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#but i took these earlier and looked cute so
i4nanami · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
disclaimer: this is a spoiler of a work planned to be posted this week, not the complete final work! both this spoiler and the final work contain dark content, such as manhandling, dacryphilia, gun play and humiliation, so be careful when reading.
pairings: ghostface!sanzu haruchiyo x reader.
Tumblr media
By now the alarm in your brain had gone off and thoughts were jumbled and disconnected from each other because of the pounding of your head against the ground and the leaves there after. Sanzu stepped a little harder against your belly just as a way to sharpen a little more fear inside you, his cock inside his pants starting to get hard.
— I-I won't... go... — Your head desperately moved from side to side in denial, and Haruchiyo removed his foot from your belly to crouch down beside you with the gun still pointed at your head, looking at you over the thin mesh that covered the eye patch of his mask.
— Oh, baby. — Haruchiyo put his other hand through your hair, tangling his fingers in yours and pulling your face up as he rubbed the gun over your dry lips. — Don't look at me like that, we're just going to have some fun. — An amused laugh escaped his lips and his eyes grew wider and your face tried to pull away from the gun, being held in place by the hand gripping your hair. — You're such a pretty little thing, I'd hate to have to ruin your face because you don't behave for me. — Your breath grew heavier as more pressure he applied with the barrel of the gun to your lips and as soon as you opened them to literally beg for your life, Sanzu shoved the gun into your mouth without worrying too much about whether you would choke or not. — You'll behave for me, won't you? — You nodded immediately and Haruchiyo slowly forced you to stand up using his hand in your hair to pull your body up.
Shit, you were fucked. As you turned to the side, you realized how far the two of you were from the party. The thought of trying to run crossed your mind and as soon as your feet moved in a motion that was reasonably too suspicious for Haruchiyo, he forced the barrel of the gun deeper against your tongue and you choked around it.
— Don't try to run, you know I will catch you again. — Sanzu answered before flashing you a cruel smile that you couldn't see because of the Ghostface mask. — And if I catch you again, I will use your holes until the pain is unbearable and you pass out, understand? — You slowly moved your head from top to bottom with hands being gripped in a firm grasp by his palm that slid from your hair to your wrists. — Good girl, we understand each other very well.
And then Haruchiyo took the gun out of your mouth slowly before starting to walk with you further away from the party and making the despair inside you gradually increase as your feet walked. From your watery eyes you could make out something like a... basement? Actually, it was a much smaller house than the one Kokonoi was in, but you were inevitably dragged into the basement with Sanzu throwing the keys to both the front door of the house and that dusty enclosure over a high window frame that you couldn't reach without the support of a stool.
— Are you... Are you going to kill me? — Your voice was low, contained, extremely fearful, and Sanzu laughed lightly. — I don't want to... have sex with you, please...
You stood in the middle of the room without having the courage to look at the tall man present there, and flinched as soon as Haruchiyo started circling you with the fingers of his hand playing with the trigger of his gun nonchalantly and eventually leaned toward you to clasp his other hand to your chin.
— Hmm, you're so cute, I can hardly decide how to break you. — Sanzu whispered rubbing his fingertips against yours cheeks and chin without paying much attention to your retreating action earlier. — Watching you flinch when I'm about to touch you? It's so fascinating. — And then he sank his fingers into the sides of your neck, pulling you against his body while his other hand slid the gun down your back and played with the barrel of it on the hem of your skirt. — Stuffing me deep inside you is nice, isn't it? You're here for me to use you any way I want, aren't you? — Haruchiyo brushed his mask against the side of your neck and you found yourself raking your fingers against his black leather jacket in a desperate action, as if acting like you were enjoying it would make it all end faster. — All mine to violate and abuse. — A shiver ran violently down your back and your legs began to tremble as Sanzu reached up your skirt with the gun to press the tip of it against your panty-covered entrance.
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mystiquevi · 6 hours ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐭 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬.
pairings: baji, chifuyu, and kazutora
genres: happy and soft hours with baji, chifuyu, and kazutora with cats ♡
warnings: these three show their jealousy side differently towards their s/o but nothing too extreme, they also want your undivided attention and love too >< and the cuteness of the cats present in this little post,, don't worry! these three love the cats and their s/o as much <3
note: experimenting around these headcanons, this was really fun to do! ♡
Tumblr media
"Baji Keisuke, for the love of—can you stop staring?"
"Why does Haru gets the most attention than me?"
Uou blinked as you continued to pet the black cat nestling itself on your sweater, "cats need attention and love—"
"sO dO I." he exclaimed that sounded more like a whine as his ears had gotten red (bc he had his hair in a messy bun)
"For the record, our baby did went to me by himself you know." you reasoned while gesturing the now napping cat
"Well, that's because he beat me to it." he tried to mask his annoyance with a forced smile but the evident vein on his temple was enough to have you burst in laughter
"Oi. What's so funny?"
"You being jealous of our baby."
"Can you please stop calling Haru a baby?"
"Technically, he is still a kitten and a baby."
His eye twitched a little as he dove down and hugged your waist and placed his chin on your stomach. "No fAir."
You looked at the unbothered cat still purring and sleeping soundly on your arms. "I'll make it up to you after this, don't worry you big baby." You reassured your boyfriend as you pat his hair. "You don't have to be upset, I love you, you know?"
"More than that menace?"
The taller boy whined, "You're supposed to say yes—not a no!"
Chuckling at your boyfriend as you shake your head, "What am I going to do with you?"
Suddenly, his eyes lit up and quickly it shifted as he smirked. You, on the other hand was confused and a little oblivious what's gotten into him now.
Before you knew it, he scooped you up in his arms and carried you upstairs.
"Might as well remind you why I love you."
"Keisuke, THE CAT."
"Listen here little buddies, I know all of you loves and adore Y/N more than me—but can you pleaseeeeeee spare me the meows and let me have some quality time alone without the interruptions?" You heard the muffled voice of your boyfriend, Chifuyu somewhere on the apartment
You were wondering what the heck is going on and who is he lecturing to—
Opening the door, you were greeted by the four cats the two of you took in: Beanz, Hana, Opal, and Koi
"Hello my loves!" You happily greeted them with a head pat and chin scratches just the way they like it and their purrs and happy meows as they twirl their tails around you and nuzzling their heads against you were enough for you to smile
Chifuyu stood there as he watched Peke J walked towards you and meowed before he earned his well deserve head pat and chin scratches too
This boy was close to tears by the time the cats went on their own ways and do their own business
"Fuyu, why are you—"
Chifuyu immediately wrapped his arms around you and cried, "I'm jealous, okay?"
You blinked in surprise, "Why are you jealous?"
"Because it's always tHem...I...I just—you always go to them first instead of me and that got me jealous and I know, I shouldn't and I know it might sound stupid or childish—"
His words were cut off after you kissed him, and when you pulled away—the blonde boy was already blushing at the sudden gesture
"They also do the same thing with you, right? Whenever you got back from work, the cats would ran after hearing you going in and they would the same as earlier." You explained as you recalled the countless of times it had happened ever since the two of you rescued them
He quickly wiped his tears, smiling sheepishly at the realization as he nervously scratched the back of his head. "...I'm sorry, I just...I guess I got too caught up to myself to realize they do it on both of us..."
You smiled and kissed his cheek this time, "I understand, there's no need for you to apologize and honestly, I sometimes do too."
Now he's the one who is surprised, "hUh? You? Getting jealous?"
"Mhmm~ just a little though!" You admitted in embarrassment as your cheeks flared a little in red. "Probably during the first weeks, because you seem to know what to do and you always take the initiative too that I have to step back a little and observe to remember on what to do if I'll be left alone with them for the day."
