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#and sorry that this is all over the place !!
seraphdreams · 2 days ago
bonten daddies :( all cooing at you while you’re passed around. shaking and crying rn
they would take turns stuffing you full of their cum until you’re nothing but a dumb, cockdrunk whore :( ran and rindou would take you at the same time, filling up both holes,,, then they’d give you to sanzu who’d make you gag on his fingers while bouncing you in his lap all for you to be passed to koko and kakuchou, they would eiffel tower you and have you suck koko off while getting hit from behind by kaku 🥺🥺 and last but not least, mikey. he’d want you all to himself and take you back to a private room where he can take you in the nastiest way possible without the interference of his dogs :(((
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blanketbarnes · 2 days ago
sweet girl
Tumblr media
summary: Bucky loves how good you are with his niece.
pairing: mob!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
warnings: fluff, implied smut, otherwise none really.
likes, comments and reblogs are really appreciated!
You watched in awe as Becca mingled with guests while simultaneously trying to quiet her crying six month old.
It was funny how the little angel could be a real handful sometimes. But hey, she'd only been in the world for a total of six months. What'd she know except for eating, sleeping and crying?
You took a deep breath before walking over to Becca. The poor woman probably hadn't even had dinner yet.
"Becca?" you say tapping her shoulder.
"y/n, hey... oh sweetheart, no crying...shh," she coos at her daughter as she starts crying again. "y/n, sorry, tell me, "
"Have you eaten dinner yet, Bec?"
" I haven't....there's just way too many people and this little munchkin keeps me on my toes" she says with a little chuckle booping her daughter's nose.
"I can take Ellie while you eat if it's okay with you. I mean you could sure use a break, you do so much." you tell her genuinely.
"Really? Thank you so much, y/n. Feels nice to be appreciated."
"Always," you smile as she hands you the currently calm infant, rushing inside to eat a quick dinner.
"Guess it's just you and me, Ellie-bell," you coo at the blue-eyed baby whose eyes reminded you of a very special someone.
Little Ellie hadn't cried even once since you brought her up to the terrace. She was probably just overwhelmed by the crowd.
"You like looking at the lights, sweetpea?" you coo as you notice her awestruck expression on seeing the New York skyline at night.
"Gaa!" she babbles, flailing her arms. You place a small kiss on little head as she continues to marvel at the sight before her.
You envied children sometimes. So innocent and sweet, they know hardly anything about the world waiting to ruin them.
"Never change, Ellie-bell, always stay curious," you whisper, oblivious to Bucky watching you through the window above, smiling at the heartwarming sight.
You walked around and bounced her interacting with the little baby as much as was possible. You picked her up and walked over to the railing, gently rocking her as she began to fall into a deep sleep.
You gasped as you felt a pair of arms around your waist but immediately became relieved after you realised who it was.
You leaned into his touch, relaxing your head on his shoulder as he placed a kiss on a half-asleep Ellie's head, gently stroking her soft hair.
"Hey, gorgeous," he whispers.
"Hi, handsome," you respond as he kisses your cheek softly.
"Sorry I couldn't hang with ya tonight. Stupid business... I'm sorry to drag you to these things."
"baby, I understand," you say, leaning back to kiss his neck softly. "Besides, this one kept me company all night, she's so precious."
"She really is."
You look at a now completely asleep Ellie lovingly as Bucky does the same to you.
"You're really good with her. You're really good with kids."
"I am?"
"Amazing." he replies kissing your cheek again, his arms tightening around your waist.
"Do you want one?" you ask.
"Do you?" Bucky asks, surprised.
"I want everything with you, Buck. But not more than three because that's jus-"
He cuts you off by tilting your head and molding his lips to yours in a passionate kiss.
"The number's up to you, sweetheart. I just can't wait to start when we get home." he says with a wink.
"Me neither. I love you so much, Buck." you say, almost teary eyed.
"I love you more."
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tomankitten · a day ago
Tumblr media
my loves: izuku, bakugo, todoroki, shinsou + dabi.
key to my heart: it’s my first time writing for mha in like four months sooo here ya go take this with lots of love pls :’)) xx
Tumblr media
🗝 MIDORIYA plays with your fingers when he’s nervous, and he gets nervous a lot. he’s grown so much in the past few years, and you’re so proud of him for it but there’s something about the way you look when you’re wrapped up in his arms— you look so cute, your back pressed up against his as you’re relaxing into the couch watching tv— he feels like a kid in high school all over again with you, all nervous and flustered, hoping you don’t notice the way his palms are a little sweaty in yours. every once in a while you’ll look up at him to make sure he’s paying attention and he’s immediately blushing and glancing down at your hands, fumbling with your fingers as he mumbles out a response— “i-i yeah...” “izuku, are you sure you’re watching?” his blush deepens as he continues to trace little patterns into your palm, and you sigh as you nuzzle back into him, knowing he’s watching you rather than the movie you two had taken so long to decide on. you’re gorgeous and he’s flustered but he’s trying.
🗝 BAKUGOU will never admit it, but he still gets nervous around you. some part of him wants to impress you and each time you walk into a room his voice goes up a few octaves, though he’d rather fall off the face of the earth than admit it. pretty much everyone notices but no one will point it out, afraid of any consequences that may come from the great explosion god dynamight himself. he knows it’s a nervous habit and he’s working on it but he just wants to be the center of attention when you’re around, he can’t help it. he doesn’t want you to think he’s not enough for you, so he tries a little harder to be a little tougher, to be strong and stern and resilient like you’re used to seeing from the heroes on tv— but when your soft hands cup his face, stroking his cheeks with your thumbs as you whisper a little, “why’dya always have to act so tough, katsuki?” he’s melting into your touch, forgetting what he was so nervous about in the first place. he doesn’t have to pretend with you.
🗝 TODOROKI gets really nervous when he’s out in public with you. he has a habit of keeping an arm wrapped around your waist protectively when you’re out and about, his hand squeezing yours a little tighter when someone passes by you on the sidewalk. maybe it’s a habit he’s learned from his hero work, being alert and aware of his surroundings— but his greatest fear is losing you, so it only makes sense that he’s really protective over you. given his looks, he can be quite intimidating, and if he ever sees someone looking at you the wrong way, his left side will slowly start to heat up without him even realizing it. “sho, baby?” you pull your hand away from his arm and place it on his opposite cheek, the sweetness of your voice pulling him back to reality, and soon his eyes are drifting closed as he relishes in the softness of your touch, the only thing that calms him down in moments like these. “sorry, love.” as soon as he’s calmed down, you’re wrapping your arms around him again, and he feels all of the tension leaving his body with you safe in his arms.
🗝 SHINSOU has always wanted someone to be there for him— but now that you are, he doesn’t know how to act around you. he’s always so nervous and fidgety, constantly clearing his throat when you’re looking at him because your pretty eyes seem to bore straight into his soul every time you look his way. his body still jolts a little whenever you slip your hand into his and his heart speeds up if he catches you staring from across the room, still in disbelief that you’re his. the way you look at him like he hung the moon and stars makes him think he must be dreaming. he tells himself it’s ok to love and be loved in return, but something in him thinks the way you love him will never feel real— it’s too good to be true. his still stutters a little when you crawl into bed with him at night, still feels the faintest blush creeping over his cheeks when you nuzzle into his side, his stomach doing little flips when you whisper “i love you” into his shoulder before you drift off to sleep.
🗝 DABI will never admit that he feels a sense of relief when you come home to him each night. he’s always worried something might happen to you, accustomed to expect the worst in his life, and he’s worried the happy ending he has with you won’t last— time is something that makes him really anxious. his heart races a little when he glances at the clock and realizes you’re usually home by now, his mind running through every possible scenario and “what if” it can come up with. he has to remind himself to calm down, uncomfortable with how nervous he gets and hoping you’ll never catch a glimpse of this softer side of him. he’s never loved someone so much before and he’s not sure how to handle it. over time, he gets a little more relaxed and stops worrying so much, but there’s still something about the way you walk through the door when you’re coming home from work each night that his heart beating a little faster, this time from excitement rather than anxiety.
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bucky-soldat · a day ago
Pairing: tfatws!Bucky x fem!reader
Summary: Bucky's nightmare makes him think that Hydra has come back for him and for the one he loves.
Warnings: Bucky's PTSD, mentions of death, handjob, penetration, cockwarming
Word Count: 1,558
A/N: I've based this fic on this gif. I cannot look at Bucky like this. I want to kiss him and protect him at all costs. Any feedback is always welcome in the form of reblogs, comments and likes! Thank you!
Tumblr media
“No…” Bucky whimpered next to you as his head kept moving side to side on his pillow.
“Please don’t…take me, not her! Please!” He sounded helpless, defeated as he shuddered violently beside you once again. His eyes were tightly closed, his eyebrows furrowed, the lines on his forehead bulging out stressfully.
“Bucky!” You called to him as you rolled over, your fingers touching his black and gold vibranium shoulder, shaking him gently.
“Stop! Please!” Bucky mewled again, only this time his eyes finally snapped open, his flesh hand immediately taking a firm hold over your delicate hand that was touching his other shoulder.
“Bucky, it’s me…it’s just me. No one else is here. Buck.” You repeated wincing a little at the slight pain that took over your fingers, as if he was ready to crush them, his tight kept grip intensifying.
“Hyd-“ He started breathlessly, his broad chest heaving as his eyes stared with a blank expression at the ceiling. He was still on high alert, his heart was thumping fiercely in his chest, you could hear its agitation.
“Bucky, let go of my hand, baby, you’re okay.” You said calmly again, doing your best to reassure him that your boyfriend was safe.
“You’re home, we’re in New York, I’m your girlfriend and I love you.” You tried to wiggle your fingers away, as his grasp was seemingly relaxing. “You’re safe, Buck.” You mumbled softly as you placed a peck across his shoulder, the cold touch of metal meeting your lips.
Bucky was still panting but within each moment his breathing was returning to normal. He didn’t look at you just yet, his eyes were still fixed to the ceiling as if he was trying to gather his thoughts to make sense of what had happened.
It pained you each time he would go through something like this. The nightmares haven’t been happening as much as they did before. In fact, it had been almost a year without any.
“Bucky.” You tried again with a pained expression across your features. You wanted to give him time to gather his wits but at the same time you wanted him to know that you were there for him.
You felt his legs move under the covers as he spread them apart, one of them was moving closer to yours. You took your cue to curl your leg over his. With that, Bucky seemed to relax even more a soft sigh slipped out of his pillowy lips.
“I’m sorry.” He said weakly in a hoarse voice as he tore his eyes away from the ceiling to look at you.
You shook your head in protest then laid across his chest with one of your hands across your chest while the other went up along his chest. Your fingers immediately laced along his dog tags as the metal jigged faintly from your touch.
“Don’t be Buck. It’s okay. We will get through this.” You said with a half smile before pressing gentle kisses over his ribcage.
“Would you like to talk about it?” You whispered hopefully against his skin as your lips kept on trailing kisses over his side.
“I- I dreamt that Hydra came back, they…they came back for me.” He bit lightly onto his lower lip before he continued. You stayed silent, listening intently with no interruptions.
“But I wouldn’t go….I’m different now…their words mean nothing to me.” From his strained voice, you could hear the anxiety and anguish rising again. It seemed as if the past was catching up on him once more.
“I know, I know.” You cooed as your hand rubbed his chest to sooth him once again.
Bucky still kept his arms beside himself as you laid all over him, save for your legs that were still touching under the covers. The tension all around his body didn’t seem to falter just yet.
“Then...they threatened me.” You watched his jaw clench, cheekbones defined. “They fired at you right in front of me. We were surrounded, tore you away from me, ready to put a bullet in you – because of me. Their men circled all around me, holding me, caging me like a wild beast. I wanted to protect you but I couldn’t.” He bit back a sob as he gasped for air. “I couldn’t see you and as soon as they fired, I woke up…but I can still hear the gunshot.”
Your heart dropped, seeing Bucky suffering like this. It was torture for you too. You felt somewhat helpless each time he would experience such nightmares. He never spared you the gory details as he did now. He would be feeling ashamed of himself, he thought you would judge him but you never did. Every time he would call himself a monster, you would show him and prove to him how he was anything but.
“No one would ever dare to take me away from you.” You smiled softly as you sat up. One of your hands went to his forehead, pushing his sticky short hair away from his face till your fingers disappeared into it. You straddled his thick thighs as you eventually got on top of him, your legs spread wide on either side of his waist. Your other hand went around his neck. Bucky looked up at you keenly, but his gaze somewhat softening. You were still smiling down at him as you leaned in into him, your clothed chest now touching his bare one. Your head tilted to the side as your lips kissed the side of his neck, up to the shell of his ear.
With your body clinging all around him, Bucky seemed to relax completely. He finally moved his arms as his hands went to your back, sliding his fingers down your spine. You shuddered under his touch as he slowly continued to rub your back in the same sensual motion, while you still nipped at his earlobe.
Bucky let out a low groan as he felt your hot breath on his ear. Your lips moved to kiss along his jaw till you captured his lips with yours, kissing him hotly and deeply, mustering all your feelings in this kiss - full of love and reassurance.
“I love you, Bucky.” You told him against his mouth as you pulled away, your eyes still closed.
Bucky took your bottom lip again, not ready to part from kissing you just yet as he ran his tongue over your bottom lip. Your lips parted and your tongues brushed along each other till he sucked on your lip before letting you go.
“I love you too.” His said as soon as he opened his eyes again to look at you. He was smiling again, his features serene.
“Shall we go back to sleep?”
“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to, I feel fine now. But I don’t want it to come back.” He sighed exasperatedly as he ran his flesh hand over his face.
“Okay, okay, keep calm baby.” You smirked at him as an idea crept up in your mind. It wasn’t the first time you had done this but never after one of his nightmares. “I know just how to get you back to sleep without worrying.”
“What’s that?” He frowned at you, not having the slightest clue as to what you meant by that.
You didn’t reply, you simply untangled yourself from him and hopped off to lay back beside him. Your hand went back up to touch him as you ran your fingers down his torso, stopping when met with the hem of his black boxers.
Bucky squinted his eyes at you. “What are you doing y/n?”
“I want you inside me. We’ll fall back asleep with you inside me.” A low moan escaped your lips as your hand disappeared under his boxers, taking hold of his softened cock. You ran your fingertips along the base of his length till your hand clasped and squeezed a little, moving up and down his cock in a circular motion. As he got harder, your hand went down to his balls to massage and roll at them gently.
He gasped, his mouth hung a little open as he looked at you through his blown out pupils. “Fuck.” He muttered as he jerked his hip as you continued to pump his cock, getting stiffer with each stroke.
Then he took the hem of his boxers and yanked them down, kicking them off the bed. Immediately, his cock sprung up near the underside of his pelvis. Your own mouth was hanging open, drooling at the sight, his thick bulging skin and purple swollen head ready to penetrate you.
“Turn around.” He said to you gravelly. “I want to spoon you.”
You slid down your own shorts along with your panties and turned around as Bucky had told you to, your back was now pressed up against his front. Bucky wrapped his metal arm around you, holding you close to him. Tilting his head, he kissed alongside your neck as he lined himself to your entrance. You whimpered as he pushed slowly into you while he watched the tip of his cock disappear into. You continued to stretch around him till he finally sheathed you completely.
Bucky groaned into your hair while you moaned out, the both of you feeling warm, full and sated.
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yojeongin · 2 days ago
stupid girl | j.jh FINALE
Tumblr media
→kinesiology major!jung jaehyun x stem major!reader
genre: 2000s chat room au, so much smut, suspense, drama, psychological thriller, established relationship, college au
synopsis: finally having met the stranger on your screen, things take a turn for better or for worse; friendship is on the line, intentions are questionable, and perceptions become skewed. with the flow of things due to his selfish tendencies, jaehyun’s naivety fails to show him the bigger picture.
tw: ADULTS ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT! oral (f+m receiving) , fingering, public sex, auralism, riding, face fucking, protected/unprotected sex, impact play, breath play, cream pie, cum play, dom/sub dynamic, toxic/mutual codependent relationship, mentions of stalking, possessiveness, obsession, gaslighting/manipulation, violence, drinking, mentions of recreational drugs (main characters don't consume)
wc: 33.5k+ (don’t kill me, I promise it's worth it…)
© 2021 YOJEONGIN all rights reserved — please do not translate, take, nor repost my works on other social media’s. this is my ONLY writing platform along ao3.
disclaimer: this is purely fictional; In no way am I condoning this behavior, trying to offend anyone, nor is it meant to place such image on the idol, these are only characters. read at your own discretion.
song(s): streets— doja cat | I put a spell on you, if I was your vampire— marilyn manson | eye, pug, zero, ava adore—smashing pumpkins | mascara, change in the house of flies—deftones | I can’t decide—scissor sisters | love you to death—type o negative
an: happy 4 years of poetic beauty and 2 years since stupid girl, here's the long awaited finale. it did take me so long to finish it lol, I did a lot of revision, editing, and scrapping out, hope you all enjoy it, spent sm time writing this so >_< ALSO THIS IS DEF NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE! ps: ignore the vagueness for yn’s major… happy holidays!
Tumblr media
“Wait, you were serious when you said we weren’t sulking together?!” Jungkook had been whining for the past hour that he arrived at your apartment with bags of chips, soda, rom-com films, and takeout money. For the past two months both of you had come up with the plan of spending Valentine’s Day together, in a way to celebrate the friendship you both had gained over the past few months ever since last semester started.
It wasn’t anything new to either of you. Whenever the holidays came along you two could either spend it together for the lack of time, your parents wanting to travel and visit family, or it wasn’t worth it if he traveled back home to visit his own family according to the long distances. So in order to avoid such troubles, Jungkook tagged along with you at your apartment in which you wouldn’t be bothered by his frat mates who often teased both of you claiming more than friendship was in the line. You’d both would mostly ignore his remarks but when he became rather annoying, you’d both wait until he left the house and locked him out for the night.
“I’m sorry, it’s Yuno’s birthday and— we want to spend it together.” As you fixed the clasps of your shoes, Jungkook shook his head, arms crossing against his chest. “The fact that you’re ditching me to go meet up with a creep from online… y/n it’s hella cold oh my—'' A loud huff left his lips just replaying the words you so easily spoke out. How stupid could you be to meet up with a guy that you’ve only met once and at that it was just a simple glance. For all you both knew, Yuno could be lying about certain aspects in his life.
Perhaps he wouldn’t be as frustrated about your new found lover if it was just a friendship. A friendship that didn’t include the reveal of faces, real names, nor meetups— like now. It’s not like he was jealous but rather concerned. Like stated before, Jungkook would always gain a horrible gut feeling when something wasn’t going to go right. So whenever he had first interrupted your masturbation session with Jaehyun and saw that the webcam was on, he instantly felt his guts twist and turn even though he tried to fake his teasing.
That feeling never left and every time Yuno was mentioned, Jungkook tried hiding his frown. Just like now— he tried extremely hard to hide his disappointment along with personal paranoia of the possible ‘what ifs’. “I’ll give you a ride. I want to see what this guy looks like.” Despite your giddy exterior, you felt horrible for leaving Jungkook hanging on something you both had been planning for months just to meet up with a boy you had only been creating plans for a week prior to this event.
Your attempts of keeping a conversation with him failed all throughout the car ride. It was evident he was angry at the intrusion of plans with Jaehyun. Well, at least that’s what you believed. That was only a portion as to why Jungkook was angry. You contemplated giving him the typical ‘don’t be angry at me’ phrase but when you really thought about it, you couldn’t care less if he was angry.
“It’s here…” You’d softly tell him, watching as he took a turn to stop in front of the restaurant. The building was completely covered with colorful walls, but at the front, a wall of glass gave a clear view of the beautiful interior. The fountain in the far right of the restaurant, tables on different levels to show a spot full of sand like dirt and the walls in full set making it seem as if the balconies above were real homes.
Grabbing your bag and sweater ready to get off, Jungkook takes a hold of your elbow. “Do you see him first?” He questioned, eyes shifting up towards you, eyebrows still furrowed with worry. You hadn’t given thought to that upon arriving at the front. All you really cared for was seeing Yuno’s face and being close to him. “Oh um… right there!” Just at the fact that you saw him and knowing he was so close to you, your heart accelerated and a wide smile was placed on your face, your face that remained hot and every muscle couldn’t bother to form anything else but a smile.
“Jaehyun is Yuno?” Jungkook’s tone was calmer but not for the purpose of being relaxed. “Yeah! Do you know him?! Such a small world.” You were beaming at this new found information, joy filling you at the thought that maybe Jungkook’s judgment wouldn’t be as harsh with Jaehyun now that he finally knows who he is. “Yeah, I’ve se— he’s friends with Yugye— a friend of mine actually…” A small squeal left your lips as you patted his shoulder, reassurance that everything would obviously be fine.
Stepping foot out of the car and ready to walk away, Jungkook stopped you one last time. “Hey, call me when you need to be picked up.” You only nodded before walking inside to the restaurant knowing if things went well you wouldn’t need to call him.
Greeted by the hostess you only had to point at Jaehyun who looked highly interested in the live show in the middle of the restaurant. Then nodding at you, you walked his direction hoping he still hadn’t seen you, just for the element of surprise.
The performance had ended by the time you came close to the table, resulting in a giggling Jaehyun who turned around to take a sip of his drink. Sure he saw you and paid no mind, but when he realized it was you, his gaze turned back to you with a smile as he clumsily stood up from the table to go to you. “Hey…” He seemed shy, completely different from the chat rooms and recently: text messages. His voice was soft and despite still holding its depth— it didn’t compare to the huskiness and roughness of when you both went too deep into the lewd actions through webcam.
“Hi,” The words left in a breath from your lips, kissing his cheek as he greeted you with one too. It was intoxicating, really. The feeling of his large hand against your lower back and his shirt grazing your bare shoulder. The scent he exuded when he got so close to you was of pure delight, and his lips— his lips as soft as you imagined them to be every time he bit them. Plump, soft, and gorgeously rose pink. When against your own flesh, you only wished they traveled down your neck right now and there. Sadly the conditions in which you two found each other in, lead to Jaehyun pulling your chair and motioning for you to sit down.
Not long after you both sat down, the waitress came to your table, asking you what drink you would like. “Have you been waiting long?” You’d ask him, placing your purse on the short coat hanger right next to your table before looking up at him. His facial expression hadn’t changed from when he first saw you. His smile soft in awe and his eyes are fixed on your face. He felt extremely lucky to have you as his. No matter if things weren’t official, Jung Jaehyun had no intentions nor desires to let you go.
“Yuno?” His eyebrows perked up, hands reaching for your own hands. “Huh?” He’d ask, evidently he paid no attention to your question. The warm feeling of his hand against your cold ones made an inaudible gasp to leave your lips, causing him to smirk once again. “Have you been waiting long?” You’d ask again to which he responded with a shake of his head. You hadn’t noticed earlier but his hair wasn’t the same color as it was in yesterday’s video chat. His natural brown locks were gone and replaced with a beautiful shade of pink. “Y-you dyed your hair!” You seemed more excited than before, making him crack a chuckle. “Do you like it? I thought it would be fitting for today.” One of his hands left yours, ring clad fingers running through it and as you watched him, your thighs pressed tight against each other imagining how those same fingers could hold onto your hair in a makeshift ponytail, back against his chest as he pounded— no. Not now, y/n…
Smiling at him, you nodded intertwining your fingers with his. Contrary to his hands, his rings felt even more cool against your own cold hands. The very thin silver, smooth against your flesh, his fingers tightly wrapping around yours. “It’s really cute.” Thumb running up and down his index finger. “You’re cute.” He’d flatter, causing your face to feel warm, looking down as a smile formed on your lips. “I— So are you…” Gaze turned back to him, Jaehyun porting a toothy smile as he sat up straight to bring your intertwined hand up to his lips. His soft lips that tenderly kissed your fingertips. “We waited too long for this moment, y/m/n…” Breath hitching in the back of your throat, you nodded looking at him.
“Yes we did, baby.”
Tumblr media
“Yuno, Yuno…” Jungkook wasted no time looking up Jaehyun.  Regardless of what Jaehyun considered being caught by Jungkook, he hadn’t counted on all those times Jungkook spotted him without making any type of contact. All the time the cherry haired boy would look around the cafes, library, restaurants, or super markets— there he would be. Jung Jaehyun would always be there with a similar looking disguise: Cap and face mask that despite not always showing his face, it was obviously him. “Yoonhoe, yeah…”
If Jungkook was to know Jaehyun was Yuno— the amount of times he’d confront him would eventually lead to violence. Like the clueless boy he was, Jungkook would let the occurrences slide believing it was only a coincidence the acquaintance was just minding his business in the small town they all lived in. Maybe it was at first, but it had become excessive that it was obvious Jaehyun had started following his best friend around now that he really thought about it. All those times he sat a few tables away from them and looked down whenever y/n stood up or walked near him— yes! Yes, Yuno was following her around!
As he looked through Jaehyun’s profile, he searched and searched for something that could incriminate him. But what could he find when his tags weren’t even public? Not to mention he had claimed to not have a profile when Jungkook and the rest of their shared friends asked for his username, obviously not wanting them in his private life.
Amongst that he never posted pictures either. A frustrated groan left Jungkook’s lips, body becoming limp against his bed. He had been sitting in complete silence and darkness, the sound of fingers typing against the keyboard was the only noise in the dark room illuminated by only the laptop’s screen.
His eyes adjusting to the darkness, the ceiling having its form again. Exhaling through his nose, Jungkook took his phone from his back pocket, checking if you had called him. Time was only ticking and his worry growing, you were never the one to stay out too late— especially when you preferred being locked inside the comfort of your home all the time, so to think that you could possibly not even call him, made his heartache and only fret more. From impulse, he searched for your contact in a hurry, not even daring to look at the time.
Contrary to your best friend, you were enjoying your time with Jaehyun or Yuno as he loved to hear coming from your lips. Laughter only spewed from both your lips and comfort had settled in, it would only take a pest to make that comfortable feeling go away.
Just like that your phone began to vibrate in your purse. At first you’d ignore it wanting to just keep your focus on Yuno, laughing at his terrible jokes and becoming flustered whenever he complimented you in any way. The first call had gone ignored and to Jungkook’s distaste, he became frustrated. Jaehyun was no fool to the change in expression. Your smile only faltered a tiny bit knowing someone was interrupting your time together.
The second call was more audible to him, now knowing someone was bothering you and most likely that someone was your lovely Jeongguk who had only been a tick in his fur. His eyesight shifted to his lap before trying to ignore the pestering call, his grasp on your hand slightly tightening. You’d smile at him apologetically, ignoring it again. “So—“
The third call was the last straw, his hands left yours and his body only reclined against the straw chairs, his jaw clenched and a soft sigh left his lips before smiling at you. “Go answer it, I’ll ask for the bill.” You were about to ask if he was sure but the phone kept ringing and it only bothered you to just keep it like that. Pressing the answer button on your keyboard, your voice only became stern as you stood up. “What, Kookie?!” Your back was facing Jaehyun and just as he predicted it was Jeongguk. His chuckle was dry, rolling his eyes— he only leaned furthermore against the chair. Hand rubbing his chin, he called for the waitress handing her the debit card just to have her end the process fast.
Watching you walk towards the restroom, a hand on your phone and the other covering your mouth so no other sound could interfere with your conversation. Your body seemed tense, it could only mean that a quarrel was forming between the two of you. “Here you go, have a good night.” The waitress mentioned to which he returned a simple thank you. Standing up from his chair, Jaehyun made sure to leave a tip before walking towards the restroom. It wasn’t that far but the possibility that the phone call could be over in seconds only fueled him to hurry. If he wanted Jungkook to get a clue, he could only give him a taste of what he could do to you.
The stalls were empty and the bathroom was cold, your voice echoing through the wooden walls, “I just don’t understand what you’re trying to say?!” Exasperation was getting the most out of you, he had gone rambling about how maybe trusting Jaehyun wasn’t ideal, but he had also not presented you with a reason as to why not.
Just as he was to answer, the door swung open, your eyes widening seeing it was Jaehyun. His finger came to his lips as he locked the door behind him. “Yu—“ You didn’t get the chance to even finish his name off when his own lips pressed against yours, his left hand cupping your face. Of course you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, but if things were to get more heated— then being on the phone with Jungkook wasn’t something that should continue.
Parting from him, he only smiled, kissing your neck as you talked. “Wait let me, h—“ his teeth nipped at your neck as his right hand massaged your inner thigh, making you feel like putty just against his touch. Your phone was still connected to your ear, ignoring Jungkook’s confused hum as he heard you moan. “y/n, don’t even da—“ You couldn’t hear the rest as Jaehyun took the cellphone from your hands, finger pressing a button to which you believed he had hung up.
“We don’t have much time here, baby… don’t bother with a phone call.” His lips found yours again, the soft feeling of them against your own was good enough to feel pleasure. You’d been so starved of intimacy that the slightest gesture from him could make you come. “We can’t do it in the restroom, what if someone comes in?” You whispered, moans contradicting your arousal. Jaehyun smiled against your neck, teeth feeling cold on your warm skin. “That’s why we have to be fast. I promise I’ll make up for it when we leave. Right now, I just can’t hold it off much.” His breath fanned against your skin, his fingers teasing the elastic of your panties.
Moans left your slightly ajar lips as he nipped at your neck to create those purple marks he’s been wanting to make on you. The way his teeth slightly bit your flesh and you enjoyed, making your arms wrap around his neck, fingers tugging at his pink hair. He loved the feeling of your fingers against his scalp, the pleasure he got from the stinging pull of his hair. “Jaehyun…” You moaned, throwing your head back.
That little mistake caused his hand to move from in between your legs, traveling to go flat against your ass quite roughly. Hearing you whimper only fueled his need even more, the echo of his slap against your ass could’ve been heard by everyone if someone else was in the restroom. Jaehyun looked directly at your trembling eyes. It wasn’t from fear but rather increased arousal, knowing you enjoyed such contact.
You couldn’t decipher what resided in his mind as he stared at you, but the action of his tongue swiping against his lower lip made moans leave your lips and a smirk to place itself on his face. The hand that had recently held contact with your behind, slithered itself up to take a hold of your face, his fingers pressing hard against your jaw, causing your lips to pucker up for him.
His eyes had darkened just like the tint on his lips. It was magnificent, the view of having such a gorgeous man in front of you, fucked out of his mind with the minimum amount of foreplay and all because he wanted you and only you. With such, there was nothing else you could ask for.
“I didn’t go through so much trouble, just for you to call me Jaehyun like everyone else, princess.” His lips pecked your puckered ones, pulling away to look at you again. “Call me Yuno, understood?” It wasn’t soft anymore, his tone was dark and demanding— forceful could be said too. “Understood!?” There it was again, the change in tone. His voice soft once again as his grip on your jaw became softer. With a nod and your thighs pressing tightly against each other for the friction you were lacking, he chuckled, kissing you again, letting go of your aching jaw that for sure would have prints of his tight grip.
“Lovely!” He’d exclaim biting his lip, eyes softened but seeing the way you barely held yourself up, that changed again. “Hmm, I guess your little mistake made us lose so much time, come on let’s go into the main dish!”
He had roughly turned you over, causing you to collapse against the sink counter and aching spots on your hips. Just as expected the marks of his fingers on your jaw were of a translucent red. A red that matched the state of your swollen lips and the mark on your ass that was barely easing from the sting. Jaehyun hadn’t touched you just yet, he had left you starved against the counter with forearms carrying your weight on both sides of the sink, legs remained put together and your ass visible with the way you were leaning, the dress hiked up and showing him the shimmering purple small silk piece.
You tried looking at him through the mirror but whenever your head lifted, he would only push it down, causing your hot body to have a cold rush flow through it. Your legs were trembling in desperation of having him buried deep in you, for him to stretch you out with just his cock and no aid of his fingers. To feel the sting of having him inserted inside of you. Completion and fullness was all you wanted to feel.
“Please… before we get caught.” It came out as a needy breath, a moan following when his finger ran across the evident wet spot on your panties. Yuno chuckled, nodding as he pulled down your panties, pushing your legs open with his boot against your ankles, not caring enough to make you step out of them. “You’re right, baby. Let’s get this done.” As he took out his wallet to get the condom that resided there, one of his fingers played with your arousal, spreading it against your lips and taking the remaining against his lips. He groaned at the taste of you, tongue wrapping around the finger that had touched you.
“Y/m/n you taste so good… I can’t wait to taste you even more later on.” His words were always the cause of your arousal, turning you on with just his dirty talk. Responding to him, a strangled moan erupted from your throat.
Jaehyun rolled up the condom down his length painfully slow to calm his own arousal; Your body was on the verge of giving up on you, that is until the feeling of his tip teasing your wet folds, rubbing against them. You couldn’t deny you just wanted him deep in you, buried to the hilt within the walls of your warm cavern— connectivity is all you craved.
As your thoughts processed, Yuno slowly pushed himself within you, biting his lower lip to avoid any moans. Unlike him, your moans projected in the echoing room, every inch going inside of you making them grow louder, at some point his hand had come to your mouth just to keep you quiet before a passerby grew suspicious and reported the wonton noises.
“Ready?” He had pulled you against his chest at the moment he finished burying himself within you. The feeling of fulfillment and of being whole only caused your stomach to turn with arousal. His warm breath against your ear did no justice to the situation. You craved the feeling of him tasting you with the velvet tongue you had learned to love in a matter of minutes. To fuck you against this counter whilst he devoured your flesh with his rosy lips. You wanted to taste his tongue against yours— to seal the drought that you’d put yourself through just to have him rain upon you.
With your desperate nod of approval, Jaehyun smirked, kissing your earlobe as his hips jolted forwards causing shock to fill you. With wide eyes and grip on the counter, you tried restraining your moans. But the simple feeling of his filling cock moving inside of you at a ranging pace wasn’t allowing that restrain to go through. Wanton moans vibrated against his palms whilst he thrusted forwards, the sound of skin slapping against skin caused for the arousal to grow between your legs, causing that difficulty of movement to ease after you stopped clenching from the feeling that had become foreign after a while.
“Look at you not being able to hold your moans. Who’s my princess?” His teeth would come down nipping at your neck, the flesh slowly disappearing between his teeth as he pulled away. Your head throws back the moment the hand holding your hips moves to rub at your clit. “I am! Only me!” It wasn’t an answer of confirmation, it was the answer of assertion and facts. No one was going to be his princess other than you, definitely not after this and more to come.
The rumbling of his chuckle pierced through your gut that turned every time he looked at you through the mirror. His hips jolting against your ass as he thrusted deep within you, your walls continuing the pattern of relaxation and clenching whenever the minimum feeling of an upcoming orgasm was threatening to come. His words were dirty as he touched you, mouth always close to the points that needed much attention, and as he spoke against your cheek, tongue teasing to savor you— his actions stopped making a loud whine release from your lips, just like your build up of juices did the moment he so nonchalantly pulled out of you.
