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#he looked so good tonight 馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い
angrythingstarlight2 months ago
How will Steve pin Dove down?? By looking like this of course. How could she resist him 馃い.
Tumblr media
Will also pin her down with his giant beefy body 馃槍.
Pairing: Beefy Biker Steve x shy!reader
Steve waits by the cart full of books ready to be put on display. Checking his watch, he knows you're about to start your shift.
Today is the day he catches his girl.
The melodic chime above the door echos through the quiet bookstore signaling your entrance. You're rummaging through your purse and miss the excited looks Mr. Yuri is giving you. He calls out a greeting as he scampers to the front door, his flip phone in his hand, Mrs. Martha's number already dialed.
Lifting your head, you turn to see your boss jabbering on his phone, his eyes on you. When he catches you staring, your head tilted in confusion, he runs off. Well he waddles off.
"What..." You blow out through your lips. Everyone has been acting so strange lately. Shaking it off, you continue to the back to put up your coat, mentally going over your morning checklist.
"Good morning beautiful."
And just like that, all thoughts empty out of your head. Your morning to do list, your name, how to breathe, everything you know is gone. Because you're staring at Steve. A pair of sunglasses on his head, the frames buried in his thick hair, knowing blue eyes drifting over you like a warm caress, his dark grey shirt has no sleeves.
No sleeves. Who walks around like that? His large biceps are out there, in the open. How can you think with his arms right there. And why is the shirt so small, you can see everything. You can't look down, you'll embarrass yourself if you do, you know you will.
Taking a step back, you realize you haven't said anything. Oh god, you've been staring at him. "Hi." Okay that didn't sound bad, your voice didn't squeak this time.
Steve smiles at you, a genuine affection warming his eyes. And a tinge of pure male pride inflating his ego because that look you just gave him, oh he's going to dream about that tonight.
But first....
Steve takes a step towards you, a smirk forming on his handsome face. "I would love to take you out on a date, we can do something small, whatever you like until you get to know me."
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noobsquasher4 months ago
The smut was so goodd馃槶馃槶馃槶 I need a part 2 please!! Cause not many ppl write smut from Peter pov and now that I found this I鈥檓 obsessed. I can completely imagine his brain rambling during it cause he鈥檚 so overstimulated 馃い馃い馃い馃ゴ馃い馃ゴ馃い馃ゴ馃い馃い馃ゴ馃ゴ馃ゴ馃ゴ
Patient Parker
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.7k
Warnings: smut, roleplay, praising, a little degradation, teasing, swearing, etc
Summary: You and Peter decide to try roleplaying in bed tonight.
Note: Peter Parker x Stark Reader.
This story is written from Peter's point of view. All characters in this story are 18+.
enjoy :)
The smell of McDonald鈥檚 filled the air as me and Y/N were sitting at the dining table eating together.
鈥淐ould you pass me the ketchup princess?鈥 I asked, pointing to the ketchup bottle across the table.
Y/N hummed as she grabbed the bottle and handed it to me.
鈥淏aby.鈥 Y/N praised.
鈥淚鈥檝e... I鈥檝e been thinking... about... something.鈥
鈥淎bout what?鈥 I questioned.
鈥淥kay so I saw this pretty nurse outfit on Instagram, and I thought it was cute you know, so I bought it and it came in yesterday and I tried it on, and I looked so sexy like always, BUT... I got the idea to like... role play with you... but in bed.鈥 Y/N suggested.
鈥淩oleplay? Like... acting?鈥
鈥淵eah... I like... wear my outfit and look like a sexy nurse and you would just like wear your underwear I guess, and I would lay you down on my bed and I would assist you... like a real nurse would... you know?鈥 She explained seductively.
I gazed at her, my imagination toying my mind. We鈥檝e never roleplayed before, so this should be interesting.
鈥淪o... I would be your sick and helpless patient and you would help me?鈥 I asked her as I put my hand on her thigh and squeezed it.
鈥淢hm... and I would take such good care of you.鈥 Y/N chimed as she spoke softly.
鈥淚 would like that.鈥 I expressed.
She smiled.
鈥淕ood because I want to do it tonight. My parents aren鈥檛 coming home until late, and they let Wanda and Vis take care of Morgan, so we鈥檙e free and able to fuck like there鈥檚 no tomorrow.鈥 Y/N voiced with a devilish grin.
My lips perked.
鈥淵ou wanna go now?鈥 I asked her.
鈥淟et me finish my food.鈥 She said before she started eating her fries.
I held my hand on her thigh and continued to rub it. Moving my hand up and down, teasing her. I knew she was soaking in her panties. She acted like it didn鈥檛 affect her, but her heart was beating rapidly, and I could tell my touch was turning her on.
I could just imagine how sexy she鈥檇 look on top of me, riding me harshly until her little nurse hat falls off her head. Until she鈥檚 a dripping mess as I鈥檓 inside her. My cock twitched at the thought. Lust filled my eyes as I watched her finish her food.
鈥淪top looking at me like that.鈥
鈥淟ike what baby?鈥
鈥淟ike that! You鈥檙e making me nervous.鈥
鈥淗ow? Is it because you鈥檙e soaking the seat right now?鈥 I asked, a mischievous smirk on my face as I moved my hand further up her thigh.
She glared at me while slowly eating her food, unable to answer.
It鈥檚 amusing how she brings up the idea to fuck, but when the time comes, she鈥檚 all nervous. It just made it even more fun to watch her close her legs tightly as she squirms in her seat while I touch her.
After we were both done with our food, we went upstairs to prepare for our special night.
鈥淕et down in your underwear. Imma go change.鈥 Y/N insisted as she grabbed her outfit and went to go change in her bathroom.
I hummed a yes and started to undress.
When I was in my boxers, I laid down in her bed waiting for her. I even put on sex music so we could be in the mood.
The music was playing on low as I waited for Y/N. I imagined how sexy she would look and how dominant she was going to be tonight. A bulge started to grow in my boxers and all I wanted to do was rub my cock, but I knew Y/N would be mad since that鈥檚 her job as my special nurse.
Suddenly, the door opened as she stood in the doorway.
My breath hitched slightly as I saw her magnificent body.
She wore a white dress with Red Crosses on it. The symbol representing a nurse. The dress had a sweetheart neckline with red ripples on top. Her breasts practically spilled out. It was so short that if she bent down, you would see her voluptuous, juicy ass. She paired it with white fishnets, red high heels, and a cute white hat with a Red Cross on it. And to top it off, she wore red lipstick.
I was ready to rip off everything and fuck her mercilessly.
鈥淥h. My. Gosh.鈥 I managed to say as she walked out.
鈥淵ou like it?鈥 She asked me.
鈥淏aby come over here right now and fuck me.鈥 I commanded.
She giggled.
鈥淣ow, I鈥檓 the doctor here! And I鈥檓 supposed to help you, aren鈥檛 I?鈥 She said seductively as she walked forward and looked over me.
I gulped.
鈥淵es ma鈥檃m.鈥
She smiled. She was enjoying this.
鈥淲ell, good evening! My name is Doctor Stark and I鈥檓 going to be your doctor for today.鈥 Y/N spoke as she introduced herself.
鈥淗i, doctor.鈥 I said with a charming smile.
鈥淪o, what seems to be the problem here today Mr... what鈥檚 your name again?鈥
I chuckled.
鈥淧arker.鈥 I replied.
鈥淩ight, Mr. Parker. What brings you into the hospital today?鈥 She asked me, playing her role as a helpful nurse.
鈥淲ell...鈥 I said before is started laughing.
She laughed with me.
鈥淪TAY IN CHARACTER!鈥 She yelled suddenly.
鈥淚 um... I can鈥檛- my um... my private area doesn鈥檛 work anymore.鈥 I managed to say.
Y/N put her hand over her mouth as she tried to hold in her laugh.
鈥淵our private area? What happened?鈥 She asked me, going back to character.
鈥淚 can鈥檛... I鈥檓 having problems ejaculating.鈥
She nodded her head as she tried to hold in her impending laugh.
鈥淗mm, you have problems ejaculating. When did this start?鈥 She asked me.
鈥淓ver since the year of 2012.鈥 I shared.
Y/N turned around and I heard her giggle. I couldn鈥檛 help but giggle as well.
She suddenly turned back around with a straight face.
鈥淪ince 2012? It鈥檚 been a few years huh?鈥 She questioned me.
鈥淵eah. I haven鈥檛 been able to... find a pretty woman- or nurse... like you to um... help me.鈥 I explained.
鈥淐an you get hard?鈥
鈥淪ometimes. On my good days, I can get real... hard.鈥 I teased.
鈥淗m, so when you jerk off, nothing comes out? Or how does it work.鈥 She wondered.
鈥淵eah, well- I can jerk off sometimes, but then it鈥檚 just nothing coming out! It鈥檚... it鈥檚 embarrassing.鈥 I confessed.
鈥淚t is. Have you ever had a woman鈥檚 touch before? It鈥檚 a great remedy for these types of... situations.鈥 Y/N asked as she began to rub my cock through my boxers.
鈥淚 um... I haven鈥檛. It鈥檚 hard to find someone like you to touch me.鈥 I reviled.
鈥淢hm... so tell me Mr. Parker, does this help? Does it feel good?鈥 She asked me as she squeezed my cock.
鈥淵es, doctor. So- so good.鈥 I consoled as my cock grew harder in her hand.
鈥淲ell, Mr. Parker, it looks like you鈥檙e getting hard.鈥
鈥淵eah... maybe if you... took off my underwear then we would see some more... details.鈥
My cock was twitching. I needed more.
鈥淵eah... good thinking Mr. Parker.鈥 Y/N praised as she took off my underwear to reveal my rock-hard cock.
She gasped.
鈥淥h! Mr. Parker! You are... really... really... big.鈥 She said seductively while she rubbed my thick cock.
Precum was already covering the tip.
鈥淥h- oh doctor... it feels so good. Don鈥檛 stop.鈥 I groaned as my head hit the pillow.
鈥淚鈥檒l take such good care of you baby, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 Y/N assured me as she stroked me, using my precum as lube.
My head instantly raised as I felt spit hit the tip. She smirked, rubbing the makeshift lube up and down.
I was amazed at the sight as I gripped the sheets.
鈥淪o, Mr. Parker, how long does it take for you to cum?鈥 She asked me while staring into my eyes, rubbing her thumb over my slit.
鈥淲ith how your- you鈥檙e going? Soon.鈥 I stuttered.
I could feel my brain start to become all mushy. All I could focus on was the way her delicate fingers wrapped perfectly around me.
I started mumbling, whimpering at her touch. Incoherent sounds escaping my mouth as my hips bucked, legs shaking as I could feel the buildup start to form within me.
鈥淲hat is it, Hun? Use your words.鈥
鈥淚- I'm- oh fuck, I鈥檓 gonna- I- OH! Doc I鈥檓 gonna cum!鈥 I managed to blurt out, my voice pitched as I was stuttering, forgetting how to speak.
She giggled, mischief in her tone as she stopped touching me.
I gasped.
鈥淒octor!?鈥 I complained, missing her touch.
鈥淢r. Parker, here at Stark Hospital, we use different... mechanisms and techniques to help our patients. With you, we need to be more precise with how we should treat your urgent care.鈥 Y/N explained as she took off her heels and her hat.
鈥淎nd... what t-techniques would that be?鈥
She smiled as she got on top and straddled me.
My cock was in front of her, and she started stroking it again.
鈥淪omething like... this.鈥 She said seductively as she played with my sensitive cock.
My hands gripped the sheets below me. I was getting fed up with her teasing.
Y/N then got on all fours and stood over me, subconsciously aligning herself with my cock.
Her juicy breasts in my face.
My breath was heavy, teeth grinding as I gazed up at her, having the rough need to have her inside me.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry doctor.鈥 I apologized before I grabbed her ass and held onto her fishnets, tearing them off her legs with full force.
She gasped. I tore the majority of it off and pulled them down. She wasn鈥檛 wearing any underwear as well.
Then, I slammed my cock inside her tight, wet pussy.
鈥淢R PARK- OH! OH MY GOD!鈥 Y/N moaned as I impaled myself inside her.
I moved the lower half of my body roughly, fucking her at a vicious pace as I held her in position so her tight pussy could swallow my cock.
Her moans filled the room. Her eyes rolling back as I continually hit her sweet spot.
鈥淔UCK! FUCK! FUCK!鈥 She yelled each time I thrust into her, the grips of her hands leaving crescent shapes on my shoulders.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 right pretty girl, take my cock.鈥 I praised her.
鈥淎H! Baby! Baby! Oh my god!鈥 she moaned. Tears started to form in her beautiful eyes.
Reaching a hand down, I rubbed aggressive circles around her swollen clit, watching as she crumbled on top of me.
鈥淵ou love it when I fuck you, right? You love my cock fucking this pretty pussy of mine?鈥
鈥淵es! Yes, Peter! Oh- I love it! I- I fucking love it!鈥 She screamed.
I grinned.
鈥淟ooks like I鈥檓 the one taking care of you, doctor.鈥 I soothed.
She glared at me.
鈥淒on鈥檛 I feel good? Don鈥檛 I feel so good inside- inside you baby?鈥 She asked me while stuttering.
鈥淪o good. Feel so good around me. My pretty slut.鈥 I professed before I caught a kiss on her lips. Our kiss was messy and passionate, lips smacking and teeth clashing.
Soon, I wanted to change positions.
I stopped fucking her and took a moment to breathe. I was still inside her as I stared into her. Shaking and whimpering on top of me, looking like a babbling mess.
鈥淭ake off your dress. Let me see those pretty tits of yours.鈥 I demanded with a pretty grin on my lips, happy knowing her current state is in shambles because of me.
Fingers shaking as she quickly took off her dress. I watched her as she undressed in front of me, her beautiful breasts dropping down below me.
鈥淥h baby, you are so beautiful, you know that?鈥 I praised her as I grabbed her breasts, playing with her nipples as I held them.
鈥淵-your beautiful too.鈥 She muttered, shaking as I rubbed her hard bud with my fingers.
鈥淣ot as beautiful as you. Get on your back.鈥
Y/N was quick to obey me. Slowly getting off my cock and then lying next to me, on her back.
I moved around and got on top of her, removing the remaining fishnets left on her legs. Then, aligning myself with her entrance as her legs were already open for me, her slick folds making my mouth water.
My lips perked as I gazed at this beautiful sight.
I鈥檓 a lucky man.
I then grabbed my cock, her wetness already having it shining in the light.
I played with her soaked pussy, rubbing the tip over her throbbing clit. She whimpered as I teased her already penetrated hole.
鈥淗ow bad do you want me inside you? You look like your 鈥榖out to cry鈥 you need me that bad princess?鈥 I teased while I played with her slick folds, my tip covered in her sweet nectar.
