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#peter parker au


Warnings: Mild Profanity

Word Count: 1396

Summary: Nixie’s living her great life as the star student at Manhattan Science Prep as well as being the daughter of the billionaire/superhero Tony Stark while also being Manhattan’s local superhero, Moonflower. But that changes when Tony transfers her to Midtown High.

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To the Moon and Back (Peter Parker x Stark OC) Masterlist - Ongoing



Two local superheroes of two different neighborhoods finally meet, will this turn into a rivalry or an opportunity to become a dynamic crime fighting duo?

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The red and white mask falls onto the couch. All peter longed to do was be with his daughter and wife but patrol ran long and he was late coming home.

His senses alerted him though, he listened for the sound of the two of you and he could locate that you were in your daughters room. A soft singing voice leaving your lips as you sung a gentle lullaby to your small baby.

Peter follows the voice, still in his suit he follows the sound of your soft voice and the cries dying down. He is able to stand in the door and listen to the sweet song. He loved the sound of your voice, a sweet hum when cleaning or working. A soft song when getting ready in the morning we’re all little things that made him smile.

“Daddy should be home soon—“ right as you started you saw peter and almost jumped. “Peter you scared me!” You take a deep breath and he comes to your side. “She wants you.” You pass over the smal girl who immediately snuggles closer with her father. Peter smiling touching her small face that had similar features to his.

“Hey ladybug, daddy missed you.” He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. “Mommy sing to you tonight?” The sweet girl started to doze off in his arms already making all your work seem worthless as all she needed was peter.

With a soft kiss he placed her in her crib. He came over to you and kissed your forehead as he holds you as you two walk back into bed. He strips of his suit and goes to the shower before cuddling up with you. The sound of your baby cries again stopped his shower as he hops out and heads to the nursery where you’re there again, singing but this time he let you sit on his lap and the three of you were in the nursery while you sung and both peter and your little ladybug.

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Twins. You almost fainted when you found out the news of twins being inside of you. One baby was anxious but two? You two weren’t prepared.

But peter oddly knew, he had heard two heartbeats often but just thought that it was yours mixed with the one baby. He didn’t think it was two.

Now you both were at home, your shirt was up as peter rubbed the stomach calming you down. Laughing at the kicks and kissing softly hearing the heartbeats.

“Peter…I’m sorry I can’t act like everything is fine. I’m scared, not of us having two babies but…my birth and how can we afford the space and two of everything pete—I want to give them the best life possible and—“ you start to tear up and peter reaches up to hold your face.

“Hey, hey, I know. I’m scared too, I’m so scared of everything that’s about to happen and we’re here for each other. It’s gonna be hard but we have amazing support and we have each other. Everything is gonna be okay.” He kisses your cheek and then your lips. His hand falls back to the stomach and he moves his hand. “One is right here, and the other…” he guides your hand, “is right here. She hasn’t moved much but I can hear her heartbeat.” He smiles at you and you hold his hand feeling him move it around to feel your babies.

“I love you.” You sniffle and he kisses the tear that falls from your cheek.

“I love you too.” He moves his hand back to your cheek. “You’re gonna be okay, everything is gonna be okay.”

He wasn’t sure though, he was freaking out in his own mind how he was going to be a father. With a lack of one in his life he didn’t know how to treat kids. But he would learn, he would do everything to protect his girls and if that meant stop saving the city for a little while that was okay.

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Peter parker had super strength. It was no secret but he had control over it. For the most part he always had control over his strength.

“Fuck peter!” You cry out as he grips the headboard and pounds into you. Taking advantage that aunt May won’t be back until midnight but had said maybe its best for you to sleep on the couch.

“Oh fuck you feel so good!” He cried out before you both felt a sudden crack beneath you. He didn’t move for a second but then felt the bed crack underneath you and completely fall. A soft yelp leaves your mouth as you look at peter who’s still inside you with shock.

“Peter….” you say with fear and as if breaking the bed wasn’t enough you heard Aunt May coming home laughing slightly drunk.

“Shit.” He slides out of you quickly almost cumming as he does. He throws you your shirt and places his on too. Throwing you some sweats before sliding on his boxers still disappointed he didn’t get to cum. “She’s gonna kill me!” He cries out as he panicking and places the pants back on and looks at his bed.

