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me in undergrad to a classmate: there's something weird about being mutuals with your professor on social media
me in postgrad to a classmate: hey did you see the art michael posted?? those parallel lines, man
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Its the third week of class and I have only the most tentative of ideas for my overall thesis project. That being said, my lab is going to a conference in February and we are all presenting posters so I have to write and submit an abstract in the next few weeks. Advice anyone?

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I’m also taking a course called Communication and Conflict and just read over some of the handouts for the first class and for a second I thought, “oh fuck am I not ready to have this class lining up with this year’s political debates”  

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today has been totally wild for my professional self-esteem. like when the national archivist was answering questions, and one of my coworkers asked me what archivists actually do, I was like “yeah!! I know how to do this g-d I can’t wait to have A Career.”

and then now I’m thinking about grad school and my stomach hurts and like….. I’m on the email list and it’s just raising all of these questions. like they keep sending around info about conferences and submitting papers and putting profiles up on the website and I’m just like “….. do I have to do that. am I. included in this. will someone please tell me how to be in grad school?”

(confession time: that conference I went to in March? I, uh… didn’t talk to anyone. I was there to network and I failed miserably. I went to one “young professionals” mixer at a bar but it was loud and I didn’t know how to make small talk, and I signed up for a lunch thing but they didn’t tell me where I was supposed to meet so I missed it, and at one point I sat next to a guy in a presentation who had sat next to me at a restaurant so we made a stilted comment each about hamburgers. that was literally the entire extent of my human interaction–everyone else at that conference had come with a friend and I had no idea how to enter a conversation except hover awkwardly near a group of people and hope that someone asked for my business card.)

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C comes home tomorrow after 10 days of climbing and camping, so I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy my last night of ‘solo’ apartment time, but I’m too lazy to paint my nails & I’m not really sure what movie to watch & I don’t want to drink or pay for food, so somehow I decided that I’d take the evening to focus on GRE studying* and listening to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Kiss album.

*in case anyone is following Kate Goes to Grad School: I’m retaking the GREs to see if I can score higher ‘cause maybe I’ll end up transferring or I will want to apply for a PhD program slash I already paid the fee and it’s some $$$$.

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