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, not daring to open them as you knew he would look at you in satisfaction. To be so close to nirvana just to be torn down so rapidly was an overwhelming feeling. Your legs trembled as you tried to hold on to the counter. “Don’t think I forgot your little mistake, baby… Don’t ever call me Jaehyun again.” There it was again, the coldness in his tone, the demanding tone to make you fall to your knees by both fear and arousal. And as he approached you, fingers not even teasing your entrance— Yuno slid them within you, pistoning them with a merciless pace in which your body felt weaker than ever. The sound of your internal arousal echoing as he spoke. “You disappointed me. I was willing to give you all in this instance… you know that hurts so much— I didn’t struggle to make everyone call me Jaehyun so you could be the only one to call me Yuno.”
The pitch of angered disappointment was the last he spoke, his finger leaving your body to make you react the same way as before, this time tears finally leaving your eyes and rolling down your cheeks. Whimpers of the tantrum you wanted to throw became louder. Jaehyun watched you try to handle yourself as he tucked himself in after discarding the condom.
Regardless of the initial guilt, blood pumped back into his cock seeing you ever so vulnerable just because of him. Your fucked state and whimpers to have him in you again and finally letting you release. He enjoyed every minute of you pulling yourself together, the obvious arousal that slid down your legs making him bite his lip a little harder. With a grin on his face, he reached for a paper towel, wetting it before softly cleaning your thighs and calves, removing any evidence of what had happened in there.
Crouching to pull your panties up, Yuno groaned at the glistening view, your cunt was. If he was to bite his lip any harder, he would draw blood, but if it meant it was for you— it was more than worth it.
“Are you all right, baby?” He coyly questions, hand rubbing at your back as you breathed in to regain sanity again. Nodding to him, you took his hand into yours before kissing his cheek. “Yeah, I’m good now.” Faint as your voice was, the smile that remained on your lips reassured him that he hadn’t been too rough; helping you fix your makeup with new paper towels that he so gently used against your face, Yuno only felt the sense of satisfaction to finally have you this close to him. To know that minutes ago he was buried deep within you and the cause of your sexual repression.
Bringing your face closer to his, Yuno closed the gap between your lips. Tongue gracing your lower lip as the two kissed, lips moving against each other in a delicate kiss. Recalling the location in which you both resided, he parted slowly, pecking your lips just after separating. “I think you look good now, go out first just in case someone is out there.” Agreeing with his words and received with his beautiful toothy smile, you unlocked the door to the restroom, opening it to walk out first before waiting by the entrance hall to the toilets.
As he knew how far you were, Jaehyun chuckled— his smile dropped and the disgusted scowl formed on his lips when taking out your cell phone from his pocket and pressing it against his ear. “You’re a dirty one, Jungkook… hearing your best friend have sex with another man… doesn’t that sting?” His mocking tone had cut through Jungkook who became slightly startled once he was brought out of his trance on the noises you were making after he had been listening all along, hating himself for knowing he could’ve hung up any second but your pretty moans had enticed him to stay— even when he knew he had no interest as such towards you.
“Try all you want to get rid of me or whatever but at the end of the day it’s me she’ll always end up believing. Best friend or not, know your place with y/n and I, Kookie.” The soft yet menacing tone in Jaehyun’s voice had your best friend go frozen, his tongue couldn’t move and no words formed, only anger filled his chest.
With a deep sigh and regaining his own composure, Jungkook growled thinking of Jaehyun’s words again. “Do you think I’m an idiot? I wouldn’t dare let her be near someone as fuc— I’m sorry, for more minutes visit your closest server and continue with the paid plan, thank you.”
Removing the phone from his ear, Jaehyun smiled, deleting the recent call from the caller’s log, closing the phone afterwards and tucking it into his pocket. “Ran out of minutes.” He tells himself whilst washing his hands, a smile following him out the restroom in satisfaction to where he greeted a bored you who’s eyes lit up at the view of him.
“Here, you forgot it.” Handing you the lime green flip phone, he took your hand into his, making your way out the building.
APRIL 2007
Everything after that day felt like a fever dream. Jaehyun had asked you to be his girlfriend after rearranging your guts— though you two had agreed to tell people he had asked you after leaving the restaurant during a stroll through the Valentine’s Day holiday lights at the park.
From that day on you two wouldn’t spend a day without seeing each other, the days you couldn’t be near you’d always have the chatroom, phone calls, or video calls and even then that felt so distant and lonely. It was such an excessive amount of neediness you both felt during this phase that it had brought Jungkook to let out so many exasperated words at how little time you spent with him. To be honest he sounded like a little brother, an annoying one at that.
The amount of power Jaehyun’s presence had on you was causing Jungkook to have a disadvantage in how to handle you. As much as he tried to tell you during that period of time all the few things he had found about your boyfriend, the honeymoon phase you found yourself to be in didn’t allow for his words to ever process or be taken seriously, not when you knew Yuno was with you at all times and had no reason to follow you around— at least that’s the only thing you could even process and if you did, you ignored the time period.
So used to being close that Jaehyun himself didn’t anticipate the day Jungkook blurted out you were going on a Spring Break trip with him, Taehyung, and their parents. You could still remember the disappointment when you had clarified it over dinner at your apartment. Of course it didn’t help that Jungkook was having dinner with you guys.
“But— I thought we’d spend it together…”  His voice was faint and quiet, turning his head to look at you after Jungkook had asked if you had packed for the week. Turning from Jungkook to Jaehyun you lowered your head slightly, taking a bite of the meal he helped you make.
Clearing his throat after looking between both of you and sensing an uprising tension, the doe-eyed boy spoke: “I’ll go to the bathroom.” Your head still lowered, Jaehyun’s soft pleading eyes became cold as they followed Jungkook who only sent a grin his way before turning the corner to the hall. If anything this seemed like payback for ditching him on Valentine’s Day to go with Yuno.
As he didn’t receive a response from you, Yuno took a hold of your free hand, squeezing it softly to gain your attention. “y/m/n?...” His gaze was back to the softness you had seen seconds prior, sighing at the look he gave you. “I thought so too but then Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s parents found out I wasn’t going anywhere and— I can’t really say no to them…”
Despite the calm and collected look he was giving you, his mind raced and the thoughts within that were clouding his line of reasoning. God why the fuck would you listen to a pair of hags when you had him? In fact! Who the fuck was Taehyung?!
He could go on and on with the questions in his head but right now it seems like his brain would rather focus on the fact that Jungkook is laughing at his misery. It’s the first time in weeks since you’d both be separated like you were at the beginning. If he didn’t know better after all the whining both you and Jaehyun sat through over how much less he sees you— it wouldn’t surprise him that Jungkook had something to do with this.
Besides that he couldn’t really force you to stay, he wanted to so badly but it’s barely been two months since you two became official, there’s still a possibility that you wouldn’t succumb to him that easily. Patting the hand he held, Jaehyun nodded with a sad faint smile. “Yeah I suppose so. Just... Please call me every day.”
Even if his smile was faint, yours grew knowing he wasn't opposing. If he thought about it well— this was the first instance in which Jungkook really tried at his nerves.
Tumblr media
“Do you have everything, then?” Leaning against the wall of your building, Jaehyun looked at you with a slight scowl, arms crossed hoping you'd cancel at the last minute and stay with him.
Nodding as a response with your purse at hand, you smiled his way, closing the door to the back seat where you had just placed your backpack.
You couldn’t help but giggle at the look on his face. It was a mix of a scowl along a pout, God did he make it so obvious that he didn’t want you to go. “You’ll get wrinkles; give me a goodbye kiss.” Walking closer to him, you wrapped your arms around his waist. His face muscles relaxed for once, looking down at you and teasing the idea of a kiss.
Smiling at you, he chuckled at the look in your eyes. “Do you think you deserve a kiss? You’ll be leaving me alone for so long.” Rolling your eyes at his words, you’d answer a simple yes, pecking his neck as initiation to your needs. “Come on, just a kiss.” Puckering your lips towards him, he shook his head as he lowered it to where your lips met.
“Did you make sure you had enough minutes for our calls?” Speaking between kisses you’d hum against his lips in agreement. It didn’t make sense that he’d ask so when he himself dragged you to get more service balance, in fact he even paid for more just in case.
“God I don’t want to let go of you.”
“You’ll have to, Yuno.”
And so Jungkook’s voice had broken the moment you’d both settled in. With your arms wrapped around Jaehyun’s waist and his own around yours— the both of you turned to Jungkook, your head now resting on his chest for comfort.
With a scowl from Jaehyun from the name he’d just been called and the distress his words caused to your dissatisfied look knowing Jungkook was teasing Jaehyun. “What? Oh come on, it won’t be that bad, you’ll house-sit the place while she’s away— technically will be as close.” His cocky smile returned to which you’d sigh, turning to Jaehyun who kept staring at the other boy but with much less anger as he realized your gaze was on him.
Moving your fingers to slightly dig at his waist so he’d pay attention to you again, Jaehyun finally turned his head towards you. “I’ll call you everyday, don’t worry about anything.” You said it with so much positivity that a smile had spread across his face, whispering a simple ‘Okay.’
And just as Jungkook went inside his car to turn it on, you had pulled away from your lover for one last item check. Rummaging through your purse and making mental notes on what you had; a gasp of realization left your lips, making both of the guys turn to you in questioning.
“I left my wallet...” Given Jaehyun had the keys he didn’t hesitate to hand them to you after taking them out of his pocket. Taking them into your own hands in a rushed motion, you pushed through the gate that locked the stairs into the building leaving the two men alone.
It was the first time they’d ever been alone, at least after you and Jaehyun started dating and Jungkook had built a dislike for your boyfriend. With you out of the picture for a few minutes, Jaehyun walked towards the car, leaning on the windowsill of the passenger’s seat.
Turning to look at the now faded pink haired boy, Jungkook chuckled, shaking his head, noticing the amount of rage Jaehyun was exuding. “Try to act like you like me at least.” Faking a pout, Jungkook pleaded to Jaehyun.
“Don’t ever call me Yuno.” Raising his eyebrows in faux fear, Jungkook smiled. “Or what? I want to call you that too.” God, he knew how to work his nerves, if anything Jaehyun thought he’d be the one to push Jungkook’s nerves.
Shaking his head with a grin on his face now, Jaehyun once again spoke. “You’re such a little shit, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’re the one who mentioned she wouldn’t go anywhere. Are you that starved?” Shrugging, Jungkook turned to the stereo, messing with the knobs in order to find something to listen to. “I could’ve slipped a few words in but it’s time you let me spend some time with her, you’re hogging her up. Is stalking not enough?” Turning to your boyfriend, Jungkook questioned, raising an eyebrow as he watched the way Jaehyun’s face contorted.
“Actually knowing you now, I wouldn’t doubt seeing you there. Wouldn’t it be fun if I told her?” Laughing at his own words, Jungkook settled with grabbing his CD case seeing as all the radio stations wouldn’t stop playing that damn ‘Hey there Delilah’ song.
Nothing that Jungkook has said has ever been as comedic as this. With a big hearty laugh, Jaehyun covered his mouth with his hands. “What’s so funny?” Your voice sounded as you opened the gate, stepping out of the confines of the complex and handing the keys back to him; Jungkook raising his eyebrows in defiance.
“Kookie thinks he’s funny. Don’t you?” Grimace plastered on his face, Jaehyun looked directly at Jungkook’s glaring eyes. “Yeah, from time to time.” The shit eating tone in his voice was gone and a rigid one settled.
Giggling at their interaction, completely oblivious to it all, you smiled at the two. “Don’t lie to him, you’ll just boost his ego.” You teased, taking a hold of Jaehyun’s arm to pull him away from the door and to give him a final goodbye kiss, he smiled your way before leaning into you, lips connecting in a rather long yet tender kiss.
And so as your back faced Jungkook and Jaehyun held your face as you two kissed, he opened his eyes slightly, watching as Jungkook stared at you both— enough to make him grin into the kiss. Overall, he’d have to try harder than just telling you what’s going on without proof if he wanted you far from Yuno.
“Man, can you hurry up?!” Whining to gain your attention again, both you and Jaehyun giggled against the kiss before finally separating.
“Call you later.”
Stepping foot into the car and instantly leaning against the same windowsill Jaehyun leaned against earlier, you watched him become smaller as Jungkook drove away, a sigh leaving your lips making Jungkook throw a quick glance your way before a sigh of realization left his own body. You truly were head over heels for him.
And so as you promised to call him daily, he held onto that spark of hope. Yet you were fucking lying.
Or so Jaehyun thought. After you had arrived at the lodge where the older pairs and Taehyung greeted both of you, you barely contacted Jaehyun and in his head he couldn’t care less if the activities made you busy. You had agreed to call him all the days you’d spend there and all the time but it was the last thing you did.
He felt ignored and forgotten. It didn’t really help that he was staying at your place all the time; your scent intoxicating his daily surroundings. Your pillows smell of Rosehip and Rosemary, a few strands of hair that would fall sticking to the fabric of your sheets— you were always with him even in your absence.
As much as he tried distracting himself with his internship and his TA duties, everything would always trace back to you and how little you were contacting him. His messages and phone calls were left unanswered and your presence online was non-existent. He could see it so clearly, he could see Jungkook laughing knowing that you were paying your boyfriend no mind. Maybe you both were having so much fun without Jaehyun and realized how much better things were without him.
Laughing to himself and shaking his head, Jaehyun disagreed with those thoughts that tried so hard to harm him. “She’s so in love with me, that’s not it.” He thought to himself, with a strand of your hair between his fingers as he placed it on a pile he had formed on your night stand.
It had been precisely four days since you left and still had two nights and a morning left in order to come back. Compared to you, Jungkook and the meanted Taehyung kept on updating their socials daily. Many pictures of the three of you, some innocent enough, some in the activities, and a few that only involved you three. Drinking and late night swimming. Everything had been fine enough and the times you did contact him, you’d send him pictures of what you could, given only the main building had internet and it was awkward staying there for long thus the lack of video calls and chat room activities but even then he didn’t want excuses.
So why the fuck were you ignoring him?!
Sat against the cold faux leather of the lobby’s chair, you waited for Jaehyun to pick up your video call. It was the first time in the entire week that you’d get to see his face. You hadn’t taken your laptop, which is something he failed to take into consideration given you just left it in the locked cabinet of your desk (one he didn’t even notice at first). Nonetheless, Taehyung had let you borrow his and immediately logged into your account, excited to see his face (not counting the pictures he sent through messages).
With your earphones plugged into the port, the ringing was blaring in your ears, and looking around your surroundings to make sure you were as far from people as possible to avoid them listening to you— the screen finally stopped displaying you and instead showcased a tiresome messy haired Yuno.
The joy in your chest spread around, a wide smile never leaving your lips even when he groaned slightly. You’d think he had just woken up from a nap but he was pouty and the stress in his face was showing, maybe he had just come back from his TA work time and was extremely exhausted, but nevertheless your smile didn’t fade, admiring the way his lips looked.
“Hi…” you’d greet looking at his face directly, admiring everything you hadn’t seen these days, yet he didn’t respond. Instead he groaned again before his face hit his palms. Worry settled within you now, he wasn’t responding and he looked distressed. “What’s wrong?” The smile faded and your eyebrows were now knitted as you frowned looking at him stare at you, no— he was glaring.
“Why didn’t you call me?” His voice was childish right now. At that, the worry had slightly dissipated, allowing you to smile at him again before answering. “Then what have we been doing all this time?” Despite you giggling into the earphone’s mic, he didn’t change his expression. He was still glaring at you waiting for you to stop your stupid little mocking.
He didn’t shift much, only to where you could see his face, eyes becoming watery but not enough to be noticeable. “Like this. You said you’d video call me daily.” Yuno’s voice wasn’t whiny anymore, it was deeper than his regular resting voice. Now you can’t really remember saying you would but if he said so then it had to be true, right?
Looking around once again in case other people walked around, you then turned to him. “I left my computer at home, I’m sorry…” you really didn’t forget but that should be good enough. “Then how are you calling me right now?” His glaring felt present, as if he was standing feet away from you and directly throwing daggers through his eyes at you.
“I- I’m using Taehyung’s. He let me borrow his so I could call you; I missed your face.” Your eyebrows were knitted again, confused as to why he was acting this way. “I see... You still barely text or call. If I didn't call you first, we wouldn’t have been talking this entire week. What’s going on?” He was tempted to drop a ‘are you tired of me?’ But opted out given you’re both too early into the conversation for him to just drop something like that.
You were seriously perplexed by what was going on. You had intended to have a nice fun conversation with your boyfriend who you longed to see, but instead was caught in between a wall of questioning as he grew more distressed by the minute. Was he alright?
The longer you stared at his face the more you noticed his eyes watering and becoming red, something was obviously off. With a bit of hesitation as you shifted, your lips parted. “What’s wrong, Yuno? Have you been overworking yourself again?” At those genuine words of worry, he hummed to himself contemplating what he’d say next but given your current state he let out a small whimper before lying back down and burying his face into your bed sheets.
“Baby?” Your eyebrows even more furrowed as you heard his silent cries. “I just miss you a lot and this week has been so hectic — I just miss seeing your face, here, next to me.” His nose began to stuff up and the nasally cry was getting to you. Did he really miss you that much?
You had asked him what had gone on as he cried about how the school work was piling up and how the professor he was a TA for was leaving his own responsibilities on top of Yuno’s, leaving the job to him. It didn’t help that his unpaid internship was a shit show every time he had to go in and his job was leaving him very little time to complete the school work he already had weighing him down.
It was the first time since you’d known him that he broke down in front of you and seeing his lips trembling as he could barely speak over the overwhelming exhaustion he felt; your heart felt like it was being ripped apart. You needed to be there for him now.
Maybe it’s the fact that you put yourself in his shoes and if that was you, you’d want him to come home immediately. In fact if the roles were reversed you’d basically beg him to come home after a long week of strenuous studies and work, topped off by an excruciatingly annoying internship like the one he had.
You felt that pain in your chest, the one that left you winded when he looked up. His lips and eyes were puffy and red, the top of his nose was also red but he looked very much beautiful, his eyes glistening with tears. In that moment you knew you weren’t a good person, not when his vulnerability was doing things within you making you want to flee your location and be there for him, to coddle him, and make him yours once again.
“I’ll ask Kookie to take me back, it’s not dark yet so it’ll be fine. Just give me a few hours, okay?” Slightly surprised, Jaehyun looked into your eyes, trying to figure out if that was genuine. His silence allowed for you to continue talking; “Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit... I don’t want to see you like this.” Turning to his side, Jaehyun squinted, questioning what you were doing but he did enjoy the responses he was getting. Of course he had to contradict you, it would help him in the long run.
Shaking his head once he turned to face you again, “No, it’s fine. It’s just exhaustion, I can handle this. You know, I’ll just go to the corner store and get a vitamin shot, okay?” He sat up this time, laptop on one hand and pillow on his crossed legs where it would soon rest. “I don’t know… It’d be better to just be there for you.” Biting the skin off of your thumb, still very much worried about him. His features were of a lighter pink now, his voice still nasally but it was drowning down.
At your response, he chuckled, “Y/m/n, listen to me— I’ll be fine, stay there the week is almost over and then you’ll come back to me for way longer, okay?” You continued to whine, it almost felt as if you left him alone for longer something bad could happen and if anything happened to him— well, you’d rather keep that still in your mind.
“I’ll go to the corner store, get one of those vitamin shots, and come back as quickly as I can. I’ll even leave the video call going so when I come back we won’t waste time connecting back, does that sound good to you?” It sounded fine but you still wanted to be there with him. There was nothing you could do about it and if that shot was going to make him feel physically better, then so be it. “Fine but don’t take too long, it’s starting to get darker now.”
With a hum, Yuno stood from his position turning the laptop to the television telling you it was for entertainment while he was gone to which you laughed and teased by lightheartedly calling him an idiot. That being said and done, he had walked out of the apartment and out of the complex as quickly as he could in order to not waste any quality time with you even if it was virtually.
Your comments on wanting to come back to him didn’t leave his mind. Were you just as starved from him as he was of you to the point that you’d allow his pathetic last minute excuse to subliminally persuade you to go to him? Sure all his duties were beating his ass but he always had people who’d willingly do his job if he asked nicely with one of those smiles that would always get a yes from everyone. You yourself have fallen victim to that technique, so were you really that easy to persuade?
Thankfully the corner store was only 2 blocks down your apartment complex so after he had passed a group of ill smelling men who seemed to be coked out of their minds, he had finally arrived in front of the sliding doors.
The brightly lit store smelt of clorox as the only employee at the floor had just finished mopping after one of the men outside had thrown up given the narcotic mixed with alcohol and tons of food just didn’t settle in his system. So to make his job easier and Yuno’s trip shorter, the male walked to the snacks aisle grabbing a few cookies he knew you liked and a cold jasmine tea for himself just to go up to the fingerprint grease  stained counter. Keeping the conversation short, Jaehyun asked for the medical shots that were locked up in the cabinet behind the employee who with a hum unlocked it to grab what was asked and ring up his total.
Around the same time the commotion outside had drawn both males attention to look through the sliding doors, the group of men arguing and trying to harass an older male that had come around to enter the store himself. He of course paid them no mind and went on, turning to the two as he shook his head before uttering the words, “They’re just looking to pick up a fight.” Received with a few nods.
Once the items had been paid for, Jaehyun took the bag and looped the handles through his arm, making his way out of the building and through the sliding doors. The men had become even louder now, playing music off of a broken CD player they had pulled out of the store’s trash bin. It only played static music coming from the radio function but even then it was more of an AM station so their excitement seemed too theatrical.
They were past rationality and as the younger male looked at them whilst taking slow strides, he felt that if you were to come home, it was best if you did for a more valid reason. Smirk fighting to plaster on his lips, he stopped in his tracks, checking his pockets to save time as he looked upwards trying to locate a camera in case he needed it. Of course there remained one in each corner of the roof, in satisfaction he looked downward in hope to be seem as a non threatening guy for the footage. That only helped him locate a problem with the engineering structure as a crack on the pavement had now granted him a perfect excuse to bother the drunken salary men.
A group of rowdy older men, high on narcotics and alcohol who had bothered anyone who came too close to them— surely they had no credibility for themselves anymore. His slow strides became moderately quick as he continued in order to gain momentum that would help him perfectly come in contact with one of the men. It didn’t matter which one, they would all end up joining after all.
Head lowered and steps quiet, Jaehyun had found a pair of black shoes a few feet from him; with so the male took one final detrimental step to which his shoe got caught with the concave crack on the cement pavement, making his body hurl forward and his body to come in contact with one of the salary men.
“Umph,” Came out of the man as he stumbled slightly, finally feeling the ache that came from Jaehyun’s own shoes stepping on his foot, leaving a dusty imprint of the black polished shoes. His shoulder was aching but had no instant reaction until he heard young panicked Jaehyun apologize rapidly and loudly before lowering his tone and letting out: “Holy shit, is that stench coming from you?” In almost a whisper.
Caught off guard, his eyes widened and now the pulsation from his shoulder and toes were yelling at him. “What the fuck did you say?” Yuno lowered his head with a barely audible laugh as he acted like he was adjusting his sweater and the bag on his arm. “I said I’m sorry, I didn’t see you nor the crack, sir…” His eyes widened in disbelief trying to understand if the alcohol was the cause of this. It wasn’t until one of the other men joined in trying to confront Yuno. “Aye! Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!”
Jaehyun turned to the slightly taller man, he was skinny to the point his cheeks were sunken and he was beginning to bald. “I wasn’t talking to you fivehead but I guess it applies to you too… Come on, I’m just trying to go home.” He raised his arms the way men do when they say they don’t want any problems the moment some form of confrontation came around.
The nickname gained a chuckle from the last man, snorting a little too hard for the liking of the other two men. “Oh you like that, Ed? Your stench is the same as theirs.” Jaehyun connected his fingers and slightly bowed to show he was most sorry for bumping into one of them “You’re all a bunch of pathetic junkies just get the hell out of here, you’re stinking up the place more than the bin.” That was it, the one he had called Ed (in remembrance of the hyena from lion king), had been the first one to walk up to him and grab him by the shirt in such a rough manner.
Jaehyun felt the heavy force from his sausage link fingers against his chest, he wouldn’t deny that kind of hurt more than bumping onto the first man. “You’re too young to talk to your seniors like that... apologize.” His face was so close to Yuno’s that the poor boy couldn’t help but gag at the smell of vomit mixed with hard alcohol. “I already apologized millions of times, you damn brute.”
That was it. At the insult he was called, his round fist had come in contact with Jaehyun’s face making the boy groan in pain angered by how big the man was to be fighting with him. Not only that but the man had dropped him to the concrete making him hit the hard floor. As a kinesiology major, Yuno knew this would bother him for the following months but if it meant you’d be there to comfort him, then it was all worth it.
You. The idea of you having to be there and help aid his wounds as he healed from a horrid beat up was the only thing holding him through this. The remaining men had joined, kicking at the boy’s ribs and punching at his beautiful features, calling him all the names in the book and telling him they hoped this would ruin his looks since it seemed to be the only thing keeping him going. His face was becoming bloodied but their punches weakened, causing mostly scratches rather than swelling.
But this was Jaehyun they were talking to, so in a fit of not taking them seriously he finally bursted out laughing covering his mouth as he tried to contain himself but they only went harder until the noise of the sirens from the police cars the cashier had called once he heard the first man yell at the boy, rang through theirs ears, making their drunken brains ache due to the noxious sound.
They couldn’t run, if they tried they’d probably wouldn’t get too far either so all they could do was go inside the store and walk to the refrigerators hoping the coffees they pulled out would help their pulsating brain. They didn’t care that they had left a beaten and bloodied up young man outside, they didn’t care about the blood they were spreading against the cans of coffee and on the glass door, hell they didn’t even care that the sirens were getting louder.
It’s fine though, Jaehyun didn’t either. He heard the cashier yell at the men to get the hell out and he heard the man that had entered when he was paying helping the cashier in kicking them out. As he slowly stood up in massive pain after underestimating how strong they could still be after inebriation, he limped his way home with a growing smile on his face knowing you were to come home and care for him.
He felt satisfied with himself. In a matter of hours after you see him through that screen, you’ll be there mending his wounds and making him promise to take good care of himself. He could hear you already, all your pet names and cooing in order to make him feel better, always so loving.
The blue and red lights shone behind him as he walked, reflecting on some of the brick walls in front of him. Jaehyun never looked back and no one called for him as he continued his path. He didn’t stop either until he got to your complex but he liked to think that the men were trying to accuse him of starting it and leading to them watching the security camera videos just for him to show off as defenceless like he intended to.
He was still in so much pain but he couldn’t deny that the moment he had grabbed the laptop and you greeted him with such joy just for it to turn to worrisome horror, did satisfy him so much. Your smile faltered, questioning him manically. “It’s fine… some drunk men just— I mean it was my fault, I’m the one who bumped into them.” You shook your head trying to rationalise with him. “Either way they shouldn’t have beat the fuck out of you for something that small!... I don’t care if you told me to stay, I need to go now.”
“Baby, no— It’s fine, I can take care of myself and it’s late, I don’t want to be a burden right now.” “Clearly you can’t. I’ll ask JK to take me home now, I want to be there for you… Yuno, if it had gotten worse— I’d go insane without you. Your cuts and bruises right now are making my heart want to jump out, imagine if you had gotten worse injuries— I’d fucking die.” Hand to your chest as you calmed your breathing; your words had caught him off guard, making his own eyes widen momentarily before a large smile plastered on his lips.
“I’ll be home in a few, okay?”
“Alright...” Blowing a kiss his way, you waved before ending the call.
In the same sense— he would do anything and everything for you to be with him.
JUNE 2007
“What seat did you get?”
It was finally time for the Class of 07’ to have their final ceremony. Both of you had close friends in said class, so naturally you’d both had to attend. Your close connection with Jungkook led to a friendship between Taehyung and Jimin, both allowing you into their circle as well given by how glued to the hip you and Jungkook always were.
As for Jaehyun, he had Doyoung who briefly invited him mainly because he didn’t want to invite his aunt and uncle, giving the extra ticket to Taeyong and him— well that and the fact that Jaehyun is a close friend.
“Mmm… K02 seat 1, you?” Looking close at the ticket and then up to his pouting face, Yuno showed you his ticket, clearly reading P10 seat 13. Not only were you in a whole different section away from each other but you were also many rows before him. The auditorium was huge, he’d have to go up to the third level just to find his seat next to Doyoung’s family and Taeyong, very much really far away from you.
You imitated his pout, quite clearly just as distraught. Class of 2007 was huge and by the size you would all have to be there for a good few hours in the afternoon. It’s not like you could ask Taeyong to change tickets with you or Jungkook to give Jaehyun his.
The auditorium was starting to fill up by the minute as you both stood behind the last row in one of the sections of the first floor, families bunching up to find their seats and almost fighting with each other over claimed seats. It was annoyingly noisy but you were there to support, so what could you do about it?
Taking his hands into yours and intertwining your fingers with his, you gave them a light squeeze before pecking his cheek, feeling the softness of his skin against your rouge stained lips. Smiling at the red imprint your lips left, he smiled back knowing what you did.
“It’ll be just a few hours…”
“Yeah I suppose so... I think it’ll start soon, do you want to go up now?” His voice was soft, pulling you closer to him as he spoke. Nodding in agreement he waited for you to walk first, only to turn to your section as you began walking.
The penetrating glare coming from the person next to your seat was causing fires to erupt inside of Yuno's chest. If looks could kill, both would be dead by now. Upon the happenings of April, Jungguk’s image of Jaehyun had been skewed. As much as he wanted to believe in the good of humanity, there was still an itching that didn’t let him believe what Yuno had said when they arrived at the apartment and found him knocked out on the floor much to your distress.
Even if Jaehyun’s quirk of smirking after causing mischief didn’t appear— Jeongguk tried to convince himself that it was all an elaborate plan (which it was) and that Jung Jaehyun was truly sick but his pained expressions and whines from that night said quite the opposite, even the security clips after they filed a report proved Jungkook and the culprits wrong. The presence of this man was messing up with Kookie’s sanity more than he wanted to admit.
Returning the glare, Jaehyun chuckled, showing his mocking grin to the dark haired boy you’d sit next to. The amount of times Jungkook has tried to kill your boyfriend with his glares, are uncountable by now.
Not only did he hate him for how sick Yuno has been found to be but he hated the fact that you were eating from the palm of his hand. The fact that he had you and most of all for allowing him to hear you in such an intimate moment just to emasculate him.
Ever since that night, Jungkook had formed a vendetta against Jaehyun. He held so much resentment against the now brunette boy. If only he had known earlier that the boy he constantly saw at cafes and at the library where you both always frequented at the same time— he could have prevented what you and Jaehyun have now.
The glare didn’t stop even when both you and Yuno walked up to your section, smiling and giggling over the conversation you both were having. He felt his blood boiling by how near you both were getting, not even your laugh could make him shake it off.
“You look lonely.”
Turning to your voice, Jungkook shrugged as he sat up. “Yeah, well— you left me alone for too long so...” Faking a pout and quickly smiling at you as you shook your head, he could feel Yuno’s own glare on him, this time with no intentions of shits and giggles.
“Jealous?” you questioned, Jungkook looked at you as he shook his head, a bright smile that made you want to pinch his cheeks. “Not in the slightest.” Though you didn’t seem to notice, his gaze averted upwards to meet Jaehyun who wanted to laugh off his own jealousy. Instead he rolled his eyes, tongue poking at the inside of his cheek as you continued to bother Jungkook.
Lights were beginning to dim within seconds, as both men around you noticed that, Jaehyun understood it was time to finally part ways and go to his own designated section. Despite not wanting to let go of your hand, Jaehyun finally dropped it, turning to you for one last kiss, giving you a bye for now. You waved goodbye as he made his way down the steps with a loving stare from you and deathly glare from Jungkook. A wonderful contradiction.
Upon arriving at his seat the boy was met with the greetings of Doyoung’s family as they tried to calm down in order to save face (even if they all already knew how the Kims were). With polite greetings and bows, Jaehyun sat next to Taeyong, pleading eyes looking at Jaehyun for him to just sit down and distract him.
The boys knew well how Mr. and Mrs. Kim would argue at all times, even with the boys around but there was a limit to how much you could handle so as long as Jaehyun and Doyoung’s brother were there to distract him, Taeyong would ignore the couple.
“You okay?” Jaehyun chuckled with a smirk plastered on his lips once he sat down next to the blue haired boy. Turning his head to look at the family and their despondent expressions due to life, he turned back to the brunette boy. “What do you fucking think?”
Jaehyun only laughed, his smile consuming his eyes and creating those adorable moon shapes you adored on him. “Come on, don't laugh…” Taeyong whined, throwing his head back, having the auditorium lights shine on him.
“Do you think they’ll bicker the entire ceremony?”
“Hopefully not, it’d be three hours of endurance.”
Three hours… Just exactly how far he’d be from you too.
With the lights finally shutting off almost as if they were watching a show, the music began and the professors came all out one by one, followed by their half assed speeches that only elongated this dreadful event, an event all he could think about was you.
Tumblr media
Amongst the initial contradiction of how you and Jungkook bid farewell to him, Yuno couldn’t wear off how much harsher Jungkook’s glares were becoming. At this point it seemed like the boy actually hated him. Unlike the seeping anger that Kookie had for Yuno— does Yuno hate Kookie too? Huh… that’s a new subject.
Nevertheless the main threat was your time spent with a boy that didn’t like him. What if Jungkook tried his luck at tainting the image of Jaehyun you had— again… no, he couldn’t let that happen. Even with distance just like your spring break trip, he had to communicate with you at all times.
Incoming message from Yoonhoe…
You could feel the vibration against your leg.
Incoming message from Yoonhoe…
There it was again. It had no ring but your thigh could feel it all even through the fabric of your purse. You had been conversing through whispers with Jungkook when you felt it vibrate and though you were having a lovely talk, the curiosity of what it could be always took the best of you.
Incoming message from Yoonhoe…
Upon the last vibration, you leaned forward, having your forehead touch the back of the seat in front of you to where you could take out your phone to see what was going on. Flipping it open and trying your best to hide the brightness of the screen even if it was dull, the little bubble reading ‘3’ on the chatroom caused a smile to form on your lips, knowing well who the culprit was.
‘how are you doing down there?’ —yoonhoe
‘imy it’s getting v boring now…’ —yoonhoe
‘connect on tetris I want to play’ —yoonhoe
Tetris. Giggling at his childishness, you sat up, looking around trying to find where he had sat but with many heads and lack of illumination, you gave up turning back to the past position.
