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#autumn equinox
thenightaquarian · 3 days ago
Ways to Celebrate Mabon - the Autumn Equinox 🔥🍂
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🍁 Take a walk in nature to observe the transition of the seasons
🍁 Gather fall leaves, acorns, creek stones, and mushrooms
🍁 Gratitude journaling
🍁 Host a bonfire with music & dancing
🍁 Have a potluck or feast with loved ones
🍁 Hang up plants & herbs to dry
🍁 Practice ancestor veneration
🍁 Give offerings to your God or deities
🍁 Works of charity — give to others
🍁 Rituals for prosperity, protection, and power
🍁 Bake bread or fruit pies
🍁 Honor the Harvest Moon
🍁 Decorate your altar to honor and highlight the season
🍁 Visit an orchard or vineyard
🍁 Use grapes and apples in your spellwork
🍁 Pray or set intention for a bountiful harvest, new opportunities, and protection of your blessings
🍁 Pyromancy and fire rites
More detailed tips and info about the Autumn Equinox 🍂 HERE 🍂
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🍁🍂 Blessed Mabon 🍂🍁
I wish you a bountiful harvest and good fortune as we head into the dark. Remember, our greatest strength is each other and the ground we walk upon.
🍎🌾🍂 Happy Autumn Equinox 🍂🌾🍎
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breelandwalker · 8 months ago
Solstice Dates for 2021
Northern Hemisphere:
Vernal Equinox - March 20th
Summer Solstice - June 20th
Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd
Winter Solstice - December 21st
Southern Hemisphere:
Autumnal Equinox - March 20th
Winter Solstice - June 21st
Vernal Equinox - September 23rd
Summer Solstice - December 21st
(Dates calculated for Washington DC, USA, and Brisbane, Australia.)
Source: Time and Date 
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peculiar-perryble · 12 months ago
being a witch
what people think: scary, hexes, sacrifices, blood rituals
what it’s actually like: it’s the fall equinox and i currently have more apples, candles, & baked goods in my home than i know what to do with, please send help
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skyewillow · a year ago
Mabon 🍎
Tumblr media
🍁 Also known as the fall equinox or Second Harvest
🍁 It occurs around September 21st and is the midway point between the summer solstice and the winter solstice
🍁 Herbs: rue, yarrow, rosemary, sage, frankincense
🍁 Animals: fox, owl, dog, wolf, stag, crow, squirrel
🍁 Crystals: amber, onyx, peridot, diamond, citrine, obsidian
🍁 Flowers: marigold, sunflowers, mums
🍁 Trees: aspen, cedar, maple, oak, pine, walnut
🍁 Colors: orange, red, brown, yellow
🍁 Incense: cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense, apple, sage
🍁 Decorations: autumn leaves, apples, pumpkins, skulls, corn, besom, acorns
🍁 Deities: Demeter, Ceres, Persephone
🍁 Activities: fall cleaning, apple picking, bake bread, bake apple pie, drink or make apple cider, walk in the woods
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stonerwitchliana · 13 days ago
Mabon preparation for a beginner like me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(not mine ~ found on Pinterest and I edited some for my Instagram)
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of-moon-flowers · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍁 Mabon Moodboard 🍁
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woniepop · 5 months ago
* ♡. — THE LOVE CLUB !!
an enhypen smau collection
Tumblr media
genre: social media au, angst, fluff
pairings: Fem!Reader x lee heeseung, jay park, jake sim, park sunghoon, kim sunoo, yang jungwon, nishimura riki
warnings: cursing, bullying/mentions of bullying, kidnapping in hee’s
status: ongoing!
