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#voicemail received ˖◛⁺⑅♡
bucksfucks · a day ago
I forgot 6’7 Steve and 6’5 Bucky existed here ma’am I-
I’m 5’9 and ready to get destroyed
let me remind you then bestie 😋😋😋
because it’s really the way these two (fictional) men own me. and probably you
i think ive said it before, but steve is the strict dom while bucky is much more of the soft dom who peppers kisses all over your body and whispers “you’re bein’ s’good for us, baby. such a good girl.”
meanwhile steve has a different approach. the approach of brat taming whenever bucky can’t — which is most of the time let’s be honest.
he’ll have you on the bed, between your legs smirking “what? isn’t this what you wanted? to cum over and over again? don’t tell me you’ve had enough, sweetheart. i was jus’ gettin’ started with my brat.”
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bucksfucks · 2 days ago
This but with Roomate!Bucky
roommate!bucky having his first sex dream about you and he’s so embarrassed. maybe even mad at himself.
but then it happens again, right after he hears your soft moans of his name as he’s passing by your bedroom to get into the kitchen.
then he doesn’t feel so bad because the amount of sexual tension clearly isn’t one sided.
idk, i like to imagine that one night bucky calls you. he just picks up the phone and calls you out of desperation even though you’re next door.
and his voice is so low and raspy “sweets, i need you. and i know you need it too. that pretty cunt hasn’t gotten proper attention.” and you’re so shocked but god if he isn’t right.
whispering a “oh don’t be shy. i’ll even let you scream my name if you’re a good girl.” 🥴
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bucksfucks · 9 hours ago
it’s almost halloween and i hope you come back so i can tell you, venom, fucking venom, venom and that tongue, venom and that voice, venom.
naur because venom would call you “my little pet,” and i would 🤤🤤🤤🤤
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bucksfucks · a day ago
I swear to god this app doesn’t fucking work 😐😐😐 like it suddenly closes when I’m using it??? 💀 pls tell me that I’m not the only one here
this app sucks 🥲 like it really does because i cannot see my asks or scroll through my dash without my app crashing <<<3 that’s so quirky of them
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bucksfucks · a day ago
Naur bc Steve & Bucky own my ass so much it’s not even funny
6’7 nomad steve and 6’5 beefy bucky run laps through my mind every day hehe <<3
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bucksfucks · 2 days ago
Question of the Day: What are your favorite tropes/cliches to write? To read?
to write? enemies to lovers or anything with lots of building sexual tension (like the feelings mutual)
to read? two dumbasses in love who don’t know they’re in love with each other 💀
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bucksfucks · 3 months ago
Bestie, tomorrow is Chris evans’ birthday. He’s going to be 40. I’m not mentally prepared for that yet -🧎‍♀️
i hope he gets his dick sucked
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
Question, which versions of Bucky(so first avenger, winter soldier, TFATWS) do you think can find the clit, and which versions may need some assistance
oh FUN!
the first avenger bucky: valiant effort, finds it by accident.
he’s not one for NOT trying, because he realizes that oh, that’s what makes you make those pretty sounds he likes so much. he’s a good sport about it too, asking questions and looking carefully before accidentally finding the gold mine.
Tumblr media
the winter soldier bucky: knows where it is, but doesn’t care too much for it.
let’s be honest, he’s just there to fuck. and that’s exactly what he’s doing.
Tumblr media
civil war bucky: watches porn & takes notes but definitely needs help.
and who can blame him? it’s uh….been a while. so it’s no surprise that he needs a few pointers before he’s got it in the bag.
Tumblr media
tfatws bucky: cocky, a little too cocky, finds it like 97% of the time.
the 21st century is great because bucky can find himself and experiment. so yeah, he’s basically a pro at this….until you’re in a new position and he gets slightly confused. but he makes up for it quickly.
Tumblr media
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bucksfucks · 3 months ago
(NSFW) this is dadsbestfriend!bucky 😩😩
no but holy fucking shit. like no. i’m serious what the fuck. give me a few business days to recovers from this. i watched this a few times just getting those damn coochie 🦋 fuck
that’s exactly how dadsbestfriend!bucky loves to fuck you too <<3 all while whispering “that’s a good girl, look at’cha takin’ my cock so well with that tight pussy of yours.” all teasing and taunting 😩
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bucksfucks · a month ago
there are so many writers on this app that i genuinely respect and adore so much but i’m sorry tumblr i don’t think there is anyone i am willing to pay a monthly subscription to just to read fanfiction about fictional middle aged white men 🤪
fanfiction has to remain FREE. or else the entire site is just going to get shut down or fanfiction will become against the community guidelines and then what??!!
