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Name: Quiver

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Have both a “Death stare” and “You’re cool vibe” in your repertoire, use them appropriately.
#meanmuggin #smile #jekyllhyde #jh #skull #beaker #fitness #amazon #warrior #archery #bowandarrow #quiver #olympicweightlifting (at 4 Star Strength)

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Old Man Quiver!
With a severely stiff back and strange aim-cane, this ancient archer always has his sites set on the next target! Once an actual archery enthusiast, he traded all that he loved for the arch, and became the most fearsome and fletched foe!

-jouste the drawbarian

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Name: Quiver

Pronouns: She/her

Residence: Between Unicorn Forest and Pegasus treetops

Occupation: Undecided

Family: Bow (Brother)

Partner: Peacock Paw

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Quiver Distribution has announced they’ve picked up the rights to the throwback thriller Paradise Cove, and will be offering it on digital platforms next month. A contractor and his wife are heading to the shores of Malibu to check out his mother’s beach house. She left it to him, and though the couple has no…

Paradise Cove Arrives On Digital In February was originally published on

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