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Day 25 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who gives good advice ✨

again there are loads of people who could be tagged here! i’m gonna have to tag a few people here! firstly @eintsein - i’ve seen so many informative posts from Jo and they’ve actually made me either use something for the first time or change how i study! secondly, @rylie-studies - i’ve tagged rylie before but she definitely deserves to be tagged here as well because she is always so positive and even if i don’t have that problem whenever i read anything of hers - even just a caption to one fo her amazing posts - it makes me feel happier. finally @tbhstudying - seo gets a lot of asks on so many topics and whenever they come on my dash i know i’ve got to read them because the advice is always so helpful!!!!

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51, 52 & 53 Days of Productivity


  • Attended online classes
  • Did Psychology homework
  • Made notes


  • Attended online classes
  • Did my Psychology homework
  • Studied Psychology


  • Attended online classes
  • Did my English homework
  • Studied Psychology
  • Studied English
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𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐲, 24𝐨𝐜𝐭• here’s just a random spread I made to relax a bit since I’m so burnt out this week and also had fever (still do) that’s why I wasn’t active much, I have 3 more exams left so hopefully I’ll stay alive to give them ;-;
tag someone you’re grateful you have met

@bulletnotestudies @blueinkked @unepetitecreature thank you for coming into my life💖 (there is ofc a lot ppl but the limit :(

tag someone who have a lovely aesthetic

@study-van my dear Yasemin💜 and @philology-studies dear voilet!!💜

tag someone who works really hard and deserves appreciation

this is for my babie @divinity-study💞 her art is so amazing and unique and idk how she manages to post so often like I could never ;-;

tag someone who makes you smile

this tag goes to dear Laura💖 @lattesandlearning thank you for always checking on me and being my fren Laura! I really appreciate it💖

tag someone whose blog you always check

I dont really do that often but idk I always end up on @study-van and @jeonchemstudy ’s blog lol;-;

tag someone who posts the best text posts

I think @problematicprocrastinator our Beth!! her posts help me lot while coping up my anxiety so it’s her for me💕

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Day 24 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who posts the best text posts ✨

@sosiaalitieteet - no hesitation on this! every single text post is either hilarious or really makes me think! i think that even as i was coming up with the prompts i knew immediately that i was gonna put ana here! 

i’m posting a bit later than normal today because i needed to edit a bunch of pictures so was running behind. i also woke up really late and spent most of the morning playing dominoes with my dad’s girlfriend (i won!!!) so i haven’t been that productive today. 

pictured is part of my half term checklist for work that i need to get done!

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Day 21 || Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation

Of course! None other than @divinity-study !!! Keep posting about your studies!!! I like reading your posts, you make me feel productive ☺️💕

Day 22 || Tag some who makes you smile

Bruuh 🥺🥺🥺 Thank youuu so much 😭 Really (
need that and) appreciate that 😖
and Thank youuu for complimenting my handwriting 🥺🤍 and always tagging me in your posts 🥰 I LIKE SEEING THEM <3
YOOOO!!! I also always check your blog but your commentaries always make me smile too! :D My fellow rain buddies and brown aes mutual~

Day 23 || Tag someone whose blog you always check

BRUH… Of course my fellow gradblrs @phdead @phd-students-diamond @becdoesbiomed It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one suffering the grad life, you know? Hahahaksjdh jk!!!
And the aesthetics of @/caeruleuz and @/sadcypher 🤎
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october 23, 2020 ♡

Happy Friday! Can y’all believe it’s almost November like wow that’s super crazy? Anyways, a lovely thing happened these past two days and that’s the fact that I’ve recently discovered Anki and I’m now using it for Italian! I have a whole lot of decks to make and that’s what I’ll be doing today. One of my favorite parts of this gap year is discovering these new resources and experimenting with them bcs they’ll definitely be useful for uni! It started with Notion and now it’s time for Anki! They do require some learning and trials, but it’s worth it. Also, tbh, yesterday wasn’t very fun; a lot of concealed thoughts and feelings resurfaced, but I’m so proud of myself bcs, unlike before where I’d just take on the victim mentality, I looked inwards instead and realized that I’m the only one who can solve my problems and now I’m gonna work hard to fix all of them little by little. Just remember that, at the end of this, regardless of what happens, we’ll always find ourselves where we’re meant to be. I hope y’all have a relaxing weekend and remember that, at its core, life is inherently good!! 🤍✨

🎧: arrogante - irama

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Day 23 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone whose blog you always check ✨

i think i’ve got two for this: @philology-studies and @rylie-studies ! they post just the nicest things and reblog some much amazing content that i am constantly checking their blogs! also although for both of them i pretty much always see their reblogs on my dash, i never seem to see their original content so i usually scroll through to check that out!

