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I’m finally taking this one professor at school and I’m so excited! Summer classes for session 2 started this week and I’m already loving this class. It’s called “Confronting Islamophobia” and I feel like there will be a lot to learn which is exciting. Hopefully this class will help us learn how to better combat Islamophobia and create spaces for celebration of all religious expressions

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In 3 weeks my lease is up and I can’t stay in my apartment. In 3 weeks my “voluntary leave” from work starts due to COVID overages. Originally I felt so lucky and ready to move but because of the case spikes in Texas the school is debating on opening. My graduate department is 100% for having in person classes but if the school closes I don’t want to be stuck in the university town, without a job, and a medium priced apartment to go to online school. 

I feel really stuck knowing that I will only really have 2 weeks to either pack and move everything or pack and sell everything to move back home or into a student apartment. I don’t want to go back home so I really just want to lease an apartment without a job in this college town but if it’s all online it would be stupid for me to live in town. My friends and family could get me a job and a free place to live in the alternate. 

The final trick is maintaining my in-state tuition status while also preparing for maybe having to move back to Texas in the spring. The only thing keeping sane right now studying Korean and German and looking at new notebooks and highlighters. 

I just have to remember only 3 more days till they give official notice for online or in person. Three more days. 

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New notebooks :)

So grateful to have the day off from work. I have been particularly exhausted lately and need to take some time for myself. 

I didn’t make journal at my school. It serves me right because I should have put more effort into my write-on piece, but even I thought it was decent enough. Guess I was wrong. It’s a good lesson learned. I was extremely bummed about the news when I first got it. I really don’t take rejection well, which is something I know I need to work on. I’m keeping my chin up though because this will give me more time for my independent research and focusing on my own work that I want to submit for publication - a much better gig than checking footnotes ;)

The good news this week: I got a tutor position with the legal writing program. I’m really excited to help out some first years with adjusting to a different style of writing and to law school in general.

Additionally, my boss mentioned that he would be interested in me staying on as a paralegal during the school year, which would be excellent to earn some extra cash. My earliest class all semester is at 3pm, so maybe I could convince the company to hire me full-time. 

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29.06.2020 | 21/100

as a follow-up on last night’s proposed schedule…. I didn’t go bike riding haha. but it was mainly because we keep my bike in my dad’s car and I need his help to get it out. he wasn’t feeling well this morning and I noticed he didn’t sleep too well so I didn’t want to push him to come out with me. i’ll have to find a way to make the bike more accessible to me so I won’t need help whenever I want to go out. 

but! I did wake up early today (finally in the morning as opposed to the afternoon…) my boyfriend helped me out with a wakeup call, haha. so it was a lovely way to start the day. I did go outside to read for a bit, so far i’m really liking my reading for the week! it’s a book by emma haddad titled the refugee in international society: between sovereigns and i’m super excited to continue reading tomorrow. 

oh! I also did a fitness class this afternoon, i’m trying to make good habits for myself and be consistent with them. guys, this evening was also pretty emotionally distressing for me… but writing this and sharing the good things that happened today with you all is making me feel so much better. 

much love to you all 


#2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 15 

✨Monday ✨what website do you visit most often? 

so it was actually facebook for a good while but I think if tumblr hasn’t surpassed it by now, it is a close second. I think I liked to distract myself with all of the silly videos that people share. but there are also a lot of political posts lately. i’ve actually not logged in for a while. it was getting a bit stressful keeping up with everything and seeing all of the negativity going on around the world and people’s responses to it - some of them disheartening. 

so yeah, I think tumblr is the winner. 

tonight’s vibe: 

discovered a new spotify playlist today names ‘idk.’ and it is a total mood. 

now playing:
lonely - ralph castelli 

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28.06.2020 | 20/100

our trio submitted our song for the competition (I was singing at 3am to get this done…. but it was finished, and i’m super happy about it). maybe i’ll upload some of my singing, but i’m not too sure. I don’t really want to change the ‘theme’ of the blog. what do you guys think? 

woke up for service this morning (church is doing live-streaming a few times in the week).was still feeling pretty down because of everything that happened yesterday, but my soul feels a bit lighter now. 

afterwards, I kept working on grading for 3 hours to be exact and we finally got through all 300 students! what a relief. that means I don’t have any ta duties to tend to tomorrow, which i’m really glad for tbh. it’s late but i’m going to make an effort to wake up relatively early and go to the park for a bit - to ride my bike and read outside for a couple of hours. oh… it’s such a good idea to share this with you guys. that way I can hold myself accountable lol. we’ll see in my next post if I actually did this or not haha


#2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 14 

✨Sunday ✨pen or pencil? 

in terms of note taking, ever since starting college in ‘14 i’ve been writing in pen. though I do use pencil when i’m annotating on book/article margins. 

tonight’s vibe:
currently unwinding to spotify playlist ‘butter’ 

now playing - lianne la havas - paper thin 

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27.06.2020 | 19/100 

today was an emotionally taxing day. another night of insomnia, so ended up falling asleep some time after 5am. led to me to waking up in the early afternoon with a huge migraine. one thing led to another and I ended up being insulted by one of my family members. it was to the point to make me feel worthless and remember all of the times in the past where I felt this way. i’ve carried this with me throughout the whole day. I feel emotionally drained. 

well.. aside from that I sat down to keep grading today. we’re having zoom meetings to work together and power through grading the student discussions (again, it’s 300 students in the class lol). I worked on throughout the afternoon until just before 11pm. 

now i’m actually feeling a bit of the weight lift off my shoulders. i’m working on our song entry with the trio and i’m so excited about it. it’s nice to be part of a community of people that love what I love as well. just like the studyblr community! this is the second time that I work together on a song competition practically with strangers but music brings us together! thankfully this will help me keep my sanity…. 


