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why do i want to scream?

vocal cords abrading against each other relentlessly,

voice deepened to a husk.


why do i urge to run?

muscle fibers contracting and lactic acid building,

muscles seized into a tetanus.


why do i yearn to cry?

neuroendocrine connection between my eyes and soul set aflame,

bloodshot eyes and chest heavy from gasped breaths.


- aleta jay

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I’m afraid

I’m disappearing

Slipping away

Into the darkness

Away from the light

Music fades in discord

Fearing the night

Without you I am lost

Not truly free

Ever always wondering why

You have the best part

Of me.


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I’m driven - to gain something from all of this
I’m driven - to carry on with it

Empty hours full of promises
I’m not void - I’m bursting in fact
And this is magic, overflowing mouths
will take you really far
Lord, don’t slow me down

we are - those whose mouths can’t shut up
those that need a window to shout it out
it’s vital, it’s do or die
To find yourself through other’s eyes
and scream inside, you are not the only one
that feels, sees, has it like that
by this communion of words - we are amplified
other’s lips, singing your own life
your lips, singing others too!
we are the ones thirsty to find relief
seeking to feel complete, and tell you how

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two poets having been claimed by love
in a long distance relationship
we find even our casual conversations
breaking spontaneously into beautiful poetry -
and within the span of four enchanted years
our poetry has become our personal reality
a place were we, for now, abide within our creations
a poetic home
  our sanctuary from the world
a poetic bed
  where we consummate our profound love
a poetic world
  filled with treasures and delicacies
      meant for only you and me
and i could never blaspheme
the sanctity of our poetic home
i could never adulterate
the sacrament of our poetic bed
and i could never violate
the privacy of our poetic world
never shall i ever defile
by inviting another to share in even one
of these poetic manifestations
that have become
the hallowed reality
where we both
for now


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Your eyes are beautiful and expressive.

Did you know that I can read the sorrow
that hides inside of those deep brown depths?

Did you know that it leaves me breathless
when you look at me and I can read your desire?

Did you know how my heart skips beats
whenever I see joy and laughter spark in them?

Did you know that it was your eyes
that gave away the love you held for me?

Your eyes are beautiful and expressive my dear,
and I will relish in using them as my mirror.

- Ely C. Winters.

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He’d drink to the bottom of the bottle,

He’d smoke till he was yellow in the eyes,

All the while, laughing,

“Vices make us wise.”

J. K. L

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Hey, how are you? I feel like it’s been years since the last time that we spoke. Do you need a friend today? I know you do and I hope you stop saying you don’t. You’re strong, I know that and I never doubted that. While others are scared of their demons, you laugh along with yours. You wipe people’s tears and then you dry your own. How are you able to give words of wisdom when it’s you who hasn’t quite figured it out yet? You’re strong. But I also know you’re tired. You’re tired of being let down. You get your hopes up and watch the worst take place right before your eyes. You’re tired of overthinking and waiting for explanations that came way too late. You’re tired of being strong for everyone. You’re tired. And you have every reason to be, yet you stilI wouldn’t change, would you? Then, let me talk to you for a bit, hold you the way you attempted to ask others multiple times but didn’t, tighter than you hold yourself every night. Tell me about your day, things that made you smile, laugh, cry, angry. Everything. Drop your worries, heartbreaks, dreams. All of it, I’ll take it all here, now, for tomorrow I know you’ll walk on the same path with your head held high like you did this morning. Like you always do.

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You wounded me so sincerely. Ruined me with

Charity, careful wit, counterfeit promises. Chilled

My forehead with final words even though our

Fever was meant to outlast our hurt and I didn’t

Need that. Didn’t need your practiced affirmations

Or unsolicited insistence that I keep both hands

On the wheel (as we drove one hundred yards in

One damn direction on one shitty country road in

Nowhere, Austin). You know, I should’ve felt this

Angry years ago. I should’ve kindled it and let it

Rage. Should’ve sent my Daddy down the freeway

Headed west, wielding your full name and a four

Letter word that begins with an F. Should’ve sent

Him straight to your front doorstep to prove you’re

Nothing like him and consequently unworthy of my

Affection. I can’t charge you rent for living in my

Head but I can unlearn the words that you said. 


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This home is not a place to feel safer,

for guests to feel welcomed.

This place is a zoo,

and there is growling, prowling inside.

This is a place of bears,

this is a place for staring eyes,

This is a home where only fear resides.

Alex Delorme

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In Your Arms

hold me, mama ocean

rock me, oh, so slowly

take me away on your waves

sail me to your harbor of hopes

ever-changing tidal dreams

sweet, serene symphony

lilting, peaceful overture

in your arms, I am sure

certain we always were

as oceans have always been

mysteriously powerful

poets crashing upon

unexplored shores

fragile artists living

spirits of deep blue seas

©️ @followcb ☆ January 21, 2021

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Let’s pretend we never had names;
[uncreated god] reversing
red direct—

Fractals of cost-fluorescence
emanate the cannibal

Reborn as even less,
[the hair is prepared with natron,
        castor oil, & beeswax]

Who can lift it, who can heal it—
tongs to situate the feast;
would I be of use—

        Rare exhibit
        by the underground

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I am human. I am human.

I am flawed; your pedestal, too. You idolize the wrong things.

Truth, like acid, seeps


The cracks and the veneer is gone (I am gone) but still you stand,

Varnish over your eyes,

And will not see.

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I find strength

In your softness

I find comfort

In your everyday words

I find a calm embrace

In your unwavering gaze

Unspoken feelings

Shouted silently

Between us

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I miss being a hopeless romantic. I miss believing that I am going to find love one day. As childish as that concept sounds to many, I miss the feeling of knowing in my heart that there will come a day when I will meet someone and something beautiful will blossom out of it. I am the complete opposite right now. I firmly believe that I will be all alone and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes me sad. I haven’t reached this conclusion overnight. Love is fragile and it isn’t for everyone. Love demands a lot of things and I know that for the right people we would do just about anything. But that isn’t me. I know myself and I know how much I can push people’s buttons and be adamant in my ways. I know I won’t change, I know I won’t put in any efforts. So it is easier to say that no one loves me than to accept that no one can.

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Mom -

With her soft smiles

Warm kitchen hustles


Mother -

Lying on the cold bathroom floor

Hair teased and frazzled


Mom -

Offering safe words

Reassuring cuddles


Mother -

With another glass of

liquor spilling over


Mother, mom -

So many versions of you

Leaving my mind so confused.


- aleta jay

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