"In a way, I'm also grateful for you too. You were also the one who told me about the kittens on our way back that day, and they also appreciate you as much as they love you, Chifuyu."
You looked at him after hearing little sniffles, seeing he had once again teared up after hearing your reassurance and words
But before he gets to respond back, there was shuffling somewhere on the trash bin and a series of meows and both of you shared a look. "Koi."
"I'll get her from the trash bin."
"I'll prepare the bath."
"...Tora? Since when did you came back?" You questioned him after yawning from the nap you took.
He didn't answer at first, as if he was busy having a staring contest at the family cat, Momo.
"Kazutora?" You waved at his face, to which he had snapped back from reality and looked at you.
"Hm?" He hummed, pretending he did not just had a staring contest at the seemingly unbothered cat as Momo stretched out her paws before settling herself in another comfy position on your lap
"You were staring at Momo, something wrong?" You asked with a hint of a tired smile
"She seemed protective of you." He told you with a pout as he crouched down and gently left little traces on your arm with the tip of his finger.
"She does gets territorial at times, yeah." You chuckled, patting the space. "But it's part of her behavior."
"Well yeah," He nodded, looking at you with a smile. "But I was going to lie down with you though."
Your cat, Momo then woke up suddenly, slowly blinking at him before jumping to the other side and walked up on your pillow and settled herself close to you
"Looks like she heard your wishes."
"I'm sorry for...disturbing your sleep, by the way."
You shake your head and gestured for him to lie down and he did after you slightly scooted for some space and he lie down next to you, "You didn't, what matters right now is you're back home."
Leaning in to kiss his cheek causing both of you to blush at the same time
"How's your day?"
"The shop had a bunch of costumers today, it was a surprise to see that many people and though, Chifuyu was still kind enough to help me every now and then..." He proceeded to talk about his day as you listened while playing with his fingers as you hum every now and then
Unbeknownst to him, your cat once again changed positions and nuzzled in between the two of you and Kazutora didn't mind
"She does like your company." You smiled.
"You really think so...?" He asked.
Nodding, you then pointed out, "She doesn't hiss at you anymore."
He chuckled at that, "Yes but she does still bites me every now and then."
"In a playful way."
"I know~"
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selfwrotevision · 2 days ago
The bakery
pairing: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader
Warnings: just pure fluff!
Anon requested: Hii how are you today? I was wondering if I could request a Wanda x reader where the reader is a horrible Baker but tries to bake something sweet for Wanda when she returns from a mission, but Wanda comes back to burnt food so she comes and helps the reader properly. Fluffy, if that's okay. Have a great day ☺️
A/N: this is an old request I wanted to repost because the original didn’t reach anyone and this one is just too cute not to share! Happy reading <3
Words: 1.2k
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Tumblr media
The ingredients you needed were perfectly lined up on the table, a scale and some bowls next to them. You studied the recipe for rainbow cookies you had printed out earlier and started to get your ingredients together. You weren't that much of a baker, and it showed. Every time you had tried to bake something for the Team, you almost set the whole kitchen on fire. 
However, you wanted to try again and if you'd follow the recipe correctly, it would be fine. You grabbed the Butter and the hand mixer and started to beat it until it was creamy. The next step in the recipe was to add three eggs, which for you was the most difficult part since you always seem to not crack them right. This time everything went well and you were suddenly surprised how well it went. You grabbed the recipe again and read the next steps out loud.
"Add two and a half cups of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt and beat until combined. Alright, that sounds easy," you added the ingredients and started to beat everything together. To add the flour was the last step to make and after you've added it and the dough didn't stick to your hands anymore, you poured some flour onto the cutting board, took the dough out of the bow, and started to form it into a ball. Following the recipe, you cut it in half, wrapping one half into plastic foil, and tossed it aside. While cutting the dough into six pieces, you sorted them in front of the food coloring you wanted to use. Starting with purple, you added a quarter teaspoon of the purple coloring to the dough and started rolling it out. 
You did the same thing with the other colors and after you were finished, your hands looked like a mess. You decided to wash your hand before wrapping up the colored dough into plastic foil, so it wouldn't get dirty. Bucky joined you, while you were wrapping the foil and he let out a laugh. "Since when are you a baker, Y/n?" he asked, knowing you never baked anything or it went horribly wrong. 
While you put the dough into the fridge so it could chill, you shook your head at the soldier. "Hey, I'm really trying here!" you said and he nodded, a smirk on his lips. "I know, I'm just messin' with you," he walked around the counter, picking up a bowl with food coloring. "I'll help you clean up," he said. You were thankful for his help and so the both of you started to clean up the little bowls you didn't need anymore. Bucky became your biggest supporter through the years, next to Wanda of course. You loved him like a brother and he did the same with you.
After cleaning up Bucky excused himself and you continued with your plan to bake the cookies for Wanda. She should return from her mission soon, so you needed to be quick. The oven needed to be pre-heated so you did that, before taking out the wrapped up dough. Taking the other half of the dough, which was not colored, and spreading it out on the table. You grabbed the role pin and rolled it out, so you could place the rainbow dough in the middle and wrap the spread-out dough around it. After you were done, you cut the slices and put them onto your already with parchment-paper prepared baking sheet.
The result looked pretty fine and you smirked at yourself. You were proud that everything went well so far. The light on the oven was out so you put the dough in it and set a timer for one hour since you read it on the recipe.
You decided to clean everything up and take a shower since you had a lot of time until the cookies were done. After you had everything cleaned up, you went to your room, stripping your clothes off and stepping into the shower.
Meanwhile, the Team came home from their Mission, entering the compound while talking about how it went. Steve called Fury to give him the Mission status and that everything went well. Wanda made her way to the kitchen since she smelled an unusual sensation. As soon as she reached it, she could see the smoke leaving the oven. "Oh shit!" the redhead exclaimed and opened the oven, trying to not inhale the big smoke cloud which left the oven. She was staring at completely burnt cookies, or what still looked like cookies.
Natasha joined her and couldn't hold back her laughter. "Did your girlfriend try to bake again?" she asked and Wanda smirked. "I guess so," she shook her head at your stubbornness, always wanting to succeed at everything. "I'll go find her," the Witch made her way to your room, knocking at the door and entering as she heard a quiet "Come in!" 
You were just putting on the last piece of clothing, as your girlfriend entered and you smiled. "Hi baby," you said, hugging her tightly then pulling away to kiss her on the lips. "Hello detka," she said, holding you firmly by the waist. You felt like Wanda smelled different, so you sniffed her hair and frowned your brows. "Did you smoke? You smell like smoke," you asked, hoping the answer was no. You didn't want her to smoke since you both didn't like the smell of it. Wanda laughed, shaking her head in disagreement. "No, baby I didn't smoke. I saved your baking try," your eyes widened, pulling away from her. "What do you mean saved!?" the fast you spoke the sentence, you were running out of your room, into the kitchen, Wanda following you. "Y/N, wait!" she yelled but you didn't listen. In the kitchen, you were greeted with the sad picture of your burnt cookies, and Steve, who was trying to get the fire alarm back into place. Your happiness faded. You wanted the cookies to be a success and surprise Wanda with them, but again, you proved that you were not a baker. Not at all.
