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#mother’s day
talkiermango502x · 58 minutes ago
For those of us with abusive or neglectful parents, estranged parents, or absentee parents, May and June can be weird times. We are inundated with ads about celebrating the “world’s best mom/dad!” and people in our lives asking why we aren’t seeing our mothers/fathers during these holidays and the reactions are disheartening at best. People are often rude or dismissive or judgmental when you say you don’t celebrate the holiday because you’re estranged from the parent. For those still in contact, it’s agonizing—to be forced to celebrate your abuser, to face the anxiety of being in an abuser’s house for the day and giving them gifts…..Truthfully, it’s exhausting and upsetting.
If you’re struggling with these holidays, you’re not alone. There’s a whole community of us out there with advice, tips, and even just support if you want to talk. Sometimes there is no right answer. But please—take care of yourselves this season. Accept that this is a tough time. Distract yourself as best you can and try to celebrate yourself instead—your resilience, your strength, who you are as a person. It gets better. Protect yourself and be safe. You did a great job raising yourself and deserve to celebrate yourself instead of the parent who abused/neglected/abandoned you.
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agalaxyofmuses · 4 hours ago
30 Days Of Pride- Day 19 (Someone In Your Life Who Inspires You)
Cut for potential triggers of parental death, read at your own risk! 
Sadly this is one I really can’t do because I don’t know of anyone in my life that’s inspired me a lot. I would say my parents but I think this is referring to someone still around in your life and they’re both gone, lost mom 16 years ago, lost dad 9 years ago. But growing up they were my biggest inspirations. 
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phoenixdewinter · 5 hours ago
Beatrice & Emilia headcanons because they’re platonic soulmates and you can’t change my mind
They recommend books to each other and then have really deep conversations about them once each of them finishes the book the other recommended
They call each other sisters instead of sisters-in-law because they’re just that close
Bea introduces Emilia to the new art form that is musical theatre and they go see shows together
Bea convinces Emilia to take Maxim to a musical for their wedding anniversary.
Said musical happens to be Brigadoon because Bea wants them to understand the references she makes when she playfully makes fun of Maxim for proposing to Emilia after 2 weeks
Emilia and Giles like to sit back and drink tea whenever Beatrice and Maxim get into an argument
They phone each other pretty often
Bea convinces Emilia to drink champagne for the first time
Emilia and Maxim joke about how they won’t let their future kids around Bea too often when they get to talking age because then their first words would be some sort of exploitive
And Bea doesn’t deny that in the slightest
But then it turns out Emilia swears the most
And Bea thinks it’s the funniest thing imagining the young and seemingly innocent Emilia saying “fuck” when she drops something
Bea eventually teaches Emilia to ride a horse and Emilia ends up loving it
In return Emilia teaches Bea some of her sketching methods
They constantly compare different breeds of dogs to determine which is the best
Emilia likes small and fluffy dogs that will snuggle up to her and Bea likes dogs that can go on runs with her and withstand her athletic spirit
Bea would turn Emilia and Maxim’s hypothetical children into theatre kids
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raysofcrosby · 6 hours ago
So I need to know…. Does Matt buy care a new washer and dryer???? I feel like he needs to
mother’s day IS in may and matty’s last day in st louis is april 30th so…. 👀👀👀
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vixenvertigo · 8 hours ago
I was at Target today to pick up father's day gifts, for my lovely stepdad I got a Nintendo gift card and a Spiderman card. For my bio dad they didn't have any headphones he liked so I wandered into the father's day section hoping to find something.
I was afronted by how utterly bananas my father is just by the simple gifts they had displayed out. Especially when I almost got him a mug, my dad doesn't use dishes because the thought of dirty dishes is so intense and stressful for him he just uses paper plates and cups.
That's when I remembered that I should just get him his preferred brand of soap!!!! I'm gonna make him beans and chili anyway so
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pog-juice · 8 hours ago
Saw a tweet saying all the problems on the server can be traced back to Quackity and it is further proving my argument that no one paid attention to Quackity before he tried to fight Technoblade
Ah yes
The person who started out as wanting fairness and tried to prove to people that war and violence shouldn’t be the answer to everything to an almost naive extent.
HE cause all this. Intentionally. G o t i t.
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cometblaster2070 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
No matter how many issues of this comic I’ve read, no matter what new horrifying thing  they concoct, this is one of the most haunting moments for me.
The artists did an amazing job with this, with everything.
It’s just so hauntingly sad to look at. The way Jen’s trying to comfort Molly. The way Molly’s holding herself. How her friends look helpless as they don’t know how to comfort her.
The brilliant way you can’t see Molly’s eyes, but just from her quivering lip, you can tell how hard she’s trying to hold in her tears. The way she’s gripping her arm, it’s either because her Mom pulled it hard enough to hurt, (which I think is right) but this is also a pose commonly associated with a traumatized character who is trying to withdraw into themselves, like Molly’s doing.
[*Cough cough* Like Pink and Yellow Diamond]
Tumblr media
I personally love her friends’ expressions, every single one of them.
How Jo is sad and disappointed, almost like even though she knew and expected Molly’s parents to be shitty, they exceeded her expectations.
Mal is understandably worried and upset. She’s upset at how Molly’s upset. She’s upset at how Molly’s treated. And she’s upset because she can’t do anything.
April. Poor April, who’s always trying to solve everyone’s problem, who’s always trying to make things better, who’s always trying to look on the Brightside, is left completely shocked at what unfolded before her. She reaches out uncertainly to comfort Molly, but then draws back, because she doesn’t know what to do.
And Ripley, sweet, naïve Ripley, who’d heard from Jo that Molly’s family wasn’t as nice as their own families, but who now realizes the extent to how terrible Molly’s parents are. Ripley’s worried and uncomfortable by the sudden realization about Molly’s treatment at the hands of her family.
This is such a powerful scene, it really doesn’t need words to convey it’s message.
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sportsandlaughs · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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