“Peter how did you even—“ you still laying on the broken bed he looks at it in shock.

“I don’t know! You just felt so good and I was in the moment and fuck I need to finish.” He looks down seeing he’s still hard and you throw a pillow at him.

“We’re gonna die and you need to fucking cum!” You cry and you can hear May coming down the hall and peter locks the door.

Luckily she was too drunk to check up on the two of you but by morning you and peter had the akward interaction of asking for a new bed.

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I hope you’re doing better, love :’)

  • peter is a soft boi
  • We all know this
  • But like when you get sick
  • :(((
  • He’s extra soft
  • He buys you your favorite flavor of cough drop/throat lozenge
  • And he makes sure that you’ve got a bottle of cough syrup or just cold medicine that you’ll actually like
  • So that you don’t resist taking it
  • Honestly you do resist taking it because it tastes like butt it’s fun to see Peter get all panicky like bUtWhAtiFyOuDiE
  • You don’t tease him too much tho because I have a feeling that that boi cries easily
  • I would not be surprised if you refused to take your syrup and he was like pLz nO and just burst into tears kandjakf
  • But the cuddles
  • oh
  • the cuddles
  • They’re always perfect
  • But when you’re sick they just hit different
  • Peter wraps you up in blankets and holds you like a lil baby
  • Prob kisses your nose or some stupidly cute bs like that
  • definitely rubs your back when you fall asleep
  • If you’re throwing up he’ll sit by the toilet with you and rub your back and bring you water and help you rinse out your mouth
  • 100% panics when you throw up tho is like :o that’s not good
  • Teases you about your raspy voice but then feels bad and apologizes 64769028685396 times
  • the kind of man to make you soup
  • homemade
  • And like
  • it’s better than canned
  • May gave him the recipe lmao
  • But like three meals a day you will be having this
  • So
  • I hope you like soup

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Previous Chapter Ten: For the Great Good Part Two

Hi All. Thank you for reading. This is for prompt ten of whumptober: Internal Bleeding and blood loss.

References to suicide.

Chapter Eleven: Where in the World is Peter? 


People were talking around him. They were the type of murmurs you could never hear the exact wording no matter how hard you concentrated. His head lay heavy on the pillow, sunk into the dent worn in it by time. He found the same experience with his limbs. They were all but useless at his side besides the small twitch in the ring finger of his left hand.

Time held no meaning in that state of immobility and exhaustion dragged him back to sleep whenever consciousness creeped back in. Inside the immobile body his cells worked to heal and repair the damage from the attack and fall, though his mind remained unaware. Hours or weeks could have passed, and in some ways they did but Peter wasn’t aware to the consequences of this yet.

He woke up to the sound of voices again. Shaking from the effort, he cracked an eye open. There was a young nurse sitting on a stool near the door. She was on some talking into type of boxed hospital phone. Her intonation rose and fell as skimmed through some paperwork on a clipboard. Peter closed his eyes and panted while trying to ignore the trembling in his neck. He slept again.

Waking moments were more prevalent from then on. He noticed someone was always stationed in his room no matter the time of day. Some stayed in the chair by the door while others came in and watched TV. They sat in the chair beside him and though he would fall asleep, it this strange state of sickness seem less lonely.

The doctor came sparingly but they made sure to give a progress report when they did. “Low urine output still. Give him more fluids” The doctor said much to Peter’s embarrassment. His palms were clammy against the bedsheets but his arms wouldn’t respond to his attempts to move. His mind wanted to claim health, that he was fine and could go back, but his body knew what his mind wouldn’t acknowledge: Peter was hurt and it was taking too long to heal. His heart was beating fast but his pulse pressure remained low. He wasn’t just tired but had full exhaustion and fatigue in his muscles.

Sometimes he pretended they were talking about somebody else so he didn’t have to be embarrassed. Like he wasn’t invisible and they weren’t talking around him. Other times he couldn’t follow the updates from the people. He’d get lost in the numbers and vocabulary, the twisting sentences that almost seemed like they contradicted themselves. A headache formed and he would block out the sounds instead of trying to wake up. Still, Peter slept on.