"Everything was going so well!" you pouted, leaning your head onto Wanda's shoulder as she took you in by the waist. She caressed through your hair and kissed your head softly. "I'll help you, detka. Bring the recipe and we will do these Cookies properly," she said and your eyes lit up, jumping up and down in happiness. "Have I ever mentioned that I love you?" you murmured against her lips. Wanda could not do anything but smile into the kiss, pulling you close to her. "I know baby. I love you too," she said, before pulling away and giving you a playful smack on your ass. "Now get the recipe, before I change my mind!" and with that, you were running off to your room, to get the recipe and finally being able to bake something good plus spending time together with your girlfriend. 
You should burn the cookies more often, to get Wanda to bake with you.
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clueless-sapphic · 2 days ago
hi could i request a fic where carol is sick and reader takes care of her? 🥺 ms independent badass jock carol doesn’t know how to be taken care of 😩
Big baby
a/n Ms independent badass jock carol is just a big baby. This was a really cute request, thank you so much. I hope you like it <3
warnings: kissing, let me know if there are any others
You went over to your phone when you heard the familiar chime coming from it. Assuming it was Carol telling you she was waiting for you outside, you opened it. But instead it was a text from Carol apologising that she couldn’t pick you up because she was sick.
It didn’t take you long to realise that it was a Tuesday and Carol’s parents were both working today, so she wouldn’t have anyone to take care of her.
You quickly changed back into your pyjamas and ruffled your hair up so it looked slightly messy. After washing your face with hot water you walked downstairs groggily and straight into your dad’s arms.
“Are you okay?” he asked, you weren’t usually so big on physical affection in the mornings. You were not what one would call a ‘morning person’.
“I feel really sick” you mumbled.
He smoothed your hair away from your face and pressed his hand to your forehead.
“You do feel quite hot, you might have a temperature. I’ll call the school and tell them you can’t come in today”
“Thank you”
“No problem honey. Do you want some hot tea?”
You politely refused his offer “I’m really tired i think i’m going to go back to sleep”
He kissed your forehead “Ok goodnight”
You trudged back up the stairs and collapsed onto your bed. You did feel bad about lying to your parents, but they wouldn’t just let you skip school and you had to help your girlfriend.
You texted her back telling her to not worry about it. Of course you didn’t tell her you were going to her house because she would try to convince you otherwise.
Once you heard your dad’s car drive away you quickly changed into something more nice. It was only joggers and one of Carol’s t-shirts, nothing too special but it was much better than the pyjamas you were wearing earlier.
You left the house and began the ten minute walk to Carol’s house. Knocking on the door, you waited for Carol to come and open it. You didn’t want to make her get up to let you in, but you didn’t really have another option.
When Carol opened the door her hair was splayed out in all directions and her face was slightly red. But she was impossibly confused as to why you were there.
“Do you want me to drive you to school?” she asked “One second i’ll just get-
You laughed, effectively interrupting her “No silly, i’m here to take care of you”
“I don’t need to be taken care of” she huffed
“You’re not going to win this one” you warned, closing the door behind you.
You took her hand and dragged her up the stairs.
“Get on the bed” you ordered once you were in her room.
A weak smirk formed on Carol’s face “If you insist”
You groaned “Even being sick doesn’t take away your sexual innuendos”
Carol laughed “Don’t act like you don’t love it”
“whatever” you muttered “Have you taken medicine?”
She leaped out of bed “I can get it myself”
You pushed her back “Carol Danvers, let me take care of you”
“I don’t need to be taken care of” she muttered childishly
You rolled you eyes “You won’t be any less hot or badass if you let me take care of you”
She smirked cockily “You think i’m hot”
“Shut up, i’m going to get medicine”
Carol’s booming laughter followed you down the stairs. You put some water in the kettle and began looking through all the cupboards until you found some Calpol.
You returned to Carol’s bedroom with a glass of hot water, a spoon and a bottle of Calpol to find her huddled underneath a pile of blankets.
You walked over to Carol to see her eyes were squeezed shut.
You sighed “I know you’re awake”
She didn’t move an inch.
“Why don’t you want the medicine?”
“It doesn’t taste nice”
“How about this? I’ll give you a kiss after you have the medicine” you offered
Carol contemplated it before opening her eyes and sitting up “And cuddles after”
“And cuddles after” you agreed
You poured the syrup into the spoon and Carol opened her mouth, swallowing it’s contents. Immediately her nose wrinkled in disgust and she pulled you in for a kiss. She sighed into the kiss before pulling away. Taking the glass of water from your hand, she gulped it down.
Carol moved further up the bed, making space for you. She patted the spot near her and beckoned you over.
“Cuddles now” she demanded
You obliged, climbing into the bed next to her and pulling the blanket over you.
“You’re such a big baby”
“I’m your big baby” she mumbled, nuzzling her face into your neck and letting sleep pull her into its soft embrace.
tagging: @witlessficcer @winters-witch-bitch @evilcr0ne @thebijesus happy reading <3
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dakotacrisis · 18 hours ago
Baker Girl
This was supposed to be cute and short but I only accomplished one of those things. Hint, it wasn’t the short goal. It got out of hand very quickly and went to places I did not expect.
Glaciator 2.0 spoilers and Marichat feels.
Read on AO3
Chat Noir Spotted Mending Broken Heart With Adrien Agreste's Pyjama Girl
After a painful rejection from Ladybug after being voted “Couple of the Year”, Chat Noir is on the rebound with none other than teen fashion model Adrien Agreste's rumored girlfriend.
Earlier last year our sources deduced that the "Pyjama Girl" Adrien was spotted running around Paris with and rumored to be dating was Marinette Dupain-Cheng, daughter of Paris' own renowned bakers at Dupain-Cheng Bakery. The model went to social media to clear up the confusion stating that Dupain-Cheng was “just a really good friend.” And that there was no romantic affiliation.
However, just weeks after the “Pyjama Girl” rumors we were given a sneak peek into the baker girl’s bedroom during an episode of Fill My Shoes with Jagged Stone. The footage broadcasted numerous pictures of Adrien plastered around her room with hearts surrounding him. This, of course, stoked the rumors that they were romantically involved to which Agreste and Dupain-Cheng both posted that there really was nothing going on between them but a close friendship and that the pictures were actually for reference for the baker girl’s own fashion designs.
[GIF Image: Marcia Brady “Sure, Jan.”]
In the months that followed it looked as if Adrien and Marinette were telling the truth as the model was seen multiple times with a different girl, a fencing prodigy, Tsurugi Kagami. The two had even confirmed their relationship status on social media following an outing to Andre’s Sweetheart Ice Cream Cart. Nevertheless, the relationship fizzled out quickly and fans pondered if it may have been due to Agreste’s latent feelings for Dupain-Cheng. Though both Agreste and Tsurugi were silent about the break up they still remain good friends.
During all of this Chat Noir’s chase for the heart of Paris’ spotted heroine, Ladybug, never wavered. It has been no secret that everyone’s favorite cat boy has pined after his bug-themed lady and partner. Rumors about their relationship have been debated ever since the heroes made their debut following the terror acts of Hawkmoth. One moment they look the ideal couple and others they struggle to keep from fighting.
As the bard would have put it, “The course of true love never did run smooth;”
Ladynoir fans were ecstatic when the heroes took the title of “Couple of the Year.” The ship was quickly sunk when Ladybug was spotted throwing her partner into a trash can over the news. Later, Chat Noir was filmed destroying billboards broadcasting the heroes title in a fit of heartbroken rage.
[Video: Chat Noir Cataclysms Ladynoir (ow my ladynoir heart)]
Our poor kitty disappeared after, most likely to go home and lick his wounds. How stunning it was when he was photographed not an hour later touring Paris with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The two were seen getting cozy and comfortable on a bus, attending a movie together, and cuddling under an umbrella. One observer, who wished to remain anonymous, was said to have even gleaned hearing a romantic confession while passing by the Dupain-Cheng Bakery that night.