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bucksfucks · 19 days ago
roomate!bucky fucking you in the kitchen while your one night stand is sleeping in your room
“I know you faked every orgasm with that piece of shit. Don’t worry princess, i’ll make you cum until you see stars.”
plssss because roommate!bucky is so cocky and there is no way he is letting your night get ruined because your date couldn’t make you cum 😩
you slip out into the kitchen to get some water and bucky is there too and you’re chatting quietly before he’s right in front of you, cupping your face whispering “he didn’t make you cum, did he, sweets? not even close?” and you can do it shake your head.
soon enough you’re on top of the counter, bucky inside of you as he has a palm over your mouth growling “you wanna know how i know you faked those orgasms?” as you try to keep your eyes open for him.
“we share a wall and i love hearin’ your sweet moans when you’re playin’ with yourself. you sound s’fuckin’ good.” and then he smirks “you sound like what you do right now…with my cock buried balls deep in ya.” 😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · a month ago
Going to to get batteries (vibrator or tv remote?) nomad!steve (6’7) & beefy!bucky (6’5)
They’d tease you mercilessly about what it’s for
no but this is so good 😳✋🏻 because they would just be chilling in your apartment like “oh hey, weren’t you were supposed to be home like 15 minutes ago.” bucky says as steve grabs a beer from your fridge.
and you’re like “this is my apartment?? and i had to run to the store, okay?” as you quickly run your bag into your room but steve is like “what did you get?” and you’re panicking.
“oh uh, just batteries for my remote.” as bucky picks it up and turns the tv on just fine smirking “that’s cute. now tell us what they’re really for.” and by this point they’re both in your room.
and they figure it out, well they already knew let’s be honest as steve whispers “we know what they’re for already, baby.” as bucky looks at you. “poor thing hasn’t had an orgasm since last weekend when her vibrator died. what a shame.”
and then they would act like nothing happened being like “well, if you need us,” suggestively. “we’re just one wall away.”
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bucksfucks · 19 days ago
all i imagine is asking roommate bucky how to kiss since you’ve never done it before. and he gets so carried away that he lays you down on the couch and fucks you. (with consent ofc)
man i love this trope because you’re like “can you kiss me? i don’t want my first kiss to suck.” and bucky just looks at you like “are you-are you sure?” as you’re just nodding like “yeah, duh.”
he takes it slow. walking you through it, but when you finally kiss, it’s so much better than either of you thought it would be. bucky probably sheepishly chuckles “not gonna lie, i could get used to kissin’ you.” as he nervously scratches the back of his neck.
it divulges into something much hotter soon after, bucky looking at you like “are you sure? because we can stop. i was serious, i would be happy with kissin’ you for the rest of the night.” before you pull him down and whisper “that’s too bad, ‘cause i want you to ruin my innocence.” 😩
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
Ok ok elaborate on that period sex with civil war bucky 👀
oh i sure can elaborate on this one 😩
he’d literally be the best, definitely concerned and watching over you like a hawk and he’s probably a little antsy because you’ve buck, i’m fine. it’s just my period. but you’re clearly not and he wants to do more.
so he escapes to the bathroom, but it’s to google at home period remedies 🥺 he sees hot water bottle, a bath, and then….oh….orgasms — he could do that.
he comes back like “i was ready about uhm, well about periods and how to help and one of the articles said that uhhh having orgasms can help the pain?” and he’s rambling at this point, cheeks flushed pink.
