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#love pets
babyanimal · 10 days ago
This cute little blue penguin was being rehabilitated due to a head injury it had sustained in the water. Here is a video of the penguin being released back into the ocean after the rehabilitation process was over with 🐧🖤
Video by: @kaikourawildliferecovery
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rudjedet · 22 days ago
Sorry to add to your long list of asks, but:
I can haz 'Thutmose loved his cat' story?
Oh don't worry, I love talking about Thutmose and his cat!
Anyway, so crown prince Thutmose was the son of Amenhotep III and would have succeeded him had he not died (we don't know what of) prior to Amenhotep III himself. We don't know a lot about Thutmose, but we do know he loved his cat so much that, upon her death, she got her own cat-sized limestone sarcophagus.
Tumblr media
It even has Nephthys and Isis portrayed at the head- and foot-ends, just like a human sarcophagus would have:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cat's name was Ta-miu, and she will be remembered because of the love a prince who died ~3300 years ago had for her.
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