鈥淪o bad Peter. I need you. You see how wet I am. Fuck me however you want. Please.鈥
Seeing her like this made my fucking night. The way how she was mine and nobody else鈥檚. The way how she would do anything for me. The way how she was dripping for me. God, I love her. I can鈥檛 ever get enough of Y/N.
鈥淚 can fuck you however I want?鈥
鈥淗owever, you want. I鈥檓 yours.鈥 She reassured.
鈥淵our gonna regret it.鈥 I warned her.
鈥淣o. Not with you. For you, I won鈥檛 regret anything.鈥
My face lit up with a smile as I leaned in to kiss her. Our lips crashing, tongues dancing.
Her words put me in a soft state, my heart fluttering as I decided I wanted to make love to her.
I slowly pushed myself in her. Moving my hips with a decent motion, slowly and steadily thrusting into her.
Her moans sounded like the angels above. I leaned above her and stared into her glossy eyes. Her hands tugged into my hair, pulling it with sweet pleasure.
I slowly hit her sweet spot as I made love to her.
鈥淚 love you Y/N.鈥 I confessed.
鈥淚 love you. I love you peter.鈥
I slowly kissed her. Making our kiss worthwhile. The kiss was nice and soft, making me want to never stop.
She was shaking, I knew she was almost at her end, so I didn鈥檛 keep her waiting as I buried myself deep inside her. My hand was gripping her leg, giving me room to move freely. My trusts beginning to become sloppy each minute.
She moaned, her hands gripping my back. Her lips pressed against my shoulder blade.
鈥淚鈥檓... I鈥檓 close.鈥 She warned.
鈥淚 know. I know.鈥 I said hastily.
I moved at a steady pace, enjoying the warmth of her skin and the way she wrapped around me effortlessly.
It was loving.
She then moved her hips against my pelvis. I noticed her need, so sped my thrusts, making sure to hit her clit. The steady slaps and rubs against her swollen bud sent her over the edge.
鈥淧etey! Pete! Oh, my fuck- Peter!鈥 Y/N yelled as she shut her eyes, moaning all my nicknames at once.
Soon, I felt her walls tighten. She pressed her face into my neck, signaling she was about to burst.
鈥淟et go, baby.鈥 I soothed.
I was near my end as well.
Her fingernails clawed at my back as her hips bucked, walls closing around my throbbing cock.
Soon, with each lustful thrust I made inside Y/N, we both came.
My warm cum shooting up inside her, filling and coated her aching insides. My toes curling as I saw stars above me. At the same time, her cum covered my cock as Y/N鈥檚 orgasm washed over her.
Moans both escaping our mouths.
I made sure she was finished before I pulled out, collapsing next to her.
We both laid down on her soft pillows as Y/N laid on my chest.
She was exhausted, hearing her heart thumping within her.
鈥淚 think I鈥檓 healed now, doctor.鈥 I emphasized sarcastically.
She giggled.
鈥淚 know how to do my job.鈥
鈥淢ost definitely.鈥 I spoke with a grin.
鈥...Thank you for everything you do for me. I appreciate it.鈥 Y/N suddenly professed.
鈥淥f course. I鈥檒l do it every day, for you.鈥
Her soft orbs gazing into me.
鈥淚 love you.鈥 She spoke
鈥淚 love you.鈥
She then closed her eyes.
鈥淪leep baby, you deserve it.鈥 I told her as I played with her hair.
鈥淕oodnight.鈥 She whispered.
鈥淕oodnight, my baby.鈥
Soon we drifted off to sleep. I felt safe as she laid on my chest. There was nowhere else I wanted to be other than here.
Copyright 漏 of noobsquasher 2021
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wonderfilworld6 months ago
Pls pls pls write a second part for that remus fic
I really need it 馃い馃い
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part One | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
Remus learns a thing or two about how to make a woman feel good.
wc: 4k+
warning/contains: NSFW! smut: corruption, sub(?)/ innocent remus, oral fem receiving, fingering, handjob; kissing; cursing.
masterlist | send me a request
Tumblr media
If you鈥檝e never had to experience it, Remus can tell you that trying to go about your day as normal after the girl of your dreams sucked your brains out earlier is a pretty difficult thing to do.
But, he persisted, and now it鈥檚 the end of the day, after dinner, and he鈥檚 on his way back to the common room.
You come up beside him, interlocking your arms as you look over and smile at him. His face flushes and he averts his eyes from your figure. He couldn鈥檛 look at you at all today - every time his eyes would meet yours his face would get hot and his body would get antsy, the feeling of your lips on him still fresh in his memory.
鈥淎re you still going to come see me tonight?鈥 You ask innocently, quiet enough that no one around can hear.
His heart rate picks up, heat flooding his entire body. He doesn鈥檛 know when the embarrassment returned to his system, maybe after the oxytocin subsided later in the day after his first orgasm by someone else's hand - or mouth. But slowly, he nods his head, eyes on the floor, as he whispers his answer. 鈥淵es.鈥
It鈥檚 late when he knocks, three near-silent raps on your door that has you sitting up in bed and walking towards the door in excitement. It would be a lie to say you haven鈥檛 been looking forward to this all day - that heat hasn鈥檛 been swirling in your core since this morning when you decided to wear that stupid skirt.
It hadn鈥檛 been an intentional thing - not at first, at least. Your normal one was nowhere to be found, probably lost on the journey to or from the laundry room. You knew the one you wore was a tad too small, but you didn鈥檛 think it would be an issue, certainly no one would notice, right?
You grab the handle and pull open the door, being greeted by Remus, who eyes you nervously. His face is flushed and he鈥檚 swaying back and forth on his feet. He鈥檚 noticed you鈥檝e changed into pajamas; a t-shirt and shorts and his brain short circuits at the sight of your bare legs. He鈥檚 just so shy around you.
You鈥檇 have to work on that.
鈥淗ey,鈥 You smile. Stepping back, you let him in the room, watching as he looks around.
鈥淲here鈥檚 -鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e out for the night,鈥 You assure him, referring to your roommates.
He nods slowly, 鈥淥kay.鈥
You make your way to your bed, sitting down at the foot of it and patting the spot beside you. 鈥淐ome here.鈥
He obliges, timidly making his way over to where you鈥檝e directed him. He can barely look at you, too nervous to speak except when spoken to in fear he鈥檒l say something stupid. His body settles next to yours, his hands in his lap, fingers playing with each other.
鈥淩emus, I鈥檓 not taking this any further if I feel like you don鈥檛 want this.鈥
鈥淣o! I want it I swear! It鈥檚 just -鈥 He fumbles, eyes darting around the room as if he鈥檒l find what to say scattered around your dorm.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e just never done this before.鈥 You finish for him.
Nodding again, he swallows loudly. 鈥淩ight.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind as long as you don鈥檛.鈥
He turns fully to you now, finally meeting your eyes as he tells you, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind.鈥
鈥淕ood,鈥 You lean in then, meeting his waiting mouth in a quick peck before pulling back slightly, letting him decide how far to take it.
He responds immediately, grabbing the back of your head in his big hands and crushing your lips together. Your teeth clash at the contact and you wince but Remus doesn鈥檛 seem to mind it - doesn鈥檛 seem to notice it at all really - because then he鈥檚 slipping - no, forcing - his tongue into your mouth. You indulge him a little, sliding your tongue along his and shivering at the way it tickles your senses. He鈥檚 eager, so eager, that it ignites the flame in your lower belly and you need to remind yourself that this is new to him and that you need to teach him from step one.
Your hands are pressed to his chest where you can feel his heart beating rapidly, feel the rise and fall of it as he breathes against your mouth. You push, slightly at first, and then when he doesn鈥檛 respond you push harder until your mouths break apart and you鈥檙e looking into his eyes.
鈥淪low down, I鈥檓 not going anywhere.鈥 He furrows his brows in confusion before you speak again, 鈥淚 just want to kiss you for a while, Remus. You鈥檙e such a good kisser.鈥
He鈥檚 nodding again before you lean in once more, brushing your lips together and taking a deep breath before connecting your lips. One of his hands is on your neck, thumb brushing over your jaw as his lips press deeper into yours. His other is on the bed almost touching your waist, and yours are still on his chest, fisting the fabric of his shirt tighter within your grasp on every swipe of his tongue against your lips. You haven鈥檛 let him in yet, determined to show him that when you said slow down, you meant it.
Your thighs are pressed together, quelling the ache that resides between them. You desperately want to move on with this lesson of sorts, but the neediness - the desire - in your core right now is almost thrilling. The anticipation is always so much fun.
Remus feels like he鈥檚 going to explode. Literally. Like cum in his pants, explode. Especially if he feels your tongue swirl in his mouth again, if you suck on it like you did his cock earlier in the day, then he鈥檚 definitely going to cum in his pants.
You move away from him, farther up the bed to lay your head against the pillows, and that sets up a whole new battle for him. You鈥檙e just laying there with swollen lips and glassy eyes and he offhandedly wonders what you鈥檒l look like after he fucks you.
Oh my god, is he going to fuck you?
You never mentioned exactly what the two of you would be doing tonight, he was just excited about learning more from you. But he wouldn鈥檛 mind if he did get to fuck you; you鈥檙e so pretty and kind and Remus is definitely half in love with you (especially after today) so he鈥檚 definitely okay with you being his first. He trusts you to take care of him.
He snaps out of his daze, following your beckoning finger to come join you, hovering his body atop of yours as his arms cage your head. Your hands come to his hips and you tug them down until they鈥檙e pressed against you, involuntarily twitching the slightest amount with the pressure.
鈥淜iss me again,鈥 You command quietly, eyes half-closed. You鈥檝e had enough of the cute, sweet kisses and you鈥檙e ready - Remus is ready - for more.
He leans down to join your lips again, tongue immediately finding yours because he鈥檚 impatient and because you鈥檝e started to grind your hips into his, moaning into his mouth as he enthusiastically ruts right back into you.
He isn鈥檛 sure how long his lips stay on yours, moving fluidly - licking, sucking, biting as he lays on top of you. He鈥檚 hard in his pants and he knows you can feel it - brushing perfectly against your cunt with every roll of his hips. You keep mewling against his lips and he feels his cock throb every time.
鈥淚 love your mouth,鈥 You break away, eyeing the string of saliva connecting your lips. 鈥淚 wonder how good it is somewhere else,鈥 You whisper, gazing at him carefully.
He sucks in a breath, 鈥淟et鈥檚 find out.鈥
Smiling, you direct him to remove your clothes. 鈥淪low, remember? One thing at a time.鈥
The first to come off is your top. You鈥檝e decided to forgo a bra and Remus groans at the sight of your bare breasts that are perfect in every way he could have imagined. Once your top is thrown to the floor he sits on his knees between your spread thighs and brings his hands to your tits.
He鈥檚 squeezing and pulling the flesh, slightly too hard for your taste so you lay your hands over his and show him how you like it. Teasing brushes of his thumbs over your nipples have you shivering and arching into his hands, and Remus is having a power trip over how one touch can have you at his mercy.
You鈥檙e mewling and he hasn鈥檛 even really done anything yet, but you can鈥檛 help that his innocence only furthers your lust. The fact that you get to shape him to your needs only fuels your desires and the many fantasies you want to play out with him.
鈥淜iss me, Remus.鈥 He listens, bending to meet your mouth again but you stop him, place a finger in front of his lips. 鈥淣ot there.鈥
A brief look of confusion before realization. He swallows and bends down further until his mouth is over your right breast, and he places a delicate kiss to your nipple. You can鈥檛 help but grin, he鈥檚 just too damn cute.
Remus isn鈥檛 stupid - he knows the basic in鈥檚 and out鈥檚 of sex. He鈥檚 heard enough stories from Sirius and knows that foreplay is a big deal. He knows what it entails, too, just doesn鈥檛 know the techniques all that well. Luckily for him, you鈥檙e more than willing to help.
鈥淒on鈥檛 go straight for the nipple,鈥 You say. 鈥淜iss around it first; you have to tease me.鈥
Easy enough, Remus thinks. He does as he鈥檚 told, placing pecks around your swollen peeks before darting his tongue out, licking your skin, and tasting you.
鈥淵ou can leave marks too,鈥 You encourage, placing a hand on the back of his head. You gasp as his teeth bite the flesh, and sigh as his tongue follows right after. You gather that he enjoys leaving marks as he repeats the action over and over on both of your tits.
With his hips off of yours, you鈥檙e desperate for more friction between your thighs so you direct him, 鈥淕ive me your hand.鈥
Holding up his right one, you grab it and lead it down your stomach to your core, pressing it there to rub against your cunt.
鈥淔uck,鈥 Gasping, you arch into him even more as his hand bears down even harder.
Remus lets out a gasp of his own, 鈥淚 can feel how wet you are, even through your clothes.鈥
鈥淵eah?鈥 You ask, whimpering right after because you鈥檙e incapable of holding back any noises. 鈥淵ou made me this wet.鈥
Moaning, Remus leans back down to capture one of your nipples between his lips - sucking and licking and loving the way you cry out.
He could suck on your tits forever he鈥檚 sure, but your hips are grinding on his hand and your moans are non-stop, and Remus is ready for more. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 next?鈥
鈥淭ake off my shorts.鈥
You barely have time to lift your hips for him before he yanks them down, taking your panties down with them. They鈥檙e not the same purple ones from earlier, he notes, but they鈥檙e still pretty nonetheless, and definitely more appealing with your slick coating the inside.
You part your legs, making room for Remus to settle on his stomach between them. His face is so close to your core, he can see it glistening against the dim lighting; see the way more of your slick comes out and runs down. He can also smell it - a completely new scent that鈥檚 unlike anything he鈥檚 ever experienced before - another thing about you he鈥檒l never be able to get out of his head.
You slide your hand down your body, reaching your center and you pull, your clit emerging from under its hood. Using your other hand you place a finger over it and rub in a slow circle, watching Remus鈥 face as you do so.
鈥淭his is the clit, it鈥檚 the main thing you should focus on.鈥
He nods while never looking away from your fingers rolling over the sensitive area. He鈥檚 stuck in place, mesmerized by the way your lower half twitches every time your finger swipes over the nub.
鈥淭ouch me here, Remus.鈥 It鈥檚 a soft demand but a demand nevertheless. 鈥淭ouch my pussy like I showed you.鈥
And he does, rubbing a tantalizing finger over your clit in a way that has you gasping and it takes every ounce of self-control you have not to clamp your legs on his hand. It鈥檚 entirely too much - you鈥檙e overly sensitive from teasing yourself this morning when you sucked him off and you never came - so your body is hyper-aware of every pass of his rough fingertip against the sensitive nerves.
鈥淢ore,鈥 You say, chest heaving up and down as you pant.
鈥淟ike what?鈥 He asks, looking up at you.
And he looks so innocent then, so eager to do anything you ask him to, that it makes you say your next words. 鈥淚 want you to do the same thing, but with your tongue.鈥
鈥淥-okay,鈥 He murmurs, dropping his head to flick his tongue against your clit.
