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MIT biological engineers have created a multitissue model that lets them study the relationships between different organs and the immune system, on a specialized microfluidic platform seeded with human cells.


Using this type of model, sometimes called “organs-on-a-chip” or “physiome-on-a-chip,” the research team was able to explore the role of circulating immune cells in ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory diseases. They also discovered that a metabolic byproduct generated by bacteria living in the human gut plays an important role under these inflammatory conditions.

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Update: I failed out of my college program. I am now on probation. If I want to try my program again I have to apply again. My GPA dropped significantly. I have to take a blood banking class to even be considered when I apply again. I’m so lost and confused right now. I don’t even know if applying in the fall will be worth it at this point. I’m going to try to take the blood bank class if it’s offered anywhere. UC Berkeley isn’t offering it in the spring. I’m waiting to see if the community college near me is offering it in the spring. If I can’t take it in the spring then I won’t get to try again until fall 2021. I’m not even promised a spot that’s what sucks. I blew my one chance and now I don’t know what the heck will happen. Blackboard lied I was two points away from passing apparently… that doesn’t matter I guess. The whole semester blackboard hasn’t be accurate and told me something not even close to my actual grade. FML

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Hi everyone!

So I decided to share with you today how as a full-time mom and someone with zero background in medicine I am starting my path to become a doctor at the age of 22 years old!

So first I know I lost around 4-5 years and I most certainly didn’t want to start working in this field “so late” but like most people say ‘life got in the way’…

Maybe I should start by saying you DO NOT necessarily need to have the ‘right’ background to get in med school, though of course, it would help tones!!

My Previous Education

I started my ‘real education’ in the computers field with a 1-year course followed by almost 3 years in hospitality because I didn’t believe I would be capable of becoming a full-stack developer (damn so stupid I was!).

Needless to say, just like the title suggests, I didn’t finish high school and started working when I was 17 because I needed money to eat and then was able to pay for my driving license and car.

After I left I regretted (due didn’t have much of a choice) and got back to school while working and was going for the whole high school AGAIN but health sciences course… where once more I had too quit!

Finally, after moving out to my own place and almost a year in the same job (commercial) I decided I was going forward and start a vet assistant course (haha right!), quick end of story - after 4 years trying to have my own family I got pregnant before starting that course and lost my job…

So I won’t bother with much more details than this because otherwise, it will be sooo boring xD

It “hit me” that I wanted to become a Doctor when I was living in Sweden in a not so great marriage and had just become a mom. I wanted to know more, I wanted to be prepared for as much as possible that could happen to my family but wanted to help others somehow and have a career.

After I got divorced (beginning of this year) and left Sweden mostly with a baby and our minimalist belongings plus no money on the pocket lols… I decided to pursue the area I was good at and make some money to sustain us and help me afford Uni while being a full-time mom.

 I’m lucky I don’t pay house and bills (for now), though if I would rent a room for 100-150$ a month, I would’ve been able to afford it all year except 2 or 3 months when I didn’t make enough money…

How did I get in Med School without High School diploma?

I found an awesome University that not only is 100% online but also doesn’t have tuition!! 

Basically, this University gives opportunity to anyone that wants to get an education whether you have prerequisites or not. 

For example, if you don’t have the required English Level you can still be accepted but will need to do English courses with the university before starting your degree.

If you have proves that you have a good English command then you can easily be accepted!!

In my case, I submitted a high school document with the courses I did and workload, though I didn’t finish high school like I mentioned before, this document only states what I studied and was needed to prove my English command since I had a lot of English.

What if I can’t afford University?

Well if like me you can’t afford or will be very hard to afford it long-term, then there are scholarships available which come from donations and you can apply for one.

What if I don’t get the scholarship?

After being accepted you have 6 months to finish your application and you can pay as you go. The price is 100$ per course before the end of the semester.

In total for the B.S in Health Science, the cost is $3900 with no hidden fees no tuition and all course material is included.

Do I need to attend In-person classes or live in the USA?

The answer to both is no, but at least a B.S in Health Science includes internship and most internships are online. 

“ All internship opportunities consist of defined projects within the host’s organization; creating valuable learning opportunities for the student “ - UoPeople

Do you have other questions about an online degree? Post it below or reach me on Instagram @medstudentmom

Thank you for reading!

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While I’ve been home I’ve managed to do my laundry, work on a midterm report, hang out with my pets, visit my old high school and visit some close friends of mine, oh and I went and blocked all my exes because who the fuck needs them anymore? I’d like to think I have been productive as of late.

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An introduction

My name is Gabrielle. I am a Canadian student studying at the university of Ottawa. My program is Baccalauréat spécialisé des Sciences de la Santé (honours bachelor of health sciences). I am fully bilingual, obviously continuing my studies in french.

I made this account to document my time here in Ottawa, to have my own recollection of living my Dark Academia dream.

I wish to also make friends and inspire myself through this page. Therefore, feel free to PM me and we can discuss literally anything.

On that note, I must run to my next class!

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So I’ve decided to do 4 years instead of three just so I’m not rushing anything and to allow myself to finish all courses of both my degrees. Yes both. I entered my current uni as an English major and added my Health Science degree once I had my place secured. I love English just too much to cast it by the way side so I decided to stick with it.

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Accomplishments of today

  • Read 35 pages of patho
  • Reviewed for my lab practical

Not a long list but still super proud! Today was a nasty dreary day(weather really effects my mood). I spent most of the day at my cousins birthday party which was great. However, when I got back I just sat around my house doing nothing. It wasn’t until 8 pm my motivation kicked in. 🙃 anyone else like this?? I get crazy productive at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Tomorrow starts my time off work aka my super productive week. I didn’t wanna go crazy over school work on my last weekend before finals. I have a list of things to accomplish tomorrow, and hopefully I can get up early to hit the gym. I have a habit of setting the alarm and then just snoozing it when it goes off. I can only get my butt to the gym in the morning. Once the afternoon rolls around I just can’t bring myself to go. I don’t like going when it’s crowded so that’s why I go early! 🤗

Hoping this weekend is super productive for everyone and you receive nothing but good vibes! ☺️✨

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I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds since I’ve dieted in February. Maybe my drinking didn’t ruin my shit totally, and maybe I am able to pull this off?

I’ve been ok eating about 1000 calories a day each day lately. I did the math, and I could loose 60 pounds by fall by the deficit created by that much each day (though I did not account the effects of slowed metabolism that comes naturally with weight loss). I just hope I stick with it and realize I gotta look good for once.

Yeah…once I hit that below 180 pounds mark and get into the 170s is when I’ll feel really good. Reminds me of when I lost a lot of weight and looked almost good at 17-18 (not remembering when I gained it all back by stress eating my first year of college like a dumb fuck).

(Maybe when I lose the weight is when I do a face reveal? Tbh though the only reason I’ve been putting that off is because I don’t want some idiot to try and find me because something edgy I said pissed them off.)

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