‘no i don’t think so you’ll end up taking my spot on the scoreboard’ —softbby
‘I was just talking with kookie :P how are u?’ —softbby
His smile faltered at the mentions of him, rolling his eyes. There wasn’t much he could say either, he was bored and wanted attention from his girlfriend. Doyoung had already walked the stage and now they were halfway through the list of graduates.
‘...bored, i want to play a game (¬_¬;)’ —yoonhoe
‘(≧▽≦) dont get fussy, let’s play :v in that case’ —softbby
‘fair enough (-_-)’ —yoonhoe
Just like you held a good score on Tetris he did too on Pac-Man and there’s no way he’d give anyone the chance to take his place. Conversation spark just like that, relinquishing in the state of boredom you both were in. You couldn’t deny this was making you very nostalgic, the fact that you two started out this way around this exact same too, it was all too familiar— a familiarity you wanted back somehow without fully having him too far from you.
While you smiled at his replies and the way he made your heart flutter, you couldn’t stop thinking about how different your life would’ve probably been this past year without him. Dull as it has always been and relying on Jungkook to have a social life, after all you had lost contact with Michelle and once in a while sent messages to Margo when something reminded you of her.
It’s truly weird how life works out sometimes; a year ago you had found yourself talking with a stranger that listened to you day and night, never thinking you’d end up in this situation… ever.
‘bby do u know what day we met?’ —softbby
‘umm… I don’t think I remember the exact date, I know it was a wednesday when I sent you that request tho’ —yoonhoe
‘wait— i think our 1yr just passed’ —yoonhoe
Yeah. A year, holy shit.
‘we only have 4mo 2gh but it’s been a year since we’ve known each other (─‿─)♡’ —softbby
‘time flies horribly fast, ilysm’ —yoonhoe
That sense of nostalgia had hit him too, now that you had brought it up, what he intended to be for fun and casual has turned into something much more deeper than that. Of course with no regrets but if you could hold up a year, an eternity would not be a problem.
Wholesome at best, this was as much as you all will get. With memories of how simple it all started, it ended on a lewd note and that’s how it will remain.
‘remember when u had to go fishing with ur dad and couldn’t use the chat so I promised you some pics when u came back but I never sent them?’ —softbby
‘am i getting an anniversary gift? (´♡‿♡`)’ —yoonhoe
Yes, you indeed were. Shutting the cell phone and tossing it into your purse, you sat up straight to be received with a questioning glare from the boy sitting next to you.
“Where are you going?” He’d ask, his sour face making you almost not want to answer. “Restroom,” but of course your answer had to be short, you had a lover boy waiting for some pictures and you’d rather not send them while surrounded by hundreds of prying eyes.
Before he could say anything else you had made your way out of the aisle and down to the nearest section exit, walking through the pitch black tunnels and trying to find an absolutely isolated location.
The line for the women’s restroom was sickly long so going there to just send some pictures didn’t appease you. Upon walking around looking for other places, a seating area for those who wait remains alone to your greatest advantage.
Checking your surroundings one last time, you pulled your phone out of your purse once again. The digital time on the front flashing white before flipping it open. Your fingers rushing to type out words whilst clicking multiple times on a single button just to get a letter that sometimes seemed like a burden but hey, at least it was a pretty pale blue one to which you matched with Jaehyun’s pretty pale pink phone.
‘go to the restroom, don’t open the messages until you get there’ —softbby
‘Oh… alright ;)’ —yoonhoe
That was the last message you had gotten from him, while he made his way down, you closed the chat room bubble, clicking on the arrow button, followed by the outline of a camera that would either lead you to the camera roll or your front camera. It was a more tedious process but you managed, clicking on the arrow left and right, picking the ones you liked most and for his eyes only.
With the excessive vibration against Yuno’s hands where he had held his phone, he stood from his seat, trying his best to hide the excitement he would get from looking at your little gift. Whilst pep, romance, lust, and excitement filled the air it seemed only you and your boyfriend shared, Jungkook remained alarmed.
You had cut your conversation with him short and crouched down to do whatever you were doing which was taking up much of your time and ignoring the ceremony. Of course it had to be product of Jaehyun, who else could he blame? Like usual he was proven right; after you had rushed out of the hall, Yuno followed suit minutes later, even through the same exit you had taken.
Anger began to brew, the teetering of blood rushing to his head. If he hadn’t learned anything from what a bathroom meant for both of you— he wouldn’t doubt morality had just jumped out of a window.
Perhaps what was most bothersome was that he couldn’t do anything about it. He didn’t want to miss Jimin in case he came to the stage in the following minutes and he didn’t want to come off as annoying to you for the time being, not when he’s trying his best to not show that the Yuno’s presence was ruining his perception of the friendship you both had.
Breathe in… breathe out, it was all he could do. Watching the giddy brunette almost float out of the auditorium to where he imagined meeting you at. Breathe in… breathe o— jaw clenched, nails digging into his thigh. It will be fine, it has to be.
His steps were louder than yours had been, full of excitement and still joyous at the realization that you’d both had endured longer than expected. Unlike the women’s bathroom, there was no line for the men’s restroom; walking right in through the maze of stalls, Jaehyun found the farthest one available, going right in as his fingers fumbled to flip open the phone. His finger hovered over the chat room icon, the miniscule bubble with a ‘9’ over it making him both antsy and hesitant to open them.
Nonetheless he couldn’t waste time, it was gold after all. Dimly illuminated was his face upon opening file after file; trying his best to fight off the smirk that was trying to manifest itself, Yuno simply bit his lower lip, feeling blood rush from his cock to head. He could probably get a nose bleed by how these were making him feel.
He couldn’t tell if they were old or not, all he could notice was the multiple positions you were in with an image of him next to you. His dick twitched as he clicked left and right, the annoying sound of the buttons weren’t good enough to distract him from looking at your pictures over and over. Even if some weren’t as lewd he enjoyed the teasing of wearing his shirt with nothing else underneath but he could say his most favorite picture was the one with his favorite shirt.
Yuno never told you why he liked it but it was his favorite and you’d do anything to make him remain happy. With a few more clicks he saved them to look at for another time. If he could he would’ve rubbed one off in that instant but he had to practice self restraint at the end of the day.
Even gracing his cock was proving to be painful, all he wanted was to let that pent up frustration out, but how could he when the damned ceremony wasn’t over just yet. With random thoughts to kill his boner, Yuno made his way out of the stall and straight to the sink. Maybe some cold water would help him; and so he washed his hands, splashing the remaining drops that clung onto him towards his face hoping it would help his little problem that was almost gone.
‘what should I do about my boner? </3’ —yoonhoe
‘aww, maybe at home?’ —softbby
‘please >_<’ —yoonhoe
‘look up :)’ —softbby
Jaehyun lifted his head, he had been conversing with you as he made his way out of the restroom, not counting on you being right outside the entrance.
Before he could talk, you took his arm into your hands, dragging him to where you had been sitting whilst sending those images to him. “So?” You’d question, eyes hopeful for good feedback. “Anything you send will always satisfy me.” With a smile on his face, Jaehyun leaned in, pressing his plush lips against yours for a tender kiss.
Wrapping his arms around you for an embrace; you smiled into the kiss, wrapping your own around his waist. As wholesome as you’d both try to keep it, Yuno recalled the feeling of arousal he felt upon seeing those images on his tiny screen. Blood was rushing to the tip of his cock once again and he could feel the sensitivity hitting him.
With your simplest touch against his body, he could crumble underneath you. You could sense it, the way his kisses became feverish and his grip on you tightened. Taking advantage of the situation, as you’d both kiss with much more passion, one of your hands slithered down, making its way from his hip to thigh. He slightly flinched feeling the warmth of your palm on that area but upon moving it even more, he tried hard not to groan as it inched closer to the most sensitive area as of now.
1,2,3… pause. 1,2,3… pause. 1,2,...3; your hand had settled on top of his cock after seconds of teasing. It was warm and it flinched upon feeling you over it, almost like a familiar touch. He had let out a breathy silent groan when you touched him but once you began softly rubbing him from above, he kissed you furthermore trying to drown out his glorious noises.
His leg was slightly bouncing as you continued, his hand had taken a hold of your hair and threaded his fingers on it. Without much thinking, you pulled away with a giggle leaving your lips. “You’re so easy.” You’d tease, kissing up on his cheek while he tried to relax his body.
Yuno didn’t give you an immediate response, all he could think about was you in those pictures and the way you touched him, making him crave more. Once he had regained that stolen breath, he leaned forward, burrowing his face on the crook of your neck. “You’ve always been a horrible tease.” He’d jest, making a trail of small kisses on the exposed skin.
“Are you good to go now?” Humming in response, he shook his head. “You’re giving me blue balls, let me sit through it.” You couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he sounded, he’d purse his lips in a pout whenever he tried to convince you of something but it seemed today’s convincing relied on staying back a few minutes more.
As you’d both remain in the same position, you’d taken it upon yourself to take him into an embrace, stroking his hair that seemed to be growing more and more (much to your pleasure). “Yuno?” He hummed again. “Last year… Did you ever think we would’ve been in this position?” It was a clear answer; No. He didn’t even think you’d add him back, especially since he had nothing to demonstrate what he looked like but then again neither did you.
“I think we would still be strangers to each other on the internet if you hadn’t blurted out your feelings like that.” Remembering the happenings made you slightly cringe, you really only told him out of fear that he’d think you liked Jungkook. “Yeah because you were getting your panties on a knot over JK. You have always been so jealous now that I think about it.” Of course the tone in your voice was teasing and even if he chuckled to it, he now had the idea of Jungkook in his brain again and it was rotting him away. At least it worked as a boner killer.
Standing from his position, Jaehyun patted his thighs hoping the last of it was to now leave before stretching his hand out for you to take. “Alright, let’s go, I think this thing is almost over now.” Groaning at the idea of another hour ruining your mood again, you had spent a good ten minutes with your lover and going back to hearing a list of names just didn’t feel right anymore.
Nonetheless, there was still Jimin you had to show support for. Hand in hand, the both of you made small talk as you’d enter the dark halls and into the auditorium, squeezing his hand as a goodbye rather than spoken word. It felt lonely again, though you had enjoyed the first two hours with Jungkook, this sudden change of not being with Yuno again was finally taking a toll on you.
God, having a romantic partner really fools with you.
None of that had gone unacknowledged by your close friend. As much as he told himself to not be irrational and annoying, seeing a smile on your boyfriend only reminded him of his mocking quirks, ruining his mood no matter what.
Once seated, you’d swiftly smile at him before returning to your previous position, at this point your focus was no longer on the ceremony and rather on your boyfriend.
Head pressing against the grease stained back of the seat and phone at hand— before you could even flip it open, the rapid movements coming from Jungkook had caught you fairly off guard. His hand snatching the electronic off your hands and pocketing it while you sat up in confusion.
“Dude, what the fuck?” He didn’t even let out a peep as you struggled to understand where this was coming from. “Jungkook, give it back!” You could only settle for whispers in order to not call any attention to you right now.
Jungkook just shook his head as an initial response. “You almost missed Jimin, y/n.” His scolding didn’t help sooth how annoyed you finally were as of now, it still wasn’t his right to monitor your actions.
“I’ll give it to you after this ends, do it for Jimin.” What a stupid reason; if you were going to do something for someone it surely wasn’t going to be for anyone that wasn’t Yuno. You couldn’t give two shits about this event, all you knew was Jungkook standing between your conversation between him and despising every second of it.
Apart from that, there wasn’t really much you could do. Compared to Jungkook, he could stomp on you and you weren’t trying to cause a scene in front of hundreds of people. All you could do was sit tight and wait for time to fly fast and try to ignore the glances JK would throw at you from time to time to make sure you were doing fine.
It was quite obvious you weren’t and guilt was surely sitting at the pit of his stomach every time he looked at you. Your expression shows nothing but frustration and your leg bouncing obviously indicating your dissatisfaction with him.
Jung Jaehyun will be the end of this bond.
Time couldn’t go any slower, as it went by Jaehyun had been spamming your phone through both the chat room and your messages. To his disdain after not hearing back from you, it left a sour feeling in his mouth, questioning why suddenly you had stopped and as much as he tried to peer over to your section, the darkness of the auditorium didn’t allow for it.
Through the following hour as you suffered from boredom and anger, Jungkook of a growing irritation with himself, both you, your boyfriend, and Yuno’s urge to know the reason for your sudden disconnection— time had finally hit the mark.
With a final ment from the dean and a swarm of graduates rushing out of ground hallways, the ceremony had come to an end. Lights turning on and finally illuminating the auditorium, that was your cue to turn towards your friend who hesitantly enough handed you your cell phone.
Through your own glares, you took the phone, flipping it open being received with a swarm of spam on many platforms.
‘do u want to catch a bite after this?’ —yoonhoe
‘or do u want to head back home?’ —yoonhoe
‘we can continue where we left off ;)’ —yoonhoe
‘oh wait ur not online’ —yoonhoe
yuno <3: so? Food or home?
yuno <3: princess?
yuno <3: did ur phone die?
yuno <3: mm most likely :/
A groan audibly left your lips upon reading them all. In the precise moment you wanted to scold Jungkook for being a dick about this whole phone thing. It wasn’t that serious and it’s not like you would’ve ignored Jimin when he came on stage, you just didn’t care about other graduates and texting your boyfriend just seemed like a rational thing to do to avoid boredom.
Of course it was serious to Jungkook. Ever since Jaehyun came into your lives physically, the friendship with you felt distant and his paranoia along with the protectiveness he has towards you, didn’t help ease his nerves when he knew Yuno was capable of getting his way just to know where you are and with who— as long as he had you with him.
Neither of you spoke a word to each other once everyone started to leave. Though you held a conversation with both the Kims and Parks, your words weren’t directed towards him and upon that, Jungkook could feel the regret of being impulsive at the time being.
As the families conversed and the graduates rushed to the front of the building to toss their caps in the air as a sign of freedom and into the big world— you looked for Jaehyun. In the crowd of hundreds of people it seemed like an eternal game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, had he kept his hair colored, this process would’ve been made a thousand times easier.
But as always— he's a step ahead. Startled by the sudden cold hand taking a grasp on your arm; your head whipped, hair almost hitting his pretty face. In result you’d slap off his hand for making you get startled but his laughter only soothed you. “You scared me,” You confessed, rubbing where he’d grab you whilst pretending to be hurt.
“Did your phone die? I was asking if you wanted to go eat or head home?” He still remained joyful, his wide smile even when the sun was hitting his face and his large hand didn’t do much to give him shade. You’d love to bask in his warm sweet smile of genuine joy but the memory of Jungkook just snatching your phone reminded you of that sour feeling and how the rose colored glass you had towards him were cracking.
Shaking your head with a side smile, “Jungkook fucking took my phone away so I wouldn’t be ’rude’ when Jimin came up.” Slowly but surely, his cute smile was fading at the scenario that had encompassed after your little hang out. “That’s weird… Isn’t it logical that you would pay attention when your friend comes on stage?” He didn’t even try to cover his face from the sun anymore; it was for the better as it blinded you from seeing the rage brewing in his eyes.
“I mean yeah… I don’t know, it just pissed me off. It wasn’t that serious for him to act like that… or am I overreacting?” The sheer panic in your eyes made him wonder why you’d react that way and quite honestly he didn’t like it. “No, you’re not. He shouldn’t have acted that way just because you were talking to me. I don’t think you’re the problem, probably I am.” And there he went, making it about himself.
Pulling him into an embrace you shake your head still in denial of their obvious rivalry. “Baby come on, don’t start this again.” You’d groan against his chest, holding tightly onto his waist. “Y/n he’s just so protective of you when I’m around… I’m literally your boyfriend, it feels weird that he’s like that every time I’m around.”
No it wasn’t. He knew damn well why Jungkook was that way but he enjoyed slandering him in front of you with the front that your dear friend was in the wrong. “I guess…” He caressed your hair, smiling to himself at the thought of you being weary of JK. “I want to go back home… you owe me something.” Moving your head to reach his biceps, your teeth softly clung onto them, making your boyfriend whimper in surprise. It wasn’t much, if anything he could barely feel it but he enjoyed playing along.
“Alright, I want you to meet Taeyong and Doyoung first, you okay with that?” You couldn’t say no, he seemed so giddy to talk about other friends outside the group Jungkook knew him from and it made you feel even more included in his life. Separating from the embrace he had dragged you through the masses of people, talking over the loud noise as you tried your best to hear him but still couldn’t.
It didn’t matter as when you arrived and was met by a beautiful pair of men, all you could do was smile and coward besides Yuno. Damn him and his pretty friends.
“Taeyong, nice meeting you!” He was the most giddy, a little bounce on his step as he extended his hand out to you, shyly smiling when you finally took it. “Hi… y/n.” It was actually quite adorable to see you get this flustered.
“I’m Doyoung, it’s a pleasure finally meeting you. Jaehyun doesn’t stop talking about you, like ever.”
“He doesn’t?”
They both shook their heads, laughing as if there was an inside joke. “No, he’s fucking mental.” Taeyong said in a playful tone that had made you giggle at the idea of him talking their ear off. In the midst of making small talk and trying to form a bond for the sake of Yuno, Doyoung’s brother had interrupted the lot of you, stating that they were now leaving for their family dinner to which the brothers shared the same look of distress.
Nodding as a sign of goodbye, Taeyong followed after the younger man, taking this as his chance to finally leave the summer sun he was painfully trying to hide from; whilst the both of you walked, you continued your teasing Jaehyun for his immense infatuation.
Turning to Yuno, you took his hand in yours, tugging it to the parking lot. “Alright, so home?” “Yeah,” Giving his hand a squeeze, he couldn’t help smirk at the action and those to come.
Tumblr media
Arriving at the apartment had changed the mood for the both of you. What was playful in the car and halls had turned to lust.
Fingers brushing against each other as you’d rush to the bedroom. Everything moved in silence apart from the shuffling of clothes being casually taken off. Just reminiscing on those pictures from earlier and the way you had touched him through his clothing was enough to help his already hardening dick.
Taking his hand into yours once fully undressed, he’d hover over you as you laid on the softness of your bed sheets. The smooth fabric against your skin as his lips teased yours in a game of cat and mouse, making you hopeful that they’d finally land and give you a rewarding kiss.
When it didn’t come, you grazed your leg in between his, making him shudder at the contact. Smiling against your lips, Jaehyun leaned in, kissing you tenderly. His arms helped his weight but as you both delved more into it, he lowered himself.
His hands taking a hold of your face whilst his forearms helped him now. Your tongue teasing his lips, swiping it across his lower lip before taking a soft bite. Yuno smirked at the tugging feeling, parting his lips slightly to let your tongue in.
A wonderful contradiction to the warmth of his mouth, your cold tongue gracing his. As your lips moved feverishly against each other and tongues entwined, one of his hands moved up to your hair, holding it like he never wanted to let you go while the other one caressed its path to your nipples.
The closer you were now, skin to skin, lips against each other— it was making it hotter inside the room. His grip on your hair tightened, lifting your head slightly. The tugging made you moan against his lips, one he swallowed with so much gratitude and repaid with his fingers rubbing at the warm nubs, pinching them softly, and turning them to your satisfaction; moaning even more against his lips.
His hand fondled with your nipple, followed by his soft grip on your breast. Whilst his lips ravished yours, tongue tasting yours; Jaehyun’s hand, made it’s path down in between your thighs.
His fingers danced over your thighs, raking his nails softly on the flesh before coming in contact with your cunt. “Do you want them in you?… I bet you do.” Your whimpers agreed with him, desperately agreed but instead he opted to rub your clit in circles, painfully slow to the point that it was over stimulating even without an orgasm. Your legs shook whilst you tried to move hoping he’d let you have the release you deserved but even if you moved your head a bit he’d pull you back up by the makeshift ponytail.
His hand was perfectly in between your thighs, as he circled the sensitive bundle of nerves that were about to explore, your fluids ran down his hand, covering his palm with not only near cum but the warmth you exuded. Jaehyun could feel your need seeping in through him. Your body shook from the pleasure he always knew how to produce. “Yuno… ah— I…” you couldn’t even speak as you twisted at the feeling of his middle and ring finger circling and pressing at your clit. You were so close to coming, so so close.
Mercy had taken over him, finally caving in to your pretty moans. Slowly, Jaehyun inserted his ring and middle finger inside of you, pumping them slowly until he could figure out by your facial contortions what you enjoyed. As he went by, pushing them in and moving the tips of his fingers to stimulate a certain spot you found enjoyable; with the feeling coiling in your gut, your bladder feeling painfully full— you stopped his hand, looking at his confused face and pulling out his fingers yourself.
You were simply close to coming and you couldn’t let that just happen. Not without him getting stimulation himself. “Are you okay?” He questioned, sitting down on bed watching your every move. You didn’t say much besides nodding and crawling off the bed, that was enough for him to understand your thought process.
Your hands caressed him as you settled between his legs, taking his penis into your hands and stroking it softly to see how sensitive he was. It wasn’t much sensitivity as he didn’t shudder like he usually did when he was ready to cum, nevertheless your hands moved against his warm flesh, twisting your hands softly to create a feather like stimulation, one he’d begin to find rather enjoyable.
“I don’t want to come on your hand, I like seeing your face when I come around you.” Those words with the addition of your warm lips surrounding the tip of his cock, Jaehyun let a gruntled moan out, his head thrown back, and lips parted. He really enjoyed every time you sucked him off; whether it was the slick feeling that made it easy for him to face fuck you or hearing your gags whenver you tried to go deeper, he loved every second of it.
He supported his weight with both his arms and hands, leaning back a bit as you did your magic (the one he loved so much). As his head was thrown back to enjoy the physical aspect of this, you looked up at him, adoring how beautiful he was, even in the lewdest of moments. Your lips moved slowly around his shaft, making sure he felt the warmth of your mouth and spit. Slowly by slowly going further down to take as much of him as you could.
Your hands took a hold of his testicles, massaging them softly to see how he’d react this time. Seeing him flinch slightly but giving you the liberty to continue; your left hand played with the balls, kneading them in between your fingers as you blew him, the spit flowing down to his testicles, making it easy for you to grant him more pleasure.
Jaehyun looked at you through his eyelashes, eyes too tired to stay open but anything to see the way you treated him so kindly. He adored everything about you; the way you looked with him buried inside your mouth, the way you handled him if it wouldn’t fit all inside, and the way you looked up at him to see the way he was looking at you.
Upon your eyes meeting, Jaehyun reached one of his hands to caress your warm cheeks, feeling his cock through the soft layers of tissue. He didn’t speak just yet, he was admiring every single detail of you, upon his hand reaching your hair and softly gripping it, you moaned around him. The vibration made him lose his focus, biting his lip a bit too hard as you had finally taken him whole. You could feel his cum leaking, he was trying so hard to not make it spill in the moment. He smiled at you, beautiful teeth showing as you took him whole.
“My pretty girl, you’re doing so good— you always do so good.” He moaned again, feeling the back of your throat directly on his leaking tip. His moan alone made you moan around him as well, you could feel the wetness between your legs start to slide down your thighs and onto your calves. You were craving him again, more than just his soft caresses and hair holding.
Pulling back slightly he hissed, the motion against his sensitive flesh not helping how close he was. “Baby-” he whined, his grip tightening. “Fuck, I can’t anymore, please…” he begged. You couldn’t do much but giggle around him even if it felt like a moan, but with so you took him all in again, your nose touching his pelvic bone along the curly hair, making him lose the grip he has on your hair.
He could feel himself so close, he felt those small drops turn into thin spurts leaving him as he still tried his best to not let go. Your fingers played with his balls as you tried to stay in the position for as long as you could but as you felt the small spurts have more force, you couldn’t help it but pull away fully, making him groan loudly, trying not to touch himself to avoid cumming overall.
Your lips connected to his cock by long strings of saliva, gathering it on your hand and fingers, you lightly kicked his leg so he could watch you rub it on your cunt, making him ache more and more. Jaehyun was in pain, he was so close to finishing yet he had to restrain himself once again, it’s always evident you have more control on denial than him.
Rubbing away the wetness on your flesh, you crawl the bed besides him, giggling at his expression of exhaustion. “Aw, I’m sorry…” you told him, your now dry lips falling on top of his, to which he was quick enough to kiss you back. “I don’t know how you don’t feel like ending it all when you do this to yourself.” He whined pulling you closer to him.
“I think I learnt from our first date and you didn’t let me cum for a while, you were truly so evil for our first time.” You jested, making him pout that soon turned into a smile. “I promise to never deny you again, baby, I’m sorry.” Pulling you into another kiss, Jaehyun pulled on your thigh motioning for you to get on top of him. You were so needy at this point that anything he dictated would happen.
With your legs straddling him and cores touching, fluids seeping with each other, Jaehyun’s tongue swiped across your lips, slipping it in, in a motion you mimicked as he took his cock into his own hand, easily slipping it inside of you, your breathy moans mixing together in one as you’d both continue making out.
Maybe it’s because he was already leaking but he felt so much bigger than before that you couldn’t complain about the extra stretch. His swollen cock, slow and steady at first but with much desperation, Jaehyun’s strokes became harder. Pulling fully out of you before slamming back in roughly but not enough to hurt you.
His hands on your hips, cock slamming in you, your hands on his shoulders as you rocked the same hips he held, trying to form more friction on your clit through his lower flesh. “You never fail to feel so good, y/m/n… if I could I’d be buried inside you all the time.” Yuno confessed, his lips making way to your neck, nipping it softly as he kissed it. One hand on your ass, massaging the warm flesh as you began to bounce on his cock now.
Your thighs and calves burned but you felt his tip finally reach your g-spot, hitting it with all his might as he continued to thrust upward while you rode him. You felt it in your gut, the coiling feeling tightening even more before it would eventually unclench, your moans became more audible now, letting Jaehyun know this was working for you just as it was working for him. “My pretty girl, are you about to come? Are you?” He cooed, his grip on your ass tightening. You couldn’t speak, rather leaned forward to catch his lips between yours, letting the saliva that built on his tongue go inside your mouth.
Yuno chuckled at your lack of words, your moans filling his mouth and chest whenever you pulled away to kiss it. Lips surrounding his nipple and nipping it to make him hiss, Yuno took a tight grip on your ass before taking all his will power to sit up with his cock still buried deep within you.
Standing up whilst holding you as tight as he could, he smiled at you, kissing away the confusion as he flipped both of you, making you lay on your back, pulling his cock out swiftly as he pulled your legs up to your head, enough to make sure you’re comfortable. “I want you to coat my cock again and again…” taking your lower lip between his lips, you took your tongue out to lick his upper lip softly. “Anything you ask, baby. Anything you ask.” You answered once he let your lip free, kissing him as he began to rock his hips again, the position gave him more leverage, a new angle and an easier way to reach the spot he had been hitting earlier.
It was only seconds before you actually came so as your sweaty skin slapped against each other and you could feel Yuno’s legs shake from how close he was getting again, he lowered himself to have his pelvic bone rub at your clit once again. The sensitive bud not being able to take much longer and once the squelching sound got louder, you took a hold of his forearms, wanting to feel the heat of his body radiate on yours all it could.
He smiled down on you, his dimples so prominent as sweat that rolled down from his forehead pooled inside them. He was always so pretty during sex, his skin would turn into a raging crimson that stung from the heat but his face would glow, the natural tint ever so pretty, and the sweat he easily formed made it easier for you to hold onto him.
Your legs were giving up, shaking as Jaehyun settled them on his shoulders knowing you needed some help. Your breaths were ragged and you felt your walls clench around him once more, the coil releasing slowly until he leaned in, “my lovely girl… show me how pretty you look when you cum around my cock, I want to feel you over and over, with no end.” His breath on your ear and neck, his panting making it harder for him, even if he now nibbled on your earlobe as he pounded into you.
His words made you give out, eyes rolling as you felt the coil release. Your legs shook and so did your body, holding onto him for dear god, riding out your orgasm as he continued to fuck you. He groaned louder against you, feeling the warm fluids coat him in layers of your release.
Yuno’s cock was swollen and he couldn’t take it any longer, pulling out of you as fast he could, making you complain at the loss of heat and the feeling of being full. He crawled to your side, holding his cock as he sat on his knees, jerking himself as he looked at you, your fucked up state making him feel even more aroused. Knowing he needed a release you caressed his thigh, enough touch to make him spurt all over your chest, some even falling to the lower area of your face.
He moaned loudly, feeling his red and angry cock finally feel peace knowing he was able to cum now. You watched him closely, the way he massaged his tip trying to get rid of everything. If it wasn’t because your clit was overly sensitive, you’d be touching yourself, praying for another orgasm.
Once he was able to calm himself, Jaehyun smiled at you, leaning down to kiss you, not caring about his cum coating your chest and lips. “I think this is a new record of how hard you’ve made me cum.” He confessed, making you giggle as he grabbed a dirty shirt from the bed to clean away his cum from you.
With you cleaned off and too sensitive to even stand or move on your own, he laid beside you pulling you to his chest and wrapping an arm around your shoulder as you wrapped one of yours around his waist and tried your best to prop your leg over him, feeling his cock on your calf. Peppering his chest with delicate kisses, Jaehyun ran his fingers softly through your hair.
Hearing his heartbeat and respiration start to slow down after his near heaving earlier, you smiled to yourself, pulling him closer by the waist.
“Hm?” He hummed.
“Do you think you’ll ever stop loving me?”
He didn’t have to think about it, the answer was clear.
“No, I’d end myself if I did.”
Turning your head to look up at him, your hair still wrapped around his fingers; you grinned at him, your words soft yet strong.
“I don’t plan on ever letting you go.”
Turning back to the position you were at, Jaehyun’s confusion turned into satisfaction, a small smile turned into a smirk, speaking it all.
“Let's go get cleaned up.”
Neither of you counted on hearing the front door squeak, so when you both heard it after he finished his sentence, the both of you sat up in confusion (you a little more slowly at the soreness between your thighs).
“Get dressed, I’ll go see.” He whispered, putting on the boxers he had tossed around, leaving you on the bed to get dressed as he went out to see who it could be. Of course he knew though, no one else besides him or your parents had keys and your parents wouldn’t visit you unless you asked them to, it could only be one person he so detests…
“I got hungry…” Jungkook told the other boy, raising some bread you had left on the dining table. Jaehyun didn’t care, he just wanted to know what Kookie was doing there.
Jaehyun’s skin was still tinted red and by the look of his barely resting chest, Jungkook knew he had interrupted the both of you. “So?...” Jaehyun questioned hoping he’d explain his arrival. “So where’s y/n?” Jeongguk himself, questioned.
Was he really dismissing Yuno’s presence?
Raising an eyebrow, Jaehyun turned to the room. “Resting.” You could hear both of them clearly even if you tried avoiding it but every time you left them alone for a little too long, they always argued and after Yuno blew your brains out, you wanted to be far from the stress those arguments caused. With as much willpower as you could collect, you grabbed your panties and the PJs you wore last night, putting them on as fast as you could, only to limp your way out of the room, dry cum on your chin and sweat sticking your hair to your forehead.
“Hey, Jimin’s parents threw him a last minute grad party and wanted me to invite you.” Kookie greeted you. “You couldn’t have called?...” You tried speaking softly as you could, you were still angry at the way he acted back at the auditorium but you still didn’t want to sound harsh.
He nibbled on the bread again, swallowing the piece he was chewing on. “I did but you never answered so I came to check by.” He pulled up his phone log, showing the both of you despite neither of you actually looking at it.
Jaehyun turned to the other boy, making sure he understood the reason why. “Clearly busy, Kookie…” He imputed, making you turn from him to your friend. Jungkook almost talked back to your boyfriend but upon hearing your voice, he pressed his lips together again. “Just give us a few minutes, then.” Making your way back into the bedroom with Jaehyun trailing behind you, you stopped at the door frame and turned back to the boy eating bread.
“There’s ah- my mom brought me asado, there’s asado in the fridge. Just heat it up if you’re still hungry.”
Smiling up at you before nodding, both you and Jaehyun turned to your original plan. As you’d both had gotten showered and ready, Jungkook finished his meal and bid you goodbye whilst you’d both finished getting ready. Poor boy had been starving and knowing Jimin’s parents, there was no food in this party just yet besides wine and pastries.
You both were no exception. Once ready, you’d both rush to Aldis to buy the last cake they had on display and get something from their food court, at least to feed those who were hungry just like Jungkook. There was nothing besides rotisserie chicken and a bundle of side dishes, well that would have to do for now.
In fact by the time you both arrived, the sun was beginning to set (much to his distaste). Bags in both your hands, Jaehyun looked at the white house, watching a few children play tag around the front and back yards. It was an all American home, two stories with the clean suburban picture painted all over the wooden clapboards.
“It’ll be just a few minutes, okay?” You reassured him, taking his hand and walking inside the unlocked doors of the home. Instantly greeted by a pair of arms pulling you away from your boyfriend; Jaehyun felt discomfort.
Standing in front of him, a man shorter than him, to which he assumed was Jimin by the ornaments stuck to him, congratulating him. His arms were off of you by now, smiling and thanking you for the food and the envelope you’d handed him as a present. Apologizing for the small gift given the late invitation, he reassured you it was fine. When his eyes finally landed on your boyfriend, you took it as an opportunity to finally introduce them both.
Taking Yuno’s hands into yours with bags and all in the way, you smiled at the blond boy. “This is my boyfriend…” Letting him speak, “Jaehyun, nice to meet you.” Your sweet boy smiled at the older boy, stretching his hand to be shaken. Jimin did shake it but his eyes averted from him to look for Jungkook.
“Nice meeting you, Jungkook speaks of you a lot.”
His smile turned into a soft smirk, cocking an eyebrow and slanting his head. “Does he?” Jimin nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat. By doing so, he finally reacted to the bags of food, taking the ones you held and opted to ask Jaehyun to follow him to the kitchen, making your introduction rather short and leaving you alone in the living room.
It was fine though, a few of the people there knew you, so unlike Yuno, you weren’t as estranged. To avoid awkwardness, Jimin thought about sparking a conversation with Jaehyun. Questioning his major and how he was doing for the day. When your boyfriend told him he had gone to the auditorium, he felt the pit in his stomach, taking Jungkook’s words in and ignoring any other possibility for the young man to be there as well.
Of course when Jaehyun added Doyoung’s name into the mix and his invitation, the blond man relaxed, knowing it wasn’t to be around you 24/7 like Jungkook liked to say.
The conversation was rather dry because despite telling himself he wasn’t biased towards Jungkook’s narrative, Jimin was a very anxious person and he didn’t know Jaehyun well enough to have him in his house, even if he was your boyfriend. He wasn’t invited afterall, you just brought him in.
“Well, help yourself to some drinks, food, cake for Niko…”
“Yeah, sorry about that, it was the only cake left.” Jaehyun apologized, looking at the pink and white cake, reading: ‘Nikolasa’s babyshower.’
