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#school hacks

My latest school hack: A text to speech reader to read my readings to me while I follow along and highlight makes it so much easier to do with so much less effort. It’s also pretty predictable how much time it will take to get through a page, and therefore easier to navigate ADHD time blindness.

I do highly recommend to anyone who has the issue of reading something and not taking in anything they just read. 

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Did you know that collective punishment is a war crime?!? You can’t punish an entire team or group for one person’s mistake…

“No general penalty, pecuniary or otherwise, shall be inflicted upon the population on account of the acts of individuals for which they cannot be regarded as jointly and severally responsible.”

That is an excerpt from the 1949 Geneva Convention.

If you’re still in high school and keep getting extra homework because the rest of your class is slacking this is a great tool!

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Things you should be knowing as student


1) If you take control of your Sunday, you take control of your week.

2) When assigned a long-term project, finish some amount of work toward its completion that very same day.

3) Start small and start immediately.

4) If you cannot maintain an organized room you will never truly feel that your life is organized.

5) It is important to keep your room clean. And it will make your mother happy.

6) Apply to the scholarships.

7) You should never begin studying without a systemized plan for what you are going to review, in what format, and how many times.

8) Before you even crack your first book, take ten minutes to actually write down exactly how you plan to study.

9) The planning is as important as the process.

10) If you want to become a standout student, you must befriend a professor.

11) Reading a daily paper provides essential food for your ambitious brain. Make sure you don’t go hungry.

12) if you are constantly worried about avoiding anything negative, you will never do anything out of the ordinary.

13) Don’t let others dictate how you should feel about yourself; strengthen your identity—then go conquer your world.

14) do yourself a favor and give time-blocking a try. It’s a much smarter way to manage your day.

15) Remember, giving up, when done strategically, is not a weakness. It’s simply smart life management.

16) The happiest students are also the most involved students. When it comes to crafting your slate of collegiate pursuits, the sooner you get involved, the better.

17) always be working on a"grand project “

18) take art history and astronomy before you graduate.

19) Imagine the following scene: Your professor is handing back a major research paper to your class. The groans that begin to fill the room indicate that the professor was particularly demanding for this assignment. And rightly so, it’s worth forty percent of your grade. As he gets to your name, he asks you to stay after class. Uh oh. Nervously you wait as your classmates file out, and when you are the only student remaining in the lecture hall, he walks up to you … and then shakes your hand. “Congratulations,” he exclaims, “your project was by far the best in the class!”

Sound good? Well, get used to it.

20) One or two good questions a class is enough to keep the professor happy, but not enough to solicit the annoyance of your classmates.

21) Getting involved with research early is like drinking an elixir of success.

22) If you pay your dues with grace and enthusiasm and are mindful of the opportunity you are receiving, you will maximize the many positive benefits of participating in original research work.

23) Take ten-minute breaks in between each fifty-minute chunk.

24) One, it makes you feel better about yourself. If you look good, you can imagine that cute guy or dimpled girl in the front row shooting some glances in your direction. This will make you happy. And when you are happy, you have more energy and pay attention better in class. Two, it makes the day official. When you look like you just rolled out of bed, it’s all too easy to imagine rolling back in. If you dressnicely, you are sending yourself the message that you are ready to get started and attack the day.

25) Decorate your room.

26) experience the joy of dominating a test without any hard work,this is done by studying Two weeks in advance.

27) Force yourself to write as much as possible. It is an essential, irreplaceable skill for succeeding. Master it.

28) taking the time to eat a social meal with your friends is a great idea; just don’t do it more than once a day.

29) Schedule an escape for yourself every single week. And do it alone. Treat it like taking medicine.

30) “Why waste your time and money in the minor leagues of college courses when you have the ability to be swinging in the majors.”

31) When it comes time to study, go where it counts.

32)The best way to learn difficult material is to go over it by yourself, with a lot of concentration, again and again and again until the concepts become second nature.

33) As long as you are paying so much money to attend college, you might as well maximize what you get out of your investment. If you can get into an honors program, do so. No excuses.

34) The key is consistency.

35) Getting fired up, once or twice a month about subjects that interest you, will go a long to way to helping you succeed. Go to guest lectures and keep your intellectual fires stoked.

36) Don’t let the decision to exercise become a debatable question. Instead, make it a habit, like going to class or brushing your teeth.

37) You never realize how important your back-home friendships are until you begin to lose them. Stay in touch.

38) Sleep is just a tool to help you function. Treat your body like a machine—give it exactly what it needs to perform its best, not any more, not any less. Give the snooze button a rest. Try to sleep only the amount you need to make it through the day.

39) The best state for your mind to be in is confident and calm. Take the hour before an exam to relax.

