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#peter parker x tony stark

Hey there starker people! So, I have a bit of a sappy story today. I came to the starker fandom about two years ago now, and it’s been an amazing ride. I’ve met someone amazing and absolutely gorgeous through the fandom in one of my group chats. @spiderboyunderoos69. Our conversations started off about some person in the group chat, and then from there we talked all the time. He’s become my best friend, who I’m in love with, and my partner just in life. And thanks to the starker fandom here on tumblr, I’ve finally met him. He lives with me in my state, and we wanted to share some of our pictures in cosplay with you all as a thank you to the fandom that united us. Much much love to all of you!!

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sorry for taking so long in updating this fic, everyone. life just sort of happened, and it didn’t stop happening for a while. thank you to everyone who still keeps up with this fic, for your patience and understanding. 

a new thing you’ll notice with this chapter is that i’m no longer including a tag list. simply put: the amount of names on the list were beginning to overwhelm me, and it was near-impossible to keep up with people when they changed their usernames. sorry, loves. i hope y’all enjoy this chapter!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

warnings: peter is 19. phone sex, edge play, masturbation, vibrators. short chapter, sorry, lol.

“For the last time, Stephen,” Tony growled, thumb and forefinger digging so hard into his eyes that he was seeing fireworks, “I am not going into detail about my ‘second job.’”

Tony swore he was a glutton for punishment. Had to be, to continue agreeing to meet Strange for lunch and get harassed about his night gigs. They had agreed to meet in the campus commons since both of them had a class to teach in an hour, but unlike Strange, Tony found nothing appealing about the college kitchen’s food. A black coffee suited him just fine. Even if it meant he was a little peckish over his next course.

The lack of food was probably what made him sound so cranky when trying to shut Strange down. No, he wasn’t going to entertain Strange with stories of weird or rude clients, wasn’t going to tell him which agency he worked for, and was absolutely not going to share his number so Strange could critique how he handled phone calls. 

He was going to have to make a physical reminder for himself to reject lunch invitations from Strange for the rest of his life, or at least until his teaching career was over.

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Day 27 - A/B/O (Peter/Tony)

I went totally overboard with this (2K+ words), I hope everyone enjoys! 🧡 I had a request a while back for omega Tony and alpha Peter, so here you go!

Warnings: intersex omega, genital language such as ‘pussy’ (regarding Tony, the omega), breeding kink, pregnancy talk (briefly), heat/rut cycles


They both knew it was coming.

It was marked on their shared calender. They had discussed it more than once, making sure they knew what they were doing. They were prepared.

They really were going to spend a cycle together.

It had been pure luck that they had finally lined up, Peter’s rut and Tony’s heat hitting at almost the same time. So everything just seemed perfect that they finally spent one together.

Then the day finally came.

Tony’s preheat had already been a bit of a mess, being around an unmated alpha who was close to rut couldn’t have helped. So they were prepared for his heat to be worse than normal.

When the pain started first thing when he woke up, the idea was just confirmed to him.

But Peter was still asleep, so he’d have to do a couple things to distract himself. He knew that the alpha would need his sleep. They likely wouldn’t get much in the days to come.

So Tony got up, pulling a robe loosely around him and slowly crept to the kitchen. He just really wanted coffee. Not that he needed any help being awake.

The sharp, radiating pains in his abdomen caused him to grimace, but he pressed on. He was determined to get his coffee. And he could fix some for Peter, too.

As he poured his cup, humming happily, he felt his body heating up slowly.

He had already had a low fever previously, it almost always happened in the days leading up to his heat. But just in the couple moments, he was panting and pulling the robe away from his chest in a weak attempt to get some cool air to his sticky skin.

Iced coffee it was, there was no way he was consuming anything hot.

It didn’t take him long to fix his drink, then one for Peter. He made his way back to the room, still panting slightly.

And the alpha was still asleep. It seemed that he had not liked Tony’s absence and had taken to curling around a pillow instead.

Then Tony noticed the ever so slight rock of his hips into said pillow and he smirked.

He felt himself start to slick at the sight. Sitting on the bed again, he gently nudged Peter.

“Hey, alpha,” he cooed, grinning.

Peter was instantly awake at the calling of his presentation, pupils wide and dark. “Hi, omega,” he said sheepishly.

He took notice of the pillow between his legs, cheeks flushing and pushing it away.

“Apparently you needed a little help,” Tony commented, sipping his drink and holding out Peter’s to him. “I’ll be right on that. Just let me…finish…”

His brain fogged up for a moment and his thoughts were lost as Peter’s rut scent hit him for the first time. It was deep, richer than normal. All sharp smoke and rich dark chocolate. Usually the scent was lighter, like a campfire where s’mores were present. This was different. Darker.

Peter seemed lost in the same way, lips parted as he took a deep breath. “Omega, please,” he breathed, squirming as he sat up.

Tony eyed the tent in the alpha’s shorts, nearly drooling. He wanted that in him immediately, coffee be damned.

His submissive side, the side of him that only came out during heat, wanted to present and let the alpha do what he wished.

But the more commanding side still had a bit of control.

“Undress,” He told Peter cooly, setting the drinks on the nightstand.

The young alpha instantly complied, nearly tripping over himself as he kicked his shorts off and pulled his oversized tshirt over his head. That left him completely bare, showing off the fact that he hadn’t worn boxers to bed.

Tony looked over him, seeming like he was sizing him up. It wasn’t like it would be the first time they saw each other naked. It really wasn’t a big deal.

But he was dramatic, so everything had to be a big deal.

He felt more slick gush out of him, ruining the sheets surely, as his eyes dropped to the alpha’s cock. Standing proud, flushed red, and gorgeous. It was perfectly thick and long and he knew from personal experience how good it felt inside of him.

And there, barely visible yet at the base, was the star of the show. Peter’s knot.

A weak whine bled from Tony’s throat and he unconsciously started moving towards the younger man.

