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Tumblr media
This is part of the series Hooked. You don't have to read the whole series but it might make more sense if you read the previous part Rumor Has It.
Pairings: nerd!jimin x fem!reader
Genre: college!au, mutual pining, pwp, fluff, eventual fwb 2 lovers, some angst
Warnings: toxic family dynamics, mentions of divorced parents, daddy issues (not the sexy kind), explicit sexual content, dom!reader, sub!jimin, body worship, biting / marking, so much kissing, 69 👀, oral (m and f), cock riding, unprotected penetrative sex (wrap it up), actually it's kinda soft?, creampie, soft Jiminie (yes he is a warning), this one is emotional buckle up bc we're coming close to the end...
Wc: 8.3K
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"You're staring."
Of course, you are. He's lovely to stare at, especially his forehead. God damn. Bangs slicked back with a single strand of hair falling into his eyes, shoulders wrapped in a leather jacket, and chapstick shimmering on his full, kissable lips.
Jimin's new friendship with Tae was unexpected, for you as much as for himself. Not that Jimin can't go out and make friends, but he's always been a little socially awkward. That combined with his overall shyness certainly hasn't helped him make a lot of friends in the past. When you thought about the ideal kind of friend Jimin would want to hang out with, someone like Tae was definitely not who came to mind. However, his friendship with Tae has not only immensely improved Jimin's confidence, but it hasn't been too bad for you either.
"You look good today."
"Don't get used to it," he tells you, but his cute pout can't be hidden.
He's flattered and relieved you like his updo so much. Tae wasn't wrong when he said girls dig the bad boy vibe. You've just always liked his good boy, sweater vest, preppy look so much, Jimin never thought of trying anything different. Plus he likes that look, feels the most like his honest self when he wears his sweater vests. But, you know, trying something new every now and then isn't a bad thing it seems. Especially if you're gonna have this kind of reaction.
You curl your arm under your chin while leaning on the table, shrugging your shoulders with a flirty bite of your lip.
"What are you studying?" You're supposed to be studying too, but that flew out the window a long time ago.
"My Chem professor is out this week so there's no class. But there's a quiz due Sunday night that's not optional," he says, flipping a page and copying down some more notes.
"What's it about?"
Jimin lifts his gaze to you. "The quiz?"
"Yeah," you reply in a sultry tone and reach your hand across the table to tap his textbook, "talk Chemistry to me."
He smiles at your antics, fondness in his eyes. "You want me to talk about functional groups?"
"What are functional groups?"
"They're a substituent or moiety in a molecule that causes the molecule's characteristic chemical reactions."
"Fuck me, that's so hot."
His giggle is the most precious sound you've ever heard. "___, what's gotten into you?"
"I'm just really horny like all the time. It's such an inconvenience," you reply with a sigh, head sliding down your arm to land on the table in disparity. "Ever since we made us exclusive, I just can't wait to get my hands on you. I want you so bad, baby."
Jimin closes his book with a soft slam. "Then what am I still doing here?" You perk up immediately. "My darling needs me."
It doesn't matter what way his textbooks land in his backpack as long as they don't fall out, right? You quickly help him load his books into his bag, throwing it over your shoulder and taking his hand without care for who sees.
All the way there, he watches the back of your head and listens to your excited giggling, committing them to his permanent memory. He doesn't know how long this will last, this wonderful, magical relationship he has with you. Okay yes, he wishes you were inclined to something more…romantic. But he also can't forget the little moments you've hinted hope that you feel something deeper for him.
When you interlock with his fingers while he's inside you. When you kiss him in public. When you call him baby casually, as if it's second nature to express affection regardless of who's listening. When you wear his clothes. When you sleep on his chest.
It's not ridiculous to believe you could harbor legitimate feelings for him, even if you don't realize it yourself. Jimin sees it. He sees it in the way you look at him like he's the only thing you want in the entire world.
Like now.
Pulling him into your dorm room, you drop his bag by the door and your flannel on top of it. Your eyes stay locked on his until he kisses you, eyelids fluttering shut as his tongue urges your lips open. Your hands cup his cheeks while his hands are frantic to get started undressing.
While you appreciate the black leather Tae let him borrow, there's nothing like Jimin stripping down naked for you, fumbling to remove his clothes and kiss you simultaneously. His teeth knock against yours a few times but it only makes you giggle.
"We've got time, my prince," you assure him with gentle fingers through his hair, "no one's gonna steal me from you."
"But you said you want me," he whispers in a low voice, lifting the edge of your tank top to reveal your cute tummy, "so bad, remember?"
You gladly remove the fabric and toss it aside, along with your bottoms and panties. "I do want you, baby. But I also want to be with you," you sing and feel across his firm, bare chest. "Now that I've got my hands on you, we can take as much time as we want."
Shuffling feet lead him backwards as you advance, towards the bed, until the back of his knees hit the mattress and he falls into his back. You follow with a gleeful smile, falling onto his chest and landing with all your weight.
It's a giggly crash, a happy collision, one that Jimin doesn't mind especially when you start crawling over him, straddling your legs on either side and trapping him on the mattress. As soon as you're satisfied with your place on his waist, you start kissing down his skin, following the natural curve of his shoulder to his collarbones and then down the center of his sternum. It's firm beneath your kiss, rising and falling as Jimin loses himself in the sensation of your mouth on his body.
Every kiss tells Jimin it doesn't matter what he wears on the outside because you're entranced with what's underneath. You crave his skin, his warmth, his flesh more so than any sweater vest or biker jacket. While those things are nice, they don't mean nearly as much as his naked trust. Jimin himself, who he is as a person, means more than all that stuff anyway. When you said you want him, what you meant was you want him.
Like you said, you take your time, not missing a single inch as you kiss down the front of his body. Eventually making your way to where he desperately needs you the most.
"___," he stutters your name when you lightly suck at the tip, "you're going too slow. I think I might explode."
"Let me admire you, baby. You deserve some extra care and attention. Your body is tired, I can tell."
You're not wrong. Jimin has been pushing himself past his normal limits lately. With classes and tests and new friends and studying making sure he's got time to fuck you almost on the daily. It's just a lot to juggle. He's nervous he may forget something and screw everything up.
"Let's take your mind off things for a second, hm? Close your eyes, baby. Wanna take care of you."
He does as he's asked, releasing a deep exhale and letting his body melt into the bed as best he can. It's difficult because he tends to carry stress in multiple places, but you'll work all that away soon enough.
It's not just an excuse to touch him all over, because let's be honest, you were gonna do that anyway.
Starting at his feet, you slide your hands over his ankles, applying just enough pressure to work through the muscles. Your lips are gentle on his calves and knees, trailing to the inside of his thigh while he shutters at the sensitiveness.
His breath hitches when your teeth sink into the flesh there, gently nibbling until he lets out a small whimper of your name.
You look up at him from between his legs, gazing at his still shut eyes and parted lips. Jimin may not be considered the most handsome boy on campus but that's because people are stupid and have poor eyesight. You've got 20/20 vision and a working brain. That's why you're licking up the thick side of Jimin's cock and not someone else. That's why you're the one Jimin is whining for and not some other random psych major.
That's all he gets for now, just enough stimulation to make goosebumps appear on his arms and make his nipples firm. Now you can start your way back up his torso, kissing his cute belly button on the way and massaging his arms as you go. Jimin's entire body ascends when you start muttering praises into his skin, commanding his stress go far away, but when your lips land back on his, he's brought back to reality.
God, he loves your kisses. More so every day.
