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December Plan With Me - Bullet journal setup 💫


Prepare your drink and come plan with me for December with minimalist spreads and ornament doodles.

P.s. I had to add auto closed captions here, they’re hilarious. It’s a normal video I promise

Watch the video👇

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reading through sources for my research paper…I’m actually enjoying it since the topic I chose is something I really care about. I also finished queen’s gambit yesterday so I guess I’m still on a high from that brilliant show. (I want all of Beth’s outfits…can we please dress like it’s the 60s again?)

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22.11.20 | Day 8 of 45

I am trying to post aesthetic pics but god it is hard. More history notes. After completing history, I will be doing Maths, Polity and Geography.

In winters, it is hard for me to get up early. I also get cold easily. Any tips are welcome to keep functioning.😅

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One last autumn spread before winter really starts setting in ❄️ I’ve been experimenting a little with bujo layouts, this one is inspired by the moleskine planners. What is your favourite layout?

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monterey, ca.

thanksgiving break is around the corner; we only get three days off but at this point any sort of break is appreciated. I’m currently working on three research papers at the same time on top of two group projects, so it’s been incredibly hectic to say the very least. 

I’m having a bit of a melancholy nostalgia trip looking through my camera roll and I dug up these photos from this summer. most of the time we’re holed up in our house due to covid, but Monterey is a really important place to us so we just had to go for a day. summer 2020 feels like such a distant memory.

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my bullet journal advice


1. It takes a hella long time to figure out your style..

    Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t find inspo or if you’ve had a series of spreads you don’t like 

2. You may not always be upto date 

    I’ve gone through phases of religiously keeping up to date but there’s also been months that I haven’t done it and I lost all motivation 

3. Don’t compare yourself to other people

    As I said before, it took me ages to figure out what worked fro me. I’m not particularly good at drawing so I spent years thinking my spreads weren’t good enough. you’re doing it for yourself not anyone else 

4. You don’t need state of the art supplies

    Yeah it’s nice sometimes to splurge on noice things but some of my favourite things are the spreads I’ve created with a plan pen or a pencil! 

5. Don’t define it

    Generally I’m a very organised person and I like it when things are all categorised. This also went for my bujo. when I started out I tried to do lots of different spread but I tried to keep them uniform enough and maintain as much of a daily/weekly journal style as I could. Over the years it has just morphed into one big scrapbook/bullet journal/art journal which took me far too long to realise 

6. Enjoy it. 

    Use it as a time out. It’s easier said than done given that  most of the time when I go to my bullet journal its to try to get my life in order… BUT I do love nothing more than a chill evening in with a candle lit, Netflix on and my bullet journal out. It’s the little things in life hehe…

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