Peter watched him, still seeming a bit overwhelmed. But he relaxed, biology taking over as Tony and his delicious heat scent got closer.

It was like Tony could see when the instincts kicked in. And he wished he had a video of the exact moment because it just made him wetter.

The alpha practically jumped on Tony, pinning him to the bed with his strong thighs bracketing the older man’s. One hand worked furiously to undo the tie of the robe, quickly getting it off and thrown as far away as possible.

There. That was much better.

Tony’s face flushed lightly as he was completely undressed. It wasn’t that he was shy about his body, it was just that the look Peter was giving him was so much more intense than anything he’d seen on the young man before. It was hot.

One hand slid gently over the omega’s stomach, then dipped lower. The alpha gently stroked Tony’s cock, purring happily at the moan he received. “Can I…can…” he stuttered, chewing his lip as his rut-fed confidence broke.

Tony purred loudly, hips rocking up into the touch. “Can you what, honey?”

“Can I…can I finger you?” He asked shyly.

The omega groaned at the simple question, nodding quickly. “Yes, baby. Yes. You can. Please,” he babbled.

He felt the press of Peter’s eager fingers against his hole, biting back an embarrassingly loud moan. He had barely been touched, he didn’t need to be so vocal. But he just got that way with heat.

Peter slowly slid his fingers in, amazed at the complete lack of resistance.

The omega’s body eagerly accepted the two fingers, clenching down around them once they were far enough in.

“Alpha,” Tony gasped, biting the inside of his cheek. “God, no, I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. You can do this later, I need your knot now,” he demanded.

Peter looked surprised, but laughed softly. He was used to the bossy behavior, he was just under the impression that Tony would be more…submissive in his heat.

Not quite.

He slowly pulled his fingers out, sneaking them in his mouth quickly. He moaned softly at the taste of the sweet slick.

Tony smirked as he watched him, but impatiently nudged him. “Come on. I thought that practically begging for your knot would get it inside of me already. I don’t want to wait, Peter.”

“Sorry, omega,” the young man said sheepishly. “Can you…turn over maybe?”

“Are you asking me to present for you?” Tony asked dryly.

Peter’s cheeks burned and he chewed his lip. “You don’t have to!” He clarified. “I was just thinking maybe, because it’ll be my first time…yknow, with an omega like this,maybe that would be…nice,” he finished lamely.

Even in his rut, which was supposed to make him primal and dominant, he was still shy and eager to please.

Tony laughed softly. “I was just teasing.”

He slowly flipped over onto all fours before dropping from his hands to his elbows. Perfect presentation form.

Peter was able to look over him, eyes focusing on the omega’s dripping pussy. The inside of his thighs were wet with slick as well and Peter so badly wanted to lick it up.

But that could come later.

He felt impossibly hard, cock leaking and knot aching. He needed to be in the omega. He couldn’t wait.

Peter was panting, rut fully kicking in as he finally mounted the omega. The head of his cock slipped in easily, not requiring any sort of movement from either party.

The alpha gripped the older man’s hips tightly as he fought to keep himself still, just for the moment.

The omega’s hole was warm and dripping wet and Peter couldn’t help the moan that escaped him.

Tony moaned, head dropping forward. “That’s it, honey. Don’t wait, I need it. Need your knot, baby, give it to me.” He growled lightly, breathing hard.

The young alpha nodded quickly, hips fucking forward without much plan. He had no rhythm. Only the screaming instinct of ‘fuck. Knot. Breed.’

And that was good enough for him.

And Tony didn’t mind too much either. He was lost in his heat, body craving an alpha’s knot and not caring much about anything else.

So he let Peter sloppily fuck into him, knowing there were bound to be bruises on his hips from how tightly he was being held.

And he loved it. He couldn’t wait to have the reminder of his alpha imprinted on his skin.

They both knew that Peter wouldn’t last long, the alpha had never been with a partner during a rut.

This was actually a pretty good thing because then Tony could get what he wanted faster.

He began feeling the swollen knot against his rim every time Peter thrust in. It wasn’t big enough to tie them together yet, but it was big enough to simultaneously make him feel amazing and like he was being split open (as if Peter’s cock didn’t do that already.)

So he started pressing his hips back, spearing himself on the alpha’s cock in an attempt to get him there faster. He was impatient and burning up and so badly wanted to be filled with his alpha’s cum.

His alpha.

He moaned out loud, both from Peter’s continuous movement and the thought that suddenly filled his mind.

Peter was his alpha. And he was Peter’s omega.

“C’mon, honey, I need you to fill me up,” he breathed, resting his forehead against the bedding. “I need you to breed me. Knock me up, I know you can do it. Young stud that you are, I know you can breed me,” the omega babbled.

He barely registered anything that he was saying, but he knew that on some level underneath all of the heat speak, he did want that. So he didn’t hold back.

Peter moaned, thrusts getting faster as he chased his high and listened to his omega speak. “I’m- oh, omega, I’m so close. I’m so- fuck,” he groaned. His expression was fighting between pain and utter bliss.

“You can do it,” Tony encouraged, biting his lip. “I know you can, just gotta knot me. I know you want to do that, just knot me, alpha!” He practically sobbed, pain flaring up deep in his abdomen again, fighting with the pleasure.

It’s like the alpha could sense that he needed more in that instant. Because his knot swelled further until Peter’s hips fucked forward one more time and they were tied together.

Tony cried out as he came, pussy spasming around the knot and cock spurting useless cum onto the bedspread under him.

His release was all that Peter needed to finally trigger his.

The alpha went ridged as he finished, cock pumping cum deep into the omega’s body. And his knot was there to keep anything from escaping. He shuddered through the orgasm, collapsing weakly against Tony was he was mostly finished.

He slowly turned them onto their sides, getting them both into a position where they could be more comfortable while tied together.

Tony closed his eyes, breathing hard. He felt so much better. All of his pain was gone with a full knot inside of him and a thick load of his alpha’s cum filling him up.