His hands on your waist are in no rush anymore. They knead the tender flesh of your hips, slowly working their way to your ass where he can grip and control the pressure of your core on his crotch. The smallest of details you allow him to control.
This is what Jimin loves the most, he thinks. Your naked body grinding on top of him, kissing him firmly, tasting his tongue, soft hands massaging his shoulders. He could lay here forever, feeling the pleasure build in his gut each time you rock your hips back and forth, taking your sweet time with his kisses.
If he could just be inside you. He doesn't need to fuck you, he just wants to feel your walls around him. Making him warm and squeezing every few minutes to combat the growing heat with a chill shiver down his spine. Limbs all tangled together and eyes shut in sleepy heaven. If there's a name for that, it's what he wants first.
"Would you like me to suck you off now, pretty baby?"
That's a close second.
"Yes, please."
"But I want to feel your mouth on me too," you whisper against his lips.
He immediately tries to sit up. "Oh darling, let me first--"
You push him back down with a hand on his chest. "Mmm not like that, baby. I don't wanna take turns."
"But how..." you watch the realization hit him, slowly pulling his eyes wide open and his chest filling with a gasp. He gulps, hips shifting underneath you while he tries to contain his excitement. "Really?"
"Why not? Unless," you trace a finger down the center of his chest, slowly rolling your hips forward and pouting, "you don't want to."
"I want to!" he assures you, suddenly grabbing your hand and bringing it to his lips for a soft peck.
Your smile returns full force. That's just like your little prince, always eager to try new things and please in any potential way. That sex drive of his is gonna get him in trouble one day, but for now you'll just enjoy it to it's full extent.
With little difficulty, you flip around so you're facing Jimin's dick, carefully shimming your way back until your pussy is directly above his face. He lets out shaky breath, definitely excited but also hella nervous. The last time he ate you out was a while ago and he didn't have the distraction of your lips around his cock. The last thing he wants is for you to choke on his cock and not receive equal pleasure in return.
"Who should, umm, start? I can--" Jimin's generous offer is rejected when your tongue kitten licks the precum off the tip of his leaking cock, a hand holding it at the bass.
He hisses in a breath, fingers digging into the flesh of your ass as he holds it above his face.
"Go ahead," you spur him on, "return the favor."
Jimin doesn't hesitate to do so. You feel him pull at your hips, your legs naturally pushing apart to bring you lower so his tongue can reach your slit.
"Gently," you remind him when he starts harshly lapping at the wetness between your folds. "No rush, remember."
As per your request, Jimin slowly pulls you back down onto his tongue, giving your clit an open mouth kiss and lightly sucking the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your back wants to arch, wants to grind your hips further onto his tongue but you can't let your precious good boy go without doing your part.
Slow to begin, you start with a few light pumps with your hand while you try to even out your breathing. Jimin falls into a fairly easy rhythm and that helps you find one as well.
When you're ready, you take him in, letting his cock hit the back of your throat and you hear him openly whine. The vibrations are like a sudden shot against your core, causing your whole body to tense and your throat to swallow.
Damn you should have done this sooner. The chain of reactions doesn't end, every little thing you do to him makes him do things to you. Every time he slurps up your arousal, it only proves to turn you on even more, until you're moaning around his cock.
The pace doesn't stay slow for long. You should have predicted Jimin couldn't keep up. While he may look like a bad boy in his slick back hair and leather jacket, he's just a soft boy.
"Ahh-h fuck," he curses, trying his best to eat you out while his body starts trembling. "I don't wanna cum yet. Shit, ___, please."
"Please what, baby? Use your big boy words."
You can't even see his face, but you can imagine it. A scrunched nose, messy chin, and dazed over eyes. He desperately wants to make you cum on his face but he can't get past the feeling of your throat around his cock.
He whimpers, unsurprisingly, winning you over in a matter of moments without any big boy words at all. Crawling your way around to see him face to face, Jimin is spent, breathing heavy and mouth shimmering with your arousal. You smile and give him a grateful kiss.
"You did good, baby."
He doesn't believe that. He couldn't even make it to completion, couldn't even edge you before he thought he was going to empty inside your mouth. You're so much better at holding back than he is, and yeah some of that comes with experience, but Jimin suspects your will as his dom is just naturally stronger than his will as your sub.
He can call you that...right?
You slowly grind your hips against him, drawing pretty patterns across his collarbones and teasing him with a smile.
"You wanna be top or bottom, my prince?"
Not only have you praised him with kisses from head to toe, sucked him to a near mind-blowing orgasm, but now you're offering him the choice of being top or bottom? Jimin feels a little more than spoiled.
You're looking at him as if...could he be imagining things again? Or is it just the sex talking? You haven't made it crystal clear how you feel and your expression right now is only making him more confused.
But has he really been honest with you? To be fair, he hasn't directly stated his feelings either. He's always just agreed to whatever you wanted, with the occasional suggestions like being exclusive and hanging out before you two fuck. But saying that...he hasn't said it directly to your face yet.
Maybe he should. Maybe you're feeling the same way but are too nervous to say it first.
"Can I stay on the bottom?" he asks timidly.
You peck his lips. "Of course, baby."
This whole fuck buddies thing isn't going to be okay forever, not when he's harboring such strong feelings for you. He thought he could go on for longer, at least to the end of the semester but clearly he was wrong.
Because when he fills you to the brim and your eyes tear up at the feeling, majestically stretched and clenching around his cock greedily, the words sit in the back of his throat. And when you lean down to kiss him, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth and rolling your hips to stimulate your clit, the words sit on the tip of his tongue. And when you repeatedly whisper his name like it's a confession, fucking yourself on his cock until your pussy is crying and your heartbeat is in perfect time with his own, he can't hold it in any longer.
"___, d-darling..."
"What is it, baby?"
"I... I love..."
"I'm gonna cum," you exclaim, gasping for breath between a desperate kiss, mind fuzzy and focus solely on your and Jimin's impending pleasure. "Cum with me, please. Are you close, baby?"
"Yes! I-I'm close," he nods, lifting his hips to meet yours.
He holds you in place, taking over the rhythm and control while your body collapses onto his chest, allowing him to bring you both to the final moment.
He cums deep inside you at the exact moment your orgasm rips through every part of your body, riveting tremors and uncontrollable muscle spasms in your thighs and back rock you through and through. Jimin feels you hang onto him for dear life. He wraps his arms around your waist, fucking you through the shared high until it all settles at last.
He just holds you there for a moment. Breathing. Listening to his rapid heartbeat.
When he opens his eyes to see the ceiling of his dorm room drab and colorless, he knows he failed to get the words out.
You carefully roll off and to his side, landing on your back and wiping the sweat from your hair line.
"Wow," you offer a breathless chuckle and roll towards him, "that was amazing."
When he looks at you, the smallest pinch of hope returns to his headspace. You're gazing at him with the loveliest eyes, completely enthralled with all he is and everything he means to you.
The question being: what does he mean to you exactly? Because there's no way Jimin can know for sure unless he hears it from you directly. He can't pretend to read your facial expressions or act as if he understands your intentions when he doesn't.
He rolls towards you on his side. You rest a hand on his cheek and smile at him, tracing the lines by his eyes and the outline of his lips with soft fingers, just...looking at him.
"Can I tell you something now?"
"You can tell me anything," you cluelessly assure him. "Is something wrong?"
Your expression has fallen a bit now, obviously concerned about whatever it is he wants to say. Jimin gulps down his nerves and watches you with sincere, unblinking eyes.
"I'm in love with you."
Time doesn't move and neither do you for the next what feels like eternity.
