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#voicemail received ˖◛⁺⑅♡
bucksfucks · 8 hours ago
shy!roommate!steve and not realising just how sexy he is and harmlessly doing things like wearing no shirt or just in his underwear around the apartment and giving you the warmest hugs and cuddles and always wanting some affection and physical touch with you and just not realising how much it gets you flustered
mmmmmmm this is so yummy because steve does not realize how hot he is just walking around practically naked and he’ll constantly be giving you hugs and cuddling into you 🥺
and then whenever you call him pretty he probably gets all blushy and flustered before one night steve just asks you “do you think i’m….attractive?”
which leads to you being in his lap as he grips onto you like “can you tell me? can you tell me you think i’m pretty?” and he’s so desperate and needy for you 😩
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goddessofdawns · 5 days ago
wishing wednesday!!!! okay so hotch is a very superstitious guy, but he tries not to let the team know because he knows they’ll give him shit about it, but you notice and you’re always doing things like holding out fallen eye lashes for him to make a wish on or tapping his hand when he’s about to step on a crack or things like that and it makes him very soft 🥺
Not me now wanting to create a full length fic from this.
Aaron was highly superstitious - but he'd never show it in front of the team. He was amazed that a group of profilers weren't able to see it, well, except for you.
You'd seen it only a few months into your time in the bau, the way Aaron would subtly avoid stepping on cracks, the way that he would never walk under ladders - you could tell he was superstitious.
You began helping Hotch with the superstitions, if you'd notice an eyelash on Hotch, you'd take it off, holding it out on your finger so that Hotch could make a wish, you allowed him to brush any eyelashes off you and make wishes with them.
Anytime the two of you were walking, you'd always walk close enough that your hands were brushing against each others. When Aaron was looking ahead of him, you'd be the one looking at the floor, tapping on Hotch's hand when you'd notice him about to step on a crack so he could step out of the way.
Hotch had noticed it immediately, the way you would go out of your way to help him with the superstitions - he'd never had anyone do anything like it for him before, he loved every time you did it, and eventually, it made him realise his feelings for you, he realised how much he cared about you - seems all his wishes came true after all.
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rebelwrites · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Blowing Off Some Steam - FanFic Friday
Chibs Telford x Reader
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Chibs Telford Masterlist
This Months Writing
Tumblr media
The house was too quiet as Chibs arrived home, all the windows were closed, there wasn’t any music blaring from the kitchen, there were no signs that candles had been lit, and the kitchen wasn’t a bomb sight. This was weird, it was 7pm on a Thursday night, you were normally home by now. Checking his phone, he needed to make sure he wasn’t missing anything.
No, nothing had been planned for today nor did he have any texts from you.
One thing caught his eye though, the empty boxes of ammo that were tossed on the top of the recycling pile, the moment he saw that he knew exactly where you would be. And judging by the ranting voicemail he received earlier on in the day, it made perfect sense.
Shaking his head to himself as he walked back through the house, locking the door behind him, he climbed onto his bike and headed to the range, making a quick detour on the way to pick some food up.
Tumblr media
You were the only one that was in the range, which made you happy, you didn’t want to deal with people right now, you were sick to the back teeth of everyone and just wanted some time alone to decompress. It had been the day from hell, two co-workers had called in sick and the workload was unbearable, and to top things off it was like it was let's shout at Y/N day today.
Chibs had always joked about how his girl had an extremely short fuse, but it wasn’t a joke, it was true. You were always having to bite your tongue at work, not snapping at people when they made a stupid comment or though they were better than anyone else.
The only sound the could be heard was the bullets hitting the metal plate, echoing around the room, this had always been the way that you got your anger out, it was either this or get arrested for murder for killing a co-worker or customer, and you didn’t think that would go down well, so you settled for the more safer option and the one that wouldn’t see you being thrown into jail for the rest of your life.
“Thought I’d find ya here lass,” Chibs said, appearing from nowhere, making you jump.
“You asshole,” You huffed, leaning back into his chest “You gotta stop sneaking up on me, because one of these days you will give me a heart attack.”
“Bad day?” He hummed, working the knots out of your shoulders.
“The worst day ever,” You sighed in relief as he worked his magic on your tense muscles, “I am just glad it is over and I have two weeks off work.”
