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#unfortunately i grew up in a comic book shop so like
momolady · a year ago
Werewolf Boyfriend: Dominic
Tumblr media
The new girl in town meets a werewolf who seems to keep getting injured.
Female Reader x Male Monster
A few years ago, your sister, Marie, moved to Hearthway Hollow for a job. It was supposed to be a temporary assignment to renovate part of the elementary school, but she ended up staying.
She also met someone, which was really a surprise to you. Her wedding is coming up, and she invited you to stay with her and her fiance during the event. You know she’s trying to get you to move closer. The two of you were always close, and you have to admit, being so far apart now is getting to you. You have no plan of moving to Hearthway Hollow, but visiting sounds nice.
Part of your wedding gift is to help your sister plan the wedding. Your regular job is an event coordinator, but this will be the first wedding to not actually take place at one of the events you plan. Most of what you do is conventions. You’ve always been a comic fan yourself, so it’s a joy to bring the big gatherings to life and see them through.
Your sister and her fiance Ava pick you up from the airport, and the drive to Hearthway Hollow is breathtaking, the road surrounded on all sides by tall trees and lush greenery. It feels like you’re traveling into another world.
Ava is the school nurse, and she met your sister while she was working on the renovation. Ava is tall and androgynous, and apparently does weightlifting. She towers over your petite sister, but the two act so adorable together that it makes for quite the contrast.
“We’ve got a room all set up for you. Marie was very particular on the bed we picked out,” Ava smirks playfully.
“She’s going to be here a while, and I wasn’t going to just let her sleep on that awful pull-out sofa the entire time.” Marie’s eyes coffee colored eyes dart back to you through the rearview mirror. “Doing alright back there?”
“I’m enjoying the view,” you reply. “I keep thinking this is how fairy tales start out.”
Ava snickers from the driver’s seat. “Aren’t those usually warnings? Did you remember to leave your trail of breadcrumbs?”
“Don’t tease, the witches here don’t eat people.” Marie winks at you.
As you come into town you’re greeted by old buildings that look straight out of an old TV show. There’s a tool shop, a café, and a bright neon sign advertising authentic Chinese food.
“You weren’t joking when you said this place was designed to charm,” you remark.
“Isn’t it cute? But this is just downtown. The rest of the area is more modern. Most downtowns are designed to be a tourist attraction these days, anyway.” Marie looks out the window as the car goes down a winding road. The paved road is really only big enough for one car, and to one side there is a massive drop.
Ava finally turns onto a dirt road leading to the little yellow house you recognize from photos. “If you need to, you can use my old car to get around.” Ava motioned to an old green pickup truck in the driveway. “I’ll get you the keys.”
“Thanks, I’d appreciate that.” You move to get your things from the trunk, but Ava is already hefting them out, her arms flexing to show off muscle.
“Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” Marie grabs your hand and leads you around the house. Since moving to Hearthway Hollow, she’s been working part-time for homeowners until she can start her own renovation company here. In the meantime, she’s been enjoying gardening and building a deck onto the house. “Over here, I’m getting ready to put in some fencing to raise goats. Ava’s friend Beau runs a farm, and one of his goats is about to have kids, so I’ve already offered to take some in.” She looks positively buzzy about it.
“This yard is huge. How much property does Ava have?” you ask.
“She’s a Locklear,” she replies. “They’re basically the founders of this town, so they have lots of land. But Ava and her siblings share plots on their family’s fifty acres.”
“Oh, wow, must be nice. Compared to growing up in an apartment, anyway,” you murmur.
“It’s so different from what we’re used to. I have to admit, getting used to the forest being right at my window was a shock when I first got here. Especially since this place is technically a wolf reserve.”
Your eyes almost pop out of your head. “There are wolves here?”
“Lions, tigers, and bears too.” She says this in such a way that you can’t tell if she’s joking. “Seriously, there are bears here. We’re in the woods, there’s all sorts of animals out there.”
“At least comfort me by telling me there is a comic shop around here. Or at least a bookstore.”
“There’s Nanette's Books, which is pretty amazing. There’s the Hollow Campus, which is near the college, lots of indie stuff. Then there’s The Puppy Nook, which is part toys, part hobby, part comics and the like. It’s your kind of place.”
You sigh with relief. You’re having your mail forwarded, but your weekly trips to your favorite comic shop are your favorite way to unwind. “Usually small towns like this don’t have anything for people under thirty.”
“The college helps,” Marie says with a shrug.
After getting a proper tour of the house, Ava heads out to pick up dinner, and you and Marie lie on the bed and catch up. It’s so much nicer talking in person than on the phone, and you go over stories you’ve already shared. The next day, Ava heads to work, and Marie has a job repairing the railing at a house. You’ve decided to start going through details for the wedding. Already Ava and Marie have some ideas for you - clippings from magazines, a Pinterest board, and some scribbled ideas from Marie’s dream journal.
You take a break and go outside to enjoy some tea while going over the local business in Hearthway Hollow. As you walk across the yard, you get the strange feeling you’re being watched. The hairs at the back of your neck prickle, and you recall that wolves live in these woods. You fear moving, but you have to look up. When you do, you see a goat in the yard. He’s huge and demonic and has a big red bow around his neck.
“Hi, Satan,” you breathe.
The goat looks at you and bleats loudly before trotting around the yard. You notice he has a collar, but you don’t trust it, so you call your sister.
“Oh, yeah! I forgot to tell you, that’s Remi,” she laughs. “He’s the father of the goats we’ll be adopting.”
“Remi? I called him Satan.”
“He’s cute! He belongs to Beau at the big farm. If you take Remi yourself, Beau will load you up with farm goodies as thanks.”
You look back at Remi in the garden. “I fear if I touch him I’ll be sent to hell.”
“He looks frightening, but he’s precious, I swear. As long as you aren’t an asshole he’ll like you. He can sense that.”
You turn and see Remi is now much closer, staring at you. “Where is this farm?”
To your surprise, Remi willingly gets into the back of the pickup truck with you. Taking the directions Marie gave, you head out to the farm. Ava’s old truck makes all sorts of racket, but at first you don’t think twice about it. Fortunately, when you come out to the main road you see signs for the farm. Unfortunately, the truck kicks and sputters, slowing to a crawl. You pull over on the side of the road as the truck makes a horrible grinding noise.
“This isn’t good,” you sigh.
You search the truck for some signs of a mechanic, hoping Ava has a business card. Eventually, you find one tucked into the car visor and give it a call.
“I’ll send Dom out to pick you up.”
“I have a goat in the back of my truck... I don’t know if that changes anything.” You’ve given Remi the contents of your water bottle, since it’s rather warm out.
“Ah, you have Remi!”
How does everyone know about this goat? you ask yourself.
“I’ll make sure Dom gets the proper truck for that. Give him about fifteen minutes.”
You get back into the truck, expecting a much longer wait time than that. Luckily, fortune smiles on you, and the tow truck arrives much sooner than you expected. You get out to greet Dom as he steps out of the tow truck. He’s quite tall, with long, shaggy hair falling over his face and tattoos covering both his arms.
“Oh, hey, Remi.” He immediately approaches the truck bed and starts lavishing affection on the goat. “It’s been a while!”
Remi happily receives the pets and scratches, nuzzling his head into Dom’s huge hands. “I’ll get you fixed up in just a moment,” Dom chuckles.
“I was mainly just trying to get him back where he came from,” you reply. “If we could take him home first, I’d appreciate that.”
“Yeah, no problem.” Dom turns, brushing his hair out of his face. His jaw is scruffy, and he has thick eyebrows. But it’s eyes that catch you - they’re such a pale, bright blue, they almost seem to glow in the daylight. “I’m Dominic, by the way.”
“Yes,” you say in a strangled voice. You quickly clear your throat. “Hi! Um, I’m new here.” You’re not sure why you said that. Something about him is causing your heart to race and your mind to turn to static.
“Okay,” he says with a shrug. He takes Remi and situates him in the back seat of the tow truck. As you drive off, you lapse into quiet. The radio is fuzzy, but you can make out the lyrics to ‘Your Song’. You fidget with your hands and chew on your lip. Dom is silent for a long while, which only adds to his allure.
“Where are you staying?” he suddenly asks. “So I can take you home after this.”
You don’t know the address. “I’m staying with Ava Locklear,” you reply. “Well, her and my sister. They’re getting married, so I came up to help them plan the wedding.”
“I know Ava,” he says. “We grew up together. Her grandmother raised me. I was wondering why you had her truck.”
“Okay, great then!” you say. Then everything goes silent again.
Eventually you pull up to the farm, where a giant of a man comes out with a toddler at his heel. The baby happily greets the monstrous goat, who lovingly circles around him. The man - Beau, it turns out - loads you up with blackberries, collards, and bell peppers to take home as thanks for bringing Remi back.
On the way back, you glance over the bounty in the back seat. “This may sound stupid,” you say quietly. “But what are collards?”
Dom chuckles. “You’ve never had them before?”
You shake your head. “Is it like kale? It looks kind of like flat kale.”
“It’s Southern, very Southern,” he laughs. “Mama Locklear used to have it in the crockpot all day with bacon or ham. She’d pour vinegar over it. But I’m sure there are fancy ways to prepare it that you can find on the internet.”
“Is it good?” you ask.
Dom grins. “If you can cook it right, it’s fantastic.”
He takes you back to Ava’s house, and you give him the key to the green pickup truck. “I’ll call Ava,” he says. “Just to make sure of things, but hopefully I can have it fixed in a day or two.”
“What do I owe for the tow?” you ask. “I can pay for it right now.”
“I don’t have the paperwork or anything. Just come down to the garage when you get a chance.” He hops back into his truck. “Until then.” He drives off.
That evening, Ava teaches you how to cook collard greens from her great-aunt’s recipe. You leave them in the crockpot all night, and while they make the kitchen smell like cabbage farts, Ava assures you they’ll be amazing. “Take some to Dom as thanks,” she suggests. “He’ll love it.”
The next day you go to the garage to pay for the tow. When you do, you see Dom come out from under the hood of the truck. He’s wearing a headband to keep his hair away from his face, and he’s sweated through his t-shirt. “New girl,” he says. He wipes his face with his shirt, giving you a peek at his chest and stomach.
You nervously hold out the container of collards. “Here. I tried.”
He takes them and nods. “Thanks.” He grows very quiet.
You clear your throat. “How much for the tow?”
“Oh, right.” He moves over to the work table and picks up a clipboard. “Um...” he shifts through the papers, then drops the clipboard. He quickly goes to pick it up, but hits his head against the work table as he does.
“Are you alright?” you gasp.
“No.” The grimace on his face says everything. He rubs the sore spot on his head, then hands you the clipboard. “Take that.”
“That sounds like it hurt.”
“It did,” he grumps.
You look down at the clipboard. “Should I take this to the front? I can tell them you need a bag of ice.”
“I don’t need a bag of ice.” He rubs the top of his head, then down his neck. “I’ll be fine. I just feel stupid.”
He looks up at you. “Never mind.” He stands again. “Yeah, just take that to the front office and you can square things away. Thanks for the collards.”
Over the next few days, you notice something strange happening. Each morning when you wake up, you find something left on the porch. It’s odd enough to raise an eyebrow, like bottles of fancy vinegar, or a wrapped country ham.
One morning, when you can’t sleep, you decide to get some tea and relax on the porch in the cool air. When you open the door though, you see something strange. It’s a large, hairy animal, and when it looks up you see bright blue eyes. The wolf turns to run, but slams its head into the gate post and barks out a curse.
A wolf using profanity?
You drop the mug of tea in your hand and it hits the ground, shattering and splashing steaming liquid everywhere. “What’s going on?” Ava calls from inside.
A moment later, Ava is walking out, and your sister is behind you. “Oh, shit, you’re bleeding,” Ava huffs.
“Make her go inside,” the wolf whispers.
Marie tugs your hand. “Come on. It’s okay. Let Ava handle this.”
“No!” you yelp. “What the hell is that? What’s going on?”
Marie gives you a very pointed look. “Come inside, right now. It’s time we tell you everything.”
Marie tells you the secret of Hearthway Hollow - how it is indeed a sanctuary for wolves, but not the wolves you’re  used to. It’s a safe haven for werewolves who wish to live their lives normally. She tells you of their ways, especially the courtship ritual.
As she’s going over this with you, Ava walks in with Dom. His nose is bleeding heavily, and he won’t look at you. “Is he okay?” you ask quietly.
Ava smiles. “His pride is hurt more than anything. Stay here, I’m going to help get him cleaned up.”
You watch as she leads him away, and suddenly your jaw drops. “Ava?”
Marie nods. “She’s a werewolf, many people you’ve met here are. But they’re harmless, and they’re wonderful. And yes, the courtship can be a little tricky and weird to people. But at least he didn’t leave a dead deer for you.”
“They leave dead animals?”
Marie nods. “It shows that they can hunt and provide.”
Ava steps out from the hall. “He’s pouting a bit.” She sits down at the table. “You okay?”
“I’m not sure,” you say breathlessly. “This is all a bit weird.” You glance down the hall and can see the bathroom light is on. “I didn’t think Dom liked me. He always seemed standoffish to me.”
“He’s shy,” Ava replies. “Always has been. He’s the sweetest thing on this earth, but he’s like a timid bunny rabbit. He gets scared and hops too hard and ends up hurting himself.”
You remember that the few times you’ve met, he always found a way to accidentally hurt himself. “Oh. Maybe I should talk to him?” You’re not sure what to make of this. Werewolves have always been your favorite monster. But knowing they’re real and not just pieces of fiction, you aren’t sure how to react.
You find Dom in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub with his shirt balled up under his nose. “You okay?”
He looks up at you with those amazing blue eyes. “No, but I’m fine.”
You smile shyly at him. “So… I know what’s going on.” You scratch at your arm. “If you’d like, we can talk about it.”
He huffs. “I’m not good at talking.”
You close the lid of the toilet and sit down. “It’s still new to me, and I don’t know what to think - werewolves and all that.” You chew your lip for a moment. “But if it helps, I do like you. You’re very cute.”
He looks up again.
“If you aren’t up for talking, maybe we could go see a movie.” You smile shyly. “Maybe, after a while, you’d feel more comfortable talking.”
Dom nods. “That sounds nice.”
It takes a while, but after a few dates, Dom eventually stops hurting himself around you. He jumps less, bumps into things less. He even tells you about how Mrs. Locklear took him in when he was little. You tell him about your job, and he asks you all sorts of questions. He begins to wear his hair back more, letting you see his handsome face. The more time you spend together, the more he opens up to you.
After a few weeks, you have your first kiss. His stubbled jaw is rough against your skin, but the way his large hands touch you makes you feel soft and malleable all over. The kiss is short, but Dom is still quite shy. It takes a few more kisses for him to open up further.
One evening, you’re alone at his place watching a movie and eating take out when he turns to you. “I want to show you something.”
“What’s that?” You lick sauce from your fingers.
Dom swallows and he takes your hand. “I want to shift for you, show you who I am.” Those beautiful eyes of his melt your heart.
“I thought werewolves only changed on full moons.”
He chuckles. “That’s a legend.” He takes your hand and leads you outside. He has you sit down in a wicker chair on the porch, then goes out into the yard. Stripping off his shirt, he begins to grow dark, black fur. His body contorts, jerking and making popping sounds. You watch as he shifts, growing larger and changing into the werewolf you saw that night.
Dom stands there, looking like a timid puppy. “Well,” he grunts. “This is me.” He places his large paws on his chest. “The final part of the courtship ritual is me showing myself to you, scenting you, and asking for permission.”
You bite your lip, unable to ignore how much you actually like it. “Permission for what?”
Dom comes back to you, kneeling before the chair. “To become your mate.”
You grin nervously and giggle. “Well...” You nod. “I would very much like to… mate.” You burst into giggles again. “Sorry! I don’t mean to laugh! I’m excited and nervous and...” You snicker some more.
Dom smiles, kissing your cheek and rubbing his face against yours. You place your hands on his chest and run them up to his face. His fur is soft, but his eyes are even better. You kiss him, feeling sharp teeth but not fearing them at all. Dom licks your neck and gently bites before burying his face there. His hands move up your body, squeezing your soft waist and gently nudging away your shirt.
“Is it really okay?” he asks again.
You gulp and nod. “Yes, of course. I really want this, especially with you.” You look into his eyes. “I’m falling for you.”
Dom kisses you again, moving his hands under your rear and bringing you towards the edge of the wicker chair. He tugs down your leggings and panties, then kisses down your chest and abdomen. He nuzzles your thighs, then looks up at you again for permission.
Your face is burning hot. No one has ever done this for you before. “You sure? Out here?”
“Usually I would take you into the woods.” His laugh is also nervous. “I thought here we’d both feel a little better.” His strong hands open your thighs. He kisses your mound and his tongue darts over your skin.
You take a shaky breath, throwing your head back. You run your fingers through his thick fur, rubbing behind his ears as his tongue touches your vulva. It’s hot and wet, burrowing between your folds. He growls against you as he licks. His trembling hands become more sure as they knead into your hips.
He rises again, licking his chops and breathing deeply as he picks you up and lays you on the grass. It’s cold against your back, but every inch of you is burning hot. He kisses you again, stripping away your shirt and bra before kissing your bare breasts. His warm body covers yours, and his erection pokes against your thigh.
A cold breeze washes over your skin, and you wrap your arms around Dom. He moves slowly, gently, taking his time. Once inside, he starts to tremble again, and he moans into your ear as he pushes himself deeper. Your thighs tighten around him and you let out a groan. His body tenses, and when he thrusts you cry out briefly.
“Don’t be quiet.” he whispers. “I want to hear more of your voice.”
You cling to his back. “Go harder.”
He moans and shudders. He thrusts his hips, dipping deep inside and then pulling all the way out. With a hard thrust he pushes back in all at once. You moan for him. You sing. You don’t let yourself go quiet for a moment.
His howl fills you senses and the heat rushing through you courses through every vein and fiber of your being. You curl up and twist, gasping for air as the wave finally settles.
You wake in bed, snuggled up to Dom’s tattooed chest. His shaggy hair hangs over his sleeping face, but he is still, adorably himself. You kiss his chest and neck, and he begins to stir. He chuckles, meeting your lips.
“So, am I a werewolf now, too?” you ask.
“No, it’s not like that.” He pushes his hair away from his face. “You’re my mate now, so you’ve got something even better.”
“That was fun,” you whisper. “You were wonderful.”
He starts to lift his hand and accidentally slaps his alarm clock off the side table. “Sorry.” He drops his arm again.
You sit up and kiss him. “Why do I make you so nervous? Aren’t you the monster?”
He smiles shyly. “I like you so much. I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it.” He cups your cheek in his hand. “You’re amazing.”
You smile down at him and cuddle back up to his side. “So are you. Nerves and all.”
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bxtty-jxnes · 6 months ago
Riverdale Promptathon- Week 2
Prompts- Orange, Whyte Wyrm and Magic 
TW// Mentions of alcoholism (Jughead is 2 years sober) 
Tumblr media
It was a Friday evening, and Jughead had been dragged to the Whyte Wyrm by his colleagues for after school drinks. He’d only been working at Riverdale High for a few weeks now, and he’d successfully avoided the weekly work night out up until tonight, where he’d ran out of excuses when Mrs Muggs from the art department demand he attend.
And just like Jughead’s luck, tonight was one of the worst possible nights to be forced to socialise with a bunch of acquaintances he works with because he’d had an absolutely awful day. To start the morning off, Jughead had spilled his coffee all down his white shirt just as he was headed out, which meant he’d had to change and ended up being late for work. At lunch, he’d been on supervising duty of the canteen, where he had to break up a fight between two well built jocks, one of which had elbowed Jughead right in the gut and winded him. Later in the day, a grand total of 4 out of his class of 22 students had handed in their assignments, which had to be an all-time record low. Finally to top it all off, one of his students thought it would be hilarious to bring Jughead’s novel to school, and read out passages of the erotic scenes in front of the whole class.
So yes, Jughead had a very shitty day. And the last thing he wanted to do to end it was make small talk with fellow teachers he really had nothing in common with.  It also didn’t help that Jughead was currently 2 years sober so he couldn’t even drink with them to help unwind a little. This is why Jughead is sat alone at a table, stewing in his own anger as thinks back over the day he has had and how much he’d rather be at home right now, cuddled up on the couch with Hotdog and watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation.
Truthfully, Jughead had never planned on becoming an English teacher. He was a writer with a fairly successful published book, but half-way through writing his second, he’d been hit with awful writers block and his savings had dwindled, which meant he’d had to find a temporary job in the meantime to keep afloat.  
Twiddling the straw from his glass of coke, his eyes scan the bar as he observes the other patrons (and his fellow co-workers) let loose after a long week. The room is basked in a dingy orange glow from the cheap bar lights, and there’s a lingering smell of smoke even though there’s a strict no smoking sign indoors. It’s not exactly the kind of place you’d imagine a group of  teachers to hang out in, but Riverdale was a small town, and the Wyrm was one of the only places still open after 9PM.
With a sigh, Jughead plunges his straw back into his glass and takes a large sip, purposely slurping the liquid, a habit he formed as a child and never grew out of. Suddenly he’s startled out of his daze when a feminine voice behind him asks “Bad day?”
Jughead swivels in his sweet, and finds Betty Cooper smiling back at him. “Guess you could say that.” He mutters. He’s met Betty a few times, first when Principle Wetherbee had introduced him to all of the staff on his first day, and then every so often after they’d had small chats in the staff room.
She nods her head towards the spare seat beside him as a silent question, which Jughead accepts with a sweeping gesture of his hand. Once she’s pulled out the chair and taken a seat, she tilts her head and offers him a sympathetic smile. “Anything I can help with?”
Jughead scoffs and downs the rest of his drink. “Well,” he sighs, his glass clacking against the wooden table as he slams it back down, “Unless you can magically cure my writers block then probably not.”
Betty purses her lips, as if actually contemplating the idea. “Oh, well unfortunately I am not magic, so I can’t help you out there. But I could buy you another drink, maybe something a little bit stronger than soda could cheer you up.”
“You know, I would, If only I wasn’t 2 years sober. But thanks for the offer anyways.” He retorts, just as sarcastically. Betty’s smirk instantly falls from her face and Jughead feels just a little bit guilty. Her mouth instead falls open in shock, and her eyes widen almost comically in horror.
“I am so sorr-“
“Don’t worry about it.” He interrupts with a chuckle. “You didn’t know.” Betty’s shoulders seem to sink as she lets out a small sigh of relief. Her smile returns, although a little less bright.
“Can I at least buy you another coke?”
 An hour later, Betty and Jughead have become lost in their own little bubble, chatting about their lives, gossiping about co-workers and just getting to know one another. Jughead has learned that Betty had wanted to be an FBI agent, but dropped out of the academy when she realised she hated adhering to their strict rules. This led her to returning to Riverdale and becoming a shop teacher (she’d been taught all about cars by her father growing up), to save up money so one day she could open her own P.I. firm. This was all completely surprising to him, based on the little knowledge he knew about her before tonight, Jughead never would have guessed Betty Cooper could single-handedly take down 5 men and solve murders, but hey, never judge a book.
He’s also noticed that since joining him, Betty has stuck to drinking soft drinks, foregoing the white wine she was drinking previously in the evening. When she’s ordered her 3rd lemonade he comments “You don’t have to do that you know.”
“Do what?” she asks innocently, with a bat of her eyelashes.
Jughead gestures to her drink “I don’t mind if you want something a little …stronger.” He repeats her words from earlier with a small smirk.
Betty waves him off. “No. I mean, I was kind of close to tipsy before, so I wanted to stop drinking anyways.”
Jughead nods, choosing to believe her and once again scans the bar. Things have gotten a little rowdier than before, a couple of guys are doing shots and cheering at the bar, one couple are practically dry humping on the dance floor and Mrs Muggs is cackling at some gossip her a fellow art teacher has just whispered in her ear. Then his eyes track to the stage, where the bar owner, Toni Topaz makes her way to the microphone.