And then your eyelids flutter and you take a deep breath. Your hand remains on his cheek, although your fingers have stopped affectionately painting his wrinkles.
"Oh?" He mimics your small response. "Just oh? Is there anything else? Won't you tell me how you feel about me now? Do I even have a chance?"
"Jimin, I..."
Ring ring~~
An unexpected call makes you jump nearly out of your skin, causing you to jerk your hand away from his face and your knees to curl into your chest.
"Go ahead," Jimin says when he sees your startled response and backs away so you have some extra space, "answer it."
Shakily, you climb out of bed and collect your phone from your pants pocket.
"It's my dad," you startle after a moment, as if you can hardly believe it yourself. "Sorry, one sec."
"Of course."
You answer the call, turning away to speak into the receiver in a more serious voice.
"Hey…actually I'm kinda busy…" you sigh, "...okay, is it that important?"
It must be, considering the expression on your face. Zoned out eyes and fingers clenching around your phone. It's probably rude to be listening, but it's hard not too when you're pacing across the floor in front of him, making his heart weigh down with concern.
Jimin grabs his underwear and slacks from the ground and slips them on.
"….yeah I remember…really? Wow, that's amazing."
He isn't sure what the news is but he certainly doesn't believe it's amazing. You seem to be growing more and more annoyed every moment.
"I'm happy for you, dad, but I'm kinda in the middle of something–"
Your dad must have cut you off. With eyes rolling to the back of your head, you let him ramble about whatever it is he called you about, tapping your foot and silently sighing until he's done.
Jimin isn't sure what your dad says next but it clearly was not what you were expecting. All of a sudden, your back straightens and you glance in his direction, nervous eyes bouncing around the room before they inevitably land on the floor.
"Umm, can I get back to you on that? Okay….yeah, sure congratulations…talk to you later, bye."
The call ends quickly, but the tension in the air is still just as thick. A large, heavy blanket settles on both of you. Jimin's is made of confusion and concern while yours is stitched with stress and…something else, Jimin isn't sure.
"I'm sorry, something came up and I need to make a few phone calls."
You're asking him to leave? Just like that? In the middle of his confession? What did your dad say to suddenly bring your mood crashing down like this?
Are you shaking?
"___, is everything okay?"
"Fine," you reply shortly. "I'll text you later, okay?"
No, not okay. This is so very much not okay! You are obviously not okay. He shouldn't leave right now, especially not right now. These are the times he can finally be strong for you. You who never wants to lean on anyone and always has to be the one holding everything else up, this is when he's supposed to support you, but he can't do that if you send him away. Why are you sending him away?
He gently reaches for your hand but you fold your arms across your chest, trying to play off the gesture as casual and not intentionally turning him away, but he gets the message. It hits him like a shotgun to the heart.
"Okay." Jimin grabs Tae's leather jacket and his backpack off the floor. "Are you gonna be alright, don't you want me to stay and, maybe, just be here with you?"
"I'll be fine," you gratefully reject his offer and usher him out the door.
He turns around just as you start to shut the door, catches a breath to say something else, but you've already shut him out before the door even closes.
He stares at the wood, wondering what to do next. As your friend it's not right to leave you alone at a time like this, not to mention he's in love with you.
He's dumbstruck about what to do. But luckily, he's got a friend who just might have an answer.
"I have no idea what to do."
"Tae, come on," Jimin stresses the seriousness of the situation with two hands shaking his friend's shoulders. "You have to help me. ___ is really upset about this."
"About what?" the model asks, shoving Jimin's hands away and smoothing the wrinkles in the jacket sleeves.
"I don't know, something to do with her dad."
"Ooo, yeah see you don't wanna get involved in that shit," Tae hisses. "Daddy issues are no joke, man, it's better to just wait and let her come to you when she wants a hug."
He gives his friend a pat on the arm and makes his way across the cafeteria, straight for the pudding cups. Because pudding cups are yummy and he wants a pudding cup. Ooo, they have chocolate today!
"But if I don't do something, she may never come to me. I don't exactly hold any kind of responsibility for her happiness as her fuck buddy," Jimin continues to fret, following Tae down the dessert line and absentmindedly gathering a pudding cup for himself.
Tae hums in thought. "If you don't hold responsibility for her happiness, then why are you trying so hard to restore it?"
Both boys make their way back to their table and plop in their seats. Jimin only grabbed one pudding cup but somehow they ended up with…twelve. Tae opens the first one and throws it back like a tequila shot.
"Because ___ deserves to be happy," Jimin says, poking at his pudding with his spoon. "What do you think I should do?"
"I don't know man, I'm not exactly a woman expert."
"At least you're officially dating your girl, so you must have some advice, right?"
Because when it comes down to it, Jimin doesn't have anyone else to go to. The internet is either too vague or it's too hard to determine good advice from advertising. He would confide in you about his concerns except his concerns are about you.
Tae swallows another pudding cup and shrugs. "That doesn't make me a female mind reader."
"You gotta help me, Tae, please," Jimin urges him for the thousandth time. "I think something is really bothering her but I don't know what to do. Should I ask her about it? Act like it's not a big deal? I know I'm not her boyfriend but I can't help it. I just want to be there for her so badly but it's like she won't--"
"Hey, man I get it," Tae finally relates, putting aside his afternoon snack and focusing on Jimin's furrowed brow and worried eyes. "I feel the same way about Dalia. It's hard to know where and when women want you to intervene, and to be honest, I don't have an answer for you, bro. I wish I did, but I don't."
Jimin sighs in defeat and slumps in his chair.
"But! I have some friends who might."
Crowds aren't really Jimin's thing. Can you even call four people a crowd?
When they all look like they could kill him with a single punch…yes. Four is a crowd. At least they're outside and some witnesses are walking by every few minutes.
Tae walks up to the intimidating crew like it's nothing.
Each boy turns around and holds some kind of gang sign in the air, sticks their tongues out, and copies Tae's obnoxious, "Yahhhh!"
Jimin is slow to approach, hovering back a safe ten feet or so while Tae receives slaps on the back and punches to the arm as a welcome.
"Bros, I gotta intro you to the newest member of Tae's Tigers."
"Not our group name," the mint haired one rolls his eyes.
"We'll talk about it later," Tae disregards his comment with a wave and instead calls Jimin to come closer. "This is JM."
"Umm, it's Jimin…"
"JM!" One of the guys shouts with his hands up. "Wassup? Welcome to the group. Yahhhh!"
"A-Actually, my full name is Park Jimin..."
"Bro," the mint haired dude speaks up again, "is that your jacket?"
Tae nods. "Bastard didn't have one so I let him borrow mine. It's a little big but it'll do until we find one in JM's size."
All the boys agree, nodding and muttering in unison. They stand back, examining Jimin from head to toe and ticking their tongues in deep, profound contemplation.
"Flames," one of them comments and suddenly it's an open discussion of what JM's gang leather motorcycle jacket should look like.
It doesn't take long for the boys to add the detail of pink flames to JM's imaginary wardrobe. Tae, of course, was the one to suggest they be bedazzled over the shoulder and include silver and purple accents. Everyone agrees.
"I-I'm not really looking for fashion advice," Jimin tries to get their attention back on track.
"Of course, you're not," the taller one of the group throws a presumptuous arm around Jimin's shoulder. "It's girl trouble, isn't it?"
"How did you know?"
"Isn't it always girl trouble?"
"I guess," Jimin answers slowly. "I'm sorry, who are you?"
Tae slaps his own forehead. "Wow, great job, self. You forgot to intro them." The group laughs at his mistake, ending with a unified sigh and then he finally gets around to names.
