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heartofmusea day ago
I love you beyond anything, beyond doubt, beyond reason, with every incandescent feeling within me. I love you with a passion and into the realm of the impossible. My soul comes apart before you and is not afraid nor of its naked vulnerability nor of your darkness. Here I will stay by your side and burn so gloriously that the sun and stars will smile at me.
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sharkygiovanna22 days ago
what use is there
*in answer to @scatteredthoughts2 poem below "sadness in my words"
what use is there to cling to thoughts
of what is now the past
forget the many fights you fought
about what couldnot last
it once was good, you had your chance
but it came to an end
what seemed to you ensured romance
was not, my dearest friend
that is what future's meant to be
a new bouquet of dreams
open your eyes and learn to see
new options coz it seems
that only then you'll make come true
a dream you thought had died
something which was meant for you
to keep it by your side
@ sharkygiovanna 2馃椏馃椏2021
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scriptedsilencea month ago
Tumblr media
* forever friend *
you love hard,
even on days I don鈥檛 know聽
that it exists or show it聽
you make me laugh,聽
when I feel my world聽
is crashing down聽
you hold me tight,聽
when I have no words聽
to utter the need for comfort聽
you wipe my tears,聽
as you tell me聽
everything will be ok
you have watched me succeed,聽
with a bright smile聽
to remind me
that you told me I could do it聽
you have seen me fail,聽
only to tell me
when doors close聽
it only means another - of greatness
awaits my presence聽
and will open聽
you have kept me strong,聽
when I felt as though weakness
is all that would possibly surface聽
you are the very promise
and constant true commitment聽
every single day 聽
in the depths of quiet solitude聽
or the loudness of a busy life聽
that I will聽
have a forever friend
漏 ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic credit - Monika Luniak
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dg-fragments4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A night of full moon illustrated tranquility,
with the sea, there was a certain serendipity,
perhaps a mediocre calm before the storm,
or an apparently chaotic mind left forlorn,
and yet the seemingly quiet waves were hissing,
that there was indeed something missing,
but amid the uncertainties lying within our way,
the moon was still beautiful, wouldn't you say?
- DG
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goneahead15 days ago
My words slip, empty and fearful under the blank surface of the page. I glance out the window, where dusk's final rays cling, hope-like, to the tree line. Maybe- maybe you are also sitting, watching a sunset. I write another line, only for it to break into a million pieces and sink. All that's left is a blank page - and me.
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soulreserve3 months ago
on cicada wings
If I had patterns 聽 聽 聽 聽 on my tongue, 聽 like cicadas do on their wings 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽- tiny structures nanopillars, that stretch 聽 聽 聽 聽and obliterate bacterial membranes; I would say your name once 聽 聽- one last time, 聽 and make peace 聽 聽 聽with the deafening quiet.
漏 SoulReserve 2021
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chuckakota month ago
If you feel you have lost everything but the world keeps holding its hand to you. When you feel you are not enough but the books are still waiting for you to read, flip and smell pages by pages. When you know, you are stuck in one place, but time calls for you to travel, to be awed by the colors of every scenery, the sky, the sea, the ephemeral grass swaying by. When you feel the silence falling on your deaf ears but you have the chance to learn and speak other foreign languages and laugh if you cannot say it well. You still have hope to extend with yourself, having a good night rest, to wake up feeling blessed and grateful, to be inexplicably enthralled by the changing of seasons, or the warmth of kindness people resonate with their hearts. When you pause, there is the world moving and keeps on evolving. When you pause you will find your way to reflect. When you pause you will find your peace. Knowing that you are taking your time. Knowing that you are here. Knowing that you are present. Knowing that there is so much more to do when you are calm and serene.
鈥 Chuck Akot
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rosebluecloudsa month ago
Let go
Tumblr media
i want to let go
let go of everything
that's keeping me closed.
i want to untie the knot and unravel the rope
wrapped tight around my body
holding captive
everything that i am.
it tightens further,
squeezing my insides
until my feelings are stuffed into my organs
and my arteries threaten to burst
and bleed blue.
all the frustration tucked into
the nooks and crannies,
coerced out of my heart,
leaving the vessel hollow.
and now it just screams to be filled.
i want to let go and explode,
uncaring of the consequences.
i want to crush
under the soles of my shoes
the titles and expectations
like i did my dreams
for they were 'unrealistic'.
assurances of 'you're still young'
don't comfort me.
let me be young then.
let me be reckless like the rain
as i watch from the safety of my window.
let me live like a storm
that wreaks havoc in a few hours,
the aftermath echoing for years.
i want to be unpredictable
like the weeping clouds that turn
the clementine sky gunmetal grey.
i want to let go.