*in the order that they are going to be written*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
say you don’t love me
➜ jake sim
— IN WHICH jake is your perfectly sweet Prince Charming trying to graduate high school and you become the bane of his existence
[ inspired by ever after high !! modern fantastical au ]
Tumblr media
dead to me
➜ yang jungwon
— IN WHICH jungwon is your classic popular boy and he’s set out to break your poor little nerd heart
[ inspired by after !! high school au ]
Tumblr media
what is love
➜ park sunghoon
— IN WHICH you’ve done everything you can to get him to love you back
[ !! high school au ]
Tumblr media
the autumn equinox
➜ jay park
— IN WHICH jay is a rich man and you’re one of the best chefs in your city, but he’s determined to ruin your career before it even starts
[ inspired by meteor garden !! college au ]
Tumblr media
the butterfly garden
➜ lee heeseung
tw!! kidnapping
— IN WHICH beautiful young girls all across the world are kidnapped and taken to the butterfly garden
[ inspired by the butterfly garden !! high school(ish) au ]
Tumblr media
➜ nishimura riki
— IN WHICH niki’s a child at heart and isn’t ready to grow up
[ !! royal au ]
Tumblr media
sk8er boi
➜ kim sunoo
— IN WHICH he was arranged to marry you, but you weren’t as proper as he had thought
[ royal au!! ]
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witchwood-inn · 14 days ago
An Irish Autumn Equinox and Midharvest
Tumblr media
The info provided here comes from the book “Irish Customs and Rituals” by Marion McGarry! Whether or not the ancient Celts of Ireland celebrated or even acknowledged the autumn equinox is up for debate. Ancient monuments built before the celts arrived in Ireland however, such as the cairns of Loughcrew, catch the light of the sunrise on both the spring and autumn equinox to light up the back wall within the ancient tombs to reveal stone carvings, much like Newgrange. This indicates a significance for this time of year and is worth noting.
There are however, traditions associated with this time of year in Ireland but these celebrations lend themselves to the Catholic holiday Michaelmas, which falls on September 29th (Very close to the equinox, which falls on September 22nd). You could argue that there may be some connection between Michaelmas and the autumn equinox. Michaelmas is heavily associated with the harvest, much like the Autumn Equinox is and so I personally transfer these traditions into my own modern pagan Midharvest (Equinox) traditions. Before we discuss those though, I want to talk about some harvest superstitions!
Tumblr media
The cutting of the last sheaf was an important ritual. Known as “The cutting of the Cailleach”, it was believed that the spirit of The Cailleach (An irish hag deity of winter and storms) resides in the last sheaf and it was important for the workers to slay her. A contest is held between them by flinging their hooks at the last standing sheaf until it was cut. The winner would wear it around the neck and bring it home to preserve for the year to come. The sheaf took various forms: an actual sheaf, a plait of straws or straws tied together. People believed that it was powerful and brought good health to livestock, safety to the people and luck to the household. It was also meant to prevent drowning. The sheaf was stored up in the roof rafters or above the fireplace. The “Harvest Home” or the “Reaping dance” was a feast given by farmers to their workers to celebrate the end of the harvest. The Cailleach was ceremonially presented to the women of the house and hung above the table for the duration of the meal. Bacon or beef and cabbage was often served. Drinking of whiskey, playing music, dancing and much merriment was also an important part! Harvest knots were also made and worn this time of year. They were made from straw plaits and twists usually worn in the hair of women and on the lapels of men.
Tumblr media
It was said that harvesting had to be finished by Michaelmas. It was tradition for Goose to be roasted and eaten on that day and it was also given the name “Goose Harvest”. Killed and plucked geese were given as gifts to friends or distributed to the poor. Other foods were enjoyed too like Apples and blackberries though it was important not to pick and eat blackberries after Michaelmas, as the púca was said to spit on them and make them spoil. (The púca is an irish fairy that shapeshifts into various animals and was feared by the people. He is associated with Samhain and the end of the harvest) Mutton pies were also sold at fairs and markets around this time of year. I personally call the Irish autumn equinox celebration “Midharvest” as reference to the word for September in gaeilge “ Meán Fómhair “ which translates to “Middle of Harvest” (Similar to how May is Bealtaine, Samhain is November etc) and how the autumn equinox marks the very middle of autumn and the harvest season.
So how can we celebrate Midharvest? Host your own Harvest Home or Reaping dance! Have a feast and a party with music, dancing, drinking and eating! Serve up some goose, mutton pies, beef, bacon and cabbage and apple or blackberry desserts! Or anything from your own harvest if you have anything. Make some harvest knots with friends and family and do some final harvesting of blackberries before the púca gets them! If you’re harvesting anything you’ve grown this year, perhaps create a ceremony out of the last sheaf and bring it into the home for the feast.
Happy Midharvest!!
(This post can also be found on my tumblr, Pagans&Witches Amino and the Witches Circle Amino)
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magicyew · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Spirit daughter
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