So far all sides of the love square have been silent concerning this latest development.
Is there love in the air? Is it just a rebound? Only the future will tell if this cat will get the cream puff or if this relationship is better for the day old bread shelf.
“Cat will get the cream puff…” Marinette read over the article at least five times and while all of it was ludicrous it was that last line that made her eye twitch.
“Girl,” Alya poked Marinette’s shoulder, “You okay?”
Marinette exed out of the article and scrolled through the others that had popped up seemingly overnight.
Superhero Heartbreak Leads to Civilian/Hero Romance
Chat Noir DONE with Ladybug? Couple of the Year Now the Break-up of the Year
Heat of Battle Meets Heat in the Kitchen: Chat Noir Dating Mystery Baker Girl?
All of them are the same article copy pasted in a different font.
She spent one afternoon catching a movie and talking to Chat Noir as Marinette and suddenly the entire country thought they were together. This was a waking nightmare.
This was not her first media circus as either Marinette or Ladybug but this one was the most irritating. She was used to people speculating about her and Chat Noir’s relationship as Ladybug and though it went to places she didn’t like, namely the “Couple of the Year” article, she didn’t let it bother her too badly. When the articles of her relationship to Adrien as Marinette came out she had fun poring over them. The thought that she could really be Adrien’s girlfriend was wonderful and filled her gut with happy little butterflies. But this?
The Intimate Details of Chat Noir’s Date with Adrien Agreste’s Ex
What was she supposed to do about this? She was in no shape or form even interested in Chat Noir that way. Not as Ladybug or Marinette. What would Adrien think of all these articles? How was she supposed to confess now? That speech she made last night, the one she practiced with Chat Noir, it felt kind of tainted now. What if Adrien read these articles and thought that she was repurposing a confession she gave to Chat Noir?
“Alya,” Marinette took a deep breath and looked over at her best friend, “What am I supposed to do now? I had planned on telling Adrien how I felt today after the fencing tournament but if he’s seen these articles then I am screwed! There’s no doubt that he’s heard about them at least. It was bad enough when everyone thought that Ladybug and Chat Noir were in love but how do I deal with everyone thinking me, Marinette, is in love with him?”
“Girl, I know that you’re upset and that your heart belongs to Adrien and all that but is Chat Noir really that bad of an option?”
“You cannot be serious. Have you not read these articles? Even if I were to entertain that idea how am I supposed to deal with that? Dating my partner as a civilian with the knowledge that I brutally rejected him as a hero? The guilt would eat me alive!”
“Point,” Alya leaned back on the settee.
Marinette turned back to the computer with a sigh. How was she going to fix this?
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
Adrien banged his head against his desk. The screens of his computer each projected a different article tying Chat Noir to Marinette. Why was this happening? All he wanted to do was help his friend and now he had backed her into a corner.
Adrien’s day yesterday had been...interesting, to say the least. The article, the fight with Ladybug, his heartache, the uncomfortable talk with his father, the time he spent with Marinette, it had been a lot. He was glad to help her find a way to confess to her crush. Her “Buttercup.” But everyone had taken it out of context.
No doubt Marinette was as mortified by the articles as he was. What if “Buttercup” saw these and ended up rejecting Marinette? She had worked so hard to gather her courage and find the right words. Now, because some people couldn’t mind their own business, her heart was most likely in jeopardy.
What was he gonna do?
“Kid,” Plagg said, “Adrien, if you insist on hitting your head against something at least let it be something soft.”
“I tried to help fix something and I ended up making it worse.” Adrien muttered, lifting his head up to look at the headlines again. “Marinette is gonna be at the fencing tournament this afternoon, how am I supposed to face her knowing I screwed up her love life?”
“Oh geez, kid,” Plagg floated down in front of Adrien’s face, “You need to stop beating yourself up about this. If Marinette and her “Butterscotch” are meant to be then it won’t matter what these articles say.”
“It was “Buttercup,” Plagg. But that’s not the worst of it.”
“What’s worse?”
“I...I got this feeling when she was practicing her confession last night. I’m not entirely sure what it was but when she started talking I stopped breathing for a second. It was like everything around me had blurred but Marinette was in sharp focus. I don’t know why it happened or what exactly it was but I’m having a hard time forgetting it.” Adrien buried his face in his hands. Thinking back to it made his face warm.
“Oh really,” Plagg inched closer, a sly smile on his face. “Did your heart do a little doki doki like in your picture books?”
“My life is not a manga, Plagg.”
“And yet you reference them for romantic advice enough.”
“I don’t need this,” Adrien stood up, “I am overthinking this. This is not the first time Marinette and I have been tied together in ways we aren’t actually are. Granted, those times I was Adrien and I could easily go to my Instagram and let everyone know the rumors were false. Getting the word out as Chat Noir is a little tougher though.”
Then an idea hit him. Maybe there was a way. The ultimate source for information on anything and anything hero related. “Plagg, transform me!” Adrien leapt out the window.
“Did you know that his staff came with an umbrella mode?” Alya asked Marinette as she scrolled through the pictures someone had taken of them.
“Not a clue.”
Marinette was still stewing over the whole Chat Noir and Adrien thing despite Alya’s efforts to distract her. Maybe it would be best to talk to Chat Noir about this first before trying to talk to Adrien. She was a lot more comfortable talking to Chat anyway. Should she do it as Marinette or Ladybug though? She didn’t know how she would contact him as Marinette and if he wasn’t transformed she wouldn’t have any luck as Ladybug either. Not that this conversation would be easier under the guise of Ladybug. There would just be more hoops to jump through.
There was a tapping on the trapdoor above her bed that took both of the girl’s attention. There was no way. Alya was practically bouncing in her seat as Marinette climbed on top of her bed to open the door.
“Chat Noir?” Marinette knew in her gut it would be him but she was still surprised to see him on her roof. “What are you doing here?”
“I needed to talk to you but I was also looking for Alya.” Chat popped his head in, “I checked your house but you weren’t home so I was hoping Marinette may know where you were.”
“You found me. What do you need me for?” Alya asked, standing at attention.
Marinette climbed down and ushered Chat Noir to come inside before anyone saw him skulking on her roof.
“First off,” Chat turned to Marinette, “I’m sorry about all the articles that came out about us. I know that’s counterproductive to the confession you’re trying to make to the guy you love. Has anything happened concerning that yet or what?”
“No, not yet,” Marinette sighed, “I’m still trying to figure out what to do. The articles may have been a hindrance but it’s not just my connection to you that’s made this more complicated.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Chat said. “That’s why I came here. I was hoping that since I don’t have any social media I could come to the Ladyblog to clear up all this confusion concerning Marinette and I.”
“Oh, yeah, totally,” Alya said, “If that’s what you two really want.”
“Why wouldn’t it be what we wanted?” Marinette said, defensively.
“I don’t know,” Alya shrugged with fake innocence, “You two look cute together. You obviously enjoy each other’s company…”
“Do not start this again,” Marinette groaned.
“What?” Alya grinned wider, teasing, “Don’t like the idea of the cat getting the cream puff?”
“I will kill you, Alya.”
“You’re just grumpy because everyone keeps referring to you as Adrien’s ex-girlfriend in the articles.”
“Oh, do you not like him or something?” Chat Noir asked, his ears dropped slightly.
“Much the opposite actually,” Alya said, “Girl is head over heels for her “Buttercup.”
“Alya!” Marinette screeched, clamping a hand over her mouth, “I went to great pains to keep that a secret! Why would you just blurt that out to him?”