Peter nuzzled against his neck almost shyly, despite what they had just done.

The older man chuckled, leaning back into the touch favorably. “Thank you. That…wow, I didn’t think you had that in you.”

The alpha’s cheeks flushed a soft pink. “I’m glad I could help. And thank you for helping me.”

There was silence for a moment, both of them taking the moment to catch their breath.

Peter was the first to speak again. “Did you mean it?” He asked quietly.

“Did I mean what?”

“When you…you said to kn-knock you up.”

Tony smiled weakly, sighing softly. “Yeah, I meant it. I did,” he admitted.

Peter’s hands slowly snuck around them, resting on the omega’s stomach. It was slightly swollen with the amount of cum filling him, but that made it that much better. “Well…maybe it will happen,” he said hopefully. Then he yawned.

The omega chuckled, setting his hands on top of the alpha’s. His alpha’s. “Maybe,” he agreed. “Now don’t fall asleep on me. I’ll need you again sooner or later.”

But of course, he was talking to himself. As Peter had already fallen asleep.

He chuckled. “Right. Okay. You can have five minutes or so. Then we’re back at it.”

All he got was a snore in reply.

That was fine.

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Ti Amo-verse yayyy! Angsty sex in a swimming pool yayyyyyyyy!!!!
Warnings: Nff, angsty smut, Tony has low self worth and Cupido (Peter) makes sure he gets over it (with a little bit of a mindfuck, maybe?), oh yeah it takes place in the swimming pool :P

This takes place in the Ti Amo-verse (Tempio Di Pietro, a spin-off to the Laurel Crown chapter from Jar of Dirt - sheesh this universe is extensive loool). Some things might not make sense unless you’ve read these!

I never meant for it to get angsty but this universe literally writes itself, I am just the vessel that types I guess- xD



Read on AO3!

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Day 26 - Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy (Peter/Tony)

ANYWAYS it’s been a long day so here’s some sweet and mildly spicy starker for everyone to enjoy 🧡 I hope no one was scared off by everything from earlier lol

Warnings: sugar baby/daddy relationship, exchange of gifts for implied sexual favors (consensual), college aged Peter


The rumors had been thrown around for years. As soon as tabloids got ahold of pictures of Peter and Tony together, they went crazy.

It didn’t matter that at the time Peter was underaged, of course rumors spread anyways.

Tony and Peter didn’t see each other like that. They had strictly a mentor/mentee relationship. Almost family, even!

Until one day Peter slipped.

He didn’t call Mr. Stark dad, no. But he did call him daddy.

Things definitely changed after that.

Then is was discussed how Peter had always been poor. The Parkers were never particularly wealthy people.

But the financial situation got even worse once he moved out to his own place in college. He couldn’t keep a steady job because of his Spider-Man gig (which he definitely wasn’t giving up) and freelancing didn’t really pay very well often.

So Tony had an idea.

He proposed that, since there was clearly an attraction between them, and it was perfectly legal and okay since Peter was over eighteen, he could help with the financial situation.

Of course, Peter knew there had to be some sort of exchange. Tony said no, but Peter wouldn’t just take the money and gifts for free.

So that’s how Peter got his sugar daddy. And how he reaffirmed in his mind that he really liked older men.


“Tony-“ Peter started, sighing into the phone as he looked at the various packages on his bed.

“What? You don’t like them?” Tony asked innocently. “I was online shopping this weekend, you can’t blame me.”

Peter started opening things, smiling weakly to himself as he looked over the gifts. “I like them, but you can’t just do this. I told you, the allowance this month was all I needed. It covered everything just fine.”

The older man chuckled. “Maybe, but daddy wanted to treat his baby, yes?”

The younger man paused, shivering at the name that Tony called himself. No matter how many times he heard it, it always drove him crazy.

At the pause, Tony smirked to himself. “You know I love treating you, honey. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I see things you’d like and next thing I know the shipping plans are being sent to Jarvis.”

Looking over the gifts that he had opened and noticing that he had barely gotten through half, Peter whimpered. “But sir…” he chewed his lip, sitting on his bed next to all of the packages.

“Wrong answer,” Tony purred.

Peter shivered again, biting his lip gently. “Daddy,” he said quietly. “Thank you.” He laid down, relaxing against the bed.

“Good boy. You know you can’t stop me from giving you gifts. It’s what I like to do. I’m not just here to help you with money, I’m also here to make you happy with other gifts.”

“I know, daddy. And you do make me happy. Sometimes I just worry that you’re spending too much on me,” Peter whined gently.

Tony hummed through the phone. He knew that Peter was always a bit nervous about how much he spent. But he always assured him that it wasn’t going to make him bankrupt or anything. He just liked treating his baby. “Nothing I spend on you could ever be too much. You deserve the world.”

Peter blushed, cheeks burning. “That’s-“ he sighed. The compliments always made him feel warm and mushy, but he could never seem to accept them fully. “Thank you, daddy. I’ll pay you back,” he said sweetly.

Tony chuckled, fingers of his free hand raking through his hair gently, catching on his greying locks. He wasn’t sure how he felt about the change in color, a sign he was getting older. But Peter assured him time and time again that he was just a ‘sexy silver fox’. “You know I could never say no to that.”

Peter knew that nothing was expected of him. Any ‘payment’ that he gave for the gifts or the money was completely consensual and freely given. “I’ll take some good pictures and send them to you. And then maybe we could video call?” He suggested, biting back a grin. “Just an idea.”

“That sounds incredible, honey. You want to stay on the phone while you do that or do you want me to suffer and wait?” The older man joked.

“Hmmmm, I guess we could stay on the phone,” Peter teased. Like he ever wanted to hang up. He could listen to Tony’s voice forever and be happy.

“Sounds perfect, baby. I’ll be right here.”

Yeah, their relationship had changed a lot over the years. But neither of them would complain about it.

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve Part Thirteen Part Fourteen

“What’s this, honey?” Tony accepted the blue paper Morgan handed to him. 

