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03.04.2020 | 2020 quarantine challenge

week 2 - pictures //  Fri - Take a picture of the view outside your window

not really outside of my window mostly because of privacy reason lol. but here are some photos from my lil’ ‘garden’. it’s not really a garden because we live in suburban housing estate thing (what’s the english word for that…) hope you enjoy it anyway!

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4.2.19: Sometimes aesthetic doesn’t happen.

I have realized that sometimes you won’t have the most aesthetic photos or notes. Sometimes you are just focusing on making it through the semester during a pandemic. And you know what? That’s ok! I am still going to try and post because this is more for me than anyone else.

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02.04.2020 | 2020 quarantine challenge

week 2 - pictures // Thu - Take a picture of the pens/highlighters that you could not live without

They gotta be my Apple pencil (gen 2) and Lamy Safari fountain pen in EF nib. Since I take notes on my iPad and I’m that extra bich who uses fountain pen in her daily journal.

I’m thinking of giving away my ‘traditional’ stationery at one point,, idk. But I still miss taking notes traditionally tho.

(please don’t come at me ;_;)

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01.04.2020 | 2020 quarantine challenge

week 2 - pictures //  wed - Take a picture of your most colourful notes

unfortunately, i don’t do colorful notes anymore because highlights don’t work on black paper D: and I’m too lazy to change pen colours (yes, even on iPad notes dsafjkaldsf) but here’s my latest (online) class notes on geography ^^

but hey at least it’s practical (for me) lol

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2020년 03월 26일

Back at it again with some untamed quotes decorating my journal, I have no excuse.

I wish I could have a more diverse set of posts but I literally do nothing except waste my time and draw in my journal.

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i almost never rewrite my notes but this time i just had to because i myself couldn’t understand what i wrote there oops (pictures include only rewritten but i think i already had the old ones posted)

also according to the starbucks barista my name is now “heart emoji smiling emoji”

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