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Day 29 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

What are three things that you are proud of? ✨

  1. i work really hard and care a lot about my school work so i get good results (and hopefully will get into a great uni because of them!)
  2. i am working to improve my mental health and get through depression and anxiety 
  3. i am really proud of what i’ve done with this studyblr and that i’ve managed to use it to help myself and others. it’s really big deal to me that i still have it to this day and regularly use it and so many people like my content because i never would have expected this!
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Day 28 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who you think everyone should follow ✨

i am definitely gonna go over my own limit of three people here because there are so many people that everyone needs to follow! so im gonna do a little list (btw everyone else i’ve tagged in my other posts are one you definitely need to follow!) (also i’ve 100% forgotten people so sorry if we are mutuals and i’ve forgotten <3)

@redlitmusbluelitmus - mia is incredible and lovely so you 100% need to follow because she will make you smile with every post <3

@bulletnotestudies - sabrina has such lovely posts and is such a mood and again is so so lovely 

@study-van - yasemin <3 funny, inspiring, amazing posts! need i say more 

@philology-studies - some of the most beautiful posts i’ve ever seen! the aesthetic is gorgeous <3 also violet is just the sweetest

@jeonchemstudy - i LOVE daphne’s posts, particularly any of her amazing bujo spreads! she is also one of the nicest people you will meet! 

@coffeeandpies - pat!!! one of the most inspiring people imo in the community! gorgeous inside and out (and also really good at piano <3)

@sosiaalitieteet - ana is an icon! seriously no other word describes her better! she is hilarious and i always check out her blog 

@problematicprocrastinator - beth is a light of positivity in this community! she works so hard and always is there for support and love <3

@museeofmoon - zainab has INCREDIBLE posts!!! they are all amazing and she is hilarious as well <3

@coralstudiies - i honestly don’t know how every post is so perfect! such an inspiration for my own notes (though i know i will never achieve such brilliance!)

@stu-dna - harriet has such a nice aesthetic to all her posts and in addition to this she shares lots of really important things which i think is amazing!!

@sonderstudy - huiting always has incredible posts and what she studies is always so interesting! amazing aesthetic as well <3

@rylie-studies - hands down the best at captions in the community because everyone is just so beautiful and always makes you think! also really great advice and so positive!

and there are honestly so many more that i would tag but this post is getting very long so i’m gonna stop here but yeah! love you all <3

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Day 26 & 27 of the Studyblr Community Challenge ✨

Tag someone who you would like to get to know

Ahh so many!! @blueinkked (all ur posts just definitely deserve more notes and i think you’re just such a fun person:D) @lattesandlearning (laura you’re always so nice but im just a socially anxious coward and ahh i feel bad soo much sorryy) @unepetitecreature (u just seem like such an interesting person *srry if i sounded like such a freak:p* and AHH I JUST LOVE UR URL SM) @lifeisforlearning (you’re always soo kind and just always supportive to everyonee) @bulletnotestudies (i always think that people who are friends with you are soo luckyy<3) @serendistudy​ (vee i think you’re just so kind and sweet!) @khadija-studies​ (i cant believe im not the only one who doodled in margins!!) @springtimestudies​ (my fellow langblr who’s also learning arabic!) you’re the ones i can think of at the top of my head!!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@coffeeandpies pat ur random posts and memes just make me laugh in the wierdest ways and thank you for that ;vv

@museeofmoon zainab ur just so witty!! it always shows in ur tagss

@study-van yasemin ur sometimes just such a mood and it always makes me laugh >~<

ft. my bujo back cover that i finally scribbled on with things (i dont think i can call them quotes??) that i feel like i need to remember rn…(does anyone do this too??) except for the arabic one it’s just my dry humor:pp i didn’t even bother to correct it lol…pls ignore that star i cant draw ok

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Day 24 || Tag someone who posts the best text posts

so much love 🤍☺️

Day 25 || Tag someone who gives good advice

I don’t usually reblog study tips post because I think we all have our own different study style. Although I’ve read somewhere before about the unconventional study tips (or was it about procrastination?) like where you could set up a camera or video while you’re studying so you’d feel like someone is watching you and you’ll kinda feel to be proper when studying alone rather than slouching on your desk… etc. I just can’t find it right now but that was so spot on for me…

Day 26 || Tag someone who you would like to get know

@venustudy @vicstudies @1degreeoffreedom @tramsstudyblr @november-study @cafe-study @yoojeongyeonnie @august-academic @rosielearnsthings @philology-studies @rylie-studies