“and i don’t know if it’s true, steve said not to trust everything on the internet, but if it helps i wanna do that for you.” and his eyes are worried as you just pull him down into the bed like “the internet is right on that one, they do help with the pain.”
and bucky gets so excited at the idea — setting up the bed, bringing towels, making sure you’re comfortable and he probably puts a pillow under your lower back like “i don’t wanna hurt you.” 🥺
and oh my god does it help, bucky also can barely contain himself groaning “fuck, you’re so warm ‘round me.” as he slowly thrusts, gauging your reaction. “mmm, baby you look so good, so sensitive for me. tonight’s all ‘bout you, gonna have you cummin’ in no time.”
and he’s so sweet about it all, “my pretty girl, moanin’ my name. yeah, that’s my girl.” 😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · 2 months ago
tfatws!bucky being hesitant when you tell him to use you when he’s frustrated but then just getting absolutely into it to the point you get so fucked out that you feel tender and tired like he ruins you like tears ruining makeup, can’t make words until youre just a dumb fuckdoll for him
yes yes yes!!! you just snap like “use me. use me, bucky. fuck your frustrations out on me.” and he’s like “once i start, i won’t be able to stop.” so you look at him confidently saying “i don’t want you to stop.”
and oooohhhhhhh booooyyyyy did bucky mean it when he said he wasn’t going to be able to stop. because he’s got your legs folded against your chest as he pounds into you and it feels so good but you can’t form the words anymore. your mascara is running down your face as you’re crying.
so bucky leans to your ear to purr “don’t cry, sweetheart. that just makes my cock harder and i don’t wanna fill you up jus’ yet. ‘m havin’ too much fun watchin’ you sob and blubber from how deep ‘side you i am.” 🤤😩😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · 16 days ago
anyway let’s picture bestfriend!bucky
i imagine you and bestfriend!bucky are very clearly in love with each other and there have been a few times where you’ve made out…maybe ended up in bed together.
but you love to tease bucky saying things like “you’re such a good friend.” or “thanks for being the best friend ever. if only i could find a guy like you.” and he usually plays along with it but one night he might just snap.
you’re maybe a few beers and pizza slices in as you’re practically in bucky’s lap before you whisper “thanks best friend.” and suddenly you’re pinned to the couch with bucky’s arm around your neck. your heart is racing and you can feel his excitement as you tangle your fingers in his shirt.
“sweet girl,” he purrs. “don’t make me have to fuck the word friend outta your vocabulary.” as you whimper while he runs his lips over your jaw. “you can act all big and tough, but i know you’re nothin’ but my little sub, okay?” as he smirks. “you just have to use your big girl words and i’ll give you anythin’ that pretty brain of yours wants.” 😵‍💫😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · 15 days ago
imagine accidentally sending dbf!bucky nudes a few days before you have to go back home but he doesn’t reply and you’re like okay we’re acting like this never happened
but then you have to have dinner with him and you’re blushing the entire time. maybe you have to go get desert and he takes it as an opportunity to be alone with you and he’s absolutely FERAL
i’m gonna change blushing to flushing! & also reader is 21+!!
but yes this is very seggsy to me because it’s maybe a snapchat nude and it was entirely accidental and you want the earth to swallow you whole.
and of course this is the weekend that you’re going back home for your dads birthday which means you’ll need to see bucky.
it’s not as bad as you thought, managing to avoid bucky before the end of the night where you end up in the garage with him and he’s whispering “s’not fair. s’not fair how many fuckin’ laps you’re runnin’ in my head.” as his dark eyes meet yours.
“i didn’t even mean to look, tapped off so fuckin’ fast but fuck,” he groans, hips rutting against yours as you’re trying to get more. “can’t get the thought of you outta my mind.”
you end up with your dress around your waist, bucky holding you up and against the wall as he fucks you with a hand over your mouth as he whispers “don’t wanna get caught, do we? this is our dirty little secret.”
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bucksfucks · a month ago
Roommate!Bucky constantly cock blocking you with jealously and possessiveness bc he has big dumb feelings and is too much of a doof to admit it to himself until one day you just flat out ask him why it’s okay for him to get laid but not you 🔥🤌🏻
omg and he would definitely be like “what makes you think ‘m gettin’ laid, blossom?” as you just stare at him “i can hear them moaning.”
and he would smirk, get really close to you and whisper “s’all porn, blossom. but the only person ‘m thinkin’ of when stroking my cock…is you.” 😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · a month ago
i have an unhealthy obsession with bucky’s thighs like godddddd
you & me both bestie 🤤 i want to straddle them and ride them and let him whisper praises in my ear 😩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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