“You…” Chat stared dumbly at the pair of girls, “The guy you love, the one you practiced that confession for, was for Adrien?”
Marinette dropped onto the settee, her hands covering her face in mortification. “Yes.”
Marinette was in love with Adrien. Marinette was in love with him.
Buttercup. The confession. It was all meant for him.
Suddenly a lot of her behaviour made more sense. Even the confession took on a new light. She didn’t know it and neither did he but she had already confessed her feelings to him. And Adrien...he had...he…
Doki doki
He placed a hand over his heart. Was this really happening?
“Girl, get it together. So Chat Noir knows you’re in love with Adrien. Everyone in class already knows that you’re crazy about him. It’s not that big a secret.”
Everyone in their class knew about Marinette’s feelings for him? Even Nino? Why did he ever say anything! How come no one told him? Was he really that blind that he never noticed what was apparently painfully obvious to everyone else?
Doki doki
Okay that needs to stop. He was not the love interest in a shoujo manga! He was a Parisian cat boy that fought crime and was in love with his partner. Why did that sound like the plot of a magical girl anime?
Alya moved over to the computer chair and sat down with her phone in hand. “Once you calm down do you want to discuss what you’re going to tell the Ladyblog? We don’t want to muddle the message that you two are just friends.”
Just friends. They had never really been just friends, had they? Not when Marinette’s been pining after him all this time.
“Right,” Marinette sat up, her face a hot pink. “We’ll keep it short and simple. We are not romantically involved. We went out together as friends to see a movie and nothing we did was inherently romantic. That should put a stop to the rumors.”
She scooted over, making room on the settee. “Sit here, let’s get this over with.”
Adrien sat down next to her. Suddenly being in such close proximity to her was stifling. It was happening again, the world around him blurring while Marinette stayed in focus. What was happening?
He watched Marinette as she spoke, her words passed over him in a hum of incoherency.
“The person you’re in love with is lucky.”
That’s what he said last night. He meant it. He always thought Marinette was great and knew that whoever ended up with her would be getting a wonderful partner. The only thing he had to worry about was if that person would be good enough for her. Knowing her she would only pick someone who was perfect for her.
“The one that will fall in love with you will be lucky too.”
She said that. She said it and she didn’t even know that the person she was talking about was him. Neither of them knew. The real meaning behind those words came back to him.
I’m lucky to have your love.
I’m lucky to have fallen in love with you.
Marinette was staring at him with wide, shocked eyes. Why was she looking at him like that? Adrien realized a moment too late that he had been talking out loud a moment ago.
“I’m uh…” Alya stood up, “I’m gonna give you two some space.”
She threw Marinette the biggest most obvious wink and hustled down the stairs muttering excitedly to herself.
“Uh…” Adrien said, his palms sweating, “I zoned out there for a minute. What did I say?”
“I was um…” Marinette shook her head, “I was in the middle of telling Alya’s camera that there was nothing going on between us and when I passed the conversation to you, you said that you were lucky to have fallen in love with me.”
“Did I say anything before that?”
“Okay,” he drummed his fingers against his knees. “I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else and I didn’t realize I started thinking out loud.”
The two lapped back into silence.
“I think…” Adrien began, grasping for the right words. “I think what I was trying to say was that I would consider myself lucky to have fallen in love with you. If the articles were true, you know?”
“Under different circumstances, who knows?” Marinette shrugged, “I think I would consider myself lucky if I fell in love with you too.”
There was this great need to reach out and touch her. Cross this wall between them.
“Marinette…” a flyaway hair near her cheek was practically begging for him to smooth it back into place.
Beep! Beep!
The two jumped and startled away from one another. Marinette’s phone rang with an alert and she dashed to check it. Every step between them felt like a distance he would never get back.
“I gotta get going,” Marinette mumbled, “I have plans. We can uh--we can do this later.”
What did “this” mean? The interview with the Ladyblog or the unspoken chasm of words and feelings that had been left out to dry?
Adrien checked the time. His tournament would be starting soon. He nodded to Marinette and leapt back out into the city. His heart hammering hard in his chest. Well this got a million times more complicated.
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berberriescorner · 11 hours ago
This Thing Called Life
Characters: Chris Evans x black!reader
Summary: I have no clue lol! I just kept imagining the reader teasing Chris about his top lip and I just ran with it lmao! It’s pretty cute, well, I think it is. Yes, it’s random, but I hope you guys like it.
Warnings: There are mentions of difficulties getting pregnant. Just a smidge of profanity, y’all should know this by now 😆. Little angst, little fluff, mentions of that good ole smut (I meannn, it’s Chris Evans, so yeah) 🙈. 18+ Minors DNI!
A/N: I had the hardest time deciding whether to use boo-boo bear (yes, I watch The Loud House 🙈) Chris Evans or my bae Angel Reyes for this idea because let’s be real both struggle in the top lip department, but I still love them 🤣🥰. Please excuse any grammatical errors. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy lovelies ♥️.
Word Count: 1,800+
Tumblr media
You had spent the first four years of marriage trying to conceive and had started to accept that just maybe it was never going to happen. Through it all, Chris did his best to help you remain optimistic, even if doubt was starting to creep into his thoughts. After four years, many methods, and numerous couples counseling sessions you two made a mutual decision to take a break from trying. Four months later you sat on your bathroom counter in complete shock staring at six positive pregnancy tests.
Chris had the same reaction when you had shown him the test later that night. It was almost as if you were scared to tell him. The plan had been to break the news during dinner, but neither of you anticipated the dozens of calls from both his publicist and manager. By the time things had finally wound down, it was time for bed. Knowing you wouldn’t be able to sleep on it, the words tumbled out of your mouth as he was reaching to turn off his bedside lamp. With his back still facing toward you, he froze upon hearing the words, “Baby I’m pregnant.” The silence lingered as your heart felt like it was going to pound out of your chest.
“Say something, please.”
“W-what did you say? Did you just tell me you're pregnant? How do you know?”
You stumbled into the en suite and hurried back with the pile of positive pregnancy tests from earlier. Biting your lip and placing them on the bed next to Chris, he looked at them with a blank facial expression.
“You took all of these today, babe?” He asked, not taking his eyes off the test.
“Yes,” you whispered.
Not being able to decipher whether he was happy or upset caused you to panic. Your emotions got the best of you and that’s when Chris heard you sniffle. His head snapped up as your eyes connected.
“Honey, what’s wrong, why are you crying?”
He thumbed your tears away, sliding them down to rub the apples of your cheeks. His eyes held your tearful gaze as he nervously waited for you to take a deep breath and answer.
“You just don’t seem very happy about it. Do you not want this anymore?”
“No sweetheart, that's not it at all. I just had so many thoughts running through my head all at once and didn’t know how to react.”
Caressing the side of your face, he pulled you in close and gave you a gentle kiss. Pressing his forehead to yours he finished his thought.
“We’ve just been trying for so long that-”
“It doesn’t feel real. That’s exactly what I thought looking at the results earlier.”
“It’s real though, we’re having a baby, honey.”
Chris swept you up into his arms and placed you on your side of the bed. Joining you he pulled you close so that he could be the big spoon. You both lie in silence trying to process the fact that it had finally happened, you were going to be parents.
“Yeah, baby?”
“I’m scared. What if-”
“Don’t sweetheart. Stress isn’t good for the baby. Set aside your fears, I’ve got you. Everything’s going to be fine. Tomorrow we’ll schedule an appointment and go from there.”
He leaned over your shoulder and kissed you once more.
“Sleeping for two now, you should get some rest. Just close your eyes, relax, and push away your worries and fears. Goodnight, baby. I love you.”
