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#bodyguard bucky barnes x reader
sinner-as-saint · a year ago
I Did Something Bad - 1.
Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader AU
Part 2 <<
Run-through: You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…
Themes: bratty!reader, smut, daddy kink, bodyguard!stucky
Tumblr media
“What a brat.” Steve mumbled under his breath.
“I agree.” Bucky sent a brief nod towards him.
They were both right behind you, each holding your countless shopping bags as they walked the steps which led to the front door of your house.
Correction, your father’s house. You didn’t actually own anything, you were just blessed enough to have been born in a filthy rich family. And you were an only child, so your parents treated you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You were spoilt.
Spoilt like Steve and Bucky had never seen before. You had people to do everything for you. You didn’t even do your own make up or hair in the morning; you had an entire team for that.
Your parents were away most of the time, on business trips and earning more money so you could be even more of a spoilt brat. Given they were away, they had two of the most highly trained, professional bodyguards stay with you to ensure your safety – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
The two were the best of friends, and initially they didn’t even want to put up with you. But the paychecks which came from your father each month were hefty. So they compromised; put up with your annoying, bratty self just for the salary.
There were other perks of the job. They got to stay in a lavish mansion, they got to travel everywhere, enjoy the finest things in life, along with you.
 “Uh, can one of you guys come help me?” came the sound of your voice from inside your bedroom. The two men who were outside your bedroom groaned quietly.
They shared a look and opened the door to your grand bedroom and stepped in. They always envied you, and all the nice things you had without even having work a day in your life. They both looked around, looking for you in the spacious bedroom.
You stepped out of the walk-in closet wearing a black, lace bodysuit – showing off your cleavage and your legs.
The two men’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
Oh another perk to the job, you were smoking hot. And that almost made up for your attitude that they had to put up with at times, because who wouldn’t like a doll parading around them all the time?  
You walked up till you stood in front of them, nonchalantly checking out the new rings and jewelry you had on, which you had bought earlier. Not caring about the fact that you were semi-naked in front of the two.
“Can one of you zip me up?” you spoke, without looking up.
And it took both of them a few seconds to process everything. They shared a look again, filthy things on both their minds.
“I’ll do it.” Steve spoke up before Bucky could even open his mouth and offer to help. The latter glared at his friend. Steve walked up behind you, and gently pushed all your hair out of the way and shifting it over your shoulder while he shamelessly let his eyes roam over your semi-exposed body.
He took his sweet time to find the zipper and closing it gently, letting his fingertips lightly caress your skin. He admired the shape of your body once he was done, Bucky did the same. You walked away from Steve, not even thanking him and went on to admire yourself in the mirror.
The two men couldn’t take their eyes off you as you posed in front of the mirror, checking yourself out and clicking pictures here and there.
“I want a green smoothie.” You said, to no one in particular. But neither of them heard because they were busy checking you out. And seeing they weren’t moving you turned around and faced them. “Hello? I said I want green smoothie.” You said, as usual, in that bratty voice of yours. You had absolutely no patience, you were a total brat.
But that didn’t matter right now. Not when you looked like that; beautiful and enticing, but so out of their league.
Bucky cleared his throat and peeled his eyes off you. “Steve will get it. Someone has to stay here with you.” He made the decision without even sparing Steve a look.
And poor Steve had to agree and leave the room. While Bucky stayed in your room and enjoyed the show as you tried on all the clothes and lingerie you bought earlier today.
 You caught Bucky staring at you through the mirror and you internally smirked. You considered yourself lucky that the two bodyguards your dad had appointed were both eye candy. All your friends drooled over both of them; you included.
How could you not? They were always so… hot. Black suits, dark sunglasses whenever you were out, broody and handsome; they could make any one’s heart flutter. You knew how the brat in you annoyed them, but you couldn’t help it. You liked the look on their faces when they realize that they can’t do otherwise but obey you.
 Steve returned with your smoothie and you took it, again without thanking him. He noticed you were in another bodysuit, nude colored this time and much more flimsy. He discretely sent a questioning look towards Bucky and the latter smirked and raised his eyebrow at him. As if boasting and saying, ‘yup, I helped her with that one.’
 “I’m going to the club later tonight.” You announced and the two men almost groaned out loud.
You were a true party animal. And Steve and Bucky hated your useless, equally as spoilt, friends. Each time you went clubbing, they always had to carry you home because you cannot handle alcohol for too long. And the worst part, they’d have to deal with your hungover self the next day.
Steve couldn’t help but point out. “This is the fifth time in the past three weeks. Are you sure you should be partying so much?” he sounded like he was done with you, but was still trying to be polite because you were still his boss’ daughter.
Bucky nodded, agreeing with his friend. And you frowned at both of them.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I pay you to lecture me?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest, your action accentuating your breasts.
Steve looked down at the ground, afraid he might have been staring at your chest for too long. “No ma’am.” He replied, hands in front of him – standing in a classic bodyguard pose.
You scoffed, giving them both a look which told them not to mess with you. “Good. We leave at ten thirty.” You announced and walked back into your walk-in closet.
As predicted, you were wasted within the first three hours of being at the club. And just like always, Steve and Bucky had to carry you out and bring you home.
Luckily you didn’t throw up on the sidewalk or in the car this time. Your driver drove all of you home, and Bucky had you on his lap in the backseat, your feet on Steve’s lap. You were blacked out.
“She looks so angelic when she sleeps.” Steve commented, quietly.
Bucky chuckled. “Wait till she wakes up tomorrow and makes everyone’s life a living hell.” Bucky said, remembering the last time you were hungover and how you had him, Steve, your housekeeper, maids and chefs, all run around like headless chickens.
Steve chuckled at the same memory. “I swear if she treats us as her slaves like last time, I’m gonna quit.”
Bucky sent a look towards his friend. “Please don’t, I can’t handle her on my own.” He pretended to shiver at the thought of him having to put up with your antics all on his own.
And the two men shared a laugh.
 They put you to bed once you all made it home. They placed you under the covers, the maid took off your shoes and most of your jewelry, took out the pins in your hair and turned the lights off before they stepped out of your room.
The next day, the minute they each woke up in their rooms, they heard your loud voice coming from upstairs. And they both groaned as they got ready for the day.
Steve was out of his room and on his way to you first. Bucky came shortly after. And they found you in bed, whining about having a terrible headache.
“Do you need painkillers?” Bucky asked and you glared at him.
“I already took them.” you spat at him.
Clearly you were going to be even more of a bitch today.
“Did you have breakfast?” Steve asked, standing at the end of your bed.
You groaned.
“The thought of food makes me want to throw up.” You whined, testing his patience already.
Steve sighed. “Look, you need to eat. It’s the only way you’ll get rid of the hangover-,”
You cut him off.
“Ugh, okay mom!” you mocked. “Fine, whatever, just get out.” You said rather rudely. And while Steve was still debating what to say to you, Bucky spoke up.
He stepped up closer to you, standing by the side of your bed. “Hey, easy. We’re just trying to help. You need to eat so y-,”
You cut him off as well. “Like I said before, I don’t pay you to lecture me, why do you even-,” you were going off but this time Steve cut you off.
“Enough!” he raised his voice, and both you and Bucky turned to look at him. He had never acted like this before. You could see the irritation on his face as he stared at you.
“You don’t pay us, first of all, your father does! You don’t do anything other than sit there and be a brat and spend his money! We technically don’t work for you, we work for him. So let us do our jobs, which is to take care of his spoilt daughter who has no manners whatsoever. His daughter who treats people like slaves! People who actually care about her more than her own parents do!” He spat, making your jaw drop.
He continued, less loudly this time. “For once, drop your attitude and do as we say. Get in the shower, and then come downstairs. Breakfast will be ready by then.” He looked at you dead in the eyes while he scolded you. “Move, now!” the authority in his voice had you scram out of bed and rush into the bathroom immediately.
Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, Bucky turned to Steve and extended his arm so they could do their secret handshake.
“What was that?” he asked, clearly impressed.
Steve smirked. “Just taming the brat.” He answered.
Bucky laughed. “What if she tells her dad and gets us both fired?” he asked.
Steve knew you would never tell your dad because you would be somewhat ashamed in saying you got blacked out drunk at the club and then were rude to people afterwards. “She won’t.” he said and they both made their way out and into the kitchen.
 Breakfast was ready by the time you came downstairs, rather sheepishly. You kept your eyes to the ground as you sat at the kitchen island. Surprisingly, you waited patiently for your breakfast.
Bucky took the plate and placed it in front of you. Baked beans, hash browns, eggs, toast – not your usual breakfast because you normally had sugary cereal in the morning.
You sighed rather loudly, frowned and began complaining, “But this is n-,”
Bucky cut you off by grabbing your chin gently and tilting your head up so you looked up at him. He didn’t even think twice before touching your face, but you didn’t mind it. At all.
You looked up into his ocean blue eyes, very similar to Steve’s.
“A big breakfast will help, trust me. And it’s better than that bowl of sugar you’re used to.” He said, cracking a faint smile. You shyly returned him a smile. “Eat.” He pointed at the plate and went to find Steve in the living room.
You were pretty quiet for the rest of the morning. Quiet as in, you weren’t throwing a fit when the meal that the chef made for you wasn’t what you wanted. Or you weren’t whining about how you hate everyone in this house. Or you weren’t being a bitch to absolutely everyone you saw because you were hungover.
You spent most of the day in your room, sulking. Mainly because you weren’t used to people talking in loud voices at you. Steve and Bucky came to check up on you a few times, asked you if there’s anywhere you need to go. But you said no each time. You barely spoke to them, at least you weren’t rude.
 You were tame – but it didn’t last for long.
The next day, you were back to being a brat. Once the hangover passed, you were just as loud and rude as before. You were even rude to Bucky – all your manners from the previous day forgotten – when he came to ask you what you wanted for breakfast.
“Is there a way to ever get a straight answer out of you for once, without you being sarcastic and bratty all the time?” he asked, wishing you were back to yesterday when you were all quiet and obedient.
You scoffed and got out of bed. “You or Steve yell at me one more time, and I will call dad and have both of you fired. You hear me?” you spat at him.
And he wanted to tell you off, like Steve did, but then he took one look at your appearance. Messy hair, your reading glasses on, an oversized white shirt – no pants. You looked too adorable to scold. So he let you go.
 You tested Steve’s patience too that day. As usual, people ran your errands and Steve brought you something that you had asked for and you took it without thanking him.
“Will a ‘thank you’ hurt?” he asked.
You glared at him.
“Stop it. You’re not my mom.” You said bitterly and he groaned and walked away.
This had been their daily lives for the past year and a half. And each day they thought there was no way you could out do yourself and be any more of a brat. Yet, each day you kept surprising them with how annoying you could be to deal with.
Then one day, you truly out did yourself.
You were nowhere to be found.
 “This is it, I’m calling her dad.” Steve took out his phone but Bucky stopped him.
“She’s our responsibility, calling her dad would be equivalent to digging our own graves. Don’t.” Bucky reasoned. He couldn’t even imagine calling a parent to tell them their child has gone missing.
They were both panicking. You had snuck out earlier in the afternoon, and it was now nighttime and you still weren’t back. The two were pacing around the living room.
“I don’t get it, usually she tells us before even going outside in the yard.” Bucky was trying to figure out what must’ve gone wrong.
Steve sighed, ready to punch something out of frustration. “She acts like such a child sometimes. Can’t even track her phone because she left it here.” He shook his head.
“It’s nearly midnight Steve, she should be back by now. We need to do something. Did you get anything from the camera footage?” Bucky was worried sick – both about your safety and his job.
Steve swore under his breath. “Nothing on there. I mean we don’t even know if she went out on her own or got kidnapped or some-,”
A voice cut him off.
“Chill moms, I’m fine.” You walked into the living room with a smirk on. And the two men looked at you like they were witnessing some miracle. Bucky was relieved, yet somewhat irritated. Steve was just angry.
“Where the hell have you been? You were missing for 8 hours!” Bucky asked, the smug look on your face was beginning to piss him off.
You didn’t bother answering, you walked right past them and into the kitchen. The two, now irritated, followed you.
“Answer, god damn it! Where have you been? We were worried sick!” Steve hissed.
You took a water bottle out of the fridge and took a long sip while looking at them both with nothing but cockiness in your eyes.
“Well good news, I was so annoying and bratty that the kidnappers dropped me right back home.” You fake smiled, obviously being sarcastic and walked out of the kitchen. You heard the two groaned as you left them in the kitchen.
 You rushed upstairs and went right into your bedroom, and not even a few seconds later – they both walked into your room very angrily and without even bothering to knock first.
You sighed. “Get out. I’m tired, I need to sleep.” You spoke, without looking up at them.
“I don’t think so. Now answer me, where the fuck have you been?” Bucky asked, clearly mad.
You chuckled. “Watch your tone with me.” You sassed.
Steve stepped forward and walked right up to you. He stood closer to you than usual, invading your personal space. But you didn’t mind it one bit.
“Or what, huh?” he asked, sliding his hand into your hair gently, tugging on it a little making your head tilt back so you looked up at him.
You were speechless as you looked up into his ocean blue eyes. Mainly because you weren’t expecting this, but also because the look on his face sent a tingle dancing down your spine, and ended right at your core. Definitely not a bad tingle.
When you recovered, you were about to lift your hand up and slap his hand away from you but then you realized that Bucky was behind you, locking your wrists in his grip behind your back.
“Let’s try that again, sweetheart. Where have you been?” Bucky whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear and making you shiver.
You looked up at Steve, immobilized and not hating it. “I… I was out with my girlfriends.” You confessed and almost whimpered when bucky tightened his grip around your wrists.
“And what did we say about sneaking out, or going anywhere without informing us?” Steve asked. You believed it might have been your imagination, but it felt as though he leaned in a little, bringing his face closer to yours.
It took you a few seconds to process given the proximity of the two men was interrupting your ability to think straight. “You… you said it was against the rules.” You remember that long talk you had with both of them the day they joined. When they took the time to explain the rules to you but all you did was roll your eyes at them and sigh.
Bucky chuckled darkly right in your ear. “Seems you have broken an important rule, sweetheart.” He gently kissed the skin beneath your ear and your eyes flew shut. Your lips parted as you tried hard not to moan at the feeling of his soft lips against your skin.
When you opened your eyes, you found Steve smirking down at you. He felt a rush course through him and leaned in to gently take your lower lip between his teeth; tugging on it playfully. His actions were gentle, but you shivered still. Steve bit down on your lip, while Bucky discretely kissed down your neck.
Then and there, something shifted in the air. It was a pleasant shift.
Steve chuckled against your mouth. “You never learn, babygirl.” he mumbled, against the side of your mouth. And the nickname had you almost whimpering.
Bucky softly nibbled on your skin at your shoulder; making you shudder. Steve tugged a little more on your hair and pulled away to look at you. If there’s anything you knew for sure in that moment, is that you wanted them. Both of them. Bad.
“Teach me then.” You whispered. And both of them smirked and shared a look.
If only you had been careful about what you wished for…
 You were kneeling on your bed, naked and with Bucky still holding your wrists behind your back. His grip was tight and strong, but you didn’t complain. You couldn’t because Steve had his two fingers gently pumping in and out of your mouth.
He had searched your bedside table a few minutes ago, and pulled out the vibrator wand which you had hidden in there. You wondered how he knew it was there. But before you could think over it too much, he turned it on and placed it in between your legs; right on top of your entrance.
You whined in pleasure, but he quickly shut you up by pushing his fingers past your lips. “Always whining like a brat.” He commented, smirking and wiggling the wand a little and making you whine louder. And to add on to your sweet torture, Bucky circled his arm around you and gently circled your clit with his two fingers.
“What is it babygirl, you can’t take it?” Steve taunted again.
You whimpered under their touch, but something told you that they wouldn’t let you have your way so easily this time.
“I know you’ve never heard ‘no’ in your life, sweetheart. But you will tonight.” Bucky murmured in your ear, making you tilt your head back; shivering against him.
Steve chuckled, removing his fingers from your warm mouth. “You’re not allowed to cum until you have our permission, babygirl. You hear me?”
You nodded and whimpered a pathetic yes.
Your thighs began trembling as they both messed with you. Steve changed the setting on the wand, making it more intense while Bucky tilted your head back and kissed you deeply. More like invaded your mouth like he owned it; pushing his tongue past your lips and stroking the top of your mouth. You whimpered, happily trapped between the two of them.
You felt the pressure forming in between your legs, and you involuntarily bucked your hips against the vibrator, trying desperately to chase your orgasm. Steve noticed, and he didn’t think twice before lifting the vibrator off you – denying you your release.
You groaned louder, the sound muffled by Bucky’s mouth on top of yours. He pulled away from the kiss and chuckled. “It’s frustrating, isn’t it baby?” he asked, softly. You looked up at him and nodded. His soft demeanor went away the minute you agreed. “Well that’s exactly how it feels when you don’t listen.” He growled leaning in again. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but instead he licked your swollen lower lip and spat into your open mouth.
His actions elicited a loud whine out of you.
“Look at me.” Steve slid his hands into your hair again and tugged on it. You looked at him with nothing but desire in your eyes. He let go of your hair and gripped your jaw while he placed the vibrator back against your core. You felt the vibrations all over your body, a familiar warmth washing over you while you stared into his icy blue eyes.
“Always boasting about your family’s money and power, you little brat.” Steve whispered, leaning in to bite your mouth again while he pressed the vibrator further against your core, making you drip and moan louder. “Who’s your daddy now, huh?”
Bucky fingers found your clit again, and they teased you just like before. “Tell us baby, who owns this bratty little cunt?” Bucky whispered menacingly in your ear, biting on your ear lobe.
You moaned again, both at the sensations and the words. “You do…” you breathed out, unable to form coherent sentences. They both chuckled, and continued their sweet torture on your body. Steve kissed along your jaw as he wiggled the wand around and make you scream louder, while Bucky’s fingers rubbed your clit furiously.
And you couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I-… please…” you begged and it was the first time they heard you ask for something so politely.
“What was that, babygirl?” Steve asked, pretending that he didn’t hear you the first time. And seeing you weren’t answering, he lifted the vibrator off you again. “I said, what was that?” he asked again, more sternly.
You whined and whimpered at being denied again. “Please… please can I cum?” you asked again, begging with your eyes shut to stop the tears of frustration from falling.
Bucky immediately wrapped a hand around your throat and tilted your head back. “Ask nicely sweetheart. Say ‘please daddy, I’ll be a good girl from now.’“ he mumbled against the side of your mouth.
Steve increased the intensity of the vibrator again and it made you repeat Bucky’s words wantonly. They were both pleased at your obedience, but not quite done with you yet.
“Look at me, babygirl.” For a moment, Steve’s voice had you fooled. You thought he was actually going to give in and would actually let you cum. “You want to cum for daddy?” he asked, and you nodded with hot tears falling down your cheeks. And just when you thought you were getting closer to your release, he lifted the wand off your body again.
“No. You will not cum until you’ve learnt your lesson.”
 They both toyed with your body like they owned it. They switched places and Bucky had the most fun in teasing you with the vibrator. He trailed it up and down your body, circling your erected nipples with the tip of the wand and then back down to where you craved it the most.
Tears streamed down your face.
“Are you crying, baby? Good, this would teach you not to be a brat next time,” Bucky spoke as he wiggled the toy around against your wet folds.
You begged them relentlessly, but they denied you each time. Looking you deep in the eyes and saying, ‘No.’ Yet, a twisted part of you liked how they treated you like they owned you. Like you were nothing but a toy to them, for them to play with as they pleased.
Your pleas were incessant, and wanton. Steve pushed two of his fingers past your entrance while Bucky placed the wand right on your clit – unmoving. Steve’s fingers stroked your walls so slowly that it was almost agonizing.
“Aww you’re dripping all over my hand, babygirl.” He commented, making you squeeze around his fingers. Your arousal leaked out of you, coating the tip of the toy and his fingers alike. He could see what they were both doing to you, and he liked the control they both had over you. “Look at how you’re shaking.” He taunted again.
You begged again, to no one in particular. And the reply was just as disappointing as earlier. “No. Spoilt brats with no manners don’t get to cum so easily.”
And you whined again.
“Shh, you’re gonna take all that we give you. And you’re not gonna be a brat about it, you understand?” Steve silenced you.
Bucky gripped your jaw and kissed you deeply again, swallowing your pathetic moans while he pressed the wand further against you. Your body trembled, you moaned as soon as the vibrating tip came in contact with your sensitive spot. Your body shuddered as he wiggled it around just a bit. The sensation was overwhelming.
“Do you want us to stop, babygirl?” Steve mumbled in your ear, his fingers slipping in and out of you and the wet sounds were obscene.
You shook your head and Bucky pulled away to let you talk. “No, no please… don’t stop…” the last thing you wanted was for them to leave you here, frustrated and burning with desire.
 Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they did.
“Well guess what, sweetheart? You don’t get to make the rules this time. You can’t always have what you want.” Bucky smirked as he lifted off the wand from you and turned it off.
Steve chuckled and kissed your neck, releasing your sore wrists. “Good night, babygirl.” They both stood up from your bed, leaving you naked, whimpering, and tear-stained, burning with need and most of all; dripping wet.
Your body was worn out, after being with them for the past hour or two. Or maybe more, you couldn’t tell because you were a little disoriented. But you couldn’t believe that they were just walking away from you, without giving you what you so desperately wanted.
“And don’t you dare touch yourself.” Bucky said, before he walked out of your room.
Steve took a good look at you; what a beautiful mess he and Bucky had made. “See you tomorrow.” He winked before he shut the door behind him.
a/n: fear not, there’s a part 2 coming soon ;)
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Status: Complete
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands. 
Warning(s): fluff, a good amount of it, action, cheekiness, a pinch of angst perhaps, who knows? not me. it takes place in the MCU, so it isn’t an AU!
Chapters: Prologue + 9 
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
A/N: This fic will feature reader’s twin, which more or less will be sort of an OC! Descriptions of appearance and such will be avoided, but it kind of be an OC. I love me all the Bodyguard fics we’ve got here on tumblr and wanted to add by take on it as well, I hope it will fall to your liking and you’ll wanna read! 
Once again, @winter--cearig has thought me cool and worthy enough (i mean come on who even am I???) to have an absolutely mind-blowing video made for the fic, and I’m floored!! Please be sure to check it out HERE and give some love!!! 
The sweet and wonderful @irecupiebas made a moodboard for the fic, and I’m seriously so in love with it, thank you SO much!!!
Tumblr media
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buckycuddlebuddy · 10 months ago
summary ─ “honey,” bucky growled, and then moaned. you felt your walls clench around him because of his voice tone.
pairing ─ bodyguard!bucky barnes x shy!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, public sex, language, fingering, riding
a/n ─ here we go with the first day lol i hope i can follow it till the end of the month sfjkdshf hope you liked it! please leave a comment if you did! 
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY ONE: bodyguard!bucky + shy!reader + public sex + praise kink
Tumblr media
He was standing by your side in his all-black suit and looking both dangerous and sexy. Your father had assigned Bucky to you tonight, claiming that he was the only bodyguard under his command that he trusted with you completely.
“Do you know that the time?” You asked Bucky quietly. You weren’t a party girl and Stark’s party was a little too much for you. You had to show yourself, though, so you were to stay at least an hour.
“It’s half past ten, honey,” Bucky answered, just as quiet. The times he called you by your real name was so rare, but you liked it when he called you ‘honey’. It always made you feel like you were something special to him, something that he treasures very dearly. You smiled at him as in thanks and sipped your cherry coke.
In addition to your not-a-party-girl shtick, you also disliked alcohol. The bitter taste of it always drove you away from it, not that you haven’t tasted. One day you got curious and asked Bucky, and Bucky helped you to soothe your curiosity. You got drunk but you didn’t mind because you had Bucky with you.
“How long do I have to stay?” You whined a little. You could feel the walls were closing in on you slowly. Bucky smiled at you softly.
“Tony hasn’t showed up yet,” he informed you, and you whined again. Because the main reason you were at this party tonight was to see Tony. “He likes to take his time when it comes to the parties, honey, you know that.”
“I wanna go home,” you pouted. “It’s too crowded and I don’t know anyone in here,” then your eyes found your big, walking muscle mass of a bodyguard, “except you.” Bucky grinned cheekily at you. You leaned against him, head resting on his shoulder, you continued to nurse your coke.
Twenty minutes or so later, the room got even more crowded. So much so that you were literally plastered on Bucky’s front and took a couple steps back with him. You heard Bucky grunt, annoyed, and felt his hand grabbing your waist. He pulled you back, away from the people.
“I don’t like you being in a crowd like this,” he grumbled, continuing to pulling you back. A couple seconds later, you were at the corner of the room, away from the crowd; the corner was dark, shadowed by the lights. Bucky was behind you, holding onto your waist still. Your tense body had relaxed against his a short while ago; his body heat coaxing you into his embrace.
Bucky helped you sit down on the couch right behind him, helped you get comfortable on his lap. “There you go,” he murmured to your ear,” you relax, honey. We’ll wait for Tony here.” You hummed appreciatively.
“You’re the best, did ya know that?” You looked at him. His blue eyes bored into your gently, lovingly even. You shivered. Placing your hand on his smooth jaw, your thumb stroked his cheekbone. “I like having you by my side wherever I go. You don’t make things hard for me. Thanks, James,” you whispered. Bucky smiled. You always called him James whenever you meant something you said to him. He leaned into your touch, still smiling.
Instead of answering verbally, Bucky leaned in and kissed you. You hummed into the kissed; the hand on his jaw tightened its hold and you moved to straddle him fully. His arms wrapped themselves around your waist in a possessive manner. His lips moving onto yours expertly, you felt loved. Bucky always made you feel loved. You moaned and threw your arms around his neck, wrapping them around it. His hands moved from your waist to your thighs, and he squeezed the soft skin there gently. Then, his fingers started to play with the hem of your dress, teasing and making you shiver with the anticipation.
“James…” you moaned silently. Your delicious sounds were only for him, and Bucky growled, loving the thought. Hands moving upwards, sneaking under your dress, Bucky’s fingers stroked your clothed core. You shivered violently because of the feather-like touches he left on your core. Tightening your hold around his neck, you gasped as he slid two fingers inside your panties.
“Mmmm,” he hummed approvingly, “so wet for me.” You shivered again and leaned down to kiss him so that your loud moans wouldn’t be heard. Bucky crooked his fingers, trailing them from top to bottom, his knuckles brushing against your clit. You gasped into his mouth, thighs tightening around his waist.
“I love how sensitive you’re, honey,” Bucky rasped. You wiggled on his lap, trying to get him to move his fingers, use them on you ─ something. Understanding what you were trying to do, Bucky chuckled darkly. Without a warning, he slipped his fingers in you with one smooth slide. You cried out but the sound got drowned by the music blasting through the speakers. “You feel so tight around my fingers, baby, can’t imagine how you’d feel around my cock,” Bucky whispered in your ear.
“Bucky,” you whined, and he laughed.
“Now you’re talking, honey,” he started to move his fingers in and out of you slowly, causing your belly clench with every drag of his knuckles against your soft walls. Gasping, you put your hands on his chest and pushed him away.
“Not here, people might see,” you murmured, cheeks burning with the thought of it. Bucky smirked. His fascinating blue eyes were sparkling with mischief. “No,” you disagreed, “not here. Bucky, no.”
“Bucky yes,” he grinned. “Do you really think I’d let anyone see my best girl writhing on my lap while drowning in the pleasure I give her? You think I’d let them hear your delicious moans? Honey,” he fondly chuckled, his fingers were assaulting your pussy mercilessly. “You’re wrong if you think I’d let them live after seeing or hearing you like that.”
Your body felt like a live-wire, all endings were open and recipient to the pleasure only he could give you. Bucky kissed your neck, fingers still inside of you. “Relax, baby. I got you,” he whispered against your pulse. Eyes closed, head thrown back, you did as he said. You always did as he said. “That’s good, baby. That’s a good girl.”
You keened under the praise, body feeling extra hot because of those words. Bucky licked a flat line from your collarbone to your ear, biting down the sensitive skin there. You moaned. Your fingers were quick to find their way into his hair. He grunted against your skin when you pulled on them a little too harsh.
He wasn’t late to get his revenge; his fingers started to move faster, deeper, and he crooked them just right. Fully aware of stroking right over your sweet spot, Bucky hummed and his thumb found your clit. Your hand, shaped into a fist, pulled on his hair again, baring his throat to your hungry eyes this time.
“Bucky, fuck,” you moaned, but cut yourself off quickly. There were people around for God’s sake, what if they heard you? You whined pitifully, wiggling on Bucky’s lap, unsure.
“Sweetheart,” Bucky grunted, “I’ll make them forget. Stop worrying, baby.” He kissed your jaw, cheek, and his lips found yours again. Bucky was a master at making you forget things while kissing him. This time wasn’t different.
As soon as his lips touched yours, you forgot that you were at a very crowded party; sitting on your bodyguard’s lap, kissing him passionately while his fingers were deep inside of you, dancing on their master’s rhythm. Bucky groaned. He pulled fingers out of you, ignoring your protest. Unzipping his pants, Bucky pulled out his cock and lined it up.
“Bucky!” You exclaimed. You could handle fingering, but… this? “We can be seen!” Bucky just shook his head and captured your lips yet again. Moaning, whining, desperately trying to push him away; you finally gave in as he slid into you. Both of you sighed with the sensation.
“Honey,” Bucky growled, and then moaned. You felt your walls clench around him because of his voice tone. “Fuck, baby, you’re so tight. You feel so good around me, mm.” You felt a lick of hot flame hugging your body with his words, and you moaned. “Move, baby. C’mon, show me how you pleasure yourself.” Feeling the shyness creeping in again, you refused to move for a couple seconds. “I said ‘move’, sweetheart,” Bucky repeated his previous words with more command in his voice this time.
Swallowing, you rose on your knees slightly. The slow drag of his cock in your pussy made you want to scream, but you knew you couldn’t. You didn’t want to be seen nor heard, so you had to keep quiet. You bit down on your lip and sank down on him again.
“Yeah,” Bucky groaned, “just like that, princess.” His hands stroked your thighs, squeezing them gently. You mewled, quickening your motions. You leaned forward a bit so that you could hide your face in Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky grabbed your ass underneath your dress. The rapid in and out motions, his cock hitting that spot with every thrust were too much. You could feel yourself tightening more and more with each thrust, you knew you were close.
“Bucky─” You gasped. Bucky helped you by thrusting up. You bit his neck in order to keep your scream in. Bucky groaned. His hands grabbed your ass harder.
“Yes, princess. I know you’re close,” he groaned again. “Let go, baby. You did so good, let go for me.” He kissed your neck. “C’mon, princess, be a good girl and come.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, face still hiding in his shoulder, you came with your teeth clamped on his neck again. You walls tightened around his cock, belly cramping with the intensity of your orgasm. You heard Bucky snarl, felt his hips moving faster beneath you. After a handful of thrusts, Bucky came, spilling deep inside you. You whimpered when you felt his come leaking already.
“Fuck, princess,” he chuckled. You smiled. You always loved making him feel good.
“Did I do good?” You asked him with a small voice. He pulled one of his hands off your ass and stroked your hair.
“Yes, sweetheart. You were so good, did everything I said,” he kissed your cheek, “You made me feel so good, baby. I’m proud of you.” You felt your cheeks burn and wiggled on his lap, also feeling very satisfied with yourself.
You lifted your head and kissed him on the lips chastely. “Like I said before,” you murmured, “you’re the best, Bucky.” Bucky smiled.
“You’re the best, too, babydoll,” he booped you on the nose and kissed you back.
The party was lost and forgotten by you long time ago.
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me [2/9]
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3,6k
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Warning(s): mean family members, swift mention of panic, language, but other than that, the fluff has arrived folks!
A/N: I am still at a loss for words from all the love you give this series, I can only hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the story as much! thank you so fucking much for all the love, I cannot thank you all enough!! 
| Next to Me - Masterlist |
Tumblr media
Bucky took a step forward, reaching for your elbows to keep you steady. The laptop dropped to the ground, and you didn’t dare move. Eyes wide and struck with panic.  
“You’re safe,” he whispered, and you trembled, a fear of believing him brimming your eyes, He pulled you closer, unyielding ”I’ve got you, Y/N. I’ll keep you safe, I promise,“
A strangled cry tore from your throat, and your legs gave out from under you. Bucky caught you, caging you to his chest protectively as your fear was finally allowed an outlet. He tightened his embrace when your sobs grew harder, with no intention of letting go, and a new purpose to fulfill.
Bucky was going to keep you safe, no matter what anyone had to say about it.
The tension was heavy. 
Weighing down in the study, adding pressure to the anger your father desperately tried to restrain. But each sharp inhale of breath, and haste pacing of the room indicated it was a futile attempt. 
Bucky stood tall, unbothered by your father's pending anger because the only thing of concern to him was that you were safe in your mother's arms. 
Draping a plaid over your shoulders, she sat down beside you on the couch, enveloping you in a protective embrace. T sat on the opposite couch, arms crossed in front of her chest, but Bucky paid her no attention, his focus on your mother's pained expression at your state.
Mascara stained Bucky's white shirt as a result of your tears. He had held you to close, allowing you to break apart from the emotions and fear you had tried so desperately to lock away. And he didn't let go, not until you had been ready to let go of him, and your mother took you into her arms. 
He looked at you, relief warming his chest as you wiped your nose with the corner of the plaid, and met his eyes. The tender smile gracing your lips was directed at him, and the corners of his mouth followed suit, settling into a soft smile that not even the tension in the room could steal away. 
With a deep breath, Bucky looked at your father, and his nostrils flared at the indifference the former Winter Soldier displayed. Your father stopped pacing, pointing an accusatory finger in Bucky's direction, his hand trembled in the anger. 
“You- you left my daughter un-unprotected!"
His voice tipped on the edge of a roar, but Bucky didn't flinch, merely angled his body towards your father, posture unrelenting, eyes growing cold with no intention of bowing to your father's will who immediately took a backward, swallowing down the anger under the intimidating glare. 
The satisfaction curved a smile to Bucky's face, "No, I didn't,". 
Your father's jaw fell slack in disbelief at the response, and he scoffed. 
"T was left alone," his fist slammed down on the desk causing everyone in the room but Bucky to jerk in their seat. 
"I know," Bucky stared on, unfazed by your father's intimidation tactics. 
Your father's nostrils flared at the nonchalance, "What if something had happened to her while you ran—
"To save your daughter, I might add," Bucky interjected. Your father grunted, the former Winter Soldier's dismissal of the point he was trying to get across, spurring the anger to resurface. 
"What if something had happened to T?"
"Nothin' happened,"
"What if she had been kidnapped? what then?"
"She didn't,"
"What if it was a diversion?"
"It wasn't,"
Your father's voice rose, the anger blaring through each word he spoke, the veins on his neck and forehead popped, his futile attempts to remain composed blocking his ability to breathe in the process. 
Closing his metal fist, Bucky drew on every ounce of his willpower not to square your father in the face when he took a step forward in an attempt to intimidate the Avenger. Bucky's jaw twitched, a growl rumbling in his throat.  
"What if," your father spat, Bucky remained impassive, which only fueled the fire, "What if, it was intended to be a diversion for them to kidnap or worse hu—
"It wasn't," 
The acidity in Bucky's voice pierced through your father's act of dominance, and he cowered away. Bucky's jaw twitched in anger, and he took a step forward, your father trembled, and stood behind his chair to create distance between him and Bucky. But the former Winter Soldier didn't budge and squared his shoulders, his steely glare causing your father to gulp. 
And yet, he refused to back down. Bucky arched a brow at his endurance and audacity to continuously test his patience. It was almost as if he forgot who Bucky was. 
"It could have been, and my daughter would've been kidnapped," his voice was harsh, Bucky snorted a laugh. 
"It wasn't. We aren't that lucky," 
T gasped incredulously, your father's anger flared, your eyes widened, and Bucky couldn't help the mocking quirk of his lips when your father gripped the chair roughly. 
"This won't happen again, are we clear, Sergeant?" he barked. 
"You're right it won't,"
"T is to—
"No, she is no longer my problem. My priority is keeping Y/N safe," Bucky asserted, unfazed by your father's attempt at arguing his will. 