Morgan looked up from her steaming bowl of soup. “Ms. Macy said that you have to sign it so I can go to the zoo.” 

Tony scanned the paper thoroughly, sharp eyes taking in every detail, before hesitance took over his face. “I don’t know, Morgan…Your teacher would have thirty other kids to keep an eye on. I don’t want you going somewhere practically unsupervised.” 

Morgan turned her puppy eyes on, then, pleading, “Please, Daddy? I’m not gonna do anything wrong.”

He was about to give in when all his worries strengthened, bringing all the cons to light in his mind. “No, Morgan. I’m sorry.” 

Morgan’s face fell, and she turned away from him with a huff, deciding to try her luck with Peter. “Papa? Can I go?” 

Peter looked between the two Starks, both of whom looked desperate, though for different reasons. “Can I see the paper?”

Tony wordlessly slid it over to him. Peter picked it up and read through everything it said, trying to ignore the eyes on him. Finally, he set the paper down and said, “I don’t have classes that day. How about I go as a chaperone?” 

“What’s a chaperone?” Morgan asked, but it was overshadowed by Tony saying:

“That’s a good idea, sweetheart.” 

He looked immensely relieved, having not wanted to upset either of them. He produced a fancy pen from his suit jacket and signed the paper with a flourish, which he then gave back to Morgan. 

“What’s a chaperone?” Morgan asked again, getting a little impatient. 

“An adult who chooses to go on field trips to help the teacher,” Peter explained, “I’m coming so I can watch you.”

“Oh,” Morgan blinked, “Can Daddy come too?”

“Daddy has work that day,” Tony said with a rueful smile, “But we can all go to the zoo together on another day.” 

“Okay, Daddy,” Morgan pushed her bowl away, “Can we work on DUM-E’s costume again?”

“Only if you finish your food,” Tony nudged her bowl back to its original spot. 

Peter let himself tune out their conversation when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He slid it out and turned on the screen, which showed a text from a person he’d never texted before.

Molly❤: Hey, this is Molly. You told me to add myself into your contacts, so I’m just checking that it all works :)

Peter’s face pinched in confusion. Why would she put a heart in her contact name? They barely knew each other. That was something friends did - or lovers, for that matter. Maybe she already considered them friends, which was… concerning and somewhat sweet all at the same time.

Peter: I got your text. Yeah, this is Peter, so it all works haha

He turned his phone off, expecting that to be it, but his screen lit up with another text. 

Molly❤: Did Morgan tell you about the field trip yet?

Peter: Yes. She’s gonna go on the trip. Are you letting Tia come?

Molly❤: Yep. Are you coming too? I’m going to chaperone, and I could use a friend…

Peter: I am coming, actually, yeah. I’ll see you there?

Molly❤: You bet ;)

Peter put his phone back in his pocket, feeling slightly weirded out. Molly was a little - touchy, maybe? He wasn’t sure how to explain it. Maybe that was just the type of person she was. He brushed it off and returned his attention to the Starks, who were finishing their soup and starting to clear the table. He stood up and joined them in their efforts, his conversation with Molly already pushed to the back of his mind.

On the Friday of that same week, the family of three was getting ready to leave the penthouse. Morgan and Peter would be going on the former’s first ever field trip, and Tony would be having a boring day at the office. 

Peter had finished getting ready first and was making a lunch that they could all take with them, splitting it into three brown paper bags. When he finished, Tony and Morgan were waiting for him, and they all went down to the garage. 

When they arrived at the school, Tony leaned forward to kiss him, taking a moment to murmur against his lips, “Take a lot of pictures for me, okay? I want to see everything.” 

“Of course,” Peter pressed another quick kiss onto his mouth before pulling away, “Have a good day at work. Love you.” 

“Love you too, honey,” Tony faced the backseat, where Morgan was sitting on her new booster, “Have fun on your trip, Morguna. You’ll have to tell me all about it when you come home.” 

“Okay, Daddy,” Morgan patted her seatbelt with eager hands, “Papa, we have to go or the bus will leave without us.” 

“Okay, okay,” Peter got out of the car and helped Morgan do the same, sending Tony one last wave before entering the school. 

When they got to the classroom, Morgan received a sticker with her name on it from Ms. Macy, which was supposed to help the zoo staff identify any missing kids from the trip. The little girl ran off to join a group of kids in the corner of the class, ditching Peter as a result, but he didn’t mind. He was just glad to see that she’d managed to make friends. 

He didn’t stay alone for very long. Molly spotted him from where she was standing next to the window, and made her way over, brushing her hand along his bicep in greeting. 

“Oh, hey,” Peter said, relieved to have someone to talk to, “How are you?” 

“I’m doing good,” Molly sent him a small smile, “Especially now that I get to go on this trip.”

“Have you not been to the zoo before?” Peter asked, surprised. 

“No, I have,” Molly shook her head, letting her hand fall from his arm, “I just have better company this time around.” 

“I see,” Peter grinned at her awkwardly. It turned out that MJ had been right when she said that he needed to work on his social skills.

Just then, Ms. Macy clapped at the front of the classroom, getting everyone’s attention. 

“Alright, everyone,” she said, “The buses are here, and I expect you all to be on your best behavior. Now - who’s ready to go to the zoo?” 

A chorus of cheers went up in the classroom. 

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Summary: A continuation of Prompt Fill #16: Suspension!
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

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I slept for five hours. I am tired. But I made a new mb!


Gracie gave me her stamp of approval and my brain said, ah, validation; you may sleep well now.

Little Ben is Aunt May’s kid and you’re dead wrong if you think Peter B Parker doesn’t know all his classmates and teachers. And if he pays some attention to Mr Stark while the man is on a shopping spree at the local craft store Pete works at, well, that’s just because the new resident of apartment 42B is a very protective cousin interested in what Ben will learn in school. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s as smitten as a kitten with the teacher and holy shit, they’re neighbours.

