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I went with a black and purple theme with a bit of gold for more sparkle. I based this spread around the black brick scrapbooking paper and the purple dreamy moth image. I added some of my favorite black and gold star and moon washi tape as well as a bit of purple washi tape and a purple sticker to fill in the  empty space.

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28.10.2020 || There’s something about journaling while you have breakfast that makes the day feel extra special <3 oh! It’s my first breakfast as a 20 year old too! ^^

Day 16 : Tag Someone With Beautiful Handwriting

Oh @sarangnotes has the most beautiful notes I’ve ever seen!

Day 17 : Tag Someone Who You Think is Really Kind

Oh again I have to tag @the-girlygeek , she has such a kind aura and aesthetic, and I really look up to her since I’m also studying marketing!

Day 18 : Tag Someone Who Makes You Think More Deeply About Things

@sustainable-life-tips is a great source for living a more sustainable and eco friendly life, and it often has me thinking in depth about how I can improve my lifestyle to help the earth!

Day 19 : Tag Someone You Are Grateful to Have Met

For sure @moonxstudies !! I think they’re the first person I ever really interacted with here on tumblr ^^

Day 20 : Tag Someone Who Has a Lovely Aesthetic

I really really love @peachi-diary ‘s aesthetic!!! It’s so cute and warm, it makes me happy to be studying ^^

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It is my birthday in June and so I wanted to do a birthday spread to help me look back over the last year and to help me plan for the day (even though there’s not really much I can do right now). I ended up going with a mostly black and gold theme, which is probably my favorite color scheme at the moment.

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🐞Hey, study bugs🐞

I am back, with a new bullet journal and all!

Today’s achievements:

✅Did some chores around the house


✅ Did my “What can I do today to be better?” Tarot card

✅Completed my bullet journal

✅ Wrote my morning pages

✅ Studied the bit of civil procedure that I procrastinated yesterday

✅Read from a book I’ve been trying to finish for so long

✅Got my period on time! So yay for not being pregnant but nay for the pain🤣

🎵Listening to the Ultimate Halloween playlist on spotify- highly recommend for getting into the spooky mood🎃

🐞the people on my desktop are K-drama actors, Nam Jo Hyuk and Ji Soo

💜Stay well, loves!💜

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