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my habit tracker set up has been working well for me, even though i’m not quite meeting all of my goals. i’m planning on adjusting them for next month and being a little more understanding of what i actually need to get done.

sorry for the lack of posts recently! october is always the busiest month of the year for me and i just couldn’t bring myself to post about productivity when i felt like i was so behind. i asked for my first extension the other day and that was actually pretty cool. my english teacher is cool as hell so it was nice. 

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 44 - October 22nd

have you ever meditated? yes i have! i’m not very good at it though, but i haven’t practiced all that often honestly.

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Day 22 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who makes you smile 

as usual there are loads of people that i could tag here but the one that popped immediately into my mind is @study-van! i always look like a maniac when i am talking to yasemin because i am just smiling or laughing alone staring at my phone! she genuinely just lovely and her posts are always gorgeous <3

About the picture: even the contents page for the handmaid’s tale requires annotation for me! it’s seriously such a good book but there is so so much in it and i have no idea how i am gonna remember it all for the exam XD

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♡have my mock test in 3 days and a physics exam tomorrow, and I feel so underprepared.

♡on the bright side, I managed to revise 6 chapters from last year’s chemistry syllabus for JEE. This is exactly why I love chemistry

♡mom’s been sick so have been losing time in preparing meals for the family, but cooking is so therapeutic. Do y'all like cooking?

♡ featuring manya the study penguin in today’s pictures…. Anybody else obsessed with pinguuuus??

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october 21, 2020 ♡

Some excerpts of my journal where I just write down some random thoughts throughout the day!! I’m someone who has so many thoughts in her head and, sometimes, I’d spend like four hours just writing them down so I can feel less overwhelmed and lighter. I also tend to think of philosophical and profound thoughts in the most random times and I’m so grateful that I have the ability and convenience to write them down and discuss them; otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m currently still trying to set up all my stuff with Notion (it’s a lot, but we’re getting there), doing lots of Italian work, watching lots of videos about Italy and learning a lot, and I’m almost finished with The Notebook! I already cried yesterday oop bcs the book is just so beautiful and it activates yearning hours for me; honestly, love (all kinds of love) is inherently beautiful and I stand by that. Love is what makes the world go around. I hope y’all have a lovely Wednesday and taking it easy!! 🤍✨

🎧: una volta ancora - fred de palma & ana mena 

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Day 21 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation 

i have no hesitation for this tag! 100% @chazza-studies-alevels - she is literally incredible and works so so hard, going above and beyond her normal school work! i got to really see this over the summer challenge and it was so inspiring <3

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10.20.20 // i’m trying to get back into the swing of posting more ~original content~ on here more regularly!! so far i am failing pretty horrifically lol, but here are some math notes and some notes i took to try and prepare for my advisor meeting earlier today

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Life is ticking by quite quickly at the moment - I can’t believe Halloween is so close! Autumn is my favourite season so I really want time to slow down so I can savour all the little things like crisp morning walks crunching leaves, starting to layer up in jumpers and cosy evenings indoors under blankets with hot chocolate. I managed to finish another book, do some more accounting notes and apply for a job today so a pretty productive start to the week. Hope everyone else is feeling positive this week! ✨

Photo taken at the Eden Project (this is the last one I promise!!).