“It will just be you, me and the open road Lass,” He whispered, kissing the top of your head, “It will be nice to get away just the two of us, no work, no club.”
“Mmmm,” You moaned as he worked the part of your shoulder that had been playing up all day. “Please tell me you brought food? Because I am starving.”
“I always bring food,” Chibs laughed, kissing the top of your head, “Come on lets eat and then we can blow some more steam off before we head home and get an early night.”
“Oh come on,” You giggled, “We both know what that means Mr”
Tumblr media
@chibsytelford @bigcreatorwombatdreamer @pumpkin-spice-hate @talicat713 @mrsmarvelous1995 @band--psycho @little-diable @pancakeisreading @pascal-reyes @withmyteeth
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tobeblamed · a day ago
/anon/ dean, what was your last dream about?
contact name :  @petrovafired
Tumblr media
       ‘ no one  —  nothing . ’   he stumbles on his words .   ‘  shut up . ’   a self-directed command, unintentionally uttered out loud . 
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bucksfucks · 21 hours ago
agreed -
also what would tfatws!bucky be like and what would bucky in between tws and cw when hes on the run be like??
coming to terms with the 21st century aka exploring his sexuality and what he likes. which means he’s experimental, trusting you and he loves it. still, he’s focused on you. the entire time he wants to make sure you feel good. “you look so pretty under me, baby. i wanna keep you like this forever.”
Tumblr media
on the run!bucky:
very needy. and clingy. you’re the only thing he has grounding him and he’s staying buried inside you as long as possible. loves cockwarming. whispering “you’re mine. all mine, no ones gonna take you from me.”
Tumblr media
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goddessofdawns · 5 days ago
Wishing Wednesdays you have daddy issues and go to lip’s in the middle of the night to be comforted 🥺
Mentions of bad family
Your family life wasn't exactly the best in the world. Your mother and father always fought, and your dad was never really home, spending most of his nights at his other girlfriends house, your mother knew he was cheating, but she didn't have the money to just leave - so you had to cope with it.
Lip was a huge comfort when everything started going to shit with your family - he knew what it was like to have a broken family and he knew how to distract your thoughts from it - many nights were spent at the Gallagher's household, your body tucked into Lip's on his bed, his grip keeping you safe throughout the night.
Your father didn't like when he found out you were close with the Gallagher's, especially Lip - which was what the argument for tonight was about. He'd already shouted at you today, accusing you of being a 'whore' for being with a Gallagher, before he sent you up to your room before aiming his rage at your mother.
Now it was nearly midnight and they were still fighting with each other, causing you to stay awake. You always felt like you were a bother to Lip when you'd come round late at night like this, but you couldn't stay in the house anymore.
So you left, climbing out of your window, so you'd avoid your father, you went to the Gallagher's. Fiona knew about your home life so she gave you a key a while ago, so you could escape and come there whenever you wished - even if everyone was out.
The house was silent when you got there, signaling everyone was alseep. Quietly, you sneaked up to Lip's room, opening the door to see the boys still awake, their conversation pausing when you walked in, Lip and Ian giving you a sympathetic look, both knowing why you were there.
"Hey sweetheart." Lip whispered, patting the space next to him on the bed, inviting you up.
You practically fell into his arms when you sat down, Lip squeezing you tightly.
"Your dad again?" he asked, placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head, carefully laying back, keeping you in his arms.
"yeah, it just got too much again" you mumbled back, your head buried in Lip's chest.
"I've got you sweetheart." he whispered, his hand rubbing your back gently. You both fell into a comfortable silence after that, as you began falling asleep on Lip.
You knew Lip would always be around for you when things got rough at your house, you knew he'd always keep you safe.
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bucksfucks · 9 hours ago
Roommate ! Bucky can tell when you’re stressed and when you come home after a long day he’s in your bed waiting to give you back to back orgasms until you’re a blubbering mess ✨✨
he would be lounging in your bed as you come home and you collapse beside him like “you would not believe the day i’ve had.” as bucky smirks and starts to slowly knead at your shoulders.
and it feels so good, leaning into his touch and you let out a moan which makes bucky suck in a breath like “sweets if you keep makin’ those pretty sounds and i’ll have to take care of you.”