"That is not what I pay you for,"
"Then don't," Bucky said, your father's eyes widened in disbelief at his defiance, "But I'm going to keep Y/N safe, and that's the end of that," with a mock salute, he added, "sir," 
Your father fumed, the vein at his neck about a second from bursting and he trembled, "I will not tolerate such behavior from you sergeant, you're ignoring strict order—
Bucky's ears strained at the unknown voice, his head snapped to the side in search of the source and wasn't disappointed when he realized it was your mother. Her chest heaved in anger, arms still protectively wrapped around you as she glared at her husband. Bucky's mouth twitched into a small smile, at least someone was there for you in the absurdity that was this household. 
"Enough," she repeated. Your father let go of a harsh breath, and his argument was caught in his throat when she didn't relent until he turned away.  "Sergeant Barnes will keep Y/N safe, and I will not hear more of this. This time she was the target, it is inevitable for her and T to be mistaken for one another, and I will not have my daughter unprotected," 
"But, mom," T rebuked, uncrossing her arms to argue her case, but your mother shut her down in an instant. 
"I said what I said, T,"
T gaped at her, she shook her head, and pride bubbled in Bucky's chest.  Your lips parted in surprise, but gratitude shone brighter as you looked at your mother in complete awe of her speaking up. 
"I'm certain you can find someone to keep T safe as well, sergeant?" she asked, Bucky nodded. 
"Yes, ma'am," he said, a smile invading his features without apprehension, "I know the perfect guy,". 
T scoffed, but your mother sent her a silent warning which she accepted with a loud huff and nose stuck in the air. She looked to your father for assistance, but surprisingly, even he held his tongue, expressing disapproval with a low grunt until T rushed towards him in a haze of faux tears that neither you nor your mother paid a second thought. 
Sighing in relief, your head lulled to your mother's shoulder, and she tightened her embrace, promising that you would be alright. Bucky smiled at the sight, and you met his eyes. 
The tenderness they carried eased the tension in his chest and replaced it with warmth. Exhaustion still lingered in your features, but relief took the lead the longer he looked at you. 
Much like the first time you had met, gratitude formed from your lips, and even if it was silent, it was loud enough for his smile to grow full. 
Resting against the cold window, you reflected upon the events from the past days, but before any thought could come to the surface, it fell flat to the ground in confusion and how they had even transpired. 
Your body still ached, but for the first time since the attack, it wasn't from dread or fear, but ease. The tension that had been etched so deep within your bones was alleviated after your breakdown. 
A small smile found your lips, and your eyes wandered to rearview mirror. Bucky was driving, which easily allowed you a glimpse of his slate blue eyes, fixed on the road ahead. It wasn't difficult to remember how soft they could be. Filled with concern for your wellbeing, and as you inhaled, the feeling of his strong arms caging you to his chest lingering in your body.  
You couldn't recall a time anyone had held you in the way he did, nor a time where anyone had taken a stand for you. Bucky didn't know you, and yet he had defied your father and sister without hesitation. 
It was unusual to be the recipient of such treatment around your family, and some part of you were waiting for the ball to drop and realize that Bucky was playing you, a ploy from your sister but it wasn't the case. 
Even if doubt desperately tugged at your mind, it was overshadowed by the sincerity and kindness Bucky had conveyed when he made you a promise no one else had ever done before. 
A promise to keep you safe. 
A soft sigh parted your lips, and as if he heard, his eyes shifted to yours through the rearview mirror. The concentrated crinkle between his brows softened, leaving his eyes tender and your smile grew a notch. The returning smile resulting in a sudden jump of your heart, and your eyes immediately dropped to your lap not to let it show. 
You knew he was able to read your feelings like an open book. From the first time he laid eyes on you, it was as if every word written was left to his interpretation regardless of what you would do to keep it hidden. 
The car pulled into parking, and Bucky glanced your way before exiting to secure the area. Your mother had wished for you and T to leave the house for an hour or two, and Bucky had known a place. 
Silence stretched in the car, and you didn't mind that T kept her mouth shut the entire ride, but you were also well aware that she was waiting for you to address her silence like the spoiled brat she was. But humoring her wasn't exactly on your agenda, and she scoffed under her breath, your name muttered. You ignored her.  
The door opened. With her nose stuck in the air, T exited the car and strutted in the direction of the café, expecting Bucky to follow, but he didn't even look her way and waited for you. 
You smiled softly and stepped out, and waited for him. 
A smile hovered around his mouth as he motioned for you to walk, and you reluctantly began walking. Remaining close behind, you couldn't stop smiling as the distance between the two of you grew smaller, step by step and before you knew it, Bucky was right next to you. 
You looked up to meet his eyes. Soft and kind and so remarkably enticing, you were rendered unable to look away. 
A lopsided smile settled on his lips when your steps halted to take him in. He ran his fingers through his hair, shifting under your gaze but the growing smile was enough of an indicator that he didn't mind. Your mouth twitched. The tousled result of his hair, softening his appearance. 
Biting back a chuckle, you took a moment to admire the vast contrast between the man that stood in front of you and the one who had opposed your father earlier in the day. One and the same, and yet the difference stood out like a beacon of light. 
Bucky still stood tall, alert to his surroundings, that much was evident, but unlike in the study, where his jaw had been tense, and eyes had been as biting cold it almost stung, now, he was calm. The lines of his features at ease, the crinkle between his brows soft, and a reflection of the curiosity that came to life in his slate blue eyes as you detailed his features. 
It was only when a small chuckle parted his lip that you broke from the trance. Your eyes widened slightly, meeting the boyish crinkle in the slate blue irises, and heat rushed to your cheeks. 
Your lips parted to apologize, but it was immediately swallowed by a scream. 
You heart stalled, and you froze.  
Panic darted towards you, threatening to get an immediate hold of you, but before it could latch on, Bucky's stepped into your line of vision. His tender expression immediately catching you, saving you from the panic and you sucked in a breath. 
"Everything is okay," he assured, voice soft and reassuring and you let go of a breath. 
With a smile, Bucky motioned to the side, and you turned to see T screaming at the menu, and your heart thudded in your chest at the scare. 
"They don’t even have iced lattes? What kind of shitty place is this? I need my iced fucking latte, I've been the victim of two goddamn assaults, I want my iced latte you useless fucks,”
You bit your tongue, inhaling slowly not to say anything further to aggravate her, as she aggressively walked into the café. 
"After you," Bucky said, and you realized he had been looking at you, the heat in your cheeks grew warmer, and it took everything in you to turn away and have him follow your lead. 
By the time you entered the café, T had already demanded an iced latte and found a seat which you approached. She huffed when you sat down on the chair across from her, and she dumped her bag to the floor. Bucky positioned himself to the wall beside the table, allowing him a view of the street outside, as well as the entire café. A concentrated frown found his features. 
You waited for his eyes to settle on yours, and when they finally did, you smiled. His frown melted away instantly, a softness returning to his features once again and the way your heart fluttered at the sudden change left you to bite your lip. His smile widened. 
"I can't believe this shit," 
You grit your teeth and unwillingly looked to your sister. Arms crossed, scowling so profoundly you could practically feel the pain of how hard she strained her features. You took a deep breath. 
"Yeah, it's been one hell of few days," you said. She scoffed. 
"That's not what I'm talking about,"
You cocked a brow, biting back a snort, "Oh-kay? then what are you talking about?"
"No, we're talking about this asshole who left me in danger in favor of you," she deadpanned and pointed towards Bucky who arched a brow. 
Your eyes widened, "T, he didn't leave yo—"
"I know your intellectual level isn't quite up here with me," she said with a mock smile that somehow managed to erase her stone cold glare with taunt. "But he did leave me in danger, and in favor of you, and you know what that means? It means he must be at the same level of deranged as you are. Mentally disturbed, perhaps. I mean a guy like that choosing you over me? In what fucking world?" she chuckled, 
Teeth dug to your tongue, and your heart dropped even if for a moment. You wanted to curse yourself for always being affected by her words. You knew she did it on purpose, to urge you on, and you held your tongue. Refusing her the satisfaction, and you focused on the menu instead. Bucky's gaze tickled your skin, but you didn't dare look up Embarrassment burning hot in your cheeks for him to witness you bending to T's will. 
"I can't believe that dad even allowed him in, and he's still here," she scoffed. 
With a deep breath, you held your tongue and tried to avert your thoughts. 
"It's fucking pathetic that anyone thinks he is capable of working protection, I mean who thought him stable enough to protect me?"
Your eyes snapped to meet hers, and her amusement grew. You sent a silent warning, knowing what she was insinuating and your breathing picked up in fear she'd have to audacity to speak ill the man that saved your life.
Bucky appeared unbothered, but his eyes shifted, a steely glare directed at your sister. Unaware, T merely chuckled in amusement at your warning.  
"I mean, Hydra's playto—
"T, that's enough," you snapped. 
Her brows shot to the roof, your hard glare rooting her in place for a fraction of a second before she barked a laugh. 
"You're choosing to protect him instead of your sister?" with a hand to her heart, T shook her head. Eyes shone brightly with a promise to ridicule you, her theatricals drawing attention, and you swallowed thickly, "What kind of twin does that make you, that you'd chose someone like him instead of your own flesh and blo-AHH—
A gasp caught in your throat as you scrambled backward, the chair scraped the wooden floor as T abruptly rose from her chair, barking profanities at the waitress who had accidentally tripped and spilled the specially ordered iced latte all over T. 
Covering your mouth, you stared wide-eyed as the waitress attempted to apologize, but T didn't relent, every word louder than the next. 
"This was fucking custom made Givenchy, are you gonna pay for that you useless piece of sh—
"She tripped on your bag," Bucky interjected, expression still unfazed, but his eyes were different. You squinted curiously. Amusement danced in his eyes as he pointed toward the bag on the floor. 
You bit your lip, trying to suppress the urge to laugh at T's incredulous expression. The bag hadn't been there before, and if Bucky's innocence was far too deceptive. T glared at him.  
"You did that,"
Bucky mimicked her mock behavior from earlier, a hand to his heart as he shook his head, "Now why on earth would I do that, i'm assigned to protect you, remember, oh wait-" he paused with a taunting laugh.
Her nostrils flared, and she huffed before looking to you. You immediately schooled your expression. She eyed you warily.  
"Just wait till I tell dad about this," sticking her nose in the air, she marched away, but not without a harsh shove to your shoulder, that forced you to grip the table not to fall backward. 
The bell above the door rang, and Bucky's lips settled in an amused grin. Curiosity tugged at your mind, and you followed his line of vision to see a man dressed to match Bucky, brown hair, spiked in every direction, with several bandaids covering his face. 
The man acknowledged Bucky with a nod and beelined for T. "Hi, you must be Tea," the man chirped, smile broad and bright as he readjusted the tie around his neck. T stared at him wide-eyed, confusion as clear as day. 
"It's T," she deadpanned, pulling a grimace at her distaste for his behavior.  
He arched a brow, "That's what I said, Tea,"
"No," she scoffed, "You say Tea, it's T," she asserted, scowling at the man in front of her who only grinned. 
"No you fucking moron, it's T, it's not that hard!" stomping her foot to the ground in frustration only earned her a laugh from the man. You bit back a smile, unable to understand how easily T was losing her cool in front of his guy. He held his hands up in surrender. 
"Alright, T..eea?"
She threw her hands in the air, growling, "Just shut the fuck up, who even are you and why am I wasting my time talking to you?" 
He chuckled, "I'm Clint. Barton. I'm your new protection detail," he said with a chipper smile, and she snorted.  
"Are all the Avengers just fucking imbeciles? Where the fuck have you been then, huh? A barista attacked me, and now I'm wet," she exclaimed, frustrated as she frantically gestured towards herself. 
Clint grinned. The glint in his eyes prompted a chuckle from Bucky, you smiled at the sound, and it took everything in you not to look away from T. 
"I have that effect on women. I can't help it, Teea,".
For the first time in your life, you witnessed T's tongue tied up in lack of response, and you laughed.  
You knew it was absurd, but couldn't help it when laughter bubbled from your chest, and despite your attempt at muffling the sound, T's loud shriek only prompted you to laugh harder, and you covered your mouth, doing everything in your power not to draw her attention back to you as she stormed off to the restroom. Clint followed right behind with a wink in Bucky's direction. 
"Let me introduce Clint Barton," Bucky said, a chuckle following his words and you looked up to meet his eyes, his gaze immediately prompting your laughter to grow soft, fading breathlessly. 
You shook your head affectionately, as you inhaled, your chest felt lighter, and Bucky noticed. The smile on his lips reached his eyes, and you fell lost in the questions and pure emotions he conveyed. 
Smiling bright, you inhaled once again, relishing in the ease it brought. Bucky smiled. "Hawkeye," you said.  
Bucky nodded and took a step in your direction, your breath hitched, and he extended his hand causing your smile to widen. 
"I don't believe we've been formally introduced either. I'm Bucky," 
Chuckling softly, you stood to your feet and placed your hand in his. His hand was gentle around yours, and his enchanting eyes locked you in as you introduced yourself, and his hold grew tender.
You couldn't explain why, but laughter ran past your lips. Whether it was in relief to know you had someone by your side, someone who wasn't afraid to speak their mind, or something else altogether, you didn't know. 
But the thing you did know, was that the only thing you could focus on was the way his eyes gleamed to the sound, and your heart fell into a loop you couldn't quite get a hold of. 
And if that was a positive thing or negative, time would come to tell. 
Tumblr media
Chapter Three
Feedback is as always greatly appreciated! 
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Bodyguard - masterlist (Bucky Barnes)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: death, swearing, eventually smut in later parts
Summary: Tony Stark is a very rich man and with that came a lot of enemies. After a tragic event Tony decides himself and the people most important to him, especially his daughter, are in danger. He hires personal body guards. Bucky Barnes is assigned to Y/n Stark, the most troublesome, reckless Stark that there is.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1  
Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4 
Part 5 
Part 6
Part 7 
Part 8 
Part 9 
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
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celestialbarnes · 4 months ago
right here waiting | b.b
pairing: bodyguard!bucky x actress!reader
requested: hiii can you write bodyguard!bucky and actress!reader please? ❤ tysm! // hello, can you do one bodyguard!bucky x famous!reader with fluff please? thank you!
word count: 2.2k
warnings: FLUFF TOWN, bucky being protective,
a/n: hello! i’m back with another bucky fic! i really liked this request and though it took me a day or two to write it, i truly love this fic, and i hope that you will too! let me know what you think, thank you!
requests are open!
thank you reading! every like and reblog really means the world to me!
Tumblr media
“(Y/N)! Over here!” All you heard were people, well, paparazzi screaming your name, the sounds of camera’s clicking and the bright flashes of lights as you made your way out of the building, you knew that there would be a crowd, no matter how many caps you piled on or how much you changed your dressing, you were always bound to be recognized, hell, sometimes it made you question the very career that you had picked for yourself.
“Can I have an autograph please?” You looked towards the voice, smiling when you saw a child that seemed to be no older than seven, in her hands held a poster of one of your movies, her eyes wide with innocence, a wide grin spreading across her face when you took the marker she held in her hand.
“Of course sweetheart, what’s your name?” You ask as you signed the poster, the gold ink of the marker sliding across it easily. “Emily,” she replies cheerily as you handed her poster back to her.
“Nice to meet you Emily,” you said, smile on your face as she took your hand shyly, shaking it, giggling when you gave her a high five.
“(Y/n), we gotta go,”
“I know Bucky,” you reply teasingly, smiling when he sighs as you quickly signed a few more posters from fans, stopping every few seconds for a selfie and maybe an autograph, you knew that some of your fans must have waited for hours, and it just wasn’t like you to leave with them disappointed, and the last thing you wanted was for them to leave emptyhanded, especially since most of them had supported you since the beginning of your career.
“(Y/n), we have to go now,” Bucky adds, and you nod, turning towards him.
“Calm down Buck, I got this,” you reply chuckling when he shakes his head, but he couldn’t have hidden that small smirk that formed on his face as he guided you towards your SUV that was parked just about twenty feet away.
“You know you really shouldn’t call me Buck, it’s unpro-“
“Then why do you call me (Y/n)?” you retort playfully, the flashes behind you following as the distance between you and the SUV grew shorter.
“Because you ask me to,”
“Exactly, so-“ before you could finish your sentence, you squealed as you tripped over your heels which were honestly way too high for your liking, and you were pretty damn sure that you would fall face flat on the floor when a strong arm circles your waist, steadying you as Bucky pulls you close to his firm chest, your breath hitching in your throat as you struggled to find your footing, trying to ignore how the feeling of his skin against you sent an electric feeling throughout your body, your cheeks heating up as he tightens his grip around you, easily holding you up as he leads you towards the SUV.
“You got this huh?” the brunette teases, making you shoot him a playful glare.
“Shut up,” you retort, smiling when he shrugs, getting into the vehicle with you, the sounds of cameras flashing muffling as the door slides shut, the SUV heading down the road.
“Did you sleep at all?” Bucky asks, looking towards you as you nodded, eyebrows furrowing as you yawned, god, it felt like ages since you had a proper rest, with back to back movies to film, you barely had time for a bite, not to mention eight hours of sleep, though you were pretty sure you needed more than that, you were practically running on caffeine at this point, downing cup after cup long blacks and lattes before shooting started, and if it wasn’t for your make-up artist, Lauren who had easily covered your dark eyes, you were sure that you would have left the hotel looking like you had gotten two black eyes.
“Y-yeah, I did sleep,” you manage to say as you stretched your arms, attempting to hide the second yawn that was coming your way.
“Come here,”
“Bucky, I don’t-“
“It’s an hour to the studio and you’re gonna sleep,” he insisted, your eyes met his blue ones and you sighed when he scoots over.
“Please, for me?” he asks and you caved in because you were dying to catch up on your sleep that and the fact that your bodyguard probably had the most comfortable shoulders, and you more often than not fell asleep on him, and despite the number of times you apologized, he always made it a point to tell you that he didn’t mind it one bit, and so it became a habit, whenever you were on the plane or in the car, you dozed off on him, the feeling of his arm wrapping around you securely made you feel safer than anywhere on earth, not that you would tell him that anyway.
“Can you move your seat up?” Bucky asks your chauffeur, Sam as he leans over.
“No” and you couldn’t help but giggle when your bodyguard rolls his eyes.
“Come here doll,” he adds softly, you rested your head on his shoulders, the feeling of his arm around and the soft buzz from the SUV lulled you to sleep almost immediately, that and the fact that you were surviving on two hours of sleep, you could feel your eyelids growing heavier and heavier until you were pulled into your dreams.
Bucky leans back onto the leather seat, looking towards you sleeping, smiling when you shifted just a little, your hair splayed over his shoulder, and he couldn’t help but wonder just what was going on in that beautiful head of yours as he watch you doze, god, you looked gorgeous, with eyes that lit up whenever you were happy, and oh, that smile could make his heart race in his chest, your laughter sounded like music to his ear, like bells tinkering, and whenever you held onto his hand as he tries to weave you through large crowds made his palms go clammy, and when you leaned in close, just as you were now, he swore his stomach did flips, you were beautiful with a big heart that he was sure was made of gold to match. 
One thing that he loved was seeing you act, portraying different characters to the best of your ability, you were a natural, and he especially loved seeing you blow directors away whenever you got into character, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and he couldn’t agree more, even without so much as a word, you were able to correctly portray how you felt, and watching you seemingly pull character after character out of a hat never ceased to amaze him.
“Take a photo man, it lasts you way longer,” Sam jokes, chuckling when Bucky shot him a death glare, mouthing a “shut up” as he holds you close to him, the feeling of your warmth making his heart beat just a little faster.
“We’re here, (Y/n),” you were awoken by the low, smooth voice of Bucky as he shook you gently, your eyebrows furrowing as your eyes tried to adjust to the light, groaning as you sat up, still groggy as hell, mumbling a thank you when the brunette passes you a bottle of water, a few sips was more than enough to wake you up, rubbing your eyes, you stepped out of the car, thanking Sam along the way as you were ushered into the studio by assistants.
“Hair and make-up will take from here, you know the drill honey, we start filming in forty-five minutes”. Your producer said as you nodded, settling down into the chair.
“You look like you’ve just been through the ringer,” your make-up artist Johanna jokes as she heats up the hair straightener, pulling out a few more palettes, filling the already packed table with more products.
“That I did,” you reply, laughing when she does, lifting your face as she wipes off any existing make-up with a wet wipe, prepping you for the foundation.
“So you brought blue eyes,” she adds and you smiled, shaking your head as you look towards Bucky who was seated on one of the leather couches, he had an open magazine on his lap, though you were pretty sure he hasn’t even taken a single look at it, your gaze caught his and you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks burn up when your eyes met his cerulean blue ones, eyes that have always reminded you of the ocean, calm and gentle, they never failed you to calm you down even in the harshest of times, like that one time when you were being followed by a large group of paparazzi, his hand had found yours easily, your fingers lacing with his as he held you close.
“I won’t let them hurt you doll,” he had promised as he guides you down the road, your eyes met his for just a second and you knew you were safe in his arms, he rarely lets you out of his sight, always ensuring your safety above his own, and he had never, once, let you down.
“His name’s-“
“Bucky I know, and you’re smitten,” Johanna teases as she applies your blush lightly.
“I am not smitten Jo,” you retort, biting your lip when she chuckles.
“Whatever you say sweetheart,” It wasn’t a very well kept secret that you had a crush on Bucky, well after the two years that he has been with you, it was more like you had full blown feelings for the brunette, but why wouldn’t you? He made you feel safe always, you felt completely at ease with him, he wasn’t here for the fame, that much was clear as day, he had a smile that could make you smile, and a laugh that made butterflies flutter in your stomach, when he held you close, you swore you almost combust with how his arm easily circles your waist, almost as if he would never let you go, just like that you fell hard, for those gorgeous blue eyes and Bucky’s kind heart.
“Alright, you’re good to go,” Johanna said, looking at the finished look with pride in her eyes and you had to admit that having her as your make-up artist was probably the best decision you had ever made, with the way she works with make-up, she never failed to make you look your best, especially for today’s scene, which needed you as your director, Lauren said, look like a god damn Disney princess, and you would be lying if you said that you hadn’t looked forward to trying on the dress that the team had gotten for your scene, with it’s light shade of purple and the way it flared out at the end, it was safe to say you couldn’t wait to get to filming.
“Ten more minutes!” Lauren exclaims, and you quickly replied with a coming thanking Johanna for grabbing you your dress as you got into the changing room, pulling off your shirt and easily slipping the dress on, cursing internally when you couldn’t reach the zipper, right, you forgot almost all the pretty dresses had an unreachable zipper.
“Doll, are you alright?” you almost breathe a huge sigh of relief when you heard Bucky’s voice from outside, biting your lip, you opened the door, your eyes meeting his steel blue ones, and Bucky, well, being the gentleman that he was, never looked away from your face.
“Everything okay?”
“Y-yeah, uh, I-I, the zipper, could you zip me up please?” you ask softly, a small smile forming on your face when he nods, you turned around, your breath hitching in your throat when his fingers ever so gently brushes against your back, your skin burning from just his touch alone and you couldn’t help but want to feel more.
“All done,”
“Thank you,” you reply, your cheeks heating up at just how close he was to you, his lips inches from yours, god, you couldn’t help but notice that his eyes just had the faintest touch of gray, and up close, they looked beautiful, and you felt yourself leaning in closer, feeling his warm breath tickle your cheek as he moves in, his hand cupping your face, his eyes looking for any form of rejection and when he didn’t find any, he captures your lips in his gently.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you return it, your lips moving in sync with his as he circles an arm around your waist, pulling you close as he deepens the kiss, it felt perfect for just that moment, all the sounds around you faded away and you could feel was Bucky, it felt right having him in your arms, and it was everything you wanted and more.
“Been waiting for two years to do that,” he mumbles against your lips and you smile, feeling him hold you close to his chest.
“(Y/N), we’re ready for you,” you heard Lauren say.
“I gotta go,”
“Do your best doll, I’ll see you out there” Bucky replies, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead as you headed towards the set.
“Will I be seeing red on Bucky’s lips too?” Johanna teases as you got ready for your scene, giggling when you shot her a playful glare.
Even as the cameras rolled, your gaze still finds Bucky’s and in that moment, you knew that there was nowhere you rather be.
Tumblr media
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me [4/9]
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 4,9k
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Warning(s): mean family members, bucket’s full of fluff!
A/N: First of all, again a huge fucking thank you on the love for this series, and for your patience!! This chapter is a little longer, which I hope is bearable and I cannot quite wait to get on with this story for you all! we’re more or less halfway now, and ugh, thank you so much for all the love, and a special thank you to @jaamesbbarnes for giving this a read beforehand and loving iiiiiit!!! 
| Next to Me - Masterlist |
Tumblr media
...the Avengers were no step closer to knowing who it could be.
The front doors scraped against the concrete of the porch, Bucky’s head snapped up to see your mother emerging. He frowned slightly in curiosity. She smiled softly.
“Sergeant, please come inside. I’ve arranged a guest room for you. Y/N feels better when you’re around. I haven’t seen my daughter smile the way she was when she just came in, please, stay for the night,” tears welled to her eyes, and Bucky didn’t object.
Pushing himself off the car, Bucky walked to the stairs and offered your mother a grateful nod as he entered the mansion to see you down the hall, smiling in the way that left his heart reeling with warmth.
With brisk steps, you descended the stairs. It was early, and the mansion was silent, meaning if you were quick, you would avoid T altogether and meet Bucky who was waiting for you outside. 
A smile found your lips at the thought. 
An inevitable response whenever he came to mind, and you bit down on your lip to prevent your smile from running too wild even if part of you didn’t want to help it. 
After your mother allowed him to stay overnight, he moved into the pool house with Clint with the argument that the Archer wasn't able to protect T without Bucky's assistance. Leaving your father without leverage except to go against his word - so he held his tongue, and Bucky was as close to you as he could possibly get. 
You had never felt more at peace. 
Catching your weight at the balls of your feet to avoid alerting your sister or your parents for that matter of your presence, you picked up the pace. 
Your foot slipped on the marble tiles at the sudden disturbance, immediately forcing you to fall dead in your tracks to prevent yourself from falling. 
"I'm done with this shit,"
T. You frowned slightly at the irritation in her voice. Not that it was anything new, but it was barely eight in the morning, and if she was in a mood already it was best to head straight for the door and avoid her path of destruction. Sighing, turned to walk. 
"You pushed her,"
You stopped. 
A frown furrowed your brows. It was your mother, with T this early in the day. Which in itself wasn't odd, but it ticked something uneasy, and your eyes wandered from the front doors at the end of the hallway, to the side in your mother's study where their hushed voices came from. 
Biting your bottom lip in contemplation, the curiosity won, and you followed the sound of their voices, careful in your steps not to alert them. 
"I did, but that doesn't mean she needs protection," 
You bit back a scoff at the last possible second at your sister's argument and heaved a silent breath.  
"It means exactly that, The—"
"Don't you fucking dare say my real nam—“
"I am not your father, speak to me like that again T, and see what happens next,"
You sucked in a breath at the cruelty in your mother's voice, the sound provoking a sharp gush of chill down your spine. Never in your life had you heard her speak like that, she was always calm, composed, never like this. 
Not that you could blame her, T had the ability to set fire to water with her insufferable arrogance, even the most sane of people would break under her. 
T grumbled inaudibly. You bit your lip, and took a step forward, leaning against the wall by the door that was left ajar. 
"Did she see dad's will?" 
No answer came, and your frown creased into your features. T snorted a laugh, the unapologetic ego she carried like a second skin clear as she spoke. 
"Well, then you know why she doesn't deserve protection, it shouldn't be needed for her, I want Bucky, Barton is driving me fucking insane, mom, the other day I was waiting for two minut—"
"Sergeant Barnes is your sister's protection detail," she deadpanned, T gasped. "That is my choice, and another one you're to abid—"
"Don't. I will not hear another word from you. End of discussion. Get out,". 
Nonplussed, you didn’t move. Trying to piece together what Bucky being your protection detail had to do with your father's will. You were well aware that T wanted everything for herself, it was one of her character traits, but inheriting everything and demanding Bucky at the same time made no sense. 
T huffed, and you realized a second too late that she was leaving the room. The door swung open harshly, provoking a jerk response from your body that instantly caught your sister's attention and her head snapped in your direction. 
She grimaced in disgust, and you nimbly returned the gesture with one of her own, but before you could speak, she purposefully took a step closer, roughly shoved her shoulder to yours and stormed off. 
You blinked, frown growing deeper in confusion until your mother's sigh pulled your eyes back to the room. She rubbed her temples, mumbling under her breath, as the distress began oozing from her. 
"Mom, are you okay?"
Her head whipped to yours, and had you not been looking at her, you would've missed the brief second surprise widened her eyes before she schooled her features - removing any sign of her distress at an instant. 
"Oh yes, of course, darling. You know your sister, she can be quite a handful," she laughed softly.  
You looked at her for a moment, trying to determine whether or not she was speaking the truth, but she was impossible to read and instead, a small smile found your lips. She approached you, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulders. 
"Don't worry about me, Y/N, you have a whole day ahead of you, I believe Sergeant Barnes is waiting for you?" 
A knowing smile caught her lips, and you couldn't prevent your lips from twitching wider at the mention of Bucky. She chuckled softly and motioned for you to walk, and you hesitated for a second, finding her eyes that were calm and you deciding to trust her to be in control of the situation. She had been married to your father for thirty-seven years. She was more than equipped to handle T. 
With a smile, you turned and made way towards the exit, each step bringing your thoughts back to the Bucky who was waiting on the other side of those doors, and your cheeks grew warm. 
Leaning against the car, Bucky basked in the way the sun caressed his cheeks. His eyes remained protected behind the sunglasses, but it did nothing to hide the smile that hovered around his lips as Clint's gulped down his second cup of coffee in the last five minutes. 
"That can't be healthy for ya," 
Emptying the cup, Clint mimicked Bucky's pose, "People like me need coffee, not all of us have a pretty lady to fuel our day," 
Bucky's lips twitched, and he bit back the smile, arching a brow instead, "What's that supposed to mean?"
Clint's mouth titled in amusement "Exactly what you think it means,"
Bucky snorted a laugh, hiding a smile behind his coffee cup. The Archer nudged him with his elbow, but Bucky refused to offer the satisfaction and instead shook his head, trying to fight the unruly smile that threatened to destroy his posture by the mere thought of you. 
"The coffee's gettin' to your brain, Barton,"
"I don't need coffee to know that you talk in your sleep," he mused, and Bucky's head snapped in his direction. 
"I do what now?"
"Talk in your sleep," Clint cooed, "Oh, doll, I'm gonna keep you safe from you evil father anomfp—“
Bucky snickered a laugh as Clint dramatically staggered backward, clutching his stomach, but his amusement remained. 
"Can't handle the truth, Bucko?" he grinned, and Bucky snorted. 
"You're getting delusional, Barto—“
The front doors parted with a loud creak, and Bucky's breath hitched, whisking his attention away from Clint to the front doors. His heart jumped in his chest as he pushed himself off the car, surrendering to the bright smile that caught his lips. 
Click of heels against the marble floor to the concrete on the front porch, and Bucky's smile dropped as quickly as it had appeared. 
It was your sister. 
Bucky fell back against the car with a deep sigh, Clint snickered. 
"Oh yes, I’m delusional," 
Bucky glowered at him, earning him another laugh as Clint shoved his empty coffee cup in Bucky's hand, "Hold this I need to tie my shoelaces." 
Rolling his eyes at the Archer, Bucky lifted his head, biting down on his tongue not to grimace in displeasure at the way T seized him with her eyes. A scrutinizing gaze that was like nails on a chalkboard. 
"Hi, Bucky," she cooed, regarding him with a smile that pulled nothing but a grimace from him. 
Her next word fell deaf to his ears you stepped through the doors, and Bucky immediately pulled the sunglasses off, shoving them to his pocket. The smile resurfaced to his features, and he didn't hesitate to push the coffee cups back to Clint and walk towards you, meeting you halfway as you walked down the stairs. 
Your gaze remained locked to his, and your smile widened in tandem. With a flutter of his heart, he came to a stop before you, extending his hand which you happily accepted as you took the final step. 
"Good morning, Bucky," 
Bucky smiled as he took you in. Your features were relaxed, rested, at ease, happy. Everything that Bucky wanted you to be, and he sighed softly. 
"Good morning, doll," he breathed, and your eyes gleamed in response. Bucky made a mental note of using the term of endearment more often. 
"Morning, Y/N," 
Bucky bit back a groan at the interruption, and you chuckled softly, tugging his hand slightly as you made towards the car. Your hand remained in his, leaving Bucky’s grin to stretch wider across his features while yours never faltered. Hesitantly, you pulled your attention to Clint who waved your way enthusiastically. 
"Good morning, Mr. Barton," you greeted with a smile, and Bucky squinted warily at the Archer who only grinned in response. 
"Please, call me Clint," 
"Excuse me," 
This time, you were the one to suppress a groan, and Bucky sighed. Neither of you had to look at T to know she was far from pleased at being ignored. Clint remained unfazed as he looked at her. 
"You're my bodyguard, so turn up that hearing aid. You are not to address her first, or at all. If she were of importance, she would be the victim of what happened, and she would not be able to sleep. Do you see how rested she is, she is not a victim, and I will not have you addressing her, let alone allowing her to even breathe in your direction, am I making myself clear, or do I need to get her removed from here before you understand?". 
Bucky stared at her incredulously, your hand twitched in his, but before he could retaliate, Clint mused. 
Her eyes widened in horror, "How many times have I told you not to call me that? It is T, you imbecile,"
Clint didn't flinch, "Teeee?"
She groaned, and surprisingly bit her tongue, and snapped "What?"
Scratching his chin in contemplation, his eyes didn't waver from her, "Why are you like this?" genuine curiosity arched his brows causing one of the many bandaids on his face to pull off his skin. He pressed it back. 
She blinked for a moment, eyes shifting between you, Bucky and Clint, "Me?" she scoffed, grumbling under her breath, "Why are you like this?" she snarled, gesturing towards him, but he only chuckled in response, the surprise evident on her features. 
"For attention, mostly," he grinned, "Which you so happily give me, T-dog, we're the perfect team,"
The noise that left her throat was of pure frustration, and instead of retaliating, she marched towards the car and threw her most menacing glare your way before she slammed the door shut behind her. 
Clint chuckled, gulping down the rest of Bucky's coffee, "She loves me," he mused, waving before he got into the driver's seat.
You looked at Bucky, the corners of your mouth curved upward, "I have never seen T that easily frustrated before,"
"A special talent Barton has," he winked, and you chuckled. Your eyes sparkling under the morning sun, and like so many times before, Bucky could do nothing but get lost in the tender gaze pulling a dopey smile to his lips. 
The day went along in a haze of tender smiles, and hard work finding Bucky laying down on the couch in your office. 
You were typing away on the computer, fingers moving quickly along the keys, the tick followed by the next, creating sentences, and codes in a heave of breath - only for you to pause, eyes skimmed the screen, a dejected sigh and then you deleted the whole thing to repeat. 
After the fifth time, Bucky shifted his gaze from the ceiling to you.  Concentration contorted your features, brows pinched together, bottom lip worried between your teeth as you stared at the screen, and Bucky's eyes lifted to yours. 
Clouded with thoughts that roamed elsewhere as you looked at the screen, in hopes the questions running through your mind would reveal themselves. Bucky smiled at your attempt to work despite your troubled mind and moved to sit upright.
"What's on your mind, doll?" he asked, and you immediately looked up, the warm smile Bucky had seen so many times before revealed itself on your lips, and he couldn't help the thrum of his heart even if he wanted. 
"Just work, codes are a real brain wrecker," you breathed, chuckling softly, void of any humor, and Bucky arched a brow in question. 
"Yet, you make it look like child's play," he said, smile twitching wider, softer as he pointed towards you, "Work doesn't make you frown like that," 
Looking at him for a brief moment, your smile widened as you chuckled. 
"Can't deny that," you paused, smile fading a fraction as you fell back to your thoughts, "T.. my mother, I overheard a conversation this morning. It's innocent but it just—“
Cutting yourself off with a sigh, you shrugged. Bucky moved to the edge of the couch, silently prompting you to continue, and a small smile resurfaced to your lips. 
"T was complaining about you as my bodyguard, I believe," 
You sighed, Bucky frowned. That complaint was truly getting old. 