40) Read a nonacademic book. Listen to music that makes you happy. Run a couple of errands. Have a conversation with a friend. Work on unrelated—nondemanding—schoolwork. The key is to keep your mind active and energized, but not exhausted. Then head over to the exam fifteen minutes early. On the way, start to lightly review some material that you feel particularly good about. Imagine yourself writing a strong essay on this topic, imagine the professor handing the class a copy of your essay as an example of a good answer. This technique is more than just shameless ego-stroking, it builds your confidence, and, more important, it warms up your mind in a good and controlled sort ofway. When you arrive at the test location, avoid the temptation to frantically catalog all the concepts you are a little shaky on. Try to keep your mind blank, or, alternatively, continue thinking confidence-boosting thoughts about doing really well. When the exam is finally handed out, take a deep breath and have at it. You should be mentally nimble, rested, and energized by the time your pen hits the paper.

41) If a friend invites you to do something and you are not too busy, find the energy to go. If a friend invites you to do something, and you are really busy, don’t go, but make plans to get together later in the week. Most important, if a good friend needs help, drop everything and go.

Making friends your number one priority doesn’t mean sacrificing your other obligations, but it does demand that you keep them in mind.

42) Be mature and make the right decisions to keep your mind and body in a condition to perform your best.

43) The point is that there are too many factors that can account for both good and mediocre academic performance on any given day, and none of these factors has anything to do with intelligence.

So save yourself a lot of unjustified grief (or pride), and simply ignore your classmates’ grades. Worry about your performance and progress; let your classmates worry about their own.

44) A good listener at college is rare.

45) Don’t decide to start working the day before.

46) Find something every single day that will make you laugh.

47) Using a high-quality notebook will not guarantee you success, but it will create the right environment for it to flourish.

48) if you don’t actively seek out fun, it won’t actively seek out you.

49) Take the most important projects or commitments with which you are involved, and pump up your criteria for success.

50) corporate recruitment sessions, and yes, even parties. In the chaos of classes, extracurricular activities, and a healthy social schedule, these optional events are easy to avoid. Don’t avoid them.

51) If you want to be a successful student, forget about your G.P.A. Ignore it. Don’t talk about it. Make no attempt to know the numbers. You should approach your collegiate career with confidence and energy.

52) Always go to class!

53) Set arbitrary deadlines.

54) eat healthy

55) don’t just volunteer, volunteer quietly.

56) approach every paper as if you were trying to win a Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting.

57) Attend political rallies and keep the flame of progressive thinking alive.

58) Once you have decided on a destination, explore many routes to get you there.

59) Don’t take breaks between classes!

60) Don’t network. But keep your connections strong.

61) If you can maximize the use of your surroundings, you can maximize your performance as a student.

62) Organize the messages in your e-mail in-box like you would your paper files

63) To be a successful student, you must abandon the start-slow, end-fast mind-set, and instead approach all projects by aiming to start fast, end slow.

64) Spend a semester studying abroad.

65) you want to succeed because you love the excitement of pushing your potential and exploring your world and new experiences, if you want to succeed because life is short and why not fill it with as much activity as possible, then you will win. If you approach life with an attitude of never having regrets and always having a hopeful smile on your face, you can find a measure of success in all your endeavors. Don’t have no regrets, but have plenty of fun along the way. In the end, that is what it is to really win.

66) “Don’t have no regrets.”

The above points are all from the book I read…

Book: - HOW TO WIN AT COLLEGE: - surprising secrets from the country’s top student’s


Anime forever ✌

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hey hey hey school hack for when your teacher gives you a video to find answers from!


on desktop, pull up the video like shown above


click those three buttons near it, and it will prompt you these options. choose ‘open transcript’.


and this will pop out next to your video, which basically turns your video into a reading instead! 

i wanted to share this in case any of yall have the same problem or it’s just me then oops lol

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Since the education system is dumb here’s a neat trick to use Wikipedia as a source and get away with it:

Scroll down to the bottom of the article you use and find the sources. Wiki always lists their sources at the bottom of the articles. You can use the wiki article as your source and cite one of those from the bottom of the article. It’ll be official and technically not a lie. And since it’s an official non wiki source you’re listing your teachers won’t have anything to say.

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The single best hack for students/parents I can suggest as a teacher:

Tell them something they did right the first week, or first few weeks, of class.

What is one thing about your class or teacher that you would like them to do again, or continue doing?

Did you like something you read? Are their notes clear? Do they respond to emails quickly? Have you enjoyed or are looking forward to anything? Has anything helped you learn? Did you learn a lot about something you didn’t know before? Does something about their format or style work well for you?

Tell them so they know what to keep doing.

Please don’t offer suggestions or critique, we get a lot of that and you can save it for the evals. This is not about what they could change, this is about what they’re already doing that you want to continue.

It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re not getting an idea across, students are bored, they hated an assignment, etc. Most of us usually know when things are going wrong and we need to stop or make a change. We can do that.