Day 27 || Tag someone who makes you laugh

I know I’ve told you before that you make me laugh.. Your comments in the tag!!! And when we’re chatting! You’re so quick-witted and I just like your sense of humour! Sorry for tagging you again lmao I feel like I’m kinda spamming you! sfhdksjf
Thank youuu so much for reaching out todayy!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I also had fun talking to you!! You made me laugh today and I like your energy so much!!! I hope we’ll keep in touch <3
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Day 27 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@study-van - our very first conversation still makes me laugh when i think back to it now - i will always punch you affectionately yasemin <3

@museeofmoon - we haven’t spoken in a while because Lifebut our conversations - if i do say so myself - are hilarious! zainab is so funny and she has the best emoticons of all time <3

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26.10.2020 // last week’s spread 🌸 thanks @study-van for layout inspiration!

day 26 - Tag someone who you would like to get to know

@museeofmoon and @lifeisforlearning; you guys are so sweet and your tags always make my heart go ‘!!!!’
thanks for supporting this chaotic shebang i like to call a blog <3 also, i can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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Day 26 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who you would like to get to know ✨

i am lucky enough to have lots of close mutuals who i love and know well! so this was quite difficult for me! i tried to think a bit about this and i thought of @adelinestudiess ! it was a post from adeline that actually told me how to create a studyblr (i had zero idea beforehand) and she has some of the nicest posts out there! she also was one of the first big accounts to reblog my posts and it was the first boost to my account that i experienced! she is such an inspiration and so i would love to get to know her! <3

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i perpetually find myself wanting to give presents but not having any wrapping paper. so! wrapping this bookstore find with a cut-up bag from the mount washington gift shop.

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Quick new spread for new weekdays routine since our office has changed the working hours. ft. The previous routine spread I made in June, back when our office had just reopened after the lockdown.

Making routines as the situations changes is one of the things that helps me deal with the changes and uncertainty right now 💫

Do you have your daily routine written down somewhere?

(Note: 2 of the pics in bottom left spread are from Chibirds posts 🤗)

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25.10.2020 // my brain’s been super uncooperative this past week and i also haven’t been following the healthiest habits if i’m being honest… but today’s a beautiful sunny day and i’m hoping to get at least some overdue tasks done so i can get back on track (to an extent) :)

day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice

@multilingue; i once messaged buse when i was anxious af bc i’d procrastinated studying for an exam till literally the last day and she had the loveliest words to offer - i ended up scoring a 9/10 despite having started less than 24 hours before the exam and i’m positive a lot of the credit goes to her reply that gave me a desperately needed morale boost when i really needed it 🌼

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Day 25 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who gives good advice ✨

again there are loads of people who could be tagged here! i’m gonna have to tag a few people here! firstly @eintsein - i’ve seen so many informative posts from Jo and they’ve actually made me either use something for the first time or change how i study! secondly, @rylie-studies - i’ve tagged rylie before but she definitely deserves to be tagged here as well because she is always so positive and even if i don’t have that problem whenever i read anything of hers - even just a caption to one fo her amazing posts - it makes me feel happier. finally @tbhstudying - seo gets a lot of asks on so many topics and whenever they come on my dash i know i’ve got to read them because the advice is always so helpful!!!!

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Day 24 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who posts the best text posts ✨

@sosiaalitieteet - no hesitation on this! every single text post is either hilarious or really makes me think! i think that even as i was coming up with the prompts i knew immediately that i was gonna put ana here! 

i’m posting a bit later than normal today because i needed to edit a bunch of pictures so was running behind. i also woke up really late and spent most of the morning playing dominoes with my dad’s girlfriend (i won!!!) so i haven’t been that productive today. 

pictured is part of my half term checklist for work that i need to get done!

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23.10.2020 // continuing the old bujo spreads series

day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check

@study-van i literally visit your blog every day bc a) your photos are always lovely and exactly the kind of content i love, b) your personal text posts / updates? pricelessly relatable and most often beautifully catered to my med student crumbling psyche, and c) i have to check on u bc you’re my friend and i obviously want to know what’s going on with you so i can then yell at you in the dms :) i don’t want this to turn into an essay so yasemin, you’re one of my absolute fave people and my closest friend on here, sending u hugs and i hope you survived the week fine ♡

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Day 23 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone whose blog you always check ✨

i think i’ve got two for this: @philology-studies and @rylie-studies ! they post just the nicest things and reblog some much amazing content that i am constantly checking their blogs! also although for both of them i pretty much always see their reblogs on my dash, i never seem to see their original content so i usually scroll through to check that out!

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22.10.2020 // so apparently people like my old bujo spreads? here’s another one :)

day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile

@accademias i don’t think this needs explaining, the little messages you send me always give me a serotonin kick i so desperately need in these times … they’re also such lovely reminders that you care and you taking time out of your day to log onto and share the positivity with me is sth i’m really grateful for!

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