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HELLO starker friends. If you don’t know me it’s because I was in a hiatus since last year. I am a starker account: I take prompts, I write, I write on AO3, and I just publish stuff about starker!! If you:

1) write starker

2) do and post starker related stuff

3) and/or you are starting and want new friends

Please reblog this and let’s follow each other! Let’s find one another again, thank you! ♥️

Also, please feel free to check my account. I haven’t written a lot since I got back, but I have some pretty long fanfics down the line. I was here for a looong period of time before I left. Thank you!

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Find our full Kinktober post right here! 


Summary: As the title says: Karen And Friday Get Involved.
Warnings: Artificial Intelligence being sliiiightly manipulative

I wrote this on a piece of paper and then typed it into my phone akfjsk, please tell me if there’s any typos!


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Considering everything with RDJ and Pratt and everything else, I don’t want anyone defending Pratt for going to a church that is homophobic and racist because it’s fuckin easy to find a good, wholesome and welcoming church. My local church is an example. There are no excuses.

This is another example of white men not understanding the privilege they have and the weight they carry (especially ones who have a massive following such as these two men+ all the other cast/crew members defending him from understandable backlash)

We cannot put these people on pedestals, and with that being said, I will not be saying “Anyways, Stan xyz for clear skin”

I will, however, say that even though you don’t wanna support the actors, you can still watch the movies in which they portray a favorite character of yours. Just watch on a website ;))) that ;))) is ;))) for legal reasons ;))) non existent;)))

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten Part Eleven

Tony: Baby, where are you? We’re waiting to have dinner with you.

Tony: And Morgan misses you, so hurry up.

Tony: Okay, fine. She’s not the only one that misses you.

Tony: Pete?

Tony: We had dinner without you. Morgan’s getting upset, and I don’t want to deal with the tantrum she’ll throw if you’re not back to tuck her in.

Tony: Parker, I swear to God, if you’re not home in the next thirty minutes I’m going to kill you.

Tony: Just be safe please, wherever you are.

“Daddy, where’s Papa?” Morgan asked for the sixth time that night.

Tony had managed to wrangle her into her pajamas and put her to bed, but she was refusing to sleep. She didn’t want to sleep until Peter came back, but Tony wasn’t sure when that was going to be. 

Morgan sighed when he didn’t respond, tracing the swirling patterns on her pajama pants. Tony eased himself into the bed to sit next to her, observing the conflicted look in her eyes. 

“Penny for your thoughts?” Tony tucked her into his side. 

“What does that mean?” Morgan looked bewildered, “Why would you pay for my thoughts?” 

Tony smothered his laughter in her hair. “It’s an idiom, honey. I’m not paying for your thoughts, I’m wondering what you’re thinking about.” 

“Oh,” Morgan grinned up at him deviously, “That will cost you one penny, then. Or I won’t tell you.” 

Tony beamed proudly. “Look at you – five years old and already a better businessman than Hammer.” 

His smile faded when Peter’s laughter didn’t accompany the joke (though, really, he wasn’t joking, but – semantics). 

“I was thinking about Papa,” Morgan admitted in a small voice, “Did he leave like Mommy did?” 

Tony’s chest constricted at the thought, but he ignored it and said, “Papa is just very, very late. He won’t do it anymore, Morguna, don’t worry. I’m going to talk to him when he comes home.” 

Morgan nodded silently against his chest. They stayed like that for an hour before she fell asleep, but Tony didn’t leave or move to his own bed. It would feel too big and too empty, anyway, now that Peter had slept in it with him and wasn’t here to do it again. 

“Mr. Parker has entered the building,” FRIDAY voiced quietly, careful now that there was a risk of waking Morgan. 

Tony slid out of the bed immediately, barely remembering to cover Morgan with her blanket before racing out of her room. He got to the living room right as the elevator doors opened, out of which Peter came stumbling out in his Spider-Man suit. 

“Where were you?” Tony hissed, following him as he trudged to their room, “Do you know how worried I was?” 

Peter pressed the spider emblem on his suit, letting it fall to the ground before stepping out of it. He tossed it into the hamper and sat heavily on the bed, watching Tony with earnest eyes. Tony shifted angrily in front of him, waiting for him to start talking. 

“I’m sorry,” Peter told him, “And before you start yelling, it wasn’t my fault, so-”

“I’m not going to start yelling, because guess what time it is, genius. Guess who’s daughter only just fell asleep because she was waiting up for you.” Tony stalked forward, poking his chest harshly. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” Peter groaned, “It really wasn’t my fault. My phone died, so I couldn’t call you, and I ran out of webs so I had to walk all the way back here. I had no clothes other than the suit, and there’s no way Spider-Man is taking a cab – then everyone will know where I live.” 

“What about Karen? She could have contacted me,” Tony narrowed his eyes, “Unless you were messing with the suit again.” 

Peter clenched his jaw at the accusation. “I wasn’t. She’s still malfunctioning from when I had to fight that evil wizard guy last week.” 

“Why didn’t you fix her?” Tony facepalmed, “She’s there to help you, which she can’t do if she’s not working. You’ve had all this time to do it. And if you didn’t want to, you could have given her to me.” 

“I didn’t want to bother you, and then I just never got around to doing it,” Peter answered sheepishly. 

Tony scoffed. “You wouldn’t have bothered me.” 

He yanked Peter into a rough kiss, murmuring against his lips, “This is because I’m glad you’re safe.” He pulled away from him abruptly, tugging him out of the bed and towards the door, “And this is because you worried me.”

He pushed Peter onto the couch in the living room and turned to go back to their room. 

“I have to sleep on the couch?” Peter called after him, “Seriously? It’s not like I chose to worry you!” 

Tony’s only response was to shut the door to their room. Secure in the knowledge that Peter was home and safe, he went through his night routine and fell onto the bed in an exhausted heap. He was as comfortable as his smooth sheets and soft blankets allowed, but sleep did not come. 