 "I didn't hear much. I heard that, and T mentioned my dad's will, why that apparently meant I don't deserve protection, and my mom mentioned that T pushed me when we were attacked in the limo,"
"Pushed you?" the words tumbled past his lips before he had a chance to think them over, and Bucky frowned at the confusion flooding his mind at once. 
He wasn't surprised that your sister was a continuous pain, no matter what, but never had he heard the detail of her pushing you during the attack. His frown etched deeper. 
Surprise flashed across your eyes before you nodded. Taking a deep breath to suppress the memories that threatened to resurface. "Yes, she pushed me,"
He blinked. Once, twice, and then fell still as you carried on. Through quivering lips, you gave the details of the attack that he did not know of. From how you'd been clinging onto your sister to the moment you realized the door was being torn open and you found yourself on the floor, paralyzed in fear of what was to come. 
A tremor left Bucky's hands to tremble, and he clenched his fist to keep it under control. Each word you spoke was reopening a wound you had put behind only for the sake of Bucky's understanding, and his heart dropped. 
He was appalled. 
He knew your sister was despicable. Knew how she treated you, he had seen it first hand. Heck, he had grabbed your trembling hand in his own to reassure you that he was never going to let you be alone with her, or the rest of your family because he knew them. 
And yet he was surprised at how revolting your sister's behavior was, and another tremor shot through his body, jolting the rage in his chest. 
"Who filed the report on the attack?" he asked through gritted teeth, and your brows furrowed in concern, clouding your eyes as his tensed shoulders and shift in demeanor.
"T and I both did, I was with mom and T was with dad,"
T had pushed you into danger. A move that could've proved lethal had it not been your father at the other end, and it hadn't been noted anywhere. Not in the reports, not by your father, nor mother - the detail had been left out. 
Someone had left it out. And Bucky wasn't the least bit ashamed when his thoughts concluded that the someone could only be your father. Anything to protect his precious daughter T. 
Gritting his teeth, he clenched his fists to remain seated instead of marching out of the building to take advantage of Hydra taught him by closing his metal hand around your father's throat to make sure he and his precious daughter could never go near you again. 
Your eyes flittered from his face to his hands. The knuckles on his flesh hand turning white under pressure, and worry etched itself into the lines of your features - revealing your distress, and Bucky's jaw twitched. 
Your family didn't deserve you. They didn't deserve your kindness. They didn't deserve your constant acceptance of their disgusting behavior. They did not deserve you at all. 
"I'm gonna make sure that you'll never have to answer to them ever again," 
Your eyes found Bucky's, and you sucked in a breath. 
"After all of this, I'll make sure you're safe from them if you want I'll make sure you never have to see your sister and father ever again,"
For a brief second, Bucky thought he had overstepped, but then a smile broke through your distress, painting your features with the tender, grateful smile he had seen so many times before and his heart skipped a beat in response to the warmth.
 It was the only resonating in his ears, until a sharp clang broke the rhythm, and his attention shot to the office door. 
The sound grew louder, itching closer at a rapid speed, and he didn't think twice before he shot to his feet. Movement swift and calculated, his ears strained, counting the seconds between the approaching steps to determine the number of people - one. 
Pulling his gun from under his jacket, Bucky yanked the door open, aimed to the threat head-on, only to be the one caught off guard when a panicked yelp tore from the intruder's throat. 
Or rather, your assistant's throat. 
Bucky lowered his gun, as she clutched her chest at the shock, her face a few shades more pale than usual. 
"Sorry," Bucky said, offering her a small smile that had her chuckling breathlessly as she tried to steady her rapidly beating heart. 
"Don't be. You're definitely the perfect bodyguard." 
 "He is, isn't he," 
The affection in your voice caused him to look over his shoulder to find you standing behind him, waiting for Bucky's clearance to step forward. Your tender gaze regarding him with gratitude that nearly stole his breath away in the process. 
Returning the gesture with a smile of his own, he stepped aside. 
Reluctantly, you shifted your attention from him to your assistant, and Bucky's eyes fell to your lips that tried to fight the urge to smile especially given the fact that your bodyguard had nearly scared the soul from her body. 
"Are you okay, Vanessa?" you asked, and she smiled. A smile that reminded Bucky of Clint's teasing ways. Nodding, she spoke. 
"I am, I came here to deliver good news. MSF called," she beamed. 
Your breath hitched, and eyes widened in anticipation, waiting for her to continue, and Bucky frowned in curiosity, fighting the urge to reach out and take your hand in assurance.  
"It works,” Vanessa exclaimed, her voice tipping on the edge of a squeal that came to life when your hands clasped over your mouth in disbelief, she enveloped you in a celebratory hug. 
The words exchanged between the two of you left Bucky's smiling wide, overwhelming happiness oozing off you in waves, and brimming your eyes and his chest heaved with warm contentment. 
"Have you told Jason?"
Vanessa shook her head, "Not yet, I'll get right on it," with a final hug she disappeared off to find the CFO.  
You giggled to yourself before meeting Bucky's eyes once again, and even if it seemed impossible, your smile twitched wider. He chuckled.  
"Good news?" 
You nodded eagerly,  "Very good news." 
Unable to tear your eyes from one another, you merely allowed yourself to get lost for a moment. Your eyes gleamed with happiness, and an idea came to mind revealed in the curve of Bucky's grin, and you tilted your head in a silent question. 
"How about we get celebratory ice cream, and you tell me all about it?" he suggested, and you didn't hesitate before nodding in agreement. 
Turning towards the elevators, you fell into step next to one another - a habit the two of you had developed without having to utter a single word and the smile on your lips mirrored to his.  
Finishing up the ice cream, you and Bucky occupied one of the many benched on Brooklyn Bridge. He had insisted on taking you out of Manhattan, and you agreed, intrigued to spend some time alone with him for the sake of it, rather than a result of the chaos that had brought you together. 
Explaining the latest success of the company should be easy. You had invented it, and yet every time your train of thought fell lost to Bucky's smile, now a permanent fixture of his features. Something you would never complain to, but it was awfully distracting. 
Chuckling to yourself, Bucky playfully bumped his shoulder to yours urging you to try again. 
"MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders work under critical conditions, in critical environments, and they need tools, the right tools under the right circumstances, and even guidance. So what we did, was create this tool. It's a small portable case, easy to carry, which means they can bring it anywhere, anytime."
The smile on your lips caused you to pause, and with a deep breath, you continued before you'd get distracted by Bucky's smile and gleaming blue eyes. 
"The case consists of loose electronic particles that need voice activation - the doctor says what treatment needs to be done, and the particles transform into whatever tools they need - every tool they could think of is theirs to have. All they have to do is ask, and it's there. It’s incredibly complex coding. It’s particles, Bucky, particles that transform into whatever tool they need and the prototype works. It's taken us ten years, and it works. It's unfathomable, it should be impossible,"
Inhaling to catch a breath from the frenzy of words, you looked back to Bucky. 
His steel blue eyes shone bright with admiration as he processed the information, tucking it away in the back of his mind, and your mouth twitched into a smile. Returning the gesture with a warm smile of his own, you were left to fight the way your heart thrummed in response. 
"You're incredible," Bucky breathed, full of awe and pride. 
Affection poured from him, and your breath came in short - lungs barely able to keep up with the intensity no matter how desperately you wanted to savor it all, and you inhaled sharply. 
"I can't take all the credit, it's my team's effort, " you chuckled softly, and his lips tilted in amusement, "But, thank you," 
The lopsided smile on Bucky's lips widened, and you caught the delighted sigh at the last possible moment before he could hear it. Tossing the ice cream cups to the trashcan beside the bench, he met your eyes. 
A gesture you had grown addicted to, and couldn't quite fulfill your day without any longer.
Time and time again you reminded yourself it wasn't smart to be dependable on Bucky to be able to smile, to be happy, to feel safe, but every day only served to prove that he was the only one ever to understand, and it would be senseless to try and deny it. 
His hand reached for yours, and you immediately accepted seeking the warmth and comfort of the gesture as he slowly opened up your hand, fingertips caressing your palm to the tip of your fingers before he intertwined them at last. Your heart thrummed heavily in response. 
"I'm the one that says thank you on behalf of every person on this earth - you're the reason even more lives will be saved. I'm not the one you should be thanking,"
The sincerity behind his words nearly stalled your heart altogether, and you back your tears, keeping them at bay. Bucky's smile grew soft, eyes brimming with adoration and a breathless chuckle parted your lips, the affection able to be found by the one who listened. 
"I just code. I write codes, make them, I couldn't protect my own life let alone anyone else's - you, on the other hand, can, so the thank you is entirely yours," you teased, bumping your shoulder to his, an affectionate squeeze to his hand causing him to laugh. 
Butterflies erupted in your stomach, creating a frenzy of emotions, and his eyes rested found yours. Fondness and playfulness etched to his features all at once. 
"If you didn't code, I would be without a job," he grinned, you chuckled, "So I would say that the thank you is reserved to you, and you alone,"
Biting your lip in an attempt to school your smile, but despite your efforts, the smile claimed victory. You shook your head affectionately. 
"It's tough to prove you wrong here,"
Laughter bubbled past Bucky's lips, the sound so infectious, it began in his chest and ended to yours. The sensation coursed through your system, stealing your breath as his eyes wandered the across the city view the Bridge allowed before finding your eyes once again. 
His blue eyes twinkled, "A thing to know about me, doll, I'm always tough to prove wrong," 
You chuckled as you looked at him. Eyes roamed his handsome features you had come to recognize without a flaw. The relaxed lines of his features, the curve of his lips and his eyes that gleamed under the orange and golden rays of the sun leaving them to appear almost transparent, the steely blue adapting the shades from the sunset so easily, you inhaled softly. 
Bucky's features, his kindness, and irrevocable determination to keep you safe was what you knew about him, what you recognized, and what you admired - and you wanted to know more. You wanted to know what his kindness was born from. You wanted to know what he kept hidden in his heart and what had made him the man he was today. 
And you didn't want to hear it from a museum, or a history book, or any third party that claimed to know him. You wanted to hear it from Bucky Barnes himself. 
"Is that so?" you asked, and the affection in your voice cause a small hitch of his breath. You smiled. 
"It is indeed," 
"Tell me more," you said, lifting your intertwined hands to your lap, and his brows rose in pleasant surprise. Bucky didn't let go. Instead, he caressed the back of your hand with his thumb. 
"What do you wanna know?" he asked, the smile on his lips so tender its warmth triumphed the rays of the sun.  
'Everything', was the word at the tip of your tongue, and Bucky knew that. He read your emotions easier than his own, and still allowed you to reveal everything at your own pace. You would do the same for him. Allow him to reveal what he wanted. 
"You're from Brooklyn, right?"
Bucky's smile twitched wider, blue eyes catching a spark, "You've got that right,"  
"Ah, so tell me, was being from Brooklyn just as bad back then as it is now? " you teased, and the laugh it earned you were boisterous and free, you couldn't prevent giggles of your own. 
Bringing your intertwined hands to his heart, Bucky feigned offense, teeth dragging along the cushion of his lips as his grin widened, "Darlin', the Brooklyn charm beats Manhattan no matter the decade," 
You scoffed playfully, and moved closer to him, your smile deciding to run a pace of its own, leaving your cheeks to ache in the process as you squinted. 
"I don't quite believe that," 
Without letting go of your hand, Bucky angled his body towards you, his smile grew impossibly wide, and it took everything in you not get lost in the depths of his eyes.  
"You best start believing," he grinned, the tip of his nose an inch from yours, "Because, my darlin' doll, another important part to know about me: I'm quite persuasive,"
Bucky gleamed, leaving your heart reeling in your chest at his irresistible charm that revealed itself in a boyish Brooklyn accent, rolling off his tongue so sweetly, you almost cursed yourself for how easily he pulled you in, rewarding him with a wave of giggles as he took both your hands and held them to his chest. 
You weren't aware if Brooklyn would ever be able to charm you, but you knew with certainty that the Brooklyn native had charmed you in a way no one else had ever done before, and you squeezed his hands tighter, one hand gave, the other didn't - and it was the only way you wanted it. 
Tumblr media
Chapter Five
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soap-bubble-nebula · 4 months ago
adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (prologue)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 3.5K
Warnings: Mentions of physical abuse, violence, trauma
A/N: One of my favorite concepts is Bucky as a bodyguard. It like kills me inside and makes me so happy ❤️ I made a series about it, and i worked really hard on it, so pls show it some love! 
Note: If you’d like to be added to the taglist, leave a comment or submit an ask and I will add you
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Tony didn’t realize how much his life would shift when he woke up that morning. It was a normal day, as normal as it could get for Tony Stark. He knew something was odd when he woke up to an email saying money he sent his ex was never received. That was already unlike her. She promised never to contact him again so long as he paid her the child support. He never knew what she did with it. He had hoped it was actually serving its intended purpose and reaching his daughter, the one he had never met. He didn’t even know she was pregnant, nor when she gave birth.
The woman only contacted him when she could no longer afford to keep up her household, and before Tony paid anything, he had to confirm that the girl was indeed his child. Several DNA tests confirmed it; Tony Stark had a daughter, a young one at that. She was only two when her mother prostrated herself in front of her father once the confirmation came back. Tony sighed. “Cut it out with the dramatics, okay? I never said I wouldn’t do it,” He had said and relief flushed his ex’s features, tears springing to her eyes.
Even the sight of the tears clouding his ex girlfriend’s vision caused a guttural reaction from Tony. He knew she was crazy, but he couldn’t tell if she was putting on an act, or if she had really calmed down since having a child. He gave her the benefit of the doubt then, but after today, he realized he should’ve dug into her more.
As Tony was working in his office sometime in the afternoon, his assistant came barreling in, breathless and panting. She looked like she had seen a ghost, and he looked up at her, brows raised expectantly. The color was drained from her face and she closed the door, so that no one could hear them. She approached Tony’s desk, puffing breaths of air and trying to calm her racing heart. She gulped, and Tony’s countenance went from one of expectation to one of worry. Something terrible must have happened to rattle his assistant this much.
“Sir,” She started breathlessly. Tony’s back straightened at the weight of her tone as he watched her, searching for the right words and clearly not able to find them. 
“What is it?” He asked and then watched as his assistant grasped at straws, trying to piece together a sentence out of the frenzy of her mind. “Spit it out, Athena. What’s going on?” The charismatic billionaire spoke, losing all his charm in that moment and shocking Athena to the core. She must’ve really seemed terrified if her boss looked this worried, to the point where his flirtatious behavior went out the window. 
“I got a call from the 11th precinct,” She finally started. Athena was possibly one of the only people who knew what secrets Tony was hiding. After all, she managed his accounts, and she was the one who helped him wipe away any trace of money mysteriously disappearing from his bank. She knew of the child support checks that made their way to your mother every month, even though they were ridiculously small sums compared to his available funds. A couple of thousand dollars a month didn’t even put a dent in his bank account, but he made sure to base his support just on what was needed for rent, food and school fees, making sure that your mother didn’t use the money for anything else.
“The police station?” Tony asked, his brows furrowing. Athena nodded. “Yes, sir. A 14 year old girl turned up. Preliminary searches show that she’s your daughter,” 
She didn’t even need to finish her sentence before Tony stood up, snatching his coat off the couch in his office and walking out. “Sir, wait!” Athena hopelessly tried to call, but Tony ignored her. His mind went blank and the second he heard that you had turned up, he hoped it wasn’t in the way he was thinking. Was it you? Or your body? His whole body was tense as he rushed through the building, mind going into a panic. He should’ve looked into it more when his ex turned up all those years ago. What did she do to you? There was not a doubt in his mind that whatever it was that happened, she did it. 
She was crazy; pining after him for months on end until he agreed to a date. They hit it off, yes, but her possessiveness slowly started to outshine her love, or perhaps that was her love. Whatever it was, he knew he wanted no part of it. He promised her that if she came near him, he would have her arrested. But he couldn’t deny her when she showed up at his doorstep with a two-year-old girl all those years ago. 
You looked so small and vulnerable, and your eyes held a familiarity he once knew. The weight of them reminded him of his mother. Your innocent gaze landed on him as you sucked on your tiny fingers, your soft, short hair sticking up in all directions. There was something about you that he couldn’t turn away. It was most definitely not because of your mother; he had no lingering feelings for her.
Tony rushed into the parking garage, his heart beating wildly in his chest as he got into one of his fastest cars and stepped on it, headed straight for the 11th. His blood was pumping, heartbeat reaching his ears, as he drove through the streets, going as fast as he could without getting pulled over. He got to the station and parked his car swiftly, the police officers outside quickly stopping to salute him. He paid them no mind as he rushed inside. 
“Tony Stark. I’m here for my daughter,” He spat to the woman at the front desk. He was breathless, his face molded into one of worry. “Mr. Stark. Please follow me.” The woman behind the desk stood up and briskly started walking to the elevator in the back. He stood in there with her and the doors opened. The officer walked Tony around a corner and he saw a few officers and a paramedic crowding a young girl. She was bruised up and bloody, her eye slightly swollen and her lip busted open. Several cuts and burns were on her body, and Tony’s face fell into one of relief. He knew immediately that was you, having been sent some pictures by your mother every once in a while. He was worried that he was coming up to identify a body, but one look at you caused him to breathe out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding, a hand coming to rest on his forehead as he started to take deep breaths.
Someone was tending to your wounds, as you spoke to an older man in a suit, another man in blue taking notes on what you said next to him, your head lulling back into the chair. You were sweating, and you grimaced every time the paramedic tended to you, occasionally flinching but letting him continue nonetheless. “If you speak to the captain over there, he’ll fill you in,” The woman pointed to the officer who you were speaking with.
Tony nodded and the woman left him to go back downstairs. He watched your profile from a distance as you spoke to the captain who was standing in front of you attentively. He bent down to your level to say something and you nodded. He put a hand on your shoulder to try and calm you down. The captain was a well-built older man, who seemed very gentle and Tony knew for a fact that this man was also a father. Tony walked towards you and the man and his friend who was taking notes turned to his direction. “Excuse me for a second,” The older man said to you and walked to meet Tony halfway, extending his hand. Your eyes followed the captain and landed on Tony in his suit. 
“Mr. Stark. Captain Gregson, at your service,” Tony clasped Captain Gregson’s hand in a firm shake. “Your daughter showed up here about an hour ago. She nearly passed out in the lobby, so we brought her up immediately,” Captain Gregson started to explain.
“What happened?” Tony asked, his brows creasing into worry. “She ran away from home. Said her mother hurt her. We ran her prints through the system and you came back as the father. It seems you did a paternity test 12 years ago,” the Captain explained, arms crossed. 
“You don’t have to check if her mother is the assailant. She’s telling the truth. Just arrest her mother,” Tony ordered and sidestepped them, walking towards you. You didn’t know what to do and you just looked up at him from your seat, standing tall and foreboding. 
“Mr. Stark, I told them not to call you,” You tried to explain, fear filling your voice as your face contorted into a terrified expression, “but they said if they didn’t, they’d have to call my mother since they have no proof that she hurt me,” 
Tony sighed and tapped the shoulder of the paramedic, gesturing for him to move from your side and then he pulled a chair, sitting down next to you. “I’m glad they called,” He said, exasperated. Your eyes widened a fraction, and your lips fell open. You had to stop yourself from taking a sharp inhale. Your mother had filled your head with stories about how terrible of a person your father was and you loathed him. But somehow, whenever you saw his face on TV, something told you it wasn’t like that. She always told you that if you went to your father he wouldn’t care about you, and he would hurt you worse. “He doesn’t even care enough to call you on your birthday. You think he gives a shit about you?” She would say. 
Here he was.
In front of you.
His features were soft and his expression was wracked with worry as he scanned your injuries, and all those stories were flushed from your mind in an instant, replaced with this new piece of information. The slate had been wiped clean from one look, and your brain filed away the old memories, creating a new folder with this face as your first real memory of your father. 
“How are you feeling, kiddo?” Tony asked, moving a stray hair from in front of your face. The gentleness in his touch was something that you had never felt in your life and as your lips stayed agape, a sharp pain started to form near your nostrils, as though you smelled something pungent, a dull ache spread through the back of your head, on top of the migraine that was already ensuing from the pain, and a choked sob got caught in your throat. Your vision clouded over, and a tear fell from your eye, dripping down your cheek, as you sniffled, not having the energy to wipe it away.
“Mr. Stark—,” You tried to say but Tony cut you off. “Just Tony’s fine,” His voice was smooth and cut through your swirling thoughts. 
“Why didn’t you call me on my birthday?” You asked, scared that the question would get you hurt again, both emotionally and physically, and Tony turned his head to the side. “I sent you a card every year with an allowance. She never gave them to you?” He asked and you shook your head. Once again, more of your memories were re-organizing themselves and you looked at the face of your father.
“You came for me,” You finally realized aloud. “You actually came,” You repeated in disbelief. Tony’s brows lowered, causing his eyes to sweetly glimmer with concern. “You’re my kid. Of course I came,” He explained and you raised your hands to your face, rubbing the stray tears from your cheeks. 
“I thought you would kill me if you found out I’m the reason you got dragged out here,” you whispered and his eyes shut as he sighed in exasperation. “Those are the stories she’s told you, huh?” He asked, knowingly and you nodded.
“Nothing like that’s going to happen,” Tony started as he leaned towards you. “Let’s go, kid.” He said and stood up, starting to walk away from you. You looked at the paramedic and he shrugged. You quickly stood up, trying not to trip over yourself on your sprained ankle. Tony turned to you, seeing you limp. He sighed, getting down on one knee and gesturing to his back.
“Hop on,” He said and you looked at his broad back with confusion and surprise coloring your face. Tony looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to make you limp around. I’m only offering once, so hop on or suck it up,” Though his words were harsh, his tone was exceedingly soft. You shakily put your arms around his neck, locking your hands to avoid from falling. Tony stood up, hooking his arms beneath each of your knees.
He turned to the Captain and the officer who were watching him. “Call me if you find out anything else,” Tony dug into his pocket and fished out his business card. “Will do,” Captain Gregson reached for it and spoke with his heavy New York accent. 
You felt your heart beat quicker as you realized the situation you were in. One day, you were watching your mother throw a beer bottle at Tony Stark’s face, calling him worthless and telling you he never cared, and the next day, you’re on his back and he’s proving to you with every passing second that that was never the case.
Tony secured you in the passenger side of his car, helping you with the seatbelt and closing the door, before getting into the driver’s side, unbuttoning his suit jacket with a nod to the officers outside. He put his sunglasses on, and just like that he put on the playboy billionaire mask, and you watched him with interest. 
“What?” Tony asked as he drove, his eyes never leaving the road. You flinched, looking out the window instead. “Nothing. I’m sorry,” You quickly replied. “What’re you sorry for?” Tony sounded confused, his features not changing.
“I’m sorry I looked at you for too long,” You said and squeezed your eyes shut. Tony’s brows furrowed and he was about to say something but you receded further into your chair, closer to the door in an attempt to put some space between you two. You covered your head. “Please don’t hit me,” You whimpered, and his heart practically shattered in two. What had she done to you?
Tony quickly pulled over to the side of the road and your heart began to beat faster, expecting to be hit with a sharp slap. “Okay, let’s get one thing straight.” He started and you hesitantly turned back towards him. “I’m not going to hurt you. I will not ever raise my hand at you, hit you, or injure you in any way. I know it’ll take some getting used to, but that’s how it’s going to be with your dad,” He said and your breath hitched in your throat as you heard his use of the word ‘dad.’
“And one more thing,” He gave you a look and you waited in anticipation. “I will never, never, not ever, let your mom get to you again. You understand me?” His words were once again sharp, but his tone and his expression were soft and kind. You slowly nodded. Tony was amazed at himself for reacting so well to a child he had never known being dropped at his doorstep. He supposed it was because he always had an inkling that something like this might occur. He even told himself he wouldn’t take you in back then, and would find you some other place to live, but all that went out the window the second he heard you could be in danger. He never had a chance to let his fatherly instincts develop, but maybe they were always there. 
Tumblr media
Present Day
You walked out of your Manhattan apartment on a regular Wednesday, walking down the street to grab your coffee. It’s been 7 years since you first met your dad, and he’s become a part of your everyday life. Even when you started working at Stark Tower as a computer programmer a few years back. At first, you weren’t necessarily a secret for Tony, though he did neglect to tell the Avengers about your existence. It was less shame and more worry that you’d get kidnapped and threatened. You were his only kid, he didn’t know what could happen if anyone else knew about you. Some of Tony’s most trusted staff members knew about your existence, so did Nick Fury, back when he was still the director of SHIELD. Pepper knew, of course, and you and her were very close. She took care of you like you were her own daughter, and though you didn’t call her mom, you accepted her motherly love nonetheless. 
Pepper’s taken care of you ever since you were young, coddling you when your dad scolded you, though that was a rare occurrence. You and your dad was super close; joined at the hip. He sent you random memes throughout the day and always sent someone to check on you when you were in the tower. Happy would drive you to and from the tower and he would assist you with daily stuff, like driving you to the grocery store. Even though your dad taught you how to drive after you turned 15, he never gave you a reason to, making sure you had everything at your disposal. You were always a good kid, never asking too much from Tony and always doing your best to make sure he was proud of you. Even to this day, extravagant presents like necklaces and bracelets made you feel terrible. You didn’t like that he spent so much money on you; it made you feel like that money could have been better spent.
“Oh come on, Y/n. You’re my daughter, you have to dress like you’re taking the world by storm,” He would say. You would look back up at him after examining the present and respond, “How is a cartier bracelet taking the world by storm, dad?” You would joke and he would laugh.
“Just wear it. It makes you look expensive,” He would then help you clasp on the bracelet, or necklace or whatever it was he bought for you. Everything he bought for you, you always wore and never took off. You liked the simple things. The necklace that was always around your neck was not one of his taste, but one that you saw in the window of a storefront when you were walking down the street with him. It was a small diamond stud, that was a fraction of your index fingernail, attached to a gold chain. It was so elegant and simple that Tony thought it suited you perfectly. He didn’t buy you much jewelry after he was satisfied that you had enough to constantly wear, but he always took care of you, and gave you a life you couldn’t have dreamed of if you tried. 
As you walked out of the coffee shop and towards Happy’s sedan that was parked on the side of the road, your phone vibrated. “Hey, Happy,” You answered as got closer to the car. “Y/n, something’s not right! Don’t get in the car,” He said frantically and you felt your breath hitch, taking a few steps back.
“What’re you talking abo—,” Before you could say anything more the world beneath you shook as the car exploded, and you were propelled backwards. Everyone on the street ran away. Your ears were ringing and you landed on your back, as your mind went blank and you groaned.
“Happy?” You grumbled, but you didn’t hear any words come out of your mouth, as you watched the black sedan go up in flames, bits and pieces of the car strewn about, your heart hammering in your chest. “Happy?!” You said again, still not hearing your own voice. He suddenly rushed to your side looking at you as you groaned. “It’s gonna be okay!” Happy assured as he tried to help you up but your head lulled back as you started at the sky, Happy’s words sounding distant and muffled, like you were underwater. You were in pain and your back was stiff from the impact. 
Even though you could barely hear yourself, you mumbled something under your breath, “Dad is gonna lose his shit,” 
Tumblr media
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bucksfucks · 29 days ago
    𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙 | [𝟭/𝟭𝟬]
Tumblr media
summary┃you’re bucky’s new assignment.
pairing┃bodyguard!bucky x stark!reader
word count┃2,781 words
warnings┃significant age-gap [reader in early/mid-20′s & bucky in late 30′s], bratty reader, praise kink, authority kink, spanking, slow fucking burn, teasing, brat taming [on bucky’s end], pet-names [dove & sweetheart], size kink, reader pushes bucky’s buttons, soft moment [bucky sleeps on reader’s floor], so much sexual tension, mention of blowjob, slight ruined kink [smudged lipstick], an attempted sneak out that bucky stops, bucky has a slight russian accent, metal arm kink, THERE IS NO DADDY KINK BUT THE WORD IS MENTIONED [daddy’s money] — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃i don’t have much to say other than enjoy chapter one!
     You remember the day you met Bucky.
     It was what you thought would be an average Monday, but your dad had different plans.
     “This is Bucky, he’ll be your bodyguard, sweetheart.” He said as the tall, brooding man stood in front of you dressed head to toe in black.
     And no, you weren’t happy.
     “I don’t need a bodyguard,” you stood your ground and watched as Bucky’s jaw ticked and tensed.
     But he said nothing.
     “It’s not up for debate so I suggest you get to know him because you’ll be seeing a lot of him.” Oh how your poor dad didn’t realize just how much of a reality those words would become.
     You rolled your eyes, dramatically, before your dad sauntered out of the room and left you alone with large retired Russian spy.
     He took a few swift steps until he was standing in front of you.
     “I’ve worked with my share of brats,” his voice was low, a slight accent peeking through as you sucked in a harsh breath.
     “Don’t make me have to tame you.” It was a warning. An intriguing one.
   Those words replayed in your mind ever since. Haunting you in the dreams that were filled with Bucky’s lingering touches.
     Fuck. Bucky was the first person not to put up with your shit and you knew it was about to get interesting.
     You were right, of course, as Bucky didn’t hesitate to put you in your place. 
     Not like you minded. It was a fun game that you always lost at, but the punishment was so much better than any prize you could’ve gotten. 
     Still, getting on Bucky’s nerves and pissing him off became your new favourite hobby in the world. 
Tumblr media
     “Stop it.”
     His voice is firm, a deep & low timbre as you continue to ignore him.
     “Stop. It.”
     He says again only for you to look at him and take another cautious step backwards.
     “You really don’t wanna start with me tonight, gumdrop.” He warns lowly, so low that you can practically feel the vibration of his voice running through the expensive marble floors.
     “Or what?” You finally snap back, heart thumping in your chest because oh fuck, oh fuck, Bucky had the look in his eye.
     “Try me, I dare you.” The six foot fucking five retired Russian spy egged you on.
     It was nothing more than a game to him; cat & mouse.
     Your eyes darted around the room, looking for your next move because quite frankly…you didn’t think you’d get this far.
     “Five,” your head snapped in his direction.
     “Four,” your eyes met his darkened ones.
     “Three,” you really didn’t want to know what happened at one.
     “Two,” you were really running out of time here.
     You darted, a wild chase ensuing before Bucky had you pinned against the wall with your hands over your head.
     It was easy for him, he dominated you and let you know who was boss.
     “Now are you gonna stop actin’ like a brat?” He spat through grit teeth as you squirmed and whined.
     “Let me go,” you huffed, but of course it was useless. There was absolutely no way you were overpowering Bucky.
     He barked out a laugh, “yeah right.”
     Another whine — long, high-pitched, & drawn out left your chest.
     Another wiggle of your hips and—
     “Stop that.” Oh, Bucky wasn’t happy.
     Rather, he was a little too happy.
     It sparked an idea in your mind. A terrible, no good, slightly sinister idea that would surely leave you with a spank or two — if you were lucky.
     You wiggled your hips again, pressed snugly against Bucky’s crotch as you let out little breathy pants.
     “What did I fuckin’ tell you?” He growled, pressing his hips even tighter, the hard outline of his cock evident against your hip.
     “I don’t know,” you tried to play dumb, even batting your eyelashes and giving him your best pout.
     It didn’t seem to do anything other than frustrate him more as he pulled you off of the wall and over his shoulder.
     With a soft yelp from your lips, then a giggle, then silence as your eyes met his perfectly — almost too perfectly — sculpted ass.
     “God you really are just a brat,” he grumbled the entire way back to your bedroom before he shut the door and locked it.
     You were thrown onto your bed next, softly, as you bounced on the mattress before coming to a stop.
     “Maybe I wouldn’t have to be such a brat if you just let me enjoy things.” You mumbled in return, sitting up and crossing your legs.
     He rolled his eyes, “that’s not in my job description, dove.”
     You almost threw a hissy fit at how nonchalant he was being. He should be paying attention to you.
     “C’mon, it’s past your bed time.” Bucky scolded you, grabbing a pillow from your bed and tossing it onto the floor.
     He lay down, extending his far too long limbs over the hard floor as you looked at him bewildered.
     “Well? Do you want me to read you a bedtime story or what?” He teased but also completely serious at the same time.
     You groaned, falling dramatically backwards onto the soft comforter, “I’m not a baby.”
     It was a mumble, playing with the hem of your shirt before Bucky rose into a sitting position.
     “What was that, dove?” Oh how he loved using that nickname — watching the way you flustered, insides turning to absolute mush; he could never know.
     He looked menacing, not scary or dangerous, but quite clearly like a man who could make you melt with a single word.
     You swallowed thickly, only now realizing how dry your throat was and how hoarse your voice had become.
     You shook your head, averting eye contact with him as he hummed in response — lifting your chin with a single gloved finger.
     “That’s my good girl,” he purred, “now don’t make me put you over my knee.”
     Well then do it. I dare you, the voice in your head screamed.
     The sexual tension was undeniable, everyone could sense it but no one wanted to comment because well, just look at the guy.
     Dark, brooding, ridiculously tall with a metal arm?
     Yeah, you didn’t wanna fuck with that guy.
     “Go to sleep, dove. As much as you don’t want me here, you’re a flight risk,” he chuckled lowly, dropping your chin and laying back down on the floor.
     But I do want you here, I always do, you thought.
     You had to admit, at first, you hated the idea of a bodyguard — a glorified babysitter. But then you met Bucky and things weren’t all too bad.
     He made you laugh, kept you in check, and made you feel…
     Growing up with a mob-like boss like Tony Stark meant that you got whatever you needed, but never what you wanted.
     Bucky completed that puzzle, in a weird, slightly fucked up way.
     Still, you climbed under the covers, squeezing your legs and eyes shut simultaneously before letting out a quiet shaky breath that Bucky most definitely heard.
     Bucky didn’t let anything slide past him, it was that Russian instinct in him.
     You turned your body to the direction that Bucky was, but your bed was high enough where you couldn’t actually make out his silhouette.
     Then you furrowed your brows and pouted.
     You shuffled, reaching for the end of your bed where your favourite lush pink blanket lay — mostly for decoration.
     It was soft, knitted, and double your size which meant it was probably just enough to cover Bucky’s body.
     You leaned over the edge quietly, blanket in hand before you draped it over his body and you saw the smile that tugged on the edge of his lips.
     Bucky hated to admit it, but his heart was beating out of his chest the entire time — swelling and tripling in size as he closed his eyes.
Tumblr media
     “But I don’t wanna go,” you whined, pouting as you looked up at Bucky who had the same hard look on his face.
     “Well that’s not up to me. My job is to get you there and back, so get ready,” he grumbled, turning on his heels to walk out of your bedroom. 
     You were being a brat, you were well aware of that, but the last thing you wanted to do was attend your father’s boring gala.
     You would have to sit there, pretending like you’re having fun meanwhile you’d be counting the tiles on the ceiling to pass the time.
     Everyone would be stuck up and snobby — more than you were and that said a lot.
     Considering you were an occupational brat at this point. The put it on your resume and wait for the calls type of brat. 
     Best in the whole damn business.
     He shut your bedroom door right as you opened your mouth to say something, effectively shutting you up as you were forced to get ready for the gala you so desperately did not want to attend. 
     It only took an hour and half before you stepped out into the cool summer air just as the sleek black car pulled up, but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. 
      You were seconds away from a fit before you felt the distinct weight and temperature of his bionic arm on the small of your back, “you look good, dove.” 
     His voice was cool, low, and it made your breath hitch in your throat. But nothing could prepare you for what your eyes would meet as you craned your head to the side. 
     Dressed in all black, like always, Bucky was wearing a neatly tailored, fitted suit and fuck did he look good.
     You were embarrassed at the ache forming between your thighs and get a hold of yourself, you had to blink, snapping back into reality as Bucky tugged his bottom lip between his teeth. 
     For the first time in God knows how long, you were speechless. 
     “Come,” he said, voice unwavering, “we’re already late.”
     Your legs moved for you, sliding into the car as Bucky trailed after you and shut the door before the driver began moving, the destination now crawling closer and closer. 
     Bucky’s knee touched yours, thigh warm and thick as he sat with his hands folded in his lap. 
     What was wrong with you?
     You swallowed thickly, throat incredibly and suddenly dry as you dared to flick your eyes to take another peek at Bucky. 
     He saw, of course he saw, he was a fucking trained Russian spy. Nothing gets past him.