before he’s between your legs, making you cry out his name and he probably says “if you can still remember my name, you’re not fucked out enough.” 😵‍💫
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bucksfucks · 41 minutes ago
vampire!bucky when he sees you curled up in a ball in pain from your cramps while your on your period so to help you feel better he eats you out until all you can think of his him making you feel amazing and nothing else. and he most definitely would praise you throughout it all as well as dumbification 😩😫
he wouldn’t even need to ask what’s wrong because he can smell you. and he’ll crawl onto the bed with you and like, bump and run his nose along your jaw like “lemme help you, bunny. lemme help my girl out, don’t like seein’ you in pain.” 🥵
god i can’t describe how good he would look after, yk 👀 before fucking you through the cramps and it would drive him wild like “that’s it, that’s my girl. ‘m fuckin’ you stupid aren’t i? jus’ can’t get enough of me, huh, bunny?” 🤤
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goddessofdawns · 5 days ago
for wishing wednesday angsty fluff with lip pleaaaase
Okay this request was really vague, so thank you @theweasleyslut for giving me the idea!
Warnings: Very slight mention of abuse
You'd come over to the Gallagher's house after Fiona had called you late one evening - telling you that their father had come home, drunk and mad, and your boyfriend, Lip had gotten antsy with him, leading to the two of them fighting - it was mostly just them arguing, but Frank was drunk enough that he'd struck Lip, his eyebrow bleeding due to it.
You tried to rush over to the house, knowing what Lip could be like when he was mad. Fiona had left the door open for you, like she normally did, so you were able to just walk straight in - Fiona telling you that Lip was upstairs with Ian.
As you came up to Lip's room, you could hear Ian and Lip arguing with each other - or well, Lip shouting at Ian about Frank. You didn't bother knocking on the door, instead just barging in, causing both boys to turn and look at you,
"thanks, Ian." you spoke, nodding to the younger boy. He nodded back, walking out of the room, closing the door behind him, leaving you and Lip alone.
"Lip, baby." you whispered, walking closer to him, your hands cautiously reaching out, trying to run your fingers over his cut.
Lip flinched away, "Don't." he almost shouted, causing you to flinch back. Lip noticed, his emotions on his face changing almost instantly, as if he'd registered that it was you in his room, not one of his siblings.
He sighed heavily, "I'm sorry. I'm fine, just Frank being a dick, again." he spoke, opening his arms for you to walk into - which you did, allowing Lip to wrap his arms tightly around you, holding you close to him.
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kirkwallhellmouth · 4 days ago
The somewhat surreal feeling of receiving voicemail from an automated call-in “town hall meeting” invite from a US House Representative from Minnesota when you live—and have mostly always lived—in Alabama.
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bucksfucks · 9 hours ago
I wanna sit in roommate!Buckys lap n watch a movie, keep his cock nice n warm yk 🤤
and have his large hands on your pelvis/hips like “you payin’ attention to the movie, sweets? ‘cause my favourite part is comin’ up and i would hate for you to miss it.” but of course you’re not paying attention to the movie.
by the end of the movie he would just be teasing you like “you’re soaking my thighs, baby. you really are fuckin’ desperate, huh?” but he just keeps teasing you 😩
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bucksfucks · 32 minutes ago
tumblr eating my asks 😍😍
n e ways can we PLS PLS talk about mob!bucky whos always got money for his “perfect girl” who’s always ready to be his little sl*t :((
and mob!bucky who makes u get a tattoo saying “daddy’s girl” just above ur ass so he can see it while he’s pounding into u from the back 😩😩
okokok so you guys know i don’t really have a daddy kink….but this is doing something to me 😳
like mob!bucky’s girl is whining and throwing a fit so bucky rolls his eyes and fishes for his black card like “quit whinin’, princess. here, spend daddy’s money and buy yourself somethin’ pretty, yeah?” and you’re like “mwah thanks daddy!!”
and if you got that tattoo oh my god he would go feral. taking you from behind just to see it like “you really are just daddy’s slut to use, huh?” 😵‍💫
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goddessofdawns · 5 days ago
Hi 😊👋, for the wishing wednesday with loki, where he had a bad day and just wants to cuddle, please? Thank you 🙂
Loki didn't have bad days often anymore, he used to, when Thor was banished to earth and Loki became a little too power hungry. But now, things were kind of back to normal for him.
