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midterms are finally over!! is it just me, or are tests harder online? two of my class averages were below passing and we don’t know what to do now.

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October 31, 2020 | 10:00 AM PT

Happy spoopy day! 🍂🎃👻

I carved my first pumpkin with my boyfriend last weekend!  I did the Harry Potter one and he did Boo from Super Mario (an appropriately named character for Halloween haha!).  We also have an assortment of mini pumpkins aesthetically scattered around the tv stand, and all these pumpkins make me really happy for fall ^_^  I was a deprived child and my family never bought pumpkins.

Side note: Spray down those gourds with a bleach solution (1 teaspoon bleach + 1 quart water)!!  I didn’t know about this until I noticed Boo had gotten a ton of fuzzy black mold inside and on the tv stand and I had to toss him out :((  Harry’s also moldy but the growth is contained in there for now.  I sort of drowned him in rubbing alcohol because I didn’t have bleach.

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November calendar ✨ I somehow wanted to make a train theme but it was difficult so I just put a little one at the top and some references to things I associate with trains and with November, maybe someone will get them

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October 30, 2020 | 8:33 PM PT

I posted this on Instagram a couple weeks ago and forgot to post here (oops).

Anyways, this was the first wine bottle I engraved and I gifted it to my boyfriend for his 23rd birthday earlier this month!  I’ve already engraved my name onto a stainless steel water bottle a few years ago, so the whole engraving process wasn’t new to me at all.  Shopping for wine, though, was a whole ‘nother story.  Up until this month, I had never bought alcohol since turning 21 (I’m 23 now).  I spent about 20 minutes browsing the wine section at Trader Joe’s before finally settling on this chardonnay.  We really enjoyed our brief trip to the Russian River for my birthday back in August so I figured this particular wine would make a nice gift.

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october 30, 2020 ♡

I’ve started reading Call Me By Your Name and I’m in love with it so far! I’m not very far with it yet, but there was this one part that had me laughing for ages. These days, I’ve been busy yet I am content, grateful, and cherishing every moment with love and joy. I’ve been writing, dancing, researching a lot about minimalism, and everything’s been good. This autumn has really been enlightening and, everyday, I feel like I’m slowly going through a metamorphosis. I’m learning so much about myself. Every decision that I’ve ever made has led me to where I am in this moment; my fervent love for Italy, all the people I’ve met that have impacted me, and the new hobbies and passions I’ve developed are all results of the decisions I’ve made. Despite the many times in the past when I thought my life was ruined and I could never see the light, I’m still here and learning to appreciate this gift of life everyday. 

Although my days aren’t always sunshine and rainbows and I’m not always energized or positive, I still always believe that everyday is a good day. Because it is. Everyday is so damn beautiful. These past few months, I’ve truly felt a difference in myself and, as I continue to grow as a person, I’ll continue to notice more as well. Also, along with having created a bedtime for myself and having more energy and time everyday bcs of it, I’ve also been watching this documentary series called Dream of Italy and I fall deeper in love with Italy in every episode. I try to watch an episode or two before I sleep for calmer and sweeter dreams, haha. I’m sending the best vibes to all of you today and for this weekend!! This October and the autumn season have been a blessing! 🤍✨

🎧: stringimi più forte - giordana angi 

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?/100 days of mild productivity

it is wednesday my dudes

and we’re going to pretend like i did not fail miserably to update you on my mildly productive antics as part of 100do(m)p for the last, what, 3 weeks?

i am very sorry.

so, going forward, i’m going to proceed with weekly updates on 100domp and we are going to ignore the last 23 days.

gonna be real with you for a sec - i’m stressed. i have 3 weeks worth of backlogged lectures that i have not even looked at. i have multiple assignments where the only thing i know is the deadline. i’m at a bit of a critical moment here, because if i don’t make it back up now i’ve kinda fucked myself for the rest of the year.

 the reason i can be more confident in saying i’ll update weekly is that i need to study - and if i study, i actually have some studyblr content. i have pretty much been doing everything other than studying, so all i have is pictures of my walks and some lab notes about thin section microscopy.

it’s week 5 in the big brother house and lily is being an idiot.

despite this, i am still actively encouraging mild productivity. i will never not do that. the whole point of being mildly productive is recognising that the small things, the enjoyable things, the day-to-day things are productive. taking care of yourself is productive. making progress is productive. the point of being mildly productive is that most of the time it’s enough. you are not breaking your streak of productive days by not doing 3 hours of studying that day or from taking a day off or by doing stuff you enjoy - those things are productive. those things are things that improve you and that’s the whole point of productivity, right?

the situation i’m in right now isn’t because i wasn’t balls to the walls studying. it isn’t because of my definitions of what is productive and what isn’t. i am going to continue to be mildly productive, i just need to be differently mildly productive and mildly productive in a few more ways - with a sprinkle of straight up spicy productivity to get through the backlog. i may have been overly selective with my mild productivity.

anyways, the usual bullet points but it’s with commas - went on a day-long field course ( ’twas wet), started lord of the flies, made a poster about pyrite for uni and ended up on an auction site for rocks and minerals and may or may not have some (very reasonably priced) minerals on the way, walked lots, nearly got trampled by horses in the woods a couple times, got said hello to by a pug, washed up, did laundry!!!!! for the first time since i moved in lol, made a hat for my pet rock, made a spreadsheet schedule, socially distanced socialised, etc.

