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ultimatenomi · a day ago
ngl- that tiktok 'live' experience was one of the most innovative things they've done and as a peice of art A+++++
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voiceofnature · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A mossy fairytale from the Norwegian woods.
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scifi-fantasy-horror · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
by  Alena Kuzminykh
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stuckysdumbbitch · 3 months ago
Summary: Bucky becomes softer, trying not to hurt anymore his innocent little bunny.
Pairings: Dark!Hunter!Bucky x Bunny!reader
warnings: 18+ content, noncon, dubcon, oral, breeding kink, lactation kink, sexualization, innocence kink, lingerie, dark! Bucky, dark themes.
His Bunny Au Masterlist
Tumblr media
After some heavy convincing, Bucky had you laying in bed. You were deadly silent, and for a second he worried that he had actually hurt you badly.
He fell asleep with his flesh hand tracing the curve of your hips, feeling you. Although your back was facing him and you were about a feet apart, Bucky had the temptation to hug you. His anger about Steve touching you and his bunnies had disappeared. He cursed himself, because even his own spawns knew Steve was the good one here, and not him.
He felt around on the plush bed, unconsciously trying to pull you close but the coldness that laid there instead finally woke him up. Startled, he gazed around the room that was drowned in nocturnal darkness, his pants resonating in his ears.
But there you were, curled up next to the little dog bed and nursing the tiniest bunny. The white bunny’s size had been alerting at first, but now the two knew she was just as healthy and happy as her brothers and sisters. Bucky’s sweatshirt had been tucked beneath the kittens, and you laid against the wood wall completely naked.
“Bunny? come back to bed, you’ll freeze to death,” he croaked, slipping the blanket off his figure. Cold feet padded the floor until he was in front of you, rubbing his steel blue eyes; they seemed to shine in the moonlight that made its way through the window. Some tendrils of back hair stuck to his face, shading it.
“I can’t sleep,” you mumbled coldly, and the slight rasp of your voice made him flinch. “You go, I’m fine.”
Bucky plopped down on the floor in front on you, taking the shirt off his back to hand it to you. He wore a guilty smile, seeing how red rimmed your eyes were. You didn’t put the shirt on, not wanting to disturb the bunny that was feeding off your chest.
“We have to put them next to the fireplace,” he commented, earning a disinterested hum. “You can’t continue stripping to give your babies warmth, little thing.”
“It’s not for that,” you snorted, anger cursing through your features. “They have to get used to your scent, if not they’ll keep resisting you.”.
“You are scared I’m going to hurt them if they keep resisting me?” He asked, a small smile tugging at his lips.
“You said you were going to sell them,” you retorted, leaving the sleepy bunny in its place. You shifting uncomfortably, hand shifting to rub at the boob you weren’t using for nursing.
“Let me take care of you,” Bucky said suddenly, crawling over to you. His breath ghosted over your chest, eyes gazing at yours.
“Please get off,” you whimpered, head snapping to the side to evade his intense stare.
“Just wanna take care of you,”.
His lips wrapped around your nipple, the sensation far more foreign than the one of tiny bunny nibbles. His thick lips sucked eagerly on the pink pebble, reducing the strain and making your back arch into his mouth. He took the opportunity to slip a hand between your thighs, feeling the wetness that was pooling of your apex. A throaty moan left your mouth when his thumb slightly flicked over your clit.
Your hands knitted into his long hair, pulling him closer. Bucky felt the sweet taste of your milk fill his mouth, as his fingers fidgeted with your sensitive nub. He bit down playfully, not expecting such a high pitched whimper erupt in the air. He did it again, this time tugging the nipple in his mouth. You bucked into his hand, needing more friction.
He let go of your nipples, and laughed at the way you whined. Scooping you into his big beefy arms, he took you the bed and let you drop near the edge only to begin placing sloppy kisses in the valley of your breasts.
“What a little horny bunny,” he teased when you grinded on his abs, spreading your legs farther apart. His fingers pinched your nipples, squishing the mounds together to bury his face there.
His kisses began trailing lower, until he began kissing the tuff of hair on top of your pussy and pulling your legs farther apart. Like if you were instantly brought back to reality, you shot up in your elbows to stop him.
“What are you going to do to me?” you questioned innocently, looking at how Bucky observed your pussy with the most hungry and lustful gaze ever. “Please stop, this is too much-”.
You were caught of guard when he licked a wide line from your tiny hole to your clit, sucking it harshly into his plump lips. You fell back against the bed, desperately humping his wide tongue as it made it’s journey across your pussy.
“No! Daddy stop!” you said in between moans, yet you couldn’t stop your body from moving with into him.“Don’t want this!”
He ate you out like a man starved, sometimes pushing his wet muscle into your slick whole. His hand left your legs, moving up to grasp your tits momentarily before resuming their place stretching your thighs open.
You felt the knot tighten in your stomach when his ministrations begun more intense, licking you quickly and pushing his tongue deep inside you. Your hands left the duvet you were clutching and laced into his hair gently, pulling him closer to your clit.
