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Almost 2 MONTHS after Ch. 48 posted, I am FINALLY DONE WITH CH. 49 for Red Knight Takes Queen’s Bishop (but not yet posted - a little revision, a beta read, and then it’ll be up.) 


it is 11,000 FUCKING WORDS




no wonder it took so damn long. 

welp. hope you all will enjoy it. 

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease leave me comments if you do! Longfics are comment drought hell and it makes me wonder if anyone still reads the updates or likes the story or cares that I’m actually finishing it. 

only 2 chapters left to go once this one posts! We’re going to end on Ch. 51. I want it up by Christmas but given how long this chapter took - eesh. I may have to put off Light in Dark updates this month because I will feel so much better when Red Knight is DONE and off my plate!!! 

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yeah i’m imagining that the jla don’t ever see them outside of the Hero Suits for a minute and even then they don’t interact too much so when they do see them in their element in young justice/teen titans/or even just in gotham it’s a whole different ball game

let along Outside of suits i think the shock would kill

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