“How’s everyone doing tonight? We all having a good time?” she calls into the microphone with as much enthusiasm as she can muster. The whole bar cheers, drinks sloshing out of their glasses as they thrust them into the air. Jughead rolls his eyes, drunk adults are as easy to entertain as toddlers, he thinks bitterly.
He notices Betty side-eye him, trying to conceal her amusement at his own exasperation and fighting a smile. “Well it’s about to get a whole lot better.” Toni declares. “We have our first karaoke performance. Please give it up for Dilton Doiley, singing ‘Stayin’ Alive’”
The whole bar whoops and hollers as Dilton runs to the stage and accepts the microphone from Toni. Jughead, however, physically cannot restrain himself from audibly groaning. Betty turns to him once again, quirking an eyebrow at him.
“I think it’s time I head home.” Jughead mutters, running a hand through his hair and gulping down the last of his drink. Just as he’s scraping his chair back to stand, Betty grabs his arm and tugs him back into the chair.
“You can’t leave me to suffer through this alone!” she exclaims. She’s either a really good actor or genuinely afraid to sit through the karaoke by herself because her face looks mildly horrified. With a deep sigh, Jughead gives in and scoots his chair back towards her.
Betty beams at him in response, brushing her hand down the length of his arm to give his hand a quick squeeze in appreciation. When she lets go of him, he instantly misses the warmth of her hand on his and then mentally scolds himself for having such feelings.
It also turns out that karaoke isn’t so bad. In fact, Jughead would loathe to admit it, by the third song he’s actually enjoying himself. His foot unconsciously taps to the beat of Mrs Muggs cover of ‘Dancing Queen’ (which doesn’t go unnoticed by Betty) and he has to keep reminding himself not to smile. He and Betty have also been throwing each other quick quips regarding the dreadful singing echoing through the speakers, which have made him actually throw his head back in laughter.
When Mrs Muggs gives a bow to the audience and hands the microphone back to Toni, he’s checking a message on his phone, barely paying attention to his surroundings when he catches Toni announce his name. His eyes dart up to the stage in confusion, and Toni repeats “Let’s give it up for Betty and Jughead.”
He whips around to face her, eyes widening in mortification and Betty worries her lip as she gives a sheepish smile. “What did you do?” he asks slowly, the realisation of what was happening slowly sinking in. The whole bar are looking at them now and Betty once again grasps his hand in her own.
“Come on Jug!” she begs. “It’ll be fun!”
“No. No way.” He shakes his head adamantly in a similar fashion to a small child refusing their parents orders.
“I’ll be up there with you! Please do this for me.” she pouts her lip and gives him the saddest eyes possible, in a way she reminds him of a sad little kitten, and he can already feel himself beginning to cave.
Jughead gulps, and Betty persists with her green orbs boring into his own. After another few moments of debating, he mutters “Fuck it” and pulls her up to stand with him, tugging her along to the stage.
He can hear the bar patrons all cheering, and Reggie Mantle the gym teacher is hiding a snigger behind his fist as he passes him on the way. Betty is skipping along behind him, hand still firmly grasped in his and looking awfully too proud of herself.
Once he’s on the stage, he refuses to look at the multitudes of eyes staring at him and instead focuses his gaze on the small screen in front of him. He squeezes Betty’s hand once more and wills his erratic heartbeat to slow down. Soon enough, the upbeat tune of ‘Summer Nights’ is blaring through the speakers above him and the lyrics are dancing along the screen.
Jughead begins the song barely singing, and rather talking the words but once the chorus has kicked in and he’s heard Betty’s angelic voice during her own parts, he’s fully into the song and crooning the lyrics down his microphone. His hand stays clasped with hers throughout, and by the time they’ve finished he’s out of breath but he’s actually laughing. The whole bar once again erupt in cheers and Betty lifts their hands with a huge teeth bearing grin across her face, which he mirrors.
They return to their table, after some wolf whistles and cheers from their colleagues and Jughead downs the remainder of his drink, his throat parched after singing. They enjoy a few more performances, laughing together and cheering for the other singers and before he knows it, the bar is on last call.
Jughead walks Betty out, offering her his suit jacket to protect her bare arms from the bitter cold outside. As they wait for her cab, he thanks her softly, and tells her he had a really good night.
“Maybe you are magic after all. I mean nobody’s ever convinced me to do karaoke before.” He laughs, and earns a small chuckle from the blonde in return.
“I guess I can be persuasive when I want to be.” She adds coyly, battering her lashes at him.
Soon the cab pulls up, and Jughead helps her into the car. Betty tries to offer him his jacket back, but he dismisses her and insists she can return it on Monday. This earns him a soft kiss on the cheek, and Jughead has to use all of his willpower not to turn his head slightly so she’s kissing his lips instead. When she pulls away she murmurs a quiet “Goodnight Jughead.” He has to duck out of the car to hide the goofy smile that lights up his face.
As he watches the car pull out of the Whyte Wrym’s parking lot, he realises that maybe working at Riverdale High wouldn’t be so bad.
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wish-spinner · a month ago
look me in the eyes. I'm wearing sunglasses and also inside your phone so you can't but metaphysically please look me in the eyes. What are your Comprehensive Greil Mercenary Literacy Headcanons
i just made the face from the comic on the guy driving and he thinks abt penis. Cracks My Knuckles. get ready
- i think most of them are like. relatively bumpkinish in terms of how they grew up (i. also have hcs for several of them in terms of their parents + their professions but. thats Extraneous here) so i think that more or less, none of them were actually taught how to read as young children with the exception of soren
- soren is by far the Most literate like he can get through rlly dense and verbose texts with ease. his sageparent taught him the basics and from there on out he just kind of. had it down pat?? i think hes always read a lot. just to entertain himself or unwind
- rhys was taught by way of Bible Study basically. i hc that when he was ~12 he started clerical training and generally priests have the distinction of being Educated. him and soren are the only ones who frequently read for leisure
- titania is abt the same Literacy Level as rhys but shes less of a fucking nerd. she learned the basics while working towards Knighthood (bc while its different from irl knighthood, where u were most likely a noble kid who would be training for years and years as a squire + would already know how to read and write, i imagine crimea still likes its knights to at least have a grasp on the written word). and tbh since then??? shes always had sort of a management role in the mercs. im convinced she did the paperwork + finances before soren joined/was old enough
- mist!! is also rather literate!!! she was taught by a combination of all of the above,, images such as titania sometimes letting her watch her write and draft up payment documents. and then her and rhys in the infirmary and shes flipping through a book and asking him abt the odd word she cant figure out?? its Good. tbh mist is just the sort of person where if she finds smth of her interest then she wants to work towards it and get better at it!! shes got a determination abt it and she Did succeed
- oscar is in a similarish boat to titania in that he Is literate bc he was taught in his training for knighthood, not to mention that hes probably been doing the shopping since he was fairly young, so hes got both theory and practical situations under his belt. i cant imagine hes much of a writer however
- rolf!!!! when the three brothers join the mercs, rolf actively Wants to learn how to read!!! bc oscar can and he wants to do it too!!!! unfortunately oscar has spent the past little while being very very busy trying to make sure that the two kids in his care are not starving or freezing to death and thusly hasnt had much spare time to teach him. fortunately at this point mist more or less knows how to read so i think she helps him get going on it. and then a while later once rhys joins?? he helps to. rolf somewhat literate hours. hes allowed
- ike is also semi-taught by soren.... i think he Can read but not necessarily. well?? its not rlly smth that catches his interest beyond its very practical applications, nor has it ever been something hes Had to do. he can go shopping and read a map and thats all he really needs
- boyd is similar to ike except he actively finds reading + anything related to learning it to be a bit of a chore. rolf can read bc he had the desire to do so and found learning it to be fun but boyd doesnt particularly care and also he kind of hates it!!! he recognizes words from the marketplace plus the odd Excited lesson he received from rolf but not a whole lot else
- gatrie shinon and mia straightup cannot read at all. they were never taught and have never rlly sought it out bc of a combination of a) Other Shit Going On and b) its just never been overly relevant?? in life??? its easy enough to shop without it. just pick up the thing u want and ask how much it is. honestly gatrie and mia Might have learned how to write their respective names but shinon actually doesnt rlly. know how
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its-monster-mash · 6 months ago
Marko(Lost Boys) X Frog!Reader Imagines
Gender Neutral Reader
Content Warnings: gun, near death, brief mention of weed
• You spent most of your life on the East Coast, but you had a lot of family out west, including your beloved Grandfather. So when he passed, you dropped everything to attend the funeral
• You didn’t even recognize Edgar and Alan when you showed up at the trailer with your bag; last time you saw them Ed was just learning his first words(“Bullshit”, thanks Uncle Frog), and Al couldn’t even walk yet. Now here they are, a couple of Angsty sullen teenagers
• “You guys used to be so cute, what happened?” “We grew up.” “Oh please, what are you, 12?”
• You decided to stay for a while, help out with the comic book store while your Uncle deals with the legal stuff about your grandfather’s death. Dying sure was a pain in the ass, you guessed
• All things considered, you liked the work. You were a huge comic fan, and the store was slow enough that you had plenty of time to spend working on your own art. You hoped maybe you’d have your own comic some day, if only you could stick to one idea...
• In fact, you were so focused on your art that you forgot to lock up after closing time; so you were more than a little bit started when someone tossed a comic on your desk
• You look up to see a curly-headed blond man, with one of the most beautiful faces you had ever seen, and you can’t help but blush, he smiles at this. “New in town? I think I’d remember seeing you.”
• You notice his friends snicker as they mill around the store. So he IS flirting with you...this does nothing to help your blushing
• You try to collect yourself, ringing up his comic book as you explain your situation; about your grandfather, and how you’re staying with your uncle for a you accidentally kept the shop open way late
• He seems infinitely more interested once he hears that you’re an artist, and absolutely wants to see your work. In fact, he doesn’t even wait for you to respond. “Is that your sketchbook?” Is all the warning you have before he’s snatching it off of your desk and flipping through it
• His jaw all but drops as he appreciates your work. “This is so sick!” Suddenly he’s pushing the sketchbook back to you. “Can you draw me?”
• Normally, you hate that question as much as any other artist, but you’d been dying to draw him since you saw his face, so you absolutely take him up on that
• It doesn’t take you very long to sketch him, and the second you’re finished he snatches it out of your hands, staring at it like he hasn’t seen himself in years
• While he’s busy being in awe, you snatch the sketchbook back from him, much to his surprise, and you hold up a finger to tell him to wait while you scratch your phone number onto the page. You hope he can read your terrible writing
• You tear the page out of the sketchbook, handing it to him. “Here, my phone could call it sometime...if you want to.”
• Your heart flutters when he smiles, and you think you might die when his fingers brush yours when he takes the page. “I want to.”
• His spikyheaded friend nods at him, signaling it’s time for them to leave. “Name’s Marko, I’ll call you!”
• After a couple of late night phone calls, you never leave the shop open late again; Marko never failing to pick you up just after the sun goes down. You tease him about never seeing him in the daylight, like he’s one of those vampires from your cousins’ favorite comic
• “I’ve never seen you in the daylight either.” “Fair enough.”
• Unfortunately, your cousins overhear this little talk just outside of the shop; and one very early morning you notice them sneaking out of the follow of course, you are the adult after all
• Following at a distance, you watch them climb into an old cave...very clearly labeled “Stay Out”. You wonder if maybe they go down there to get stoned with their friends or something...they have friends right? You consider leaving them be...but decide it would be so much funnier to bust them
• Except it isn’t funny at all. By the time you get down there, you hear your cousins’ screams. You frantically follow the sound, and much to your surprise you find Marko, his face distorted monsterously, ready to tear Edgar’s throat out
• You hardly even notice his friends, making a daring slide to pick up the stake Ed had dropped, and grabbing onto Marko. You aren’t strong enough to pry his grip off of your cousin, but the shock of seeing you here causes him to let go anyway. Ed scrambles to Al’s side, terrified under the gaze of the other vampires
• You press the point of the stake to Marko’s chest, and he looks at you with the most devastated expression. “Touch my cousins and he fucking dies.”
• Contempt and fear plays across the faces of the other vampires, guys you thought had become your friends since you started dating Marko; they didn’t know if you could kill him, but they didn’t want to take that chance. David nods for them to part so your cousins can start climbing out of the cave
• Marko...Marko looks at you with his golden eyes full of sorrow and anguish. Seeing him now for the monster he is, you know that the only reason you’re still alive is because he doesn’t want to kill you. You have a stake pressed to his chest, but you both know he could tear your throat out before you ever got the chance to use it
• “(Y/N), please, I-”
• As soon as your cousins reach the safety of daylight, you toss the stake violently to the floor, glaring into Marko’s eyes. You don’t even spare him a final word before you turn and walk away
• Every night, the phone rings; your Uncle doesn’t even bother to tell you anymore, just hanging up the second he hears Marko’s voice. If he knew the truth about what happened that night he’d be terrified, but as it stands he just thinks you had a nasty breakup; and you’re it’s not his business
• You hate yourself for it, but you miss want to blame it on his Vampiric Charm, but you know in your heart that he never had to manipulate your feelings...they were real
• One night, you just can’t stand lying awake staring at the ceiling anymore. At damn near 3am, you leave quietly so not to awaken your family, and take off for your grandpa’s old shooting range
• Perhaps it was unwise to take yourself to a secluded area so far from any civilization in the dead of night, but you don’t care anymore. You load your grandfather’s old shotgun, the one he taught you to hunt with, and fire at the target
• Eventually, you hear a lone dirtbike pull up the long road behind you; you don’t even turn to look at him. “It’s four AM Marko, what are you doing here?” You fire at the target in the distance
• He walks up behind you, watching you lazily reload. “I could ask you the same thing.”
• “S’my grandpa’s range. I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d get in some target practice.” *Ting* “You know that’s no good against Vampires, right?” “It’s not for vampires.”
• He can’t help but be frustrated with you; how could you just come out into the open like this? In the middle of the night? Were you stupid or suicidal?
• You don’t need to read minds to know what he’s thinking. He opens his mouth to speak and you cut him off. “If you wanted me dead, I never would have left that cave.”
• “So why didn’t you do it? You know what I am now, so why didn’t you drive that stake through my heart?” “Even if I could have stabbed you faster than you could have killed me, your brothers would have torn me to pieces.”
• “My brothers aren’t here now.”
• You finally turn to look at him, tears welling in your eyes at the sight of him. Your heart tenses at the sight of the sun threatening to rise on the horizon. “If you don’t leave now, I won’t even have to kill you.”
• “No (Y/N).” You can see the tears in his eyes as he shifts into his monstrous form. “No, if you really want me dead, you’re gonna see it.”
• You’re confused at first, until you see the smoke beginning to rise as the first rays of morning light threaten him. “Marko, what are you doing?”
• He lets out an agonized hiss as his skin begins to singe. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”
• Tears well in your eyes as you run to him, throwing your jacket over him in an attempt to shield him from the sun. “Knock it off!” You practically drag him into the old gun shack
• He collapses to the floor once you get him inside, too weak to stand. “If I’m gonna die, I want it to be you.” He sounds so raspy and exhausted
• You shake your head, tossing an old blanket over him. “Well too bad. You’re not dying on me today.”
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andiebeaword · a year ago
What the Fork?! | S.R.
Tumblr media
Prompt Request from @imagining-in-the-margins​: Reader never curses. But, one time, Spencer hears them yell a string of curse words and can't help but laugh.
Summary: Spencer Reid has never heard Reader curse. Until the day he does.
A/N: This will be my first GeN!Reader fic. This prompt is so fluffy I could die from it, I swear. Also, I love the Good Place and their 'wholesome' language is greatly used in this fic. In case no one caught on, Reader is a fan. Also, this is short compared to what I’ve written previously, so I hope you all still like it. I feel the need to point out that Spencer and Reader here are both crushing on each other.
Couple: Spencer Reid x BAU!GeN!Reader
Category: Fluff. Little bit of Angst.
Content Warning: Cursing. Mentions of Alcohol.
Word Count: 2.3k
Cursing was always something I grew up understanding as something one should never do. Sure, I knew of the 'f' word, the 'c' word, hell, even the 'b' word; but, my parents, Dad especially, always raised me to believe that out of all the words in the English language, expletives aren't always the smartest to choose from.
So, I opted not to. In high school, my date to the homecoming dance spouted off more curse words during the car ride from my house to the school than I had heard in my entire life. Needless to say that was one relationship I wasn't broken-hearted about.
College came and I was granted financial permission to live in the dorms. Away from the eavesdropping ears of my parentals..and my little sister. Saying words like fuck..or shit still felt so weird on my tongue. Like, maybe I really wasn't meant to be one of the many who speak in expletives the same way some speak in different languages.
Before graduating, I had joined the science fiction club. Didn't really do a whole lot, aside from observe random Dungeons & Dragons battles, and occasionally painting detailed figurines for those who played Warhammer 300. I did, however, get into comic books and graphic novels. One of which was called The Good Place. It showcased a rather odd version of Heaven, in my opinion, but, essentially what I came to love about it was the language in which curse words were replaced with close-sounding, normal everyday words, while also being dramatized much like the average expletive. I loved it.
I tried to use my newly discovered language in casual conversation one evening with my folks at their house during the holidays. One could say that it didn't exactly end well in my favor. I had been going for a Creative Writing degree, hoping to one day teach teenage kids a little more than basic literature. My dad never saw the potential the same way I did. Unlike him, I had no desires to join the military and 'serve my country' for twenty consecutive years. What I did want to do, was help people. I thought it over one night while staying up late trying to cram in the last bit of studying necessary before my brains turned to jello. I couldn't sleep nor could I continue drilling useless information into my skull, so I wandered.
It was when I came across a flyer someone had posted on the student board.
Come Meet David Rossi, author of Deviance: The Secret Desires of Sadistic Serial Killers. Get to know what it takes to become a profiler with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.
I stared at it for longer than needed, finally huffing and tearing off a tab at the bottom with the information on it. Three days later, I am sitting in one of the auditoriums listening to SSA David Rossi speak. By the end, I decided to apply for the academy. The day I got accepted, I debated whether it was even worth it to tell my parents. Choosing to inform them via snail mail, I packed my bags and transferred out to Virginia.
Now, here I am, five years later, an actual profiler for the Behavioral Analysis Unit. I still remember being shocked that SSA David Rossi recognized me. This was my second year being apart of the team, starting out as a temporary agent when they lost one of their own. I still feel I'm replacing SSA Emily Prentiss, who I've come to know and admire even though she kind of died for a year. Emily never missed an opportunity to inform me that I was never offered a position simply to fill in the shoes of someone else. I will always love her for that.
One member of the team, however, dared to catch my eye on my first day. I was running late, per usual, but on that morning, I had a rather large to-go cup in my hand. Without paying attention, I swung the glass doors open and immediately bumped into one SSA Dr. Spencer Reid. Thankfully, the coffee that was once in my hand only spilled on the floor in between us and not on his well-fitted lilac button-down. "So-sorry, I--I didn't pay attention to where I was going." I paused to look up, meeting two very pretty hazel-colored eyes.
"No, I--It's my fault. Tardiness is an unfortunate habit I inherited from my dad." I gave the man before me a small, shy smile, before attempting to casually spot-clean the coffee spill, using napkins already in hand from the shop down the street. Right as I swore I heard him clear his throat, Morgan and J.J. had walked in, giving Reid an out--which he took.
Since then, we've only ever talked here and there on cases, stealing glance on rare occasions, but mostly just choosing to remain professional colleagues, practically throwing the term 'friends' out the window. Which was weird. I became close with Emily almost immediately. Then, after a night out with the team, I was welcomed moreso by Morgan, Garcia, and J.J. Rossi and Hotch acknowledged my moments of clarity on cases, but never socially engaged in conversation with me much outside the doors of the BAU.
Which was fine by me. I applauded the level of professionalism when it came to my bosses. I did not, however, truly appreciate it when it came to the doctor. We were both close in age, but, other than that and having this job, we might as well have been on two different planets. Today, though, today was one of those days, much like my first here. I was running ceremoniously late as normal, opting to skip the glorious coffee run for the pot of charcoal I knew was waiting for me inside the break room. As I approached the machine, I poured the grounds in, pressing the necessary buttons without really cognitively thinking much.
In my superb state of ignorance, I failed to notice that Reid had already poured himself a cup, standing near the doors, browsing over one of his many classic novels he seems to keep in his messenger bag. On this day, I opted to wear one of my favorite button-downs, but forgot to throw on a tank top beforehand. As clumsy me shakingly poured out the delicious mixture into a standard beige cup, I flinched, causing the liquid to splash all over my shirt, dripping down my front, hitting the waistline of my pants with ease. And let me tell you, the feeling it gave me the second I felt the hot substance hit my skin, caused me to shrill out the first words to come to mind.
"What the Fork?!" I slapped my hand over my mouth as my brain computed the words my mouth said back to my brain. Quickly, I set the coffee pot down, moving my fingers straight for the buttons of my shirt, frantically trying to peel it off my soaked skin, already irritated by the fact that I could feel the stickiness of it all as the stains began to set in the fabric. Before I made it to the last button, a snort echoed through the room, and I instantly knew who it belonged to. In horror, I slowly turned around to see Reid, clearly unphased by my awkwardness, cracking up a storm with his insatious laughter. "Find my predicament hilarious, do you, Dr. Reid?" Briefly, I forgot that my shirt was left opened, leaving little to the imagination of my chest. But, before I could feel the embarrassment creep in, Spencer spoke up.
"It's not that, Y/L/N. I just...I don't believe I've ever heard, curse..before." I was flabbergasted. Great. Just give me one more reason to crush harder on you, Doctor, please. A typical grown man would waste his breath pointing out that I'm practically flashing him, but not Spencer. No, Mr. 187 zeroes in on the fact that I blurted out very colorful language that was actually out-of-character for me, so, his reaction made an absurd amount of sense.
"Well, that was forking hot as shirt!" It felt surprisingly great to let out this part of me. I just would have never believed that the moment I did, Spencer Reid, of all people, would be the one who would bare witness. Also, unashamed to silently admit that I actually didn't mind his gaze when his eyes did trail up my front. "Well, if you're done ogling me, I'd appreciate it if you kept this uhh, moment between us, okay?" With that, I made a beeline for my desk, undoing the last button with newfound ease, switching out my shirts, thankfully, before anyone else could walk in. Out of the corner of my eye, I gathered that Spencer saw the show just fine. I wanted to tease him more about it, but then J.J. came in to let us know we got a case.
A month went by, and for some stupid reason, I couldn't get the replay of Spencer laughing at my use of expletives out of my head. One night, while out at a small bar with the team, I let another one slip out after two too many shots taken with Garcia. "My gawd! This song is benching!!" A slew of odd looks slowly made their way towards my spot in the booth.
"Benching?" Emily asked, quirking an eyebrow up at me. She knew of my graphic novel collection, though my growing crush on the handsome doctor...that one I wasn't sure she grasped. Before I could shoot her a look, Morgan and Reid came over to take their respective seats.
"What's so funny?" Morgan asked, cocking his head in my direction as I felt a blush creep up to the dimples of my cheeks.
"Nothing," J.J. chimed in. "Just giving Y/N here shit about the way they say curse words." I mentioned before how Emily is my favorite, right? I love J.J., but the girl's lips run loose with little to no liquor.
"I like it."
Now, all seven of us rolled our eyes towards the genius, watching him intently as he sips his drink nonchalantly like he didn't just compliment me in front of the entire team. "What?" Spencer looked especially cute in that moment as he pouted, seemingly unsure as to why we were all suddenly interested in why he made it clear he likes the way I choose to curse. As the rest of the team shook their heads at us, all but Hotch and Rossi made their way to the dance floor, while the two older gentlemen bid their goodbyes, claiming their youthful days were behind them than in front of them. Just as they were leaving the bar, Rossi turned back to say something to Spencer, though I couldn't quite make it out. I did, however, hear with utmost clarity what Spencer has said in return.
