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Oh my goodness me how absolutely adorable! Y’all really be out here feeding my Katsuki crush with all these damn cute requests ^^

Find the lullaby that Katsuki sings below here:  (Yup, it’s Frozen 2!)

Love and virtual hugs from Yaomomo in quarantine! xxx


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by shy-srgntwitch

Katsuki took a shallow inhale of breath, his bare feet padding against the cool floor of the Height’s Alliance dorm building. Only midnight and it’d still been a long, sleepless night - He’d lay in bed exhausted but unable to drift off for what must’ve been hours before he decided to break the rules and seek out his girlfriend’s bedroom. Bakugou wasn’t usually one for disobeying UA rules but, needs must when nothing was getting him to fall asleep. So, he tiredly sauntered down to the second floor in hopes of finding a cuddle and a decent night’s rest.

You knew that he’d probably come down here tonight, so you hadn’t bothered locking your door in case Katsuki came to visit in the night’s darker hours. Katsuki’s exhausted body was heavy with sleep as he plopped himself down beside you in your warm, comfortable bed, gently pulling some of the blanket over himself. His soft hair tickled against the back of your neck as the delicate smell of your recently washed hair filled his nostrils, a wave of calmness washing over him.

“Huh?” Bakugou grumbled when he noticed the little white earbuds resting in your ears, the wire leading under your chin to your phone somewhere on the nightstand. He tutted smally, carefully removing one of the buds and listening to the gentle music coming out of the speaker. You stirred, an annoyance resonating in your faint mumbling sounds when the blond boy behind you chucked your earbuds away from the bed. “Dumbass, its not safe to sleep with these in…” He complained as you turned to snuggle into his chest - Luckily, Katsuki hadn’t woken you up but, he did feel a touch guilty for disturbing your deep slumber.

He sighed deeply, one of his pale hands finding itself in your soft hair and allowing his fingers to run through your silky locks. His other arm was busy pulling you closer into his embrace, assuring that you were kept warm against his chest. A small part of Katsuki wished that you were awake to see him caring for you but, he knew that if you were, he’d end up stumbling over his words and getting embarrassed and loose the sincerity of the gesture.

“Where the north wind meets the sea,

There’s a river full of memory,

Sleep my darling safe and sound,

For in this river all is found,”

Bakugou’s voice, while slightly shaky, was smooth and calming: It was vastly different to his harsh speaking voice. The beautiful rich quality of his deep bass-tone voice filled you with a warm feeling of complete safety, his song chasing all of the darker dreams from your mind for the night. 

“In her waters deep and true,

Lie the answers and a path for you,

Dive down deep into her sound,

But not too far or you’ll be drowned,”

He yawned softly, stroking your hair and closing his eyes before he lay a gentle kiss to your forehead: This was pure heaven. Safe to say, that was the best night’s sleep either of you had ever gotten.

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Summary: After Bakugou and Y/N manage to bust a huge human trafficking ring, the whole agency wants to celebrate! Being partners, they only got along around other people. To be frank, they were always at each others throats. It seems they both just needed a drink to loosen up!

Note: Based when Katsuki is an established hero so he is at least 20 for the purpose of legal drinking age in Japan! I also based Y/N off of my own personal want for a Quirk and gave him the hero name Stop Watch.

Triggers: Smut. Bit of drinking. Flirty drunk???



Originally posted by shigashimura

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Okay i lied

i felt the soft fluffiness

sorry that it’s short and kinda shit .. and kinda OOC :-:


You prayed to whatever god you could that Bakugo didn’t wake up, knowing he wouldn’t take too kind to you leaving the bed at 2 in the morning. The kitchen lights held a soft glow to them as you shuffled around the space, the one thing that made it absolutely terrifying was when you heard the loud thumping of your explosive lovers’ feet against the floor. You panicked and quickly attempted to dart out of the room but his firm grip on your hand had stopped you, his harsh yank on your arm had pulled you into his chest.

“What the fuck are you doing up?” His voice heavy with sleep as he glared down at you.

“U h I was hungry?” You knew he wouldn’t fall for it but, it was a good try.

“Like fuck you’re hungry babe. What’re you doing up?” His voice came out as a low growl as you began to shake, small giggles left your lips as you pulled away from him.

“I was kinda hungry … That and I wanted a cup of milk..”

His groan and the rolling of his eyes made a smile slide onto your lips, as his grip loosened you were able to pull away and walk over to the refrigerator. The chill as you opened the doors caused you to rub your legs together in an attempt to keep yourself warm, and as you go to grab the gallon of milk a set of large muscular arms wrap around your waist.

“Fix me one would ya?”

A soft hum and you turn to place the gallon on the counter, Bakugo’s arms still wrapped firmly around your waist. Grabbing two glasses from the cabinet you begin to pour the milk into the glasses, when Bakugo’s hand reaches over and pushed the gallon down onto the counter. His arms spinning you around as he pushes you against his chest, a soft hum and he pulls you away from the counter into the middle of the kitchen.