鈥淥h my god,鈥 You moan, hips jerking as he runs the tip on his tongue over your clit in circles, perfectly mimicking the actions of his fingers prior. It feels so good that your hand makes its way to his head once more - not pushing, just resting - and you guide him, 鈥淟ay it flat against it, and rub it up and down.鈥
He does, and you keen, and you maybe, sort of (accidentally) push his head farther into your cunt then because, 鈥淔uck, that鈥檚 so good, Remus.鈥
He groans at the praise, the sound rolling off of his tongue and onto your clit and your hips buck onto his face.
鈥淪orry,鈥 You whimper.
鈥淒o it again,鈥 He says, voice low and eyes dark. You can鈥檛 look away from him when he lowers his head once again, tongue back on your clit and moving side to side this time. You lift your hips once more, eyes falling shut at how good it is.
You nearly forget that you鈥檙e supposed to be teaching him - telling him what to do - but when he tells you to basically ride his face with that look, what else are you supposed to do?
Remus can鈥檛 get enough of your taste - saccharine and undeniably one of the best things he鈥檚 ever tasted. It sits on his tongue so nicely and when he swallows the taste still lingers in his senses. It forces him to go harder, licking faster and sucking when you beg him to, 鈥淪uck on it - oh! - just like that!鈥
Your orgasm is creeping up your core and pooling in your lower stomach, but there鈥檚 one more thing you want to teach him. 鈥淚 want you to put your fingers inside of me.鈥
Coming up from your pussy, Remus nods his head. 鈥淪how me how.鈥
You take his (much larger) hand in yours and put all of his fingers except the middle one down. 鈥淪tart with one, and then when I ask, add this one.鈥 You pull up his ring finger. 鈥淥kay?鈥
鈥淥kay.鈥 He watches as you lie back down, never tearing your eyes off of his.
You lead his hand to your entrance, running it through the slick there before speaking, 鈥淢ake sure it鈥檚 wet before you put it in, otherwise it鈥檒l hurt.鈥 He just nods in lieu of speaking, making sure his finger is covered in your arousal before you help him push it in.
You gasp and he groans, he wasn鈥檛 sure what he was expecting but it鈥檚 tight - so fucking tight - and your cunt is so warm and soft and gooey around his finger as it explores.
His fingers are bigger than your own, obviously, so the stretch takes you a minute to get used to but you don鈥檛 have the heart to tell him to wait; not when he鈥檚 staring at your cunt with wide eyes. His jaw is slack, and if you had the heart you would laugh - not in a mean way, of course - just because it鈥檚 so endearing that he鈥檚 amazed by your body and the way your cunt swallows his thick finger.
鈥淵ou know what to do with it, right?鈥 You ask, removing your hand from his and letting him do it on his own. He鈥檚 slow to respond, withdrawing his finger slightly and then pushing it back in slowly, letting out a quiet fuck when he feels your cunt flutter around the digit. 鈥淵eah,鈥 You sigh, 鈥淔uck me with your fingers.鈥
Without his permission his hips dig into your bed, cock straining against his pants, and louder he moans. 鈥淔uck.鈥
His finger continues in and out of your pussy, and Remus can鈥檛 look away; eyes zoned in on your pulsing cunt that nearly suffocates his finger. Every time he pulls it out there鈥檚 more slick coating the digit, and every time he pushes it back in you moan and throw your head back, clamping down on his finger even more.
You鈥檙e out of breath, eyes closed as you focus on how fucking good Remus is making you feel. 鈥淎dd the other one, baby.鈥
His cock throbs against his pants where he鈥檚 steadily humping against your bed. He can鈥檛 help it - you鈥檙e making the best sounds, not just from your mouth but also you cunt that squelches with every move of his finger.
Doing as he鈥檚 told he withdrawals the finger, pressing a kiss against your thigh when you whine at the loss. He runs his ring finger through your folds, pressing it against your clit - that鈥檚 gotten much larger, Remus notes - and relishing in the 鈥淵es, do that鈥 that you moan when he does. Once he deems it wet enough he pushes them both back into your core, noting that he鈥檚 met with more resistance this time.
鈥淥h fuck,鈥 You cry out, hands coming to squeeze at your breasts and flick your nipples to distract from the slight sting.
鈥淚t鈥檚 harder to get both of them in, is that normal?鈥 It鈥檚 such an innocent and sincere question, but it doesn鈥檛 do anything to stop you from choking on a moan, before nodding your head, meeting his eyes before speaking.
鈥淵ou just have bigger fingers than I do,鈥 You tell him.
He doesn鈥檛 think you mean that in a way to rile him up but it does; he pictures you laying in this very same bed and fucking yourself with your fingers just like he鈥檚 doing now, and it makes him growl before picking up speed.
His fingers are relentless - not only are they thicker but they鈥檙e longer, too - hitting places you鈥檝e never even dreamed about. You鈥檙e a mess; hips meeting the thrusting of his fingers and you thought you were close earlier, but now you鈥檙e toeing the edge of your climax so you tell him what you need to get there.
鈥淐an you do one more thing for me, Remus?鈥 Grabbing his other hand you bring it to your mouth, putting his fingers inside and sucking on them, running your tongue along the digits like you did to his cock this morning.
鈥淎nything,鈥 He breathes, and he can鈥檛 decide where he wants to look - your cunt that鈥檚 fluttering (a lot more frequently, he notes) on his fingers or your mouth that he鈥檚 fallen in love with, drooling all over the fingers of his other hand.
鈥淯se your mouth like you did before.鈥
And that鈥檚 all the direction you give him because that鈥檚 all you can say and really that鈥檚 all Remus can understand - he can hardly hear anything over the rushing sound in his ears over the way his hips continuously dig into the mattress, his cock hard and heavy and leaking through his pants.
But he still brings his mouth back to your puffy clit, sucking and flicking his tongue as his fingers continue to move inside. He likes the way they feel there - nearly suffocated by how tight you are - but he pokes and prods at your insides anyway. He scissors his fingers, twists them, and even curls them, and once he does your lower back shoots off the mattress.
鈥淩ight there!鈥 You cry. 鈥淩ight there, right there, right there,鈥 You chant as his fingers continue to push onto a spongy spot inside of you. He rubs his fingers against the ridges there and mimics the actions with his tongue against your clit.
鈥淒on鈥檛 fucking stop.鈥 Your hand is in his hair, fisting the locks between your fingers as your hips pick up against his face again. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna make me cum, Remus.鈥
He doesn鈥檛 want to mess up your impending orgasm by changing the speed of his fingers or the sucking of your clit so he keeps doing what he鈥檚 doing, letting you spread your slick all over his face as you chase the hot feeling creeping up your spine.
All of a sudden your hips stop and you cage his head between your thighs as you cry out. He鈥檚 pretty sure he hears his name being chanted over and over, but he doesn鈥檛 dare stop his movements to find out. Your body picks back up it鈥檚 rhythm as you ride out your orgasm, breathy moans making their way to his ears as you release his head from your leg鈥檚 grip.
鈥淩emus,鈥 He definitely heard right that time. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 so fucking good.鈥
You comb your fingers through his hair as you come down. He鈥檚 still going to town on your poor cunt that is way too sensitive now so you pull on his head. 鈥淐ome here.鈥
He withdraws his fingers, mesmerized by the creamy substance coating them now. He doesn鈥檛 think twice before bringing them to his lips and sucking them clean.
Once he鈥檚 done he kisses you again - doesn't even think twice before resting his hips atop yours and grinding his erection onto you. He whimpers into your mouth and you swallow it, licking against his teeth and tongue and anywhere you can to get a taste of him.
You鈥檙e way too sensitive to let him hump against you this way, so you break away from his mouth, nudging his hips up so you can bring your hand down to his pants and undo them. 鈥淟et me help you now.鈥
If he was a better man he may tell you that no, he鈥檚 fine, you don鈥檛 have to - but honestly, he doesn鈥檛 think he has the willpower to stop you as you slip your hand down his pants and grab his cock.
鈥淧lease,鈥 He chokes and he has to kiss you again to muffle the whimpers leaving his throat.
You鈥檙e not having it though - you want to hear all of the pretty noises he makes when you touch him like this. So you redirect his head to the crook of your neck instead so you can speak, 鈥淵ou did so good, Remus.鈥 He licks at your neck; bites and sucks at it and you shiver.
You tighten your fist around his cock as you stroke it faster, swiping your thumb over the head to coat his length in precum. 鈥淵ou made me feel so fucking good, baby.鈥
He fucks his cock into your fist at your words, little whines and mewls hitting your throat as he tries his hardest not to cry out. He doesn鈥檛 have the heart to tell you he鈥檚 close, but you know he is - his cock throbs in your grasp, and every time his hips buck back you鈥檙e met with another drop of precum at his tip. 鈥淐um in my hand,鈥 You tell him.
And he does, body stilling and convulsing above you as he tries to keep himself up on his elbows.
鈥淵esss,鈥 He hisses, cum spilling onto your fist as you continue your even strokes. You kiss the side of his head as his strength finally gives out, body dropping on yours and knocking the breath out of you both.
Taking your hand out of his pants, you bring it up to your mouth and clean off what you can. Remus hears your lips smacking and looks up at it, groaning and hiding his face once again. You laugh and kiss his head again, nudging it with your own until he gets the hint and puts his lips on yours.
You kiss for a while longer, slow and sweet with giggles in between, and Remus wonders what happens next. He doesn鈥檛 know what this means for your friendship - is this even friendship anymore? It certainly feels different than before but he doesn鈥檛 want to bring it up out of fear of ruining the moment you鈥檝e created. All he knows is that he loves kissing you, loves hearing your breathy laugh as he breaks away to place quick pecks along your cheekbones and nose, and he doesn鈥檛 want to do anything to cause it all to stop.
And besides, there鈥檚 more he wants to learn and if he brings up his feelings now and you don鈥檛 feel the same, you may not be willing to teach him more about how to make you feel good, and that鈥檚 the last thing he wants.
So maybe he鈥檒l have to be content with this for now, and he鈥檚 okay with that.
But luckily it seems that you鈥檝e made the decision for him when you look up at him, smiling with a mischievous glint in your eyes as you speak.
鈥淪o, what would you like to learn next?鈥
Tumblr media
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lovinkiri5 months ago
Can I request nsfw head cannons of Sero, Mirio, Aizawa, and Dabi getting hit by a truth quirk that makes them only say what鈥檚 on their mind with no hesitation? Including the dirty thoughts about the reader and the things they want to do to her? Unlike most stories, the reader is shook when they say some unfiltered shit but cuz she likes em back, she鈥檚 like 鈥淪hidd, blow my back out later then 馃槈鈥
(I鈥檓 projecting a bit here but I would be flattered if a hot guy tells me how nasty he wants to be with me 馃寶)
Dirty Truth
Author's Thoughts: Shhhhhiii- I like the way you think, hun 馃い
Warning: Dirty talk, groping, suggested breeding, suggested bondage, suggested spanking, cursing, suggested hair pulling, etc.
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
Okay let me tell you
Boi is confused
He comes home disoriented
Why did he just call Bakugou an asshole?
Why did he just go on an hour long rant about Monoma?
What it the quirk? It had to be.
He wouldn't know.
He left before he could find out, too confused.
But when he came home to you walking around the house practically naked-
You laughed, not thinking much of it
"Like what you see?"
"Tell me about it. Maldito dios, estas caliente.."
(Translation: "Fucking God, you're hot")
You're eyes widened, caught off guard.
But you wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled
"Someone's straightforward today."
"I promise I'm more action than talk tonight."
"Mhm. Gonna fuck you, breed you so good. And you'll take it so well, I know you will. Always feel so good squeezing around me."
He had no idea why he was saying all this
But he was???
Not that you minded.
It was just..
Then your phone went off.
You pull away to grab it from the couch and answer.
"Hey, Y/n! Just wanted to let you know that Sero and Mina got hit with a truth quirk so he might seem a bit.. unfiltered."
"Ah.. That explains a lot. Thank you so much Midoriya."
You hang up and look at Sero.
"Mr. Truth Quirk, let's get you to bed."
"... Wanna leave hickeys on your tits so bad."
You definitely blushed.
"Um.. Maybe later? Let uh.. Let's go."
Mirio Togata
Tumblr media
You were trying to be careful, you were!
But your foot got caught as you were running and you slowed down.
And that's when the villiain tried to take the shot.
Good thing? Mirio was able to save you.
Bad thing? He saved you by jumping in front of you and taking the shot.
The blast from the shot sent him tumbling into you.
"Oh my god, Mirio! Are you okay?"
Mirio slowly looked down at you.
"I.. I always thought you'd look good under me but.. Wow.."
Your eyes widened and your cheeks definitely got hotter.
"Love the way you say my name, wanna hear you scream it.."
From behind him, you watched as Tamaki grabbed the criminal with his tentacle, yeeting her into the distance.
Mirio took your chin and forced you gaze back where it belonged.
On him.
"Only look at me. Haha, unless you want a spanking?"
Your mouth hung agape at the suggestion.
Not that it was wrong.
Its just..
He smiled so innocently when saying it too.
"Exactly. Good girls good my tongue. You're a good girl, right?"
You almost nodded.
Or maybe you did.
You weren't really thinking straight.
Or at all.
Tamaki jogged over.
"A-Are you guys- OH IM INTERRUPTING"
You quickly shook your head as best as you could.
It wasn't long after that, you'd found that Mirio was hit by a truth quirk.
And the thought of everything Mirio said to you being genuine made you melt.
Mirio winked at you before being pulled away for further examination.
"Um.. Does it affect his actions too?"
The doctor shook her head.
"No, I don't believe so."
You'd have to visit Mirio later.
Shouta Aizawa
Tumblr media
Mans mouth is dirty
And he knew what he was doing.
But he also knew you wanted him too.
What better way to confess his feelings?
So he had no issue cornering you in the staff room.
The door was unlocked but he couldn't care less.
The only important thing was the way you looked at him.
"I want to ruin that innocence."
"Shouta. I want you to call me by my name."
"S-Shouta, are you sure you wanna tell me all this?"
You knew he liked you, and you liked him
But you still wanted yo respect his privacy
Not that he seemed to care
"God, the way you say my name is almost sinful. You look so cute playing with your hair like that. Almost makes me wanna pull it."
Your eyes went wide and your hands froze in your hair.
"Y-You wanna p-pull.."
He smirked and leaned down close.
"Pull you back onto my cock and use you like a fuck toy. You'd like that though."
You can't help but nod, speechless.
He moves closer and his lips almost catch yours, but he moves away.
Leaving you leaning forward.
"I want to hear you say it."
"... Y-Yes please- I-I mean.. Ahem.. Maybe later. After.. Work?"
You almost face palm.
But Aizawa chuckles.
"You are adorable, you know that? Maybe I could tie you up."
Tie you up?
And were you getting excited?
The clock's never felt so slow.