"Son of a....bitch." It was one thing to know that he liked my way of saying those words, it was another to hear him say one as if he spoke it everyday. Even though I was completely aware he knew I had heard him, I played it off as if I hadn't, much to his amusement.
"Come again, Doctor?" The words were out of my mouth before realization hit me as I heard Spencer now coughing up a fit in front of me.
"Hey, man, you alright?" Somebody behind us asked, bumping into my side with enough force to cause me to knock over the rest of Spencer's beer all over the table.
"Forking ash-hole! Watch where you're walking!" The anger that had grown within seconds inside me dissipated at the sound of Spencer's laugh filling my hears like a harmonious symphony. Somewhere in the middle, he snorted, slapping a hand to his mouth much like I had done over a month ago.
"Just what do you find funny now, you son of a bench." I made sure to draw out my sarcasm voice, clearly telling Spencer to read in-between the lines and take the hint I was giving him. Spencer calmed himself down, his hand reaching for the glass of water that had been next to his beer. He slurped down a few swigs before glancing over at me, a quisitive look across his face.
"Nothing, I---nothing." He shook his head, peering over at me like he knew I was going to shoot him a look back, letting him know I was on to him. Sighing, he ran his fingers through his luscious locks, albeit much shorter now since he recently got a haircut. "It's just, um, at first...I kind of assumed that you only..well, you would only think to um, well, bed?" I could only stare at him while slowly blinking every five seconds. The butterflies inside me fluttered ever-so slightly. Truth be told, just knowing that Dr. Spencer Reid found my way of saying some choice words..intriguing, well, it gave me some valid understanding that maybe....the two of us could be friends.
I raised my glass to his, catching the looks of our colleagues as we continued to laugh and boast about the night and the craziness behind my choices of expletives.
"Well, Dr. Reid, do keep talking. I bet you'll get corkblocked."  
Spencer Reid Taglist: @dreatine​ @cupcake525​ @timey-wimey-lovi​ @spencer-reid-in-a-pool​ @etherealsxnder​ @samanddeanstolethetardis221b​ @palestxrlight​ @groovyreid​ @drspencr​ @ssa-dr-ladylock​ @hopebaker​ @theamuz​ @acalypsot​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @april-14-blog​  @kricketc29​@itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto​
**If you want to be added to any taglist, just drop me a line and let me know :) ​
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sizzlingbirdkingdom · 6 months ago
I Like You
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Fem SasuSaku
Summary: Sakura starts to feel jealous and wonders if there's something more going on between Satsuki and Naruto.
Note: Inspired from @ducksperspective comic The comic is so cute. Tbh their fanarts are the reason I’m even writing fem SasuSaku. Oh and male SasuSaku (I didn’t think it would be fair to write one without the other) and I enjoy writing them too now haha 😆
"Just admit forehead, you are jealous." A sly smirk appeared on her best friend’s lips.
"I am not!"
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not gah okay fine so what if I am? It’s not like I can do anything about it." Ino rolled her eyes at her friend's childish behaviour.
"Then how about instead of self-pitying and overthinking things." Sakura gave her a look, which Ino chose to ignore. "You go and confess your feelings, even if she does like Naruto, which I very much doubt might I add. At least you can say you tried."
It was tempting, but unlike Ino Sakura had been with the two the longest. She wasn't going to fool herself into thinking a confession could magically change anything between them.
"You don’t see the way she looks at him. It’s so obvious that she likes him, what’s the point?" Sakura slumped in her chair pouting.
"The point is that if you don’t shoot your shot you’ll never know. May I also remind you that you had that same look on your face with Naruto as well?" That got Sakura's attention.
"Excuse me."
"Yeah, you know a soft smile. Dimple on your cheek, that kind of look."
"Huh? You know it’s nothing like that, I only see Naruto as a friend." It was absurd, Ino knew very well how Sakura saw Naruto. He was more of a brother to her.
"Then what makes you so sure Satsuki doesn’t either?" Ino countered, waiting for the excuse.
"Because…. those two are different." The blonde gave her an unimpressed look followed by a sigh.
"Whatever you say forehead."
Weeks when Satsuki came back, Team 7 had reunited and the four of them spent their time catching up. Although, it was rare for Kakashi to come as he was the Hokage now. Sakura was happy that they could finally be a team again. It was all she ever dreamed of and Naruto had kept his promise. There was still a lot to do for the village as they were recovering from war. But it was getting there. Unfortunately for her, her two teammates would spend time without her. Now this itself wasn't the problem. The two had always been rivals since the academy days, so it was only natural for them to train, beat the crap out of each other one might say, and hang out together.
What bothered Sakura was the slightest hints she had missed. The way the raven-haired would look at him, giving him a smile -she rarely smiles, hello- talking secretly with him when they were all together. Honestly, at this point, Sakura was ready for them to tell her they were having a secret relationship. That's what it looked like at least.
Sakura grew more insecure by the day and would start to skip on their regular Team 7 get-togethers. It pained her to do so, but it was better than breaking down in front of them or having to confront the problem head-on. Something which she should have done but this will do.
Now back to the present after talking it through with Ino. How was Sakura meant to confess to someone who she knew for a fact liked someone else?
In Sakura's mind, it just didn't work like that. Okay, sure she was an overthinker, and maybe it wasn't a fact that Satsuki liked Naruto. But Sakura had enough evidence that suggested otherwise, right?
Urgh, I'm so going to kill Ino if I humiliate myself.
Ino had told Sakura earlier about the plans for them all to go out for a barbecue and a couple of drinks on Friday night. That was when Sakura had the idea to confess to. She knew Satsuki never liked alcohol, and not wanting to screw up herself Sakura decided to avoid drinking that night so she could confess from the heart. The only problem was when? Should she catch her before they eat, afterward? Have a bite to eat and ask to talk privately outside? The two had barely spoken what with Sakura avoiding them. Chances are that she was pissed at her.
A pissed Satsuki was never a good thing, the poor girl was terrified.
It was too late to go back though, Sakura had made up her mind and if she bottled out now she would never confess. With determination, Sakura looked over her dress she picked out for the evening. It was a nice dark red, that suited along with her hair colour. Nodding to herself confidently, this would certainly attract attention. She looked over the lipgloss silently debating whether it was worth the hassle.
Ah might as well, it's not like it'll stand out as much as lipstick.
After applying the gloss to her lips. She grabbed her purse and made her way out. Although it was nerve-wracking Sakura was also excited. Not so to do with confessing but it's been a while she's seen all her friends again. They were all busy most of the time and certainly deserved a break. Sakura was busy in the hospital along with Ino who helped from time to time, given that she was also now head of the Yamanaka clan, TenTen had opened her own weapon shop but also helped out in small missions set by the Hokage. Lee was taking care of Guy and helping out with repairs. Even Shikamaru and Choji were busy, so it was rare for the twelve of them to get together.
Sakura quickly noticed she arrived at her destination. Shikamaru, Hinata, TenTen, and Shino standing outside.
"Yo!" Sakura made her way over and quickly got chatting with Hinata and TenTen, Shikamaru, and Shino making comments here and there. The five of them decided to wait for the others first seeing as they booked a table in advance. Besides, it was nice and cool out so they weren't in any hurry. Soon enough their friends started arriving and it was Naruto and Satsuki who was the last to make it, late that is. The two were the only ones haven't dressed up appropriately as they had been training and almost, keyword almost lost track of time. So they were still in their regular clothing, Naruto in his new black jacket, and Satsuki was wearing a black jumper with grey trousers. They figured as they were only seeing friends it didn't matter too much about how they looked. Sakura scolded both of them going on about how they were becoming more and more like Kakashi (this wasn't the first time she had to wait for them) but given that everyone would be here, she figured they would at least have the decency to arrive on time. Shrugging Shikamaru waved his hand and suggested that they could treat them all instead, it seemed only fair. Naruto groaned but agreed.
As the group made their way in full of gurgling stomachs, Sakura froze in her tracks as she realised both she and Satsuki were the last to go in.
This is it.
Sakura quickly caught her wrist halting her movements. Kiba gave them a look, but said nothing and pretended like he hadn't seen anything to give them their privacy. Now it was just the two of them.
Sakura quickly looked down ashamed to look her in the eye, and suddenly finding the ground more interesting. If she had then she would notice the glare being sent her way.
Shit, shit, shit! Say something.
"Hey, can we talk?" Did her voice really have to squeak like that?
"Talk? Now you want to talk? You've been avoiding me the past couple of weeks and now you want to talk?" Ah, so she was mad.
Well, duh of course she would be. It's not like they wouldn't have noticed their third member missing.
Still not looking up at the woman, Sakura spoke. "I'm aware that I haven't exactly been the best teammate, but if you hear me out I promise it would make sense. Unless it makes you uncomfortable then I can go home afterward and we can forget this ever happened." Great, now she was rambling. But at least Satsuki was starting to feel less tense.
"Can you look at me then?"
I'd rather not
But the pinkette did and released Satsuki's wrist. It was very unlikely that she would walk away now, even if she was still angry. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, although it didn't help with the intense stare being given. It was almost like Satsuki was trying to figure out what she wanted to say before she could.
"I...I know you have a crush on Naruto. But the thing is, well you see." A blush appeared adorned on the pink kunoichi's face and before Satsuki could correct her, trying to figure out why and how she would come to that conclusion. Sakura continued wanting to get it out the way. So much for a confession from her heart, admitting your feelings to someone was harder than it looked.
4/10 would not recommend.
"I like you. I mean you know more than like I... I love you. I know you like Naruto or rather are with Naruto but I just had to say something."
What was an annoyed/angry kunoichi was now a shocked and disbelief one. The two stared at each other in silence, neither knowing what else to do or say. What else was there for her to say, she just confessed. Sakura could feel her heart beating so rapidly, and it really didn't help that she was just standing there saying nothing.
Just say something, anything, please. Reject me so I can go home and eat a tub of ice cream or-
Sakura cut herself off from more, not wanting false hope. This was reality and hey she could take rejection, everyone goes through it. Sure it would be painful at first, but Ino was right, even if she didn't like her back it's out there now. No more secrets.
Except Sakura couldn't take it anymore, she just wanted to run back home and cry.
"Uh, I'm going to go now so-"
"Wait!" Satsuki grabbed her elbow before she could escape. Sakura could feel the tears brimming but shook it off, wanting to have some dignity left.
"Where did you get the idea that I liked Naruto?" I'm sorry what? Sakura's eyes widen and she immediately turned around to face her crush, frowning.
"Are you kidding me? That's what you took from this? I just confessed to you and that's what you ask?!" Although angry, Sakura was slightly relieved. Did this mean she had a chance? A smirk formed on her face and Sakura felt her stomach flutter. Why was she so hot?
"Yes, because it's ridiculous. Since when have I ever shown interest in Naruto?" In the back of her head, Sakura could picture a million reasons when and why and Ino chanting to tell her them all. But now.... it was just so embarrassing. Sure in her mind it made sense at the time but looking at the ravenette in front of her, it would be wise to keep it to herself.
But then what were they whispering and talking about?
"I just thought... never mind." Sakura looked away embarrassed. Satsuki looked over her flushed face finding it all amusing. Still having a hold of her elbow, without warning pulled the young girl closer. Sakura stumbled and once again found the floor very interesting. Look, the dirt was just fascinating tonight okay? It had absolutely nothing to do with what was happening.
"Sakura, look at me please," her hand gently stroked her cheek whilst the other rested on her hip. Sakura could feel her hand tilting her chin up to look at her and damn. They were so close, almost kissing. As if reading her mind about it Satsuki leaned down testing the waters. She didn't want to scare her away and although she was completely flushed from head to toe. Sakura stood on her toes (trembling) to meet her lips, so soft. Any worries and doubts she had beforehand vanished and all she could think about was the fact she was kissing Satsuki.
They were kissing
The two pulled back, both of them blushing. "Uh, I take it that means you like me too?"
"Ah," Satsuki replied, taking her hand and kissed her knuckles softly. Sakura felt like she would faint.
"Hey, hey, hey what's happening? Are they kissing yet?" Naruto whispered at the group that was silently watching. Well, Ino, Hinata, TenTen, Sai, and Lee at least. Shikamaru was also there but trying to get them to leave them be. He was pretty certain that the two did not want their privacy invaded. Besides, he was hungry. They couldn't exactly start when the majority of the group were snooping, but Ino dismissed him.
"Urgh, leave it to Naruto to be a pervert about it," Ino grumbled, silently squealing at the kiss. Oh, how she would rub it in her face how she should thank her.
"I'm not being a pervert. I'll have you know I've been third-wheeling them since Day 1. Is it so bad I want them to be happy? Besides, do you have any idea how difficult it was to convince her that Sakura-chan wasn't meeting her secret boyfriend? She was so stubborn about it."
"I was just kidding Naruto, relax. Now then," Ino turned back to the group. "Shall we eat, I'm starving, you guys shouldn't be snooping on them anyway."
"Hang on a minute! Were you not just snooping with us?" Naruto yelled back. Well, at least his two teammates can now finally stop pouting.
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Summoning Ritual (2/3)
Author: @wordsfromthesol Taglist: @malfoys-demigod  @pricetagofficial  @zphilophobiaz @queencommonsense @edenspolaroids @bonzhur @silverw19 @sleepingwithsirensfangirl1 @red-for-harleen Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader Summary: You try a summoning ritual, optimistically hoping to be reunited with your parents, but somehow end up in Gotham. At Wayne Manor. Doesn't this stuff only exist in comic books and television? Word Count: 1.5k
Part One   Part Three
It'd been a week and you heard nothing. A week running around the Wayne Manor – okay it could be worse, this was like a dream – but you just wanted answers. You wanted to be home. How could the spell have gone so wrong? You stumbled down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen to see Alfred making breakfast.
"Good morning Miss Y/N. I'm afraid you won't have company this early. It was a rather late night for our caped crusaders."
You gave a faint smile, still forcing the sleep from your eyes. "No worries Alfred. You're all the company I need." Your eyes shot down to the cup of coffee placed before you. "They haven't found out anything, have they?" Cradling the mug, you looked up at him, hope bursting through your eyes.
"I would not know miss." That wasn’t the answer you wanted.
"They would tell me though…right?" The question was pointless, you knew them well enough to know the answer, but you asked anyway.
"I am sure they will tell you what they can."
You let out a deep sigh, the diplomatic answer. You weren't really sure what you were expecting, but that didn’t help. An awkward amount of time passed before you decided to speak up again.
"Do you think I could get out of here for a bit? Go to a coffee shop or something? It's 9 am. Gotham can't be that bad at 9 am." You were trying to reason with Alfred as much as you were trying to reason with yourself. You've read the stories.
"I do not wish you to feel a prisoner, Miss Y/N. You may take whichever vehicle you like. But please also take this, it is equipped with a distress signal." Your eyes lit up as Alfred handed you the cellphone. Eagerly, you grabbed the device and headed for the garage. "Oh, and don't be gone too long. I fear Master Timothy would have my head."
"We wouldn't want that!" You called out behind you as you raced down the hallway.
Barely an hour had passed before Tim traipsed downstairs and into the kitchen. Alfred jumped at the sight of his half-asleep form rummaging through the cupboard. "Master Timothy, I did not expect you awake so soon. You only retired a few hours ago."
"Hm…unfortunately Wayne Enterprises doesn't acknowledge my nightly escapades." Tim shuffled towards the coffee machine, mug in hand. "And my presence is required on a conference call in 10 minutes." Tim's eyes shifted around the kitchen, "Where is Y/N?"
"She decided to get her coffee elsewhere this morning." Alfred's calm demeanor made it difficult to get angry, but Tim managed it anyway.
"SHE WHAT?! And you let her?!" His voice echoed through the room.
"She is not being held captive Master Timothy. We must let her forge her own way, especially when the answers she seeks are sparse."
"Do you know where she went?" Tim tried to regain his composure, after all, Alfred did have a point.
"I do not. I did, however, send her with a phone." Tim jumped out of his seat just as Alfred finished the sentence and raced to the nearest computer. It was only a matter of seconds before he had your location.
"She's standing in an abandoned building…" Unsure of the unusual results, he double-checked the information. When the same location appeared on the screen, Tim sat back in the chair with a puzzled look plastered across his face.
"Perhaps she is at a nearby intersection?" Alfred suggested upon seeing Tim's distress.
"Maybe…I'm going to check it out."
"Sir, your conference --" Tim was gone before Alfred could finish his sentence.
Tim found you standing in the middle of the abandoned building staring blankly into space. You seemed to be in a trance. "Y/N…" He whispered as he approached you. As Tim gently placed his hand on your shoulder, your vision went black. You slumped down, losing all feeling in your body as a scene played in your mind.
"Fuck Z, what are we going to do?! I can't…she can't --" He looked down, staring at the tiny hand wrapped around his finger.
"I know. We have to let her go."
"And what? Just hope and pray that that fucking demon doesn't find her?!"
"No. We send her somewhere else. A world where he is just a scary story. A myth." The raven-haired girl looked down at the child with an overwhelming sorrow in her eyes.
"A barrier even he can't break…" The scruffy blonde man mumbled, realizing what had to be done.
"We have to say goodbye. It's the only way." A dark void appeared behind them.
"Y/N…" the voice just barely broke through the scene which had begun replaying in your mind. "You're going to be okay." The next sentence came through clearly as the features of the abandoned warehouse formed around you.
"Tt…Tim?" Your voice cracked.
"Y/N!" Hope beamed through his voice. "An ambulance is on its way. Just stay still." Tim urged as he grasped at your hands.
"No…no. I'm fine." You weren't entirely sure how you got here or how long you had been there. Did Tim come with you? "I just want to go home. Can we go home?" You closed your eyes as you pulled yourself into his chest. The motion was instinctive, you didn't realize what you had done until you felt him pick you up.
The solemn silence lingered in the air the entire ride back to the manor. Neither one of you could bring yourself to say anything. What was there to say? As the car pulled into the driveway, you let out a long sigh, bracing yourself to move again. Only as the car stopped, your feet stopped working as well. As much as your mind willed it, your body didn't budge from the seat. Relief flooded over your body as Tim opened the car door and gathered you in his arms.
You woke up a few hours later, only vaguely aware of this morning's escapades. You turned on your side, trying to piece together the events and shook at the sight of someone else in the bed. The momentary fright subsided as you recognized Tim typing away on his computer.
"Uh…what happened?" You figured it must have been something bad since Tim apparently had left your side since.
"You're awake, how do you feel?"
"Dizzy and confused," you sat up and stared down at your hands, intertwining your fingers over and over again. "I remember an abandoned building. I don't even know how I got there, or what compelled me to go inside. "Then I heard your voice, and I woke up here."
"I got there, and you were just standing there. In the middle of the building. You looked as if the life had been drained out of you." Tim's voice hitched at the recollection. "As soon as I touched you, you collapsed. I was able to catch you just before you hit the ground."
"Was there…uh…was there anyone else in the room?" You urged him to continue, as two distinct faces plagued your memories.
"No…it was abandoned…" Tim furrowed his brows and shut his computer as he turned to face you. "Do you remember someone else?"
"I don’t know. I keep seeing these faces. They seem so familiar –"
Tim cut you off before you could continue. "Y/N, there's something you should know." Without thinking, he took your hands in his. "About your parents." He watched as a confused stare settled on your features. "They are from this world. My world.” He let out a sigh, preparing himself for your anger. “Zatanna and Constantine." Tim didn't need to say anymore, you knew those names. You knew those people.
"How long have you known?" You dreaded his answer, but you had to know.
"Since the day you got here." Your breathing grew heavy at his response, but before you could react, Tim continued. "I didn't want to tell you until we found them. We've put everyone on notice, and no one has seen them…well since you got here."
"And you didn't think that was important?!" You got up from the bed, unable to sit still any longer. "Did you think it was some coincidence?" You scoffed at your own question. "Of course, you didn't. You're better than that. We both know you're better than that so don't insult me."
"I didn't want to present you with another problem, okay!" Tim screamed back at you as he joined you in the center of the room. His voice sombered, "I wanted to give you answers. You deserve answers. And I don't have them." You could tell he was just as mad at himself. Then, as if almost on cue, Dick raced into the room.
"Enough with the lover's squabble! We found them." Apparently, your argument could be heard throughout the Manor. Dick motioned for you to follow him. All your emotions soured, and you didn't know how you were supposed to react. You stood there, like a deer in headlights, until you felt Tim's hand intertwine with yours.
"Whatever happens I'll be right here." He whispered to you before tugging you out of the room.  
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)
Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman #567 (July 1999). The character is one of several who have assumed the role of Batgirl, and Cassandra Cain goes by the name of Orphan in DC Comics' current continuity.
Cassandra's origin story present her as the daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva. She was deprived of speech and human contact during her childhood as conditioning to become the world's greatest assassin. Consequently, Cassandra grew up to become an expert martial artist and developed an incredible ability to interpret body language to the point of reading complex thoughts, but simultaneously remaining mute, developing very limited social skills, and illiterate.
Cassandra was the first Batgirl to star in her own ongoing Batgirl comic book series, an Asian character who was replaced as Batgirl by Stephanie Brown in a 2009 storyline. She returned in late 2010, where she was shown working as an anonymous agent of Batman in Hong Kong before adopting the new moniker of Black Bat.
She returned to mainstream continuity after the company-wide reboot in Batman & Robin Eternal and assumed the code name Orphan after the death of her father David Cain, who originally used the code name.
The character made her cinematic debut in the DC Extended Universe film Birds of Prey, portrayed by Ella Jay Basco.
Tumblr media
Early History
Cassandra's birth and childhood are revealed in the Batgirl series. David Cain had sought a perfect bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul. He found a potential mother when he saw Sandra Wu-San fighting her sister Carolyn in a martial arts tournament. Believing that Sandra was holding back for Carolyn, Cain murdered Carolyn and lured Sandra into a trap, sparing her life in exchange for giving birth to his child and leaving that child for him to raise. She agreed. After the birth of Cassandra, Sandra set out to become Lady Shiva.
Cain trained Cassandra from birth how to be an assassin. She was not taught to read or write; instead, reading body language was her only language. She was able to read people's movements and predict what they were going to do. When she was eight, Cain took her to kill a businessman. As the man died, she read what he was feeling, realized what she had done, and ran away from her father.
After that, her activities are, so far, a mystery, until she first appears during the "No Man's Land" story arc.
No Man's Land
During the "No Man's Land" storyline, after Gotham was leveled by an earthquake and isolated, Cassandra Cain saves Commissioner Gordon's life and gains Bruce Wayne's approval, and, eventually, becomes the new Batgirl.
Her father, David Cain, sends a video of Cassandra's first murder to Bruce Wayne (Batman) attempting to disrupt her status. However, Wayne continues to accept Cassandra after she takes several bullets to save the life of a hired assassin, proving her devotion to protecting human life.
Bruce Wayne sends Cassandra to Barbara Gordon, currently functioning as Oracle. Barbara says she prefers to live alone but since Cassandra is never home and doesn't talk, it is just like living alone. A telepath "rewires" Cassandra's brain so that she can think with words and use language, but these abilities come at some cost to her ability to read people's body language. As she had relied completely on this ability to fight, she is unable to effectively fight crime. Worried, Bruce Wayne takes away her costume and begins training her in defensive skills.
Cassandra soon discovers that the assassin Lady Shiva can read people like she used to be able to and asks Shiva to reteach her. Lady Shiva accepts on the condition that they would have a duel to the death a year later. As Cassandra would rather be "perfect for a year" instead of "mediocre for a lifetime", she accepts the offer. When the women fight in a year's time, Cassandra dies within minutes. Shiva then restarts her heart, realizing Cassandra had a death wish, so that they can have a real fight. In the subsequent fight, Cassandra beats Shiva but does not kill her.
