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Sunday March 22 2020 || Hello fellow studyblrs and students. Well it has been a whirlwind of a week. My office at the hospital closed and all appointments were cancelled.. therefore I’ve been on quarantine for the past week. I’ve been working on my online classes and online chemistry lab. Currently studying acids and bases, a refresher for me.

This is a hard time for everyone. I want you all to know my inbox and messages are always open if anyone needs to talk!

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March 20

Today’s coffee cup (not yet replaced by a tea cup) is exactly as large as it looks and I love it. Yes, my desk is a mess. That’s just who I (and my probable adhd) am as a person.

Yesterday’s post never uploaded and threatened to freeze my computer. It was about pointing out that no one at Target wants bleached flour and that therapy over the phone is weird.

Today is reading the conclusion of the last chapter of Skemer’s Binding Words and then getting through another book. Maybe Montaillou.

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Day 2 of intentional social isolation.

Back to trying to work at my desk, which isn’t going well. Too many changes all at once, worried about friends and family. Learned last night my university pushed the end of spring break back again to next Monday and all defenses and oral exams will be held virtually. Not excited to have the oral half of comps on Zoom. It’s conjuring up a weird amount of dread.

On the bright side, I have discovered the Doom soundtracks and this is great reading music because there is no risk of falling asleep with it playing.

Current reading: John Bossy’s “The Mass as Social Institution” which could have been written in an intelligible way, thnx.

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So idk if this will help anyone else but uhhh I’ve been trying to make a plan for how to deal with online only classes since I’ve got a lot of issues centering around executive dysfunction that make self motivation hard.

It was easier when I had classes to go to because even if they didnt take attendance, I felt an external force that I was being held accountable by. But now I dont have that and so I’m trying to get on top of myself with creating a structure now before I spiral out of control and my grades suffer.

The first thing I did was download a time tracker app. The one I got was called Sectograph. It connects to my phone calendar and it let’s me put together a daily schedule just like I would have for classes. It illustrates the schedule with a neat little pie chart clock which I find very useful in visualizing my time. So basically i put in my goal for how i want to use each hour of the day. Something like this-

7am-7:30 get up

7:30-8am eat breakfast

8am-9am shower and get dressed/ready for the day

9am-12pm academics (I could go ahead and break this down a little more if I needed to, but I like being able to jump around on projects/lectures if i find myself struggling to focus)

12pm-1pm lunch

1pm-2pm free time

2pm-4pm academics

4pm-5pm chores

5pm-6:30pm dinner

6:30pm-8pm review (this is me focusing specifically on whatever material is relevant for my next closest exam)

8pm-9:30pm free time

Basically lay out every minute from the time you plan to get up to the time you plan to go to bed. And since the app connects to my calendar, 10 minutes before each scheduled chunk of time, I get a little notification telling me what is next (this helps give me that external driving force and also helps me cope with my time blindness so I dont forget how long I’ve been sitting staring at my phone after lunch.)

Now there is gonna be some wiggle room. There may be days you have meetings, or other obligations, so you can add those in and have them take priority over the normal schedule. But having my phone beep at me and tell me what I need to be doing helps to kind of negate that loss of structure from no longer having lectures I have to go to. Please feel free to reblog this if you find it helpful or add tips for other people of things that are helping you keep on task during this weird period of history.

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