Tumblr media
He got hit with it during some bar fight.
Shigaraki couldn't handle it.
"Have you always been this crusty? Were you born like that?"
He was about ready to kill him.
But he had a smarter idea.
He called you over.
You know, to distract Dabi
Everyone knew Dabi wanted you so this was gonna be interesting
Of course, Shigaraki was fully truthful with you
He said Dabi needed you so he didn't fully lie either
You get there and Dabi immediately whistles
You rolled your eyes, thinking Dabi was just being his flirty self
"Hey, Dabi. Heard you hot yourself in some trouble."
"Damn, you look good today."
You raise an eyebrow.
Had he even heard you?
It didn't look like it.
"Dabi. Hello? Are you listening?"
"No. Not really."
Oh the confidence on this mf.
He watched you cross your arms.
"Agitation looks good on you, dollface."
"Does the flirting ever stop?"
"Not if you're gonna keep looking like that. I mean, shit, gonna make me bend you over."
Thats when you got surprised.
He'd never said anything so outwardly.. Sexual to you.
Just teasing here and there.
So this was..
"I.. I'm sorry..?"
You watched him in genuine shock.
"Bet you'd like that . Bet you'd love to have me throw you over that counter and fuck you stupid. Bet you'd beg beg me to fuck my cum into that pussy."
"T-That's not-"
"Which hole should I stuff first?"
He puts his hand over your ass and squedzes a bit, pulling you closer.
You blush, looking down and covering his mouth.
".. N-Not now, everyone can hear you.."
Dabi pulled your hand away.
"So later?"
You huffed and glared at him
His cocky gaze almost seemed predatory.
".. Maybe."
"That's yes."
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bakubabes-hatakea month ago
Here鈥檚 some Draken thirst: he鈥檚 so much taller than you that your feet don鈥檛 reach the ground when you fuck standing up so he has to hold you and use you like a fleshlight
Now this鈥 this is delicious. He knows just how much you enjoy when he lifts you and just uses you as his little fuck toy. 馃槍馃い
Tumblr media
Draken鈥檚 figure towers over you as he pushes you against the wall of the bedroom. The only thing standing in his way is the thin lace panties around your hips. He鈥檚 needy tonight, he鈥檚 impatient. His finger laces into the waistband of them and with one pull he鈥檚 got them ripped off your hips.
He holds them up and twirls them around. 鈥淭hese things are just driving me nuts. Time to get rid of them.鈥
You watch the now ripped fabric sail across the room, his hands on your hips a second later. His braid gently touches your shoulder as he pushes his body weight into you. Draken unzips his jeans, your eyes watching every move he makes as he smirks in your direction. 鈥淵ou like what you see?鈥 He huffs and wraps his free hand around your throat. 鈥淪omeone just wants to be daddy鈥檚 little toy tonight, don鈥檛 they?鈥
His jeans come down his hips, his erection standing as he licks his lips. The desperate look on your face is fueling everything that he does. Draken鈥檚 hands run down the back of your legs now, lifting you from the floor for better access for him. He pushes you against the wall as you wrap you legs around him, his fingers now teasing your folds. 鈥淎nd you鈥檙e already soaked, even better for me.鈥
He lines his cock up with your entrance and pushes himself into you. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as his lips press to your chin. 鈥淛ust daddy鈥檚 little play thing, now aren鈥檛 we?鈥 He grips your hips and holds you, pounding himself into you at a selfish pace. The only thing on his mind is getting to his release, the sounds falling from you bringing him there with ease. 鈥淵ou like the way my fat cock fills that pretty little pussy so we鈥檒l, don鈥檛 you, princess?鈥
You mewl as his nails dig into you, every touch seems intensified as he leans into you. Your voice is small, but to him it鈥檚 heaven. 鈥淵-yes, daddy!鈥 Your hands wrap around his neck, playing with the hair at the bottom of it. 鈥淔illing me so good, I鈥檓 so close.鈥 A load moan leaves you as you tug on his braid. 鈥淐an I cum? P-please daddy?!鈥
The sound of your question makes a devious grin spread on his features. 鈥淪uch a good girl asking permission like that. Just for being so good, I give you permission.鈥 He sloppily pressed his lips to yours. 鈥淐um all over my cock, baby girl. Show me what you鈥檝e got.鈥
Tumblr media
Thirst Hours Are 24/7 馃槇
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elleaftermidnighta month ago
*coughs* hear me out. artem wing... with a breeding kink. need i say more
Tumblr media
elle鈥檚聽feeling thirsty. mdni. or else you鈥檒l never get a s/sr card ever again.聽
鈥 聽cw. breeding kink, afab + fem!reader
Tumblr media
鈥減ut a baby in me.鈥
artem swears he could have cum then and there, mouth parting at the words that had just escaped you. his hair sticks to his forehead, body completely covered in sweat, a strangled moan moving past him. normally, his thrusts are slow and sensual. most nights, he鈥檇 take his time, savouring the way your cunt wraps around his dick in smooth, languid strokes.
but not tonight. not after that.聽
鈥渕mph- alright.鈥
his hands grip at your waist, hard enough to leave bruises the next morning. it鈥檚 like his mind shuts off, drilling into you at a relentless pace. his breath is hot by your ear, groan after groan escaping his lips with each thrust going deeper and deeper inside of you.聽
the tip of his cock kisses your cervix, tears beginning to prick the corners of your eyes at just how good it feels to have him inside you,聽鈥渂aby,聽鈥榤 gonna be so full of you.鈥
and artem practically growls at your words, capturing your lips in a heated kiss. you just feel so wet and warm, clenching around his cock. he pulls away to mumble against your lips,聽鈥渕ilk me dry, my love. take all of it, okay? i'm so close...鈥
his balls are slapping against your clit with every movement of his hips, your eyes seeing stars with each passing second. a hand holds your wrists above your head and one makes its way down your stomach, whining when he pushes down against the skin, feeling himself moving in and out of you.聽鈥渂aby, you鈥檙e gonna look so beautiful-聽
his actions are the roughest they鈥檝e ever been, but his words are as gentle as they always were. the look in his eyes held nothing but love, gazing into yours.聽
your pussy clamps down on his cock, his thrusts getting sloppier as he comes closer and closer to his high. artem brushes away the hair鈥檚 that鈥檚 begun to cover your face,聽鈥渇uck- gonna put a baby in you.鈥
he paints your insides white, releasing thick ropes of cum with one final groan. your own high coming soon after. artem pulls out, eyes growing wide at his cum leaking out of your hole. he captures your lips in a kiss, his fingers moving to your cunt to make sure all of it stays inside you.聽
Tumblr media
okay but for real out of all of the guys, i feel like artem would be the most likely to have a breeding kink <3 and the thought of that just makes me all 馃い brain = gone your honor how do I get this man in my life </3
Tumblr media
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saccharine-darling5 months ago
Levi getting super hard over reader when she鈥檚 doing her makeup to go out with her friends and making her late to her dinner 馃棧馃棧馃棧
Tumblr media
ohh, please 馃いnot going to lie I'm nervous to write for Levi otherwise I would have over a hundred stories with him lmao I feel like I can't nail his personality down but thank you bby for sending it in 馃ズ
tags; x fem! reader, explicit smut, unprotected sex, creampie, praising, mirror sex, quickie, spitting, no foreplay, Levi is a little tease, unedited work.
"Sugar?" You looked up from your vanity seeing Levi leaning against the doorframe, wearing his usual suit, slacks, and a crisp shirt with the top buttons undone and rolled to his elbows, his suit jacket already hung up by the front door along with his shoes neatly together in the rack he bought.
"Mhm?" You raised your eyebrow watching him walk in the bedroom crossing the space to you, instantly his fingers found their way to your shoulders massaging slowly before pulling down the straps of your dress, a smirk visible on his very kissable lips.
as soon as he passed by he saw you applying your makeup for your weekly night out with your friends, it was no different usually when he watched you but tonight something brewed in Levi watching you bring the wand to your mouth swiping the red lipstick on.
"You just look very stunning is all, you do all the time but-" it was unusual to see Levi anxious almost as he bent at the waist trailing kisses down your bare shoulders now groaning against your skin leaving a wet trail on each side.
"I'm sorry sugar, I can't get enough of you. You smell so good too," he stopped to inhale your new perfume almost creaming his pants right there. Red pooled in his cheeks as he stood back up grabbing your elbow gently helping you stand up before pulling your chair back.
Levi stood behind you cupping your breasts looking at you in the mirror, "Are you almost ready to go?" He asked trailing one hand down in between your legs parting your thighs stroking your cunt over the silk panties you hoped to stuff in his mouth later that night.
you gasped feeling him snap the fabric against your leg, "I am yes, but if you keep me like this then I'll be late."
Levi chuckled moving his hands to your ass massaging and squeezing the soft globes before slowly dragging your panties down to your knees taking his time bunching your dress around your waist kissing your back until he was kneeling behind you still kneading your ass leaning away slightly spitting on your pussy.
he slowly rubbed his salvia in between your lips, standing up to unbuckle his belt throwing it to the floor leaving it there for now kicking your ankles apart making it easier for him to thumb you open watching his spit string before slowly sliding in, instantly your pussy pulled him further in, walls fluttering around his dick.
"Levi!" You moaned watching his eyebrows furrow in concentration in the mirror, your mouth hung open feeling him pick up the pace balls slapping against you wet and loud adding to the lewd noise filling the bedroom. Reaching around he snaked his finger between your legs rubbing your swollen clit eliciting more moans from you.
he wasn't sure where it came from to see you crying for him, all your makeup ruined, lipstick and mascara smeared from tears of how good his slow strokes felt, each rub against your walls you squeezed your wet eyes together giving Levi his small all of a sudden fantasy.
your orgasm took you both by surprise with another stroke of his thumb against your clit, sending your cunt hugging him tightly like a vise milking him. Levi threw his head back moaning under his breath thrusting harder one more time all the way to the hilt painting your insides white.
"You made me late." You grumbled playfully hooking your arm around his neck after he helped clean you up sending you on your way, twenty minutes late.
"It was worth it." Levi laughed kissing you not caring that his lips were now smeared in red.
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maries-gallerya month ago
YESS,,, armin as a househusband!! honestly he's a cute hot husband, i mean he walks around the house shirtless all day bc 'its better and comfier to the baby to take all the warmth in',,, so he stays only w his boxers and grey sweatpants all. day.
istg he looks so damn fine making you breakfast in the morning, his bare back and his undercut all exposed... man,,, absolutely dilf material. and he looks so good doing other tasks too, his concentrated look while fixing something on the balcony, brows furrowed, jaw clenched馃い tidying up the house w his baby on his hip bc she won't let go of him; putting your baby to sleep; then fixing dinner, a thin layer of sweat glossing his forehead, the muscles of his back tense, sweatpants showing a peek of his delicious boner... sir I would fuck you right here over this hot oven, with all respect
Any aot character as a househusband honestly... This is just a massive vibe and I am ready to pay for it.
Armin is a sight for sore eyes in the morning as he stands in nothing but his boxers and apron, spatula in hands. The mouth watering scent of pancakes wafting in the air and stirring you from slumber, beguiling you to the kitchen. A loving smile curves his lips as he turns to you, heart warmed by the sight of you cutely rubbing the sleep away from your eyes with a yawn.聽
鈥淢orning, love. Slept well ?鈥 He queries happily, pressing a kiss to your lips.聽
And he is always so laid back as he walks around the house from one task to the other. Daughter attached to his hip as he carries her around everywhere he goes. Shirtless and muscles flexing under his pale skin as he bends over to pick up a discarded toy, does the dishes or changes the sheets of your bed. And he looks forward to sleeping with you tonight, the softest of smiles curving his lips, skin tingling at the perspective of cuddling with you, his chest warm in your back.聽
A light frown creases his brows, jaw tense as he fixes a bookshelf, up on a ladder. His little seashell sat in the arm chair of the library as she gazes up at him, eyes filled with wonder and mouth gently nibbling on one of her toys.聽
And no matter how exhausting his day was, Armin always greets you with a hug and a kiss to your cheek. Diner ready for the two of you when you come home.聽
As you take off your coat you can鈥檛 ignore the desire and need burning in his eyes. Your hand gently ghosting over the bulge in his sweatpants, his breath catching in his throat and blue eyes widening.聽
A breathy moan falls from his lips as your lips rain open mouthed kisses on his flushed nape, hands finding your hips, pulling聽 you flush against him, delicious friction pressing against your thighs.
鈥淎rmin-鈥 A moan of his name graces his ears, hips reflexively rolling against yours.
鈥淚 missed you.鈥 He whispers in your ear, voice deep and seductive.聽鈥淚鈥檒l be quick okay ? Make you feel good.鈥澛
And as he hikes up your skirt and settles you on the kitchen counter there is nothing you can do other than to melt in his touch.
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holland24-7a month ago
I鈥檓 doing good I鈥檓 on some new shit. PART 1 (Social Media AU)
Tom Holland x Reader.
SUMMARY: One where y/n and Tom dated but broke up and she鈥檚 finally moving on after months of suffering.
MUSIC CLAIM: Olivia Rodrigo.
dailymail 鉁
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Liked by nadia.parkes and 8,374,184 others.
dailymail 鉁 Scandall! @yourinstagram and @tomholland2013 were seen fighting during a night date in downtown L.A, could this have anything to do with the pictures that came out of Tom with ex @nadia.parkes? Guess we鈥檒l have to wait and see what happens next! Click in the link on our bio for a full timeline of y/n and Toms relationship.
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tomxbubs Not Nadia liking this, what鈥檚 wrong with her!??? 馃拃
spidey.thebest I mean doesn鈥檛 mean he cheated, they could鈥檝e just been hanging out as friends right?
perfecty/n.12 Poor y/n it looks like she was crying :((
gavinsss2017 On the bright side can鈥檛 wait to listen the song she鈥檒l write about him lol
yourinstagram 鉁
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yourinstagram 鉁 It would鈥檝e been fun if you would鈥檝e been the one ...
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taylorswift 鉁 call me if you need anything babe
yourinstagram 鉁 calling tonight, I love u 鉂わ笍
taylorstan.79 the TS reference and her offering support I need a friend like this 馃槶
y/nandhollanduniverse NOOOOOOOOO! THEY CAN'T BREAK UP, my babies 馃槱
tomsvsq why is Tom liking this if they broke up?
tomholland2013 鉁
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tomholland2013 鉁 Sorry if I haven鈥檛 been so active lately, felt like a needed a little bit of time on my own, love you all x
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harryholland64 鉁 miss you mate, call mom she鈥檚 worried about you
zendaya 鉁 馃槙 u ok? You haven鈥檛 text back ...
nadia.parkes 鉁 you look so good 馃サ
mrsy/nonly girl they just broke up bc of you, don鈥檛 you have a little of decency? my god 馃槖
hollanderrn so you guys did break up?
spidermeme.89 you can do better than her Tom!
dailymail 鉁
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dailymail 鉁 @tomholland2013 seen in Barcelona for the first time since breakup with @yourinstagram. He was with pals @hazosterfield and @tuwaine. Close source says that Tom never cheated but he was indeed in touch with ex @nadia.parkes after she contacted him for unknown reasons. Friends of y/n say she鈥檚 completely heartbroken, click in bio for full story!