“Love you too, goodnight.”
Six months in and it was still hard to believe. You both spent the first trimester practically walking on eggshells in fear of something going wrong. Now that you had made it to the second trimester the both of you were starting to feel more comfortable and excited about having a little girl. Since the gender reveal, you had been spending quiet nights at home dreaming about what your beautiful baby girl was going to look like. These discussions often led to a little bit of teasing in regards to who she would both look and act like. Tonight's talk was no different.
“I love you, babe, but I hope our daughter gets my lips.”
“What’s wrong with mine?”
“I love your mouth babe, but you have no top lip,” she smirked. “Now imagine her getting your top, and having my bottom. Bless her heart,” you chuckled.
Chris’ mouth fell open as if he was hurt.
“Damn honey, you're just gonna make fun of me like that? I can’t help if my bottom lip took over while I was developing in the womb,” he joked.
His laugh only lasted for a second and was replaced with a look of hunger. Closing the distance between you two, his arms circled your waist from behind. Bodies pressed together, he lowered his head to place a few kisses on your shoulder. His kisses trailed from your neck to the sensitive spot just below your ear. As a quiet moan escaped your lips he took the opportunity to whisper something.
“You weren’t talking all that shit when this nonexistent lip was ravaging your clit this morning. If I remember correctly, it had you damn near pulling my hair out, while you thrashed all over the bed.”
You gasped as he finished his sentence with a playful bite to your neck. The timbre of his voice had that familiar burn starting to spread throughout your core.
Even as his words sent chills all over, your smart ass mouth couldn’t resist a good clap back. Pulling away you turn to face him, taking a moment to bite your lip and boost his ego a bit more. You waited for a smirk to signal you had him exactly where you wanted him. Seeing it, you jumped at the chance to deflate his ego. Leaning in close while looking lovingly into his eyes, you drug a nail under his chin the way he liked.
“Oh, sweetheart. It was your tongue that did all the work,” you finished with a giggle.
Chris sucked his teeth and jerked his head away from your hand.
“Whatever. Keep lying to yourself baby girl,” he sulked.
“Aww, love. Don’t be mad. I love your lips the way they are. You forgive me, baby daddy?”
“That’s fine. I hope she does get your lips. Let’s hope she gets my height, then she won’t struggle to get on rides at the amusement park,” he snorted.
“Why do you gotta make it personal though? See, what I heard you say just now, was that I’m a short little trick,” she sassed while crossing her arms and leaning her head to the side.
Chris knew that she understood he wouldn’t take her lip comment personally, given that he had even joked about it before. The short topic, he knew, was a sore spot for her. He never understood why she was self-conscious about her height. It was one of the many things he loved about her. Trying to quickly end the argument before it even started, he tried to downplay his comment.
“Don’t do that, come on now, we were doing good. Don’t turn this into an argument. Baby, it was a joke. You made fun of my lips. Why is that okay, but what I said isn’t?” he questioned while trying to rub your belly.
“Naw, don’t backtrack now, stand on that shit. I’m tall enough to get on your fucking ride, don’t play in my face Christopher. Stop, we don’t want to be touched right now,” you retorted.
“Oh wow, I can’t rub your belly now. Let me bond with my daughter, honey,” he chuckled.
“No, she’s mad at you too. She doesn’t like when you make fun of her momma’s height.”
“Don’t turn my daughter against me,” he chuckled.
“You know I love that you're short, baby girl. Damn, right you’re tall enough to ride me, with your pretty ass. Nobody else could ever compare. Forgive me, please?”
“I'm the baddest, short bitch you’ve ever had, don’t play yourself.”
“I know, that’s why I married you. Kiss me, let's make up.”
You rolled your eyes while trying to fight back a smile. Giving in, you offered him a few kisses. Chris backed you into a wall and kissed you passionately as his hands cradled your stomach. He pulled back and you both laughed at your daughter who was now kicking up a storm. Chris knelt to your stomach and kissed it.
“Daddy can’t love on mommy now?” he asked your daughter while delivering another kiss to your belly.
“I see there’s going to be a lot of ganging up on daddy,” he joked, coming back to eye level with you.
“You’ll be fine, so long as you give your queen and princess whatever they want,” you smirked.
“Happy wife, happy life. Princess gets what Princess wants.”
“I mean, I agree with the first part, but we're not raising a spoiled brat. We’ll have to find a healthy balance for her. She’ll get what she wants within reason.”
You both paused for a moment and fell out laughing, knowing that she was probably going to have you both wrapped around her finger.
“I know we deaded the argument Chris, but I would like to add that in all honesty, it doesn’t matter who’s lips she gets. She’s going to be the most beautiful baby we’ve ever seen, no matter the features. She’ll be a product of our love, and that is what will make her both a blessing and beautiful.”
“That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard you say. Damn, I’m a lucky man. I’m glad I get to do this thing called life with you. I’m thankful to have created a life with you and we get to bring her into this world together. I love you, baby.”
“Love you too, baby daddy.”
“Come let’s go cuddle in bed. Want to show just how much I love you. I’m trying to give you one of those rides you mentioned earlier. Hope you’ve got the energy for it.”
“Says the person that was the first to tap out last night.”
“Trust me, sweetheart, we both know it’s not going to take very long for you to fall apart on this dick. I need you to keep that same energy when you try to run from me and tell me it’s too much. You’re going to take every single stroke and lick I give you. Do we have an understanding?”
“Yes, daddy. Do any and everything you want. Just don’t send me into labor.”
With that, he used both hands to cuff your behind and gave you a heated kiss. That was all you needed, as you grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the bedroom. Even with all that confidence, it wasn’t enough to outmatch the strength of his tongue and manhood. You tapped out not once, but twice that night.
Tried to keep the smut talk to a minimum, but the hoe jumped out 😂🤣. Sorry, not sorry 🤷🏾‍♀️. I blame this GIF for my behavior. Y’all 👀 what I 👀?!:
Tumblr media
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shugojima · a day ago
Poly Meian x Iwaizumi (fem)
(˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.
Meian was usually the first one coming home to you, due to Iwaizumi still having some stuff to do at his training center he just freshly opened.
You were prepping dinner for the three of you when Meian's keychain climpered against the front door before he opened it and stepped inside the warm living room. You heated up the fireplace every day when it's become cold outside.
Making his way to the kitchen he put his sports bag on the floor, took in the delicious smell before walking up to you and wrapping his strong arms around you, his head resting on yours.
You shrieked a little since you didn't hear him coming home and quickly turned around jumping at him, your lags wrapped around his hips.
"SHUUU!! I missed you!!" You whined as you buried your head into his broad chest.
He chuckled, holding you up on your ass.
"You did?"
"Mhm.. So much!"
"I missed you too, princess. Daddy said he'll be here soon as well." He assured as he put you down on your feet again so the dinner doesn't get burned.
"Daddy's earlier today??!"
"Yes, he his." Meian smiled as he patted your head cutely.
You proceeded making dinner and Meian helped you carrying it to the dining table. As soon as everything was set, he hoisted you up and carried you to the couch, where he sat the both of you down.
When Meian's phone vibrated in his pocket, he looked at it, typed something real quick and put it back again.
"Daddy said 5 minutes. You wanna spend those to make me happy?"
"Yes! I'd love to, Shu!"
"I'm seriously questioning the way you adress me, princess."
"'M sorry, captain! Sorry!"
He smiled as he made himself comfortable and pointed to the floor, his legs spread for you to sit in between.
"If I do well, can you tell Daddy?"
Meian raised a brow looking at you kneeling down on him.