He knew what the problem was. Peter wasn’t laying next to him, and of course Tony would be clingy enough to struggle falling asleep without him. That was just his luck, really. 

He slipped out of bed and crept to the living room, deciding that he would sleep with Peter on the couch and wake up before he did – Peter would never have to know that he couldn’t follow through with his own punishment. 

When he reached the sofa he’d left Peter on, he discovered that Peter wasn’t there, causing his heart to sink. 

He knew, logically, that it wasn’t fully Peter’s fault that he was so late. Maybe he’d gone too far by exiling him from their bedroom. Maybe Peter had decided he didn’t want to put up with him anymore, and left. 

Tony sank onto the couch with his head in his hands. He’d fucked up again; he’d known that he was being naive by hoping that his relationship with Peter would last. 

“FRI?” Tony spoke up a while later, “Did Peter say anything before he left? Leave a message or something?” 

FRIDAY sounded confused when she answered. “Mr. Parker has not left the premises.” 

Tony’s head shot up, fast enough that his neck throbbed punishingly, “Where is he?” 

“He is resting in his bedroom.” 

Tony stood up slowly, “You mean, the room he was in before we got together?”

“Yes, Boss.” 

He blew out a long, relieved breath. Peter was still here; he wasn’t going to leave, and he still wanted to be with Tony. 

Tony opened the door to Peter’s bedroom, slipping inside with the stealthiness of a SHIELD agent. He padded over to the bed and crawled onto it, hugging Peter’s chest to himself and resting his left leg over the younger man’s hips. Clinging to him tightly, Tony laid his head on Peter’s shoulder and closed his eyes. 

Now, with Peter in his arms, he could sleep.

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I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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Day 20 - Caught Masturbating (Peter/Tony)

I’m sorry this is late, it’s been a weird day. But I hope everyone enjoys 🧡 might add a second part to this later if people are interested

Warnings: Peter’s age isn’t mentioned but he’s 17, mutual pining/lust, masturbation, getting caught


Peter definitely had a problem with touching himself.

Like, he figured that any teenage boy did. It was just a thing. They discovered what an orgasm was and they never stopped touching themselves.

Except that since the bite, his sensitivity was even higher than normal.

At first he wasn’t sure how to deal, barely able to keep from rubbing one out every hour.

Then he eventually began to cope, figuring out how often he needed it and how long he could go without. Everything was all good. He knew what to do.

Except all of that went out the widow with Mr. Stark.

Tony Stark had been a main focus in Peter questioning his sexuality since he discovered what that even meant. The first time Peter had cum had been to a poster of Iron Man he had.

And meeting him at the impressionable age of fifteen? Peter was ruined for absolutely anyone else. It was like his dick had a trigger switch that was turned on if Mr. Stark was in a fifteen foot radius. Anything he had done to keep himself under control before was useless when it came to the older man.

Which was especially an issue when they started doing missions together. Or spent time in Mr. Stark’s lab or garage together.

Bye bye loose track pants, Peter always did his best to wear bottoms that wouldn’t show his embarrassing hard ons. Although sometimes it was still a struggle. Like in his skintight suit.

But if Mr. Stark ever noticed, luckily he never said anything.

Just being around the man drove him crazy. When his thoughts wandered…that was really where the problem came in.


If just being in close proximity drove Peter’s hormones insane, having Mr. Stark actually touch him made him nearly combust. Take that how you wish.

They’d been working on the suit for nearly two hours and Tony had wanted Peter in it to make sure everything still fit right and he didn’t mess up any of the aerodynamics.

At least that was what he said. He really just liked the kid in the suit. But he’d never admit to it. That was wrong.

Tony’s hands kept touching him as he worked, light brushing against his chest and back and shoulders.

It didn’t matter that there was fabric between them, his skin still sung at the almost-contact.

Eventually he ended up half naked, suit loose around his arms and torso as they figured out how to tweak one webshooter.

Again, that was what Peter believed, anyways.

Tony knew there was nothing wrong. He just couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t wrong to indulge himself if it was only looking, right? And he was helping the kid, that made it okay.

Until he started noticing the swelling bulge at Peter’s crotch.

He needed to give the kid some time to cool down. So he’d step out for a couple minutes and act like he hadn’t noticed anything. For the good of Peter, of course.

“I’ll be right back, underoos, don’t worry. Give me just a minute.” Tony walked out of the room, holding his phone like he was going to make a call.

Making sure he really was out of the room, Peter quickly shoved the bottom half of his suit aside and wrapped a hand around his cock. He still had boxers on, but they weren’t thick enough to prevent much of the feeling from getting to him.

A soft groan left him and he bit down on his bottom lip to keep most of the sound quiet. He didn’t need to alert anyone that walked by.

But he quickly started stroking himself, pushing his boxers down after a couple of minutes when he was absolutely sure that he was alone.

He needed to finish quickly, before Mr. Stark came back. There weren’t any slow movements or teasing. There wasn’t time for that. He just needed to cum.

And it definitely wouldn’t take long.

He could just remember the smell of Mr. Stark’s cologne, or the way the man’s hand felt on his shoulder.

His eyes slipped shut and he thumbed over the head of his cock, moaning at the extra sensitivity that brought him.

It was almost there, he could almost feel the crest of the wave as his high built and built-

And then there was someone clearing their throat.

His eyes flew open and frantically looked in the direction of the voice. Every part of him seemed to flash heat as his eyes landed on Mr. Stark.

“Oh god, no, Mr. Stark, I swear-“ his mouth couldn’t keep up with the excuses and apologies that his brain kept coming up with.

He gathered enough brainpower to slowly tuck away his still-throbbing cock. At least give himself some sort of dignity.

Although he wasn’t sure there was really much to save after that.

“Peter,” Tony said slowly. He had given him a couple of minutes and he thought Peter had finished when there had been a moment of silence. Obviously his assumption had been incorrect.