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y/nno1fan how could he??? He seemed such a nice guy...
ilyholland I mean, I kinda understand y/n, I don鈥檛 like the idea of my bf talking to his ex without telling me 馃槙
y/nandtom4ever I guess it was too good to be true, my parentssssssss :(
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yourinstagram 鉁 Good for u, you鈥檙e doing great out there without me baby 20.09.2021 馃枻馃幎 (馃摳 by @bellahadid)
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gigihadid 鉁 having so much fun babe, btw you look STUNNING 馃い
bellahadid 鉁 she鈥檚 mine Bells
brooklynbeckham 鉁 馃敟馃敟馃敟
tomholland2013 鉁 馃馃馃
y/nmygurl18 Brooklyn Beckham liking her post and Tom being jealous and y/n coming out with new music omggggggg 馃槶
A/N: Sorry for any typos, English is my second language. Let me know if you would like a 2nd part of this fic I still have a lot of material! 馃挄
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donquxiotes2 months ago
pushing koko's head on the pillow while you fuck his dripping hole. "im gonna breed you tonight. wanna make you pregnant with my children" the moment you said that, he's in cloud nine. "look, there's even a bulge here. im fucking you so good right, hajime?" you said. and his moans starts getting louder. his screaming is so fucking loud as you press the bulge in his belly.
"gonna g-get pregnant- oh god!"
"g-good! feels so good.. ah! y/n please! please!"
"what do you want hajime?" you flipped him onto his back as you put his legs over your shoulders. kissing his leg. his face is so beautiful. ethereal. drool and tears messing his already red face.
"wan-want cum... cum! AH! FUCK! please!" his fist gripping your wrist as he chant your name and pleas. "cum baby. cum for me" you said as you deliver a harsh thrust straight to his already abused prostate.
his body shaking so much and his face. so pretty.
you caress his face as you thrust slowly, riding his orgasm. but he's too sensitive! "no more! *hic* pl-please... sensitive!" he sobs while trying to push you away (really weak one lol). "okay baby, shush.. you're so good for me"
he's smile weakly. he loves your praises so much but he's too spent right now. just give him kisses and cuddles and he'd be alright.
mf i dont know how to end it鈽狅笍馃槶anyways koko's brainrot dont wanna leave me for now so bear with it ig馃様馃弮馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
i am drooling鈥︹︹︹ koko w a fucking breeding kink ???? i did not know i needed it. anon, delivered as always!!
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outlawnina4 months ago
Hey 鈾 Got something for the Resi requests: Chris R. and fem!reader have been a couple for some years, they're in der mid to late 30s now. Because of his job there's not much time for having an own family and stuff so when reader's sister marries one day and they're at the party, Chris watches reader holding and playing with her baby niece. He get's emotional about it and thinks about quitting his job. Back home he's all over her like "How about we have a baby, too?" pls include breeding :-) Ty鈾
Oh my god yes!! I really hope you enjoy. I may have went a little overboardbut breeding kink is 馃い馃槷鈥嶐煉煡 also imagining Chris as a dad makes me so happy鈥
Warnings: Not SFW, Breeding kink, size kink, mentions of children & pregnancy, a little bit of angst (and LOTS of fluff!)
Word count: 3.7K
The last time you saw your sister, it was shortly after your Niece鈥檚 first birthday two months ago. You had been helping out your sister since she had her daughter a little over a year ago - since her fianc茅 was swamped with work.聽 it worked out well considering Chris was on another mission during this time too.聽 You didn鈥檛 mind of course - you had always loved babies and wanted your own. But, you and Chris had other plans for your life - children not being a part of it.
It was a conversation that the two of you had multiple times since you first started dating in your mid-twenties. You always knew Chris would be an amazing father, but he never budged on the idea of having a family of his own. It was like he seemed scared of the idea. The last time you brought up the conversation, you remembered clearly how awful it ended.聽
鈥淚 can鈥檛鈥 y/n. I just can鈥檛.鈥
鈥淲hy! You鈥檇 be such a good father and I- Chris, I鈥檓 not getting any younger. You know how much I- 鈥
鈥淚 said No. Do you know how horrible I鈥檇 feel, leaving my wife and kid alone for multiple months at a time? Or how my child would feel if I fucking died while on a mission? It would hurt you too much y/n. You know how dangerous my job is. Don鈥檛 make this harder than it needs to be.鈥
With tears swelling in your eyes, you let out a deep sigh of defeat. After that, you refused to bring up the conversation entirely. You didn鈥檛 want Chris to stress himself more and resort to drinking again or worse - smoking even more than he already did. And you didn鈥檛 need to sit and wallow over it either..聽
If you couldn鈥檛 become a mother yourself, you鈥檇 make do by helping out your sister and being the best Aunt you could be.聽
Tumblr media
You sat at the vanity, gently brushing some blush across your cheeks as the 鈥榝inal-touch鈥 to your makeup. From the reflection of the vanity mirror you could see your boyfriend in the corner, adjusting the tie to his suit. You always loved how buff he looked in normal clothes, and wearing this navy blue dress-shirt was no exception. It almost looked as if his muscles would burst the seams of it. A soft blush appeared across your face as you placed your earrings in and stood up, walking to your husband to hug him from behind.
鈥淩eady to go?鈥 You asked, smiling up at him in the mirror. Chris pulled you forward and placed a soft kiss on the top of your head before smiling back at you. It was a soft smile, and you adorned the way he kissed you - it always made you feel safe. Like the world could be falling apart but if he kissed you, you know you鈥檇 be safe in his arms. It was ironic that this was almost your reality.
鈥淵eah, let鈥檚 get going. We don鈥檛 want to be late.鈥 Chris said, looking down at you. He was in awe at how good your dress looked on you and he sucked in a breath just thinking聽of all the things he was going to do to you tonight after the party. After all, he had just聽got back from a mission, so love-making was LONG overdue.聽
But, that wasn鈥檛 the point of concern at the moment; Chris grabbed his suit jacket and the two of you went downstairs to the hotel lobby, eventually making your way to the wedding venue.
The ceremony at the chapel was beautiful. It almost made you emotional and jealous knowing that you鈥檇 never get to have your dream wedding like this. But, thus was the price of being with Chris Redfield. Sure, you and Chris loved each other, hell, he wanted you to be Mrs. Redfield - but like the conversation of children, marriage wasn't written in the stars for you either. There was just too much to risk.
Your sister had asked you prior to watch your niece, which, to you, was the highest honor. She had grown so much since you last saw her two months ago; her cheeks were extra chubby and she had cute little rolls all over! Even her eye-color was starting to become prominent rather than the typical grey that most babies are born with.聽Seeing her over face-time was one thing - but seeing her in person was another. You could feel your heart melt at the sight. They really do grow up so fast.
As you and Chris finished eating at your table in the banquet hall, your sister passed her daughter to you once again.聽
鈥淢ind watching her again? I鈥檓 so sorry, I have to change into a comfier dress and go dance with all the old folks鈥 you know, tradition.鈥 She teased, gently passing you her daughter. You didn鈥檛 mind though. You wiped your mouth with a napkin and swallowed your food. 鈥淢hm, sure! This is your day, go enjoy yourself.鈥 you smiled happily. Holding babies was kind of your specialty, and every time you spent time with your niece you felt your maternal instincts come out more and more. Sometimes your sister would call you so that your niece could hear your voice - it always seemed to calm her.聽
鈥淗i sweetheart!鈥 you said in a hyper-feminine tone. You gently cradled her towards you as her little hands reached out, wanting to grab onto something (probably your necklace). She was at the age where she wanted to put everything in her mouth because of teething. Still, she had a giggly smile on her face and her eyes eagerly lit up when she saw you. 鈥淎re you tired of being around all these stinky adults?鈥 You cooed, giggling at her and booping her button nose. The action seemed to make the infant laugh, and soon enough it was loud enough to catch Chris鈥 attention.聽
He leaned over in his seat, resting on his elbows as he watched you intently - his mind racing with thousands of thoughts. You were so perfect the way you held your niece - it was almost enough to convince someone that you were her mother. He started to feel a lot of regret and guilt the more he watched you. There had been many arguments - especially as of late - about having children. He knew how badly you wanted one, (and he did too) but there was more harm than good in having one. At least, that鈥檚 what he convinced himself of. On the contrary, the two of you were entering your late thirties now, and having children was better to be done young. He knew that it would be hard and dangerous to conceive if he waited any longer鈥
He didn鈥檛 want to make you wait though - time was running out, and he knew it would be selfish of him if he made you stay with him this long without giving you a child - something he knew you wanted most. However, his mind always wandered to the dark parts, and he found himself zoning out while watching you play with your niece; the upbeat music in the background distracting him almost completely.聽
Chris began to think of all the negatives.聽
What if he died while on a mission? What if he wasn鈥檛 there for you during the birth of his child? What if, God forbid, something happens to you and you die or get hurt during the pregnancy?聽
He sighed, brushing his hands over his face and through his hair as he tried to think over the loud atmosphere.
鈥淵ou alright baby?鈥 You asked, looking over at your boyfriend with concern. He looked visibly stressed. Before he could tell you he was okay, Your niece smiled at him and reached out with her grabby hands. 鈥淗m? You want uncle Chris to hold you?鈥 You asked the infant. She of course had no idea what you were even saying, but she was persistent to get to Chris, so you passed her over to him. 鈥淗ere babe鈥
Chris took a deep breath in and sighed. He was fine. It was just a baby, and he was more than capable of holding her. However, he was聽 still scared. His hands were meant for dealing with weapons and shooting guns... not for holding babies....聽
聽He grabbed the infant from your arms gently and smiled at her. She looked at her uncle and smiled with a nearly-toothless grin. Chris suddenly felt warm. This wasn鈥檛 his kid, but he enjoyed holding her. He felt the sudden urge to want to protect her. Your niece laughed again and reached for his tie, placing the soft patterned fabric in her mouth.
鈥淲oah little lady! Be careful.鈥 he chuckled, smiling at her. The baby just giggled at him and tried to put the tie in her mouth again, but not before you reached out to grab her from him. 鈥淎lright, that鈥檚 enough sweetie. You know we don鈥檛 put things in our mouths.鈥 You scolded to her as you cradled her small body in your arms. You could tell that she was getting antsy and upset that you removed her from Chris - but it wasn鈥檛 sanitary for her to be slobbering on his tie.聽
鈥淐ome, lets go see what grandma is doing!鈥 You walked around with her a bit - showing her off to your family and letting her bask in all the music and the happy atmosphere.
Chris watched you walk away and he felt like one thousand needles were pricking at his heart. You were so good with children and babies, and seeing his 鈥榥iece鈥 almost cry for him settled the deal for him of what he wanted.聽 - No, he was going to have a baby with you. He didn鈥檛 want to wait any longer. He knew there was a huge risk, but despite his rough exterior, he too always liked children. He could just never think of a normal life anymore because of his job how everything had turned out for him.聽
Tumblr media
The night went on, and a few hours - and drinks - later, you found yourself struggling and giggling as you tried to open your hotel door. 鈥淪hh shh Chris -鈥 you said, pushing the door open and trying not to be too loud. The two of you almost tumbled on top of each other, which would have ended badly - had Chris not caught you.聽
It was romantic really, the way he caught you. The two of you looked into each others鈥 eyes before he finally broke his gaze with a soft(and passionate) kiss to your lips.聽
Your eyes shut and you leaned into him, feeling his large hand come up behind your head and tangle in your hair. Chris pushed his tongue past your plump lips - a silent way of him asking for you to open your mouth. Of course you obeyed him, parting your lips and letting his tongue glide inside of you with no resistance. It had been far too long since you last fucked, and feeling his lips on yours, mixed with being drunk, was more than enough fuel to make you wet and desperate under his firm grasp.聽
Chris eventually pulled away - but only for a moment before shoving you against the wall and pressing his lips to your neck this time. You let out a wanton moan, completely melting into his grasp as he ravaged your body with kisses and groped you. Eventually, after your intense makeout session,聽Chris moved back, looking down at you with half-lidded eyes. The way he looked at you was with nothing but pure lust and adoration - his eyes piercing into your soul as you bit your lip.聽
鈥淭ake this off.鈥 He stated, expertly using his fingers to pull the zipper down on your dress. He didn鈥檛 need to ask you twice.
Wiking at him, you let the silk garment slide down your body seductively, before letting it drop to the ground. Chris looked down at you; hungry desire painted in his eyes as he took in your form. Of course he had seen you naked and in lingerie hundreds of times, but since he was gone (sometimes for months at a time!)聽 seeing you naked was like seeing you for the first time, every time.聽
鈥淔uck.鈥 he huffed, trying his best to contain himself. But who was he kidding? a month away from you was long enough. Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact that he was harder than a rock, but he suddenly felt super hot.聽
鈥渢ake this off for me baby.鈥 You asked, your dainty fingertips gliding down his dress top. He listened to your command and ripped the fabric apart at the tiny buttons, tossing the destroyed material to the ground. You gave him a disappointed look, but it was just a shirt. He was too hot to give a damn right now anyways.聽
Chris leaned down to grope your ass in his big hands, using his strength to pull you up as you wrapped your legs around him. He always loved carrying you effortlessly like this. There were many times where he fucked you standing up; slamming you against the wall or holding you in the shower as you rode his cock. It was a way for him to show off and test his strength, but tonight was different. Tonight he wanted to make love to you and make sure that his load would take, and fucking while standing up would let his load slide out too quickly. He didn鈥檛 want that.聽
He carried you over to the hotel bed, dropping you down gently on the soft mattress. He took this time to undo his belt, letting his pants fall down to the ground. He was only in his boxers now, and it became all the ore apparent how needy聽and eager he was to be inside of you.聽Chris and you had fucked many times before, but his size always took you by surprise, and tonight was no different.聽
You stared at him in awe; dumbstruck by just the mere outline of his cock. Had you really drank this much? Reaching out, you tried grabbing him before he slapped your hand away and leaned on the bed with one knee.聽
You looked up at him, confused, before he used his fingers to pull down your lace panties.聽鈥淵ou just lay back and enjoy yourself baby.鈥 He smirked.