Tumblr media
Though not known for her private life, Cassandra does have a one-time romance with Conner Kent after meeting him on a cruise ship. He shares her first kiss, and she even visits him at his home in Smallville, though the relationship never becomes serious.
Cassandra then helps Batman control the violence of a gang war in Gotham City.
Later, Batgirl moves to Blüdhaven with Tim Drake (the third Robin) at Batman's suggestion and with his financial support. There, Deathstroke takes on a contract from the Penguin to kill Batgirl and decides to let his daughter, Rose (the current Ravager), do the job instead. Cassandra beats Rose by playing on her emotions to leave her open for a critical strike, giving Deathstroke no choice but to get her medical attention.
During this time, Cassandra starts developing a friendship with Brenda, the woman who owns the local coffee shop, and even a very short-lived relationship with a boy named Zero. Unfortunately, her friends are all killed in the Blüdhaven disaster.
Cassandra also goes undercover for Batman, as Kasumi, in the Justice League Elite, working under Sister Superior to track and eliminate metahuman threats to the population. She works with the Batman's old fellow Justice League members Green Arrow and the Flash, and forms a bond with Coldcast, who is the first Leaguer to whom she reveals her identity. Although he is subsequently accused of murder, she and the rest of the team soon realize that he has been manipulated by renegade Elite member Menagerie, who was himself being manipulated by the spirit of Manchester Black as he tried to drive his sister to destroy London. As the JLA falls, the Elite, united by the spirit of the deceased Manitou Raven, free Vera and vanquish Black, although the team disbands after this last mission.
Cassandra gathers evidence that indicates that Shiva could be her mother, and seeks her out to confirm this, rejoining the League of Assassins. After she is proclaimed by Nyssa al Ghul as the "One Who Is All", the students of the League are split, half following Shiva, and the others Cassandra. In the following confrontation, Cassandra is mortally wounded by her "adoptive brother", the Mad Dog, while heroically saving one of the students under her leadership. Shiva revives Cassandra in a Lazarus Pit, then answers Cassandra's questions about her parentage. When Cassandra asked Shiva whether she was still killing, whether she would ever stop, Shiva says she was, and responds, "It's why I had you", so Cassandra agrees to fight her to the death once more.
After a closely matched battle, Cassandra manages to break Shiva's neck, paralyzing her. She appears ready to place Shiva in the Lazarus Pit, but Shiva pleads with her not to do so. Instead, Cassandra impales Shiva on a hook hanging over the pit, apparently killing her. Cassandra then abandons the identity of Batgirl and returns to her life as a wanderer.
One Year Later
Tumblr media
Robin (Tim Drake) captures David Cain and brings him to the League of Assassins as ransom to free Cassandra, only to find that Cassandra is the new leader. Cassandra produces a gun and tells him to shoot Cain and join her league. Upon his refusal, she shoots Cain herself. Tim and Cassandra engage in a fight which ends when the platform they are fighting on explodes. By the time Tim comes back to the original location, Cassandra and Cain are gone and the ninjas' necks have been snapped. Tim had secretly recorded the conversation, clearing his name, but branding Cassandra as a murderer at the same time.
Cassandra next surfaces when she is hired by Dark Angel to kill Supergirl and attempts to do so by kidnapping Supergirl's friend, Captain Boomerang. Supergirl arrives at the League's Tibetan headquarters to confront Cassandra, where they fight. Cassandra uses swords that emit red sun energy which strips away Supergirl's powers. However, as Cassandra prepares to kill her, Supergirl mysteriously extrudes crystals from her body which injure Cassandra.
Later, Cassandra approaches Dodge, a wannabe superhero with teleportation powers, wanting him to steal a drug that gives humans metahuman strength in exchange for money. Cassandra (with an ally) plans to use the drug to create an army. She also makes another appearance where she murders the businessman who was producing that drug, who Robin has previously unsuccessfully attempted to bring to justice.
Teen Titans
Tumblr media
Cassandra with the rest of the Titans East on the cover of Teen Titans (vol. 3) #43. Art by Tony Daniel.
Cassandra is left behind while Batman, Robin, and Nightwing leave for their year-long trip and Harvey Dent is charged with protecting Gotham instead of her. Deathstroke approaches Cassandra and preys on her desire for a loving father as well as her feelings of abandonment. Apparently, Deathstroke manages to inject Cassandra with drugs, from a distance, that warped her mind allowing for him to manipulate her to his liking.
Having gained control of his daughter, Deathstroke recruits her into Titans East, where she resumes the role and costume of Batgirl.
As a member of Titans East, she has a rematch with the Ravager and a brief confrontation with Robin, after which Robin injects Cassandra with a counter-serum (prepared in case Deathstroke regains control of his daughter), and she is apparently freed from Deathstroke's control and vows to kill Deathstroke to revenge herself.
However, some time later, when she is working with the Teen Titans, Miss Martian comments that she is more in control of herself now. She faces Deathstroke, Match, and other former Titans East teammates, before being subdued by Risk. Soon after, Cyborg, Raven, and Duela Dent summon former Titans Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, and the Flash (Bart Allen), who join them against Deathstroke's team. Batgirl attempts to kill Deathstroke, but is stopped and knocked unconscious by Nightwing, who demands that Deathstroke face the courts. However, Deathstroke escapes from the Titans with the help of Inertia, and after the battle is over, Batgirl and Duela Dent both vanish without a word.
Tumblr media
Batman and the Outsiders
Cassandra retakes the Batgirl mantle to join the Outsiders at Batman's request. She moves into the team's apartment, but does not show much desire to socialize with her teammates. Batman also offers membership to Green Arrow, who is furious to learn that the former leader of the League of Assassins is on the team as well. While on a mission, Green Arrow and Batgirl battle one another and end up gaining an unusual sort of respect for each other. The team as a whole begins to slowly accept Batgirl into their ranks after she frees all of them from the Chinese military.
After the loss of their leader in the 2008 "Batman R.I.P." storyline, the Outsiders are left in disarray. Cassandra, believing that Batman brought her onto the team for just such a contingency, takes command of the group. Together, they undertake a search for the Batman.
Batgirl (2008)
Tumblr media
After Batman is found, Cassandra moves into Wayne Manor, on the trail of father and Deathstroke. She uses the Batcave's computer to locate them but is attacked by Nightwing, who claims she cannot be trusted. Robin and Batman give her the benefit of the doubt.
Due to her research, Cassandra learns that David Cain and Deathstroke started up a school training Cassandra's "sisters". When Cassandra hears that the school's purpose was to "cripple the meta-hero community", she believes Oracle is about to be assassinated and rushes to her base of operations. She locates her father on a rooftop and engages in a one-on-one fight, eventually sending him over a ledge. When he loses his grip, she tries to save him but fails; he falls to another part of the rooftop. Batman, who had followed her, accepts her into the family again and says he will adopt her and make her his daughter.
However, after Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Cassandra, apparently disillusioned, passes the cowl to her close friend, Stephanie Brown, then she leaves Gotham.
Black Bat
After Bruce Wayne returns, it is revealed that Cassandra's disillusionment was a ruse, and that she has willingly handed over her Batgirl mantle to Stephanie because she was acting under her mentor's orders in the event of his death or disappearance, and gone undercover, using Tim Drake as a regular contact. Following Bruce Wayne's public announcement about his intention to create a global team of Batmen, Tim visits Cassandra in Hong Kong, where she has been acting as an codename-less vigilante. He attempts to persuade Cassandra to return to Gotham now that things have returned to normal, but she refuses, saying that Stephanie needs the Batgirl role more than she does. Just before departing, Tim gives Cassandra a copy of her old costume and tells her that if she chooses to stay and fight crime in Hong Kong, he hopes she will do it while wearing a Bat-symbol.
Cassandra takes Tim up on his offer, and joined up with Bruce's new group, now wearing a heavily modified costume that uses her original outfit as a base. She now uses the name of Black Bat, and among other activities brings down a heroin-smuggling operation in Hong Kong.
After a new supervillain named the Architect destroys three Gotham bridges with the help of explosives smuggled from Hong Kong, resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians, Cassandra, feeling guilty over her failure to stop the explosives from leaving China, returns to Gotham and partners with Red Robin, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne (the newest Robin) to bring the Architect to justice. During a stakeout at Oswald Cobblepot's nightclub, Cassandra is mocked and berated by Damian, who tells her that he is a better hero and that Bruce likely sent her to Hong Kong as a demotion. Despite Damian's hostility toward her, Cassandra ultimately saves his life after pulling him out of the club mere seconds before it is destroyed by a bomb. And after Dick discovers that the Architect plans to flood Gotham and kill thousands of civilians, Cassandra and Damian work together to dispose of the explosives that were supposed to sink the city. Once the Architect is defeated and captured, Cassandra decides to stay in Gotham rather than return to Hong Kong.
Cassandra later infiltrates a tournament for hired killers and rescues Red Robin, who had been captured and was about to be sexually assaulted by the half-sister of Ra's al Ghul. After rescuing Tim, Cassandra apparently kills him with a katana, thus winning the tournament for herself. But in fact, she has merely faked Red Robin's death in order to allow him to escape. The two then travel to Hong Kong in order to catch a 10-year-old assassin known as the Cricket, but are easily defeated. Just as Cassandra and Tim fall into unconsciousness, the Cricket vows to face them again someday, and tells them that he hopes they will put up a better fight next time.
The New 52
Tumblr media
In what might be a variant timeline, Cassandra is a member of Barbara Gordon's League of Batgirls, operating on the field under her leadership alongside fellow Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Tiffany Fox. Her father, David Cain, is portrayed as a character named the "Orphan", who raises Cassandra alone and forces her not to speak but to "listen" to body movements and react accordingly with deadly precision. She was intended to be a "gift" to the villain "Mother", to show her that child assassins can be manipulated through "the old ways" instead of through the use of drugs, but "Mother" rejected her and told Orphan never to do anything behind her back again. Although she is used by Mother to kill Miranda Row, mother of Batman's new ally Harper Row, at the conclusion of the storyline, Harper forgives Cassandra for her role in her mother's death, while Cassandra's own father David sacrifices himself to kill Mother by trapping her in her disintegrating fortress, refusing to allow her to torture others in the future. At the storyline's conclusion, Cassandra adopts her father's identity of Orphan to continue protecting others.
DC Rebirth
As Orphan, Cassandra is later inducted into Batman and Batwoman's "boot camp" for young Gotham vigilantes.[33] Orphan is known for being the best fighter on the team. She tries to fight the team's battles alone and is known for sneaking into Stephanie Brown's and Harper Row's apartments in the middle of the night. When Batman is attacked by the Colony, she tries to take them on by herself and is left injured and later sedated after leading the Colony into their base. Clayface helps Batwoman, Red Robin, Spoiler, and the injured Orphan escape.
Batman and the Outsiders
Cassandra was a part of the latest Outsiders team, alongside Batman, Black Lightning, Katana, and Signal.
Batman: The Joker War Zone
In this anthology comic, Cassandra and Stephanie Brown fight the Hench Master in Bludhaven. At the end of the story, both she and Stephanie reclaim the Bat symbol and Cass's costume becomes very similar to her previous Batgirl costume. While they call themselves "Batgirls" across different Batman-related titles it is unclear as of now if either is going by that codename in an official capacity.
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we-are-the-amb · 10 months ago
Okie dokie, here are some little thoughts regarding the Dwayne Frog AU. Not much at the moment, but things I wanted to share. All credit to @tedloganscumsock for spawning the original idea!
- So, I’m thinking that Dwayne was Mrs. Frog’s first child from a previous relationship, or possibly a one night stand. Although Dwayne did spend his early years in her community, things were never the same between her and the family, after he was born. They did not approve of her having a child out of wedlock, nor did they much appreciate that his father was an outsider. So, it came to a point that Mrs. Frog and Dwayne up sticks and left. Eventually, they made it to California, where Mrs. Frog met Mr. Frog and did end up sticking with him. Not long after, Alan arrive, followed by Edgar. 
- Now, I still think that the growth of parental neglect occurred in much the same manner, simply because neither of the elder Frogs were especially invested in being parents from the start. Alan was about the only child either of them planned to have. Dwayne and Edgar were both accidents. It is not to say that either are totally devoid of care, as they did give basic care and education in the early years, they are both simply rather self-centred. Mrs. Frog made more time for Dwayne, initially, as it was a one-on-one situation, easier to handle. And indeed, he did remain something of a favourite to her. Alan bonded with both his parents in his first few years and retained affection from that short time, even after they drifted away. The party was well and truly over by the time Edgar came along, so he bonded the least with Mama and Papa Frog. However, because of this, he is possibly closer to Dwayne that Alan (though it cannot really be measured).
- When Alan was born, Dwayne was initially very resentful of this new pup, up in his space and stealing his mother’s affections. However, by the time Alan was two, he had unintentionally formed a protective connection with him. Then, when Edgar was born, he had realised there was little affection left to steal, so he started to involve himself. 
- The rest of my thoughts at this time, are simply titbits from the brothers’ lives as they grew up together;
- As Dwayne never let his own hygiene go (any more than a lad in the 70s would), so he would not let his brothers’ go, either.  Dwayne came to understand their sensory needs and was patient and gentle in helping them develop regular bathing habits. The battle that Edgar and Alan would initially have had with their long hair, did not occur, as Dwayne taught them how to wash and brush it. As such, by the time we get to Santa Carla 1987, all three brothers have long, reasonably well kept hair. They spend half their lives asking each other for hair bands. 
- Dwayne and Edgar a deeply close, but both very vitriolic with each other. Their quips and arguments are rarely more than letting off steam. On the occasion that things do get genuinely nasty, that is when the resentments come out. Dwayne asserting that Edgar is ungrateful, that he had to give up so much of his own life for him. Edgar asking him why the hell he bothered, when he’s not even really his brother, that he could have managed without him. The anger is misplaced. They take out their negative feelings towards their mother, on each other. They stop yelling on the pretence that the noise is upsetting Alan (which it is), but really they are both spent and close to tears. A few hours later, without fail, they end up huddled together somewhere, sharing a bag of candy, or reading the same comic. Apologising without having to say a word. 
- When Alan got older and started reading by himself, Dwayne really missed reading to him (though he wouldn’t tell him so). When Alan was little, he would try to flip Dwayne’s books up as he was reading, to look at the cover, much to Dwayne’s annoyance. In the end he told him if he sat down and kept his fucking hands to himself, he’d read some of the book to him. It became something of a daily ritual and spawned Alan’s love of reading. Edgar struggled more with reading than Alan, but improved faster than in canon (my headcanon for canon), due to having that little bit less responsibility. 
- Another thing Dwayne regrets, is how their dynamic changed as they all grew up. He had always assumed the caring role, but Edgar and Alan started to grow closer to each other than with him, off in their own little world, he began to just feel like their parent. He felt like they were going ways he could not follow them into and felt listless, himself.
- They. Make. So. Much. Jewellery. For. Each. Other. 
- I’m not quite sure yet, about the vampire situation. That said, I love the idea of vampire Paul being googly eyed over that maned beauty from Frog Comics. He drops in most nights to happily make an ass of himself in front of Dwayne, but unfortunately has to deal with his two little guard dog brothers. He made the fatal mistake one night, of flashing some yellow eyes at the boys, partially to play with them and partially to scare them off a bit. It backfired when they tattled to Dwayne, who believed them immediately. Not only because he does in fact believe in the supernatural, but he also knows that Edgar and Alan don’t lie, least of all to him. So he starts addressing Paul as a wicked spirit disrupting his shop, and tries to sweep him out with the broom every time he comes in. It’s an angle that Paul decides to run with and use to his advantage. 
- Also, I’m going to insist on Star and her girlfriend Maria being Dwayne’s best friends and letting him face plant on their counter when he’s losing his grip. 
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maxlordd · a year ago
a gilded lie (part three)
pairing: maxwell lord x reader  word count: 4.3k   summary: narcissus could never love a wood nymph like echo and jason got bored of his wife madea so he sought out a new wife and these are not relevant to indy in the way you might THINK, also gladys really knows her way around the city huh look at that   rating: t  warning: maxwell lord because he is still the worst
story masterlist
 tags: @tarrevizslas @drakecaggiula91 @spacedadheadcanons @theindiealto @huliabitch @themandjalorian​ @talesfromtheguild @starlight-starwrites​ @winters-buck​ @tiffdawg​ @blushingwueen @thisainttheway​ @ezraslittlebirdie​ @ihaveashield​ irishleesh93 @jokersdoll​ let me know if you’d like to be tagged! 
Tumblr media
“Um… Doc? Doctor?”
“Do you think she’s dead?”
“Oh my god, Dean.”
“She was here on Saturday when we were doing mail and she’s here today and it’s Monday. She’s either dead or—
“Well, Danny. She’s awake now, so what’s the or?” you grumble, peeling the papers and books away from your face as you attempted to sit up.
The two boys looked between themselves and you just rubbed your eyes, the exhaustion hitting you once again. Normally, you would have laughed by now and set the boys at ease. It wasn’t unheard of for employees to come in during the weekend, but normally they didn’t spend two consecutive days in their offices with no contact to the outside world.
“Sorry, Doc. We just got a little worried because you seemed dead to the world and we weren’t—”
You just waved off Dean, knowing the boy had the best intentions.
“You boys are fine. You just hadn’t experienced all the glory of my one track mind, yet,” you pulled your hair into a low bun, trying not to think of the state you must have been in when they walked into the office.
The two nodded and Danny grinned, trying to look over your books and notes you had made in a vain attempt to connect Hippolyta’s known enemies to Diana, who you had labeled “Shirley Temple” more as a joke to yourself than anything, but it made sure anyone reading over your shoulder wouldn’t know what you were doing.
“Doc, why’re you researching Hippolyta? I thought the next myth we were presenting for Greek Mythology Children’s Hour was Orpheus and Eurydice?” Danny questioned, trying to look closer at your notes. Instinctively you covered them, trying to make your sleep-deprived brain think of a better excuse than “don’t ask.”
“It is. This is just… research. For fun. You can never stop learning,” you shrugged, starting to bookmark each book and set it to the side, trying make your desk a little more presentable.
Neither boy looked particularly convinced, but you were too tired to care about what they really thought you were doing with research on the Queen of the Amazons.
You hesitated on the legal yellow pad filled with your notes, and decided to throw it into your purse. Not that you didn’t trust the boys, but too many people came into the office and you didn’t need anymore wandering eyes questioning you. Especially if the mysterious big bad decided they wanted to pay Diana a visit. Sighing deeply, you rolled your shoulders back and stood up, throwing your purse over your shoulder.
“I’m going to get some coffee. If you see Diana before I come back, tell her I ran to get us some breakfast,” you instructed, already pulling open the office door.
The two just nodded, following you out of the office and back to their mail cart.
“Hey, Doc!” Dean called as you started your way up the stairs. You paused, and turned back around. “Your boyfriend out of the doghouse yet?”
Your blissful confusion at his question lasted all of two seconds until you remembered the bouquet of roses sitting next to your desk. Groaning, you just shook your head and started up the stairs, but not before yelling: “Dean, there isn’t even a house!”
Unfortunately, museum gossip traveled hard and it traveled fast.
You’d no sooner made it the foyer of the museum than you were being flagged down by your boss. Any other day at any other time, it would have been almost comical to see the short, stout man running at you like a madman.
But today just wasn’t one of those days.
“So, Indy, what’s this I hear about you catching the interests of one of our most generous donors?”
Biting your tongue, you wanted to scream. Where was this interest when you and Diana had diligently cleaned and itemized every item for the exhibit? Or how you tirelessly prepared story hour every week because you loved the excitement in the eyes of the elementary students as they learned about something you held near and dear to your heart? Money truly did talk.
“I wouldn’t say I’m an interest, Dr. Edwards. More like some sort of depraved game of cat and mouse in which I never volunteered to be the mouse and he’s a regular Cheshire Cat,” you clipped out, wanting nothing more than to go two blocks down to your regular coffee shop, get your regular dark roast, and come back to your office and do your job.
“Well, whatever you’re doing, keep at it. His company donated half a million dollars after Friday night,” he looked like he wanted to do a little dance at this knowledge.
You, however, grew even more suspicious.
“He wants something.”
“If it’s your attention, I think he has it,” Dr. Edwards snorted before laughing at his own joke, pattering back to his office.
Pressing your lips into a hard line, you shook your head, deciding you weren’t going to let this man ruin any more of your day. Glancing down at your watch, you saw it was already past nine. The museum would open in less than an hour, and while you didn’t mind the crowds, you preferred to be in your office before the tours started for the day.
Your inner battle what short-lived, however, when you thought of the plans for the rest of the day. Finishing the story time scripts, writing thank-you cards to the staff and everyone else who had made Friday a success, and maybe a little more research on your Diana side-project.
“Like hell I’m doing the rest of my day without coffee,” you muttered, walking out of the main entrance of the museum.
As you wandered down the street, you took in the cool morning. While everyone would always gush about the scenery of the nation’s capital in the spring, you tended to prefer to autumn months. The leaves changed and you could wear sweaters and it was simply the perfect time of year.
Crossing the street with the rest of the pedestrians, you saw your regular coffee shop, a little local place that didn’t get too many tourists, but was just close enough to the museum that you didn’t need to depend on public transportation.
Absent-mindedly, you looked into the window of the shop, seeing the reflection of a man you had seen outside of the museum. He had just been standing around and you had assumed he was commuting to work or something but he… seemed— no, no way. He was not following you.
Trying to ignore the man in the… God, he really was wearing a trench coat, too, you stepped inside the familiar shop. The smell of coffee and the chatter of the usual group of older women filling you with a sense of peace. Walking up to the counter, you grinned at your usual barista, a college-aged girl name Lizzy who wanted to go into politics.
“Hiya, Indy. Medium cup of dark roast with cinnamon and nutmeg stirred in?” she asked, already reaching for a to-go cup.
Maybe you came here a little too often.
“Oh! Ingrid! Is that you, sweetheart?” a voice called from the table of little old ladies. You gave a little wave before handing Lizzy exact change with a three dollar tip. You were no stranger to a day job, and besides your home and the museum, this was the place you spent the most amount of time. Giving Lizzy one last thank you, you walked over to the table of ladies.
If there was one universal truth in your world it was that wherever there was a sit-down coffee shop, a friend group of older women would always find it and eventually claim it as their morning roost. After mishearing your nickname as Ingrid, the women collectively decided they liked that far more than your tongue-in-cheek nickname or even your real name.
“Good morning, Mrs. Franklin. How’s the husband?” you asked, pulling up a chair to join the ladies.
“Retirement has made that man unbearable. He asked if he could come to coffee this morning and I sat him down with a few dozen reruns of M*A*S*H and he seemed just fine. I do have to grab him some coffee on the way home, though,” she prattled on, sipping her own cup of coffee.
You just laughed along with the rest of the ladies, who continued to regale their own stories of their husbands. From the first time you’d sat alone at the bar in the shop, waiting for your coffee, the women had welcomed you over. You weren’t exactly sure if it was because you dressed like “that Cary Grant fellow” half the time or because they were all too curious about the new young woman at their coffee shop, but they’d welcomed you to their table.
Even if you didn’t have a crotchety old man of a husband, you worked in a museum. Plenty of the men you interacted with daily gave you more than enough material to complain about.
Lizzy came from around the corner, a to-go cup of coffee in her hands. “Here you go, Indy. Just the way you like it. Have a good day at the museum,” she smiled and you thanked her, taking the cup.
The other woman next to you, Mrs. Johnson, slapped your arm abruptly. “Oh! Ingrid, dear, how did the opening of your museum exhibit go? Me and Stan could see the spotlights from our home. I read about it in the papers the next morning and it just seemed so magical.”
Unable to control yourself, you snorted.
“It was magical for about all of ten minutes before the most irritating man I’ve ever met waltzed up to me, tried to equate his life to a Greek tragedy and then preceded to hit on me.”
If you had thought of where you were and how the women around you would have reacted to those words, you probably… wouldn’t have said them. But too late now.