“No it’s fine, any cake is good.” Jimin chuckled awkwardly, before letting your boyfriend know he was quickly getting some drinks from the outside fridge. Jaehyun nodded, not really interested in the boy anymore. He had learned to figure out he was paranoid but tried his best to stay calm. Why must all your friends be so easy to read?
Anything could happen in seconds.
Jimin’s mother is drunk now. Having confused a wine cooler with pink lemonade, the woman had basically consumed the entire pitcher and due to that her state of mind was free and loose, letting her spew anything she could.
“Oh? I don’t think I recognize you…” Her words were slurred, swallowing the sip he had taken from the actual pink lemonade, he licked his lips. “I’m Jaehyun, y/n’s boyfriend.” Shyly smiling at her, he extended his hand in order to shake it.
It went ignored, she just stood in shock and curiosity, spewing out how pretty of a boy he was. “But I thought Kookie was her boyfriend, right?”
“W-why would you think that?” Jaehyun tried hiding the spiral in his voice, lips beginning to feel that twitch as he smiled. “Surely they’ve dated before, right? Oh where’s Jimin, he’ll take me out of this brain rot…” As she yelled for her son, those words laughed at him, his ears becoming red— trying his best to not insult her for ruining his exceptionally good day.
“Yes?” Jimin answered, finally coming inside to see the both of them standing at the arranged table. “I thought you said, y/n was dating Jungkook, or dated him, right?” Her alcoholic breath hit Jimin’s face, making his eyes widen in fright of the taller man in front of him.
“What?! No, I never told you that!” His voice was growing desperate. “They— They never dated, I can promise you that, I’m sorry she’s just drunk.” Max half an hour since the both of you had arrived and something had already gone wrong.
Jaehyun smiled, accomplishing to fool Jimin into thinking he was fine. “I know, it’s fine.” He lied. Nothing was fine, a wretched alcoholic hag had just ruined his day by making up lies that would throw him into a spiral.
Jimin nodded as well, taking his mother by the shoulders and beginning to push her out of the kitchen. Before they left, Jimin turned to watch him sip on his drink again. “I promise they never had anything, they’ve never dated. I promise…” Jaehyun nodded as a way to reassure him with a smile on his face, waiting for them to fucking leave already.
With no one in sight, his smile faded into a deep scowl, the redness of his ears turning a dark crimson. If he had learned anything, it is that being around anyone related to Jungkook would find the time to ruin his life.
The kitchen was the most quiet place he could find, he hadn’t moved from there all this time you’d both been in this home that now consumed him and filled his chest with hate. The clock on the wooden wall ticked all night, letting him know time was going by and all he was doing was overthinking the words of a drunk woman.
Of course he knew it wasn’t true what Mrs. Park said but that didn’t change the fact that she had still ruined his mood and he was now filled with rage only Jungkook could fill. Just reminiscing on the words ‘Jungkook is her boyfriend’ made his guts twist and turn, hate seeping out of his pores at how detestable it sounded.
He couldn’t keep it in much longer, he wanted to leave. His head was pounding, overthinking everything and creating scenarios as to what made her think that but first he had to find you and finally take you away from the grip these people had on you.
It wasn’t hard to find you, sitting on the sofa talking with the older women and men, some teens  (relatives of Jimin), as well both Jungkook and Jimin sat on either side of you. They all questioned the three of you on your academic decisions and joked around like older people usually do when they like to tease.
Just the closeness was eating him alive, to see how Jungkook wrapped his arm around your shoulder and he laid back like nothing about that was wrong. He didn’t say anything when he crossed the threshold, walking past the surrounding area, slow enough to make you notice him.
So you did, you gave him the attention he needed now. Looking up at him and calling his name out as you stood up, letting Jungkook’s arm fall from your shoulder, they all turned to look at the young man.
It’s your attention he wanted, not theirs.
“Where have you been, I've been looking for you all night?” You questioned reaching his person. “Have you?” He patronized, turning to the group of eldery and your friends. “Yeah, I have…” You responded picking up on his tone, cocking an eyebrow. Neither said much more since you pulled him by the arm to the group that surrounded you.
Changing his demeanor when reaching the area, Jaehyun smiled shyly, bowing to greet them. “I’d like you all to meet my boyfriend before the night ends.” You smiled proudly, looking around as some complimented his looks and politeness.
Though that’s what you looked at, Jaehyun followed the gaze of a few women looking between him and Jungkook, noticing the scowl on Jungkook. Interesting, huh?
“Where were you hiding him?” Jimin’s cousin teased, she had just finished her first year of college so they had bothered her as well about her career and academic plans, hence why she’s stuck there. “Yeah, where were you?” You questioned him, toying with his fingers as you held his hand.
“I was just standing in the kitchen…” He confessed, feeling Jimin’s anxious stare on him. It was awkward, no one would deny that but nonetheless they would all try to elongate a conversation he tried so hard to keep in order to avoid being seen as a brat.
Chuckling at his response, the eldery questioned him too as if he was interested but once they stopped bombarding him and turned to the other cousins, Jaehyun leaned in to whisper in your ear that he wanted to leave now.
“What? Why? We haven’t been here long.” “Y/m/n come on… it’s getting late.”
You furrowed your eyebrows turning to face him, trying to decipher why he was acting this way. So was Jungkook, ever since he popped into the frame, he couldn’t peel his eyes from every movement Jaehyun made.
He was less subtle, maybe that’s why all his attempts always failed.
“What’s wrong, my boy?” The booming voice of an old man had made everyone’s attention shift from the conversation to you two, just as he had followed Jungkook’s focal point, noticing how intently he stared at the both of you.
Jaehyun looked around noticing he was talking to him; the man even made Jungkook break his attention from the both of you to see who he was addressing. It took Jaehyun a while to process it, “Oh… It’s just getting late and I have work tomorrow.” The man whined at how soft Jaehyun’s voice sounded. “It’s so early, come on just a few minutes.”
He smiled politely as he pulled you closer to him. “I would love to stay, believe me. I’m having a great time but it’s dark and I have an early shift tomorrow, I’m so sorry.” He answered as truthfully as he could.
It was true, he did work tomorrow but not as early. It didn’t matter because the man shifted the conversation to what he worked at. Having Yuno tell him about his now paid internship. He was lucky he was pretty, privileged enough to make people still like him even if he wasn’t trying (just like now).
Yawning intentionally mid conversation, Jaehyun apologized for it before he looked at the time, asking you to leave again. Whining at his request, “Come on, just a bit longer…” He smiled, caressing your cheek before speaking. “Baby, you know I can barely see in the dark.” That was enough for Jungkook, rolling his eyes before taking a last sip of his drink.
Having enough of his attitude, you nodded. Bidding your goodbyes to everyone and apologizing for an early leave (both you and Yuno), youd both waited until getting into the car and out of the drive way to discuss what the actual fuck was going on.
Well you did, he spent a few minutes giving you the silent treatment as he tried to form a dialogue in his head.
“Are you going to fucking tell me already?” The desperation in your voice made him finally start. He didn’t turn to look at you, he just drove as he spoke. “A little birdie told me you were Jungkook’s girlfriend.”
Turning your upper body towards him, your eyebrows furrowed again, in disbelief of his words. “What?” “Yeah, she was so sure you were his girlfriend, almost laughed in my face when I said I was.” He was lying, he had to add some spark and he knew Jimin’s mom wouldn't remember the conversation at all. Also Jimin wasn’t there when both of them met so who’s going to check him?
“But you know that’s not true, I’m your girlfriend.”
“Apparently not to all those people that first saw Kookie with his arm around you before I came in.”
Baffled at how he was acting, you tried to form words, completely distraught in how to say what you're feeling. “The first thing I did was introduce you as my boyfriend, Yuno… I don’t want anyone else but you.”
He hummed in response, not continuing despite how that little hum was creating the same distress he felt. “What do you mean, hm? Why are you acting this way?!”
“Because it's always the same thing. Whenever I meet your friends they always have to bring up Jungkook and how close you two are or how they thought both of you had something. It literally makes me feel like a replacement.”
“But they know I only love you! I only treat him like a brother, it’s so obvious.”
“Apparently not if they all think the same thing!” “Yuno!” “What?”
His stoic expression as he answered, turning to look at you briefly before looking back at the road. “Don’t you think it’s weird at this point? Everyone thinks you and Jungkook are or were something. It’s fucking weird espeically by how he treats me.”
“He treats you like that because you play along and like to irk him…” Yuno laughed, shaking his head in response. “So now I'm in the wrong for being wary of a guy that glares at me every time we’re together or whenever I touch you, my girlfriend.”
“I didn’t mean it like that…”
“Then how? Tell me how I should interpret the scene today where he walked into your apartment unannounced after we had sex and refused to continue talking to me and asked for you instead, huh? Or how he felt entitled enough to snatched your phone away simply because you were chatting with me. Because I promise you, if it was me with a girl-friend like that, you would’ve lost your shit earlier than this. Fuck, even those people kept looking between me and him because of how much he kept glaring, he’s not that shy with his feelings, y/m/n!”
You weren’t lost for words but rather annoyed, you couldn’t really tell why despite knowing he was in the right. “Do you not fucking trust me? I’ve done everything and I will do anything to make everyone know you’re mine and only you.”
“I trust you but not him. I’m tired of him walking in like he owns your place. I’m tired of him treating me like I’m trying to harm you or something, he’s always on the fucking fence when I touch you. I’m your boyfriend for fucks sake!”
“Why do you care about him? You wouldn’t care about him if you didn’t doubt the lengths I’d go for you.” He chuckled again, ears red, and knuckles whitening on the steering wheel as he came to a stop light. “What the fuck are you laughing at? You know what, let me get the fuck off.” Unbuckling your seatbelt much to his confusion, you opened the door, stepping out even if he tried to pull you back in.
Annoyed at your actions, Jaehyun waited for the lights to turn green as he yelled for you to get back in. You weren’t prioritizing Jungkook but just like him you wanted to create conflict out of nothing, you knew he was right even if you tried to mask that knowledge for the longest and tried to keep your rose colored glasses on when it came to your friend but his actions were slowly cracking them.
You felt more overwhelmed than angry, along the rush of making him angry. When would he understand, he was priority over anything and anyone?
With the lights turning green and the red hand turning into a white walking man, you bolted from that corner to the next as he drove by your side, yelling at you to get back in, even if the honking was annoying you both.
“Just get back in the fucking car!” “Fuck off.” “Y/n i swear to god, just get in the fucking car. You don’t even know what street we fucking are in.”
He was right but it didn’t matter. With a few more screams from both of you and realizing you did look stupid you seemed trying to form your initial argument just because Jaehyun’s stubbornness to accept how much you love him and all you would do for him, had bothered you.
It wasn’t about Jungkook, it was about him bringing an imaginary ‘bitch’ into the conversation even if he was right. In fact you would’ve lost your shit much earlier. It was also over how you keep repeating that he wouldn’t drill it in his head that you’d do anything for him so Jungkook feeling like a threat to him was absurd.
Those screams had lured someone in, a stranger per se but your distress had made him think a creep was following you around so as he approached you and the slow moving car, the man in the dad hat finally spoke. “Do you need any help? Is he bothering you?”
“No he—” “I’m her fucking boyfriend, can you fuck off?!” That was interesting to see from him. Even when inconvenienced, Yuno remained respectful and poised, this was new.
“Shut the hell up, I asked her.” Jaehyun was past annoyed at this point, his entire skin was glowing in crimson as you'd walk and he drove. “Y/m/n get in the fucking car, already.” Spoken between teeth, Yuno turned to you and then to the stranger that kept following you both trying to make sure of your safety.
Glancing between the two, the man spoke again. “Are you sure you're okay, I can call a patr—” “Dude, he’s my boyfriend we’re just arguing, can you fuck off?!” He even got you, ha.
Throwing his arms up in defeat, arguing about doing a good deed just to curse the both of you out before walking away, you turned back to make sure he was gone before you went back inside the car.
“See, your little game got a weirdo involved now.” Yuno complained to which you rolled your eyes as he drove home. Leaving both of you in silence for the remainder of the drive back to your apartment.
Upon arriving and parking in front of the building, Jaehyun locked the doors again after turning the car off, making you turn to him. Just as you did, the grip of his warm fingers against your jaw and cheeks as they squished your cheeks forward just like earlier.
“Don’t ever pull that shit on me again.” Something about the way he spoke through gritted teeth made you feel butterflies in your stomach. His hand leaving your face alone. With your right hand, you pulled his face forward, close enough to yours, smiling at him before connecting your lips.
It was a heated and angry kiss, his tongue not wasting any time to get inside your mouth. It was a wet and rage filled kiss, passionate enough to make you both pull away for air rather fast. Laughing at him, you smiled again.
“Happy anniversary, baby.”
Spiraling at best. That’s all it was coming down to.
After the party, Yuno didn’t stay the night much to your distress. His absence was causing so much tension between you both. Of course it was out of his hands, The entirety of July he had spent on campus given the school had offered him a position to be a mentor for those going to orientation, it didn’t help that the orientation lasted an entire work week per batch and six hours a day, he also had to full fill his TA duties and go over the new lesson plan the professor he assisted, had assigned him.
Thankfully his internship had finally offered to pay him and it was much better than what he gained at his job, so with that he dropped it, leaving him with a now heavier internship shift and lesson plans the professor barely worked on and rather left for Jaehyun to mend himself. That was only July.
There came August and your presence in his life was minimum. Deep down he knew you were doing it on purpose. He knew you were angry that he barely got to be with you in July and now that August came around, you did everything in your power to reciprocate the neglect. It didn’t help that Jungkook’s birthday was coming up and you used it as an excuse to be near him at all costs.
It was back to square one, as he juggled his underpaid TA work, internship, thesis research, and his own classes– Jaehyun would find the time in his day to find you and know what you were up to if you weren’t to spend time with him instead.
It was all going full circle. He couldn’t deny that he felt giddy and excited, he loved the adrenaline of being a step behind you and you never noticing he’d always be with you. He especially loved the fact that Jungkook would look close and personal at everyone and everything to figure out if he was following you or not.
Despite the exhilaration, he felt resentment the most. You had bathed Yuno in physical attention for the past five months and it was now being stripped away from him because of his jobs and studies. The one that ached the most was the fact that you stripped that attention away just to give it to Jungkook because of his stupid feelings and birthday.
A birthday he so reluctantly was dressing up to celebrate just because you were forcing him to go with you despite knowing both males had finally stopped trying to act nice around you. After Jimin’s mother opened her stupid big mouth, Jaehyun had lost the care of treating Jungkook nicely around you, justifying himself with reminding you that he was your boyfriend and it was weird that Jungkook ‘tried to get in between you two.’
As for Jungkook, he took Yuno’s anger as an opportunity to tease him and given Yuno didn’t care about you seeing him, then neither did he. Both men were just a few inconveniences away from exploding, the playful banter from april was nothing but full hatred between the two and it was so clear that now you tried your best to not have them in the same room but tonight was different and if it wasn’t, then they had to learn how to cope. At least for tonight.
“Promise me— promise you won’t try and get him angry. It’s his birthday, please…” His silence and eye roll said enough. “Please…” You pushed it, holding onto his shirt trying not to bundle the ironed fabric. “If you left me here, you wouldn’t have to ask this of me.” He mumbled, stepping away from your grasp and going to the bathroom, applying the moisturizer he forgot to put on earlier after his shower. “Yuno come on. You can’t do something for me for once?” At your words he turned to glare at you, obviously offended at your stupidly thought of words. He had stopped applying it just to answer you with all the seriousness in his voice and stoic face.
“I do everything for you.”
His overworking had taken a toll with how he treated you or anyone in general. He wasn’t as giddy as he was two months ago and despite him trying to be loving towards you, it came out cold, all thanks to Jimin’s alcoholic mother and her big lying mouth. Despite that you tried your best to understand him, all he needed was a good rest and to spend more time with you. Yeah that’s what he needed… You.
It was painfully obvious how dependent you had grown on him and not seeing him the majority of July and August was eating you alive, it felt like you were having withdrawals. Your bed was cold, your living room was quiet, the fridge was fairly empty, and the bedroom was overall uncomfortable and hard to be in— without him. Therefore any minute you were able to spend with him, it almost felt too clingy.
Not for him though, your constant daily message, chat spamming, and full call log, emails as well— it all reassured him and brought so much satisfaction to his soul. Any second with you, he adored how your body never left his, almost in a protective way he loved so much. It reminded him so much of when you two were still online and you’d grow desperate of waiting for him to get online that you’d do anything to reassure him that you were always there for him.
“Let’s go then.” Keys in hand, he followed behind, locking the doors to his shared apartment given you had gone straight to his place after work. He was exhausted and full of rage knowing he was going to see Jungkook’s face again after a long time. He was taking it all to heart; you hanging out with Jungkook when Jaehyun wasn’t around and the neglect you were intentionally making him go through despite his neglect towards you being unintentional.
From time to time he’d place his hand on your thigh, squeezing it a little on some red lights all the way to the frat house where Jungkook’s party was being hosted by some of his frat friends and friends the men shared.
Jaehyun looked around, the frat house having a long waiting line and the idea of having to be in it just for the insufferable cunt Jungkook was— he wasn’t going to hold off much longer. You were thankful the freshman guarding the door knew already to let both of you in with no problem (much to Jungkook’s dismay when it came to your boyfriend).
Turning to take Yuno’s hand in yours you could tell he was not in the best of moods, the entire week had been hectic and he hadn’t been looking forward to this night at all. He was only here for you and Seokmin who also begged nearly on his knees for Yuno to be there too.
It was packed, the amount of people was making you uncomfortable and you tried your best to not let go of his hand knowing that if you did, his demeanor would only get worse. You’d both spend a few minutes looking for your friend along his in order to feel familiar but this was one of his few parties in all his four years and he surely was not enjoying it.
Reaching the study room which was less packed with only a few people inside, you turned to look at him, hoping he could hear your words if you got closer to his ear. “Do you want to wait here while I look upstairs for Jungkook?”
He thought it was a pretty stupid question to be honest. Why in the world would he let you roam off in a crowded frat house alone? With the reputation frat houses have and seeing the female to male ratio with just the few steps you’d both taken— yeah no way in fucking hell he’s going to let you get out of his sight with these animals.
Yet he could never answer because all you did was kiss his cheek before sprinting out of the study room, making him have a moment of confusion and perplexity. You disappeared before his eyes and once he regained all consciousness and stability, Jaehyun let out a groan knowing this would be a game of hide and seek just to find you.
Opening the glass door and hearing the music become louder than it was inside the studio, Jaehyun looked to his sides. On his right, people making out without a care of anyone else, the first back door visible to him. On his left, the hallway leading to the main area where everyone was at.
Sighing to himself, Jaehyun took his left, pushing through dancing people full of sweat with the stench of wet dog and coins, moments like this he remembered why he never attended these parties. He hated seeing these dudes act like fools without a care knowing the college would let them get away with it. And despite his distaste for Jungkook he didn’t enjoy seeing other people treat him like a zoo animal, the way most of his frat brothers did.
Iif anything Jaehyun was the only one to aggravate the doe eyed boy, not stupid small town dumb boys from the middle of nowhere whom are not used to seeing other people besides themselves.
Pushing through and through, the sound of ‘tu principe’ and ‘yo voy’  blaring in his ears. If anything he didn’t detest the music, he was glad one of your friend’s had brought their own mix and DJ’ed instead of what was originally to be played; he’d very much be dancing with you was it not that you left his side to go look for the birthday boy.
He could see you, making your way up the stairs and just like him pushing through people even if some stupid wet rag of boy tried stopping you— you’d always push them away or Jungkook’s frat brothers told them to fuck off knowing well to keep an eye out for you.
If one thing he liked and hated about Jungkook, it’s that he’ll always make sure you’re safe, even if it means from your own boyfriend.
A smile plastered on his face, the strobe lights shining across it to where he faced you, taking a step forward he opted to follow behind you. He didn’t count on the harsh tug at his wrist and an audible grunt leaving his lips.
Upon regaining his composure, Yuno turned to the person who pulled at him. A deep purple his hair was, a new lip ring around his swollen lips showing he had some fun before disrupting Jaehyun. “You can’t leave her alone for a few minutes? Come on have some fun, it’s my birthday!” Jungkook was starting to feel tipsy— conscious but alcohol was leading his actions.
“I’m not going to leave her alone in a frat house—” “I have eyes everywhere, don’t worry much. Here, have a drink, take advantage that I’m in a good mood and don’t want you gone for a few minutes.” Jungkook laughed, having Yugyeom hand Jaehyun a red solo cup full of beer from a keg they hid especially for themselves.
Looking at Jungkook as he took a sip, Jaehyun couldn’t help but wonder what he had going on for this new found tranquility despite the past two months being the most intense after he started dating you.
“Relax, just like old times!” Seokmin interrupted the skeptical thoughts, smiling and patting Jaehyun’s back, pulling him closer to the group in which all shared the same birth year. He couldn’t help feeling like something was off but it surely wasn’t because of Jungkook for once.
After a few more drinks it was like old times, Jaehyun had eased up for a bit and he knew he needed this night more than anything. He had been so stressed for so long that having a few drinks with people he considered close acquaintances besides Yugyeom and Seokmin who were his close friends within the group.
Tumblr media
“She’s taking a while now… I should go look for her.” Jaehyun broke out, biting down on a lime wedge after downing a shot of Tequila with Dongmin. “Dude let her be, you’re glued to her daily. Come on, take another one!” Minghao exclaimed through laughter, handing the brunette boy another red solo shot cup. Jaehyun chuckled as he shook his head, throwing his head back as his lips wrapped around the rim.
Jungkook looked at him closely, he watched how different he was when you weren’t around, when he was alone and able to relax. As if the only thing that made both of them hate each other was you because looking deep into it— Jaehyun and him had no problem until you came into the picture.
He was right, you had taken a while since he had stopped Jaehyun to get drinks with their friends, in fact very long and he himself had started to worry as well but he knew you could take care of yourself. You knew the house like the back of your hand and if you needed anything you knew where to look in case you were in danger.
Nevertheless those worries left their minds the moment your arms wrapped around Jaehyun’s waist pulling him away slightly from the group of guys who were near drunk. It startled the boy momentarily, he thought it was just a random girl he’d have to tell to fuck off but the moment he went to push away your hands, he relaxed knowing well who those belonged to— he truly knew your anatomy very well.
“I found him before you did.” He’d boast pointing to Jungkook who smiled at you, raising the solo cup in his hand as a welcoming in. “A text could’ve made me avoid all the walking.” You pout, holding him tighter than before.
Asking if you’d like a drink, you thanked them, denying their offering knowing well you’d have to drive now that he was reaching to where his friends were at. “You’re getting fairly well. What happened? Finally pushed it all away?” You kissed near his earlobe, still holding his waist, standing behind him.
Jaehyun chuckled, pushing back into you to feel your lips on him more. That tipsy tingling on his skin and brain spinning. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jaehyun defended holding you closer as you kept kissing on his jaw and neck.
Jungkook looked at the both of you, he tried reading what you were saying to him and in the moment in which he stared for too long, your eyes met. His dazed vision focuses on your persistent one. He watched you hold tighter onto Jaehyun, the way your lips ran across his skin, and how slowly you’d both swayed your hips to the rhythm of the music as your eyes never left his— in that instance he was reminded of when Yuno had allowed him to hear your pretty moans.
How Yuno had left the phone call going so your friend could hear you whine and beg for Jaehyun’s touch. All that seeping anger that had disappeared not long ago was back and remembered his distaste towards the Aquarius boy.
Nothing went unnoticed by your boyfriend. Looking through hooded eyelids as you worked him up with your lips; he felt and saw the way Jungkook’s vision was fixated on the both of you, how his eyes bore into yours. Just like that, Jaehyun felt the disgust come back to him.
“I’m going to go get a soda or something, wait for me here.” You spoke against his ear before disappearing in the crowd again. By now half of the guys had gone and danced, Dongmin and Minghao sat bickering about their thesis research that due to their own notes— both were being proved wrong.
Jaehyun had nodded your way before taking a seat next to Jungkook in the booth the frat brothers had stolen a while ago. Jungkook’s eyes follow the boy next to him, shaking his head with a smirk plastered on his lips, taking a sip of his cup of beer.
“Now, what’s so funny?” Jaehyun questioned, turning to the boy, his recent indifference was gone. “Nothing, just— you truly can never be apart, huh? Almost like a leach.” Jungkook answered, downing the remaining of his drink. “Ah, here you go with the same old shit. Give it up, we're finally having a good time.” Jaehyun retorts, pouring more of the alcohol into his own cup.
Jungkook laughed at his words, throwing his head back before setting down his cup. “You can drop the act, the guys aren’t paying us no mind.” Jaehyun rolled his eyes, setting his own cup down.
“You weren’t such a pain in the ass until she came by. I saw you, Kookie. I saw how you look at her… Don’t fuck with me and keep that shit inside your brain.” His voice was back to the menacing tone it often had when speaking to the purple haired boy in front of him.
Jungkook drank more, denying what Jaehyun was insinuating. “Me? You shouldn’t fuck with me. With one little USB she can see all the things you’ve done. Following her everywhere, all those pictures you have of her before you guys officially met…” Jaehyun’s face dropped, he knew well what Jungkook meant and what it could lead to.
“Not so brave now? No, why not wait until she comes back? I can show her the pictures of you behind her, following her around.” Jungkook took his phone out, the clicking sounds becoming so painfully loud despite the music pounding inside his head.
His phone not far from Yuno’s face, Jungkook clicked left and right, showing him a few of the pictures. All of Yuno being not so far from you, all without you noticing him. His jaw clenched, he felt his breathing slow, and his chest was angrily collapsing. Even so he was not going to confess to shit.
“You won’t say anything, you little bitch.” Jungkook’s eyebrows became knitted in anger. Despite all the proof, Jaehyun continued to deny it all. He could sense it, the anger seeping through his pores, Yuno smirked again.
“You always try and nothing ever happens, she always turns you down. Why the fuck would you think it’ll work this time?”
With no response, he continued.
“You’re really funny sometimes. You’re funny to think you can get between us, You’re a freak, Kookie. You stay on the line and hear us fuck, you know exactly when to interrupt us when I’m balls deep in her, and just now you couldn’t keep your prying eyes away from us with the most minimum of contact. Are you some sexual deviant or something? It wouldn’t surprise me if you have a camera in her place like a sick man.” Jaehyun laughed, grabbing his cup again, pouring more alcoholic liquid before drinking from it.
This time Jungkook felt the boiling rage in his chest, it was clawing at him like it had been doing so for the past months. “You’re so full of shit, God damn.” Jungkook answered, his hands balling into fists. Jaehyun noticed the action, rolling his eyes knowing that after those April happenings, the punches were nothing but a pass to eternal attention and coddling from you.
“What happened to us? We used to be friends. Or what? Are you jealous that she and I have known each other for the same amount as you and she trusts me more? If you’re fighting for the best friend role you should take that up with Kata or Margo, not with me.” Pouting, Jaehyun immediately smirks at Jungkook before laughing at his reaction.
Jungkook looked at how relaxed he was, almost like he truly didn’t care about the effect he was leaving on the other boy. “You’re only talking because you can, otherwise you’d shut the fuck up.”
“Or what?” Cocking an eyebrow, he turned to the other boy. “You’ll tell her? I don’t care. She’ll go back to telling you you’re insane and concerned that you’re so worried about me. Come on, worry about yourself for once, consider who your real best friend is because it surely is not her. She hasn’t known you long enough to dictate that.”
“But she’s known you long enough to put her trust on you?”
Jaehyun nodded with a sweet smile, finishing the last drops inside the cup before pushing it aside. “You truly fucking irk me. Everything has to be about you, doesn’t it?” Jungkook asked, pushing a bit at the boy’s shoulder.
“You make it all about me. Do you really care for her wellbeing? Do you care about me? Or do you care that I’m taking the one person you actually feel close to and is slowly losing every single drop of trust in you because you don’t know how to do your craft well? She doesn’t care about you, if she did she would’ve listened so much earlier about your warnings yet she’s still with me. Maybe you should drop it because that’s exactly what she'll do to you if you keep pushing it. If one thing she’s clear about— it’s me being her priority.”
Jungkook felt the rush of alcohol pump through his veins, the heated fury in his body lurching towards the brunette that sat next to him, fists taking a hold of his once ironed shirt and throwing the both of them to the dirty floor.
With such actions, Minghao and Dongmin sat in shock, not counting for this to happen when the two were having a good time not so long ago.
“You fucking, bastard.” There went a punch. “You always think you’re so fucking right, that you’re always going to have leverage.” There went another punch. “But you’re a fucking idiot! You follow her around like a lost puppy, don’t you think you bore her sometimes? Maybe that’s why she’s disappeared from you this entire night!” Jungkook tried going for a third punch but this time the rage raised within Jaehyun, pushing the other guy to his own back and returning the first two punches.
“She was so happy these two months without you. She could fucking breathe without you hogging and bothering her, you’re a fucking pest, Yuno!” Jaehyun’s own fist came down on his face again, just like those of the angry men did to his a while ago.
Jungkook, took everything in his power to roll over and bring Jaehyun to where he first was. “Don’t fucking call me Yuno.” He said it with such calmness, one that despite being in power at the moment— scared Jungkook shit-less.
It hadn’t been long since you left them both and just to come back to see people surrounding the area had piqued your interest, it wasn’t until you noticed the two being the clowns of the show; that panic rose in you, placing down the soda you had gone to get on the table where their drinks rested.
“Are you fucking serious? You idiots aren’t going to stop this?!” You exasperatedly yelled at Dongmin and Minghao, still sat in shock that it had finally happened. “Move!” You screamed at them again in anger, watching them scram out of the booth to go and break apart the fight happening in front of you all.
You couldn’t say much and you didn’t. You didn’t know where to start to be honest. You just watched as Jaehyun and Jungkook tried to punch each other again despite Minghao and Dongmin struggling to keep them apart. It wasn’t until Jungkook yelled at Jaehyun calling him a creep once more, that you finally snapped.
“I’ve fucking had enough of this, Jungkook! It’s the same bullshit and you still don’t show any concrete evidence. What is wrong with you?! Why can’t you be happy for me?!” You glared at him, chest rising in anger as you walked towards Jaehyun, pouting at his busted lip and cheek beginning to swell.
Jungkook gasps, looking around in disbelief of what you’re saying. “Are you— I do have proof. Plenty of it!” He exclaimed, reaching for something in his pocket to which Jaehyun believed it was his phone. To be honest if he was to show the picture on his phone, Jaehyun wouldn’t bother, he had met with you those days, Jungkook was just not that good at handling his timeline and proof well.
“Here.” He began, pulling one of those small digital cameras out of his pocket. For once, actual fright washed through Jaehyun’s body. He felt his blood thicken and body become cold, a chill he couldn’t abandon.
You took the device within your hands, huffing in annoyance as you pressed buttons he guided you through. You couldn’t say you weren’t scared that he would be right and that your sweet boy was nothing but a creep who followed you around everywhere you went.
Your eyes flickered in between the images in the camera and Jaehyun who stood stoically, held by Dongmin who tried his best to hold him back from even thinking about attacking Jungkook again.
A smirk of triumph rested on Jungkook’s lips. He felt victorious seeing the horror run across your face and the look of disgust you threw at Jaehyun. With the way Jungkook was reacting, Yuno was feeling defeated, his heart dropping to the pit of his stomach.
“What the fuck?...” You softly said, Yuno beginning to feel himself heave at the image in front of him. “I told you, didn’t I?” Jungkook questioned, a smile on his face that soon faded when you expeditiously shook your head with a look of disgust on your own.
“No, what the fuck is wrong with you?! He wasn’t following me. All of these are from meetups we both had. Some of these places I haven’t even been to, it’s just him. Jungkook, are you insane?!” You exclaimed, throwing the camera at him in displeasure.
Yet you saw it clearly, the yellow dates in the bottom left corner as you clicked through. Multiple pictures of Jaehyun, he wasn’t even aware that he was being followed, his back to almost every picture and only a few of him smiling as he was ever so clueless to what was happening.
But it wasn’t your sweet boy being the creep. It was your close and trusted friend.
Someone you trusted so much yet here he was going to lengths of stalking to taint the perception you have of your boyfriend just for something none of you could figure out.
You walked towards Jaehyun, taking his face into your hands, just looking at the damage Jungkook had caused. “Are you fucking kidding? Stop lying, I saw everything, y/n. Come on, stop this…” He pleaded despite you moving further away from him.
“You’re everything you claim he is. You’re the one being weird and following people around. Fucking grow a pair and just leave him alone.” Taking Jaehyun’s hand in yours, you tugged at it, letting him know it was best you left but before you did; Jungkook groaned loudly, overwhelmed at your reaction and words.
He was shaking and felt all the emotions Jaehyun was supposed to feel. “Are you fucking stupid? You’re genuinely going to choose him despite everything I’ve shown you? Don’t you think it’s so coincidental that you two saw each other at the same place the day he added you? Open your fucking eyes, y/n! Stop being a stupid bitch for once!” It was all rooted in frustration and once he realized what he had said, Jungkook’s eyes grew in fear of himself.
“Y/n, I—” “Shut the fuck up. Maybe it’s time you open yours.”
His breath hitched in the back of his throat, a lump he couldn’t swallow. And the darkness he saw when you kissed Jaehyun’s neck was back in your eyes as you glared at him.
All he could do was sit down in the booth and take his cup, filling it up again. Dread and disgust was settling in his chest. He had nothing but anger in his soul now and all because you were too enthralled in the sorcery of Jaehyun's actions and looks.
Tumblr media
Jaehyun never knew which pictures those were but he was glad Jungkook was stupid enough to follow him to planned gatherings and further ruining his own credibility.
The car ride back home was nothing more than exactly the same way it was when you went to the party: Silent. He couldn’t say anything in fear that you’d lash out on him too and he couldn’t have that right now. Despite knowing Jungkook messed up once again, the air was still suffocating and tense, not working in his favor.
You drove back home, his fingers playing with your free hand given that’s as much as he could do. The fluorescent colors of the traffic lights shining on you both whilst you passed by. He still felt that dread from earlier, the one he felt when Jungkook pulled him to drink with their friends. He tried to figure out why he was feeling this way.
But there wasn’t enough time to think about that. You squeezed his hand to let him know it was time to go inside and as you pushed through the gate-door and walked up the stairs to your apartment; Jaehyun tried relaxing himself as much as he could.
It felt too strange. You were still giving him physical touch but you were more quiet and distant when it came to vocal responses. It’s almost like you were trying to hide your voice from him and skepticism was laced all over you.
“Y/m/n… I wasn’t stalking you—” He tried breaking in. Leaning by the empty incense tray, “Can you get me the pack of rose incense in my desk drawer, please.” You interrupted paying him no mind as he simply hummed in agreement, head lowered like a wounded puppy.