You shivered a little at the sudden loss of heat that your underwear provided, but it felt rather relieving at the same time being out of the constricting material. Hearing Chris call you baby made you sink back and lean onto your elbows, watching his every move.聽
He got into a better position on the bed, placing his large knee between your legs, gently pushing towards your wet entrance. You sucked in a deep breath, nervous because you haven't been ate out in so long, and Chris always knew how to make you cum intensely, even if it has been a month since you were away from each other.聽
Chris leans down and licks a strip up from your hole to your sensitive clit, slowly placing kisses on it before taking it into his mouth to suck. His tongue dances across the nub, distracting you while he slowly presses one of his thick fingers into you. A shaky breath leaves your mouth as he slowly pumps into you, and adds another finger. His cock was massive sure - but his fingers were so thick - and he always knew just the right spots to touch.
His fingers curled upwards, hitting your sweet spot while his tongue continued to work its magic on your clit. Closing your eyes, you took in another deep sigh as you felt him press against your sweet spot. The combination of this, and having him eat you out like a starved man - it was no surprise when you came almost instantly, squirting your juices onto his face, and all over the bed.聽
Chris pulled away shortly after, wiping his face and looking down at you with a smirk.聽鈥淕oddamn.鈥 He was always so impressed and satisfied knowing he could make you cum like that - it was a huge ego boost.聽
He pulls his boxers off, commanding you to get on your hands and knees with your ass in the air, meanwhile he spits on the head of his cock. He rubs the saliva around a bit to聽鈥榣ube鈥 up, and within seconds you feel his thick hands on your waist, slowly pulling you back and inching you onto his cock.聽
鈥渙oh- oh!!鈥 You huffed, still recovering from your orgasm. Chris chuckled.聽鈥淒o me a favour and just take my cock, alright baby?鈥
With that, he slid into you to the hilt, nearly shuddering at how well your lips were gripping onto his shaft; almost for dear life. When you gave him the聽鈥榦k鈥 - he started thrusting slowly, building up the pace before eventually fucking you harder and deeper.聽
As much as he loved doggy style though, this wasn鈥檛 how he intended to take you tonight, and after a few moments he was already bored of the position. Sure, it was nice to see your curved ass - hell, he even gave it a few nice slaps. But seeing your face was more important to him.聽
You don't even know how fast this happened, or how it was even possible - but Chris flipped you over on your back, slipping out of you for a brief moment before sliding back in. With you now on your back in missionary position, Chris folds your legs back - almost letting them touch your head. From this position he feels so deep, and you look down to see the outline of his cock protruding through your navel.聽
鈥渙-oh... fuck...鈥 you moan, biting your lip as he starts to pound into you. If there was one thing you knew about Chris, it was that he could cum instantly just from the fact that you were smaller than him. That, and he couldn鈥檛 deny how good it made him feel to watch you stretch around his fat cock.聽
You couldn't even form a coherent sentence as his thrusting picked up; you were back to crying his name out again, tethering on the edge of your next orgasm. You struggled to speak, but you had to remind Chris to pull out. For someone who didn鈥檛 want kids, you both had a coupe of scares solely because of his terrible pullout game.聽鈥淏-babe...鈥 You said, trying to center your vision on him.聽鈥淏abe, pull out - I鈥檓 fertile right now.鈥澛
Hearing those words, it was hard for Chris not to cum on the spot and fill you up just like that. 鈥淟ook at me -聽鈥 Chris hissed, his hand coming to your throat again; but not enough to constrict your airways. He wanted to look at you and make sure you understood what he was about to say.聽
鈥淚 want to fill this pussy up.鈥 He said, but he knew that wasn鈥檛 what you wanted to hear.聽鈥淕od- Fuck! I want a baby with you - y/n - so bad. 鈥 he paused, slamming into you harder.聽鈥淚 want to make a baby with聽you. Please -聽鈥 His hand moved from your throat to you cheek, and he slowed his thrusts down to kiss you passionately.聽鈥渓et me cum inside of you鈥.聽
He had asked so nicely -聽聽How could you even say no? you didn鈥檛 know if it was the alcohol talking, or if he was actually serious, but the thought of being bred by him was something you had always聽wanted from the first day you laid eyes on him, and now your dream was finally coming true.聽
鈥淧-Please!鈥 You begged, placing your hands on the sides of his face, looking into his icy eyes.聽鈥淧lease put a baby in me, daddy.鈥 You knew he loved to be called that, especially by you, and he didn鈥檛 need you to tell him twice.
Leaning back, Chris held onto your thighs as his thrusts sped up again. You were both so close, the sound of skin-slapping, grunting and moaning echoing in the room. Chris didn鈥檛 moan much, but hearing him grunt as your walls tightened around him was all you needed to cum all over him. With tears pricking the corners of your eyes, your back arched and you screamed his name out, along with a string of incoherent words.聽 It didn鈥檛 take long for him to reach his end, and seconds later he stilled - his cock getting slightly harder before pulsing inside of you.聽
It was almost as if you could feel every pump of his load filling you to the brim with every pulse, and he let out a deep groan of satisfaction when he finally finished; both of you over-stimulated from the intense orgasm.
Chris leaned down on his elbows and your legs collapsed to the sides. He leaned down to kiss you softly between pants. Realistically he could have pulled out, but he didn鈥檛 want to. You cocked an eyebrow, confused as to why he didn鈥檛 move yet -
鈥淛ust making sure it takes.鈥 He said, punctuating the last word with a deep thrust.聽
鈥淚-If it doesn鈥檛, we can always try tomorrow.鈥 You suggested, a devious smile appearing on your face. Chris smirked back, wiping some of your sweat-covered hair out of your face before kissing you again.聽鈥淎s long as you get pregnant, I鈥檒l be happy filling you up whenever you want.鈥澛
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meltwonu6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
銆 馃挏 饾晻饾暊饾暒饾晸饾暆饾晼 饾晻饾暁饾暋 馃挏 銆泑 [CHAPTER 6]
this chapter pairing; camboy!mingyu x reader x camboy!jungkook
genre&warnings; camboy!au, dom!mingyu, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, dirty talk, degradation, name-calling, (usage of the word 鈥榩et鈥 if you don鈥檛 like that djfhs), dumbification, sex toys, forced orgasms, squirting, blindfolds, restraints, double penetration, honestly pwp lol! SURPRISEE SHAWTYYY 馃槇聽In聽honour of Butter and also聽Bittersweet coming out, we鈥檝e got the devils of 97 line tonight fellas! Buckle up because this is me indulging to THE max 馃い originally I wanted to include Wonwoo in this too but I will save wonu for a diff chapter~! 馃槈馃挄 Also, thank you so much to all of you who enjoy this聽鈥榣il indulgent mini-series! I know there鈥檚 not a lot of us out there on here so I really appreciate your love and support with every chapter! 馃挄 Enjoy ch 6 and I鈥檒l see yall tomorrow to catch up on messages~! Have a good rest of your day! 馃挄
word count; ~3100
chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - ?聽
Tumblr media
鈥淗mmm鈥 Looks like the crowd quite likes you, pet.鈥
Jungkook grins, eyes flitting through the comments as Mingyu keeps the vibrator on it鈥檚 max setting pressed to your clit.
鈥淢mh鈥 ngh鈥 p-please鈥 hic鈥︹
Your tears seep into the silk blindfold, arms bound in front of you with a similar pink silk as you squirm in Mingyu鈥檚 lap. 鈥淐--can鈥檛鈥 hic鈥 need to c-cum...鈥
The loud pinging noises coming from Mingyu鈥檚 computer lets you know that the camera is very much still on as viewers watch the three of you on the bed - donations and comments flooding the side of the screen as Jungkook scoots back to join you and Mingyu once more.
Jungkook鈥檚 hand meets Mingyu鈥檚 as he pushes the vibrator harder down against your skin; loud, shrill whines pouring out of your lips as your toes curl and your body goes rigid against Mingyu鈥檚 warm chest while you cum.
鈥淭sk, always cumming so easily, princess.鈥 Grinning, Mingyu nuzzles your neck as you continue to squirm in his lap. 鈥淵ou know, our viewers like to bet in the comments how long it takes you to cum.鈥
You hear Jungkook laughing in front of you; bed shifting underneath him when he leans in closer.
鈥淲e should run an official contest next time and send a little present to whoever can guess the right amount of time before it takes you to break and cum.鈥
The two males share a laugh as you sniffle in between their warm bodies - squirming away from the vibrating toy still pressed firmly against your overly sensitive clit.
鈥淧-please, hic, the--the t-toy鈥︹ Your voice wavers; eyes filled with overstimulated tears that threaten to soak the silk blindfold.
But the two play nice this time - Mingyu shutting off the toy before easing it off your skin and tossing it off to the side of the bed.
鈥淵ou might be done playing with the toys, but we鈥檙e not done playing with you, pet~鈥
Mingyu shifts your body, unbeknownst to you, showing the anal plug off to the camera鈥檚 view as he rearranges your body into a more comfortable position in his lap.
won__717__woo: we鈥檙e finally gonna see the two of you fuck her at the same time
yoonzino.zz: thank GOD
r_x_m has donated $100 has donated $100
wooooooo_zi has donated $150
Mingyu slides a hand down your body until it鈥檚 on the end of the toy, tugging on it slightly as you shiver and mewl out his name.
鈥淒o you want me to fuck your pretty 鈥榣il ass or do you want me in your pussy, hmm, princess? We鈥檒l let you choose since it鈥檚 the first time our viewers get to see us fuck both your holes like this~鈥
You feel another, much rougher hand sliding up your torso - fingertips pinching a nipple as you sob and arch your back away from Mingyu at the stimulation.
鈥淐hoose wisely, pet~鈥
鈥淚--I--a-ah,鈥 you stumble on your words; still too focused on Mingyu playing with the toy in your ass and Jungkook鈥檚 fingertips teasing your chest, 鈥淐-can鈥 Can Mingyu f-fuck my p-pussy while, mmh, Jungkook fucks my--my ass鈥?鈥
鈥淥oh, good choice, princess~ Let鈥檚 switch places now, Jungkook~鈥
Tumblr media
Mingyu and Jungkook were known online as 鈥97鈥檚 Closet.
They鈥檇 been solo channels at the beginning - both posting similar content of themselves jerking off alone and dirty talk videos that鈥檇 gotten millions of views on the camming website.
Eventually, they became closer due to similar interests and eventually moved in together - simultaneously making the decision to merge their channels into one and alternate who posted when in order to maximize their view counts.聽
Usually Mingyu would post on Wednesdays, Jungkook on Fridays and sometimes they鈥檇 go live on Saturday and Sunday if they weren鈥檛 too tired.
Until you entered the picture.
鈥淢mh鈥! Oh--oh my g-god!鈥
You鈥檇 met Mingyu first - his puppy-like nature making you fall quickly for the tall male and his charms. But he鈥檇 been hesitant in dating you, knowing that you had no idea of his online presence when you鈥檇 met.
It鈥檇, admittedly, been a shock to you when he first told you about his camming profession but you were open and didn鈥檛 judge him - instead, quietly going home and searching up his page, only to find that he was already on the same channel as Jungkook, someone you only knew as Mingyu鈥檚 roommate.
You鈥檇 bitten your lip, toes curled against the bedsheets that night as you got off to not only Mingyu鈥檚 videos but Jungkook鈥檚 as well - and over time, both males had taken an interest in you and had asked if you would join their live streams once you got comfortable enough being in a relationship with them both.
And while you had hesitated for a few seconds when they鈥檇 asked, the thought made electricity course through your veins at the thought of them both pleasuring you on camera - a quick 鈥業鈥檇 love to!鈥 tumbling from your lips and changing your life.
鈥淔uck, I can feel Mingyu鈥檚 cock in your pussy while I fuck your ass, baby鈥 So fuckin鈥 tight!鈥 Jungkook hoists you up from behind as he thrusts up into you, cock stretching your ass open as they fuck you while standing by the side of the bed. 鈥淵ou always feel so fuckin鈥 good when we both have our cocks filling up your slutty 鈥榣il holes~鈥
Mingyu grins at your, still, blindfolded eyes and arms - hands under your thighs to also keep you from falling as his hips rock into you, cock tapping your cervix with each skillfully angled thrust.
鈥淢mm, and now all our viewers get to see how well her slutty holes take our cocks. Usually it鈥檚 just one of us fucking her cunt or her ass on camera while she chokes on the others鈥 cock but this is usually how she is. Right, princess? Fuckin鈥 filled to the brim, pussy and ass stretched wide between me and Jungkook~鈥 Mingyu鈥檚 voice is drenched in honey - smooth, yet filthy words making your walls clench around both of them.
鈥淵-yes鈥 Ngh, I--m-my slutty little h-holes are, a-ah, for you to u-use鈥︹
鈥淗ah, that鈥檚 right, pet~ Just a dumb 鈥榣il cocksleeve, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
You nod feverishly, head fuzzy at the way they alternate their thrusts; their groans and soft curses making you bite your lip.
Through the haze, you can vaguely make out the noises pouring out from Mingyu鈥檚 speakers too - the rapid-fire pings of comments and donations making your body tingle knowing that the people watching you liked what they were seeing.
coup.cheol95: god look at her, like a good little fucktoy
suga__sweet93: so fuckin pretty all bound and blindfolded while they fuck her too
moon_x_jun: shes such a good cocksleeve
moon_x_jun: taking every inch of them in her pretty lil ass and pussy
jiminfilter_ has donated $200
x_spiderhosh_x has donated $150
himynamesv has donated $150
鈥淎h, she鈥檚 only been on our channel three times prior but she鈥檚 so popular, isn鈥檛 she, Jungkook?鈥
The other male hums, thrusting into you particularly hard as you whimper out his name in return. 鈥淪he is~ I think they liked watching us eat her out in the last live stream. She cried so prettily then when we forced all those orgasms out of her pretty body and made her cum on both of our tongues~鈥
Mingyu grins, eyes flitting down to watch your pussy stretch around his thick girth. 鈥淢m, they really liked the one where we fucked her on the table too鈥 We keep getting comments on that one even to this day~鈥
You moan at the memory; they鈥檇 had you on your back over a narrow table, your head hanging over the edge as Mingyu had fucked your throat and Jungkook fucked your pussy. Your body had rocked and jerked between their bodies from their harsh movements but the orgasm they鈥檇 given you that night had you blacking out and only coming to when the camera had turned off.
鈥淲hat should we do in our next one, pet?鈥
Mewling, you tug against the restraints keeping your arms bound. 鈥淎-ah, anything, ju--just don鈥檛, mmh, blindfold m-me鈥︹
鈥淥h, you don鈥檛 like it, princess? You look so pretty like this, though?鈥
鈥淪he probably wants to see us fucking her 鈥榥 wants to get her hands all over us too, don鈥檛cha?鈥
Nodding frantically, you reach out in front of you, hands meeting Mingyu鈥檚 warm chest. 鈥淲e should, ngh, g-get the mirror so I can s-see it when one of--of you f-fucks me, a-ah, from behind鈥︹
鈥淥ho~ Such a good idea, pet~ Maybe you鈥檙e more than just a dumb set of holes for us.鈥 Jungkook smirks, fingertips tightening their grip on your body as he starts to double his pace.