“A man?!”
“You have to tell us everything, Ingrid!”
You held your face in your hands, the nonsense of the last few days finally catching up with you. “He’s some up-and-coming CEO and he has the stupidest fashion. He looks like if Willy Wonka was raised to obsess over the DOW and attended Cornell and will never let you forget he attended Cornell.”
The women all laughed along with you and something in you snapped. You never considered yourself a comedian, but you absolutely knew how to hold the attention of a room of old ladies.
“He looks like he woke up one morning and thought to himself, ‘what if my mid-life crisis was becoming a used car-salesman?’ The man makes more than enough money to not look like he’s going to try to make me overpay for a dodgy Firebird.”
Mrs. Johnson laughed along with the rest, but cleared her throat to say something. You liked her well enough, but you knew she was the ringleader of the group and sometime could be a little… much.
“Well, Ingrid, it sounds like you’ve thought a lot about this man. Women don’t go around thinking of clever insults for men they don’t at least like a little bit.”
Your mouth hung open.
Which was followed by a string of giggly old women now theorizing about your mystery man.
Mrs. Franklin, bless her, shook her head in disagreement. “Now, now ladies. Even if we like to banter with our men every once in awhile, that’s a lot different that a man disparaging Ingrid because she didn’t want to talk to him. If I knew my son was acting that way, I’d read him the right act.”
They all murmured in agreement, looking back to Mrs. Johnson, who look like she had had her feathers ruffled.
Rolling her eyes, she simply muttered, “Well, when Ingrid comes back here with that man, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so.”
You just laughed, a deep, all-the-way-to-your-toes laugh.
“Mrs. Johnson, if that man ever comes within a hundred feet of this place, I’ll buy your coffee for a month.”
The older woman just smirked into her coffee.
Shaking your head to yourself, you slung your purse back over your shoulder and pushed your chair in, coffee in the other hand.
“Alright, ladies. I’ll let you get back to the real gossip of the day.”
“Trust me, Ingrid, you’re little debacle with this mystery man will keep us fed for days.”
You just shook your head and gave Mrs. Franklin a squeeze to her shoulder.
“Whatever you say, Mrs. Franklin.”
As you walked toward the front door, she sputtered.
“For the last time, Ingrid, it’s Gladys!”
You left the coffee shop, still reeling over the women’s words.
There was no interest. He was everything you hated in college and even more so as an adult. They just wanted to see some sort of chance of romance in your life when you were more than content to keep the museum and Diana as your closest relationships.
You let your mind wander to the last time you had let a man into your life, and you cringed. He had played you like a fiddle and you were never letting anyone do that to you, ever again. Besides, even if you wanted to test the waters of romance again, you would pick someone better than that idiot.
As you joined the crowd of pedestrians headed to the other side of the street, you noticed the same man in the trench coat as before. Biting your lip out of nerves, you decided to do a little experiment. Looking down at your watch, it was nearly ten. You could put up with passing through crowds of people as long as you knew this man wasn’t going to be sitting in the museum, waiting for you.
At the next corner, you turned sharply.
You were met with crowds of people wandering around, pointing to different sights and places they wanted to go. Of course. Tour groups started soon. Grimacing, you pushed forward. If this man really was following you, he’d have to go through every middle-class midwestern family to get to you.
Picking up your pace, you tried to look behind you as nonchalantly as possible. Trench Coat was awkwardly trying to pass through tour groups, running into every other suburban dad.
Again, any other time this would have been hysterical.
But instead, it was your life.
You back-pedaled into a store-front, deciding there were more than enough people around you to confront your stalker. He finally freed himself of the throws of people, and found you standing with your arms crossed, announce etched into your face.
“Listen, pal, I don’t know what your deal is or why you think following me is a good idea—”
“A job’s a job, lady. Even if this guy was a real asshole about it.”
You froze.
“Sorry, who exactly hired you to follow me around like a crazed lunatic?”
“Some rich guy. He told me to follow you around for a couple of days, see what kind of places you frequented. I just assumed he thought his wife was having an affair. And, no offense, lady, but you don’t exactly scream ‘married to a rich man.’ Sleeping in a museum and best friends with a bunch of old ladies? You need to get out more,” the man muttered, reaching in his pocket for a cigarette.
You pursed your lips, seeming for the billionth time this morning to bite back a response. And then an idea popped into your brain. Would this be your proudest moment? Absolutely not.
“Guess you caught me. I just moonlight at that dreary old place so I can see my secret lover,” you drawled, even adding a giggle.
He laughed, looking at you with such condescension you wanted to vomit.
“Shoulda guessed no broad would actually dress like that,” he laughed, taking you by the arm, “Sure your husband will be real happy to see your face again, toots.”
Giving him a light smile, you let him lead you back to his car.
Why that pompous, inconsiderate, deranged asshole thought he could have you followed and then hired the most incompetent man you had ever met to do the job, you were never going to understand. But you did know you were going to give that man a piece of your mind.
Sighing, you pinched the bridge of your nose.
You needed a drink. Or two.
Pulling up to the skyscraper, you gawked at the sight before you. Outside the building was a little greenery and a fountain… but to the right of that was the gaudiest thing you had ever seen.
He had a statue.
A fucking statue of himself outside his own building.
A building that had his own name on the side of it.
Even the statue was wearing that stupid smug smile.
“What’s the matter, lady? Never seen your husband’s building before?”
Another fake giggle.
God, who were you becoming.
“Just never from the pedestrian entrance,” you shrugged, getting out of the car.
Walking to the front of the building, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from that mistake of stonework. Sure, a lot of your assumptions about the man came from the way he presented himself. But all of them were confirmed the minute you stepped foot in the building.
“Jesus Christ, lady. Why’s he got such a thing for pure-gold?”
You and Trench Coat were openly staring at the lobby of the building, which looked more like a Renaissance painting than a business establishment.
Without thinking, you answered him, “Most of this can’t be pure gold. It’d be too heavy for the structure of the building. It’s gilded. Only made to look like it’s gold. It’s just a parlor trick.”
He just blinked at you.
“The pay was not worth whatever bullshit this is,” he muttered, dragging you along with him.
The elevator was a stark contrast to the front of the building, simply black and a mirrored roof. You breathed a sigh of relief at the lack of varnish. A normal, everyday elevator. You could do normal. As the elevator rose, you tapped your foot, the anger in you rising again. He had hired some two-bit detective to, what, stalk you until he could “figure out what you liked”? The hell was that about? First the incessant amount of flowers, his phone number, and now this?
The man was learning the meaning of no and it was happening today.
With a ding, the elevator doors opened to a near-empty floor. You stormed out of the elevator, leaving the private eye to scurry behind you. He was trying to say something about how your husband didn’t know that you knew and that he wouldn’t be happy and you didn’t give a damn.
Passing what appeared to be a receptionist’s desk you threw open the door to what could only be his office.
“Gladys, finally, I was wondering when you’d—”
“What the hell is your problem?”
Maxwell paused.
Looking up from his paperwork, he saw the private eye he had hired… and you.
“I’m sorry, why is she here?”
“Look, pal, your wife came clean and said she wanted to come here—”
“She’s not my wife. What part of follow her around and discover her interests meant bring her here, to me? Idiot. Get out of here,” he spoke and the man… just left? Even if he had looked like he had more to say, he just walked out the door… and left.
Which left just you and Mr. Golden Statue.
“You’re a psychopath! ‘Discover her interests?’ Do you know how a normal person does that, Maxwell? Talks to them! They don’t hire some film noir reject to stalk said woman all around Washington D.C.!” you exclaimed, your anger finally boiling out of you.
“Well,” he drawled, “You left in such a hurry on Friday and then the flowers seemed to have had the opposite reaction so I figured I should discern what you do like as to not make the same mistakes in the future.”
You snorted.
“When a woman rejects your advances, Mr. Lord, that means no. Not maybe, not I’ll think about it, not outlook not so good. It means no,” you ground out, keeping a defensive position near the door. The sooner you could explain to this man that you were not interested the sooner you could leave.
“But you came here to do that. You could have ignored my admittedly poorly-vetted PI and gone on your merry way, pretending you had never met me and that we didn’t have a curious connection from the first time we spoke,” he argued, leaning back in his office chair.
And for the first time you hesitated. Why had you come here? To prove to yourself that you weren’t intrigued by this man that, while, exceedingly cocky and annoying, still piqued your interest by the way he spoke about myths the way you did. With vigor and a desire for them to be real… well, you knew they were now, but you weren’t going to tell him that.
You paused a moment too long, because he had a too-wide smirk on his face.
“Maybe I just wanted to tell you to your face you looked like you walked out of a Bob Barker look-a-like contest and lost,” you snapped, crossing your arms.
He chuckled a bit at that comment, but you could see fire behind his eyes. You had suspected nobody spoke to him that way, but now you were certain with the annoyance that laid just beyond the reluctant humor.
“You don’t like me. I don’t like you. Why are you trying to force this?” you asked, leaning on one hip as you stood.
“Because, even if I don’t entirely understand it, you intrigue me. You’re the first person I’ve ever met who hasn’t immediately done whatever I’ve asked.”
“Maybe that’s because I don’t work for you, wise-ass,” you grumbled.
He just hummed in response.
“Well, if that’s all you have to say—”
“Have dinner with me. Tomorrow night.”
“And what if I say no?” you muttered, trying to find a reason for your lack of breath other than pure panic.
“Then I’ll just keep asking.”
“God, you really are insufferable, you know that, right?”
“So I’ve been told by you, at least three separate times, and it’s only our second time meeting.”
You rolled your eyes, checking the time. God, it was almost noon. Diana was going to be—
Shit. Shit. Shit.
You had a meeting with Edwards and Diana in less than an hour and you had almost completely forgotten about it.
“Fine. You know what, I’ll do it.”
“Wait, you will?” he sounded as surprised as you felt.
“One condition: you let me take one of those fancy townhouse cars I know you own back to the museum.”
“I… yes, of course. Follow me.”
You watched as he stood up, buttoning his jacket as he walked. You hadn’t noticed it before, but his voice had such a nice… timbre to it when he wasn’t prepping for some sort of Bond villain-eque monologue. It was deeper than you had thought it would be and—
No. Absolutely not. You were not finding anything about this man attractive. Never. Nope. Nada.
“If you’re taking me to your evil lair to murder me, I have at least three people who will search for me,” you joked.
You couldn’t see it, but you knew he had rolled his eyes at you.
“I just assumed you would rather go through the private entrance than sit around in the front and wait for a car to take you, where dozens of people walk by and would watch you accepting the help of a rich man,” he stated mildly, entering a different elevator than the one you had arrived in.
“And you would be right,” you muttered.
“I thought as much.”
There you stood in silence.
You glanced at him, trying to read his expression.
And then you did something neither of you were expecting: you told him the truth.
“You know… I have a hard time deciding if my life ended up more like Narcissus and Echo or Jason and Madea. Either way, I trusted the wrong person and I lost,” you divulged to him.
The elevator stopped and you got out, not wanting to see his face. It was one thing when he spoke of himself with that stupid boisterous attitude. It was another when, for no discernible reason, you told this man you had been hurt through a story.
Or… was it just a story?
God, you could not do this right now.
He walked ahead, leading you to one of his personal cars.
“And yet you are the one getting into a townhouse car from a man you claim to hate. Maybe you haven’t entirely lost yet, Indiana.”
You rolled your eyes at him, “The hate’s still there. But maybe you’ve downgraded to a low-level annoyance.”
He just smirked, “I’m honored.”
And the door was shut behind you.
Arriving back at the museum, you saw Diana waiting at the entrance. You climbed out of the car, giving a quiet thank-you to the driver before he left again. It was almost as if your morning had never happened.
“Indy! Where have you been? The boys told me you left to get coffee, but that was hours ago—”
“Diana… I think I just agreed to go on a date with Maxwell Lord.”
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eventyrstuff · a year ago
Tumblr media
Every Kdrama I’ve watched under the cut, to keep track and for recommendations.
Warning: Spoilers, few unpopular opinions ahead, please bear in mind: to each their own.
·       You’re Beautiful – 16 amusing episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? This was the era of female leads pretending to be male (Hana Kimi, Ouran etc), but I still loved it. We follow the story of the female lead (who was a Nun at the beginning) who pretended to be her twin brother and become a part of the country’s current hottest band because her twin had a cosmetic surgery mishap (lol). It’s mostly trying to fit in and try not to get exposed but of course our male lead discovered her true identity thus begin her suffering and second also knows but did not admit it thus begin his unrequited love and comic relief and best character in the series was left in the dark thus begin questioning his sexuality 7/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? YES. Park Shin Hye is love and Jang Geun Seuk’s smile is freaking adorable. 9/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? JEREMY AND SHINWOO AND JOLIE YES. 10/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? MOST DEF. I fell in love with PSH’s “Lovely Day” and “ Without Words”, ANJELL’s “Still” and “Promise” though I prefer Lee Hong Ki’s version 8/10 o   Would you rewatch? I’ll definitely rewatch, I would love to compare my opinion back in my tween years and opinion now   o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: Episode 6 – Shin Woo and Mi Nam’s pseudo date (totally heartbreaking for tween me) Episode 11 – supermarket scene was the best, Episode 13 – Cooking scenes was hilarious, every scene with Jeremy, TAE KYUNG AND THE PIG o   Words Association: GO MI NAM, Pig-Rabbit, JOLIE!, Fly me to the moon, “hyung, vinegar?” o   Yes it has overused plots, common conflicts and family drama but the characters and their dynamics are truly worth watching this and if you need a good laugh (this drama has a looooot of funny scenes), this one is for you. 8/10
·       Heartstrings – 15 forgotten episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? It’s a college drama involving modern and traditional Korean music. I honest to God forgot the whole drama, I think there was rivalry between the main leads? 6/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? Not sure, but if it’s Park Shin Hye, I guess so, sorry I’m shit at remembering this drama o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? I forgot so I guess not? o   Are the OSTs compelling? I am pretty sure it got an amazing Osts with having Park Shin Hye and CN Blue’s Yong Hwa but the only thing I remember was the song “Byeul” or Star and it was sung by the secondary character but it was really catchy o   Would you rewatch? Looks like I need to rewatch since I mostly forgot this drama o   Will rate once I have rewatched but if you shipped Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s characters in You’re Beautiful, this one is for you.
Then after years of Jdramas, Anime, Mangas, YA books I returned to Kdramaland in…
·       Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – 16 charming episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? College athletes’ coming of age drama, added a dash of love and friendship and dreams. Strong female lead and affectionate male lead, sign me the fuck up. 9/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? I AM EMOTIONALLY INVESTED WITH THE LEADS PERSONAL AND LOVE LIVES. YES. 10/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? YES EVEN THE CAMEOS (Hello Lee Jong Suk who I haven’t watched any of his drama yet at the time and Ji Soo) 10/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I downloaded 2 of their OSTs (You&I and Dreaming), it was the first Korean songs in my playlist 9/10 o   Would you rewatch? Absolutely o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: “BOK JOO, WATCH OUT!”, “YOU DIE, I WILL KILL YOU”, Snow kisses, the gang in the amusement park, THAT SCENE WITH JISOO AND JOO HYUK o   Word Association: SWAG, Messi, Chicken, Samgyupsal, WHAT, Chubs o   I totally recommend to everyone, it has a unique plot, still not over the main lead’s chemistry, you’ll fall in love with the whole story. 10/10
 ·       The Heirs – 20 clichéd episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? It’s your typical rich man poor woman plot, high school setting oozing with alpha males and lots of trope scenes, if only female lead was also an heir or they develop more on her character it will be memorable, I can’t really differentiate with other dramas with the same plot – well except the male lead’s mother is not your typical mother who absolutely hates the female lead 3/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? No, not really more on the secondary characters, both male and female leads are meh 2/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? With the mute mother and FL’s bestfriend and his girlfriend yes, everyone else is forgettable 3/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I only remember “Love is a moment” because it was used by fanmade crack videos on youtube ahahaha 2/10 o   Would you rewatch? Probably no. o   I guess if you are a big fan of Boys Over Flowers and looking for the same genre this one’s for you, this did not really age well for me, probably would have loved this if I watched back when I was in highschool – reminds me of wattpad days. 3/10
 ·       W: Two Worlds – 16 enthralling episodes (Started 2018 Finished 2020)
o   Is the plot interesting? The plot is what compelled me to watch this drama, male lead is a webtoon character created by the female lead but made famous by her father. Male lead does not have your best childhood experiences but became really successful as an adult but there are mysterious instances that put his life on danger, the female lead (doctor) was drawn in on the comic and saved his life, unknowingly her actions changed the course of the story and it reflected on the comic in the real world – this was truly a good concept 9/10 because I actually forgot I started this drama last 2018 then rewatched and finished this 2020, I am still confused. o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? THE CHEMISTRY WAS ON THE ROOF ON THIS ONE. I DIDN’T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE OTHER CHARACTERS 10/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? I was actually more focused on the main leads, did not exactly give much attention to other characters 3/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I only liked “Where are you” but it was sung by that guy who was jailed among other things so I don’t know how I feel now. Still the opening was lit o   Would you rewatch? Yes, I will try to fully understand what the mechanics or rules of being a webtoon character and being alive in the real world o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: KISS IN THE JAIL was the first thing that came to my mind, also real life scenes to comic scenes and vice versa- kudos to the artists, slap and kiss scene, the flashing scene, 4 romantic concepts scene, the adorable scenes recreating the illustration book, the transition when yeon Joo dropped her ring, the hospital bed scene o   Words Association: #4, handcuffs, all the winks, sudden “saranghaeyo”, ring, bus stop, “to be continued” o   This drama was amazing for the first 10 episodes then became complicated after, I loved the chemistry between the 2 main leads but unfortunately overpowered the whole story – don’t get me wrong I love love stories, but my reaction was the same as those who read the comics – too much cutesy stuff they forgot the storyline, I wanted them to explore the W show, but they focused on filling the plothole for the murderer which created more conflicts and confusing scenes. The line between the comic and real word created plot devices and more questions. This drama has flaws but cool premise though, I hate amnesia plot on any drama but it was well incorporated on this one. 8/10
·       Goblin – 16 amazing Episodes (Finished, rewatched 2020)
o   Is the plot interesting? A general in Goryeo dynasty got punished by the Gods to be immortal and his sword still in his chest only the Goblin bride can take it off so he can be at peace and die. Immortal lead with a side of grim reaper as best friend, charming female lead with a confident female boss – a story with reincarnation and ghosts, scenes that will tug your heart – yes, one of Kdrama Masterpiece 10/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? At first no no with the age gap but yes, I say while crying o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? HELL TO THE YES, DEOK HWA, GRAMPS, SECRETARY KIM, HELLO CUTIE TAE HEE, SUNNY AND GRIM REAPER 10/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL OSTS, particularly “Round and Round”, “I Miss You”, “Stay with Me” and even without lyrics I still worship “When the time stops” aka the music that speaks to your soul 10/10 o   Would you rewatch? YES ALREADY DID BRUH WILL DO AGAIN o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: Every bromance scene, I got hooked by the scene in the first ep where Eun Tak celebrated her birthday with her ghost mother, epic goblin and grim reaper modelling in the highway, everytime sunny flips her hair, grim reaper and his guests in the tea shop o   Word Association: Canada, sad love, candles, rain, chicken, tea, car crash *sorry not sorry* o   Totally recommended, well-deserved on its popularity. Will make you laugh and cry, at the same time. Acting skillz man. 10/10
 ·       Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – 16 whacky episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? Female lead has super strength which was actually passed down to every woman born in her family, she wants to be a game developer but instead got hired as bodyguard of our male lead who is a ceo of a gaming company 8/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? I remember that I did, I was? I need to rewatch haha o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? I remembered I did not like Ji soo’s character and don’t really remember other characters… o   Are the OSTs compelling? Can’t quite remember so I need to - o   Would you rewatch? Yeahp, will do o   I’ll do a rewatch before rating
I had a watch list back in 2018, but then I became busy with work and life until…
2020 (Details will be more longer since every Kdrama is still fresh on my mind)
·       My ID is Gangnam Beauty – 16 pretty episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? Basically, female lead deems herself ugly and undergone a plastic surgery to fully change her face before attending the university – but a popular guy back in highschool (junior high?) was also attending the same uni and recognized her – it’s a mellow sort of drama tackling Korean beauty and it’s extent, still cute story tho 7/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? We must protect Mi-rae at all cost, Cha Eun Woo’s character is a little bit emotionally constipated but Eun Woo is *swoon* 8/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? I am all for Mi-rae’s family and childhood friend, Kyung Seok’s sister, Yoo eun was very notable as well, I love how her character is completely fair and understanding 7/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? “D-day” and “True” is a bop to listen to, everytime I hear “Something” all I remember is Cha Eun Woo’s slow mo glance, other OST is a bop but not enough for me to put on my playlist 6/10 o   Would you rewatch? Probably but not right now o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: New face dance, bathroom scene with Kyung Seok beating the shit out of their senior, whenever Kyung Seok is annoyed with Soo-A but total heart eyes mode with Mi Rae, Cinema pseudo date – eating popcorn using straws, when he changed the color of his hair, Kyung Seok’s ID when he was a waiter, their high school date, and that last sweet scene in the final episode o   Word Association: gangnam, perfume, plastic, umbrella, soju o   I wasn’t planning on watching kdramas again after a long time but this quarantine just makes you do things and no regrets at all, MIIGB probably isn’t the best of the best but it definitely made me want to watch more kdramas and lo and behold more kdramas watched in a span of 2 months than in a year back in 2018. I love how it tackles on true beauty and female oppression and how idiotic alpha male trope is 7/10
 ·       While You Were Sleeping – 16 not enough episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? A prosecutor, a reporter and a cop can see the future when they sleep, which helps them in solving cases and do their best to change it. Every case is fascinating makes you say “ohhhhh” when they present their defense and I am like *chef kiss* I love the premise and the supernatural part of the story. 10/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? YES. JAE CHAN AND HONG JOO ARE ADORKABLE AND HAS INSANE VISUALS  10/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? HAVE YOU MET JUNG HAE IN, THE PROSECUTOR TEAM WAS THE BEST. YES. EVEN THE SIDE CHARACTERS ON CASES AND THE VILLAINS 10/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I usually don’t hear the OSTs while focusing on a scene but boy oh boy, OSTs stole everything, I am obsessed with the whole album. The melody and tune is very captivating everytime you hear it you just want to embed it on your brain. If you are still having second thoughts watching this drama, listen to it’s OSTs the feels they give is the same feels when you watch 1000/10 o   Would you rewatch? I’ve watched it again after finishing it so yes, 100% yes, need more episodes still having withdrawal syndrome, still watching fanmade videos on youtube o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: Every episode lol, the opening sequence, the outro scenes in episode 2 and 3 (with that background music), everytime “It’s you”, “You belong to my world”, “When night falls” and “I love you boy” is the bg music, every Jae Chan and Hong Joo parallel (Episode 2 and 16 particularly), OT3 scenes, the shadow picture, KISS IN THE RAIN, IN THE SAKURA TREE AND THE ALMOST KISS IN THE CAR if I list down all of my fave, I will be writing the whole summary of each episode. Hmmm. o   Words Association: Snow hug, sakura kiss, batman and robin, scarf, JUST ICE, choir, seatbelt, samgyupsal, femme fatale, lip balm o   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ULTIMATE FAVE. I AM BIASED SHUTTUP. JUST WATCH. NONE CAN COMPARE. NUFF SAID. 100000/10 SOMEONE FANGIRL WITH ME