It is much, much harder to know what’s going right for you. Is it good and helpful, or is it just not bad and confusing or unbearably boring? Should we keep doing it this way, or should we try something else or do it less?

Especially with how much our jobs have changed, we’re still trying to figure out how best to do them now. If we get positive feedback on something, we know to go in that direction.

Especially if you do this early in the term/semester, this will not only get them to continue the thing, you will also stand out from the crowd in a very good way. We don’t get much of this, and we value it a great deal when we do. Both the feedback and the time you took to give it.

Any time you’d give a like or thumbs up in a mental Facebook, give it in real life somehow. But especially at the beginning of a year so out of our norm and unpredictable, it really makes a difference, and we can show an email to the people who decide whether or not to keep us, or hire us.

So to have the best semester/year, and keep having them, tell your teachers one thing they did right. That way they can do it again.

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I’m like a terrible person. (no news there to anyone who knows me)

but my younger brother currently has a boy at school bullying him. so my mother, sister and I were coming up with ways to get him off my brothers case. (because telling them “stop it, I don’t like it” is really going to work school…)

anyway, I have revealed to family what a conniving bitch I can be and they were quite surprised by some of my ideas. here are a few for you guys if you need a small revenge plot.(note: most are school centred):

5. glitter bomb their bag, clothes, hats, everything. but, make sure you do it irregularly so they get more and more frustrated trying to figure out who it is. bonus points for glitter in a colour the victim hates.

4. if this victim is a particular breed of victim, commonly referred to as a prick- this is for them.i don’t know they exist in other countries but in Australia we have a plant devil seed known as a Cat-Head. its basically a pointy rock, but with stinging venom. collect these in a ziplock bag, and every chance you get, place them in victims shoes, bike tires and chair seats.

3. if you live with your victim or are in close proximity for a lot of the day, consider this. every time they leave their shoes laying around, shorten their shoelaces by cutting just a little off the ends. do this at least twice a week. eventually, one day their shoelaces will be too short to tie together. (don’t cut too much too quickly, or they’ll notice.)

2. remove the handles and tags from all of their zippers. I mean clothes, pencil cases, BUT; especially bag zippers. can you imagine having a bag fit to bursting, all you want to do is zip it up. but you have to delicately zip it closed cause some ass stole your zipper tag. ( I know. I’m terrible for thinking of these)

1. finally, my grand masterpiece. 

steal their pencil case. grab all their pens.


replace pens and pencil case. act clueless when inkiness pens are discovered.

evil genius.

hope this helped with your issues, cause sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

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Broke: basing the color of the notebook and folder you use for a certain school subject off of the color you think of when you think of the subject.

Woke: basing the folder and notebook color on your favorite ships and associating your favorite ship with the subject your most excited about.

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Hello my lovelies 🌺 Thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to last week and how I’ve managed to slowllllly revise.


~26 degree weather revising with a lipton~

Not going to lie a did a page and a half but I couldn’t help it! For me the best place doing work is my grandparents house as its quiet here!

Little cute tips 🐝

🐝 Drink lots of fluid (preferably water … But I didn’t)

🐝 Have an idea what you need to revise

🐝 Do 25-45 minutes revision…. Then distract yourself. *Honestly I’m a really bad fidgeter and cannot engage for so long and have to do something else. Hence why I’m writing this at 23:38 instead of doing work*

🐝Get snacks

🐝Only do the important bits first

🐝 At the end make post-it or sticky notes on what to do next.


~ Also Bear (that’s his name) distracted me so yanno~

What I did …. Incase you care….

🐞Get some college supplies that is vastly needed

🐞 Tidied my bedroom into college supplies so I know what I needed. *May do a post on it all if y'all want*

🐞Attempted doing religious studies work and History coursework.

🐞A weekend anxiety attack but there was 4 days left till college now there is only 1.

🐞Lie to myself it will be okay

🌼Honestly it’s okay to do a crash-course study sesh and pull an all nighter. Even though it’s completely unhealthy we all do it and it’s okay to do so. Also no matter what everything will always be okay🌼

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Get prepared!!

School/College/Uni is about to start soon and it’s time to get ready. Here is some simple work tips to get in the spirit to get back!



🔹Make a list of all the things you need to do before you go back.

🔹listen to some of your favourite tunes to get in the mood.

🔹Don’t do it all in one go. Stop and start.

🔹Distract yourself a lil bit! But not too much.


🔸Do the most important thing first and the longest piece of work.

🔸Do twenty minutes worth and have an hour’s break!

🔸Block notifications so you don’t distract yourself.


Getting back to school/college/uni is hard work and effort but it becomes worth it in the end with positive attitude! Do things that make you happy and get creative always in your own way. You don’t have to be aesthetic like those instagramers just make it into a mess.

Also remember to love yourself and be happy ❤️

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