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sickdelights · 2 days ago
*talking to my psychiatrist* am i the worst patient you have be honest
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digitalachilles · a month ago
I sincerely apologize for spam liking and reblogging your page dear sir I really do, but you must understand I do this to approximately 5 lucky winners a day when I crawl out of my little cave and it really cannot be helped
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parotcardsroxy · 2 months ago
hi fyi, if you don’t support people with low/no empathy, unfollow me.
people with low/no empathy are not:
terrible people
incapable of being sympathetic
incapable of being compassionate
incapable of being nice
punchlines to a joke
people with low/no empathy are:
deserving of love
human beings
capable of holding a stable, healthy relationship
just as valuable to the world as empaths are (many surgeons and er doctors have low/no empathy!)
we are just as human and as deserving of love as anyone else. we’re not something to be afraid of - we still have morals and a value for life.
we do not deserve to be demonized as we are.
affective empathy (the kind we can’t feel) is the ability to share feelings with others. for example, if your friend was anxious, you could become anxious through seeing them anxious. those of us born with low/no empathy have no control over it and cannot change this (no matter how much one may want to!)
cognitive empathy (the kind we can feel) is the ability to understand others’ feelings. for example, if your friend was anxious, you would be able to understand what they’re going through, even if you’re not necessarily feeling anxious through them.
compassion is concern and pity for others. for example, if your friend was anxious, you would feel bad for them and want to help as a result.
a post that explains it with more simple and easy to understand format
low/no empathy people can be sympathetic and compassionate. it’s not a bad thing to have low/no empathy - again, some of the most crucial occupations are dominated by low/no empathy people, as they can handle messy situations better than many empaths. first responders, surgeons, trauma doctors, morticians, to name a few.
it’s okay if you’re empathetic and this is the first positivity you’re seeing about this! i was the same way for a long time, i thought no/low empathy people were scary because i didn’t realize i was one of them. you don’t have to be perfect, you can still be learning, all that matters is that you try!
low/no empathy people are not something to be afraid of. we are not monsters. unfollow me if you don’t support low/no empathy people.
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npdsafe · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
ASPD Awareness Flag
Tumblr media
So, I’ve recently figured out I have ASPD, or antisocial personality disorder. So, similar to my NPD awareness flag, I decided to make one for ASPD awareness as well. This is for those trying to fight for our rights and visibility. It can be used by anyone with ASPD, allies, educators, and/or supporters.
Stripe meanings under the cut.
Tumblr media
Light red: Unity among those with ASPD. This is a stripe that represents mutual unity and respect for others with ASPD. This may also include the ASPD community as a whole.
Mid-pink: Normalization of ASPD symptoms and treatment. This stripe represents the push for normalizing antisocial personality disorder treatment, as well as symptoms of ASPD, as being like any other disorder.
Dark pink: ASPD awareness and proper resources. This stripe represents ASPD awareness and resources. It represents the need for more awareness towards those with ASPD, as well as proper resources for both people with ASPD, and for those who are better trying to learn about the disorder.
Dark purple: Recovery. Dark purple represents recovery. This does not simply mean “going to a doctor and getting cured”, but also represents personal recovery, acceptance of oneself, and symptom management.
Very dark blue: Destigmatization of people with ASPD, and education. This stripe represents destigmatization and education. People with ASPD are not monsters, they are not freaks, they are simply people with a disorder who deserve the same amount of respect as anyone else. It also represents proper education on ASPD.
Black: Support for those with ASPD. Black represents support for those with ASPD as a whole. It represents allyship towards us and a push to better lift us up.
Dark blue: Cluster b (aspd, npd, bpd, hpd) solidarity. Dark blue represents cluster b solidarity. We have plenty of bleed-over in symptoms, and it is important to support and stand with one another to better learn about the issues of each.
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anotheraspdfolk · a month ago
I hate that I have no sense of myself whatsoever, I feel like all my personality traits are just temporary or superficial and at the core there's basically nothing left
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pspspspskitty · a month ago
hey! gentle reminder for my folk with bpd/npd/aspd/schizophrenia/did, that you guys are awesome and do a great job at putting up with all the bs around the mental illness. i'm incredibly proud, y'all are awesome <3
also, shame on those who exclude 'scary, bad' mental illnesses such as npd, aspd, schizophrenia, did on their cute 'mental health awareness' post with a pride theme.
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l1946l · 4 days ago
No es que sea antisocial, es que ustedes dan mala vibra.
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can we just skip the whole “how are you” part of the conversation i’m tired of lying
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