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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#source: black friday

I now deeply wanna see Jane’s reaction to Emma getting married. I want to hear about the sister’s relationship from Jane’s point of view and see if she actually liked Emma or just put up with her

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ok, this is most definitely been said before, I know, I’m not good at theorys, even tho I love reading them. but

you know how at the end of black Friday something explods or something. and some people think it’s a bomb, or something

but I think it might be wiggly himself.


“he’ll touch down soon” what if somehow their was enough of the ritual completed that wiggly was able to come to earth, just not through the gateway that Linda and her followers made.

idk if its just me or I’m being dumb, but I like that I made a connection, lol.

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Do we ever talk about the silence during Kim’s Becky monologue. That scene gets me every fucking time. It’s an amazing scene.

On that note Take Me Back may be one of my favourites songs from Black Friday. It’s absolutely beautiful. And Dylan and Kim sound so good.

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I just wanna say that I loved Nightmare Time, but the one grievance I had was the entities (for lack of a better term) all being connected to the Black and White, and them all being dolls. Wiggly was obviously fine because his whole thing was greed and using the dolls to manipulate people, and I was fine with Blinky, but I don’t really like everything else being dolls. I mean it’s mostly just the Apotheosis being a doll that bothers me, I think, because the whole thing with that in TGWDLM was that is was an alien hivemind that appeared on the meteor, and I really liked that. Honestly the next time I watch TGWDLM I am simply going to forget about the dolls because I prefer it being an alien thing.

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