#2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 14 

✨Saturday✨Amusement park or day at the beach? 

amusement park. hands down. I love the adrenaline of going on rollercoasters. I was never really a person that enjoyed going to the beach too often. when I was a kid I would get sea lice pretty much every time i’d go, so honestly i’d dread it. just going to sit under the sun was also not my favorite thing to do. 

I got to go to busch gardens this past february with my boyfriend when he visited from turkey. I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the rides but he loved them! it was amazing to see how excited he was to go on the next ride. none of my family likes going on the rides so I finally have a rollercoaster buddy! 

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psa: i just finished my masters degree this week! 🥳🎓 as such not a whole lot of studying going on atm 🤷‍♀️

but, because i’m a little crazy, i’ll be starting a second ma in september and will be posting original content again then!

this blog will still be active in the meantime! but not nec abt my own study habbits etc.

hope all currently studying are productive and zen ✌

- A.

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guys!!!! I just reached 100 followers! thank you so much to those that have interacted with me and my posts thus far. 

I was in a rough spot and I thought making a studyblr would help me gain my motivation back. in the short time that i’ve been a part of this community, it has made such a difference! I feel so happy sharing my journey with you and I feel like I can be honest about what i’m experiencing. thank you guys so much! 

lots of love, 


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Quick question. How much data is enough data. I’m using secondary data for my research. Internet crime complaint generate an annual report which includes them collecting internet crime complaints they receive. So I created a table with all the complaints from 2000 to 2019 and calculated the percentage change. I’m going to analyze that data to back up that cyber crime increases during economy recession, and show how it spiked in 2008 to 2009. Would that be considered enough data? Or should I look for more data?

Also, my main focus is cyber fraud against businesses, while the data includes other types of crimes also (such as romance fraud, or auction fraud). It was be difficult to isolate those because the format of the report changed year over year and doesn’t break it down the same way in the earlier reports. Would that make my analysis invalid?

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[26.06.2020] Another update on my Don’t Get Depressed game plan for June-July:

- I just ordered a few serums to up my skincare game and that combined with my new and updated curl routine makes me Self Care Queen. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

- I now have like five calendars going for all the projects I have lined up for these few months so here’s to hoping I can keep up with those deadlines.

- I finally got to have my therapy appointment yesterday and I’m feeling fresh and clean and healthy.

And now on the to do list is:

- Figure out a workout routine

- Get cat litter

- Finally finish my room decorations

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25.06.2020 | 17/100 

i’ve mentioned my work as a graduate assistant a couple of times in my post, but I never really elaborate on the classes I TA for. so i’m currently working with the center for women’s and gender studies at my university. I started in december and the experience has been truly eye-opening for me. I feel as though i’m learning with the students and the professors i’ve been working with have been so amazing. it’s such a great and friendly environment. this summer b section I am helping with the grades for our intro course. we have over 300 students and it’s a 6 week course, haha. so there’s that. 

today I sat with the professor and we went through grading the first discussion that the students were assigned. I spent about 4 hours with her just looking through the course content, giving feedback on lectures and grading. it was nice working together. 


#2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 14 

✨Thursday ✨Sneakers or Sandals?

sneakers, hands down. if I had the space, I would have a sneaker collection haha. I started wearing them with skirts and dresses. honestly they are the most comfortable and I definitely prefer comfort any day. 

p.s. it looks like a lot of people likes seeing my bunny on here, haha. i’ll definitely share pictures of my babies more often. 

now, off to relax and paint my nails; they are a wreck lol 

have a lovely night 


tonight’s vibe: 

emily king - radio (acoustic) 

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24.06.2020 | 16/100

I mentioned on my last post that I stayed up late preparing for today. stayed awake reading til 5am to be exact… well I had to take advantage of my random increase in concentration. I’ve been getting really anxious about the independent study i’m doing this summer. the professor i’m working with is actually a friend of mine that graduated with her phd last year - and there’s another girl being instructed with me as well. this girl happens to be the one that seems to do everything perfectly all the time so I just feel like there’s added pressure to perform well. also, there have been instances of her judging others for various reasons - another thing to feed my anxiety. *sigh* I know I shouldn’t care what other people think about me, it’s just difficult with my mind always going there. 

thankfully we had a good discussion today. hopefully it’ll be less stressful from now on. 

oh! I forgot to mention that I got a bike recently and I finally went out to ride it monday evening after a workout session. whoo! there’s some productivity haha 


#2020 Quarantine Challenge | Week 14 

✨Wednesday ✨Big party or small gathering? 

i’m definitely a small gathering type of girl - especially with loved ones/ people i’m comfortable with. I tend to be the person alone in a corner lol or just sitting observing the party. I don’t do well in large social situations - socially awkward, what a surprise. initiating conversations with new people is like the perfect way to give me a mini heart attack. I never know if i’m saying the right things or coming off as awkward. 

ft. one of my little bunny babies - Nina who came to accompany as I turn in for the night

tonight’s vibe:
anuka - lose you 

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Adulting can make you feel really accomplished…

…until you realize you double booked appointments and now you have to call the dentist and tell them that you have to move the appointment you had scheduled two months ago needs to move because the dietitian appointment you scheduled two weeks ago takes precedence. 

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