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heartofmuse2 days ago
Sometimes I miss you so endlessly, I smile. Yes, I smile because the missing is just a reflection of the endless in me, the endless love that for you in my heart I hold. Yes, even missing you is a joy, even missing you makes me smile because I know what a blessing it is to have you.
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followcb7 months ago
Explosive Spontaneity
touch me with your rain
unleash that raging storm
bring on drums that thunder
feel silver slivers of sunlight
grace your eyes and face
allow the heavy weight
of your world crash into the sea
expect every sensation
from an earthquake like me
forever a volcano awaiting
love's explosive spontaneity
漏锔 @followcb 鈽 April 29, 2021
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scriptedsilencea month ago
Tumblr media
* november *
the frigid air
slowly saturates聽
the hidden winds聽
nature speaks through聽
it鈥檚 windy hazel lenses聽
as the hibernating paint strokes
makes the long awaited聽
grand finale entrance聽
the cinnamon coated breeze聽
cascades behind the
hidden trees
awakening and shaking
the breathtaking vibrant leaves
one by one
they slowly begin to fall
dancing upon the聽
golden field鈥檚 call聽
the sun glistens down
while no one is around聽
shining brightly聽
while secretly speaking
to all of these majestic harvesting jewels
and their pumpkin filled senses聽
the roots are strong
unable to waiver
yet the branches
reach, embrace
and bask
in this treasured
nature's spicy scented flavor
kissing the morning dew
only then to聽
anxiously await
the stars and love
of the nightly
favored moon
and all of his
whispered November聽
lullaby swoons
漏聽聽ScriptedSilence.聽聽All rights reserved
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michaelbogild6 months ago
There exists a world Where we are happy together Where poetry is more than ink Where love is more than longing There is another life Where everything we are embraces with everything the perfect dream should be I know this I know this I know this We are apart, yes But we are together Someday you will understand Someday...
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dg-fragments3 months ago
Have you visited old ancient libraries, places that give you feelings of being haunted, like sending a chill running down your spine?
There you would find all kinds of books; some new, some old. All kinds of people would come to borrow all kinds of books. Yet, some books remain untouched, as if waiting, carrying dust and cobwebs, that is, until someone bold enough comes along to wipe off the dust and lose themselves within that book.
Like books like people too.
- DG
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ellepacca12 days ago
Me without you / thanksgiving eve / breakup email in draft / laptop open so I could see / the apartment feels empty but our stuff is still here / spoons and forks / overdue bills / the kitchen table from goodwill / you took all your clothes / hangers too / thanks for leaving the beer along with everything I gave you / I light a pumpkin-spiced candle / pry off the cap / my stovetop stuffing goodbye / eating cranberry from the can
- autumn鈥檚 end
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soulreservea month ago
You lay curling inside my dreams, swirling. till i catch on a tendril and you unravel, memories of you awaken dreamy eyed and soft, beckoning me to follow inside dreamscapes that aren't yet real, but I follow nevertheless wanting more than ever to see you again. your eyes warm, laughing. and mine swathed in an endless want of you.
漏 SoulReserve 2021
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chuckakota month ago
And this simple act begins again鈥 loving you, loving the other part of me that is you.
鈥 Chuck Akot
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stormsofartemisa month ago
Tumblr media
鈥 autumn artemis, Buried Hopes // inspired by the line "My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes." from Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (1908)
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roseblueclouds28 days ago
Tumblr media
do i love him or his kisses?
butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
dusting my cheeks with a blush.
do i love him or his compliments?
words pouring over me like silky sweet honey.
cascading down in a delicate melody.
do i love him or his hugs?
warmth spreading through my chest
like a beam of sunshine.
wrapping me up in a cozy blanket.
do I love him or his whispered secrets?
smooth voice leaving a trail
of goosebumps along my skin.
trusting me;
a key securing a lock
do I love him or his hands
clasping mine tightly,
fingers entwined,
murmuring a promise.
do i love him?
or do i love the way he makes me feel?
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