When he opened his eyes without strain and forethought, it was night. He stared at the moon from his spot on the bed. It hung low and thick in his window. The yellow and dark watercolors of the face casting a strange tint across the room and the blankets covering him. The face stared right back at him all dark eyes and long mouths. Did the man in the moon pity him or was he laughing?

Peter took a mental stock of himself. He tensed his muscles pushing them to see how they functioned after no use. He was breathing hard from his exploration, his legs twitching and restless. With slow, measured movements Peter pushed himself to sit, though his stomach muscles protested the whole way. Hunched over and catching his breath, Peter thought about his next options.

The memories of how he came to be in the hospital were gone, but he knew he had to get out. The more time spent here, the easier it was for the men to come back. They would fine him eventually and such public exposure would work against him. Peter almost caved against the onset of his plans and fell back onto the bed, but he held firm. Rhodey and Tony’s faces appeared before him like apparitions in a ghost story. Their transparent expressions yelling at him to run as invisible enemies attacked them. A branch in the tree outside moved with the wind, disturbing the shadows in his room, and they were gone. He would find a way out for them.

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  • You bring your puppy over and his soft goes !!!!!!!!!!
  • Puppy!!!!!!!
  • He doesn’t have to do much to get on the puppy’s good side at first and it crawled into his lap at one point
  • He picks it up and goes to boop noses
  • He is not met with nose
  • teefies
  • He just kinda sits there like ???
  • You kinda :o for a moment and then you’re laughing more than you’ve ever laughed before
  • “Don’t mock me!”
  • He’s so sad omg
  • He’s like really I thought we had something here fren
  • Constantly reminds the puppy that he bit him one (1) time
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HI GUYS IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS FUCKING SERIES OH MY FUCK. Okay but this is a post-freshman year of college summer break AU, and it does mention some of the canon plot elements from the marvel/Spider-man Universe so please keep that in mind! There will also be spanish in this series and broad descriptions of the reader because she’s a Delmar-but the spanish is relatively basic and I tried to use like universal spanish but uh it was lowkey weird for me bc I speak spanish in the mexican and puerto rican dialects. If you’d like to be tagged pls lmk 

Warnings: spelling and grammar errors, cussing, mentions of Tony Stark’s death, angst, mentions of violence, future violence (fighting and shit), future mentions of weapons, future smut (possibly), future mentions/alluding to depression and anxiety.

Word count: 2.3k

Latina!Fem!Reader x Peter Parker

Series Masterlist (in the works)

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20 minutes. You and peter had twenty minutes until May would be back from the store and you both were trying to take advantage of it the most you could. The Star Wars movie left unattended to on the screen as you pushed peter deeper into the bed to kiss.

“May might come home early.” He breaks in between kisses. He moves his hand off your lower hip to grab the webshooters at his side table, using one real quick to web the door locked.

“Then be quick pretty boy.” You tease as you let your hands roam at his abdomen. Without even thinking he thrusts his hips up to yours when you shift in his lap. The sensation being enough for both of you, more that you get an idea.

You start to rock your hips slowly, a moan he tries to hide leaves his lips and the fabric of your shorts and his sweatpants was thin but not thin enough.

Not wanting to take your chances, or really either of you have the energy or strength to take off your clothes you feel his hands guide your hips as if you were riding him. Moving them back and forth as you let your head fall into his neck leaving airy kisses against him.

“MMh,” he grunts as he pulls your hips down tighter and you could feel him twitching inside his pants. He doesn’t even think as he moves his hand down to your clit and starts to rub you through your own high. “Fuck!” He nearly shouts as he thrusts his his up into yours and you collapse on his hand.

He plants a soft kiss to your cheek as even you don’t really know what just happened. You had sex, but not much. Nothing crazy yet. Just two two of you being sweet and semi-akward.

“I’m so sorry.” He realizes the wet patch at his pants, how hard he came when he didn’t even know he needed it. “Oh my god please don’t think—“ he gets red and you laugh softly before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Petey, it’s okay.” You nod and kiss his cheek. You touch his hair softly before falling into the spot of the bed next to him. Still feeling on a high he’s snapped out of it quick when he hears the front door open and may call out.

“Peter? (Y/n)? Can you come help me?” She calls out and you both look at the webs.

“Peter?” You ask already scared of what he’s about to tell you. The webs have to dissolve.