You squirted your come all over his face, pulling him in place as you rode your orgasm. He chuckled, creeping on top of you once you let him go. You were panting, fluffy ears droopy and framing your face.
He pulled you into a filthy kiss, tasting yourself in it. When he pulled away, he connected your forehead with him as he enjoyed the intimacy, juices still dripping all over his face.
“Daddy,” you called out gently, tiredness and innocence threading your voice. “what’s that’s place you touch?”.
“What?”He chuckled, and it took the total look of embarrassment of your face for him to understand what you were referring. “Oh little bunny, that’s your button. Only Daddy’s allowed to touch it, makes you feel all good and tingly, little one,”.
You nodded, understanding why it felt so good when you rubbed down there. Yet you felt dirty; Bucky had hurt you and threatened your babies a few hours ago, and you just allowed him to touch you. Not only that, you enjoyed it.
“My little Bunny,” he cooed, falling on top of your body to sleep, his heat seeping into you. “Just needs a little bit of love sometimes, needs her Daddy to eat her out so she behaves.”
You were awoken the next morning by yelling, and noticing the warmth of Bucky’s body wasn’t there. The voices came from outside, and the door was open ajar.
Curiosity won, so you pulled Bucky’s big shirt over your body to tiptoe to the front porch. And there he was, already dressed up. There were other men there, you could smell them. Werewolves.
Their smell was more sour, like lemonade and eucalyptus. Bucky always smelled like wood shavings and berries, you picked up his smell from under his expensive cologne long ago.
“And there she is!” The Biggest werewolf called out, signaling to the door where you hid behind. He had dark black hair and piercing honey eyes, clad in his human form.
You instantly ran to hug Bucky; even him was better than a wild pack of wolves and since last night, you felt as if the comfort he brought you had expanded.
“You know those traps are on Hydra territory, Barnes.” The man continued, looking at you obcenely. “Everything your catch is a fifty fifty.”.
“What did you expected me to cut her in half?” Bucky sarcastically pondered, arm wrapping protectively over your body.
“We’ll look at her, wouldn’t be bad to split her in half with a knot,” Other wolf whistled, and you tensed. Your mother always warned you of what could happen if a werewolf caught a pretty bunny like you.
“Well she’s in my territory now Rumlow,” Bucky grunted, his grip tightening. “So kindly, fuck off.”
“Whats the problem here fellas?”
Steve appeared from behind the trees, as if he was a magical hero coming here to save you from the big bad wolf.
“Let’s go,” Rumlow laughed dryly, giving you one more glance. “A bunny is about to get spit roasted.”.
They left soon, turning into their wolf forms before sprinting into the thick forest. You admired for a moment the transformation, skin turning into thick furs and human faces into canine.
Bucky didn’t seemed to mind you getting out of the house, more interested in getting you back inside.
“Punk, glad you came.” He cheered, although you sensed his jealousy seep into the air.
“Just wanted to drop by something for the bunnies,” Steve smiled, showing the bag of Bunny food.
You scurried inside the cabin, not wanting to risk getting Bucky mad. You fed the little bunnies that had awaken, giving them tiny carrots to nibble on.
When Bucky finally entered with the bag, he didn’t seemed mad, just worried. He settled beside you, pulling you into his lap and let your ears.
“You are such a good mommy,” he praised, and you felt as if it was the hundredth time he told you this. “Look at how you take care of your babies, my good little girl. I got a present for you.”
You tried to hide your excitement as he went to fetch over the dressing room drawers, pulling out a bag. He gave it to you with a wide smile. You pulled out a lacy white fabric that looked like underwear, along with one you didn’t really understand.
“Thank you Daddy, but what is this?” you questioned innocently.
“Lingerie,” he answered with a lustful smirk. “Bought it a few weeks ago for you after you gave birth; I wanted to give it to you now as a way to say sorry for what I did,”.
Your heart missed a beat. Did this meant he was going to let you go? leave you go home with your children?
“And now I want you to model it for me, little bunny.” He grinned, pulling you closer. Your hopes dropped, so you slipped into the panties. It felt weird around your tail, and Bucky noticed how you fidgeted with it. “C’mere little thing, let me help you.”.
He turned you around, gaze heavy on your supple skin as he aligned the straps so your fluffy tail sat between the lace. When he finished, he helped you out of the shirt and cupped your bare boobs into the bralette. Your breastfeeding chest popped out of the obscenely little triangles of white fabric.
“God, I won’t be able to resist you seeing you like this, dumb bunny.” He growled, pulling you closer by grabbing handfuls of your ass.