鈥淚 can feel you getting tighter, princess. Do you wanna cum again?鈥 Mingyu coos; this time thrusting into you simultaneously with Jungkook as garbled moans fall from your lips at the way their cocks slam into you at the same time.
鈥淚--I鈥檓--I c-can鈥檛鈥︹ Muttering, the overstimulation starts to bite into you as you grit your teeth; body too sensitive as your walls clamp down onto their cocks in a vice grip.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna cum for us again, you 鈥榣il cumslut.鈥 Growling, Jungkook slightly readjusts as he motions for Mingyu to spread your legs wider. 鈥淎nd we鈥檙e gonna fuckin鈥 fill both your greedy 鈥榣il holes full of our cum until it鈥檚 spilling out onto the floor underneath us for everyone to see.鈥
You cry out their names at their punishing pace - body jerking and swaying in between their own as overstimulated tears begin to soak the pink silk covering your eyes.
鈥淐-can鈥檛--I--I can鈥檛鈥!鈥 has donated $300 god yes cum in her slutty holes we want to see it
joshua.exe: fuck please upload pics later too
jiminfilter_: holy shit yes please upload pictures in the private room im begging
kyeommie.97 has donated $100
mr_BOOgie has donated $100
鈥淢mh, princess loves it when we fuck her stupid, doesn鈥檛 she? Loves the way we fill her holes up so perfectly when we fuck her standing up like this,鈥 Mingyu drawls, 鈥淓very inch of our cocks pounding into her while she takes it like the good 鈥榣il cockslut she is.鈥
His filthy words have you crying out as you cum unexpectedly; body tensing up as your walls flutter around their cocks.
chan_x_ology: shes so fucking pretty when she cums
chan_x_ology has donated $100 take off her blindfold, we wanna see her pretty messy face
to_8finityandbeyond: YES TAKE IT OFF
ver____nooooon: make her cum one more time too, we know she can take it!
Despite neither of the males seeing the comments themselves, they share a look before Jungkook鈥檚 grip on you tightens and Mingyu lifts a hand off of your body to quickly take off the soaked pink silk from your eyes as you try to adjust to the brightness of the room.
鈥淕oddamn, you鈥檙e so fuckin鈥 pretty when we ruin you, princess.鈥
Your lips are chapped and eyes are red and puffy, dried tears on your skin as your bleary eyes stare back at Mingyu.
鈥淢-my hands鈥︹ Whimpering, you bring your arms up to him for him to undo the binding as Jungkook chuckles under his breath from behind you.
鈥淔ine. You can have them off now, baby.鈥
You let out a sigh of contentment once the silk ribbon falls to the floor and you鈥檙e quick to reach an arm back to tug Jungkook closer as your other arm reaches forward and does the same to Mingyu.
鈥淧-please, ngh, cu--cum inside me! H-hurry I wanna, ah, f-feel your cocks throbbing and--and filling up my slutty little h-holes鈥︹
Their bodies press into your infinitely tight as their hips piston into you and you can鈥檛 even tell whose hand it is that slithers down your frontside to play with your overly sensitive clit.
鈥淐um for us one more time while we cum inside you, baby.鈥
Loud cries spill from your lips and mix into the pinging from the computer that won鈥檛 stop for a second; the camera catching the way their cocks ram into your soaking wet pussy.
鈥淔uck, 鈥榤 gonna cum鈥︹ Jungkook mutters; tattooed arms flexing as he holds onto your body tighter.
Mingyu hums in response, also feeling himself tipping close to the edge as he pinches your clit. 鈥淟et鈥檚 cum inside her together, fuck, she鈥檚 gonna be so fuckin鈥 filled up.鈥
All you can let out is a choked cry at the pain of overstimulation biting into the urge to cum again; unable to form words as your fingertips dig into their skin.
鈥淔uck, take all of our cum, you little slut鈥!鈥
It only takes a few more skillful thrusts from them before you feel their bodies go rigid at the same time - yours as well, as you let out a high pitched cry.
mr_BOOgie: holy shit
r_x_m: holy fuck holy fuck
suga__sweet93: oh fuck if she passed out in that one live stream...
wooooooo_zi: shit ikr, fuck she鈥檚 soaking mingyu鈥檚 lap
The donations and comments lag on the screen as you squirt and soak Mingyu鈥檚 lower abdomen - their cum and your wetness dripping down to the floor underneath you as they continue to fuck you through yours and their orgasms.
鈥淕od, you鈥檙e so fucking tight, princess, even after two orgasms鈥︹
All you can muster are choked cries and shaky breaths as your body buzzes from your head to your toes; head lolling back against Jungkook as he smirks and kisses your shoulder.
鈥淗mm, guess we really did fuck her stupid again, huh? At least you didn鈥檛 pass out this time, right, baby?鈥
The two share a tired laugh - their movements slowing until they come to a complete stop.
鈥淟et鈥檚 show the camera your pretty 鈥榣il holes dripping with our cum~鈥 Jungkook coos, motioning for Mingyu to pull out first as he tightens his grip on your body.
You let out a shaky moan when you feel Mingyu鈥檚 cock sliding out from your pussy; the sudden emptiness making you feel weird after being so full of them moments prior.
鈥淔uck she鈥檚 already dripping so much cum鈥︹ Muttering, Mingyu moves towards the computer to watch and read the comments as Jungkook readjusts you in his arms and walks closer to the camera before he鈥檚 sliding his cock out of your ass.
You reach back to wrap your arms around Jungkook鈥檚 neck to prevent yourself from falling as he holds you under your thighs and in this position, the camera catches Mingyu and Jungkook鈥檚 cum dripping from your pussy and your ass as your tired eyes shyly peer into the camera鈥檚 lens.
himynamesv: holy fuck she鈥檚 so fucked out right now
x_spiderhosh_x: literally fucking cockdrunk
moon_x_jun: fuck how much did the two of you cum in her holy shit
Mingyu grins as he reads the comments and takes note of the $10,000 in donations the three of you had made in the span of two hours worth of content.
鈥淥kay, let鈥檚 get you back onto the bed now, okay, baby?鈥 You nod at Jungkook鈥檚 words, eyes threatening to slide shut at the sleepiness that threatens to take over you.
He walks you over to the bed as Mingyu readjusts the camera angle; this time making sure it鈥檚 centered onto the bed instead of the side now that it was time to end the live stream.
Jungkook lays you down onto your side in the middle of the bed before he sits on your left side; a tattooed arm massaging your tired body as Mingyu takes a seat on your right side.
鈥淭hanks for all your comments and donations! We hope you all enjoyed our stream tonight~鈥 Smirking, Mingyu eases you onto your back before spreading your legs and letting the camera get a last glimpse of your cunt and ass covered in their cum.
鈥溾楪yu鈥︹ You whine back, legs trembling as he holds them open.
鈥淎nd if you like seeing us fuck our cute 鈥榣il fucktoy, leave a comment. I鈥檓 sure she鈥檇 love to be on here more often too.鈥 Winking, Jungkook grins before sliding off of the bed for a second to press the 鈥楨nd Live Stream鈥 button - a countdown of 10 seconds going before it completely shuts off.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 all from us tonight! Thanks for watching 97鈥檚 Closet!鈥 They say in unison, right as the counter goes from 1 to 0.
The three of you let out a groan of tiredness at the same time - the two males flopping onto their sides with you as your hazy eyes peer up at Jungkook this time.
鈥淗i鈥︹ He mutters, pushing some stray locks of hair behind your ear as Mingyu spoons you from behind. 鈥淲anna shower now, baby?鈥
鈥淣o, I wanna sleep鈥︹ Whispering, you get comfortable as Mingyu massages your tired body but it鈥檚 Jungkook鈥檚 hand that disappears between your cum-soaked inner thighs that has you mewling.
鈥淵ou really wanna sleep in this, huh? Our cum still dripping out of you and onto the sheets?鈥
He smears the mixture of their cum through your folds before you鈥檙e bringing a shaky hand down and onto his tattooed forearm to try to push his hand away.
鈥淗e鈥檚 right, princess. We gotta get you cleaned up at least,鈥 Mingyu鈥檚 hand slithers down your body to meet Jungkook鈥檚 as they both tease your body more instead, 鈥淗ow about a bath, hmm? You can rest there while we clean up and then we鈥檒l join you, okay?鈥
You nod tiredly before you feel Jungkook press a kiss to your forehead and Mingyu press a kiss to your shoulder - warm and sated as they start to get up from the bed.
鈥淒鈥檡ou wanna go run the bath for her, 鈥楪yu? I鈥檒l bring her over.鈥
Mingyu nods, eyeing the puddle of cum on the floor and on the bed before making his way into the bathroom to start getting the water warmed up.
He sits on the tub鈥檚 edge, a light bulb going off in his head when he pictures the three of you fitting into the large jacuzzi-sized bathtub.
鈥淥ooh, we should fuck her in the bath for a live stream next time!鈥 Mingyu yells.
Jungkook enters the bathroom not a second later carrying you in his arms - laughing under his breath as you whine.
鈥淐an we figure that out later? I can still feel your cum dripping out of me鈥︹
Tumblr media
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worksby-d7 months ago
13 and 14 with Andy, please. Maybe could be a sexy costume situation 馃い馃い馃い馃い
13. 鈥淵our parents would be so disappointed if they saw what you have on right now. Even more disappointed at what I鈥檓 thinking about doing to you.鈥
14. 鈥淥h, the things I鈥檇 do to that pretty mouth.鈥
pairing: andy barber x reader
warnings: oral (m + f receiving), 69, general dirty talk, 18+
word count: ~1200
a/n: i'm so sorry, i didn't transfer your note about it being a costume thing onto the google doc i'm keeping all these requests on 馃槶 so it's not quite that, but i still hope you like it lol 馃ズ
鈥渉ey, i'm going to be a little late tonight. go ahead, take a shower and relax when you get home, don't worry about dinner. i鈥檒l do that when i get there,鈥 the text from you reads. he sighs, staring at the message, and then at the time, realizing it's finally time to leave.
the one thing andy has to look forward to after a rough day at work is going home to you, but even that hasn't been happening the last couple days. you've been busy too, getting home with just enough time each night to eat dinner with him, but then you both pass out for the night shortly after from pure exhaustion.
little does he know, you're not actually working late tonight. although not having spent a lot of time together the last couple days, you've caught on that it's been a stressful week for him, so you're determined to help him unwind tonight.
waiting until you know he's home, and hopefully in the shower, you arrive home too, walking in quietly so he doesn't hear you. tiptoeing up the stairs, you let out the breath you're holding when you hear the water running in the shower.
you make quick of taking your blouse and skirt off, leaving you in the lingerie set you picked out this morning with andy in mind, looking forward to this exact moment. so you sit on your knees toward the edge of the bed while you wait for him to finish up in the shower.
hearing the water turn off, you perk up, sitting up straighter, fixing your eyes on the bathroom door. when it opens, he emerges in nothing but a towel wrapped low around his waist, water droplets still running down his toned chest and abs.
鈥渨ell, what鈥檚 this,鈥 he smiles 鈥 a genuine smile you haven't seen for a couple days 鈥 when his eyes fall on you in front of him.
鈥渉i,鈥 you smile too, holding your arms out for him as he walks toward you. 鈥渋 wasn't working late. just wanted to surprise you.鈥
鈥渃onsider me surprised,鈥 he chuckles, resting his hand gently on the sides of your neck so he can tilt your head up and lean down to press his lips to yours.
鈥渟orry i've been so busy,鈥 you murmur between kisses. 鈥渋 know you had a hard week.鈥
鈥渄on't apologize. you have your own stuff going on, i get that,鈥 he assures, standing back up, but keeping a finger under your chin to keep you looking up at him. 鈥減lus, if this is how you make it up to me, i'm definitely not complaining. god, look at you. your parents would be so disappointed if they saw what you have on right now,鈥 he teases, pushing you back on the bed, running his fingers over the lace of your bra as he leans over you. 鈥渆ven more disappointed at what i'm thinking about doing to you.鈥
鈥渘ot so fast,鈥 you giggle, sitting back up. 鈥測ou lay down.鈥 your instructions are punctuated by patting your hand on the bed. 鈥渋'm taking care of you first.鈥
鈥測es ma鈥檃m,鈥 he whispers, giving you one more quick kiss before taking your spot when you get up.
straddling his waist, you lean down so your face is only centimeters from his. 鈥渋 love you,鈥 you whisper before planting a kiss on his lips, mumbling your next words. 鈥済onna make you feel so good.鈥
you take your time with him, not letting any part of his upper body go untouched 鈥 moving on from his lips, to trailing kisses down his neck and along his collar bones. you don't forget his shoulders, or biceps, or his pecs.
鈥渙h, the things i'd do to that pretty mouth,鈥 he sighs, closing his eyes as he revels in the feeling of you making your way down his body.
鈥測ou'll have your chance,鈥 you purr. 鈥渏ust relax.鈥
dragging your lips down over his abs, you reach to where his towel is still covering him, his erection clearly poking at the fabric now. you sit up long enough to pull the towel off of him and lay next to his spread out legs.
continuing to tease just at the base with your lips, you take his cock in your hand, stroking him a few times, letting your fingertips linger at the head, spreading the precum around, and he feels you smirk against his skin as he sighs in pleasure.
you go on to press light kisses along the length of his shaft, letting your tongue poke out enough to trace one of the prominent veins. reaching the tip, you take your time teasing him there, your kisses turning into kitten licks while your hand moves up and down the rest of his length.
finally wrapping your lips around the tip, he lets out a low moan and looks down at you, 鈥渙h angel.鈥
you offer him a wink, sinking your head down lower, taking more of him into your mouth. you gag quietly before you stop, and begin bobbing your head at a steady pace.
the sounds you're eliciting from him have you clenching your thighs together, fully aware of the arousal pooling in your panties. the louder he gets, you know he's getting closer, but his hand on your shoulder and his voice, 鈥渂aby, baby, wait,鈥 has you halting your movements.
鈥渋 need to taste you,鈥 he begs. 鈥減lease, can't just watch you.鈥
smiling at him, you wordlessly maneuver so you鈥檙e straddling his head, his face between your thighs. he doesn't even give you the chance to ask if he's okay before he's pulling your panties aside and darting his tongue out to tease your slit.
鈥渟hit,鈥 you sigh, lowering your mouth back onto his cock. you moan around him when his lips wrap around your clit, and you feel yourself approaching the edge embarrassingly quickly.
鈥測ou gonna come for me pretty girl?鈥 his voice vibrates against you, sending waves of pleasure right through your body. 鈥渨ant it all over my face- fuck,鈥 he groans. 鈥渋'm close baby.鈥
lifting your head back up, you let your hand do the last bit of the work, until his cock twitches, and you lower yourself again to catch his release in your mouth. as you swallow, his groans against your cunt induce your own climax, involuntarily grinding yourself against his face as you come, thighs squeezing and shaking against the sides of his face. the burning sensation of his beard against your thighs and pussy is nothing compared to the sheer pleasure of the high he's working you through.
you lick up the leftover drops of his cum from the base of his cock and his lower abdomen before carefully unstraddling his face and turning toward him.