“What are you …” Your words fell silent as Bakugo grabbed your hands, placing one on his shoulder and holding the other in a rather tight grip, his feet began to move and, in an attempt, to move with him you smile as you both glide across the floor.

“What’s up with you Bakugo? You never randomly do this mushy romantic stuff..” Your statement had him growl and his eyes rolled as his pace began to quicken, his hand that laid on your waist slid further around you as he turned. His turn forcing you to bend, his hand slid to the small of your back as his lips connected with yours in a rather soft kiss.

You both smiled into the kiss, your hands slowly beginning to roam.

The light of the kitchen made his features stick out even more, his eyes glowed in a gorgeous way.

You pulled away from him and pressed a soft peck to the tip of his nose.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Part 5

Am i a clown? Yes

Honk Honk

I’m sorry if these chapters are moving a bit faster, i tried to flesh this out a bit more, added more clues, blah blah blah.

Hope it isnt too bad.

Tag list!

@obsessedchildsworld @sondering-thoughts @tooloudarts @vventure @mrsreina @galacticrosee @kurinhimenezu @tokoyamis-luv @bitchtrynafck @thedreadthread @smollpanicboy


Please don’t be afraid to send feedback/theories/or anything! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

As Ochako and Tsuyu busted into your room, you couldn’t even catch your breath when words began to spill from their mouths in a haste to get an understanding of the situation at hand.

“Why was he there?” and “Was he the one who did it?” were the two questions that repeated themselves. Though, all you could do was look at them, with a soft shake of your head.

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Fuck you Katsuki. /// Bakugo Katsuki x Reader

Hello!! I don’t know how you are with requests rn but if it’s not a bother could you do #3 from your angsty plot list “All of these fucking years. And you Lie. To me? Really?” With Bakugou? I don’t know I’m kinda in a baku mood 🤷‍♀️ thank you!! 


I’m so sorry this took f or e v e r

I hope this makes up for the time >~< Love you!

@saccharine-sunflower-seeds and @tokoyamis-luv

“What the f-“

“GET THE FUCK. OUT OF MY HOUSE WHORE. AND YOU. I wanna fucking talk to you.”

The woman that was previously bouncing on your boyfriends’ cock jumped away from him, her body being covered by only her shirt as she ran out of the room, hoping to avoid your wrath.

“Look y/n it’s –“

“Its not what it looks like? Is THAT what you were going to fucking say Bakugo?”

Your fists clench up as you stomp towards the man, he barely flinched as your fist connected with his face.

“You. Are a Bastard.” Your voice only grew in volume as his gaze castes downward, attempting to avoid your disappointed, heartbroken stare.

“Bakugo. Katsuki. Why? Just look at me, and tell me fucking why? HOW THE FUCK LONG HAS THAT” You pointed towards the door that was left ajar, but most specifically to the bra that hung off the handle. “BEEN GOING ON?”

He was silent, but as he looked up at you his gaze hardened.

“6 Years.”

Your heart shattered in your chest; your thoughts now clouded with pure anger as you stared at him. His response was only a small huff as he went back to staring at his hands. Glazed with the disgusting liquids from the woman previously in the room.

“Are you fucking kidding me? 6 fucking years? That’s how long that was …. You were never going to work out, were you? You just went to fucking work on getting your dick wet? ARE YOU FUCKING…get the fuck out of MY house.”

His head jerked up to look at you, looking for any bit of you to make it seem as if you were kidding. You were far from kidding.

“Y/N you can’t fucking-“

“OH. NO NO NO. You don’t fucking talk to me. You get your shit, or I burn it.” Your glare was something Bakugo had never even been fazed by, but right now. He was terrified.

Stomping away from him you dig into your previously shared dresser, grabbing handfuls of his clothes and tossing them out of the cracked window.

“Go collect your shit you fucking scum bag.”

“Y/N NO. We’re talking this out.”

You stopped in your tracks, hoping you had heard him wrong.


You were sure you’d have to apologize to your neighbors after tonight, your eyes were beginning to fog over as Bakugo walked towards the door, blanket wrapped hastily around his waist. Before he was able to walk out of the door you catch sight of the blanket.

It was yours.

By the time you dart after him he’s already at the front door, he turned to stare at your form only to have your blanket pulled from his waist and your foot met his abdomen.

As his ass collides with the solid concrete of your porch your tear-filled eyes send him one last glare.

Fuck. You. Katsuki.”

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[2:15 P.M.]

Getting out of school early for snow was the best thing that could come to your mind right now, if it wasn’t for the villians that crossed your path. Toga and Dabi, what a duo amiright?

“You’re the little hero with the healing quirk, aren’t you?” Dabi spoke first, followed by Toga’s quiet giggle. “Thats one of them.. yes.” your voice quivered, it was only your first semester, so you haven’t had much training.

“Great, you’ve got more than one quirk, you’re coming with us! Hehehe~” Toga skipped forward, granbing your hand roughly, pulling you down the allyway that you typically took home, Dabi silently trailing behind. about half way down you stopped at a door you never payed any attention to, and were dragged in.