"You want him to reward you, hm? Let me decide when you've finished, ok?"
You nodded as you leaned in and slowly opened his belt, using your teeth to unzip his blue jeans. Eyeing you closely he felt himself already getting hard. He loved to see you down on him.
"Princess gonna help me relief some stress, yea?"
"Mhm!" You pulled down his boxers, his thick heavy cock slapping against his shirt when you wrapped your hands around it and started pumping a little, your eyes on his hazel ones.
"Just like that.. Now take it inside your pretty mouth for me, will you? We don't have much time left." He said as he caressed your (h/c) locks.
"Yes, captain. I'll make you feel so good, promise!"
"That's my girl."
You kitten licked his tip a little before taking him as far as you could reach. Your jaw will hurt soon but that didn't stop you from making him happy. Swirling your tongue around his fat head you bopped yours up and down, sucking and playing with his full and heavy balls.
He moaned in pelasure, a few deep growls ripping from his throat as he threw his head back, his arms now spread on the back of the couch.
"Mmm you think you can take-" Meian was interrupted by Iwaizumi opening the door to the sight of you two.
You looked up, Meian turning his head in his direction, then back to you.
"Huh, looks like Daddy can see for himself." He said as you jumped up and ran towards Iwa.
"Daddy's home!!" You yelled as you jumped on him the way you did earlier with Meian, making him stumble a little.
"Yeah, I'm home babe but you don't just stop sucking on Shu. That's pretty rude, you know?" He laughed as he carried you to Meian again, sitting you down between his legs.
"Now show me if I teached you right."
Iwaizumi watched your every move as you again wrapped your lips around the 6'5 men's length.
When he noticed your hair got in the way, he kneeled behind you and held it back for you to be able to work your mouth on Meian without distractions.
"Look at you doing so well, baby. I'm so proud of you. Now.... " he pushed your head completely down onto Meian's length, leaving you choking hard on him. "...Let me see if you finally manage to take all of him."
Tearing up you tried to control your gagging reflex but how?? Meian was a good 11 inches and you practices on Iwa's still more than enough 10 inches, which you just hardly managed to take.
"Hajime, I don't- nghhh I don't want her to throw up." Meian said as he threw his head back into the white leather.
"She has to learn someday, Shu. Just like you did." He smirked at the man you were sucking on.
"Expand your throat a little babe, come on I know you can do it. Yeah just like that! You see? It's not that hard."
Pffff it sure is.
"Enough for today, you've done well, I'm very proud of you, very proud. He kissed you intensely. "Now finish him off, babe. I'll go take a shower and take care of you after."
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sissytormentor · 22 hours ago
Macho Boy’s New Perspective
Did you enjoy our little card game?  Remember how you kept pushing for the game and wouldn’t take my NO for an answer.  You were so sure you would win not only all my clothes but also a weekend of making me participate in all the activities you and your friends planned on doing this weekend dressed in your clothes.  It was interesting to see how red you got with each hand you lost especially when you were down to your sexy little briefs and I still had everything on except for my sneakers and socks.  That last hand was so classic as you laid down a pair of 6s and a pair of Queens with a smug look on your face.  When I dropped my pair of 10s and pair of Kings.  It was so much fun watching you stand up and strip off those little undies and hand them to me so meekly as you watched me stuff everything into a bag and then lock them into my safe.
Well it’s late tonight so we need to get some sleep but first lets start you on doing things I would do and wearing clothes that are appropriate for the task.  Ok now go into the shower and get cleaned up and make sure your shave so you are nice and smooth all over just like a girl.  Oh excuse me, you are a girl at least for this weekend.  Ok when you get done I will leave you something to put on to sleep in. 
Tumblr media
See you look fine.  Do you love the feel of your nice sexy nightie.  Now here I took a picture of you with your phone and I think its time for you to send it to your buddies and tell them you won’t be around this weekend as you  lost instead of I won’t be there either.  I really don’t care if you want to send it you will or else I will take that phone and send it to everyone of your contacts. See that didn’t hurt.  Oh wow look how fast those guys are responding and look how complimentary they are about your nightie. 
Well good morning.  I decided that you need a girly name so you will answer to the name of Sissy for the weekend.  Now this morning you can help me out by cleaning the house and washing the window.  Here is your outfit.  You might remember it as you had me wear it last year to the Halloween party.
Tumblr media
Ok get the blinds all dusted first and then you can wash the window.  Oh and washing the windows means inside and out.  Yes I expect you to be outside in that outfit and I expect my windows sparkling clean.  but don’t worry I don’t expect you to do all the cleaning.I will vacuum the rugs and empty the trash cans. Ok off you go everything you need is in the garage.
Well I must say you did a nice job on the windows.  I noticed a few of your buddies stopped by and were talking to you. They seemed pretty amused by you but I noticed the one guy with the longer blonde hair seemed to be looking you over from top to bottom and if I am not mistaken there was a bulge forming in his pants.
Ok tonight we are going to have a lot of fum.  We are meeting up with some of my girlfriends and having a ladies night out.  There is a bar downtown that is sponsoring a strip contest one for boys and one for girls.  We thought it might be fun to enter you in the girls contest and watch the surprise on everyone’s face when your little clitty pops out.  Shut up you will do what I want you lost fair and square!  Now put this outfit on this one first.
Tumblr media
Well there is no question that dress will get a lot of attention..  You would be able to work the crowd in that dress and tease them for a long time before you let it drop to the ground.  But before we decide lets see you in the next outfit.
Tumblr media
Oh my goodness that outfit will give everyone whiplash as you walk past them.  You don’t mind having your cute bubble butt on display for the everyone do you?  But even if you did it doesn’t matter.  Well I think I have made up my mind but you know what lets send your picture in that outfit to that boy who was eyeing you earlier to day and ask him if he thinks you look good in it.  I can’t believe how quickly he responded and look what he said - “Sissy you look absolutely fantastic!  You are the cutest girl I have every seen.”
Hmm you know if we put you in the strip contest i ahve to spend a lot of time making up your face and getting you a nice wig.  I don’t know that I want to go to all of that effort though so I think I have a change of plans.  Here Sissy go put this dress on and show me how you look.
Tumblr media
Now that is a great looking dress on you.  It looks sexy and maybe even a bit sluttly but it fits you perfectly.  So you know what we will do we’ll go to that dance club over by the college campus.  And to make sure you have a good time why don’t you email you friend that thinks you look so sexy and tell him you will be there and you love to have him come over and spend the evening with you.  Oh you will do it and do it now or so help me I will throw you in the car and drive you into the city and leave you on the street  in the red light district with no ID and no money or phone.  That’s a good girl I thought you’d send it.  Oh and he is going to be there isn’t that nice.
Well tonight will start a whole new chapter in your finding out what it is like to be a girl.   While we are oat the club you will ask your new boyfriend if he’s like to spend the night with you.  I’m betting he will so you can bring him here and you two can use the guest room.. But just so you know I will be watching you on video and you better be acting like a girl as it will help me make sure my BF is really in the mood  when we get into bed.
I hope you are enjoying getting an new perspective on what being a girl is like..
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nightowlfandom · 7 hours ago
Billy Loomis and Stu Macher X Reader- Jokes on you... (Part 1/2)
Hi Miss Night owl :) I have a request to ask of you when u have time . Can you pretty please do a.smut fic with Stu and Bill ; where Y/N is a new student, Stu and Billy was the first to befriend her, But like within a month Y/N ended up being targeted by ghost face , she comes face to face with him and instead of fear , shes just flat out turned on lol.