He felt weak to be honest, he felt like the power he had had been stripped away from him the moment Jungkook spoke all he did.
Opening the door to your room, he flipped the switch on for lighting. That dread he felt earlier— it was this. He finally found the spot in which would cause his downfall and through exasperated steps and confusion on where to start in tearing down the copious amounts of incrimination, Jaehyun felt his blood flush full the moment your figure stood next to him in sheer horror.
It was all his doing, he could tell and recognize from the images Jungkook showed him through his phone. Yet it was no time to focus on anger but his biggest fear as your response.
“y/n… please— I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just—“
Your voice trembled, breath shaky as you scan the room with wide shocked eyes at the plastered images of him all around. “Yuno, what the fuck?!” Distress and disgust painted your face, it was his own feelings mirroring onto you. He could feel the stress of it all build up inside of him, tears trying to force themselves out.
Extending his arms to reach you and embrace you but you backed away as he threw himself down on his knees pleading for forgiveness. “I’m sorry, I just love you so much. I’m s—“ He tried to apologize as you looked at all the pictures of him trailing behind you. Some instances where only you and your parents would meet without him.
He was right. Jungkook was right all along.
“You’re what? you’re sorry?” His head fell to the floor forcing tears out so you’d at least feel sympathy. He was losing you, he could hear it in your voice. The same tone you gave Jungkook a few minutes ago. Yet he was not going to let you get rid of him as easily as you did Jungkook. If he was to do anything to keep you with him— He will.
“Yeah! I am! I’m sorry…” it came out in whimpers, his sobs reaching your ears. Your hand reached down to pat his shaking head as he held onto your legs asking for forgiveness.
“You’re sorry, you’re—“ a smirk forming on your lips. “Yeah, yeah… I don’t care, come on, get up.” He didn’t raise his head but his eyes opened wide in shock and his cries stopped, a mute gasp replacing it.
“You’re a good liar, I’ll give you that but it takes one to know one.” Your fingers tugged at his hair, making him look up at you. His eyes were still wide in disbelief yet still adoring the smirk plastered on your lips.
He didn’t speak, he couldn’t form words to be exact. Your lips formed into a slanted pout, waiting for him to speak up. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s not fair that you and Kookie get all the fun.” Jaehyun’s body began to slightly shake.
You weren’t his sweet girl from all these months. His sweet naive girl that listened and believed everything he said. It’s not that he didn’t like this side of you but it would take him a bit to process how ahead of him you truly were.
“But you told Jungkook that—”
“That you weren’t doing all this? Yeah well, I don’t like how worked up you get because of him.” You shrugged, crouching down to be eye level with him. “By the way you should ignore everything he said. I wanted to die without you around. So much emptiness was making me go insane, I almost turned into you.” You giggled, leaning forward to peck his agape lips.
Surely it worked, then.
“Come on, why are you acting so shocked? I learnt from you. Don’t play victim just because you can’t process that I’m not that girl you thought you were manipulating all along.” Your voice was different than usual. It was a bit deeper, the tone he heard only when you truly were angry.
Yeah he was speechless, even when you leaned further to kiss upon his cheeks and neck. “Y/n, please…” At his words you pulled away, your hands cradling his face. “Don’t call me that! I don’t like when you call me that, I like it when you call me y/m/n.” You whined, obvious stress on your facial expressions.
You truly did learn so much from him…
“Baby…” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him back with you on the floor, his body hovering over yours. “Y/m/n why didn’t you just tell me. We could’ve avoided so much.” He spoke in between kisses that you gave just to shut him up.
Grunting, you looked at him. “You were committed to your role of an insane stalker boyfriend, I wanted to help you. Plus you deserved these.” Your knuckle coming in contact with his bruised cheekbone, making him wince at the contact.
His hand took a hold of your hip, the other one next to your head. “What about Jungkook? He’s your best friend, y/m/n…” You couldn’t handle this, it’s like your personalities had swapped and now he was the one in danger.
“Are you fucking serious right now? Have I not made it clear that I’d do anything for you? When are you going to get it through your head that if I was to choose between you and anything or anybody— You’ll always be the answer.”
That’s what he needed to hear to snap out of it. You have said it so many times in the past but this time as he knew you were 100% being serious, Jaehyun relaxed onto your touch, leaning in to take your lips in his once again.
As he hovered over you, he positioned himself to be in between your legs. Knees pushing up your dress. He could understand why you were becoming so aroused. He could just imagine the look he had given you when he first learned you knew about his dirty little secret.
“My princess is so smart, this is why I love you so much.” He chuckled, a smirk on his face, his teeth nipping at your bottom lip. “And what did you think you’d gain from this, baby?” He questioned, his right hand beginning to play with the warm flesh of your thigh.
Sighing in satisfaction, “For finding you out: maybe some head and for making Jungkook feel insane and leave you alone: A good hard fuck. Yeah, I want to feel you so deep in me, I think I deserve your cum in me for once, Yuno... I want to feel you angrily in me.” Jaehyun felt the blood in his cock flow quickly, the strain from his pants making him ache horribly.
Your hands cradled his face again, biting your lower lip as you watched the swarm of emotions in his face. “If this had gone further, you’d be the death of me…” You giggle at his words, pulling him towards you as you capture his lips in yours. His hand massaged the inside of your thigh, hand creeping up to tug at the elastic of your underwear.
Jaehyun could feel your arousal coat your panties, they were sopping despite him not doing much but getting his ass beat. Were you that sadistic that his pain brought arousal to you? “Did you enjoy it? Him punching me because of you?” His lips met your neck, tongue running across your skin and savoring your taste.
As he pulled your panties off, your hand reached to pat his strained cock. Rubbing at it softly to see how needy he was. “No, but I did like seeing your face afterwards. You look so pretty all roughed out, Yuno.” Nipping where his lip had been busted earlier, he squirms at the feeling; blood rushing out of it again.
To clean it off, he ran his tongue across his lower lip, only to have you lean up to take him in yet another kiss. His bloodied tongue coming in contact with yours as you kissed him, firmer than the last kiss you two shared.
“It reminded me of when I came back from my trip... You looked so so so pretty laying there. Your lip bloody like this, you had more scratches and bruises back then but you still look beautiful right now, angel. Perfect, actually.” He listened to every single one of your words so intently.
His fingers brushed against your sopping core, featherly touches as he softly rubbed your clit in slow circles. You bit your quivering lower lip, feeling every sensation.
“You think I look pretty?”
“Every single moment.”
Pulling your panties all the way off, Jaehyun leaned in to kiss you feverishly. His lips desperate and swollen around yours whilst his fingers intruded within you, pumping two of them in, slowly at first but at the sound of your whines, the pace increased.
Your lips never separated unless you’d both needed to breathe but as soon as that was taken care of, you’d both go back to the heated and passionate make out as he fingered you, his thumb rubbing at your clit. Taking advantage to scissor his fingers inside you and curl them when he wanted to feel your pretty moans against his lips; his tongue savoring you whenever you opened your mouth to let them out.
“You always sound so fucking pretty.” He praised, his lips kissing down your sternum now as his fingers kept pumping in you, slow to fast, slow to fast was his pace but with moderation, he knew your body like the back of his hand by now.
It was evident how starved from each other you both have been. With your feverish kisses, rough but well thought out movements, and the way your bodies rubbed against each other for the feel of continuous arousal— it was noticeable you weren’t going to last long if he kept fingering you the way he did.
With his other hand, Jaehyun softly pushed down on your lower stomach, the pressure making you feel even more near to your first orgasm after a few weeks. “Are you close, pretty girl?” He questioned, the squelching sound of his fingers pumping in you trying it’s best to overpower his voice.
With a hard nod, you bite your knuckle, muffling your whimpering groans and curses. He only chuckled, watching you whither at the sensation, your juices flowing down his hand to his wrists, pooling on the carpet.
Pushing his fingers deeper, Jaehyun curled them. Your free hand clung to his bicep, nails softly digging through the fabric. Once he felt your legs begin to tremble, his motion stilled; a loud groan of dissatisfaction erupting from your throat.
“The fuck?” You breathly questioned, eyes fixated on his cocky ones. “Didn’t you want head?” Licking his fingers and wiping off the remaining fluids on his shirt, Jaehyun pulled back, making himself comfortable on his back next to you. “Come on then, ride my face.” He flashed you his toothy smile, pearly canines glimmering in pure bliss.
Giggling at his approach; you turn to your side, planting your lips softly on his before raising to your knees. Swinging one leg over his chest, you moved further up to where your cunt was above his face.
Yuno couldn’t help but let a wide smirk of satisfaction grow on his face, your arousal glistening above him, threatening to dribble down your thighs. Once set, he took a harsh grasp on your thighs, bringing you closer to his face.
His tongue slithered out of his mouth, running soft licks in between your folds, the substance of your arousal stringing to the soft muscle as he kept going. His lips surrounding your clit to softly suction the bundle of nerves.
Your mewls echoed within the room, vibration strong enough to make him shudder, his cock hardening with just your taste and sound. He kept his soft licks going only for his tongue to shortly tease your clenching hole.
Yuno moaned against you, your legs shuddering around his head. You felt the vibration of his chuckle, a string of moans erupting from your lips in pure bliss of what he was doing to you. “Yuno, baby…” You whined, fingers grasping his hair pulling quite harshly.
“You left me alone for so long, I can’t last any longer.” He felt nothing but satisfaction, humming against your clit as his lips wrapped around it softly. His grip on your thighs easing when he felt you softly rock your hips against his face.
“Fuck yourself agaisnt my face if you’re that desperate.” Between kisses to your inner thigh, he let out, making you moan at the tone in his voice. Your hips picked up the pace, his lips getting coated with your upcoming orgasm and his fingers clung to your thighs, raking his finger nails from time to time.
Leaning back a bit, your hands began to roam his own body. You could feel how hard he was from the moment your hand graced his aching cock, a choked out moan against your folds when you touched him.
You couldn’t leave him aching for that long though. Picking up the pace of your hips, Jaehyun taking your clit in between his plump lips, you felt yourself so near. His tongue lapping through your folds, the feather-like touch making you shudder everytime the muscle came in contact with the sensitivity of your clit.
“Please, Yuno, please!” You whined, holding to his hair for dear life. His tongue flicked rather rapidly against your clit, the pressure he added made you dizzy at how he was making you feel.
The knot in your stomach was unravelling by the movement of his tongue against you and he could feel it. He felt the stickiness of your oragasm slowly ooze onto his tongue, the tanginess made him moan. He loved your taste, it was so addicting and sweet as well.
It finally became loose with the feeling of a hard sting against your flesh. He had caught you off guard the moment his hand came in contact with your thighs, red from his fingernails and now red from the impact of his large heavy hands.
Your body shuddered in pleasure, your orgasm being collected onto his mouth and chin, a loud moans erupting from you. You could’ve sworn there were tears prickling from your eyes from how much you missed being touched by him.
Jaehyun caressed the spots he had abused, softly rubbing at the skin whilst you tried to calm yourself down from the overdue orgasm. By the time you actually got off of him, your knees ached terribly, red and dented from the carpet.
Putting his entire weight on his hands, arms propped up behind him. He looked beautiful, his swollen busted lip with the glistening of your orgasm that he still hasn’t wiped away. Smiling up at you as he caught you staring.
His smile widened, swiping his tongue across his lower lip.
“Fuck my face.”
A little stunned at your forwardness, Yuno sat up again, running his hands over his thighs trying his hardest to avoid his bulge.
Pushing his body upwards and getting up on his feet, moving closer to you. His hands took yours into his, swinging them softly. Dropping to your knees in front of him, you yanked your hands off of his, bringing them to the hem of your dress and pulling it off of you.
Jaehyun smirked at your actions, teeth tightly biting onto his lower one, even if he graced the stinging scrape. Your fingers worked on the buckle of his belt and the button of his trousers, pulling everything down.
The cool air from the room hitting his warm skin, goosebumps threatening to pop up. He only hissed when he felt your cold touch on his cock, holding it limply before letting a glob of spit dribble onto his swollen tip.
Your hand lathered it all around his shaft, pumping your fist against him. Jaehyun threw his head back, groaning softly at the friction.
After a few more pumps, he pushed your hand away, taking his shaft into his own and your hair into a ponytail with his other one. Holding your head firmly before him.
“Open wide.” He commanded, your lips agape, he leaned down a glob of his own spit dribbling from his tongue onto yours. Holding it there, Jaehyun pushed his hips forward, his hardened cock entering your mouth, the slickness of his spit on your tongue allowing him to go smoothly.
Jaehyun groaned at the feeling of your mouth wrapped around him. He truly missed how the wet warm cavern felt around his most sensitive area, how your tongue tried its best to swirl around him even if your mouth was at his full control.
“Tap my thighs if you need to breathe.” Humming around him as a response, Yuno moaned, his hips jutting forward, the first sound of you gagging making his blood rush through his body.
Stilling momentarily, he continued. Hips thrusting into your mouth with only the sound of your gagging and squelching of saliva gathering around. Jaehyun loved this, he had only done it a few times but every time you allowed him to take full control and fuck your face— he always felt his oragasm come faster than usual.
His thrusts were fast and hard, the tip sometimes coming in contact with the back of your throat, leaving an itching feeling to linger until the next time he’d hit the same spot. His grip on your hair got tighter and more harsh whenever he pulled your head back before stuffing your mouth with him again.
Despite you not tapping his thighs, he still wanted to give you periods of relaxation just to not overwhelm you. Admiring the way strings of precum and saliva clung to your agape lips and his cock as you tried to gather all the air in the world before he went back to abusing your mouth.
Jaehyun loved the sight before him, he loved how puffed your cheeks were, how swollen your lips had become, the tears running down your face— black from eyeliner and mascara, and the way the mixture of his precum and your spit gathered at the sides of your mouth whenever he would pull in and out of you.
“You okay?” He questioned, nodding at him whilst you gathered the fluids connecting you both to rub against him. Seeing you get closer to him, Yuno went back in, stuffing you fully, his hands now gripping the sides of your head, using them to pull you in closer.
Most of the time it was easy to tell when he was close by the way his legs shook and how wide his mouth got while his eyes screwed shut. You really wished to see how he looked right now but by the feel of his legs, it was only mere moments until he spilled, him being as starved as you.
His thrusts weren’t as fast now, they were long and languid. Every time he thrusted deep into your mouth, he would hold you still. Playing with how much you could handle without breath before he pulled back out, your gagging and soft choking noises letting him when it was enough.
You enjoyed it, truly. You liked to know he was trying this out and enjoying it with you. You could feel him slowly spilling down your throat every time he held you on his cock, only to try and restrain himself when he pulled back.
It wasn’t until he felt quite a load come out of him that he fully pulled out of you, your gasp for breath along a soft cough making him lean down a bit before taking your arm onto his hand and helping you up to your feet.
“I need to be in you already, get on the bed.”
At his words, you felt the heat in between your legs arise, rubbing your hand between them as you laid on your stomach, lifting your hips a bit until he was ready to hop on the bed.
The cool air of the room gracing your wet aching cunt, waiting for his touch and to feel full from him. Jaehyun was catching his breath, rubbing at his thighs and ignoring you momentarily to relax just so he wouldn’t cum by the moment he penetrated you.
Seeming to work, he turned to where you laid on bed, ass up for him, and your head resting on your crossed forearms. He could only look at you with adoration, glad that despite all he’s done, you weren’t going to leave him.
Feeling his weight make the bed dip down, you lifted your hips up furthermore for him. “You’re leaking, pretty girl.” He cooed, his finger running softly up and down between your folds, lifting his hips to align his cock with your hole.
“I need you so bad, I want you fully in me.” You moaned, biting softly on your arm, feeling the pressure of him pushing in. “Are you sure you want me to cum in you? You’re not on birth control.” Stilling once he fully entered you, a moan leaving your lips.
“Nothing Plan B can’t fix.” You let out almost as a moan, the sting from him stretching you out even more with his swollen dick finally catching up to you. “Anything for my princess.”
Leaning over your body, pushing your head further down as his arm wraps around your throat and shoulders, Jaehyun began his slow thrusts, testing the waters to see what would work for both of you.
The warmth of your walls enveloping him as he began to move faster, his whole weight on top of you, making you feel both pleasure and out of breath given he was taller and heavier than you. Nothing you couldn’t handle, every thrust he gave made you feel heavenly with how he kept going deeper, searching for the spot he knew you loved so much.
“Fuck you feel so good, I missed your cunt.” He groaned against your ear, hot breath fanning the side of your face, his free hand kneading the skin of your ass. “You shouldn’t have neglected me for so long, I’ve been waiting so long for you, my fingers don’t do the trick anymore.”
He chuckled at your words, snapping his hips harshly, making you whimper and moan at the same time, feeling the ecstasy of him finally reaching what you liked. “It wasn’t on purpose, I would never willingly be far from you. Unlike you… spending an entire month with Kookie— You really know how to work my nerves.”
Reminding himself of your close friends or perhaps ex-friend considering how he’ll react knowing of your little scheme; Jaehyun felt his blood boil, hating him even more than now.
His thrusts were harsher, his grip on your shoulder tighter, creating red marks from how hard he was going now. “Aw, come on… It was his pre-birth month, I had to be a good friend. Plus it should serve you as a reminder to never leave me alone again.” Playfully biting the arm that was near your face, he groaned at the feeling of your teeth softly clinging to his flesh.
“Him before me?” He joked knowing it’d make your entire attitude change. “Don’t fuck with me.” Your voice was stern, pushing your hips further down his cock, wanting to feel him even more.
“I thought we were playing.” His lips nibbled on your ear, kissing it softly before he peppered your neck with wet open-mouthed kisses. “I love you so much.” You deadpan, eyes fluttering at the feeling of his lips on you and his cock pushing you further into an orgasm.
Jaehyun couldn’t deny that your words made him feel more aroused, it has to be a psychological effect that every time you tell him you love him, he’s near an orgasm.
“I love you more than anything, y/m/n.” He added, his hips snapping rapidly against you, feeling the bruising of his pelvic bone against your ass but it was all worth it for him and the pleasure he granted you.
His arm left your shoulder, holding onto your hip as his other hand moved in between your legs, coming in contact with your clit.
His movements were rushed, almost as if he wanted to make you cum already given how sensitive he was and ready to spill. “Yuno…” You moaned, the shock and pleasure of your bubbling orgasm pushing down.
“Close?” With a hum of confirmation, he kept thrusting in you, faster and harder, your moans coming out in screams with the addition of his fingers on your clit. Your legs were shaking and you felt him begin to spurt in you.
The feeling of his cum spilling in you was throwing you into another level of arousal, if you wanted to feel his load fully in you, you had to cum now. Relaxing your body and letting him take full control, with only a few more moves of his fingers and the tip of his cock rubbing your g-spot— your toes curled, a moan leaving your swollen lips.
“Fuck!” Your legs spazzed the harder he thrusted into the sensitivity of your core. He didn’t stop his thrusts even when they became sloppy and the overstimulation of your swollen g-spot was making you feel like crying from the painful pleasure of your orgasm.
The moment he felt your walls clench around his swollen cock, Jaehyun groaned loudly against your ear, trying his best to kiss your face through them. He tried to halt his movement but his hips had a mind of their own. He had to push himself off in order to stop his relentless torture upon you.
When you felt his warm weight off of you and instead the breeze course through your back, you turned your head towards him, seeing his chest red and heaving, trying to calm himself down after the orgasm he just had, his eyes fixated on your core.
“Like it?” You teased, shaking your bum slowly trying not to spill his fluid onto your comforter. “A lot… Let me get a pic, you okay with that?” He questioned, his hands rubbing softly at the flesh of your ass.
“Anything for you.” Throwing him a cheeky smile, Jaehyun grinned. Getting off the bed as carefully as he could, getting the camera from your desk drawer and turning it on for when he had reached you.
The stains of your and his cum on your thighs, his orgasm threatening to ooze out if you moved, the creamy white substance pooled to the brim in you. “Fuck this looks so hot. Do you want to see?” He questioned, angling the camera to where your ass was also seen and not just his cum. “Yeah.”
The flash went off at least twice; he had stuffed your hole with his fingers when he helped you get on your back, pushing his fluids in you so they wouldn’t spill in the moment.
Once situated on your back, he took them out, smirking to himself at how his fingers looked. Raising your hips slightly until he brought out a towel, a corner damp to which he’d use to clean you up. Placed under your bottom half, his entire cum oozed out onto the cloth; him watching in admiration at how full he had gotten you.
After what felt like it had all gotten out, he cleaned up your thighs with the damp corner, using it on your core as softly as he could, trying his best to avoid hurting you. When it all felt like you were good enough to lay down, he went back to the restroom, laying the towel on the bathtub before turning the faucets on to at least wash away the cum before throwing it into the washing machine.
You felt the ache in your core more than other times, he did go a bit harder but it’s not like you didn’t enjoy it. By the time he had come back you were looking at the pictures he had taken of you.
“My ass looks so good.” You spoke, feeling his presence enter the room. “It always looks good, it’s only the first time you’ve looked at it in this position.” He laid beside you, pulling your body to his. Your leg raising to cross over his own and laying your head on his chest.
His own arm wrapped around your body, caressing the softness of your back. “Remind me to get you the pill before I leave for work.” Looking at the pictures along you, admiring the way the flash captured the glistening.
“You don’t want a lil’ Yuno running around?” You joked, clicking the noisy buttons to look at the other images on the camera, most of them were pictures of him whenever the both of you went on dates. “We can’t handle one yet.” He chuckled, kissing the top of your head.
You both stayed silent for a while until a picture of you two with Jungkook came up, “Are you going to tell him what you did or will you let me keep playing the bad guy?” He sighed, pulling you closer to him.
Twisting slightly to turn and look at him, the natural look on your face turned to one of a smirk. “He should know by now.” All the calmness and iniquitous tone and look in your voice and face.
Tumblr media
Jungkook had taken your attitude to heart, it had ruined his birthday and the entirety of the night. He had spent it drinking and smoking on his own, trying so hard to stay away from people, even his friends that tried his best to help him snap out of it but nothing worked.
When he felt that he couldn’t forget the pain of friendship with any copious amounts of alcohol that didn’t grant him a wish to get drunk; Jungkook grunted, opting to go up the stairs and into his room, far away from his own party and the demise of his friendship.
His feet felt heavy and even when people tried to stop him to congratulate him, all he could muster was a silent thank you as he made his way to his bedroom door, one he had the key to in hand, pushing it forcefully through the keyhole and turning it until the knob willingly budged.
It was pitch balck when he went in, closing the door behind him and locking it, even the curtains were down and the only light came from the main light bulbs the second he flipped the switch on.
Everything was fine until he turned, his back hitting the door as a stunned look of confusion settled on his face, mirroring the one of fright Jaehyun had upon entering your room.
“I’m going to kill him!” Jungkook exclaimed to himself, running to all his walls and tearing down the copious amount of photograph copies plastered all over his walls. The residue of tacky tape left on the paper and walls, rubbing off on his fingers.
Jungkook felt a deep hatred, the anger that made you cry and with how you had treated him earlier due to your boyfriend he couldn’t help his boiling angry tears from spilling down his cheeks, hitting his scrapes from the earlier flight.
This was all Jaehyun’s doing and he knew it, at least he told himself that. There were so many pictures of Jungkook following Jaehyun and it was making him boil at how he became what he hated Yuno for.
His initial actions were meant to protect you from the weirdo Jaehyun was. You were his best friend and the only one he felt that understood him well— you two met on the college forum. After all, you’d both transferred the same semester from different schools and it was only destiny that he ended up being your lab partner.
It was the fact that he saw you as a sister that made him wary of Jaehyun and when you stopped being as close to him due to your boyfriend, he felt the jealousy of friendship seeing how he tore you away from him.
Now here he was, sobbing as he tore down every single picture, looking for his phone all over the room in order to call and when he found it and you didn’t pick up, he opted for the chat room.
Turning on his monitor, he quickly typed his password, only to be greeted with open tabs from the printer and notepad with multiple small messages, even ms paint with drawings that seemed to be yours.
He knew he had turned off his computer fully before the party started and his chest only seemed to get compressed knowing you’re the only one with a key, your little drawings not making the throb of his brain any easier on him.
Closing every tab he could, it wasn’t until the last notepad tab that his breath hitched, getting stuck in the back of his throat. The bright light of the monitor reflected on his glossed out eyes and face.
‘Everything is safe in your drawer <3’
Rushing to push back and open the drawer of his desk, Jungkook found all his sd cards and usbs, the ones that stored all of the pictures of Jaehyun following you around. They were messily scattered around the drawer, some weren’t even inside their case, and underneath them laid a notepad.
Sniffling as he stopped his angry sobs, Jungkook took it into his own hands, toying with the wrinkled paper before pulling it off and seeing the words on the bottom paper.
‘I love you so much, Kookie... But don’t fuck with what’s mine.’
His orbs trembled as he read it over and over and over again. He felt as if he had been kicked in the chest and his entire breath source had been taken again. Dropping the notepad onto his desk.
Your handwriting in bright red ink, some of it had bled through making a pool rest dry on a corner. He didn’t want to admit it, even as he stared at the framed picture of the two of you on his desk— he didn’t want to accept it.
He couldn’t even speak, the cry he wanted to let out wouldn’t even budge. He felt the fire of anger and betrayal envelope his entire body as he tried to process what he was to do next but all he could think about was that—
Jaehyun was right.
He was right about everything. Even if he tried, even if everything pointed at Jaehyun being guilty, even if you had all the proof laid out in front of you, rubbed against your face, your eyes wide open to see how much of a creep your boyfriend was—
You will always choose Yuno.
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stylesmygucci · 2 days ago
Drive me Insane || H.S
Pairing: Harry x gf!reader
Content: smutty smut;)
A/n: Good afternoon lovers! I’m sorry to my lovelies that are eager for more dadrry one-shots but I just thought of this and I cannot let it go! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!!!!! MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Jeff brought up the idea of a double date while we were in the studio. “When was the last time you two went out with another couple?” He asked. We just shrugged and Jeff immediately made reservations for four at a nearby restaurant.
“Darling, we need to leave at-“ he entered the room, but as soon as his eyes trailed my body figure he stopped. It was a simple cami dress but it was enough to drive him mad.
He walked towards me with open arms, glaring at my boobs and only my boobs.
“Stop,” I warn, pushing him away, but his hands brush past mine.
“I can’t.” He shook his head. “You’re fucking gorgeous, It’s driving me insane.”
“This is why we can’t go out to dinner-“ his hands glide against my waist. “Because you get distracted and we get stuck.” I slapped away his hand that slowly crept to my ass. His hands fell to his side and he pouted, but quickly dropped it once he saw I wasn’t kidding.
I wasn’t giving in tonight. We haven’t been able to go out since before the pandemic and it was all I ever wanted since then was to hang with friends and have a nice memorable conversation over dinner— maybe even laugh until wine leaks out our noses.
I missed that; I missed my life.
I could sense Harry’s eyes on me every here and there but he never spoke a word. It felt like a long car ride, and the faint country music on the radio did not help.
When we arrived, he gave the keys to the valet and walked to my side of the car to pull the door open for me, offering his hand for leverage.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered as I took his hand. My brows furrowed. “I love you and I know how much tonight means to you. Didn’t mean to want to hold you back.”
It was like he could read my mind.
“It’s ok.” I nodded reassuringly. “I probably wouldn’t be able to resist touching me if I were you either.” I shook my head, easing the bit of tension that grew between us. He chuckled with a head shake, pulling me closer by the shoulder and placing a hard kiss on my forehead.
We entered the restaurant to find Glenne and Jeff already sat at a table. The hostess led us to them and they stood up from their chairs to greet us with hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“About time we do this again.” Jeff said, returning to his chair. Harry laughed as he took mine out like a gentleman and pushed it back in as soon as I sat down.
“You two look amazing.” Glenne commented.
“As do you!” I exaggerated, gesturing to Glenne’s lovely fitted maroon dress.
“Oh stop,” she brushed me away, letting a pink shade flush her cheeks.
“Harry,” Jeff warned jokingly, taking a sip from his wine glass. Harry just laughed it off.
The evening went on; we ordered our food, even laughed until wine spewed out of Jeff’s nose— for a second I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant, but a small warning from a waiter was all it took to shut us up. We sat quietly, sharing little chuckles from a joke we made earlier.
I couldn’t have been happier.
“Oh my god,” Harry nearly choked on his drink, he leaned to side, coughing into a napkin he’d pulled from beside his plate. I patted his back softly. He pulled back with a smile spread on his face and he looked back at Jeff. “you’re fucking welcome. Rock that big couldn’t have been cheap.” His eyes flew to Glenne’s hand and my mouth dropped open.
A bright oval diamond, that I happened to miss the whole evening, laid on her left ring finger.
I looked up to meet her eyes and she just nodded with the widest smile. “No fucking way,” I rush up in excitement and immediately peel Glenne from her seat, taking her manicured hand and getting a good look at the expensive gem that shined brightly.
“Congratulations!” I laugh, sensing tears flood my eyes. “I’m so happy for you.” I pulled her into a tight hug.
“Thank you.” She rocked me back and forth. I rushed to Jeff and Harry rushed to Glenne. We both laughed at the small exchange.
“Congratulations.” I then repeated, spreading my arms for Jeff to fall in.
“Thank you.” He said, wrapping his arm around my my waist to nearly squeeze the air out of me. After all the excitement settled, we took our seats and let a waiter refill our glasses.
“But all joking apart, congratulations!” Harry repeated once more. “I’m really, really happy for the two of you.” Harry nodded, offering a beaming smile.
“You think they’ll give us a free slice of cake if we tell them?” I ask, earning a laugh from the newly engaged couple.
“After everything we put them through? Absolutely not.” Glenne shook her head, lifting the wine glass to her lips.
Jeff leaned in and took my left hand. “All joking apart,” He mimicked Harry. “When are you two getting married? Your woman’s hand looks a bit bland, H.” I looked to Harry and his brows lifted in utter surprise; he wasn’t expecting that one.
“I think he just hasn’t grown the balls to,” I shrug jokingly. “I might just grow them myself.” I fought a smirk, picking my wine glass from the table and bringing it to my mouth.
Harry smiles amusingly, nodding his head and taking the insult. “haven’t grown the balls?” He repeated under his breath as he scratched his nose.
“Oh you’ll grow them, mate.” Jeff patted his hand.
The evening ended after desert. We said our final goodbyes and fled to our cars. I decided to update myself on the internet’s new gossip while Harry fell back into the driver’s seat and started the long ride home.
“Marriage?” Harry interrupted our silence. The car stopped at a red light and he looked at me.
“Sorry?” I ask, pulling away from my phone to give him my attention.
“I mean, you rarely bring it up, and now over dinner I haven’t got the balls?” His eye brows raise, flicking his eyes between the road and myself once the light turns green.
I shrug. “I don’t know, would you like to get married?”
“Would you?” He asks.
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“I..” he shuffles in his seat and tightens his grip around the steering wheel. “I’d love to, wouldn’t you?”
“I don’t really care… as long as it’s with you.”
A content smile spread on his lips, one that never failed to make my heart skip. After almost five years of the same smiles and expressions, I never grew bored of them, only more fond.
“So, hypothetically, when are you going to grow balls?” I ask.
“Oh I’ve got balls darling, you’d know if you let me touch you earlier.” He shook his head.
“I’ll let you touch me now,” I tell him, taking his left hand from the steering well and placing it on my bare thigh. I slid it further up until his fingers reached the outer line of my panties. He inhaled sharply and straightened himself in his seat. “Or should I touch you?” I ask, letting my palm brush over his growing bulge. His jaw clenched and he withdrew his hand from my inner thigh.
“I’m pretty sure that isn’t very legal.”
“Since when do you follow rules?” I laugh.
“Since Italy.” His eyebrows raised.
It took me a minute before I realized he was speaking of an incident that occurred in a hotel room. The rules were not to be loud, but Harry failed to follow them. Our steamy evening was interrupted by an employee warning us to keep it down; apparently three people put in complaints.
I let out an amused laugh and unintentionally palmed more of his dick. His brows creased deeper; he was frustrated. I look down at his bulge that almost dared to pop his zipper open.
“It almost looks like it hurts. You sure you don’t want me to take care of it, baby?”
“Do we want a ticket?” He questions.
“Ticket to cloud nine?” I grin and he fought a smirk by rolling his tongue in his cheek; that was the approval I was looking for.
I took off my seatbelt and leaned over to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “Keep your eyes on the road, will you baby?” He breathed in heavily and shakily let it out.
I pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his pants. I snuck my hand down his boxers and pulled out his hard cock. He sighed in relief. The head leaked drops of pre-cum that I decided to use to my advantage.
I spread it over his tip with the pad of my thumb just to watch how he melts under my touch; his bottom lip pulled behind his teeth, fighting the urge to let his head fall back. I leaned over and adjusted myself across the seat. I could feel the armrest dig into my stomach as I licked a line from the bottom of his cock to the tip. He whimpered and I could’ve sworn the car sped up.
“Don’t crash.” I warn and he stifles a laugh, instantly stopping once I put my attention on his dick again.
I kiss his tip and let my lips part, slowly taking all of him in. His cock hit the back of my mouth, making tears fill my eyes. I pulled back up, causing my saliva to leak out the edge of my mouth. He groaned and bucked his hips as a sign to continue.
I took him back in and let my tongue follow with my mouth, stopping at different lengths to keep me from choking. He groaned and murmured curses under his breath.
Eventually, his hand gripped my hair to steady me, giving him more control of my intake. Tears escaped my eyes as his head met the back of my throat repeatedly, dragging out gags.
His cock twitched on my tongue and he moaned my name as a warning. His grip loosened around my hair and I adjusted my lips to his tip before he came into my mouth.
His warm seed filled the inside of my cheeks to the back of my throat. I swallowed but his cum spilled the sides of my mouth and down his cock.
I licked any cum he had left on his cock. He whined from overstimulation and tried to pull me from his dick but failed to. He pleaded my name, desperate for me to detach my tongue and I didn’t until I got every last drop that had escaped my mouth.
I finally retracted myself, letting his dick soften. I took it carefully and tucked it into his pants, zipping them and buckling them back up. His chest rose and fell rapidly, attempting to catch his breath.
“D-did quite a number on me.” He laughed, readjusting his grip on the steering wheel. I took my thumb and wiped away any cum I had left on my lips.
“Maybe that’ll give you the balls…” I smirked.
“Would do it right now but I don’t have a ring.”
I took his hand a pulled it to my inner thigh. “I have an idea of what you can you use for a ring.”
His eyes flicked between my bunched dress and the road. “You’re going to be the death of me.”