"This is Suga, JK, and Jinnie." Each of the boys wave at the mention of their name. Except Suga. He just nods and stuff his hands into his pockets.
The one with his arm around Jimin's shoulder currently is Jinnie.
"Listen, bro, all you gotta do is be on call. When she wants you, she'll call you. All girls just want a guy who's gonna be at their beck and call."
"You've clearly never had a girlfriend before," JK rolls his eyes and scoffs. "Girls don't call you. They expect you. If you want any doll to see you as a man, you gotta take charge when it counts. Be there before she even calls you."
"Pffttt," Tae spits, shoving JK by the chest, "what kind of advice is that? You don't intrude when a girl don't want you to intrude. If I did that, Dalia would break my neck."
"Tae gotta point," Jinnie says with a shrug, pulling Jimin closer by the shoulder. "My dude don't wanna overstep his boundaries."
"Umm, well I kinda already did," Jimin shyly confesses.
All the boys look at him together, waiting for further explanation with silent stares.
"You see, this girl -- her name is ___ by the way -- we're friends with benefits and I kinda told her I'm in love with her, so...yeah."
There's a hiccup of silence. And then suddenly Jimin is bombarded in a cloud of applause, cheers, and heavy sighs of respect. Each boy gives him a tough pat on the back, nodding in affirmation and encouragement.
"This bro is one of the brave ones."
"You're gonna go far, kid."
"My dude got guts. If she don't respect that, she ain't worth it."
"It's always best to say what you feel, JM."
While the support feels rather unorthodox, it does build Jimin's confidence in his decision to confess. He's been battling with it since the words came out in bed with you, but hearing these random four guys confirm his actions with words and pats on the back helps him stand up straighter.
"What she say?"
"P-Pardon?" Jimin stutters.
"This ___ doll," JK specifies, "what she say when you confessed?"
"Oh. That." Jimin clears his throat and pulls at the sleeves of his Tae's jacket just to fidget with something. "Well, she didn't really say anything. She got a phone call and asked me to leave."
A collective choir of somber "ohhh" doesn't help Jimin's uncomfortableness about the situation.
"That's tough," Suga shares his condolences.
"Tough," the rest of the boys echo.
Despite just meeting these guys, Jimin already feels like he's a part of their group, which has never happened before. It's...odd to be on the inside. It feels nice.
A voice calls from across the road. Jimin turns to see the owner of the voice, his whole body immediately tensing when he recognizes that beanie, those long legs, and those broad shoulders.
Jinnie is quick to welcome the newest boy. "Yahhhh! Where you been, Joon!"
"Ah man," he sighs, catching his breath when he finally catches up, "you would not believe the shit my professor dropped on us this week. I was--" he stops when he catches sight of Jimin standing in the midst of all his friends.
JK notices their staring contest. "Oh shit, sorry, man. This is JM."
"Yeah, I know Jimin," Joon admits, standing straight and wiping sweaty hands on his jeans.
Tae scoffs in disbelief, "Wait a sec bro, you knew JM but didn't introduce him to the gang? Why not, JM is so dope!"
"Yeah, bro, why didn't you tell us you knew him?" JK chuckles, nudging the older's shoulder.
The two opposing boys avoid eyes contact. Or rather, Jimin keeps his eyes on the ground so he doesn't have to look at Namjoon.
There goes his chance at a solid friend group.
"I just never got around to it," Namjoon finally says with a shrug. "Didn't think we would want him to hang around the group. He's not really like us, you know."
"What are you talking about?" Jinnie scowls. He looks down at Jimin's small stature, nice slacks, and studious demeanor, and then looks at his taller height, broad shoulders, ripped jeans, leather jacket, and messy hair. "We're literally twins."
Maybe it's because he's known Jimin longer, but Tae doesn't miss the way Jimin seems to shrink away from Namjoon, avoiding conflict and shuffling steps backward, nervous and small.
Namjoon scoffs defensively, "Sorry, I just didn't think we wanted a nerd in our gang."
"A nerd?"
Everyone's eyes turn to Jimin.
Fuck, he's breaking up a friend group now. Jimin feels his chest imploding and taking all his built up courage and crushing it under the weight of his own stupidity. He lifts his head to speak, about to excuse himself from the conversation, but then something crazy happens.
"Yo, Joon. JM is a part of the group now, but if you got an issue with that, then you need to get your priorities straight and come back later."
"What?" Namjoon straight up laughs. "Are you guys fucking serious? He doesn't ride at all, how can he be part of our gang if he doesn't even ride?"
"He rides with me," Tae says matter-of-factly.
"Yeah, and he's riding with me later," Suga informs him, as if it's common knowledge previously discussed.
"That's fucking ridiculous."
Jinnie gently steps forward, subtly pushing Jimin behind himself. "Why don't you take some time, Joon, come back later when you wanna hang out with all of us. Including JM, yeah?"
Namjoon appears speechless at this point. He moves his lips as if to make some kind of dispute but no sound comes out. He just ends up scoffing and walking away.
"You didn't have to do that," Jimin says.
JK shakes his head and waves a lack wrist through the air. "Joon has been a jerk in the past. He's a little superficial and needed someone to stand up to him anyway."
"Still..." Jimin feels a little bad for breaking up a friend's group. Hopefully, Joon comes back. When he does, he and Jimin can put all this behind them and everyone can be friends. If that's possible.
"Oh!!" Tae suddenly exclaims, grabbing Jimin's arm and shaking it excitedly. "I know something that always makes Dalia smile when she's frustrated."
"Not sex," Suga reminds him.
"No, not sex," Tae rolls his eyes. "This is something way, way better. JM, you in?"
He's down to try anything if it means making you smile again.
Knock knock~
Jimin checks the hand drawn tickets one more time. It's a stupidly, cheesy idea but it might work if he's lucky. Despite your exterior, you have a soft spot for cliché things like this and he knows it.
On the tickets, he's attempted calligraphy to invite you on a day off campus. Just the two of you. A day to take your mind off whatever it is you're stressed about, to do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go. His treat. It's actually striking two birds with one stone because this way he can ask you out on a legit date off campus and it not be as awkward as he was dreading.
But when you answer the door, he notices a few things that totally ruin everything he had planned.
The first is the pale color of your face, indicating you haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
The second are the dark, swollen bags under your eyes, indicating you were crying last night and consequently didn't get much sleep.
The last is a packed suitcase sitting in your room behind you.
"Is that a suitcase?"
"Yeah, I was actually just about to text you," you reply, putting your phone into your back pocket. "I'm going home over the weekend. I'll be back late Sunday night."
His ticket idea won't work then.
"Can I ask what for?" he asks cautiously. "Does it have to do with your dad calling you yesterday?"
You run across your forehead and sigh. Do you have a headache? Should he get you some pain relievers? There's some at the medic hall; it'll take him ten minutes tops.
"Yeah he's, uhh, he's getting remarried and the wedding is tomorrow so…"
"Oh wow," Jimin isn't sure how to respond to that, it's definitely not what he was expecting. "Short notice."
"It's nothing new," you force a chuckle.
"I guess congratulations are in order."
You just shrug.
So, this is what you've been wrestling with. You're less than stoked about your dad getting remarried. Jimin assumes for valid reasons he just isn't aware of, and he doesn't need to be aware of them to support you in this emotionally heavy time. You're clearly distressed about this, not wishing to attend the wedding but going anyway. He wishes to go with you, to be there to support you, to hold your hand, to be there when you get home, to hold you in bed while you process it all.
"How are you feeling?"
