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During the times of COVID-19 with many working from home, having a routine can help add structure to days that fly by. At first, I used to view routines as boring and rigid. At the beginning of the quarantine, I had no routine; it was a mess from the moment I woke up to the moment I slept. I would finally start my work at 11 PM, after spending all day scrolling on TikTok. But now, since most of my work is online, I’ve decided to use some of my extra time more productively, adding things into my routine that I was never able to pre-COVID.


Whether it’s a morning routine, a school routine, or an exercise routine, there are many benefits to having one. It creates structure, providing a framework in our lives where most of us are at home most of the time. During times of quarantine, it’s difficult to fall out of the loop. Following a routine you set for yourself is something that can keep you running on that loop.

Creating a routine for yourself can create new, good habits and break your old, bad habits. Incorporating good habits into your routine and schedule will eventually help you get rid of your bad habits, and in turn, replacing your bad habits with good ones.

For example, brushing our teeth. Most people don’t really dread doing it because, well, it’s routine to brush their teeth. This applies to including good practices in your routine because it will simply become a habit sooner or later (only if you keep doing it!).


There are daily, weekly, and monthly routines, where you can assign different tasks to each routine. For example, cleaning your bathroom can be a part of your weekly routine. Daily routines have smaller routines within it, such as having morning and night routines: things you do each morning when you wake up and things you do right before you go to sleep. There are also many more types of routines such as summer break routines, study routines, and exercise routines. You can make it what you want.


Set goals and establish the routine around them. Ask yourself: what goals am I hoping to achieve with this routine? What do I want in my routine that will help me achieve my goals?

Be reasonable and realistic with it. Productive habits take a while to form, so begin by slowly diving into it. If you want to work out every morning but you haven’t worked out in ages, slowly dive into it. Start with 15 minutes of working out, then 20 minutes, then 25 minutes, and so on.

Write out your routine somewhere, whether it’s on a paper or the Notes app on your phone. Put down all the tasks you want to accomplish in your routine and assign times next to them. If you try to memorize all of your routines without jotting them down, you can get confused and stressed out trying to figure out which task you have to do.

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day. Maybe you didn’t have the drive to work out that morning, and that’s perfectly okay! Making changes can be hard and you might forget now and then.


Drinking a glass of water when you wake up
Meditating, yoga, or stretching
Eating a healthy breakfast or dinner
Read for a couple of minutes
Sitting down and planning out your day or week
Having a social media detox
Organize or clean your working space
Exercise, go for a run
Having time for yourself to relax
Take a good bath/shower
Spend time with family and friends
Having a decluttering day

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to create new habits and/or have a new lifestyle! And remember: the best routines are the ones that are perfectly tailored to you!

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beloved - toni morrison

“she said practically nothing– until the afternoon of the last day of her life when she got out of bed, skipped slowly to the door of the keeping room and announced to Sethe and Denver the lesson she had learned from her sixty years a slave and ten years free: that there was no bad luck in the world but whitepeople.”

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so i’ve never played a single game of among us and i realised that’s very uncultured of me; since this definitely needs fixing, Lihi and i have decided to host a little Studyblr Among Us Hangout!

when? saturday, the 28th of november, 8 pm CET (or GMT+1)
where? we’ll send you the private game code if you apply, so make sure your dm’s are open (you’ll only receive the code if you reply to this post like stated below - please don’t state your wish to participate in the tags xx)


  • have a studyblr (it is, afterall, a studyblr hangout)
  • this is a 13+ event (which is the age limit on tumblr anyway, but please respect it)
  • don’t be rude please, be kind to everyone playing, this is an event designed to bring us together :)
  • only use English, so everyone can understand each other
  • reply to this post with
    a) your studyblr url (in case it isn’t your main blog),
    b) ‘i’m in’ or any other sentence that lets us know you want to play, and
    c) state if you can host (optional)*

* since there is a max. of 10 people per private game, it’d be lovely if you could also state whether you can host a game or not, we’ll be needing multiple hosts if this gains more interest (we hope it does!) :)

note that sign ups will close at 6 am CET on friday (27th), so we can organize everything. if all goes well, this could become a regular thing :)

for more questions feel free to shoot either @ndemic​​ or me an ask!

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24.11.2020 // enjoy some not very straight but definitely colorful citric acid cycle notes 🌈

i’ve had a very busy couple weeks, and in true med school fashion, it’s not looking like the workload will get any smaller anytime soon… desperately looking forward to christmas break! hope you’re all doing well x

blood // water - grandson

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☁️ 10 tips on studying when your motivation’s nowhere to be found

i got an ask about this yesterday and decided to turn my reply into a post because having trouble focusing when you’re super unmotivated is really common, so i thought more people might find this helpful :) buckle up kiddos, this is gonna be a long one!

1. i want you to remember that this is a universal experience.

every student out there struggles like hell sometimes, and that’s completely normal; you’re not a machine and that means you can’t possibly churn out work 24/7 without burning out. so try not to beat yourself up too much okay, you’re doing great!

2. take a deep breath and identify the reason you’re feeling like this

are you burnt out because of stress or overworking yourself? are you overwhelmed by the amount of tasks on your plate? is there a particular assignment or exam scaring you to the point where you don’t want to start studying? these are all normal reasons for lack of motivation and knowing the why will help you figure out the how - you gotta know the problem to solve it.

3. i know you feel like you’re months behind, but start small

small achievements accumulate. repeat this sentence to yourself daily, write it on a sticky note and keep it on the wall above your desk (it’s exactly what i did). break up daunting tasks into smaller ones; got a billion formulae to know by heart? memorise 3 every day (you’ll have memorised more than 20 by the end of the week!). got a long chapter to study? divide it into smaller chunks and just focus on 1-3 pages a day. slow and steady, you can do it

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are finals over? nope! but i’m going to pretend they’re over anyway LOL here’s my fourth study tube video (can you believe that! fourth!) for my very first semester in uni~ as always, i hope you enjoy it! best of luck to everyone taking their exams now!

contains: korean finals, englit and polscience final essays, psych quizzes, stats presentations; but also, eating well, walks in the park, comfy hoodies & hand whipped dalgona coffee

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NOV 12 / 20 

been journalling a lot more lately… life is just being a lot so we got to write these things down right? can’t wait to read these journals in the future and see how much i have changed :))) 

A few days in my life vlog :

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“You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.” -Andrea Gibson

Foggy morning walks and and me sitting at my desk contemplating whether I should laugh or cry at the amount I still have to study until the next anatomy oral exam on the 25th :)

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Day 30 - What are three things about yourself that you love?

I love my smile! I love that I can make people laugh and I love how I try to be better every day.

Day 31 - What are three things that inspire you? (or people)

My mom, my friends ♡ and climate change :(

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Wednesday, 4 October 2020

I didn’t finish @myhoneststudyblr ’s Studyblr Community Challenge, so I’ll just answer the last questions whenever I can, one question per day, even if it takes way more than 30 days in the end. :)

Day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check 

@noodledesk !! your posts are always interesting or nice or both, your morning reads, and the posts where you share an app or a website, and just in general it’s always positive 💕

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