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wishingwellfairytales · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Gnomes are supposed to be good luck in a garden, protecting against pests and diseases. A mythic gatekeeper, in the way a Kitchen Witch is - Kelly Asbury
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jellycatkid · a day ago
Tumblr media
gus gryphon by jellycat
please read my dni before interacting
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sillyjellieart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pokes at you through the screen, haha. +short clip & long post:
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blackthornwinter · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Der Astralmensch (The Astral Man), Sascha Schneider, 1903
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stuckysdumbbitch · 2 months ago
Summary: shower sex with his Bunny can’t go wrong.
pairings: Dark!Hunter!Bucky x Bunny!reader
warnings: 18 + content, past noncon, past dubcon, shower sex, cockwarming, sleepy reader, toxic relationship, dark themes.
Hi! I’m currently studying but i’m trying to give y’all as much content as I can!
His Bunny au masterlist.
Tumblr media
sloppy kisses were peppered along your collar bones, hand as cold as ice wrapping around your waist. You giggled slightly, enjoying the moment that was interrupted with a hiss.
You looked up at Bucky, cradling his injured arm. He had patched up his injuries quickly, more interested in hiding Rumlow’s body since the serum made the wound just uncomfortable, not deadly.
But you still watched worriedly as he ripped the bloody bandage from his bicep, trying to sooth him by kissing his shoulder.
“Can you patch me up, bunny? those tiny hands sure know what to do”he questioned while grinning. You gently nodded, taking the new bandage and starting to wrap him up.
He observed how you knitted your brows and furrowed your nose in concentration, how you bit your lower lip trying to make the bandage perfect.
“Leave it,” he suddenly said, making your head snap up to look at him. “Can we take a shower? the babies are asleep and I-“ he pressed a kiss in your nose. “-need you.”.
Your jaw dropped, bandage falling into the soft bed as Bucky scooped you and carried you to the bathroom. He peeled his clothes quickly, urging you to do the same.
Turning on the shower blindly, Bucky began kissing your lips, hand traveling all over your skin to grasp and grope every bit of flesh he wanted. You squealed when his hand found your bunny tail, giving it a squeeze.
“Love that function,” he groaned, water splaying over each other’s bodies as if to cleanse their sins. Suddenly, he turned you around and pushed you face first into the wall kicking your legs apart. With a hand sliding between you and the wall, he teased your clit while the other wrapped around your tit, pinching the nipple.
“My pretty girl,” he groaned, humping against your back, balls against your furry tail. “Gonna give me another batch of those pretty bunnies? you saw how cute you made them?My good little momma,”.
You whined as he played with your slick around your clit, bucking into his hand to get more friction.
“Please,” you begged him, voice strained with lust.
“Please what pretty girl? gotta be more specific.” He teased, digits tracing around your clit yet not touching you exactly. “Want me to fuck this pretty hole? to ruin you? say it, my little dumb bunny.”
“Please fuck me,” you whined, cheek pressing against the cold tile to cool down the heat that was spreading through your body.
He thrusted into you so hard you almost shrieked, but the stretch was too pleasurable.
“Harder Daddy!” You almost instantly begged, even though he hadn’t even started. He tsked at this, slapping your ass so hard it marked red. You whimpered, but this time in delight.
“Don’t get worried, little thing.” He grinned at how you wiggled back to fuck yourself. “gonna fuck you good, pretty bunny.”.
He did as he promised, rutting so hard you had to brace yourself with your hands against the wall while his groped over your thighs. The sound of the water was hushed by your loud, needy moans and Bucky’s grunts.
He then pulled your thighs father apart, pushing the inner side against the cold tile to go harder. You arched your back so your head fell down on his shoulder while your ear tickled his chin.
“Look at ya, you were so innocent when I got you,” He laughed, feeling you clench around him. “And now-fuck- you’ve became such a needy slut,”.
With this new position, he had you soaking him almost instantly. The orgasm-induced daze made you relax farther, falling over his body as he used you. Each time his blunt head bruised your cervix you would sing for him, hands around his neck as if to pull him even closer.
He pulled out two more tiring orgasms before he filled you with his spend. Your stomach bulged with his thick cum, and he relaxed your sore entrance with distracting clit rubs as he pulled out.
“Did so well for me,” he chanted, washing your body with soft soaps and warm water. “My pretty bunny, took me so well.”.
You nodded lazily, then reminding how he held you up with his injured arm. You wanted to apologize, but the tiredness was too much.
He plopped you on the bed, observing how you instantly stuck your thumb in your mouth, an instinct of eating too much carrots. He tutted your hand away and you whined, drawing it back inside.
“C’mon Bunny, you want to have something to suck on?” He wondered, feeling himself get hard again. You nodded and he smirked in victory. “Warm my cock while you sleep, little bunny.”
He slipped his stiff cock off his pants to slowly feed it inside your mouth after wrapping you up in a blanket. He had already done your hair and dried you in the bathroom, so now it was time to relax.
He fell asleep with an unpatched arm, but you were naked, in between his legs, sucking on his cock after having the hottest shower sex and you wanted to do it. He felt proud of his little bunny, such a good girl.
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honestlydeepesttidalwave · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pinterest, deviantart (LEviathan - Sea Monster by jethawkz, The Great Old One by JJcanvas),,,,,
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