     “What? You’ve suddenly got nothin’ to say?” He hums, eyes trained forward as you feel your eyebrow twitch, coming out of your Bucky induced trance. 
     But you didn’t say anything, opting to remain quiet until the car pulled up to what looked like a palace and Bucky held the door open for you. 
     “Behave,” he growled as a reminder before he offered you his arm, to which you looped yours through.
     You gave him an annoyed look, but you sure as hell weren’t about to promise that you were going to behave. 
     Because you both knew better than that. 
     When you walked through the doors, entering the space, you were bombarded with photographers and friends of your father’s asking millions of questions.
     Bucky stepped up, clenched jaw and flared nostrils as he pulled you close and pushed through until you were in the ballroom away from the frenzied reporters. 
     He looked at you, face softening, “I’m fine.” 
     Now it was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes, “you’re welcome.” He sounded annoyed, “or did you forget your manners?” 
     His statement was rhetorical, meant to get on your nerves as you grit your teeth, “this is your job, remember?”
     Oh, oh, oh.....bad idea. 
     Bucky’s eyes darkened, gripping you by your elbow as he tugged you into his chest.
     “I’d watch that pretty mouth of yours, sweetheart,” he purred menacingly, though it did nothing but light another fire deep inside of you.
     “Because you may have daddy’s money,” he reminded, “but you and I know both know you’d drop to your knees in a heartbeat for me.”
     It was suddenly 30 degrees too hot, skin prickling with goosebumps, feeling flushed as Bucky let go of your wrist.
     But you still felt the phantom indentation of his fingers gripping at your skin.
     “Now, behave.” He repeated his words from earlier as you had no choice but to smooth down the silk dress you were wearing and lick your lips.
     It was hard to focus on any of your surroundings when Bucky’s words replayed in your mind, any conversations people tried to have with you were one-sided as you felt the heat of Bucky’s body against your back.
     The night droned on, the time passing by agonizingly slow as you clung to Bucky’s arm.
     “I’m bored,” you whined looking up at the man who paid you no attention.
     “Bucky,” you whined again, getting no response from him, but you saw the way his jaw clicked. 
     “Bucky.” You tried again, this time, he cracked. 
     Head snapping as he snarled, baring his teeth to you, “quit actin’ like such a fuckin’ brat.”
     The next words that came out of your mouth would make Bucky see red.
     “Make me.”
     It made you shudder, the way his pupils blew, grabbing you by your upper arm and dragging you into one of the bathrooms.
     It didn’t have a lock, so Bucky bent the handle in a way that it jammed the door. 
     You were really in trouble now. 
     Yet here you were, vibrating with excitement as your heart hammered so loudly it reverberated in your ears. 
    He turned around slowly, two large strides and you were pressed up against the sinks.
     “Every goddamn day,” he’s growling, “you manage to become an even bigger pain in my ass.”
     You gulped, grabbing onto the lapels of his suit jacket. 
     “Now it’s my turn to be a pain in yours.” 
     You squeaked when he turned to around, gripping your chin with metal fingers, forcing you to look at him through the mirror.
     “Now bend that pretty little ass over, dove.” He purred with a sly smirk and you moaned. 
     You literally moaned at his words. 
     At his fucking words. 
     He just chuckled in response, “desperate for me, huh?’
     You bent over, face flat against the cool marble counter and you had to squeeze your eyes shut as Bucky kicked your legs apart. 
     You just prayed that you hadn’t soaked through your panties yet.
     He hummed, “you better put that dumb baby brain of yours and count.”
     Then there was a smack.
     You felt it in your core as your cunt clenched around nothing, biting down on your lip to prevent any other moans from slipping through. 
     “One,” your voice was small and shaky, “atta girl.”
     How the fuck did he realize that you had a praise kink?
     Another smack, “two.” And another, “three.”
     He smoothed a cold, metal palm over your cheeks after the fourth.
     “Five,” you couldn’t stop the soft pants or moans. 
     “Six,” being a brat has really paid off, you thought.
     You’re floating by the end of it, only slightly disappointed that it’s over. 
     Bucky saps the waistband of your panties against your skin to pull you back to reality, “think you can behave now?”
     It was evil, really, how easily you could push Bucky’s buttons.
     You just smiled, a giggle leaving your lips, “no.”
     He tensed again, fingers twitching along with his cock. 
     “I don’t remember giving you a choice,” he said lowly, leaning down until he was face to face and you could smell the spearmint on his breath.
     He snaked his hand to the back of your neck, gripping it lightly as you shuddered, “be a good girl and behave for me and maybe you’ll get a reward for once in your bratty life.”
     It was intriguing, an offer that you couldn’t resist as you reluctantly gave into him. 
    He hummed, smiling as he let go of you and fixed your smudged lipstick with his flesh thumb. 
     “Hmm,” he murmured, “ruined makeup looks good on you.”
     Oh fuck you, Barnes. That sure as hell didn’t help the ache between your legs as you tried to squeeze your thighs together.
     Bucky Barnes may be your bodyguard, but that didn’t seem to stop any of the sexual tension as he licked his lips and adjusted himself in his pants. 
     “Now let’s get back before people start gettin’ suspicious, dove.” He winked as if Bucky’s handprint wasn’t burned into the skin of your ass.
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me [3/9]
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3,9k
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Warning(s): mean family members, bucket’s full of fluff, and a bit of feels. 
A/N: How am I ever going to thank you guys for the love on this series? Like I don’t have words!! Ugh, thank you SO freaking much, I am floored! Another chapter has been added to the series, so it will now be nine instead of eight! thank you to @jaamesbbarnes for giving this a read beforehand and giving me the sweetest reactions! 
| Next to Me - Masterlist |
Tumblr media
You couldn’t explain why, but laughter ran past your lips. Whether it was in relief to know you had someone by your side, someone who wasn’t afraid to speak their mind, or something else altogether, you didn’t know.
But the thing you did know, was that the only thing you could focus on was the way his eyes gleamed to the sound, and your heart fell into a loop you couldn’t quite get a hold of.
And if that was a positive thing or negative, time would come to tell.
Despite Bucky's vow and declaration to be your protection detail, your father still refused to accept the notion, even a week later. 
He refused to grant Bucky space and time needed to ensure your safety. From surveillance to extra agents positioned around the mansion, the ins, and outs of the mansion. 
Heck, he had even denied Bucky from staying at the mansion overnight, meaning Bucky was forced to return to the Avenger's compound every night, leaving your safety in the hands of Clint who, given being T's protection detail was allowed everything Bucky wasn't. 
It took everything in Bucky not to snap your father's neck like a twig. 
And he would've done it, had it not been because you asked him to ignore your father's childish behavior which was a result of his bruised ego and nothing more. You didn't want Bucky sinking to his level, but he knew there was more to it.
You were afraid. That somehow your father would find a way to remove Bucky, and even if the former Winter Soldier had no intention of leaving, he wasn't going against your wish. 
Your safety was his only priority, it was a promise he made, and one he intended on keeping even if it meant holding his tongue and refraining himself from plotting your father's demise. 
Instead, he obliged. Stayed away at night and by your side during the day until you bid him goodnight, and one day you requested to return to work. 
Bucky couldn't have objected if he wanted to, knowing full and well how you were treated in that household, and when your father didn't bat an eye either, unbothered by the events that had led you to stay at the mansion in the first place - Bucky arranged it right away. 
That didn't mean your father wouldn't be displaying his displeasure with a steely glare from the front door as you climbed into the car, and Bucky closed the door behind you. 
Bucky smirked, satisfaction crawling up his spine at your father's apparent distaste for the fact that the former Winter Soldier once again did what he pleased. 
"G' day, sir," the mockery in Bucky's voice didn't go undetected by your father. His nostrils flared as he turned around and walked into the mansion, slamming the doors shut behind him. 
Smirk widened as Bucky took the driver's seat of a Stark approved car. The only thing Bucky trusted to keep you safe, and as you looked around in the rover with a smile, you seemed to agree. 
Your eyes met his in the rearview mirror. Tenderness as always, the smile on your lips soft - a familiar gesture he returned with a sincere smile of his own. 
"I wish I could say he isn't always like that, but he is," you said, and the smile on your lips never faltered. 
A sight Bucky quite liked.
"Don't blame it on him, I have a habit of bringing out the best in people," Bucky teased which earned him a genuine laugh he hadn't heard in a while, and his heart jumped response. 
"I think you got his best and worst in one go," you mused, and Bucky chuckled in agreement and drove, exiting the long driveway to the main road, course set towards your office. 
"Means there are no more surprises," Bucky grinned, and you laughed softly. A sound as sweet as honey, His grin widened. 
"Take it from someone who's known him for a lifetime. There's always surprises with that man," 
Bucky's gaze shifted to yours, the rearview mirror the perfect angle to meet your eyes. Still soft, but a faint hint of exhaustion lingered, the source no one else but your father and sister, and Bucky grit his teeth, frowning at the thought. 
As if you could read his mind, you shook your head, a sense of reassurance that you were alright, but Bucky wasn't fond of what that family did to you. Not in the least. 
"Good thing I've got a few surprises of my own then," Bucky said with a smile, and your returning smile was enough of an indicator that you still believed the promise he made you. 
The journey to work was pleasant. Bucky listened intently to the details of the day you provided, but what his focus drew on was the way you relaxed. The more distance there was put between you and the mansion, you felt calm, happy almost. 
Bucky couldn't help the smile that carved itself to his lips as a result. 
Your office building had been cleared beforehand. Each floor, plus background checks on every person to walk the building which made it easy to get you out of the car and lead you towards the elevator. 
Walking close behind, Bucky followed as you stepped into the elevator. Pressing the floor button, you swiped your access card, and Bucky waited until you looked up. 
"I warn you. Everyone is very loud and cheery. They may be a handful, especially given the circumstances," you said with an apologetic smile, Bucky chuckled. 
"Thanks for the heads up, I think I can handle a few cheery people," he teased, and this time, you shook your head affectionately. 
"They'll ambush me with hugs, I could barely escape them the first time, and now it's a second, I think they're considering stuffing me in a safe house,"
Bucky laughed, winking teasingly, "That's an idea I'm on board with,"
You gasped playfully, bumping your shoulder to his without a second thought and Bucky couldn't look away. 
It was established from the moment he laid eyes on you that it was difficult for him to stir his focus away, but it proved entirely impossible as the elevator rose. Each second had your smile stretching across your features to reach your eyes with a glint so bright: it rivaled the rays of the sun. 
He inhaled slowly, surrendering to the will of his smile that left his cheeks aching. 
You were breathtaking. 
Bucky was well aware that wasn't the thoughts he was supposed to be having about the woman he was protecting, but he couldn't help it. 
Especially with how your attention shifted to him, and your gaze delicately caressed his features. Detailing them anew, the warmth it sparked in your eyes where enough of an indicator that you liked what you saw maybe half as much as he did. 
The elevator came to a stop, pulling your gaze from him to look ahead. The smile remained on your lips, and Bucky's grinned. 
The doors parted, and he stepped out. One foot in the elevator, one on the floor, he scanned the area, and true to your words, people reacted instantly. 
The receptionist rose to her feet, causing a chain reaction through the office, and when you stepped out, they rushed towards you. 
Bucky took a step between you and your colleagues. He counted seven, who instantly fell dead in their tracks, bumping into one another to avoid colliding with Bucky's hard body. 
He quirked a brow, impassive to their silent request to hug you and you chuckled softly behind him, your hand coming to a rest on his metal arm, soft and assuring. 
“It’s okay, Bucky,” 
He looked over his shoulder, expression unwavering which you were adamant to changing with the way you smiled. It was like an ambush, and his mouth twitched, and not more than a fraction of a second later, a smile broke the facade. He shook his head at himself. 
“I’m still keepin' an eye on 'em,” he warned with a teasing squint of his eyes to which you laughed. 
“Please do,” you said, the smile on your lips slowly reaching one ear to the other. 
Waiting for his approval, Bucky chuckled and looked at your colleagues who eagerly waited for a green light. With a teasing grin, he stepped to the side. 
“Be my gues-
The words were swallowed the colleagues who rushed towards you, not caring about Bucky as they threw their arms around you, pouring affection into each embrace followed by words of relief to see you safe and sound, and Bucky smiled. 
The affection and care were almost overwhelming as they lead you into the office, where more people eagerly waited to greet you. 
Bucky stood back, opting to observe the office. From the large windows that framed the entire floor, lighting up the rooms only in a way New York City could allow, to the simplistic yet soft tones of the interior that was a great reflection of the people who worked there. 
But most importantly, he observed you. 
From the way you greeted everyone by their first time without flaw, and a few by their last name, the teasing quirk of your lips prompting you to laugh. 
The sound was lighthearted and free of any restraint Bucky had seen before when you were around your family. Your shoulders relaxed, features softened, and your smile reached one ear to the other, reaching your eyes in a way that left them gleaming. 
It was the only proof needed for Bucky to know that he was watching you fall back into yourself. 
The person you were when your family didn't try to tear you piece by piece and his chest heaved under the pressure of a sudden realization.
Your warm smile, your laughter, your soft eyes - it was all parts of you.
Parts you had shown Bucky despite being stuck with the tremendous burden of your father and sister created. 
Although the two of you had been strangers until two weeks ago, you had trusted him enough from the very beginning to offer parts of yourself, and Bucky's heart thrummed in happiness. 
His smile tugged wider, as he watched you turn, brows furrowed in what appeared to be worry, and he wasn't quite able to interpret the reaction nor what you were searching for until you caught his eyes. 
Relief faded the crinkle between your brows, and a smile resurfaced to your lips. The tenderness clouded in your eyes was a silent beckoning for Bucky to come closer, but he stood still, smiling to himself. 
Your lips moved, and it took him a fraction of a second too long to understand what it meant. 
His thoughts snapped in an instant, yanking him out of his thoughts and without thinking twice, he schooled the expression.
You merely continued to smile his way, "I wanted to introduce you to everyone," 
With a nod, he walked towards you, focusing on you instead of the curious stares directed at him. 
Once beside you, shoulder to shoulder, your chest rose before a soft exhale parted your lips. You looked at Bucky with a smile that had his own resurfacing, and you returned to look at your colleagues to introduce him. 
Bucky was more than sure everyone knew who he was. The appreciative and awestruck stares were enough of an indicator that he wasn't in need of introduction, but you didn't care. 
You wanted him to have a formal introduction everyone deserved, and a lopsided smile settled on his features. 
You introduced him to everyone while giving him a tour of the office, and Bucky made sure to make a mental note of every face that came his way, he was, after all still on duty. 
"And this is Jason," you said, coming to a stop by the kitchen, and Jason, turned around, lighting up like a Christmas tree when he realized who called his name. 
"Y/N," he exclaimed, and immediately enveloped you in an embrace, Bucky quirked a brow, biting his tongue not to snort, "You're back," he breathed in relief. 
You chuckled, nodding as you looked to Bucky, "Bucky, this is Jason, the face of our company, the reason we are big in the outside world, and we can keep our business alive, and most importantly, my partner," 
Bucky's heart stalled, and he frowned. Partner?. His eyes shoot to Jason who was gleaming at the introduction, scratching the back of his neck bashfully. 
"Partner?" Bucky asked, 
Jason grinned, extending his hand. Bucky's eyes flittered from his hand to his face in the fraction of a second, before he accepted it, making sure to keep a firm grip. 
"Partner," Jason affirmed, the small quirk of his lip leaving Bucky to squint until Jason chuckled, teasingly, "Business partner, that is," 
Relief washed over Bucky in an instant, and he sighed deeply, ignoring the way his heart resumed a steady pace once Jason cleared which kind of partner you meant. 
Bucky looked at you to find you smiling as tenderly as you always did with him, and the corners of his lips tugged into a smile once again. 
"He's the CFO, and me being the CEO, we work together like salt and pepper," you said with a chuckle, and Jason agreed.
Your eyes met Bucky's, and he merely smiled.
He couldn't get enough of seeing you around these people, and you without another word to Jason, you bit your lip to contain the smile on your lips and continued leading Bucky through the tour of the office. 
The day passed like a faint blur of smiling faces, a happy atmosphere and a pair of slate blue eyes that gleamed in awe, and contentment, drawing you close without remorse and you inhaled softly. Enjoying the last piece of serenity the day had offered before the car came to a stop to the entrance.
You had tried to avoid returning to the mansion, dragging out the day the best you could, but at last your colleagues kicked you out with the demand that you go home to your family and rest. 
Only they had no idea that rest wasn't an option so long T and your father were around. Peace of mind wasn't even an option, and you sighed.  
Bucky opened the car door with the same reassuring smile that had the abilities to melt away your worries in an instant, but despite returning the gesture, you knew the smile wasn't quite reaching your eyes. 
At that moment, you didn't like that he could read your emotions without flaw. 
Bucky had gone out of his way to assure you could leave the mansion to lighten the burden on your shoulders, to give you something that made you smile, and the instant you the car pulled into the driveway, the day's efforts dissipated all at once. 
It was ungrateful, and you hated yourself for doing that to the one person who cared.
Your eyes dropped, and you exited the car. Your foot slipped, the pebbles on the ground refusing your heels a grip, and a firm arm wound around your waist to steady you before you could even react. Your eyes snapped up. 
Bucky smiled, his blue eyes offering an understanding no one else could give, and you couldn't help but wonder where on earth this man had come from and how it was possible. 
"Thank you," you whispered. Bucky shook his head in response. 
The soft smile on Bucky's lips highlighted the fine lines of his handsome features that regarded you with nothing but tenderness, and concern. 
His arm loosened around you, and you wanted to protest until he extended his hand as a replacement. The golden lines of his metal hand inviting you to slip your hand in his and you did without hesitating. 
With his support, it was easier to walk the pebbles that crunched beneath your heels, and you chuckled softly at the extra effort you pulled to walk the heels after a long day. Your shoulder bumped to his, and he shifted your hand to his arm, allowing you better leverage and you smiled. 
"Thank you," you said as you climbed a step on the stairs, the surface steady enough to stand. 
"You're welcome," he said, and you reluctantly let go of his arm, instead,  using the railing as support. 
You offered him a small smile over your shoulder and unwillingly took another step, and he didn't follow. He wasn't allowed in the mansion overnight, and your stomach twisted.  
Unease licked down your spine, and you stopped. 
You knew your family, had handled them before. It was nothing out of the ordinary - you were used to it. But you didn't want Bucky to leave today. 
It wasn't clever to be depended on his presence for you to feel safe, but you didn't want to spend time denying that it was the truth. You weren't afraid when he was close by, you forgot everything bad, and after today where he had given you the time you were in desperate need of. You didn't want him to leave just yet. 
Turning around you weren't' surprised to find Bucky with a worried frown pinching at his features, 
He tilted his head in question, "Y/N?"
"I just-" you took a deep breath, searching for something to prolong the day by a minute or two, "I wanted to apologize for T's behavior,"
His brows shot up, eyes widening in the process at your words. His frown returned, to which you offered a reassuring smile, but he didn't budge and instead looked at you intently. Searching your eyes for something you couldn't quite put the finger on. 
"Why do you apologize for her?" he asked, curious, you chuckled softly and looked to your feet, kicking a small pebble from the stairs that landed in front of Bucky. 
"Because her behavior is unacceptable, and she isn't going to, so I want to apologize on her behalf. I'm sorry for the shit she pulls I'm-"
Your eyes snapped back to Bucky's. His frown didn't ease, but his eyes were soft, and you bit the inside of your cheek. He looked apologetic for the next words he was about to speak. 
"Why do you let them treat you this way?" 
You knew the question would come eventually. Bucky was the only one who knew the truth. Not even your colleagues did. He was the only one who knew reality from facade - No blurred lines, or uncertainty. 
He saw reality, and he had every right to question it. 
You took a deep breath, trying to find the right words, "Bucky, I- I'm- I'm used to it. This is my reality, but the thing is I don't actually see them as much as I have been forced to with all of this-" you gestured vaguely, biting your bottom lip before Bucky could see it tremble from the emotions bubbling in your chest. 
He saw, and the frown morphed to worry. 
You breathed, shaking your head at the absurdity of the situation because you knew it was. 
"I don't spend time with them. I don't call. I don't see them. I live my life, and they live theirs. The only time I see T is when she summons me to keep up a fake public image we've been riding for years. I'm used to it, and I can't explain it, I mean even my mother hasn't said anything until you stood up to my father, she- I can't explain," 
Your lips trembled, the loathsome emotions your family evoked clawing its way up your throat. It was ridiculous how the mere thought of them could break the joy you had been feeling all day. Bucky stepped forward, and took your hands in his, prompting you to look at him. Tears blurred your vision at the instant comfort his touch provided. 
"Hey, hey," he soothed, "Y/N, doll," 
You sucked in a breath. The wave of affection that clouded Bucky's eyes as he spoke left you trembling and he stepped closer, his hands firm and comforting around yours. 
"I made you a promise, and I'll keep you safe, doesn't matter from what," his voice was gentle, but nonetheless determined and a small found your lips. "I'm not going anywhere. I'll sleep in the car okay, I'm here, you don't have to worry, leave that to me," he said with a smiled that allowed you to breathe.  
And you believed his promise.  
"I can't ask you to sleep in a car, Bucky," you said through tears, and he grinned softly. 
"You don't have to," he assured, thumbs caressing the back of your hand, his eyes never wavering from yours, "It's Stark's car, I'm sure it can transform into a bedroom, with warm blankets and probably even a stove to make some dinner, and breakfast in the morning." he teased. 
You chuckled, surprised by the way he was able to put you at ease, "I wouldn't be surprised if it could, Tony Stark is a genius after all," 
"Don't feed his ego, doll, it goes straight to his head,"
You laughed, and the tears that stained your cheeks were a result of Bucky's kindness and not the emotions that had tried to swallow you whole. 
"I'm quite a big fan of his though," you admitted, Bucky gasped, putting a hand to his heart. 
"And here I thought I was your favorite Avenger," he teased, and you had to suppress the urge to throw your arms around him in an embrace to thank him for the lengths he went only to see you smile. 
"You are," your voice was soft, and the way his features eased was enough to steal your breath away. His eyes so tender and deep, allowing you to see the bright spark in his eyes igniting as a result. 
Your heart thrummed, the feeling of his hands around yours amplifying, his touch carrying a warmth so intense, you could barely contain the beating of your heart, and his smile did nothing to ease the rapid thud against your ribcage. 
"Get some sleep, I'm here, I promise" he assured, and you nodded, reluctant to let go and instead squeezed his hands affectionately. One soft and warm, the other not giving to your touch, but providing comfort even stronger than before. 
"Goodnight, Bucky,". 
Thumbs caressed the back of hands, and when you slowly turned, your hands slipped from his in the process, the feeling of his touch lingering. You pushed the door open without looking away from him. 
"Goodnight, doll,". 
With a final smile, you walked in. The doors closed and Bucky stepped back, returning to the car and leaned back against it. 
He tried to make reason of the sharp tug at his chest from seeing you in distress, he had never liked it, and seeing it again today was horrifying, and disdain for your father and sister left his mouth sour. 
Not only were you dealing with the repercussions of the attempts on your life and kidnapping which had lead Bucky to you, but you were also dealing with your family, and part of him was convinced that your family was worse. 
And Bucky hated it. 
Hated that you were caught in the middle, and he had no clue how to keep you safe from your family, all while the external threat that lurked around still remained unknown and he and the rest of the Avengers were no step closer to knowing who it could be. 
The front doors scraped against the concrete of the porch, Bucky's head snapped up to see your mother emerging. He frowned slightly in curiosity. She smiled softly. 
"Sergeant, please come inside. I've arranged a guest room for you. Y/N feels better when you're around. I haven't seen my daughter smile the way she was when she just came in, please, stay for the night," tears welled to her eyes, and Bucky didn't object. 
Pushing himself off the car, Bucky walked to the stairs and offered your mother a grateful nod as he entered the mansion to see you down the hall, smiling in the way that left his heart reeling with warmth.
Tumblr media
Chapter Four
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adore you. || Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader (1)
Tumblr media
Prompt: Tony Stark’s genius daughter’s life is in danger. She’s quiet and anxious around people she doesn’t know, and must be handled with care. In an effort to prove to Tony that he can trust Bucky, Steve prompts Bucky to take the job. Though Bucky hates it at first, his feelings begin to shift as he gets to know her.
Word Count: 3.09K
Warnings: None for this chapter.
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Happy quickly called backup and brought you to Stark Tower, your ears still ringing and your eyes were having to adjust to every new thing they fell upon from the shock. Your could feel your heart beating in your head and in your ears as your eyes slowly fluttered shut, your lungs pulling in deep shaky breaths. It was only then you realized that you couldn’t really surrender to the oblivion that being unconscious would give you. You could feel yourself teetering on the edge of falling asleep, as though you were nearly there but couldn’t get all the way. You chalked it up to shock and pain, since your brain was blank and yet your train of thought was running rampantly off the track, disappearing seconds later and starting over with a new one.
As you gazed at everything, the noises and voices sounding like you were hearing them through a door that was underwater, you felt like you were dreaming. None of this felt real. And if you thought the shock was settling in then, you were dead wrong. When your brain finally started catching up, your hearing opening up as though whatever your ears were blocked by slowly fell away, starting from the center of your ears and quickly spreading, clearing your eardrums to hear the sharp sounds and the echoes of police car sirens passing the car. Happy’s voice cut through perfectly and you recoiled, raised your hands to block out how loud everything was.
Was the world always this loud? You thought as you took note of the sounds of tires on the ground, feeling them ripple through your body. You finally started to realize where you were. You laid down in the backseat with an agent making sure you were okay, giving you a once over and checking on you, Happy was on the phone and you knew who he was talking to. Your dad. Happy seemed fearful as you felt your body weight shift and change with his steep turns. Your ears were ringing and you grimaced, the agent trying to talk to you but not getting fully through.
You were rushed to the infirmary, unable to form sentences while doctors and nurses rushed around, running tests and grabbing medical tools. You were mostly fine, you just felt a throbbing pain in your head and a stiff ache on your spine. They put you in a room and laid you down, with the bed propped up a good bit so that you could try to talk. A nurse put a light up to your eyes and checked your pupillary response. “Ma’am. What day of the week is it?” She asked and you squinted your eyes, trying to focus on her voice. “Monday?” You asked and she shook her head. “It’s actually Wednesday, ma’am. And what’s the color of the sky?” She followed up. “Blue?” 
“Do you know why you’re here?” She asked. “Am I hurt?” You wondered. “That’s what we’re trying to find out. One more question, what’s the last thing you remember?” She asked and you wracked your brain trying to think of your last memory. “I was with my dad,” You responded and the more you thought of it, the more the vividness of your memories slipped away, as though they were a dream that you were beginning to forget so soon after you’d had it. “My ears are ringing, why are they ringing?” You grumbled as you moved your head to the other side to avoid the light.
“Don’t worry about that ma’am, that’ll subside with time,” She assured and then turned to the doctor. You couldn’t really make out what they were saying, but there were mentions of minor injuries, such as bruises and cuts, but also a minor concussion.
“I don’t have a concussion,” You absentmindedly spat. “I was just having coffee with my dad,” You slurred trying to grasp onto what reality was and wasn’t. Images of a blast and a vague memory of Happy’s car come into your mind, but they disappear before you can hold onto them, and within seconds, it was like they were never there. Your head felt heavy and light, as your brain shut down and remained alert at the same time, the day’s events shocking your senses into confusion and muddle. Your emotions clawed into one another, cancelling each other out, leaving you in a state of in between, a gray area from which you couldn’t escape until far later.
The door busted open and Tony barrelled in. “Mr. Stark! We have to ask you to wait outside,” The nurse said. “Absolutely not!” Tony moved her aside and then came to stand next to you, his face falling into one of concern. He put a hand to your head. “Y/n. Talk to me, what’s wrong?!” He looked your frame over, as his breathing picked up. 
“Dad, what’re you doing here? I thought we were having coffee a second ago,” You explained and the nurses and doctors in the room looked in shock at the interaction. Of course, they couldn’t have known you were his daughter. You never took his last name, but changed it to something else to avoid affiliation with your mother. “That was two days ago, Y/n, what happened today?” He asked again and you furrowed your brows, your eyes narrowing and your mouth falling agape, as you tried to understand what was going on.
“Mr. Stark, with all due respect, she has a minor concussion! She’s experiencing acute memory loss,” The nurse explained and you swallowed hard. “What’s she talking about, dad?” You whimpered as you shook your head, trying to shake the ringing noise away and deny her at the same time.
“Nothing, sweetpea. Just get some rest,” Tony turned to you and shook his head, his demeanor changing so as not to worry you. His face was still full of concern, but not nearly as erratic as he was when he first entered the room. He moved your hair from your face and squeezed your hand. After regaining his composure, he turned to the staff. “Run every test you can think of, check every single thing that might be wrong.” Tony ordered and they all nodded, “I want to know for sure that she only has a concussion, and then when you’re sure, run ‘em all again!” 
The cat was officially out of the bag. Before long, the whole building would know that Tony Stark’s daughter was a low-level desk worker that has been sitting right under their noses for three years. Tony had spent seven years keeping the connection between the two of you under wraps, avoiding every mention of your name and keeping you as far from his dangerous work as possible, but everything came undone in a matter of minutes. Now they would understand why supervisors were suddenly fired for talking down to you, or why agents would get transferred to different departments for hitting on you, or why you got called up to the high-level floors despite your job not providing the security clearance. 90% of the people in your department had never even met Tony, and yet you went upstairs on every one of your lunch breaks. Everything would start to click into place for all the agents and employees, and if you weren’t in danger before, you were surely in danger now.
Tony had to make sure that the team heard it from him before it floated around the building. He scoffed at himself as he entered the elevator, his hands running over his face frustratedly. So much for keeping her out of danger, he thought and squeezed his eyes shut. He needed to know what happened; all the details of the attack were going to be given a good look by everyone on the team and they weren’t going to leave a stone unturned until they know what the hell was going on.
“FRIDAY, tell the team to meet in the lab ASAP. It’s urgent,” He ordered as he pulled out his phone and furiously started sending messages to the team to make sure they would show up. Tony felt concern and anger bubble in his chest as he tapped his fingers against the railing of the elevator, slipping out of the smallest possible crack of the doors once they reached the correct floor. He ran his fingers through his neatly done hair and sighed. 
How could you have been in such danger before anyone knew who you actually were? Carelessly running down to your room surely didn’t help. Forget the fact that he was a concerned father, if anyone had a reason to go after you before, he just handed them a second one, gift wrapped with a bow on top. 
Tony walked into the lab and ordered FRIDAY to print out whatever information had been gathered about the explosion. He looked at the images of the car and the explosion, seeing some of the traffic camera footage that was pulled for him by Happy and some other agents. His stomach churned and his jaw clenched as he put all the photos into a case file, with what little information has been gathered on sheets of paper.
Tony stood there, his face looking grim as he eyed every team member when they walked in. They didn’t seem to have a care in the world at first, but one look at Tony and they knew this must’ve been something serious. He’s never looked this serious for anything, only some of the most dangerous missions could make Tony lose his playboy attitude and ditch the charismatic mask. 
Once they were all there, Tony had to take a moment to find the right words. The silence was deafening and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The seconds ticked by agonizingly slow as the group waited for him to say something, or move. He was scarily silent and he stared at the team like they were the ones in trouble. They all looked at each other, wondering the same thing; what did we do? Only Bucky had the strength to look at Tony head on, challenging him to say something with his icy glare. 
“Are any of you familiar of Y/n Y/l/n?” Tony decided to start and he crossed his arms. Everyone looked at each other, their brows scrunching together in confusion. “Thought so. That’s by design anyways,” He said and before anyone could question his wording, he continued, “She’s a computer programmer here, and she was the target of an attack. Her car was rigged to explode with her inside, but she was called away by her phone and the timer went off when she wasn’t in the car,” Tony explained.
“Is she okay?” Steve was the first to raise the concern. “Is she injured?” Nat added. “She’s fine, she just has a concussion,” Tony answered with a nod. Everyone seemed to be waiting for him to speak, wondering why he called them upstairs for this. Only one person had no problem cutting to the chase.
“You said ‘by design.’ Explain that,” Bucky crossed his arms and gave Tony a questioning gaze. “She’s also my daughter,” Tony finally admitted and he felt a weight lift off his shoulders, but another one slowly settled on them again as he scanned the eyes of the team. They were all wide, their backs straightened and they looked at each other.
“You’re joking,” Nat’s mouth fell agape as she stated. Tony tilted his head back slightly and sighed, “Do I look like I’m joking, Nat?” At his sharp tone, Nat fell silent and she didn’t know what to say anymore as she opened her mouth to say something and then closed it again.
“Tony, are you sure we heard you right?” Banner asked and Tony nodded. “Y/n is my kid.” He repeated, as though to drill the thought into their minds. “Who else knew?” Bucky asked, still in shock but unbothered by the team’s reactions.
“Small group. Fury, Pepper, some staff and Happy,” Tony replied. “And you didn’t tell us?” Banner’s shock shifted into irritation. “I know you’re all mad—,”
“Mad is an understatement! You want us to seriously just be okay with the fact that you hid your daughter from us for however long she’s been alive?” Nat asked, her face contorting into one of rage. Tony put his hands up in surrender.
“Look, you have a right to be mad. I fucking get it. I do. But you have to understand why I didn’t tell you,” He then rips open the case file and pulls out the images, his fear and anger fully showing on his featured now. Tony snatches the traffic cam footage that shows the moment of the blast, where you were only a few steps from the car, the image catching you midair as you were propelled backwards. “This happened when no one knew!” He breathlessly shouted, gripping the image and shoving it in the team’s face. Clint’s face softened. He knew that feeling, the need to hide your kids and family because you didn’t want them to get hurt. 
“Tony, it’s okay it could’ve been a random attack—,” Clint tried to rationalize.
“This was not fucking random, Barton. Happy’s car is only parked there for 5 minutes a day, if ever. Why risk being seen during your ‘random attack’ when there are plenty of other cars that have been parked there for days? Days!” Tony pulled out a red marker and circled a car that had appeared in the footage that had multiple parking tickets on the windshield, and it was right next to Happy’s.
“On top of that, why time it to detonate so that it lines up with the moment Y/n gets in the car? Need I say more?” Tony spoke quickly and everyone fell silent. He huffed out a long breath of air and ran his hands through his hair, gripping the roots. He paced in front of the team and then stopped, turning to them. 
“We’re investigating this. None of us do anything besides this. We will eat, sleep, breathe this case if we have to. We just need to find that fucker and get them away from my daughter!” Tony points his finger to the ground as he spits out his words, emphasizing his seething frustration. The team can’t do anything but agree, noticing how important you are to him, and on top of that, they’re afraid of disagreeing. The prospect of what he would do if someone defied him now seemed terrifying. 
“Rogers,” Tony calls and Steve’s back straightens. “You’re going to be her new protection detail. You will not leave her side for any reason.” Tony orders. “Tony, with all due respect, I think you should give this one to Bucky,” Steve said and Tony squinted his eyes, ready to punch Steve in the face.
“Are you fucking kidding me, Rogers? You think I’m going to put my daughter’s life in his hands?” Tony spat. “Tony, think about it! If you guys are going to keep being at odds like this, do you really wanna be working closely with him on this case everyday?” Nat backed Steve up, knowing what he was trying to do.
Tony and Bucky may have called it a truce, but they were still not what one would consider friends. They relentlessly insulted and cussed at each other whenever they were in the same room, and Tony may have trusted Bucky at his core, but he had yet to show him evidence of that. Bucky being able to guard you was a good way to prove to Tony that he could earn his trust.
“Handling Y/n is... A delicate task. I think Rogers is better equipped, and I trust him. I’ll handle Bucky everyday if it means my kid is safe,” Tony explained to Natasha.
“Tony, you trust me and I trust Bucky to do this, shouldn’t that be enough?” Steve fought for him. Tony groaned. “Dammit, Rogers! This isn’t the time to be testing him out to see if he’s trustworthy!” He growled, throwing the case file at Steve.
“We’re not testing anything. I’m telling you that Bucky can handle this,” Steve affirmed as he caught the file. Tony rubbed his face with his hand and looked up at the Captain. “Do what you want,” He spat and turned to Bucky. “If she has so much as a fucking papercut, I will kill you,” Tony assured, and Bucky stood there, unmoving before finally saying something.