You'd come up to Asgard with Thor a few months ago, he knew you needed to get away from things happening in your life, so he offered you a way out - you were enjoying living on Asgard, you'd made friends and you'd gotten used to everything - including Loki.
The two of you didn't get along well to start with - but overtime, much to the displeasure of Thor, you and Loki had actually become friends, both of you wishing to push the relationship to more.
Loki had had another one of his bad days, the first in a while. Odin had been pushing Loki around all day, along with the majority of Asgard - now it's not like that wasn't a normal thing, but it felt different to Loki today, everyone was colder, ruder.
There was one thing Loki always did anytime he had a bad day - and it was exactly what he was doing now.
He approached your room, knocking on the door, waiting for you to let him in - which you did.
"Oh hey Loki" you spoke, a gentle smile on your face. You noticed the look in his eyes, causing you to quickly stand up, rushing over to him and pulling him into your arms. Your arms wrapped tightly around his neck, as his went around your waist - one of his hands going to your thigh, lifting it up, hinting for you to jump, which you did, your legs wrapping around his waist, as his hands held you up.
Loki buried his face into your neck, placing gentle kisses there - something he always did when you two hugged like this.
He walked the two of you over to your bed, placing you down carefully as he laid next to you, pulling your body in close to his, your leg hitched up over his hips.
"you wanna talk about it?" you asked, your hands running through Loki's hair.
Loki hummed "I just want to cuddle" he mumbled, pushing his body closer to yours.
"We can stay here all night then"
"I'd like that, love"
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tobeblamed · 27 days ago
Dean what’s your favorite movie snack?
contact name :  @bevvitching
Tumblr media
     ‘ licorice — they're like little scewy pieces of heaven . butter popcorn is a close second . ’
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bucksfucks · 21 hours ago
do you have any pets?
yes i have a boyfriend, he’s a rescue 😋
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bucksfucks · 37 minutes ago
ok but, what do you think about librarian!bucky + spanking?
plot twist: librarian!bucky is a huge dom 😳 maybe a soft dom though <<3
he’d have you over his lap and be smoothing his hand over your ass like “now dove, you know i don’t like punishing you.” and he’ll give you a light smack. “but you’ve been such a brat today. wouldnt listen to me, and i caught you touching yourself?” another smack.
“that’s not being a good girl, but don’t worry, dove. i’ll make sure to take care of you.” 😵‍💫
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goddessofdawns · 5 days ago
“why didn’t you fight for us?” angst with lip!!! for wishing wednesday
You'd been fighting with Lip for the past hour, your shouts resonating through the Gallagher household.
You weren't going to see Lip after what had happened at your house - but you decided to try and make things right.
Your father was strict, and when he found out you were dating a Gallagher, he wasn't exactly happy. He forced you to leave him, he wanted you to find a nice, respectful boy - not realising that Lip was exactly that.
Lip had come round to your house, wanting to take you out - your father was waiting, listening to you as you had to break up with him, tears in your eyes as you left the boy you loved.
You'd gone to Lip's to try and explain it to him, telling him it was your fathers decision - it didn't exactly go down well.
"Why didn't you fight for us?" Lip found himself whispering, tears in his eyes - he never thought he'd cry over you, but here he was.
You sighed, not knowing what to say - he wasn't exactly wrong, you didn't fight as hard as you could've.
Lip turned to go back upstairs, "please leave." he whispered, pausing on the stairs, not looking back at you.
"remember I always love you, Lip" you whispered, walking to the door, knowing that your relationship with Lip was over for good.
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tobeblamed · 26 days ago
Would it be okay if I took Emma to a waterpark for a sisters weekend... just the two of us?
contact name :  @lilyspaintedred
Tumblr media
        ‘ so long as you two check-in every day, it's fine with me .  but no texts .  phone calls only .  ’
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bucksfucks · 3 hours ago
cw era bucky would make such a good alpha!bucky, just imagine him as the type who has to be on his best behavior except for when that time of the month hits and he has an excuse to be possessive and absolutely feral with you
say it louder 😌✨ because you’re absolutely right. like he’s the perfect alpha and then when he’s in a rut he loses all possible control.
breeding you over and over and over again. and definitely has a choking kink and dumbification kink like “love seein’ my dumb, desperate baby blubbering out absolutely fuckin’ nothin’ while i stuff you full.” 😵‍💫
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