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ptersmj · 2 days ago
for ur sleepover!! the thought of peter rubbing his hand on my back gets me Giddy if u wanna write something about that <3 luv u 🌷💗
Tumblr media
a/n: sorry for the hold up on this ! it was the holidays so you know how that goes but i hope everyone who celebrates had a lovely thanksgiving <3 and thank you for sending hehe luv u too
your bottom lip is trapped between your teeth, arms wrapped around yourself to keep warm. you’re waiting outside of the compound for peter to arrive home from a mission.
it’s his longest one yet, and the longest you two have been apart. these weeks away from your lover have lead you to miss him dearly. calls and texts had to suffice while peter was gone with the team, wishing you had come along.
you unfortunately weren’t needed this time around. but, it’ll all be worth it when you get to hold him tighter than ever before.
the ground beneath you suddenly starts to shake. a breeze whips around your hair when you look up to see the quinjet descending from the dark sky, other team members who stayed back joining you on the grass.
you’re running to the quinjet the second it lands. you push past steve and wanda, which earns their lighthearted laughter as they watch you make your way to stairs.
vision floats himself to wanda first, sam and bucky jogging over to steve next. thor skips down the stairs and holds out a hand for natasha. scott trudges out of the door, stretching and yawning.
lastly, peter appears in the doorway. you can tell he’s exhausted. his eyes are hooded, the apples of his cheeks don fresh scratches, and his usual perfect posture is now a slouch. he sports a smile even so, tony’s hand on his shoulder to guide him out.
tony shakes peter’s shoulder to aware him of your presence at the bottom of the stairs. peter grins even wider, you beaming twice as much.
“baby!” he calls, rushing to meet you with open arms.
you practically leap into them, legs circling his waist. hugging you with all his might, peter buries his face deep in your neck. he inhales your familiar scent, leaves a string of kisses along your skin, chuckling against you.
“welcome home, peter,” you murmur back.
peter sets you down carefully, squeezing at your hips. he studies your features to take them in in person once again because facetime simply doesn’t do you justice.
“you wait up for me?” he coos with a half smile. “didn’t have to do that.”
you place both your hands on peter’s chest, right over his heart.
“i wanted to,” you insist. “besides, i couldn’t sleep too well without you anyway.”
his arms wound around your middle, peter gives you a soft kiss on your forehead.
“you’re in luck, then. ‘m not going anywhere for a long, long time,” he promises.
you hum contentedly, feeling fuzzy inside as peter’s fingers trace up and down your lower back.
“we’ll make up for those lost cuddles, hm?” he suggests.
further melting into his embrace, you manage a lazy smirk.
“my room or yours?”
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earlgreydream · a day ago
𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧. || 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐛𝐲 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐲’𝐬
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟, 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭
Tumblr media
The office was quiet, the peaky blinders off at the races. You cleaned, enjoying the brief state of peace, a rare occurrence with the boys always around.
You dusted the shelves of Tommy’s office, your breath catching in your throat as you bumped a frame. You tried to catch it but it slipped from your fingers, shattering on the wooden floor.
You felt sick, your stomach dropping as you knelt down. You delicately lifted the photo of Tommy and his late wife, Grace, thankfully still in tact. Tears blurred your vision, anxiety burning your throat.
You carefully set the photo on the desk, trying not to hyperventilate as fear set in. You knew you’d have to tell Tommy, and your hands were shaking at the dread of his return.
You cleaned up the broken glass, cutting your hand by accident in the process. A small cry left your lips, crimson — a color you were used to after years at Tommy’s side — dripped down your palm.
“You alright, love?” The deep voice came from the doorway.
You whipped around, startled at Tommy’s sudden arrival. He was home far earlier than you’d expected, which likely meant the races didn’t have the desired outcome.
“Mr. Shelby…” your voice broke, a sob breaking through your lips.
Anxiety rose in him, hating to see you in such distress. Tommy was fond of you, and the sight of your tears — and a bleeding hand — he found much more deeply upsetting than he understood.
His steps were heavy as he crossed the floor, moving to your side to see what had afflicted you. Broken glass had been mostly cleaned up, all except for a piece that had hurt your hand.
“It’s alright, let’s get you cleaned up,” he helped you to your feet, and you shook your head, not wanting to let him help you when you knew he’d be angry at you as soon as he discovered the cause of the broken glass.
Your name came out in his stern tone, one that allowed no argument or disrespect. Tommy lifted you to sit on the desk, not noticing the photo turned over on top of a stack of papers.
He held your hand, turning the palm up and gently cleaning it with a cloth and a bit of water. He wrapped the small injury, thankfully shallow and not severe.
You couldn’t stop crying, tears slipping down your cheeks in thick trails. His hand came up to your jaw, tilting your face up to look at him.
“What happened?” Tommy’s blue eyes bore into you, forcing you to swallow the knot in your throat.
“It was an accident. I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear…”
He waited for you to take a breath before you confessed your infraction. Tommy couldn’t make up what had possibly upset you so much, but he didn’t like that you were so frightened of him.
“I was cleaning and I knocked the photo of you and Grace off the shelf. I tried to catch it, I’m so sorry,” you sobbed, gently picking up the photo and handing it to Tommy.
He went deadly silent, looking down at the photo. He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before placing the photo in a box, placing it on top of the bookshelf.
“I’ll understand if you wish to beat me, or fire me, or-”
Tommy’s hands came up to cradle your cheeks, partially stunned by how distraught you were over a frame and some glass. The photo was fine, even if it wasn’t, Tommy would’ve never dreamt of striking you. He knew you hadn’t done it on purpose, nor were you being reckless.
“It’s alright, darling.”
You braved a glance up at him, calmed by his gentle voice. Your cheek pressed into his palm, thumbs brushing the tears away.
“You’re not angry?” You whispered meekly.
“No, and I don’t want you making yourself ill over it. Come on, we’ll have some tea, enough tears,” Tommy commanded, lifting you down and placing his hand on the small of your back.
You leaned into his comforting touch, walking quietly beside him down to the kitchen.
“I’ll put on a kettle.”
“No. You’ll have a seat,” he gently tapped your ass to get you to move toward the sitting room.
“Yes, Mr. Shelby.”
You did as he asked, waiting for him on the velvet couch. He reappeared with two cups of tea, sitting down beside you and popping open his cigarette case. You lit it for him, watching the silvery smoke spill from his full lips.
“You’re frightened of me,” he pressed, watching your hands shake as you picked up the teacup.
“No, sir. Just frightened of disappointing you,” you corrected, exposing just how badly you wanted the mobster’s approval.
“You’ve never done anything of the sort. You are aware of my fondness for you, are you not?”
Your eyes snapped up, warmth heating your cheeks and the tips of your ears. His lips turned up into a small smile, amused by how shy you were in front of him, even after living in his home for several years.
“You’re fond of me?”
A small giggle escaped as he pulled you to straddle his lap. He put out the cigarette before kissing you, tasting of smoke, gin, and earl grey tea. His tongue broke the seal of your lips, deepening the kiss as his hands groped your body.
He was strong and powerful and made you feel so safe, the worries of the evening fading into distant memory. You kissed him back, your hands coming to rest on his shoulders, fingertips brushing beneath the collar of his shirt.
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” he confessed, his lips ghosting your collarbone, fingers pulling down the strap of your dress.
“Take me, then. Fuck me, Tommy,” you practically begged, your chest heaving under his mouth.
He stood up abruptly, strong hands lifting you under your thighs and carrying you to his room, playfully tossing you on the bed. You watched, completely mesmerized as he undressed, tossing expensive clothes aside as if they were nothing. Your dress joined the pile, lingerie following until you were bared to the man.
He went to climb onto the bed when you stopped him. Tommy watched you curiously, putting his hands on the bedposts for stability. You knelt on the edge, your hands holding his thighs.
He exhaled, his eyes rolling back as your tongue ran up his shaft, before taking his cock in your mouth. Tommy moaned as you bobbed your head, his hand dropping into your hair, tangling in the locks.
“Fuck, that’s it,” he hissed as you hollowed your cheeks, your mouth warm and wet around him.
His hips rocked a bit, holding your head down as he forced himself a bit deeper in your throat, making your eyes water. You flattened your tongue against him, feeling him twitch in your throat.
“Off, I’m not comin’ down your throat.”
You gasped as he tugged you backwards, pushing you back onto the sheets. Strong hands grabbed your thighs, pulling them apart as he dipped down, tasting himself on your tongue. The sudden intensity pulled a moan from your lips, stuttered as you felt him line up against your pussy.
He watched your back bow off the bed, your lips parting as he pushed into you, holding your hips still until he was buried fully inside of your tight cunt, achingly stretched around him. You struggled to adjust, gripping his biceps and whimpering his name as his hips rocked against yours, fucking you in an easy, smooth rhythm.
“Tommy, fuck,” you moaned, turning your face into his neck.
A laugh rattled through his chest, his arm holding you close against him.
“I don’t want to hear such nasty words from that pretty mouth. But hell, woman, keep saying my name like that.”
You repeated his name like a godless worship, overwhelmed as he fucked you into bliss. Stars danced in your vision and you clung to him, nails dragging red lines down his back.
“Tommy!” You squealed as his pace quickened until he was railing into you, chasing his own orgasm as he tore one from you, the first ever from another man.
It ripped through you, scorching your nerves like fire and flooding between your hips. He felt you throb around him, his thrusts growing slicker as he came after you, finally stilling the rocking movements.
You struggled to breathe, panting and falling back against the pillows as you slipped from his arms. He caught his breath, kneeling between your thighs before gently disconnecting your bodies, earning a pained whimper.
Tommy hushed you, tracing his fingertips down your side in a soothing motion. Your gaze followed his touch, smiling lazily as endorphins made your mind feel cloudy.
He admired you, fucked out and exhausted beneath him, looking beautiful and utterly ruined by him. Tommy kissed your forehead before lighting another cigarette and lying down next to you.
“Don’t worry about the photo.”
You snuggled into his side, your head resting over the tattoo on his chest, sighing deeply as his hand traced up and down your spine.
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dreamysreverie · a day ago
delicate pleasures (meet standards)
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary/request: Milf!Wanda who you meet at a party and you end up fucking in your car cause she’s bored
You end up hooking up with someone you thought you wouldn't even be able to kiss with out being a mess, and here you are.
Warnings/contains: oral sex (f! given), just smut. 
words: 898 
for smutty sunday. 
You shifted your gaze immediately when her eyes met yours across the room, feeling your cheeks burn, the small crowds of people that you either worked with, lived in the same neighborhood together, made it easier to not distract yourself by almost getting caught staring at her. 
Wanda, that’s her name. She lives down the street from you, whenever you would take walks or runs to the park that happens to pass her house, you would always see the familiar gorgeous brunette either tending to her garden, reading the news paper while sitting in her sundress (that showed her legs perfectly which didn’t help your focus at all) in a chair on her porch, while her kids played inside or out. 
You didn’t know much about her, to be honest you were too nervous to even speak to her. 
One time, let's just say you did end up having your first actual conversation with her that wasn’t the usual ‘hi’ 'hellos’’.
You were shopping for your dinner at your local supermarket, since you lived with your noisy roommate who was often out a lot, you ate alone. 
And you didn’t know how to cook well. 
Wanda offered to share some leftovers and dinner at her house. It was a kind and sweet offering of hers, you didn’t even know what to say to that when you were stammering with your words as she easily got you all flustered on the spot and shy around her, Wanda was nice like that, you two weren't even considered friends yet. 
She caught you off guard many times, subtle touches and flirtatious comments would happen from time to time whenever you two were close by. You couldn’t say no to her, so you spent the afternoon cooking dinner with her. 
And you enjoyed her company, a lot. 
She did too. More than she had planned. 
“Take a picture, it will last longer” a voice startled you away from your thoughts, “I’m sorry?--” and she was standing right in front of you now. 
“You look high, even though you don’t seem like the type to smoke. And I said, take a picture, it will last longer” she laughs, watching as you roll your eyes at her. 
“Fuck you.” you snapped, slightly irritated with how boring this party was. 
Why did you even come? You barely knew these people? 
Oh right, you came because you knew she would be there. 
“Don’t give me that attitude, you got your panties in a twist or something?” Wanda’s eyes glinted with mischief, and you wanted to punch that smile off her face. 
She looked good though. In the dress she was wearing, you just couldn’t stop staring or admiring her. 
“You wish” you forced a smile which didn’t last long before she spoke up again with a sigh, while running a hand through her hair. 
“Wanna go somewhere else?”
She watched you contemplate on it, then you shrugged, grabbing your bag and she grinned, following after you out of the place and the both of you left unnoticed. 
And somehow, not even minutes later, you’re both in your car, her body pressed against the backset of your car, her hair a bit of a mess, as you were kissing up along her inner thighs. 
“Stop fucking teasing” she growled, digging her fingers into your sculp which made you yelp. 
You released your mouth from her cunt, that was already dripping with want, “what’s got you this worked up? We’ve barely started.” 
“You, and I’m bored so fuck me.” she replied, sounding breathless as you grinned up at her, placing one thigh on your shoulder then the other as she spread her legs more for you.
“Got it, anything else for good service?” you chuckled as she sent you a frown, that was soon all over as her head was thrown back with a moan as you licked up her cunt. 
Your mouth worked expertly on her, she didn’t expect this coming from you. You worked your magic, sending pleasure jolts throughout her body while she chased her high that she’s been needing, your tongue ran a long line against her slit, she was dripping wet in all her glory for you and still was a breathtaking sight to see above. 
“You’re so beautiful,” Wanda mumbled, you could still manage to hear her, heat creeping up your cheeks, “I’m glad to have you here, with me-- fuck” she let out a whine, she couldn’t even gather her words right to form a sentence that she wanted to say, arching her back into you ”That feels so good, don’t stop.” 
Even though you felt like you were in somewhat of a sense of control here, being in between her legs, giving her your service and acts of love you wished to say out loud but you couldn’t, she was always in control. 
And you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
You sucked just enough to have more noises coming from her, making her mewl and moan, her body heating up, her chest rising up and down. 
When she reached her high, the feeling took over almost immediately, and unexpectedly, surprising her in the best way, she laughed when it was over, her body still wanting more, and she sat back up, pressing her lips to you and you melted into a sweet kiss. 
You hope this wasn’t the last
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genshinboys · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
„Sorry, am I late?”
The opalescent bells chime when Kazuha walks into the doughnut shop through the back door. 
He picks up on the subtle change in the colour of your cheeks, lightly floured hands gingerly wave in his direction. You proceed to dust them off hurriedly while trudging towards Kazuha. You smell like doughnut frosting. He takes a deep, very greedy drag of that sugary aroma. The corner of his mouth goes up, the smile cloyingly sweet, on pair with the smell that leaves his mouth salivating.
„N-no, I was, erm-, I was about to close. You are right on time.”
Shimmery crimson orbs drop to your hands. The remains of the batter got stuck between your fingers.
„Here, let me help.”
His voice is like syrupy liquid, dulcetly taking control of your ability to breathe. Kazuha gathers your hands in his. He thrives in the way your blush deepens, so he boldly takes a step forward. You are fidgety. That’s right. Tremble for him more. He wants to hear these helpless gasps. With feather-like strokes, he wipes off the remaining batter unhurriedly. Kazuha takes his time, growing more cheeky with each louder thud of your heart. What are you so cute for? He is just holding your hands after all. He could do so much more.
But you are his childhood friend, and he is a member of the mobster family.
Kazuha lets go of your hands. 
„Erm-, thank you..., Kazu.”
As if you pushed an invisible button, all the cogs in his brain twirl. It doesn’t do him any good when you whisper his name so shyly. He likes to imagine how much more desperate it would sound if he pressed your body to the counter, if he clutched you so tightly that you would not be able to break free from him. And then, what if he just took your lips in his and kissed them till they were bruised and swollen? 
Don’t get him wrong. He is a calm and reserved man. He would never hurt you. But for mercy’s sake, wouldn’t it be glorious to have you squirming beneath him, skin flushed from arousal, eyes glazed over and ready to spill big fat tears when he ploughs into you with his dick? Kazuha has been a fool thinking that he could control himself around you. 
„No problem. I like how your hands fit in mine.”
He fucking said it, he really did. He wants to congratulate himself on his eloquent wording despite the lewd thoughts in his lusting over you brain. How romantic.
You giggle nervously, turning your eyes away. He arches his perfect eyebrow, his guts doing ballerina pirouettes. Fuck it, maybe he really should just go for it. He lets his breath out slowly, eyeing the sticky from doughnut glaze countertop. Not the most convenient of places to finally have you wrapped around his middle, but hey, hasn’t he already jerked off to that exact scenario?
So, Kazuha with half his mind pegging him to lift that ass of yours to drag you to the tacky kitchen surface, moves towards you almost predatorily. He reaches out with his hands, and he is just oh so fucking close to squeezing your ass but then...
His phone starts ringing.
Your body jerks and Kazuha stops dead in his tracks. The blasted contraption somehow startled the shit out of both of you. 
You question weakly, eyes dropping to the device buzzing in the pocket of his distressed jeans.
„I’m sorry.”
He exhales, coming to terms with the idea that maybe, just maybe, he will never take this load off his mind... and dick.
He retrieves the phone, and with just one glance at a ginger-head smirking at him from the photo on the screen, he pushes it back to the safety of his pocket. 
„Aren’t you going to pick up?”
You question, noticing the revolted look on his face.
„It’s not that important.”
A lie. A big fat lie. Sure, he did not just ignore the call from a fellow mobster. Childe really has the best fucking timing, doesn’t he? He makes a mental note to remind him about not calling him when it is long past his working hours. On the other hand, it could be something urgent. Dang it. He had better call him back.
„I’m going to fetch some snacks for our movie night, ok? Close the shop and wait for me outside.”
Kazuha’s voice drips like honey, and you can’t conceal the shiver that makes you quiver pathetically before the platinum blonde man. You bob your head pliantly, and his eyes crinkle when he playfully ruffles your hair before spinning on his heel and exiting the doughnut shop.
He goes to the grocery store around the corner. Kazuha doesn’t even make it to the alley with your favourite chocolate candy when his phone goes off again.
„Fuck it, Childe. What’s your deal? It better be something important. I’m with Y/N. You know damn well she doesn’t have a clue ab---,”
„Is she with you? Kazuha, fuck, they’re after her. H-hey, can you hear me?”
Kazuha almost drops his phone when he hears the sound of the shattering glass in the distance. He ditches the basket and dashes out of the building, bumping into the perplexed customers. Sheer terror and panic stab his heart, and it feels like it mounts with every step closer to the doughnut shop. He notices the pieces of broken glass, scattered all over the pavement in front of the entrance.
It is this type of fear that he has never experienced, the one that almost leaves him petrified. But he cannot let anything bad happen to you.
He yells on top of his lungs, barging inside, voice numb with shock. 
„Well, would you look at that? The rat came out of the hole. I would have done it a long time ago If I had known it would be so easy to corner you, Kazuha.”
Kazuha’s blood freezes in his veins at the sight of you being held by one of the members of their rival gang. There is a knife at your throat, and his disgusting hand is covering your wet from tears face. Kazuha grits his teeth, his whole body throbbing with a mix of rage and disarming anxiety. He needs to stay calm. 
„I’m here Y/N. you are going to be alright.”
He focuses all his attention on you, crimson irises look at you reassuringly. You try to stop the tears from running despite the panic surging through your body. You bob your head, at least, as much as you can with the guy digging his fingers into your cheeks. He yanks you harder, not happy with the idea of you moving in his tight clutch.
„Don’t be fucking ridiculous, Kazuha. What can you possibly do, huh? You are done for. You and that cute girl of yours.”
Two other thugs are surrounding you, waiting for the orders from their leader. They are armed and itching to take revenge on the platinum blonde. If not for you, Kazuha would be more than willing to indulge them, but he finds himself paralysed, afraid to make the smallest of moves.
„Y/N, I can’t believe you are letting him touch you like that.”
Kazuha says hoarsely, with his eyes narrowing. You see how his body tenses, stiff as a board, focused and ready to attack. Nothing much like your childhood friend whose touch has always felt more delicate than the strokes of the softest feather. Your legs feel wobbly with fear, but you know what he is hinting at. 
Despite your initial reluctance, he was dead set on teaching you how to defend yourself. You shrugged him off each time, treating the lessons rather lightly. Him being a martial arts teacher does not mean that you have to become one of his pupils, even if you are his best friend, right? After all, why would you need to know how to land a punch or two? Totally unnecessary, you presumed. But stubbornly so, Kazuha kept nagging you about that, showing you all these weird moves, elbow strikes or groin kicks. Yes, you decided to let him teach you, especially because these lessons always evolved into playful tickle fights. His fingers roamed boldly over your body, pressing into the curves of your hips. He would let you overpower him, giggling so hard that his eyes started to well up. He would always laugh so melodically, setting your groin on fire and your cheeks turn red.
So, with dread twisting in your gut, you stare back at Kazuha, silently agreeing to his scheming. 
The mobster cackles maniacally, as he pulls you closer with a hint of evil glistening in his wicked eyes.
„I’m going to do so much more Kazuha, and guess fucking what? You are just going to stand here like a helpless sissy and watch all of that. She is such a cutie, isn’t she?”
Kazuha was about to open his mouth to retort, but then, there is this deafening sound of a fired gun that takes you all by surprise. It punches through the neck of the thug standing closest to the ruined window display, causing a gaping hole in its wake. The blood starts gushing out of the fatal wound, and the man falls to the ground lifelessly. 
Kazuha’s eyes pierce through you, signalling you to act. It is your now or never chance. Adrenaline pumps through your body when you bend forward from the waist, taking advantage of your oppressor’s loosened grip. You throw your elbow to his face as hard as you can, which makes him fall back and lose his footing. He groans in pain, attempting to snatch you back with his extended hands. 
Within seconds, Kazuha is at your side pushing the guy away from you and kicking his lower abdomen. His body almost folds in half, arms protectively swathing his stomach. Some screams are coming from the front door, and soon more men start running into the doughnut shop. A tall ginger-head barges inside, and his eyes desperately scan the place. His cerulean orbs land on you, and he leaps in your direction. He hooks his arm around you, dragging you away from the centre of the fight. You hear the gunshots, like popping popcorn, and your body goes limp in terror in the man’s embrace.
Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Kazuha curling up his fist and aiming for the front of the mobster’s nose. He hits the bridge with a scary like precision. Blood splatters on the ground as the guy lands on the wall behind him and starts choking. Kazuha looks so mad, so infuriated it leaves your body shaking in fear. The ginger head covers your eyes and forces your head to his chest. You shut your eyes tightly, limbs feeling numb. You do your best to focus on your breathing, not daring to move an inch.
Soon, it all goes silent. Strangely peaceful in comparison to the living hell you’ve just gone through. You hear the footsteps of an approaching person.
„I’m taking her home. Can you deal with the mess here?”
Kazuha’s voice is strained, comes out more throaty than usual. You lift your head, removing yourself from the tight hold of who seems to be Kazuha’s close acquaintance. You peer at your childhood friend, hoping to find there the cute and giggly boy who stole your heart a long time ago. Your eyes meet, and you see how his expression softens, arms instinctively pulling you in, and you do nothing to escape his touch. Kazuha’s heart is ramming against his ribs. He slowly relaxes, finally realising that you are safe.
„Sure thing. This place will be as good as new by tomorrow.”
The taller man beams, apparently unshaken by the lying around dead bodies.
„Thank you, Childe.”
Kazuha lets out a relieved sigh. His fingers run through the strands of your hair comfortingly. A shiver zips through your spine at the intimacy of the gesture.
„Ah, no biggie.”
The man named Childe plays it cool, crossing his arms on his chest.
„No, I mean, thank you for arriving on time. You know, she...”
Childe doesn’t let him finish, though, cutting in before Kazuha can continue with the words that could be too difficult to utter owing to the growing lump in his throat.
„Have I ever been late? Don’t insult me. You better get out of here. I’m sick of seeing your face for today. In fact, take a few days off. Zhongli would not mind anyway.”
Kazuha gives him a small smile, and with a simple goodbye, guides you out of the place while still keeping you close. When you lift your head to peer at him, he seems to be deep in thought, wordlessly marching towards the car parked in front of the doughnut shop.
The drive home was equally silent and all the more unnerving. With your level of anxiety scaling greater than ever heights, you are sat on Kazuha’s sofa, right in front of the fireplace. The living room is spacious and looks too expensive to be the home of a simple martial arts teacher. It is one of the issues you have never wanted to address, too afraid of the answer that you would hear. Or rather a lie that you would have to accept and pretend to be oblivious to the obvious truth. 
You worry at your lower lip, glancing at the short man. He is wound-up tight, restlessly tapping his fingers on the leather armrest of the chair. The bandages so neatly wrapped around his hand cover up the injury that you treated yourself, acting as if second-degree burns were martial artists’ bread and butter. However, things that happened today do not seem like something both of you can just ignore. He hasn’t even looked at you once since you entered his apartment. 
„Kazuha, we need to talk.”
There it is, you said it. Suddenly it dawns on you that you have been all tensed up, anxiety seeping into every single cell in your body.
He is staring blankly at the glass coffee table, as if the words he was looking for were written for him right there. His frown only gets deeper.
„I lied to you.”
Despite how large the room is, you start feeling claustrophobic, as though the walls were closing in on you. The pressure weighing down on your chest slowly becomes unbearable, turning your breath shallow.
„I lied so many times and about everything. I should have never endangered you this way. It is not safe. You are not safe with me. I am not... who you think I am.”
The sense of guilt is apparent on his face. Kazuha bitterly regrets being so selfish, heedlessly satiating his hunger for your presence in his life, with no consideration of the consequences. He glances uncomfortably at you, crimson pools looking lost and vulnerable.
„I’m so sorry. I, erm, I..., I understand if you hate me or think very little of me, I can’t blame you. I will call our men to take you home if you don’t want to see me anymore.”
Kazuha speaks in a hushed tone as the pangs of conscience make him feel unworthy of you. The tears that well up in your eyes only aggravate the incessant throbbing in his heart. He would like to hug you, kiss these tears away, but he can’t move. 
„I don’t want to go home, you idiot.”
You can’t hold it in, and tears start racing down your cheeks. A great tremor overtakes you, and your body quakes uncontrollably, as you gasp for air between pathetic sobs. Kazuha leaps to his feet, throat tightening due to that gut-wrenching feeling that pushes his body towards you. He kneels before you, covering your wet cheeks with his shaking hands. He proceeds to wipe them every few seconds, tenderly placing kisses on your nose or forehead with each awkward hiccup that escapes your trembling lips.
„I-I don’t care what you do---, d-don’t care. You are my friend. I love you.”
Needy thoughts twirl in Kazuha’s head as his heart goes rampant in his aching chest. He crushes you in a bear-like hug, cutting the air out of your lungs. He wants you so badly it feels as if he was about to burst. Blood buzzes in his ears when you respond to his clingy action by placing your wet lips to the side of his neck. The platinum blonde shivers as another damp kiss tickles his sensitive skin. Your warm breath immediately dries up the wet spot creating this mind-numbing sensation of hot and cold that messes up his brain. An ache grows in his stomach when you pull at his hips, guiding him towards you while your thighs clamp around him. And oh my lord, it is so warm and tight he almost forgets how to breathe. You are hugging him back as hard as you can, squeezing your soft chest against him. 
Kazuha feels himself swelling in his jeans. His dick twitches excitedly, sabotaging the man’s efforts to stay calm. You are pressing onto him with your core. There is no way you wouldn’t notice. He releases you from his tight clutch, cupping your chin to make you look into his darkened eyes. You smile back at him oh so gently, far too innocently to match the frantic grip of your legs around his lower half. You say nothing, and both of you understand the reason why.
„I will take care of you forever. Will you allow me?”
 You feel the blood draining from your face, and you know exactly where it is going instead. You nod, your clit getting easily aroused just from moving slightly against him. You become hyper-aware of how he basically forces himself to stay still. Kazuha shudders, flexing the muscles in his lower abdomen to control the urge to rub against you as well. A thin vein pops out on his neck as he mumbles through a tightened jaw.
„Let me start by checking if you are not hurt anywhere. Ok?”
You peer at him expectantly, like an animal ready to be fed and Kazuha’s resolve to take it slow and let you gather your thoughts before he fucks you senseless withers like unwatered flowers. He exhales a long and tired sigh. He brushes your hair from your face, and you lean to his touch, seeking more warmth. Kazuha bites his lip. You shouldn’t be so eager.
He starts by checking your arms. Kazuha delicately traces the skin with his fingertips while scanning the flesh with his keen eyes. You are trembling openly, not even trying to stifle the soft gasps of pleasure that escape your lips when he ghosts over you with his fingers. He goes higher, sliding his hands over the collarbones to the juncture between the neck and your shoulders. He hooks his finger under the strap of your dress, pulling it down without warning. Your hands shoot up to your chest, protectively covering yourself from being exposed.
You cry out his name, making his skin prickle. Your thighs squeeze him so tight he can tell that he is not the only one suffering from twitching arousal. You let yourself rub against him, desperate to relieve the pain in your pussy. Your wet folds drag along his boner, sending jolts of pleasure to your core. The material of his jeans adds extra friction, which just makes everything more intense. He lowers himself to your neck, inhaling greedily, getting drunk on your sweet scent. His lips seductively move up and down your ear, teasing the shell. Goosebumps erupt on your skin, and your nipples harden when he swirls his tongue around the earlobe. You are so distracted that you barely register the moment he hooks another finger under the opposite strap.
„I have to check everywhere, Princess. Be a good girl and behave yourself.”
With that, he pries your arms away, patiently placing them on the sofa. He seizes you with his crimson orbs, noticing how uneven your breathing has become. He pulls the other strap down, staring deeply into your eyes. The flimsy dress pools around your belly button, baring your breasts for Kazuha. Contrary to what you expect, he doesn’t look down and just keeps his eyes locked on your flushed face. 
„How can you be so shy when your body is the most beautiful sight I have ever had the privilege to lay my eyes upon?”
In a frenzy, you grip the back of his head, and then your mouth is on his. Kazuha struggles for balance when you so unexpectedly force all of his weight on top of you. He doesn’t oppose, moaning in relief to finally taste your lips. He deepens the kiss, lust firing in his veins when you begin the uneven fight with the buttons of his shirt. You break the kiss and curse, aggressively ripping his shirt open, which sends the buttons flying across the room. 
„I hope you are not too fond of that shirt.”
Your hands immediately splay over the expanse of his chest, feeling the rock-hard abs that tense under your fingers. And then, just then, Kazuha lets his eyes wander lower, and the man whines helplessly. He doesn’t even give you time to get properly shy over the fact that he has just moaned at the view of your naked tits because you are too busy seeing stars when he places his hot lips on your puffy nipple. Your mouth falls open in a helpless „oh” as he shifts on top of you and continues flicking it with his tongue. His hand finds its way to your other breast, and he starts fondling it with equal ferocity. He is almost on top of you, and you just hook your leg higher up his hip and rub up against his throbbing hardness in earnest. Your whole body sizzles with need, and Kazuha’s wanton hands grow a bubble in your groin that only gets bigger and bigger with each passing moment.
He groans as his pelvis pistons into your core, making you gush all over your panties. Kazuha’s heart pounds so loud, muscles bulge, and his groin is so tense that he can barely stand it. Your mind is gone when he gives your nipple an affectionate kiss before his mouth crashes on yours. Kazuha’s tongue rakes over yours, clammy palms roam all over your body zealously. You sneak your hand between your bodies to finally strip him naked. He whimpers into your mouth, thrusting his clothed dick into your palms. 
„I want to do dirty things to you, Princess.”
He confesses, shuddering pathetically when you forcefully push the jeans past his hips together with the unpleasantly wet underwear. His cock stands up straight, leaking from the reddened tip to the base. It is so pretty, wonderfully pink against the paleness of his skin. It curves upwards, definitely thicker than you imagined. It feels heavy when you experimentally circle your fingers around it. Kazuha sucks in a breath.
„It’s perfect. So cute.”
The platinum blonde chuckles at your choice of words to praise his dick. You turn your gaze away, feeling how your cheeks burn at your blatant honesty. Luckily, Kazuha doesn’t mind how lewd your compliment was because he immediately begins tugging at your panties. Soon, they land on the floor together with the dress that he felt was still covering you too much. Way too fucking much. Finally, you are naked, and he drinks in the curves of your body. His hungry eyes level on you as he pulls you closer, grabbing your ass ruthlessly. It actually hurts, and it makes you squeak in surprise. It is the side of your friend you are yet to get to know.
„Let me show you what that ‘cute’ thing can do then.”
The red-eyed beauty hoists up your legs and bends them in half so that they are pressing to your belly. His palms rest on your thighs as he hovers over you with his knees on the edge of the sofa. You let him do as he pleases, breathing laboriously as everything inside tightens in anticipation. You wanted to say something, but it quickly becomes history when he aligns his dick with your entrance. Kazuha wastes no time, inching himself to your soft core, and when you feel his tip throbbing against your folds, you moan out loud.
„K-Kazu, please!”
He pins you down, hard and impatient. Fuck the preparation. You will need to take it just like that. He plants a sloppy kiss on your cheek before pushing his girthy cock into you. You writhe and squirm under him. The burning sensation urges you to move away from his erection, and he stills his movement to give you time to adjust. When you muster up enough courage to peer at his reddened face, he looks positively on the edge of nutting, and your pussy tingles all over, hips pushing forward to get more of that length inside. 
He loses it and pounds into you time after time. Waves of pleasure spread all over you as mounting pressure gathers in your groin. Your clit pulsates when he sinks into you, pressing his lower abdomen to your folds. You leave a wet and messy stain there as your slick gathers on his muscles. He is so fast and precise, fucking you with animal-like stamina. His name falls from your lips incessantly.
„Kazuha, na-ahh, Kazu!”
The blonde presses tighter and tighter to your nub, dreaming of a fast release as his balls are sore and he desperately needs them free. The fire in his groin burns hotter when you keep begging him like that, digging your nails to his back, clawing it red.
„That’s it, Princess. Let it go for me, let it go.”
He chants between harsh intakes of breath, the exquisite feeling of you stretched out around his dick sends streaks of need piercing through his groin, up to his pulsating cock. So tight. Hot. Your lips parted and eyes glossy. Fuck, Kazuha doesn’t know where to look when you fall apart so easily underneath him. His breath hisses out when you choke on your words, weakly sobbing a warning ‘I’m cumming, Kazu,’ and he thrusts even harder strokes into you, drilling maniacally. You arch up to meet his thrusts, creaming all over his girth. It sends more shooting flames of ecstasy racing through your bloodstream. It’s overwhelming. Kazuha murmurs words of encouragement, praising you for being such a good girl and it feels like every single nerve in his body somersaults when he starts emptying himself inside of you, ejaculating so hard that for a second he can’t even see well as his vision fades to black. Your pussy milking him right, drawing that built-up tension out of him. 