Can you use 1, 2 , 3 and 5 from your X-Rated list pleaaaaase ❤💖
Shoooooottt, let’s fucking GO!!! Also I hope you don’t mind, I took some creative liberties of my own...hehe. girl I am so fucking sorry I didn’t get to your request earlier. HERE IT IS THO. (All your prompts will come in part 2 when the smut goes down)
1- Look at me when I fuck you!
2- Oh, you’re so cute with my cum in your mouth…don’t spill it, darling…swallow it all.
3- I said FUCKING BEG!
5- Bend over the counter and stick that ass out, baby.
“Nice notebook.”
You looked up from what you had been doing to find a slightly greasy looking guy sitting across from you.
“What’s wrong with cute stickers.” you slightly pouted. You thought the little graphic of a cartoon egg relaxing in a bowl of ramen was cute of course next to your sticker of a kitty shooting rainbows out its butt. 
“Nothing at all, it was a compliment.” 
“Oh...thanks.” you looked down. You went back to your business, only for him to keep talking.
“I’ve never seen you around here before.”
You looked up from your notebook again, your face twisting into a slight pout. “I just transferred.” 
“So you’re new?”
“Uh-huh.” you nodded shyly. You looked back down. 
“So you gonna tell me your name?”
“Y/N.” you smiled shyly. 
“Y/N...nice. I’m Billy-”
“AND I’M STU!” A random guy basically fell out the sky, scaring the shit out of you. “You’re pretty cute!”
“Me?..Thank you!” you smiled again.
“Is that a Jason sticker? Holding a cat with a hockey mask? You like scary movies?”
“My mom is a makeup artists for horror movies, so I kinda grew up with them.” you shrugged. 
“Really now? I’m assuming you make figurines out of glitter and pasta?” this Stu character cackled. 
“No!” you whined, hugging your notebook to your chest. “How rude!”
“Oh easy now.” Stu hummed. “It was all in good fun.”
 “Sorry...its just a touchy subject for me.”
“What is? Horror?” Billy asked, raising an eyebrow. 
“Yeah...I’ve just...” you trailed off. “I just have a very personal relationship with the genre as a whole.” you stood up. “Bye now.”
Billy watched you as you left.
“How soon you thinkin, man?” Stu nudged Billy.
“...Let’s wait a bit.” Billy watched as you knelt by a couple of weeds and picked a dandelion. “She’s interesting.”
“Need some company?” Billy and Stu rushed to your side.
“What’s this?!” Stu slapped a hand over the open page! “Who is this?!”
A very detailed drawn figure of a tall figure was clad completely in black. Well, they’re shirt was fully unbuttoned showing a very impressive physique. The only thing missing was their mask...which you’ve yet to draw.
“Nothing!” you whined. “Gimme!!”
“You’re a pervert aren’t you.” Billy began flipping through your notebook. “Check it out, naked lady.” Billy nudged Stu.
“You two wouldn’t understand.” you frowned. “Why can’t beautiful people be murderous! You wouldn’t expect a drop dead gorgeous person to slit throats in their free time.”
“If I didn’t know any better-” Stu began. “I’d say the killer thing turns you on.”
“WHAT!? PFFFT NOOO!!” your voice went way to high for you to be telling the truth.
“Lying is a bad thing for you sweetheart-” Billy hummed. “You probably have fantasies of that type of thing.”
“Even if I did, that’s no business of yours...or yours.” you shifted between the two. 
The duo watched as you walked off, they were both in a fit of laughter.
You had no idea how many times in the past three weeks these two had butt into your lives but they never left you alone. Soon after, Billy and Stu decided it was time...
You were walking home after a late night at a friend’s house. You were trying to rush because it had been thundering too. It was then you felt like you were being followed. A shadow loomed over you which made you turn around. 
‘Nope nope nope!’ you had began speed walking. You knew how this shit went. You weren’t about to become a statistic. Your mom working in horror movies had you having a lot of interesting conversations with the actual killers and monsters acting on the screen.
You kept walking only to notice there was a shadow in front of you now.
“What the-”
You looked behind you then back in front of you. 
Before you could move, the stranger practically snatched you up. 
“I wouldn’t move if I were you-” a strange voice spoke to you.
You fell to the floor with a thud, crawling back until you hit a wall. You were in a basement of some sort. It looked like a nice ass house, but what killer would do his murder from home?? Billy stared at you from under the mask, you didn’t look like the type of girl that was terrified by this situation. 
You were looking around, avoiding his eyes. Usually victims would look him in the eye and plea for their lives. Your wrists were chained in front of your body, making it hard to moved.
You shouldn’t have even spoken because this Ghostface was angered. He drove his knife into the wall, less than three inches from your head. 
You gasped, but not the type of gasp that someone who was in fear would make. Billy raised an eyebrow (under the mask of course). How strange for a girl to not be scared of him. That was a first. 
“I don’t know what you want but I can assure you I do not have it!” you tried to reason.
 This Ghostface knelt in front of you making a heart with his hands. 
“Charades? I like charades!” your voice went very high. “Heart, love. oh my god you’re gonna rip my heart out!”
“Nuh uh uh~” he sang. He pointed towards you, then to himself, then made the number 3 with his fingers.
“Me and you...Y-you’re gonna stab me three times?” you squeaked. He then tilted his hand under your chin and made you look up. He made the ‘okay’ symbol...then inserted his knife handle through the ‘O’.
“Ooooohhh...oh I get it now.” you laughed nervously. “Oh my...” you began fanning yourself. “What’s wrong with me.” you squeaked. “Y/N you are literally about to die, now is not the time-”
Billy tilted his head to the side as you began cursing yourself. He took note of the way you squeezed your legs together. You looked so pathetic there. You looked up at him for a second, feeling your breath hitch.
“S-so you things to me? Wait...where does the number three come from?” you whimpered.
As if someone answered you, another Ghostface walked around the corner. 
“O-okay. One...two.” you moved from each figure. “I don’t understand...”. The second Ghostface neared closer and slowly slipped his hands into yours, turning your finger towards you. “Three.” you squeaked. “Okay.” you shifted in your chains. 
“Let me get this two kidnapped you two could-”
“That’s right, sweetheart.” the first ghostface finally spoke. “We we’re gonna kill ya but...shit do you look so helpless there.”
“Say what now!”
“Easy now~” the second ghostface trailed knelt down in front of you and traced a gloved finger down your cheek. “It was a compliment.”
“Huh? Y-you said that like someone I know.” you stammered. “Or maybe I’m just hallucinating because why the FUCK aren’t I screaming right now?” you whispered. “No, this isn’t happening, I don’t like this-”
“Lying is a bad thing sweetheart.”
Despite the both of them being voice-changed, there was a familiarity to their voices. 
“You said that like some one I know too-” you whimpered. “Matter of fact you said that almost exactly the same way-”
You didn’t know what was gonna happen, but Lord help you.
(Next part will have....that good shit hehehe)
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sugardaddykenma · a year ago
i'd say you're perceived as a steady pillar amongst your friends but that you can also be quite indulgent? you're seem very chill and go w the flow, so long as you're within your comfort zone. i know someone w pisces moon + air rising too so you might have the tendency to spread yourself too thin or feel responsible for things you want to avoid. people might find you easy to talk to but you tend to keep your worries to yourself... this all makes me wanna ship u w matsukawa
When I read “spread yourself too thin” I literally went 😳😳🤡
other than that I’m unable 2 tell my own personality ah YiKes will get another friend to confirm
This is literally so cute n detailed why r u so sweet huh literally let me give u a lil kith
As for shipping me w matsukawa I’ve made a gift of a photo I shall delete soon
[EDIT: photo deleted for context]
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