You shake your head at his question and it looks like you're gonna shrug it off, let it dissolve into the background with all the other questions he's asked which you avoided answering. But then...
"I hate him. So I shouldn't even care but I do. It's a really odd feeling that I'm not sure how to approach if I'm honest."
"I'm sorry, ___."
"It's not your problem or family, so please don't worry about it," you assure him. "I'm alright, just gotta get through hell for one weekend and then I can come back and forget all about him. Again."
Forget hand drawn tickets. Forget unanswered confessions. Forget new friends groups. Forget everything else. You are of first and foremost importance right now. Nothing else. Jimin couldn't possibly be concerned with anything else while you're standing so small and discouraged in front of him. He wants to understand you so badly, understand what he can do to help you through this.
"Listen, you don't have to answer this and if I'm crossing a boundary I shouldn't, just say so," he speaks empathetically, "but…why do you hate your dad so much?"
"He cheated on my mom when I was little," you answer plainly, as if it doesn't bother you anymore but clearly it must to some degree. "They tried to stay together despite it for my sake, but the moment I was old enough, he ripped our family apart. I guess I don't hate him…hate is a strong word. I just…can't forgive him."
And now things make sense, suddenly, like a light switch going off in his head and illuminating all those times you acted possessive but then refused to label anything. Why you were so back and forth about the level of commitment, the boundaries, everything.
Jimin feels it all full force, erupting in his chest like a starburst and making sense of so many things since he met you. But even more than realization, is the idea that he can somehow earn your unconditional trust. There's hope now that he understands.
"I wish there was something I could do to make this weekend easier for you," he says while you pull your suitcase out of the room and lock your dorm door.
You look at him with soft eyes, hesitant to speak, but eventually the words on your tongue and the weight in your heart win over your better judgment. Thank god they do.
"Can you kiss me goodbye?"
A kiss. You want his kiss of all things.
"Yeah, I can do that."
He cups your face, thumb gently brushing over your lips before he invades your space with the rest of his body. His other arm wraps around your waist, pulling you closer to feel the warmth of his clothes seeping through the layer of cold on your skin.
You close your eyes and let him have his way. The lightest brush of his lips on your lips makes you hold your breath, and then he's pressing into you, firm but gentle so as not to break you. His grip around you tightens every so subtly. He doesn't want to let you go. Not now, not when you're going somewhere where you're going to be unhappy, even if for a single weekend.
His kiss is slow, lips moving against yours with no sound except your timed breathing. He pours his heart into this kiss, every bit he can send with you, so you have even a little something to hold onto when you don't wanna be there anymore. You feel it, grip his shirt and hang on even when the kiss is over.
Jimin leans his forehead against yours, noses brushing and eyes still closed softly.
"I'll be right here when you get back. I'm not going anywhere, I promise."
"Thank you."
Then he takes the handle of your suitcase and begins pulling it behind him, offering his other hand for you to hold.
"Let me walk you to the bus stop?"
"Yeah," you take his hand and interlock your fingers naturally, "that'd be nice."
Jimin has never run so fast in his entire life. If he's lucky, everyone will still be there.
[JM] on my way! dont leave yet!
[JK] we're waiting bro don worry
[Jinnie] excited to hear about this grand plan
[Tae] yooooo we gon need fireworks or what! i know a guy
[Suga] its me. im the guy.
A few minutes later, Jimin bursts through the cafeteria doors, breathing like he just ran a marathon and sweating profusely despite the chilling weather outside.
The boys all stand and call out in unison from across the cafeteria, "JM! Yahhhh!"
"Yah!" he calls back, not quite as enthusiastic or loud but he's working on it.
Jimin makes his way to their table, slamming his hands down in equal parts exhaustion and determination.
"Are you guys doing anything tomorrow night?"
"Sunday? Nothing pressing, what's up?" Tae responds in an eager yet casual tone.
"I need some help with something."
The boys exchange a few looks, smiles growing until they overtake every face at the table.
"We are so in! What we doing?"
Exhausted. Exhausted and utterly emotionally drained, that's all you feel. The wedding was fine but it took so much out of you to see your dad again, let alone to watch him remarry for the second time. There's no use in it. He wants you there for the special moments to make himself appear like he still gives a damn about you and then acts like you don't exist the other 360 days of the year.
Maybe one day you'll learn to deal with it better, but for now you let it go, disregard his disregard for you and focus on getting back to campus in one piece.
It hasn't been that long if you count days. But you're counting by the minute and it's been 4,320 of those. That's 4,319 minutes too many.
The bus pulls into the bus stop and you thank the driver on your way off with your suitcase, stepping onto the solid gravel and looking up to the see the stars shrouded by heavy clouds. Not a single star in sight.
It makes you even more tired.
There's a shiver of something instinctual crawling up your spine. You sense someone is watching you.
When you whip around, there he is standing just a few yards away, dressed in his nice sweater vest (the purple one) and slacks. He takes a shaky breath when you catch his gaze. It's been almost three days since you looked into those eyes. Even from this distance, they shine brighter than any star that might be up there.
He's here. Just like he promised he would be.
Your feet lead you in his direction, suitcase abandoned in the background while Jimin's seemingly magnetic pull takes you through the grass. With every step, your pace gets faster, until you're jogging to reach him. In the next moment, you crash into his body and throw your arms around his waist.
Fuck, if you could only bury yourself completely in his chest and the world couldn't see you anymore.
He only stumbles a little bit at the collision, blinking away the surprise and embracing you warmly, hiding you in his chest with a hand on the back of your head.
Jimin's hugs make everything okay again.
"I wasn't sure if you'd want me to pick you up or not," he mutters into your hair, "so I'll leave if you tell me to, but I just needed to make sure you got back okay and you're not hurt or anything."
"No," you shake your head, snuggling your face deeper into his sweater vest, "don't go."
"I won't."
It's like a wave of endorphins when he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck, scooping you into his arms and holding you seemingly suspended off the ground, only your toes touching the grass. His breath on your skin is like a drug but it's his words that steal your attention.
"I did something."
"Suspicious," you giggle.
"I did something good, I mean. Well, I hope it's good."
"Suspicion is growing."
He pulls away from the hug enough to see your face, brushing your hair behind your ear when he smiles.
"Do you wanna see it? You're not too tired?"
You shake your head. "I feel better already, just being back with you. But, actually there is something I need to talk to you about."
"First, follow me." He takes your hand and starts in the direction of South Campus. "We can drop your suitcase off on the way."
It's peaceful to listen to Jimin ramble about what he did while you were gone. He cooked new recipes with Jinnie, who apparently likes to cook. He rode on Tae's motorcycle again and didn't scream this time. He learned how to punch from JK, although he's still a little cautious because it really hurt his hand. He hung out with Suga and did basically nothing, which was really nice in it's own way. And they all helped him with the surprise you're on the way to see.
But whether he discovered Atlantis or binged all the seasons of Friends for the umpth time, you couldn't care less. You’re just enjoying walking with him, hand in hand, across campus and listening to his voice in the dead of night. He could be saying anything and you would agree wholeheartedly.
When you reach South Campus, Jimin stops at the bottom of a familiar, steep, grassy hill.
"Up there," he points to the top.
While you know it's unlikely there's a random couple making out in the gazebo you know is at the top, just one look at that damn hill and your knees are openly weeping.
"Jimin, there's something I really need to talk to you about first."
"Tell me at the top."
"Baby, I don't think I can even make that climb right now..."
He kneels in front of you. "Hop on."
"Oh no, I can't."
"Yes, you can," he insists, "because you really need to see what's at the top. Come on, what's one piggyback ride gonna hurt?"