„I love you.”
He collapses, body shuddering from the pleasure. He releases your legs, and you let them fall to your sides. Your whole body aches due to that unnatural position. 
„Couldn’t we just go to the bed?”
You complain, afraid to move as his dick is still inside of you. Everything is so sensitive, borderline painful.
Kazuha giggles, lifting his head to take a peek at your embarrassed face.
„Mhmm, we could still do that. I haven’t checked your body properly yet.”
He smiles mischievously, dropping his gaze to your lower parts, where his dick is still deeply planted into you. Your heart speeds up again, and before you can voice your protest, he hooks your legs around his pelvis and heaves you out of the sofa. 
„Shhh. Cry all you want, I promised to take care of you, and I am a man of my word, Princess.”
He kisses your forehead and marches towards his bedroom.
Tumblr media
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writingsbehaviour · a day ago
hello ! i was wondering if i could request a drew starkey x reader where they're just having a moment when drew is laying between the reader's thighs ? have a lovely day :)))
aw i love this! hope ur having a great day sweets :)
made for me
drew starkey x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Lazy Sunday mornings were always his favourite. It was the one time of the day, the week, the month, the year – where Drew could made the solid, unbreakable promise to spend uninterrupted time with his Y/N.
After Outer Banks, Drew’s career set off in ways he could have never imagined. He grew busier and busier until suddenly, somehow, one day, he couldn’t make time for the one person he wanted to spend it with. So he decided that no matter what, Sunday mornings would be for them. For her.
Y/N was propped up further in their bed, the messy white sheets fluffed around them after neither had bothered to make them. Y/N read her book as Rafe laid at the foot of the bed, between her thighs. His head rested on her abdomen, his palms occasionally and absentmindedly brushing against her legs as he, too, read. It was a play, one Y/N had recommended to him when they very first met. It had quickly become his favourite, the copy worn to shreds, but he loved it so much that he didn’t care.
Nothing filled the air but their gentle breaths and the sounds of the outside world; birds chirping, cars driving, horns beeping. It was bliss. Complete, and utter, bliss.
Drew had never felt more at peace, and it was everything to do with her presence. Her warm legs wrapped around him, her fingers that would sometimes reach down to run through his hair. It was all her.
Drew placed his book down, wrapping his hands around her thighs to squeeze. He turned his head, peppering kisses along her skin till a quiet giggle emitted from Y/N and she shuffled her leg.
“That tickles, Drew,” she protested, barely looking up from her book.
Drew chuckled against her skin, brushing his lips against her one last time before nestling his head back in its original position, his palms still around her now.
“You know what, Y/N,” Drew murmured, his voice still thick with sleep, “I think you were made for me.”
His words caught in her throat and made her heart falter for a moment. They’d expressed their feelings for one another numerous times, obviously. The L word was as common as a, ‘hello,’ in their household now. But something about him thinking she was made for him. It was new, and it knocked the breath from Y/N’s lungs.
“What?” Y/N whispered, setting her book down. Drew turned, his arms reaching up to hold her waist as he laid his chin on her stomach, kissing every inch of skin he could before he was finally hovering over her. Y/N took his face in her hands, her eyes studying every feature she’d already revised a million times, her thumb lingering on his bottom lip before he leaned in to close the gap.
“Yeah,” he said as he pulled away, smiling down at his girl below him, “definitely made for me.”
A/N sorry it’s so short! hope u enjoyed regardless
@pogueslandia @alli0lol @luversgirl @hopebaker @talkstarkeytome @jasonderuloyeah
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tnt-that-duo · 14 hours ago
Let's do a little lesson on polyamory because y'all have been pissing me off a bit with how you treat c!Quackity as someone who's polyam!
Polyamory is not just more than two people all dating eachother in a closed relationship, that's definitely a valid form of polyamory, but there's more than just that! A lot more, actually!
Let's say there's person A, person B, and person C. Now A and B are be dating, but A and C are also dating, B and C are not. B and C are metamours. A metamour is your partner's partner who you are not involved with (romantically/queerplatonically). And that's just a more simplified version of it, B might have other partners, A might be dating even more people, it can get pretty complex! It's kinda like a web, or at least that's how I view it.
The point of this post is to just explain that someone shipping c!Quackity with people who aren't c!Karl and c!Sapnap doesn't completely negate or erase Karlnapity. They're polyamourous. With the proper communication, boundaries, and consent between all people involved, c!Quackity can date other people outside of that triad.
I'm sorry if this post is a little all over the place, and if fellow polyam folks wanna throw in their two cents then I completely welcome and encourage it.
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yagurlrosie · 2 days ago
Dark!Druig where he knows that Icarus and his wife are having fertility issues but what they don't know is that it's because of him. He's been mind controlling her to take birth control and the moment her husband leaves for a mission he decides to keep her all for himself. This is the one thing that Icarus can't have. He reveals the secret only after she's had her baby. Taunting her as they watch Icarus hold the baby.
warnings for past non-con, cheating, mind control
word count: 736
Tumblr media
You'd been so elated when you and Ikaris announced to the others that you were pregnant. They'd known how long you and Ikaris had been trying for, so they were just as ecstatic as you were. But when you looked to Druig who was lurking towards the back of the group, the smirk on his face didn't seem to fit the occasion. It sent a shiver down your spine.
The months leading up to your due date were turbulent. Ikaris was the ever-dutiful husband, catering to your every whim. But for some indiscernible reason, you were uneasy. Something just felt off.
The big day came, and everything was a blur. You only knew everything came back into focus when you heard your baby cry for the first time. Ikaris scooped him up in his arms, his blue eyes wide in awe and amazement. "He’s perfect.”
He lifted him into your view, and your blood went cold at the sight of a familiar head of full, dark hair.
Ikaris went with the nurse to clean and weigh your son. You let out a long sigh. You were finally alone, but not for much longer.
The door to your hospital room creaked open. Druig peeked his head in, smiling at you. “Sorry, is this a bad time?”
You wanted to tell him that it obviously was, but you knew better. He would do what he wanted anyway.
He stepped inside. “How’s the baby?” He approached your bed. “I look forward to meeting him.”
You pushed yourself to sit up, still glistening with sweat from the delivery. You narrowed your eyes at him. “What did you do?”
His smile widened to a grin. “So, you figured it out.” He tilted his head. “What gave it away?"
“What did you do?” you repeated, louder this time.
He placed his hands on the bed and leaned over you. “Let me jog your memory a little.”
His eyes turned gold, and you gasped as your mind was flooded with memories, like he had opened a secret vault inside your head. A packet of little, white pills you kept hidden under the bathroom sink. A pair of hands on you, pushing and pulling in every direction. His eyes, bright gold, boring into you from above as he panted and groaned against your lips.
You returned to the present, his eyes back to their regular color. “You... you monster!” You tried and failed to hide the tremor in your voice.
He chuckled, the sound eerie in the otherwise silent room. “Come on. You didn’t think it was a little suspicious that your baby was due exactly nine months from the day your husband was away on a mission?”
It was true. Ikaris had gone with the rest of the team to track down a Deviant halfway across the world, and he hadn’t come back until a few days later. Well, almost the rest of the team. Druig had hung back. You realized now that he'd found the perfect time to put his twisted plan into motion.
That entire weekend had been a blur. The dates not lining up had nagged you at the time, but you’d ultimately written off. Now, it was impossible to ignore, staring you dead in the face.
You felt sick to your stomach. “But... Why?”
He lifted his hand and ran a finger down your cheek. You flinched at his touch, but you were too scared to pull away. You didn’t know what he was capable of now.
“Because, darling,” the dark look in his eyes was intense, deadlier than any shade of gold, “he may be your husband, but I will always be the father of your child. You will forever belong to me.”
You shrank back against the bed. As much as you wanted to deny it, you knew he was right. You would do anything to keep this from Ikaris, so he could keep believing you’d given him the son he’d always wanted.
The door swung open at that moment, and Druig pulled away from you. He turned to greet Ikaris and the nurse that followed him into the room with a smile. “Someone wanted his mama,” Ikaris cooed, rocking the baby in his arms gently.
Druig took one glance at the baby and smirked. “Well, would you look at that?” He turned to you and gave you a knowing look. “He looks just like his father.”
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dottorology · 11 hours ago
scaramouche fucking u like its no tomorrow but during aftercare he's so soft :(
pairings: scaramouche + f ! reader notes: mwahaha you're just giving me an excuse to pull out one of my many scaramouche drafts !! this is proofread but i'm on day two of a migraine so don't have high expectations. sorry for the weird formatting, tumblr doesn't wanna play ball. warnings: brat taming, dom / sub dynamics, mean dom ! scara, possessive / jealous scara, messy sex, fear play, manhandling, slight hair pulling, face / throat fucking, blowjob, throat bulge, asphyxiation (from deepthroating), degradation, name calling ("whore", "bitch", "pet", ), restraints, control (?), face slapping, very rough sex, tears / dacryphilia, punishments, clothed sex i guess, spanking, very slight cum play, use of safe word, some really sweet aftercare. w.c.: 1.6k
Tumblr media
scaramouche pushed you through the door before slamming it behind himself.
"such a fucking brat, y/n. it's about time i remind you that your mouth only has one use." the way your knees buckled as he forced you to the ground told you that you'd fucked up. all you wanted to do was make the harbinger a little bit jealous, so you made heart eyes at some random fatui recruit. you were having a harmless conversation, something about protocols that you couldn't care less about, but any passers by would have assumed the topic was something more flirtatious. scaramouche watched his inferior undressing you with his eyes, frustrations eventually getting the better of him. he practically dragged you away from the conversation and all the way back to your shared home, leaving you where you are now.
he didn't bother undressing, instead pulling out his cock and placing the tip on your lips. precum and drool ran down your chin, dampening the fabric of your shirt. "color?" he asked, tone stern. his eyes scared you more than usual, though the fear ran straight to your core.
"g-green, sir."
that was enough for him to grab a fistful of your hair, forcing the entire length of his cock down your throat. scaramouche didn't care about how you were gagging around him, tears already pricking your eyes at his roughness. your throat burned, constricting as he used you. you gripped his thighs for support, though it made little difference with his relentless pace. he push your hands away from him, "tut, tut. little whore think she's deserved the right to touch me, hmm?" he pulled out of your mouth and grabbed a piece of dark purple rope from a bedside drawer, using it to bind your hands behind your back. you couldn't help yourself from moving your hips against your heels, already desperate for some kind of friction.
"get up. now."
no matter how many times he took that tone with you, you couldn't help but shake in the fear that it instilled in you. your knees were buckling as you tried standing, both terrified and excited about what was in store for you. scaramouche only watched and laughed. he grabbed ahold of the restraints around your wrists, using them to force you onto the bed. you laid on your back, head hanging over the edge as the balladeer towered over you. he brought his hand to your cheeks, softly wiping away some of the tears that had spilled, before drawing back his hand and delivering a rough slap to your wet skin. he repeated this motion a few times. the way your mouth hung open after every hit you took made your throat look rather inviting, so he decided to fill it up again.
this position allowed him to fuck your throat easier. you choked around his length as he sped up, using your mouth like his own personal fleshlight. your cries were muffled by him rutting into you, breathing becoming difficult. you squirmed, though were only met by his arms caging you down against the bed. "where do you think you're going, hmm?" scara knew you couldn't respond to him and that only turned him on even more. the two of you had signals, should you wish for him to really stop his assault on your throat. you were in pain, you couldn't deny that. but you loved when your lover was ruthless with you, using your body as a toy.
at this rate, you would struggle to find your voice again once he was done with you. he could see the faint print of his cock along your neck as he continued thrusting into you. you felt as he traced his fingers across the bulge in your throat, feeling himself growing closer to the edge at how ruined you already were. your pretty face was covered in a concoction of your tears, your drool, and his precum. should you have been once wearing mascara, expect it to be strewn across your face the next time you looked in the mirror. attempts to tell him that you were sorry for how you'd acted out were futile, instead coming out as messy gurgles while you choked on his cock. scaramouche could feel how tight your throat was getting, pushing him closer to the edge. he wanted to bury his cum deep in your throat and watch you splutter.
"waste a single drop and you'll be punished. understand?" your vicious nods were pathetic. he couldn't help but smile at how stupid you looked, nor could he help how hot he found it. his hot seed burned your throat as it spilled from him. scara pulled out, giving you a brief moment to recover. you couldn't help but splutter as he did so. the man crouched next to the bed, admiring his artistry on your face. thick strings of milky white accentuated your features, though he could only respond with that saccharine expression you loved so much. "what's this?" he gathered some of his cum together on his fingers, making sure you could see it despite your head still being upside down. before you could respond, he was wiping his digits on your bruised lips.
scaramouche sat down on the mattress, helping you up. he didn't remove the bindings from your wrists, only using a cloth from his bedside to clean up some of the mess on your face. he then grabbed you viciously, throwing you onto his lap. he pulled up your skirt, barely giving you a moment to adjust before he brought his hand down onto your ass. you wore no panties, per his request. he liked to keep you ready for him at all times, and in all honesty the material always end up in shreds. you whined at the impact, the sting bringing tears to your eyes once again.
"count, you stupid bitch. 's at least fifty for how fucking despicable you've been today."
"w-w-" it was difficult to speak when was treating you like this, let alone with the strain your throat had already faced.
"lost your voice already? did i fuck your mouth that good?" scara mocked. he dragged two calloused fingers between your folds, transfixed by the string of slick that connected him to you. "what's all this then? too bad only good pets get rewarded. now count, you dumb whore."
"on-one," you stuttered. he kept hitting you and you kept counting, the pain going straight to your cunt. crystalline drops began falling from your eyes around the twentieth strike. the harbinger didn't care, only growing more aroused by his pathetic little painslut. you felt dizzy from the stimulation, being pushed further than normal. usually scaramouche would take some time to prepare you, or would at least be somewhat lenient with his punishments. when you felt yourself slowly slipping out of consciousness, overwhelmed at the pain, you decided to call it. not so little as a shred of gentleness was evident in the man's actions until "red" fell from your lips. he instantly halted, nimble fingers making quick work of your restraints and hands rubbing and soothing your bruised skin.
"shh, it's okay," thick globs of tears trailed down your cheeks as you sobbed. scaramouche pulled you into his lap for a moment, letting you cry into his chest. "sorry, my dove, i shouldn't have been so harsh," your cries began to dull as he caressed your hair, showing you a side that was reserved especially for you. "let me get you some water, sweetheart. i'll be quick." scaramouche laid you on his side of the bed, allowing you to breathe in the scent of his pillow. you felt light-headed, whether it be from pain or pleasure remained unclear. your eyelids grew heavy, almost dozing off without a second thought. you were only interrupted by your lover coming back into the room, a glass of water in one hand and a warm cloth in the other. he helped you up, lifting the glass to your lips. your hands trembled as you tried to take it from him, though you felt too weak. instead you just held his wrist with both of your hands, tilting the cup to retrieve some of the liquid. you sipped at it slowly, scaramouche acting ever so patient. he cooed little "well done"s and praised you for being so good as you drank. once you were done, he used the warm cloth to clean up your face. his touch was delicate, a stark contrast to that of before.
"'orry," your weak attempt at an apology only made the man hush you.
"don't be, my dove. it's why we have a safe word. now let me take care of you, please." his voice was silky sweet, filling you with a warmth that could thaw at even the thickest of ice. he kept you in his arms as he carried you to the bathroom, filling the tub with hot water and products to soothe your aching body. scaramouche removed your clothes with this gentleness before sitting you in the water. he washed you without saying a word, truly communicating his love. he did his best to suppress the guilt he felt for hurting the only person in this world that he cared for, despite trying to rationalize it by recalling your consent. when he was satisfied that you were clean, he would dry you off and help you dress in something comfortable. he'd lay you back on the bed, letting you doze off before fixing himself up at a record speed, wanting nothing more than to have you in his arms, protecting you as you rested.
Tumblr media
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mvtthewmurdvck · 2 days ago
bucky barnes x fem!reader wordcount: 1.5k warnings: you drop something on him, and he realises he has to apologise. an: from the 'same barnes/reader universe'
He keeps hearing how simple it is.
Over and over again.
As if it actually is.
You’re talking to him, animatedly trying to showcase all the ways you’re perfect. Which he knows you are. Because he can see it.
It’s evident. But it has nothing to do with this. Because he can’t let you go into a place where danger is written on the walls; especially somewhere where the place has known connections to the same group of people who had made him kill. Made him the person that still peppers his nightmares.
And you’re still talking.
His eyes casting over you as you finish your sentence. And he wants to grin at your impatience, watching as you tap your shoe on the floor, watching and waiting on him.
Then your eyes look to Sam.
And he knows. From this, he knows you’ve known about this before he did. That the mission has been on the cards longer than when he woke up this morning. Because you’re waiting for the explosion, the one the two of them have been pressing for.
And you can’t hide it—you can’t lie to him. It’s hanging in your eyes right now. He reads you—he sees you. The same as you see him. It’s why you cracked through his staring and glaring. You saw past him, past the mask and the walls, bringing them down with spot on remarks which slowly made him fall in love with you.
Truly, he always knew you’d give him grey hairs—he just didn’t know it would be this soon.
Your mouth is opening, ready to argue with him before he’s even spoken.
“Don’t,” he says, directing it at you. His voice soft, but still firm. “Just… don’t.”
He hopes the one word is enough. That you’ll get it. Deep down, he knows you won’t.
Bucky was drawn to you because you’re a menace, you push his buttons. You make remarks and taunt him; You don’t treat him differently, it’s why he loves you.
It’s why he proposed.
And he knows you’re talented, he’s seen you in the field. He’s helped train you, he’s pushed you to see other things, expect other attacks.
But he can’t explain it, even if he tries.
He can’t put into words that he feels something bad will happen—that you may not come back. He can’t explain how he wakes up some nights, checking the bed to ensure you’re still in it.
Your arms fold, and fuck you look pretty when you do. “Baby—“
He shakes his head, cutting you off. He’s weak. But not that weak. “You know I’m pretty tolerable of a lot of things.”
You narrow your eyes, arching your brow. “Tolerable. You… you are tolerable?”
He gives you a sterner glare. “I’m not okay with this.”
“No shit,” you mumble.
And he’s about to respond.
About to tell you how unfair that is.
But, Sam clears his throat. “Buck—“
“I’m talking to my fiancé.”
“James,” you say, full of disappointment, staring at him before looking at Sam. “Don’t be rude.”
Sam snorts. “Buck. It’s safe. She’s highly trained, as you know. Since you helped get her up—“
“He’s still talking to me. Isn’t he?”
Your lips smirk, ever so slightly. “James.”
He throws his hands up.
Hearing Sam excuse himself, and he knows he needs to apologise. Because he knows he’s being rude. He knows he’s being shitty, and short. He’s defensive, and angry, and he wants to throw something and watch it shatter.
Because he’s angry.
He’s angry that you knew about this, knew about the people and their affiliations and kept it from him.
And the look on your face, the one softening, tells him you knew he’d be mad.
Sighing, Bucky runs a hand down his face. “I really hate it when you call me that.”
Raising your chin, you lick your lips. “I know. And, I’m sorry. For that and from keeping it from you. But, I wanted to be sure. I didn't know if it was even necessary.”
He rolls his teeth over his bottom lip, sticking his lower jaw out as he sighs.
Because you’ve apologised.
And now he feels like he can’t be mad. Even if he couldn’t stay mad at you anyway.
“Babe. If you get hurt—“
Moving closer, you place a hand in his. “Then you’ll rain fire on them all,” you comment, placing your hand on his chest. The sparkle of your ring catching his eye as he feels himself melting. “But, until then. You’re gonna be nice. And apologise.”
Lifting up onto your tiptoes, tracing your tongue over your lip as you smile at him.
You’re gorgeous.
So fucking beautiful.
“Won’t you, Buck?”
Bucky wants to stand firm. Maybe even protest a little more.
But he doesn’t.
He kisses you.
Because you own him, and he doesn’t hate it one bit.
You're angrily stomping around the room, he hears it before he even opens the door.
The one the two of you share, and he closes the door slowly, hoping not to be burnt by your eyes.
And then you see him, staring at him through your mirror as you finish moisturising.
And it more than burns.
“You apologised, James?”
He can’t help but stare because you’re watching him. Glaring into him as if hoping he explodes.
And he can’t help but replay all the ways he’s hurt people. And you’re going to investigate the ones who made him do it.
You’re good, kind. Even if you have fight inside of you. Even if you’re brilliant and strong in ways he doesn’t even fully understand. How you constantly have a fight in you, even on your illest day, even on the days you’re tired; how you have a mean right hook and an insanely good shot.
So, he blinks, banishing them, even if he can’t help but want to tie you to the damn bed.
Stop you from going.
Keep you from walking into danger.
But you’d hate him if he did.
Because you’re difficult. Demanding.
And you don’t like to listen, even to reason.
Your lips curl into a smirk, rolling your eyes as you moisturise your hands. “No you didn’t.”
“I’m offended you don’t believe me.”
“I’m offended you think I can’t read you like a damn book, Barnes.”
Barnes, he smiles to himself. He likes being Barnes.
Bucky is better, baby is the best.
James he hates.
Crossing the room, he watches your chest rise and fall. Barely being covered by the black silk robe you’ve recently gotten.
It’s only now he suspects it’s another torture device, another reminder of how he’s putty in your hands.
And he cares very little that he is.
Because Jesus, you look hot.
Removing his watch, and jacket he sighs. “Can we… not fight. Not when you look... well. Gorgeous. Beautiful."
Your eyes narrow, tongue licking over your plump, naked lips; shimmying your shoulders, the robe sliding a little bit further off them, exposing more of your collarbone. "Do I?"
"You do."
You smile, as if all is forgotten. He know it isn't.
Of course he doesn't. He's not an idiot. A bit jealous, hot-headed, but not stupid.
“Please,” he says softly, closing the gap between the two of you, “and you know I don’t say please often.”
You laugh, so soft and gently, he nudges his nose against yours as you meet his gaze.
“You’re wearing the robe.”
“I’m wearing the robe,” you say, moving away from him to cross the room, sliding the ring—his ring. The one he agonised over, back onto your finger.
Fuck he loves you.
Even more so in the silk robe—the one he both hates and loves.
Because you wear it to punish him.
To make him beg.
“You should apologise.”
“But, I’m not going to.”
You smirk, the light catching the stone in your ring. “You should, though.”
He swallows, looking you up and down, and then he takes three strides, and he’s on you.
Metal fingers slid up your cheek as the other gripped your silk-covered hip as he pushed you into the wall.
The gasp was his opening.
The flimsy fabric keeps him minimally away from you, undoing it in haste as it parts and his thumb strokes exposed skin.
But your mouth.
That mouth that knows so much is busy doing a number on his. Your teeth are nipping at his lower lip. And he groans, and then it changes. It’s messy, angry, and desperate. Your tongue slides over his as his fingers go to the belt of your robe.
And, then you stop.
“Apologise,” you say sweetly, barely a breath away from his lips, “and you can have whatever part of me you want.”
The tip of his tongue licks the front of his teeth, eyes sharpening.
“Oh, I know,” you tease, “I’m the worst.”
“You are.
Smirking, you tap his chest. “Apologise, baby, cause… I would really prefer you take off this robe.”
"Can I do it tomorrow?"
You trace your finger over your lips, slowly letting descend your chin, chest, sliding over the fabric covering your cleavage. "No."
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lavendercodes · 2 days ago
Can we get a fic or a headcanon of Silco and a innocent / shy reader sharing a kiss together for the first time?
if y’all couldn’t tell i’m not good w titles <3 anyways i really love this idea! small fic :)
fluff - no warnings
silco x reader
an explosion almost killing you was definitely not on your bucket list of things to do that day, but despite that it still happened. you were still caught within the warehouse when it happened and you thought you were a goner.
until you woke up on a cot in your home, you looked around and yelped as you tried to sit up. bandages covered your arms and torso, you had no clear recollection of what happened. after you woke up, you noticed a short, blue blur peek behind the wall. once she saw you look at her, she scattered off.
how the hell did a child get into your house?
you moved to push yourself off the cot, “i wouldn’t do that. you’re still healing.” a voice spoke.
“Silco?” you looked up at the tall blur.
this was when you actually took into account that your vision had been affected. you brought a hand up your face and sighed.
“that’s not a good sign.” Silco said.
“it’s fine. at least my vision is somewhat intact.” you laughed lightly.
however, it didn’t seem like Silco was very amused at the situation. you weren’t even supposed to be there. you weren’t much of a fan for the violence, but because you cared about Silco, you were always hanging around him. it was rare to see Silco without you clinging to him like he’s your favorite toy.
“what were you doing there?” he asked.
“answer me first, who’s the child?” you questioned.
Silco looked back at where the little girl previously stood, “her name is…” he hesitated for a moment, “…Jinx.”
you squinted and looked over at her, “what a lovely name.” you said.
“now back to my question, what were you doing there?”
you swallowed hard. this wasn’t the first time that Silco was upset with you, but it was definitely the first time that it was because of something major.
“i was just in the area. thought i saw a few people sneaking in, so i followed them.” you replied, “didn’t expect to end up like this.”
Silco sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. you smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of your neck, looking away from the towering male. it was embarrassing that he knew you couldn’t handle yourself very well.
“i’m sorry, okay?” you mumbled.
you looked down at your lap and balled your hands into fists. it was frustrating feeling so useless all the time. why did Silco even keep you around if you weren’t of any use to him? he crouched down next to you and placed a hand on your head.
“you’re perfect. don’t doubt yourself, that’s how you fall to weakness.” Silco’s fingers slipped under your chin and his thumb lightly brushed over your lips.
a warm feeling rose up your neck and started to burn at your face, you had never felt so…bubbly before. it was an odd feeling. Silco leaned forward and scanned your face, your eyes kept flicking side to side. you could see how close he was, small features that you had never noticed before were now in full view.
the urge to press your lips against his was overwhelming, “m-may i?” you whispered softly.
as soon as those words left your mouth, you could feel Silco kiss you. this wasn’t something either of you really expected. the man was closed off and had very few people he let close.
when he pulled away, he once more used his thumb to trace over your lips. they curled up into a smile and your eyelids fluttered shut.
a blissful moment in a world of darkness.
“yuck!” a small voice screeched.
Silco quickly looked over his shoulder and noticed Jinx standing in the doorway. her face was twisted in disgust after she saw the two of you kiss, you couldn’t help but laugh as Silco began to scold her for eavesdropping.
if only things could stay this beautiful.
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seungstarss · 2 days ago
𝐁 𝐄 𝐓 ≛ 46 seven o’clock
wc: 1.8k +
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
「 7:30 PM : ❛❛ YOU'RE SO FUCKING CUTE❜❜ 」
The night came swiftly along with the cold winter breeze, catching the city off-guard. The time was only around six, but the sky had already turned pitch black with only the moon shining through. The freezing temperature had come late this year, and no one was expecting such a drastic change this sudden. The wind blew and raged as if to topple every individual that occupied the streets. People struggled to keep their clothing straight, some holding onto their jackets while standing still, waiting for the sudden breeze to calm down.
Y/n struggled through the wind, half screeching, half dragging her legs, pushing herself forward. There was a loud thud, and someone on the street cried out. They had dropped their bag of expensive pastries on the concrete walkway, probably shattering the perfect shapes. Y/n sighed as she neared the coffee store. Everything seemed to go haywire today.
Relieved by the sudden warmth of the store, Y/n fixed her hair, unwrapping the woolen scarf Reiko had sewed for her last Christmas. The handmade neckwear stitched with her friend's time and effort was dear to her — one of her most prized possessions. Her eyes scanned her surroundings, searching for a particular boy with sharp features and raven coloured hair. It was six fifty-five. She was early.
Y/n ordered a warm coffee as she sat, waiting for Jay to show up. After ten minutes of scrolling through her phone and her coffee mug twice emptied, Y/n glanced over to the glass windows, attempting to search for the boy who was now five minutes late. She had begged him to meet her, wishing to tell him face to face how she sincerely felt. Maybe after seeing her, he would comply. Just maybe.
Perhaps she expected too much because, after another ten minutes, he still did not show up. How did it end up like this? Y/n wasn't prioritizing her studies or her dearest friends. She found herself in a constant loop, thinking about recent events — Jay, Jake, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Seoyeon, and luna. All of it.
Her thoughts swarmed with doubts and unanswered questions. Why had Heeseung lied about his brother? Why did he act so nice to her just to abandon her? Why did Sunghoon think it would be funny to play her? What did Jake need to tell her? Who was the one Jay truly liked?
Before she could fall deeper into her thoughts, Y/n recognized a black motorcycle, perfectly shined, parking near the sidewalk in between two cars. It was Jay. However, behind him was another figure who had a helmet over their head. They wore an oversized sweater tucked into a short pleated skirt, along with thigh-high socks and chunky Oxfords. Confused, Y/n brought her attention back to her empty coffee mug, mentally preparing herself for Jay and this mysterious person's entrance.
After a few moments, she looked back outside the window and noticed Jay leaning on his bike, staring at his phone. He looked anxious, almost fearful. Y/n saw his hands shake as he texted someone while checking his surroundings. What was he doing? Why didn't he come in? Before Y/n could question any further, a familiar voice called her name.
"Y/n, there you are. Sorry to keep you waiting!"
Y/n's eyes widened at the familiar figure who was now standing right in front of her. She was wearing the same outfit: the sweater, skirt, thigh-highs, and in her arms was a black helmet — Jay's helmet.
"R-Reiko? What are you doing here?" Y/n's voice broke, attempting to wrap her head around the situation. Why was Reiko standing in front of her with Jay's helmet? How did she know she was meeting Jay?
The girl smirked, placing the helmet on the table, sitting down in front of a very confused Y/n. She sat in silence, momentarily peering out the window at Jay, who was now looking at the pair. There was a growing disturbance in the air, but Reiko only smiled full of entitlement as she leaned back into the chair. Y/n, who felt uneasy, had begun to shift and fidget, drowning herself in her thoughts while ignoring the cold hard silence. Reiko was her friend, but somehow, she felt uncomfortable. Something didn't feel right.
Mustering up all her courage, Y/n spoke in an almost whispering tone. "Reiko... why are you here. Is this all a coincidence?"
A burst of sudden maniacal laughter filled the air. "You're hilarious Y/n! Fucking hilarious." Reiko couldn't stop cackling at the clueless girl who sat across from her. "You're so dumb Y/n. You truly are so fucking stupid."
Y/n's eyes widened at the sudden curse words Reiko directed towards her. "R-Reiko, this must be a misunderstanding. Please explain to me... please w-what is going on."
"Aw, you're so fucking cute." Reiko giggled hysterically, her voice full of sarcasm. "Oh right, you're so dumb you can't even connect the dots. Aw, you helpless little thing. Let me explain to you."
Y/n was shaking now. Her friend was unrecognizable — a stranger who was poking fun at her and calling her cruel names. "Rei... w-what. Wait, let me process this... w-what's going on?"
"Awww, don't bother. You might sprain your brain. I'll explain to you." Reiko was now standing up as she inched closer to Y/n, unable to contain her laughter. "You see... these boys: Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jay, and Jake were playing you from the start. They made a bet at the beginning of the year. Whoever made you fall for them would get anything they wanted — anything. You were their target. Sunghoon didn't want to participate anymore, so he crushed your heart at the party, and Heeseung.... he just got sick of you. Jake might've developed genuine feelings for you, but he was the person who started it all. He was the one who initiated the bet. And of course, there's Jay, my boyfriend, who you fell head over heels for. He was playing you this whole time too because I told him to. He ended up caring for you though, but you got so fucking annoying and stuck to him like a fucking piece of magnet. Poor Y/n, can't you see? You're just a burden. You're useless, nothing but a play toy. But you got boring too fast. That's why they all dropped you."
Y/n's shaking was now very apparent, her teeth jittering as she bit her nails, eyes darting everywhere. "R-Reiko...w-what are you saying. W-what what do you mean..." She croaked out, tears welling up in her eyes.
"For goodness sake, don't fucking cry. You look even more hideous when you cry. If I had a face like yours, I would've sued my parents, gosh."
Amongst the chaos, there was a sudden jingle of the entrance door. Jake stepped through the door, brushing off the snow that remained on his bomber jacket. His eyes immediately widened at the sight of Y/n, who was clearly shaking. He couldn't bring himself to move, freezing in the middle of the store as he watched the situation unfold.
Y/n's tears streamed down her face. She didn't mean to cry, but it was beyond her — it was uncontrollable. She thought of the first time she met Reiko. The genuine kind smile spread across her face as she tenderly helped Y/n sneak into the lecture hall. The moments she had shared with her, along with Luna, Tae, and Kai. What had happened to her friend? What had happened to the caring girl who stood up and defended her no matter what happened. It was all gone. The only thing left was her face, her cruel words, and taunts — this time directed to her.
"Rei... I don't understand," Y/n muttered, her voice cracking. "W-why would you encourage Jay to take part in this bet? "
At this moment, Reiko couldn't contain her laughter anymore. She pressed her finger on Y/n's chest, pushing her backward forcefully. "I hated you Y/n, since day one. Ever since I met you, you smiled and acted like everything was okay, like the world was treating you right. At first, I figured I could learn from you and grow to appreciate your positivity, but it ended up driving me fucking crazy. You never had to work your whole life. You had everything handed to you. You're a spoiled brat, and I fucking hate your guts. It was great seeing you get hurt. I felt satisfied."
Y/n continued bitting her nails anxiously, shrinking back into her seat. Reiko hated her? She encouraged Jay to take part because she wanted her to get hurt? Tears kept streaming down her face as she trembled. "After everything...n-no there must be a mistake."
Reiko covered her nose, stumbling backward as she gagged and squinted her eyes shut. "Ugh, your stupidity is going to rub off on me. What do you not get, huh? Are you braindead? Can you not read the room? Why the fuck are you so clingy, you fucking parasite. Anyway, that's all I had to say, so farewell, you dumb bitch. I hope life doesn't treat your right."
Y/n was speechless, unable to take her eyes off the ground. All the emotions came crashing all at once. Her world had just toppled over.
"Don't, you'll just be left completely broken at the end."
And in the end, she really was alone. Abandoned, wrecked, and lifeless.
The light faded from her unfocused eyes as she recalled the past months. What had gotten into her, and why didn't she see? Why didn't she notice? Everything was so obvious, placed right in front of her, but she never came to terms with any of it.
"Y/n..." a soft voice from behind approached, slightly cracking but still audible. Jake had waited five minutes before approaching the girl, attempting to call out to her. Slouched over in her chair, Y/n was not giving him the slightest bit of acknowledgment. He could tell she was utterly broken, and he wanted to apologize at this moment. He wished to comfort her.