Peter was focused on his words. Or- word.

Oh god. No nickname. No nothing. Just Peter. Just his name and nothing else. That never happened.

“…yes?” He squeaked, resisting the urge to hide his face in his hands.

Tony just looked at him for a moment, fighting the urge to smile at how he blushed all the way to his chest. But he couldn’t smile. He needed to be serious. Although he was no good at that.

“You were doing that…why? I only had to step out for a couple minutes, we have a bathroom you could have gone to.” He sounded a bit exasperated, but it was mostly to cover up how turned on he was. That part didn’t need to be heard. It was highly inappropriate. He couldn’t let the teen know that he had been listening. He knew it was going to happen.

Peter whined softly, not looking at him. “Because…” because why? Going to the bathroom would have made much more sense. And he wouldn’t have gotten caught.

Maybe that was what he wanted. But there was no way that he was saying that.

“I don’t know,” he whispered, unable to make his voice any louder.

Tony nodded slowly, raking a hand through his hair. “Okay. Okay. Take the suit off, okay?”

More fear swept through Peter. “Wh-what?” He was going to get the suit taken. He just knew it. He had been caught in his disgusting desires and he had been careless and he was going to have the suit taken.

He was quickly spiraling in his own thoughts, keeping the suit pulled up on his lower half.

Tony watched him, expression softening as he noticed how he seemed to be panicking. “Hey hey. No. I’m not taking it from you, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just not in the mood to clean a multimillion dollar suit. I was gonna step out again and let you finish.” And keep listening for those beautiful noises.

It wasn’t wrong if he just listened, right?

Peter slowly looked up at him, blinking slowly. “You’re not taking the suit,” he said softly.

“Correct. You want me to step out now or-“


He definitely answered that too fast. That was weird. That was definitely weird.

“I mean-“ he started backtracking. “You don’t have to leave. I’m…beyond mortified now and don’t think there’s even a chance I’ll be able to…yknow.” He cleared his throat, looking away as he started getting his suit on completely again.

Tony nodded slowly, watching him. He could definitely still make out a sizeable bulge in the front of the suit, but he wouldn’t mention it. It would have been wrong for him to mention it. He didn’t even need to seem like he was paying attention. It was better to just not say. “Alright. Well, just let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Neither of them said anything for a moment after that.

Peter was waiting for him to correct the statement. To take it back and clarify what he meant.

Tony just looked at his phone quickly before shrugging. “Want to get back to work?”

“Actually….” don’t do it Parker, no, you’re going to look stupid if he didn’t mean it. “Maybe I could use some help,” he said shyly.

A slight smirk tugged at Tony’s lips and he nodded. “Just tell me what you need.”

Tony was a bad, bad man.

And Peter was finally starting to see that.

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Summary: Peter gets to sit on Tony’s face ^^ 
Warnings: NFF, Face Sitting, Oral.

I’m aware that this isn’t my best prompt fill a a a. I was gonna write, and then I just… Played guitar all night whoops. So I quickly typed this out before bed! Hope y'all like the imaginary visuals XD

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

TW: injury

Morgan had mixed feelings about school. She wasn’t used to obeying anyone other than her parents, but she learned very quickly that teachers were meant to be listened to. One humiliating time out in the corner of the classroom was all it took for the lesson to sink in. That didn’t mean she liked it; though Peter was a relatively carefree father, she was still adjusting to having him as an authority figure in her life. Now she had a teacher trying to do almost the same thing.

The difference was that she loved Peter and had practically begged him to join the group of adults that could boss her around. Her teacher’s power was largely unwelcome in comparison.

“Morgan, you have to eat the celery,” Ms. Macy said patiently, “Vegetables are important to have in a healthy, balanced meal.”

Morgan crossed her arms, “Daddy and Papa don’t make me eat celery.”

“And what about your Mommy?” Ms. Macy asked, already aware of her familial situation due to the excited rambles that often spilled out of her mouth during breaks such as this one.

“Mommy does,” Morgan admitted grudgingly.

Ms. Macy slid the Spider-Man themed lunchbox closer to the little girl. “Which means…?”

Morgan huffed and shoved the celery sticks into her mouth, chomping on them with a passive aggressive look on her face. Ms. Macy moved away from her to check on the other students, and Morgan spat out her celery.

She liked Ms. Macy – she was nice and didn’t get annoyed if Morgan didn’t understand something right away. It reminded her of her fathers’ seemingly endless patience.

Morgan just didn’t want to listen to her. She didn’t defy her openly after suffering through the aforementioned time out, but she continued to feel reluctant when it came to following her orders.

She didn’t understand why she felt that way, but she supposed that it tied in with not understanding completely why she had to listen to her teacher in the first place.

The bell rang overhead – Morgan winced automatically, still not used to its loud volume – and the students started scrambling for their belongings. It was their third day of school, and no one was fully comfortable there just yet.

Morgan followed her classmates outside, her eyes roving over the parking lot with eager eyes. She wanted to be at home, cuddling with her fathers on the couch, but they didn’t seem to have arrived at her school yet.

She caught sight of a tall, slender woman leaning against a shiny white car. She was matching the automobile, clad in a prim, white dress with sunglasses and heels of the same color. Her strawberry blonde hair was left down, glimmering under the sunlight and more familiar to Morgan than most of the things she’d seen in her short life.

“Mommy?” Morgan breathed out and took off, streaking across the parking lot to get to her mother.

She had completely forgotten that she’d be spending the day with Pepper. For a moment, remorse ran through her at the thought of missing out on a day with her fathers, and she almost felt reluctant to be heading to her mom’s home – the one Morgan had never bothered getting too comfortable in, knowing that she’d be leaving again in a short amount of time. She reminded herself that she got to see Pepper a lot less than she saw her dads and kept running, small breaths punching out of her lungs.

Caught up in her excitement, she didn’t notice the car moving towards her until it was too late. The car – a silver Kia – screeched to a stop, but to no avail; the front bumper hit Morgan and sent her flying to the ground.