鈥測ou wear me out,鈥 he playfully scolds, pulling you down for a slow kiss. 鈥渂ut i love you.鈥
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becca-e-barnesa month ago
i was in class and i thought about shy! student steve who's basically a giant, glass wearing nerd who gets excited about topics like astronomy and famous painters ??? and who can basically tell you everything about picasso on the spot ?? and who blushes when you hold his hand under the table while taking notes in class or when you kiss him on the cheek/forehead ???
BUT WHO WILL GIVE YOU BRAIN NUMBING, THOUGHT DESTROYING ORGASMS ONE AFTER THE OTHER ??? like i know for a FACT !! that this sexy/adorable hunk of a baby boy would take extra measures to make you cum repeatedly because your face when you cum over his fat cock is just so cute and he wishes he could materialize it forever (you bet your ass he has pictures, videos, polaroid pictured AND paintings of it) ???
like he will fuck you into oblivion and once he's done and you're basically trembling and unable to ever fucking talk, cum dripping between you thighs, he would be like :
'you okay pretty ? it wasn't too much for you ?'
'i tried to control myself today because i know you had a long day in class'
and it wouldn't even come from a place of cockiness (like 87% of the time, the rest yes he's being a cocky bitch) he's just really self conscious sometimes and damn you understand the glasses cause if he can't see the state he leaves you in well he really is a little blind !!
(hope this made you feel a little better about your day !!)
- 馃崱 anon
I鈥檓 sorry. 鈥淵our face when you cum over his fat cock is just so cute鈥 I lost my ability to breathe omfg 馃い
The way hed fucking drill into you, all like 鈥渙h baby girl, is that good? That feel good right there? Gone so stupid you can even answer me. Fat cock鈥檚 got you too stretched out, is that it? Not pulling out tonight, baby. Gotta cum inside you, don鈥檛 even care.鈥 He鈥檇 groan, watching how you look overwhelmed with pleasure when he mentions cumming in you.
And then afterwards he cleans you up with a damp washcloth, kissing your thighs the entire time.
鈥淵ou okay sweet girl? You feelin鈥 okay? Didn鈥檛 go too hard on you, did I?鈥 He questions softly and of course you reassure him it was absolutely perfect and he cuddles you so close and praises you until you fall asleep
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nsfwgeorgie8 months ago
ooooh make that smutty sugar daddy dream team fic 馃い馃い pspspsps horny powers go brrrrrr
also, may i be awooga anon 馃槑
Welcome to h word hours awooga anon !
You鈥檝e gone out of your way tonight to tease the boys. Clubbing and getting a bit drunk is never a good idea for you-you鈥檒l always gain the confidence to mess with your boys. So after a shot too many, you鈥檇 find yourself grinding up against some stranger on the dance floor. You knew they could see you, that was part of the excitement.聽
Dream is staying silent, watching you have your fun. He wants to finish his drink first.
George is thinking to himself, probably plotting what he鈥檒l do to you as a punishment in bed.聽
Sap Nap is trying to keep his cool, he doesn鈥檛 want to be sent to prison tonight if he rips the guy鈥檚 head off who dared to dance with you.聽
But as soon as Dream鈥檚 drink is finished with, all three men are making their way towards you. Sap Nap is preparing to swing at the guy by now. George and Dream hook their arms around you, guiding away from the stranger and off of the dance floor.
鈥淒id you have your fun? Trying to rile us up by dancing with a no body?鈥 Dream is keeping his cool as he speaks to you.
You nod proudly,聽鈥淚 know I鈥檓 gonna get what I want now.鈥
鈥淥h baby, and what鈥檚 that?鈥 George uses his free hand to make you look at him.聽鈥淒o you want us to absolutely ruin you tonight? That鈥檚 what you want?鈥
You can鈥檛 help but get a bit quiet from the look George is giving you. Maybe it wasn鈥檛 such a smart move you made.
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bakubabes-hatake3 months ago
Ok so I would love for Kuroo to just fuck me against a window or on a balcony or something and if any of his pals happen to see well then he can give them lessons on how to satisfy a woman by demonstrating on me 馃槇 I'm glad ur getting off work early tonight instead of having to work late. I hope ur doing well. 馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋
Thank you bby. I hope you're doing well too. 鉂 I hope you enjoy it. Kuroo giving his friends a show? 馃い馃い P L E A S E I'm drooling now.
Tumblr media
His hips rut into yours, the night air cool against your exposed skin as you sit on the railing of your balcony. Kuroo's pace is quick as he slides his cock in and out of you. Your whines are like music to his ears as he grips your waist tightly, your back pressed to the screen that kept the bugs from getting into your little outside haven.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers running through the hair on the back of his head. His voice was low in your ear as he noticed a few people heading toward the house you shared with him. "Mmmm looks like we've got ourselves a little audience over here."
You tried to turn around and look, but the pleasure that coursed through you was too much. You could barely pay attention to what was in front of you. Your walls were closing around his length quickly. "Tetsu, please."
Kuroo smirked as he locked eyes with one of his friends, the one friend that had always had a crush on you. The one that didn't do a very good job at hiding it from him. Kotaro Bokuto.
Kuroo wrapped his hand in your hair and tugged, pulling your head back enough for them to see the pure bliss on your features. He peeked his head down and watched as his cock pounded in and out of you.
The feeling of your hair being pulled put you closer and closer to your high, your cunt already convulsing around him. For some reason, his friends couldn't take their eyes off the two of you. They were entranced with everything going on.
Kuroo made sure to raise his voice as they got closer to you, wanting them to hear every word he said to you. "Let it all go for me, doll. Come for me."
His words brought you to the edge and his name left your lips over and over as the coil in your abdomen snapped. A string of profanities left your lips as you came undone under his touch, your moans loud enough for the neighborhood to hear as he emptied himself out inside of you.
Tumblr media
Thirst Hours Are 24/7 馃槇
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ill-skillsgard26 days ago
Can we have more of Mickey being uhhh 鈥渨ell endowed鈥 ? How would he react to getting called big boy?
馃い Mickey is just the perfect subby boy. I love himmm.
Tumblr media
Mickey was a fascinating man. One moment, he was devising outlandish get-rich-quick schemes, mapping out the schematics with inventive precision until he had nothing short of a multi-level heist drawn out on a table napkin, and the next, he was empty-headed, pouting because he couldn't think beyond the realm of arousal. It was like those two words pulled the plug from his head and his brain flushed out like pink lemonade. All one had to do was call out this name, and he defaulted into a sex toy on legs.
"You wanna get naked for me, big boy?"
The theory proved itself time and again. It almost started to get boring how easy it was to make him drop everything for a little fooling around. So, like Mickey, you found ways to keep it interesting, new and exciting ways to work this pet name into every day life.
The first time had been in the grocery store on a midnight run to buy movie snacks. You said it near the chips and nuts, and Mickey had to flip his hard-on into his waist band until after checkout. The second time, you were watching him negotiate a deal for a new junker, and before the salesman came with the keys, you had him at full-mast, scrambling to find his composure. It had been too late, and the salesman caught wind of his excessive bulge and kicked you off the lot with no deals or wheels. Birthday parties, meetings, on the phone with his mom--teasing Mickey became your favourite past time. But the most fun you had was when you could follow through and milk him for all he was worth.
Sometimes, Mickey liked to kneel on the floor with his hands behind his back while you made him as hard as possible with only words. It was a special form of torture that licked hotter than any whip across his skin. He loved the sound of your voice when you called him a big boy, a good boy, a very big, very good and special boy whose only purpose was offering a pole for you to bounce on. Tonight was one of those nights.
"Look at you, just sitting there, unable to move. That beautiful dick standing at attention. Such a good boy."
His cock swayed and skin crawled with millions of warm little kisses.
"Is that what you like, big boy? You want compliments?"
"Yes, ma'am," Mickey said.
"That shouldn't be too hard. Not when my big boy listens so well."
"What do you wanna do to me?" His tone went breathy.
"What don't I? To start, I'd want to make you lie down on the bed, no hands touching, and just slide down on that nice big cock until I'm all full. Then, to really tease you, I'd squeeze around you until you couldn't take it."
A blush ran up his chest and stopped at his cheeks. Mickey nodded for more, tongue unwilling to stay in his mouth.
"Then, once you were soaked, I'd start fucking that big boy cock real slow."
"Mmm, god, I want it so bad," said Mickey. "Please, please. I've been good."
"You're always a good boy, aren't you? Never a naughty bone in your body... Well, I stand corrected. Rather, you stand corrected. My, my... Such a big, big boy. So beautiful and well behaved. I think you deserve a little treat, don't you?"
Mickey struggled not to crawl closer, but the idea of getting what he wanted excited him. He knew better than to come out of line. After all, big boys had good manners, and big boys with good manners always got to play with their toys.
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mostly-marvel-musings2 months ago
Thor getting turned on by watching other's guy's or girl's wanting what's his, knowing you're only he gets to have you, touch you, taste you!!! But also on the flipside, he can become very jealous of it too, taking you home to punish you, pinning you against the back of the door as soon as you walk through it, your wrists held fast above your head in one of his huge hands, his other holding your chin in place, Thor growling in your ear "What the fuck was that Y/N?, letting guy flirt with you, I saw you let him touch you!! Ugh, so fucking hot!!馃敟馃い馃樀馃お馃槏
What's mine
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warning: 18+ smutty smut smut.
Thor Odinson Taglist 鈥 @raspberrymama @bitchycherryblossomlove @jennie22feona @innerpaperexpertcloud @thorfanficwriter @darklydeliciousdesires @longlostinanotherworld @miss-smutty @helhp2700
Everything Taglist 鈥 @godofplumsandthunder @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @littlegasps @suchababie @another-stark-sub @supraveng @kahlanmars @disappointmentofthefam @pandaxnienke @tom-hlover @just-the-hiddles @fyreball66 @asmigurub @avantgardium-leviosa @imerdwarf @gladiosamicitias @fanofalltheficsx @ladyburberry @chickensarentcheap @dontmindmyname123 @old-enough-to-know-better73 @buendiabebeta @princess-jules47
鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to be on my knees for you later.鈥
You teased, knowing this was going to rile the God of Thunder up more, as your hand rested on his thigh while keeping the other on the steering wheel as you drove home.
Tonight had been, eventful, to say the least. Parties at the Avengers Compound usually were. Only tonight, you had been hit on by several men, with Thor being audience to the scenes as they unfolded.
He watched you turn those poor men down politely, offering a casual conversation before they let you be. He rather enjoyed their dejected faces as the men left your side, not before glancing at the man who was lucky to call you his.
Thor鈥檚 smirk had turned into a frown when your hand rested on a man鈥檚 elbow longer than he鈥檇 like as you laughed and giggled at what he had to say. The shrug you gave him added fuel to fire as he watched you slide closer to the man who offered to buy you a drink.
鈥淚 bet you think you鈥檙e real cute letting them put their hands all over you. We鈥檒l see how cute you look later when I get you home, my love.鈥
鈥淧romises, promises鈥︹ you waved your hand in the air as you bit your bottom lip, relishing in the way Thor鈥檚 voice had turned into a low growl in the otherwise silent car.
It was safe to say your evening had just turned from good to great.
The second you unlocked the door and stepped in, he was on you. Lips attached to your neck while rough hands pawed at your dress, almost tearing it in half.
He reached down to expose your legs, groaning against your shoulder as he fingers were met with your panty-less core.
鈥淲hat have we here, little minx. You鈥檝e been teasing me all night, haven鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淢mhmm. It鈥檚 almost like I planned this.鈥
You sassed back, gasping as Thor pushed a finger in without warning. His thumb brushed over your clit hood before he swallowed your moans by crashing his lips onto yours.
鈥淢aybe if I punish you it鈥檒l help you remember who you belong to next time.鈥 His breath mingled with yours as your foreheads touched.
鈥淚f this is the punishment, I should misbehave often.鈥
Tumblr media
Resuming hoe hours!
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seindou3 months ago
Tumblr media
With Toji on vacation 馃い馃い馃い
(nsfw below, MINORS DNI)
tw; domme fem! reader / afab! reader, mommy kink, a little degradation, voyeurism?, public sex, mentions of food
notes; NOT ME BEING A CLOWN AND OPENING THIS DURING DINNER AUDBSH 馃ぁ馃ぁ wasnt expecting the pic but like always, u surprise me with these asks and ideas, am i complaining? NO.馃槨 well enjoy this spicy soup i stirred for u馃挒馃挒
Tumblr media
Toji will whisper "You like that? right here?" as you use your hands, tangled in his raven locks, to guide him through your body. Your moans like music to his ears as he devours you painfully slow, until you decided to speak up.
"What's stopping you?"
Obviously this took him off-guard, "Huh?"
"What's stopping you from going fast, baby, no one told you to go slow."
Eyes turning dark, he pushes his hand down your panties. Your hand immediately grabs his wrist, causing him to stop as you get up slowly.
"As a punishment, you can't touch me, nor can you touch yourself."
"What if I don't listen to you, Y/n? What're you gonna do about it?" A teasing grin makes its way on his lips.
You scoffed, "Well then, I'm leaving, and also no pork intestines tonight." You grabbed your pants quickly, already wearing them half way up your thighs.
"Fine, fine. What do I get out of this?" He groans, you fake ponder to waste some time as you noticed the bulge in his pants becoming a little visible.
"Then..." You bend down, finger tracing his jaw. "Mommy will order anything you want later, gotta spoil a good brat, right?" Toji's looks away, biting his bottom lip in contemplation before agreeing. "Well then, now let mommy do the work."
Gently you pushed him off to the side, you sat back down and remove your pants. His eyes not blinking once at the wet patch on your panties. Pushing your panties aside, your finger vigorously rubs your clit, not paying any mind to the lewd noises slipping off your lips.
He gulps for the umpteenth time, the bulge in his pant growing, seeing your leaking cunt and how it naturally opens and closes to the way your fingers slid into your heat.
"Gosh," he breathes out, a hand running through his hair at your whining mess.
Your fingers now hurriedly pumping in and out of yourself while you mewled, "Toji... Mhm, mhm! You make me feel so good!"
There he was, slightly panting as he feels his cock throb at your ecstatic face while moaning his name. God he wants to make you feel good 鈥 he needs to make you feel good.
You tip yourself off the edge, growing closer and closer to your high. The rough surface of the rocks now meets your back while you arched your back. His names coming out like a prayer along with swears as you slowly and finally came down from your climax.
Turning to the side a little, you peeked at his reaction. His lips pursed, small pants coming off his lips as he tips his head aside, looking back at you.
"Can you fuck me back at the hotel, mommy?"
Tumblr media
漏 聽2021 seindou, do not repost or plagiarize.
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