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Happy pride month! Well, at least it’s tomorrow. I hope pride month will be fun for everyone despite these dark times. (and yes I know I messed up the calendar a bit) 

instagram: @reva_aes

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29 May 2020 | I woke up early today and started academic reading for 2 hours before going out. It has been awhile since I go out to buy things for myself, apparently. Hence, the mini-haul!

I have been too occupied with my essays and prepatory readings before classes. My semester would resume in another three days — June 1. I am a bit anxious but couldn’t wait to start officially attending the class again ehe.

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|05•28•2020| June Cover Page

Since I’m on summer vacation I will be posting my bullet journal. I started making spreads last month and I’m really liking it since I can change it up every month.

This month I decided to go with a citrus theme since it is the first month is SUMMER!!

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I know it is a little bit late to post this week’s spread buuut here it is! And, btw, I passed Industrial Fermentations 👏🏻

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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25.05.20 // 12:02 // Quarantine Challenge Day 56

Mon - Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?

My fun fact/icebreaker is always that my great uncle was the “inventor” of the Maris Piper potato - he led the team of researchers who crossbred the species! 🌻

To do list for today:

  • Quarantine challenge post
  • Weekly bujo spread
  • Spectroscopy practice questions
  • Physchem flashcards
  • Worked examples write-ups
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🇲🇽 [38/100] Días de productividad.

Última semana de mayo y último tipo de cronograma a probar, (si se parece bastante al de hace una semana) ahora sí hay bastante por hacer.

¿Cómo está su semana?

🇬🇧 [38/100] Days of productivity.

Last week of May and last type of schedule to test, (if it looks quite like the one from a week ago) now there is plenty to do.

How is your week?

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