 ·       Pinocchio – 20 important episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? This whole drama is about mass media and its major influence on anyone’s life and it is so powerful. We have a male lead whose family has experienced the impact of misguided news and it is painful to watch because this really happens irl at worse, this is due to a reporter which is our female lead’s mother. Now our female lead has Pinocchio Syndrome hence the drama title, she can’t help but hiccup when she lies, it’s very interesting to know why both leads wanted to be a reporter given their situation 10/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? YES, I JUST WANNA HUG THEM. Imagine having a condition that forces you to tell the truth, you can’t keep your feelings, privacy or secrets at all and to add an indifferent mother who did not care for your dreams but more on publicity. Imagine having a dream and working hard to reach it but after college you fail every job interview and it’s so realistic I just ashfdsjfha (Except the Pinocchio syndrome part but come on) Imagine experiencing a childhood where you don’t know what happened to your firefighter father, is the news about him running away true because it was his fault all those other firefighters are dead? Imagine your brother doing his best to hold your family together because your mother is on the verge of nervous breakdown to the point of pushing her to choose death, pulling you to a hug and just jump? Imagine this male lead fighting every chance to not love this girl who is the daughter of the reason why his family is gone now and could not leave her because she is also the reason why he decided to fight for the injustice done to his family and to others victims of fake news and they are so supportive of each other. It freaking hurts and I’m sorry I just have a lot of emotions for these two 1000000/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? YEEEEES, GRANDPA AND FATHER, I LOVE THEIR FAMILY DYNAMICS SO MUCH WHEN GRANDPA CRIED I CRIED! EVEN JA MYUNG HYUNG who has not enough episode in THEY DESERVE TO BE TOGETHER NOT JUST FOR ONE EPISODE. EVEN BEOM JU, YOO RAE, NITPICKER JANG, CAPTAIN, BOTH CAPTAINS ACTUALLY, CHAN SOO AND HIS FAMILY EVEN I LOVE TO HATE THE VILLAINS 100/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I was too focused on the intensity of the story but I do love the bg music –“First Love”, “The Only Person”, “Pinocchio” are few notable OSTs 8/10 o   Would you rewatch? YES FREAKING YES, I REWATCHED AFTER WATCHING IT o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: Episode 16 as a whole, because main lead conflict with each other was resolved and that dinner scene is one I always rewatch, of course episode 1 introduction for Dal Po is freaking hilarious, Episode 2’s “Because I like you” damn feels, snow kiss, all the grandpa scenes and brother scenes, that scene when In ha remembered being drunk, that scene where Dal Po meets his brother again and I just ahjasgdjhsdgf, the intense debate and paralleling it in the seminar, the Christmas episode pyung pyung pyung my heart huhu o   Word Association: Six Degrees Separation, rumor, button, MSC/YGN News, traffic cones, hiccups, piggy banks, text messages, family o   EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS. I LOVE EVERY PART. IT WAS ON MY WATCHLIST LAST 2018 WHY DID I NOT WATCHED IT THEN. THE ACTING THOUGH YOU JUST FEEL THEIR INTENSE EMOTIONS THROUGH THE SCREEN. FEELS EVERYWHERE. 100000/10
 ·       Romance Is A Bonus Book – 16 heartwarming episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? It’s about romance and books! Lee Jong Suk is on it what more can you ask for? Kidding aside it tells a story of a 30 something mother who to go back to work after 12 years which left a huge gap on her resume, she also got recently divorced and experiencing the repercussion of that, all of the job she applied for has focused on her work gap instead of her skills (which by the way as an HR a very hard truth). She applied as a support role on a publishing company and got hired but by omitting a lot of things on her resume. Oh and her childhood friend, our male lead is actually a co-owner and editor of the company. And he is also in love with her since high school. 9/10 but the fluffiness of the whole series is worth 10/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? YES, Dan-I is totally relatable and Eun Ho is lovable. I love their relationship so much they are each other’s home. 10/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? With Hae-rin (COME OOON UNREQUITED LOVE AGAIN WITH LJS CHARACTER?), Seo Joon, President Kim, Manager Seo, and our very own Gangnam Leopard YES. Others not so much. 8/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? The OSTs are feel good, the kind of playlist you want to hear when you read or travelling, point to “Rainbow”, “Walking on Sunshine”, “Happy End”also the heart churning feels when “You’re Beautiful” and “ A Story I couldn’t see” begins playing in the bg 10/10 o   Would you rewatch? YES over and over and over again o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: The first episode with the wedding visuals, so aesthetic with the running in the highway, the power dance was so out of place but it was adorable, the scene where Dan-I reminisce her married life and it just breaks your heart, the essay part of her application is just motivating and sad, WHEN EUN HO WAS DRUNK AND WENT TO DAN-I’s PLACE BECAUSE HE ALWAYS GO THERE WHEN HE MISSES HER AND I JUST AHGSHJAGDKJGHJ, “If that’s love, I love her then”, GANGNAM LEOPARD CLUB SCENE, the subtle Snow confession (what’s with LJS and Snow???) the long brown overcoats comes out I’m there, when Eun Ho rejected Hae Rin so nicely I cry, movie date, the day Dan-I and Eun Ho spent together at their house, all the book pages at the end of each episode o   Words Association: THE MOON IS BEAUTIFUL, noona, power pose, love letters, books, seasons change, cucumber allergy, April 23 o   This drama is literally a warm blanket on a rainy day. Recommended if you want a pure love story with almost no conflict and mellow storyline – just the thought of finding love and home in the same person is truly heartwarming. For aspiring writers and book lovers! Love the quotable quotes in it and the warm feels it gives 10/10
 ·       Extraordinary You – 16 extraordinary episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? We follow the story of the extras in a comic book. Get it? EXTRAordinary you, haha okaaaay, anyway, its fictional characters becoming aware that they are fictional characters and trying to change their fates, having a life of their own outside the “stage” and all around creating chaos – breaking the 4th wall if you will. We have your cliché high school filled with rich kids and an elite group called A3 (which was funny bc it was almost mocking F4), then we have the female lead who thought she was the main character of the story but was only the love bridge extra for the main characters. And our beautiful male lead who does not even have a name. Very attention-grabbing 10/10 also just found out the drama was based on a webtoon, so it’s a webtoon inside a webtoon nice. o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? Dan-Oh is a fun character to watch, her range of emotions and the way she acts in and out of the stage deserves a standing ovation, I don’t mind Ro Woon’s visual too haha 9/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? Yes to Lee Do Hwa (Because violin playing cutiepie), Joo Da (girl became aware and finally got claws at the end) and Dried Squid Fairy and Su Hyang (because their history is interesting) , not really into Bae Kyung or Nam Joo (who was 2dimensional character until the end) 8/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I loved all the instrumental background music especially “Highschool Runway”, Also “My Beauty” which was very kdrama-esque ending song 7/10 o   Would you rewatch? BIG YES o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: Every Dan-Oh and Do Hwa’s internal monologue and their bromance, every time Dan Oh breaks character but the page flips, every time she curse and criticize the writer, checking the male population’s back, when Dan-oh opened the umbrella and we got to see Haru’s face *dokidoki*, every reaction when they transition from stage to shadow, I mean kudos to Kim Hye Yoon’s acting from crying to laughing then from head over heels over Bae Kyung then cringing at herself , “It’s Bae Kyung Time”, the scene where Haru and Dan-oh was holding hands and here comes third wheel Do Hwa the way they reacted with Dan Oh’s “Annyeong Lee Do Hwa” made me rofl o   Word Association: AYUUU JINJJA, HARUYAAAAA, stage, shadow, page flips, October 10, secret, flower o   I love the concept and how it felt like writing fanfiction, you put your favorite characters in alternative universes or different setting and watch them fall in love all over again – in this case destiny also plays a huge part since the writer continuously separate them but they still fall in love with each other outside the stage. It’s fun to see the other side or the fillers whenever characters are not on acting on stage, they have more character depth and development. I definitely love the Sageuk and College AU part. 9/10
 ·       Graceful Family – 16 wild episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? It’s a drama full of Makjang so we are riding on a rollercoaster ride, I am here for all of it gimme gimme that outrageous plot with a dash of crazy family on the side and a group of people who cleans up their messes 9/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? SEOK HEE IS THE BEST FEMALE LEAD YET FREAKING BADASS BITCH QUEEN. Yoon Do is okay but really overpowered by Seok Hee’s strong personality 10/10 for Seok Hee o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? I am very interested in Ms. Han and the Top Team’s deal unfortunately it was not addressed further in the series, wouldn/t mind a mini sequel with them as the main characters, Choi Na Ri and Seo Jin is loooove, and I love Wan Soo with all my heart even after everything that happened 9/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? “Liar” is on my playlist solely for me to feel as badass as Seok Hee and “Black Diamond” because it plays with your emotions 8/10 o   Would you rewatch? Solely for all the WTF moments o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: ALL THE DINING TABLE SCENES, opening scene in the first episode got me hooked, all Seok Hee scenes made me stay, Wan Soo’s hilarious scenes, that whole hanbok shop scene, whole jail fiasco, when Seok Hee fights head to head with TOP management, PICASSO’S FUNERAL SCENE, Episode 9 when Choi Na Ri moved in, episode 15’s biggest plot twist, Episode 16 and it’s whole 1 hour and 45 minutes of drama o   Word Association: Home sweet home, Cannes, Picasso, power vacuum, kingmaker, Auntie o   It has a lot of flaws, plotholes and characters you wished was fleshed out but man what an exhilarating ride it was. I love all the dirty secrets in the closets and plot twists (won’t spoil just watch it!) but Seok Hee is definitely the show stealer for me. Soo Hyang’s character here is starkly different with her character in My ID is Gangnam Beauty and it’s really amazing. 9/10
 ·       Hi, Bye Mama – 16 heartbreaking episodes (Finished)
o   Is the plot interesting? This is all about mother’s love and the life she left behind. Our female lead died in an accident and has been a ghost for five years watching over her family especially her daughter, she watched how her family moved on – her husband remarried and her daughter grew up with a different mother. The Gods has given her a chance to live again if she gets back her place within 49 days – this means she get the chance to become human again and finally meet her daughter. 9/10 o   Am I emotionally invested on the Main Leads? I AM EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN ALL OF THEM. 10/10 o   Did I grew attached to the secondary characters? SEO WOO YAAAAAA, Min Jung, her whole family and best friends even the other ghosts and their painful stories YES. 10/10 o   Are the OSTs compelling? I was busy crying and could not really hear the bg music because all I hear is my heart breaking a million times. But “Happy” made me happy and sad at the same time and the haunting “Same Town, New Story” instrumental is love o   Would you rewatch? I am not sure if I’m ready to cry again o   Favorite Episode/Scenes: whole episode 8 is where I broke down crying – I know this whole series is about mother’s and their unconditional love but episode 8 showed fathers and their incomparable love to their daughters and I just asjhdajksd the epilogue in this episode just made me cry nonstop – I am actually crying just remembering that scene, every epilogue will make you ugly cry, every time Seo Woo smiles, Episode 11 and that epic showdown in Kid’s café, when Yu Ri became human again and how happy she was she can hold Seo Woo, every scene with her and Seo Woo bonding, Gang Hwa and the egg,  the list of things she wants to do, when Seo Woo finally called her MAMA o   Words Association: mother, stepmom, ghosts,  “I am happy”, shaman, egg, 49 days o   I am emotionally exhausted watching this show, I cried on every episode, this definitely hurt me in every way possible. Highly recommended if you want a good long nonstop cry 10/10
Dramas I did not completely watched sans a few episodes, finished by skipping scenes or reading drama reviews. Warning: total unpopular opinions
·       Boys Over Flowers – we all know Hana Yori Dango is superior, I just got bored of recycled scenes and I really don’t like LMH here, sorry
·       Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Plot is very interesting but Sageuk dramas are not my cup of tea, reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi which I hated when I was a kid dunno why haha, will look for my motivation to watch the whole drama ·       Oh My Ghostess – got spoiled, skipped and just read episode summary
·       Hello Monster – did not even finish 1st episode, skipped through episode 2 -3, too many plot holes, just read last episode spoilers ·       Hotel De Luna – finished 7 episodes got distracted by work and life. Plotline is interesting and characters look promising, will rewatch but I already know the spoilers and ending ·       School 2013 – just read the dramabeans episode reviews, may watch but reminds me of Gokusen concept (which I do love but very repetitive) so may not ·       Suspicious Partner – I liked the plot but unfortunately did not care too much on the main mystery of the whole show which was who the actual murderer is, did not like the shared childhood trauma, but acting still was good, its just the storyline ·       Doctor Stranger – I seriously would have loved to finish this because LJS’s acting skills on point (how can he be that seriously angry in North Korea then be clumsy adorkable in South? Howww) but alas, the female lead storyline is cringy I stopped at episode 6, read reviews and it would have been 20 wasted episodes for me ·       What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim – full of stereotypical tropes I could not finish, too romcom for me and could not invest too much about their history
Watchlist (2020)
·       Hospital Playlist ·       Crash Landing On You ·       Kill Me, Heal Me ·       I Am Not A Robot ·       Sky Castle ·      Love Alarm
Hit me up with your recommendations, better yet your favorite kdrama and reasons why it’s your fave!
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recentanimenews · a year ago
Bookshelf Briefs 9/30/20
Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter, Vol. 6 | By Reai and Suki Umemiya | Seven Seas – Another series down to “once a year” release—I had to jog my memory at the start to recall what had been happening. Many things are going wrong for our heroine, who is trying to be strong and tough but is also starting to break down, and I felt that the scenes with her and Dean struck just the right balance of comforting and letting the heroine cry without making her seem weaker. This sets the stage for her comeback, which is extraordinary. (And also has a corrupt Church, a constant in Japanese light novels, though at least here there are also honest and good religious people in it.) That said, eventually Dean’s identity will come out, and I do wonder how this very good “villainess” isekai will handle it. – Sean Gaffney
The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Jack Flash and the Faerie Case Files, Vol. 1 | By Yu Godai, Mako Oikawa, and Kore Yamazaki | Seven Seas – A faerie switched at birth for a human child, Jack never fit in in either world. Only in the mortal realm could she earn money for anime collectibles, however, so she decided to make herself into a tough, capable woman like her literary heroes and set up shop as a detective. Together with her fellow changeling, Larry the werewolf, Jack takes on supernatural cases in New York City. In this volume, Lindel tasks them with tracking down a missing dragon egg. I liked the resources Jack uses to obtain information, which include a dapper theatre ghost and a spell with components of rat whiskers and taxi tires because “Nobody out there knows this city better than them.” I still found this a bit hard to get into, though, especially the parts involving a perpetually tearful off-off-off-off-Broadway actress and her pickpocket boyfriend. Still, I will check out volume two! – Michelle Smith
Black Clover, Vol. 22 | By Yuki Tabata | Viz Media – At long last, this interminable arc comes to an end. I enjoyed a lot of it, but I cannot deny it should have been about two volumes shorter. Most of the book is taken up by shonen battles, with the villain being nigh unkillable, the heroes almost breaking themselves to stop him, etc. Fortunately, the day is saved, and even the Wizard King turns out to be… sort of alive again? Shota fans should be happy. Asta fans perhaps less so—the sheer amount of damage done to the kingdom in this arc means someone has to be blamed, and give Asta has the “dark evil magic” it’s gonna be him, especially when he takes the incredibly obvious bait they use to get him to fight. Oh well, if Asta were smart, this wouldn’t be Black Clover. – Sean Gaffney
Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Vol. 3 | By Nanashi | Vertical Comics – Part of the problem with titles like this and the other teasing works (Takagi-san less so as Nishikata doesn’t fall into the category) is that they are, at heart, the classic “extroverted girl acts overtly extroverted to bring introverted guy out of their shell,” and that’s not really a plot that feels comfortable in the Gen Z days, where you’re more likely to say “why doesn’t she just let him be in his quiet, safe space?” And by she I mean they, as Nagatoro’s two friends appear far more often here, which offers some good two-way teasing action, as they clearly see her crush on him, if not why. It’s still sort of hard to read, but if you pretend he’s more OK with it than he actually is, this is cute. – Sean Gaffney
Failed Princesses, Vol. 1 | By Ajiichi | Seven Seas – The concept of “popular girl meets unpopular girl” is a common one in yuri manga, and we do indeed hit several of its tropes in this first volume. The amusing thing is that Kanade, the shy outcast girl, is perfectly aware of how things are supposed to go, and keeps pulling back a bit to try to save Nanaki from, well, making herself an outcast by associating with the wrong people. The best part of the volume is that Nanaki really doesn’t give two shits about any of that, and seems set on making Kanade her best friend… and also making her over, which backfires a bit as Kanade cleans up nicely. I hear this gets a bit dramatic later, but for the moment it’s a cute and fluffy proto-yuri story. – Sean Gaffney
In/Spectre, Vol. 12 | By Kyo Shirodaira and Chashiba Katase | Kodansha Comics – The first story in this volume is another “Rikka tries to make people understand Kotoko is an evil Machiavellian schemer,” this time with one of her ex-classmates, but again the response seems to be “we know she’s a manipulative bitch, but she’s a good person anyway.” The larger story, which will continue into the next book, seems to be a chance to write Kuro and Kotoko as an actual romance, as the man we meet here and his relationship with a yuki-onna… as well as his penchant for attracting misfortune… very much parallel them. That said, they’re very cute together, which is why I hope he avoids the murder charge he’s now being investigated for. Still a favorite. – Sean Gaffney
Interviews with Monster Girls, Vol. 8 | By Petos | Kodansha Comics – The author knows what people want to see, but also knows that the best way to get readers is to drive them crazy by not showing it. We finally get what we’ve been begging for here, as Tetsuo asks Sakie out on a date. (This is after rejecting Kyouko’s love confession, both because she’s his student and also, as he is forced to admit, as he likes Sakie.) The stage is set for the date… and the rest of the book is thus spent with the three main student girls going to Kyouko’s for a fireworks viewing and meeting her family. They’re good chapters, and I really liked showing how difficult Kyouko has it as a dullahan in terms of everyday life, but GOD, please get back to the teachers, I beg you! – Sean Gaffney
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Vol. 16 | By Aka Akasaka | Viz Media – The series has gotten to the point where the more rewarding chapters are the ones as part of a larger arc. Not that the one-shot chapters are bad—though Maki’s journey to India may be the most pointless thing in this entire series to date, we do get Chika’s iconic “shut up or I’ll kill you” here. But the larger arcs, featuring Miyuki and Kaguya attempting to date without interruptions, and setting up Ishigami and Iino for a romance—though given the number of limbs broken in this book, and Iino’s own horrible lack of self-awareness, it may be a ways out—are better. This series is still hilarious, but we’ve come to read it more for the heartwarming moments. Heck, there’s even some serious drama here. Very good. – Sean Gaffney
Nineteen | By Ancco | Drawn & Quarterly – Although it was translated and released second in English, Nineteen is a precursor to Ancco’s internationally award-winning manhwa Bad Friends. The volume collects thirteen short comics originally published in Korea over a decade ago which absolutely remain relevant to today’s world. While understandably not as polished as some of Ancco’s later work—one can observe her style evolving and growing over the course of the collection (which is fascinating)—the comics still carry significant emotional weight and impact. Nineteen includes diary comics, which tend to be more lighthearted, as well as harder-hitting fictional stories, many of which also have autobiographical inspiration. As a whole, the collection explores themes of young adulthood, growing up, and complicated family relationships. In particular, there is a compelling focus on the relationships among daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. Some of the narratives can be rather bleak, but a resigned sense of humor threads through Nineteen, too. – Ash Brown
Ran the Peerless Beauty, Vol. 8 | By Ammitsu | Kodansha Comics (digital only) – Shoujo manga that has couples getting together BEFORE the end of the series is inevitably going to have an arc dealing with how far the lead couple should go now that they’re dating, and this is Ran’s turn, as she and Akira and their friends go to a beach house Ran’s family owns and have some beach fun. Unfortunately, the cast gets winnowed down one by one until it’s just the two of them… and her overprotective father, who arrives in time to provide the cliffhanger and no doubt ensure that nookie does not ensue. Not that I think it should—these two kids are even purer than the couple from Kimi ni Todoke, and I think they should mature a bit more before going further. Plus, watching them blush and kiss is wonderful. – Sean Gaffney
Spy x Family, Vol. 2 | By Tatsuya Endo | Viz Media – Having spent our first volume establishing that our found family can really come to love each other deep down, this volume shows off how they are also, at heart, fundamentally awkward and unable to socialize normally. This is unsurprising—hints of Loid’s life we’ve seen show him as a war orphan, Yor is a contract killer, and Anya basically grew up being experimented on by bad guys. As the school soon finds, this leads to issues. The second half of the book introduces Yor’s sister-obsessed little brother Yuri, who turns out to be a torture expert for Loid’s enemies. As always, half the fun is that everyone except Anya has no idea who their real selves are, and the cliffhanger tells us we’re in for some hilarious family fun. I love this. – Sean Gaffney
Spy x Family, Vol. 2 | By Tatsuya Endo | VIZ Media – After a brief spell atop the waiting list, Anya officially makes it into Eden Academy. Loid is anxious to progress to the next stage of his mission and, believing there’s not much chance in turning Anya into an elite scholar like his agency wants, focuses instead on having her befriend the younger son of his target. It does not go to plan, of course. Anya is very cute in this volume, and I also really appreciated how Loid genuinely listens to Yor and values her input. The arrival of Yor’s brother, a member of the secret police, is going to be a fun complication, and another cast member with a secret, but my favorite part of this series is probably always going to be how much love these three are already feeling for each other. So unique and good! – Michelle Smith
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Vol. 6 | By Tomo Hirokawa, based on the story by Reki Kawahara | Yen Press – The weakness of this manga is the same as always—it’s written to tie into the games, and features several characters I just don’t recognize, which can be a problem given this is the big final let’s-save-the-world ending. That said, this is still a decent SAO title. Kirito gets to be cool and badass, but because this isn’t written just by Kawahara others do as well, and it’s a nice balanced effort that focuses on heroine Premiere. I also really liked the point where all the NPCs are worried when everyone has to log out for several days for maintenance. While I’ll still remember this as the “SAO only everyone is alive” manga, I enjoyed reading it, when I wasn’t confused. – Sean Gaffney
By: Ash Brown
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neverstcpdreaming · a year ago
Tumblr media
⌞ʾ⁎ ⊰ booboo stewart, cis male, he/him ⊱ i think i just saw JONAH MATTHEWS walk across trafalgar square, singing to YOUTH ( TROYE SIVAN ). you know, the TWENTY-THREE year old COMIC BOOK STORE EMPLOYEE ? people claim that they are just like BABY JOHN from WEST SIDE STORY. it must be because they are AMIABLE and GULLIBLE as well… though i could be wrong. all i know for sure is that they live at CHICAGO apartment.  { fie, twenty-two, gmt+2, she/her }⌝
ₒ°♢ — meet my newest grown child. i’m super excited to bring him in and i hope you guys will love him as much as i do ! don’t hesitate to hit me up on discord ( mapsofstars#1350 ) or tumblr im’s if you want to plot !