“I know…”

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  • hihihi!! 
  • I think he knows how much it means to you that you’re able to come out to him
  • He’s really really happy that you feel comfortable enough to
  • He’s an idiot really supportive friend
  • But sometimes he messes up pronouns
  • He tries his hardest that’s not the issue
  • It’s just a force of habit for him
  • But every time that it happens
  • He apologizes profusely, restates the sentence with correct pronouns, and won’t bring it up again unless you ask to speak to him about it
  • He makes sure to note that it’s not because he truly sees you as whatever gender he’s just misgendered you as
  • It’s just that head empty
  • No thoughts
  • Wbk he trips over his words a lot and I feel like that’d come back to bite him in that situation because he goes too fast
  • He feels really bad every time but you understand that it’s a bit of a  change and because he’s so respectful and polite about it
  • You don’t get angry
  • You can tell that he’s trying and that he loves you :’)
  • This situation really makes him think more before he speaks though because he cares a lot about you and wants to make sure that you know that
  • I think that he’d ask you from time to time (or every day) how you were feeling
  • He wouldn’t treat you any differently based off of your answer
  • But he just wants to know
  • If you want him to, he’ll use pronouns based off of what that day/week/month/etc is like
  • Which is why he asks
  • He won’t correct people that use the wrong pronouns unknowingly
  • Because he doesn’t want to come out for you
  • So unless you publicly come out he won’t do anything
  • But he will grab your hand and squeeze it if someone misgenders you
  • If the person does know and uses the wrong pronouns
  • Accidental or not
  • He will cut them off, correct them, then let them continue
  • If you ever need to borrow some of his clothes he is 100% down
  • and if you wanted to go shopping for new clothes just bc you feel like you need a change
  • He’ll go with you
  • Stark pays well
  • if he goes out and sees a product relating to genderfluidity like a lil button or something or a tiny flag
  • It’s coming home with him
  • He finds a lot of funds and donates 
  • You have like 0639769376 buttons that you don’t know where to put 
  • You managed to cover an entire backpack with them like not even just a pocket or something like no the whole thing
  • seriously he’s draining his bank account one pocket sized flag at a time
  • overall just 10/10 supportive
  • :’) Congrats on coming out love, if you’ve just done so, and even if you haven’t, I’m still really proud of you <333

Taglist: @5aftermidnight @spideyyypeter @book-wyrm-snacks  @lou-la-lou @ilostcount-helpme @snazzy-posts @meisiisem @stevieboyharrington @clean-and-claire @peter-null @embrace-themagic @yafriendlyfangirl @fandomnerdsarecool @ellie-emb @soniaxmsj @avngersunite  @sparkling-gayyy @nervous-shawn @americaswritings @robinkat3 @buckybabyy @mrsstarkstrange @servamp-addict @alexiamiky2003 @freightcarcap @dumbasscorn @multifandomshitblog@chloe-geoghegan1  @serpent-tea @marvelouspottering @swansong321 @xinyourdreamsx @melannchoholic  @infinitywarrior @1penryn @spideymood @hp-hogwartsexpress @marvelandsuchstuff @marauders-trash-forever @lensedwriter  @gaylactic  @positiveparker @thisismysecrethappyplace @bellamyblakemorley @flower-holland @coonflix  @mamarhee @marcymakemagic @tomshufflepuff @obsessedfangirl4lyfe @jade7he9em @spiderman-n @psychofangirl @lush-bby @delicately-written @tnrthings @goldenariana @gummyhoneybees  @captainbuckyy @mysticracoon  @maraudersandco  @sock-and-sandles @potterhead-of-ilvermorny @spencer-is-too-perfect  @whysoseriouspadfoot@existingovertherainbow  @graciegxo @silverquartx  @smhavengers @nefelimalfoy @sedanleystanley @yallgotkik @jessicaklehrwinchesters  @screeching-student-unknown @soakingandsoaring @chrisstabme @itsanarttodie @galaxyoffangirls @just4muggles @everything-s-comin-up-aces @binki-g  @tomhollandhasnolips @justinekomwriterkru @boomtownboy @sedanleystanley @starryeyedsupernova @mcu-potter-pirate  @the17resa  @chillinjules  @majesticavenger @honestlylrh @thewitchmadness @righttide  @its-the-unknownspideywrites@hero-ically @itshelaodinsdottirbitch @lovinnholland @sewarner @its-shaula-wii @bloomingonmay @lokeystan  @jbetsiea7-23 @rose-aesthete @hp-hogwartsexpress @babebenhardy @sincerelyfan @jackiehollanderr  @duvetsandpillows @abitofeverythinggg @httpmcrvel @its-20-bi-teen @lavender-writer @marvelpoststuff @marvel-is-a-mood

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“Ned go left, go left!” Two hours. Your boyfriend had been sucked into the video game for two hours, you didn’t mind watching him but there was a point where you wished he listened.

