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#rwby emerald
emercuryweek · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
As we are nearing the end of Emercury Week, our last official prompt for Day 7 is Reunion. Lets all hope Mercury and Emerald reunite sooner rather than later!
See the rules and the rest of the prompts here.
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spacefaegoddess · 34 minutes ago
Mercury: I destroy myself first so it doesn’t hurt as much when someone else does it
Emerald: is that why you’ve locked yourself in a supply closet with a pack of double stuffed Oreos
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razorblade180 · 4 hours ago
I know I say “I only wish one thing from RT” a bunch, but Rooster Teeth, I only wish for Emerald and Mercury to hold each other. Let me have this please...
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mercthebutcher · 5 hours ago
Realized I didn’t make a post about the new chapter. Tea kettle time
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reikiwie-art · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“soulmate AU” for @emercuryweek
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swan2swan · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
yestheydoyestheydoyestheydo someone ask the question just ask any question ANY QUESTION AT ALL JUST DO IT
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jokerfan99 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
RWBY : a Book Encounter by Dimitri100
Commission work for Odahl. Zain meets up with Emerald and Mercury in Tuscons book trade, but for what? One thing for sure, Mercury may believe that Zain is hitting on Emerald lol
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jokerfan99 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Emerald by Ridd-Li
I think I may do Mercury in a similar look as a set. ═════════════════════════════════════════════════ FACEBOOK  🔹  INSTAGRAM  🔹  TWITTER  🔹  ARTSTATION
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stoneillustrations · 8 hours ago
Sometimes the hardest part of needing help is accepting that you need help. ❤🤍🖤💛
Found this character interaction today on @tupayapsina and had to draw it up real quick.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aliza---e · 9 hours ago
Yang: How can you not care?
Emerald: Like this
Emerald: *shrugs*
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bridgyrose · 12 hours ago
40.Emerald screws something up and expects to be harshly punished but the team is accepting of her
Emerald froze for a moment as she realized her mistake with setting up a few tents. She realized a few mistakes with the wind picking up and one of the tents starting to fly off that they werent staked down tightly and nothing was secure about them. It had taken a little over an hour for the tents to be set up only for everything to go wrong… 
Ruby hesitated as she watched a tent fly off in the wind, sighing. “I thought you knew how to set up a tent.” 
Emerald hesitated when she heard Ruby’s voice, immediately shaking, worried about what would happen next. “I… I’m sorry… I didnt realize I messed up…” 
Ruby put a hand on Emerald’s shoulder. “Just means we’re going to need to track it down.” 
Emerald tensed up and flinched at the touch, reeling away from Ruby. “R-right, of course.” 
Ruby noticed Emerald’s behavior and moved a little closer. “Everything okay?” 
“Y-yeah, I’m fine. I just… getting ready.” 
“Ready for what?” 
“My… punishment.” 
Ruby blinked for a moment. “You… You arent going to be punished.” 
Emerald hesitated as she heard that, starting to get confused. “I… I dont understand. You should be hitting me… a-a-and yelling at me. Why arent you doing any of that?” 
“Because you dont deserve it. Its just a tent. We can track it down and fix it.” 
Emerald stayed frozen where she was, still unsure of what to do. As far as she knew, any misstep was meant to be punished, not forgiven. 
Ruby started walking off. “We’ll discuss all of this later. For now, lets try to hunt down that tent before it gets too far.” 
Emerald slowly nodded and followed Ruby, still not quite sure how to respond to all of this. 
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dragonkings444 · 12 hours ago
3rd and last ask of the day. 4 ships reaction to Jaune challenging them to a sex off first one to get exhausted loses
Hammer Knight & Faune Knight
Elm: You are on!
Kali: Ara~Ara
Topaz & Velveteen Knight
Emerald: Get ready to lose~
Velvet: FUCKIN YEAH!!!
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rwbybutincorrect · 14 hours ago
Cinder: Hey guys. Guys, guys, Watts has a mason jar full of lemonade
Hazel: You called us in here to tell us that?
Cinder: No, I called you in here to change your lives! For you see, a mere five minutes ago, Tyrian introduced me to his new goldfish, who lives in… Wait for it… An identical mason jar!
