’t heavy but still it was not a comfortable position.

“Okay so i wanted it to be a suprise but I can’t keep it inside me any longer, we are going to an amusement park! I saw it when we were riding in the jet,there’s so many things to do!”

Sam excitedly ranted about all kinds of rides and games that you two will try out,it did sound appealing but you tended to get bad cramps and feel sick on the first day of your period and you don’t think you will be able to enjoy the day.

“Sam?” His face instantly fell since you never call him Sam, only when you are mad at him or when you’re being serious.

“Are you mad at me? Did I do something? Did something happen? Do I have to beat anyone?” Your heart swelled at his reaction, you also shook your head at it cause he was being very dramatic.

“No,babe. I’m just got my period and I don’t really want to go to the amusement park today. I’m sorry,i didn’t mean to say your name so seriously.” He relaxed at your words and hugged you.

“You don’t have to apologise sweetheart. Why didn’t you just say that! You got me scared there for a second! ”

“You are very dramatic you know that right?” You joked but Sam didn’t seem to appreciate it so he picked you up and started to tickle you. You tried to push him off but he is Captain America for goddnes sake he is much stronger than you.

“Stop ple-se!” You somehow managed to say between giggles.

“You have to take that back baby!”

“I take it back! Stop please!” You yelled put and relaxed when he finally stopped. Sam still had his hands on your waist but now he wasn’t poking you.

“Sam,I don’t want to have over the top dates every time we go out. It’s not that i don’t like them It’s just that i don’t have alone time with you. I love that you care so much even after being with me for a while now but can we just stay at home sometimes? I want to cook with you,watch bad tv,and just talk to you.” You watched Sam’s face the whole time and you were glad you didn’t see hurt in his eyes,only slight confusion and sadness.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve understood.” Sam sighed sadly.

“I know but you have no idea how cute you look when you are excited. Plus I don’t want to seem ungrateful because I am just."you trailed off not knowing what else to say.

"It’s okay. I know those dates are over the top but I do it because I’m often gone so I want to make it up to you.I love you and I don’t want you to leave me” Sams explanation both warmed your heart and broke your heart,as you can’t imagine leaving him.

“Why would I leave? You are saving people! And might i add you go out of your way to show me how much you love even though I already know I’m loved.Oh and how could I forget the fact that I love you too much to break up with you for no reason.Sorry to break it to you but you are not getting rid of me that easily.” Sam smiled at you when you finished and kissed your forehead.

“I love you too sweets.So what do you want to do?” He asked you softly.You jumped up from the couch,which in the meantime you sat on,and ran to your shared bedroom.

Sam chuckled at your sudden excitement and shook his head.

“Puzzle?” Sam questioned when you happily showed off the unopened puzzle box.

“Yup!” You replied making your “p” very obnoxious.

“You planned this for a while didn’t you?” Your boyfriend smiled fondly at your ecstatic state. As an answer you only shrugged happily.

“Can we have a deal where you plan one date and then i plan the next one so we switch and that way we can go on all different kinds of dates?” Sam suggested and looked at you to see how you felt about it.

“I’d like that.” you nodded as you opened the puzzle you had been hiding under your bed for at least a month.

“Two thousand pieces!” Sam yelled out when he realized the size of the puzzle you had gotten.

“It’s not that bad! I wanted to get the one that has 5000 pieces.” The second that statement left your mouth,pure fear was evident on Sam’s face,which made you laugh and kiss his cheek.

“Guess you have next hundred dates planned out?” Sams sarcastic comment made both of you giggle.

“Guess I do.Now let’s get to work”

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