His argument holds no water, but you still can't argue against it. Well, against him. You fall forward over his back, wrapping your arms around his shoulders while his hands scoop beneath your thighs.
He climbs one step at a time, slowly and carefully so as not to rattle you too much. He only stops every so often to bounce you on his back, to make sure you're secure and comfortable. You feel perfectly safe like this, the pounding of his heart through his back like a bass in your chest.
When he reaches the top, he places you down and rushes to click a little switch on the side of the gazebo that's attached to golden and white fairy lights all interconnected among the beams and pillars of the structure. You gasp at the sight.
They're like a waterfall of lights, twisting up and around each pillar and intertwining with the woodwork to shine light on what's inside. On the floor is a massive blanket, held down by vases of flowers at the four corners and set with pillows and plastic containers of food.
Jimin comes to stand next to you again, gazing proudly at the scene he and his friends made.
"Before you left, you looked like you hadn't eaten much, and you probably didn't eat much in trip, right? Well, the café isn't open on Sundays but Tae got Dalia to make the fries. JK got us fruit, like, strawberries even though they're out of season and some others too, don't worry. Everyone else helped set it all up and kept watch on the time and gave their input to make sure it's perfect..."
You slowly look to his profile illuminated by the fairy lights, tears pricking at your eyes.
"...You deserve it after the hellish weekend you went through. I really proud of you by the way. Wish I was there, but I understand why I wasn't. Still, you were so brave to go, but I can't tell you how relieved I am to have you back in one piece. It was only like three days, but fuck I missed you so much."
He takes your hands in his and you're prompted to face him now with your whole body. He sighs, satisfied with what he's done for you. Before he never would have dared, but now that he's verbally confesses his feelings, it would be hypocritical not to express them in his actions. He wasn't lying when he said he's in love with you and he certainly wasn't trying to exaggerate or downplay anything. He loves you. Simple as that. And now that's he's shown you with his actions as well, he feels ready to hear whatever it is you need to say.
"Now," he smiles at you softly but nervously, "what did you need to talk to me about?"
You squeeze his hands back, never once breaking eye contact despite the tears building in them.
"I don't want to be fuck buddies anymore."
taglist 1: @staerryminimini @unicornbabylover @kookieswan @sugarflywme @dvalitaes @still-with-koo @kookiecrumb @jeonsjiddies @taeshobipop @jktones @myooniverse @miscelunaaa @highly-functioning-mitochondria @azreeeeee @lvoekook @thesugatoyourtae @jmforevs @kimprosperi @jjkeverlast @joontied @pamzn @ssaboala @hobipost @shotalvr @jimilter @sleepilysworld @rjsmochii @familiarlikemymirror3 @gimmethatagustd @alluringfairies @minijagiya @roseyykris @jwnghyuns @kaitaesupremacy @squawkadoodledoo @jimin2014 @jminthinker @femmesstuff @writtenwhalien @mawwnsterr @synnfulqt @bora-kat @solissi25 @lovelytaes-blog
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thecryingastrologer · a day ago
Astrology observations pt18🧛
Disclaimer: all these observations are based on my personal observations ❤️
Tumblr media
🌹 i have saturn in 9th and this one time, i read that it causes delay in the things related to that house and YALL i feel like it's true.💀💀💀😂😂💀🥲
Saturn= restrictions
9th house= higher education, faith, long journeys etc
All my friends are like packing up for colleges and are like leaving for other cities and I'm going to college but mine starts 2 weeks later than them and I'm in my hometown (not a small city just I've spent 18 yrs here so🤌)
Delay here doesnt mean I'm not going to college sometimes it simply means starting later than your peers.👍😍
🌹 OKAYYYYY SOOOOOO ILL TELL YOU WHAT persona charts tend to give a more in depth analysis of that particular placement. Atleast thas how i interpreted it as. NOOWW IM NOT PRO AT IT but i rlly wanted to know abt my venus persona chart and guess what.😌🤠 I saw venus⬛ Pluto over there.😌🤌 Which explains my fear of getting cheated on or being left for someone else which has made me a bit paranoid abt it and idk how tf i should stop thinking abt it cause I'm like not even in a relationship and probs woNt be in oNE for A WHILE🤠🤠🤠🤠💀💀🥲🥲 (send help👁️👁️🤠🤌💀)
Venus= love and all
Pluto= transformation and fears
🌹 I've noticed something. Any planet touched by Pluto tends to cause a sense of obsession/ magnetism/ attraction to the themes of the planet in contact with pluto.
I'll explain.
I have moon square pluto and i have an obsession with thinking abt how i feel and tend to go on a very deep end abt it. Like legit no one can tell me abt my demons cause i know them. I also have venus square pluto which again creates a sense of fear and attraction towards my relationships and romance or love in general.
🌹 also adding on Pluto aspecting with planets it also creates a sense of fear regarding the respective themes of that planet in contact with pluto.
Ill xplain again
I have moon square pluto. Whilst I'm quite in touch with my feelings it's lost obsessive sometimes and kind of blurs my ability to be responsive rather than reactive and i also fear my feelings getting out of control. I have tried to Google how to control facial expressions.
Another one would be, mercury aspecting pluto. I have it and i was reading my comments on ig ad i realised my stark change in the way i communicated bakc then and the way i do now. Like i FELT the change ifywim.I also fear losing control over my tongue which again gets multiplied 10X cause i also have mars in aspect with Pluto which makes me fear losing my control over my anger or passion like i legit googled how to control anger 🤬💀💀💀💀🤠
🌹 i read somewhere that degree of your sun can indicate something significant happening to you at that age and i have 13 degree in my sun and i tried to commit su:cide when i was 13🤠🌹
🌹again, i read somewhere that nessus conjuncting with any of your personal planets or points can indicate abuse by you or towards you and guess what? I have it conjuncting with my mercury and i was always called stupid and crazy and dumb by my parents esp mother when they would get mad at me.💀💀🤠🤠👁️👁️
🌹ppl with moon in 10th/ cap/ moon saturn aspect may have been though incidents which caused them to grow up quickly and i feel like it's true. I have moon conjunct saturn and i remember i was called ✨selfish✨ by my father for not wanting to fill water bottles. I was 8bruh like how tf you gonna call an 8yo selfish?????🤠🤠🤠💀💀💀
Also, just saying you guys none of these placements always have to be as dark as mine were. It all gets down to your overall chart. Basic point is Pluto tends to cause transformation and let's be hoenest, it isnt always as golden and sweet as it may look. sometimes it's dark and painful but what can we say? In this lifetime you and i, we all will change and no one can stop it. So never let anything bog you down. Keep your head up and be hopeful🐅☀️
Notes for yll
I know this time it's gotten a bit dark but i rlly did want to get all of this off of my chest. The observations made this time are based on my personal bc. Hope y'all understand ❤️
I IS BACKKKK (did i piss yall earth esp virgo mercury/ mars to see this grammatical error👁️👁️🤣❤️) AND WILL TRY TO UPLOAD MORE OF MY ASTROLOGY CONTENT.
Thankyou bebebessssss for always supporting me and following me ANDDd engagignwith me and liking everything that i output here ily alot🧿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☀️☀️☀️
Tumblr media
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saorikuhara39 · a day ago
Feb 2022 issue of B'sLOG Obey Me translation Japan Release 1st Anniversary Special
(Reblogging/Comments okay)
Feb 2022 issue of B'sLOG Obey Me translation Japan Release 1st Anniversary Special
(On sale during Dec 2021)
<Hit on 'em!>
'If it makes you swoon, it's their win!'