“I’m not babysitting anyone,” He grumbled, his face unchanging. The color drained from Nat and Steve’s faces. They craned their heads to look at Bucky, the two of them glaring daggers into his soul, leaving him unfazed. After all the fighting they did for him, Bucky turned the job down flat. “Excuse us,” Steve grabbed Bucky’s arm and pulled him just out of the lab, where they had a hushed shouting match.
“Bucky, what the hell?! I give you a chance to show Tony that you’re trustworthy and you throw it back in our faces?” Steve asked, annoyance filling his features. “Steve, what the fuck am I supposed to prove by babysitting his daughter? The only way I can prove myself is by going out in the field,” Bucky replied calmly. “Yeah, well, good luck going out in the field after you just declined to protect something important to Tony!” Steve spat, Bucky going silent, knowing his friend was right. “Look, Buck. All you have to do is make sure she’s safe. Stay with her. I’m sure if you earn her trust, you’ll earn her dad’s, too.” Steve explained.
Bucky rolled his eyes and walked back into the room. “Fine. I’ll babysit your daughter,” He said to Tony, who’s face contorted into one of irritation as he eyed the ice cold super soldier. “Don’t talk to me like you’re doing me a favor, Barnes. I’m allowing this for you.” And with that, Tony strode out of the room, ready to pull together a profile about you for Bucky’s information.
Tumblr media
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Written in the Stars (11)
Tumblr media
Characters: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You’re the type of woman who is headstrong and fiercely independent. Heiress to a fortune and one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century. Until you’re forced into witness protection. Your “Protection” turns out to be 220 pounds of dreamy, sassy, delightful Bucky Barnes. Whatever could go wrong?
Warnings: Smut 18+, bad language 
A/N: Annnnnnnd FINALLY! these two idiots come to their senses! They fuuuuckkkkkkk!! (yay) lol. I mean this chapter is self explanatory so enjoy it and don’t hate me for the edning! reblog if you like it?
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This was generously Beta’d by my beta @suz-123 , without whom this fic wouldn’t get done!
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Tumblr media
The steady thrum of your heartbeat surprises you, your heart should be going insane at that moment, but it’s not.
Thump. Thump. Thump
Each beat steadier than the next, it’s like his kiss is something your mind and body were so ready for. Like walking into a home you always knew you were meant for. Bucky’s hands cup your face, his lips against yours, gentle, sweet, calm.
He kisses you slowly, it’s not desperate, it's soft, it's loving, its calming. Fingers splayed across your cheek, jaw, ears. His metal hand feels cool against your hot skin and you reached up holding his hands to your face as he kissed you, slowly sliding your hands up his muscular arms.
Bucky broke the kiss, his lips still lingering on yours and he breathes in deeply. Those starlight blue eyes of his looking at you, searching for any sign of hesitation and he’s met with the mirrored longing in his.
You both want this, need this.
“I have been wanting to do that for weeks,” He murmured,
“What took you so fucking long?” You replied breathlessly,
“It never felt like the right time,”
You looked at each other for a moment, before you pressed your lips to his again. Bucky’s hands slide down the side of your body, behind your thighs where he easily lifted you into his arms. You linked your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.
He tasted like mint with the slightest tinge of oaky whiskey. Everything about kissing him sent shivers up your spine, and even with your eyes closed, you imagined this is what love felt like.
Bucky held you close to him as he strode to the bed, his palms splayed across the silky fabric of your gown, he slowly kissed you. His mouth moving from your lips trailing down your jaw, the soft stubble of his jaw tickles your smooth skin and you shiver in anticipation. Slowly, his lips keep moving against your neck, he placed open-mouthed kisses on as much of it as he could before his lips find yours again.
He raised a knee onto the bed, clambering onto it with you still in his arms. He lowered you down onto the covers gently, before he tugged off his t-shirt and tossed it aside. His eyes roamed across your face, then across your body before he leaned down to now hover over you.
“I want you,” He said voice full of lust as his tongue trailed slowly up your neck, “So badly,”
“You drive me insane,” His lips tracing the shell of your ear, your hand moved to the place just over his heart and feel the steady hard beat beneath it, your words escaping you at that moment.
“But I want you, all of you.” His voice is husky and low, you feel his hands slide across your neck, over your breasts and to the silky tie that held the robe closed. The tie loosens easily and slides open, revealing your naked body beneath it.
Rising to his knees for a moment, he looked down at you before him. The cool metal of his fingertips danced over your bare skin, across your collarbone, over your breasts, down your stomach, grazing your hip bones and down to your thighs.
His eyes meet yours for a moment before he leaned down again, capturing your lips in a ferocious kiss, this one more urgent and lustful than the last few. He slowly kisses his way down your body, nipping at the skin on your neck leaving a little bruise with each kiss. He drags his tongue over your nipples and you sighed softly, tangling your hands in his dark hair.
Teeth grazing your hips, Bucky hoisted one of your legs over his shoulder and settled between your legs. Your heart suddenly slamming in your chest with anticipation of what it to come, the watch on your wrist surprisingly quiet, for a change.
The soft stroke of his palms on your outer thighs makes you sigh softly and then the breath is punched from your lungs when his mouth finally touches you where you need it most, licking a slow stripe up your folds. You almost immediately arch at the feel of his mouth on you, your fingers tangling into his dark hair, tongue sliding slowly across your clit. He takes his time, Bucky is in no rush with you.
His metal hand slides up the side of your leg, across your hips and it finds your arm and then your hand. He interlocks his fingers with yours before you feel him sink two fingers into you, slowly. Licking, and sucking it elicits a moan from you, his name falling from your lips in soft sighs and he feels heady at the sound of your voice.
Lust filled, and erotic.
And suddenly he speeds up his movements and you feel the ecstatic pressure inside you build quicker and quicker and then, out of nowhere, it snaps, and you exclaim loudly as your orgasm crashed over you. One hand gripping Bucky’s, the other gripping the soft sheets, you feel breathless as pleasure coursed through you. He doesn’t relent until every drop of pleasure from that orgasm has left your body, and you sighed sweetly.
Bucky slowly kissed his way back up your body, he is lazy about it taking his time with your breasts. Kissing, nipping, sucking, it leaves you breathing hard and wanting more.
“Bucky,” You say breathlessly,
He stopped for a moment and leaned back, regarding you and resting on his forearms above you. He knows what you want, your sort of wordless plea and he immediately wants to oblige. Your hands slide down his hulking chest, you revel in the feel of just how hard, and muscular his body is. Coming to a stop at the band to his jeans your quickly undo the button and tug down the zipper slipping your hand inside.
Your hand wrapped around his cock and stroked it slowly. Bucky’s lips quickly find a spot on your neck, his teeth grazing the soft skin as he tried to maintain control while he felt your hand on him.
“F-fuck,” He muttered softly as he dropped his head to your shoulder, his breathing heavy, “Stop.” He groaned and pulled away slightly. You raised your eyebrows in surprise at him thinking he doesn’t want this anymore, but he shook his head.
“I want to be inside you,” He said and you had never seen anyone get out of their pants so quickly, he shucked them off and dropped them to the floor beside the bed before he was between your legs again.
He leaned over you once more, his fingertips tracing your cheek as he looked at you for a moment. In the dim moonlight, his eyes shone brightly, like silver, and they looked like stars. Bucky kissed you softly again, rolling his hips against yours and you feel his cock nudge your entrance, you reached between the two of you and guided him slowly into you.
Both of you groaned softly as he bottomed out inside you, your hands gripped his shoulders tightly now, fingernails digging into his shoulder. And then Bucky moved, slowly pulling all the way out and pushing back into you and you couldn’t hold back the sinful sound that came rushing out of your throat.
Bucky lifted your leg around his waist and fucked into you a little deeper, each stroke he hit you with sends a ripple of electricity snapping up your spine. He fucks you slowly, looking down at you, the way your eyes closed, the way your mouth fell open every time he hits that ecstatic spot inside you, the way your body reacted to his touches, and all he can think is just how fucking in love with you he is.
His hands slowly exploring every inch of your body he can reach, palms sliding up thighs, fingertips dancing across your hips, he wants to memorize every inch of you. His lips are suddenly on yours again and he snapped his hips faster now, gripping your hips a little tighter he wants to see you come again, he wants to be the reason, and from the way, your body reacts to his movements he can feel you’re close again.
Your arm curved around his neck, burying your face in the crook of his neck as you feel your orgasm approaching, again. Each passing second as he fucks you draws you closer and your senses feel like they’re on fire.
And then you come again, like fucking fire straight through your body. You scratch at the closest part of skin you feel of his, you can’t contain yourself. It’s hot and cold, and dizzyingly ecstasy. No one has ever made you come like that before and he leaves you breathless, saying his name again and again.
Breathing hard as you came down from that second high, Bucky gives you a moment to catch your breath as he slowly kissed your neck before he shifted sitting up and pulling out of you then tugging you onto his lap again so that you straddle him.
He held you as close to him as he can and looked up at your face, your eyes meet again as you sink down onto his cock again. His lips part slightly and he groaned softly closing his eyes at the smooth hot feel of you around him, he needs a moment to gather himself before he continues.
Bucky slowly thrusts into you again, rolling his hips languidly against your clit as he holds you. He kisses you, and you cup his face as he does so. The moment is so entirely intimate and yet so familiar as if you were always meant to end up here.
For the third time that night, you feel that familiar ache in your belly and rake your fingers through his dark hair tugging it lightly, eyes closed and moaning softly against his mouth as he continued to slowly fuck you.
“Open your eyes, sweetheart.’ Bucky murmured breaking the kiss “I want to watch you fall apart.”.
His words just pushing you over the edge and the coil snapped, sending you toppling off the edge of your orgasm as you opened your eyes and looked into his. You came loudly, scratching Bucky’s shoulders as you did and he suddenly sped up his thrusts once more as he chases his own release, moments later. His metal arm curved around your waist holding you close to him, his face buried in the crook of your neck as his hips stutter one last time and he heaved out a soft sigh.
When it’s over, neither of you move for a moment as you straddled him. He wrapped his arms around your waist trailing his fingers across the plane of your spine. The metal is cool against your hot and sweaty skin, you sighed, relishing his touch. He peppers kisses across your shoulders,  drags his tongue across the column of your neck tasting the salty sweat that was slick there and holds you closer contently sighing.
Bucky moved first, slowly pulling out of you and laying you back down onto the bed. You don’t let him go though, keeping your arms locked around his neck.
“Please don’t go,” You murmured softly, suddenly afraid he was going to leave you alone and go back to his room.
“Of course, I’m not going anywhere,” Came his hushed reply. Bucky pressed a soft kiss to your lips again and then slowly unhooked your arms around his neck and laid beside you as close as he could and laid his metal arm over your waist holding you as he drew the covers around the two of you.
A contented sigh escapes your lips before you feel the drowsiness hit you, it’s a quiet starry night when you made love to Bucky Barnes the first time, and it was spectacular. The two of you falling asleep in comfortable silence, in each other's arms.
Frost covered boots, the crunch of snow beneath them. Pain, lethargy, everything is a haze. He should be dead, why isn’t he dead. He fell off the train, he remembers it clearly, the sound of the wind howling as the train sped across the tracks, the depthless echo of Steve’s voice as he dropped, the look of horror on his best friends face when he plummeted and Bucky closing his eyes accepting his fate.
But he’s not dead, why is he not dead?
The voices speaking a language he doesn't understand. He tried to open his mouth to ask for help, but no sound comes out. It’s as if his jaw is locked.
Then he sees the blood, stark against the white now. Unfamiliar faces peer down at him, once again speaking a language he doesn’t understand and then he slipped back into darkness.
Metal, cold metal against his body. He claws at it screaming into the blackness of the cold cell he’s held in. He fights them, again and again, they try to take his mind from him but he won't let them. Again and again, they repeat those words to him, and they attack his mind and then put him in that chair.
The first time they put him in that chair, he’s afraid, more afraid than he has ever been before, and then the current surges through him, and he’s never felt pain like that before.
When he awakes again he has so much anger in his veins, in his mind, he cannot contain it all. He reached for the first person he sees, closing his metal fist around his neck and screaming with rage.
Twenty years, he lasted twenty years before they broke him. He slowly began to forget, they erased him, they erased his past life and slowly Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes was gone and the Winter Soldier was born.
Bucky awoke with a start in the early hours of the morning, he blinked rapidly as his mind slowly shoved aside the nightmare that plague his dreams. His heart hammering in his chest, Bucky felt your warmth beside him, your arms linked tightly around his neck, face pressed up against his neck and he breathed a sigh of relief. 
He hadn’t been dreaming of being with you, Bucky softly runs his fingers across your cheek, brushing his thumb against your lips and smiled when he heard you softly sigh.
Fuck, you were so pretty like this. 
He sat up slowly untangling his limbs from yours,he hates to tear himself away from you at that moment but he needs to clear his mind so he slipped out of the bed. He pulled on his pants quickly and stepped out of the room, careful to close the door as quietly as he possibly could.
He doesn’t know why he’s had that dream again, it had been years since the last time he had dreamed of the day he woke up after he fell from the train. A memory he’d always kept so far hidden in the deep reaches of his mind that it rarely surfaces.
For some reason Bucky feels cold, he shook his head trying to rid himself of the feeling the dream had left him with but it clings to him. He quietly walked to the kitchen in need of something to calm his nerves, the lights turning on automatically when he walked into the open space.
Dawn was approaching, the sky lightening and the sun slowly beginning to streak the sky. Bucky made himself a cup of coffee and stood at the large bay window overlooking the lake, the dream he’d had playing over and over in his mind, mixed with the night he’d spent with you.
Bucky sighed deeply and ran his hand tiredly through his hair.
“What the hell am I doing?” He muttered softly to himself as he thought about the previous night. He messed up, badly. It should have never happened but he gave into his emotions after denying them for weeks, maybe even months, and now he can’t go back. No, his heart won't let him.
Steve was probably going to punch his lights out if he found out he’d slept with you. He’d probably take him off the protection detail, and tell him he’s too emotionally invested to protect you anymore. He wouldn’t be wrong, Bucky was too emotionally invested in you.
He would do anything to keep you safe, anything without question. He’d kill for you and that scared him, you had such control over his emotions and his being. It scared him.
How he ended up so deeply in love with you, he’d never understand.
He froze mid-sip of his coffee, realizing that he had just admitted to himself he was in love with you.
“Fucking fuck.” He whispered to himself.
“Bucky?” Your voice behind him brings him out of his thoughts and he turned around to look at you.
“Hey you,” He said softly, suddenly every previous thought he’d been having about you and him disappeared when he sees your face. All he could think was how beautiful you looked, and how much he wanted to fucking be with you, in so many ways.
“Why are you awake?” You asked walking over to where he stood.
“Couldn’t sleep,”
“Want to talk about it?”
“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” He gave you a smile but it’s such a blatant lie. He is not okay, he’ll never be okay with you around, god you were perfect to him.
His heart began to slam in his chest when you moved closer and wrapped your arms around his bare waist, the feel of your skin on his sends a spark down his spine. You stood on your tiptoes and placed a kiss on his jaw, leaning into him and closed your eyes.
Bucky doesn’t know how to react to the affection you’re showing him. He shuts his eyes for a moment enjoying the comfort it’s bringing him, but there’s another feeling growing inside him as you hold him, he can’t explain it even to himself.
He slowly curved his arm around your waist drawing you close against his body, it’s a strange kind of comfort knowing you needed him as much as he needs you.
And he needed you, Bucky needed you more than he cared to admit to anyone, especially himself.
“Do you want to make breakfast?” You asked looking up at him, and Bucky couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face when you asked that question.
“Of course I do, help me?”
You nodded eagerly with a smile plastered on your face before the two of you walked off to the kitchen.
“Stop putting in so much sugar,” Bucky censured playfully as he grabbed it out of your hand, and moved the mixing bowl away from you.
“Hey, French toast needs sugar!” You replied reaching for it but he holds it out of your reach, even on your tiptoes you can’t reach that high up. Bucky chuckled as he watched you try jumping up to reach the sugar before he leaned down and captured your lips in a sweet kiss.
You tasted like the raspberries you kept eating every time he told you not to, and this made him smile against your mouth.
“And stop eating the goddamn raspberries,” He said pulling away and giving you a grin.
“Well  you’re taking so fucking long to make me breakfast, I am starving here, Barnes.” You sassed him back and Bucky laughed.
He moved around you grabbing the mixing bowl as he did so and set about making the French toast he’d promised you. You hopped up onto the counter and watched him for a moment, he’s so concentrated on the task before him it’s kind of cute.
Your mind wandered back to thoughts of last night, the night shared with him and your skin prickled with delight. You had maybe secretly thought about what he would be like in bed, all that muscle, focus, and dominance but what you got last night was fucking spectacular and intense. He was so focused on you, on touching every inch of you he could, the way your skin felt when he touched you, the feel of him inside you, every word he uttered to you. It seared your memory and made your heart hammer in your chest.
Then that stupid watch on your wrist betrays you and it starts going off, Bucky immediately turned towards you concern on his face as he looked you over.
“You okay?” he asked placing the plate of French toast he’d just made aside and walking over to you.
“Yeah I’m fine, this stupid thing is dumb and annoying and I hate it,” You mumbled feeling betrayed and annoyed by the little device.
Bucky chuckled softly and placed his hands on either side of your face, “What’s making that heart of yours beat so fast?” He asked, his voice dropping an octave. He lowered his face so that he was eye level with you, those blue eyes of his looking at you, lust blown.
“Last night,” You said slightly breathlessly,
“What about last night?” He leaned closer, his lips almost touching yours.
Bucky tilted your head upward a little, his thumb brushing against your lower lip slightly as he locked eyes with you. Then he leaned in and captured your lips in a soft kiss, and you almost sigh.
His hands move to your neck, then slide down your body to your thighs, where he pulled you to the edge of the counter and stepped between you legs.
Kissing him was heaven. Bucky Barnes was without a doubt the best kisser you had ever come across, the way he kissed was so enamoring, and focused as if he wanted to feel every emotion you did when he kissed you.
His lips moved to your jaw, and then slowly to your ear, nipping gently, and your hands touched his bare chest, pulling him closer.
“Bucky,” You said breathlessly,
“Yeah?” His lips now over yours, just centimeters away, those blue eyes staring intensely at you, “What do you want, sweetheart.”
“I want you,”
Those three words were all he wanted to hear from you at that moment, it meant so much more than the physical want you had for him. It was the emotional want you had for him, the want for him to protect you and for you to protect him, the want for you to be with him, always, it was the kind of “I want you” that meant, I want you now, tomorrow and forever. The kind that meant, I want your heart, and soul and I want every part of you, broken and not.
It was all he needed to hear before his lips crashed against yours again, there was nothing gentle about the kiss, this time. He was desperate and hungry for you, you set his world on fire and consumed him.
Bucky tugged off his sweater that you were wearing and dropped it to the floor, your hands making quick work of the strings on his pants. You pulled him closer and you locked your legs around his waist, breaking the kiss for air. His mouth immediately moving to your neck, desperate to keep kissing you.
You reach between the two of you and grasp his hard cock and his reaction is immediate as he sighed. You want him, need him at that moment.
“Fuck me, now.” The demanding tone in your voice sends excitement down his spine and a smirk slowly spreads across his face before he moved quickly lifting you into his arms, his mouth on yours again and he walked you out of the kitchen toward the living room, breakfast long forgotten by then.
“Do you come here often?” You asked Bucky as the two of you lay on the soft carpeted floor in the living room after he’d fucked you dizzy for the third time that day.
“On weekends, yes,” Bucky nodded,
“How come it’s in upstate New York? Why not in one of the boroughs in the city?”
“Steve bought this place when I came back a few years back, I couldn’t really stay at the Tower, too noisy, too many people. So he got this place and I just kind of hung out here until I was okay to join society again.”
“You stayed here alone?” You didn’t know why this made you sad.
“Yeah, it was nice to be alone though, gave me time to, you know, heal.”
“It must have been lonely,”
“Nah, Steve is always here, Sam and Natasha too. This place has kind of just become all of ours at this point, whenever we want to escape for a little while.”
“So is this where you bring all your protection details?”
“No, I come here alone. Believe it or not, I like being alone,”
“Yet you chose the one job where you always have to be with someone,” You laughed,
“Guess I am weird like that,” He grinned at you.
“It is wonderful here,” You sighed softly closing your eyes and pulling him closer to you, “I feel so safe,”. That wasn’t a lie, this home by the lake was perfection it felt like you were in another world, and this little bubble you suddenly had with Bucky was even better because of it.
Bucky looked down at you in his arms and smiled, he leaned over a placed a kiss on your neck.
“I’m glad,” He murmured, “We can stay here as long as you’d like,”
“Don’t give me that option, we may never leave.”
Bucky just smiled at you and leaned down to kiss you again.
It was dark outside when FRIDAY announced that Steve and Tony were arriving soon. The two of you had been so preoccupied with each other, you’d forgotten there was a world outside of this place.
You felt a slight panic at them coming over, it meant they’d found something, and that your stay here could be ending soon, and you felt anxious about it
You waited in the living room as Bucky went to greet his friends first, they stayed in the hallway talking in soft voices for a few minutes before Tony walked in with his signature Tony Stark grin on his face.
“How’s my favorite scientist?” He asked walking over to the couch where you sat and took a seat.
“Hardly a scientist these days, but good.” You replied with a light chuckle,
“Don’t worry we will have you out of here and back to your old life soon. Steve might have something actually.”
Your heart jumped slightly in your chest, was all this finally coming to an end? And why did you suddenly feel sad about it ending?
“That’s great news,” You sighed, putting a fake smile on your face.
“I am sure you can’t wait to get rid of Manchurian candidate, he can be quite painful to hang around all the time,”
“Yeah yeah, really eager for that.” There was no conviction behind your answer and Tony notices this immediately.
“Everything okay? Thought you’d be more excited this was almost over,” He asked a frown on his face,
“Oh, no, don’t get me wrong, I am elated this is almost over, it’s just been a long couple of months.” You said quickly,
Tony was about to respond when Steve and Bucky walked into the living room, and both of you turned your attention to them.
“Hey,” Steve greeted you with a quick smile, “How’ve you been?”
“Dealing,” You shrugged,
“Well, good news, and bad news,” Steve said taking a seat opposite you while Bucky leaned against the wall behind him, “Good news is we found the guy who tried to kill you,.”
“Holy shit, you did? Who was it?” You exclaimed suddenly sitting up a little straighter, your heart jumping in your chest.
“Jasper Sitwell,” Steve said slowly, and you froze, staring at him wide eyed.
“My assistant?”
“Yes, he was the only one entering and exiting your apartment the night of the explosion that was not cleared, we ran his data through our bio metric scans for when that package was delivered and he was the one who gave it to your colleague to give to you,”
“That doesn’t make sense, why would Jasper want me dead, he’s not Hydra. I know this for a fact.”
“Well, we ran background on the guy and came up with the cleanest record I have ever seen, too clean in fact. It meant one of two things, someone wanted him to have the perfect record or he was strategically placed in your life by Hydra,” Tony said,
“Jasper and I went to college together, he’s my friend. He wouldn’t do this, you must have the wrong information.” You shook your head vehemently, you couldn’t believe it.
“He was the only was with access to your schedule, your apartment, to you without any question,” Bucky said quietly, and you looked at him.
“Where is he now? Have you asked him about this?”
There was a pause and a look exchanged between Tony and Steve before they spoke again,
“The bad news is Jasper Sitwell was found dead in his apartment last night, GSW to the head. The coroners ruled it a suicide.” Tony said softly,
You were stunned silent, your mind backtracking again and again to every memory you had of Jasper as you stared open mouthed at all of them. There was no way it could have been him, no way. You had known him for almost a decade, he was more than just your assistant he was your friend. You tried to think about all the times recently that you had spent with him, to see if there were any signs that he was Hydra but you kept drawing a blank.
“Are you okay?” Bucky asked he was suddenly kneeling in front of you.
“I...I need a moment,” You said and quickly stood up, you rushed out of the room unable to breathe at the thought of Jasper and his sudden death.
“Are you going to tell her about the files?” Steve asked Bucky as the pair stood at the window, looking out at where you stood on the wooden dock by the lake.
“No, let’s not tell her about that, she doesn’t need that on her conscience.” Bucky shook his head,
“Are you sure you want to keep this from her though? It is her research, Bucky,”
“Yes, I am sure, put those files in the archives. Trident clearance only.”
Steve nodded, even though he didn’t agree with Bucky, about keeping this secret from you, he trusted Bucky’s judgment at that moment. He knew you, and he knew how you’d react should the files they found see the light of day.
“What about Reinhardt?” Bucky asked Steve, referring to the Hydra doctor.
“Gone, we lost him to the Russians,”
“They won’t stop coming after her, you know that right. This will never be over.”
Bucky sighed deeply and ran his fingers through his hair. He’d been thinking about that a lot, he knew this would only end one way for Hydra, and it was when they killed or captured you, and this thought terrified him.
“I know,”
“So what are we going to do?” Steve asked quietly,
Bucky doesn’t have the answer to that, and his starlight eyes meet Steve’s cerulean ones. And for the first time in a long time, Steve sees genuine fear in Bucky’s eyes.
Steve, Tony, and Bucky were in the office when you walked back into the house. They hadn’t heard you come in, you quietly walked towards the office upon hearing their voices coming from it. You hesitated at the door for a moment, you had spent the last hour outside trying to clear your head and figure out what you were going to do with the information they had just given you.
You went over it again and again in your mind but you couldn’t process it, not without knowing everything they knew.
You were about to knock when you heard Steve asked Bucky a question that stopped your heart.
“Are you sure you can keep your emotions out of this? Is this still just a job to you, Buck?”
There was a pause before Bucky answered,
“Yes, I can, she’s just a job, Steve. I’m not a fucking amateur, stop asking me that.” Bucky snapped,
Your heart lurched in your chest, and you inhaled sharply. It felt like an arrow had been shot through your heart, and you had to clench your fists to stop yourself from crying.
Of course, you were still just a job to him, what the fuck made you think sleeping with him would change that.
You fucking idiot, you thought angrily to yourself.
You didn’t realize you weren’t breathing until Steve pulled open the door to the office and almost walked into you. All three men looked at you in surprise but your eyes were only on Bucky, and the moment he saw the look on your face he knew you’d heard what he said.
“Oh shit-”, he started to say but you don’t let him finish, you turned around sharply and practically ran off.
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bucksfucks · a month ago
Tumblr media
— summary || bucky barnes, a six foot five retired russian spy, is hired and tasked with the duty of being your personal bodyguard. what he doesn’t realize is how attached to you he gets.
— pairing || bodyguard!bucky x stark!reader (adopted)
i. the assignment • 07/05/21
ii. the brat
iii. vacation days
iv. champagne
v. part of the job
vi. conceal
vii. midnight
viii. hazy
ix. dreamers
x. lovers
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me [9/9]
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 6,3k
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Warning(s): angst, someone gets shot, descriptions of blood and panic attack
A/N: I seriously cannot believe we’ve reached the end of this series! I feel like it was yesterday I started it and here we are! This chapter is a long one, trust me, it wasn’t intended, but I hope you enjoy regardless, and I cannot thank you enough for the love on this series! As always, a big thank you to @jaamesbbarnes for giving this a read beforehand! 
Links are a bitch, so the series masterlist can be found on my blog!
Tumblr media
Pushing himself off the wall, he ran. Pulling at every ounce of his capacity to outrun the dark corridors, drawing left, then right then left, frantic and desperate in the search for you when suddenly a ground shattering noise pierced through the building and his body understood the sound before his mind did as panic clawed its way to the deepest part of him.
The echo of his thunderous heartbeat reverberated through his ribcage, seeping through his bones. Blood drained from his body, dread latching onto his spine in its wake and the air was ripped from his lungs when he recognized the sound:
A gunshot, and an ear-splitting scream. 
The silence was deafening. 
Teetering on the edge of a cliff, awaiting the moment the needle would drop, and the echo would throw you into a free fall that would end in nothing but darkness. 
T's hand trembled under the weight of the gun in her hand, the burden your mother had bestowed crushing her. 
Her finger hovered against the trigger, and you held your breath in search of the plea of forgiveness before she pulled the trigger and ended your life. 
But it never came. 
The fear never ceased. You saw it etched to the deepest lines of T's features, but T didn't pull the trigger. Instead, she fumbled with it.
Finger resting in the crook of the trigger, preventing her from pushing despite the effort she displayed, and your heart stalled when realization dawned. 
She was trying to buy time. 
You didn't dare look away, counting the seconds until the pin drop because T knew how to operate a gun. Her ex-boyfriend taught her. You remembered it as clear as day because she never made you forget, and all you could do at the very moment was beg to whoever was listening that your mother didn't. 
"I'm aware that processing information isn't your strong suit, T, but when I say kill her, I mean now," 
T's breath hitched, you flinched at the sound, and your mother pressed the gun harder against her temple in warning. 
"I-I d-dunno how," she stuttered, and cautiously lowered the gun. Your mother stood still. Her gaze traveled to you and the air shifted.
An icing chill licked against your spine, provoking the fear that slowly crushed your bones and you bit back a whimper. Your mother lowered her gun and took a step closer to make T look at her. Your sister trembled beneath her gaze and your bit down on your tongue to prevent yourself from putting T in harm's way. 
"You don't know how?" concern dripped from her words, and you grit your teeth. A pout found your mother's lips as she took the gun from T's hand, "Let mommy teach you then,". 
The echo of a click resonated to your ears, and before either of you could react, your breath caught in your throat, your mother raised the gun to T's head and fired. 
The gunshot was drowned by the ear-splitting scream that tore from T's throat and plunged through your chest in an instant, stunning you in place as her scream etched itself to your bones and you trembled. 
The bullet flew past T’s head, dangerously close and agony seeped through your nervous system.
The excruciating sound reverberated furiously against your eardrums, growing louder and louder as you desperately scrambled forward to reach her, to save her but your vision blurred. 
Because her voice broke, the scream tearing itself in half and the sound clawed your chest apart before you were roughly shoved backward, preventing you from coming to your sister's aid and you furiously tried to blink to regain your vision, but it was a futile attempt. 
"Stop the screaming, or I will hit you this time, it was merely a demonstration on how to shoot your sister, dear," your mother said, unbothered by the horror she was inflicting on her daughters and forced the gun back to T for her to retake aim, the broken cry the only thing you could focus on. 
"No." T shook her head vehemently, but your mother only pressed the gun harder to her temple in warning again. 
"Kill her,"
You couldn't meet T's eyes. Each of her cries tearing the remainder of you apart. Heatbeat ceased, lungs allowed you one last intake of breath before you squeezed your eyes shut awaiting the blow, fear rooted you in place and the sharp intake of breath cut at your throat when the noise thundered through the room.  
The pain never came, and you didn't dare move until the noise pierced through the room once again, and your eyes snapped open to see the metal doors breaching before your eyes.  
The substantial impact to the ground shot a tremor through your body, everything before you melted into a haze of unknown faces that melted into one another, voices that shouted words you couldn't process and time ceased to exist when one voice caught your eyes. 
The only voice that could calm a raging storm, Bucky's voice, and without comprehension, your eyes drew to the gun in T's hand, your mother's attention elsewhere, and your body independently of your hazard mind.
Your hand closed around the barrel of the gun.
T's fear-struck eyes locked to yours, but you didn't spare her any explanation. 
She released the gun. A wrecked sob tore from her throat. 
The gun was heavy in your hand, cold, and hard as you took aim. T scrambled backward, your mother's cold glare snapped to yours, igniting the fear in your bones anew, her nostrils flared, and anger followed through her irises. 
Burning every trace of the woman you had known in its wake. Hatred darkened her eyes. Fear rippled through your body. Her hand rose, your heart thundered against your ribcage, your finger pressed against the trigger, greeted by resistance, your breath hitched and —
The shockwave from the gun made you stagger, and your mother was plunged backward, and the only thing you could hear was T's scream. Your throat tightened as your eyes snapped to your sister, who clutched her leg in pain. Your mother's gun had gone off. The stray bullet hit T's leg, and you stumbled backward. 
The weight of the weapon slouched your shoulders, and you desperately tried to let go, but your hands refused, and a sob clawed at your throat. 
The adrenaline began wearing off as you stared at your mother's unmoving form, and a tremor shot through your arms. The gun slipped from your hands, and your eyes flickered from your mother to your sister and the blood that slowly fell tainted the concrete, and you wanted to scream, but you couldn't.
You gasped for breath, trying to clear your vision, to escape the horrors, and the strangled sound that tore from your throat was a desperate plea for the one person who could save you to come back from the only place no one could ever return from. The soul-crushing pressure of the realization had your legs giving out from under you and you fell.
Air evaporated from your lungs when you never felt the impact with the ground, and your eyes snapped open to meet the pair of steel blue eyes you had been begging for and your heart stalled. 
In front of you, holding you, looking at you and you couldn't move. Every part of your body completely numb as you stared into his eyes to understand the emotions that were tearing apart the serenity you always found in the eyes and you wondered what horrors your mother had inflicted on him for you to see fear, panic, and dread.  The emotions growing so heavy the grey drowned itself with the blue, and then you saw what you felt in the depths of your heart. 
Irrevocable love and you tried to move, tried to reach him but you couldn't. Couldn't tear your eyes from him as he pulled you closer and you desperately tried to move, to touch him to feel him, but you couldn’t.  
Bucky was holding you, but you couldn't feel him. He was looking at you but you couldn't see him. 
As if you were seeing right through him, and the desperation that brimmed his eyes reached your heart with an intensity that stunned you even further, and you blindly tried reaching for him, willing your body to move, willing you to grasp him before he slipped through your fingers again and dark spots danced before your eyes. 
He was slipping away. Fear penetrated your body in a wave of anguish and before your sanity ripped itself apart you pushed your body to move and your hands grasped his face, and your mouth crashed against his. 
The desperate whimper was swallowed by the gravel groan that rumbled in Bucky's chest and found its way to yours — seeping through your veins before it pulled you back into reality and your entire body shuddered when his touch burned against your skin. His lips moved against yours, his need as intense and desperate as yours and his arms looped around your waist, pulling you towards him with such a force it was impossible to tell you both apart. 
A thick layer of sweat coated your entire body, and you quivered the more your senses came back to life, but he never stopped. Your hand found the back of his neck, fingers tangled to his hair, and the groan it pulled from him shook you down to the depths of your bones. You whimpered his name. 
You needed him. Arched towards him for him to ground you and his lips traveled along your jaw. Your face pressed to the crook of his neck as, your hands clutching his shirt as you clung to him for dear life, his embrace didn't relent, didn't yield the harder you held onto him, and you crumbled. 
Into the smallest fractions of pieces in the arms of the only person, you knew capable of carrying all the broken pieces to mend you back together once again. 
Bucky didn't let go of you. He didn't part from you, nor did he let anyone else come near.
Not even as he carried you into the compound, the only thing that mattered was that you were in his arms. Alive and Bucky pressed his lips to the top of your head, pulling you closer, breathing you in, calming his erratically beating heart that refused to settle even if he knew you were safe. 
He was going to keep you safe. 
But he hadn't before and had it not been for the quick work of his teammates who had tracked down his phone the second he didn't pick up, they wouldn't have stormed the building and helped Bucky to snap out of his fear, and he wouldn't have found you. 
The image of your mother and sister pointing a gun in your direction was burned to his mind, and the anger that spread through his body like a wildfire had only been contained because you shot her, and spared T who still fell victim to a stray bullet. 
You hadn't killed your mother. The bullet hit her shoulder, and she had already been escorted to a cell, but Bucky had still feared that he had lost you then. 
Because you didn't react to him, you saw him, but you stood still, eyes wide and vacant, shutting him out.  
You didn't move, nor did you speak and he was convinced to have lost you. He had failed you and had let them break you, but then, out of the blue your lips crushed against his and he hadn't spared a second to bring you back to himself, will you back into his arms and the relief was short lived as you crumbled in his arms a second later. 
Bucky didn't know how he had missed all the signs. Your mother was the mind behind it all, and he couldn't believe he had fallen into every single one of her traps. Things he could usually see from a mile away, he fell blind to, and during his most important task - to keep you safe. 
F.R.I.D.A.Y opened the door to his room, allowing him to carefully carry you inside as he held you in his arms. You head lifted from his chest, but he didn't dare look.