Emerald: Oh, this isn’t going to end well
Cinder: There are two possible outcomes, and we’re gonna bet on which one happens first. So, will Tyrian put fish food in Watts’ lemonade, or will Watts drink Tyrian’s goldfish? Now, you would think that putting fish food into lemonade-
Neo, with a sign: Tyrian just drank his own fish
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edgelessvoid · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
One of @hadesisqueer 's incorrect RWBY quotes because I'm busy and can't finish my main piece and these are hilarious
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fandomsunderthesun · 16 hours ago
Emercury Week Day 6: Soulmate AU
The Pain of Two Souls (Pain-Sharing Soulmate AU)
Ao3 Link
Soulmates. Everyone, both human and faunus alike, has one. Soulmates are linked by their aura, their very souls, and could feel each other's pain. Frankly, Emerald thought the whole concept was rather stupid.
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miaicefyre · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Could they change to title for just one volume 😏
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razorblade180 · 19 hours ago
Emercury day 2: Nightmares
Beacon was a lot of things to a lot of people. Hope, ideal, practical, costly; but if Emerald had to pick any word then only comes to mind. Soft, specifically their beds. What should’ve been a pleasurable experience only felt oddly comfortable and currently kept her up. Now she roamed the halls passed lights out with a hand a full of breakfast items she “found” for tomorrow; even though she didn’t need to.
She popped a muffin bite in her mouth and looked out to the illuminated courtyard until the reflection of her partner in the glass caught her eye.
Emerald:Can’t sleep either?
Mercury:Well I’m not looking for you, that’s for sure.
Emerald:Hmph, clearly. So what does bring you skulking about?
Mercury:Training room was still open. As much as I hate to say it, this school has some real nice bells and whistles going on. A cozy little place for their cozy little students.
Emerald:Too cozy. Not to mention warm as hell. Almost like they want to suffocate people or something.
Mercury:Pretty sure you’re just not used to you know, an insulated house; or a house...?
Emerald:*glaring* I don’t have the energy for you.
Mercury:Yet you have more than enough to swipe muffin bites? I’m surprised you didn’t set off any alarm with those bags under your eyes.
Emerald:I may of stumbled a bit. Also I steal as easy as I breathe.
Mercury:But not as easy as you sleep apparently. Shouldn’t you be in bed? Me being up is one thing, but I would’ve bet money you’d follow Cinder’s instructions to the letter to stay in your room.
Emerald:I would’ve, but I can’t. The bed is too soft.
Mercury:Pfft, what?
Emerald:You heard me. They’re like those beds from inns; I can’t stand those beds. They’re unnerving...
Mercury:Inn beds aren’t that soft. Frankly I’m surprised you’ve slept in one. The amount of lien you’d have to steal-
Emerald:I didn’t pay, or have it to myself. Those beds weren’t used to sleep....but to make lien.
Mercury:You sure softness is the reason you can’t sleep?
Emerald:*rubs eyes* No offense but fuck off.
Mercury:Look I wasn’t being- sigh you know what?
He grabs Emerald by the wrist and drags her away. Maybe it was because she was too tired to do much but Emerald didn’t resist or fuss. She just followed his lead back to his room where he grabbed all of his sheets off his bed. Mercury then walked out to her room and dropped the sheets on the floor before removing Emerald’s sheets.
Emerald:What the hell are you doing?
Mercury:Using my rested head.
He took his comforter and spread on the floor. Mercury then took both of their fitter white sheets and folded it in half for more padding before taking the actual sheets and spreading it across the entire base of his creation. He then took Emerald’s comforter and put it over everything with her pillows. Emerald needed a minute to process the fact that this guy just made a bed bed out of nothing but sheets and blankets. She put what she was carrying aside and layed down in the creation. Yeah the sheets were soft, but now there was no mattress.
Mercury:Now you can sleep on the floor and avoid the mattress altogether. Nothing soft about a wooden floor.
Emerald:....What about you?
Mercury:I may have had a house but that doesn’t mean I’m not used to sleeping without sheets. A can be on a bare mattress just fine. Now goodnight.
Emerald:Wait. At least...sleep on mine.
Emerald:*red* If we’re in the same room...then at least you’ll be warmer than you would be in a room alone. Also I’ll be really upset if you come knocking on my door wanting a sheet or two back.’re such a child sometimes you know that? *lays on her mattress* Hmm, it is cozy. I’ll be out like a light in no time unlike some people.
Mercury:What, no comeback-
Mercury:.......Sweet dreams.
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emercuryweek · 22 hours ago
Submission for Day 6: Soulmate AU
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ember-shrouds · 22 hours ago
Do you have a moment to talk about GemStones-
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emercuryweek · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today is Day 6 of Emercury Week and the prompt is one of my personal favorites; Soulmate AU!
Check out the rules and the rest of the prompts here.
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