ₒ°♢ — 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓫𝓪𝓼𝓲𝓬𝓼
NAME: jonah matthews
ALIAS: jon, baby jon
AGE: twenty-three
MUSICAL: west side story
FACECLAIM: booboo stewart
ₒ°♢ — 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓭𝓮𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓼
he was born as jonah bell, on the 12th of july 1996 in the uk. jonah spent the first two years of his life with his biological parents. shortly after his sister theresa got born, their father left them. both siblings got taken away out of their home after child protective services decided their alcoholic mother was unfit to take care of them. jonah and theresa unfortunately got seperated in the foster care system.
jonah got adopted by a british couple less than a year after. he grew up without siblings but with two loving moms, grace and lauren. the way he got raised very much influenced his personality. jon is kind, soft, emotional and quite insecure and anxious at times, too, depending a lot on the familiar people in his life. he doesn’t like to bottle up his emotions, instead he very easily shows them. in the past, comparing himself with other guys, he’s not always seen this as a strength but more as a vulnerability.
at the age of nine, his family moved to the united states since grace accepted a job offer there. not too long after, he met his future best friends on the soccer field, and jon got wrapped up in their lives, in their games, in their battles. he started hanging out more on the streets in his free time, after studying and homework. when the other jets decided to leave america behind right after jon graduated high school, he convinced his parents he could move back to the uk as well to continue his studies. at first, they were hesitant to let their little boy go, but they soon realized this is what their son wanted, and maybe it wasn’t a bad thing for him to learn to become more independent. ever since, jon’s been living at the chicago apartments. being so alone was scary as hell, but luckily he had the jets to lean on.
ever since he was a kid, jon has been an avid comic book reader. nowadays, you’ll find him on pretty much every comic con, in costume, of course. jonah’s experience and knowledge were a big advantage to get his first job after graduating with a two year bachelor degree in sales and business, as an employee in a small comic book shop in central london. jon loves helping costumers to find exactly what they’re looking for, and he gives them a couple extra fun facts about superheroes all for free.
the reason he loves comic books and superheroes so much, is because some of the characters started out as comic reading them helped him feel a little bit stronger. a little less scared to face the world. even though he may not be great at defending himself, he knew his best friends would always be there to protect him. they were his very real life superheroes and jon will always look up at them ( literally and figurative, he’s the youngest & smollest member ).
jonah still can’t believe he’s part of the jets. the guys are cool, powerful, strong and brave, basically everything he ever wished to be. while he’ll always stand on their side, there is one thing they do not agree on. jon is a true pacifist, he hates conflict and confrontation. most of the time, he tries his best to stay as far away from fights with the sharks. sometimes, when jon feels not so cowardly, he’ll try to speak up and try and mend things, or at least, prevent horrible things from happening. so far he hasn’t had much success with that.
i think that’s all for now ! thank you if you read this far !
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dermankey · a year ago
Lucas & the Vampire
          The alarm woke Lucas up at eight forty-five as it did every morning of the week. While he would not need to work until ten, he liked being able to get up and take his time in the mornings. After getting ready for the day, he left his apartment and headed out on the streets. On his way to his job, a comic shop called Maelstrom Comics, he stopped by a small cafe that he liked to get breakfast at. It was not an everyday thing, but something every once in a while when he did not want cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.
          It was a nice August day after it had rained for some time, so Lucas decided to eat his breakfast outside. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea, as almost every table was filled. While disgruntled at first, he quickly found one open seat left, which was at a table where a lady in a sunhat was drinking and reading. 
          “Excuse me,” Lucas said as he approached the table. “Is this seat taken?”
           The lady looked up at him, and it was now that he noticed her skin was very pale. “Sure. I’ll be leaving soon anyway.”
          “Cool,” Lucas nodded and took the seat. As he ate his breakfast sandwich, he took a couple of glances at his impromptu table mate. She was wearing a pair of black shorts with an equally dark shirt, save for a stark white logo that read Aperture Science. Her brown hair flowed long behind her chair, and with her yellow sun hat it made her skin seem paler, almost grey in color. “Uh, excuse me, if you don’t mind me asking,” Lucas began to get her attention, “but are you new around here? I mean, the people who come here are only those who really live around this area, and I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”
          A small smile came to the lady’s face as she set down her book. “My, my. Someone is a bit nosy this morning, are they not? I did not know this place happened to be for locals only.” Now that she spoke more, Lucas noticed that she had a slight British accent.
          “Oh! Uh, that’s not what I meant!” Lucas replied with a defensive gesture. “I was just wondering—you just seemed new here, not trying to pry or anything—.”
          He slowly came to a stop in response to the woman’s laughter. “No, no, it’s alright. I was just messing with you. You’re fine.”
          Lucas let out a sigh of relief. 
          “In case you’re still wondering, yes, I am new here,” she continued. “Came down here to spend time with my family. Calume is a very nice city from what I have seen so far.”
          “Yeah, we got some pretty neat stuff around here,” Lucas said, feeling a bit more relaxed. “My name’s Lucas, by the way. Lucas Miller.”
          “Rose Bailey,” Rose replied. “Pleasure to meet you. Now, seeing that you are a local here, do you have any places you would recommend to a visitor?”
          “Probably nowhere that isn’t on a tourist’s guide,” Lucas said, “but there is a local comic shop a couple blocks down from here that I work at, if you’re interested.”
          “Thank you, but I am more into just regular old chapter books,” Rose replied, gesturing with the book she had.
          “That’s cool. I too enjoy the occasional fantasy story,” he said with a grin. “Which one you got there anyways?”
          “Dracula,” she responded, holding up the plain gray book with the title printed in a deep red. “Great story, but terrible representation of vampires. They are not all bad, you know.”
          “Guess it would take one to know one,” Lucas gave a small chuckle as he took a sip of his coffee.
          Rose shared a chuckle with him. “Indeed it would. We are not all as bad as the old Count is here.”
          Lucas nearly spat out his drink. “Wait, you’re serious?”
          “What gave it away?” She asked with a toothy grin, which quite clearly revealed her fangs. “You are not afraid of me now, are you?”
          A slight blush came to Lucas’s face, and he was silent for a moment. “, no! I think it’s pretty cool, actually! I mean, I kinda knew people like you existed because of this one blog I follow but—.” He stopped himself and looked at Rose with a confused face. “Wait, isn’t it dangerous for vampires to come out in the day? Don’t you, like, burn to death in the sun?”
          “What do you think the sunhat is for?” She said as she readjusted it, then laughed. “No, that’s just some old myth someone started centuries ago. Our eyes are just made for the dark of night, so it is harder for us to see in the day.”
          “So, I guess it’s pretty late for you right now, huh?” Lucas asked as he finished his bagel sandwich.
          “Yes, now that you bring it up, I should probably get going,” she replied with a yawn, and then checked her wristwatch. “It’s—oh, bother! It’s fifteen til,” she sighed as she drank the last of her coffee, tucked her book in her purse and put on a pair of tinted sunglasses. “Violet always locks the house up by ten, whether I am accounted for or not.”
          “Yeah, I need to get going, too; got my shift starting soon,” Lucas laughed casually as he stood up at the same time Rose did. “It was, uh, nice to meet you, Rose.” He stuck out his hand.
          “Pleasure was all mine,” she smiled back at him, shaking his hand softly before heading out of the cafe’s patio.
          Lucas stood there for a moment, hearing Rose’s footsteps getting softer behind him. Before he let them get any further away, he turned and quickly caught up to the vampire. “Rose, wait!”
          “Hm?” Rose turned to look at him with a surprised expression.
          Lucas stood silent for a moment, his face flushed slightly as he scratched the back of his head. “Um, I was wondering that, perhaps we could get together later tonight to continue this conversation? Maybe with some food? vampires still eat normal food?”
          “ depends, really,” Rose said. “I really got to be going now, so we can talk about this more tonight. Does nine o’clock sound good to you?”
          After a moment of processing, Lucas replied with a smile. “Sure! We could go to this one local place down on 5th Street that’s pretty nice.”
          “Sounds lovely,” Rose returned the smile to him. “You can pick me up at the residential square on Marsh Street. Large purple house on the corner, hard to miss.”
          “Got it,” Lucas nodded as the two began to walk off. “See you then!”
          As soon as Lucas turned the corner, he pressed up against the side of a building as his face burned up with red. This is really happening to me, he thought to himself, not being able to stop the goofy grin that grew across his face. He quickly reordered himself and proudly walked on down to Maelstrom, the smile still bright on his face.
          Not bad for a first day, Rose thought with a fanged grin as she called for a taxi.
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r3inventedd · 2 years ago
Scarlet (A Billy Hargrove Story)
Chapter 1
He had never been a big fan of red heads, especially since the shithead monkey came along, but he thought that color was hers and hers alone. It drove him crazy.
A huge thanks to @stevesscoops and @pedropoop for editing and offering some awesome advice!!!!! This is the first time I’ve posted anything I’ve written in years so please let me know what you think! More to come soon...
Tumblr media
Man. It really pissed him off. Like it really pissed him off.
It was just so fucking annoying. How could she sit there like that for hours? Sit there and read in that dumb shithole that no one ever went into.
Better yet, how did she get paid to sit there for hours on end, barely moving other than to turn her page and take a sip out of the same mug she used every day? What a fucking loser, Billy thought to himself as he took a drag of his cigarette. It infuriated him, the way she sat there staring at books and listening to music through her Walkman. It’s probably that classical shit the nerds listen to, he mused with an acid laugh. It’s goddamn pathetic.
Billy’s pink lips pursed around a cigarette as he took a long drag. A look of complete distaste etched onto his slightly tanned face as he watched the oblivious girl from his bright blue Camaro. It had become an almost masochistic ritual for him as he sat, parked outside the town arcade waiting for the pet monkey he never wanted.
Max, the aforementioned monkey, had practically become obsessed with the arcade since moving to the shithole town of Hawkins, Indiana. So, every day after they were done with their respective school days, Billy was stuck taking her to and from the cesspool of middle school nerds. And since Max always found a way to be late, Billy had to wait in his Camaro with nothing better to do than watch the inhabitants of Hawkins.
The first few days consisted of him flicking his Zippo lighter open and closed as he openly ogled what the women of the town had to offer. With his curly blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and a bad attitude, the women of the town happily let him look at whatever he wanted. Most guys would have gotten told off for such behavior, but Billy knew from the moment he laid eyes on Buttfuck, Indiana he would have it wrapped around his finger.
Eventually though, he grew tired of the “scenery” Hawkins had to offer. His cerulean blue eyes darted between the few other stores that lined the street until they settled on a girl with red hair, so dark it almost seemed purple.
She was sitting behind a counter on a stool that was clearly not made for comfort. One arm was supporting the weight of her head on the counter, while her other hand rested of the page of whatever book she was reading, poised to turn to the next. Billy couldn’t see what the book was, but he could tell by the thickness it had to be an exceptionally long book.
Licking his lips, his blue eyes combed over all that he could see. Her deep red hair was tossed to the side of her body that was resting on the counter, so he could see her face. It wasn’t anything particularly special, Billy decided. She was pretty pale, but so was everyone in November in the Midwest.
He could not make out much else since he was across the street and then some.
Billy strained his eyes that were covered by a pair of dark sunglasses so that he could see more details. He could tell that she was pretty small in height. The way the oversized turquoise sweater she wore engulfed her body proved that.
He craned his neck to make out some of her lower body but when he couldn’t, a sharp pang of annoyance shot through him. He pushed his sunglasses down his nose slightly to see if it would help his view. It didn’t.
Just as he was about to get out of his car to get a closer look, the passenger door of his prized Camaro opened and shut quickly, making him jump and his sunglasses fall into his lap.
“Fucking shit, Max!” He barked out with a sharp glare in her direction.
She muttered a low apology, gripping her skateboard tightly. “Lost track of time. I won’t do it again.”
Billy looked over at her the redhead in his passenger seat, taking a better look at her than he probably ever had. He never realized how different red hair could be, comparing his fake sister to the girl across the street.
Max looked at Billy’s contemplative face. It was a face she had never seen him make and that left her extremely unsettled. “I know you said 5 o-clock sharp, but I couldn’t see the clock,” coming up with any excuse to try to avoid whatever punishment she assumed he was planning.
Billy’s eyes shot to the clock on his dashboard that clearly read 5:50pm. Had he really been staring at that girl in the store for that long? He chanced another glance in her direction to find that she was still in the same position she had been in when he first noticed her.
She must have been completely focused on the book she was reading, completely unaware of the world around her. Billy immediately felt jealousy bubble up inside him towards her for being able to escape reality. Even her ability to sit still for that long of a time made him practically itch for another cigarette.
His hands were constantly on the go. If they weren’t holding a cigarette, they were playing with his lighter, combing through his hair, or tapping to the rhythm of a song, or finding their way onto the curvier parts of a woman’s body.
With a cough to clear his throat, he pushed down any feelings of envy and turned the key in the ignition.
Billy concluded that the girl in the storefront must have been a pretty big fucking loser to like books so much as he drove past the almost empty store.
But there he sat, months later, staring at the book worm with an oddly strong amount of contempt even for Billy. It had never taken much to get him to dislike a person, but this girl had never even looked his way. He had gotten closer over the past months, parking further and further away from the arcade and closer to the store.
He could now see that she had freckles dusted across her nose and on the top of her cheeks, a few others dusted over her forehead and chin.
Her eyebrows were a dark brown, making it clear that her purple, red hair was not natural. Green eyes contrasted brightly with her pale skin and artificially colored hair. Billy couldn’t decide how he felt about that. He tried to imagine the girl with a hair color other than that particular shade, but he couldn’t. He had never been a big fan of red heads, especially since the shithead monkey came along, but he thought that color was hers and hers alone. It drove him crazy.
For months he watched this girl read book after book in a store that he still did not know the function of. The name Whitman’s written above the glass windows gave away no hints either.
Billy still didn’t know her name either. At first, he just referred to her in his head as ‘the girl.’ Then ‘the loser.’ Then ‘the book loser.’ Finally, while he was watching hair shine in the strip of sunlight that penetrated the glass that shielded her from himself and the rest of the world, he decided that her name had to be Scarlet. Just like one of the characters in the X-Men comics he used to obsess over as a kid. A fact he would vehemently deny. Only geeky little shits like his stepsister’s new friends read comic books, and he certainly was not one of those. But Scarlet had to be, so the name stuck.
Billy knew that she had to be a complete social outcast. He never saw her outside of the small shop once. Something he found nearly impossible to be true in such a small town. Not to mention she did not look old enough to be out of high school, but he had never seen her in Hawkins High with the rest of the miserable teenagers in the town.
For a short time, he honestly thought Scarlet was a figment of his imagination. However, the theory was disproved when Max’s curiosity got the better of her and asked her stepbrother why he was always staring at the girl in the store. Naturally, Billy responded by shouting something along the lines of, “Stay out of my fucking business” and vague threat of what could happen if she didn’t.
That was the only time Scarlet had even been mentioned outside of his thoughts, but it was enough to assure him he wasn’tschizophrenic.
Billy thought about asking Tommy or Carol about her, but every time he thought about, something stopped him. He didn’t want anyone to think he noticed chicks like her. It really wasn’t his fault for noticing her anyways. With her hair like that, he told himself, she had to be looking for attention.
Though, it seemed that she never got it.
The familiar sound of Max climbing into the passenger seat signaled it was time to go. Without even acknowledging the young girl, he shifted the Camaro harshly into drive and sped towards his father’s house. Thoughts of Scarlet were discarded until the next day.
As Billy Idol blared from his speakers and the engine purred, he thought about what he would wear on his date that night with Michelle B… or was it Michelle R? Either way did not really matter to Billy. As long as he was satisfied by the end of the night and away from his father, he did not give a shit what the girl’s name was.
Unfortunately for him, later on that night Michelle A-Z gave quite a big shit when he moaned the wrong name.
They had been in the back seat of his car, parked on the edge of a field outside of town. She eagerly hopped onto his lap, doing her best to show him that she was better than every other girl in Hawkins. As she ground her hips against his, he moaned in pleasure, only thinking of putting his dick in something wet.
The next thing he knew, he was driving Michelle A-Z home as she went back and forth from screaming and crying about how her name was Michelle….. shit he still couldn’t remember. All he recollected was her saying through sobs that her name was definitely, unmistakably, irrefutably not Scarlet.
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namjoonchronicles · 2 years ago
not about angels | one
Tumblr media
↳ genre crime, thriller, angst, romance, psychological
↳ words 3k
↳ description Jungkook purchased a beautiful townhouse on the hills of La Bella Lake, fit for the richest of rich. Upon settling in, he discovers that the majestic house might have more secrets that it cared to let out. Little by little, with the help from a neighbor, the story of previous owner begins to unravel.
↳ characters Jungkook; will be added as the story progresses.
↳ warnings mentions of blood, suspense 
↳ glossary *grant, legal: meaning a grant of public land, especially to an institution, organization, or to particular groups of people.
↳ namjoonchronicles’ honorary tag list @kai-tashi @septemberalien @joon94net @yourlocalalien @snugglemejeon @yoongiseesaw @majestikblue 
↳ parts one | two | three | four | five 
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook.
The thunder rumbling in the bright blue sky seemed unfitting. But today had been nothing but ordinary. At least to Jungkook's perspective. The metropolitan city felt lonely for a young man like he and so he had set foot out his room after the payment for his books has been received.
Although he was extremely successful, Jungkook didn't find the need to spend the six figure bills right away. The rundown apartment-- molding walls and leaking roof didn't feel charming enough for him to spend his dollar bills on. He shared the lot with two college dropouts and didn't want anything to do with them anymore.
Another bite into the snack he brought. A chocolate bar. He pulls to a stop at a notice board of a bus station he frequently used to commute. There's a comic book shop he grew fond of, down the street. It has a little coffee shop on the top floor, on the balcony with a view of the townhouse of the city, where he wrote most of his work in.
An advertisement, flapping with every strike of wind. Thumbnail rusted over its days outside and is vulnerably waiting for another final strong blow to come off completely. Jungkook ripped it off its fragile state and read what was written on it. A corner lot house by the park in a town where the rich lives. The address is there.
572-3, Giheung Danjiro, Idong-myeon, Yongsan-gu, Sangnam-do, La Bella Lake City Townhouse. For sale $xx xxx Please call xxx-xxxxxxxxx, Lee
La Bella Lake City is on the outskirts of the main town. It was built in the mountain area, and there's a man-made lake in the middle surrounded by houses.
The address takes him to the last house on the hills that has been well-managed by the owner. It was unfortunate that he was selling them, considering how beautiful the location was. But another man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. Jungkook set his Timberland shoes next to the housekeeper whose number was on the advertisement paper. The man is all smiles with crinkles on his eyes, no older than 55, and a strong whiff of nicotine coming out from the fabrics of his cloth, suggested that he is a heavy smoker with a heart condition. "Do come in," he invited.
"There used to be more furniture, but we took off many items so it wouldn't look stuffy, they are antics," the housekeeper goes on. His heavy footsteps set on the marble floor was soundless and when Jungkook made pass the doorway, he was greeted with a wide row of window glasses, stretching out the balcony that overlooks the lake the townhouse park was named after. It has a modern feel to it, with the right balance of traditional design paired with recent technology. The floor are speckless, and they sparkle when the lights of the living room was lit.
“The window tints are light sensitive. It darkens during sunlight and lightens when it’s night. This is the living room, a fireplace, with a white themed kitchen. The kitchen is packed with built in refrigerators, and induction cooker,” the housekeeper Lee, as Jungkook remembered he introduced himself as, pointing everything out in its finest condition still, “... the oven, and dishwasher underneath the island counter are new.” Jungkook turned the sleek designed metal faucet down to see if water pours out, it didn’t.
“We have the water supply off while it is vacant, to save water bills,” Lee explains. The smell of nicotine really bothered Jungkook, but he kept his best face and smiled at the statement. Lee brought Jungkook to the wine cellar, empty and unused. The house looked like it wasn’t lived in, at all. It looked like a pretty decent house, and surely, the price isn’t what it was claimed to be. A house like this could easily cost millions, the least. With its strategic location, minutes away from the Blue House, it's easily the best buy at that price. So the question that lingered in Jungkook’s mind, constantly, as he walked into the main bedroom with a built-in jacuzzi and tub, is why?
“The woods are mahogany, like the doors?” Jungkook enquired, after a clear of his throat. His eyes wanders at the beautiful furnishings of the house. The tip of his finger glides on the wardrobe in the bedroom, collecting a thin sheath of dust that he rubbed against the pad of his thumb while he waits for Lee’s answers.
“No, the floorings, headboard and wooden wardrobe are walnut, only the doors are mahogany. The owner preferred it that way. Walnut has a sweet scent,” Lee said in an explanatory voice. And Mahogany is sound proof.  That was to Jungkook’s knowledge. He remembered researching about it, for his book. Wanting a Mahogany door to block the sound coming from his noisy housemates. Jungkook finds it odd for the house owner to speak of himself in a 3rd person view. “ So…..Why do you want to sell this house?” Jungkook finally mustered up the courage to ask. Housekeeper Lee stops at the foot of the stairs that leads up the third floor, his hand on the rail, before he paused for a moment and answered.
“I’m not the owner of this house, I’m the housekeeper,” Lee corrected Jungkook, he looks to Jungkook with a hardened gaze, and when Jungkook was visibly shocked, Lee forces out a businessman grin and chirped, “I’ll show you the rest of the house, come up…”
Jungkook had to shoot his head to the left and take a deep breath. And he followed Lee’s lead. The third and final floor of the house.
“This is the extra space, the attic if you may. It used to be a home office and was designed as such,” Lee knocks on the study table, placed in front of a window that overlooks the same view as he saw in the living room, but slightly higher. Breathtaking. Lee once again led the way down the stairs, passing the door on the second floor that was locked. Opposite the bedroom.
“Do you want the mortgage emailed or posted, Mr. Jeon?” Lee just got off the phone with the person he claims to have the grant* of the house.
“Both please,” pause, “and Mr. Lee, what’s behind that door?” Jungkook pointed with his chin.
Lee spin his head in the same direction and let out a click of his tongue, “It’s a room that had been accidentally locked, and the key isn’t in the master key that was given to me. If you’d like, I can request the Lake City Managements to have the locks replaced with a new one…”
For awhile, Jungkook wondered about the door. Even as he sat in the bus, always the last seat by the window, far right, the agreement in his lap and the walk home to his apartment, he couldn’t stop thinking about the house. When he returned to an absolutely trashed apartment, he sighed. His housemates weren’t home, as always. When have they ever stayed home on a Sunday? And for that, Jungkook has made a decision. He took his good pen and in the final stroke of his initial, he bit his lower lip and signed the agreement.
Tumblr media
He didn’t dwell on the price of the house because Jungkook was afraid that the housekeeper might change his mind, but when Jungkook knew that the housekeeper wasn’t the owner, he voiced out the concern within his mind.
“The owner wanted his hands off of the property. So many sad things had happened that it remained vacant for the last three years. He couldn’t sell it back in the original price, so he reduced it,” Lee explained as he handed over the agreement to Jungkook.
Now in the main bedroom, Jungkook brought his beloved Vinyl player and played Frank Sinatra’s album while he showered in the bathroom. He lulls his head back at the intoxicating concoction of Sinatra’s melodic voice over the sound of the water drizzling on the marble floor. Steams rise up to the ceiling, and he wets his hair. The mole on the left side of his neck covered with foam, and the water washed down, travelling the valley of his torso, over his naked bottom and wetting his happy trails. A decent shower after so many years in that shithole felt rewarding. Now he really felt like an established writer. He lets out a soft moan of satisfaction, placing his face under the drizzle, collecting water in his mouth and expelling them.
Then he heard a thud on the floor underneath. It was so loud that Jungkook heard it above the song. He turned off the faucet in a hurry, wrapped his lower half with a towel hastily and sped out the bathroom to the main bedroom. He opens the door and was greeted by the view of the locked room. Could it be from there?
When he looked through the window on the second floor balcony, there was a man just leaving the house. Jungkook, with his hair still dripping, coloring his grey shirt translucent with every drop of water, puts on his sweatpants and dashed downstairs but when he got to the main door, the car sped off.
The thud he heard was from the fallen wine bottle hitting against the main door and a welcoming gift. Could it had been that loud, though?
It came with a note, saying, “I’m Seokjin, I live next door. I heard you’ve settled in, comfortably. Do come over if you have time for a little chat. We’re very pleased to have you here,” The gift was a dove arc, the size of Jungkook’s hand, along with some chocolate and Turkish Delight. He seemed nice. The doorbell wasn’t working and the maintenance hadn’t come to have it fixed, so it had to be manually programmed to function.
Jungkook had a half filled wine glass next to his laptop on the table in the study placed on the third floor of the house, looking over the  grant and agreement in his email, that night. The lighting and its wiring hadn’t been changed so everything was in darkness except the tiny study lamp and the light from the laptop screen illuminating the room.
Blueprint of La Bella Lake City Townhouse © 2017-2018.
