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#i love you guys. my gender is the guy in you guys
deansmom · 16 days ago
another non-binary friend here ! you're honestly doing great, i wish everyone would express their confusion the way you did. im not NT so i might be biased here but your explanation of your confusion abt the depths of gender and identity spelled out compassion and sincerity in big, sparkly letters to me and also made me snort-laugh. it's awesome and it makes me feel respected as a person. <333
🥺 that’s very kind but also respecting your existence is the absolute bare minimum that anybody can do lol. I remember learning what being trans meant as a little kid and just being furious that anybody would be mean to someone for just existing as they are 😂 I totally didn’t get it for a long time, but I’ve done a lot of reading and stuff as I’ve gotten older and actually meeting trans people made it click - I’m probably never going to get it bc I’m cis (I think?) but I’ve always just looked at identity stuff like I don’t have to fully get it to just not be a piece of shit?
Everybody deserves to exist and be comfortable with themselves and the inner workings or thought processes of that isn’t anybody else’s business, unless they invite you into it.
This is a very roundabout way of saying that this is terribly kind and I’m Trying To Understand, But I Love And Support You. Also, if you know of any explanations of the intricacies of gender that is geared towards kids I would probably benefit from reading that 😂 I had that thought last night and forgot to Google it, damn, okay bitch, come read this in the morning and Google it!!!! Awake Mackenzie, GOOGLE THAT IN THE MORNING
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ectogeranium · 26 days ago
Some guy on tiktok told me he hadn't decided if I was a guy or a girl, to which I responded with a simple "Neat !"
He responds:
"I just decided; you're either a reject or an it"
to which I responded "LMAOOO HELL YEAH!!"
My response; "looool dude, do you really think I care what a stranger thinks about me? Take some deep breaths and chill out."
And due to me calling him "dude", which is something I call everybody, He finally responds; "bold move of you to assume I'm a guy you chocolate mf"
Ch-- Chocolate motherfucker? dhehsbjwanajhsjwjejeej
I told him he was right and I was sorry and if there was anything I could call him to make him comfortable and he never responded 😔... I thought we had a real connection.... @/ username "passiveguy"..... with "cis guy" in the bio.... come back to me.... I miss you 😭😭😭😭😭
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krajta · a month ago
you guys can't keep going insane for every 5'3 feminine "gender" guy character who had no personality beyond being a popular choice for catboy edits and maybe has a "sad" backstory copy pasted from a different 5'3 feminine catboy character youre all so predictable 😭
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startrekdickovery · a month ago
This, all of this, and more
People ask me why I love L’Rell so much, and although I’ve gotten better at explaining why, it’s so nice to see so many of my points summarized and presented concicely
And after being made to feel like I was crazy for liking such a problematic character on tumblr, it’s so damn refreshing to go outside my usual fanosphere to find people who love her and are compelled by her just as much as I am. She’s so deep, so complex and amazing, and seeing other people in the Star Trek community commend her character for her nuance and complexity restores faith in the Trek community as a whole
Anyways, everybody say thank you Jessie Gender
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