All characters are challenged to "hit on your special someone who has spent the year with you with the sweetest words of all"!
Who makes your heart race the most? Let's take a look at them and their pick-up lines over the past year.
I never thought that you would become someone who is indispensable to me.
I know you have been through a lot of hardships over the past year, but I thank you for your sincere support to me and my younger brothers.
I feel relieved when I see you smile, so keep being by my side.
Lucifer's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
*Lines are taken directly from their Devilgrams and are official translations.
Lucifer [A Brief Respite] -
I suppose you can stare at me as much as you like...
...as long as you do something about that grin of yours.
Seeing that look on your face makes it difficult to hold back.
Lucifer [Braids and Purple Flowers] -
I presume that’s because you desire as much?
And judging by how increasingly ensnared I’ve been getting, you desire me quite strongly at that.
Well, do as you please. It’s not like I have much say in the matter at this point.
Mammon's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
Ya have had a great time with me this past year, haven't ya?
I'll make ya smile even more in the future, so don't ya ever leave me.
After all, ya chose Mammon as your first, and I ain't makin' ya regret it!
Mammon [You Always Ride Shotgun] -
Whenever I’m with you, my feelings just keep runnin’ wild.
It’s your fault that I can barely think straight, ya know.
Mammon [Mammon at The Office] -
Your lips recharged my batteries tenfold...
But I could use a bit more...
Leviathan's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
Even though I'm a gloomy, shut-in, Devildom's trash of an otaku, I can hold my head up and say this with confidence.
I won't lose to anyone else when it comes to stanning you.
So... please let me keep on stanning you to the fullest!
Leviathan [Skiing for Two] -
We should go visit a ski resort in the human world sometime, just the two of us!
Just kidding... Unless?
Leviathan [A Virtual Drive] -
I’m going to put the seat back, okay? ...I can take the lead sometimes too, you know!
If you’re wondering where this suddenly assertive character is coming from, you’ve only got yourself to blame!
Satan's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
When I'm by your side, I can be myself.
I want to be able to accept all of you, just as you accept my wrath.
I hope you can be yourself...and I hope my presence is that kind of place for you.
Satan [Demonic Pajama Party] -
...You already know my answer, don’t you? Even without my having to say it.
So there’s nothing you need worry about."
Satan [Our Story's Ending] -
I hope that you and I will get a similarly happy ending someday...
Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Asmodeus's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
Hey, you're having a hard time believing you're in love with me, aren't you?
Too bad. You're going to be even more obsessed with me from now on, and you'll be my prisoner forever.
But you have my eyes all to yourself, too. It's a win-win for both of us♪
Asmodeus [Catch the Lost Bunnies!] -
You’re so cute that I want to kiss you all over...
Asmodeus [Princess Asmo's Escape] -
I like this... Kissing in a secret room. The atmosphere makes it that much more exciting, don’t you think?
Beelzebub's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
The food I eat together with you is special.
You are my special, precious, favourite person.
I would be happy if it was the same for you.
Let's eat lots of delicious food together from now on.
Beelzebub [Bunny Café Part-Timer] -
Don’t worry... You have me.
I’ll give you a big hug later.
Beelzebub [Beel Goes to C.S.!] -
I would do anything if it means I get to see you smile like that.
Belphegor's Unforgettable Pick-up Lines:
I feel at ease around you.
No matter what time of the day, I feel safe when you are around.
Thanks to you, without you I can't sleep peacefully anymore.
You'll take full responsibility for this, right? I won't let you get away from me.
Belphegor [Let's Play Dolls!] -
Are we? I’ve always thought about what it would be like to live together, just the two of us.
Belphegor [Chocolate for You] -
You’re the only one for me.
Diavolo's Unforgettable Pick-up Line:
This past year spent with you has been so exciting.
If it were not for you, I would not have known the feeling of being loved so much.
I am glad that I chose you as an exchange student.
Let's make many fond memories together from now on.
ENTRY NO.9: Barbatos
Diavolo - [A Royal Pajama Party]
I want to see every side of you—especially those you hide from everyone else.
It doesn’t have to be all at once. I merely wish to become someone special to you.
Barbatos's Unforgettable Pick-up Line:
I am impressed that you have made it this far in Devildom.
I never get tired of observing what you do, but please watch that you do not strain yourself too much.
I will always be watching your efforts.
ENTRY NO.10: Luke
Barbatos [Barbatos the Mechanic] -
I usually don’t behave so recklessly, after all.
When I’m with you, I find joy in even the smallest of things.
Luke's Unforgettable Pick-up Line:
What does "hit on 'em" mean...?
Uh, anyway, you're doing a great job, even though the Devildom is a very scary place!
I'll bring you some homemade Maritozzo.
Eat it and show me your smile, which I love!
ENTRY NO.11: Simeon
Luke [Graceful Transformation] -
I’m going to change bit by bit and become cool in a way that suits me.
Simeon's Unforgettable Pick-up Line:
I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off of you.
I think about you all the time, and even though we have just leave each other, I wanted to see you right away.
It's as if I've been cast a spell that makes me fall head over heels in love with you.
I wish I could cast that spell on you, too.
ENTRY NO.12: Solomon
Simeon [The Legend of the Stars] -
If you stay by my side, I can keep looking forward... That’s how you make me feel.
Solomon's Unforgettable Pick-up Line:
With you, there's never a dull moment. So, will you stay by my side from now on?
Of course, you can always count on me when you are in trouble.
I will be your own personal sorcerer for as long as you want me to be.
Solomon [Solomon the Researcher] -
...I can’t hold myself back anymore after hearing you say that.
Do you realize how badly I’ve been wanting to touch you this whole time?
121 notes · View notes
sweetpeapod · 13 hours ago
#23: “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m glad it’s with you.” Daryl Dixon x Plus Size Reader. I see this going two ways, either it's about them being in a relationship, or one is teaching the other how to do something, and fluff ensues. Congrats on your milestone!
Thank you for your request! I was so excited to write for Daryl and I really hope you enjoy it and that I did him justice 🥺💚
Warnings: Mentions of zombies? I mean it's a TWD fic, I guess that's implied 😂 brief panic attack.
Word Count: 1,209
Join the sleepover 💕
- - - - - - - - - - 🏹 - - - - - - - - - -
It was clear as day that Daryl did not fit in. Since the moment the group set foot in Alexandria, he stuck out like a sore thumb, constantly on the receiving end of uneasy stares and hushed whispers.
You, on the other hand, seemed to be adjusting like a duck to water. You'd relished in the relief that the hot shower brought you, giving you momentary peace from the horrors that you knew were lurking just beyond the walls. You talked to the other residents as if they were old friends, engaging in easy small talk from the get go.
Daryl didn't understand how it was so easy for you. Most of the group seemed at least slightly wary and uncomfortable about their new surroundings, but you went about as if the world outside these walls no longer existed. It was bizarre for him to see you the way you might have been before the world crumbled and every day became a fight for survival.
The welcome party brought about new feelings of unease for Daryl. His life before wasn't much different from his life now, albeit with less undead and fighting for his life. He had still been an outsider. Never welcomed by society. Left to fend for himself, along with his brother, hunting for what they needed. His family may have grown, but outside of those he held dear he still felt every bit the outsider he always had.
You had pleaded with him to join you tonight. Begged him and promised that it wouldn't be as bad as he thought it would. He had only scoffed, grunting sharp "No." He had faulted slightly when he saw your slumped shoulders and sad face. But he didn't need to go to a party to be reminded that he wasn't wanted here, that he didn't fit in here. Not like you.