as always - have a great day, you deserve it and stay safe x


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october 28, 2020 ♡

Hey y’all! Here’s some old pics that I took when I was writing down my plans for my gap year on my journal and, yes, I’m absolutely in love with the stickers. Also, in the second pic, y’all can see some of the topics that fascinate me and I plan to take the online course for each of them!! When I was still in school, I was always so bored and bothered learning abt things that I wasn’t passionate about so that’s why taking these classes was one of my biggest priorities. Also, in terms of life updates, everything’s been well and my days are mostly spent doing Italian, watching vids about Italian, spending time with my family, and I plan to start reading another book soon. Also, Halloween and November are so close omg. I’ve been getting up from bed late these days which isn’t always good, but I’m improving day by day. It’s also been super rainy these days where I am and it’s even supposed to snow on Friday? That’s insane! Winter is coming, folks. I hope y’all have a calm Wednesday and taking it easy!! 🤍✨

🎧: welcome to wonderland - anson seabra

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Day 26 & 27 of the Studyblr Community Challenge ✨

Tag someone who you would like to get to know

Ahh so many!! @blueinkked (all ur posts just definitely deserve more notes and i think you’re just such a fun person:D) @lattesandlearning (laura you’re always so nice but im just a socially anxious coward and ahh i feel bad soo much sorryy) @unepetitecreature (u just seem like such an interesting person *srry if i sounded like such a freak:p* and AHH I JUST LOVE UR URL SM) @lifeisforlearning (you’re always soo kind and just always supportive to everyonee) @bulletnotestudies (i always think that people who are friends with you are soo luckyy<3) @serendistudy​ (vee i think you’re just so kind and sweet!) @khadija-studies​ (i cant believe im not the only one who doodled in margins!!) @springtimestudies​ (my fellow langblr who’s also learning arabic!) you’re the ones i can think of at the top of my head!!

Tag someone who makes you laugh

@coffeeandpies pat ur random posts and memes just make me laugh in the wierdest ways and thank you for that ;vv

@museeofmoon zainab ur just so witty!! it always shows in ur tagss

@study-van yasemin ur sometimes just such a mood and it always makes me laugh >~<

ft. my bujo back cover that i finally scribbled on with things (i dont think i can call them quotes??) that i feel like i need to remember rn…(does anyone do this too??) except for the arabic one it’s just my dry humor:pp i didn’t even bother to correct it lol…pls ignore that star i cant draw ok

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2020.10.11-14 // Day 97-100

I know I should have posted this earlier but it feels surreal that a lot can happen in 100 days. I achieved a lot of goals such as finishing 2 korean grammar books (and I’m currently halfway on the 3rd one), learned a skill by learning how to use a new software, and met amazing people along the journey. @divinity-study @museeofmoon @a-poeticallychaotic-bee @serendistudy @rylie-studies @springtimestudies @lifeisforlearning Thank you so much for tagging me in your posts! Your productivity inspires me to continue my own fight 🤍
100 days ago, if someone would ask me questions like “How have you been?” or “Are you doing well?” “Are you okay?”, I would unconsciously give out a deep sigh because I don’t know what is the answer. I am so demotivated. I am physically well so I guess I am okay??? But if you’d ask me now how am I doing, I get so excited because I have so much to tell.

DAY 28 || Tag someone who you think everyone should follow

Thank you so much @myhoneststudyblr !!! Your challenges helped me to find myself again 🤍
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i’ve been tutoring a freshman in algebra and us history and we’ve been meeting in the high school’s library! i haven’t actually checked out a book for fun before, so it was great to look through their collection. i ended up snagging brave new world and the bell jar to read before the end of november!

Quarantine Fall Study Challenge Day 47 - October 27th

how do you balance school, work, and life? that’s the question, isn’t it? honestly, i’m lucky because i work sporadically and never for more than a day at a time so that doesn’t really affect my schedule, but balancing school, clubs, volleyball, and life is definitely difficult. one of the things that really helps though is getting homework done during the day. my school has a flex period that’s basically study hall and i try to finish all of my homework then, or during free time during class. 

today’s selzer: more aha strawberry cucumber!

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Day 24 || Tag someone who posts the best text posts

so much love 🤍☺️

Day 25 || Tag someone who gives good advice

I don’t usually reblog study tips post because I think we all have our own different study style. Although I’ve read somewhere before about the unconventional study tips (or was it about procrastination?) like where you could set up a camera or video while you’re studying so you’d feel like someone is watching you and you’ll kinda feel to be proper when studying alone rather than slouching on your desk… etc. I just can’t find it right now but that was so spot on for me…

Day 26 || Tag someone who you would like to get know

@venustudy @vicstudies @1degreeoffreedom @tramsstudyblr @november-study @cafe-study @yoojeongyeonnie @august-academic @rosielearnsthings @philology-studies @rylie-studies

Day 27 || Tag someone who makes you laugh

I know I’ve told you before that you make me laugh.. Your comments in the tag!!! And when we’re chatting! You’re so quick-witted and I just like your sense of humour! Sorry for tagging you again lmao I feel like I’m kinda spamming you! sfhdksjf
Thank youuu so much for reaching out todayy!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 I also had fun talking to you!! You made me laugh today and I like your energy so much!!! I hope we’ll keep in touch <3
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been a while since i posted something :“) my exams are over but i’ve been really busy with gce a-levels projectwork, and our presentation is next week,,

spent today studying japanese grammar + deciding on a research topic for my coursework though!! i also cleaned my desk and it’s so bare now i kinda miss the mess :”“)

♪ false confidence - noah kahan

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