Instead walked to the foot of the bed and carefully sat you down on it. Slowly, he pulled his arms from you, but he didn't move away, and you spoke the very first word since you broke apart in his arms, and his throat and chest tightened when he met your eyes. 
Tears brimmed your eyes as you cautiously lifted your hands to his face, and Bucky immediately rested his hands against your cheeks to wipe away the tears that dared taint your skin. 
"You're alive," you whispered, and the distress in your voice left his entire being to tremble at the petrifying thought of losing you. 
Nodding, Bucky softly caressed your cheeks, "I'm here, I'm alive and as are you,"
You mirrored his nod as your fingertips traveled along the curve of his lips, and even if the corners of your lips twitched slightly, exhaustion still shadowed the lines of your features. 
Tension lingered in your entire body, and Bucky's heart sank in his chest because he hadn't been able to prevent it. Inhaling deeply, he smiled softly, following the way you seemed to fall a little more at ease when he did. 
"D'you want to take a bath?" he asked softly, but you shook your head. 
"I don't wanna leave you," you whispered, and Bucky couldn't help the tears that momentarily blurred his vision. 
"'m not going anywhere, darlin', I promise," he said, and your lips trembled as you nodded in understanding. 
Your eyes never left his, searching and holding onto the traits of the affection you shared, to see it stronger than ever, and growing as you drowned in each other's eyes in a way only you were familiar with and as always it evoked a warmth entirely unmatched by anything else. 
"We gotta get you out of these clothes," Bucky whispered, and the corners of your lips lifted a notch, prompting his own to follow their lead, "Lemme get a shirt," but before he stood to his feet, you stopped him. 
Your lips parted, but no words left, and Bucky took your hand in his, silently urging you to continue. Squeezing his hand affectionately, you took a deep breath. 
"I can't," you said, and let your hand slip from Bucky's which immediately caused them to tremble, barely enabling you to grab your shirt, let alone change out of it. 
The small apologetic smile that found your lips reminded Bucky of the very first time you had smiled his way. The smile that had so many feelings suppressed beneath the surface, and he swallowed down the lump that threatened to crawl up his throat. Without speaking, he reached for your shirt but paused to meet your eyes. 
His silent question answered by the smile that found your lips and Bucky's chest grew warm at the trust you put in him. 
Willing his own hands to stop trembling, he carefully rid you of your clothes. One button at a time, and even if his gaze remained on the soft fabric, he could feel your eyes locked to his face. 
The shirt fell down your shoulders easily, and Bucky looked up to meet your eyes, his heart fluttering in response to the traces of warmth that had once again found its way to your eyes. You didn't look away from him, even when he threw the shirt to the floor and left you sitting in your bra as he reluctantly reached for the trousers. 
He waited for you to stop him, but you never did, and he moved to the floor.  Kneeling in front of you as you remained seated on the bed and he gently tugged the trousers over your hips and down your legs. 
Your hands rested on his shoulders for leverage, but and even every part of your exposed skin drew him to you anew, the only thing he could focus on was the tension that rested in your body as he rid you of the clothes. Concern weighed on his chest as he looked up to meet your eyes, hands resting on either side of your hips at the foot of the bed. 
Your lips trembled, but your eyes remained locked to his. Understanding fell together like perfect puzzle pieces, something only the two of you had been capable of from the very beginning and tears rushed to your eyes. Agony revealing itself in your irises left your shoulders to drop forward as your body tensed harder under the memory. You inhaled sharply, trying to contain the pain and Bucky's heart dropped. 
The only thought that roamed Bucky's mind was to ease your pain the only way he knew how, and he leaned forward. Eyes locked to yours, waiting for your disapproval, but when it didn't come, he broke your gaze, and his lips found your shoulder. 
Your breath hitched, a shudder trailed down his spine in response. Your skin was cold beneath his lips. Your cheek fell against his head as your chest heaved under the weight of the pain and it shot straight to his chest until your shoulder eased and Bucky lost his breath for a fraction of a second because tension fled your body as a result of his touch. 
So he didn't wonder and simply let his mouth wander against your skin, his hands curled around your waist, moving flat against your skin to pull you close. Your head fell back as you arched towards him, everywhere his lips and hands went had the tension fleeing without a flaw, and his senses surrendered to you in their entirety. 
Urged on by your skin growing warm under his lips as he moved across your skin, and the way the tension melted away from your body and left you capable of breathing. Bucky's mouth traveled along your neck, your fingers carted through his hair, and a trail of light kisses followed behind as he moved along your jaw and pulled back to look at you. 
Half hooded eyes parted lips, and a heaving chest stared back at him. Your gaze stealing his breath away because he saw the same warmth and irrevocable affection that he always found rooted deeply within, and his heart reeled in response — coming to life once again because you were here.  
Bucky cupped your face in his hands, your skin scorching hot against his palm, and your hand rested at the nape of his neck to pull him closer. Your gaze never broke as his hands dropped to your arms, slowly trailing upwards, leaving goosebumps in the wake of his touch and his fingers entwined to yours before he brought your hands to his lips. Your breath hitched slightly as he gently kissed your palms, and tears prickled against his eyes, burning to fall free, and your arms trembled in response. 
"'m so sorry," he whispered, and he reluctantly met your eyes again, only to see confusion finding your features.  
Your voice was tender when you responded, palms coming to rest against his cheeks, and the skip of your heart resonated to his own, "What for?"
A small smile found Bucky's lips, and it soon found itself mirrored to yours. "I didn't keep my promise,"
Your brows furrowed, and you tilted your head to keep his eyes to yours. "What do you mean?"
"To keep you safe," he whispered, and had to swallow back the lump in his throat not to let his fear of what could've been come to surface, but much like he had always been able to read the smallest parts of your mind, you could as well, "I- I didn't do that,"
The smile on your lips grew tender, your eyes reflecting the same emotions without flaw and his heart fluttered in response. 
"But you did," you whispered, and gradually erased the tension that still rested in parts of your features as you looked at Bucky. His hands found your waist to pull you closer. The love and awe he carried for you in his heart bubbled to the surface without any apprehension. Your smile widened in relief, and you held him. "if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known what to do. It was only because of you, you kept me safe, Bucky you have always kept me safe, and today was no exception,"
The lump in his throat tightened, and he couldn't help the tears that found his eyes when droplets fell to your cheeks. In an instant, he reached for your cheeks, wiping away the tears and you pulled him closer until your forehead rested against his. Your eyes fluttered shut. 
"You kept your promise, Bucky," 
"And you kept yours," Bucky whispered, and you nodded, "But I'm not lettin' you out of my sight again, not a chance,"
A small chuckle parted your lips, and the sound resonated so profoundly, the hum traveled to the depths of his bones, reducing him to tears that you avidly wiped away and his heart thrummed. 
"There's nowhere else I'd rather be," you whispered and didn't dare look away from him. 
Instead, he basked in the fact that you were alive the way you did with him. Nothing else mattered, there was only you and him, and the feelings that had blossomed between the two of you from the moment you met. 
From tender eyes that grew affectionate to the point where the word 'love' no longer was sufficient enough to describe the feeling. To the way, every little ounce of the painted itself shamelessly across your features. 
Bucky's smile widened, a light twinkled in your eyes, leaving his heart to thunder against his ribcage and escaped the confinement of his chest all at once because you pulled him closer. Smiled through your tears and the words you had both always known was the truth but never found yourself capable of speaking fell from his lips. 
"I love you," he whispered, your smile grew warm when you answered. 
"I love you too,". 
And without hesitation, your lips found his in a kiss so sweet, Bucky's sanity slipped between his fingers as he brought his life into his arms and savored the taste of your soft lips against his own. A tender hum resonated to his entire body, and he deepened the kiss, your eagerness meeting his with equal measure and neither of you had a grasp on reality until your lungs begged you both for air and you parted with a breathless chuckle. 
Your eyes met his, and his heart thrummed in response at your kiss-swollen lips and the never ending affection that overwhelmed you both, and he sealed your lips with his once more to have you smiling into the kiss and have his heart fell into a frenzy of warmth. 
"Let's get you some clean clothes," Bucky mumbled against your lips, but you shook your head before he could pull away. 
"Is' okay," you smiled tenderly, and instead tugged at him to sit on the bed once again. 
Bucky couldn't resist nor contradict the tenderness in your eyes, and affection in your touch when you unbuttoned his shirt with slightly trembling hands, and when your palm pressed against his bare chest he was torn between losing his breath and relishing in the relief that your skin was warm. 
Your eyes fell to his arm as the shirt fell to the floor. The tip of your fingers caressed the skin where flesh met metal, but there was no pity in your eyes, simply love and affection, and much like he had done earlier, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his scars. 
His breath hitched when you peppered a soft trail of kisses from his chest to his collar. His heart fluttered uncontrollably and skipped a beat too many when your lips pressed against the metal and you hummed. 
Bucky's eyes fluttered shut, and his metal hand came to rest at the back of your head before he pressed his lips to your temple, prompting you to lift your head to look at him. He smiled softly. 
"Does it hurt?" you asked, eyes brimming with concern and he couldn't understand how after everything you had endured on this day, you were worried for him. 
But he was worried for you with equal measure, and he realized this was love. 
Caring for the other more than oneself because you are each other's life. 
Bucky shook his head affectionately, unable to tear his eyes from you, "Not anymore," he said, and the smile he earned, mirrored his. 
"Good," you whispered, and his lips found yours in another tender kiss before he effortlessly lifted you to the bed so you could lay down. 
He pulled back before you prevent him from leaving, and your eyes widened in protest, but with a quick work of his pants, he threw them to the floor and crawled into bed with you. 
Pulling the covers with, he cocooned you into his body, smiling tenderly when you snuggled into his arms, face buried to the crook of his neck, arm around his waist, leg nestled between his and even so, Bucky tried to pull you closer to himself and he breathed you in, cheek pressed to the top of your head. 
His name fell from your lips, and a few moments later, you surrendered to the exhaustion and fell into a slumber. 
Bucky didn't sleep, merely listened to your breathing, and the beat of your heart against his own, the silence grew normal. Serene, at ease because for the first time there was no threat lurking in the corners. 
You were safe, and he intended on keeping it that way.  
He didn't know how long you laid tangled with one another until a knock on the door pulled him from his thoughts, and he gently craned his neck to see Steve peek his head inside. 
"The twin asked if Y/N would come by the medical bay," Steve whispered, and Bucky's hold around you tightened, his chest heaved at the mention of your sister who time and time again had done nothing but inflict pain, but before he could shut down the request, you stirred awake. 
"I want to see her," you whispered, and Bucky looked at you to see concern brimming your beautiful eyes once again, and his chest tugged in response, but he agreed.  
"Okay," he said, and you smiled. The familiarity and warmth now rivaled by the love that was stronger and overwhelming in a way he'd never grow tired of and his lips found yours in a tender kiss. 
Steve left you both to privacy when he delivered fresh clothes for you. Bucky still offered his hoodie that you happily accepted as he helped you out of bed, helping you remain steady when you swayed on your feet. 
Throwing on clothes himself, Bucky aided where you needed, and when you looked at him snuggled in his hoodie, his lips pulled into a lopsided grin. Extending his hand, you slipped your hand to his, and when you stood to your feet, he brought your hand to his lips, earning him a smile he earned a taste of when you tiptoed and pressed your lips to his. A contented sigh parting from your lips in tandem with the frantic beat of your hearts before you made way towards the medical bay. 
"I'm right outside if you need me," Bucky said, and you smiled, nodding as you steadied yourself on your feet and took a deep breath. 
"Thank you," you said, and he shook his head softly, hands resting against your cheeks. You leaned into his touch. 
"You don't ever have to thank me, darlin'," he said, your smile widened, the softness reaching your eyes and you responded by pressing your lips to his. 
"I know,"
"Good," Bucky smiled, bringing you in for one more kiss before you pulled away and walked to the door carefully. 
With one look over your shoulder, his eyes met yours for, and you stepped in. 
Laughter greeted you. A contrast to the atmosphere medical bays usually brought with, and you looked up to see Clint seated beside T's bed, teasing her as she rolled her eyes. You smiled. 
"Shoot me again. It would be less painful than your yapping, Barton,"
Clint laughed, scratching his chin beneath a bandaid, and he grinned, "I missed you too, sweet tea,"
T groaned, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she sat in the hospital bed, but the faint hint of a smile hovered around her lips, something you had never witnesses graze her features openly as if she was letting her mask fade and you were seeing someone new. Her leg was tended to, and if she was chipper enough to be quarreling with Clint, you knew she was all right. 
"What was rule number one?" Clint pressed, seemingly having asked her before, and she sighed. 
 "Never get into a car unless I know, you're the driver,"
"Correct, see what happened when you didn't?" he teased and squeezed her thigh. She winced in response, causing Clint's eyes to widen, and a mock smile broke to T's features. 
"Ha," she laughed, "Payback is sweet, Barton," she mused, and Clint scoffed playfully, standing to his feet when he realized you were in the room and ruffled T's hair. She gasped. 
"I've been a good influence on you, tea biscuit,"
She huffed, "Don't call me that,"
"You said not to call you T-dawg," he reminded her and walked towards the door, offering you a bright smile which you returned with one of your own,  and he exited the room. 
Slowly, you looked to T, her features a little more vulnerable, and she moved on the bed, allowing you space by her legs which you accepted, sat down before silence surrounded you. 
"How are you feeling?" 
The words fell in tandem from your lips, pulling a chuckle from you both, your eyes met hers, and you inhaled. 
You and T had been alone countless times, but every time it was as if you were worlds apart, and as you looked at each other, it seemed that for the very first time you were in the very same place at the same time, and tears found your eyes. She called your name softly. 
"Mom was right," 
A knot tied itself in your throat at the mention of your mother, and the horror you had lived contorted T's features in tandem with yours.
"I am the weak one," T admitted, your brows furrowed in confusion.
"T, you're not weak," you said, shaking your head and a weak smile lifted her lips. 
"I am. I hated you, so much," the words pressured at the knot on your throat, pressing your lips together, your eyes dropped. "But I didn't even know why,"
Your eyes meet snapped up to meet hers again, and she smiled, hope shining through the sadness. Hope that you'd understand her and so you listened. 
"Y/N, I- I didn't realize it, it was only when mom began saying how easy it was for her to make me hate you that I realized she was right," T said, lips quivering as she sniffed back a sob, "I looked at you, and I hated you, but I didn't even know why. The things I said to you, I reached, and I reached, I wouldn't relent until you were crying, but.. I didn't know why, I don't know why," 
"T, that's-"
"Please, let me say this," she begged, and you nodded. She swallowed thickly to continue. 
"She always said you were better. As long as I can remember, mom said you were better at everything, that everyone loved you more, that you hated me, and I believed her. I believed her instead of asking you, instead of talking to you, I just... believed her, I let her feed me hate, and I swallowed it whole, and I let it grow, and I don't even understand it, and that makes me weak because you never believed her." 
Wiping your nose with the back of your hand, you looked at T, "But I did, T, I believed her too when she said you hated me, that dad hated me and staying away was the best I could do,"
T shook her head, "You had no other choice, I chased you away, but you still showed when I wanted you to come to events, you still showed up, and I didn't do the same for you, so no, I am the weak one. Because I resented you, and I didn't even know why. Y/N, do you know how proud I am of you?—"
Tears broke her off, and you immediately moved closer to her, and she took your hands, reaching to wipe away your tears, and you let her as you swallowed down the lump that kept growing in your throat. 
"Everything you do," she continued, "You're brilliant, you do so much good in this world, and every time I read something new I could feel pride bubbling in my chest but then I remembered I had to hate you and I hated you but I don't even know why, So I am weak because I never took the chance to get to know you, and You're my fucking twin sister, I just blamed you for things mommy told me to blame you for," she spat, frustrated at herself and you squeezed her hands in yours. 
The tears that fell down your cheeks were of equal measure of the pain that had painted your past, and the fact that you didn't know your sister either. You knew her from the picture your mother had painted of her, the one your mother had molded her to be and she had ruined everything within this family and only for her agendas that she could've had by asking instead of dedicating her life to tearing her daughters apart piece by piece. 
"I don't hate you, Y/N," T whispered, and relief knocked the air from your lungs so rapidly you inhaled sharply to preserve some of the air. "Maybe for getting shot, but I'm sure I deserved that one," she teased through her tears, and laughter bubbled past your lips, resonating in the room, joined by a voice that was almost identical to your own. 
"I don't hate you either," you said, and tears streamed down your sister's cheeks. 
"You don't? After everything, I put you through? I've done unforgivable things,"
You nodded, the numerous memories ringing hot in your mind, but something else weighed heavier. "I know, and it can't be done overnight," you said, T nodded. "But T, you wouldn't let mom hurt me, you stood tall to protect me from dying, and even if I remember everything, that is a part I remember too, and always will,"
T brought your hands to her face, crying the same way you had with Bucky, and you let her. Neither of you pulled away when she stopped crying, but before you could wipe her tears away, the door opened abruptly, revealing your father, struck with panic, eyes wide, tears streaming down his face, and your heart stalled momentarily because never had you seen him so vulnerable. 
He rushed towards you and T, kneeling on the bed in front of you and his head hung in shame. 
"I'm so sorry," he croaked through a sob, and T reached for him before you could, and he sobbed into her hand before he lifted his head, eyes locked to yours and you fell nonplussed. 
You didn't know what to do. You had never known your father as anything other than the stoic figure that preferred your sister, and yet this was the man that wanted to give you everything he owned - you had just never known. Your hand trembled in T's, and it was the plea in her eyes that made you reach for your father, and he took your hand before he broke down. 
You didn't know how long the three of you sat there, nor how your father stopped crying, the only thing you knew was the tears that streamed down your face, and the odd sense of relief that came with being here with your twin sister and father whom you had always thought resented your very existence. 
There was a long way ahead for the three of you. The path of destruction your mother had left behind would be difficult to cross, and as difficult to learn to walk, but as your father pressed his lips to your hand, and T smiled your way. 
You knew it could be okay. 
The minutes melted into the next, and T's yawn was an indicator that it was time to let her rest, but you urged your father to stay. He nodded in agreement and kissed the back of your hand.  
"I promise that I'm gonna protect my girls from now on," he whispered, and your heart reacted in a way you hadn't been familiar with, but your lips curled into the most genuine smile you had experienced around your father, and you bid the both of them goodbye with a promise that you'd be back tomorrow. 
You walked out, and as you closed the door behind you, every emotion struck you at once, and your body collapsed into a pair of strong arms that were always there when you needed them the most, and you buried your face to the crook of his neck. His scent, his warmth, his comfort, and his love the only thing you needed. 
"Do I need to kick their ass?"
A giggle slipped past your lips, and you nuzzled his skin, reciprocating his embrace. "No, it's alright, everything is... alright,"
Bucky nodded but never let go of you as you took refuge with him and you smiled against his skin. 
When Bucky Barnes walked into your life, everything changed, and as he held you in his arms, you realized that your life had been nothing but a lie until he came as a beacon of light and lit the path for you to find the truth and embark on a path you never thought was intended for you. 
And as long as he was next to you, you'd be able to conquer every obstacle in your way. 
Tumblr media
Feedback is as always greatly appreciated! 
Just want to take another second to thank you all so freaking much for the love on this series! I cannot believe it, even as we’ve reached the end! This is without a doubt the story of mine that’s garnered most attention and response, so I just want to thank you profoundly for that, your love floors me so thank you for reading what I write and sticking with me through it all! Big love and hugs, Salina! ❤️
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Body Guard (Part 1) - Bucky Barnes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: death, swearing, eventually smut in later parts
Summary: Tony Stark is a very rich man and with that came a lot of enemies. After a tragic event Tony decides himself and the people most important to him, especially his daughter, are in danger. He hires personal body guards. Bucky Barnes is assigned to Y/n Stark, the most troublesome, reckless Stark that there is. 
A/N: so an anon gave me this idea of a body guard au with Bucky and I really wanted to make it into a series as there’s a new series on BBC called Bodyguard so yeah, this is the first part out of around 10 I have planned out, if you think I should carry on and think you’d follow it let me know! :) xx
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4
 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8
Tumblr media
“Mr Stark” Happy spoke in greeting. “My deepest condolences” Tony nodded briefly in thanks. Today was not a good day for him. Nor for any of the Stark family as limited as it now were.
“We have a new team of expertly trained security covering the area until the funeral is finished.” He spoke professional with care. Today was a sensitive day.
“Tonight you will meet with your assigned Body guard.” Happy informed.
“Thank you” Tony acknowledged, he stopped walking before turning back towards a happy. “Can you not tell Y/n just yet” he asked. Happy nodded in response.
Tony knew Y/n would not be happy about this idea, knowing she would argue that she was an adult and should be allowed to have freedom to do and go where she wanted. But he wasn’t going to let her argue against. This was for her own good. Tony couldn’t lose another child.
Tony walked over to where Pepper stood, a comforting hand placed on one of Y/n’s shoulders.
“How you holding up kiddo?” Tony asked. He always worried about her. Out of both of his children she was the one almost always getting herself into trouble. She acted recklessly and without thinking of consequences and that’s what scared him the most.
Yet here he was, about to stand and watch his son that he loved so dearly be lowered into the ground. A heart wrenching sob echoed in Tony’s ears as Y/n started to cry for her brother.
Life was so unfair and had taken him too soon. Some son of a bitch had murdered her brother in the cold, broad daytime. Worse part was that he was shot from afar, 2 meters away from herself.
She would never forget the image. As hard as she tried it was always there. Waking her in the night, screaming and scratching at her skin. As if she could feel the blood splattered all over the side of her face. Just like how it happened.
No one knew whether the shot was meant for him. As both Y/n and Tony were in front and behind him. It could have been for any one of them.
Tony Stark had a lot of enemies. But no one had ever tried to assassinate him and his family. Not until now. And in some way they were succeeding.
After they had said their goodbyes to him, Y/n scanned the surrounding areas looking at the people who turned up. Her brother was surrounded by some truly great people touching their hearts and their souls.
Her eyes landed on the armed security guards who had formed somewhat of a square around them, communicating through small radios.
She knew her father would up security around them and this irked her. She just wanted to live her life with no restrictions but she knew Tony would not allow that. She felt somewhat bitter towards her father, even though she knew none of this was his fault.
“Y/n love, I know this has been a hard day and we’re all tired and emotionally exhausted, but there’s some people we have to meet tonight and it’s very important.” Tony spoke.
She nodded not really caring or having the energy to look up. Tony shot a worried look to Pepper who gave him a reassuring smile.
Upon entering the stark tower Y/n noticed how there were two more guards than normal on the door. Rolling her eyes she followed Tony to the elevators that took them up to the top floor.
Awaiting them in their open space living room were four figures. One being happy and the other three unfamiliar.
Y/n could only see their backs as Happy spoke to them. They were tall, large framed people, wearing black suits. She could see small black ear pieces with wires leading down to their pockets and it was suddenly obvious as to who they were.
“Ah Mr Stark” Happy called, Tony moving into the room to stand in front of the thre strangers, scanning each of them, both Pepper and y/n followed.
Y/n did the same, scanning each one of them uneasily wondering why and who they were. She had some idea.
“Mr Stark, this is Steve Rogers, an ex military officer. He has been your assigned guard.” Happy spoke, gesturing to the taller of them men. 
Steve said hello holding his hand out to shake Tony’s. Y/n tired to look as disinterested as possible.
“Miss Potts, meet Natasha Romanoff.” he said gesturing to a tall red headed woman.
“Nice to meet you” Pepper smiled shaking the red heads hand.
That only left the tall dark haired, man, who stood up scarily straight, his shoulders back and his hands together at his front. Standing like a true soldier. He had a blank expression on his face as he stared forwards.
“Miss Stark” Happy spoke his eyes hesitantly falling to Y/n who didn’t look happy. “This is James Barnes, ex FBI agent, used to be the body guard for the president and now for you”
Y/n nodded to James sharply, holding back her tongue. She was furious.
“Nice to meet you m’aam” James spoke, his face still emotionless and hard.
She smiled fakely “likewise” before storming off to her room.
“Y/n” Tony called after her. But it was too late, he sighed turning to Pepper who gave him a sympathetic look. Telling him to give her some time and space.
James immediately followed her as it was now his duty to make sure she was safe and he took his duty seriously. He would never let himself fail. As much as he didn’t really care for the Stark’s always thinking of them as rich, snobbish people with bratty children. A job was a job and he would always work to the best of his ability.
James had seen Y/n on countless covers of newspapers and magazines. She was known as one of New Yorks greatest party goers. Known for her wild nights out, always making headlines with her destructive behaviour. James remembers always rolling his eyes at them, yes he didn’t know her, but he couldn’t help but judge her based off of them. He regarded her as a young adult who had too much money and made silly choices.
He managed to stop the elevator doors from closing with his hand, sliding in to stand beside her. She glared at nothing as she punched her floor number in.
It was awkwardly silent as she waited, the humming sound of the elevator the only thing calming her from screaming. Once she reached her floor James arm stopped her from stepping out first.
“What are you doing?” She spoke watching him move silently. He didn’t reply, instead just walking around checking everywhere on her floor.
He went from room to room searching behind doors, in wardrobes, couches and bookcases.
“Is this really necessary?” She asked annoyed watching him invade her room. His eyes landing of every little thing, it felt intrusive to have a stranger looking through her personal belongings.
James stared at her nodding sharply before carrying on.
Once he was finished he waited for her to meet his gaze before speaking.
“Everything is clear. I will be living one floor below you if you need me. Good night ma’am” he nodded, dismissing himself. With that he disappeared to the elevator.
She stared at his back glaring darkly as he walked away.
What a weird man she thought before retreating to her own bedroom and locking the door.
James retreated back to his new room in the Stark tower. It was lavish and big, he had never had a room with this much space. But he didn’t really care for it. 
He stripped himself of his suit jacket, sitting on the sofa in silence. He poured himself a glass of whiskey, downing it before pouring himself another. 
It was the same thing every night. The whiskey numbed him from the world and allowed him to get a half decent nights sleep.
He hoped the walls were sound proof here. He didn’t want anybody to hear his screams in the night if he were to have one of his nightmares.
read Part 2 here
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Written in the Stars (2)
Tumblr media
Characters: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You’re the type of woman who is headstrong and fiercely independent. Heiress to a fortune and one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century. Until you’re forced into witness protection. Your “Protection” turns out to be 220 pounds of dreamy, sassy, delightful Bucky Barnes. Whatever could go wrong?
Warnings: Swearing, if that's a warning these days. 
A/N: Oh man, all the love for chapter one made me scream! I hope you like part 2, here’s Bucky being bossy, an annoyed reader and a little sassy humor for everyone! if ya wanna be kind and throw me a pretty comment and a reblog? I’ll love you forever.
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“Think you can handle this?” Sam asked as he handed Bucky one of his handguns, watching his friend strap on his bulletproof vest. Bucky didn’t need it but it was better to be safe than sorry in this case, especially when Hydra was involved they probably had ways of bringing the Winter Soldier down.
“Yes, what do I look like? An amateur?” Bucky responded rolling his eyes at Sam’s incredulous question, taking the gun from his hand and holstering it to his hip.
“You know that’s not what I mean.” Sam shoved Bucky’s shoulder slightly.
“I know, I’ll fine. It’ll be fine,” He gives Sam a reassuring smile. The pair were an odd couple but had become the support the other needed in hard times. It was weird sharing this unbreakable bond of friendship because of Steve, but it was a comfort to both of them knowing each had the others back. When they weren’t bickering incessantly with each other Sam and Bucky were a formidable force.
“What time is the meeting set for?” Sam gives Bucky the black box with the comms in them and waited as he placed it in his ear.
“Steve and I are meeting at the new apartment in an hour, I have to escort her there.”
“And she’s fine with moving apartments?”
“What do you think?” Bucky’s tone dripping with sarcasm,
Sam laughed and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, gripping it lightly. “That woman is going to eat you alive buddy,”
“Nah, women love me, it’ll be a walk in the park.”
Sam nods, “Well, good luck out there, man. This might not be President Ellis but she sure as shit is more important to us, right now.”
“Don’t need luck,” Bucky grinned at him as the two of them walked out of the weapons vault, he strutted a few feet in front of Sam before turning around to face him, “I am the fucking Winter Soldier.” He spreads his arms cockily as if he were showing off his grandeur.
This response makes Sam chortle with laughter, and shake his head at Bucky’s arrogance. He wasn’t wrong though, Bucky Barnes was part The Winter Soldier and part Avenger, he was a fucking machine.
It was barely seven in the morning when you hear the door to the safe house open, the rather shitty safe house that Nick Fury and his squad of morons had forced you to live in the past four days.
The soft creak of the wooden floors as their footfalls hit the hardwood. The alarm bells in your head going off and, immediately, you shot up out of the double bed and to your feet, ready to fight whoever was walking towards the bedroom door, not that you were any kind of fighter but if worst comes to worst, you’d be ready to get scrappy about it.
To say you were a little on edge because of the briefing yesterday wouldn’t be a lie. You were putting on this sarcastic brave face, but in fact, you had spent the entire night tossing and turning too afraid that if you close your eyes you wouldn't wake up the next morning.
So, when the bedroom door was flung open, it was only natural in your tired, sleep deprived state that you let out a scream of terror, only to come face to face with James Buchanan Barnes.
“Well good morning to you, too.” He said amusement in his eyes as he took in your cowering figure which was now in a pathetic defensive stance.
“What the fucking fuck?!” You exclaimed at him, straightening up, trying to pick up the modicum of dignity you had left after that scream.
“I was testing you.” He shrugged.
“What the fuck kind of test was that?!”
“To see how quick your reflexes are in a panicked situation.”
You stared open mouthed at him for a moment, a million insults hurling through your mind which you wanted to shout at him, but, instead, you snap your mouth shut and glower at him. Folding your arms over your chest, you realized you were barely clad in a t-shirt and scanty shorts that had been given to you by some shield task force member, as you hadn’t been allowed to your apartment yet to get any of your clothes.
“Get dressed, we’re moving you to a secure location today.” He ordered completely ignoring the fact that you were giving him a death stare.
“Wait, what, when do I get to go home?” You rebutted, but Bucky doesn’t listen to you. He whirled around and marched out the bedroom shutting the door in your face. Once again, you are left stunned at just how rude this asshole was, you stared at the door open-mouthed and blinked rapidly, never in your life had you ever been ordered around and it was infuriating you.
You took a slow deep breath and clenched your fists at your side,
“Deep breaths,” You muttered to yourself, “You can’t kill him, he’s the reason you’re going to live through this shit show.”
One. Two. Three.
You exhaled deeply and opened your eyes, “You can kill him after.”
This thought seemed to make you gleeful, and suddenly you had an idea. If the Winter Soldier was going to be your bodyguard and make your life hard, you were going pull the exact same shit with him. Then and there you decided to be the most painful version of yourself just to see how far you could push your limits with him before he quit.
Grinning to yourself at your plan you made your way to the bathroom to get dressed.
Twenty minutes later, you stood in front of your protection detail. The Winter Soldier stands a few feet closer to you than the rest of them, he hands you a little ID with your picture printed on it, a watch that has a small sleek black screen on it and what looked like a phone.
“ID to get you in and out of the tower without hassle,” He pointed to it, “The watch is programmed with a tracking device and is connected to Stark servers as well as FRIDAY the Avengers personal AI, there’s a heart monitor, for proof of life and should your heartbeat drop or become erratic in any way it will alert your protection detail. Anything you need, touch your finger to the screen and it will assist you, like a personal assistant. Should I not be with you, there is a panic button and it will alert us of your danger.”
“Proof of life, like I’m a hostage. How fun.” You retorted. You waited as he slid the watch onto your wrist, and the screen flashed to life.
“Good morning, Sergeant Barnes.” A female voice with an Irish lilt rang through the receiver of the watch startling you, slightly.
“Hi FRIDAY, configure the watch. It is on the subject, lock in the location and secure Astro mode.”
“Astro mode?” You piped up looking at Bucky.
“Highest security level.” He responded not looking at you, his gaze is fixed on the watch as he waited for it to configure.
“Configuration complete.” FRIDAY states and Bucky nodded.
Then he pointed to the sleek black phone like object in your hand, “Stark tech, no incoming call or text can get through without going through the security checks at the Avengers tower. All your contacts have been programmed in there and no one can trace the IP or caller ID on your phone. The only people with this number is myself, Steve Rogers and Director Fury, for safety reasons, of course, no one but me will call you.”
“Wait, why do I have to give up my phone? That is stupid.” You began to protest but the look Bucky gives you shuts you up instantly. Clearly, he isn’t in the mood for your shit, well, at least not yet.
He ignores your little outburst and then almost robotically turned away from you towards the three men that stood behind him, patiently waiting for him to finish giving you instructions.
“These three are handpicked by me for this assignment, each one of them has gone through stringent tests and background searches before being assigned to protect you. Should I not be around, the highest ranking officer will step in and take over protection detail.”
“Why wouldn’t you be around, I thought you were supposed to hover like an annoying shadow?” You interjected, sarcastically.
Bucky gives you a deadpan look and ignores your comment again, “For safety reasons, they will only be known to you by their code names.” He pointed to the blonde on the far right, he looked like he deadlifted buildings, “Agent 27; codename Achilles,”
Then pointed to the brunette with blue eyes and a grim face, “Agent 12; code name Arcas,”
Lastly, he pointed to the tallest of them all, broad-shouldered with a hard face, he looked like he never smiled. “Agent 8; codename Dionysus.”
“What’s with the Greek codenames?” You asked, genuinely curious why all their codenames were that of Greek mythology.
Before Bucky could answer you, however, his phone rang and he quickly answered it. A curt conversation over the line indicated to you that whoever was on the other end was telling him to hurry up because he muttered something along the lines of ‘Have some fucking patience’, before cutting the call.
“Let’s move.” He nodded curtly to the rest of the agents, they immediately dispersed and headed for the exit. You waited a moment before Bucky turned towards you, his expression is stoic and hard, and you sense an immediate shift in his attitude.
It was time to get to work.
“I have three golden rules, three rules for you to follow and we will be fine in every situation.” Bucky’s voice almost steely and robotic as he spoke, “Number one, I move, you move, doesn’t matter when or where, you listen to every instruction I give you, no arguments. You stay behind me at all times, there isn’t a moment when you’re ahead of me, unless, I specifically instruct you to be so. I am your human shield, you got it?”
“Oh good, a human shield. This should be fun.” Your snide answer goes unanswered by him as he continued.
“Number two, I am not here to fuck around, I’m not a pretty boy for you to show off to your high society friends, I am not in the field of playing games and entertaining your bullshit. My number one priority is keeping you alive, and if you act like an idiot, you die and I don’t need that on  my resume.”
“You think you’re a pretty boy?” You barked out a laugh
“The prettiest,” He bit back before continuing, again, “Number three. Wherever you are, I am. You do not go anywhere without me. You have to piss? I am standing at the door. You have a check-up at the doctor? I am there. You need to blow your nose? I give you the tissue. Do you understand?”
“I mean this is a little excessive don’t you thi-”
“Do you understand.” He cuts you off in a demanding voice, your defiant eyes meet his and you glared at him.
The instructions seemed simple enough but the fact that he was going to control every aspect of your life was suddenly annoying you. He was right, everything you did he was going to have to be there for it and that didn’t sit well with you.
“I have a life you know, I can’t have you hovering around me when I go on dates and out with friends.”
“Well, in the interest of keeping you alive, you’re going to have to suck it up and deal with me hovering, sweetheart.” Bucky moved closer towards you, his steely eyes piercing into yours and as much as you want to fight his every command at that moment, the sensible side of your brain is telling you to shut up and listen to him, “Besides, you won’t be going on many dates in the coming months, believe me.”
“I mean you can try and stop me from living my life, but good luck with that,” You jeered back at him, folding your arms over your chest in defiance.
A look of shock skittered across his face for a moment before he reigns his emotions in, and that stoic expression settled over his face again. Bucky is about to say something to you but changes his mind and just shakes his head.
“Follow my every instruction when we leave,” He ordered you and you felt your nerves prickle at the demanding tone he used with you, but you remained silent, “I move, you move? Got it.”
“Yes Soldier, I got it. Relax.”