“Peter I’m ordering takeout. What do you want?” You groaned, his eyes don’t even flicker away from he game he just gives a simple ‘yeah, okay’ completely ignoring the question. “Peter I’m taking off my shirt.” Again, completely ignored you saying ‘cool, babe!’ As he focused on the game.

You order what you both like before coming back to the couch finding your way into Peters lap. Kissing at his neck softly while he yells at ned through the headset.

“Peter,” you kiss again and again. “Take a break for me?” You shift enough just to rub yourself accidentally against Peters tigh, you wore the thinnest pair of silk pink shorts and he cold feel you through them. His thigh accidentally flexes under you making you smirk with an idea.

You slowly rub yourself back and forth, rubbing him in the processes. His grip on the controller starts to go loose and you can hear Ned yell at him through the headset for getting him killed.

“Baby what are you doing?” His soft brown eyes flicker over to yours, his lashes bat a few times and you catch his lips against yours only rubbing him harder. He throws his head back slightly before ned yells at him again.

“No ned! (Y/n) is here shes…” he watches you use his thigh to get off, he’s already hard under your touch and how he desperately wants you to pull him out of his sweats and how he wants to fuck you on the couch. “She’s doing some homework.” He lies clearing his throat before going back to the game.

“Peter,” you let out a soft moan into the crook of his neck. “Peter I’m gonna cum.” You cry as you shudder under his thigh, feeling yourself shaking softly and he too is on the verge of loosing himself.

You rest there for a bit before pulling your head from his neck, his hands blank on the controller and ned is yelling at him.

“I’ve gotta go,” Peter presses pause. “Foods here.” Was all he said before turning off his headset and throwing it across the floor not caring.

“I’m sorry—“ you start as you see how dark his eyes are and his arms are flexing as they pin you down. You can’t tell if he’s mad or turned on or both.

“No you’re not.” He catches your lips and rips off the shorts quickly. Maybe you would use the technique of using his thigh more often to get his attention, or maybe next time you would just touch yourself in front of him and see how it goes.

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College classes online weren’t ideal, you and peter both had morning classes and would reside in his dorm doing the work while his roommate was out. But there was a slim hour and a half where you didn’t have a class and peter did, that’s when the most fun happened.

“And what do we get when we subtract Y from the equation bringing over…” Peter wrote away at his notes for physics, something he was already good at but needed to get out of the way. You lay on his bed scrolling through your phone before getting an idea.

Jumping down from the bed you walk over to peter, first giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek and moving out of frame before getting on your knees.

“What are you doing?!” He drops his pencil and looks at you in a panic state.

“Relax, you already know this stuff and I’m bored.” You say with a pout as you pull the string loose of his sweatpants. His hands grip the desk as he still acts as if he’s taking notes.

You slowly lower your mouth onto him, taking what you can’t into your hands as you start with just teasing. Letting your tounge flick over his tip and watching his knuckles go white as he tries his hardest not to show he’s distracted.

“Peter,” he doesn’t even hear the voice for a moment. He’s so focused on you and trying not to make noise he doesn’t hear his professor call his name. “Peter parker.” This time you stop and he fumbles quickly to unmute.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat the question?” He picks up his pencil and you start bobbing your head again. He tries to keep a straight face.

“I asked what was Y.” His professor put him on the spot.

“Y…” he looks down at his notes feeling the familiar feeling inside him, one that made him want to push your head all the way down hearing you choke around him, tears leaking from your eyes ruining your mascara and swallowing every last drop of him. “Y is..2.3 repeating.” He is able to say with a straight face before muting himself.