"Don't fucking touch me." Y/n hissed, gaze still affixed to the floor.
"Y/n, I'm —"
"If you speak one more fucking time," Y/n muttered, clenching her teeth. "You're the one that started this. You caused all this, you fucker. If it weren't for you, I would've been living my life. How does it feel to wreck someone's life? Are you satisfied, you fucker?!"
"Y/n —"
"Every time I hear your voice, I wanna rip my hair out and yell until I tear my vocal cords. This time I'm sincere. Please, just get out of my life. I hope you suffer because someone with a filthy heart like yours should never be able to find happiness." Y/n didn't bother to turn around. She knew if she looked back at him at this moment, she would break down once more. "Leave."
"Y/n please—"
"I said fucking leave!!" She screamed, catching all the customer's and workers' attention.
"I'm sorry," Jake muttered before walking away.
Tumblr media
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SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend’s diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. “lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want.”
a/n: shit quality oops. Honestly we're u guys even suprised. I feel like everyone knew haha
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early in the morning
Tumblr media
info. harry wakes you up a little early for a treat. / .6+ words.
trope. artist!y/n and non-musican!harry.
warnings. smut, slight fluff at the beginning, fingering
prompt or request(s). "omg morning sex please 😟 just very soft and needy 😔" from the lovely @harryhoney-bee
a/n: this is for my special *almost* birthday twin, @fkinavocado :) i hope you all enjoy!
remember to reblog, send asks/concepts, and give feedback.
Tumblr media
"Morning, baby." Harry kissed your forehead and pulled you into his chest.
"Hi," you murmured. "Harry, it's still dark out, let's go back to bed."
"I see the sun comin' up, poppet." You groan softly and tuck your head in his neck. His hands come around your back and holds you there tight. You two sit there in silence for a bit, Harry watching the sun rise and you resting with your eyes closed, head stuffed into the crook of his neck. "Looks s'pretty. Almost as pretty as you are, poppet." He looks down and you hum softly.
Harry's large hands go under your shirt and rub the expanse of your back. "Harry," you utter when you feel his lips starting to press small, heavy kisses on your neck. "What are you doing?"
"Just feeling you up. You aren't too hot are ya?" He whispers in your ear and his hands start moving to your breasts. You shake your head and he kisses your forehead.
You yelp and shudder when you feel his cold fingertips on the sensitive nubs of your breasts and he chuckles. "Sorry, should've warmed them up."
" 'S okay," you mutter. One of his hands leave your chest and slide down your body slowly and he runs his hand across your pelvis for a few seconds. He looks down at you for his sign to keep going, and when you nod, his fingers slip lower with his index finger already at your dripping hole.
"Already so wet for me," he proclaims as he traces around the rim teasingly, slightly tapping over it just to get a reaction out of you. Your breath hitches and you whine quietly. "You've got such pretty moans, poppet." He runs his finger over you, slicking them up so they fit much better. "Gonna put a few in, bab."
"A few? How many?" You ask quietly in a whiny voice.
"Doesn't matter, y' can take it." Harry prodded at your hole with two fingers, looking down at you. Your eyes were screwed shut hard, loud whimpers slipping past your lips. "M'best girl, remember?" Nodding frantically, you wail out.
He glides his index and middle fingers inside of you and a low, throaty groan comes out of your mouth. His fingers move smoothly inside of you, making soft but very much audible noises after mixing with your arousal. He smirks and pulls his fingers apart while still moving them back and forth. "My tight girl," he grunts and he feels his fingers brush over your sweet, spongy spot. You hold onto him and your eyes roll to the back of your head with him teasing the sensitive spot.
"Please Harry, you're almost there," you whimper and try to push yourself down on his fingers only to have him hold you up.
"Am I?" He asks jokingly, smirking when he presses his middle finger against the spot. You moan loudly and pull on the hair at the nape of his neck.
"Yes, Harry, yes!" You cry out as he constantly hit the spot, putting your head on his chest. Your toes curl as you feel him pump in another finger, squeezing around his large fingers. "I'm almost there," you push yourself down on him.
"Go on then bab, all over my fingers baby." He growls lowly and places his free hand on the small of your back, guiding you up and down. You rub down on your clit, shuddering when you finally fall against his chest with a loud moan. The feeling of pleasure washes over you completely and you find yourself tucking your head back into the nape of Harry's neck where you started.
He pulls his fingers out and looks at them, smirking. Taking them into his mouth, he moans when he tastes your arousal and then kisses you deeply, pulling away with a smile.
"Let's get you cleaned up."
Tumblr media
taglist: @virgorry @purplekiwis @harrysbeanie @harrysblackcoat @harrysfolklore @thismaydestroyme @treat-people-w-kisses @harryssweatcreaturee @fireproofrry @harryhoney-bee @iconicharry @harryforvogue @queencharry @honeypotstyles @fkinavocado @beachwood-cafe @meetmymouth @harryswifeofficial @rommahh @evanjh @luvonstyles @swiftmendeshoran @heartbreakweatherharry @finelinevogue @stylesmybeloved
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
relationship: sakusa kiyoomi x reader
summary: sakusa was never good at voicing out his feelings for you and he fears that because of this he doesn’t deserve you. based on lang leav’s poem; contrition (poem at the bottom).
content: fluff, angst-ish on Sakusa’s part
Word count: 1.1k+
Tumblr media
He was never the most open, preferring the company of himself, or a few close friends (who happen to be the opposite of him), he preferred doing his own thing and fading into the background. He was content. Sakusa’s life was easy, he had his routine that he perfected. If he had practice, it was wake up at 5:30am, go for a run, come back, shower then head to practice. After, he would have his meal that his nutritionist planned for him, then go to bed and repeat it over again.
Other people in his life often judged him albeit not to his face about his routine, frankly, he didn’t care. He was happy. It was what he wanted because he created it. He could see himself doing it until the rest of his life.
Until you.
You turned his life upside down, and at first it caused an internal panic within him. He wasn’t used to sharing his life with anyone else. Even his parents and siblings often left him alone. It wasn't like you rudely intruded into his life either, you didn’t come barging in, it was slow in Sakusa’s opinion.
You were friends first, having met through Bokuto. Sakusa deep down feared that you were like his very outgoing larger-than-life friend, but it turned out you weren’t. You were reserved much like him, but once he really got to know you and you were comfortable with him, it seemed like you were a different person.
Sakusa didn’t realise that his routine that he dearly loved was changing to fit you into it. Rather, it evolved to fit you into it. It didn’t hit him until one day in March that you crept into his life so well, that all of the things he did before he didn’t do it anymore.
It should have annoyed him, and it would have unsettled him, breaking his carefully constructed routine. But even before moving in together he wanted to rush his day so he could see you. Instead of having the dinner he would have everyday, he was eager to see what you planned for the two of you. Was it you cooking? You and him? Or were you trying out that new place on the corner? When the two of you moved in, as much as wanted and needed to wake up early to run, he instead craved to sleep beside you, craving those extra hours with you even if you were asleep.
You changed his life and he couldn’t be more thankful for it.
“(Y/N)?” Sakusa gently spoke, and you turned to him, placing your phone down. “I’m sorry.”
You furrowed your brows, and quickly racked your brain, “What for?”
Sakusa began to pout and refused to make eye contact with you, instead focusing on the framed picture of the two of you by the door. “For not saying I love you enough,” he shrugged like it didn’t mean anything to him.
You frowned and instead of replying instantly, you moved yourself to straddle him. Bringing up your hands to cup his cheeks so he could look at you, you could still see the slight pout on Sakusa’s face, “That’s ridiculous, Omi,” you caressed his cheek, “you don’t have to say it everyday. I know that you love me, and you know that I love you.”
Sakusa turned his face away, and mumbled,“I don’t deserve you,” there was sadness in his voice and you could hear the defeat. His shoulders slumped as if proving your thoughts right.
You gently pushed his face to look at you again, one look into his eyes and you knew that he fully believed what he just said, with his statement in mind, you frowned and sat back on his legs but tangling your hands with his.
Sakusa was right, he didn’t deserve you. He was very picky in terms of the things he wanted in his life, from the brand of sanitizer that he uses, to the people he wants to care for. He was often rather moody, and quite childish when things didn’t go his way -not that he’d let anyone see it. He was sometimes difficult to deal with as he was quite stubborn, and more often than not lays out ultimatums even though he doesn’t see it that way.
But he was also wrong. Sakusa didn’t see himself the way you saw him, and maybe that was the problem. He didn’t see himself going out of his way every single time after practice to pick up your favourite dessert, and if there was a new volume of that new manga you wanted he would also pick up. Sakusa didn’t see himself during the early mornings when you both had the day off and all he wants is to stay in bed and cuddle until you’re both starving.
He doesn’t see himself when he laughs. Not the quiet and polite chuckle that everyone sees from him, but a full-on throw his head back laugh. It was rare but when it happens it was a sight to see. To see him so carefree, to see his eyes light up like a little kid, and when he turns to you to make sure that you see it, and you see his smile that you fell in love with. Or when he finds something particularly funny and he looks towards you to make sure you can saw it too.
He doesn’t hear himself when he thinks you’re asleep and he tells you all the dreams that he has of the two of you for the future. How he’s already planned the names of the children you’ll have, and what they meant, and how he can’t start his forever that he didn’t know he wanted with you.
He doesn’t see himself when you get nervous, or antsy, or having a terrible day and he’s there in front of you, dropping everything that he has on his plate just to hold your hands. To softly trace them to calm you down, to bring you back down to him.
He doesn’t see that he’s been your rock ever since you met, your silent support who screams the loudest in a room full of people.
Yes, he was difficult, and maybe he didn’t deserve you, but you had him, and he had you and that was enough.
“That is honestly the stupidest thing that you have ever said to me,” you pushed yourself up so you were now hugging him instead. “I never, ever want to hear you say those words ever again, Omi.”
It was now your turn to pout, “That hurts me, you know. And I want to hurt the people that ever showed you that you were undeserving of love, gonna fight them for you.”
At that, Sakusa couldn’t help but laugh, he brought up his fingers and pinched your nose, “No one’s ever fought for me before.”
You looked at him and smiled gently, caressing his face once again, you uttered the words, “Gonna fight for you forever, Omi, always,” you hoped they conveyed everything that you wanted, the love that you held for him now and the love you’ll hold for him until the end of the days.
Looking into his face, you saw the doubt and the defeat from his face washed away, and instead replaced by awe and the usual love that he often had whenever he looked at you.
You’ll gladly spend the rest of your life showing Kiyoomi that he was deserving of your love, because you knew that he’ll do the same for you. 
Tumblr media
There was a look in his eyes I had never seen before. And it took me a few moments to recognize for what it was. Remorse.
I don’t deserve you, he said, half-defeated, half-hopeful. It was the most honest thing he had ever said to me. And he was right. He didn’t deserve me. Not by a long shot. But he had me nonetheless.
Tumblr media
-do not repost to any website without my permission
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mrskurono · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title: Lets Play House || Atsushi x fem!Reader a/n: wow i have a crush on Atsushi eww word count: 5.1k (whoops .-.) tags: fem!Reader, long fic, porn w/ plot, age gap (18 yr old Atsushi/mid 20s reader), smut, no dom/sub dynamics, lovesick!Atsushi, nicknames (mommy/daddy used), vaginal fingering, oral (male receiving), vaginal sex, unprotected sex, mild breeding kink, creampie, unedited character(s): Atsushi Nakajima (bsd) + Dazai & Kyouka (ft) synopsis: Like everyone else at the agency, Dazai pawns his work off on you. This latest time? A gifted young man kicked out of an orphanage. Ok, this can work, you do have the room in your home. Until the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Atsushi begs you to let another gifted young orphan stay. Relenting, you start to realize a found family trope might be playing itself out under your very roof.
Tumblr media
"You want me to what?"
Dazai laminated his case even harder, "I told you! This poor thing has no place to stay! Forlorn from the very orphanage he was raised in! Dying on the streets when I was floating down the river!"
Pinching the bridge of your nose in irritation. You don't have enough braincells to unpack why your coworker was in the river. Certain you had an idea. Still his request persisted after the first no. Now he was stuppoing to begging, "Why did you promise him a place to stay....if you don't have a place?!"
"But I do have a place!" Dazai gave you a playful poke, "Yours!"
"Listen you have all that space! It must get lonely being a single woman." Dazai painted a vivid picture, "Atsushi is a sweet thing. You'll hardly notice him. He'll be the best behaved guest you've ever had!"
"Anyone is better than you." You muttered under your breath.
"Exactly!" Dazai clapped his hands, "So won't you let him stay?"
A long drawn out sigh. Rubbing your temple drawing the line between the facts. If you didn't take him in, this newest coworker would be out on the streets. But if you did take him in, you'd be owed a favor by Dazai. Which, honestly, was useless. Still though. You couldn't let someone suffer when you had the means.
"...fine." You shut down Dazais celebratory exclamations with a fistful of his shirt in your grasp and yanking the greenbean of a man closer to you, "But if anything is ruined, you're paying for it."
An innocently pervasive grin blooming on Dazai's face as he didn't struggle from your grip, "Don't worry. I think you two will get along, just like familiy."
Tumblr media
Much like the taste of bile. Admitting Dazai was ever right had a stinging bitterness to it. One that crawled in your throat and made vomiting sound better. 
To avoid such things. You simply didn't tell Dazai he was right.
Atsushi was nothing like the flake of a man who'd proposed the living arrangements. 
Sweet, nervous Atsushi had made himself comfortable finally after the first month. Learning little about him each passing day. The two of you had formed a good routine between work and leisure. Taking him in really wasn't like having Dazai. For that you were thankful for.
He kept his room clean. Cleaned up after himself. Stayed quiet during the night hours. You'd taken quite a liking to him. And Atsushi seemed more relax finally. 
Relaxed enough that apparently in the heat of fighting for his and another's life. He neglected to think of repercussions of certain things. Awfully similar to Dazai. You were presented barely a month and a half after the two of you got comfortable. With an eerily familiar situation.
"Please- Please I'm so sorry to ask this of you-" Atsushi was almost in hestics asking you this, "Please allow Kyouka stay." He clutched his black tie over his heart with tears threatening his lashes, "I'm sorry to ask you to do this. She has no place else to go- I've been there and I just- I couldn't let them do that to her. I'm so sorry I just-"
Sighing loud enough to interrupt his rant. You roll your head and groan, "Well, least you're sorry. That's one plus over Dazai."
Confusion very clear on Atsushi's face. You scratch at your ear and elaborate flippantly.
"You took on another person who needed help." You smiled softly at Atsushi, "Even if it meant giving the shirt off your back."
Atsushi frowned. Recalling something Kunikida told him, "...I know, I only have room on my boat for one person. I just couldn't-"
"Boat?" You couldn't help the chuckle pass your lips, "Atsushi if it's a boat, well, you've got room on this one." Gesturing around you to your home. Physically, if it were a boat, then more than just the three of you could be housed here, "Don't worry." You rested a hand on his shoulder seeing the tears break past his lashes to spill down his cheeks, "You're on my boat. And I've got room for another."
Bottom lip quivering. Atsushi didn't even ask before throwing his arms around you. Encasing you in a tightening hug when he went to bury his dampened face in the crook of your neck, "Thank you! Thank you so much."
Returning with your arms tight around his torso. You rub Atsushi's back and rest your chin on his shoulder unable to keep from laughing when the trembles of tears rattle from his chest, "I wasn't going to kick you out for doing the right thing Atsushi." The two of you break apart from the hug enough to see one another. His tear blotted cheeks wiped on your shoulder. And your smile turning up the corners of your lips. All you can do is chuckle and ruffle his hair, "We just have ourselves a little family finally filling out this big house of mine."
Atsushi's eyes fluttered quickly and he felt something twanged in his heart looking at you, "...f-family?"
"Yeah," Your smile fills him with more of the tingle constricting in his chest, "Our little family."
Tumblr media
Atsushi went from helpful. To kicking it into full gear to take care of things around the home.
An extra body didn't accumulate much mess or extra food. But Atsushi wouldn't be swayed from his help. From cleaning more frequently. Even before you got up. To starting meals and grocery shopping with you regularly. When asked about it, all the young man could do was smile and say he enjoyed being able to help.
"You know I could do it myself." You carried one of the bag of groceries from the store as Atsushi packed the other three, "Kyouka doesn't eat too much anymore. I don't mind doing the shopping. Could give you a break you know?"
"Break?" Atsushi laughed a little nervously behind the bags crowding his vision as he followed you out, "I don't need a break at all. I like doing things for the house."
"If I didn't know better," You smiled back at him, "I think you like playing house."
Flushed with red Atsushi hid his face in the brown bags, "...It's nice to have a place to sleep. I'm just trying to show you how grateful I am for everything."
Taking a step back so you were beside him. You took a bag from his grip and added it to the one you were already holding. Freeing up Atsushi's arm just so you could link yours with his. Beaming a smile at him, "I know how grateful you are Atsushi. Don't worry. You'll always have a place with me."
That same flush on his cheeks seemed to dissipate a little. Feeling the warmth of your forearm linked around his. Atsushi felt that familiar twinge in his chest. One he was so appreciative to have after all these years. And you gave it to him. All he could ever think about was repaying you. Atsushi knew he had to do more to do just that.
Tumblr media
"I don't think I could eat another bite." Kyouka patted her stomach after Saturday's dinner had finally ended. 
You could only nod and wash down your meal with the tea Atsushi had been sweet enough to refill three times now for you, "That was amazing Atsushi. How did you even learn to cook like that?"
Laughing it off he palmed the back of his neck as the compliments came in, "I uh, I stayed a lot in the kitchen at the orphanage. It kept me away from other kids. But I did ask Kunikida for some tips for this meal."
"It was good." Kyouka groaned when she realized she was stuffed to the brim, "I couldn't eat anymore. I think I need to lay down."
"Go on to your room," You grabbed your plate a long with a few others before standing up from the table, "You too Atsushi. I'll clean up."
Kyouka didn't need another push. She was contentedly waddling to her room within seconds you heard her door shut. Atsushi on the other hand didn't budge. And when you looked back at the table to see him gathering all the other plates you were surprised.
"You don't have to worry about it Atsushi." You said softly when he placed the plates in the sink you were filling up, "You did so much, I can at least clean up for you."
"No, it's alright," He smiled at you, "I want to help you."
There was no fighting his help. And things would go twice as quick. 
Standing in front of the sink. Atsushi rinsing and placing them in the drying rack after you washed them. A stagnant quietness settled between you both. But it wasn't nerve wracking or awkward. No, it felt more like you'd both been doing this for years. Like you'd lived like this forever. 
Content with this feeling. You had just a few more dishes to wash. So when you leaned into Atsushi and rested your head against his. The two of you chuckled softly as dishes were finally finished up together. Clean and collected in the drying rack. It looked like a real family meal had just been had with all the clean dishes.
"I was....thinking about watching a movie." Atsushi sheepishly breached the rest of his evening plans after you both finished up.
He nodded, trying to swallow the lump in his throat, "I was- Um- Would you like to?"
Placing a hand on his wrist you nod before he short circuits, "I would love to."
Tumblr media
Movie nights weren't new.
The two of you had sat and binged some old TV show right when he moved in. So spending time together in the living room together wasn't anything new. 
What was new was the crampedness on the small couch when Kyouka heard the opening credits to a movie playing in the living room.
Normally you sat on one end. Atsushi on the other. And surprisingly you hadn't all watched TV together yet. So the seating arrangement was up in the air. Until you offered Kyouka your spot on the end. Leaving you to squish up against Atsushi or find a different seat. 
Much to his insistence. He was at least reassured the arm over your shoulder as you leaned into him was far more comfortable than if he sat on the floor or you pulled up a chair. Kyouka didn't mind either way. And the girl ended up laying in your lap half way through the movie anyways.
When all was said and done. Kyouka in your lap, passed out half way through in a food coma. It left you and Atsushi snuggled together on the cramped loveseat. Feeling the gentle fall of your shoulders with steady breathing as you watched the screen flicker. You couldn't hear or feel the thump in his chest. But Atsushi swore for half the movie his heart would erupt and run out of this room at any moment. 
So when the movie finally ended and his heart was in tact. Still in his chest. With you resting against him. He knew this was right where he was supposed to be.
"Kyouka," You nudged the teen awake, "Kyouka go brush you teeth and lay down."
Mumbles and grumbles here. But she didn't fight it much. Eyes still closed. The girl drug herself up from the couch and into her room. Ready for bed way before you insisted she go. Once more leaving just the two of you.
"Thank you." You swiveled around to Atsushi who seemed surprised by your words, "For the dinner and movie date."
"Oh! I- I wasn't- I mean I just thought it would be nice-"
His stammering cut off when you placed your hand on his upper thigh. Just to lean in and press a ginger kiss to his warm cheek. Words failing him. All you could do was give him a sleepy smile and thank him for the night. Before sending yourself to your room. Alone.
Tumblr media
Bathed in soothing warm water. 
Lulled by the comfort of a scratchy towel you dried off with.
And content slipping into bed with nothing under your silken gown. 
You waited for sleep to reintroduce itself to you as it had been in the living room. But the tiredness you felt snuggled down in the couch next to Atsushi seemed to vanish. Even the lingering warmth from your hot bath didn't do the trick.
Laying awake in your bed staring at the ceiling. Untired for the oddest reasons.
'Atsushi is probably sleeping...'
His room right next to yours. This old house told tales when people were still awake. So the silence from the wall between you two must have meant he was asleep. 
Torn by the wokeness in your bones. Flipping to your side to mindlessly face the door to your room. It was all but a coincidence when you settled and that moment later your door creaked open.
Sitting up quickly to the intruder. You thought for a second you would be alarmed. Then when the dim light of the city outside your blinds spilled onto the faceless body coming in.
"Atsushi-?" You whispered unexpectant to see his pale face in your room.
A squeak of surprise from the man. He clasped his hands over his mouth and caught your gaze with wide eyes, "I'm sorry! I just- I thought-"
"Couldn't sleep either?" You relaxed. Knowing at least who it was settled your nerves.
Reaching over to the bed side lamp. Flicking it on with a quick touch. The warm light bathed the two of you in its dull glimmer. Atsushi on his knees a bit away from your futon. He seemed as awake as you were. Still though, you two hadn't met this late yet.
"No." Atsushi finally admitted. Wringing his palms in his lap. Looking down at them with a drowning sadness to his features, "I couldn't sleep."
Sat up in your bed. Silken straps hanging down around your arms. And the deep dip in your gown that never saw the light of anything outside your bedroom. You sat all but pristine in your covers when Atsushi braved meeting your gaze once more. Sharing a heat to both your cheeks when the dark night reminded the two of you that you'd never seen one another like this.
"I've got some herbal could try those I guess?" You offer to solve his sleepless problem.
He shook his head, "No...I don't think I need anything. I- I was tired earlier. On the couch. And thought, maybe- I don't know I'm sorry this is stupid. I shouldn't have bothered you I can just-"
"Do you want to lay with me?" You clarify what he was stumbling over his words about. If it was what was happening on the couch. Then the cuddling is exactly what had been sticking to your mind even after your bedtime routine.
He doesn't bring his eyes up from his lap. Knuckles white as he twists his hands together clearly nervous.
Just as awake as you'd been laying in bed alone. You move your legs around under the heavy comforter. It's soothing but not what your body wants. Almost stuck on the way it felt laying together on the couch. You ask him once more if he would like to lay with you.
"Y-Yes." Atsushi impulsively blurts.
Your eyes meet and you pull back the comforter. Revealing the space in your bed almost perfect for another person.
Atsushi lets go of his own hands. Leaning forward onto his hands and knees. Crawling slowly over to you in the dimly lit room. Until he stops at the edge of your futon. Looking up to see your face inches from his. Just like before, his face blooms in blush.
"....a-are you sure?" He wants nothing more than to already be in that bed with you. But his words hold him back.
Swallowing the lump growing in your throat. You reach out and touch the top of his hand without breaking eye contact, "Well....we are like a family...It's alright."
Trembling ever so slightly when he eases his way into the bedding next to you. Atsushi slips his feet under the blanket. Feeling yours brush his when he seizes. Holding his breath until you pull up the comforter a little more on both your laps and look over at him. Atsushi sitting next to you in bed. All you can do is offer a sheepish smile.
"If we were playing house, it's like you'd be the mommy." Atsushi mumbles without a second thought. But when his words settle in the air it quickly registered in him what he just said.
In an attempt to salvage his self deprecation for messing up. You rest your hand on his thigh above the comforter, "Well...doesn't daddy normally sleep in the same bed with mommy then?"
Atsushi's tongue runs over his bottom lip and it's very clear his eyes can't stay focused on your face without dropping down to dip in your gown hardly covering the tops of your breasts, "I mean- If we were playing house. Then, yeah, you're right. Heh since mommy is always right."
Almost thankful for the poor light touching all the shadows in the room. You give his thigh a squeeze. Telling him he's right. That is, if you were playing house. But mentioning also how you both should probably get some sleep.
A stagnant back and forth about turing off the light. Until finally you reach back around and flick it off. Engulfing the two of you in the same darkness of your room as both lay back down.
Facing him. And Atsushi facing you. The two of your faces are mere inches from each other when you feel the tickle of his breath on your cheek. Even the mintness from his toothpaste still faintly there. It's all but pushed to the back of your mind when you can only look at the reflection of the dampened city lights reflect in his eyes.
"...Playing house, how silly, it's like- To go to bed we'd share a good night kiss or something." Atsushi stammered in his hushed whispered.
You laugh a little, feeling your chest thudding as his body relaxes closer to yours, "Heh yea, especially after a date night. Movie and a dinner? Definitely a kiss after all that. So we could go to bed."
"So mommy and daddy could go to bed."
" mommy and daddy could go to bed..."
Remembering the brief kiss spared on the couch. Just a peck but still the sensation of your lips vividly real in his mind. Atsushi swallowed his fear in the moment of the night. Reaching his hand out to find your side just so when he leaned into you he couldn't miss. But miss is exactly what he did.
Cheek kiss turned to the brush of lips against lips. Atsushi found his cupids bow meeting your own with the tiny space between each other. A joke kiss. Turned real when Atsushi pushed himself into you. 
Your hand came up to grab at his elbow just so you could roll closer to him. Flush against him when your lips finally met. This wasn't a joke anymore. Not with the way you gripped his arm and he gathered a fistful of your side. Just so you two wouldn't break the kiss.
Hunger over took tiredness. Lips parting when your tongue darted along his bottom lip. Atsushi opened his mouth without letting a squeak of space between the two of you. Soon it wasn't just your lips that were touching. Bodies pressed together under the heavy comforter while your legs tangled together and chests rose and fell with deep breathes. Breaking apart seemed worse than death at this point.
It had to come though. Wads of blankets getting wedged between your grinding bodies. The dreadful act of breaking the kiss apart was coming quickly. With it the fear that this would be called off. And when you finally pulled away from Atsushi. Faces close enough to feel his unsteady breaths. You reached up and grabbed him once more. Mashing your lips together best you could as words escaped you. You didn't want to quick pretending either.
Mind made of bunches of cotton fuzz taking over all his thoughts. Atsushi couldn't think straight. Couldn't act right. Hands trembling over every inch of you he wanted to touch. And touch you more is exactly what he did. The heated make out session leading to the two of you grinding against each other. His leg trapped between your legs. Had he not taken a moment to realize what was going on. Atsushi wouldn't have noticed his fistfuls of your side had hiked up your gown. In doing so, your warm puffy cunt lips were pressed to the top of his pajama pants. 
As fortunate as it would seem a groping make out session would be. It wasn't enough. To either of you.
"I want more." You mumble against his lips. Feeling the buzz to your own. You honestly have no idea how far you pulled away from him to speak but nothing seems real in the heated space between the two of you.
"Lets play house." Atsushi presses his forehead, full of need and want as he grips your hips and pulls you against him, "Play house with me."
An abstract idea you both seemed to be interrupting the same way.
Full of need when his grasp finally let up on your sides. Your hips moved on their own but his thigh wasn't enough. Grabbing Atsushi's wrist just to guide his touch down to your thighs. Gown pulled up around your belly. Leaving your soft skin for him to touch instead. Atsushi hardly stopped himself when his fingers lead him to feel between your legs. 
Just like the top of his thigh. His fingertips were met with the softness of your pussy lips. Grazing them when a groan left your parted lips. Atsushi suddenly found the wetness just past that. Dipping his fingers closer to your quivering core as your fingertips dug into his arms and breath became shaky. 
You and his desire for more lead him to push them down deeper. Knuckles deep between your pouty cunt lips. Slick with your juices until once more Atsushi found something even more exciting. Your entrance. 
One finger. It's all it took. Slimy with your juices. Atsushi slipped his finger into you with little resistance to it but the death grip on his arms growing when he swiped the single digit against your plush walls.
"A-Atsushi-" Name falling past your lips. You leaned into him just until your forehead met his. Perhaps embarrassed to be panting against his lips. It didn't stop you from rutting your hips into his touch and tightening your thighs, "Mmm- Feels good-"
A hitch in his breathing. The poor thing hadn't even paid attention to the strain of his cock against his pants. Thin fabric keeping his cock still pressed to his stomach. It didn't keep the precum from soaking through the fabric. Creating a bigger wet spot with each passing second. So when you reached down to return the favor. You felt the damp coolness from his soaked pants meet your fingertips. 
"Atsushi-" You whispered against his cheek, "Lets do more."
Heart in his throat. He had no desire to turn back. With a little coaxing from you. Atsushi's finger left your needy walls only for a second. He was up on his knees. With his pants pulled down around his thighs and his cock twitching freely inches from your face.
Thick with musk. Even for all the precum his pants had soaked up. With his cock standing at attention so close to your face. Even in this darkness you could see the glimmer of precum roll down his slit as Atsushi stared down at you with a love drunk half lidded looks.
"Let mommy help..." You reached out, gripping the base of his cock as your lips engulfed his tip.
Atsushi couldn't prepare himself for the way your lips felt swallowing him up. Tongue twitching against the underside of his cock. He couldn't stop the jerk of his hips. Thankful your hand was holding his base or else he'd of accidentally thrusted down your throat. But when you looked up at him with cheeks hallowed out and sucking his cock in your own bed, Atsushi just about melted.
"Mommy helping daddy...just like in a real family..." Atsushi whispered between husky breathes. He looked down to your propped open legs. Inviting him to touch more. Compelling to help more, "Daddy can help too..."
Finding his fingers gliding on either side of your clit. He found them slick in no time as he toyed with your entrance. Reverberations of your moans on his cock. Fueling the hunger you sucked him off with. And when Atsushi didn't think you could do more. The seconds his fingers slipped knuckles deep inside you was the moment he nearly lost it.
Lips pushing past just his head. Tongue lapping at his sensitive gland with all of the glory and warmth of your cheeks milking him. Atsushi hunched over a little barely holding it together as he pumped his fingers inside you.
What was a slow and steady tease. Quickly turned to the squelch of your juices dripping and coating everything as Atsushi fingered you. Driving his fingers deep into you just when you bucked your hips up. Responsible for muffling his own moans. You were quieted by his cock in your mouth as you desperately sucked him off on your back. Legs spread wide as he stuffed and stretched your soaked slit until both of you broke from your trance.
"I want you-" Atsushi's words almost that of a tearful plea. Overstimulated simply from foreplay. With his fingers in you all he could think of was replacing them with his cock.
"Please." You grabbed him back down to you. 
Sloppy. Kissing him with passion as the taste of his cock lingered between both your lips. Atsushi didn't care if it was him on your lips. Tasting your tongue on him was enough to let his body do whatever you directed it to.
So when he ended up on his back this time. Pants around his ankles. And your leg being thrown over his side. Atsushi came back to reality the second your soaked cunt drew up along his length. Coating him in your musky juices as Atsushi stared up at you with an awestruck look. When you finally noticed him staring at you. You couldn't help but ask what exactly he was staring at.
"'re so beautiful." Atsushi murmured in all seriousness. Eyes fixated up on you in the vague light filling the room. Even with your core pressing against his cock. All he could do was stare up at you like you were the sun and moon in the sky.
Leaning forward you caught your lips on his. From the hungry motions of your bodies before. Time slowed. Cupping his face as your hips settled back. Atsushi's tip threatening to push inside you with even a little bit of movement. Just like that you stayed until the kiss slowly dissipated.
"...lets do more than just play house." You muttered against his lips. Foreheads brushing agaisnt each other when you pushed his blond hair back and kissed him briefly, "Lets live it. Every day. Together."
Atsushi's hips came up just when your weight came to rest completely on him. Every inch of his cock sinking into you in no time. The first twitch of him inside you only caused you to squeeze your hips and push down on him further. In a haze of lust just at the thought of Atsushi's cock violating the deepest parts of you.
His turn to grab your face. Atsushi reintroduced your lips. But not without the first stroke of his hips making you bounce up on his cock. Moans muffled with the kiss. It was quick to set a pace of him driving his length as deep into you as possible. Drunk of the way your walls twitched and tightened around him when he hit the right spot. 
"Y-Yes-" Atsushi nodded, breathless against your lips, holding you as close to him as possible when your hips joined the fun. His thrusts being met with your hips coming down on him. The filthy noises of you two fucking being nothing but sweetness that filled the dark room together, "Please- I want to be with you every day. At work- At home- I don't want to go anywhere. I- I love you-"
"Atsushi-" You gasped against his lips. His words drowned out when his cock hit hard against your g-spot.
"I want to make a bigger family-" Atsushi panted. Slap of his thighs against yours. Fucking you with deep strokes that seemed endless even as you began tightening and trembling on him, "Please- I can move in here- Fuck- We can have another room- Fill it- Fill it with-"
"Fill it with a baby!" You smashed your lips against his to keep your noises at bay. There was no coming back. Your body doing it's own thing when your orgasm over took you. Grinding down on him like your life depended on it. 
It didn't end there though. Your orgasm crashing over to Atsushi who couldn't do anything but drive himself deep into your core. His cock swelling it felt like the second he rutted deep into you and didn't let go. Not until every single drop of sticky cum poured into you. Painting your insides with thick globs of seed that wasn't going to be dripping out of you anytime soon. And with Atsushi's cock buried inside you even when he utterly relaxed under you. His seed seeped deeper into you as the two of you found it in yourselves to catch your breath.
" you mean that?" You bring your face from the crook of his neck. Dewy with sweat and breathing heavily. Looking down you're pretty sure you've never seen someone as handsome as Atsushi before.
With his bangs clinging to his forehead. And cheeks tinted in red mostly from exhaustion, he smiles with a sheepish nod, "I do."
A breathy laugh. All you can do is push your forehead down against his and snake your arms around his shoulders. Dazai was right, he was exactly what you needed. And at this rate there might not be any hiding it for long.
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