Bucky clenched his jaw at your response but chooses to ignore your sarcasm again, clearly, his resolve was resolute because you would have at least expected some kind of chirp back with all the sass you were giving him.
He turned away from you and began to make his way out of the safehouse with you following closely behind him. It’s a quick trip down the elevator and into the lobby of the building where your usual car was waiting for you. You were a little relieved that not everything had changed, you still had the same driver and the same car.
Small victories. You thought.
For a moment you forgot that you were under supervision and walked a little faster, cutting in front of Bucky in an attempt to get to the car before him. It’s an innocent mistake on your part as you neared the freedom of being in a car and not cooped up in that safe house, but that moment of freedom is suddenly wrenched away as quickly as it arrived.
Bucky hand closes around your arm halting you just seconds before your hand touches the door to the lobby entrance. Whether he intended to or not, the force with which he stopped you from exiting startled you and you gasped in shock.
“What the-” You began to say but he cuts you off.
“Stay behind me, I said I move, you move. How am I supposed to protect you if you’re in front of me?” He snapped at you letting go of your arm.
“God fucking damn it, it’s like two meters to the car!” You exclaimed.
Bucky took a deep breath and steadied his temper. He was about two seconds away from yelling at you in the middle of the lobby, but he knew he couldn't, or Steve would punch the lights out of him for embarrassing the team and being unprofessional, also not with these many witnesses around. He stepped around you and pushed open the door, the cool morning air hitting his skin as it gusted into the lobby.
His eyes scanned the area from the entrance to the car, he takes in every detail he can, the pedestrians walking past, the other guests at the hotel moving around, talking to each other walking in and out, his eyes move like a hawk across the rooftops of the building for any signs of danger then when he was satisfied he stepped aside and gestured for you to start walking again.
You rolled your eyes at him and rather caustically walked out the lobby raising your hands in surrender as you approached the car. A hint of amusement hits him as he watched you walk over to the car and throw him a belligerent look before getting in loudly calling out to him,
“Oh, look, whatever shall I do, I made it to the car by myself.” You rolled your eyes at him so hard, Bucky could have sworn he heard them roll.
He shook his head and followed you, biting back the sudden smile that wanted to appear on his face from that display you had just put on.
Man, you weren’t going to make this easy for him.
Bucky stood in the massive living room of your penthouse apartment in Manhattan, his eyes moving across the living space with quiet amazement. He had been around technological advances and Stark’s fancy lifestyle long enough to know luxury but this, this place was phenomenal.
The entire space looked like it belongs in a magazine, from the beige tones throughout the room, accented by creams and golds to the marble flooring and pillars that stood at the entrances to it.
There wasn’t a thing out of place, not a speck of dust anywhere. For a home, Bucky found it surprisingly cold, but the problem with it was there was too much open space which was like an invitation for anyone trying to get to you.
There were staff that worked for you, chefs, cleaning staff, a driver, people who picked up your clothes, bought them for you, your personal assistant, too many people and too many eyes for his liking.
He didn’t have time to screen every single person in your life, so he made an executive decision right then. The team would have to move you to a different safe house or keep you at the one you were at. It was just safer that way, and if push came to shove he would have Steve run background on everyone in your life before bringing you back here.
Of course, he knew this wasn’t going to sit well with you and a small part of him felt amused by the fact that you were probably going to throw a shitfit about it.
“Sergeant Barnes?” A voice brings his attention back to the people in front of him and he looked up at the person, it was one of the STRIKE members they’d brought here to fit in a new security system.
“What is it?” He replied,
“We are done setting up the system, would you like us to show her how it works?” The agent asked,
Bucky shook his head and took the tablet from his outstretched hand, “No, I’ll run through that with my team. Thanks.”
The agent gave him a polite nod before he walked away once more. Bucky scrolled through the system they’d installed throughout your apartment, it was one of Stark’s best security systems linked directly to FRIDAY. It was biometric so only the pre-approved list of persons could come and go without him knowing about it, but he still didn’t like this place.
Just then you walked into the living room and looked around for a moment before your eyes met his and you crossed your arms at the sight of him. Bucky smirked,
He annoyed you, good.
“So are they done wreaking havoc around my home?” You asked annoyance thick in your tone,
“Yes they are but don’t get comfortable yet, we’re going back to the safe house.”
“Wait what, why?”
“Because I have decided you won’t be staying here,”
“Excuse me?”
“You’re excused, go pack your shit up.”
Bucky watched as your face turned from shocked to completely enraged, he was full well expecting a tantrum from you and that is exactly what he received. Amusement rippled through him as he watched you defiantly fold your arms over your chest and start yelling obscenities at him.
“Absofuckinglutely not! I refused to stay one more night in that crappy apartment in Brooklyn, I would much rather Hydra kill me then stay one more night in that hell hole.” You exclaimed dramatically, “I was promised protection not uprooting my entire fucking life to go live in Brooklyn for this trial, I will not leave, I refuse. You can go to hell,”
You were breathing heavily from anger when you were finally done yelling at him, all while Bucky just looked at you with a bored expression on his face.
“Are you done?” He asked,
“Not even close,”
“Okay well, then you can continue to yell at me once we’re in the car, let’s go.”
And before you could even say anything further, Bucky gripped your arm firmly but gently and began to haul you towards your bedroom to collect your things.
It was supposed to be business as usual but it felt like the furthest thing from it. You walked into your lab on Friday morning and were met with the sight of Bucky Barnes leaning against the wall, sunglasses on, one hand in the pocket of his black jeans and the other holding his phone in the other. Dark hair falling into his eyes as he frowned down at his phone.
“Why the fuck are you here?” You sighed walking up to him not bothering to say good morning or any other pleasantries for that matter.
Bucky looked up from his phone, an amused smile on his face, he tucked his dark hair behind his ear on one side and shoved his phone into his pocket.
“Why, good morning sunshine.” He replied smoothly, amusement ripe in his voice.
“Again, why are you here?”
“I feel like you seem to be forgetting my instructions.” Bucky said pulling off his sunglasses and revealing those ridiculously blue eyes, “I said, I move, you move, but somehow this morning I show up to move you and, whaddya know? You’ve already left for the day, care to explain?”
There is clear sarcasm in his tone but also a hint of demand. He’s upset with you but isn’t showing it or trying not to at this point. You didn’t want to be escorted to work, not after the shit show last night when you had to run through the entire layout of your penthouse home with them only to have Bucky tell you that you will no longer be allowed to live there because there were too many entrance points.
Needless to say, you threw a shit fit, and stormed off, but, alas, were followed by the Winter Soldier who wordlessly put you in your car and drove you right back to the safehouse, kicking and screaming.
So this morning, you awoke earlier than usual, got dressed and slipped out of the safehouse, without any of the agents noticing. It actually amazed you how easily you got past them, clearly, they weren’t very good at their jobs.
Your whole life you had the freedom to come and go as you pleased and now that you had to hand over the reins of your life to someone else, it was frustrating you. Your every move was going to be monitored and someone beside you at all times, this wasn't the life you were used to.
“Jesus H. Christ, I just needed to feel normal for two seconds, okay. I can get myself to work safely.” You said irritably rubbing your forehead with your hand.
“No, you can’t.”
“Excuse me?”
“You can’t get yourself to work safely because you don’t know what threats there are out there. I, on the other hand, do and seeing as it’s my job to get you places safely, I would appreciate a modicum of agreement here.”
“So would I.” You retorted stubbornly, “You have me cooped up in that shitty safehouse in Brooklyn, when my gorgeous Manhattan apartment is going to waste, deserted and dying without me in it.”
You watched him sigh and clench his jaw again, becoming frustrated with your defiance. Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and looked down at you, a scowl on his handsome face, now.
“I am really trying to be patient here,” He said exasperatedly, “but you’re not making this easy, can you please just follow my instructions?”
“Fucking fuck, fine. But can I at least move out of that shitty apartment and into my home again? I hate that fucking place.”
Bucky lets out an exhale, the exasperation clear all over his face. “Fine, We will move you to a different location not your place but one better than what you’re at, also I take you to work and get you home every day, end of story.”
You rolled your eyes and brushed past him, walking into your lab. Bucky followed you, you watched as his eyes sweep the entirety of it before they settled back on you.
“I really don’t think you need to be here 24/7,” You sighed, “This whole situation is being made such a big deal of, I can take care of myself, you know.”
“This is not a game.” He replied moving to lean against one of the metal lab tables.
“I didn't say it was but I know what I have gotten myself into and I can handle it!”
“No one is saying you can’t, but, you need to take this seriously-”
“I am taking this seriously! You think I don’t know what’s at stake here?!” You were suddenly shouting at him, “I am uprooting my entire life for this god damn cause, I am going against my family for this cause, I know the seriousness of it all!”
“Then stop acting like a child and listen to me!” He shouts back and you fell silent. You weren't expecting him to yell back at you, and it kind of scared you. Bucky suddenly stood taller and his figure seemed to double in size as if he rose to his full height, and it was dominating.
“Get out, I need to work.” You muttered turning away from him so he wouldn’t see the sudden tears in your eyes. It was frustration and fear building up inside you and he wasn’t helping.
Bucky took a deep breath and reigned his anger in, he shouldn’t have yelled at you, but he doesn’t care right now. All he knows is he needs to keep you safe and if you are a belligerent asshole the entire time, it’s going to end up costing someone their life and he’d rather it was not you.  
“I will be outside,” Bucky said in a steely voice before he turned sharply and marched out of your lab once more, leaving you alone with the silence, your thoughts and the panic now rising in your chest.
The lab felt like a safe little bubble as you lost yourself in your work. Hours ticked by before you noticed the ache in your stomach reminding you it was time to eat something. You glanced up at the clock and realized it was almost one in the afternoon, you also realized that you had left Bucky to wait outside for you not bothering to check up on him.
Why the fuck do you care? You had no idea but you felt a little guilty leaving the giant brick shithouse of a human to wait outside for you.
Grumbling under your breath about how stupid it was that you needed him to hover once again, you pulled off your lab coat and tossed it onto the table before walking out of your lab.
You half expected Bucky to be waiting for you right outside the door but to your surprise, he was not. A small part of you was disappointed that he wasn’t but you shoved that aside and quickly made your way toward the elevator, maybe he was going to let up on this ridiculous notion that he had to accompany you everywhere and you could have a peaceful lunch.
Hitting the elevator button repeatedly, you waited watching the orange light flash from floor to floor as it came up to you.
“Just so you know, repeatedly hitting the button doesn’t make the elevator go any faster.” A voice suddenly said beside you, it was close to your ear.
You whirled around, a strangled scream almost erupting from your throat as you slapped your hand over your mouth to avoid screaming. You were met with Bucky’s amused blue eyes and a smirk on his face.
“No, that would require me to sleep with someone's mother, of which I have not done so, yet. I think,”
“Don’t fucking sneak up on me!”
“I did not, you don’t have situational awareness.” He shrugged.
“I so do.”
“Oh, really? Tell me one thing you noticed that is out of place on this floor.”
You glared at him for a moment, why was he always challenging you, then your gaze swept across the length of the area. It was the reception area of this floor, bright green plants, glass walls, metal doors and signs leading to every lab. The smell of rubbing alcohol and sterilizing agents mixed in the air, with a hint of cherries from the floor cleaner.
There are a few people about, the security guard, Wallace, who as always there, the receptionist, Jody, who was on the phone, a few people sat in the reception area. Either waiting for someone or something, you notice nothing out of the ordinary.
“There’s nothing out of place…” You say it a little hesitant because you already know he's placed something that sets him on edge.
“Look again,” He orders and you follow his command eyes moving across the room again, “See the security? He’s not wearing his badge, why? That should be a red flag already if you didn’t know him. He could be anyone.”
“I know Wallace, he’s worked here for years.” You retorted.
“Beside the point. Now, look at the receptionist, she's not focused on her surroundings, isn't watching who's coming and going, how will she know who any of her guests are? The guy in the green jacket on the couch,” Bucky gestured towards him and you looked in that direction,”He’s carrying a firearm, but I can see his police badge from here which means he's law enforcement, but why is he here?”
“Cops come here all the time for forensics, when they need help or are short staffed.”
“Right, but have you seen him before?”
You looked at the man and shook your head slowly, “No.”
“And see the lady over by the water cooler, look at her nervousness, she’s not supposed to be here and her body language tells me that, immediately.”
You hadn’t picked up any of the things Bucky had just pointed out to you, and it amazed you just how keen his attention to detail was.
“Last but not least,” Bucky stepped a little closer to you just as the elevator dined on the landing, “You walked out of your lab, looked around the room, and never saw me when I was sitting right here.” He motioned towards one of the chairs near the elevator and you frowned.
How the hell had you not seen him, that was not possible.
“But I-” You began to say and he shakes his head.
“Situational awareness.” Was all he said before he gripped your by the elbow and guided you onto the elevator, “Where to?”
“Lobby, we’re getting lunch.”
A curt nod and he pushed the button, his hand remaining on your arm the entire ride down to the lobby and even as he helped you into the car.
“There’s a bagel stand right there!” Bucky exclaimed, pushing open the lobby door the two of you walk out onto the steps of the massive office building, the air outside is cool and crisp, a nice change to the spring heat for once.
“Well, I don’t eat cheap bagels from a stand, I eat croissants from Butter.” You snorted shaking your head at him,
“What the fuck is Butter?”
“It’s my lunch restaurant, and you’re taking me there.”
“No, I am not.”
“Yes, you are.”
You crossed your arms defiantly and stood your ground in front of him. He’d already took your home from you and your freedom, he wasn’t going to take your lunch place from you now, too.
“Fucking hell,” Bucky muttered caving to your defiance.
“So, you got rid of my car.” You noted as the two of you walked into the restaurant you wanted to eat lunch at. Bucky tried to protest bringing you here, but you simply stated that if you didn't get lunch from this place you would have a full-scale meltdown in public and he would have to deal with it. To which he begrudgingly agreed even though he seemed tense the entire way there.
“Because the replacement is an armored car that can withstand the rounds of AR-15’s.”
You fell silent at that response, you weren’t expecting it or that he was prioritizing your safety at such a high level. As you walked towards the table near the window the usual spot you sat at Bucky stopped you. You frowned up at him and waited as he looked around the room, before steering you in a different direction.
“What are you doing? I want to sit there.” You protested.
“No, you can’t sit here.” He shook his head.
“James I want to sit there, I always sit there, it’s my table.”
“No. Look around, for fucks sake.”
You paused your argument for a moment and looked around with a frown, you clearly didn’t see what he saw.
“I don’t see anything.” You snapped.
“The exits are blocked from that area of the room, they are obstructed by the pillars. The window opens up the vulnerability of a sniper, and the area is raised, hazardous for quick escapes.”
Everything he had just pointed out was something you wouldn’t have even thought of, it made a little more sense why he was assigned to you, the man was like a robot when it came to safety.
“Situational awareness.” You said softly, realizing he was right.
“Situational awareness.” Bucky nodded, a pleased glint in his eyes when he sees you finally understand what he is trying to say.
“Alright, where are we sitting?” You asked.
Bucky gestured to a table nearby and walked you over, his hand on your back as he did so. The waitress comes over and hands you a menu she flashes Bucky a wide smile which he returns. Obviously, she blushes three shades of red and scurried off once more, you rolled your eyes at this. To be fair, he was really pretty.
Bucky took up a stance near the table not joining you, he crossed his arms over his massive chest, that broody look settling over his face once more as his eyes moved across the restaurant. You frowned at him,
“What are you doing?”
“What do you mean?”
“Sit down, you idiot.”
“I’m not hungry.”
“I don't care, I don’t want to attract attention by having your 220-pound ass hovering around me.”
“It’s for safety.”
“Well, you look really stupid and people are starting to stare, so sit the fuck down.”
Bucky chuckled, an actual chuckle and this amazed you. Had you really gotten the grumpy Winter Soldier to chuckle?
He doesn't say anything, instead, he walked over, kicked back the chair and dropped down into it, beside you. Resting his hulking forearms on the table, he looks at you, pointedly.
“Much.” You replied unable to keep the amused smile off your face.
He shook his head and said nothing. Instead, he watches you with a playful glint in his eyes. He doesn’t know how, or why, but he finds himself having a glimmer of interest in you. Maybe he even liked you a little, it was all that defiance and sass, it just reminded him of small Stevie.
Boy, was he in trouble with this one.
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mypoisonedvine · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
series summary: bucky used to brag that he didn’t have a celebrity crush, or really care about famous people at all, which is what made him the perfect person to start working for a celebrity like yourself.  except, of course, it’s just his luck that he’d fall for you.
total word count: 35k
series warnings: smut, angst, fluff, alcohol consumption, mild violence, jealousy/possessiveness, discussions of mental health, mentions of past infidelity. please read the individual chapter warnings as well before beginning each chapter!
notes: this was one of those series that was meant to be a quick thing, just some smut with a complex set up, but the more I wrote the more I became enthralled with the dynamic between bucky and the reader. so here we are, thirty-five thousand words later, and I am so proud of how it all turned out! thank you to every reader for your support, your laughter, your tears, your hilarious reactions both horny and heartbroken. I hope you think I stuck the landing.
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CHAPTER 2 - 3k words
CHAPTER 3 - 3k words
CHAPTER 4 - 5.3k words
CHAPTER 5 - 3.2k words
CHAPTER 6 - 5.1k words
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sgtjbuccky · 2 years ago
Next to Me [8/9]
Pairing: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 4,7k
Summary: After an attempt on you and your identical twin’s life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection. Bucky soon realizes your father’s goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and takes your protection into his own hands.
Warning(s): this is angst city folks, I’m telling ya, it gets angsty! mean people, very mean people!
A/N: Damn, I seriously cannot believe we’re here, the big reveal of who is behind it all, thank you so much for all the love on this series, and for bearing with my ups and downs, I appreciate and love every single one of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I love you!! 
| Next to Me - Masterlist |
Tumblr media
Fear. Dread. Pain.
Everything he had tried so desperately to help you forget, clouded every line of your features, crippling onto your body and you trembled.
He hadn’t seen the threat coming and had failed you at the one thing he had promised.
To keep you safe.
His name fell from your lips, and before he could pull you closer in a last desperate attempt to shield you from harm, your eyes widened, and everything went black.
The last thing you remembered before succumbing to darkness was Bucky's guilt-ridden eyes. 
The grey leveled the blue, allowing you to see the way he drowned in the guilt when he had realized there was no way for him to save you from the ambush. 
His name had parted from your lips in a scream to warn him of the weapon that connected with the back of his head, but before the last syllable fell from your lips his head fell to the ground with a sharp thud, your heart stalled in tandem. 
Unknown hands had pulled you to your feet, tearing your grip from Bucky's, who despite all odds didn't let go of your hand even when unconscious. 
You screamed for him to wake. Screamed at them to keep their hands off him when they dragged him away, but it was all in vain because a needle prickled through your neck. The sedative gushed to your veins, invading all of your senses and your tongue fell limb as darkness claimed you.
Even in the deepest corners of your subconscious, you knew that whatever awaited when you'd come to light, would be without remorse but yet you hadn't imagined the brutal slap across your cheek that jolted your entire body to life in one sharp strike.
Your eyes snapped open, and a strangled gasp caught halfway in your throat when you met a pair of identical eyes to your own. You didn't dare blink, for a fraction of a second, everything stood entirely still, and a rough shove of your shoulders had reality crashing down on you at once. 
Your eyes widened and then, she sobbed.
"I thought you were dead," she cradled your face roughly, lips quivering with each cry falling from her lips, your eyes remained trained on her, confusion elevating your heartbeat for each sob falling from her lips. 
Your sister had been nowhere near you during the ambush. It had been you and Bucky. Alone. Somewhere outside of Manhattan, far away from her, but she was here, in front of you, and you sucked in a breath. 
Spots blurred your vision when you tore your eyes from her, frantically looking around in the room, and your chest heaved, gasping for a steady breath when fear began rippling through your body when you didn't know where you were. 
Everywhere. The walls, the ground, framing the large windows that broken, allowing the dim sunlight to peek through, and a metal door to lock you in. The biting cold atmosphere pinched at your skin, and your heart pounded in your chest. 
T's eyes wide stood wide with panic, and worry as she eyed you, tears welled to her eyes and your mouth went dry, each muscle of your body tensing under her scrutinizing gaze. You didn't dare move.
She reached for your cheek, and the second her fingertips grazed your skin you flinched and scrambled backward. A fearful sob parted your lips, and she sobbed your name, reaching for you. 
"No," you barked, and she stilled. 
She sobbed harder, and your body trembled at the confusion. T was here, but Bucky wasn't. The storm raging in your mind blinded every coherent thought, and you screamed for him. 
His name fell from your lips in a desperate plea, growing louder and louder for each time silence was the only one to greet you in return. 
T's features crumbled at your agony, and she sobbed harder,  "He isn't here, we're alone," 
Fear left your body to tremble, and you didn't dare look away from her,  "H-how do you know?" 
Confusion morphed her features, and her lips quivered harder as another sob broke through. 
"You're afraid of me," she said, and your breath hitched. A sob broke from her lips again, "I'm sorry I slapped you, but I thought you were dead. I woke up over there," she pointed towards the corner of her room, hands shaking violently.
Water flooded the concrete, and your eyes slowly settled on her again to realize that her left side was completely soaked, clothes stained, even her hair was wet. You stared at her. Lips trembling with the conflicting emotions flooding your mind. 
"I've been screaming for help, and then I saw you on the ground. You hadn't woken up from all my screaming, and you didn't move, I thought you were dead, so I slapped you, I'm so sorry," T choked out, and slowly reached for your cheek, the caress slowly easing your senses back to life, and you squeezed your eyes shut as the pain caught up to you. 
Your cheek stung from the impact, and slowly, you realized the reason you felt cold was that you were seated in a puddle of yourself. T helped you to the side, and her eyes met yours, brimming with concern and fear, and you couldn't look away. 
T was a good liar. If not the best. She could change one mask to the other without as much as a quirk of a brow, but despite her abilities, you were always able to see right through it.  
And as you detailed her features, vulnerability contorted every part of her, and you realized there was no act. 
She looked as petrified as you felt, and your head throbbed, unable to process any of what had happened and was happening. 
"H-how did you end up here?" you stammered, and she swallowed thickly. 
"On my way to work, Barton stopped midway, I yelled at him, and then he turned, and I realized it wasn't Barton," she said, shuddering at the memory. You had never before seen T afraid, but this was it, "He said that mom had told him to stop there, and then the car doors opened, and someone grabbed me and I-"
A sob broke her off, and your heart dropped. 
Her words echoed in your mind, each little detail drawing your mind to a screeching halt and it screamed. Louder and louder for each breath you took and fear crippled down your spine when you realized what you were thinking. Your fingers dug into T's arm, forcing her to look at you, and you bit back a cry. 
"Wh-who said the driver should stop?",
T's lips quivered, her hand atop of yours, "Mom told him," she whispered, and her eyes widened in panic, "Oh god, what if mom is hurt too?" 
Disbelief knocked the air from your lungs, tensing every single muscle in your body, and you clutched your fists, afraid to breathe or process the words your sister was speaking and the next word fell from your lips with affliction. 
The word was drowned in the sound of the heavy metal doors scraping against the concrete floor. The heavy blare resonated in the room, the floor protesting beneath the weight of the doors until they came to a halt. 
You held your breath, the beat of your heart indifferent to your lungs refusal of cooperating. Squeezing your eyes shut, your fingers dug into T's arm, and you refused to look up. Refused to look at the parting doors, but even so, you could still hear. 
The click of heels, muffled with each step on the concrete floor, but you still recognized the confident walk, and your lips pressed together to keep the pained sound from escaping your throat when your heart sank. 
T gasped in relief as she shook your shoulders. Desperately trying to urge you to open your eyes because you were both safe, but when you didn't react, she rose, and your eyes snapped open in an instant. 
Yanking her back, you met her dead on, shaking your head. Confusion washed over her, and a frown found her features when she realized you looked more petrified now than before. 
She held your face in her hands gently, a gesture that pulled tears to your eyes in an instant because she was sincere, and it was perhaps the very first time in your lives. You couldn't believe what was happening. 
"Y/N," she said, a smile full with relief, and care for you, "We're okay, it's just mom, she is here, look, we're gonna find Bucky too," 
A sob parted your lips because again you understood things T could never and you hated that the only time she had cared for you, she was nothing but naive, and you shook your head again, tears clouding your vision of her. 
"Oh T, my darling, listen to your sister,"
The voice plunged through you like an invisible dagger, and you desperately swallowed back another sob, but T frowned, growing more confused at the words, and she looked at your mother. 
"But, mo-"
"Stay put as your sister says, she has always been the clever one, hasn't she?"
Disdain. It was the only thing you could hear, something you'd never heard spoken from your mother before, and even if you knew your eyes would only verify what you were hearing, a part of you shattered when you saw her spiteful eyes staring at you. 
She stood tall, the smile on her lips full, but cruel and her natural elegance altered into sharp edges that would slice through whatever came her way, and a tremor shot through your body. 
T let go of your face, and looked at your mother with a frown, "What's wrong? Why aren't we moving, how did you find us here?" she asked, as she tried to will you to stand to your feet, and even attempted the harsh glare she always directed at you but you stumbled to the ground again, and your mother laughed. 
The sound was revolting and filled to brim with mockery and barely held contempt. 
"Oh, T, you truly your father's daughter," your mother said, sighing as she rubbed her forehead, "I brought you here, darling, that's why I knew you were here," 
T's frown deepened as she looked at your mother for elaboration, but none came. She merely kept smiling viciously, awaiting T to conclude herself, but T couldn't, and she looked to you for an equal measure of confusion and fear. 
Because you understood what your mother was saying, but you didn't understand why. You didn't understand where the nauseating hate and loathing came from, the only thing you understood was that it was directed at you. 
T's smile faltered, eyes going from you to your mother, and with a small smile to you, she stood to her feet, "But, why? I had my inauguration today, mom, if you wa-"
The sheer force of her words caused T to stumble backward, her eyes wide in panic at the sudden outburst, and your mother scowled. 
"Shut the fuck up, I've had enough of you, one more word, and I will rethink this plan of mine, do you understand?"
T's breath hitched in fear, eyes wide and struck with confusion the more she looked at your mother, everything about her was unrecognizable, and T saw it as clearly as you held your breath, desperately wishing it was nothing but a nightmare. 
Your mother's crude smile grew with satisfaction, and she continued, "Good, now it was a good question, though. Why did I bring you here? well you see, I wish it wouldn't have come to this, but your sister just-" 
She grit her teeth, clenching her fist as she took a deep breath, and her eyes cut to you. Fear clutched your chest under her gaze, and your eyes dropped. 
"She just couldn't listen, couldn't be like you, T because if she had, everything would've been mine,"
T's confusion eased a notch, but her frown didn't as confusion laid itself as a thick fog in your mind, preventing you from seeing or thinking clearly, apart from the vile look in your mother's eyes.
"But mom-"
"T, didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut, you will speak when I allow it,"
T's lips squeezed shut, the horror in her eyes, causing her to take two steps back as she met your eyes. Reminding you both of the fear of the unknown threat, but this time, the danger stood tall in the form of someone you trusted. 
And it felt like somebody had cut your chest from the middle and asked you to ignore the searing pain it inflicted, and the lump in your throat nearly slipped past your lips when you bit your tongue. 
"And you don't even know why," your mother continued with mockery, and you shook your head, lips trembling with the weight of the agony you felt, "Let me enlighten you, daughter, the will,"
The confusion caused your frown to deepen, your lips parted in surprise as you tried to make sense of what she was saying and what had occurred and how everything tied to your father's will, but before you could find even just one word, she growled in anger. 
"Everything goes to you. Every dime, every property, down to his family heirlooms it all goes to you,"
The shock knocked the air from your lungs as hard as before, your mouth fell agape, and your brain ceased to understand what she meant. Your father had given everything to you?.
"I spent thirty-seven years with your father thirty. Seven. Years. But it was okay it meant I could play with him, get everything from him, children meant more puppets, but I would reap the harvest of my hard work-" 
She laughed, all teeth and loud and it left you and T shuddering in fear. 
"Your father was easy, T even more, but you," she barked another laugh,” you had to grow a fucking conscience," she spat,
Her anger hitting you square in the chest, forcing you to fight your tears and trembling body the more she spoke. 
"You had to think for yourself even as a child, and it was fine because it meant you had removed yourself from my path, but," she growled, "then despite my hard work to play your caring mother, and tell T how terrible you were. It was so easy to make her hate you, you stayed away, and I could make your father focus on T because she was the weak one, she needed more love from her daddy because her twin abandoned her, and it worked, everything worked. But still gave you everything that was mine,"
The last word tore from her throat like a shrill, the word echoing so loudly in your ears, you couldn't control the tears that fell. Each beat of your heart fueled the agony from her hatred for you. Your mother hated you, and even T stood frozen in shock at the revelation.
"I couldn't even talk him out of it, because he wanted to do something to show you how proud he was of your achievements, all done on your own, she laughed in disbelief, and took a deep breath, shrugging nonchalantly, "I had no other choice than to get rid of you,"
And then, she told you everything. 
From how she pulled strings within Hydra for the attack on the limo, how she wouldn't have cared if both you and T had fallen dead. T pushing you had been mere luck, but your father's presence had thrown the plan off. Had he not coincidentally been in his own car on the same road, you wouldn't be here. 
To how the Avengers had been another dent in her plan, but then Bucky had been fooled into thinking your father was enemy. And fallen victim to your mother's manipulative nature, and she even him to get to you, soften you up, leave you vulnerable and the best part of it all, Bucky had fallen for you just as much. 
His liking towards you allowed her to exploit it as a weakness and to strike when his guards had been down had by far been the easiest way to get to you. She wondered why she hadn't thought of it before. 
Her words struck you like a hurricane. The brutal impact to your chest that already ached was relentless you could do nothing but endure the agonizing pain and try to understand the devastation it left behind. 
All your life, in the midst of the chaos and conflicting relationship with your sister and father that drove you away from your own home and family, you thought she was the one good thing — your only ally, the one that gave you small little hopes.  
But in reality, she was your biggest enemy. She hated you. Your mother hated you enough to orchestrate everyone you love to hate you, to bring you pain and for nothing more than money.
Money you would've given her, all she had to do was ask. 
You bit back a cry, desperately trying to catch hold of the torment that crushed down on you, and you held onto the one little light you had in your life, the one thing she couldn't touch, and you slowly stood to your feet. Lifting your eyes to hers, and you spoke that light's name aloud.  
Your mother barked a laugh, "The nerve, after all of this your only concern is him? What more could I expect from you, see T, she doesn't care." she regarded T who remained silent, and you didn't look away from your mother, clenching your fists to remind yourself to breathe. You wouldn't collapse in front of her. You wouldn't let her have it. She looked at you, a snide smirk curling to her lips. 
"He's dead, we dropped him in an oil tank on our way here, sorry,"
Your lungs contracted so hard your heart stalled in an instant. Everything blurred in front of you, and you swayed on your feet, desperately trying to gasp for breath, grasp onto reality and catch her vicious lie, but then you met her eyes, and then, you failed.
You crumbled before your mother in an anguished wail of tears, the sound was utterly horrifying to your ears, but you couldn't stop. Couldn't stop the way her words clawed at your chest in a desperate attempt to tear you apart. 
Bucky was gone, the only person who had ever wanted to be the beacon of light for you was gone, and every little agonizing cry made you realize why the anguish only grew. 
Because you loved him, and the cry that tore from your throat nearly had you collapsing to the ground in agony, but then she spoke again. 
"Quit your wailing, you'll join him soon enough," she smirked, the cruelty and determination in her words caused a tremor to stun you in place. 
She was ready to kill you. Your mother hated you enough to do so, and you laughed, the tears and disbelief pulling reactions you couldn't control. 
"You-you can't kill her!" T roared, and when you looked up, she was right beside you, shielding you from your mother and your cry cut your throat. 
T, the sister who spent every waking moment making your life miserable was defending you. 
Your mother scowled. "Since when do you care, you hate her remember?"
T shook her head, trembling, from rage or fear, you didn't know, but you reached for her arm, and she didn't shy away, meeting your mother's eyes. 
"I don't even know that anymore, not after what you just said, you told me to hate her, but I won't let you kill her, I don't want her dead," she said, and even you stood nonplussed at her declaration. 
Your mother laughed, clutching her stomach, "Would you look at that, after years of resentment," she mocked, and T stood taller. Your mother snickered, pulling out a gun from behind her. "But dear, I won't kill her, you will, why do you think you're here,"
Air drained from you in an instant and T began trembling, leaning to you to prevent herself from falling in fear. 
"N-no, I w-wont,"
"Yes, you will, imagine all the glory, darling, you were captured with your twin, and she died saving your life, giving you everything that's hers in the wake of her demise," 
T listened to her words, eyes darting from your mother to you by her side, and you couldn't read the emotions surging through her eyes, and you began crumbling until she yelled. 
"No! I need her,"
Your mother's eyes widened, T's defiance nothing she had planned. She stepped forward, yanking T away from you, and forced the gun to her hand. 
"No you don't, without her, you'll have everything, I will have everything,"
T trembled with the weapon in her hand, nearly causing it to fall out of her grip but your mother forcefully steadied it, holding her hand to raise it in your direction as you stared down the barrel of the gun, and you couldn't control nor understand the way you silently plead for her not to do it. 
"I w-w-won't do it," T stuttered, and she sighed, lifting her jacket to reveal another gun and before you could breathe, the safety was clicked off and your heart stalled in tandem with T's petrified whimper when the barrel of the gun was pressed roughly to her temple. 
Her eyes locked to yours. At that moment, for the first time in your lives,  identical, down to the smallest detail from the color of the irises to the bone-crushing fear. 
"I said, kill her,"
An eerie chill crept through Bucky's nerves as he slipped back into consciousness. 
The surface he laid on was cold, rough, wet. The side of his face, down to his arm laid in water, the crisp white shirt soaked pulling a shudder from his body, and he inhaled sharply only to have water infest the wrong pipe - a violent cough jerked him back to life. 
Eyes immediately perched up, the sudden light burned his eyes, but it didn't stop him from twisting around, desperately craning his neck to look for you. His lungs heaved for breath, the remaining water scratching down his throat, and he inhaled sharply, the drop of his echoing with the realization that he was alone. 
Cursing under his breath, the cough rippled through his throat again, and he had no other choice but to bury his face to his shoulder to muffle the sound. 
The helplessness settled itself bone-deep, crushing him down and he groaned, slamming his head back against the concrete at how careless he'd been and a sharp pain shot through his head in an instant. 
Bad move. 
The back of his head throbbed, and he knew he couldn't waste a second. He'd let his guard down. He had failed you at the one thing he had promised you. 
The thought caused his heart to sink further in his chest, and Bucky willed himself to snap out of this state, to fall into the person he was, the one that could and would keep you safe. 
There wasn't time to dwell. Bucky had to move. He had to find you. Alive, and well. There was no other option. 
The knot in his throat grew thick, and he swallowed it down, immediately surrendering to his instincts, knowing it was the best chance he had. 
Eyes scanned the room again. It was small, concrete walls and floors, a wooden door separating Bucky from the rest of the building, and broken windows that couldn't be reached. He strained his ears to listen. No sound of cars, nor trains, and he could barely hear the footsteps of the people moving about outside the door. The only giveaway was their hushed voices. 
He counted three but didn't wanna exclude the possibility of more. 
Sighing, he looked to his left arm only to realize it was fully functioning and didn't spare himself time to be relieved only looked it over for possible errors, but it was working correctly. With a few trials, clenching his fist, supporting his weight, and moving it around, Bucky jumped to his feet and thanked his lucky stars and prayed for them to bring him to you as he walked to the door, back against the concrete wall.
His heart pounded in his chest at the lack of knowledge of your whereabouts, and he took a deep breath, the anger that brewed in his chest at the ambush burned through his veins. His eyes snapped open. 
Slamming the door with his fist, he caught the agents outside the door off guard, and they scrambled to their feet, approaching the door with caution. 
Bucky waited. 
Heavy steps came closer. His metal fist clenched, and with each intake of breath, adrenaline pounded through the veins, canceling out the frantic beat of his heart. His eyes closed, and he remembered the fear in your eyes. 
The feeling he'd promised to protect you from and his heart nearly stalled in his chest from the guilt that weighed him down, but then the door was kicked in, and as the perpetrators stormed the room, anger burned through his veins like a wildfire. 