Sole Proprietary Ownership of Jeon Jungkook, effective on Date: XX-XX-XXXX, on the property located at : 572-3, Giheung Danjuro, Idong-myeon, Yongsan-gu, Sangnam-do, La Bella Lake City Townhouse under the jurisdiction of Kim Law Firm, Sangnam-do.
Background of this agreement is between the house owner and new owner, Jeon Jungkook...
His table lamp started flickering all of a sudden.
Since everything is built in and tucked in the floorboards, Jungkook had to crawl on all four, underneath his study table to see if he could locate the socket that connected to the table lamp so it would stop flickering. It could be that the wire was loose or had been eaten by rats, so the only way to find out was to flip open the floorboard. He followed the length of the wire and saw that it had been pinched between the floor and the empty book shelves. Jungkook lifts the shelf and freed the wire. The table lamp behind him stopped flickering. But his attention was now throttled to the torn wallpaper hidden behind the book rack. He moves the shelf away from the wall so he could fit.
There’s splotches of stain underneath the torn wallpaper. The wallpaper are cream but the original wallpaper had a English style design, dark green in color. So Jungkook pinched the tip and dragged them down to reveal more of those mysterious splotches. Splats, in a distribution that could have stained the ceiling as well in the manner that it was formed. He scratches the stain with his forefinger, and felt that it was too brown to be varnish that might have accidentally been splat during the remodeling. It’s most definitely something darker than varnish. Something with a constant concentration that is heavy enough to trail down steadily and leave its mark in such behavior.
Perhaps, blood?
As Jungkook stepped out from behind the shelves and set it back, he realized that the book shelf was tilted as if it was set on an uneven floor. It leaves a tiny gap on the side, suggesting a foreign small item the size of a small pebble might be lodged underneath it. Once again, Jungkook lifts the bookshelf and hovered his torch to the floor since the main light wasn’t installed yet. He set one knee on the floor and picked up a ring. A wedding band. A man’s wedding band. Jungkook lifts the band to the view of the moonlight, standing by the window with a glass of wine in his hand wondering, what on earth had that wall seen?
Aside from the odd finding, Jungkook spent the rest of his days mulling over the idea of a new book. He takes his laptop and left it open on the island counter, the television playing a movie he chose, preparing food for himself. The note that came with the wine and the welcoming gift had Seokjin’s number on them. He had texted the guy and asked if he could come by today. Seokjin had just returned from a short work trip since the last time he came and he mentions that he is delighted to have Jungkook over to his house for tea. Jungkook felt bad, walking over empty handed. Therefore he had been travelling down the closest grocery store outside the La Bella Lake City Townhouse to buy ingredients for a nice doughnut. He planned to make a sugar powdered doughnut for Seokjin, the kind neighbor who makes him feel welcomed.
He imagined that he was good looking, judging from the view of his broad shoulders from the back when Seokjin left his gift. He was unprepared for the man that greeted him at the door; polite smile, tall, wearing a wool long sleeves over a white dress shirt. It was easy to tell that he was well-off, from his black Mercedes two-seater and the Van Gogh painting on the widest wall there, above the fireplace.
“Kim Seokjin, lawyer,” he presents his hand for a handshake. The one Jungkook hesitantly take.
“Jeon Jungkook, writer,” he gives a firm and appropriate squeeze to the hand offered to him and Seokjin clasped the twined hands with his own, patting it lightly as he brought Jungkook walking further in the doorway. The setting was slightly different from Jungkook’s house. Seokjin has a staircase by the living room in the open, so everyone could see who was up and down those stairs. He has several maids, catering to the house needs and his. A very book-like description of how a lawyer life is led.
“How are you settling in?” Seokjin slumps into his couch, his arm rested along the length of the armrest and cushion. His knees crossed elegantly, but there was nothing snobbish about the gesture, it’s like a habit that he had. Jungkook’s brain working faster than the time he was in high school trying to make sense of the mathematical problems just enough to pass for journalism school. His efforts went to the drain when he failed to obtain a B grade for the dream, and settled for literature school instead. Not that he regretted a day of it.
“Pretty swiftly, I’ve never seen anyone around and you’re the first to approach me, so I can’t really say much on the neighborhood part…” Jungkook’s eyes followed the teapot on the tray brought in by the maid, and when the saucer is set and the cup comes right after, he anticipates the sound of tea being poured into them, but the attention was cut short when Seokjin clicks his tongue to take a sip of the tea of his cup.
“We’re all busy people in this lake town, prosecutors, doctors, we are all occupied with work but we know what’s going on via our caretakers,” Seokjin smacked his lips together at the taste of the chamomile tea, “Thank you for bringing me doughnuts. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one homemade. You can open a bakery with this skill.” He shoved one in his whole mouth. Although he seemed pretty wealthy, he wasn’t awkward in using his hand instead of the fork that was placed on the table for his convenience.
Now is the right time to ask, Jungkook thought.
“Do you know the previous owner of the house I lived in?”
Seokjin stopped chewing momentarily. His jaw visibly tensed and his friendly smile is gone and was replaced by a stern expression directed at the fireplace and not at Jungkook. It was then, Jungkook realised that Seokjin had avoid direct eye contact with him. Because revealing the history of that house wasn’t a pleasant thing to do.
Seokjin gave Jungkook a firm hug and watched him leave. It seems like he has made a friend.
Jungkook returns home, the main door now beeps locked, unlike before and the entire housing of the passkey had been changed to a new one. He sheds his jacket off and hung them on the coat hanger next to the shoe rack. Heavy footsteps are the only sound that accompanied him up the stairs to the second floor, where his bedroom was. Before he walks in, he stopped and looked to the locked room and again, wondered, with the story that Seokjin provided; did it happen in that room?
But the wedding band was found in the study room above it. Why was it there? Did Seokjin know about the splotchy stain on the original wallpaper of the house? Why was it covered up so uncharacteristically? As if it wanted to be found?
When Jungkook went over the original blueprint of La Bella Lake City Townhouse made in 2012 from the handy internet, there was no lot after 572-2.
But in the 2017 version, emailed by the grant keeper, 572-3 magically appears. Why was this lot erected if it wasn’t planned? No wonder no one has bought the estate, it didn’t exist on the outsiders blueprint, people thought the advertisement was a hoax. And that cheap?
Now that Jungkook mulled over the information, it makes sense why such lovely house was priced in the way that it did. The stories however, didn’t match the setting. Unless remodeling had taken place on the entire estate instead of several rooms like housekeeper Lee claimed. Jeon Jungkook became more and more intrigued. What exactly happened in this house?
copyright © 2019 namjoonchronicles do not repost, what do you think happen in the house? would you have stayed in this house if you were jungkook? tell me your theories...
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canmom · 2 years ago
Omens of questionable significance
I reread Good Omens the book because I don’t stop hearing about the TV show. I remember being quite fond of it when I was a kid, and as an adult, the jokes won’t go over my head right?
Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. Worse, it’s often quite racist.
I understand that it’s parodying like, New Age beliefs (with a fair amount of fondness, I think) and like, the kind of British people who would later start getting called ‘gammon’, along with like, antichrist movies... a reference pool which pretty heavily dates it. The problem is, those belief systems are... often quite racist. That doesn’t mean the book itself needs to be often quite racist, but I guess neither Pratchett nor Gaiman noticed anything wrong with the various brief interludes outside Britain, or the weird bits about the Japanese car, etc. etc.
That aside (and it’s not really something you can put aside), the book’s good qualities... didn’t really land for me. Idk. It’s not all going to be ok, I can’t trust in human nature and the pastoral idyll’s capacity to produce someone who will refuse apocalyptic extremes. More than that, the wry prose started feeling insufferably above-it-all. I did find it engaging once it all came together towards the final act, there are some good ideas, but for the most part... it didn’t work.
Perhaps when this book was written, it was easier to hold onto some kind of hopeful perception of the world, at least if you’re white, middle class and British? There’s environmental catastrophes, sure, but they’re safely elsewhere, something for hippies to worry about in a charming way. The old dude is racist, sure, but he doesn’t really mean it. The American soldier wants to burn gay people (a comical misunderstanding!), but he’ll get teleported back to his family and apple pie, and it will all be ok.
So cosy. I hate it - it doesn’t feel like it corresponds to my experience.
This is certainly an uncharitable reading. But this book and TV series has had heaps of praise, I’ll be uncharitable if I want.
I grew up in Glastonbury, which is a big hub for New Age beliefs, hippies, paganism, all sorts of small religious sects... If you go down Glastonbury high street, you’ll mostly find shops selling crystals, small statues of witches and general witchcraft paraphernalia, or heavily commodified versions of Asian or African religions, not to mention a whole lot of psychics and spiritual healers of various (expensive) descriptions.
(I’m not sure if the Glastonbury Festival, which actually takes place several miles away near Pilton, came before or after the actual town of Glastonbury became the way it is today. A few hundred years ago, there was the abbey, which needed to run a successful Christian tourist business... as a result, we supposedly have the resting place of King Arthur and a collection of Holy Thorns allegedly planted by Joseph on a brief holiday to the British Isles to chat with the druids. We heard about this story in school - C of E schools at that. Plus we have the Tor, a big hill in a flat area which was allegedly the Isle of Avalon, back when the fields were flooded... So that stuff, invented at first to get pilgrims at the Abbey, maybe attracted the hippies? Not sure, would have to research.)
So reading this book it was just kind of... yeah yeah, I see what you’re doing there, the aquarium age, ha ha. But also I don’t really have much stock in this kind of Enid Blyton rural idyll that’s supposed to have shaped Adam into someone who can turn aside from being the Antichrist and wish for the world to go on, possibly or possibly not according to God’s ineffable plan. (Adam himself didn’t feel like a person, but a kind of child shaped soapbox.)
Like, I get that the idea is that Adam is making it so that he’s having a storybook childhood with perfect weather etc., but it’s not idyllic in the British countryside, really. It’s just another place, where people are kinda homophobic, and extremely white. Sometimes you have to help pick up horse shit.
Also, the gay coding is so explicit that the book itself narrates that most people would see Aziraphale as a gay guy, but to my knowledge, Pratchett never actually wrote an explicitly gay character. I could be wrong? To be honest, reading this has definitely cooled the interest I had in embarking on a big Discworld reread, but Ada got a lot out of rereading the Witches books so I should give it another shot. Maybe you have to be in the right frame of mind... or maybe Neil Gaiman ruined this, like he ruins everything else.
(My dad is mildly obsessed with Neil Gaiman. I have decided to hold a petty grudge over A Game of You, but even if not for that, something about him is just... really annoying. I’m not sure what Pratchett saw in him.)
Not gonna watch the TV show. I saw the first five minutes of it and the book narration is what it is, but hearing it read out is unbearable.
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asterlizard · 2 years ago
UK trip summer 2019
(Argh! I’m sorry for the delay! I meant to finish this back in June, but I haven’t had much time to finally get around to it)
I haven’t been to the UK in 3 years, and while the feelings were admittedly mixed, because it involved a lot of cleaning up and donations of my grandparents’ items, I did get to have a bit of fun and do some new things on this trip.
Our flight would leave in the middle of the day, but we still had to wake up early so that we could arrive at the airport, do airport security, and get to our boarding gate in plenty of time.
This started off by waking up at around 7:00 in order to meet a Lyft driver (for a first time rideshare, Uber failed to find someone for us) who would take us to a bus stop, which would take us directly to the airport.
As we were arriving at SFO, I could have sworn I saw some beehives in a patch of grass between the weaving roads. However, researching it doesn’t seem to bring up anything. Hmm...
I was looking forward to eating pizza at the selection of restaurants before the security checkout, but unfortunately it was closed, and all of the other restaurants seemed to have been replaced. So the only thing that appealed to me then was Chinese food. It was pretty tasty though.
The entertainment on the flight was a little different than what I’m used to (then again I haven’t flown in a few years). They had more limited music options, and the only decade available was the 80s. I could also zoom in anywhere on the map, which is a horrible distraction for someone like me :P Also, the food was pretty tasty, especially the mango sorbet, which was the definite winner for me :P
Tumblr media
Cool view of Alcatraz just before we flew past it
Tumblr media
I witnessed an airplane halo, also known as a ‘glory’!
Since we travelled light, we didn’t have to wait to collect our luggage afterwards. We also breezed through the passport check, since we’re British citizens.
Tumblr media
I like this mirror effect, but the distortion made it extra cool
At this point, it was 7 in the morning, and we had to meet up with a family friend who lives in London, where we would stay at overnight before progressing to our destination. Along the way I saw some students using the Tube to get to school (it was a school day after all). This was kinda interesting as someone who grew up in America and never had to wear a school uniform.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We actually had to meet our friend by walking from the nearest Tube station to her house (which is fine, I don’t mind walking! Especially after a 9 hour flight). Not long after we met up, she showed me this little fox sleeping outside her window (I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person before!) It likes to do this when the sun is out. Unfortunately for it, it was sleeping next to a couple of squawking magpies.
We then went on a short walk along the canal. There we saw a swan family and a coot family (and babies!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We would then head over to the British Museum. Our friend told us in advance that it would be hosting a manga exhibit, and we arrived the day after it debuted. Just before heading over, she brings up that the Rosetta Stone was also there. I didn’t anticipate this, because I thought it was held in a different museum. So I was getting more excited to see the Rosetta Stone over seeing the manga exhibit xD (I joked that I was about to meet my ‘rock star’)
Tumblr media
It was about £20 to enter the exhibit, so only I went, while our friend and mum explored the rest of the museum. The exhibit started off with a ‘trip down the rabbit hole’, in reference to perhaps the most influential British work in Japanese media, Alice in Wonderland, and its appearances in manga over the years.
Then it showed the history of manga, manga influences, a brief manga how-to, and genres of manga. I saw some familiar works, like Astro Boy, DragonBall, Sailor Moon, a work from the creator of Akira, One Piece, Golden Kamui, Saint Young Men, etc. I also saw some works that I've never encountered that I'm interested in (a rugby manga, a wheelchair rugby manga coming soon, a murder mystery manga at the British museum, a manga about a saxophonist)
There were also some video exhibits, whether it's clips from anime next to their respective manga, creators/staff talking about their creative process, artists drawing their manga, or a series of clips from Ghibli films, but you weren't allowed to take pics of these.
At one point, I even saw an Attack on Titan cosplayer! (ready to take down the giant inflatable titan head I presume)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s difficult to read, but this is Morohoshi Daijiro, and it says that Hayao Miyazaki was strongly influenced by him. I’ll have to look at his stuff sometime.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I probably spent about two hours in there, longer than I expected. Admittedly I was tired, and my legs were getting sore, and a little over half an hour before I was done I needed a loo. I was feeling all sorts of physically gross at this point, and I had no idea how much of the exhibit I was actually absorbing even though I tried.
Before the end of the exhibit, I waited in line to get a photo taken, so the machine would add a comic-like gradient to it and insert it into a comic panel. Once I was done, I made a beeline to the nearest loo (for a split moment I panicked that they would be the ‘pay-to-use’ loos, and I didn’t have any money on me, as all of my stuff was with mum, thankfully it wasn’t).
After meeting back with mum and our friend, we headed back to our friend’s home, as I was feeling too exhausted to do anything else.
By the way, I did get to see the Rosetta Stone, but I would need to see it again when I’m not jet-lagged and there’s less people. By the way, I also learned that the figures on the pediment over the British Museum were created by my ancestor, so... y’know, there’s another reason to revisit the place.
Tumblr media
I finally went to bed after some dinner, dessert, and a refreshing shower. I had been awake for about 32 hours!
The next day, mum and I stocked up on food (most of which I missed after a long time of not eating them. I still wish I could eat them more often!) and travelled by train to our destination.
The train also was different than what I’m used to. The livery is different, and instead of there being a ticket(?) on the top of an occupied seat, there was a red/green light above the window that indicated whether the seat was occupied or not.
At some point our passenger neighbours were cracking up and couldn’t stop laughing, which was contagious enough for me and a few other strangers to laugh. It was a great moment. When we arrived, we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and we had fish and chips and a good chat.
The day after we arrived, we already got started with clearing my grandparents’ house. At this point, I already made peace with the fact that we would need to sell the place (nobody in the family wanted it, plus it needed a lot of work done to it, which would have been pretty costly). Unfortunately, because they had a lot of things, we had to be a bit ruthless with what we had to get rid of, because we certainly couldn’t keep it all. I also let go of a few things I grew up with that I was willing to part with and donate. Still there were several items we were able to keep and bring home with us. Thankfully mum’s friends also would try and keep other things for us. It was still a bit of a heartbreaking process though.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also finally (after a long time) had a 99! It feels good to walk into an ice cream shop and order one, and they'll know what you're talking about :P
Speaking of food, according to my friend, it’s apparently a crime that I haven’t been to a Gregg’s yet, so I tried some of their food, which were delicious! Unfortunately, they didn’t have an iced split, which my friend has, and is apparently really good. (I love international chats, because my friend can say something like 'try a 99 with monkey blood', and it will make no sense to non-Brits) Even the berries are tastier here! idk if it’s because we’re closer to berry farms, but they’re sweeter and juicier than the ones I get back in America.
Speaking of which, the shops in town are different than what I remember. Only a few places I visit regularly remained.
Tumblr media
I also got to see a circus for the first time. Although the acts were amazing, my favourite part of the show, believe it or not, were the clown segments. They consisted of a father and 10-year son duo, and the antics were amusing (the duo trying to run and hug each other but missing and in the end hug ‘around’ each other instead, the father getting an audience member to throw a potato onto a carving fork held in his mouth and epically missing, the father getting some audience members to ride an invisible motorbike with him, etc) Unfortunately the show did have some strobe lights and animal segments (even if they weren’t hurting them, I still don’t see the appeal of watching wild animals doing unnatural things :/ )
Tumblr media
One of the things that hadn’t changed was our local cobbler still being in business. Even before the trip, mum wanted to pay him a visit so that he could repair her shoes. He's one of the last relics of the old town, he's 78, and has worked for 57 years including 7 years as an apprentice. He was even one of mum’s first memories from when she was small! There’s something charming about a town shoe shop having several piles of stuff, topped with a huge pile of shoes and the smell of glue and shoe polish while a shoe repair motor runs in the background :)
Tumblr media
The local bookshop owner also had a charming shop, with piles of books everywhere. And yes, it’s so small and narrow, only one person at a time can visit. We visited his place a few times to donate most of my grandparents’ books, as well as old items like maps and photographs. We can breathe a sigh of relief that they will be protected and given a new home.
Went for a 2.5 hour walk, first along the beach, then through a newer and more secluded area of town that I’ve never visited before (I ALMOST saw a robin, I’ve only seen the American robin in person)
At one point after shopping, I was holding a leek in my hand, and a lady passing by quipped to me, “I know we’re Welsh, but that’s a bit excessive” :P
Also, idk what made me think of it, but I imagined, instead of dog shows, there would be snail shows. It would last for hours, walking the snail would last for 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds, and the awards would be something like: 'Largest Snail', 'Fastest Snail', 'Hungriest Snail', 'Perkiest Snail', 'Longest Antennae'...
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(I took quite a few panorama shots during this trip)
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Unfortunately, a pathway I like to take was closed off
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We visited some friends of ours, and some friends of ours visited us. My family and I also did a little burial ceremony for my grandparents (originally mum wanted to buy sweet pea flowers, as they were my grandmother’s favourite. I then ask if my grandfather had a favourite flower. Mum didn’t really know, but she did remember he would always buy my grandmother a rose because he loved her so much. So we bought a red rose as well (afterwards I learned from a friend that sweet pea flowers are a symbol of protection and goodbyes, which is INCREDIBLY SWEET BUT SAD 😭))
The next day we had miserable weather due to Storm Miguel. It was surprisingly the only bad day we had weather-wise. And yet, for some reason mum and I decided to eat out at an Indian restaurant (the food was pretty tasty)
During most of the trip, my family have been fervently trying to research who the people in my grandparents’ paintings were and how they were connected to my family. The only thing I got out of it so far is that my family might be more Scottish that I thought!
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Went shopping in Carmarthen (and crossed a bridge next to some sheep, close enough to hear them), but I had to make a train that arrived half an hour after I woke up! Ate at Pizza Express (the food was tasty, but the strawberry still lemonade was PERFECT) Unfortunately we had to cut our shopping time short, because our earliest trains to catch were at around 14:30 and 17:30, and we would rather get back home as soon as possible. We were able to get most of what we wanted though.
One day while I was hanging out with my younger cousin (we chatted a lot during the trip, he does Irish dancing, and he taught me the difference between the different dances), he introduced a couple of fun games that the family got to play: Camping, and Spoons
Camping: Preferably played with 3 or more people It's a rotation game in which the rest of the group has to figure out what the leader's pattern is Starting with the leader, each person says 'I'm gonna go camping, and I'm gonna bring...' and then a noun. When the leader says their phrase and noun, they have an unspoken pattern they decided to follow, whether it's a bit of subtle body language they make while saying it, or if it has to do with the nouns themselves. The next person then says the phrase and a noun in hopes that they will follow the pattern. If they do, the leader will respond to their phrase, 'you can come', otherwise 'you can't come'. After the pattern is revealed, the next person becomes the leader, and the cycle continues. Players are allowed to guess the pattern depending on how many people got it (eg: you are allowed to ask for hints if stumped, and if everybody gets it, the pattern can be revealed) In hard mode, if your attempt is part of the pattern, regardless of whether you know the pattern or not, you have to sit out the rest of the game. (examples of patterns: saying whatever while having both feet on the floor and hands on lap, dog breeds, alphabetical succession between players (eg: 'hedgehog', 'iodine', 'Jamaica'...), the nouns have to begin with the same letter as your eye colour (lol I never got this one because I don't regularly make eye contact with people), the noun has to begin with the same letter as the cardinal direction you're facing, the noun has to begin with the same letter as the colour shirt the player after you is wearing)
Spoons: Preferably played with 3-13 people It's a game of speed, similar to musical chairs There are n-1 spoons in the middle of the table for n number of players and n number of ranks One player becomes the leader, in which they shuffle the cards and deal four per player. When the leader says 'go', every player including the leader removes a card and places it for the person to their left to grab, while each player must always end up with four cards per 'go' (when saying 'go', the key is that there shouldn't be much time for thinking, the game must move quickly, but there should be about a second or two to organize your cards if needs be, so roughly every 3-5 seconds per 'go') If a player has four of one rank, they must grab a spoon, and all of the other players must grab a remaining spoon as quickly as possible, in the hopes that they won't be the last player without a spoon A player that ends up without a spoon loses a life, and after three lives are up, they're out of the game. With this, a spoon and a group of four of a rank also sit out of the game When it's down to two players, one of the players sitting out must shuffle the remaining deck, so that the two remaining players don't know what kind of deck to expect, and say 'go'
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Went for a lovely walk near the beach
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Tiny friends!
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Ah yes, this bed of rocks looks comfortable to sit on...
I also got to finally try a 99 with monkey blood, though the syrup isn’t called monkey blood where I’m from apparently. Mum and I also tried to feed the sparrows, but larger birds were lurking and wanted to sabotage the efforts.
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After some final decisions on what to bring and what to keep, mum and I left the house for what might have been the last time. We will miss it though. I did take some videos of the place not long before we arrived, as a kind of snapshot of the place, not only for memory, but for a potential reference in one of my stories.
At the airport, I got a pat down for the first time in my life because I had worn the wrong trousers that had more metallic fixings on them >:[
During the flight, I chose a better selection of films on the plane:
旅猫リポート: Cute but kinda sad film about the life of the man who adopted a cat and why he has to give it away to someone he can trust.
Christopher Robin: Very charming film, and the British wildlife scenery was depicted beautifully
Wonder Woman: Well-written film
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(I’m curious to know where this is near London)
Overall, this trip was different than what I’m used to, not just because it was less of a family visit, but rather a lot of aspects of what I’m used to have changed a lot over the years. I’m hoping, even if I never live in that house anymore, that I can still pay the town a visit somehow in the future, as it’s still a dear place to me that I had grown up with all my life.
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