He wouldn't admit just how much it hurt to see how well you were fitting in here. He saw the looks he received from the residents of the walled off town, heard the whispered comments about him when they thought they were too far away to be heard. The last thing he wanted was for you to be ostracized for your relationship with him. Not that there was a relationship, much as he longed for one with you. Longed to hold you close, to kiss you and wake up with you every morning. He knew he was just a no good redneck, not good enough for someone as kind and loving as you, so he kept those feelings to himself. Satisfied to simply have you in his life, loving you from afar and keeping you safe from harm.
Daryl's eyes grew wide as he saw you walk out of the house, leaving the party early. At first all he could see were your legs. Sure he had seen you in shorts before, when the weather had become unbearable last summer. But normally you covered up. Uncomfortable in your own skin, hiding your curves behind oversized t-shirts and flannel shirts, whatever loose fitting clothes you would find on your scavenges.
Tonight though, you were wearing a dress and Daryl's brain just about shut down. It was a pastel shade of yellow, thin straps pulling the flowing fabric tight against your chest. But what drew his attention most was the way it stopped mid-thigh, your legs almost fully on show. The light breeze made the hemline float higher exposing your thick thighs to him, leaving his palms clammy and his heart racing.
He's ashamed to say it took him too long to pull his eyes away from your body in order to take notice of your demeanour. The way you hurried as you walked away from the house, hands roughly running through your hair, you even looked like you were talking harshly to yourself as you made your way to the waterside.
Daryl let you take a moment, hoping you would be able to calm yourself and worried that his presence might startle you. But the longer you sat the hasher your breaths became.
Within seconds he was sitting directly in front of you. Taking both your hands in his calloused ones, he pulled your eyes solely onto him.
"Breathe f'me." His voice ushered in the darkness. Away from the bright lights and loud chattering of the house you felt a calm begin to wash over you. Daryl's gravelly voice helped to anchor you back, drifting away from the panic that had risen in your chest.
When your breathing seemed to settle, Daryl sat back, letting go of your hands but resting them on your ankles instead. He had a way of always touching you in a subtle way, just to make sure you knew he was there. It was comfort to you in a world where comfort was hard to come by and often overlooked in place of safety.
"Thought you liked it 'ere." He shrugged as he spoke, not quite looking in your eyes.
"It's got walls. It's safe. I'm trying, you know. But it's not what I know anymore. It's too similar to before and what if it all falls apart again?" You feel the panic slowly trying to rise again. You fight to tamper it down, focusing on the feel of those rough hands circling your bare ankles.
"Then we face it t'gether." Daryl spoke with unwavering certainty. He would do everything within the realm of possibility to ensure you were always together.
"In what way together?" Your voice trembled just slightly, but Daryl was quick to notice it. He always noticed the small things, the quirks and ticks that no one else saw.
He didn't speak, but he looked questioningly at you. Giving your ankles a soft squeeze to encourage you to continue.
"Daryl, I-I like you. You're brash and rude, but you're also kind and you protect the people you love." You take a deep breath, "I'm not good at relationships, never had one that lasted before. But we basically act like we're already together, I just, I don't know if that's what you want. It is what I want though, if you'd have me."
With your eyes locked on his, he can see the beginnings of unshed tears forming. You're waiting desperately for his response. Worried that you may have ruined the thing that you are most grateful for in this undead world. It had been mere seconds when he finally answered, but to you it felt like hours.
"'m already yours." He gave you his shy smile, unruly hair matted against his face, reminding you that he still hadn't showered since arriving. Uncaring you crawl forwards to kneel in front of him, your face only inches away from his.
"I don't know what I'm doing, Daryl, but I'm glad it's with you." You lean forward, pressing a soft kiss to his chapped lips. He pulls you closer, unwilling to allow even a fraction of space to separate you. He places the most gentle of kisses to your forehead as he wraps his arms tightly around you. It might not be what he knows, but he is willing to try harder to adjust to living here. So long as you are by his side.
- - - - - - - - - - 🏹 - - - - - - - - - -
If you'd like to see me write more for Daryl Dixon, let me know and get some requests in before the sleepover is over 💕
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heartfulselkie · 12 hours ago
Okay so I've gathered my thoughts so I'm just going to go ahead and post this. I'll also be posting this to AO3 as a chapter insert in Citrus and Lavender since I know not everyone looks at my tumblr.
This ended up a lot longer than I wanted it to be, so I'm putting the post undercut so as not to be a huge block of text on people's dashes.
Firstly, thank you to those who have been reading and enjoying my fics. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate that some of you even take the time to leave a comment or message me on my Tumblr.
Unfortunately this past year has been particularly rough for me and my mental health has been pretty abysmal. I'm not going to go into the details of it, but things just haven't been great. Writing has helped me a lot with that in the past, but recently it's just not doing the same. I've been writing but it feels like its going nowhere. I try to encourage interraction with my fics/writing on Tumblr but a lot of the time it feels like it comes up empty. Now I'm not blaming anyone or wanting anyone to feel guilty for that. People are allowed to consume fan content as they want and have a choice if they want to respond to it or not. I don't want anyone to feel like I'm forcing them into something they don't want to do. Because I share what I write so that other people can enjoy it and because I love writing.
My love of writing has become complicated though. And that's partly because I've started drawing again and sharing that as well. So now I'm seeing the huge disparity between my art content and writing content. And as much as I appreciate that people like my art, its disheartening for me as a writer. And I've always considered myself a writer before being an artist. It's just been getting harder and harder to write. I've lost a lot of confidence in it. I can see my art posts circling Tumblr again and again while any posts about my fics or to do with writing are just dead in the water after a day. Even if I reblog it multiple times, I'm lucky to get one like each time. Currently my writing takes far more time and effort for me than drawing. I'm feeling pressurised to write a lot and to update a lot just to keep some kind of consistent interest. But I just can't do that with my current health. I'm aware that the gap between chapter updates for Citrus and Lavender has slowly been getting longer and I hate it.
So now that I've hopefully explained the context, what does it mean?
The next chapter of Citrus and Lavender is going to be the last one for a while. Once I've finished chapter 33 and uploaded it, the fic will be going into hiatus. I need to put my writing and AO3 aside for the time being. At least until I can let go of the false expectations and pressure I've built for myself. It takes way too much of my time and effort for me to write fanfic for me to only feel inadequate with it. And I know I'm a capable writer, or at least I believe myself to be. But for the moment I'm just not in the best headspace for it.
I'm really sorry for this. Especially since chapter 33 for Citrus and Lavender is going to be a shit cut off point. I do still have every intention of finishing the fic, it's just going to be a long wait for it. I'll keep working on it at my own pace, I'll just not be uploading the chapters until probably the whole fic is done. By then I'll hopefully be in a better headspace to share it.
For my other fanfic WIPs I'm not too sure. They'll be in limbo for the time being while I work on them occasionally. But I'm not planning to be uploading any individual chapter of a multichapter fic for the foreseeable future.
As for my Tumblr I'll be cutting back my activity there too. I'll still post on occassion or share some of my art, but I will be a lot less present than I have been.
Again I want to stress that this is not meant to serve as a guilt trip for anyone. This has just been a PSA on my current state and how I can't continue to keep going as I have been. I just need time to find my own value in my writing again.
Thanks to everyone who has left comments on my fics or reached out to me to tell me how much they enjoy my work. It's meant a lot to me and given me enough to know there are people out there that like what I share, no matter what my insecurity tells me.
And thank you to everyone who took the time to read all of this. I appreciate it.
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