Everything that came next fell lost in a haze. Bucky deflected each punch his way, avoided the bullets, and wrung the guns from their hands, giving the final blow as he blazed through each assailant trying to barricade his way. 
A growl clawed at Bucky's throat. Chest burdened under the weight of the anger that surged through his body. The assailant laid on the ground. Unconscious, dead or alive, he really didn't care and his stomach twisted.
It would've been this easy had he been alert of the surroundings. He could've easily saved you from harm, but he hadn't. Each intake of breath grew shallow, and he knew he had to move. He had to find you. Grabbing the nearest gun from one of the agents, checked the clip, removed the safety, and left them behind. 
Bucky's feet carried him, quick steps, mirroring the frantic beat of his heart as he moved along the empty corridors in search for you. 
He moved blindly, each step leading him down another empty corridor where silence oozed from the walls. He didn't dare move away from the walls, searching for the smallest sound that could give him an indicator of your whereabouts and the cold concrete walls seeped to his spine, fueling the crippling fear that he was too late to save you. 
His heart sank in his chest, his steps faltered, and the thought began suffocating him. There was a possibility that Bucky had already lost you, and a choked sob tore from his chest, and the pain that seared through his chest left his mind to spiral and his vision blurred. 
The walls stretched out before his eyes, growing longer, darker, and the more he moved, the heavier his legs became, fear beginning to penetrate his body and he screamed at himself for how much he was failing you. 
The woman that had captivated him and stolen his breath away from the very first glance. The one that had found her way to his heart in a way he never thought possible. The one who understood every little part of him even those he hadn't spoken aloud. 
The one who despite everything she had endured with everyone she cared for, had found it in her to let him in from the very beginning. Allowing him to reside within her heart and soul and for them to develop feelings so strong the mere thought of it forced him to stop and lean against the wall not to collapse, and his throat tightened. 
Bucky loved you and he couldn't fail you. It wasn't a possibility. He couldn't fail you: he refused.
Pushing himself off the wall, he ran. Pulling at every ounce of his capacity to outrun the dark corridors, drawing left, then right then left, frantic and desperate in the search for you when suddenly a ground shattering noise pierced through the building and his body understood the sound before his mind did as panic clawed its way to the deepest part of him. 
The echo of his thunderous heartbeat reverberated through his ribcage, seeping through his bones. Blood drained from his body, dread latching onto his spine in its wake and the air was ripped from his lungs when he recognized the sound:
A gunshot, and an ear-splitting scream 
Tumblr media
Chapter Nine - Final Chapter
Okay, you are most definitely allowed to yell at me for this ending ;) Feedback is as always greatly appreciated! 
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
If You Love Her: Part 8
It had been three hours since you’d both arrived at the party, and Bucky had been kept away from you by his mom with every attempt possible, from meeting old friends to his mom’s friends to help set up some games. He kept his eyes on you as much as possible, watching you interact with his sisters and his nieces and nephews. The ease of slowly settling into you was a relief for him; it was good to see you relaxing and having fun at a regular party with ordinary people.
You looked beautiful, ethereal, with tiny giggles leaving your lips and the stain from Becca’s cupcakes on your lips. Despite your best efforts to get it off, there was some stuck on the corner of your lips that Bucky wanted so desperately to kiss away.
“Why did you bring her here?” The harshly hissed words were taken by the side of the backyard, whispered into a private conversation.
“I brought her as my guest, ma-“
“She is your job!” Her eyebrows were furrowed, her silver-streaked brown hair was pulled away from her face, the wrinkles on her skin prominent from the displeased look on her face. “Bucky! She is your job! Would she not let you come without her? Is she trying to “
“God, mom!” He groaned and rolled his eyes. “No! I brought her here because I wanted her to meet you-“
“James Buchanan Barnes!” She placed her hands on her hips and stared him down with disapproving eyes and a frown on her face. She was displeased that he brought you; that was the basest truth; the displeasure of him getting the ‘job’ back home was unexpected.
His mom didn’t know the truth. His mom didn’t know that you and Bucky had feelings for each other. His mom didn’t realize that the two of you were teetering on the edge of a relationship with few spoken words and the soft gender touches. His mom didn’t know that you weren’t just a job to Bucky; you were all he could think about.
“She is an heiress! She has more money in one bank account than all of us could ever have! And you bring her home to your nephew’s party like she has any idea-“
“Mrs. Barnes!” The conversation came to a screeching halt when a familiar voice called his mom’s name.
“You invited Sharon?” He hissed, crossing his arms over his chest. He turned his head and watched his tall, blonde ex-girlfriend moving through the crowd with a bouquet tucked into her arm and her blonde hair curled to frame her face.
“It’s been so long since you’ve seen each other, Bucky.” His mom’s frown was replaced with a broad smile and a certain spark in her eyes.
“We’ve been broken up for years, ma. Why would you invite her here?” His attention moved past Sharon to your image, his blue eyes studying you as you stood near his middle sister. The two of you were engaged in a conversation, a laugh leaving your lips, when one of his nephews went slamming into the back of your legs with a nerf gun that was almost bigger than he was.
“You were so good together.” His mom placed her hand on his arm and squeezed before she greets Sharon with a friendly and affectionate smile as she stopped before them.
“Thank you for inviting me,” Sharon hugged his mom and handed her the flowers, and then she glimpsed at Bucky. Her smile was slow-building; the little spark in her eyes stemmed from attraction and appreciation.
He once loved the way she looked at him. He once loved how she would place her hand on his arm or his chest and instantly soothe his worries or anxieties. He used to love the late-night conversations and early morning coffee with rum or Bailey’s.
Now, he had a taste for coconut rum and vanilla ice cream, coffee with overly sweet creamer that tasted like chocolate and marshmallows. He no longer wanted those late-night conversations about property taxes on homes they could buy together or responsibilities for people their age.
He no longer saw the blonde before him as the end all, as the final goal of his future.
Sharon no longer made him feel as if he was walking on air. Sharon hadn’t given him that feeling of inescapable desire that used to leave him breathless.
“Hi, Bucky,” Sharon greet him with a kiss on his cheek and a hug, the smell of her perfume burning his nose, her hands wrapped around him feeling like barbed wire, “how have you been?
“Working,” Bucky answered bluntly, his attention moving past Sharon to you.
You were no longer conversing with his sister or playing with his nephew. You were watching Bucky and Sharon with a frown on your face and your eyes slightly widened. Your hands were by your sides, your fingers twitching and pulling at the seams of your pants. You looked torn. You looked like your heart was in your hand beating, and however Bucky reacted, would be the difference between your heart getting crushed or held carefully.
“Your mom never mentioned you bringing the little princess along,” Sharon laugh and placed her hand on his shoulder.
“I didn’t know, Sharon.” His mom so quickly came to her defence. “I don’t know why he did.”
“Because she is-“
“Your job, Bucky. It is your job to be her bodyguard. It is your job to keep her safe, and for you to come to visit your family, you needed to bring her.” His mom rolled her eyes.
“You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.” Bucky came to your defence, even against his mom. “Y/N is not some spoiled little rich kid-“
“That’s exactly what she is, Bucky.” Sharon looped her arm through his. “It’s nice you brought her here, but you don’t have to pretend-“
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Bucky pushed her arm off his, staring glaringly at Sharon first and then his mom. “You have no right to talk about her that way. Y/N is not some spoiled little rich kid. You have no idea the kind of person she is-“
“And you do? Shit, Bucky! You are her bodyguard! Are you sleeping with her too? Is that why you’re defending her so valiantly? Are you screwing her?” His mom reached for him; she reached for his hand.
“Oh, my fuck!” He threw his head back and groaned, his eyes screwed tight. “Fuck me! Are you shitting me right now? Is that what you think this is all about? You think I brought Y/N because I’m sleeping with her?”
“Bucky, maybe we should go talk-“ Sharon reached for his hand, another attempt to touch him again.
Bucky sidestepped her. He stepped away from them both.
“You still don’t approve of what I’m doing with my life. You didn’t want me to go into the army; you didn’t want me to have a career as a bodyguard. You don’t want me-“
“I want you to settle down, Bucky! You’re in your ‘30’s! It’s time to find a wife and start having kids-!”
“And you think I would choose Sharon?” He crossed his arms over his chest, his jaw ticking.
“You and Sharon had such chemistry. You were so good together.” His mom stood by her side; she chose Sharon.
“If we were so good together, then why’d she cheat on me while I was enlisted?” Bucky was going to be physically sick by what his mother was doing, by the way, she was talking about you.
“If you would’ve been there!-“
“You can’t be serious right now, ma! I was overseas fighting in the army! And you…Of course you’re blaming me for her cheating. Of course you wouldn’t dare blame Sharon fucking Carter-!”
The tension between the three was threatening to boil over. The pressure was threatening to spill and create a torrential storm that no one would recover from.
“Bucky!” Becca approached with haste, panic in her voice. “Y/N needs-“
The sound of camera shutters and the growing sound of questions from paparazzi hounding you had pulled him away. He turned his back to his mom and started stalking away from them both, his shoulders taut and rigid.
“Bucky!” His mom called after him. “This is why you shouldn’t have brought her here! Look what she did!”
Bucky stopped. His hands were balled into fists by his sides, and he turned his head to look back at the two women, one he would always love despite her efforts to control his decisions and the other he detested. “I have to wonder who let them in.”
He turned back and broke through the crowds. He came to your side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders while you were struggling to try and break through the paparazzi who found you, who were blinding you with the flash of their camera’s, nearly sending you into a panic attack as you grappled with their questions and their prodding.
“Back the hell up!” Bucky yelled, the intensity behind his voice making them part. He kept you close to him; he kept you guarded as he led you out of the backyard to the car parked at the end of the street. He saved you as protected from the cameras as he could, shielding you with his body as he opened the door and shuffled you in. He closed the door and ran around the front, hopping into the driver’s side as the cameras were still flashing.
“Bucky-“ he ignored your attempt to talk to him by starting the vehicle and throwing it into gear. He sped out of the parking spot he had and tore away from the house, leaving his mother and his ex-girlfriend standing on the driveway.
“Bucky-“ you tried again.
“Don’t,” his voice was clipped as he sped away, “don’t you dare try and apologize. You have nothing to apologize for, sweetheart. You did nothing wrong.”
When Bucky had slowed down, when he put enough distance between the house and yourselves, he slowed down and reached for your hand, his thumb brushing over your knuckles.
“I’m sorry,” Bucky lift the back of your hand to his lips and placed a soft kiss on your skin before he turned your hand over and placed another kiss on your palm, “that isn’t how I wanted it to go, princess.”
“You could…I could arrange to have Clint grab me. You could…go back.” You shift in your seat. “That blonde woman who kissed your cheek…she was pretty….”
“No,” Bucky’s answer was immediate, “I’m not going back. We’re not going back. We’re going to grab dinner, and then we’re going home. What’re you in the mood for, princess?”
There was silence in the vehicle, and then you answered slowly. “Cheesecake.”
“For dinner?” Bucky raised an eyebrow.
“My mom didn’t let me have a lot of rich dessert foods.” You hid your face in the right side of the passenger’s seat, embarrassed.
“Have you never had cheesecake?” Bucky asked while the underlying question of ‘what the hell was wrong with your mom’ was at the tip of his tongue.
“I’ve also never had a corn dog. I’ve never been to an amusement park.”
Bucky slammed on the breaks and pulled off to the side of the road. He stopped the car and shoved the gear into the park before he shifted in his seat and turned his way.
“What? What’s wrong?” You turned and glanced out the back window for any reason why he would’ve stopped. “Why are we stopped?”
“I should have your parents sued for child endangerment. What kind of parents doesn’t let their daughter go to the fair? Or have cheesecake? Or a fucking corn dog?” Bucky was in a state of disbelief.
“My parents.” you mumbled, embarrassment coming back full force, “I mean, Clint did his best to give me normalcy my parents didn’t allow, but the whole amusement park and fair foods, rich cheesecake stuff was forbidden. It was athleticism and scholarships and studying instead of having fun.”
“Change of plans,” Bucky put the car into drive and took off again, back to the city, “we’re not going home. I’m taking you to Coney Island.”
“Coney Island?” You frowned. “Why?”
“No one deserves to go through life without eating fair food and riding a roller coaster until they get sick.” Bucky reached for your hand and grabbed it again, holding it tightly.
“And cheesecake?” You bit your bottom lip.
Bucky laughed under his breath and shook his head. “Yeah, baby, and cheesecake.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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prettyyoungtragedy · 2 years ago
Written in the Stars (3)
Tumblr media
Characters: Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You’re the type of woman who is headstrong and fiercely independent. Heiress to a fortune and one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century. Until you’re forced into witness protection. Your “Protection” turns out to be 220 pounds of dreamy, sassy, delightful Bucky Barnes. Whatever could go wrong?
Warnings: A tiny bit of angst if you squint and TW: panic attack.
A/N: This was a hard chapter to write damn! A routine is established, Bucky feels bad for you and you make a big mistake which leads to him yelling at you.  There’s a little angst and some more soft!Bucky! if ya wanna be kind and throw me a pretty comment and a reblog? I’ll love you forever.
This was generously Beta’d by my beta @suz-123 as always, forever grateful!
Tags: Hit me up in my ASK box!
Links are being an asshole so you can find other chapters of this fic in my WIP masterlist in my bio!
Tumblr media
Thunder rumbles across the city as you step onto the curb, Bucky is immediately at your side, umbrella in his hand as he shields you from the drizzle that has begun to fall. Multiple flashes go off as you descended the steps of the courthouse, you feel numb for some reason.
You see a sea of faces before you, reporters, photographers, police officers, but it's like you’re deaf to all of them. You numbly let Bucky guide you towards the Mercedes parked on the curb, his hand is on the small of your back, the only thing you feel at that moment.
A photographer gets too close, shoving his camera in your face and yelling at you,
“How does it feel to be made a fool of on the stand?”
“You’re ruining peoples lives!”
You blinked rapidly as the flashes go off and raise your arm to shield your face from the glare of it, stumbling slightly. Bucky catches you by the arm and halted both of you, he turned to look at the photographer and the look he gives him is pure venom, if looks could kill Bucky Barnes would have murdered the guy where he stood.
Immediately, the photographer backed away from the two of you, but Bucky doesn’t ease up. His grip on your arm tightens a little, his gaze moving across the many people around the two of you. He doesn’t like this at all, there’s too much openness for something to happen. This crowd is beginning to bug him,  
“Arcas, Achilles, switch to defensive mode.” He ordered and almost immediately the two other agents appeared as if out of nowhere and surrounded you. Their black tactical gear creates a barrier around you and, somehow, you feel a sense of security all of a sudden. They block you from the public view and walk you to the armored car.
As soon as you slid into the seat and Bucky shut the door, you heaved a sigh of relief. The outside silenced by the armored car and your brain didn’t feel like it was swimming anymore.
The trial had started today and it had been grueling, the questions they fired at you had you feeling emotional and dredging up things you had wished could be left alone, but you put your brave face on and spoke directly to the doctor when you answered.
The Avengers stood at the back of the courtroom, your eyes occasionally meeting Bucky’s and there was pity in there for some reason. That just made you feel worse when you were finally able to get off that stand, you were emotionally drained by the end of it and wished nothing more for this torrid trial to be over. But it was just the beginning.
You closed your eyes and leaned your head back against the cool leather seat, the rain started pelting down harder, its steady thrum against the metal of the car is sort of calming to you. Bucky finally slipped into the seat beside you, signalling the driver to start the journey back to the new safe house they had you in.
It wasn’t your apartment, but it wasn’t that shitty one in Brooklyn either, it was an apartment in the Upper East Side that had apparently belonged to Tony Stark. It was beautiful as it overlooked the East River, it was two bedrooms and beautifully decorated. Bucky had allowed you to return home and bring some of your belongings to the apartment, making it a little more homey.
But it wasn’t homey, it was the opposite, for all its beauty the place was a fortress. Bullet proof windows, a security system that rivaled the god damn Pentagon, cameras everywhere and that AI FRIDAY always watching.
You didn’t complain though, it was the compromise you had come to with Bucky. For all your fighting and resisting his orders, he had finally agreed on this one thing.
You had come to learn that when Bucky Barnes gave an order there wasn’t a single person who disobeyed it. Aside from you of course, and this frustrated him but today you didn’t feel like arguing anything.
You just wanted to curl up on the couch, drown yourself in a bottle of wine and pass out.
“How are you doing?” Bucky asked softly.
You opened your eyes and turned your head towards him, “Take me home, and let me lock myself in my room.” You said your voice breaking slightly.
Bucky nodded understandingly, he doesn’t say anything further. The two of you sit the rest of the trip in silence, the sound of the rain on the car and the traffic outside all you hear and you were thankful for it.
In the weeks since Bucky had begun your protection detail there were a few things you learned about him.
Bucky hates when you air quoted things, it made him argue with you. He always sat on your left side for some reason, you’d never asked him why. He drank his coffee black with simple syrup in it, a combination you’d never encountered before, and it was disgusting. When you pointed this out to him, he shrugged and chugged it just to piss you off.
Bucky always carried a weapon, whether it was a knife or a gun he was never unarmed. He always carried a book with him, and every day it was something different, you weren’t sure if he was reading these books or just carrying them around.
You’d also come to realize he was smart, like really, really smart.
He could answer any general knowledge question or math equation given to him with practiced ease. Of course this annoyed you, because for all his brawn Bucky was really brainy too, and when he was in your lab he would comment on some of your equations or formulas telling you how to better them. And, sometimes, he was actually right.
“Hey can I ask you something?”
You sat opposite Bucky, the two of you in the building canteen. You never ate here, in fact you hated it and thought canteens were a center for germs and bacteria but Bucky Barnes managed to convince you to get off your high horse and get some ice cream from there.
“Shoot.” He replied through a spoonful of chocolate ice cream.
“What’s with the code names all being Greek gods?”
Bucky paused and licked his lower lip for a second before he answered you,
“Tony’s idea, he’s into all that crap and, honestly, I don’t mind it.” He shrugged, “They’re cool code names better than the ones we had.”
“So what’s yours?”
He contemplates it for a moment, then a slow smile spread across his handsome face. “Ares.”  
“The god of war? Huh. Seems fitting.”
“I know, right.” Bucky Barnes grinned at you.
The two of you never discussed anything personal, it was always work, protection and the trial. Most of the time it was you venting about the trial and how much you regretted doing this and he would sit there and listen with a stoic expression, but it was still something.
Bucky was a closed book, he was very private with his personal life you knew nothing about him. And, even with an extensive google search, you’d only come up with the surface stuff. Name, age, height, where he was born etc etc.
Some of the stuff you’d read about him however gave you chills, there were things done to him and things he’d done that left you slightly afraid of him.
He doesn't look up from the book in his hands, dark hair falling into his face as he sat on one of the chairs in your living room concentrating on reading his book.
“Do you remember any of it?”
Your question caught him by surprise. You rarely asked him anything personal, if you were not berating him for saying you can’t go somewhere or hurling insults at something in your life that upset you, you were kind of an ass.
“Remember what?” He looked up from his book.
“The things…” You hesitated, “The things Hydra did to you?”
“I remember all of it.”
The hardness in his voice was an indication that he wasn’t going to speak about it, and you dropped the conversation, quietly going back to reading your own book.
Bucky Barnes was a machine, he would arrive every day at 6:45am in the morning at your door, ready to escort you to your lab. He was never a second early or late, he always arrived wearing black from head to toe, whether it were jeans or tactical gear, Bucky always wore black.
“Geez are you ever late?” You grumbled as you met him at the front door. 
“Never.” Was all he said before he walked out out of the apartment, his hand on your arm again. 
Every trip to the courthouse, he wore a black suit but never bothered neatening his hair, he looked completely and totally devastating in a suit. You hated just how much you thought that when you saw him for the first time in one. His expression was always hard and cold when he walked you up those courthouse steps and the moment it was over for the day, and he put you in the car his expression softened and he always asked you the same question.
“How are you doing?”
And every night before he left your apartment he would walk it in its entirety, and then give you a curt nod before bidding you goodnight and turning on the security system for you.
You couldn’t say that Bucky Barnes didn’t make you feel safe, because he was so thorough in his job it felt like he left no room for error.
Until Saturday night,
“I am going out,” You stated as Bucky opened the car door for you, letting you get out.
“No.” His response was simple and firm and of course it made you bristle.
“Excuse me?”
“I said no.”
“Well, too bad, you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do.” You snapped, Bucky didn’t respond immediately. He led you towards your apartment building, one hand hovering near you as it always did the other on the hilt of his gun on his hip.
As soon as you’re clear of the street Bucky halted both of you, turning to face you he looked down at you with determined eyes.
“You can’t go out, not tonight.”
“Why the hell not? I haven’t seen my friends in weeks, I need some normalcy in my life, Bucky.”
“Because I won’t be around tonight.”
“Well can’t Achilles just come with me?”
“But you said he’s the next commanding officer if you’re not around, and I want to go out.”
“Once again, it’s a hard pass. You can go out another day, when I am around to take you out.”
You huffed exasperatedly, Bucky was beginning to get on your nerves. All you wanted was a night out with your girlfriends for even a couple of hours, it had been weeks since you’d done anything normal and you were beginning to feel a little stir crazy.
“I am going, and that’s that.” You stated matter of factly before you whirled around and marched off in the direction of the elevator.
Bucky clenched his first so tightly at his side at your open defiance to his protection orders, that he thought he might crack a few knuckles. He takes a deep breath and shakes the anger from his eyes before he started after you.
God damn it, you worked on his fucking nerves sometimes.
The evening is dark and cloudy, Bucky tugged off his t-shirt dropping it onto the nearby desk in his bedroom. He hasn’t bothered to turn on the lights yet, he needs a quiet moment of darkness. The trial was beginning to take its toll on him, he knew this much. His mind was plagued with dreams of his past horrors, he found himself waking at night gasping for air more regularly now.
Today’s session was particularly brutal they had openly showed the pictures of the experiments, the bodies, the children taken. Bucky had experienced years of Hydra horrors and it always put a bad taste in his mouth whenever he saw it.  he lets his mind wander back to earlier that day in the court house.
“And were you aware of these experiments?” The defendant's lawyer asked you on the stand.
Bucky watched you take a shallow breath before answering, you seemed nervous, more nervous than you had been in the weeks since it had begun. He wondered why for a moment, you were always so tough, so defiant, so strong, but today you seemed smaller, meek in comparison.
“No, I was not aware.”
“But there were files stored at your facility which contained the experiments in them, so how do you explain that?”
Again, a shaky breath your eyes dart across the room and you swallowed thickly.
“Like I said previously, I was not aware of these files. I am in R&D which does not allow me access to every file on the Hydra database. I do not have clearance.”
This line of questioning went on and on with each slow passing moment, Bucky watched the defendant’s try and poke holes in your testimony. They were chipping away at every story you told, and every piece of evidence presented. The jury watched unmoving, betraying nothing on their face but Bucky felt as if this trial was not going to go in their favor, all of a sudden.
Finally, the judge called a recess and he almost sighed with relief, he watched as you got off the stand and immediately make a beeline for the exit. He starts after you in an instant, the moment he pushed out of the brown courtroom doors, he sees your figure disappearing into the nearby ladies bathroom.
Bucky quickly walked over to it and knocked gently on the door, when he receives no response he pushed it up and walked in. There is a woman who wanted to walk in but Bucky stopped her and shook his head motioning for her to go elsewhere. She immediately listened.
He turned and locked the entrance to the bathroom before tentatively walking towards the stalls, then he hears it.
The unmistakable sound of you crying in the nearby stall, Bucky froze for a moment unsure of how to navigate this situation but then his training kicked in and he walked over to the stall.
“Hey,” He said softly, he hears you immediately stop crying.
“What the fuck are you doing in here?” You exclaimed.
“You move, I move, remember?”
You sighed behind the door, and Bucky waited a moment before he hears the door unlock and you push it open. His eyes take you in for a moment, red nose, blotchy face, mascara smudged, visibly upset.
“You okay?”
“No. you?”
“I lied…”
“I know.” His reply is quiet and sad, he could tell you were lying on the stand the moment you opened your mouth.
Both of you were quiet for a moment before Bucky moved to the sink and grabbed a tissue off it, handing it to you with a small smile.
“Let’s go home, shall we?” His voice is soft and calm and he sees you relax when he suggests it. For all your hardened sass and demanding defiance, Bucky saw the soft side too and it made it a little easier for him to want to protect you.
Sighing deeply Bucky dropped down onto the bed, he wanted to sleep, but he knew he couldn’t. His feelings were conflicted, he was to protect you but you were lying on the stand, it could cost them everything if it were revealed that you had lied. You were Hydra whether or not Bucky wanted to see that, he was protecting someone who was part of an organisation that caused him decades of pain.
Defected or not, it was conflicting.
He just wanted to sleep, but he could already feel sleep evading him, he wasn’t going to get any, not tonight anyway, tonight was different, it marked a memory for him that haunted even the oldest parts of his mind.
A soft knock on his bedroom door brings him out of his mind, propping himself up on his forearms Bucky looked at the door for a moment before responding.
“Come in, it’s open.”
Steve pushed open the bedroom door and stepped in. His massive frame practically encompassing the entire doorway, flooding the room with light from the hallway.
“Hey, Buck.” Steve said quietly, Bucky already knows why he is here. Steve knew what today was, how could either of them forget. It was the day that had set them both on the path that they were today.
“How…” Steve hesitated, it’s a stupid question.
“It’s okay Steve, I’m fine.” Bucky sat up and smiled forlornly at Steve. He doesn’t want this to affect him but it does, it always does. What Hydra did to him all those years ago changed him irrevocably and no matter how many years he lived as a free man, those decades he spent in their captivity being tortured and brainwashed will always stick with him.
And this trial, being in front of doctors who were doing to others what had been done to him, left him with a sour taste in his mouth and a scar on his mind.
Steve walked over to the bed and took a seat on it beside Bucky, the two soldiers saying nothing for a moment.
“How’s the assignment?” Steve asked changing the subject.
Steve chuckled, “She is something, that one.”
“You have no idea.”
“Are you sure you can do this, Bucky?” The concern laced in Steve’s tone draws his friends attention toward him.
“What do you mean?” Bucky asked quizzically.
“All this Hydra business, I don’t want you to be put in a situation where you’re compromised, especially not around her.”
“Yeah, Steve, I can handle it. I know myself, and I am good.”
“I just want-”
“Stevie, I said I am good and if I am not, I will tell you. Drop it.” Bucky’s response came through gritted teeth, and Steve stopped himself from saying anything further. He doesn’t want to push him unnecessarily but he knows what this kind of thing does to his friends head.
For all his intentions to do good, Bucky sometimes gets lost in his mind and Steve knows this.
“Ma’am you can’t-” Achilles tried to speak but you cut him off with a dismissive wave of your hand.
Adjusting the annoying watch Bucky had given you weeks ago, you slipped on your heels and checked your appearance in the mirror. You looked sleep deprived and gaunt, of course you did, it was this fucking trial it was sucking the life out of you.
Which is why you were doing this, you needed to get out of you head even for one night. Behind you the current protection in charge, Achilles, clears his throat and looked at you nervously, he’s pretty much begged you not to do this and you feel bad for the poor guy, but only for a moment.
“Look, Achilles, I am not trying to make your job hard so I’ll compromise with you,” You said turning around to face him, “I’ll let you escort me to the club, and you can wait outside until I am done and drive me home?”
“I have to alert Sergeant Barnes-”
“No, no, you don’t. Let's just keep this secret between us, okay?”
“It’s against protocol, I have to let my commanding officer know.”
“But you’re in charge remember? Bucky’s not around, so you are the boss?”
“That’s not-”
“So how about it then? We good? Ok.” You cut him off before he can say anything further. Gathering up your purse and phone you head towards the front door where your friends are now waiting for you.
Loud blaring music pumped through the air, flashing lights and sweaty bodies coveted the room. The club was packed with people, voices are drowned out by the drum and bass music, but people still talk to one another.
You were tipsy, three drinks in and at a table with your friends. Laughter rings out through the group and Achilles stands nearby his eyes laser focused on you. You tried to explain to your friends why you needed a bodyguard but none of them seemed to care, they thought he was hot and it gave them some sort of VIP status having a bodyguard hover over your group for the night.
“We should dance!” Lola said loudly grabbing your hand, almost pulling you out of your seat,
“Yes and get more shots!” Kate shouted excitedly.
You looked at the dance floor which is filled with people, everyone is almost on top of each other. It would be so easy for Achilles to lose you in that crowd, the rational part of your brain is telling you that you should stay put, or even go home, but with the alcohol coursing through your system you ignore that thought.
“I’m up for it!” You said equally as excited before you downed your drink. Without sparing Achilles another glance you see the panic in his eyes at your agreement, you let Lola and Kate guide you to the dance floor where the three of you are swept up with the crowd, bodies moving together to the sound of the music.
It was less than a few minutes of you dancing when, suddenly, there was an arm around your waist, holding you flush to their body. It’s hard, muscular, strong, stronger than you and suddenly you can’t move. They pin your arms to your sides and no matter how much you struggle you can’t break free.
Panic rises within you, your eyes darting around to find your friends but it seems you had been separated. You struggled against the person holding you trying to twist to see who it was, your panic increasing with each passing second.
Your heart begins to hammer in your chest, it feels as if it's going to explode out of your chest at that moment. But then suddenly the world stills as whoever holds you lowers his mouth to your ear and whispers,
“Hail Hydra.”
Those two words send a chill down your spine, it’s like ice is injected into your veins and your panic takes you. Every rational thought in your mind flies out the window and survival is all you can think of.
Using every ounce of force you had in you, you shoved the man away from you whirling around to face him but all you catch is a glimpse of blonde hair and a figure disappearing into the crowded dance floor.
You had to get out of there, you had to find Achilles, you had to get to Bucky. In your panicked state you had forgotten about the watch, and began to shove your way through the stifling crowd.
The air in the club suddenly feels thick, every breath you tried to suck in felt like you were breathing in tar and it strangled you.
Have to get out. Have to get out. Have to get out. Your  mind screamed at you.
Suddenly a pair of strong hands gripped your shoulders and you screamed out, but in the loud club it came out as soundless terror. Assuming the Hydra thug had come back, you whipped yourself around in an attempt to get away from your assailant only to be met with those familiar starlight eyes.
Relief flooded through you when Bucky’s metal arm curved around your shoulders and pulled you closer towards him, practically dragging you out of the club. His face was murderous, eyes hard as he shoved people out of the way, you stumbled beside him huddled against his large frame as he led you out of there to safety.
The burst of cool air that hits your barely clad skin as you and Bucky stepped out of the club is eternally refreshing. You sucked in a deep breath of fresh air, trying to steady your heartbeat, Bucky’s arm is still around your shoulders as he holds you steady to your feet and keeps you walking in the direction of the car park.
“Sergeant-” Achilles approached the two of you he has a wild panicked look about him and Bucky stopped short, glaring daggers at him.
“One job, agent. One fucking job.” Bucky said, his voice is commanding and harsh.
“I am sorry sir, she wouldn’t let me call you.”
“Not good enough.” He snarled at the man.
“Bucky-” You began to say, but he doesn’t let you finish, he ignores you and gave further instructions to Achilles.
“Report back to command, I’ll deal with you in the morning.”
Achilles just nodded and turned around back towards his car. Left alone with Bucky again, he guides you towards the car once more, his grip never relenting on your shoulders.
As you approached the car you noticed It’s not the usual car, its an Audi, its black and sleek with a red stripe down the side. Bucky practically ripped open the car door and waited patiently for you to stumble into the seat, before slamming the door, ferociously. The sound makes you jump slightly, a gust of air blowing into the car from the force.
Bucky climbed into the drivers side, his jaw is clenched and there is anger plastered all over his face.
“Put your seat belt on.” He growled, and you immediately obey his order. Fingers fumbling drunkenly with the belt for a few moments before Bucky sighed irritably and reached over, yanking it from your hands and jamming it into its clip.
He then kicked the car into gear and sped out of the parking lot, you sit in silence for a few minutes. The car is absolutely silent as it drives, the interior is gorgeous, rich Corinthian leather, it smells like new car and expensive perfume in it. If it were under any different circumstances, you would have loved being in this car.
But the look on Bucky’s face was keeping you quiet, you had done a very very stupid thing.
“Bucky,” You said quietly, and it’s almost as if the sound your voice breaks the dam that is holding back his anger and Bucky straight flips his shit.
“Are you fucking insane?” He bellowed, his sudden outburst startled you and you whipped your head towards him with wide eyes, “Do you have a fucking death wish? Is that it?”
“Do you have no sense of self preservation? Do you know how reckless this was?!” He keeps yelling, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly, eyes on the road.
“Bucky, I can’t-”
“I am trying to keep you alive, why can’t you fucking see this?!”
“S-stop the car.” You gasped, suddenly unable to breathe, your vision was swimming and your heart felt like it was about to explode out of your chest. The gravity of the situation hitting you like a ton of ice bricks, panic and anxiety creeping across your skin, making it prickle.
“I can’t protect you if you-”
“Bucky! Stop the car!” You exclaimed, half yelling at him. Your breaths coming out in ragged heaves, you gripped your chest as you struggled with the crippling anxiety that now raged through you.
Bucky finally looked at you, and his entire mood shifted, he immediately realizes what is happening. The anger draining from him in seconds and it is replaced with fear and concern as he looked over at you struggling to breathe.
“Fuck!” He exclaimed immediately pulling over on the side of the road. The second he stopped the car, you kicked open the passenger door and practically fell out of the car on all fours onto the graveled road, scraping open the skin on your palms and knees.
Pain lanced through your limbs but you didn’t care, everything was spinning again, your breath escaping you like a wild animal trying to break free from its cage.
Bucky is suddenly at your side, he slipped his arm around your waist and pulled you against him rising to his feet.
“Hey, hey, breathe. You’re okay, just breathe.” He said in a soft calm voice.
His metal hand touches your cheek as you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to fight of the panic that is crawling up inside you.
“I can’t, I...he...there…” You choked out unable to form a sentence, ragged breaths torn from your lungs as you clung to him.
“Yes, you can, hey, look at me.” He forced your chin up and waited patiently until you opened your eyes. His starlight blue eyes soft as he looked down at you,
“I got you, you’re okay now. Just focus on me, hey.” He gripped your chin a little harder when you close your eyes again, “Keep your eyes on me, and breathe.”
Slowly but surely as you looked into his blue eyes, your breathing returned to normal and your heart rate slowed down. When you’d finally calmed down Bucky released you from his grip and lifted your bleeding hands toward him, he sighed deeply, but doesn’t chastise you for it.
“Come on, let’s get you home and cleaned up.” He said softly, you nodded and let him help you into the car again.
Back at the apartment, Bucky wordlessly led you to one of the bathrooms and makes you take a seat on the edge of the bath while he rummages around under the sink for a moment. Once he finds what he is looking for, the first aid kit, he came back over to you and knelt before you.
It was only then that you noticed he was wearing grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt, it was the most casual you had ever seen him dress.
He flipped open the kit and took out the rubbing alcohol along with a cotton swab, dipping it into the clear liquid before taking your hand in his.
“This is going to sting,” He muttered and of course the second he touched the swab to your cuts you hissed and pulled your hand away from him.
“Fuck sorry.”
But Bucky is patient, he doesn’t say anything. Instead he waited a moment until you placed your hand back in his and then continued to clean out your cuts.
Once he is done Bucky stood up with a sigh and placed his hands on his hips, regarding you for a moment before he spoke.
“There is no protection detail here tonight,” He said, “I’ll have to stay over, Arcas is on another assignment and so is Dionysus.”
You just nodded, too tired to speak at that moment.
“Do you need anything before bed?”
“Okay, do you want me to walk you to your room?”
Bucky held out his hand toward you, and helped you to your feet. The two of you walk in silence in the dark hallway since neither of you turned on any lights, to your bedroom door. You paused for a moment resting your hand on the handle,
“Thank you, Bucky for tonight.” You said softly,
“Of course, I’ll always protect you.”
Pushing open your bedroom door, you stepped into the dark space and closed it quietly behind you. Immediately sagging against it the moment you shut it and let out a tired exhale.
In your moment of panic the only person you wanted was Bucky Barnes, what the fuck was that.
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