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Alright, I’m off from work this Thanksgiving week and I need to be as productive as possible now that we only have two more weeks of classes. I have a presentation about Magical Realism this week, and two of my finals are essays, so I want to get a good start this week.

To do (up to Wednesday, then I’ll update)

• Prepare presentation for Fantasy Narrative.

• Watch movie for Film Studies class.

• Start doing research for Contemporary Literature.

• Do outline and introduction for Fantasy Narrative.

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Our department head held a seminar that explained how to get started in preparing your thesis which was really helpful. It talk about how to come up with a topic, what search portals we can use to look up research and past students works as well it was pretty helpful and I’m really glad they took the time out to kinda talk about it. He also told us basically after end of second semester we won’t have time to vacation during holidays because we will need to dedicate as much time as we can to our thesis. I have a few topic ideas besides the one I proposed and my topic won’t get approved until most likely next semester. I’m quite nervous because I didn’t need an undergrad thesis and this seems hard but not that I’ve got the advisor I wanted secured the rest will eventually fall into place

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So big news today. I can finally confirm that I got my first choice thesis advisor. The person who is my first choice is one who’s very famous in my particular field of interest, she is the president of the national organization, and on the board representing Korea in the international organization relating to my field. To have her as a thesis advisor even for Korean students is a huge honor so to have her as an advisor as a foreigner is not only an honor but a big deal. I’m super excited about this. She agreed weeks ago after we did meeting over the phone and she interviewed me but I didn’t want to say anything until it was documented (in case she changed her mind) . I’m getting closer to my goals bit by bit.

Also today my test prep books for the social worker level 1 exam came today. I brought the whole set and I need to start preparing in February at the latest because the test takes a year to prepare for and is only offered once a year. I’ve peeked through them a bit as well as the videos that go with it and it’s exactly what I need.

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Me every other day: Man, I wish I had a fire pit. I miss having an actual place to have a fire. 

My dad: Hey, what do you want for Hannukah?

Me (immediately): I have never wanted anything ever in my life. There is nothing to get me.

Me (2 hours later): waIT I CAN ASK FOR A FIRE PIT.

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haven’t posted for a while - life has been so hectic with trying to keep up with covid affecting my research project! So today I took some time in my college’s mcr (basically a common room for masters/phd students) and just had a chill day going over some notes for supervisions next week and reading. Hope you’re all doing as well as possible ✨✨

📚 The Secret World - C Andrew

🎧 Cry - Cigarettes After Sex

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