“Very good. Did everyone get that?” His professor speaks before peter is able to turn off his camera and take a handful of your hair pushing you down on him. Trying to moan quietly so that the mic doesn’t accidentally turn on exposing the two of you.

“Shit.” Peter groaned as he bucked his hips up to where he heard the sound of himself hitting the back of your throat, your mouth tightened around him as the hot liquid spilt from him. “Fuck!” He falls back in his chair pushing some hair back of his breathing heavily.

You come off of him wiping your mouth with your thumb, making sure he’s watching as you swallow him all. He grabs your face bringing it to his for a kiss not caring about the taste of himself.

“I think you should pay attention to class.” You kiss one more time before moving off him. Leaving him hot and bothered as he watches you walk off to the bathroom shutting the door to wash up.

Collecting himself before he turns on the camera again to pay attention to the last couple minutes of class he quickly remembers your one evening class where he doesn’t have one but you do, how he’ll pay you back then.

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Parings→college!peter x reader

Warnings→smut. This whole thing is smut

Summary→when peter goes away he needs something to help him remember you, the two of you quickly learn that pictures are the way to go but with peter being clumsy, they get leaked. 

A/n→ this was very much so inspired by the one and only dream anon I have on my page. They have dreams about peter almost all the time and this is inspired by one of their dreams. also i didnt make a moodboard bc i wanted to keep this exclusive to all body types so heres just a gif of peter i think is hot and i love the concept of facetime sex with peter/sexting bc yall know that man is not that innocent


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Red lace hugged at your waist.

Two, three, four pictures peter had taken of you in starts of things. First it was simple, cute and innocent. You wore his hoodie but the red underwear that fit perfectly at your waist, that was what was teasing him. it was a picture was laughing, the second one turned into you reaching for the camera, third was you removing the sweatshirt that belonged to peter and fourth was the picture of you in the full lingerie set you had bought for him on Valentine’s Day.

That’s when this had started, Valentine’s Day. Peter had needed to do some shots for his photography class he was taking that semester. The prompt was to capture someone you loved and that’s exactly what he did. First it was to snap pictures of you at the park, having a picnic date. that day was how you got the idea.

“Peter!” You whined with a laugh, your dress sheer but not sheer enough for him to see the surprise you wore under it. You were driving him crazy with the picnic in Central Park, the way the juices of the peach fell down your chin, the way your dress hitched up your legs so loosely exposing your bare thighs, even the way you wiped the chocolate from the strawberry off the corner of his mouth was sexy when it wasn't meant to be. You truly were the sexiest girl he’s ever been with. 

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Warning→smut in the middle, once again slowburn but things are starting to just come together 😌

Summary→ when you give one lie to your mom that you have a boyfriend, she ends up buying an extra ticket for a cruise you guys are going on. Now you’re stuck looking for a fake boyfriend and eventually drag peter in. Except you and peter both like each other and don’t know how long you can last pretending.

A/n→I’m sorry this is a little late! Life has been hectic and I haven’t really been able to actually post a full fic. I’m sorry. I just want to thank you for sticking around with me💗



The two of you sit at a restaurant on the ship. Sitting in the same booth, not speaking much but enjoying each other’s company.

“No onions and I’ll do a Margarita?” you ask the man taking your order and he nods, writing it down. He’s shocked at how they haven’t seemed to card anyone, especially since Peter still looked sixteen. He was more surprised no one tried to hand him a child’s menu at dinner.

Although he learnt that when they don’t card and you get stressed you take advantage of it. He can’t Imagine all the nights you’ve spent by yourself of this boat alone, nursing a bottle of vodka ordered to your room trying to numb away the pain from the hell of a family.

“Oh she’s underage so she’ll just have it virgin.” he tells the waiter quickly before he walks off and the suited man gives you a look before writing ‘virgin’ next to it.

“What’s wrong?” he asks and you just fiddle with the napkin.

“Nothing.” you shrug and he rolls his eyes biting his tongue.

“Really? Im not stupid.” he says and you drop the napkin.

“I never said you were.” you told him and he folded his arms.

“Did i do something? Are you mad at me?” he asks. Shake your head but turn to look at him.