Black spots cropped up in her vision, blinding her in tandem with the pain that flared in her left arm, which was bent in a way she was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be. She curled up on the road, whimpering loudly as nausea stirred in her gut.

She couldn’t handle it for long. In seconds, the black spots took over her sight entirely, swallowing the light and rendering her unconscious.

Morgan woke up in her mother’s arms, and for a moment, she was confused as to what was happening. She scanned the room they were in with bleary eyes, and found that she didn’t recognize it.

“Are you awake, sweetheart?” Pepper cooed, her forehead wrinkled in concern.

Morgan nodded, tears springing to her eyes as the memories came rushing back. She stared at her arm, unable to look away; it was bruised and bleeding, the slightest movements lighting it on fire.

“What’s wrong with me?” she wailed, shoving her face into Pepper’s chest to hide from her injury.

“The doctor will be back in a minute,” Pepper stroked her hair soothingly, “He’ll make you feel better, I promise. You just hurt your arm a bit.”

“Will Daddy and Papa come?” Morgan asked hopefully.

“Your daddy is on his way,” Pepper paused, “Who’s Papa?”

“Papa is Papa,” Morgan’s eyebrows furrowed, “He was Petey but now I call him Papa.”

“That’s inappropriate, Morgan,” Pepper chastised, “You can’t call everyone you see whatever you want to call them. Peter is a polite boy, he’s not going to tell you to stop, but you have to respect his boundaries. He’s not actually your papa.”  

“Yes, he is!” Morgan said defensively, “Daddy said I could call him that.”

“Of course he did,” Pepper muttered, rubbing her face in frustration.

A knock on the door interrupted their argument, causing them to look up expectantly. The door swung open, revealing Tony and Peter, both of whom hurried into the room with stricken looks on their faces.

“Oh, my baby,” Tony fell to his knees in front of Morgan’s chair, bringing his hands to her face. He took in every scrape and bruise with desperate eyes, until they settled on her throbbing arm.

“Hi, Daddy,” Morgan reached for him with her right arm. Tony took the cue for what it was and picked her up with gentle arms, clutching her to his chest.

Peter took his place at Tony’s side, rubbing Morgan’s back to get her attention. She looked up at the touch, giving him a toothy smile when she saw him.

“I didn’t forget Alfred this time,” Peter passed the beloved purple elephant to Morgan, who caged him in protectively between her chest and Tony’s.

“Thanks, Papa,” Morgan beamed, her happiness distracting her from the pain, “You’re the bestest person ever.”

“Hey, what about me?” Tony pouted, “Now that you have another daddy, you’re going to forget about me?”

“You didn’t bring Alfred,” Morgan pointed out, “It’s okay, Daddy. I still like you even if you didn’t bring him.”

“That’s one point for me,” Peter said smugly, “You’re going to have to catch up soon, old man, or I’ll be leaving you in the dust.”

“Who are you calling an old man?” Tony gaped, offended, “‘Cause I know you’re not talking to me right now.”

Pepper coughed, getting their attention. “Tony, can I talk to you outside?”

“After Morgan gets her arm fixed,” Tony answered, not quite ready to put his little girl down.

The doctor came in soon after and set Morgan’s arm, which resulted in a new round of tears. All three parents tried to comfort her, but the combined attention only overwhelmed her, so they backed off. Thankfully, once the arm was set, she calmed down a little.

“What color would you like your cast to be?” the doctor asked her.

“Purple,” Morgan waved Alfred in the air, showing him off to the doctor, “Then Alfred and I will be twins.”

When the doctor finished with Morgan, they thanked him and left the building. Once they got outside, Pepper grabbed Tony’s wrist, reminding him that she wanted to speak to him.

Peter took hold of Morgan’s right hand, “How about we look for Daddy’s car, Mo?”

Tony smiled at him gratefully, watching them walk away before turning to Pepper.

“Why are you letting her call him that?” Pepper asked, just as exasperated with him as she always was.

He used to find it endearing. Now it just got on his nerves.

“Well, look who’s learning not to argue in front of a child,” Tony applauded her sarcastically.

Pepper pinched the bridge of her nose. “I’m serious, Tony. You’re letting her see him as a parent and get attached. Have you even thought about how uncomfortable this must be making him feel?”

“No, considering he insisted that he wanted to parent her,” Tony frowned at her, “I have no problem with letting her get attached, because Peter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

“And once he graduates?” Pepper raised an eyebrow, “If he gets a job outside of the state – outside of the country, even – what will happen?”  

“If that happens, Peter and I will talk about it,” Tony shrugged.

“Don’t tell me you’d move with him,” Pepper’s jaw dropped, “You would uproot Morgan’s life and take her away from me to stay close to your intern?”

“Can you stop putting words in my mouth?” Tony snapped, “Even if we do move, it would be because Peter is my boyfriend and Morgan’s father. He stopped interning for me years ago.”

Pepper’s eyes widened in horror, “Boyfriend? Are you serious? Do you know the PR mess I’ll have to deal with if this gets out?”

“Then it’s a good thing I have a PR team being paid to do this exact thing, isn’t it?” Tony asked coolly, “I’m not ashamed of Peter; and frankly, I don’t give two shits what the world will think.”

“Okay, you don’t care,” Pepper threw her hands up, “We’ll talk about this later. This is still my day with Morgan, though, so bring her back.”

The walk to Tony’s car was shrouded in tense silence. Peter was sitting on the hood of Tony’s car with Morgan in his lap, the two playing an intense game of rock paper scissors. Tony’s bad mood instantly lightened up, and he kissed Peter’s forehead in greeting once he reached the car, then bending down to do the same to Morgan.

Morgan left with Pepper, and Tony couldn’t bring himself to feel annoyed about it. He was just relieved that his daughter was okay.

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Summary: Tony is a little jealous of all the thugs that end up hanging from Peter’s webs.
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

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