“Shiggy!” Toga let go of your hand, skipping over to the crusty looking man, “We found a healer chick! The one that helped you when that Bakugou kid blasted you!” She smiled widely, as Shigaraki turned to face you. He nodded to you and glanced at the seat beside him, silently asking for you to sit next to him.

Dabi put a hand on the small of your back, causing you to jump a little, but before you could react he was pushing you forward to sit next to the man. Quietly climbing onto the barstool next to him, he turned to you.



“Why’d you save me?”

“I’m a hero?”

“I’m a villain, what’s your point?”

“Heros save people?”

“You…” He trailed off, not fully getting what your were saying. “Yea, okay, great, you’re a villain, big woop, but more importantly, you’re a human being. Heroes save people, people are human beings, heroes save villains.” You took a breath, looking into his crimson eyes, “Villain or not, I’ll save you. Okay? I don’t care who you are, or what you’ve done, if you’re hurt, I’ll help. My quirk helps people, so thats what I’m gonna do.”

And that’s exactly what you did. You became #1, no not #1 hero, but #1 vigilante… If that is a thing. You fell inlove with Shigaraki and eventually had a child with him. She grew up to become the best hero in the world, out doing both All Might and Deku, all because of what you believed in.

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Im sorry if im bothering you at all but could i request somthing? If so how Bakugo react to a lamb reader? (Basicly like Tsuyu Asui but with a small tail and horns)

Please don’t feel as if you’re bothering me darlin! I love it when people request stuff!

Bakugo Katsuki with Lamb Quirk! Reader

  • Your quirk gave you the features of a lamb; horns, a little tail, hooves. Stuff of that nature.
  • Which the class had found incredibly adorable.
  • As soon as Bakugo caught sight of you he would pick on your cute appearance.
  • “You can’t be a hero when you look like that.”
  • You were determined to prove him wrong.
  • Your Hero suit made good use of your horns and your hooves. The features being layered with metal shells and a poison coating for extra damage when used.
  • Your hooves were coated with multiple metal shells that increased the damage, which; along with your insanely strong leg muscles, basically increased the strength of your kicks. 
  • Your horns however were utilized for both defense and offensive purposes. Extra thick layers of metal wrapped around the appendages helped with suppressing blows to your head. The tips of your horns were carved to a sharp point; which allowed you to penetrate through Armour or skin.
  • So, whenever your hero suit was finally developed, you had personally requested Bakugo to train with you.
  • Which, him being one to always accept a challenge, agreed.
  • You were both going head to head, his body bruised and cut from the blows your horns dealt to his defensive moves. You weren’t all cleaned up either, his explosions had left most of your outfit in tatters; the Armour coating your hooves and horns was burnt and stained from his attacks.
  • Aizawa was the one to break it up as soon as your horns sliced a rather deep cut into his arm.
  • He had fought and screeched as Aizawa ushered him off to Recovery Girl, you being forced to stay behind as he scolded you.
  • You both had ended up in detention and minor house arrest, both of you forced to stay within the dorms.
  • That was really where your ‘friendship’ had sparked.
  • A minor disagreement had led to a rather shocking heart to heart with the blonde.
  • He adored your fighting style, your passion to prove him wrong after his comments towards you had sparked something in him. He honestly didn’t know what it was.
  • That was until he started really noticing you.
  • He’d keep quiet as you pushed him over during lunch, requesting; well more like demanding to have lunch with him and his friends. 
  • He’d actually enjoy your presence. You’d both train together rather often, and you’d request for him to help you study. Which is where he actually figured out WHY he was so aware of you.
  • He liked you.
  • The way you gushed over something, the way your smile lit up the room. It was all so weird to him.
  • But he absolutely loved it, he’d never admit it.
  • He’d rather choke than to actually confess his attraction towards you.
  • It would progressively get worse and worse for him though.
  • The way the sweat you collected during training made you appear like a pure goddess to him was frightening.
  • He’d catch himself staring as you walked past him, the soft clicking of your hooves against the ground was like a soft melody to him.
  • He was whipped.
  • He couldn’t really get you off his head, especially when you spent as much time with him as you did.
  • And He didn’t mind it one bit.
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I absolutely love All Might, hes a great character, super adorable, and just trying his best in all things despite every hardship and responsibility thrust upon him at a young age.

BUT i absolutely WILL go TOTALLY FERAL and rip him to SHREDS with my TEETH if I have to fight him ONE MORE FUCKING TIME in My Hero’s One Justice  

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BNHA Couples: All Might and Aizawa-sensei

Even though they have rooms on campus, they like to spend their off days at their oceanside home on Senaga Island


At night the like to snuggle up in soft, fluffy sweaters (like old men), drink tea and read in front of the fire.


At school, they rarely have time to sit down and enjoy their meals (because of a certain problem child and his disaster boyfriend … )


Toshinori is a terrible cook!


Aizawa insist that they don’t tell anyone about their secret “safehouse.” The last time they did, half of Class 1-A spontaneously showed up for a class field trip/impromptu sleepover.

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