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20.10.2020 // studyblr community challenge

i’m on fall break and my main goal is to finish my history coursebook because the exam is right after this break! i’ve been so busy with my history reading that i kinda forgot to post yesterday so here’s another double answer today lol

day 19 - tag someone you are grateful to have met

literally everyone here!!! but i have to mention @sosiaalitieteet who is an amazing person that i’m really grateful to have met here 🥰

day 20 - tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@philology-studies !! i love your aesthetic so much, it’s so neat and aesthetically pleasing! love seeing your posts on my dash 💖💖

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Day 20 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic 

i really love all of @jeonchemstudy ‘s posts and i always know its there’s because they are quite distinctive and stand out! it’s a really simple aesthetic but it is so so effective and i just love daphne’s studyblr!!!! 

there are so many more studyblr’s i could tag for this because to be honest i love the ‘aesthetic’ of literally every studyblr i have ever seen so if you see this i am also tagging you <3

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Day 18 // Tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things




Thank you for making posts about social or political issues. Thank you for informing us about what’s happening in your country. I think it’s really important how you made other people aware of the issues happening in this world.

Day 19 // Tag someone you are grateful to have met


I don’t even know which tag should I mention you. Like bruuuh.. you make me smile, you make me laugh, you also have neat handwriting, I also think everyone should follow you cause you’re so sweet and it’s contagious!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 I feel so motivated and inspired when I talk to you because you’re just so kind, funny, and I think you’re witty <3

Day 20 // Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

DEFINITELY @caeruleuz & @sadcypher !!! 🤤🤍🤎🖤 So obsessed with your pics! 😖🥺

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ft. my very unaesthetic pic of me typing notes for the essay and a low quality but mood boosting photo I took on a moving train of galloping horses in a paddock with a rainbow behind them that I’m using for my iPad background 🐎🌈✨

Hello lovelies ❤️❤️❤️
It’s been rough for me recently :” the essay oh, the essay…my teacher asked me if I wanted to drop the offer and that she has another idea for it if I decided to.

And tbh, I was really considering dropping it but…I’m almost halfway through…(that is, 800 words from 2000 😬)

I’m sorry I’m quite behind from the challenges bc honestly, this is literally what I’ve been doing in all my free time and occasionally scrolling through tumblr for motivation :v

I hope I’ll be able to catch up as soon as this finishes..and…I think I’ll be making this announcement in this post bc I reaally need cheering up…

TYSM FOR 200 FOLLOWERSSS!!! Ahhh honestly tysm to all of youuu hugs and kisses and I think I’ve decided to…make a tag!! (hope y’all will use it!!) So…I think my tag is going to be #oiinah (double i bc oinah has been taken for whatever reason) loll bcs me and all my friends irl call each other ‘oi’ and I think it’s gonna be fun to do it too here ✨

So yeah..I’m sorry if this post is just soo all over the place and that I just wanted to be open abt things like this…and honestly, to people I tag, I will NOT be offended AT ALL if you didn’t reblog…but pls..can anyone drop some positivity in me rn? 👉👈 thank uu xx

Lots of Love and hugs and support ❤️😘❤️

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october 19, 2020 ♡

Another week is here and y’all know what that means? We’re another week closer to achieving all of our goals!! I’ve recently started using physical flashcards and I actually like it bcs, before I’d just use Quizlet since it’s more convenient and I didn’t wanna waste paper as I didn’t know what I’d do with the cards afterwards, but I’ve tried it and will be doing it more often now. Here are some that I did for some Italian tenses!! Also, I’m changing my plans for this week and dedicating it to working on Italian rather than starting a new routine. These past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot abt things and have been quite overwhelmed with the time I have left for my gap year; it feels like the days are going by so fast and I feel like I’m running out of time to fulfill all of my goals before uni arrives. Then, bcs of the thoughts, I end up feeling a little discouraged and lose energy, but I was able to do a lot during the weekend and I’m ready to embark on this week’s adventures. I’ll be doing a lot of catching up, trying to get Notion all organized and ready, and inviting lots of positive energy for what will, apparently, be a rainy week!! Good luck with the week y’all!! 🤍✨

🎧: moscow mule - benji e fede

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19.10.2020 // planned for a chill productive day today since i don’t have any classes for once, but it’s just turned into a slightly less chill hella lazy day… let’s hope i get more done in the afternoon :)

day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

there are so many wonderful people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting on here, thanks for making this experience infinitely better<3 @study-van @serendistudy @accademias @philology-studies @rylie-studies @myhoneststudyblr @redlitmusbluelitmus @mysti @museeofmoon @studying-nando + so. many. more. oh my
(sorry soph, ik you said max. 3 ppl per post but i cannot. do that today.)

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