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❝ 𝒎𝒚 𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒚/𝒏 𝒍/𝒏, 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒖𝒑 𝒖𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒍 𝒏𝒐𝒘, 𝒊 𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒊 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒐𝒏𝒍𝒚 𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍. ❞

𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: peter parker x female reader
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: none
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 2k
𝐚/𝐧: there will be a part two.


if you’d woken up this morning knowing you were going to end up collapsed on your bathroom floor barely being able to breathe, you would’ve just hit snooze and gone right back to sleep. and now that you were gripping onto the tub for support desperately so you wouldn’t fall and hit your head on the tiled floor, you honestly wish you had done just that. let’s set the scene. 

you were on your way home from another day at school, your head tipped slightly down as you watched your feet dodge hundreds of shoes walking the same sidewalk as you. your backpack somehow felt heavier as it weighed down on your shoulders, your fingers mindlessly fiddling with the broken strap. you had stupidly let a bad grade cloud your mind for the rest of the day. 

you knew when you pushed away your best friend, peter parker, at lunch, you were being overdramatic. but you’d already been failing the class, and the bad grade just discouraged you even further. peter was surprisingly a good sport about it, even offering to help tutor you. 

“y/n, like i said, i aced this class last year. i’m free to help whenever-just call me and i’ll probably pick up.”

you’d smiled and thanked him for the offer. you followed up with a “that’s because you have no social life other than me, ya nerd”, and he’d laughed and stole your french fries in retaliation. 

but there was a very good reason you weren’t going to peter for help in the first place. see, peter was insanely smart, and everyone around him knew it. not that he was a show off or anything, but it was clear from the way he never seemed to struggle in his classes and how he was always the first one to hit the buzzer in academic decathalon. 

you, being his only best friend, never quite felt like you measured up to his level of intellect. sure, you went to the same smart technology school, but that didn’t mean you had the same approach when it came to classwork. you’d even been in danger of being kicked out once, but it’s not like you told peter. 

and so as you mulled over what to do, you accidentally took two left turns into an unknown part of town instead of taking your usual route home. your eyes flicked around, but your brain was still wandering. this doesn’t look like what it usually does. maybe they did some redecorating. or maybe they moved out. 

you never even entertained the fact that you might be on the wrong, more dangerous path home. you stopped in your tracks when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, and you dug it out. it was peter. 

“hey, y/n? you there?”


“i just wanted to check up on you because i know you were really upset earlier. maybe i could come over later and we could watch a movie or something-if your parents are okay with that. i know they’re still weird about last time, but i swear that wasn’t supposed to blow up-that’s what you get when you buy a chemistry kit from the dollar store, i guess, but-”

“peter,” you interrupted a little loudly, and someone shot you a glance. you didn’t mean to be rude, but sometimes, peter needed a little startle to get his head on straight. “i’d love to have you over. i’ll call my parents now, i’m sure they won’t mind.”

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[Warnings] dark!peter parker x reader, fugitive!prisoner!peter, noncon sex, extreme violence (muirder), bad boy!peter, yandere!peter, highschool sweethearts, domestic abuse

A/N: uhm so yea let me know what you think :)

In which you let Peter go but he can’t do the same. 

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word count: 2.9k

Despite the fact that you’d done nothing incriminating, you were nervous to step through the metal detector. There were so many rules you had to follow even for a small visit. There were certain things you couldn’t wear, all sorts of ID’s you had to bring, and you had to bring Sam along though you were starting to feel grateful for that. It took sixty days for Peter to even get visitation and another six weeks for a non-family member to be allowed to visit him. 

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Follow this group of friends as they navigate how to all live on the same floor. There will be pranks, study sessions, bad decisions, lots of coffee and anything else you could expect to see when an entire friend group lives in the same apartment building. 

A/N: I’m so excited to finally be able to post this! I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and it’s time! New chapters will be posted every Saturday. All chapters are connected but you won’t have to read them in order!  

Word Count: 701

Series Masterlist

Setting down the last box you had, you took a look at the mess that surrounded you, sighing before moving around everything, deciding it was time to take a break and go check on your roommates. 

You, Wanda and Nat had managed to convince another set of roommates to switch floors with you guys. The three of you were the last in the friend group to secure their floor nine apartment. Tony and Pepper had found the building first, and when the apartments surrounding them slowly came up to rent, their friends began filling the empty places. Fate worked in their favor, the whole group had managed to talk their way into getting their apartment of choice.

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